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  • cielo-yu
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    ❛ how they kiss - fluff, drabbles ༉‧₊˚

    ⇢ ˗ˏˋ .characters! .aether .kazuha .venti .xiao

    ⇢ ˗ˏˋ .genre! .fluff fluff fluff

    ⇢ ˗ˏˋ .content - trigger warnings! .kissing .just 4nemo loving the reader! .slight injury mention (aether)

    ⇢ ˗ˏˋ .words! .0.5k

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ .aether

    his hands are scarred and in each other on his lap, bandages and gloves were boredly shattered on the ground as a hand cup his cheek. Aether brought his lips to yours, love and reassurance laced in his kiss. even if he had not touched you, you felt a comforting warmth flutter in your heart when he separated a second later. he decided to rest his forehead against your own all the while whispering promises to you, promises of being yours and promises of returning. he was all too in love with your smile and your love, all too loving in your person that he, for one, will never leave you. even if his sister returns to him after his journey. Aether promised to be yours until the end, and he isn't one to break such shared bonds.

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ .kaedehara kazuha

    tender soft kisses to your lips, hands steady as he holds your waist with a gentle touch to keep you close to him. he doesn't force you further into desire, just about enough to keep you stable, to keep you feeling grounded. but subconsciously Kazuha pulls away with a slow movement as he wraps his arms securely around your waist in a short movement. he, instead of returning to your lips, buries his face in your shoulder. he basks in the affection and love you so willing give him, and Kazuha, even if a wandering samurai and a free spirit at heart, will always return to you for he loves you too.

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ .venti - barbatos

    he has always been mischievous with his kisses, they all were and are edged with a tease. Venti can never truly control himself from placing quick and short teasing kisses on your cheeks or nose before disappearing, even if you are in an important meeting. but when the god of freedom does settle to give you a simple tender, love dripping kiss, you know he means well. kisses are pressed gently against your lips as he cups your face with nimble fingers, treating you with all the utmost care. he holds your face to his to be more sure that you don't try to get away from his loving wrath. Venti knows he's sometimes a menace, and that you sometimes question his faith. but he's going to savour every moment he has with you to the last, because how can he not indulge in his lovely nymph's wishes? (he's just infatuated to the point he's hopeless, change my mind.)

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ .xiao - alatus

    he's hesitant and careful with his slow movements, a slightly trembling hand reaches out to cup your cheek tenderly and holds it with great care. Xiao's breath is shaky as he closes the gap between the both of you. you decided to let the forever living yaksha to go at his own pace, mumbling 'i love you's' against his dry lips while he pressed them against yours. his other hand intertwines with yours as he separates for you to breathe before readjusting to kiss you better. he may not know how human customs work or what they mean, yet he is willingly to learn them for you. because Xiao, who has never felt love like he has with you, is willing to get you his all simply because he adores you.

    ⇢ ˗ˏˋ .only like and reblog my works, do not repost ♡

    #writing#genshin impact#4nemo #❛ cielo yu's writing ༉‧₊˚ #kissing headcanons#love headcannons#drabble#genshin drabbles#aether#aether fluff #aether x reader #kaedehara kazuha x reader #kaedehara kazuha #kazuha x reader #kazuha #kaedehara kazuha fluff #kazuha fluff#venti fluff #venti x reader #venti#gi barbatos #genshin impact aether #genshin impact traveler #genshin impact kaedehara kazuha #genshin impact kazuha #genshin impact venti #genshin impact xiao #adeptus xiao#xiao fluff #xiao x reader
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  • yes-ter-night
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago


    notes ! oh, ohhhh.... i got too far ahead of myself,, but I cant help it.. aethers tummy is so cute and so... soft...

    content ! yandere, jealous aether, possessive aether, blood and biting + 692 words

    to be honest, who hasn’t fantasized about the golden traveler’s smooth tummy at least once? it’s a well-known fact that the traveler has an ethereal sort of beauty about him. eyes are always on him, from adoring to downright lecherous.

    aether won’t pretend to be some sort of naive idiot, either. he and lumine are used to all sorts of attention after hopping from dimension to dimension throughout the centuries. but when he comes across you— a polite-looking citizen, hiding the coy fox underneath– he quickly turns into a bashful maiden. 

    when he first laid eyes on you, you were nothing short of breathtaking. nothing out of the ordinary— he can name a few dozen people more conventionally attractive than you— but the way you carry yourself just leaves him a melting puddle. polite, gentle, but once you turn your eyes on him they darken with mischief. he’s lost track of how many times you’ve slightly pushed him against the bar’s lacquer-shined countertops, breath on his neck smelling like whiskey and divine lust. your hands, bigger and coarser than his, easily wrap around his waist and grip the plush skin. even without his powers, he’s a deal stronger than the average vision-wielder but with you? honkai above, you have him wrapped around your finger.

    it’s part of the job, you tell yourself. collect information and data when your boss couldn’t be bothered to do it himself. but there’s no data to be collected from aether, nothing that he hasn’t told kaeya about anyway. you just like seeing him squirm under your fingers, acting all helpless and weak when he took down a dragon (or two, three? how many does osial count anyway?).

    still, a job is a job. being polite and amiable as an angel while reeling in victims through seduction is a tactic the cavalry captain has personally taught you. aether doesn’t like it. he melts when your gentle fingers graze his skin and pull away at the very last moment, but when you do the same to others, he burns with indescribable jealousy.

    “oh dear,” you tease, fingers trailing up his abdomen and spreading them out. gently pushing him down into the bed he’s invited you into, aether blushes at how your hand almost covers his entire belly. “i think i left my dear boy hanging.” you press a kiss on the creamy skin and smile serenely up at him.

    how…! how mean you are! aether whines and covers his face. he can’t handle how opposite your angelic smile is and your devilish touches. your lips press themselves on his stomach as you kiss and bite and prod. he shivers under your touch, getting dizzy as your heat gets to him.

    “no wonder the bar has been empty this past few days,” you murmur. has it? aether then faintly remembers. oh yeah, it has. “looks like i got too carried away and made the poor hero jealous.”

    “i–i dun like it…” he slurs out, pouting with bleary eyes down at you. “you shouldn’t touch ‘em like that. makes me mad. me, only me.” he sprawls out against the bed, offering his entire body for your greedy consumption. “just put your eyes on me.”

    “or what?” you smile into his stomach.

    “or i’ll k!ll ‘em.” he sounds so huffy and pouty, but you know damn well that he’s more than capable of that. you lightly laugh and stroke his chest through his thin top, and he convulses at every fluttering fingertip.

    “what a terrifying thing for the honorary knight to say.” your teeth graze the soft skin, nibbling at the flesh until you finally bare your teeth— a tiger going in for the k!ll— and dig into the meal. his eyes shoot open as he cries out at the sudden pain, but you don’t stop, not when his pained cry trails into a sweet plea. blood spills from his fair skin and what should be pain becomes an unbearable wave of heat and pleasure. 

    you grin up at your aether, his golden eyes tearily blinking down at you, blown wide and shaking.

    “looks like i’ll have to tame you myself."

    #yandere genshin #yandere genshin impact #yandere genshin impact x reader #genshin impact #yandere x reader #genshin impact x reader #yandere aether #yandere x you #yanderecore#genshin aether#genshin scenarios#genshin headcanons#genshin imagines #yandere genshin x reader #yandere genshin imagines
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  • frogwithhatto
    19.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Ghoul behaviour

    - Two words: Ghoul Packs.

    - There’s no hierarchy but certain dynamics are established.

    - Aether ghouls typically being „the healers“ or sources of knowledge in difficult situations. Advisers if you may.

    - They need to be careful though healing others can drain their energy and even go as far as knocking them out for several hours at a time.

    - Fire ghouls usually defend the pack (no surprise), being the strongest when it comes to their powers. Which also leads to them being the most territorial and defensive when it comes to someone threatening their pack.

    - Dewdrop might not always show it openly but he deeply cares for his fellow ghouls and ghoulettes. His way of showing affection is just a bit different.

    - „Dew stop you don’t need to beat someone up just because you think they looked at me too long“- Rain

    - Water ghouls are responsible for hunting, of course all of the ghouls are great hunters but there’s just something that makes water ghouls particularly good at it. (It’s their patience)

    - Never, never play hide and seek with Rain. It’s terrifying. Something about him going into full hunting mode? Even Dew gets freaked out by it.

    - Due to their hunting instincts they’re also the most playful ghouls.

    - Air ghouls typically take on the role of leaders, but not by dominating others or using violence. They’re just very talented at keeping everyone „in line“ and establishing some kind of order.

    - Most of the time the ghoulettes keep the band ghouls from causing havoc but they’re ghouls at last, you can’t blame them for enjoying some chaos

    - Earth ghouls are the care takers, they’re very good at comforting others due to their calm nature.

    - This can lead to them bottling up their feelings, so the other ghouls try to look out for Mountain.

    - Multi ghouls stay true to their name, they help everyone, everywhere. They tend to overwork themselves without noticing, different tasks just keep popping up! But as soon as they take time off to party, they party hard.

    - Copia had to make Swiss take time off once, the poor ghoul was so overworked he fell asleep leaning against a wall. If it wasn’t for Mountain finding him and carrying him to bed he would’ve spent the whole day there.

    To celebrate the end of tour + the ghouls sharing their real identities :)
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  • polalcee
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    yahoooo id like to rq a matchup if slots are still open ! tysm for doing this ehe

    i’m female, 18, and sexuality is still undecided,, and i’m a libra (intp if it helps !! )

    i am someone who holds very very high standards for myself and have a really bad habit of procrastinating a lot while being a perfectionist at the same time, and i take a lot of risks and have a very competitive nature

    i am however very quiet and closed off if you don’t know me very well, and i don’t have a lot of friends, just a couple really close ones i trust with my life . however once you get to know me i am apparently very chaotic and protective (??) and i use sarcasm and dark humor a lot

    i like spending time with people i care about ! i also love music and art . i daydream way too much for it to be healthy kekw

    i don’t really have a lot of dislikes?? except maybe i’m a very picky eater and i hold way too high standards for the people around me sometimes too , especially in important projects

    bc i am a perfectionist , i take my hobbies ( unfortunately ) very seriously .. i have a diploma in singing, the flute and piano , i have a couple grades in ice skating and a lot of awards in public speaking . i push myself to the limit way too often ( i say as i continue to do so )

    i like people who know what they’re doing ! people with clear objectives, people who are responsible . i am also very bias but i like people who act very standoffish and cold at first but are caring and playful ?? dangerous LMAO when i know them better , people who will remind me to take breaks when i need to and people who genuinely care for me . people who also share the same determination to be better and better !! ( yes i have zero self preservation skills )

    i dislike people that don’t know what they’re doing and depends a lot on others , and people that don’t pull their own weight in whatever they’re doing and always require help without improving .

    that’s really all i think , and again tysm for doing thiss:DD no worries if you can’t do mine btw , and have a nice dayyy

    It’s lovely seeing you, Terra. Thank you for trusting us with your prayers. Although your personality is vivid, you’ve given us a challenge. There were many debates on who would complete you entirely, and we’ve settled with these next options. We hope one of them suits your wishes~ The event.
    The first and the strongest answer we got from… a child.

    Childe // Tartaglia // Ajax

    Tropes: Bodyguard Crush, Always Save the Girl, Amazon Chaser, Office Romance, Playing Hard to Get, Rejection Affection, There Is Only One Bed, Your Universe or Mine.

    Once Tartaglia falls in love, he’s very playful around you. He’s quick to register that he’s fond of you. From the early start of your friendship, he tries to capture your attention. Tartaglia digs out any information about the type of courting you like. He does anything that can make your heart race out of sweetness.

    It’s a very well-known fact that Tartaglia is a family loving man. So he befriends your family before asking your parents’ permission to court you. After that, he can allow himself to do anything to get your love. Tartaglia is very reckless and irresponsible so his wooing can take extreme measures the more you push him away.

    This young man gets so intrigued by your competitive nature. It is the first thing that made him like you. He admires how you always try to improve yourself, how you strive to perfect each of your skills. He doesn’t really understand why you would turn hobbies into such a serious work, but he’s excited by the variety of your abilities.

    Once he gets to know you better, he’s scared that you might lose your sanity being so fixated on the idea to be the best. His concerns are genuine and he attempts to stop you from getting exhausted. Tartaglia tries to get your mind out of the cycle, suggesting to go for a walk outside. He takes you ice skating. It is his favourite pass-time with you.

    The Fatui Harbinger is, surprisingly, bad at ice skating. He learns fast, though. Not to the point where he can hop and dance like a snowflake, but he can get from point A to point B without falling. He prefers to watch you instead anyway. You’re so elegant on ice that his pupils change to hearts.

    Tartaglia loves to challenge you! It is one of his forms of love. He brags about his victories and he gets even more fired up if you win. It’s all a friendly competition and he won’t take it too far once he sees that you’re not taking it well. Because you’re his lovely girl, he’s not pushing you to the verge of crying.

    Once you two get into a romantic relationship, Tartaglia turns out to be a very sweet and cuddly man. He’s isn’t standoffish anymore. Why bother when he’s already proven himself to you? His smiles are the same and his eyes radiate appreciation.

    Since one of his love languages is touch, he often kisses you on the lips or any other places on your bare skin. He talks a lot and he feels valued when you tell him about your day as well.

    The Fatui Harbinger is sometimes hard to handle. But if you love him back just the same, he won’t feel the need to overdo himself. His job makes it hard for him to visit you often so being patient with him is important.
    Next to suit your prayers is the lost prince of the long-gone nation...


    Tropes: Bodyguard Crush, Almost Kiss, Fake-Out Make-Out, Green-Eyed Epiphany, Office Romance, Returning the Handkerchief, You Must Be Cold, Race for Your Love.

    Kaeya expects amusing reactions from people, edging them to do their best or worst. He likes to experiment and put them into uncomfortable situations that break their usual behaviour pattern. He’s feeding on their unbalanced state. In the most cunning way possible, he’s going to motivate you to do your piling work. With him, you’ll finish everything and you’re going to give your top quality at any business you take.

    Having Kaeya around can be exhausting – he entertains himself with your fixation on perfecting yourself. He won’t stop challenging your limits until you tell him to stop. He feels about your boundaries and then tries to bend them. It all depends on you: when you’d stop him and how much you’re going to resist him.

    Of course, he’s not too tormenting. This is just his trait that needs to be controlled sometimes. He’ll end his little game only when the person’s stopped giving droll reactions. Since he finds you quite enthralling, he might never stop himself from toying with you.

    Kaeya’s very cold and you can’t get close to him easily. He’s used to being alone among many friendly acquaintances. The cavalry captain has learned not to get attached to anybody. His own brother tried to kill him! Of course he has trust issues!

    He needs a serious push from Life herself for him to realize he has grown deep feelings for you. He’s not fond of the idea that his heart longs for you. I’m going to get into so much trouble for this, he thinks to himself. He wishes he’d never fallen in love.

    Kaeya avoids you for a while, trying to cool his feelings and give you a cold shoulder whenever you talk to him. Alas, he finds himself in your presence again and again, as if he’s losing control over himself. It takes another serious push from Life for him to accept his feelings and let you be near him.

    The cavalry captain is very gentle with you after that. He loves to look into your eyes for long periods of time. He doesn’t dare to touch you the wrong way (although he didn’t have a problem with that before). The young gentleman finds himself holding his breath when watching you go about your day.

    Kaeya is amused by your love for creepy things. He finds it cute how you read and imagine so many horrible things without even experiencing all of them. He might leave you in your own little world until he feels like teasing you and show you how gruesome life can be.

    Kaeya’s always going to be difficult. With his experiences, he just can’t help it. But even with his love for mind games, Kaeya’s very careful and tries his best to secure you away from dangers. You can see true love in his eye when he shares a look with you.

    Kaeya can be a very lovable partner once you manage to capture his heart. He doesn’t know how to express his love in the right way. He will try his best to make you stay by his side. He is willing to learn to love~ The last soul knows what love is, however.
    An alien, caged in a foreign territory, filled with infeasible ambitions...

    Aether The Abyss Prince

    Tropes: Beautiful Dreamer, Reincarnation Romance, Your Universe or Mine, Time-Travel Romance, Secret Relationship, True Love's Kiss, Enemies To Lovers.

    Although he doesn’t see anyone except for his sister and it’s quite hard in convincing him to fall in love with anybody, he can be romantic. He’s been away from Lumine for way too long and he starts to feel loneliness that he didn’t know of before. Is this what people usually feel when they don’t have anybody to love? He’s alien to the heaviness in his chest that begs him to find somebody to care for.

    His heart starts longing for affection each passing day. Aether has to carry the fallen nation for it to gain back its strength. He has to make complicated plans if he wants to overthrow the primordial gods. These creatures have been destroying many nations before, hence The Abyss Prince has to think through many possibilities.

    The Prince is careful with who he trusts and hesitant to fall in love. Each day brings more stress that leads him deep into the cave of loneliness.

    Aether the Abyss Prince looks your way when you have something good to offer. Like your service and loyalty. He falls in love with his assistant. He trusts your judgment; he listens to every word in your reports. He is grateful for your help.

    When you get into his heart, he holds you very close and refuses to let you go. He cares deeply for you; he doesn’t want to lose yet another loved one. You’ll stay by his side as his princess. The two of you will rule the world when his mission ends.

    Aether is always tired. He can’t take a break. His sleep schedule is inconsistent. So expect a very clingy Aether when he finally gets to cuddle you. Aether is not a man of many words – he prefers to listen instead.

    However, when he’s exhausted, he’d much rather co-exist with you, than hear out everything you have to say. He’s already got chatty Abyss mages by his side and he’s done with listening to their jokes. He’ll hug your waist, nuzzling into the crook of your neck. He might fall asleep while you’re in his embrace.

    There’s no doubt that Lumine completes him better than any other girl. If the twins reunite at last, it’ll seem like he won’t need you anymore. It’s not true. He will never forget what you’ve done for him. Just let him catch up with his sister. The two need to spend a lot of time telling each other stories.

    Aether loves both, his sister and you. He will make sure that the two of you will get along.

    One more thing we want to point out: there was a 4th soul who wanted to tell that they’d love to be by your side. In the real world, his name is Xiao at the moment. He doesn’t want to stay with you romantically, but he wants to be your best friend and help you through you life journey. Ah, what nice connections you have!
    #childe x reader #childe x you #tartaglia#childe#childe headcanons#childe hcs#tartaglia headcanons#kaeya#kaeya alberich #kaeya x reader #kaeya x you #kaeya headcanons#aether #aether x reader #aether x you #aether headcanons#aether hcs#kaeya hcs #genshin x reader #genshin x you #genshin headcanons#genshin hcs #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact x you #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact hcs #genshin matchups #genshin impact matchups #⤞ my genshin works ⤝ #cupid's arrow in your bum
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  • sugurushotgf
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ( #01. ) — so not over it.

    "Hey." Aether said as he answered.

    "Why didn't you pick up? I recalled you like 2 times."

    "I was taking a shower."

    The girl stifled a laugh. It was almost imaginable: Aether just out of the shower, his long hair still dripping as he was texting Y/N.


    "Are you okay? I don't think you're doing well with your first breakup." Aether stated calmly.

    "Yeah especially when the girl he's-" Y/N bit on her tongue. She had to remind herself that this was Aether she was talking to.

    There was a slight moment of silence. It was a tough topic for the both of them, especially for Aether who rarely saw his sister since she was always out on dates with Childe, and having to hear rumors about Y/N breaking up with Childe spreading like wildfire all around the campus.

    "Look, I can't control Lumine's love life, ok? I-"

    "I'm not asking you to."

    "I know this is hard for you, I'm always here for you."

    "But he wasn't." Y/N snarled bitterly.

    "I thought you were the one who broke up with him."

    I was! Because of all the fucking people who drool over him, his popularity just ruined everything. I had people spreading rumors about me, and hating me just because I loved someone."

    "It must be hard for you." Aether sighed.

    "It is." You whisper quietly. "I loved him."

    "And you still do." Aether points out.

    "But too bad, since he already moved on." Y/N laughed bitterly. "I thought that I was special."

    "Stop trying to be quirky." Aether grinned.

    "But I am!"

    "Shut up."

    ✰— DEJA VU » masterlist I #02. That we did that too

    a genshin impact series, featuring Childe! x reader.

    SUMMARY: great. one month after breaking up with childe, you realize that you miss him, and when you turn back you find out that he's started dating your best friend's sister, lumine... and you don't feel right getting together with someone right now, especially with ayato, childe's ex-best friend, but when water fights with water, it creates a whirlpool, and you're currently trapped in it.

    ♫ mutuals will be tagged if involved with genshin impact, wether they like it or not<3 dm or ask me if you want to be moots/tagged! read dni before interacting

    ♫ Taglist: @reveltica, @mocharadio @thelovelydiviner

    #[works. 📃] #ok this was cringe #genshin#genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin x y/n #x reader #childe x reader #childe x yn #childe #childe genshin impact #childe hcs#childe oneshot#aether #aether genshin impact #childe x y/n #childe tartagalia#childe headcanons#tartaglia #childe x you #childe x fem!reader #fem! reader
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  • detectivelvrboy
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    could i request diluc, kazuha, and aether with a really clingy and affectionate reader? hope you have a good day!

    diluc, kazuha and aether with a really clingy and affectionate s/o!
    a/n : AETHER #? #? #? #(,, gn! reader.
    requests : opened!

    actually diluc doesn't mind, more like he likes when your very affectionate, he looks annoyed but it's actually just because he can hide his blush well.

    i also feel like his love language is gift giving and quality time, so when ever you give affection, he almost always gives gifts in return, and he makes sure to always make time for you.

    he asks you if you'd wanna help him with his work, so you wouldn't be alone, he misses you also, you know?

    pats your head while working while you snicker at him, he finds you adorable.

    you hugged diluc tight as he was doing his paper work, he patted your head in response, "im doing something," he whispered, trying not to offend you, as you gave him a small smile.

    kazuha loves that your affectionate! remember when i said i think dilucs love language is, i think his' is words of affirmation.

    repays your affection with affection and haikuu's, he also wants you to go on adventures with him and the traveller.

    you're holding his hand everywhere he goes, i also think he doesn't blush that much when you give him affection, but when you do its really cute.

    squishes your face often and smiles while doing it, he likes watching you eat too, not in a weird way, he just thinks you look cute while you're chewing because you look like a hamster.

    "go ahead and continue eating, i don't mind."

    AETHER EJWJSJSJKSAIKAKA can y'all tell i like aether?

    he's so flustered every time you give him affection, he's so touch starved after losing his sister, help this boy please,, he doesn't wanna lose you either.

    he always gets so startled every time you hug him when he doesn't know you're going to.. your hands immediately touching his bare skin because he wears a crop top.. he hugs you back of coursee

    hugs you like it's his last day of seeing you, paimon always looks at you guys like, 'get a room' and aether just apologies,

    holds your hand everywhere!! his grip isn't too right, dw!

    aether shrieked a bit once your hands touched his torso, slowly melting into your embrace as well.

    #diluc x reader #kazuha x reader #aether x reader #genshin headcanons #genshin impact headcanons #genshin scenarios #genshin impact scenarios #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader
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  • mxplesyrvp
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    𖤐 ━━━ 𝗠𝗔𝗦𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗟𝗜𝗦𝗧 !!


    (🍁) 𝙆𝙖𝙚𝙙𝙚𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙖 𝙆𝙖𝙯𝙪𝙝𝙖 ━━━━

    "fallen leaves.....adorn my night!"

    ⌗001| worth the wait

    ⌗002| best part of me (soon)

    more stories to come, please give me some time !!

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  • detectivelvrboy
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    can y'all please send genshin requests?? im bored and ill be doing them probably a few minutes from now..

    #heizou x reader #kazuha x reader #xiao x reader #aether x reader #4nemo x reader #genshin smau #genshin x reader #genshin requests #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact x reader
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  • dearchilde
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I want everyone to look at my geo team (feel free to scroll 'cause Nes is about to gush about them and drop some hcs abt them!)

    aren't they amazing 🥺 look at how cool/cute they are, oh I just love my geo team and I would do anything for them, even if they could totally kick my ass if they wanted to 🥰❣️we have:

    Arataki Itto - Main DPS

    Aether - Sub DPS/Support

    Zhongli - Shielder/Burst Support

    Gorou - Buffer/Battery

    Itto is definitely the more reckless one, always jumping into the fray before Zhongli can even put up a shield. (This is something that always happens 'cause I've never used a shield,,haha)

    Despite being the bulk of the team, Itto is the first to die (lmao) Aether likes to add insult to injury by taking Itto's kills.

    Zhongli and Gorou tend to mother hen the other two because it can get too rowdy, and someone has to even out that liveliness 'cause it gets too much sometimes.

    “I would love to challenge Morax! Or is it Rex Lapis? Zhongli, what name does your archon prefer?” “Liyue citizens address their archon by the name of Rex Lapis while foreigners tend to use Morax.” Zhongli smiles behind his cup of tea.

    Gorou definitely knows, or at least has a hunch that Zhongli is way more than just a mortal. Aether has to suppress his laughter everytime Itto makes a comment about Rex Lapis.

    Itto loves to take out Ushi just to show him off. Zhongli was definitely very confused when he first witnessed Itto throw what he assumed was his pet at first at his enemies.

    Gorou doesn't know how to act around Itto when they're alone.

    “Gorou, you're a smart guy! Tell me how I can get Ms. Hina to sign my arm! Wait– Not in, like, a creepy way of course! I don't want to make her uncomfortable, y'know? Speaking of Ms. Hina, you share similar traits with her—” “Itto, please stop talking.”

    Aether has dirt on all of them, and you bet he likes to torment them when he gets the chance. He's the team's resident bully (and wallet, but we don't talk about that)

    “What's on today's agenda?” Gorou asks after finishing up packing their supplies for today.

    “Well," Aether starts. “Yanfei and her team handled the commissions for today, so that leaves us with domain challenges.”

    “Is it the same one as yesterday?”

    Aether sighs. “Yeah. Yeah it is.”

    Itto groans somewhere behind them. “Those freaking rifthounds are becoming the bane of my existence, I tell ya! Bro's shield doesn't even stop the corrosion, and we don't have a healer to, well, heal!”

    “Well, we wouldn't be having this problem if a certain someone would stop rushing in before the others can catch up, now would we?” Gorou quips back.

    This time, Zhongli is the one to step in. “There's no use in arguing. We all have our roles, so let's not start pointing fingers. Arataki Itto, may I propose a challenge? The victor gets to decide on their prize, does that sound fair?” This has the Oni interested all of the sudden.

    It's the most easiest way to get Itto's head in the game whenever he's beginning to grow irate, something they all had learned.

    Itto grins, “Well, if it's Mister Zhongli proposing, then who am I, The Great Arataki Itto, to refuse? Alright, give me the deets, bro!”

    “So simple-minded...” Gorou sighs.

    Aether smiles. “But you know as well as I do that this team wouldn't be the same without him.”

    The General had to agree.


    #–;dearchilde's display! #ue ue ue *crying fondly* #my precious geo team 😭 #this is very self-indulgent I'm so sorry #genshin impact#genshin team#genshin headcanons #arataki itto genshin impact #aether genshin impact #zhongli genshin impact #gorou genshin impact
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  • detectivelvrboy
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    seriously gonna write something for heizou since he looks so cute, im gonna be writing sm platonic if he's under 17, also taking reqs for genshin, no nsfw cause im a minor 😆😆😆

    #heizou x reader #shikanoin heizou#genshin heizou#genshin impact#genshin venti #xiao x reader #aether x reader #4nemo x reader #genshin smau#genshin xiao #genshin x gender neutral reader #genshin childe#genshin diluc #genshin x reader #genshin headcanons
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  • galaxofmuses
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago


    // Soo quick headcanon time for The Elements gang. 

    Aether, Dewdrop, Rain goes by He/They pronouns 

    Tobias and Slag goes by He/Him pronouns

    Airi goes by They/Them pronouns  (  they nonbinary yo (¬‿¬ )   )

    #:: headcanon :: #:: OC; Side Muse; Aether :: #:: OC; Tobias :: #:: OC; Side Muse; The Elements Gang ::
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  • izukxnnie
    13.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    painting their nails — p1

    xiao, kazuha, albedo, + aether. 800 ish words, fluff. gn reader + no tw. mlist + taglist.

    notes: my attempt at fluff for @kazewhara, since you've been reading too much angst lately. a gift for another friend coming soon <3 (@rqkuya here is ur xiao, others will be later <3)

    XIAO wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about it at first. it wasn’t that he was opposed, more that he was just a bit surprised.

    “you want to paint my nails?” he says, quiet and cradling one of your hands gently, like it’s the skeleton of a barely-there leaf in fall, with the potential to disintegrate in seconds.

    he’s not used to physical contact, having avoided it most of his life, but he does his best to hold still while you glide the brush over his nails – black and glossy, a classic choice. he looks up at you, obediently resting his hands on the table, and goes red in the face, all the way to the tips of his ears, when you slowly lift his hand and kiss the back of it.

    he makes a face, “doesn’t it smell like the paint?”

    “yeah. and it’s called polish, love,” you mutter, and lips brushing the back of his hand as you speak. 

    you lean down to kiss his knuckles, staring directly at him, deliberate. he pointedly looks away at the tabletop. xiao isn’t sure he entirely understands why you wanted to paint his nails, but he could get behind the idea.

    KAZUHA keeps perfectly still, leaning back on one arm, the other hand laid gently across his bent knee. you’re kneeling over his other, outstretched leg, carefully handling his fingers, and the polish brush is cool – he can feel it, and it tickles slightly, but not enough to make him jerk his hand away.

    you’re chewing on your lip, squinting a bit, brows furrowed. it’s clear you’re concentrating as hard as you can, painting with methodical motions, even as your hands shake. your visible determination makes a small smile flicker across his lips.

    a breeze rushes past, lifting a few strands of hair in front of his eyes and whipping them around. he looks out at the field you’re sitting in, feels the sun soaking into his clothes, the soft fabric of the picnic blanket under him. the polish glints, glossy in the sun, and your face is shadowed from how you’re hunched over, back to the sun. somehow, it only makes the color of your eyes all the more intense, like pools of water in the shade, enticing on a hot day.

    kazuha gathers the tiny fragments of the moment, the sensations, the sights, the sounds, and savors them.

    ALBEDO wakes up slowly, to the feeling of something cold and ticklish on the tips of his fingers. he’s too tired to move, the edge of the work table digging into his chest where he’s slumped over it. the joint of his shoulder is a bit sore from the angle it’s at, and his arm is numb where his head is resting on it.

    after a few seconds he finds the strength to open his eyes. you’re sitting across from him, illuminated by the flickering firelight from the hearth. albedo hears a pocket of air in one of them pop, and he sees the sparks rise in his mind’s eye.

    he sighs happily, breathes in the smell of wood smoke and– and something sharp and artificial. his gaze flicks from the firelight dancing in the shadows of your face to your hands, and the tiny bottle of paint, of nail polish, next to you. 

    it is at that point he remembers klee begging to paint his nails, and sure enough, there’s klee, curled up on the couch in the corner, a blanket draped over her. albedo smiles, chest warm, like the flames from the fireplace have filtered their way into his heart.

    “i see she’s been tired out,” he whispers, voice catching in his throat from sleep.

    you glance up at him, smiling so big that it feels too loud for the quiet of the room. he finds he doesn’t mind at all.

    “you’re one to talk. you fell asleep while she was painting your left hand.” you nod toward his left hand, resting on top of his outstretched arm. “i think it’s a bit messier than my work.”

    albedo sighs and shuts his eyes again. “i don’t mind,” he sighs, and he doesn’t.

    “i know,” you reply.

    he curls his fingers around yours, uncaring of whether the nail polish smears, and feels any tension drain from his body when you squeeze his fingers back.

    AETHER does not like having his time wasted. so when you grab him by the wrist as soon as he gets through the door of your room at wangshu inn and then drag him to sit at the desk, irritation prickles under his skin, bits of sand and thorns, uncomfortable.

    but he takes one look at your gentle expression and gives in. he sits quietly, listens to your idle chatter as you run the brush over his nails, admires the powder blue color you’ve chosen, like the petals of a glaze lily.

    aether does not like having his time wasted. he is impatient, he does not have time to idle, he needs to get through this journey as fast as possible, he’s hundreds of years behind. but for your smile, for your laugh, for your hands gently cradling his, for leaning across the table, the feel of your lips against his. for all of that, really, what’s a few moments more?

    with you, though, his time is never a waste. for you, aether will always have more time.

    reblogs and comments are very much appreciated!! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

    #xiao x reader #kazuha x reader #albedo x reader #aether x reader #xiao fluff#albedo fluff#aether fluff#kazuha fluff#albedo headcanons#xiao headcanons#kazuha headcanons#aether headcanons #genshin x reader #xiao x y/n #albedo x you #aether x you #kazuha x you #— genshin ! #— content !
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  • lumnius
    13.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Lumine’s skin shimmers sparkles in the moonlight like twilight but reversed do with that what you will

    #( I’m sorry shes a Twilight vampire ) #( bet in this headcanon aether does the same but in the sun ) #( I will be here again shortly it’s just been a long week ! ) #( so have my continuation of lu being made from the stars and me always adding random things ) #( smooches you )
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  • vallasong
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    imma drop my genshin HCs and no one can stop me here it goes:

    aether (traveler):

    - trans guy, identical twins with lumine b4 hormones, pan

    - appears 18 yrs old

    - i ship him with everyone (playersexual) but he and xiao are bfs :)

    lumine (abyss twin):

    - cis, pan

    - exes with dainsleif (as the MC i ship her with ayaka)

    - appears 18 yrs old, the older twin


    - bi, cis

    - has freckles

    - engaged to zhongli


    - 21 yrs old

    - area man loses virginity to geo dragon god


    - pan, genderfluid

    - was married to guizhong (he didn't actually know what marriage was at the time he just knew it was a mortal thing with love and shit and guizhong was very happy that he was participating in mortal culture), now engaged to childe

    - appears 27

    - exuvia is his true form, he can have half dragon features bcuz im a slut for dragons & zhongli with a dragon tail is fucking adorable. in any form, those white diamond-shaped pupils he has are slit pupils like a lizard

    - god he and childe are so fucking horny 24/7 and their oblivious sexually-charged slow burn killed the brain cells of 90% of liyue harbor

    skirk (yeah i have skirk headcanons):

    - appears 19. if she were a playable character she would use the medium female model

    - not decided on sexuality/gender bcuz she hasn't actually been in the game yet but i wanna say ace nb lesbian

    - originally from khaenri'ah, avoided curse by being in the abyss, she does not give a shit about the abyss order and wants nothing to do with them

    - i don't ship her with anyone, but childe was her only "friend" in the abyss and she regrets ever letting him leave


    - nb he/they, pan

    - dating albedo :)

    - 23 yrs old


    - appears 20 yrs old

    - trans lesbian

    - married hu tao after they dated for only 3 weeks. neither of them regrets it. she made hu tao sign a prenup

    - madam ping is basically her grandmother. i know that's canon, but still

    - she talks too much and a lot of people think she's annoying. has a mischievous side


    - has never concerned himself with sexuality or gender labels. he is what he is

    - dating aether but it was a very long slow burn

    - will actually eat anything cooked by aether

    - appears 20 yrs old


    - thinks it's funny to pretend to be the raiden shogun sometimes, but everyone sees right through it

    - appears 28 yrs old

    - she and miko have been girlfriends for a very very very long time

    - cis lesbian


    - cis lesbian

    - hopelessly tenderly in love with ei, which she masks behind 50 layers of irony

    - appears 29 yrs old

    - she jokes about scaramouche being her step-son. gets along really well with venti.


    - cis, gay

    - there's no label for what he and venti have but it's definitely romantic. he's hopelessly in love and hates it. he never actually makes venti pay his tab and pretends he doesn't notice venti stealing from the dawn winery. LOW-KEY his sugar daddy but neither of them realize that's what's going on

    - 25 yrs old


    - appears 18 yrs old

    - nb gay, he/him

    - kind of oblivious to his own relationship with diluc but it doesn't stop him from being a flirty bastard to him

    - besties with kaeya, was once besties with guizhong, he and zhongli are "friends" but it's the kind of friendship where venti is constantly on the verge of having a mountain thrown at him (but zhongli secretly appreciates his company, when he isn't doing things that deserve a mountain punishment)

    hu tao:

    - cis lesbian

    - married to yanfei, spent 2 months before they met running away from her every time yanfei tried to approach because she was intimidated by how gorgeous yanfei is. the Liyue Besties had to literally tie her to a chair to get her to meet yanfei and stop pining

    - figures out zhongli is an adeptus IMMEDIATELY. hired him because she thought he was hilarious, the fact that he's good at his job is a coincidence

    - 19 yrs old

    #genshin headcanons #if you have opinions on this no you don't #if anyone is interested i could make childe and zhongli their own headcanon posts i have so many #when it comes to shipping aether my 'real' ship is xiaother but im also kinda into childe/aether/zhongli
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  • twistymistywitch
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    i am full of aether and lumine (+paimon) headcanons rn and it’s like 4 am i havent slept and i need these outta my head so here we go:

    - both twins experience phantom pains from where their wings used to be

    - traveller twin would sometimes get emotional when using a wind glider bcs they’re (sorta) flying  and their twin isn’t by their side

    - aether’s braid was lumine’s idea when they were young and it just stuck so he never learned how to do it (traveller aether tried to do it himself for the first few weeks of his journey but now paimon does it)

    - used to share a bed when travelling so traveller twin now has difficulty sleeping alone so paimon sleeps next to them

    -they mirror each other’s attack patterns so when one’s left side is open the other is gaurding on the left and vice versa

    - lumine is the more honest of the two and aether is more emotion driven

    - abyss twin sometimes resents their sword (traveller twin had to take a while to get used to not using their original sword which is why they used their hands/body for anemo/geo attacks but by inazuma they got used to it and started using the sword with the elements)

    - aether used to collect rocks/shells/similar stuff from other worlds for lumine, while lumine collected plants and flowers for aether

    - traveller twin didn’t celebrate their birthday for so long nobody in teyvat knew when it was, until paimon caught them laying awake and mumbling “happy birthday, (aether/lumine)” at midnight. paimon wrote down the date and told all their friends about it

    - sometimes the traveller would still ask “ready to go, (lumine/aether)?” after getting their things ready. paimon would see their face fall and go, “paimon’s ready to go! where should we continue our journey today?” with an encouraging smile

    - lumine would take a lot of souvenirs from previous worlds, aether can’t bring himself to say no

    -both are light sleepers 

    there’ll probably be more but that’s all i got for now byee

    #genshin impact#aether #aether genshin impact #lumine #lumine genshin impact #man the twins really do hurt me #genshin impact headcanons #aether headcanons#lumine headcanons #i just wanted to find my sister come on
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  • boundlesswanderers
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Tag Dump #01

    #✦ mun post #✦ rp meme #✦ rp promo #✦ aesthetic#✦ musing #✦ hiatus notice #✦ psa#✦ headcanon #✦ friends & family #✦ ic #✦ the traveler ✦ ic #✦ the bard ✦ ic #✦ the traveler ✦ lumine #✦  the bard ✦ venti #✦ traveler ✦ aether #✦  guide ✦ paimon #✦ tbd#✦ tbt #✦ the world's so wide ✦ main verse #✦ lost small world ✦ modern au #✦ lost but found ✦ crossover verse
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  • astranne
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Racing to ask for a blind!Aether thing bc i feel like there isnt enough blind!characters fics in genshin

    Also i sent in the fischl req and YES i loved it sm and i love ur writing style

    SNIPPET blind!aether

    notes // hi hi ^^ thank you for the request! i love the concept of blind!aether, and i think there is even a fanfic of that on ao3. sadly i don’t know the name… and also- skfbd since i got this request from you i‘ve been calling you the fischl anon in my head :D thank you for requesting that and thank you for the compliment! i‘m really glad you like my writing, it makes me happy and fuzzy and all warm <3

    blind!aether; waking up confused, scared and angry- a whirlwind of emotions, trying to understand where he was and why he didn’t see anything. oh he could feel the energy of this world around him, but stunted and blunted, all his powers sealed away by this unknown goddess.

    blind!aether; feeling how the hunger bites through his stomach, weakening him, something close to death- close to eternal sleep.

    blind!aether; desperate with hunger and blindness, eating everything edible that comes close to his hands. he keeps close to the shores he awoke, slowly getting familiar with the place around him.

    blind!aether; fishing out his first friend in this world, paimon, a being from stars, just like him. he can feel it, his senses practically useless, but he knows the feelings of stars.

    blind!aether; receiving his first element in this world and suddenly seeing again. it‘s nothing like seeing with his eyes or inhuman senses- no, it feels oh so different. the air around him brushes everything and everybody, he can not see colors, but feel the beings around him, how they breathe and live.

    blind!aether; training with his sword, trusting his new power to see and discovering the elemental sight. it‘s another way to see, straining yet he can see all the elements around him, finally something close to the colors he once saw.

    blind!aether; seeing- no, feeling people‘s visions, their power and movements and through time, he hones his new skill and slowly forgets what it‘s like to see like any other human. he adapts, slowly and with much pain, but he will go through the deepest pits of hell to see his sister with his own eyes again.

    ASTRANNE 2022

    #🪐 galaxy milky way #200 milestone event #200 follower event #200 milestone#genshin impact#genshin #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact snippet #genshin imagines#genshin snippet#aether#genshin aether #genshin impact aether #aether imagines#aether snippet#aether headcanons#blind aether #✨ star dust #⭐️ fischl.star
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  • popiastar
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    ❗what i write:

    story length: drabble, one shot, headcanon, occasionally long stories

    genre: fluff, angst, smut

    paring: any pronouns x ghost

    requests: open ✅


    💀papa emeritus iii


    🐀cardinal copia/papa emeritus iv





    day at the ministry


    rainy days




    text text


    text text


    text text


    text text

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  • popiastar
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    aether - day at the ministry

    🍌info: cute beefy boy

    - wake up on 6 am to going early on the market buying fruits, bacon, sausages and eggs

    - whistling happily

    - next step: cooking some healthy food for his baby ghouls

    - has a chef hat with sewn on top "chef of the year" gifted from the other for his birthday

    - cute omelettes with smile emoji on top, bunny boiled eggs, bacon, sausages and OF COURSE homemade bread

    - fresh orange juice for baby rain uwu

    - tablecloth with ghost's logo print on it

    - each place has a placeholder lovingly handwritten

    - kitchen always clean after breakfast

    - spend the rest of the morning roaming around with dewdrop and rain, sometimes plays cards with cirrus, cumulus and victory

    - strum the guitar searching awesome solos to fight dewdrop on live

    - always have lunch in a fancy restaurant near the ministry

    - returned to the ministry, drinks something with the others and organizing jokes against papa (swiss&dew the EVIL minds)

    - in the evening has a lot of energy: jumping around yelling random words just to annoy seestor and nihil

    - secretly using papa's trycicle

    - go to bed very late, sleeping like a giant koala

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  • zomaeliet
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Grabbing his shirt and pulling him to your eye level, seeing his pretty eyelashes flutter in confusion before his eyes go wide in realization. Your lips a hair's-width away from brushing against his own as his eyes become half lidded, but just as he made the move to kiss you, you move your head to the side and whisper in his ear, "You're so cute."

    He didn't talk to you for thirty minutes as he sat down to recover from embarrassment.

    For characters like: Izuku Midoriya, Hinata Shoyo, Aether, Tamaki Amajiki, and Tobio Kageyama

    #izuku midoriya #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fluff#bnha izuku #my hero academia #oneshot#headcannons#hinata shoyo#hq hinata #hinata shoyo x reader #izuku midoria x reader #aether#genshin impact#tamaki amakiji #amajiki tamaki x reader #my hero headcanons #gi headcanons#tobio kageyama #kageyama x reader #hq headcanons
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