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    *ominous breathing noises*

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    26.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Happy Obi-Wan Kenobi Eve—the day before the Obi-Wan Kenobi series premieres. To celebrate this new holiday you must do the following:

    1.) Drop your lightsaber at the most inconvenient moment. Wait for attractive individual named Cody to pick it up—in process manifest Commander Cody into show.

    2.) Speak only in sarcastic comments and harsh digs.

    3.) Stroke chin thoughtfully whether or not you currently sport a beard.

    4.) Dramatically strip off cloak or other accessories when threatened.

    5.) Ride any large mountable animal with the grace and beauty of a Disney Princess.

    6.) Optional—liberate close friend of limbs and leave them to burn in a fiery pit of lava. But they killed children so it is not that morally objectable.

    7.) Conclude festivities by playing spectator to past awe-inducing feats of one Obi-Wan Kenobi. This may bleed into movies or television series involving one Ewan McGregor which is also acceptable.

    Feel free to drop your own festivities! And again, Happy Obi-Wan Kenobi Eve!

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    26.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    Yoda: A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, never attackAnakin: Exactly. That's what lightsabers are for

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    26.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago
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    26.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    fanart. seriously. thank you to the legend who created the original photo. had to draw it.

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    26.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    whenever i pass the baby aisle in my local target store i can't stop myself from losing my shit about the size of baby socks, so i guess in a sense that makes this one vent art, technically

    click for higher quality!

    #star wars#darth vader#luke skywalker#anakin skywalker#dad vader#husbart #i drew his mask while totally wasted and it's still so successful as a vader mask
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    26.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    As funny as “My powers have doubled since the last time we met, Count.” is as a retcon because Anakin and Dooku fought like just last week instead of three years ago in Attack of the Clones, it’s even funnier if you consider it as actual context, that Anakin is saying his powers have doubled since that fight on Oba Diah last week.  Because lbr that’s exactly what Anakin Skywalker would say.

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  • anakinisvaderisanakin
    26.05.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    Ablaze; Obi-Wan Learns of Anakin’s Survival, written before the OWK show

    Whatever Obi-Wan had hoped for, it wasn’t this.

    He had been convinced when he turned his back on his past, tears blurring his vision as he left Anakin - his brother - behind by the molten lava lake of Mustafar, that that would be the end of it. He had known the twins once born must be hidden, concealed from the Empire and Palpatine. He had held them in his arms, as he watched Padmé’s life leave tear filled her eyes. As he watched her succumb to a broken heart, as her time ran out.

    Obi-Wan had hoped that in spite of everything Anakin had done, every deed committed out of some sort of misplaced idea of justice to save his wife, he’d have passed on to find peace. There was the guilt, crippling and heart wrenching as it weighed heavy on his shoulders, looming over him every waking moment. Like a phantom, he wandered lost with only one purpose. One foot on the ground, one already in the grave as he watched over Luke faithfully. It was his only mission, as heeded the Lars’ warnings of not coming too close. Of not getting to know Luke personally. He watched as the boy grew to resemble his father more with each day, bringing back still painful memories of Anakin as a padawan, of Anakin questioning him, initiating arguments yet always returning for comfort and solace.

    He had prayed that, much as it had destroyed him, Anakin was finally free from the demons that had plagued him so.

    Anakin; who had been lured and manipulated into becoming a disciple of the Dark Side. Anakin; who had always been good, and kind, and just. Anakin; who loved so deeply, so truly that he stifled the air in Obi-Wan’s lungs. His brother, his son, his best friend - all in one. Anakin; whose final resting place lay among ashes, fire and brimstone. Obi-Wan considered it his cross to bear, and perhaps one day, he might have the courage to tell Luke the truth. Once Luke was old enough to understand, and to feign for himself. With the truth, danger would be sure to follow. The eyes of Emperor Palpatine were everywhere.

    He had been wrong.

    The first time caught wind of rumours regarding some mysterious empirical Enforcer cloaked in black, purging the remaining Jedi from the Galaxy on behalf of the Emperor - he felt sick to the stomach. Nauseous and dazed, losing focus the world became a blur as he casually continued to eavesdrop. He'd caught whiff of the grim news by accident from some bounty hunters normally located off planet, on one of his rare trips to the Cantina of Mos Eisley. At first, he told himself he must have misheard them. But the more he listened, the more he heard, the further the claws of dread sank into him. Suffocating him.

    ‘A menace clad all in black, face concealed. A Force wielder,’ one of the bounty hunters had professed. The other denied the existence of such a thing, but did affirm she too had heard some tall tales from a couple of drunk Imperial cadets, matching the description.

    A regular smuggler was quick to chime in, in a foreboding low voice, that ‘speaking of the devil might as well conjure him forward’. Obi-Wan should have asked, then. But he couldn’t bear it. He’d prefer being unwise, uncertain as to the identity of this cloaked assassin. Deliberately ignorant by omission. Still, a voice at the back of his mind screamed at him to trust his gut feeling.

    So, for a few more months, he buried it. He ignored the inquisitive part of himself, the one wanting desperately to pry and find out more. The one wanting to either reaffirm, or deny, what he was already suspecting. Eventually it got the upper hand. Hood pulled over his head, one night he surrendered to the urge. Travelling by land speeder with the intentions of visiting that same Cantina, back to the same area.

    While it was not likely he’d be approaching the same crowd - bounty hunters never stayed long without Jabba the Hutt personally acquiescing - there might be other visitors willing to share their knowledge. Or perhaps suitable victim to coax information out of, via mind control. Against better judgment, Obi-Wan found himself considering kidnapping, or at the very least stunning an unsuspecting stormtrooper, simply to pull the soldier away from public eyes for interrogation.

    As luck would have it, he needn’t have worried. Ears perked, senses keenly attuned to his surroundings, he was quick to pick up on a rushed, impatient tone. There was a note of distress, of distinct dread radiating from the person speaking. Letting the Force guide him, Obi-Wan found himself drawing near to a small, scrappy docking area on the outskirts of the small city. Three ships anchored neatly aligned, all in beat up condition from bad to worse. The vessels would fly, but not much more. Pacing back and forth by the cargo holder of a battered YT-freighter, was a young twi’lek male. Lekku twitching, sharpened teeth bared. His company consisted only of a human woman, who looked about the same age but less antsy.

    “How can you be so sure he won’t find us?”

    “Because rumour has it this planet is off his radar,” said the woman, with clear disinterest. “We’ll have time to repair the ships. Turk'll gather up some credits, and then we'll go undercover. The Empi--”

    “We’re not talking about the Empire, Oma!” hissed the twi’lek, and Obi-Wan felt the tension of anticipation pouring into his bones, as he pressed his back closely to the wreckage of what was once another clay building.

    “It’s all the same, he is no different. He can’t be everywhere at once, surely he must have more important clientele to keep up with. We’re only possible associates at best, and even then he has no evidence.”

    “You don’t understand!” the twi’lek raised his voice, before catching himself. "He doesn't need a justifiable reason to give chase!"

    In an instant, the man's wide eyed stare darted madly around the location. Obi-Wan waited patiently, seeking aid from the Force to remain unseen and concealed. He had perfected the expert craft of hiding his Force signature, all to stay alert out of sight and mind from the Empire. For four years, it had worked to his favour. Still, he pulled his robes tight around himself, nodding in greeting as a random stranger - a Rodian - passed by in the opposite direction. Obi-Wan was considering wiping the encounter from her memory, but the woman disappeared into the night and it seemed an unnecessary endeavour.

    With a hushed tone, the twi’lek piped up again as he inched closer to Oma, his female companion.

    “He knows we aided that young Jedi. He knows we docked on I’qka, we’re in the Imperial records. The kid told us himself he was being hunted! Don’t you figure if there’s a kid on a planet that rarely ever receives visits from outside travelers, and this kid disappears with the one ship that has been knowingly recorded, that’s going to raise suspicion?”

    “Which is why we’re going to make repairs only on The Japor, and trade this ship in for something more inconspicuous,” said Oma, still as unbothered as before. “You think too much about it, if anyone’s gonna raise suspicion, it’s you with your fidgeting. Pretend you never met the kid, and it’s gonna work out a hell of a lot better for us.”

    “No one’s gonna want this junkyard of a ship,” the twi’lek huffed, glancing with a doubtful expression back at their vessel.

    “There’s a constant demand for functioning scrap parts here, we’re gonna make a fortune if we pick it apart. Might even trade some parts off to the Jawas. You get in their good graces, and they’ll find you whatever you need.”

    “Better be. I just don’t understand… aren’t you afraid of him?”

    “It doesn’t matter whether I’m afraid or not, what matters is that we keep running. It’s only a problem if he catches us, and as long as we’re one step ahead, he’s no threat.”

    Oma sounded calm and collected, but Obi-Wan could sense a fleeting tinge of dread through the living Force of her bloodstream. He could sense her palpitated heartbeats, sense her shortness of breath. He must condone their bravery however; hiding and assisting a Jedi fugitive under the Empire’s nose was high treason, punishable only by death penalty. Helping a Jedi was just as bad as being one, and the two must have been aware of that when they decided to act out of compassion. He couldn’t do much to aid their flight or ensure their safety, given the risk of blowing his own cover and subsequently Luke’s, but he was going to ask the Force be with and guide them. He hoped it’d be enough. Perhaps the Jedi was someone he knew, so he would wish him too a safe haven.

    “So, we just keep running forever and hope he never catches us?”

    The twi’lek sounded dejected, his lekku twitching in distress as he padded over to slump down to sit on the lowered landing pad. Obi-Wan felt his sadness as clearly as were it his own, even as Oma placed a hand on his shoulder to offer what appeared to be a supportive squeeze.

    “Isn’t that what we do best? Let’s just hope the kid will get by and find a safe place to stay. That would make it all worth it, don’t you think?”

    “Yeah, but if… if he comes after us, at least we’ll know he probably hasn’t found the kid. He’d need us alive, right?”

    “Right,” Oma nodded, although that possibility didn’t seem to particularly put her at ease.

    Obi Wan sighed softly.

    If the rumours of the Empire’s treatment of traitors was anything to go by, he’d presume a swift death was to prefer. More than one person had whispered of torture, and torment to force an approved testimony out of prisoners. It was frightening, how low the morals of those in power had stooped in such a short amount of time, since the fall of the Galactic Republic.

    He had fought bravely in The Clone Wars for freedom, for justice. Was this his reward? Was this what the Jedi and their troops had laid down their lives to preserve? Then, on the other hand, Anakin too had been adamant to protect freedom. Had been adamant to end slavery, never able to overcome his own traumatic childhood raised on this burning sand planet as a slave to Watto. Mournfully, Obi Wan regretted that he had never taken the time to speak about that experience in depth with Anakin. Regretted that he had not trusted Anakin’s visions of Shmi’s death. Perhaps, if his mother had lived, he would have resisted Palpatine’s lure.

    It all came back to Anakin.

    Every waking moment, Obi-Wan's mind would wander aimlessly until memories of familiar, mischievous blue eyes flashed before his inner vision. When he slept; nightmares of Mustafar, the stench of burning flesh and shrieks of anguish haunted him. Pleas for help, begging for him to come back. Begging him to stay. Every time, Obi-Wan tried to will himself to stay. Longing to turn back around, to hurry to Anakin’s side. To hold him in his arms, as they both perished in a burst of flames and embers. Instead, he had no control of his own limbs as he walked away. The sound of Anakin’s pained howls, and the gurgling noise that replaced them as the heat withered away his esophagus ringing in his ears.

    “Are you afraid?”

    Obi-Wan startled, at first convinced that the voice had spoken directly to him. He blinked his eyes, looking up only to realize it was Oma who had broken the silence. The twi’lek craned his neck to glance up at her, her dark eyes unreadable in the distant light spilling out of the freighter they called home. The twi’lek exhaled heavily; only to offer a sharp nod, eyes once more scanning their surroundings as if he’d been reminded of their vulnerable state.



    “If he was so intent on killing a kid, what’s to say he’d hesitate to kill us just out of spite? I...” he paused momentarily, tone almost inaudible as he spoke again and if Obi-Wan hadn’t been so attuned to their conversation, he would have missed it.” I know people opposed to the Empire. They’re… attempting to align. To form some sort of resistance. Either way, a childhood friend of mine, M’naaka, works in close contact with their organizations.”

    Oma only nodded to confirm she was listening, but he expression spoke of curiosity. It was clear she had never heard of this before.

    “So, M’naaka has never met him directly, but--” the young twi’lek’s head shot up abruptly, his entire body strung out like a prey animal sensing the close proximity of a predator.

    When nothing happened, no ambush forthcoming - Oma herself beginning to look increasingly uneasy - he settled back down into his tale.

    “But she’s heard from her companions. They say that if Vader’s got reason to keep you in his sight, you’ve already lost.”

    ‘Henceforth, you shall be down as Darth… Vader.’



    “Vader has bigger problems to cater to, if what you’re telling me about your friend’s contacts is true.”


    The name left Obi-Wan cold - the same sickness of that first mention of an assassin of the Empire cloaked in shadow had brought forth. The nausea returning, head spinning. He had pleaded with Master Yoda years ago, as they rid the ransacked and destroyed Jedi Temple of clone intruders, pressing that he must watch the holographic surveillance recordings. That he must see who had massacred their peers; the people he had grown up with, the only family he had ever known. The only life he knew, laid to waste. Children chopped to pieces, young men and women cut down in their prime. Whoever he had imagined to be the perpetrator, it was not Anakin.

    Even now, he couldn’t believe Anakin could be capable of such vile acts. Yet, the holograms didn’t lie.

    Now the sinking feeling Obi-Wan had experienced in that horrifying moment - as he'd watched Anakin kneel obediently before the now revealed true identity of Sith Lord, Darth Sidious - had returned tenfold. The sorrow.

    He'd watched Anakin take on the mantle of Darth Vader; apprentice and second in command only to Palpatine himself. He'd watched all his hopes for his former padawan as a young Jedi crumble to ashes, scattered to the wind. Molding to become one with the sand dunes of Tatooine nightfall as he was brought back to present day. The bitter cold of the air was matched only by the block of ice forming in his chest cavity. He shut his eyes, swallowing against the lump in his throat.

    The memory was still fresh, still vivid and tangible. Anakin, body set ablaze. Eyes a sickly yellow; bloodshot and animalistic as he poured the full intensity of his rage, his hate, his fear into the already heavy, charged air of Mustafar. His clothes, his hair, his skin aflame. Obi-Wan could not bear to watch the man he had loved as his own brother succumb. He abandoned him. Had left it up to the Force. He had assumed that the Force would take pity on Anakin - the man who was supposed to be The Chosen One - despite the monster he had become.

    There were so many question, nothing made sense anymore.


    How had Anakin lived? Why? What must he look like? What agony must he be in? How might anyone survive being set afire? Obi-Wan had assumed that Maul was alone in his conviction, his ability to feed off of the Dark Side to sustain himself despite his mortal wounds. Had Anakin relied on similar tactics? Where was he now? Was there anything left of the man Obi Wan had raised and mentored? Did he know where to find his former master? Was he coming for him?


    Of course.

    Who else would be so consumed by spite, as to hunt innocent Jedi children to purge? Who else could be so petty, so insidious, so self absorbed? Anakin had been good, at heart. He’d been flawed, he’d been human. He’d been lying, he’d bent the rules, he’d become too attached. But he’d been well meaning, he’d been gentle and loyal and caring.

    The shadow that had taken his place seemed to feed off of death, as if the blood on his hands made no difference to him. And why would it? Obi-Wan had seen the children lying lifeless on the cold stone floors of the Temple halls. In that moment, he had known there was no saving Anakin. He had refused to kill Anakin, had been adamant Master Yoda go in his stead. Anything at all, anything but that. In the end, he was left with no choice. Left with a naive belief, that maybe he could help Padmé bring Anakin back to sanity. Help him see reason. In the end, it was all for naught. In the end, Padmé faded away to become one with the Force. Leaving behind Anakin's estranged children; children he must never be made aware of.

    Anakin died that day.

    The Anakin Skywalker Obi-Wan had known burned to dust upon shores of ash. The man reemerging in his place was changed; twisted, evil and unrecognizable. The man who had taken his place was but a pawn of the Emperor, serving his master’s bidding at his beck and call as a slave. There could be no other explanation. The man in Anakin's place had nothing left to live for, no one left to save.

    Why hadn’t Anakin told him about Padmé? He must have known it was an open secret. He must have known Obi-Wan had already suspected it for several years. How could he hesitate? How could he stubbornly go on, wrestling in silence with his own fears and the expectations placed upon him by outside forces? How could he find Palpatine a better confidant?

    Padmé had died, and Anakin with her. And with Anakin’s death followed a part of Obi-Wan.

    As he swallowed down the stone cold terror of truth welling up in his chest, biting back an inexplicable urge to weep over the pitiful fate that had befallen his brother in arms - Obi-Wan somehow found enough strength for his legs to carry him back to his land speeder. Enough energy to take him home; home to safety and solace, where he may still serve his purpose of guiding and watching over Luke.

    A man like Vader would not hesitate to twist Anakin’s son into something as cruel, and vicious, and unyielding as himself. But despite the fact that Obi-Wan refused to acknowledge Vader as Anakin, refused to believe Anakin had ever possessed the ability to overstep the line so grievously - deep down, in his heart, he knew it was a poor man's comfort. But if he dared set it the truth free, dared allow himself to dwell upon it, he feared he too would lose his mind.

    Deep down, he knew that the love he had harbored for the boy had never been enough. It seemed, he had never really known Anakin at all.


    Figured I’d post this again as a precursor to tomorrow’s premiere...

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    There is a missing scene between The Mandalore Plot and Voyage of Temptation where Obi-wan goes to Satine and asks her to dial up the snark with him (half truths and hyperbole) so Anakin won’t find out just how far their relationship went. Because Anakin will never let him hear the end of it.

    Too bad Anakin saw right through that and it instantly became his favourite soap opera.

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    Gothakin Androgynywalker has arrived

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    15 HOURS!! I REPEAT, 15 HOURS!!

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    Disaster Trio Appreciation Week Day 5


    Spoiler: This is an excerpt from The Wrong Time-Travellers

    They’re quiet, and the sound of water draws her attention to the fountains. “Can we swim in the fountains?”

    “Ahsoka!” both of them yelp in perfect unison.

    “What?” she asks, innocently.

    “I don’t even need to tell you that that isn’t allowed,” Obi-Wan says, flatly.

    “No one would know except for you,” she replies with her best innocent smile. Unfortunately, the water is truthfully starting to look tempting now. Which is unfortunate, because there’s no way her and Anakin actually would be able to go for a swim in it right now.

    “We are in a room full of people,” Anakin reminds, and he sounds mildly amused again. She suspects he knows she’s doing this only to lighten the mood, but she doesn’t care. With the war, with everything, she’s used to everything feeling depressing, and Anakin taught her long ago the best way to fix that is by doing… exactly what she is now.

    Spewing out the stupidest thing that comes to her head. “We can explain we have permission from a Council member,” she grins.

    “I did not agree to this,” Obi-Wan grumbles. “There are places meant for that if you want.”

    She brightens, withholding a comment about how it’s more fun when you’re breaking the rules. “Want to go there, Skyguy?”

    “If you want, Snips,” Anakin replies, though he still doesn’t give any indication that he wants to move from his current position.

    “Okay,” she chirps, scooting a little closer until she’s partly leaning against Anakin again. Maybe they can go there next, once… a few too many Jedi give them strange looks for cuddling in public. Personally, she could care less what they think, though. It seems to help Anakin, and that’s all she cares about.

    #star wars #star wars fanfiction #fanfiction#disaster trio #disaster trio appreciation week #disaster trio apprecation week day 5 #day 5 #disaster trio apprecation week 2022 #anakin skywalker#ahsoka tano#obi-wan kenobi#anakin#obi-wan#ahsoka #anakin and ahsoka #anakin and obi-wan #obi-wan and ahsoka #day five#disastertrioappreciationweek2022#water #everyone needs a hug #fluff#hurt/comfort #anakin needs therapy #anakin needs a hug #obi-wan needs a hug #ahsoka needs a hug #protective ahsoka
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    Disaster Trio Appreciation Week Day 3

    Alt. Hopeful

    Spoiler: This is an excerpt from Judgement Day

    He hasn’t taken the time to sort through his tangled emotions over this, so all he does is keep moving from one moment to the next. It seems so surreal, completely impossible. Nothing should’ve been able to defeat the Jedi, but here they are. Obi-Wan can only thank the Force that Ahsoka had gotten through it all alive, and more than that, that she was able to track down Anakin. He’s still alive. Through everything, Obi-Wan hadn’t dared to take the time to worry about him. If anyone could survive this, Anakin could, and he couldn’t afford to be distracted.

    “Can’t guarantee he’s conscious,” Ahsoka tells him briskly – that’s how she’s been around him this entire time. Short, like she doesn’t know how to talk to him or doesn’t want to.

    It’s strange seeing the clones here moving around as though nothing has changed, when his just tried to kill him. He tries not to dwell on it, instead following Ahsoka into the medbay. Anakin is, in fact, conscious when they arrive. He’s still in bed and… doesn’t look so good, but he’s alive, and that’s what matters.


    He’s halfway pushing himself to his feet in a moment, and Obi-Wan moves forwards to steady him before he falls – he seems quite unsteady. Anakin leans forward, wrapping his arms tightly around him. It only lasts a moment, but it feels… nice. Sometimes, he forgets how easy it is to have a firm, constant reminder that his padawan is here. He’s not going anywhere. He never would.

    It's something Obi-Wan came to accept a long time ago, that he can never truly be… himself unless Anakin is with him. They can’t go anywhere without each other, because they are meant to be one. Perhaps they always were. That’s what Qui-Gon saw so long ago. Anakin is both his son and his brother, and something else entirely – something on which no name can be placed.

    “What happens now?” Anakin asks. He looks tired, worn, and Obi-Wan finds that he already misses the version of Anakin that’s constantly, ceaselessly cheerful even if it’s occasionally irritating. Seeing him lost in a shell of depression and so closed off is wrong, and it hurts him in a way nothing else could

    “Can you stand?” Obi-Wan asks him, hands still on his arms to steady him.

    “If I have to. Where are we going?”

    “We must destroy the Sith,” Obi-Wan replies firmly. “Sidious will not stop until he is dead.”

    Is he imagining it, or does Anakin seriously feel… relieved about something?

    “Master Yoda is searching for surviving Jedi,” Ahsoka adds, moving forwards. “This is our best chance. If we don’t act immediately, we will lose our chance.”

    “We’ll be accused of treason.”

    “We already have been,” she argues.

    Anakin nods, gathering himself. Obi-Wan doesn’t let go – doesn’t think he can. This may be the last moment the three of them spend together, and he suddenly gets a strange sense of finality. It doesn’t matter. This is the one chance they have at destroying the Sith before the situation deteriorates farther, and he is firmly certain they can do it. They are together, after all.

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