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    19.05.2022 - 11 hours ago


    notes ! oh, ohhhh.... i got too far ahead of myself,, but I cant help it.. aethers tummy is so cute and so... soft...

    content ! yandere, jealous aether, possessive aether, blood and biting + 692 words

    to be honest, who hasn’t fantasized about the golden traveler’s smooth tummy at least once? it’s a well-known fact that the traveler has an ethereal sort of beauty about him. eyes are always on him, from adoring to downright lecherous.

    aether won’t pretend to be some sort of naive idiot, either. he and lumine are used to all sorts of attention after hopping from dimension to dimension throughout the centuries. but when he comes across you— a polite-looking citizen, hiding the coy fox underneath– he quickly turns into a bashful maiden. 

    when he first laid eyes on you, you were nothing short of breathtaking. nothing out of the ordinary— he can name a few dozen people more conventionally attractive than you— but the way you carry yourself just leaves him a melting puddle. polite, gentle, but once you turn your eyes on him they darken with mischief. he’s lost track of how many times you’ve slightly pushed him against the bar’s lacquer-shined countertops, breath on his neck smelling like whiskey and divine lust. your hands, bigger and coarser than his, easily wrap around his waist and grip the plush skin. even without his powers, he’s a deal stronger than the average vision-wielder but with you? honkai above, you have him wrapped around your finger.

    it’s part of the job, you tell yourself. collect information and data when your boss couldn’t be bothered to do it himself. but there’s no data to be collected from aether, nothing that he hasn’t told kaeya about anyway. you just like seeing him squirm under your fingers, acting all helpless and weak when he took down a dragon (or two, three? how many does osial count anyway?).

    still, a job is a job. being polite and amiable as an angel while reeling in victims through seduction is a tactic the cavalry captain has personally taught you. aether doesn’t like it. he melts when your gentle fingers graze his skin and pull away at the very last moment, but when you do the same to others, he burns with indescribable jealousy.

    “oh dear,” you tease, fingers trailing up his abdomen and spreading them out. gently pushing him down into the bed he’s invited you into, aether blushes at how your hand almost covers his entire belly. “i think i left my dear boy hanging.” you press a kiss on the creamy skin and smile serenely up at him.

    how…! how mean you are! aether whines and covers his face. he can’t handle how opposite your angelic smile is and your devilish touches. your lips press themselves on his stomach as you kiss and bite and prod. he shivers under your touch, getting dizzy as your heat gets to him.

    “no wonder the bar has been empty this past few days,” you murmur. has it? aether then faintly remembers. oh yeah, it has. “looks like i got too carried away and made the poor hero jealous.”

    “i–i dun like it…” he slurs out, pouting with bleary eyes down at you. “you shouldn’t touch ‘em like that. makes me mad. me, only me.” he sprawls out against the bed, offering his entire body for your greedy consumption. “just put your eyes on me.”

    “or what?” you smile into his stomach.

    “or i’ll k!ll ‘em.” he sounds so huffy and pouty, but you know damn well that he’s more than capable of that. you lightly laugh and stroke his chest through his thin top, and he convulses at every fluttering fingertip.

    “what a terrifying thing for the honorary knight to say.” your teeth graze the soft skin, nibbling at the flesh until you finally bare your teeth— a tiger going in for the k!ll— and dig into the meal. his eyes shoot open as he cries out at the sudden pain, but you don’t stop, not when his pained cry trails into a sweet plea. blood spills from his fair skin and what should be pain becomes an unbearable wave of heat and pleasure. 

    you grin up at your aether, his golden eyes tearily blinking down at you, blown wide and shaking.

    “looks like i’ll have to tame you myself."

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    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago
    #genshin impact #genshin impact fanart #venti#gi venti#day-to-day-venti#barbatos#aether#lumine#sayu#genshin sayu#jean gunnhildr#kaedehara kazuha#xiao#genshin xiao#sucrose#gi sucrose#shikanoin heizou #so many characters ;; remember when we used to only have 3 anemos (excluding traveler) it was just jean sucrose and venti #replying to tags -> #sdfghjk imagine nerd hes confused someone help him #also sky kid ur right this is canon
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  • idcallmyselfhuman
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    wait... are y'all actually choosing to use heizou as a way to exclude aether further (4NEMO) bro... 😭 y'all are miserable just take the design and GO

    and if the story leaks are right i dont even care about your petty bullshit im getting aether-centric content in sumeru thats all i've wanted. aether community boutta get fed good 😩😩😩

    #imagine seeing a good character design and immediately thinking 'how do i hate someone w this' #please just go outside and be normal #genshin impact #genshin impact aether #genshitpost#genshin aether #I SHOULD STOP OPENING TWITTER LMAO
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    Popular choice✨

    —>{Dial an admirer}



    Achievement unlocked: “ Sneaky link”

    You’ve reached the admirer hotline!

    Please choose a certain word that will hopefully save your life if not end it in the same breath. Depending on what phrase you pick, someone who’s even remotely related to said word will be chosen as your dialer randomly.

    Do be careful of the one you call for help because they might just take more than what you can give, in return for their services.


    Objective: Choose your sneaky link


    (Dependent) [obsessive] {Harmless} |Trapper|



    Votes closed ??? ⏰

    #yandere simulator au #yandere simulator #choose your adventure #otome! yandere genshin impact #otome! genshin impact #otome! yandere genshin #yandere genshin impact #illustration #yandere genshin x reader #yandere genshin imagines #yandere genshin au #yandere scaramouche#yandere arataki#yandere kazuha #yandere aether x reader #yandere kaeya x reader #yandere thoma x reader #yandere childe x reader #yandere albedo#yandere venti#yandere zhongli#yandere diluc
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    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Is request are open. Could you do voice lines of characters saying "Abt y/n" but y/n is their younger sibling? Could you do Aether/ Lumine, Kazuha and Ayaka? Ofc if you don't feel comfortable or just simply don't want to write this feel free to ignore this! Take care y'all!!!

    OF COURSE!!! I decided to make it a little angsty though because of the characters’ backstories. Hopefully it’s well written-


    “We usually travel through worlds together, and originally the three of us used to explore a lot together. However, when that god took my sister, {Name} and I were also separated. I’m not sure where they are now, but I hope that they’re doing okay. If they’re here somewhere in Teyvat… I will find them. I want to see them so badly again, and I regret every insult that flew out of my mouth though there were few. One day, I want the three of us to go to the lantern rite as a family. I’m sure {Name} will love it.”


    “My younger sibling and I are close. Very close. I miss them so much it’s hard to describe. The pain of losing my brother and then {Name} is almost unbearable to a certain extent. However, I know that at the end of my journey here in this world, I’ll find them. One day, I want to take a photo of the three of us. In Windrise, I want to take a picture of us three together having fun and laughing like we used to. Just like how it should be.”


    “My younger sibling and I fled after the Shogun issued the decree on my head. Now, we travel on the Crux together with captain Beidou. It’s entertaining when I watch them play around on the ship. Sometimes, I’ll make small wind currents and pick them up. It’s quite amusing to watch them laugh while they’re in mid-air for a moment. I also take them up to the crow’s nest where we watch the sunset and nap. Tomo knew {Name} very well, considering the two of them used to play a lot when we were all younger. Ah... brings me back to the best of days. I should write a poem about this.”


    “{Name} is the pride of the Kamisato clan and one of my closest companions. Ever since they were young, they were extremely talented with their blade. The sad thing is, {Name} does not remember our parents since their passing was when {Name} was an infant. Ayato and I raised them, and we couldn’t be more proud of our younger sibling. They sometimes run errands for us, usually attending political meetings between the Commisions when Ayato is too busy to go. Even then, they have their own affairs that they deal with too.”

    🏷 taglist: @giaourtopita ,@cheezbot, @uwubaakaoniichan , @looi-1 , @p-slayer069 , @lucy-roo , @iunazzc , @sharpie-kk , @saritawithluv ,@kyomihann , @genshinsimpp , @danii-labs , @lexsimp2 , @otomelady

    #genshin x reader #genshin x female reader #genshin #genshin x gender neutral reader #genshin impact #genshin impact imagines #ayaka x y/n #ayaka x you #ayaka x reader #kazuha x y/n #kazuha x gender neutral reader #kazuha x reader #kazuha x you #kazuha x oc #aether x gender neutral reader #aether x you #aether x reader #aether x y/n #aether x male reader #lumine x you
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  • shiunza
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Ninja (way)/j

    🌸 desc. a mysterious person interacts with him. (sorry, idk what should i put here)

    🌸 pair. aether x fem!reader

    🌸 warnings. swearing, idk bro i wrote this with one eye open. 1 cuss word ig

    The girl hums as she carefully watches the golden-haired boy fight off the treasure hoarders by himself. The boy was digging for some treasures until the treasure hoarders suddenly ambushed him. ‘Treasure hoarders will be treasure hoarders.’ he thought to himself. While he was thinking, one of the treasure hoarders swiftly got to his back, nearly knocking him out before a kunai cut its advance off. “Fighting by yourself?” The girl immediately intervened, standing at the top of a building. “Aren’t you a brave one?” she jumps off hastily, next to the traveller. “Do you mind?” Before he could answer, the girl already started fighting, activating her vision.

    In the span of a minute, the treasure hoarders were already wiped out, and the two finally calmed down. She turned to the boy and walked towards him. She stared intensely at the boy, scrutinising his every feature, making the boy uncomfortable. “I didn’t know the famous traveller had travelled this far already.” The girl finally spoke and then took a glance at his sword. “For someone who’s good at fighting, you have an awful sword.” He took offence to her words and was about to run off. She quickly grabbed his arm and smiled. “Now, now. Don’t run off. I know a swordsmith who does wonders.” He didn’t even have the time to process her words before she dragged him somewhere.

    The two finally arrived at the front door of a house. The house was as nearly normal looking as the other houses he saw in Inazuma, a few windows here or there. Although there are scattered weapons outside, it still looked ordinary. The girl gingerly unlocked the door and signalled for him to follow. He agreed, following her inside the house. The air in the house was humid, making him sweat a lil’ bit. He looks around for a while and sees a brown-haired boy forging a weapon. He looked at the (color)-haired girl who was briskly walking to the unknown boy, who was too focused and couldn’t care less about his surroundings. She taps the clueless boy on the shoulder, causing him to let out a girly scream. “For fuck’s sake, (name)! Stop snooping in my house without my permission!” the brunet warns her. She rolls her eyes and mocks him. 

    ‘What a pretty name.’

    The blonde watched as the two bickered, before the girl noticed the blonde once again. She stopped and pulled the traveller next to her. “I brought a friend over. Make him a sword, will you?” the boy fiercely glared at her, and she sighs. “I’ll pay you double.” his scowl was quickly washed away. The brunet rapidly fired questions for his sword, making the two busy, forgetting the girl in the room.

    After minutes of their conversation, they finally finished. The golden-haired boy was about to call for the girl, only to see nothing. The girl vanished into thin air. If there wasn’t a bag of mora on the table, he would have thought she was just his imagination.

    “Ayaka said that the ninja will be here!” the small fairy complained, and Aether sighs. They look around frantically, trying to find the ninja who was supposed to help them get the papers. “Looking for me?” a voice came from behind them. The blonde only flinched while the fairy screamed. She covered Paimon’s mouth, shushing her. “We don’t want to get caught, don’t we, little one?” the small one slowly nodded, and the girl took her hand off the fairy. She gazed at the traveller and smiled. “Well, isn’t it fate?” she took a peek at his sword and grinned. “I hope your sword passed your expectations.” the blonde unconsciously grasped his sword and nodded, “Do you know each other?” the fairy asked. The 2 ignored the question and started to plan the infiltration. “Hey! Don’t ignore Paimon!” the fairy cried out.

    The (color)-haired finally took a hold of the papers and passed it to the Kamisatos. She passed by the entrance and stopped by the blonde-haired boy. The girl smirks before speaking. “You owe me one.” Brushing your hair from your shoulder. “Like a date?” he asks, catching the girl off guard. “You’re quite bold, traveller.” the girl smugly says, although a blush decorated her face. “See you at Kiminami restaurant.” she utters before jumping to a near tree.

     He’s cute. She didn’t mind having him to herself.

    i dont know where this is going, pls help

    #genshin fanfic#genshin#genshin imagines#genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #genshin x y/n #aether #aether x reader #aether imagines #aether x you
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  • allweatherbeauty
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    Headcannons about treating the Aether's wounds after a battle. Featuring Paimon.
    PAIRINGS - Aether x Reader (Romantic) , Paimon + Aether (Platonic) , Paimon + Reader (Platonic).
    GENRE - Hurt/Comfort (?) , Fluff.
    No pronouns used for reader, reader gender not mentioned.
    TW - Scars, Injuries, Mentions of blood.

    Aether is usually the one treating your wounds, he knows what to do and exactly how to treat them, after all.

    So when he returned home after spending the day training, his body covered in assorted scars, you knew you wanted to take care of him.

    “Aether?! Are you okay?”

    He tries to tell you that he's okay but youre already running for the first aid kit.

    Paimon retreats to the kitchen, hoping for a snack.

    You get right to work, rubbing ointment on the less severe scars, placing plaster's on them.

    While you do this he tells you stories.

    These consist of adventures, his training today, and his childhood. He occasionally paused to let out a wince at the feeling of the ointment on his wounds.

    After you finish wrapping a bandage on his arm, where one of the more severe scars was, you were finished. You kissed the bandage before making sure that it was secure. After that you decided to give him a hug.

    He wrapped his arms around you tightly, murmuring appologies into your hair.

    “Dont be sorry, Aether Just... Take it easy, okay?”
    “I know. I’m sorry, Y/N. I got a little bit carried away with training today. I’ll take a break tommorow, I promise.”

    He kissed the top of your head, smiling.

    It was all going to be okay.

    #aether x reader #aether x y/n #aether x you #aether fluff#aether imagines#genshin fluff #genshin impact x reader #genshin imagines #genshin x reader
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  • starclemon27
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago




    4nemo, one of the most famous teen idols. Dispite their young age, they have already achieve a very succesful life. And so, there is you. A person who lived in a small town who then moved to the city to attend your dream school. But of course you need to find a job to earn money for yourself. A manager of the famous idols perhaps?

    •3rd POV•

    Wind rustles through the long thin grass, dancing elegantly from blows of the wind. The night sky lay's upon the small town, where the help of the glowing hues of the moon, lights up the streets of the small town.

    It is time for supper. You just finished preparing for your family's dinner. The household is enveloped by the heavenly aroma of the cooked meals.

    Setting down the plates and utensils from the table, you then place the dishes on the table as you hum some random tunes.

    "It smells devine here dear." Your grandmother entered the dining room, took the plate of the dish from your hands and placed it on the table. 

    You smiled and led her to the dinner table, carefully guiding her to take a seat. Taking out all the remaining dishes, you placed all of them at the dinner table. 

    "Of course! I learned for the best after all~" you winked at your grandmother, who chuckles.

    You left your grandmother from the dining hall to call for your grandfather, who was busy working all day from his workshop doing pottery. 

    While you were walking, you could not help but look into the sky and gasp at how beautiful the stars shimmer into the night sky. Your eyes reflect the stars glowing hues, you take a deep breath and continue to get to your destination.

    Knocking at the door from the workshop, you excused yourself before inviting yourself in. "Grandpa? Supper is ready!"

    "Yes, yes child. I'm just washing up my hands here." Your grandfather answered your calls. 

    Walking inside the workshop, you examined the pot he made which never failed to mesmerize you. The intricate design and details of the pottery is something that no other person can do other than your grandfather. "This is beautiful!" You Awed.

    Your grandfather grinned at the way you awed at his work. " Well this old man wasn't called the famous pot maker of this town for nothing~" He proudly announced in great confidence, as he point his thumb to himself.

    " I know grandpa, but you better not keep grandma waiting at the dinner table. You know that she becomes wild when you keep her waiting." You smirked at him.

    Your grandfather shivered at the thought of your grandmother throwing her slippers that would perfectly hit his face. 

    "Right... let's go." Your grandfather replied. Noticing a sweat slowly rolls down through his chin, you led your grandfather back to the dining hall while you grin.


    "So (Y/n). Any thoughts of a school you want to go to?" Your grandmother questioned.

    You swallowed the food from your mouth, before you answered your grandmother's question. " I think I would still be applying to a school near here." You answered. Though, you wish to apply to a school in the city, but you can't risk doing so. You have to take care of your grandparents.

    Your grandmother nods to your answer. Even though your grandmother has a bad eyesight, she could read through you like an open book. She knows that you're holding yourself back for them. All of your life, you did nothing but to take care of them at a very young age. She's grateful to have you as her granddaughter. You have grown up to be independent. She believes that it is time for you to choose your own path.

    "(Y/n), how about applying to a school in the city."

    You almost choked on the water you were drinking, quite surprised from her sudden request. Your grandfather also choked on his soup, he's in a coughing mess. Your grandma pats his back to ease the pain. You swore that you saw your grandmother looked so done to your grandfather.

    "Grandma, you know I can't do that. Who would be the one taking care of you and grandpa." You reasoned.

    "Yeah! What's with that sudden suggestion! (Y/n) has no experience on going to the capital!" Your grandfather asked your grandmother. Surprised by this, he then forms his hand in a chopping motion. ready to start a debate with his wife.

    Your grandmother glared dagger at her husband, which is enough for him to shut his mouth and behave.

    "(Y/n). Remember the time that I told you that I never got to finish my studies."

    Of course you do. You do remember the time when she told you that she never got to finish her studies because of financial problems. This led her to uphold her studies, and focus on earning money for her parents at a younger age. 

    Your grandmother sighs then gives you a gentle smile. A smile that holds encouragement. A smile that holds trust. A smile that holds love. "I only have three wishes for you. To make you finish your studies. To live happily, and to stop holding back."

    You gazed at your grandmother's eyes

    you don't know how you should react. Should you be happy? Should you be sad? Should you once again... hold back? Applying to study far away is a tough decision to make, who would take care of your grandparents? Would they be ok? These questions rang through your mind.

    No words have left your mouth from your hesitancy. You were quiet. Tears start pouring from your eyes. You were sad, guilty, and frustrated. You ask yourself. Why do you keep holding back? But you don't know the answer.

    "(Y/n). I have one request." Your grandmother said before wiping the tears from your eyes.

    " We know me and my husband were the reason you were holding back. There could be more reasons too, but I do believe that we are one of those reasons." 

    Your grandmother sighed once again before tucking the side of your hair affectionately. "(Y/n). attend the school that you wanted, do it for me. Make me proud. Cease your dreams. Don't hold yourself back for us... Please."

    With the word "hold back," rang through your mind. It is true that you always hold back, you know the pain of holding back. When you hold back, it always comes back and hits you with regrets.

    You smiled at your grandmother. You were lucky to have such loving grandparents.

    " Ok... I'll attend the school that I wanted. I'll finish my studies in your place." You said while engulfing her in a tight hug.

    "Gosh... I'm gonna cry! Stop that and let's continue eating!" Your grandfather commented at the side. Wiping the tears on his eyes, he then shoves a piece of meat from your mouth.

    You laughed at your grandfather's anthics and continued eating.

    If you all want to continue reading, youcan go go visit my wattpad page and read "seasonal wind" with the additional 12 more chapters.

    Status: ongoing

    Chapters: 13

    Updates: ???

    Vote and follow me to stay updated~

    #4nemo x reader #4nemo#4nemo au#genshin impact #venti x reader #xiao x reader #kazuha x reader #aether x reader #venti x y/n #xiao x y/n #kazuha x y/n #aether x y/n #genshin imagines#venti fluff#xiao fluff#kazuha fluff#aether fluff#genshin xiao#genshin venti#genshin aether#genshin kazuha
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  • astranne
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Racing to ask for a blind!Aether thing bc i feel like there isnt enough blind!characters fics in genshin

    Also i sent in the fischl req and YES i loved it sm and i love ur writing style

    SNIPPET blind!aether

    notes // hi hi ^^ thank you for the request! i love the concept of blind!aether, and i think there is even a fanfic of that on ao3. sadly i don’t know the name… and also- skfbd since i got this request from you i‘ve been calling you the fischl anon in my head :D thank you for requesting that and thank you for the compliment! i‘m really glad you like my writing, it makes me happy and fuzzy and all warm <3

    blind!aether; waking up confused, scared and angry- a whirlwind of emotions, trying to understand where he was and why he didn’t see anything. oh he could feel the energy of this world around him, but stunted and blunted, all his powers sealed away by this unknown goddess.

    blind!aether; feeling how the hunger bites through his stomach, weakening him, something close to death- close to eternal sleep.

    blind!aether; desperate with hunger and blindness, eating everything edible that comes close to his hands. he keeps close to the shores he awoke, slowly getting familiar with the place around him.

    blind!aether; fishing out his first friend in this world, paimon, a being from stars, just like him. he can feel it, his senses practically useless, but he knows the feelings of stars.

    blind!aether; receiving his first element in this world and suddenly seeing again. it‘s nothing like seeing with his eyes or inhuman senses- no, it feels oh so different. the air around him brushes everything and everybody, he can not see colors, but feel the beings around him, how they breathe and live.

    blind!aether; training with his sword, trusting his new power to see and discovering the elemental sight. it‘s another way to see, straining yet he can see all the elements around him, finally something close to the colors he once saw.

    blind!aether; seeing- no, feeling people‘s visions, their power and movements and through time, he hones his new skill and slowly forgets what it‘s like to see like any other human. he adapts, slowly and with much pain, but he will go through the deepest pits of hell to see his sister with his own eyes again.

    ASTRANNE 2022

    #🪐 galaxy milky way #200 milestone event #200 follower event #200 milestone#genshin impact#genshin #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact snippet #genshin imagines#genshin snippet#aether#genshin aether #genshin impact aether #aether imagines#aether snippet#aether headcanons#blind aether #✨ star dust #⭐️ fischl.star
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  • mayullla
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I usually switch characters around since I like to play everyone I have but the team I play the most is Traveler(Aether), Chongyun, Kazuha and Bennett. I love them all

    Note: Yes, they are all good boys!

    Team Comp: Aether, Chongyun, Kazuha, Bennett

    They all want your attention, give it to them! With puppy dogs eyes they would band together to beg you to stay with them a little longer using their sad lines to guilt-trip you and when they could see that you were about to leave you will hear them suddenly make the hurt sound as if they have been hurt by something. Please please don't go! They want to be with you a little longer!

    When you join the game the first thing you would see is one of them surrounded by flowers when you didn't place them there. They cant give you a bouquet so they would have to make do with this, Aether would be around Windwheel Aster and Bennett too, while when it is Chongyun’s turn you will be around flowers that belonged to Liyue and Inazuma for Kazuha. They take turns getting you really, it's cute while a bit strange for you sometimes.

    They work hard together to please when you fight, trying their very best. They adore you and knowing that you adore them just as much just makes them so happy. Chongyun had to be careful so that he won't faint when he was like this, Bennett also need to be careful when he skips in joys in case he might trip and fall. Really they are just super happy that sometimes they just don't know what to do with themselves.

    Kazuha and Aether's smug smiles towards other characters that you have would make you laugh, yet worry a bit when you saw the death glares others are giving to the boys.

    #genshin impact fluff #genshin impact#genshin fluff #genshin x reader #genshin x you #genshin imagine #genshin impact x reader #genshin imagines #sagau x you #sagau fluff #genshin impact sagau #sagau #sagau cult au #self aware genshin #genshin sagau #genshin self aware #sagau aether#sagau chongyun#sagau kazuha#sagau bennett #genshin team comp
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  • rhas-writes
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Imagine!Ex-archon Reader

    Okay so this is the whole reason for me finally making a tumblr account. Idk if someone wrote this yet, but I can't find it so here we are.


    Reader! born from the stone-cold opposition shared between the elemental Light Realm and abyssal Void Realm.

    God Reader! belonged to neither side, aiding the Primordial One in creating the Human Realm. She dreamed of a place suitable for life to grow and achieve.

    God Reader! stood by Byakuyakoku when all but one turned their backs on them. She worked tirelessly with Aberaku no Mikoto to build the Dainichi Mikoshi. It was her light that protected the people from Bathysmal Vishaps until the device was completed.

    God Reader! explored the world and befriended other beings. She helped them become stronger in every aspect of their self for she cannot bare to keep losing those close to her. In her many travels, she found a familiar in a dragon/bird hybrid. Perhaps, she won't be so lonely anymore.

    God Reader! prioritized protecting those below her during the Archon War. Her domes of golden light were safe havens for all creatures to escape the destruction of gods.

    God Reader! always heard the pleas of humans when they prayed for strength to achieve their goals. One night the fighting between two gods drew the land's monsters to a small village. A man whispered his wish to protect his family from the hell raging around him before charging into battle. God Reader! saw, no felt, this man's wish. This man's ambition. He wanted nothing more than the safety of his family. Touched by his will, she lended him her power.

    God Reader! created medallions for those whose ambitions were unwavering. Medallions that allowed these people to harness the power of light. However, once the goal was achieved, the medallion would be returned.

    God Reader! fell in love in the midst of a war. She met the amber-eyed god in secret tunnels he carved just for them. It was dangerous if the other gods found this weakness, but having her in his arms was worth the risk.

    God Reader! sat amongst the Eight Archons that now ruled over Teyvat because Celestia would not permit a god to exist outside of their bubble. Even so, she refused presiding over a specific territory. She preferred the freedom to roam where she could help others grow. It was only the immense dedication of three followers that persuaded her to establish her small territory.

    Archon Reader! was give many titles but the one she enjoyed the most was the one given to her by the people of Liyue. Our Lady, they called her after she tied the knot with their archon. It was always a sight for them to see the Rex Lapis walking around the harbor with his kind wife.

    After much thought and discussions, Light Archon Reader! evolved her medallions into something greater. She combined her extensive knowledge, power, and will to create Visions.

    Archon Reader! admired the resilience of a godless nation. The Kingdom of Khaenri'ah was smart and adaptive. She spent so much time there, the people barely recognized her as a god. Those in Khaenri'ah dreamed of dreaming, of achieving, and in this environment she thrived like never before.

    Archon Reader! scoffed at the fear rising in Celestia. The high and mighty quaked at the prospect of humans becoming more powerful than them.

    Archon Reader! might have been able to Khaenri'ah's best alchemist, Gold, from a destructive path but was never given the chance to.

    Archon Reader! who, in her final moments, was surrounded by her fellow archons. They gave no comfort as they sent their elemental skills at her.

    Betrayal was bitter on the Archon Reader!'s tongue as she took her last breath.

    With all that said, imagine...

    The Traveller is gathered in the Mondstat's Acting Grand Master's Office with people he met a few days ago. Everyone is tired because they just can't find information on the dragon terrorizing the city. Suddenly, Amber bursts through the door with a huge grin on her face.

    "One of the patrols spotted a purple bird flying over Wolvendom!" she says between pants.

    Even Paimon can see the tiny tension released in Jean's shoulders at this statement.

    "Good. Kaeya, be at the gate to inform [Name] of everything that's happened. She should be there by the time the sun rises."

    The blue haired man nods, a ghost of a smile on his face.

    "Uh...who is this [Name] and why does everyone seem relieved she's here?" Paimon asks with a tilt of her head.

    "If anyone is going to know what we're dealing with, it's [Name]. She's basically a walking encyclopedia," Kaeya chuckles.


    Anyways, that's my idea. I'll expand more on this later because I have so many thoughts on this, I just don't have the energy to write it all out into a full story.


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  • mayullla
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    for the main team event my team is diluc aether kaeya & kokomi :) i wonder what chaos they get up to.

    Note: Hello hello~ Hope you like it!

    Team Comp: Diluc, Aether, Kaeya and Kokomi

    Not a ton of troubles, not really the group is sometimes too serious for something big and tragic to ever happen. With just Diluc and Kaeya the team was already on thin ice, they also know that Kokomi is smart and could be rather sly at times so their guard is also up around her. Aether could help, he was trusted by the whole team.

    But it was a different story when it comes to you, they knew that you loved Aether a lot. They knew the fact that Aether was the first character you have, and that you picked him. They knew that most travelers are usually thrown away for another character when they could finally replace them yet you kept the boy in your team too stubborn to replace him. Really it made them nervous sometimes.

    If you kept in your team for this long, wouldn't others be worried? Sure Aether would be happy if not a little bit proud for the fact that you love him this much he would also feel safe. But what about others? Kaeya maybe he had been with you for a long time as well not as long as Aether sure but it seems that your love for Aether makes Kaeya almost hesitant and unsure of himself. Diluc and Kokomi wondered often if you would ever replace them, yet they could not be angry at Aether, because he was their friend. But till when...?

    #genshin impact#genshin#genshin sagau#sagau#yandere sagau #sagau cult au #yandere#yandere imagine #yandere x reader #yandere x you #yandere aesthetic #genshin impact sagau #genshin x reader #genshin x you #genshin imagines #genshin impact x reader #sagau aether#sagau kokomi#sagau diluc#sagau kaeya #self aware au #genshin self aware #self aware genshin #genshin cult au
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  • moonlight727
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    anemo boys with cats

    pic credits: @ kiireina and @ ventiis on pinterest

    pairing: 4nemo (aether, venti, xiao, kazuha) x gn!reader 

    genre: fluffy fluff (a tiny bit of angst in kazuha's part)

    wc: 1,455 (0.3k+ each)

    summary: how will the 4nemo react when they encounter a cat?

    contains: cats, brief mention of food and spoilers from the inazuma archon quest in kazoo's part

    a/n: this was kinda rushed and since i've got guests over, my migraine is at its peak and i lost inspiration to write. imma just wait for them to go and get back on track lmao


    aether ♡!

    “hey, y/n!”

    a shrill voice reached my ears, making me flinch as a small floating creature flew over to me.

    “oh, paimon. and aether. good morning.” i smiled at the duo, shifting the bag of groceries in my other hand.

    “good morning, y/n!” aether beamed but worry was evident in his eyes.

    “ooh, paimon smells something delicious!”

    “that might be the ingredients in the bag.” i laugh at the sparkles in paimon's eyes. “how about you two tag along with me and have breakfast? i was about to make something.”

    “yes! paimon wants to eat delicious food made by y/n's hands!”

    “no, paimon. we are on a commission right now.” aether said, shaking his head.

    “oh, right.” paimon disappointedly said.

    “what commission? can i help?” i asked, eager to help so that we could spend time with them.

    “we were trying to find a cat. margaret's cat to be precise.” aether sighed. “but we can't find it anywhere.”

    “oh, i saw a cat pass by good hunter moments ago. maybe it was— huh?”

    before i could finish my sentence, paimon and aether rushed to good hunter, taking a sharp turn towards the street next to the restaurant. i was quick to follow.

    i was greeted by the sight of aether on the ground, the cat wildly moving around his head and face, paimon looking horrified. the cat caught aether long braid and started to tug on it.

    oh well.

    i hurried over to him, taking the cat off of him as margaret came running over to us.

    “my cat!” she exclaimed, hugging the cat and saying a quick ‘thanks’ before she was on her way.

    “i love cats but it seems like the cats hate me.” aether mumbled as he stood up, trying to fix his messed up hair.

    “since your commission is done, shall we go to my home and have breakfast? oh, and i'll also braid your hair for you, aether.” i stayed optimistic, trying to cheer him up.

    the morning sunshine highlighted his tired face, his braid and golden eyes shone and then he smiled gently and said; “alright. let's go.”

    it never mattered to him how tired he was, he always shone bright like first rays of the sun. although cats didn't like him, people admired and liked him. so that's something, right?

    venti ♡!

    whirlwind asters swayed, the gentle sound of the water flowing, leaves rustling and venti's silky smooth voice was all to be heard as we sat under the shade of the large tree in windrise.

    i was sitting next to venti, eyes closed as he played his lyre and sang sweetly, pouring his heart out.

    “and I've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime and I'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine.”

    i smiled like the wind did, feeling at ease. birds chirped happily as one flew over to sit on venti's shoulder.

    “‘cause I'm in a field of whirlwind asters, wishing on every one that you'll be mine, mine and I see forever in your eyes; i feel okay when I see you— ahh…achoo!” his music was interrupted as he sneezed, his bright blue braids moving along with him and the bird flew, wings fluttering.

    “venti?” i questioned, opening my eyes, my eyes widening as i saw a cat snuggling venti's leg.

    “ahh,” he whimpered. “a little help here, my darling?”

    i nodded and quickly grabbed the soft ball of fur, crossed the river and placed the cat near a tree, petting its head.

    who would have known that the god of freedom and anemo is allergic to cats?

    “now, now, i'll continue.”

    i turned to look at him, my feet in the cool water as he picked up his lyre and resumed playing.

    “i think that you are the one for me ‘cause it gets so hard to breathe; when you're looking at me, i've never felt so alive and free.”

    the wind grew stronger, shaking some leaves off of the tree as if the wind was resonating with venti's passion for music.

    even from a distance, i could tell that he was completely absorbed in playing the lyre.

    venti and cats. always a fun sight to behold.

    xiao ♡!

    “xiao, look! a cat!” i exclaimed, my heart melting at the sight of a cute cat cuddled up near the silk flowers at the entrance of wangshu inn as we were taking a stroll. “and it looks exactly like you!”

    “that thing looks nothing like me.” xiao glared at me, eyes narrowing as he folded his arms around his chest. “you are insulting an adeptus by comparing them to a cat.”

    i paid no mind to him, walking carefully over to the cat. the cat opened its eyes, bright amber orbs staring at me. i crouched, clapping my hands in front of me, encouraging the cat to come to me.

    “this is ridiculous.” i heard him mumble from behind me.

    the cat lazily walked forward, tail raised and rubbed its head near my ankle. then it purred softly, jumping into my arms. i stood up proudly, showing off the cat to xiao.

    his sharp gaze softened ever so slightly, mouth curling up a tiny bit as dark locks swayed in the breeze.

    “i suppose it does look somewhat like me.” he admitted, shaking his head and walking back to the inn.

    the cat had dark, dense fur and sharp canines with the same eyes as xiao's. the cat was basically the cat version of xiao.

    i happily walked over to him, caressing the cat's head as it purred once again. “can we keep the cat, xiao? please?” i innocently blinked at him, a pout on my lips.

    this trick always works on him.

    the tip of his ears turned bright red as he looked at anything but me. “fine, but you're taking care of it.”

    ever since then, the cat lived with us. xiao, in the starting thought that he was capable of hurting the cat, so he only watched us from afar with observant eyes and a gentle expression on his face.

    as time passed, xiao learned to pet the cat and at times, i found him sleeping with the cat on his chest.

    slowly but surely, he learned how to love.

    kazuha ♡!

    ever since kazuha fled from inazuma, the whole place was in chaos due to the vision hunt decree. thankfully, i don't have a vision to hand over. everyday, people's hopes were shattered. it was almost too much to bear.

    it's been quite lonely without kazuha, so i decided to adopt a cat to get rid of my loneliness.

    lightning strikes again, expressing the shogun's emotions. the water poured down in fury, the wind blowing fiercely.

    my cat, kenji, and i were playing in the comfort of my home. i rubbed his belly, giggling at his adorable reaction.

    suddenly, a hurried knock on my door was heard. if i had a vision, i would be scared to death right now.

    kenji flipped himself back to his paws, purring in precaution.

    “it's okay.” i caressed his head and went to open the door.

    i opened the door and surprisingly, found the wandering samurai standing there, out of breath with his blade in hand and all soaked up in the rain.


    “kazuha?! what are you doing here?!” i tried to hide my shock, ushering him inside the warmth of my house. i placed a towel on his hair, drying it.

    “i decided to help the resistance and came back.” he said, still catching his breath.

    “oh, kazuha…” i muttered sadly, knowing well that they had no chance of defeating the shogun. sensing my sadness, kenji purred, cuddling his head against my leg.

    “oh, a cat?” kazuha picked him up, smiling brightly. kenji sniffed him in precaution and then purred happily, cuddling on his chest as kazuha sat down.

    kazuha was always excellent with animals and seemed to have a way of communicating with them. and he's getting my whole house wet but that doesn't matter right now.

    i gave him a glass of water as i sat across from him. gentle ruby orbs beamed at kenji. kazuha held him gently, as if he was a newborn baby.

    i smiled at them. they just met for the very first time yet it seemed like they've known each other since forever.

    kazuha forgot all of his worries as he rubbed kenji's belly. the cat fell asleep in his arms peacefully. kazuha placed kenji in my arms as he got up to take off his soaked clothes.

    kazuha is the silence in this mayhem. a gentle and calm breeze in this thunder.

    “sway in the moonlight, dance in the dark; i know that caught your eye, are we on the same vibe? i wonder what's on your mind”

    #-☆vanitas#-☆vanitas writes #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #genshin fluff #genshin impact x reader fluff #4nemo x reader #genshin impact imagines #genshin scenerios #aether x reader #venti x reader #xiao x reader #kazuha x reader #aether x reader fluff #venti x reader fluff #xiao x reader fluff #kazuha x reader fluff #genshin drabbles#genshin headcanons#4nemo fluff
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  • ventofu
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    [🍇] ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ " you borrowed someone else's clothes ? " ( messaging the genshin men ) ! ☆


    special notes: GN!READER ♡ you borrow clothes from a friend but u accidentally send the messages to ur bf and he finds out! has a little flirty and suggestive notes + jealous and cute men who are very overprotective >< also omg i'm alive what a surprise (′▽`〃) . . . i need to go back to my regular posting sched soon! someone teach me to stop jumping from req to req <\\3

    tags .. ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)˚๐*˟♡ :

    #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact x you #genshin smau #genshin impact smau #aether x reader #gorou x reader #diluc x reader #kaeya x reader #scaramouche x reader #kunikuzushi x reader #genshin imagines#genshin fluff #genshin x you
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  • drolliic
    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍   𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐏𝐓𝐒 // @chironitas

    “ we all have secrets, don’t we? ” [ vani to aether! 8)c ]

    LIKE HOW THE GUY HAD NO IDEA WHO AETHER IS? How he always dances around the matter of knowing more than just his name? How despite the fact that he seems to not want to get close to others, he doesn’t hesitate to lend a hand? There are many things that don’t make sense and although as much as the blond would rather not stick his nose in another’s business, would rather not get roped into being an errand boy yet again, he can’t help the curiosity.

    Lips curl into a pout though it doesn’t last. “ Fair enough. I won’t ask anymore questions, but I won’t answer any you may have either. ” at the very least, it doesn’t look like Vanitas is out to make him part of his secret plan in some way which, as sad as it is, is a nice breath of fresh air. He’s gotten real tired of people being all nice just to then turn around and ask something of him, sometimes going as far as twisting his arm.

    As promised, he drops his previous line of questions to instead let a snicker out past his lips. “ You sure pop up all over Teyvat. If it’s an adventure you want, you should properly stick around. Things... always get hectic soon after I set foot in a new place. ” stopping Dvalin’s rampage, being wrongfully accused for Rex Lapis’ death, caught between two warring sides in Inazuma. It’s as if Bennett’s bad luck has rubbed off on him. “ Next stop is Sumeru. I’ve already heard from somebody back in Mondstadt that things there have gotten bad lately though that’s not going to stop me. ” nothing will stop him from completing his journey in order to understand what Lumine talked about. He wants her back so, so badly.

    As he puts the last of his stuff back in his bag, he sneaks a glance towards the other. A moment’s hesitation is present before he straightens his posture. “ Whatever it is that you’re looking for, I hope you find it. ” because he knows how frustrating, how maddening, how painful it can be to feel like the most sought after thing is in his grasp only for it to slip through his fingers akin to fine grains of sand.

    #chironitas #❖ ❯ Aether ➤ in character ! #❖ ❯ Aether ➤ game verse ! #[ two lonely travellers dance around the fact that they wouldn't mind company #imagine................. them friends......................... ]
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  • honeyjetcoaster
    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    hey hi! I looked through your rules and everything so I hope this is okay- please let me know if you'd like me to alter the request or anything.

    Can I request Diluc, Aether (if you write for him), and/or Kaeya (separately) with a very overwhelmed and overall depressed reader?

    For the scenario, if and only if you want to be specific, maybe they get into a fight over whatever and the reader just breaks down, leading to comfort?

    Otherwise, they notice reader's upset and go to help :D

    If you don't do multiple character, then just Diluc, if that's alright! Again please let me know if you want me to change anything, and if I did something wrong. Thank you SO much for this- no rush! <3

    hi love <3 tysm for requesting !! this is actually my very first request so please lmk if i have to change anything <33 i wasn't sure if you wanted hcs or a proper fic , so i went w hcs, pls lmk if i need to change it !!

    i couldn't write kaeya properly, im very very sorry about that !! i hope that it's okay ^_^

    ( art used is official art !! )

    Diluc and Aether w/ an overwhelmed reader !

    Diluc – ✩

    – he felt so so bad after the two of you fought :((

    – he looks like an angry brooding person most of the time but he's actually extremely kind, he's just a bit awkward when it comes to social situations

    – he yells at you in a fit and when you start breaking down he panicks and doesn't know what to do

    – it takes him a few days, and lots of coaxing fron kaeya and lisa that he can still fix everything, he decides to take action

    – he buys you your favourite food, flowers and takes you out to starsnatch cliff where he holds onto you and sincerely apologises for yelling like that

    – if you need to vent to him, he will gladly listen !! he doesn't know quite what to say so he just holds onto you tight and pats your back lovingly

    – he's the sweetest ever and will do anything and everything to make things right again, even if he has to take time off of work, he'll do it for you <3

    Aether – ✩

    – no one knows grief quite as well as aether does, he understands you completely when you get stressed or overwhelmed

    – when the two of you fought, he immediately felt so much guilt afterwards :( he didn't mean to upset you at all !!

    – he drops whatever commission the two of you were on, paimon flighting around you nervously, and wraps you into a big hug

    – he'll listen to everything you have to say, wipe your tears, gently kiss your forehead and give whatever advice necessary ( if you need any ! )

    – aether has a lot of experience with dealing with all different sorts of people, so he's very good at comforting you !! he'll do whatever it takes to cheer you up !!

    – also having aether around means you'll also have paimon around, the tiny being will do her best to try and make you laugh and cheer you up <33

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #diluc x reader #aether x reader #genshin imagines#diluc headcanons#aether headcanons #diluc x y/n #aether x y/n
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  • theaverewrites
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Anemo Boys x Short!Reader

    Fandom: Genshin Impact

    Characters: 4nemo (Aether, Venti, Xiao, Kazuha)

    Word Count:

    Format: Headcanon

    Prompt: Anemo boys with an s/o that’s shorter than them

    ✧ Aether is not the shortest, not by a longshot. However, he’s encountered far too many tall men to consider himself tall.

    ✧ But them he meets you, and you’re just so small and cute—he quickly learns not to tell you that.

    ✧ He finds it hilarious watching you climb up things he can reach easily.

    ✧ He has a natural urge to protect you, which you constantly complain about.

    ✧ But Aether really can’t help it. It’s not that he thinks you’re weak, he just likes being able to take care of you.

    ✧ Oh, you’re just the cutest to him

    ✧ Depending on just how short you are, he loves to pick you up and carry you around—much to your dismay.

    ✧ Venti is a very affectionate person, he loves cuddling and giving you hugs from behind.

    ✧ He also tends to casually rest his arm on your shoulder/head.

    ✧ He’d never let anyone tease you for your height though, and he’d never let you feel bad about it either

    ✧ He’s a little ball of support and love, and you are entirely here for it.

    ✧ Xiao doesn’t quite understand humans’ fixation on things like height.

    ✧ However, he does know that you’re both shorter than what’s considered average. He doesn’t see how that should change anything.

    ✧ He’s quite protective by nature, but knowing what he does of humans’ treatment of others, he’s extra cautious to make sure no one dares to make you feel bad about your stature.

    ✧ You insist he doesn’t need to do that, but he’s more than happy to.

    ✧ You’re always the one to initiate affection, burying your face in the crook of his neck and things of that sort.

    ✧ It makes him feel all warm. He’s not sure why, but he does not mind.

    ✧ You are his muse. He’s written countless poems on every and all features about you.

    ✧ He tells you all the time about how precious he finds every inch of you—to which he’ll playfully follow up with “even if it’s not a lot of inches.”

    ✧ You love him, you really do. Sometimes.

    ✧ Like Aether, he loves doing small things for you like helping you reach things.

    ✧ He also loves to cuddle with you, especially on cold and rainy nights.

    #genshin impact #genshin x reader #genshin x you #genshin fluff#genshin imagines#theaverewrites #venti x reader #venti x y/n #aether x y/n #aether x reader #kazuha x you #kazuha x reader #venti x you #aether x you #kazuha x y/n #xiao x reader #xiao x you #xiao x y/n #genshin x y/n
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  • hereismyglassheart
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    How Genshin boys met you.

    featuring- Kaeya, Aether, Kazuha, Ayato

    (not proofread)



    You first met Kaeya at Angel’s Share. You were a regular visitor every night, and loved to challenge people in arm wrestling. Every night there was always a drunken patron claiming that that they would win against you, but no. You were the unbeaten champion. You would go home each night with a small bag of mora accompanying you.

    One fateful night, someone at the tavern suggested you should challenge none other than the Calvary Captain, Kaeya, himself. At that moment, you could feel the eyes of many people on you. You heard the volume in the tavern grow quieter. You turned to look at Kaeya across the tavern. You watched the smirk on his face grow bigger when you made eye contact. You couldn’t pass up the challenge. Not with that confident grin on his face.

    You accepted the challenge. You sat down on the bar stool next to him, his hand already extended. “Well well, if it isn’t the champion themselves, Y/n. I’ve heard a lot about you. Are you sure you can win against me?” Kaeya laughed. You decided not to engage in conversation, as it could waver your readiness. You gripped his hand tightly. The challenge commenced. You both sat there for 10 minutes fighting for dominance, until you finally slammed his hand on the wooden counter.

    Lots of cheering could be heard from all around you. You could feel people thumping you on the back, and lots of congratulations. The best part was Kaeya’s expression. The look of shock and amazement covered his face, but he quickly collected his composure. You realized you were still gripping his hand and let go.

    “You did well Y/n. How about I walk you home? You can hold my hand too, if you want.”


    You’re favorite thing to do was go out to the bridge in front of Mondstadt, and watch the sunrise. Seeing the beautiful scenery was definitely worth waking up early. You had heard about the Traveler who had recently arrived in Mondstadt. You would spend your time thinking about the night he arrived. The night you saw two incredibly bright stars fly through the sky.

    You had never met the Traveler before. He was always running around doing commissions for the Adventurers Guild and other people. You admired that about the Traveler. His love for helping other people was a desirable trait. You wanted to see who this mysterious traveler was. You were lucky that the opportunity presented itself.

    One morning as you were standing against the bridge waiting for the sunrise, you heard faint footsteps getting louder. You felt your heart rate speed up. Was there a threat approaching you? When you looked up, you saw the blonde traveler walking towards you with his floating companion. You gave a friendly smile as they stopped in front of you.

    “Hello there! Paimon is..well Paimon! This is Aether, the Honorary Knight, and famous Traveler!” the companion said.

    “So I’ve heard. It’s very nice to meet you Paimon and Aether.” You nodded.

    “Aether and Paimon really wanted to come watch the sunrise with you! Aether sees you everyday by the bridge, and Aether wanted to join you but he-”

    Aether jumped and immediately stepped in front of Paimon, completely red in the face. “I’m just very interested in sunrises, isn’t that right Paimon?” Aether said through gritted teeth. You laughed as Aether looked away towards the lake to hide his expression. Right then, the colors of the sky appeared. The air was warm, with a nice breeze. You looked over at Aether, who was staring up at the sky in awe.

    When Aether’s attention was drawn away from the sky, he turned to look at you, a broad smile across his face.

    “I think I might come back to see the sunrise with you again.”


    You met Kazuha when you decided to accept Beidou’s offer on joining the Crux. You were skeptical at first, since you were a bit of an introverted person, but meeting Kazuha changed everything.

    You both shared the love of writing poetry. You’d never thought that someone so reserved could be on a ship full of loud and rowdy people. You decided you would hang around Kazuha more.

    “The poems you write are very captivating.” Kazuha said one day. “You should read them at the Crux’s monthly feast. I’ll be reading mine as well.”

    You were never good with presenting things in front of people. Being in front of a crowd made you extremely nervous, but you agreed. Kazuha smiled. “I’ll be looking forward to what you write this time around.”

    You spent weeks coming up with the perfect poem. During those weeks, you also considered backing out of the poem reading, but you wanted to do it for Kazuha. You couldn’t let him down. Finally the night arrived.

    It was a fun night, you had to admit. The atmosphere was lively, and the Crux crew was very friendly. You spent time away from the crew for a bit before your reading. You stood by the railing of the boat at the far end, looking out at the vast sea. The moon was high in the sky and very bright.

    You heard light footsteps approaching you. You knew it was Kazuha. He stood next to you, and you looked up. You met his eyes staring right at yours. Kazuha spoke calmly. “I know you’re nervous.” You nodded hesitantly.

    “I’ll be by your side the whole time. I’ll be there.”


    It was a sunny day. It was later in the morning, and the streets of Inazuma were bustling with people. You were a business owner who sold a lot of things. You sold regular food items, along with drinks. You got a lot of customers daily and could never catch a break.

    One of your regular customers was Thoma. He would visit on behalf of the Kamisato Clan to buy their food, or sometimes boba. Thoma had explained that the Yashiro Commissioner, Kamisato Ayato, loved the boba you sold. You felt honored.

    Business was moving rather slow one day, so you decided you could spare some time to read the book you had gotten from the Yae Publishing House. As you grew more immersed in your book, you didn’t notice someone had approached your store. The person cleared their throat, and when you looked up, you tossed your book out of shock. There standing in front of you was none other than the Kamisato Ayato.

    He bent over and picked up your book, handing it to you gently. “I’m so sorry, but thank you.” You said, almost stuttering over your words. Ayato laughed. “My pleasure. It was no worries at all. Ah, may I get boba? The one Thoma usually gets please.”

    You nodded quickly and handed it to him. He paid you generously and left with a big smile on his face. Every since that day, Ayato visited your store every day for boba. While he would visit, he would start talking to you about your day, and your interests. You learned a lot about him in a couple of weeks.

    Out of curiosity, you asked Ayato during his visits why he makes time during his busy schedule to come see you. Ayato was happy to answer your question for you.

    “I like spending my time with you. Your life as a business owner is much more to my interest than my own life as a commissioner.”


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  • the-gayest-sky-kid
    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I've never imagined the charas eat their level up items, I always just thought they magically absorbed it

    aww they all collect stuff like trinkets in a box 🥺

    lmao fetilizer soil!!

    no thags exactly what i meant by consuming them, pls excuse my wording 😭

    Though them eating it is quite a funny thought

    #im specifically imagining zhongli munching on all the topaz and cor lapis you give him xhdhdhsj #aethers asks
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