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  • xxgoblin-dumplingxx
    16.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Jason Todd being anxious about being a good dad.

    "Jason," you sigh, "Love of my life. Sweetheart. I love you. So much. But if you don't stop doom scrolling and come to bed-"

    Jason looked up from his phone, frowning, "Y/N you're supposed to be asleep- you need-"

    "Please?" you murmur, trying to keep the whine out of your voice. You'd been home with the baby all day. It was lonely. And right now all you wanted was at least a little time to be held before you got pulled out of bed to feed her again. And when you start tearing up, turning away to try and keep him from seeing it, starting down the hall- he pulls you closer gently, burying his face in your hair.

    "I'm sorry," he rumbled. And he was. He hadn't meant to be gone so long. And when you start crying in earnest, it hurts. "Let's go lay down," he soothed, picking you up easily, kissing your head.

    And as he lay next to you, rubbing your back as you cried yourself out against his chest, he couldn't help but be- afraid.

    Afraid enough that he couldn't sleep. So when his daughter started to cry, he answered. "I've got it," he murmured, wiggling out from under you and padding over to scoop her up.

    "Hey little miss," he rumbled, rocking her, "You hungry? Or just messy? Both." He nodded to himself and set about changing her diaper, keeping up a running commentary. "Dick keeps saying I'm gonna miss you being so tiny," he hummed. "That's probably true. I can still say 'fuck' without you understanding- I ain't gonna miss diapers though. Or having mama get up in a panic two minutes after she puts you down for bed."

    When the baby fussed he smiled a little, "Let's get you fed, huh? Mama needs some sleep- I found her keys in the freezer earlier."

    When he feels you hug him from behind, your cheek against his back, he, exhales slowly.

    "I dunno what you're worried about," you murmur, hugging him tighter.

    "I just wanna be good at this," he said softly.

    "Jay," you laugh quietly, "You're fine. Everything is fine."


    "Peak girl dad," you say, smiling. "The best dad- tshirt worthy even."

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  • district447
    16.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Ah I wish it was I’ve been waiting to get in for months my parents think it’s a thyroid issue normally women don’t have a bump on their throat an a have a noticeable large one and if I talk even for five mins my throat becomes really hard to talk and I can’t touch the outside of my throat like even gentle as possible without feeling stabbed

    Oh shit I'm so sorry to hear that!! ☹️

    Definitely, a lump in that area can be dangerous! Get to a doctor soon, I've had a friend who had thyroid cancer (don't want to scare you as it might be something else for you❗) and she had to have surgery. So it's very serious!

    I'm taking thyroid hormones each morning 'cause I have hypothyroidism... I'll have the 3-months control blood work done this Thursday.

    #anon ask #ask and it shall be answered
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  • regulusb14ck
    16.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Will jegulus have sex in little lion men?


    #dani is answering asks #little lion men
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  • experimental-failures
    16.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    ⦂ for Krivix

    ⦂ what clothes do they sleep in?

    Depending on if he's sleeping in a place where he's confident he won't get attacked.


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  • the-gray-ghosty
    16.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    We've interacted a few times, but still brown!! ❤❤

    Thank you!! <33 :D

    [Colors ask game]

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  • wokasho
    16.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago
    █ ▌♛  STICKY SITUATIONS || accepting
    “   of  course  this  happens  to  me .  i  can’t  even  be  surprised .   ”
                                                                       — @bestninjaclub​   ► Karui

            ❝COME ON, WE CAN WORRY ABOUT that later, we gotta move faster!❞ Sakura had a mind to keep her voice somewhat calm as they proceeded through the tortuous path they had been made to follow. She knew snapping at the other kunoichi would be pointless and counter-productive, but fear and anxiety were gnawing at her chest the longer it took for them to arrive at their destination.

    #bestninjaclub #thanks so much for the ask!! #maybe this is when they're already adults? #dunno #◆ ┈ ┊ diagnostic report   ||   ( answers )
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  • mimikusu
    16.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    oooh could I get 🗣️✋🌡️ for Nikolai and Simon please? sorry I couldn't pick ahaha you don't have to do all of them if you don't wanna 😅

    Thank you so much for asking! And all your kindness in general! It's much appreciated! ❤️

    And you have no idea of how much(!!!) I love rambling about them to an extent that I think everybody must be bored of it already except for me! 😂😂 So given a chance, of course I will do all of them!

    🗣 you can find here. There's not much to add to that, except for @silklined's marvelous adition of Simon being attracted to something that he logically defines as being disgusting. Imagining him trying to figure out what's going on with him, as Nikolai is whining about how poorly he is feeling. And would it be anyone else, he couldn't care less. But since it's not... well, he's getting flustered. (I love this sososo much! And I can't stress out enough, that I did not come up with it. T^T)

    ✋Is there a certain way they go about touching their nose/face? A certain part of their hand they use? Knuckles, wrist, fingers?


    He's really trying not to. First of all, because he think's it unsanitizing and second, because it might draw attention to the fact that something is off. He'll rather grit his teeth or bite his tongue in attempt to starve it of. If that's not working, however, he might press his index finger under his nose, his hand forming a loose fist. And in case it really get's bad, he'll pinch it shut in attempt to stifle.


    I'd rather ask if there's a part of his hand/wrist/forearm that he's not using. And the answer would be no.

    He'll mostly use his wrist, pressing the palm of his hand into his streaming eyes as well as to his nose. He might then take it down, rubbing face and nose with his full hand in the process only to end up pinching it shut with thumb and forefinger, rubbing gently circles in attempt to either coax the sneeze out or starve it off. He often ends up sneezing into his hand in the process, which he thinks is an adequate way of covering, witch which Simon could't agree less.

    🌡What symptom(s) most severely plague them when they have a cold?

    Simon you can find here.


    I'd say it's his sneezing and he'd probably agree. Not that it's bothering him much, but the fact that he's doing it so frequently, being left on the verge of a sneeze throughout the better part of two days at least, is really tiering. If he's not developing a fever, he'll at least take some time to recover from the muscle aches and pure exhaustion once the sneezing had died down.

    His colds are not as long lasting as Simon's and he'll rarely make himself worse, but they tend to be pretty harsh on him, wearing him out completly and most of the time, he's unable to do much else than being seated somewhere nice and warm, sneezing his damn head off.

    #Thank you so much for asking!! #i'm always willing to answer! #and thanks Silk for the add on!
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  • experimental-failures
    16.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    ⌘ and ✖️ for torxen and Diovus please and thank you

    ⌘ do they rather shower or take a bath?

    Probably to absolutely no one's surprise, Diovus takes baths and Torxen takes showers

    × what does your muse smell like? what perfume/cologne are they using?

    I'm actually not very sure about Diovus so I'll just say probably something like coconuts.

    Torxen obviously has atleast a slight smell of cleaning stuff and alcohols. Dude does medical stuff so yeah.

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  • greyturned
    16.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    head empty no memories      /      @acharnemcnt​ sent: "Blank mind"

    IT  PLAYS  OUT  LIKE  A  DREAM  .    he  stands  on  the  outskirts  of  the  show  ,    a  bystander  to  his  own  downfall  .    an  explosion  that  rocks  the  trees  and  splits  the  earth  beneath  his  feet  .    sending  bodies  flying  and  colliding  ,    his  own  spiraling  through  trees  and  stone  as  tall  as  his  hip  ,    his  head  colliding  with  something  as  he  came  crashing  back  down  .    there  was  a  ringing  in  his  ears  ,    his  vision  impaired  by  the  impact  and  the  stream  of  red  coming  from  his  head  ,    but  he  could  just  make  out  the  color  of  snow  moving  through  the  greens  and  browns  and  heat  and  smoke  of  the  area  in  front  of  him  ,    closing  in  just  as  everything  went  dark  .

    THE  NEXT  THING  HE  KNOWS  IS  NOTHING  .    vast  ,    empty  nothingness  .    he  cannot  recall  anything  ,    not  what  happened  or  how  he  got  there  or  even  the  very  name  he  had  recently  taken  back  up  .    the  world  around  him  is  unfamiliar  ,    cold  ,    and  he  can’t  even  place  the  brief  feeling  of  wrongness  before  his  head  throbs  and  chases  it  away  with  the  last  vestiges  of  who  he  is  .    he  wants  to  try  to  block  the  light  from  his  eyes  ,    or  reach  for  his  head  and  find  the  source  of  the  pain  ,    but  his  arms  are  locked  at  his  side  .    curiously  bound  to  the  bed  or  whatever  he  woke  up  in  .    there’s  only  a  moment  to  inspect  his  situation  before  a  door  opens  ,    a  man  of  fire  and  ice  and  flanked  by  armored  soldiers  walking  in  and  setting  him  even  more  on  edge  .      ❝    who  are  you  ?    what  is  this  place  ?    ❞

    #okay but #ben being recaptured by the first order sometime after he left?? #and surprise he has amnesia #*   &.  incoming transmission.  /  answered asks #*   &.  i know what i have to do.  /  in character #*   &.  main  /  free to be you and me #acharnemcnt
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  • askjerrydandridge
    16.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    "It is a rarity to bump into another vampire. Sometimes...I often find myself wondering if I am the only one left." // from freya - unprompted

    ~~ His senses picked up that the red haired woman before him was another immortal, the familiar linger of death upon the shoulders that hung like a weight. The all encompassing rich quality of copper scent---blood---like a mist that tickled the nose. She was telling the truth, and presumably, she could smell the same from him. "Huh, well you aren't the only one. It's been a while since I've seen another." A question in his mind bit at him, what breed was she? The first thing he wondered--and had wondered--since his own variety went extinct ages ago. Nonetheless, he brushed it off. Sure he was an asshat--but meeting another vampire. Hell, even a female. Was something that didn't happen every day. At least, ones that he didn't play a part in creating. May as well show an ounce of courtesy. "Want a beer?" His brows shot up, taking a brief sip of his own. "Good way to catch up with a pal is to have a drink or two. Compare fang sizes?" He jested, a flash of a smile on his face. "Ah fuck it, we all need a break from those bloodbags out there anyway, huh?"


    #•||you smell that? it's your fear||• (( answered ask )) #askjerrydandridge #(( oooh HELLO! :D )) #open for asks #jerry dandridge#vampire#fright night #fright night 2011 #vampires
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  • loveyourownsmiilee
    16.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    i don't watch the rookie but i am Looking at the soft romantic light in the room in that kiss scene. and thinking about the soft romantic light in the eddie coming home to buck scene in season 4.

    Honestly if you compare every single fucking Buddie scene we’ve ever gotten, to that of literally any other couple from different shows, you’ll come to find out THEY ARE ALL SIMILAR! I wonder why they’re so damn similar huh?!? Oh perhaps bc every Buck and Eddie scene are so heavily romantically coded?!? 🥲

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  • leezardthelittlestfoot
    16.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    please show us some booty 🥺

    I’ll work on that tomorrow 🤗🥰

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  • laurenbacallgf
    16.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago



    i did :DDD

    #well. a draft #but editing is a tomorrow problem #asked and answered #mutuals 💕
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  • bonnie-barstow-of-flag
    16.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Icons only + being asked to a fancy dinner to give her a night of relaxation.

    #answered ask #Bonnie's all smiles and grins #bonnie barstow
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  • maximotts
    16.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Britt is smelly /j

    I’m a britt gatekeeper now 🔫

    #i know in my heart and uhh go shower smelly #anon asks. #answered.
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  • chaotickiddo
    16.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    What's your favorite drink both alcohol and not?

    I'm a whiskey girl for sure but I also like other things especially if it's made well😂

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  • ofgentleresolve
    16.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    @temporalobjects​​ sent in: "You want my advice?" Uta remarked as he filed his nails carefully. "You should send your detective sourface some dick picks. Well, maybe that's a bit much for you, so a smoochy face instead, with an open shirt. Yeah, unbutton that baby all the way down, that's what I'm saying!!" || uta gives soild unsolicited relationship advice ( ft. unprompted )

    “...” A cringe at such brazen words ( although is it really that forward? He’s heard worse- nothing gets quite as crass as locker room talk in secondary school. Or university for that matter. )  As the coffee in his mug sloshes inside, a droplet flying out and staining the cuff of his shirt. And yet Patrick considers himself LUCKY; for one thing, he managed to not spill the coffee on the book he was glossing through, and not to mention, had he been drinking the coffee, he’s quite certain he would’ve burned his tongue and if not that, then most certainly, Patrick would have choked on it instead. But more importantly, did Mister Uta just say- “P-Pardon?”

    ‘Dick Pics’? So maybe Patrick is more than rusty when it comes to understanding modern colloquialisms but it’s not too difficult to put two and two together in this case...that and as a professor one overhears more than his fair share of drama from his students. Including the ones where his female students complain about getting these...’dick pics’ from men they’ve only met once before. Or never even in person.

    Sending a picture like that ( not that Patrick has ever been sent one and not that he’s looking to change that ever ) to Hyuk? His cheeks burn. He sets his coffee mug on the desk.

    “I’m...I’m certain he would not be...CHARMED to say the very least,” Patrick says instead. Considering how uncomfortable Hyuk gets when people comment on his appearance, Patrick’s pretty sure Hyuk would see receiving such pictures ( unsolicited too ) as harassment. He doesn’t mention that to Mister Uta ( although he does have to wonder- does the man currently sitting with his legs crossed on Patrick’s desk know about Patrick’s crush? There’s no way, it’s not like they’re that obvious- )

    But then Mister Uta ( thankfully ) revises himself, even if Patrick would point out that a ‘smoochy face with an open shirt’ isn’t much better of an option. Actually, Patrick would prefer to do neither of those options considering that a. Hyuk would not be charmed in the slightest and b. Patrick doesn’t think he could even pull off such a...concept. It sounds like something more up Mister Uta‘s alleyway.

    And besides, Patrick is more than OKAY with where he stands with Hyuk. Really. Why fix something that already works?

    ( Or at least that’s what he tells himself. That’s a line of thought he doesn’t want to go down right now. )

    But Mister Uta seems to like his new idea and the next thing Patrick knows. his book has been swiped from him and he’s seated on his desk with Uta using Patrick’s phone ( the one Hyuk got for him years ago ) to test camera angles. Uta approaches him with a glint in his eye. Patrick doesn’t like that look or the way Uta is eying the BUTTONS on his button-down. He already popped the first two earlier because of the summer heat.

    Suddenly, Patrick really wishes he wore a sweater vest today instead.

    “J-Just a moment Mister Uta, I-I’m not sure this is a good idea-”

    #temporalobjects #temporalobjects ( ft. uta ) #( answered: patrick. ) #that would truly be wonderful ( answered. ) #( verse: give mercy. ) #the way I YELLED WHEN I GOT THIS #so sorry this took me a while to get to kwun!! #but also JFKLSJDKFLSJDLF UTA PLS #i mean...he's not wrong tho #but i need to note here that this photo of him with his shirt unbuttoned is indeed #on his phone thanks to uta #although there's no smoochy face just patrick looking embarrassed with his shirt unbuttoned #patrick will not be sending said photo to hyuk #bc if hyuk sees it patrick will not be able to look him in the eye #for a full week #also should it get sent to hyuk patrick will not realize he can unsend it #bc he'd be TOO EMBARRASSED to ask someone more technologically sound to show him HOW to do it JKLSDJFLSKJD #basically what i'm trying to say here is #these two are hopeless and uta honestly i get ur impatience JFKSLDJF #BUT THANKS FOR SENDING THIS IN KWUN THIS WAS REALLY FUN TO WRITE :D
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  • district447
    16.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Your requests are closed am I have the best idea ever


    Send it in 😅

    I just wanna make sure you know that I already have 50+ requests I'm working on, so you might have to be extra patient until I can post it ✌️

    #anon ask #ask and it shall be answered
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  • blondiethepirateking
    16.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    You're absolutely gorgeous

    Thank you!! 🥺💖

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  • kwondoodle
    16.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    What’s your favorite drawing/AU on this acc?

    My OC Seojun has been fun to draw cuz he's perfectly meme able and the closest looking to me irl. It's The Arcana Fandom so Arcana Au?

    But my fave drawing is actually the art for my icon! Cuz i loved seeing drunk besties being besties 💕

    #Im not always sure how to use some of this fandom language #Au(?) 👀💦 #what exactly falls under the description of an 'Au'? #i did my best to answer anyway #thanks for stoppin by anon 👀 #kwonanswers#anon asks#kwondoodle
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