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    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    I think Pieck and Zeke were around the same height when they first met. Zeke would have been around 12 and Pieck maybe 7 or 8, obviously he was taller than her then but by the time he was 15 he hadn't grown much and Pieck hit a growth spurt at 11 so for some time he wasn't that much taller than her. Eventually somewhere between 15 and 16 he hit a giant growth spurt and she just stayed the same height and hasn't grown much since. He went from 5'2 to 5'7 from 15 to 16 while Pieck didn't grow more than an inch after 12.

    Reiner was always the shortest in the warrior group. They were only 12 when they left but up until that point he was the shortest of them most of the time. Zeke had already grown to almost 6' and Bert was always tall. Galliard and Pieck were only slightly taller than him and Annie and him were the same height most of the time. Sometimes he was taller sometimes she was, depending on who hit a growth spurt at the moment. It didn't exactly make his confidence problem better and always made him feel like he was inferior. He grew alot, especially in his first two years on paradis. By the time he was 15 and joined the brass as a recruit he was one of the tallest there. The fact that he grew so tall and Annie stayed the same height made him especially happy.

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    When Champagne Is Served.

    AO3 ~~

    Pairings: Armin x Annie

    Words count: 2031

    * Alternative Universe, Victorian AU, Ball


    His feet glide through the hall, meandering between fancy dresses and tuxedos, a shiny tray in his hand.

    The servant of the Leonhart’s mansion, at yet another annual ball.

    But then the grandiose gates are opened.

    She steps in, shoulders back, chin high.

    He looks away, a smile pulling at his lips. 

     Dresses swaying to the waltz, heels tapping fancily with every step on the reflection-polished floor. Lips glamoured in shades of pink and red. Silk ties, dotted and striped.

    The massive, crystal chandelier hung above their head, reflecting light from thousands of candles and lanterns, sending them into tiny, endless sparks.

    Delicate fingers tap thin, tall glasses against each other, sending champagne scent throughout the white-and-gold hall. Hanged golden-framed paintings watch in an unbreakable silence, overlooking the abundant food and refreshments that are lined up neatly on white-clothed tables alongside the walls. Appetizers made with a whimsical delicacy; dressed, sprinkled, wrapped, and dipped in gold. It felt like a crime to eat it or even touch it.

    Mouths munch on this food, not giving it a second look, swirling their tongues in complete boredom, before spitting criticism of the food for being less glamorous than the last ball.

    Ladies and lords’ eyes scrutinize each other up and down, gold drips from their silver tongues. Their affluent tuxedos and dresses glide through the hall, looking for another victim to wrap their snake-tails around. Even though most of the attendees have fallen into enough traps to sniff one from miles away.

    That’s what these balls taught them, the hard way.

    But who is he to say? A servant in a mansion for the richest family in town, a mere servant whose job is to forget everything he hears, and turn a blind eye on everything he sees.

    But the extraordinaries he has to deal with every night only suffocates him more and more, the bow tie around his neck ensnaring its clutches tighter around his neck, its claws digging in his flesh. The stupid hair style he has to tolerate, getting hair into his eyes with every step and bow.

    But he should garner all the patience he has, it's all for the better good.

    With his feet sliding through the hall, he moves smoothly, serving drinks, appetizers, smiling in the face of an insult, and escorting a young man whose alcohol intolerance is smaller than a teaspoon.

    However, when half of the party has passed, and when the doors unexpectedly swing open, the crowd holds its breath.

    A stunning lady, in waves of blue, ruffled in snow-white edges draped around her waist like the ocean waves' tickling the beach. Graced sleeves delicately sliding off her shoulders, showing her pale, glossy skin. Her hair up, like a mob of sunshine setting on her head, her lips pink rose, though it seemed that she didn't have any other makeup on. 

    Her looks whisper of delicacy, elegance, and high class.

    But her stoic eyes and rigid posture say otherwise.

    People in the hall don't give the emotions on her face any care, their eyes tracing her elegant figure, her dress, her hair.

    But never her face.

    However, when he glances at her, all he sees is her bright, blue eyes.

    By her side stand two young men that he memorized. One with a pale blond hair, puffed arms under the silky suit. The other’s shoulders hunched, and sweat gleaming his forehead.

    Slowly, elegantly, she makes her way down the steps, to the middle of the hall, each eye following every single movement of hers.

    Floating on a cloud, high, with her chin up; she doesn't look anyone in the eye.

    Once she dives deep into the crowd, people slowly fly normally back to their dancing, flashing smiles extra wide in the lady's direction.

    She's the daughter of the owner of this mansion, the only heiress!

    He hears them say.

    She's the author of that bestselling book,

    He hears them say.

    He turns around, running from one table to the other, handing out thin, long glasses with fizzy drinks in them. He has always thought the yellowness of it disgusting, but the fancy people tend to deny the yellow, calling it a soft gold.

    Then the two men from earlier gesture for him.

    With three strides, he settles in front of them, asking for their orders with a bow of his head, while trying to ignore the hair getting in his eyes.

    "Take the lady's order," the blond bulky man says, nudging his head towards the aforementioned lady.

    He takes a step closer, bows his head, and looks up.

    Their eyes connect.

    She blinks.

    "Champagne," she says, her voice flat; an order.

    He bows his head once again, turns around, smiles. He vanishes in the crowd again, and less than a minute after, he emerges with a held-high shiny tray, one glass sitting proudly on top of it.

    He maneuvers his way to her, bowing down until the tray is within arm’s reach. She takes the glass, taken aback by a crimson liquid, instead of a transparent fizzy one.

    She raises her glass, her eyebrow questionably rising as well, grabbing the attention of the two men accompanying her. 

    “Your wine, ma’am,” he answers her unspoken question.

    “She asked for champagne,” the bulky blond says, shooting the servant a deadly glare, as if this is a noose-around-a-neck kind of crime.

    The darker-haired man steps in: “Reiner,” he calls the blond, resting a hand on his shoulder.

    “Bert, he had one job,” the blonde — Reiner addresses the other man, talking about the servant as if he wasn’t standing right in front of him.

    The darker-haired man, Bert, stutters nervously, “Y-yes, but he can go and-”

    “Cut it,” the lady says curtly, eyes of the small circle of men turning towards her, “I’ll just have this wine,” then she turns around, ignoring the servant’s existence.

    Reiner sighs in frustration, shooting the servant a disapproving glare.

    He bows, retreating his steps, walking straight into the kitchen.

    He deposits the tray on one of the counters. On the tray, a crumbled tiny piece of brown paper.

    He unwrinkles it, deciphering the messy font.

    two waltzes

    He smiles, tucking the piece of paper in his chest pocket.

    He returns to service, avoiding her as much as he can.

    One waltz goes by, the dance floor is emptied as she holds the place for herself and that blond man, swaying with him to the music. Shoulders back, chin high.

    He watches her, with the corner of his eyes.

    All eyes on her.


    He thinks


    Is what he knows.

    The second waltz starts, dancing partners flood the dance floor, and she’s switching partners, not lasting with any of them for more than a minute, before the melody changes, and with calculated accuracy, partners switch once again.

    He leaves, prowling to the kitchen, taking off the white gloves he has to wear, pushing them into the trash can, washing his hands. 

    Without looking behind him, he meanders between precariously-looking corridors of cutlery shelves, shiny and ready to use. He steps out from the kitchen’s back door, into the cold night.

    Then he stills.

    The back door opens to a side of the mansion only available for servants and laborers. They are prohibited to use the front, marble gates with the vast stairs.

    His feet lead him, pivoting the pathways under the moonlight, until he reaches the front gates.

    He stands at the top of the grandiose staircase, unrolling down for as far as he can see. White, dusky marble-streaked with dark black unruly lines, creating grey waves where they met in the middle. Lit by meticulously-adorned lanterns, torches’ flames dance to the deafened music bellowing from inside the mansion.

    The white-black marble harmonizes with the orange light from the lanterns, absorbing the blue moonlight, sparkling in a competent symphony.

    He feels small.

    The mansion’s walls creep down on him from behind, the gigantic stairs engulfing his senses.

    He swallows, fighting a shiver as he makes his way down the long, vast stairs, his shoes clicking on the polished marble, the echo of the sound disperse through the cold-crisp night.

    Shoulders back, chin high. 

    The carriage is already waiting for him, fastened to two horses, one as white as snow, the other black as the night sky. How it got there or if he was meant to take it… is what he doesn’t question.

    He climbs onto the coachman’s seat, his fingers wrapping around the rein, taking off. He guides the horses in a route around the mansion, away from the main, big gates, until he reaches a stone of ivy, ancient wall of bricks peeking through the greenery, the ivy draped loosely around a dark wooden door.

    A faint waltz drifting through the air, far away.

    He runs his hand through his hair, only to realize that it’s still styled based on the long list of rules the servants have to follow. He tangles his fingers in his blonde hair, ruffling it, until he’s sure that no hair stayed in its former place.

    He wishes he did that before he descended the marble, servants-forbidden staircase.

    He waited there, his foot tapping on the coachman seat’s wooden floor.

    Soon enough, the door creaks open. A figure steps out, under a brown, unimpressive cape, head-to-toes covered, blending easily with the wooden door.

    He smiles when he sees a vein of vibrant blue glowing from between the dull brown. With every step, a seam of the blue peaked between the folds of the brown fabric.

    With delicate steps, accompanied by a soft clicking of heels, the figure tiptoes to him.

    He extends his hand; a delicate hand takes it.

    The carriage behind them is abandoned, as both of them squeeze on the small coachman’s seat.

    “Hey…” he whispers.

    The cape is shaken off, revealing underneath it a bright blue-eyed beauty, her blond hair messed up under the cape, sending unruly strands framing her face.

    She cups his cheeks, bringing him down, and kisses him. He closes his eyes, kissing her with equal passion, unwilling to let go, until she leans back, and wraps her arms around his side, resting her head on his shoulder. He chuckles, kissing her head.

    “Long night?” he asks.

    “Long night,” she answers, closing her eyes, “thank you for the wine,” she says, a smile in her voice.

    “No problem, I know you despise champagne,” he retorts, looking at her curled beside him.

    He feels her nodding against his shoulder. “I hate it so much,” she says.

    He chuckles, before he tips her chin up with his fingers, kissing her lips again, soft and quick.

    “It’s going to be alright, love,” he whispers against her lips, his voice tiny. “It’s all going to be alright.”

    With one swift motion of his hands, the horses move.

    And soon enough, they ride away from the glorious lights of the mansion, running far from fancy dresses, from people, from the town.

     And the servant runs away with the noble.

     Words travel fast in small towns, especially about the famous author, Annie Leonhart, daughter and the only heiress of the Leonhart family, going missing in the middle of the annual ball, from the center of her father’s mansion.

    Search parties were sent out, and the whole town searched for her. Prizes were decided for anyone who could provide a lead. But no one did, no one could.

    A fairy tale spread as well, of a princess in a blue dress with her prince. Two magical, glowing horses pulling their golden carriage, as they glided through the night. Some said they help the poor, others said they seek victims, and others swore they saw them one night, in flesh and bone.

    The servant vanished like a ghost in the soft rays of the morning. The only reaction incited by his disappearing was a few profanities by the mansion’s butler, who swore he would fire this man called Armin Arlert, the moment he showed up.

    Two years went by, and the town cooled down, the author’s disappearance a mere tale that they entertained in their fancy balls.

    The two men, the blond and the black-haired, no longer caught eyes when they showed up.

    On a casual morning, just like any other morning, the publishing company woke up to an exceptionally thick brown folder in their mailing box.

    No address, no name.

     A novel about a noble who ran away with her servant. 

    and that she lived happily ever after.




    author note:

    literally probably one of my favorite things to ever write

    #armin arlert#Annie Leonhardt #armin x annie #annie x armin #aot#snk#fanfic#au #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #creative writing#victorian era#aruani
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    The way they hold on to their hair>everything else

    #attack on titan #armin and eren #armin arlert #armin attack on titan #eremin#eren yeager #armin arlet fanart #eren and armin #erearu#snk eren #attack on titan fanart #attack on titan final season #eren yeager fanart #attack on titan mikasa #mikasa ackerman#mikannie#annie leonhart #annie leonhardt fanart
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    aot women as fuckbuddies + general nsfw headcannons

    authors note❥: i'd really love to interact with you guys! share some of your own personal heacannons of aot characters (nsfw or sfw) pretty please 🥺  i may even add to it 💗 dont be shy angels!
    warnings❥ : this content contains mention of sexual themes such as use of a strap on, pillow humping, panty sniffing, and cheating.

    male character version coming soon!


    Your relationship with Mikasa probably started from being friends or even roommates. Being that the two of you often spend plenty of time together, it was pretty hard for Mikasa to suppress her attraction towards you. So  naturally, it didn't take much time before the two of you ended up hooking up. 

     Mikasa is obsessed with every bit of you but can be really subtle in showing it. from the sweet  scent of your pretty cunt to the pretty sounds you make when she plays with it she's absolutely in love. Her famed way of showing you  is by taking care of you in any way possible. 

     She offers to do your makeup, style your hair and pick out an outfit just so she can be close to you close enough to  put her hands on your body or let her breath fan across your ear and get you excited. just enough to get you feeling needy  and whining for her to take care of it. She won't refuse.

    All of your friends know that the two of you are hooking up, it's more likely that you were the one who spilled the beans on that. and Mikasa doesn't mind one bit as she has no interest in sharing.  It's made all the more obvious when the pair of you emerge from the bathroom with her black lipstick smeared across your lips and along your chest. Though yourfriends can only assume what went down in the bathroom, It’s her way of marking you <33

    There's no doubt in my mind that mikasa has a mommy kink, hearing you use it makes her flustered and all the more eager to have you. “Need you so bad mommy..”she loves to hear you say, while she teases you through your panties, the juices from your cunt coating her finger tips.

    Mikasa Isnt opposed to using the strap on you during sex. Before trying anything new,  however, she's  careful to make sure it's okay with you first. She’s so eager to please you and to keep you happy she does whatever you ask as long as you beg properly.

    She’ll have you lie back on the bed spread your pretty thighs apart before pushing her tip between your puffy folds and fuck into you utnil you’re left trembling and begging for you to let her cum “Good girl, now cum for me.” she’ll mutter into your ear, thrusting deep into you one last time for good measure before you oblige. 


    For starters, ymir isn't really one for receiving. Giving and being in control is what gets her off. This of course doesn't mean it's totally impossible that she’ll let you touch her just that the chances are slim. 

    Given ymir’s personality, i imagine that your relationship as fuck buddies stemmed form her cracking jokes about it to just about everyone leaving your friends to think perhaps she was only speaking her fantasy  into a reality and you two would eventually sleep together. Needless to say, they were not wrong. 

    Ymir is an absolute perv, even more so before the two of you started hooking up she’d grab at your ass, take upskirt videos  and whisper dirty things into your ear and once she got the reaction she wanted- seeing as you squeezed your thighs together or seeing you flustered shed notify you that she was only kidding.

    The brunette had no has no shame in touching you in public, she’ll have you riding her thigh while at a party with friends  and will even go as far as gaslight people into thinking they’re imagining ever ending it and weird for thinking it, throwing in a few insults here and there to seal the deal. “Stop being such a fucking creep.”

    gets jealous to see you near anyone that isn’t her, she gets so grumpy and will often take it out on you through teasing the moment you two are alone she won't  let you cum no matter how much you beg or cry. And Much like eren (aot boys version coming soon!) she’ll send videos of her ruining your cunt with her fat cock :( to whoever she feels is overstepping their boundaries. 

     Ymir is kind of a bully, gets a huge kick out of humiliating you. She thinks you’re cutest when you're so needy she has you crying for her fingers or the strap. Speaking of the strap..she treats it like it was her own, making you suck her off and fucking your face whenever she feels like it. 

    Loves to bury her face into your cunt and make you cum on her tongue until your thighs tremble. You'll be begging her to slow down “p-please…no more..” to which she’ll tell you to shut up and be a good girl. “You wanna cream on my cock don't you?” to which you’ll nod your head and sit back and take it until she’s ready to stuff you full of her cock. 


     Not interested in making things public, Wants to keep the nature of your relationship  secret to the point where she will even go as far as to  threaten you if you ever try to tell a soul. There are even times where she will act as though you two never met. 

     For starters, I imagine that the two of you either established your relationship through mutual friends or a one night stand after meeting her at your gym, you invited her out for drinks which lead to something more.  

    That something more being the two of you ending up back at your apartment, fingers buried in each other's cunts, tasting each other's lips until both of you reach orgasm. Over and over again until one of you decides it's enough, Annie is usually the one to end your hook up session and she never spends the night on the very rare occasion, she’ll be long gone before you awake.  Once she dips you probably won't hear from her for weeks.

    The blonde tries to act like you don’t hold much power over her when in reality it takes so little from you to make her needy and flustered. She thinks about 24/7 often dazing off into daydreams of  the way you taste and how good your skin feels against her own. She can't shake the images of you throwing your head back crying out while she devours you, letting her tongue lap at your pretty cunt. “F-fuck.”...absolute music to hear ears.  

     Though shes not really big on sending nudes but doesn’t mind revising them from you in fact she has an album dedicated just to your nudes during those weeks of no contact she’ll fuck herself to your pictures imagining it was yours instead of her own when that doesn’t satisfy her, she’ll pick up the phone and call you asking to meet at the same place you always do and the cycle starts back up again. 


    she’s pretty public about the nature of your relationship, everybody and their mother knows you and sasha are fucking. She's so happy to get to show you off.  even if you wanted to keep  it a secret it would be impossible since the brunette couldn't hold water if you asked. 

    an innocent little perv, her intentions are never bad  she just simply follows her instincts. Is one hundred percent a panty sniffer. The fact that she’s your roommate only makes things easier for her. She thinks you smell so sweet and would do anything to have you sit on her face. 

    She's so greedy and  can never get enough of you and isn’t afraid to show it either. She’s also quite impatient when it comes to getting her fix she’ll often call you whining whenever you’re gone too long  “miss the way you taste so bad baby wish you were here.” she’ll say a pout on her lips.  if you don’t answer or take too long to get back she’ll settle with humping your pillow wishing it was you til she makes a mess. 

    Though you two aren't official she acts as though you were taking you on dates, usually out to eat. She’s so happy to be around you so naturally you wouldn't be able to turn down her offers. In public, she’s so touchy and doesn’t even realize how she’ll be absentmindedly massaging your boobs not even realizing the reaction it’s causing within you until you tell her. 

      The moment you do she’ll drag you off somewhere private.  Like an addict, she'll  do whatever it takes to get her fix.                                                                                                                                      

      Once on her knees, she'll lift your leg over her shoulder watching you with dazed eyes. She likes to bury her face between your thighs and slurp at your clit, dipping her tongue between your folds.

     "ten times better than any meal I've ever had." she'll say savoring the  taste of you  as though you were a gourmet meal. Sasha  doesn't care how much  you squirm or  cry  out and beg for her to  slow  down.  She'll devour you until you're a  trembling mess on her tongue and even still she won’t stop. She's so good at what she does ,you wouldn't want her to.


    pretends like you two are only friends in public, much like Annie she is eager to keep up appearances, the stakes being much higher as historia value’s her reputation. given that she has a boyfriend it would be pretty inconvenient for news of you two hooking up to get out and she spends every second reminding you of that. She invites you over for “sleepovers” as a coverup for asking for sex.

    Kind of a pillow princess who expects you to do the work, her favorite thing being the two of you lifting up your skirts and rubbing your slobbery cunts together. on top of that she's also a perv but likes to accuse you of being one. She takes upskirt videos of you to rub her cunt to the moment she’s alone. 

    Despite the fact that you too are friends she has a habit of being degrading.  “Go faster you dumb little slut.”  and of course you enjoy every second of it, doing just as she asks until you both cum on each other and later she’ll pretend to be pissed at you for the spot you left on her skirt.

    Historia can be pretty possessive when it comes to you having other friends as well , she’ll  likely sabotage the friendship in hopes that it will bring you too close together and it surely does. You’ll show up at her doorstep crying and she’ll take you inside insulting whoever it is that hurt you and  offering to make you feel better. Being your best friend and all she knows is just what it takes too. 

    here's my masterlist

    #mikasa smut #mikasa x y/n #aot smut#snk smut #attack on titan x you #attack on titan x y/n #attack on titan fanfiction #sasha aot #sasha x reader #ymir snk#ymir smut #ymir x reader #historia x reader #historia smut #ymir x y/n #annie x reader #annie leonhardt x reader #annie aot #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan smut
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    Anyway, chapter 6 time!

    This Thing Of Beauty sequel being super lowkey? Best decision ever.

    #attack on titan #aot #shingeki no kyojin #snk#annie leonhardt#annie leonhart#mikannie #mikasa x annie #mikasa ackerman #annie x mikasa #mikaani#hitchannie #hitch x annie #hitch dreyse
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    Lɪsᴛ ᴏғ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ɪ ᴡʀɪᴛᴇ ғᴏʀ(aot)

    Armin (I write mostly about Armin)











    I mostly write fluff but I don't mind writing smut or angst

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    Annie loves nothing more than to come back home to you after work. She’ll stop by the market across the street to purchase any ingredients you may need for dinner, baked goods, and even a fresh bouquet of flowers. She comes in without a sound, greeted by your little kitten nuzzling against her ankles the minute she walks through the door. She adores surprising you from behind, greeting you with a soft “Hi”, as her head rests within the crook of your neck. She wraps her arms about your waist and plants gentle kisses on your jawline as you prepare dinner, reveling in the sight of your soft smile. She enjoys this; coming back to your quiet home after a long day, and getting to spend her evenings with you.

    #<3 #annie leonhardt x reader #annie x reader #attack on titan #aot hcs
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  • big-trouble-in-little-eldia
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    Fragile (3807 words)

    Canon divergent oneshot where Annie and Bertholdt are the ones to return from Paradis

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Category: Gen

    Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan

    Relationships: Bertolt Hoover & Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun & Bertolt Hoover & Annie Leonhart, onesided Bertolt Hoover/Annie Leonhart

    Characters: Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart

    Additional Tags: Heart-to-Heart, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Nihilism, Defeatism, Existentialism, Self-Hatred, Smoking, Banter, Unrequited Love, Alive Bertolt Hoover, Annie Returns To Marley, Canon Universe, Canon Divergence, Character Study, Mentioned Reiner Braun & Bertolt Hoover, Mentioned Armin Arlert/Bertolt Hoover

    Summary: A year after returning from Paradis, Annie encounters Bertholdt gazing out at the moonlit ocean.

    Read it here! 

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  • tsukidrama
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    I find it just a tad funny that Papa has a Canon birthday but not a name

    i've always found it weird but amusing that most of the characters have canon birthdays

    why the hell do we need to know when a character is born when they barely contribute to the plot?

    #i do however love how Annie and her dad both have bdays on the 22nd #it makes me feel like whenever someone asks Annie's bday for the first time he was like OH SHIT because its the first time he considers it #and hes like 'well i found her in March... and uhh MY bday is on the 22nd so uhhhh. yep march 22 sounds about right. lets say march 22' #trnt annie#papa leonhardt#tsuki answers#snk
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  • amcrimera
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    Characters who I headcanon as ace-spectrum/who are ace-spectrum: Part 15

    Annie Leonhardt

    Annie is greysexual
    #i love her and this suits her #annie leonhardt#aot#snk
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  • alphaikaros
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago
    #snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #snk fanart#aot fanart#armin arlert#annie leonhardt#aruani #armin x annie #alphaikarosart
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    Character bingo on Annie, pleaaaaaase?

    Disclaimer: I haven’t watched when she "woke up" in season 4, so idk much about her story 😅

    character bingo

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  • cocomellxn
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Just played a game of frantic fanfic with my friends…

    Warning idk- complete bullshit and irl names if that even counts

    I won first place as writer and my fanfic won second place 😊 (I was Jigaboo btw) and yes I am black.

    #levi aot#aot #aot x you #fanfic#annie leonhart #annie leonhardt x reader
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  • tsukidrama
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    what do you think the name of annie's father is? calling him Papa is really cute. but i imagine he has a strong name

    i always pictured that he just doesn't really use it that much because it's unpronouncable in the language they speak.

    no idea what it could possibly be though... imagine if it just says [REDACTED] on his birth certificate lmao

    #sorry sorry but my initial reaction was STILL 'bitch his name is papa....' because. his name is papa. #wouldn't it be funny if i built up giving Papa an actual name only to drop the chapter and call him something fucking stupid #like Steve #or something equally peak white dad that absolutely does not fit #trnt annie#papa leonhardt#mr leonhardt#annie-isms#tsuki answers
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    Coveted (Chapter 5)

    Chapter 5: Famished on AO3

    The survivors enjoy one final night at Fort Salta. They travel North the following day, and Armin and the rest of the group find a home in a small inn on the outskirts of town. Finally, a place for rest and relaxation...and a little privacy.


    Weekly chapter updates. See below for a short snippet.


    “Annie, did you eat? I still see your bowl over there,” Reiner’s question came garbled between bites.

    “Yes, Reiner,” she squinted her eyes at him. “For the love of God, if you’re hungry just go get another bowl of it.”

    Reiner frowned. “Annie, have you considered I asked because I care about your health and not just my stomach?”

    “No,” Annie’s eyes tightened further. She let her hand crawl a few inches up Armin’s thigh as she bantered with Reiner, and it blazed a trail of fire along his skin. A shiver crept its way down his spine as Annie continued to move, tauntingly slow, up his thigh.

    “Okay, then pretend I care about your health. Did you eat?”

    “I did,” her voice was softer now, and her fingers had reached the hinge of Armin’s hip. She squeezed.

    Armin bit his lip and let his head fall back into his hands. This was Annie’s favorite game. She loved the noises he made when she teased him and had made it her goal to strangle the noises out of him whenever she could. She knew that he wanted to yelp when she squeezed into his thigh, and that’s exactly why she did it. Armin bit down on his lip harder, unwilling to give her the satisfaction.

    “But I’m still hungry.”

    #ao3 #attack on titan fanfiction #aruani#armin arlert#annie leonhardt
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  • tsukidrama
    22.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    ahhh its papa leonhart's birthday! i wonder what annie and reader would do for him on his day,,,

    later than i'd like, although i wasn't going to write anything at all until this ask made me change my mind ♡ happy bday to our collective father in law

    pancakes for papa

    off the beaten path (a trnt side story)

    ɴᴏ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢѕ ᴀᴘᴘʟʏ

    setting: the cottage. after Annie is home again, before the garden massacre. (between TRNT 8 and 9).

    ao3 | the road not taken | cottagecanon

    otbp masterlist

    word count: 1.7k

    author's note: i just really needed this to be set after they are a family. i know y'all know how much the Leonhardt found family means to me over here...

    The night before Papa’s birthday, you offer to take care of cows for him the next morning so that he can sleep in. He laughs and offers his thanks, but you notice that he looks distinctly sad as he agrees. That next morning, you only do the bare minimum so that when he does get up, he’ll still have something to do out in the yard with the two of you. 

    After the sun comes up, you cry in the kitchen because you feel so guilty about “taking away” the opportunity from him. 

    Small but strong arms hug you from behind as Annie comforts you, seeming genuinely concerned about you until you tell her why it is you’re crying. Then, she starts laughing at you. 

    “You think that he’s mad because you offered to do his work for him?” 

    “I think he might be sad that he’s missing out on spending time with us…” you sniffle. 

    She presses her fingers over her lips to quell her giggles. It doesn’t work, but at least she’s making an attempt. “Okay, but didn’t you also say that you left some things for him to do out there?”

    “Yuh-huh,” you squeak. Once again you fight tears, “I felt bad–” 

    Annie bursts out laughing again, although she knows she’s being insensitive. She tries to make up for it by rubbing the side of your arm. “Oh, Y/N… he’s fine. This is why he teases you, you know... and you do worry too much, my sweet girl. Shit, why are you crying?” 

    Tears flow openly, and it proves her point. Yet all you really want is for everyone in the house to be happy. 

    “I just want him to have a good day, you know?” you explain, “Maybe we could do something else nice for him.”

    She almost looks nervous. “Just don’t overdo it, okay? My whole life I never saw him get so much as a ‘Happy Birthday’ wish, much less a present or anything.”

    You already know this, and consider it to be one of the more depressing things about their life before you met them. “I feel like that’s exactly why we should do nice things for him. He’s liked everything we’ve done for him in the past couple of years.” 

    “That’s true…” she admits, “but I think it’s a lot for him process too.”

    A moment of silence passes. You lose a little bit of your confidence about the whole thing, but the seconds you start to deflate Annie’s face fills with regret. She grabs you by the shoulders. 

    “No, I’m sorry. You’re right, let’s do something nice for him. I’m sure I’m just being overthinking it, too. It’ll be nice – I’ll help you… Here, tell me what you had in mind.” 

    She wipes away your tears, then strokes your cheek with the back of her hand. You smile, knowing that she’ll help you with whatever you want to do now. 


    “Breakfast in bed?” she repeats, for the tenth time, “Is that really a thing people do?” 

    You’re already carrying a tray full of food out through the garden – it’s too late for you to change course at this point. She brudrudgingly helped you make the batter for the pancakes, even if she tried to shoot down the idea throughout the entire process. 

    “My brothers and I used to bring breakfast to my grandparents all the time growing up. Especially for my grandma when her arthritis got bad – it’s a sweet gesture, I promise.” 

    She shakes her head and blushes. “He’s really never had anything like this happen before.” 

    “Are you going to come up with another idea, then?” you snap, under your breath. The two of you stop in front of Papa’s door. “It’s a little late to be backing out now.” 

    Annie doubts herself and you watch her have a mini, but after she takes a deep breath seems to  convince herself to knock on the door. She takes a deep breath, then raps on the heavy wood apprehensively. After a moment, she tries the doorknob only to find that it’s locked. 

    The time it takes for him to answer the door is filled with a lot more anxiety than you’d antipcated. You find yourself chewing on your lip nervously, and you notice Annie is wringing her hands. Scratch everything you said earlier, you’re just as nervous as she is. Whenever the lock clicks and the door handle finally turns, she shoots you a wide-eyed, nervous look and her faces grows pale. 

    “What’s going on?” Papa asks. His voice is groggy, and he seems genuinely confused as to why the two of you are standing there. “What is this?” 

    “Surprise…!” you announce, “and happy birthday!” 

    “Happy Birthday, Dad…” Annie mutters much more quietly as she stares down at her feet. 

    It lands weakly, as he looks confused. He seems too blindsided to say anything and just blinks at you. 

    The door opens all the way after a few seconds, but you aren’t invited inside or even acknowledged beyond the wide-eyed stare that bores into you . His eyes move from Annie, to you, to the tray of food that you’re holding. 

    “We made breakfast,” you tell him excitedly, raising up the tray as you offer it to him. 

    He doesn’t take it. Instead, he flounders for a minute as he stares at the poorly-formed pancakes stacked on the plate. 

    “I usually make breakfast,” is all he says. 

    Annie is still staring at the ground, conveniently opting out of the staredown you’re now stuck in. You’re worried that your intentions are going to be misinterpreted and you’ll embarrass yourself in front of both of them. 

    “Yeah, I know. Since you do it every day, I thought it would be nice to do something for you instead. You know, so you can relax on your birthday,” you explain. All you get in response is more staring, and in your nervousness you continue yammering on. “I don’t know, I was thinking that we could eat together. I made the kind of bacon that you like.”

    He doesn’t even know how to react, much less properly accept the gesture. Shit, you’ve blown it. Now you’re the idiot standing in silence with a tray full of food that nobody is going to eat. 

    Oh god, you start to realize, I totally did overdo it. Should you just walk away? You nervously glance between Annie and her dad unsure of what to do. He’s as still as a statue and just as emotive, so a silence settles aross the yard. 

    The last thing you expect is for Annie to speak up in defense of the idea. 

    She sighs. “Y/N calls it ‘breakfast in bed,’” she explains, though she still doesn’t look up, “She says it’s a normal thing to do for your parents. I don’t really get it, either…” 

    Finally, the tension breaks. Papa still seems a little unsure of how to react, but he does seem to understand the gesture now. Again he looks from the tray of food and back up at you. His brows furrows in an attempt to 

    His mouth opens and closes before he actually speaks, his feelings written all over his face. “You made that… for me?” 

    It looks like he’s terrified that the answer will be no. 

    You nod happily while Annie looks like she wants to bury her face in her hands. Despite her clear embarrassment, she nods as well. 

    “You helped?” he asks her, the corners of his mouth twitching. 

    “Yeah… oh my god,” she mumbles, evidently humiliated by it for no apparent reason. As soon as he steps back from the door enough for her to fit past, she rushes by to get out of the interaction. 

    You giggle at her bashfulness. Her dad doesn’t outright join you, but you see him fighting off visible amusement as well at her little dramatics. It’s endearing, really, though maybe in a way that only the two of you can appreciate. 

    He gestures for you to enter as well, and as you do so Papa warmly pats your shoulder. “You really didn’t have to do all of this…” he reminds you, still hesitant. “It’s just another year around the sun. It’s not even worth – ”

    “Can you just try the pancakes?” you interrupt. You set the tray down next to Annie where she sits cross-legged on the end of the bed. She grabs one of the pieces of toast and takes a bite out of it. 

    You have to run back across the room to shepherd her dad back to sit on the bed as well. So you close the door for him, kick off your shoes, and do anything else that he might fuss over before he getss the chance. Begrudgingly, he finally sits next to his daughter and takes a proper look at what you’ve made. 

    As usual, mealtime with the Leonhardts is quiet. At one point, Annie hands you a piece of toast, and at another, you nab a piece of bacon off the plate while you think Papa isn’t looking (he is). He doesn’t say anything while he eats, but you never expected him to. 

    However, there’s a moment where he’s cutting into the pancakes you made for him where you see him with a genuine smile on his face. As soon as he realizes that you saw it, he blanches and shoves a forkful of pancake into his mouth to hide it. 

    You don’t need him to say anything. The way that he offers you another piece of bacon knowing full well about the one you stole earlier tells you everything he doesn’t say out loud. He appreciates you, even if being brought breakfast in bed is something completely foreign to him. 

    Even if it tests the limits of what he’s comfortable with, he recognizes that you’re showing appreciation in the way you know how. 

    In the same respect, you appreciate him too, even for the things that are still a bit unnerving. You’ve learned to decipher some of his more subtle micro-expressions, how to evade some of the same types of barriers he puts up in the same way Annie did/does. 

    You happily munch on your second piece of bacon while the two of them look down at the floor in silence. It’s sure to be a low-key day knowing Papa, but you can’t help but feel satisfied that you’ve gotten it off to a successful start. 

    #really enjoyed writing a happy scene where they eat together to contrast the hurtful one from trnt 9 #off the beaten path #the road not taken #trnt annie#annie-isms#cottagecanon #writing for my wives #annie leonhardt #annie leonhardt x reader #annie leonhardt imagine #annie leonhardt x you #annie x you #annie leonhart #annie leonhart x reader #annie leonhart x you #annie leonhart imagine #snk x reader #aot x reader #snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #annie leonhardt headcanons #annie leonhart headcanons #annie leonhardt drabble #annie leonhart drabble #mr leonhardt#papa leonhardt
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  • rabbits-of-negative-euphoria
    22.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    the aforepromised AOT analysis taken from my too-long tags:

    There are certain characters who - had they been introduced as protagonists rather than villains - would have been beloved by their strongest haters. not because those haters would’ve excused their actions, but because their victimhood would’ve been the first thought, and not the afterthought. i am speaking of the Warriors once again. i feel it is important to note that, while Reiner may have had the mental breakdown, they were all raised under dysfunctional - perhaps traumatic - circumstances before they ever joined the Warrior program. especially Annie. holy crap let’s look at Annie for a second.

    > born outside the internment zone. > discovered to be half-Eldian. promptly abandoned to the internment zone. > found by a bitter opportunist who abuses her from infancy into becoming the perfect human weapon. > one day, she cracks and beats him so badly she permanently cripples him. this makes him HAPPY because it means he’d succeeded. super normal response. > she is enlisted into the child soldiers program where the brainwashing gets cranked up x3000. she makes no friends and kills critters for...leisure? existential dread? > is forced to EAT A PERSON at 11 years old. at which point she knows she will die in 13 years. > is sent on a deadly mission at 11 YEARS OLD to eat MORE PEOPLE. as she’s leaving, her ‘father’ repents and begs her to come back. crying, she instantly forgives him, because obviously she is a child and this is the only parent she has ever known or wanted. but now she HAS to complete the mission because if she FAILS, she gets EATEN and her father gets KILLED. > on the mission, Annie watches as their leader (also a child) gets EATEN. she lashes out against Reiner in exactly the same brutal way she did her father. > when she tries to quit the operation, Reiner strangles her into submission. > Improvising without Marcel, Annie then transports Reiner and Bertholdt all the way to the Wall, at which point, she passes out from sheer exhaustion, and entirely misses Reiner and Bertholdt committing what is essentially a terrorist attack the likes of which we have never seen. an act of war and a mass slaughter.

    > then, Annie assimilates into this society of monstrous devils who, to her horror, turn out to be merely frightened people. (this is the first place she makes a friend in her entire short life.) > Annie proceeds to complete ALL the mission reconnaissance herself, until she accidentally reveals her face to Kenny Ackerman. she tries to persuade Reiner to take the intel she’s acquired back to Marley, but he insists they must complete the mission if they want to live. > so, at age 15, Reiner & Bertholdt REPEAT the initial slaughter. > after Annie rescues Connie from a titan, Reiner essentially threatens to accuse her father of being a Paradis sympathizer unless she takes Marco’s 3DMG off him. > Marco begs her for mercy the whole time, and she cries as she sentences him to an agonizing death. > this is when she realizes Reiner has lost his mind. and maybe she will, too. > it falls to her to capture the Attack Titan. if she can do so, she will be allowed to return to her father. she jeopardizes this mission by sparing Armin’s life, not once, but twice. > she locates Eren (her first friend, the only person who’s made her genuinely smile) and, in her Titan form, decapitates his Titan with her bare hands. > she has killed everyone in her path, but she ultimately fails to take Eren, and cries when she realizes it was all in vain. remember, she is fifteen. > she is then tricked, cornered, and exposed by the last person she would've wanted to do so. the only person who’d ever called her kind, and the very person she'd made the mistake of sparing before. > in a fight she didn’t initiate, she accidentally crushes innocent churchgoers. this the first and only time she personally kills civilians, and it horrifies her. > she fails to capture Eren again. she fails a desperate escape attempt. > crying, she self-induces an indefinite coma on the off-chance she may be able to one day return to her father, knowing she only has 9 years left to live anyway. >  is actually awake the entire time, and can hear everything being said and done around her - including the silence - for four years. she is trapped not only in the crystal, but in her own mind, with her own guilt, for four years. her peers have spent them growing acquainted with relative freedom, themselves, and the rest of the world. but she is physically and experientially still 15, never having known anything but her mission and the internment zone. > she is forcibly de-crystallized into the middle of the Apocalypse. she has 5 years left to live. her father is dead.

    So I dunno, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when she says things a psychopath would say. maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that she single-mindedly clings to the one piece of human affection her 11-year old mind internalized. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when she behaves erratically or brutally while still seeming like a child at times. by all accounts, she ought to be way more messed up than she is. but Armin was right. in spite of her upbringing, in spite of her brainwashing, in spite of her mission, in spite of the world, Annie wants to be a kind person.

    #- HK #I"m just saying if Annie had been the main character we'd be like 'first of all this is way too depressing to be entertainment' #'and second of all if anything happened to her I would kill everyone in this room and then myself' #AOT#Annie Leonhardt#SNK#analysis#x#SNK spoilers #(not manga spoilers so nobody @ me. I be knowin) #can i just say Armin's face when she agrees to his duplicitous request wholly on the basis of his good opinion? hurts my feelings #he straight up did not expect her to think highly of him at all. mission failed successfully.
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  • krvtora
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Every sunday is so boring without the new AoT episode, I can't wait 'till next year.. I'm not ready to say goodbye to all of them.

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  • tsukidrama
    21.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    desperation [nsfw]

    off the beaten path (a trnt side story)

    ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢѕ: thigh-riding, partially clothed sex, and Annie's fingersssssss

    ao3 | the road not taken | cottagecanon

    setting: the beginning of chapter 2, the cottage

    ← previous | next →

    author’s note: throwing up bc i want her so bad

    word count: 1.7k

    The most time-consuming part of finishing the interior of the house was decorating it. Painting and detailing was finished in three days. It took another few days to deliver and transport the furniture. Once it arrived at the house, lugging it up the front steps took less time than it took for Annie to decide where she wanted to put everything. Eventually you start unloading boxes of pots, pans, and other cooking tools over in the kitchen, and all the while you hear the creak and scrape of the couches and desks being pushed around in the next room over.

    The first night you spend at the house is the day the two of you struggle for an hour to haul a queen-sized mattress around the curve in the indoor staircase. And eventually you manage to bend it in the middle, and Annie uses a surge of strength to deadlift it while you guide it in the room. The mattress falls down on the bedroom floor at long last. That first night you don’t even bother to put on sheets, and you just collapse together in a mess of limbs.


    Neither of you moves for about an hour. At first, you’re grateful for the reprieve. You stretch out onto the mattress and let your spine decompress, popping one disk at a time. Annie’s legs settle on top of yours, trapping you in place. You’re not going anywhere, it’s fine. 

    At some point, you feel her tapping on your hip with her hand, trying to get your attention. You reach down to hold her hand and it seems to satisfy her for the time being. 

    The both of you are so exhausted that you stay there for a while, resting in silence. Relief floods through you to the point where you start to doze off a bit. Your eyes slip close and your mind grows hazy. 

    It doesn’t really surprise you when Annie’s fingers unclasp from yours. Her hand stays on your hip, rubbing gentle circles on the fabric of your pants. To be honest, you figure that she’s just being sweet until you feel her fingers slip beneath the waistband. 

    Immediately, your eyes fly open and you lift your head. 

    “Hmm,” she giggles, “I thought that might get your attention.”

    Annie doesn’t have a particularly good angle from where she is, but she can reach far enough to play with the elastic on your underwear. She snaps it with a smirk. 

    You’re still sweaty and dirty, but it’s the last thing you’re thinking about. She doesn’t climb off of you – in fact, she just pins you down further as she climbs over you to straddle your hips. Her hands wrap around your wrists, pushing them down into the mattress. 

    “Oh…” you mumble. A blush overtakes you. You’re not embarrassed so much as flustered, taken aback by the unexpected move as you suddenly come face to face, “...well hello there.” you say to her. 

    “Hey,” she whispers, as she leans in for a kiss. 

    Her nose bumps against yours. It’s a little sloppy and uncoordinated, messy. She isn’t well balanced, and her knees slip on the blanket to make her fall forward on top of you. 

    Annie seems unaffected by it though, as she just uses it as a way to bury her face in your neck. The warm exhale of her breath against your skin makes you shiver. You try to kiss her again, but when you’re close enough to lean in she grabs a handful of your hair and yanks your head back. 

    It makes you gasp. While your head is thrown back she uses the new angle to run her tongue up your neck. She giggles again when you moan softly, and kisses the skin to draw more noises out. She’s being gentle and light to purposefully tease you. 

    She pulls at the base of your shirt, freeing it from beneath you and yanking it right over your head. As she gets rid of the garment, you unbutton her pants and push them down. 

    There’s a moment where she pulls away, just long enough for the both of you to strip off your bottoms. You go ahead and hook your thumbs around your panties as well and toss them somewhere off to the side with the rest of the discarded clothes. 

    Immediately Annie notices and smiles wickedly as she grabs your ass with both hands. She gives it a big squeeze before she pulls you closer by the waist. This time when she climbs on top of you, she straddles you so that she presses against you with her knee. It provides enough friction that your back arches. 

    You can’t help but moan as you lean in to kiss her; she’s so tiny that she has to stretch her neck to reach you properly. Whenever she leans back down on her heels, she grinds against your thigh purposefully. Wetness soaks through her panties so thoroughly that it smears on your leg, and your gut burns for how badly you want her. 

    She knows what you want – she’d started this in the first place, after all. Part of you wonders she might leave you hanging indefinitely with nothing other than the blunt pressure of her knee, with the way she’s going at it on your thigh. She bites her bottom lip and breathes heavily as her hips swivel around. 

    You genuinely couldn’t complain if she didn’t. While the growing wet spot on her panties is certainly turning you on, it’s the little noises she makes in the crook of your neck that affect you the most. Every whimper muffled by your shoulder, every moan she tries to keep down goes straight between your legs. It’s starting to grow unbearable. 

    “Oh… nnghh. Please, come on,” you beg, gazing up at her with the most alluring fuck-me eyes you can muster up. “I need you.”

    Annie moans into your collarbone. The slight reverberation of her voice tickles your skin and honestly, your instinct is to pull her closer still. Her warm breath against your skin makes your head feel light. 

    She shudders above you, her hips stuttering. “S-sorry, hah. It just feels really good,” she whispers behind your ear, her breath shaking as it puffs in your hair. “Open up for me.” 

    Without a moment’s hesitation, you oblige. She readjusts herself to a more stable position, though unfortunately for her it means her position grinding against you becomes less than ideal. You wrap one of your arms around her shoulder to pull her closer. 

    In return, she puts her around your back to effectively hold you in place. You end up being glad you’re holding onto her when you feel her reach between your thighs. 

    First, she dips two fingers inside, swirling them ever so slightly to slicken them. When she starts to rub your clit, she muffles the groan of pleasure that it elicits with a kiss. As her hand continues to move in small circles and she grows bolder, it becomes clear she’s had her fill with teasing you. 

    Annie’s hips start moving faster. One of her knees locks her wrist in place so that her hand works in tandem with each thrust. She moans into you, only breaking the kiss whenever she pulls away to gasp for breath. 

    “Yes, touch me,” you whisper into her skin, “touch me, please…” 

    As she continues to grind on you, you push the fabric of her shirt up to expose her breasts. Again she crumples into the crook of your neck as you play with one of her nipples. 

    The soft vibrations of her voice against your neck send shocks down to your toes while the steady pressure on your clit works you closer to the edge. It builds much more quickly than you anticipate – it’s embarrassing, really, but you can’t help it. 

    It’s all so good, and you’re so consumed with so many physical sensations that it saps away your self-control: her lips nuzzling your neck, the smooth curve of her breast against your hand, the pleasure she thrums up in your gut, the searing wet heat rubbing against your thigh… 

    As her pace quickens and her movements grow more erratic, her panties have slipped off to the side. Her bare cunt grinds against you deliciously, intoxicatingly. The more she gets into it, the more you feel drip down your leg. You have no regard for how messy it might be, you can’t get enough. You’re mesmerized by the way her hips stutter and jerk back and forth. 

    She speeds up her motions a little bit in her excitement, and it builds you up to the point where you feel you might burst. 

    “Yeah – like that,” you cry out, pressing your lips against the top of her head, “I’m gonna cum.” 

    She nods into your shoulder, panting and pressing messy open-mouthed kisses. A strained “Mhmm,” is all you hear from her as she buries her face in the crook of your neck. 

    Right as you don’t think you can hold back anymore, her grip on you tightens. A moan builds in her throat, and when her fingers start shaking you realize that she’s close. It’s the final push that sends you right over the edge alongside her, so you grip her waist to pull her flush against you.

    Annie comes with a high-pitched whine and loses all her composure. A gush of hot fluid runs down your leg, she twitches against you. You’re coming, too, all at once blinded by ecstasy. The pressure in your gut releases rhythmically, and she continues stroking you albeit slowly and a little shakily. 

    You squeak out her name at some point while you’re lost in the pleasure, and there’s a noticeable physical reaction from her when you do. Your grip on her tightens as you ride out the pleasure. 

    A few moments of soft moans fill the silence as she continues moving. When she finally stops, you let out a sigh. 

    “Mmmm, much better,” she mutters as she pushes herself up. “I really needed that.” 

    All you can muster in response is a flustered giggle and a hasty nod of agreement. Your face is still warm with embarrassment so you hide your face in Annie’s hair. 

    She stays straddling you for a good few minutes, and you’re in no hurry for her to get off. You hold one another close, in silence aside from the sound of your breathing. A quiet, tender moment passes between the two of you. You’re both sticky, sweaty, and exhausted, but you’ve never felt closer. 

    You’re still too tired to move, so you just smirk as you stroke her upper arm. “I love you,” you tell her wistfully. You wouldn’t be surprised if your pupils were shaped like hearts as you gaze up at her. 

    She looks down in embarrassment – like that had been the most flustering thing that had happened just now. Maybe for her, it genuinely was. 

    All these years later she still struggles to say those three little words. Her lips tremble, but she pushes through the insecurity and gives a soft, shy, “L–love you too,” in response. 

    You’re not sure how much time passes before you finally clean up and lie back down again. It’s long enough that you feel your eyes begin to grow heavy and your limbs uncoordinated. The only thing on your mind is cuddling up with Annie, so everything else is insignificant in comparison. 

    As you’re falling asleep, she curls into your chest with your arms around her. 

    #the first of the trnt smutfics hehehehehehe #off the beaten path #the road not taken #trnt annie#annie-isms#cottagecanon #writing for my wives #annie leonhardt #annie leonhardt x reader #annie leonhardt imagine #annie leonhardt x you #annie x you #annie leonhart #annie leonhart x reader #annie leonhart x you #annie leonhart imagine #snk x reader #aot x reader #snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #annie leonhardt headcanons #annie leonhart headcanons #annie leonhardt drabble #annie leonhart drabble #annie leonhardt smut #annie leonhart smut #SPICY
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    Selling this AoT Lost Girls novel (not graphic novel) for $10! DM to claim!

    #attack on titan #aot#snk #shingeki no kyojin #aot lost girls #snk lost girls #mikasa#mikasa ackerman#annie#annie leonhardt#Hitch#Hitchi
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