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    Iʀᴏᴅᴏʀɪ ғᴇsᴛɪᴠᴀʟ sʜᴏʀᴛ sᴛᴏʀɪᴇs

    A collection of short stories taking place during the Hues of Violet Garden event of 2.6

    ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ ᴜᴘ! 1/?

    Takes place after the Legends of the Kasen, Act I: The Strange Tale of Suikou's Tipsy Tincture, where Albedo decides to take Venti and Aether out for food and drinks as a way to find inspiration for his painting. Venti ends up overdoing it.


    ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ alcoholism, overeating, belly kink, vomiting, stomach ache, fainting, burping, regurgitation

    ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ 3.8k~

    Albedo normally had a look of pure disinterest on his face, the traveler was already used to that.

    His eyelids would form a perfectly straight line, with his pupils without glow, his lips pressed, and he would talk in that monotone yet soft way. And when something gave him the slightest bit of curiosity, it would earn only a mere raise of his eyebrows.

    That was why Aether was more than a little surprised to see a genuine mischievous look on his face when Albedo peeked from behind his sketchbook. He was unapologetically leering at Venti seated across the two, his hand moving fast while he looked from him to the paper and then to him again.

    Venti didn't seem to mind in the slightest. He barely blinked as he went through another portion of tempura, not that he could, Venti had his eyes practically closed at that point. A smile from cheek to cheek spread through his face as he chewed, already reaching for another one.

    The bard didn't seem to have a limit, with plates on plates of Inazuman cuisine he had been slowly savoring along with bottles of sake already cluttering the table. He would slur for someone to come and serve him more alcohol.

    Aether was morbidly curious as to how Venti was able to stuff so much in his tiny frame, especially when he was struggling to finish his third plate of what he took to be only the entree. It had to be something to do with being a former archon.

    Albedo, on the other hand, hadn't touched the food he ordered for himself yet, it was getting cold, but pieces were steadily disappearing inside the mouth of a certain floating fairy.

    That problem had solved itself though, after finishing her own food Paimon had slowly picked at Albedo's plate, then landed her sights on the colorful cocktail he had ordered for himself. sneakily eating the fruits of it.

    Albedo didn't seem to notice or even care for that matter, he kept drawing with such precision it was truly difficult to see anything else.

    Aether couldn't help but peep at the notebook from time to time, given that Albedo was seated just beside him. He watched, astounded at how many sketches the artist was making in what seemed like one continuous stroke. He barely picked up his charcoal off the page, laying down light shapes and lines that in an instant became a complete piece.

    The traveler tried to not think of the time he tried to teach him, but the sting of playful envy was still there whether he wanted it or not. The fear was there too.

    A weak yet persistent fear sent a shuddering cold down his spine any time Albedo would turn to shoot him a glance from the tail of his eye. Or in that same still voice, he would try to bounce an idea off of him.

    Aether was on edge still, trying to be cautious of anything that went against who Albedo was. Since, for all he knew, the Albedo he had been friends with was dead and buried under several feet of snow.

    At that moment it was truly just the both of them, for even Paimon lay curled on the table, hiccuping and giggling though sound asleep. It made Aether glad he hadn't drunk much of it yet, even though he wanted to.

    Albedo lightly tapped the traveler's hand, pointing to the page where a single concept laid in charcoal, a boy curled in on himself and circled by empty bottles and scattered pages. It conveyed the feeling well, but the traveler was curious as to why he looked to be in such pain.

    The traveler hummed briefly, trying to think of something in response, but his hesitation seemed to be enough to make Albedo reconsider. He retrieved the notebook, turning a fresh page to start sketching again.

    Venti let out a sizable burp from where he sat, not bothering to muffle it on his fist as all it did was give him more room in his belly for food and drinks. Aether was starting to feel uneasy at the rate he was eating, it had already been their third batch of orders. Or was it the fourth? He had lost count already, already whispering his condolences for Albedo's savings.

    “Drink some more, won't you? There's still plenty to go around”, Albedo suggested to the bard in a voice tone that seemed so far from his own, reaching over the table to grab a bottle of sake and feeling the lightness of it. “Or not, haha”, hearing him chuckle gave Aether a chill in his gut. “Would you like to order some more?”

    “Yeees…”, Venti slurred from where he sat, without raising his head he patted his belly over his corset. “I have hic, some room left. C'mooon… let's order more dishes.”

    Aether shot a mortified look at Albedo, who had a curly smirk on his lips, that same glint of malice still on his eyes.

    “What about you, traveler, fancy anything specific?”, he asked, watching him curiously from the corner of his eye.

    Aether was afraid that if he talked he would stutter, so he averted his gaze before he tried. “I think I'm full already, thank you.”

    “Are you sure?” Albedo challenged, keeping him in his vision, eyes dull as if he was waiting for him to suddenly jump up. He shrugged as he continued: “Mora isn't an issue. I've been paid generously for my work here, it's only fair that I share it with my muses.”

    Now the two of them were staring at Venti, who seemed to have dozed off in the short period it took to address the traveler, snuggled on his green cape. He had his head resting in the crook of his arm, his green beret close to slipping off, his braids sprawled over the table. Albedo let out a dry humorless chuckle.

    “Besides”, he continued as he stood up, a slight smirk on his lips, and in his voice. “I don't mind splurging a bit on an experiment.”

    He was gone before Aether had a chance to react, the words gradually floating to him as his steps echoed out. His eyes went wide as he looked at Venti, the boy's back was hitching with each drunk hiccup, his breathing slow and unstable.

    Aether slipped into the seat beside him, hoping that Albedo wouldn't mind not having his company, and tried to get a better look at the bard's drowsy face.

    “Venti?”, he called, laying a careful hand on his back. He felt strangely frigid to the touch, even wrapped in several layers of his typical Mondstadt attire, in contrast with the warm room he was as cold as a cadaver. “Are you awake?”

    Aether waited for a moment, watching him closely for any alarming changes. His cheeks were as red as they could be, like a swollen intoxicated tomato framed by turquoise braids.

    The traveler poked at his back, lightly, telling himself there was no way Venti had drank himself into a coma less than a day in.

    “Huh…?”, the bard jolted up suddenly, his beret flying off. “Is the… the food here already? That was fast.”

    “No. It isn't, not yet”, Aether informed promptly as he recovered from the scare, eyeing the corridor just to make sure.

    “Aw… I hope it doesn't take long. I don't think I can… ehe, keep myself awake anymore”, Venti slurred, his words coming out slow but blended, without commas, only improper pauses. He had a leaning smile on, almost as if he was entertaining some devilish idea. “So, what about the portrait? Is it done, can I see it?"

    Aether responded with a shake of his head, trying not to look at the open sketchbook on the table, thinking it could give Venti the impression he could snoop. The bard pouted at his response, then shrugged.

    “Then that means even more food for me”, he giggled, throwing his head as he lazily stretched his back, no doubt it was sore from holding out poses for so long, or just laying hunched on the table.

    There was a noticeable bump forcing his brown corset into a curve, and his stomach stuck out against his lean, almost frail torso.

    Venti let out a brief moan as he exhaled, he seemed to be having difficulty keeping a rhythm to his breathing. He held the pose for a moment, frowning when a sharp pain tugged at his gut, the bones of his corset digging into his taut stomach like daggers.


    He moaned again, his hands shakingly cupping his belly as he folded over his legs. Aether had the bard's name halfway through his lips, one hand reaching for him when he heard him grunt:

    “Traveler, can you help me with this…”, he seemed to be searching for the right word while fumbling with the buttons on the front. “...darn corset?”.

    “Okay…?” Aether dragged himself closer, unsure of what to do at first until the bard raised his torso and turned to him. His hands fell away from his gut almost dejectedly, revealing an obvious pouch squeezed in there.

    With each breath the brown corset looked like it was going to burst open, like a dam placating a raging river, nearing its collapse. Aether caught himself staring, in the brief moment of silence he could hear faint gurgling sounds, and he frowned, thinking of just how much food and drink Venti had crammed in that already thin stomach.

    “Just undo the buttons, please”, the bard whined, taking the traveler's hesitant hands in his and placing them over his corset. “It's hurting a little…”

    To think this would make him act first. Aether's brain had seemingly short-circuited when he felt the warmth of his belly through the fabric, his stomach noticeably rippling under his palm. He tried to ignore it, the resistance of the surface pushing back on his fingers as he fumbled with the buttons, how dense and bloated the organ felt under so many layers of cloth, it was too much.

    Aether felt slow and hot in the face, thinking about the small sips of alcohol he had through the night and how everything felt like it was boiling then evaporating inside of him. One moment of lost concentration and he was staring at the loose golden button he had just torn off.

    “I think I broke it”, he gulped, he could swear his belly just grew an inch longer. Venti snorted and snatched it out of his hand.

    “Yeah, don't worry, I always have to sew these back again”, he responded, stuffing it into the pocket of puffy shorts. “Keep going.”

    Aether tried to focus, tugging at the buttons with such care he finally noticed those were only for decorations. How come none of them had noticed it? Maybe he was drunker than he thought…

    He gently, hesitantly felt around Venti's waist, his fingers lending on a trail of small metal clasps hidden under the sews, the real culprits. Aether undid them one by one, careful as to not tear anything more. The corset nearly shot out as he got to the last one, like a door swinging back.

    Venti let out a drawn-out groan as the pressure over his belly was released at once, one hand going to pet it, resting over the curve of his protruding stomach under his loose dress shirt.

    “Hnnggg… I needed that”, he thanked, his voice airy. “Now I think I can handle more.”

    “Venti, maybe you should slow down”, Aether warned, composing himself as he sat back on his knees. “You're gonna make yourself sick if you keep eating like this.”

    “I can handle it”, the bard repeated, waving him off. “It's not every day I get to eat this much, especially not for free. So, allow me to savor this moment, and some more delicious food, won't you?”

    Aether had a protest in mind, but it didn't make it to his lips, he knew it was useless to argue. And right on cue, the artist materialized himself at the end of the hallway, a pleased yet strange smile under his cold eyes.

    “You'll have to excuse me, I am quite clueless when it comes to Inazuman table manners”, he informed as he sat down, a soft chuckle escaping him. “Heh, what a host I am..”

    “Where's our food?”, Venti slurred, having his head buried in his arms once again, his green beret back to his head with the Cecilia tucked under it.

    “I've been told it'll be here shortly, don't worry”, Albedo replied, picking up his notebook and charcoal once more. “Now, Venti, if you could hold that pose for a moment.”

    The traveler took it as an opportunity to scoot away from Venti, feeling slightly awkward and stiff as Albedo barely noticed his absence.

    “Hmm, you sure are committed to finding the perfect pose, huh?” Venti murmured, doing his best to stop his body from moving as he hiccupped. “I'm curious to see what this is going to look like in the end.”

    “Oh, I've already decided how it's going to look. In fact, I'll go with one of my first sketches”, Albedo informed without batting an eye. “I'm just taking this opportunity to practice. It's quite rare for me to find an interesting live subject, so forgive me if I'm inconveniencing you.”

    To that, Venti simply chuckled, finding some humor in being on the other side of the process for once, being the muse and the source of inspiration. If it wasn't for the uncomfortable pressure in his belly and the drowsiness settling in, they could have had an exhilarating exchange.

    The waiters came and went, leaving their table with even more clutter, but Venti barely moved. Without raising his head, he took a piece of shrimp off the plate and slowly munched on it.

    Aether simply watched from the side, hesitantly taking in his portion of the food as he felt his own stomach cower with the thought of eating as much. He couldn't take his eyes off Venti, and how he slowly but surely was clearing another plate, his movements sluggish and almost pained.

    He already had a bad feeling and the increasing noises coming from under the bard's shirt only served to further concern him.

    Almost as if to prove him right, Venti raised a shaking fist to his mouth, trying to muffle a series of queasy burps that left him grimacing over the taste they brought. Still, he tried to pick another piece of food, barely making it towards his mouth when his hand went limp. He buried his face further into the crook of his arm and groaned.

    Not even Aether dared to say anything, batting his breath as he watched Venti carefully, his back hitching with muffled hiccups and his stomach gurgling under the table.

    “Is something wrong?”, Albedo asked, raising his eyes from the page, a quizzical look in his eyes. “Ah, Venti? What's wrong?”

    At first, he didn't respond, just weakly shook his head without raising it. Aether decided to put his voice to good use and responded for him:

    “I think he's finally had enough.”

    Albedo hummed, his gaze lost somewhere on the surface of the table as he thought.

    “Has he? But just now he was saying how he wanted to order more”, he responded, settling his notebook down.

    “Don't worry, urp…”, Venti squeaked out, swallowing audibly. “I'm just taking a break… ehe…”

    Albedo had a finger resting on his chin, his eyes roving over the bard piled on the table, visibly shivering.

    “Albedo… It is getting late, shouldn't we get going?”, Aether suggested, placing both of his hands on the table as if he was ready to get up. “We can just wrap these for later.”

    “Oh, I didn't even know that was an option”, he replied, a small smile crawling to his lips. “Well, Venti?”

    The bard responded by slowly raising himself, his face clammy and red reappearing from behind his elbows. He stared and smacked his lips as if there was a nasty taste in his mouth, but not a second later his hand was crawling back to the plate.

    Aether was tempted to just take it off his hands and carry him off the restaurant, but what good would that do? He was clearly determined to finish that plate, so he watched as Venti crammed a piece of fried shrimp into his mouth.

    Not a second later it fell out, barely a bite in it as it landed on his white buttoned-up shirt, leaving a greasy reddish stain, almost as if his maw just forgot it was supposed to chew. The traveler quickly searched for a napkin, but there wasn't any, he turned back online to find Venti looking even worse.

    “I think—”, he squawked, the sentence trailing off into a short-lived but sizable burp, not even a warning before it turned wet and brought up a wave of vomit cascading down his chest.

    “Oh my goodness”, Albedo whispered, one hand going to cover his mouth as it hung open in surprise. “Traveler, maybe we should–”

    “I'm– I'm on it”, he murmured, but he was just as lost.

    Venti coughed, raising a shaky hand to wipe at his cheek, barely aware of the damp mess coating his shirt. He looked at his hand, a hint of alarm flashing through his eyes and he cupped the hand under his chin, catching the vomit dripping from it.

    “...oh… I'm, hic, sorry…”, he mumbled, his voice coming from the bottom of his throat, loaded with nausea. It was almost as if it hit him all at once, and he cupped the other hand, arching over his lap as his back hitched with drunk hiccups.

    Aether jumped to his feet as he heard the retching start, a weak strained sound drowned out by vomit surging up his throat and splashing into Venti's hands and then his lap.

    At first, he just stared, the shock of it happening so suddenly wearing off as he positioned himself behind Venti, placing a hand on his shoulders. He felt his muscles roll under his touch as he produced a waterfall of sake and fried seafood over his lap. It hit his hands, filling up one and falling onto the other until it reached his green shorts, staining them with grease and alcohol.

    He tried calling his name to no avail as if it was going to cut his vomiting spell short, but it did nothing to help the drowning bard. He coughed, breaking the steady rush of liquid as it began tapering off, struggling retches leaving him gasping for air.

    “Here”, he guided as the spell ceased into struggling gurgling breaths, leading Venti to turn the side and spared his lap once more. “There you go.”

    He kneeled, instructing him to do the same, get on his hands and finish it onto the tatami, sparing their poor host the sight as the wooden table covered part of them. Albedo, however, was already upon his feet, making his way towards the two, a grave expression on his already cold facade.

    “Traveler, maybe we should move him to the restroom?”, he asked, kneeling on the other side of the table.

    “Ah, I don't… I don't even know if there is a restroom here”, he confessed, feeling the sickly bard tense up under his touch, his back shivering harshly. “And… we've already made a mess here. If we try to move him…”

    He trailed off as he felt Venti's shoulders roll forward, his belly caving in as it gave a low sickly growl. Vomit erupted out of his mouth, violently splattering over the tatami, sounding like someone had emptied a bucket over it.

    “Well, then”, Albedo muttered, his gaze wandering somewhere far off. With careful precision, he slipped off Venti's green cap and started undoing the bow holding it over his shoulders. “Traveler?”

    But Aether was distracted, gathering Venti's choppy bangs in his hand, holding his already soiled braids behind his head. He didn't notice as Venti gave a husky whimper low in his throat and started sliding forward, the strength in his arms to hold himself up quickly fading.

    “Traveler”, Albedo called again, slipping the cape and placing it aside, his eyes never leaving the shuddering bard. “Aether, he's going to–”

    Venti plummeted to the floor, dismantling like a puppet with its strings cut off like he was wooden and lifeless. Albedo had mere seconds to react, laçoing him by the collar of his shirt just inches above the puddle of vomit on the tatami.

    Aether reacted after him, grabbing Venti by the shoulders and bringing him to his chest, huffing from the surprise as he got up, getting behind him as he held him kneeled.

    “Be careful. We could be dealing with alcohol poisoning here”, Albedo informed as he went to help support the man's weight. “Aether?”

    “Huh? Oh, sorry, I'm… I–”, he sputtered, his eyes wide and moist as he couldn't keep certain memories from flashing before his eyes. Seeing Venti like that, and unable to help turned his stomach. “I'm sorry, what did you say?”

    “If we can't wake him up, he'll need medical attention”, Albedo spoke slowly, his tone more informative than gentle. “It shouldn't be alcohol poisoning, but we can't discard the possibility just now. Maybe if we could…”, he was muttering to himself now, eyes scanning Venti as if he was open and sprawled onto his metal desk. “Help me put him down.”

    The two gently laid him on his back and then on his side, tilting his head to the ground, allowing a mouthful of vomit to trickle out. Albedo had a scowl on his face as he ran his knuckles on Venti's back, applying a little more pressure each time.

    “The worst that could happen”, he murmured, sounding too serious for his own good. “Is him losing the festival, due to the hangover he'll inevitably have. Besides that”, he applied more pressure, giving it now an open palm. “There's no need to worry.”

    Venti shook under his firm touch, his shoulders trembling before more vomit lazily spewed out of his mouth, forming a dense puddle under his cheeks. Aether reached out a hand, but before he could do anything, Venti's eyelids fluttered open, revealing glossy green orbs underneath.

    “Hold him”, Albedo ordered, doing the same, supporting one of his shoulders as he coughed harshly, shaking his whole body.

    Venti struggled under their hands, his violently hacking momentarily cut by more vomiting, renewing the coat of stomach acid on his shorts.

    Aether winced as the violent sounds returned, but at least he could rest easy now. Sake wasn't going to kill his archon friend.

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    hi!! kind of a random question but do you know how people know bts were drunk for the ly:tear comeback vlive? (the one where they’re all in denim) did they say that somewhere?

    hiii <3 i don't quite know which vlive it is so i don't know the answer for certain, but! most of the times, the answer to the question 'are they drunk' or 'have they had alcohol before filming' can be answered pretty easily with a yes, because:

    they are not ashamed to talk about themselves drinking booze

    there have been plenty of times when they drank on vlives

    they were already old enough to drink at the time

    they probably acted drunk lol

    so yeah, even if they did not openly admit to be drunk, during celebrations it's not new or unknown from them to drink, so it is safe to assume they did <3

    #and if they just had fun without booze that's amazing as well #i joined the fandom quite late to be up to date with infos from the past sorry <3 #asks#anon#alcohol mention
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    does alcohol help cramps ? /gen

    #elli: rambles#seriously asking#pls#tw alcohol #tw alcohol mention #okay gonna swim for a little tho
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    hi bee! you made mention of a poly relationship with cam, alex, and zee (if cam and alex got their shit together) and ever since i stayed up all night reading the fratboy bbau (it was one long, enjoyable, sleepless night), ive been thinking about the three of them in a as-healthy-as-possible poly relationship but didn't know if you wanted it to be interpreted that way?


    anyways, love your work (im not just buttering you up, thats genuine), do you think you could share a snippet of what those three goofs would look like together in a more romantic way? im not asking for smut or anything (not that i dont mind lol), but just like, sweet relationship vibes.

    god i love those boys

    For these three specifically, this is how I would imagine a relationship going:

    They could potentially get the support they need from each-other instead of their situation causing strain among them. Example-

    Zee would be guilt-free about sleeping with Cameron, and don’t get me started on how happy he’d be to get to have Alex in that way.

    Alex wouldn’t worry about Zee as much and they’d become closer, inevitably, without all the barriers and boundaries Alex puts up around him. I imagine Alex and Zee being very vanilla when they were alone, in the best way possible. Something about Alex and Zee is so sweet it almost makes me sad.

    Cam would still have the support he has now from them both, but on a more united front. He would feel more comfortable being affectionate with Alex in front of Zee, and Alex would get to see how Cam is with Zee behind closed doors. There is a rather electric dynamic between Cam and Zee that Alex would be content to just watch. And I think we already know how Zee would feel about that.

    I think Cameron would still be a little jealous at times, because that’s a part of his personality that he feeds and finds really hard to turn off at the source— which are his own feelings of inadequacy. But I think Alex and Zee both already know this and would go out of their way to make Cam feel wanted.

    I don’t know that Zee would be any better off in the long run as far as rehabilitation from the boxie stuff because having everything he wants and no friction might be sort of enabling for him to not change anything. On the other hand maybe Alex would be more motivated to help him in a bigger way if he was in love with him, I don’t know. Get him an new identity and a job, perhaps.

    Snippet: going to Alex’s parents for a holiday gathering

    Cw- alcohol, weed, and alcoholism mentions (cams dad mention)


    “I said I was bringing both of you like… months ago,” Alex sighed, sitting on the edge of his coffee table. “It’s not gonna be all formal. We aren’t even sitting at the table! It’s buffet style. There’s going to be paper plates, Cam. No one’s gonna notice you’re even there.”

    Cam lifted a hand— case in point. “So why do you care if I go or not?”

    “Because I’ll notice. I want you there.”

    Cam sighed. Family was not his strong suit. He didn’t know what to say to Alex’s blond, tennis-playing siblings, and he didn’t know what to say to his liberal, white wine sipping parents. He only knew how to deal with his crass redneck cousins and his Dad, both pre-blackout and blackout. That was it. “Take Zee.”

    “I’m going,” Zee said. He was wearing a dark green dress shirt that brought the red right out in his auburn hair. He pouted, nudging Cam’s hip with his foot. “Why can’t you?”

    Cam grabbed his foot before he could pull it away and squeezed, grinding the bones together so he yelped in laughter and wrenched it away.

    “He’s going.” Alex reiterated with a grin. “Why can’t you?”

    “You really need two dates for your family fuckin’ Thanksgiving? What are we telling people these days, anyway?”

    “That were married,” Zee teased, holding his foot. Cam rolled his eyes.

    “We’re telling people whatever. Nobody’s gonna ask, Cam. It’s my family, not a high school reunion.”

    Cam groaned and covered his face with his hands.

    “There’s gonna be the most bomb mac n’ cheese you’ve ever had in your life,” Alex added. “And my parents don’t give a shit if you’re a little high.”

    Cam snorted. Again, totally unrelateable.

    Zee inched carefully closer, bumping his nose on Cam’s shoulder. “I’ll ride in the back,” he said sweetly.

    Cam pulled Zee into his lap, flipping him so he was face-up. He held his face tightly, giving him guppy-lips. “Jesus Christ, enough. If it will make you happy and get boatshoes to shut up, I’ll go.”

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    Trouble - Smokey Quartz


    The moment that Grey walked into this party she knew she was out of her depth.

    She had assumed, having gone to frat parties in America, that the "open to everyone end-of-the-year uni party" would be totally chill in comparison. She had very clearly forgotten that British kids have been drinking legally for way longer than she has, and beyond that, she's a total lightweight. She just watched four guys pour what looked like an entire litre of cider down their throats each and then start talking about properties of physics, or something? Like they were completely sober? Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

    Grey quietly made her way to the kitchen, took a shot of very cheap vodka that burned so bad she had to stifle a cough. She looked out over a sea of vaguely familiar faces, hoping no one noticed her handle her liquor like a big baby. She hasn't really made any friends outside her artsy little cohort, but that's because she hasn't tried very much. She's usually an extrovert, she's usually fabulous at making friends, but she's been off her game since the move. Especially recently...she's been more or less hiding in her room and squirrelling junk food for sustenance for the last several days.

    Just when she was considering giving up on this outing, and returning to the comfortable embrace of Jaffa Cakes, Monster Munch, Red Bull and Queer Eye, she saw Gem from across the room. The only person she knew by name.

    The only thing she really knows about him is he's Devyn and Elli's brother, was lowkey a dick to her that one time, that he's actually really funny on twitter, and that he accidentally set his family's booth on fire at the Farmer's Market. Is that enough to start a conversation on? Probably...not.

    Another shot will help.

    She knocked a second one back, with more grace than the first, but her lips still screwed up in a sour expression after swallowing. She then tried to gracefully cross the room, but crowded spaces are a winged-girl's worst nightmare, and she ended up bumping into and excuse me-ing basically everyone on the way to him.

    "Hi," she said, huffing and smoothing her hair out, "you, uh, probably don't remember me."

    #tw: alcohol#tw: drugs #tw: drug mention #tw: drunk#trouble#gem#smokey quartz #i didn't put it under a read more #because they havent started talking about 🍃 yet #but lmk if it should be
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    me, internally, as i slide some 8-oz cans of coke into my basket at walmart: shots shots shots shots

    #mine#alcohol mention #kind of? #i'm trialing some new adhd medication and currently at the ''see how it interacts with caffeine'' stage #so i wanted small measured amounts of it #and for some reason there are few things funnier to me than treating caffeine like other drugs
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    #i just love how simply reading about someone being drunk or high makes me feel physically sick #hi i have issues which is unfortunate as a deangirl. you simply cannot write dean without his drinking problem i get it #but also reading it is just a little but too real for me #tw alcohol mention #currently re-evaluating my entire life and trying to deal with all of my issues. like drinking habits sleeping habits eating habits #(haven't even started to tackle that one yet one thing at a time) and online addiction/living in my head #sometimes reading about equally fucked up characters is cathartic and sometimes it just brings up a lot of crap #hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh#yeah #that's it. this post is pointless
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  • bowlerhatwearer
    24.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    how did the rest of the Owens family react to Lawrence death?

    Greetings Anon ^^

    Lewis Owens tried really hard to keep it together, but the death of his youngest son ultimately led to a downwards spiral that caused him to drink his sorrows away, he no longer wanted to face reality that took away his youngest son, thinking it was for the best to just, drink all the time. Whilst not aggressive when he was drunk he was often unresponsive, drinking as much as he needed to fall asleep. It was never found out if he intentionally drank himself to death, or if it was an accident but his alcohol consume was ultimately the death of him. Eliza Owens too tried to stay strong, but when her husband died, she fell like a domino soon after his death, instead of alcohol it were medications that she took, weak painkillers that over time turned into stronger ones and drug/medication addiction, her daughter Joanna was unable to get her out of the spiral and Eliza did not react to any help that was offered to her. Similar to her husbands death it is not known whether her overdose with painkillers and sleeping pills was an accident, or on purpose.

    Blaise focused more and more on their work as a war journalist, they began to work more and started to break off contact / neglect the rest of their family. I also think the death of Lawrence scratched on their self-preservation, meaning they got themself often in dangerous and life threatening situations when they reported/documented war zones, which was expected but Blaise also, challenged it, I think some of their injuries they have, would have not happened if they had been more careful.

    Victor too, broke off the contact with most of his family, except his parents who he used to visit every now and then. He lived his own live and in his youth was a bit of a daredevil when he was still a prospector selling his claims. He tried to suppress and ignore the guilt that slowly built up in his mind, about how he acted towards Lawrence and that his bullying might have been partly the reason why Lawrence ended his life, or at least didn't improve the situation. Later the wish to marry grew stronger in him and he married Margaret Robinson.

    Joanna, she was devastated of the death of her younger brother, and she thought that she was the only sibling who truly cared, with both Blaise and Victor being too occupied in fighting with each other, she believed they did not care. She tried her best to take care of Lawrence as he grew weaker and cried when he died in front of her in the hospital bed. She felt left alone and abandoned by her two other siblings, even after Lawrence death, when it was her who tried her best to take care of her parents. Because of that she grew emotionally fatigue and distant, the death of Lawrence and later the death of her parent certainly was a factor why some of her marriages did not work out.

    The Owens extended family, broke off the contact entirely with the Owens after Lawrence death, never caring to re-connect again.

    Yours sincerely


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  • eredeha
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    vic is drinky and can’t drinky game so like idk what to do with my life.

    #❝  𝐎𝐔𝐓 𝐎𝐅 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑  ―  vic speaks. #alcohol mentions*
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    I have no idea if I'm the asshole or not. Ugh. There is a woman I've mentioned before as the volatile person in my art class. She has this chaotic energy that I find unsettling, but she also has self-described "anger issues" and she gets verbally abusive with absolutely no provocation. She has never said anything to me, but I've seen this happen and it is disturbing. She is very new to Art Group and she is always with this guy (I don't know the nature of their relationship). He's the guy who cried in class about his wife dying of covid. I was at this fundraiser and there was a small handful of long-time dedicated students there. But then those two showed up. It was strange because they're both new and...they don't have a good track record in terms of their behavior. There was one other student there who knew them, and she and I were immediately disturbed that these two were at a fundraiser where we try to impress potential donors. But THEN the two of them immediately hit the bar. It was an open bar, but there is a strict code of conduct and students aren't allowed to consume alcohol at events, regardless of what the event is. They were each getting two drinks at a time and drinking really fast.

    So...the other woman who knew them actually went to talk to an employee (I encouraged this). She told the employee who told us TWICE that we weren't allowed to drink. The employee went off to check on the situation, but then she came back and said that it was fine because they weren't volunteering. But we couldn't figure out why they were there. They weren't volunteers. Their art wasn't on display. They weren't speaking. It cost $125 to register. The employee essentially said that if they paid to get in, they can drink what they want. They're on state assistance and live on under $200 a month and food stamps, so I find it difficult to believe that they're shelling out $250 just to drink at an open bar. However, even if they did, I still think they should have abstained for the evening. Maybe I'm a dick. I was volunteering, so it would have been inappropriate to drink, but there were many students there who weren't volunteering, and they weren't allowed to drink. I mainly have a problem with students being expected to follow a rule unless they pay. There are people who are former students and they may transition to a teaching assistant or mentor role. They are no longer allowed to take classes at that point, but they also have a different set of conduct rules. I just think that if you're a student at an event you should adhere to the rules for students. But also, I can't imagine that they paid. Surely someone paid for them. But why them? Every other student there had been in the program at least a couple of years and these two have only been there one term and they immediately caused problems.

    This isn't a normal art school.

    The students are struggling with mental illness or addiction or some other thing and I feel it could be triggering to see your peers double-fisting cocktails at an open bar.

    Anyway, Angry Girl and her friend make me extremely uncomfortable, so the fast drinking set off all of my alarm bells.

    I don't think anything bad happened, but I didn't see them after we sat down to eat.

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    Maybe it was bc I was absolutely schwasted on wine last night, but I made a grilled cheese at like 3am and I shit you not. It felt like I kissed god on the mouth. With tongue. It was amazing.

    #IT WAS the best grilled cheese i ever made 😭😭 #also i barely ate anything except for a strawberry shake at work so my brain was like #>finally some real fucking food #alcohol mention#cat talks
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    i’m DRUNK and GAY

    #wallace wells kin #delete later#alcohol mention
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    Anthea & Concordia, angel au timeline, starting just before they met ghetsis all the way till the end of angel au bw2

    -anthea had an aunt, concordia had those who weren’t related to her but raised her all the same. orphans, and poor, and in a house for as long as they could manage [but never for long.]

    -adopted by ghetsis. a moment of happy tears as they go to a place that will love them.

    -realization. it’s job, they recognize, like the ones on the billboards and the ones their families tried to find. But they don’t go home at the end of the day. They don’t go home with money

    -guilt. it feels like they’re living in riches, but they’re always on the edge of something. It feels like dying. It feels like living.

    -They hate each other, because they can’t hate Ghetsis and they can’t hate their little brother. Ghetsis is untouchable, terrifying, holds their lives in the palm of his hand and has made sure they know. And N is little, young, a little ray of light. Too young for this. Too young to know they would hate him if they didn’t love him.

    -Acceptance. It comes before they accept each other, because the acceptance is a false one. They tell themselves that it’s just how it is [but they hope, always, for more]. The true acceptance comes in-

    -Forgiveness, of each other, after years of hating that the other always had it- [worse, better, the same, every time. Had a better family, before, had a worse family, before. Knew love, didn’t know how to love. Was scared, because she was scared] -some sort of way that fit exactly what they needed to hate the other. But they were the same, and it wasn’t worth it to hate someone else because you hate yourself. Sometimes loving, holding, encouraging the one who is like you is the same as loving, holding, encouraging yourself

    -Ambition. N was never very good at reading between the lines. But he listened to stories of caution, stories of an outside world, which made it ever so easy to tell him of terrible monsters with many eyes, with sly words like whips and a want of something more than he could have. N wouldn’t get it, but perhaps one day he would find that the monster he feared wasn’t outside the castle, but stalking around, right behind him.

    -Waiting. N leaves, and Ghetsis is equal parts excited and nervous. It’s easy to tell, with the way they know him, and he shows both in a way that terrifies them [He smiles, easy, and tells them of how wonderful it is going to be when N helps liberate the world. He glares, hand pointed at them and promising that if something goes wrong, he will know exactly who to blame. He switches, back and forth, and during the in betweens, they lean on each other and try not to cry].

    -Freedom. They’re free. It’s a confusing thing. They were talked to, and they knew it was the end of something. The bell gonged, and they just waited, because there wasn’t much else to do. And then the international police came in and said they had questions, and neither of them knew what to do. [Questions were asked, answers were given, and they were let out, to talk with all the others. Their little brother was not there. They couldn’t understand why.] A sage, one of them that hadn’t known nearly as much as they did, walks them [and all the others] through life outside, and they work together to make a large home for all of them to share. To get their barings, to figure out how to live and be stable. It’s freedom, and it’s lovely, and it’s terrifying

    [End of BW1, beginning of two/three years for the angel au, gap]

    -Learning. They learn how to live, hands on this time, instead of following the instructions of the sage. They get jobs, they use money, they help out all the others who are doing worse [They privately wonder if all the others mean to lean on them, or if it’s just excess from all the time being called “Goddesses.” They don’t care. They just want them to stop].

    -Living, as it happens, means new experiences. Ones that they know Ghetsis would disapprove of, and so they dive into those ones head first. All they have as guidance is knowing that Ghetsis was wrong [The thing about people you hate is that they aren’t always wrong. Sometimes you’ll agree with them, and it doesn’t make them any less bad]. It’s a terrible mess of feelings that get buried under alcohol and drugs. It feels bad, the way it feels good. They know how to make themselves look healthy [mentally stable] outside of those things. They change their styles.

    -Jealousy. It’s not something they mean to feel, but when they look on the TV and see their little brother [Their little brother], surrounded by others who look happy to have him, who hold him close without the intent of using him. They didn’t get that. Under Ghetsis’ grip, just as much as their brother had been, but given nowhere near as much of the support. They’re happy for their brother. [Too young for it. Too young to know they would hate him if they didn’t love him.]

    -Fear. It hits late, long enough for them to think they should be over it. It comes in nightmares, and something-like-hallucinations. In deep thoughts and unfiltered thoughts dripping out of their mouths with the wine. It comes in terror, and days where they don’t want to leave the house [but they have to, because they’re alright, and they’re stable, and they have jobs, and they’re normal]. It comes late, but not weak, like the ocean rearing back before a tsunami. And it hurts.

    -Therapy. It’s one of their friends that mentions it. Once a no-name grunt, now the closest friend they have. They had been awake when Anthea woke up crying and muttering for “Him” to “Get away!” The subject of the nightmares wasn’t hard to guess, and they’d mentioned, with a small smile, that they knew a guy, and that they could give his number. The girls both took it, of course, but waited before they called in. [It was a burden, wasn’t it? to tell someone about how they felt? For years, it was everything they were taught. “Stay quiet, stay still, stay smiling.”] [It was spite, mostly, that got them to make the phonecall. If he wanted them quiet, still, smiling, then that was the opposite of what they would do.]

    -Goodbye. It’s a strange time to say goodbye, certainly, but N has learned what he can from the Elite four, and figures that travel will help him with what they can’t. [They ask him, before he goes, what the league taught him. “How to take care of myself, how to protect myself, how to love myself, how to love others and-“ He paused, blinked, laughed. “Caitlin made me stop having nightmares by sitting in my dreams, so…”] It’s goodbye, but not forever.

    -Healing. They’re doing better, under the guidance of the therapist. They’ve told him about the coping mechanisms, and he explained that they were unhealthy. They told him about the jealousy, and he told them it was an emotion, and that while they have no control over what they feel, it was good, that they didn’t act on it. They told him, he helped, and they’re starting [slowly] to get into what caused it all. Ghetsis.

    -Terror. Team plasma is back, and it’s worse, and Ghetsis is back, and he’s worse, and all their nightmares are coming true. They have to have therapy sessions over the phone, because Anthena can’t bring herself to leave the house, and Concordia won’t leave her alone. It feels like the world is ending, like everything is breaking, and all they can feel is terror.

    -They hear that N is back, and for a while, that relief is enough to pull them out of the house and find him. He’s with Reshiram, of course, because N may not remember, but they remember those first few months, when he talked about an orb, his father, and the forest surrounding. It’s nice that they are together again [Even if they aren’t sure there’s any room in the picture for them, anymore].

    -It’s terrible, all of it. The DNA splicers, the empty god, the artificial one. It’s terrible, and horrible, and then it’s back to three years ago, when they were goddesses and wore garments that were uncomfortable, and they didn’t know what was happening other than that N was out there, and Ghetsis was out there, and there was a fight. The only difference, this time, is that they can go, they can see and save, and help and-

    -Anthea is scared. She’s dropped to the floor, she feels like she can’t breathe, and she’s crying. She can’t go. Ghetsis will be there, she knows, and she can’t be near him. Concordia smiles, and hugs her, and promises that every terrible violent fantasy they’ve had about maiming Ghetsis will come true. For her, alright?

    -Concordia is ready for a fight, when she gets to the Ghetsis. She’s ready to hurt him, with her bare hands or with the few pokemon that she’s become friends with. She doesn’t expect him to already be surrounded by blood, one less limb then he had last she saw her, and no one around him particularly caring. He barks at her, “Finally. Help me girl.” She walks over, morbidly curious, and squints at him. Then, she kicks him in his bleeding shoulder, and again, closer to his face. Tears are welling up in his eyes, and her brows raise. “Oh,” she says. “You’re really dying.” Then, as an afterthought: “Finally.”

    His eyes widen, and he wants to yell at her, she knows, but some amount of her fear has been overrun by him, dying, pathetic, and by the adrenaline rush that sent her down here in the first place. So she doesn’t waver, but kneels down, right beside her brother, and tells him. “I hate you a lot, by the way. The way you raised us. The way you threatened us. The way you forced us to do everything we shouldn’t have needed to do. I hope you’re in agony right now.” There’s more she wants to say, but it feels like theres fluff in her ears, and her heartbeat is too loud, so she turns around and leans on N’s shoulder, and lets him talk. And he does, all about things Concordia didn’t know about, and all about things she did. And she heard about how he healed, and got better, and loved, and she loved him all the more for it.

    And then it was warm.

    She didn’t understand it, for a moment, the way N’s shoulders dropped, and he sighed in something that was decidedly relief. Then he said “It’s over,” and Concordia recognized the warmth as the lack of cold that followed Ghetsis around like a haze, and felt herself breathe easier. “Yeah,” she said. “It’s over.”

    -Aftermath. It may have been over, but it didn’t stop the nightmares or the addiction, or the missing their brother. That continued on, and the healing continued on, and they loved, and hurt, and *figured it out*. They moved to Alola, when they got their bearings well enough, and became reasonable friends with who N called an uncle, and they called an absolute menace. They had laughter, and dinners, and drinks, and everything else, and they thought of times before, because life is made of everything before and becomes everything present, and they remembered, and they thought. Because that’s the thing, about the past.

    It is something you can only ever think on, once it’s over. There’s no changing it. Change is for the future, for the present, and for every moment you have.

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    Ever since I met her I haven’t drank myself to sleep, I’ve quit smoking, and all in all I’ve been better. I thought it would be hard to start over with someone new, but with her? It was easy.

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  • an-epilogue-of-youth
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    "why can't I be thin already?!" I sob, as I eat an entire stuffed crust pizza and drink 12 shots of vodka ... On top of 4 pints of Guinness and other stuff. 😭😭😭😭

    #tw food mention #tw alcohol mention
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    The Diner 'Round The Corner

    Chapter 3: Lets Groove

    Cw:food and alcohol mention.

    Summary:After her date with Lucas, Nova Though she'd spend her day off alone, Jason had other plans in mind.

    Taglist: @tex-treasures

    ->Only Mutuals okay to reblog.

    Early summer morning, the air was still somewhat cold, the sun has not warmed up the earth enough.

    Nova thrashes around looking for Lucas, but he was no-where to be seen.

    Slowly opening her eyes she blinks a few times before Yawning and passing her hands down her face, slowly sitting up and stretching.

    -- ¿Donde está..? --(where is he?) -- the woman asked, before her ears caught the sound of low music and the noise of cutlery being shuffled-- Is he...?

    She gets out of bed, the chilly Air hitting her back making her shiver, grabbing the first thing she found, which was her crushes leather jacket.

    Draping it over her she sensed the smell of cologne, Nova giggled, it was a nice detail.

    Making her way downstairs, the music became somewhat louder, it was jazz, She quickly figured.

    --Ah, morning sunshine, I uh- made myself comfortable in your kitchen, I hope you dont mind --Lucas said with a smile.

    --I dont mind at all, that smells amazing by the way-- The woman assured, hugging the Mans neck, who then wrapped his arms around her waist, softly kissing his crush? ...Partner? to then lean on the kitchen counter.

    She kissed back, hands caressing his cheeks with her thumbs.

    --'bout the what im cooking...its mostly for me, I know you like simpler breakfasts--Lucas commented.

    --Attention to detail, knows how to Cook, and is a gentleman, arent you the full package-- Nova teased moving one of her hands to his sides, ghosting her thumb along his ribs.

    Chuckling, he kisses her briefly,to then carefully push her aside and flip the pancake.

    Soon breakfast was ready, and they sat on the couch, a blanket draped over their legs.

    --I think I know that jacket--The Man teased.

    --Heh,bet you do, its comfy and it smells like you...--the woman answered nuzzling his chest.

    --You look adorable in it..--Lucas pressed a kiss to the top of her head and drank from his coffee.

    After finishing their food, both changed and after a goodbye kiss, they went on their separate days.

    Nova plopped on her bed, laying on her side scrolling through her phone, what a good day to have the day off.

    Shes about to go take a nap before a "ding" noise stops her from turning off her phone.

    She had gotten a message from Jason.

    The text read

    "Hey I remembered you had the day off, my family is hosting a family lunch and I thought it'd be nice if you could come with"

    She quickly replied with "Are you sure? I dont want to bother..."

    "Nonsense" Jason had replied after a minute " they'll love you I just know it, pick you up at 11?"

    "Sure...what should I wear?"

    "Something casual, dont sweat it, beautiful ;)"

    Nova giggled Rolling her eyes, her and Jason had a somewhat flirty friendshipp, but she couldnt deny that he was very handsome and fun to be around.

    After a good nap, she woke up at nine am, hopping in the shower and then quickly changing.

    --Casual....casual clothes...--Nova muttered-- thats not too specific is it..?

    By the time she decided, it was already ten Am, when it dawned on her. She should bring something.

    The woman quickly texted her friend "Jason! What should I bring?!"

    "You dont have to, but if you want you can bring some drinks, soda or alcohol your choice"

    Thankfully, Jake was kind enough to help her out and buy some drinks for her to bring, after dropping them off, Nova put them all in a Cooler. "Okay...crisis adverted" she thought to herself.

    Wearing a high waisted denim short and a gold off the shoulder ruffled croptop, with some white platform shoes, she waited on her porche's swing, rocking back and forth, happy she chose such a cool (both in how it looked and in temperature) outfit.

    She only had to wait ten minutes before the familiar black Buick Cadillac pulled infront of her house.

    --Mamacita!-- shouted Jason, extending the last letter.

    Nova laughed-- ¿Que onda papichulo?-- (whats up papichulo?) she shouted Back.

    She hated that word but it was a running gag between the both of them so she just went with it.

    The Cooler was heavy for sure, but she wasnt going to let him know that.

    --Need help with that?-- He asked.


    --You sure?-- sighing, the afrolatino Man got out of his car and pulled the Cooler out of her hands.

    --I had that...

    --Uh-huh, sure ya did-- he loaded it in the back and opened the door for her.


    --Dont mention it-- Jason fixed his glasses and got in the car, driving off to the house where the lunch was going to take place-- those clothes look great on you

    --Thank you, you look very handsome too--Nova added.

    He was wearing a white button up, his dogtags and brown shorts with black shoes and his Orange sunglasses.

    --Is your family okay with you bringing me over?-- the woman asked.

    --Yes, dont worry, 'sides the Morales family is always Open to adopting New people in

    She giggled-- I hope your family likes me...

    --They Will, im sure of it, ive told my mamá about you, How we met and things like that

    --Well, at least she knows something about me, thats good


    After a 25 minute drive they arrived at the Morales household. After unloading the Trunk, Jason carried the Cooler to the backyard-- Mamá! Ya estamos aquí!( mom we are here!)

    An older woman, maybe in her seventies or so, white hair with a yellow headscarf Turner back-- Cariño! Its good youre here, oh, is that your friend?

    --si! Y trajo bebidas (yes! And she brought drinks!)-- they Walked closer to the woman, leavinf the Cooler on the floor--Nova, this is my mother Lucila, Mamá this is my friend, Nova

    --Nice to meet you Nova, Jason has told me a lot about you, oh! Youre as beautiful and Jason made you seem!

    The Man blushed looking away-- mamá!...-- he protested.

    --Its very nice to meet you Lucila, I love the headscarf-- Nova said kissing the womans cheek.

    --Its nice to meet you too, oh and this is my husband, Erick

    Erick was as tall as his son, he had short curly black hair and brown eyes, he had a warm smile and greeted Nova with a kiss on the cheek-- Ah, its nice to meet the girl my son never shuts up about, you are lovely

    Jason deathglared his father with darkened cheeks.

    --I think we've embarassed our son enough-- Lucila teased with a playfull smile.

    --You are right,amor, you kids go sit on the table, Foods almost ready

    --Are you sure?-- I want to help-- Nova said.

    --Ah, Jason told me youd react like this-- Jasons mother said-- dont worry, dear, you guys go sit

    --Thank you-- The younger woman said-- okay, we'll go sit

    And so they did, Jason sat Infront of Nova, smiling-- They like you, and dont worry, my sister is helping in the kitchen,so my mother wont be alone

    --Thats good to know-- She answered.

    --Dont pay attention to whatever she says...she likes to tease me

    Before she can say anything the voice of a younger woman interrupted them, placing some cuttlery and plates--That I do! Hola,Im Clara!

    Nova looked behind her, finding, who she guessed was Jason's sister.

    Clara had brown skin, black curly hair that reached her shoulders, and brown eyes--Nice to meet you Nova! You know, Jasey here says youre a delight to be around! And he says he likes spending time with you...a lot

    Jasons younger sister sat besides her brother with a Sly grin.

    --Well, Jason here is very fun to be around too, you know, he makes me laugh a lot

    Jason smiled at the comment, silently yet carefully elbowing his sibling on the ribs, muttering loud enough so only she could hear-- Shut the fuck up,Clara

    --Oh come on old Man, light up, you got the girl of your dreams sitting here having lunch with you!--the younger woman whispered so only he could hear.

    He rolled his eyes,to then turn his sight on his parents who was bringing the food.

    After Lunch, the family took a moment to relax, with some old 80s music in the background.

    《Let this groove, get you to move,

    It's alright, alright

    Let this groove, set in your shoes,

    Stand up, alright

    Gonna tell you what you can do,

    With my love, alright

    Let you know girl you're looking good

    You're out of sight and alright》

    --Hey wanna dance?--Jason asked non-chalantly.

    -- heh, sure!-- Nova took her Friends hand, walking to the the centre of the yard and dancing a weird mix of merengue and 80s dances.

    《Tell the DJ to play your favorite tune

    Then you know it's okay

    What you found is happiness, now

    Let this groove, get you to move, alright

    Let this groove set in your shoes

    Stand up, alright

    You will find peace of mind on the floor

    Take a little time, come and see, you and me

    Make a little sign, I'll be there after a while

    If you want my love

    We can boogie on down, down, down, down

    Let's groove tonight

    Share the spice of life

    Baby slice it right

    We're gonna groove tonight》

    --Clara come help me and your dad pick up the table, lets leave these two alone..-- Lucila said.

    --Yeah, that sounds like a good idea-- Clara answered following her parents inside the house.

    Jason Spun Nova around, to then pull her closer to his chest with a big smile-- Enjoying yourself?

    --Very much so! --She answered returning his smile.

    --You know, under the sun you look even more beautiful-- the Man commented, pulling her closer-- well...you always look beautiful

    The womans cheeks heat up as she looks away-- you look very handsome too, I really like the button up shirt

    --Gracias...-- he thanked her-- yknow, when I tell you youre pretty i mean It, ive uh..has these feelings for you since we met, youre just so easy going, and fun, and caring...I, well, you bring calm to my crazy ass world

    --I have feelings for you too-- The woman said-- you make me laugh a lot, and you also make me feel safe, specially when you accompany me during night shift..-- Nova leaned in.

    --Is it okay if I kiss you?-- he asked.

    --Of course-- and with a smile on both of their faces, the Man kisses his companion pulling her closer to him in a tight loving hug.

    The rest of the day went on without much fuss, and just before he dropped her off, the woman stopped her friend-- Thank you for having me over, your family is just as wonderfull as you are, they made me feel included

    --im glad you had fun, babe-- Jason said, a soft warm smile on his lips-- and please dont use anything my mom or Clara has told you against me..specially infront of the rest of the guys

    Nova laughed, giving him a quick hug and a kiss--i cant promise anything~

    The Man chuckled and gave her hand one final reassuring squeeze-- See you tomorrow?

    --Yep, see you tomorrow-- the woman grabbed the now empty and lighter Cooler and got into her house, closing and locking the door behind her.

    The rest of the day she spent in her bed, looking at the pictures she took with Lucas and Jason.

    Wherever this was heading,it sure was nice,and Nova could only hope itd last forever.

    #cw food mention #tw food mention #cw alcohol mention #tw alcohol mention #half ocs|military goofballs (l//d//r)
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    I'm not drunk but I'm not sober enough to work out the calories in something I'm going to be eating, because whoever submitted the info on Carb Manager was WRONG.

    Setting a reminder for myself to do it tomorrow. And it'll be a shit show anyway LOL

    #tw alcohol mention
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  • wickedmilo
    23.05.2022 - 23 hours ago


    [User feels no satisfaction in being right.]
    [pm] Fucking wardens. Will ken their blood again [...] I'm sorry Milo.
    [User responds much later.]
    [pm] Wee Nyx's getting a bit snug. Spending more time inside or near. Just more. Still don’t see much on most You ken what [...] she likes?

    [pm] Sorry wont bring her back

    [pm] It feels like shit

    [pm] But at least she has you

    [pm] At least she’s settling in a bit

    [pm] Sorry for the drunk text, I didn’t realise I text you

    [pm] She likes movies

    [pm] And talking

    [pm] I know that’s vague but she’s really good company

    [pm] She cares about people, you know?

    [pm] She likes getting to know everyone

    #c:eilidh#pm:eilidh #alcohol mention tw
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  • hiveswap
    23.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Hyperfixation highs will hit different when i can finally drink. Catch me taking shots alone at home but instead of it being sad im having the greatest time of my life on tumblr dot com

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  • cupsmp
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Tommy really just started giving relationship advice and an ear to listen to this drunk guy named Blake and now has received the valuable advice (turn downed stream edition) of that he (psuedonym: tubbo ??????) needs to remember that when he wakes up in the morning i cant repeat this nevermind i am ending the stream.

    #tommyinnit#liveblogging #????? #tw alcohol mention
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