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  • zuzu-404
    25.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    Log date: 05/25/22

    CW! The following video contains:

    blood/gore/injury, death, child abuse, disturbing images, flashing images(?)

    "Turning me into a weapon *for justice* they said. They've got their weapon...I got cheated out of my childhood."

    Finally, after almost month it's done.

    This is my very first animatic so cleary it's not the best, but i'm happy to finally share it.

    I'm planning to do more projects like these in the future becouse sticking only to drawing can be kinda boring.

    The "Defined by scars" AU belongs to amazing @/katzebruh and @/skelleton_artist on Instagram.

    ❌DON'T repost, reblogs are appriciated

    Constructive criticue is always welcome.

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  • sokkas-first-fangirl
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    “So, Bruno-” Félix flung an arm around his shoulders, ignoring Bruno’s squeak. This was for a good cause; Bruno would thank him later. “Mira mentioned your favourite animals are rats?”

    “Huh?” Bruno tugged on his hair. “Sí...” His eyes narrowed. “Why?”

    Félix grinned. “Just curious. Not many people would pick them.”

    Bruno shrugged, not quite meeting his gaze. He was gripping his arm tightly and Félix’s eyes flickered down, trying to make sure his nails weren’t digging into his scars, which Julieta had warned him to watch out for. They weren’t, so he let it be.

    “They’re sweet,” Bruno continued. “And really intelligent.”

    “That so?” Félix’s smile widened. “Tell me more?”


    Bruno's having a rough few days. Mirabel tries to distract him, while Julieta and Félix hatch an idea to help.

    #how bright you burn (how brave you've been) #bruno madrigal#mirabel madrigal#julieta madrigal#pepa madrigal#felix madrigal#camilo madrigal#luisa madrigal#dolores madrigal#isabela madrigal#antonio madrigal#agustin madrigal #abuela alma madrigal #abuela madrigal#alma madrigal #la familia madrigal #not so anastasia au #encanto#encanto fanfic#encanto fanfiction #bruno my beloved #bruno is a rat dad #bruno's rats #la casa madrigal #casita #the madrigal family #the madrigal triplets #madrigal triplets#pb&j triplets#pb&j encanto
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  • glitterfairy-21225
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Agustín, leaning in towards a pregnant Julieta: Julieta has no idea I’m high.

    Julieta: You’re high?

    Agustín: Oh, sorry.

    Agustín, leaning in towards Felix: Julieta has no idea I’m high.

    #source: how i met your mother #agustin madrigal#julieta madrigal#felix madrigal #agustin x julieta #encanto
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  • djnikkij
    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    So I wrote an AU Modern type story on how Julíeta is a spy and Agustín is a secret agent and I was wondering if someone who knows how to draw would draw them as such. Since I put them in their 20s in my story before they met if someone would draw their characters in those outfits as well as their VA's in those outfits I would love to see how peoples interpretation of this concept.

    #encanto#julieta madrigal#agustin madrigal#angie cepeda#wilmer valderrama #julieta and agustin madrigal #julieta x agustin #julistin #In Another Life You were Mine
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  • futurstic-divineawakened
    25.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Mirabel gets injured 1

    * It wasn’t suppose to happen

    * Nothing like that should have happen

    * But the family could never forget the blood

    * Or Antonio’s cries

    * Or Julieta’s scream…

    * The day was starting as usual

    * It was six months until Antonio’s ceremony and the family was having a usual day at in town

    * Nothing was wrong

    * But an accident happen

    * It shouldn’t have, the donkeys got out and they were more rowdier than usual, they were going all over the town bumping into stalls and almost going into stores

    * They were getting closer to the center as Luisa tried her best to round them up quickly

    * Mirabel was carrying Antonio to where Felix and Pepa were at, it was at the center of the town where there was a new house being made for a young couple

    * “Mami” Antonio wave from where he was in Mirabel’s arms

    * Pepa and Felix turned and wave back as Pepa went toward the duo to take Antonio

    * The donkey came messing up the entire construction

    * The donkey ran all over the site knocking down wooden pools makes the workers run away in fear of something happening

    * The rest of the family came running with Luisa to the site

    * Felix was telling them to get away

    * A beam holding two giant wood planks came down right where Mirabel and Antonio was

    * Pepa open her mouth to warn them, she scream as she move to get to them out of the way

    * But Mirabel was quicker ”Tia here!”she threw Antonio to his Mami

    * As if in slow motion the family watched as the beam fell

    * Right on top of Mirabel

    I am slowly digging myself into the angst side of the fandom…

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  • jopatrx
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago


    I imagine this is what Julieta sees every morning 😏.

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  • i-am-not-your-little-princess
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Did I just start a wip when I already have a wip? Yes. Do I care? No.🤷🏼‍♀️😅

    So this takes place in the same universe as the flower beard flashback (that I haven't written yet.)

    There will be smut. Yes, beard smut. It wasn't a thing before, but I'm making it a thing.😏🥵

    And yes, people have pregnant sex.

    So, here's the intro to "Of Love and Lust and Beard Kinks" (title will probably change)

    I'd also like to say thanks again to @daliceus for her bearded Agustín inspiration!


    Before putting the girls to bed, Agustín got to work on drawing together a relaxing bath for his very tired, very pregnant, very lovely wife. This pregnancy, and the sheer fact that Julieta simply didn't know how to take a break had taken a toll on her. His heart shattered thinking how dead-on-her feet she looked this morning, trying to cook breakfast for them, all while also trying to wrangle two small children into actually sitting still.

    This woman seemed to only know how to take care of others because when it came to taking care of herself, she was absolutely lost. 

    So he sent her right back to bed to rest, after making sure she ate and offering to draw a bath and a full body massage, of course. She told him to save them as part of their night time rituals instead.

    She seemed a little more rested when she came outside after her nap, but Agustín could still see the bone-deep tiredness in her eyes and in the way she carried herself.

    Isa and Luisa were still putting flowers in his beard when Agustín saw his wife walk outside and to them. When she spotted him, she froze right in her tracks, hand resting on her very pregnant belly. "W-what are you guys doing?" She suddenly looked flushed, very, very flushed.

    He knew that look.

    Was she aroused?

    "Amor! Are you feeling better? Isa and Luisa are giving my beard a flower crown. Isa said it needed a makeover. What do you think?"

    Julieta continued to stare at him, locked in a sort of trance, before coming back to herself. She steps closer, smelling his beard. "I'm feeling a bit better Amor, thank you for asking." 

    She creeps closer to him, smelling his beard. "Mmm, smells like flowers. You did a great job, Isa."

    "Thank you, mamí!"

    "You're Welcome, cariño."

    Agustín is taken by surprise when Julieta grabs him by the lapels of his shirt and growls breathlessly into his ear, "Tonight, that beard is mine."

    Agustín gulps.

    #julieta madrigal#agustín madrigal #julieta x agustin #beard kink#arousal #inspired by art #encanto #there will be smut #beard smut #that beard does things to her #sexy#fanfiction#fanfiction writer #🫓 arepa fanfic writer crumbs for feedback #cool colors family #flowers #work in progress #i don't know what possessed me #Sexy Agustín Madrigal #pregnancy
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  • maflosaa
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    This is how I imagine Pepa in a “Date without children” type with Felix, or maybe a school meeting where she wants to attract attention.

    Please someone write something with this.

    (Excuse me, I don’t know how to draw faces or arms)

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  • nooowestayandgetcaught
    25.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Life And Death

    read on AO3

    ~1k,"Abuela" Alma Madrigal & Bruno Madrigal, Agustín Madrigal/Julieta Madrigal, "Abuela " Alma Madrigal/Pedro Madrigal, T-rating, Pre-Canon
    Summary: While Julieta goes into labor, Bruno sews little pink alpargatas for his newborn niece. Alma cannot help but think of Pedro.
    #encanto#alma madrigal#bruno madrigal#encanto 2021#disney#pedro madrigal#pepa madrigal#julieta madrigal#agustin madrigal#the madrigals #la familia madrigal #encanto bruno#disney encanto#encanto disney #pepa and bruno #bruno and julieta #julieta and bruno #abuela alma madrigal #abuela alma encanto #encanto abuela #julieta and agustin #agustin and julieta madrigal #julieta x agustin #agustin x julieta #pedro x alma #alma x pedro
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  • casitafallz
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Fall From Grace | P1 | Pariah Julieta’s start


    Her nose wrinkled as she stared at the emptier shelves of ingredients with distain. Almost out of food. Not overly surprising given how busy everyone had been but…she would have thought someone would have done some shopping in the meantime. At least, someone that wasn’t her.

    Julieta’s eyes fluttered shut, a warm huff of air pushed from her lungs as she sunk her face into her hands. She was going to have to go out and get the shopping. Go out and face the rumour and gossip… and pretend that all was fine despite the fact it was unbelievably suffocating.

    Agustín wasn’t home, he couldn’t take her down with him as her support. She knew he had been busy lately with their daughters, with keeping the oven fuel stocked… trying to keep the peace. They may not agree but… he was still what she needed. Her support. Her rock. Her…hope.

    The idea of not having that… it terrified her. Julieta knew enough that she could feel the dread in her gut already. Of course, she knew sooner or later she had to do this on her own. She was a grown woman with three children. She was a Madrigal. Daughter of Alma and Pedro Madrigal. Eldest Triplet.

    Her hands dropped, fiddling with her apron for a moment before she began to write out a list of what she needed.

    She could do this.

    Julieta felt a few of Casita’s tiles shift in concern before she smiled softly, patting the counter.

    “I’ll be fine, Casita.” She hoped she sounded confident. “I won’t be gone for long.”

    Casita didn’t clink happily, deflating a little but seemed to shuffle her basket over.  Shoving the list into her pocket, Julieta took a deep breath before departing for the door, Casita ever so helpful in opening it for her.

    It was movement in the corner of her eye that pulled her attention before she stepped over the threshold, her eyes flickering towards it before she recognised the multitude of colour on her daughter’s dress.


    Isabela froze in her step down before cactus seemed to sprout around her.

    Julieta stepped away from the door, grip tightening a fraction on the basket’s side but she felt her heart tug seeing Isabela uncertain to carry on down or to return to her room. A vivid reminder of her failures as a mother.

    “I’m… about to do some shopping.” Julieta spoke, “Do you…need anything?” That sounded like a good place to start; she knew she had to start small in earning back her eldest’s favour. It’d take a while for her to accept her apology but… she had to start somewhere.

    Isabela’s next words deflated her hope.


    “Isa.” Taking a breath to motivate herself to try, Julieta carried on politely, “Please let me help. I’ve noticed you’re wearing out a few of your dresses, I can buy you a new one if—“

    “Ma, I said no.”

    Julieta’s jaw snapped shut, her eyebrow’s pulling in at her daughter’s tone before her back straightened. “Don’t use that tone on me, Isabela.”

    Isabela’s nose turned up, expression soured before she nodded curtly. “Excuse me.” She turned to head back up the steps.

    “Isa.” Julieta tried again, “Can we please talk about this later? You can’t keep avoiding me. I have apologised.”

    “Ma, I don’t care about your apologies.” Isabela snapped, her gaze sharp, brown eyes brimming with emotion. “This isn’t just about you.”

    Julieta’s grip tightened on the basket but the words felt like a slap on the face. Enough to wipe her expression away, her throat tightening a fraction before she gave a sharp nod.

    “Fine.” She inhaled deeply, trying to push the urge to cry away, eyes already feeling too hot. “If that’s how you see it, then fine. I can wait for you to stop hating me before we can talk like two adults.”

    Casita clinked unhappily as she turned and began to head away briskly back to the door out.

    “Ma,” Isabela’s voice echoed. Julieta’s foot paused on the step but didn’t turn, not wanting to face her daughter’s sharp look she could feel burning into the side of her face. “I… I don’t hate you. I’m just not ready.”

    Julieta wanted to believe that… she did. But another thing Abuela and her daughter shared was the ability to hold a long grudge; she’d have to be dying to earn any forgiveness back quickly and she had no intention of any of that. She hadn’t sunk to rock-bottom just yet.

    With a curt nod of acknowledgement, Julieta sucked up her anxiety and fear and pressed on through the doors and out into the unforgiving nature of Encanto.


    Julieta had felt the looks burn more than the whispers as she slowly dithered from one stall to the next; filling her basket with her much-needed supplies but there was no mistake in the coolness between her interactions with the stall-owners. It made her cheeks burn a little when she walked away to hear voices talk sharply to each other; knowing in her gut she was the topic of conversation. She hated knowing that. Hated how it made her feel.

    Her whole talk with Isa had unsettled her and now… she was just so uncomfortable.

    A part of her wanted to pack up and go now; she had most of what she needed for the next few days. She’d have Agustín or Luisa to help her if she did…

    But she had spent decades working her stall; healing the injured. She had faced people so much before and now… it felt it was all for nothing. No one to stand her ground now that she needed someone.

    Julieta set down her basket at a wall in the plaza and began to check through her list before she heard the loudly, hushed voices of two women a few meters away, examining content of a near stall.

    “‘is it true that she took Mirabel’s gift—“

    “Oh I heard directly from the Madrigals, that’s very true.”


    “I don’t know. I can’t believe anyone would follow through with it though. Poor Mirabel. All that build up just for the humiliation…”

    Julieta’s jaw clenched, but tried to focus on what she was reading; not what she was hearing as the voices continued but it didn’t last more than a few sentences before she heard the next lot of gossip.

    “She didn’t get her gift back?”

    “Why do you think she’s not got her table set up? Clearly, if the miracle didn’t grant her gift back, she must be now unworthy of it... not that I’m surprised.”

    “I heard she still got a door.”

    “A door isn’t a gift. At least Mirabel finally got something what her mother robbed her from. Now she’s facing the consequences. She getting what she deserves for bringing down the miracle in the first place” The woman scoffed with shake of her head.

    Julieta felt the air get knocked from her lungs at that, her heartbeat puling in her ears; a part of her wanted nothing more than to turn and face the two women but she felt frozen to the spot, reduced to a statue; helpless to stop the tidal wave of grief that resurfaced with guilt and humiliation at the clear opinions of Encanto.

    “I guess you really don’t know people. I never thought a mother would be so cruel.”

    Her eyes closed as the words washed over her, not hearing as the two women continued to talk as they headed away pausing to look at her as they went. For a moment, Julieta didn’t know how to breath. Like a while hand had been wrapped around her throat and was unrelenting.

    Julieta hated how those words made her feel… but she couldn’t shake that feeling that some…of that felt true. She hadn’t gotten her gift back for a reason…maybe they were right; she was unworthy to heal when she had cause so much pain to her child and family. She… caused so much…hurt…all to spare her daughter the weight of Encanto.

    Now that weight was pressing on her on lungs. Julieta couldn’t breathe.

    The basket’s weight wasn’t something she paid attention too as she forced herself to move, taking the straight road down…

    Agustín’s word of comforts had been empty. She knew her choices would come with consequences and she had almost paid for it back then after she had told Agustín of what she had done. Their marriage had almost collapse but she had clawed on to keep him happy; to make sure he understood why she did what she did.

    Julieta didn’t realise her brisk steps were taking her further out towards the trees.

    She knew she was a bad mother… but she had tried to make up for it. Luisa had been most forgiving; she understood the burden more than the other two that came with gifts. Julieta had latched onto that forgiveness with hope.

    ‘I don’t care about you’re apologies.’

    That had deflated hope with Isabela.

    Mirabel hadn’t spoken to her a lot, as much as Julieta wanted to; even after her initial apology after the bomb had dropped.

    She wanted her daughter’s forgiveness.

    Perhaps she wasn’t deserving of it as she thought…

    The basket slipped from her fingers, crunching loudly over the bushes as she began to numbly head through the treeline.

    Was Mirabel avoiding her too? Did she do too much damage? Julieta felt the tears break and fall from her eyes, spilling down her cheek.

    She couldn’t stop the overwhelming tightness around her lungs, her pulse dancing in her veins; her eyes could barely see anything but hazy green and mud without processing it.

    She knew she had to get away. To take a break; to find a way to escape that inability to breath… to escape the looks and whispers, the judgement that came with devastating truth… she needed to get away..

    She needed…..

    She needed to go.

     Julieta needed to find a space to breath.

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  • magicalmadrigals
    24.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    It has been a productive day and I am so pleased I got to update this <3

    #julieta madrigal#agustin madrigal #julieta x agustin #agustin x julieta #julistin #young agustin madrigal #young julieta madrigal #julieta and agustin #agustin and julieta #encanto#encanto fanfic#encanto fanfiction#disney encanto#disney fanfic#disney fanfiction#disney animation#one shots#otp#fluff #fluff and humor
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  • becstuffs
    24.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    i miss agustín 

    #send me agustin pics rn /hj #sfw ofc#encanto #bec.txt #agustín madrigal #peko i see u
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  • azucareraart
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Agustín Madrigal

    agustín with a kidz bop swear filter permanently activated while he suffers lethal accidents should be a thing

    #encanto#disney encanto#encanto disney#encanto agustin#agustin encanto#agustin madrigal#family guy#stairs gag #i wanna make an animatic of this #and i wanna see other artists do too #agustin with a kidz bop swear filter while suffering fatal accidents should be a thing
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  • sokkas-first-fangirl
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    “It’s, um…Well, I was wondering- maybe I could add Félix and Agustín? T-they’re Madrigals, so…So it just s-seemed fair.” He hated stammering, he hated stuttering; he always felt like a child again when his voice wavered like this. He’d always been told off for stuttering, muttering, mumbling and stammering.

    Alma was quiet. Bruno braced himself for the worst.

    Instead, she said, “That…May be a good idea,” slowly, as if the thought had never occurred to her.

    Bruno glanced at her, his hair falling in his eyes. “So, you’re okay with it?” he asked.

    Alma gave a thoughtful nod, her book still open on her lap. “If you think you can manage it,” she said. “I don’t want our mural to be a mess. If it does not turn out well, I want it painted over, understood?”

    That seemed like a fair exchange to him.

    “I wouldn’t make a mess,” he promised.

    “Then you may try,” Alma said in that regal way of hers, as if she was a queen giving orders and not a woman agreeing with a suggestion.

    Still, it was all the permission Bruno needed.


    Bruno finishes updating the Madrigal mural and everyone has an opinion.

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  • justadreaminghufflepuff
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    El Valle Maldito - Chapter 1 - justadreaminghufflepuff - Encanto (2021) [Archive of Our Own]

    Hey, guys, I finally finished a fanfic! Go check it out!

    To all my followers who like neither Encanto nor fanfiction in general, please feel free to ignore this.

    #encanto #julieta x agustin #agustin madrigal#agustín madrigal#julieta madrigal#mirabel madrigal#luisa madrigal#isabela madrigal#antonio madrigal#camilo madrigal#dolores madrigal#pepa madrigal#felix madrigal #pepa madrigal x félix madrigal #this is a big family and you only really realize it when you try to tag #el valle maldito #alma madrigal
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  • magicalmadrigals
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I have never had as much fun writing a one shot as I have with this one! I loved writing it so much, there is so much teasing between the parents, and I really hope you like it!

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  • i-am-not-your-little-princess
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Here's a little preview of my newest oneshot!! It's called Flower Power!

    It's based on one of daliceus' pieces of art (the one where Agustín has a flower beard). It's not done yet, but I'll tag her when I post the full story! (I already sent her this part)

    Oh, I'm still pretty new to posting things on tumblr, so a lot of the words in the original document had italics but it's 12:30am here and I have to be up at 5 am so I'm going to worry about that later!



    "Well there was this one time, Papí grew a beard…"

    Mirabel's head whipped in his direction so hard and so fast, he swore it was going to come clean off her head. Her mouth was agape with utter shock. "You had a beard?!"

    "Yes, when your mamá was very pregnant with you, I got a little…lazy you might say, and stopped shaving for a while. I had more important things to take care of than shaving my face."

    "Hey I liked the beard!" Julieta looked at him with those big brown doe eyes he loved so much.

    Agustín gave her a suggestive look. "I know you did, Amor. You loved it."

    Julieta felt the heat creep lower and lower. Her whole body felt red-hot. She knew her face looked flushed. And it wasn't just because she felt hot. Her daughters were wearing looks of equal disgust on their faces. "I know I did. It was sexy. Really sexy."

    Agustín wrapped his arm around her waist, practically pulling her into his lap. "You did, didn't you?" He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

    Julieta felt herself grow even hotter. She knew they were growing increasingly inappropriate. They were treading a fine line between sitting in each other's lap, to straight up dry-humping. Their daughters were right there. All three of them. Julieta tried to care. It was as if they were the only people in the room. In a breathy voice, Julieta asked "Maybe you could…grow it again? For me?"

    "I'd do it for you. You know, if I remember correctly, you really liked it on your-"

    "-Ok, EW ENOUGH!! We don't need to hear any more! We don't need to see anymore! EVER!! You two are absolutely vile!"

    "Yeah Isa's right, you guys don't need another accident!"

    "For once, I agree. You were enough of an accident, Mirabel."

    Mirabel growled, "You know what Isa-"

    Agustín laughed. Julieta climbed off his lap, thoroughly embarrassed. Agustín wrapped his arm around her again. "Where'd you think you guys came from? Do you think a stork built his nest above our window and dropped you off in a basket at our front door?" Julieta groaned. "Agustín, really?"

    "We know where we came from and how we got here, we just don't need or want to see it. Or hear it." Luisa chimed in.

    "Yes we really don't need a visual. Now can we please get back on track?!" Mirabel groaned into the throw pillow she had originally set on her lap.

    Julieta began to collect herself, sitting up straighter and fixing her clothes and her hair. "Sure, Mira. What were we talking about again?"

    All three girls groaned collectively, "PAPI'S BEARD!!!!"

    Julieta blushed scarlet, and laughed somewhat nervously. "Oh, yeah, that."

    #encanto #julieta x agustin #isabela madrigal#luisa madrigal#mirabel madrigal#julistin#beardstrong #🫓 arepa fanfic writer crumbs for feedback #fanfiction #inspired by art #that beard does things to her #you can't change my mind
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