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  • weneedtotalkaboutfic
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    how would alicia react to bobby getting into fights during games when they're dating? how about when they're married? how does little jack react to his papa getting into fights on tv?

    argh, this is such a good question anon, and I've been struggling to answer. I think alicia would make a show of rolling her eyes at it, and fondly think it's both dumb and a tiny bit hot. listen, bob zimmermann is a bit of a caveman, as is any hockey player, and alicia appreciates his caveman qualities. she definitely doesn't get at first why there are fights in hockey, as most people who don't follow the sport do, but then bob tells her about the culture behind it and she kind of gets it, even though she still believes it's stupid. which I don't think changes when they get married (though she might roll her eyes harder as bob gets older and way past fighting age).

    jack is raised on hockey so he mostly wants his dad to win when he sees him fight on tv. I think it's definitely a factor that contributes to him seeing bob as some sort of superhero, before bob falls in his esteem during teenagehood.

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  • frogasslookingbitch
    30.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    okay wait this is so important do you pronounce alicia zimmermann a-lee-sha or a-lee-see-ya or another way?

    #i usually say a lee sha in my head i think it suits her the best #but i know they’re a couple different ways to pronounce it so i’m curious #alicia zimmermann
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  • bittysthesis
    22.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    jack can't read sheet music but he can teach himself to play piano by ear from scratch in half an hour and this is yet another reason why holster despises him

    #holster took piano lessons for 8 years and jack learned the 4 common chords in ten minutes #and went 'how do you play (insert song he heard on the radio)?' and holster says he doesn't have sheet music for it #and jack goes 'oh. well it went kinda like this' and then starts plunking keys trying to figure out the notes #and holster realizes that this man is playing by ear despite never having touched a piano before #and then jack adds in the left hand and it sounds very experimental but it works and holster is like COME ON #jack got artsy genes from alicia he just doesn't notice because they're outweighed by bob's sporty genes #omgcp#my post#jack zimmermann
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  • gothlesbianlardo
    02.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    alicia zimmermann when people talk about her roles in romcoms: oh well that’s nice 🙂

    alicia zimmermann when people talk about her being a horror icon: 🥺❤️

    #alicia zimmermann#check please#omgcp#omgcheckplease #nothing against her being known in romcoms but I think her first starring role was playing a final girl in a slasher film #it’s not super popular like most 70s/80s slashers but it became a cult classic and also has a large lgbt following #also alicia goes to horror cons whenever she has the time 🖤
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  • unconventional-turtle
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    oh hold on also lavender & Alicia?

    thank you for giving me even more reasons to draw her :)

    redraw of this extra!

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  • weneedtotalkaboutfic
    26.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    jack zimmermann isn’t on the internet because he’d lose his mind anytime he sees a testimony or text exchange showing a boyfriend/husband/partner being extra shitty

    #jack pointing at bitty: HOW can ANYONE believe THIS isn't the BEST THING that HAPPENED to YOU? #as much as jack isn't in a traditional relationship #he's totally got that traditional #gentlemany/intensely caring and adoring way bob has always been with alicia #jack's idea of masculinity is rooted in making sure your partner is taken care of! #jack: yes i must provide for my family #jack: provide the LOVE and RESPECT #😤 #not that women can't do that/or that bitty doesn't (he does) #but this way of being is very much something jack is taking from his dad #i feel like bob is the epitome of 'THAT'S MY WIFE #while alicia would be a lot more subtle but also dangerous #she'd whisper 'that's my husband and I know a few people if anything happens to him' #jack takes after bob on that #but he's also constantly amazed that his life is like that now #greatly due to bitty being in it #considering the awful places he's been before #anyway this is your usual jack zimmermann loves bitty post
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  • uncleshits
    23.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    long story short: fell down an internet rabbit hole and found my new young Bobby face canon

    #i could also see him 100% as jack if he had blue eyes #but smth about the vibes here...... immaculate #syd as the bobby and alicia expert I need yohr opinion plz #how did I do #now I need an alicia face canon #omgcheckplease#omgcp#bob zimmermann
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  • unconventional-turtle
    21.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    my pieces for chapter 2 of @ivecarvedawoodenheart​‘s incredible @omgcpbigbang2021​ fic limelight! i had so much fun making these pieces and can’t wait for everyone to read the fic :)

    read chapter 2 here!

    (IDs in alt text)

    #alicia zimmermann#omgcp#check please#omgcpbigbang2021 #supermodel celebrity alicia fenway now lives in my mind rent free
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  • gothlesbianlardo
    20.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    90s alicia zimmermann with mall bangs ❤️

    #alicia zimmermann#check please#omgcp#omgcheckplease #i just think she’d look cool with them
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  • weneedtotalkaboutfic
    11.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    ok but i give you a mon pays PREQUEL with bob and alicia!!! Bad Bob showing his soft side, alicia not having to be her media spotlight self. soft humans falling in love. and having some fun too maybe ;)

    aah anon I initially wasn't very up for this because I don't know much about bob and alicia yet but you've got me thinking (thank you) and now I can't stop but imagine alicia being slightly annoyed at bob because their first date was a disaster and bob can be this stupid, immature dumbass when he's around his team, and the following dates were better not that great either apart from the sex and now he's flying her in to the middle of nowhere and that's super intense as they barely know each other? while bob is combatting his nerves by being cocky because he knows this is his last chance to impress her and she's beautiful and amazing and being a macho asshole didn't work this time (?!). so they find themselves at the cabin and alicia makes sure to call a friend and bob probably snorts at that because it's not like he's not going to kill her or anything and things are strained until they go down to the lake and bob shows her how to skate and he plays around with a couple of kiddos and probably helps a neighbor with a running water problem so he apologizes to alicia because he hasn't been taking care of her much but she's secretly melting inside discovering his soft side and is the only one small enough to climb in the neighbor's cabinets to fix the issue. and slowly through the evening bob's jock image crumbles as do alicia's mental barriers. she watches from the window as bob braves the cold to make steaks on the grill outside because that's his signature dish he has to cook for their romantic dinner. she loves the coziness of the cabin and the fact that bob isn't trying to show off at all anymore, that he brought her here in the place he considers home, the place his father built with his own hands at a time when they didn't have much money. she discovers the soft, gentle, rough, kind, charming woodsman that he is, and he discovers her, the bright, witty, funny, honest woman she is when she lets herself be vulnerable with people. and when she laughs really hard it sounds a bit like a seal and it's delightful and bob adores it so much he makes it his mission from now on to make her laugh as much as possible. they'll argue about politics and it'll get heated but in a way they know they'll still be fine and alicia wins hands down every time. they'll end up making love in front of the fireplace on one of those gaudy 70s fake fur rugs and bundle up together and maybe smoke a little weed and laugh at each other and make love again and when bob will wake up in the morning he'll watch alicia snoring with hair in her mouth and know he's found his person.

    #bob: and this is why the cabin helps with the zimmermann charm :) #jack: ... I didn't need to know the details pa #alicia/bob #i need to think more about them #the zimmerparents#headcanon#mon pays#check please
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  • bittysovenbetsy
    05.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    i am LOVING all this zimmerparents content

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  • gothlesbianlardo
    04.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    this is just a personal headcanon but I think Alicia would’ve been a scream queen in the 80s. like her first horror film wasn’t as popular as halloween or friday the 13th but it became a major cult classic, and she continued doing horror along with some romcoms and dramas.

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  • checkdeezpucks
    04.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    I see all the bob and Alicia have a loving yet unusual marriage posts, and I offer Bob and Alicia had an incredibly Normal and Perfect marriage. It’s so so Normal and Perfect, haven’t you seen the magazines?

    They met due to the circles of fame intersecting. Bad Bob of hockey royalty, and Alicia of the newest Hollywood name having a Perfect Whirlwind romance, followed by the white wedding of the season. The tabloids loved how Normal and Perfect they were despite all the fame. Bob with his hockey greatness and Alicia with her award studded acting career. They looked so good together, and they had Jack because Perfect families have Perfect children. And weren’t they lucky to have a son? Their perfect boy, so eager to do the right thing and please his nanny, his parents, his coach? To make their perfect family proud? Alicia makes her movies and Bob makes his goals, and Jack is raised by a revolving door of Nannies who fade politely into the background when Bob and Alicia can spare the time for parenting.

    Jack gets older, a latchkey kid with a famous family and hockey to keep him occupied. And Jack is good at hockey, he loves hockey, he loves how hockey makes his family proud. And he gets older, and keeps getting better and better. And if sometimes Jack’s a little distant, perhaps a little anxious, the doctors have the meds for that. And Bob and Alicia don’t have to worry about it, because their family is Perfect and the tabloids love them, and their house is Perfect in the magazines, and Jack is succeeding. And if Bob and Alicia sometimes find themselves as strangers, passing one another in their perfect hallways, passing their son as he passes them by too, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that their marriage feels hollow because the magazines think they’re perfect and all their family and friends think they’re perfect too.

    And they are perfect. Until the draft happens, and the veneer that has kept their lives a bubble of denial is torn away with an overdose and a son who might not make it past the night. And Bob and Alicia realise that they haven’t been perfect, that their family isn’t perfect. But moreover, they realise that actually, they don’t need to be perfect. Their family only needs to be happy, and that starts with their marriage, and it starts with being there, properly, for their son.

    And it’s only by trying to pull each other close to heal all the wrongs do Alicia and Bob find that their marriage becomes unusual but loving. They accept that their son is unusual, but they love him. Jack isn’t the Perfect Son the way the tabloids have always talked about, but fuck the tabloids, because they love Jack for who he actually is. And moreover, that they also love each other for who they are.

    #me to me: I love Bob and Alicia head canons about their unusual but genuinely loving relationship #also me to me: but what if it wasn’t like that 😈? #I’m going to make a head cannon that makes their relationship require so much couples therapy #for this I deeply apologise but I’m still gonna stand by this tbh #jack zimmermann#omgcp#bad bob#alicia#Bob/Alicia #bad bob zimmermann #alicia zimmermann #omg check please #check please#omgcheckplease #tw: overdose mention
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  • weneedtotalkaboutfic
    04.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    jack’s having dinner with bob in providence after a long roadie and he’s showing him something on his phone until he gets in quick succession on top of the screen “can’t wait for you to be home honey!” “might be wearing those shorts you like 😊” “👅👅🍆🍆💦💦💕” and jack is mortified and it doesn’t help when bob tells him to “go have fun” as they get their stuff to leave because it also means bob knows emoji slang and it’s not a thought jack wants to develop.

    #jack: can we please pretend nothing happened #bob: absolutely not #bob is happy jack is in love #also i don't think he sexts alicia using emojis #but maybe they were watching a show one night and he wondered about these #and she just looked up over her glasses and went #'bobby for real?' #and then she educated him on every single one of them #zimbits#check please#lemon text#bob zimmermann
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  • omgdexnursey
    03.01.2022 - 4 monts ago
    “Well well well,” he says, and she can hear the smirk in his voice before she even turns around.
    His shoulder is pressed against the doorframe of her dressing room, hands tucked in his pockets as gives her a once over. “Little Alicia’s all grown up.”
    #syd all of your alicia/bobby posts have got me Thinking™️ #and i maybe have an idea for a childhood friends au(??) #omgcp#check please#alicia zimmermann#bob zimmermann#to write#bobby/alicia #childhood friends au
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  • tingo-tango
    31.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I know OMGCP is told from the perspective of hockey players and people embroiled in hockey and thats why it seems a lot more serious, but imagine how funny it would be if Hockey just got canonical a LOT more popular than IRL because Bad Bob Zimmermann and Alicia Zimmermann were *that* couple

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  • bebemoon
    27.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    A Y Z R U L E S acrostic paper dolls, @ayzrules .

    A nna sui rtw spring 2o2o

    Y /project rtw spring 2o18

    Z immermann rtw spring 2o21

    R e, farhad couture spring 2o2o

    U lyana sergeenko couture spring 2o16

    L ouis vuitton rtw spring 2o16

    E lie saab couture spring 2o19

    S chiaparelli couture autumn 2o18

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  • weneedtotalkaboutfic
    26.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I just know in my heart of hearts alicia played a final girl

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  • wrathofthestag
    25.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Chinese Food and Star Wars

    Summary: Jack recalls eating Chinese Food on the 25th with his family as a child. Written for the @12daysofficmas. Also on AO3 with additional notes and links.

    “We got one chicken chow mein.”

    “That's mine,” Alicia said.

    “Some egg rolls, no shrimp. A beef chop suey, sesame chicken, a chicken fried rice, two orders of spicy garlic green beans, egg foo young, and who ordered the vegetable fried rice with extra mushrooms.”

    Jack smiled.

    “I did, papa! Me!”

    Bob grinned and ruffled Jack's hair.

    “Here you go, Jacky.”

    While Bob and Alicia made their rounds to various Christmas parties each year (NHL commitments and fundraisers they couldn't get out of), their true "Christmas" celebration was ordering a ton of food from Mr. Wong's and watching Star Wars. With Hanukkah behind them, and the rest of the city practically closed, the Zimmermanns enjoyed their yearly Chinese food and Star Wars blow out every 25th of December.

    “And the lovely Ms. Alicia has the beef broccoli as well.”

    “Thank you, Bobby.”

    Jack loved this tradition. His friends from the team would be opening presents and going to church, while he would have this time with his parents.

    Maman was always so comfy and casual, her hair up in a messy ponytail, settling into the couch with her chopsticks and container of beef broccoli. Papa would set up the living room for their movie marathon and not talk about hockey or be stressed out. They would just be the Zimmermanns and nothing else.

    When they lived in Montreal, they would go out for Chinese food with Zayde Eli and Bubbe Esther on the 25th. Oysessen, Zayde would call it.

    “It's a day off,” Zayde would say. “Let's celebrate!”

    And they would. Jack remembered getting extra almond cookies and eating them while sitting in Bubbe's lap, everyone laughing and sharing stories.

    “Papa, doesn't this look like Bubbe's kreplach?” Jack asked as he held up a potsticker.

    Bob and Alicia laughed.

    “Don't let her hear you say that, Jacky,” Bob said.

    “All right, who's ready for some Star Wars?” Alicia said as she took the remote control.

    “Me!” Jack called out, jumping in his seat. “Me!”

    Jack smiled as the movie began, and he watched Papa feed Maman a piece of sesame chicken with his chopsticks.


    “How do you like that eggnog, Jack?"

    “Oh, euh, it's good.”

    Jack took another sip. It was far too sweet for his taste, but the look of pride on Aunt Judy's face told him it would be mean not to have some more. It was, after all, his first Christmas in Madison as Bitty's boyfriend, and he didn't want to mess anything up.

    Christmas songs streamed through the living room as Bittles and Phelps mingled and laughed during Coach and Suzanne's annual Christmas party.

    Even though everyone was kind and welcoming, and Jack grew up with a ton of Catholic friends, there was always something about Christmas that made him feel a bit like an outsider. He knew that at Bitty's, that was no one's intention (hell, Bitty and Suzanne had even made some rugelach for him). Still, he suddenly felt like the only Jewish person in all of Madison at that party.

    “Hey, sweetpea,” Bitty said, giving him a quick squeeze on his forearm. “I'm back. Kitchen crisis averted! Mama was totally exaggerating. The egg rolls are fine. Here, I brought you one.”

    Bitty handed Jack a small paper plate. It was decorated with Santa faces. On it sat one perfect egg roll.

    Jack was hit with a deep wave of nostalgia.

    “What's wrong?”

    Jack shook his head.

    “No, nothing. Thanks for the egg roll,” he said with a small smile.

    Bitty took the plate, put it down, took Jack by the hand, and led him to the empty laundry room, where it was quiet.


    Jack shrugged.

    “It's silly. I just suddenly remembered eating Chinese food with my parents every Christmas. I mean, obviously, we didn't celebrate Christmas, but we did do that. Papa would order a ton of food from Mr. Wong's, and we'd eat it in the living room⁠—straight out of the containers⁠—and watch Star Wars movies all day. It was our tradition.” Jack blushed. “I just sort of thought about it.”

    Bitty smiled.

    “Jack, I'm sorry. Here we are shoving all this Christmas stuff down your throat--”

    “Bits, no--”

    Bitty held up a hand, “Lemme finish, Mr. Zimmermann.”

    Jack smiled.


    “And we didn't even give it a second thought about how it would make you feel.”

    “It's fine. I'm used to it this time of year.”

    “Yeah, but you shouldn't have to be.”

    Jack kissed Bitty. The room smelled of fabric softener and pine.

    “This is part of who you are,” Jack said plainly.

    Bitty said, “Yeah, and being Jewish is part of who you are. And we're a team, so come on.”

    Bitty took Jack by the hand again and grabbed their jackets from the hooks in the living room.

    “Coach,” Bitty said as he tapped Coach's shoulder.

    Coach was chatting with Aunt Judy's husband, Uncle Pat.

    “What's up, Junior?”

    “Can we borrow the truck? We have to run to Toco Hill for a couple hours, and then we'll be back.”

    “Toco Hill?” Coach asked.

    Bitty nodded, and Jack wasn't quite sure what was going on.

    “Sure,” he said with a smile. “See you in a bit.”

    About 45 minutes later, they were in Atlanta, of all places. Jack noticed the neighborhood they were in had a lot of synagogues and what appeared to be kosher markets. They finally pulled in front of a restaurant called Chai Peking.

    “I could totally go for some sweet and sour chicken right now,” Bitty said.

    Jack looked at Bitty.

    “Bits, what did you do?” he said with a smile.

    “Come on, I want you to tell me some more about your mama eating straight outta a carton because that sounds like something!”

    “Oh, it was,” Jack began with a laugh. “And Papa and her would always fight over the last egg roll, too.”

    “Wanna call them?”

    “Yeah,” Jack smiled, “I do.”

    Jack opened the door to the restaurant, as Bitty placed his hand on the small of his back, suddenly feeling less alone.

    #zimbits #jewish jack zimmermann #eric bittle #bad bob zimmermann #alicia zimmermann#jack zimmermann#12daysofficmas #they totally start doing this with their kids #right? #bitty has his christmasing on the 24th #and then they all have chinese and movies on the 25th #and then there's boxing day which Jack is like Oh Canada #but he really can't partake until he retires
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  • ericbttle
    17.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    love the zimmerparents but I also think it took them a long time to figure out how to actually be good parents. They definitely thought they were good because they were giving Jack space but that’s not always what a kid needs and then it was too late. the amount of comments they must’ve gotten afterward, wondering what kind of parents can let such a serious thing get past them. it ABSOLUTELY fucked them up, because a part of them knows it’s partially true.

    And then years later, when she’s still dealing with residual guilt despite having improved their relationship exponentially, Alicia’s watching Suzanne carry around Jack and Bitty’s baby like it’s second nature and as soon as Alicia’s holding the baby they immediately start crying and she’s thinking about how she must’ve doomed Jack from the start because how could he think she’s a good mom when she can’t even support her grand baby’s head correctly

    #Alicia Zimmerman’s impostor syndrome in regards to motherhood is v interesting to me #alicia zimmermann#jack zimmermann#Suzanne bittle#zimbits #the contrast between Alicia and Suzanne as mothers is so fucking interesting!!! #Bc Suzanne is so natural at it (though honestly I see it more as an eldest daughter thing for her) #and Alicia who’s mom was strict and overbearing as hell and she thinks she’s doing the right but :(
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