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  • pigspeetsandhooflikefeets
    18.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    as a previous percussionist, destroy the idea that every percussion instrument (outside of piano some reason) is so easy to pick up that you could master it in a day

    “oh the triangle is so simple” die. you probably couldn’t play it half as well as me. “the cymbals are no effort” ok tell me what angle you hit it at. you won’t.

    #this entire post is a pot shot at an anime girl I don't like but the emotion is real #''even someone like me can play the triangle'' boo we hate your lack of dedication get off the stage #personal pig
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  • a-serendipitous-silence
    18.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Just finished episode 9 of Twin Angel Break. Just when I thought I was watching a dime-a-dozen magical girl anime two characters who just learned about friendship get exploded. I actually have a lot to say about this anime so far, but I'll keep it to myself. It's definitely escalating quite rapidly tho, and the bad girl is turning out to be a lot more maniacal than I first thought she was. So despite only being up to episode 10 I'd say you should watch this if you want an unexpectedly good magical girl anime that's darker than you thought and full of uncomfortable moments.

    #twin angel break #episode 9 #anime and marijuana
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  • dirtroyalty
    18.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    I hate planks (Press unmute) (Click to play) https://ift.tt/EvCR4rN

    #Funny Pictures#Quotes#Pics#Photos #Images. Videos of Really Very Cute animals.
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  • thatdemiboymess
    18.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    Take this doodle I did of Arthur in clubbing clothes because being gay via characters I like is a full-time job, lolol.

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  • rinzanu
    18.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago
    CHAOS chapter five
    click here for the other chapters
    summary for chapter five : another bonten member joins y/n and sanzu’s erotic leisure.

    chaos, a bonten various x fem!reader fanfiction

    But suddenly, the loud sounds of banging on sanzus door made y/n completely halt her movements, her eyes widened in fear and her blood ran cold.

    Sanzu too was shocked, not necessarily discouraged though. He wouldn't dare let such an occasion go, not ever. Not after the confidential gods gave him such a worthy chance.. They both froze, both stuck on what they should do..

    Although, If anything, the simple thought of being caught only made his cock twitch in her palm. His tip was oozing with pre-cum.. Sanzu had his grave dug already, especially with how he bucked his hips up into her palm.

    He was so sinful.

    He didn't let y/n out of his sight, gazing at her from above as she gaped up at him from below. Sanzu could only think of how she fit perfectly in between his legs, almost as if she was made for the position...

    Y/n was basically asking him what she should do, but just with her eyes. Should she continue? invite this mystery member in? Such a lost girl.

    Her unstable palm never let go of sanzus cock, she didn't have the courage to do so. Not yet at least. Sanzu grins lightly as he felt her barely squeeze him.

    She wants this just as bad as him..

    "Sanzu–!" The loud shouts of...


    The older charismatic voice of haitani ran was echoing inside harus room. The banging never seemed to slow too.

    "Don't come in, r-ran. I'm changing!.." sanzu yells back, y/n's gaze didn't help the pink-haired gang member whatsoever. It was lecherous, too lecherous. So much so, his sentence cracked mid shout.

    Y/n heard ran groan on the other side, and before she knew it, she started to slowly pump haru. His eyes go wide and his lips parted, only barely.

    He was choking on nothing but air, all because he was fighting every cell in his body to not moan out, moan out loud.

    His dick was throbbing against her neat palm, twitching even. It was disgusting how much sanzu was enjoying this.

    "Look, me n' rin have shit to do, we need your help haruchiyo..!" ran shouted once more. Y/n smiled lightly before she started to fasten her pace, at an unbelievable rate too.

    "S-slow down– I'm gonna moan– I can't hold it in if you do that!" sanzu started whisper shouting at the girl, it really only made her smile innocently though.

    Fist fucking sanzu, especially with their co-worker steps away from finding out, it lit a small fire in the woman's stomach.

    A devious fire.

    Sanzus lustful expression didn't help either, his eyes were rolled back right along with a shit-eating grin. He was enjoying this too much, even despite his pleas for her to slow down.

    Y/n moved her thumb up to trace the head of his dick, glazing over his slit which only caused small tears to well in the man's eyes.

    "C-cant!" sanzu choked out as response, at this point ran was more than confused. All he was hearing were moans from sanzu, not proper responses.

    Rans revolution appeared to thrive, "Are you okay..?" he hesitantly asked.

    little did ran know that sanzu was shaking in his seat, his eyes rolled all the way to the back of his head, and hell-- even some drool escaped the edges of his lips.

    Y/n found it all too amusing too, just how fucked out sanzu was that is. How easily he plummets at the tips of her fingers, a bliss in which only she seemed to give sanzu.

    "I-im fine–– ah–! D-don't come in!" sanzu wholeheartedly moaned out. Now ran was sure to know what was going on.. Or the very least, he assumed parts.

    Sanzu was hurt! Hence why he's moaning and groaning..

    "Look at you.. So pathetic for me?" y/n whispered out as she leaned in close to his dick, just barely lolling her tongue out to lap away at his tip.

    Sanzus hand shot over to grip on her hair, pulling it relentlessly. Y/n didn't stop though, her harsh movements from her palm never slowed.

    "Haru.. Are you okay?" ran worried from the other side. Y/n's smile widened, she decided then and there to make this more interesting.

    The small sounds of the door nob turning caught both sanzu's and y/n's attention. The two lovers were surely dumbfounded, even so.. Y/n still continued to pump sanzu.

    Even faster at that.

    Sanzu was a mess, he knew ran was slowly, but surely, pushing the door open, moments away from catching the lewd sight..

    And as if sanzu wasn't weird enough, he loved every moment of it. The adrenaline of risking getting caught, and surely now, definitely getting caught.

    So when the door finally opened revealing a stunned ran, the room went silent. Y/n gazed behind her shoulder, her hand still clasping onto sanzus member.

    Ran only stood there with tainted cheeks, this was surely the last thing he was expecting to see.

    And similar to sanzu, it thrilled him. So much so, his pants grew tight. Y/n eyed that little change, a sweet smile coming across her face.

    As if she wasn't teasing enough, she resumed her pumping, her hands clamping back down on sanzus cock and harshly thrusting it into her small palm.

    Sanzus mouth widened, his eyes too. The silence is cut off by a sudden high-pitched moan from sanzu, ran was still stuck on what he should do..

    Leave or..

    "How are you, ran?" such an innocent tone asked, coming from the one and only f/n l/n.

    She said it as if she wasn't jerking sanzu off in front of him, her body stripped of any and all clothes.. And you certainly can't leave out how she was rutting her thighs together, just for any sort of friction.

    He gulped, his mind started racing. Sanzus low whimpers were all that could be heard, his jaw tensed before he did what not anyone in the room expected.

    "Fuck.." ran groaned out. His eyes squinting.

    It was only when he slowly shut the door behind him that y/n's smile widened.

    And her ego too.

    a/n ; To be continued

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  • hisclockworkservants
    18.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Is it bad that I experience cuteness aggression whenever I see your buns?? Like. I have to physically grab something like a plush and squeeze it to get it out of my system lmao

    Love your work!! :D

    I recommend these gifs I made:

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  • dezaki
    18.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    Why are you watching vampire night?

    for fun + never seen it

    #also feels like an essential watch for popular 00s anime
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  • renaissance-waffles
    18.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Ok but have you seen a blow-dried cow?

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  • gottesfreude
    18.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Edward Elric, el alquimista de acero.

    #full metal alchemist #fullmetal alchimist brotherhood #Edward Elric#Anime#Manga#Draw#Drawing#dibujo
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  • concretefantasy
    18.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    For Penny: “Trope”

    No Ending

    Penny and the Renegades ended on a cliffhanger due to being canned just after the final episode was written and storyboarded. This has bothered Penny for decades.

    #Anarchy Animated (Penny)
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  • mediamonstersvideo
    18.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

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    #animation #VFX company miami #Motion graphics miami
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  • rinzanu
    18.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago
    CHAOS chapter six
    click here for the other chapters
    summary for chapter six : just as planned, y/n gets her bonten tattoo.. although in a rather slutty way.. directed by both ran and sanzu.

    chaos, a bonten various x fem!reader fanfiction

    It was more than agonizing, to everyone in the tense room. The anxiety in the air was lewd, disgustingly lewd. Especially when ran started to slowly remove his suit jacket, even undoing his tie in the process.

    He looked defeated, defeated but pleased. Ran wouldn't miss out on a chance to fuck y/n -- even if it was with his drug addict co-worker, sanzu.

    Sanzus's deep laugh caught the attention of both ran and y/n, his lip was trembling and his hair stuck to his forehead from sweat, he looked too pretty all fucked out like this.

    "Ran -- get the tattoo gun that's in my desk cabinet.." sanzu smiled. Y/n humbly sat below him as she continued to please him, pumping his cock into her small palms as the background noise of ran doing as told entered her ears.

    it was then and there that her cunt started to grow more eager, as if the panties that covered her were nothing but an obstacle. Even so..

    It was all so exotic, erotic too -- her face was hot, and her blood was oozing with adrenaline. Giving sanzu the 'fuck me' eyes as she patiently waited for what was to come certainly made him shiver.

    Ran once again started to approach the two, although he had a smile laced onto his own lips. And even in hand -- just as instructed -- a tattoo gun. Sanzu moved his hand down to easily grab her cheek, he then forcefully moved her Face to properly gaze up at him.

    "Ass in the air." he breathed out. She gulped, his tone was far from nice..

    Nonetheless, she did as told. Letting his cock fall from her hands as she climbed onto the bed and got on all fours. Sanzu too got off the bed, palming his member and even stroking it lightly as he moved to stand next to ran.

    The sight was beautiful -- to them the very least. The jaw-dropping picture of her cunt just being barely covered by her panties is what they both saw. A small little wet spot could be seen due to her own arousal. Sanzu bit his lip mid smirk, while ran began to put on a pair of gloves.

    "Gonna give a pretty girl a pretty tramp stamp.." ran laughed, god -- it made her shiver. A wetted whimper left her lips as she pushed her face in the covers, purposely arching her back more in the process.

    Ran moved to prepare some ink, easily putting it up before gently dipping the tip of the gun in it. His smile widened as he turned the gun on.

    And what made that same smile even bigger, is when he started to unbuckle his pants, soon after taking out his own aching cock.

    Ran made his direction back over to the woman, the bed was leveled so his size could perfectly align with her entrance, even despite that fact, he waited before he was going to begin anything.

    Y/n's thighs were shaking, she was getting too impatient. Particularly with how all she could hear was the tattoo gun rattling in the background. Her thighs rubbed together and her whimpering only increased.

    "You want this slut stamp? Hm?" ran urged as he pressed the tip of his dick against her clothed cunt. Just messily rubbing his head around her slit. A loud moan left her lips as she arched her back.

    She did, more than anything -- but It was only when the roughness of a pair of hands lifting her hair up made her lips tremble, she had no chance to reply to ran..

    It was sanzu.

    And if it were even possible, he looked like he was enjoying this more than anyone. He was on his knees right beside the girl, his dick in one hand while his other hand held up y/n's head.

    "Answer.. Don't be shy baby.." he smiled, sanzu moved his cock to gently press at the beginnings of her mouth, rubbing all his pre cum over her lips. It made his eyes shine, she looked too pretty like this.

    "Y-yes.." she whispered out, parting her lips lightly. The woman's hot breath fanning on his cock made him shiver.

    He gulped before he pushed only the tip of his dick inside her lips, all in the while she parted them easily, allowing him to do so.

    "Louder." sanzu spat. A small whimper left her lips and vibrated into his member, once more, he merely shuddered.

    "Y-yes! I want t-the slut stamp!" she moaned out feeling ran move her panties to the side. His fingers soon after glazing all about her slit, just merely teasing her. And all in the process, sanzu slowly was mouth fucking her, every thrust he pushed a little more of himself into her mouth.

    "Thats my girl.." ran laughed as he replaced his fingers with his cock, nudging only his tip inside her entrance. This caused a loud moan to ease her lips, it also caused a reaction out of sanzu.. His grip around her hair tightened.

    Y/n expected a lot of things in this moment, for sanzu to start mouth fucking her -- or for ran to push himself fully in her cunt...

    But she certainly didn't expect for the tattoo gun to connect with her lower back, the small needle vacating and entering her skin. over and over at that. It made her wail, her back arched in pain, although that pain was replaced with pleasure..

    Because at the same time, ran started to slowly thrust inside her, it was slow, too slow. He was big as-well so even with the smallest pushes, he just barely grazed her cervix.

    Ran was basically panting, sanzu too. "Taking it so well?" the haitani laughed from behind her as he suddenly snapped his hips forward, harshly at that.

    "Good fucking girl.." he groaned out. That sudden jolt made her push forward, sanzu's cock too got nudged deeper inside her mouth. The pink-haired man moaned at the feeling.

    He gazed over to glance at the tattoo in the making, his eyes brightened in excitement. Y/n pulled her mouth off of sanzu to breath, her mouth dripping with lewd moans every chance she got.

    "Ran -- fuck yes, fuck.. Please.." a higher-pitched wail escaped her lips as she pushed her own hips into his, desperation running through her body.

    Ran pushed his hand up to shove her head into the mattress hardly, her whimpers and wails never stopped, only her desperate movements.

    "Stop being a prissy little bitch and be still.. the tattoo is almost done.." he groaned, sanzu let his gaze wander down to how ran slowly fucked her. All in the while, his attention was stuck on the tattoo. It was too hot -- so hot to the point where sanzu resumed his own fist pumping.

    It was all incoherent sentences from her at this point, the woman wanted nothing more for his pace to fasten.. It was hard though, especially with the position she was in. All she could do was whine as she wiggled her hips.

    Ran bit back a moan as her own filled his ears, "Yknow what this makes you?" he chuckled. Y/n was too fucked out to answer, all she could do was respond with an outcry.

    Ran pulled the gun away to gaze at the creation, a beautifully inked bonten mark. He halted his slow thrusts in the process. Ran smirked proudly to himself as he turned and sat the tattoo gun beside him on the bed.

    Both hands found their way onto her waist, his grip was gentle at first but quickly turned brutal. he leaned down and let out a shaky breath.

    "This slutty stamp here.. It makes you bonten's bitch." and with those last words, he inhaled and vastly slammed his hips into her own. There started his mean fucking, his cock dragged inside her too perfectly, his tip even kissing her cervix with every mean thump.

    Y/n's breath hitched and before she knew it, she was sputtering out lewd things, over and over, the woman couldn't control anymore.

    "Yes! Yes! I'm b-bontens whore--!" the pretty words made sanzu smile as he too fastened his fist fucking, ran moved down to harshly grab a handful of her hair, forcefully lifting her head as he continued to slam into her.

    Her mouth was leaking with drool, her lips had a huge smile across her face from pleasure. Ran turned her head to the side so sanzu could put his cock inside her mouth again, and he did just that.

    Sanzu now took ahold of her hair and he began to thrust his member inside her mouth, much like ran, his movements were far from nice. She was gagging around his dick, letting spit fall from the edges of her mouth.

    And don't even mention how she moaned around his cock -- it only sent vibrations to sanzu. He threw his head back with a groan.

    "Look at her -! Wasn't it the other day how she was passing me down?" ran cooed with a mean smile.

    "Oh but now -- she's creaming all over my dick like some starved whore.." he rasped out with a laugh as he fucked her harder -- and impossibly faster.

    "Our starved whore.." sanzu added on. Ran turned to him and smiled.

    "Bontens starved whore.." he corrected once more. Sanzu smiled as he pushed her mouth farther onto his cock, her gagged out face only made him more eager to finish.

    "Thats right.. You hear y/n?" Sanzu mocked as he continued to fuck her insolence. Unable to reply, all he got was a moan in return.

    "Oh I'm sure she does.." ran laughed, his thrusts started to slow and his chest became heavy. Both the haitani and sanzu were close to cumming.

    "Thats why her needy cunt is spasming around my cock.." ran grunted, sanzu harshly yanked her hair as he pulled out of her mouth, moving his free hand to stroke himself. He still held her face up, his fingers tangled in her messy hair.

    Her eyes were low and her tongue was lolled out, y/n's mouth was covered with spit. Sanzu sneered as he began to pace his pumps faster than ever.

    "Is that so?" he asked the woman. She gaped up at him, her body shifting alongside rans thrusts so she moved forward with every passing moment. Nodding humbly was all she could muster.

    "Gonna let me cum on that pretty face of yours?" sanzu asked once more. Although it seemed that ran began to fasten his own stride in the process, leaving her speechless.

    Her eyes widened as she profusely nodded, awaiting for sanzus cum any moment now.

    Her nails dug into the sheet as her back arched, ran too moaned loudly, he was close as well.

    "F-fuck gonna cum–!" and so ran was the first to shoot his thick seed inside of her, it made the woman jolt with a moan, her own orgasm reaching.. In reality, it was her third though...

    And the mere sight of ran doing just that caused for sanzus stomach to twist, his eyes rolled as he fucked out his cum all over her face. Spilling his seed on her already filthy lips.

    Ran slowed his movements and so did sanzu, the room went quiet with the only acceptable noise being y/n's low whimpers. Sanzu was the first to speak up, and even then with a soft tone.

    "She did good.. Hm?" he smiled before moving to wipe away the mixture of semen and spit off her lips with his thumb.

    Ran laughed in agreement. "Fuckin' amazing.." he said once more.

    The room went mute again, y/n's thighs shook in exhaustion as she waited for what they were to say next.

    "Well.." sanzu murmured as he began to get off the bed, soon after moving to grab a towel.

    "I'll go run a bath for her."

    a/n : To be continued,

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    18.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Cagnolini nei dipinti al museo Capodimonte, a Napoli 🐕

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    18.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Gore anime

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    18.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago
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    18.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago
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  • radley-writes
    18.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    Maybe if u let 5 tiny chicks snuggle in the palm of your hand, u would calm down

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    18.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    they went to mcdonalds to celebrate defeating an angel or something idk

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  • meringuejellyfish
    18.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    i need to finish the last unicorn NOW. but i just really like this book

    #i need to read the animal morphs and the black jacks. or else i'll die
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