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  • soggylizard424
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I've given in and I am now on AO3.

    Prepare your souls.

    #I speak for some reason #This is mostly just a warning I'm gonna move a bunch of my writing on there #ao3 stuff
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  • littlecandy368
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    The urge to make Peridot suffer is… immense

    Like… just because she is cute and stuff, she deserved for being cute! Correction needed bro! Correction needed!

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  • itsamepatches
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    So, speaking as someone who writes (and has written for years), let's be honest:

    sure yes you can write whatever you want; however, you should not be getting mad at a reader/commenter who asked you to tag your surprise (as an example) incest or similar topics instead of leading the reader blind into your story without them realizing what is about to go down -- especially when you waste nearly a whole chapter later to rant (not address, rant) with cringy fancy words to make yourself sound "sophisticated", I suppose, when it's on par with "um its fiktion incest sweaty :)" instead of just moving on and perhaps tagging it just in case. Tagging isn't hard, we should practice it instead of blaming everything on the readers. 💃

    #tag your stuff guys instead of getting angry at people and move on thanks mate :B #AO3#AO3 stuff#ao3 tags#fanfic tag #Patches is talking
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  • camelliagwerm
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    sated + valerius!!

    23. sated // set the morning after Addicted to the Taste of You(r Blood Red Lips) // NSFW - morning sex, mutual masturbation // 780 words

    Looking over her shoulder, she notes he blends in a little into the pre-morning light, the soft grey the same colour as his skin. He’s smiling, the tip of a fang resting against his lower lip, and his hair is tousled from sex and sleep.

    “Morning,” he mumbles; his voice is hoarse, and he draws her close to him so her body is flush against him, her arse pressed against his hips.

    “It’s not even morning yet. It is far too early.” She stretches out, feeling a dull, pleasing ache in her muscles and yawns, before nuzzling back into him. A peaceful smile slowly grows on her lips, her arm stretching out to play with his hair, toying with the strands around her fingers, as he continues to kiss her: gentle, languid kisses over her earlobe and then down the slope of her neck. He drags his tongue over where he bit her the previous night; her neck feels tender, badly bruised, but it had been euphoric when he had sunk his fangs into her - equal parts both pleasure and pain and it had made her come almost entirely undone.

    #userarklay#answered#*writing #otp: something i never aspired to #nsft. #oc: valerius #i would say sorry for putting this behind ao3 but. probably slightly too spicy for tumblr #i will say it's not necessary to read addicted to the taste of you but. go read it if you haven't. it's good stuff imo.
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  • iperferfairiestopeople
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Reminders for Fanfic Authors

    your worth and value as a writer is not determined by the number of Kudos or Hits

    Fanfictions are real books

    Many popular authors started as fanfiction writers, and many popular novels started as fanfics

    Update your fanfiction often, but not so frequently to the point where your writing is lacking or your real world responsibilities are being neglected (including your mental health)❤

    The quality of your fanfic is not determined by the number of hits and kudos

    Your fanfics make the world a better place because they are works of love and something you are passionate about

    keep doing what you're doing loves ❤

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  • sadisticyouko
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    I might have to write something between Kurama and Karasu 😬

    #it will be… #demented #I mean I like that kinda stuff but I’ll probably keep it to ao3 #since character x character is more popular there #def no romance #all smut and angst cuz that’s what’s fun
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  • iperferfairiestopeople
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    More Fanfiction Author things

    (I should be writing my fic right now but instead I'm making more of these)

    Having a list of tropes saved so I can refer to it for inspiration


    ...They almost kissed

    "Hey guys I'm sorry this chapter is late my brain stopped worked for like 5 days and then I speed wrote the entire thing at 3am I hope it makes sense"

    I promise this OC isn't self insert 👀

    *Re-writes dialogue 5 times to make sure it's accurate to the character*

    I'm only awake because of 5 cups of tea and flaming hot Cheetos


    I do not deserve all the kudos and comments, and yet you guys give them to me? I'm crying now.

    fluff fluff fluff fluff fluff ehehehehe

    I'm killing off this oc my readers will be mad oh well

    see the cinnamon roll? WELL NOW THEY HAVE TRAUMA

    I have so many fic ideas but I know if I start one my current wip will never be finished BUT I WANT TO WRITE ALL THE FICS

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  • whereonceiwasfire
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Me, sprinkling em dashes into my fanfiction like salt: he he he, nobody can stop me now.

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  • captainsoldat
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    stars in your eyes

    eddie kisses buck. buck reacts accordingly. it all works out in the end.
    1k | fluffy fluff | title from this song

    Eddie drops his hands behind his back, shuffling backwards to lean against the door.

    Oh, wow, that happened. Okay, breathe Buckaroo, breathe. 

    Buck's been kissed before, many times in many ways. But never like this. Never sweet and hopeful and a little bit scared and a lot like a promise of forever. Buck wonders if it’s possible to fall in love with a moment, this moment, here with Eddie. He feels giddy and overwhelmed but oh so ready to take on the world with Eddie by his side. Eddie tilts his head, smile growing wider and wider, pointy teeth on full display. Buck kind of wants to lick them. He takes a breath ready to say something and Buck— Buck sticks his hand out as if to give Eddie a handshake. His brain has officially switched to the off position, thank you very much. Who can blame him, really? Evan Buckley is but a man, a man just kissed by who he feels down to his core is the love of his life. He looks down in horror, willing his arm to stop embarrassing him but alas, it is just an arm. Eddie looks down at Buck's hand, raising his eyebrows. His eyes sparkle with amusement as he purses his lips to hide a smile. It is a testament to the many ways in which Eddie knows Buck that allows him to go along with it. "I guess that's one way to end the night." He grabs Buck's forearm with his hand, a moment reminiscent of many moons ago when the universe saw fit to bind them together. "Put 'er there, partner. You have yourself a good night." His eyes rake over Buck, slow and steady, something mischievous in his eyes. Buck swallows hard making a noise he will never admit to. He hates, nay despises Texas, but he would listen to Eddie read all the Hildy manuals in the world if only to hear him speak in that southern drawl. His arm is still suspended in midair, held there by Eddie rubbing small circles into his skin with his thumb. "Yes, yes, thank you, and to you as well." He pulls his arm back as Eddie huffs out a laugh. He gapes at himself feeling mortified. Eddie, however, doesn't seem to care. He's looking at Buck with such fondness in his eyes its making Buck a little dizzy. So often was his mind plagued by doubt about his and Eddie's relationship, he is still finding it difficult to really believe this where they have ended up. This beautiful, aching, tender thing bubbling between them for so long finally made real, and of course this is how Buck reacts. Eddie pushes himself off the door taking a step towards him. He brings his hand up to Buck's cheek, fingers coming to tangle in his hair at the base of his neck. His thumb pushes against Buck's lower lip, eyes following the movement. "Oh, Buck," he whispers. He tilts his head up, pressing a light kiss to the corner of Buck's mouth. Buck shudders, caught in the stars in Eddie's eyes. He never wants to look away, wants to drown in the emotions rolling around inside him because of the man before him. He wonders if Eddie can see all the ways in which he loves him, so deeply ingrained into everything he does. Eddie lets his hand drop, stepping back. "I'm gonna—" he points back to his house with his thumb. "I'm gonna head inside." He turns around to fumble with his keys and open the door. He looks back over his shoulder, same shy smile on his face. "Goodnight, Evan?" Buck has never shied away from making it known how much he hates his name. Eddie saying "Evan" all soft and loving however is up there with one of his favorite things in the world. He sighs dreamily like a character from one of Maddie’s old romance novels he did not read multiple times. It takes a moment to realize he's sighing at a closed door. Stupid, stupid, so stupid. Then again, thinking of Eddie always turns his brain to mush. Wait. Wait. What the hell is he doing? Why is he standing outside of Eddies door like a total creep? He thinks about what Eddie was going to say before Buck ruined it all. He thinks about the question in his voice when Eddie said goodnight. Maybe he was going to be invited in, not that he ever really needed to be, what with having his own key and all but. Tonight, had been— Different. Of course, it had been. Eddie and Buck finally getting their act together and taking that next step. “A date, a proper me-and-you I’ve been thinking about this for so long, kind of date” Eddie had said, so bright and confident. Buck loves every single piece of Eddie he has ever gotten the privilege to see but this Eddie is a sight to behold. A take charge, living for myself, going after what I want kind of Eddie. And what he wants is— The realization washes over Buck in waves. Eddie wants Buck. Eddie wants Buck. Eddie wants Buck. He has a moment of feeling sorry for himself for not letting himself believe any of it could be true. He fumbles around in his pocket for his keys, bringing his other hand up to knock on the door when— Eddie stands in the doorway. “Hi,” he says breathless. “I was watching you through the peephole. I wasn’t going to let you leave.” His smile is the most beautiful thing Buck has ever seen and his face aches from trying to match it. They meet in the middle, kiss a little painful as they laugh against each other. “Stay,” Eddie sighs against his lips. 

    “Always,” Buck whispers back. Tonight, will be different, but he knows it will also be very much the same. Eddie and Buck as they have always been, so perfectly entwined, so very much in love. Buck wouldn’t have it any other way.

    #buddie#buddie fic#911 fic#evan buckley#eddie diaz#;*#;*fic#buckley diaz #i graduated HCCC yesterday and this is my gift to myself #i dont have AO3 but once i do... i'll post stuff there too because #apparently i write buddie fic now #go me!
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  • mayflower-gal
    27.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Azure Death

    CW: gruesome major character death (blood/gore) (NOT present in this preview, but present in the full version). Written before the release of Legends: Arceus.

    Read the rest here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35769709

    "What? The Spear Pillar? Are you sure?"

    His conversation with Professor Rowan and the esteemed Champion Cynthia reverberated in his head as Lucas braced himself against the frigid climb of Mount Coronet.

    "Well, it's not absolutely certain..." the professor huffed, stroking that famous white mustache of his.

    "But I'm 99% confident," Cynthia chimed as she gently pushed the odd-looking artifact towards the young Pokémon Trainer. "All of my weeks of research— at the three lakes, the mural in Celestic Town, and the statue in Eterna— all of my painstaking, historical literature brush-ups point to this one conclusion. If the ancients were truly able to connect with the Original One through the Hall of Origin, using this flute..." The bizarrely shaped, pale blue organ they'd found half-buried in Turnback Cave became delicately cradled by his hands.

     "...Then there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to as well."

    So up he went, returning to the area he'd previously swore never to return. The Spear Pillar.

    Nothing appeared to have changed since his last visit— beyond the crumbling and dilapidated marble pillars, the summit of Mount Coronet appeared as cold and isolated as ever. But upon closer inspection, Lucas noticed something he couldn't believe he'd missed last time. (Then again, he'd been more focused on taking down Galactic than admiring his surroundings.) At the bottom of a lonely set of stairs was an engraving of what appeared to be an almighty Pokémon carved into the floor tile.

     Could this be Arceus?

    Instead of mounting the platform where he'd confronted Cyrus, something in his being compelled him to take out the flute, now. Lucas fumbled with his backpack, fingers trembling as he unzipped the smallest pocket. Ever so carefully, he removed the clay-like instrument and held it in his hands.

    Well, now what is he supposed to do with it? Neither Cynthia nor Rowan had been very clear about that part. They both stressed the journey itself more than what to do once he'd arrived.

    I don't even know how to play an instrument... Do I just blow into it? I probably gotta place my fingers over the holes or something first. Maybe there's a specific melody that summons Arceus, except I don't even know how to play Hot Cross Buns on this thing, let alone some ancient show tune. Ugh, do I even want to touch my lips to something that's been buried in the dirt for so long?

    But as it turns out, he didn't have to do any of that. The gusts of wind tearing through his jacket produced an airstream powerful enough to penetrate and ring through the flute. Although...perhaps "ring" was too nice a word for it.

    Never in his life had he heard a tune so ominous, so ethereal, so... hollow. And the sounds of the flute echoed uneasily into the air, wavering harshly with their dying breaths.

    It made Lucas shiver.

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  • jimkirkachu
    27.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Hey Jim, I'm really proud of you for coming out to your family & I'm sorry they're not making the effort to help you understand yourself. I know how difficult it is to settle into your identity is when you have to figure it out yourself & having people repeatedly misgender you makes it even harder. I also hope you don't take the negative AO3 comment to heart & just delete it. I'm sure if you read the rest of your inbox, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

    Oh my friend 🫂💔😭💙💛 thank you so much for your encouragement. You're so kind and good to me and I don't deserve it but I love you so much 🫂💜😭😭😭

    (gender stuff, fandom-related insecurity/paranoia/self-pity ahead)

    People have told me before that it's okay for me to vent here because nobody is being forced to read this crap or follow me, but I still feel like a douche canoe any time I complain here about anything that has to do with my "real life," because I'm so incredibly fortunate and privileged. At least outwardly, my (closest) family has accepted my nb-ness / questioning and I'm overwhelmingly grateful for that. I haven't been disowned, or kicked out of the house, or laughed at... like I said, enormous unearned privilege/good fortune. And ironically, having a few people "in the know" who are still talking to/about me the way they did for 31 years, while frustrating, has genuinely been helping me better understand that I definitely don't identify with my birth-assigned gender or its pronouns anymore, if I ever really did at all. 🤔 It seems to be a matter now of "how long can I continue to pretend the misgendering doesn't bother me when it's coming from my parents," because, lest we forget, I'm still intensely nonconfrontational, afraid of being an inconvenience or a burden to others, terrified of taking up space or standing up for myself, and thoroughly convinced of my own utter worthlessness. 😬

    As for the ao3 comment that I have no doubt blown way out of proportion 🤦😣 I'm... I don't know. It has finally taken a backseat in my mind to other concerns, so that's an improvement. But it's going to take a long time to dust myself off from all of this; the comment in question was really just the straw that broke my back after spending the last 2 years having an extremely prolonged existential crisis in regards to my "place" (or lack thereof) in the fandom. I've been feeling really bad/lousy/insecure about my work and my ability to "fit in" or contribute (without also annoying people to death) ever since an incident in the 2020 big bang discord server got under my skin and has just kept on burrowing into my mind and soul like a poisoned splinter ever since.

    I don't write fics that are appropriate / desirable / worthy of inclusion in zines or rec lists or what-have-you. I don't know anything about any of the new Trek series or characters or timelines or whatever the hell else because I went and got my ptsd triggered while watching season 1 of Discovery and had to promise myself not to watch anything else produced by the current franchise-runners in the interest of self-preservation. And original series K/S is my only ship, my only fandom interest, the only [hyper-]fixation I've had for at least 6 years now. The harsh fact that I'm simply out of touch and irrelevant has been making me question why I'm even still trying to maintain any kind of online presence at all... and yet my fics and my online friends here have been essentially the only things that have motivated me to keep Living in the last 4+ years. 🤔 So... I'm a mess all over, and not just because of that comment (it clearly didn't help matters any, though). 🤦🤷 (And yet and yet... being a mess is my Thing, like, it's the one thing I'm consistently good at. So although it sucks, I'm also accustomed to it, in a lot of ways. 🙁😬👍)

    Thank you, as always, dear, for being my friend and saying such sweet, generous things. I love you (and everybody who has put up with the pain of knowing/interacting with me 💜), and given the especially difficult past few months (both personally and in regards to the state of the US and the world), I'm just really, really grateful to know I'm not alone. 💜🫂💜🫂 Take care, you. 🖖🫂💛💙

    #ship's intercom#ask#personal log#not trek #well... obliquely i guess #thanks for noticing me 💜 #gender identity#identity crisis#family drama#pronouns#non binary#nb problems #tw coming out #insecurities#self pity #not belonging anywhere #ao3 stuff #no self worth #no self esteem #no self anything #no spoons#emotional exhaustion#spoon deficiency#writer problems#ptsd#soul sick#jtkchu's brain#stfu jtkchu #sweet humans are sweet #thank you so much for your kindness
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  • softmintpurejoy
    27.05.2022 - 21 hours ago




    I would love if you, like, read my works

    I don't post very often, but i have a lot of my fics that i can translate.

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  • roboticspacecase
    27.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Here’s that fluff I wrote :p

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  • achilles-the-fanboy
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Impulsively updates the description for my fanfic and isn't that just a crazy thing to do at 2 am

    #my fanfic stuff #myct fanfiction#fanfiction#dsmp fanfic#ao3 stuff #why am i like this?
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  • iperferfairiestopeople
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Fanfiction author things


    *checks AO3 stats and somehow ends up being three hours deep into another fic*

    How do I words

    I am both overwhelmed and so insanely happy that people actually think the crap I write is good

    *giggling while writing fluff*

    *evil grinning while writing angst*

    "Hey siri, play Hozier"

    I have been single my whole life because I am antisocial and very awkward how do I write romance?

    *this was totally not inspired by a singular piece of fanart I found*

    *sits down to write and ends up on tumblr instead*

    I need a synonym for...

    "I'm just working on an essay, mom"


    Must. Not. Be. Late. With. Chapter.

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  • severeearthquakefan
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Kate is paying her father's debt to the kingpin and her life well it's not going well but not half bad either and it all goes to shit when a certain archer and kate's idol. gets himself kidpanned and kate has to make a choice.

    Featuring Comic Clint barton and a mix of kate from mcu and comics.

    go check out if you guys want

    part of my academy series.

    you can read even if you didn't see agents of shield.


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  • fireheartwraith
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Let's gooooo

    #this is not even the worst thing I've ever done #i just thought it was funny because the last thing i read was a drabble #love that for me #fanfiction#fanfic#ao3#fan work#also #look at those STATS #you know this is going to be good #that ratio of kudos to bookmarks? divine #this is the benefit of cycling through different fandoms #everytime you come back there's great stuff already fully published!! #never a shortage babyyy
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  • yoshistack
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Chapters: 9/? Fandom: Code Lyoko Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Aelita Schaeffer & Ulrich Stern, Implied Jeremie Belpois/Aelita Schaeffer, Implied Yumi Ishiyama/Ulrich Stern Characters: Ulrich Stern, Aelita Schaeffer, Odd Della Robbia, Yumi Ishiyama, Jeremie Belpois, Sissi Delmas, William Dunbar, Jim Morales Additional Tags: Found Family, Hurt/Comfort, One Shot Collection, Implied Relationships, They aren't really the focus, Cross-Posted on FanFiction.Net Summary:

    Ulrich didn't have siblings, and he suspected he probably never would. But who said siblings had to be related by blood?

    (The one shot collection about the characters that needed to interact more: Ulrich and Aelita)

    Chapters 1-6 written between June 2017 to December 2019.


    Guess who’s back on her bullshit in the year 2022? Have a chapter that I’ve had an outline for since 2019!

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  • mlk082
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Letter To You

    Salut, mon amour!

    I have been thinking about you all day.

    My mind has etched your smile, and my heart leaps at the memory.

    I have not crossed your path, and so the more I crave your touch.

    I intend to meet you soon, my love, and privately. I will hold you in my arms, and as you tell me about your day, I will watch your lips. My gaze will befall you, and I shall kiss you. I will capture your heart as you have captured mine. Over and over.

    I will shower you with affection until your lips burn and your lungs ache for air. My hands are going to caress your skin and provoke you slowly. You won’t be able to stop yourself, and neither will I.

    I will love your body equally to your mind. You are to be cherished and adored. That is my duty as your lover. I savor my moments with you, always giving you my attention and care.

    I want to have many memories with you. One lifetime is not enough.

    Until that desired moment, I will await the dismissal bell. I will drown in my thoughts of you, sinking without you beside me to pull me up.

    Your beauty is hypnotic.

    I crave your smile every day.

    When I finally see you, I will never let you go.

    My darling, you are my prey. 

    — Rook

    #disney twisted wonderland #ao3#ao3 stuff#twisted wonderland#twst#twst wonderland #twst x reader #disney twst #twisted wonderland x reader #disney twst x reader #rook hunt x reader #rook x reader #rook hunt #twst rook hunt #twst rook x reader #twst rook #twst reader insert #rook x mc #twst rook hunt x reader #letters#love letters
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  • onmyliteraturebullshitagain
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Alright, friend, "The Play's the Thing" in it's revised version is almost done and going to be available got pre-order of the ebook within the next week or so! 😄 There will also be a paperback version offered on the same release date, although for whatever reason, it can't be pre-ordered. I'm also gonna make it available for free on Kindle Unlimited, so lots of options to choose from!

    It's happening! 🤗

    That also means I will, unfortunately, be taking down the AO3 version tomorrow (5/27). But I can promise that this new and improved version has all the beats of the original only even better! More drama, more humor, more pining, more happy endings 💙

    #the play's the thing #my writing #gay book rec #this counts as a gay book rec right? i'm counting it #changes to AO3 #i'm gonna go through and reread and save all comments and stuff bc they mean so much to me
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