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  • kirikoroses
    28.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Can I request Ryoma,Chihiro,Mondo, Fuyuhiko,Akane, Ultimate imposter, and Nekomaru with a S/O that is like Yunjun from Genshin Impact?



    (hopefully the links work)

    Unfortunately I don’t write for Ultimate Imposter and Nekomaru

    Ryoma Hoshi

    He thinks your dancing is cool

    He likes how you’re polite in private

    He thinks your outfit is unique

    But he keeps to himself

    He watches your plays a lot

    He was also surprised when you he found out you like rock and roll

    Chihiro Fujisaki

    He loves your dancing

    Please teach Chihiro how to dance

    He loves watching your plays

    He really loves watching you direct them

    He isn’t really into your fashion but still likes your clothes

    He loves hearing you sing

    Mondo Owada

    He loves hearing you sing

    H thinks your voice is beautiful

    He also likes how elegant you are

    He loves watching you dance

    He probably likes Rock and Roll

    So you listen to it together

    Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

    He loves watching you direct plays

    He likes watching you dance as well

    You voice calms him when he’s stressed from work

    Sometimes it puts him to sleep

    He watches your plays a lot

    He thinks your style is unique

    Akand Owari

    She wants to dance like you

    Probably uses really hard dance movea to train

    She also really loves hearing you sing

    She praises you a lot for that

    She really likes your plays

    She likes your outfit and style

    #ryoma x reader #ryoma hoshi x reader #chihiro x reader #chihiro fujisaki x reader #mondo x reader #mondo oowada x reader #mondo owada x reader #fuyuhiko x reader #fuyuhiko kuzuryu x reader #akane x reader #akane owari x reader
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  • norladpotage
    28.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Part 3 of the Talentswap AU, hope you like these guys

    Sonia Nevermind-Musician

    Kazuichi Souda-Luck

    Akane Owari-Yakuza

    Hajime Hinata-Animal Breeder

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  • a-softer-despair
    28.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR? - By @asofterworld

    #danganronpa #danganronpa goodbye despair #sdr2#nagito komaeda#akane owari #a softer world remix #danganronpa edit#danganronpa spoilers #Chapter 5 - Smile at Hope in the Name of Despair
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  • hinas-imagines
    28.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    ooh ooh could i have tenko akane and kaede with an s/o that has a sweet tooth? like eats a lot of sweet things and stuff haha,, thank you!! <3

    Of course!! I hope this works :)


    She doesn’t mind, of course! She’s more than willing to get you some sweets if you want some

    Tries to bake you sweet things occasionally and sometimes gets Himiko to help her! (We all know she’d be a complete mess in the kitchen 💀)

    Tenko starts using sweets as a solution to everything - feeling sad? Have some candy! feeling nervous? Have a pastry to calm you down. feeling happy? Have a cookie anyway!

    She always makes sure that there’s a lot of sweet things around you guy’s house!

    She’d probably get a bit worried for your health though, but as long as you’re not killing your teeth and still eating some healthy things she doesn’t mind!

    She loves taking you to bakeries and candy stores on dates!

    Tenko also keeps little treats in her training bags for when you come watch her train.


    Girl eats more than her whole class combined, please keep her away from your food

    Brings you a bunch of sweet things whenever she sees you!

    Akane is more of a savoury person than a sweet one, but she still likes to make/eat deserts with you :)

    Takes you to those markets with a bunch of food on dates!! She gets as much meat as she can, you get a bunch of sweet things and then you both share.

    Akane is basically always hungry, so whenever she goes to get herself food she always brings you back things too.

    She tries to get you to eat meat with her, but if you’d rather get something sweet then she’ll just take a few bites out of your food.


    It’s canon that she can’t bake, so Kaede prefers to stick with store-bought things for you.

    She tried baking you a cake for your birthday once and almost set the whole building on fire. Please don’t let her touch an oven again.

    She 100% uses your sweet tooth to her advantage. Makes you play the pocky game with her all the time.

    Like Tenko, Kaede does get a bit worried for your health, but once she’s sure you’re not causing any severe damage to yourself she doesn’t bother you about it again

    You know how you can open up some piano stools and keep stuff in them? Kaede keeps little treats in hers to give you when she’s practising!

    Picnic dates!!! She really likes taking you on them, and she makes sure to pack lots of sweet things for you.

    Kaede seems like a candles person, and she always burns ones with sweet scents when you’re around! (Caramel, vanilla ect.)

    I hope these were alright!

    -mod hina

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  • snailsgarden
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ☆ DRV2 // Goodbye despair masterlist!

    🍊 ₊ hajime hinata :

    hcs with a reader who's like yuri from ddlc! (sfw + no pronouns mentioned for reader.)

    🎮 ₊ chiaki nanami :

    hcs with a reader who's personality is like natsuki's from ddlc! (sfw + no pronouns mentioned for reader.)

    🎸 ₊ ibuki mioda :

    hcs with a reader who's like len from project diva/vocaloid! (sfw + no pronouns mentioned for reader.)

    💢 ₊ fuyuhiko kuzuryu :

    usually quiet s/o who gets giddy and excitable when talking about their interests hcs! (sfw + no pronouns mentioned for reader.)

    🍗 ₊ akane owari :

    hcs with a S/O that gets anxious when their nails grow long (sfw + no pronouns mentioned for header)

    🐹 ₊ gundham tanaka :

    usually quiet s/o who gets giddy and excitable when talking about their interests hcs! (sfw + no pronouns mentioned for reader.)

    #🌱% navi. #danganronpa v2 #danganronpa x reader #drv2 x reader #danganronpa 2 #danganronpa goodbye despair #hajime hinata x reader #hajime hinata#fuyuhiko kuzuryu#sdr2 fuyuhiko #fuyuhiko x reader #gundham tanaka x reader #sdr2 gundham #gundham x reader #chiaki#chiaki nanami #chiaki x reader #chiaki nanami x reader #akane owari #akane owari x reader
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  • ultimateswimmingpro
    26.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    akane for the character bingo :0?

    akane ❤️

    #free time event #danganronpa#ask game#character bingo#akane owari#owari akane #super danganronpa 2 #sdr2 #danganronpa goodbye despair
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  • lizluvscupcakes
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    DR: GD Superheroes


    Same as Monokuma but she can turn into a stuffed bunny, not a stuffed bear

    Also, she’s a vibe healer

    If you’re depressed, anxious, or otherwise mentally ill, and happen to give her a squeeze, she can instantly relieve any symptoms you might be experiencing

    Monokuma can’t do that, but getting a hug from a living stuffed animal is never a bad thing

    “And besides, he gives such wonderful delightful fantabulous hugs anyway it hardly matters if they’re magical or not!”

    “… thanks, Usi.”

    Nagito Komaeda

    He has the ability to manipulate probability

    Every scenario that can go right for him, no matter how astronomical, happens

    He is quite literally the luckiest person in the world

    But there’s a catch because course there is

    He isn’t generating his own good luck out of nowhere; whenever he’s around, the probability of bad things happening to others skyrockets

    For every pair of sixes he rolls, someone else has to get snake eyes

    For every death defying escape he makes, someone else has to die

    He does not get to decide whose good luck he’s stealing; he actively chooses not to think about it

    There’s nothing he can do. It’s not his fault. He can’t turn it off. It’ll do no good to dwell on it.


    The Ultimate Imposter

    They’re a shapeshifter

    Nobody’s ever seen their actual face

    Nobody knows who they actually are

    The one thing they can’t change about themselves is their weight

    They shift into a different member of the cast almost at random

    No pattern has been discerned yet

    Then they insist on being called that person’s name and refuse to answer to anything else

    That’s between them and their therapist

    Additionally, when they shapeshift, they adopt the powers of whoever they’re mimicking

    Although they are incomplete and not as good versions

    For instance, if somebody’s superpower is that they can see for up to 100 kilometres, they’ll only be able to see up to 80 kilometres if they mimic that person

    And for their favourite person, Byakuya, (don’t tell him that though) they can only tell what’s fake and what’s real or how much money someone has with 80% accuracy as opposed to his 100%

    “Well, that’s better than blindly guessing. Most people go through their entire lives surrounded by fakes and never even realize.”

    Hiyoko Saionji

    Gets bigger the angrier she gets

    As she gets bigger, she gets more durable

    At the angriest they’ve seen her (she was fifty feet tall), she’s been catalogued as being fire resistant, bulletproof, knife proof, fall damage resistant, and showed an inability to drown due to an impromptu stroll across the bottom of the ocean

    Long story

    Conversely, if she gets sad or scared, she’ll get smaller and more prone to physical damage

    She broke her arm banging it on the bedframe climbing up there once (she was eight inches tall)

    Plus side for her- she was crying too hard to notice immediately

    Akane Owari

    Fuck yeah we got a pyrokinetic

    My girl can straight up light herself on fire

    She can sustain an upward temperature of one thousand degrees Celsius

    And yes, she can light things on fire with her mind, but she can’t light EVERYTHING on fire with her mind

    What can she light on fire with her mind? Well, it depends on a lot of things

    If the thing is within a 50 foot radius, it’s close enough. The lightest object she’s ever lit up was a tissue box, the heaviest she’s ever done was a bookshelf full of books

    “Oh but Cupcake, I’m sure it was just a little baby bookcase, like the one you had in your room when you were a baby-?”

    No it weighed 236 kilograms

    And then it rapidly didn’t! :)

    Oh- and if she were to focus in just the right way, she’d be able to shoot fireworks from her hands

    Kazuichi Soda

    He’s magnekinetic

    If it would normally be effected by a magnet, he can control it

    He cannot as of yet pick up cars, but he can make them roll along without touching or getting close to them

    Also, he can turn any part of, and even his whole body, completely into metal

    When he’s metal, he doesn’t need to eat, breathe, go to the bathroom, and weighs in at 3,075.356 kilograms

    He has a metal ceiling and metal walls in his workshop, specifically so he can stick to the ceiling and work better than if he were underneath the car

    He also has metal paneling in his room he can cling to

    Sometimes he’ll just chill on the ceiling

    Gundham Tanaka

    Can speak only to animals in the Cricetidae family

    So he can only talk to things like hamsters, mice, rats, black bears, lemmings and muskrats

    Hm? Yes, black bears, of course

    But only black bears

    Basically learning what he can and can’t talk to is a frustrating game of trial and error

    He can’t talk to all his animals but he loves every single one of them

    We stan a king

    Mikan Tsumiki

    Fair warning- this one is gonna be gross

    Like. REALLY gross.

    It’s not about sex it’s just gross.


    … still there? Kay, suit yourself.

    Her bodily fluids have healing powers

    When she applies her bodily fluids to an injury, or has someone ingest at least a teaspoon of something from her, they’ll be restored to full health within five to ten minutes

    This process also gives the person it’s happening to a huge rush of endorphins and dopamine

    It’s a sort of warm-hug, “everything is going to be okay” feeling

    When she says she’s put her blood, sweat and tears into her work she fucking means it

    She just doesn’t mention things like spit, snot and pus.

    Yeah, you read that right

    Anything that could be considered a bodily fluid has this effect

    See, sometimes spitting on your patients is okay

    But like… only if you’re this very specific version of Mikan, don’t ever do it any other time

    Look I told you this was gonna be gross

    Ibuki Mioda

    She’s electrokinetic

    She can’t exactly control storms, but she can make lightning crackle and explode for the effect

    She can also power things for short lengths of time, depending on what they are

    Like, she could probably touch your phone and charge it instantly

    But she once spent an afternoon jump starting cars for Kazuichi and passed out after the eighth car

    They had to carry her back to her room because they couldn’t wake her

    It took her two weeks to recover and she was asleep for one of them, Monokuma and Usami were livid

    It was shortly after this that a new school rule was added:

    “Experimentation with ones powers is only to be done in the gym and under the supervision of the headmaster and at least one teacher”

    Nekomaru Nidai

    He can vomit things that should not come out of a human, but to do that, he needs to swallow something his belly can conceivably interpret from that thing

    Kind of like a clam turning a grain of salt into a pearl, but instead of pearls it’s dangerous weaponry

    Acid, broken glass, lava, barbed wire, all sorts of fun things

    But he always needs to swallow something to give his tummy inspiration first

    For instance, when he was little he swallowed a paper clip and threw up about nine yards of chains, weighing in at 600 kilograms

    He wears segments of these chains today as a reminder

    The exit process never hurts him, but the process of swallowing something and having his stomach interpret what he’s making causes him great discomfort

    So instead he focuses on getting strong so nobody asks him to do… that

    He will, because it’s his job, but still. He doesn’t like it

    Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

    He hears good

    Like. Scarily good.

    Like, “you can drive 25 kilometres away and stand in the middle of a crowd in Tokyo, whisper something to yourself, and Fuyuhiko would be able to hear you” good

    Don’t worry though; just because he can hear doesn’t mean he’s always listening

    Usually you’re safe to talk amongst yourselves

    But every so often he’ll just mention something he should have no way of knowing mid-conversation with you

    Or he’ll just go, “you should check on Mikan. I heard her eye twitching all night long. It was a little annoying.”

    His dad used to use him to keep tabs on his enemies

    “Son, has our friend made a date?” “Tomorrow. He’s taking the express flight to Beijing. His daughters aren’t going with him, he’s told his staff to tell no one.” [listens] “he’s packing for an overnight stay.”

    This was the one advantage he had over his sister so he just put up with the consequences of that particular power

    When he got to Hope’s Peak, Monokuma had made his room completely soundproofed

    He insisted he wasn’t a baby and didn’t need charity but he did still spend a solid week in his new room enjoying his blissful new silence

    Mahiru Koizumi

    She can hear other people’s thoughts and project her voice into the minds of others

    She can absolutely use this for what the kids call psychological warfare

    You know, projecting her voice into people’s heads, making them think they’re going crazy

    She could absolutely do that

    But come on. You know her better than that, right?

    Her favourite thing to do is offer her friends silent words of encouragement

    For instance, if someone is brooding on how everyone hates them, she’ll interject something like “well that’s a mean thing to think about everyone”

    She also likes to use it to cheat on tests

    Either reading other people’s minds to see if they know the answers or telling them the answers if she knows

    There is no specific rule against this- Monokuma even thinks it’s good training (“they’ll have to use their powers the rest of their lives, when are they going to need to know the capitol of the United States again?”)

    Peko Pekoyama

    She has adhesive climbing

    She’s otherwise a perfectly normal person, you’d never guess she had a superpower, unless you saw her casually walk up a tree

    She usually is just casually walking, but it’s when she gets on her hands and knees and starts crawling (wall crawling if you will) that things get fun

    She’s been clocked moving at 65 kilometres an hour at her fastest

    And the fact that she’s so quiet helps her be incredibly stealthy

    There is one caviot

    She can’t stick through her clothes

    Part of her skin needs to be touching the surface she’s sticking to

    Shoes, some people might tell you, are important for combat

    And they’re usually right

    That is, of course, with two very specific exceptions:

    It is December in the year 1988 and you are John McClane

    Or you’re Peko and you’re fighting on the ceiling

    Chiaki Nanami

    Can imitate any ability, as long as she’s seen it done in a video game

    She has to have played the game in question in order to learn the ability, but she can learn anything just about instantaneously

    And this isn’t limited to combat abilities

    She can fast travel to a location as long as she’s been there before, she has an inventory, she can double jump, she has replenishable HP, she can reload a save file

    If it’s in a video game, it’s an ability she can learn

    And before you ask, no, she cannot sleep while there are enemies around

    Teruteru Hananura

    He knows immediately and instinctively what is in any given dish or foodstuffs upon looking at it

    But he to take a bite out of whatever it is to know how to prepare it

    This is great for learning new recipes

    But the former is better for things like, determining if someone’s about to chow down on something full of allergens or poisons

    He’s saved so many of his friends this way

    A good rule of thumb:

    If you’re in the dining hall and you hear Teruteru scream “dON’T EAT THAT!!!” You drop your fork and don’t move until you can safely determine who he was talking to

    And the second you do you get the fuck rid of whatever it is

    Sonia Nevermind

    She has a lovely singing voice

    No, really

    Her voice is so perfect, birds will stop to listen

    And then they’ll immediately do whatever she tells them to do as long as she keeps singing

    It also works on people, as long as they don’t know what’s going on and aren’t actively resisting

    Can instantaneously make up song lyrics on the spot

    Has manipulated others into choreographed dance and song numbers, including those who ordinarily scoff at such things

    She’s a Disney princess is what I’m saying

    Hajime Hinata

    Assumed, like Makoto before him, that he didn’t have any superpowers

    But was simply told “never say never” by Monokuma and just about everyone else

    Long story short- they were all right

    He doesn’t have seven powers like Makoto, though, he clocked out at two


    Power number one:

    He can stop time for as long as he wants, which he discovered one day upon yelling “STOP” during a fight between his friends

    He’s since learned other trigger words, including “time out,” “freeze,” “halt,” “pause,” “break,” “wait,” and “no.”

    The words he’s learned to get time going again include “time in,” “go,” “play,” “now,” “start,” and “release.”

    It isn’t enough to say these words, though; he has to say these words with the intention for things to stop/go respectively

    Monokuma posits that there are probably more words he just hasn’t figured out yet

    When time stops, Hajime, the world, all of its inhabitants, will completely cease to progress. He will be able to walk around, but he won’t be able to age.

    That’s right- he could be stuck in the same moment, at the same age, potentially forever if he doesn’t move time forward

    He can still move things around and effect others though.

    Oh, what’s his second power?

    He can phase through walls

    He discovered this during the solid month time was frozen and assumed it was a side effect of that.

    But he learned, with the help of Usami and Monokuma and his friends, that he can in fact make himself intangible at will

    After they convince him not to be terrified of his powers of course

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  • mizumi-kahago-art
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Chibi Mermay - Akane

    A little throwback to how far we’ve come by now. I’ll post the Chibi versions of all characters I’ve done so far, all throughout Mermay.

    I’m thinking about making these Stickers or Acrylic Charms in the future. I’d love to get some feedback from you guys, if anyone would be interested in that. Thanks and happy Mermay!

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  • ashgulo
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Can I request Ryoma,Mondo,Akane, Nekomaru, and Ultimate imposter with a S/O that sings songs like how Mitski and Kikou do?

    A/N: Reader is gender neutral And Reader’s Talent is Ultimate Singer I will reference Both Mitski’s and Kikou’s music Ultimate imposter Pronouns is They/Them

    Mondo Owada:

    Mondo Would most likely not Listen your music At first or before you two were dating

    He Will most likely to listen to Rock music

    After Dating you He will listen to your music 

    Washing Machine Heart is his Favorite 

    But He would ask you if you are ok because of the meanings of your music 

    He loves you /srs 

    Ryoma Hoshi:

    Before you two dated He had only heard of you before but not listen to your music

    After you two started to date He has started to listen to your music

    His favorite is ‘‘You’re a worthless Child”

    Like Mondo he would have ask if your ok after Finding out the meaning of your songs

    Ultimate Imposter:

    Ultimate Imposter would have known who you are and has listen to your music 

    Since They listen to your music They know the meaning of the songs and Knows that your fans relate to music

    Like Ryoma and Mondo They still ask if you are ok 

    Like Ryoma Their favorite song is ‘You’re a worthless Child”

    Nekomaru Nidi:

    like Mondo He would not have listened to your music

    ok so after You two started dating He will maybe start to listen to your music

    Yea after he found out the meaning of the songs he will try to make you mentally strong

    Even if you are not mentally strong thats fine he still loves you

    Akane Owari:

    Like Ultimate Imposter She Would listen to some of your music

    Only when she is working out or something

    Ok She really doesn’t know the meaning behind the music

    But She really like your music

    #nekomaru nidai x reader #danganronpa 2 x reader #danganronpa imagines #mondo owada x reader #ryoma hoshi x reader #ultimate imposter #akane owari x reader
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  • incorrectshsl
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    [AU where there's only AI!Chiaki but she's still a student]

    Chiaki: [Happily living in her computer home]

    Akane: So if I break the computer, it should spit her out, right?

    Chisa: No

    Gundham: I will perform an exorcism on this device to free our classmate from it's imprisoning curse!

    Chisa: *No.*

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  • kaibutsushidousha
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Tenko and Akane

    I got 2 options of Tenko and maybe 10 options of Akane, but I'll assume it's the Danganronpa version for both because of the overlap.

    First bingo on Chabashira! It's important to point the marry and carry in a handbag options are only unmarked because she would hate the thought.

    I don't know if should mark deeper or not as deep for Owari, because she has clear issues, but she also actively refuses to acknowledge or address them, so I'll stick to just wasted potential.

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  • ibuki-says
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    For the ask thing you reblogged. Chiaki and akane?

    miss gamer girl chiaki!

    i adore and relate to her sm but the amount of fans that reduce her to “hot gamer girl waifu” makes me wanna go feral


    i’m not sure how reliable the information going around that she was the original antagonist bUT LITERALLY THAT WOULD’VE BEEN SOOO COOL!!! i could go for ages about how underrated akane is but the fact alone that pretty much her entire personality beyond “hehe fight and food” is locked behind the ftes (a problem for a majority of dr characters). literally debated checking “didn’t get enough screen time” despite her literally being a survivor because i feel like i never really even see her??? anyways gonna stop myself here maybe i’ll dedicate a whole post to my feelings on akane lmao

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  • darn-can-roomba
    23.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Fuyuhiko: my girlfriend is too tall for me to kiss her on the lips. what should i do?

    Nagito: punch her in the stomach. then, when she doubles over in pain, kiss her.

    Akane: tackle her.

    Hiyoko: dump her.

    Kazuichi: kick her in the shin.

    Peko: no to all of those. just ask me to lean down.

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  • lightningmcqueenfan42011
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    MORE DOODLES!! i kept on fucking up ibukis face so thats why it doesnt look very good

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  • agalnamedlunasea
    22.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Love, love

    Komahina week Day 7: wedding

    #danganronpa #these prompts were all so fun! #it was really nice to push myself on each one #but now I’m tired as shit lol #some notes about this one tho #Kaz for sure cries at weddings #especially since it’s his best bros #fuyu ends up being his babysitter #and peko is emotional support #ibuki insisted on singing at the wedding #hajimes flower is supposed to represent the hope fragments and nagitos is supposed to resemble a clover #anyway they’re cute as fuck I love them #nagito komaeda#hajime hinata#komahina#sdr2#j'adore#mahiru koizumi#akane owari#peko pekoyama#fuyuhiko kuzuryu#kazuichi soda#sonia nevermind#gundham tanaka#ibuki mioda#lunaseaart#kmhnweek2022
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  • righteousness-and-tea
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hi! I'm the same person who requested the Yuri Request, and I absolutely loved it!

    I was wondering if I could also have the same characters and same concept but if you remember the argument between Natsuki and Yuri can it be on that?

    (Now obviously it doesn't have to be done right away since I got my last request last night or so and I don't want you stressed out with so many requests)

    (Also can I be 🏩 Anon until I'm ready to not be anonymous?)

    I am so happy you liked it! Actually, I just started replaying the game in order to fulfill this request. For these, I tried to come up with situations that suited each of the characters, I hope that's fine! Have a great weekend, 🏩 anon!

    -Mod Celeste

    Ryoma Hoshi, Mondo Owada, Chihiro Fujisaki, Nekomaru Nidai and Akane Owari with an s/o like Yuri-- who's gotten in an argument with a friend:

    Disclaimer: arguments, implied harshness and discomfort below

    -He'd come to visit a club you frequented. As he came in, it was clear something was up-- you seemed very upset.
    -You'd gotten in an argument with a clubmate: they said something that struck you as offensive, and you shot back. You insulted them in a way very unlike yourself, which then led to regret.
    -The clubmate left in tears, while you remained in shock. Ryoma approached you and pulled up a chair to console you.
    - "Listen, babe. We've all made mistakes-- I know I have. You both probably feel bad about it, so all you've gotta do is make amends. Okay?"
    -He was dropping you off to school on his bike when it happened. A classmate came to see you, and as he was walking away, he realized things were going south.
    -Usually you were so calm; Mondo had never seen you like this before. While irritated, you said words you'd never truly mean... which you realized soon after.
    -He didn't catch up in time to help diffuse the situation, but he knew you were still shaken. With an arm around your shoulder, he spoke:
    - "You both messed up, yeah? Well, lemme give you some advice I got from my brother. It's just as easy to patch things up as it is to tear 'em, so things'll be just fine."
    -The two of you were leaving school for the day when you received a text from a friend of yours. While you typed away, Chihiro couldn't help but notice your body language did a 180.
    -The conversation had taken a turn for the worst, and the messages did the same. You sent some truly mean texts, as did they. Soon enough you both stopped, guilt taking over.
    -Chihiro quickly clasped your hands, with a comforting expression. They knew how easy it was to lose control online, what with today's world.
    -"Hey sweetheart, are you okay? I'm sure neither of you meant what you said-- it's nothing you can't fix! Let's take it easy for now."
    -He'd taken you out for lunch at a local diner, and as you took your seats, an acquaintance of yours stopped by.
    -Initially, it was merely small talk, but Nekomaru knew things were tense. A short while after, it turned into an ugly spat between you and the passerby.
    -He knew he needed to interject, so he firmly interrupted the argument, to mediate. Nothing good would come from this conflict.
    - "Now, now. Things got a little out of hand here, but you can both fix this! An apology is all it takes, and it'll make this fight a thing of the past."
    -You were just out and about, running some errands with Akane. As you approached the grocery store, a classmate had spotted you. They began a conversation with you, but it spiraled out of control.
    -In your frustration, you spoke without thinking-- as we all do. After some stunned silence it was clear you didn't mean it.
    -Akane had been through some mistaken outbursts herself, so she knew how you felt. She pulled you aside to make sure you recovered.
    - "You both got pretty heated there! That happens, I totally get it. I know it sucks right now, but this isn't the end of the world. You'll both forgive and forget!"
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  • hopeymchope
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    The Way of the Hopeful Fist

    It amuses me greatly that, when Monotaro suggests having a brawl to increase his confidence, the first person to happily agree to it is Naegi of all people.

    I mean, Akane is literally standing RIGHT THERE.

    ....Makoto must have SO MUCH pent-up frustration he needs to get out.

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