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  • vgvulva
    19.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    supporting the corporations trying to sell you makeup, plastic surgery, clothing, and body alteration ≠ accepting yourself

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  • fanfic-lover-girl
    19.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I feel like Dinluke is a crack ship at best (But the fanart is fire, so I forgive it)

    Haha yeah I get that. Some of the art is amazing for sure. But I don't like a lot of them because they make Luke look too girly. Seeing Luke in Padme's dresses is too much for me. But I guess that's a trait for many slash fan art. And it reinforces that notion of "top" and "bottom" which I thought the gay community did not like. But I know some fan art are done by women who like slash pairings too so that's maybe why this feminization happens.

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  • contro-fucking-versial
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    'Which men?' a few people have asked!

    So do I have an answer for you!! :D You can't know which ones, and you know what? Every fucking thing you do, and person you meet in life is a fucking risk.

    Everything could fucking be a trap. Your female friends can be a trap. EVERY FUCKING THING CAN BE A TRAP.

    People have to fucking suck it up because over 50% of the population is? Guess what?


    Its your choice that you live your life in fear, and I can't fucking change that! Writing this in case you need to hear, but if not, block away! My mindset isn't fucking changing anytime soon.

    #reply #not all men #anti-feminism #tw capital letters #tw swearing
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  • spookyradluka
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Hot take bc some of you are wild omg

    Not even Black people who do break the law/are bad people deserve to be killed by/brutalized by police officers. Judge, jury, and executer is NOT their job. Excusing abuse of authority because "well they broke the law" is a very slippery slope because once you excuse police brutality against one group of people, it starts to desensitize society to accept more and more corruption within the force. If you excuse abuse in a position of power then you will attract abusers to the position.

    #radfem#radblr #radical feminists please interact #radical feminist community #radical feminism #intersectional feminism 101 #intersectional feminism#police brutally#racism#anti cop#acab#1312
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  • contro-fucking-versial
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Look... I don't stand with radical feminists. But, I do understand where they come from on the bathroom situation. There is one reaccuring thing that stands out to me whenever radfems argue against transwomen in the bathrooms, and what is that?


    Most if not all radfems I've met hate men. Are terrified of men.


    Another reaccuring fact!

    Those radfem's I have met have either been taught to fear men by those who raised them, or it was learnt from abuse via people with dicks. For example my mother is a domestic abuse surviver, her entire fucking family was fucking abusive assholes. I was taught to fear men and to hate them. For a while and most of my childhood, I even held the radfem ideologies, although now I see its a fucking cult.

    The point of this is, okay, radfems are part of a cult. Yes, they fucking make the lives of trans folk, suck.

    But for the love of god DO NOT abuse these radfems in their inboxes!!! Don't leave hateful replies, DO NOT TELL THEM TO KILL THEMSELVES because JUST like a fucking cult, it will prove to the radfems that they're really on the good side. The only way they will be safe is within their little terf bubble.

    Educate or fucking block.

    Don't insult.

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  • femenbydemirubyrose
    19.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    (This person is blocked. Please don’t harass and just block)

    This is why I fucking hate Harry Potter fans and anyone that defends JK Rowling. You’re basically telling all the Jewish people who were deeply offended by the fact the goblins are based off of antisemitic stereotypes are “paranoid”, which is ableist and antisemitic. Also acknowledging that Trans people exist is considered “acknowledging biological reality”. And one thing to point about TERFs is that anyone who doesn’t identify as a male who has penis is automatically a threat to them. So you’re saying that Trans women and Trans feminine people that suffer from bottom Dysphoria who cannot afford bottom surgery is a threat to women’s safe spaces, which is transphobic. Also which that means intersex women can’t be in women spaces either because despite them being a woman their genetic makeup or being born with sexual traits that don’t really align with cis women.

    I hope people like this person steps on a Lego brick.

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  • authentic-autistic
    19.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Prochociers, talk to me about abortion survivors.

    Do they deserve an apology or some sort of reimbursement for the tragedies they’ve endured or any disabilities they suffer from the attempt on their lives? Why or why not?

    What does it say about abortion that there ARE survivors? Humans beings who, despite violent attacks, live full and beautiful lives. Should we have…? Tried harder to kill them, or do they show us the inherent value of the unborn that are killed mercilessly every day? Is it good, or bad that they lived? Why?

    What about babies who survive abortion but are then neglected to death after birth? Is this moral? What makes it moral or amoral? Can you apply your answer to living human that are… days old? Weeks? Months? Where is the line drawn?

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  • femsolid
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    “One night in April 1977, in a Mormon church meeting in Sterling, Virginia, my mind finally burst the chains that shackled it to the known world and leapt spiraling upward and outward in quest of a new world, the journey for which I was born. And so the stand-ins for God, the god-men of the Mormon church, excommunicated me. In doing so, they unwittingly gave me a platform from which to expose the hatred of women fundamental to Mormonism, as to most religions. 

    After that April night in the church, it was easy for me. Growing up Mormon gave me distinct advantage over those feminists who grew up in "liberal" churches. For them, patriarchy has been camouflaged, rendered murky and ambiguous, hard to pin down. It has been more hidden and padded and veiled and softened for public viewing. Mormonism is patriarchy at its most arrogant and blatant. I had studied it for 43 years in all its stark nakedness. When I became a feminist I realized that I knew patriarchy inside out, thoroughly, intimately. The Mormon elders had trained me to be one of the world's experts on patriarchal ontology, and I could never be deceived again. 

    Neither could I be manipulated by fear not to name it and name it and name it again: the rule of the fathers, the worship of the male, the rule of men over women -patriarchy, the destroyer of joy and hope and life.

    As I looked about myself with new eyes, I lost all illusions about organized religion as a means to moral ends. I saw that all churches were the Mormon church -more or less spiritually squalid since they were made by men for men at the enormous expense of women. I saw clearly that religion was the central pillar of patriarchy, the means through which male supremacy became and remains dogma, by which maleness is deified, and by which all that is female is subverted to the purposes of men.”

    Going out of our minds, Sonia Johnson

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  • ramen-flavored
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Is asking for equal rights too much?

    #equal rights are human rights #black lives matter #feminism #stop Asian hate #equal rights #roe vs. wade #roe v wade #anti racism #poc lives matter #lgbtq+#pride month#womens rights#Supreme Court#united states #eat the rich #fuck the patriarchy #trans rights#trans
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  • axislul
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    We don't need feminism. (Feminism from a woman's view)

    I respect feminists wanting equal rights with men but where is equality if you say "KAM" or "all men kind are unnecessary, bigoted & stupid."

    First of all, We need both men & women in this world you fool. You are completely toxic & you are mentally not stable & should be in a mental asylum if you want to kill all men for having a penis.

    Secondly, if you want to be equal to men, men should have the same rights as you in the family court as you should have the same rights with men. If you don't accept men are human like women and humans deserves equal rights in the laws what rights are you talking about?

    Women are also human beings, which means women aren't innocent bunnies. women can also abuse they are human beings, saying the shit like "but mostly man abuse!" Is stupid. You are being ABLEIST now. Any gender can abuse they are humans after all.

    Why are we acting like men are monsters & women are innocent bunnies? isn't it doing what you are against feminists? You are just crying over everything,

    try to show yourself as a bunny, innocent, loser & don't even give necessary fight.

    Most you who says "KAM" don't even know what's abuse, you are just sitting on your couch & type "CANCEL MISOGYNY" like a loser.

    What about you saying something worthy like,

    "Women can be in the military"

    "Women can win a war"

    "Women can make a successful business"

    "We deserve same rights with man as men deserves rights with us too."

    Show you can do something, don't be a loser like crazy feminists.

    if you are a crazy feminist please go back to the kitchen now, that is where you belong. #mentoo

    Reject Feminism, embrace womanhood & manhood.

    -from a women.

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  • johngirl
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i understand the real material consequences of being the victim of an online hate mob and how it ruins lives but i have to say. there is something kind of funny about the fact that very intelligent people will devote huge swaths of their careers to fighting against “cancel culture” after being called out online.

    #i know the reason is that we’re all most passionate about things that directly effect us and it’s also incredibly topical and it can be #incredibly informative when done well #but it’s just funny that someone can devote their entire professional career to discussing feminism anti racism trans liberation etc #and then hard turn to talking about how hard it is to be cancelled #<<< and i realize i’m being dismissive with my language but you get what i mean
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  • strangely-a-mcu-fan
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Please tell me I didn't just see someone compare the hate Captain Marvel received for stealing an asshole's jacket to the hate Wanda receives for ENSLAVING AND KILLING PEOPLE ?!? Like, one is out of misogyny but one is clearly out of something more...righteous, you know ?

    #wanda stan weaponizing feminism again #what new? #anti wanda maximoff #text
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  • djuvlipen
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Conclusively, I shall take a radical feminist perspective, from where I shall be able to distinguish several systems of domination such as dominations based on gender, ethnicity or race and class which pervade all aspects of social life. So the class is one of the systems of domination which interact and intersect with other forms of domination. In the case of prostitution and trafficking of Romani women, their low social and economical class position intersects with other social forms of inequalities reproducing their vulnerable position in global economic restructuring. Moreover, when it comes to sexual and racial violence, and class exploitation, Romani women are increasingly defenseless and unprotected. The ethnically segregated localities and “Gypsy Rows” enclose them and offer a very limited social and economic position from where social mobility, at least without substantial institutional support, is impossible.

    Gender, Ethnicity and Class: Romani Women’s Political Activism and Social Struggles, Angéla Kóczé

    #radical feminism #radfems do interact #radfems please interact #terfs do interact #terfs please interact #Angéla Kóczé#anti prostitution
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  • idiosyncraticrednebula
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    It's incredible to me how radfems make the argument that most women get pregnant and have gotten pregnant throughout history because they are/were forced to get pregnant by their husbands, not because they ever had any desire to have babies.

    Imagine hating men so much that you erase women's agency in their life-changing choices.

    #anti feminism #anti radical feminism #text #the vast majority of women get pregnant because they WANT to get pregnant #not because some evil patriarchal man held them against their own will to have his babies #what the hell is wrong with y'all
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  • idiosyncraticrednebula
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #anti feminism #anti radical feminism #substack#newsletter
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  • roses-in-your-ribcage
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I have never seen anything more lesbo/homophobic in my life.

    Trans mlm more like LITERALLY *FUCKING LESBIANS?*

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  • lilacandladybugs
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I just stumbled upon Christine Woolgar's blog called WorktheGreyMatter.com and it has genuinely brought me so much peace. She talks about women, sex, rape, sexuality, and other deeply upsetting but very important topics in the old testament and new testament. I've been reading it all day and I haven't read all of it but I have not felt so much peace about the way God treats women. If you are a feminist and a Christian - or just a women who wants to encourage Christians - I literally can not recommend it more.

    (She includes trigger warnings but I want y'all to know she pulls no punches and she cares a lot about women so she does talk about potentially triggering topics. Stay safe!)

    #religion tw#religion#christianity tw#christianity#feminism #i havent read her LGBT stuff yet but she includes transphobia and homophobia tws so i cant imagine shes anti lgbt #also shes asexual and ids as a member to lgbt community so i think its safe #i was mostly bothered abt women so that was the priority for me but #i trust this woman #she is very very intelligent #i have cried and. cried over this blog #i felt so disgusting after studying the old testament but she makes me feel safe again #and loved #and like i want to be alive
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