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    27.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    matilda was written for neil josten you can't change my mind

    While listening to Harry's House, I realized that one of my favorite songs perfectly described one of my favorite characters. When something like this occasionally happens I lose my shit with happiness, and this time is not difficult because Matilda, by Harry Styles, perfectly encapsulates Neil in the beginning and throughout the book, and the bridge is the perfect transition to see how Neil is doing in the last book. So I decided (because it's not like I have a huge project for my history class) to analyze each line, verse, chorus and bridge of this wonderful song.

    [Verse 1]

    You were riding your bike to the sound of "It's No Big Deal”

    And you're trying to lift off the ground on those old two wheels

    Nothing 'bout the way that you were treated ever seemed especially alarming till now

    So you tie up your hair and you smile like it's no big deal

    This verse is showing how Neil, in the beginning of The Foxhole Court, acts like nothing is wrong and that he is, as we all know, fine. The second line can be interpreted as Neil being by himself and having to be his own “support system” or, simply how he had to get himself out of situations by himself. For the third line, it's pretty much self explanatory: Neil never experienced that unconditional love from neither of his biological parents. As for the last line it is really how Neil is in the start and for most of the trilogy, when he pretends that he is fine and doing perfectly okay.


    You can let it go

    You can throw a party full of everyone you know

    And not invite your family 'cause they never showed you love

    You don't have to be sorry for leavin' and growin' up, mmm

    Personally, after hearing the chorus I felt like Wymack is the one saying this to Neil. In The Raven King, when Neil says “Help me” and Wymack replies with “Let me”, it was so heartwarming but sad at the same time. Even though we didn't really see them have a deeper talk about what happened to Neil over break this chorus is very fitting of something Wymack would say because, not only does he know it would comfort Neil, but because it’s true and he knows Neil needs to hear it.

    [Verse 2]

    Matilda, you talk of the pain like it's all alright

    But I know that you feel like a piece of you's dead insidе

    You showed me a power that is strong еnough to bring sun to the darkest days

    It's none of my business, but it's just been on my mind

    When I first made the connection between the song and the books, I will admit that my andreil-fangirl self was adamant that Andrew is the one “singing it”, but with further inspection I strongly feel like Wymack is the one talking to Neil again.

    We have those moments when Wymack knows something is wrong with Neil but when he confronts Neil, he is told that he will have an explanation of everything after finals. Wymak knows Neil is in pain but he talks about it “like it's all alright”, or fine. The second line goes back to when I said Wymack knows Neil isn’t fine and, just like the last line says, “It's none of my business, but it's just been on my mind”.

    The fourth line in this verse is very related to the foxes. Before Neil the team was split into two groups, it was a “dark” time for the foxes. When Neil arrives, the line between the monsters and the rest of the team starts blurring and it gets to the point where they all can actually talk and even go on a vacation together. Let's say that Neil “brings the sun” to the foxes who were living in darkness.


    You can let it go

    You can throw a party full of everyone you know

    And not invite your family 'cause they never showed you love

    You don't have to be sorry for leavin' and growin' up

    You can see the world, following the seasons

    Anywhere you go, you don't need a reason

    'Cause they never showed you love

    You don't have to be sorry for doin' it on your own

    I already talked about the first four lines so i'll be focusing on the last four.

    As we know Neil went to many cities and a few countries, he saw many cultures and seasons. There's not a lot to say other than the fact that the chorus in the song is very much about his past but, what I really like is the last line where “Harry points” out that Neil was on his own. Even when his mom was alive he was alone.


    You're just in time, make your tea and your toast

    You framed all your posters and dyed your clothes, ooh

    You don't have to go

    You don't have to go home

    Oh, there's a long way to go

    I don't believe that time will change your mind

    In other words, I know they won't hurt you anymore

    As long as you can let them go

    The first five lines of the bridge sound like an explanation of Neil packing and changing his life over time because he had to move far away from whatever place he was (a bunch of time). The last two lines hurt me so much because it feels like something Andrew would say to Neil when they go to the roof, “I know they won't hurt you anymore / As long as you can let them go”. Neil doesn’t have to worry anymore because he is safe now, and once he starts moving on - like when he legally changes his name to Neil Josten - he will be able to start the new life he desires so badly.


    You can let it go

    You can throw a party full of everyone you know

    You can start a family who will always show you love

    You don't have to be sorry for doin' it on your own

    You can let it go

    You can throw a party full of everyone you know

    You can start a family who will always show you love

    You don't have to be sorry, no

    This is the end of the song, and it matches up with the end of the last book, The King's Men. instead of “And not invite your family 'cause they never showed you love”, now the words are “You can start a family who will always show you love”. And that is exactly what Neil does. The foxes go from being simply his teammates from being his family, to being the people he loves unconditionally - and as we know, they also love Neil with everything they have. By the end of the book Neil loves his life and is finally, truly happy.

    💌 thank you for reading! <3 And before anyone says anything, I just wanted to let yall that I love this new album and, YES! I do know this wasn't written for Neil but it's just a cool connection that I made so that I could combine my two favorite things.

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    27.05.2022 - 47 minutes ago

    the soft content we all (I) needed

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    27.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago
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    27.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    your new icon startled me and i had to take a look. somehow chill and dramatic at once!

    eheh, my apologies for startling you!! i just really liked the photo >:3

    #also why yes i AM scrolling tumblr in that picture of course #im also wearing an aftg hoodie lmao #shh ac#askers#anon
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    27.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    #1 Fanboy

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    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Another old sketch hhhhh

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  • levi-ackerham
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    wait youre 22? why are you reading a book (all for the game) that has teens having sex in it....

    This has been sitting in my inbox for a long time (I'm 23 now) but every time I look at it I legit cannot stop fucking laughing... 😂 Who even is this person LMAO

    #watch out aftg fans lmaoo #they're coming for you #the foxhole court #andreil#aftg #all for the game #andrew minyard#neil josten#anon asks#asks
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  • sugaroto
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Did Neil ever forgot his name during an exam/test?

    Bc I did, like 4-3 years ago, we were writing a test and I forgot my name and when I turned to my friend and asked her what my name is she just stared at me like wtf and didn't answer bc she thought I was joking and she was also stressed about her test

    So I like had to guess my name bc I honestly didn't remember it and when I thought I did I started questioning it bc it sounded ridiculous

    So, like Neil.... Who has gone through like 22 names(or where those countries?) Changes his name every couple months, does he remember it?

    Like if he ever had a test and he was stressed about it and they just had moved- how did he remembered who he was at the time?

    What if he wrote Paul Smith instead of Chris Stewart? What if he mixed them up and wrote Paul Stewart

    What do you do then? Did he ever turned to the kid on his right to ask "What's my name?" Only to be stared at or did they answer him

    Does. He. Remember. His. Name.?

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    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Baby just tell me who to jaye i have no idea what's going on

    #whos idea was it to start aftg stoopid
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  • mybrainisrunningaroundincircles
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I think the moment it is absolutely clear that Andrew loves Neil is when he chokes Kevin to get answers about Neil. At that moment it's all over, even if he won't admit it to himself or Neil for a long time after.

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  • mybrainisrunningaroundincircles
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I have just finished reading All for the game by Nora Sakavic. It's the first series in years that has had me so obsessed and engrossed in it, that I haven't even read any fanfic for days cos I HAD to finish it first. In fact even now that I've finished it, I'm scared to read fics of it cos I don't want to lose the original characterisation in my head, the grasp I currently have of the characters. At the same time I desperately want more content about them! And I also wish that I could read the while thing again from the beginning for the first time. In short, I am an emotional wreck right now but with a new favourite series.

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  • thesoupinursocks
    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    neil: newsflash asswhipes! rat poison only works because rodents dont have a gag reflex. if you gave a human rat poison- they would immediately throw it all up! so not only would i have survived your attemt on my life- it would have also made me skinnier.

    the camera man who was supposed to have him read off and respond to mean twitter comments about him : ....i dont think we can post this anymore..

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    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    good morning you and sleepy andreil (´꒳`)

    #Just look at Neil's face #aftg #all for the game #andrew minyard#fan art#neil josten #neil x andrew #soft andreil#tfc#comfort doodles#aftg fanart
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    i have a criminally low amount of mutuals despite my super sexy and cool hit tumblr posts why do you guys hate me huh

    #aftg#jake speaks #ohhh i see you 2000 people on my posts #all of you #why aren't you my friend #fakes#fr
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    27.05.2022 - 6 hours ago
    хотела бы я сделать эту эстетику на английском, но с моим уровнем это был бы крах
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  • freckeless
    27.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Chapter 6 of To Love and Be Loved is up now!

    Go read for some Kandrew bromance, Dadmack and Betsy ‘for degrees’ Fobson

    #aftg #all for the game #andrew minyard#neil josten#andreil#aftg andreil #the foxhole court #all for the gay #tfc#aftg fanfic #all for the game fics #aftg fanfiction
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    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Продолжение Au с Гравити Фоллз)

    Вы только посмотрите, какой довольный Эндрю, когда играет в приставку с мальчиком, который ему понравился! И насколько беззаботно-веселый при этом Нил)) А ведь наверняка Дрю придется сказать ему, что он понравился, потому что надежда, что Джостен догадается сам, ничтожно мала)

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  • tell-me-your-vision
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    I need a “Spy x Family” x “AFTG” crossover.

    Is Andrew the spy? Or Anya? Is Neil Yor or Damien? Idfk. I just know this needs to exist.

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  • eyes-of-mischief
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    weekly fic recs :)

    prompt: harry potter au/crossover

    fandoms: aftg, bnha, dc, merlin, orv, tw, yoi


    Minyards' Magical Mischief by moonix


    “No,” Aaron said. “Andrew, no.”

    They locked eyes, and for a moment it was like they were eleven again, catching sight of each other for the first time across a crowded train platform.

    “I confess,” Andrew said tonelessly, “to the murder of Drake Spear.”

    (Or: an Auror and a murderer walk into an ice-cream parlour.)


    Bend Before You Break by orkestrations

    When Izuku set out for his morning run, the last thing he was expecting was to be plucked from his own world by magic and thrown into another universe entirely.

    Removed from his own conflict and with no way back, he sets himself to figuring out this world and its own incipient war while searching for a way to possibly reverse the spell that brought him here.

    It's just his luck that the year he arrives is the same year the government decides it's a great idea to bring back the potentially-deadly tournament.


    Scientific Method by vogon_poet

    It’s not like he’s surprised a magic school exists— that’s probably only a seven on the scale of “crazy things Tim Drake has seen”. No, Tim’s just surprised he’s enrolled.

    Point That Wand at Me and See What Happens by widdlewed

    During Harry Potter's fourth year, Hogwarts gained two new additions to its hallways that no one will soon forget. Damian Wayne is feared to be the next Dark Lord rising while Dick Grayson gains a fanbase larger than Professor Lockhart. Between dealing with dreams of Voldemort and the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Harry doesn't have time to deal with alter-ego heroes and the drama they bring with them.

    Also, what the fuck is up with the rumors of Professor Grayson's ass?


    In Which There's a Teacher at Hogwarts That Doesn't Enable Casual Racism by stellaisnotamermaid

    Merlin had been having dreams for a while—nightmares that surrounded his unconscious. He knew they were somehow connected to a prophecy he'd found about the Dark Lord and the Chosen One. He'd wanted to join in to help fight in the war, but the Old Religion held him at bay, forcing him to wait. Then, on July 31st, 1980, everything went silent. It took eleven months, but he was finally able to join in.

    (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone but with Merlin)

    Emrys Ascending by tricksterity

    In the depths of the Crystal of Neahtid, Merlin sees the resurrection of Lord Voldemort, an event that will tip the balance of the world so far out that only he has the power to intervene and set it right, or stop it from ever happening. For that, he'll have to pose as a student and attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    The only problem is, he's been chosen instead of Cedric Diggory as a Triwizard Champion, and there's a recently reborn Arthur Pendragon in Gryffindor House.


    "the only good thing about you is your owl," says kim dokja, the owl, after complimenting literally everything about him. by RenderedReversed

    The thing about being the Chosen One’s owl is that everyone is after your damn mail.

    Or, in which Kim Dokja is Yoo Joonghyuk's post owl, and this ironically does not make their ability to communicate any better.


    Untamed by rosepetals42

    Of course, the transfer kid gets mentioned because transfers are rare, but the news isn’t that exciting. In fact, according to Laura, no one even seems to know his first name. The only thing anyone has really figured out about him is that he’s American. And that’s not exactly hard because he obviously has an accent.

    The only thing Derek really knows is that, despite other reports, he seems quiet enough, prefers to work alone, and has the most amazing shade of amber eyes that Derek has ever seen.

    Not that he’s looking. Obviously.

    OR: A Harry Potter AU where Stiles is a Slytherin transfer student and Derek is the grumpy Gryffindor who falls in love with him.

    There are also potions, elves, and falcons involved. Oh, and illegal use of magic. Obviously.


    Entwining Fates by rinsled05

    Imagine if Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, after the demise of you-know-who, started accepting foreign students in an effort for greater unity among wizarding communities around the world. Imagine that, in this changing climate of diversity and social acceptance, Hogwarts also decided to host an exchange programme with select students from Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for a semester.

    Imagine, then, if a young Japanese wizard by the name of Yuuri Katsuki had transferred to Hogwarts to escape his past, just in time to meet a Russian Quidditch player who would blow open the very doors he was trying so desperately to close.

    A story of love, magic, and teenagers trying to find themselves.

    #weekly fic recs #prompt #harry potter au/crossover #aftg fic recs #bnha fic recs #dc fic recs #merlin fic recs #hp fic recs #tw fic recs #yoi fic recs #orv fic recs #believe it or not the reason why i first got into ao3 was cause all the pjo/hp crossovers were cross-posted here #also these are all pretty popular except for a few i’m sorry- #i try to avoid the hp fandom so i’m really not that deep in
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