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  • analikalee
    26.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago
    #snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyoujin #aot imagines#snk icons #aot season 4 #aot icons#snk levi#snk eren #snk x reader #snk anime#levi ackerman #snk x y/n #aot fanart#snk fanfiction#aot levi #shingeki no kyoujin levi #levi heichou #levi x hange #captain levi#erwin smith #levi attack on titan #levi aot#eren aot #aot final season #aot headcanons #aot x reader #aot x you
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  • analikalee
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    All Yelena sketches from the Season 4 Part 1 MAPPA Artbook

    #snk eren#snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyoujin #snk x reader #aot season 4 #aot imagines#snk icons#aot icons#carrd icons#yelena snk#snk anime #snk x y/n #snk fanfiction#aot fanart#levi ackerman#snk levi#eren aot #aot final season #aot headcanons #aot x reader #aot x you #eren jaeger #attack on titan zeke #attack on titan season four #attack on titan eren #armin attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin fanart
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  • thelibraryblog
    26.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Hey! I recently discovered your blog and I’m absolutely smitten for your version of Kenny! You write him so well! May I request you write something in any form prefer for Kenny with a s/o who’s very sarcastic and has a similar sense of humor like his? Even though she is sarcastic she sometimes tries to be affectionate and make him feel better about himself.

    My finals are now finally over, and I was looking forward to being back and write since I'll have some time for myself now.

    This is clearly the best relationship dynamic we can have with our Kenny. And I'm here to serve you this. Hope you like it! (Also for funny reason the reader is in the SC)

    It's exactly what Kenny wants in a relationship. He could manage a shy girl, but he love talk back so much. And with your attitude, he's served.

    As I write with the headcanon when you save his ass, he's not even accepting it. And it's always like that with him. For example, multiple times Kenny will tell you that he can beat your ass if he wanted to. "You are aware that I'm killing titans as a job Kenny." Your disabused look speaks for itself, but he has the audacity to roll his eyes and smirk. "And visibly you aren't aware of who I am."

    So it happen one day when Kenny worked and you weren't. You were doing your groceries when you catch a glimpse of your boyfriend running after a "Bad guy" (as if he weren't one). The idea of him catching the bad guy really made you laugh. But between choosing your strawberries and salads mindlessly you heard a weird noise behind you.

    The path is busy at this time of the day, like you other people are doing their chores which makes it a little bit difficult to move. But the noise you heard really pick your attention. As a soldier to, you manage to observe your surroundings and pick up the anomaly. Some weird ass dude was trying to act normal, but you didn't like his attitude.

    Well thing leading to another, you're like Kenny... And you like picking up fights with people. When the man was laying on the floor whining because you hurt him you heard someone walking behind you, and as you turn around you saw your boyfriend grinning at you and the man on the floor.

    "I require some money for doing your job love."

    "Doing what doll? beating up a poor man? c'mon you know I am a good guy don't you?"

    #Kenny ackerman x reader #kenny ackerman headcanons #aot headcanon#snk headcanons#kenny ackerman#aot imagine#snk imagine #kenny ackerman imagine #kenny ackerman x oc
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  • astronoxx
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Okay but reiner would want to put all your weight on his face as he ate you out he’d push down your thighs so there’s no half ass sitting up he’d want you to sit with no worries as he slurped and licked your pussy clean leaving only his wet dripping saliva

    #Reiner x chubby reader #reiner imagine #reiner x reader #reiner smut#aot smut #chubby girl smut
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  • httpjaeg
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sometimes I think about getting high with Eren and the lazy, needy make out session that would inevitably follow.

    Straddling his lap while he looked up at you under half lidded eyes, a lazy smile that ends in a lip bite as he fits the joint between your lips, his hand rubbing your hip soothingly as you take a hit.

    “Good girl, go easy,” he’d encourage on your inhale, his deep voice barely louder than a whisper.

    You might cough a little and he would pull the joint back, muttering a low, “c’mere baby,” before taking a deep hit himself then using the back of your neck to pull your lips to his. He’d open his mouth against yours, exhaling the smoke into your mouth before slipping his tongue in alongside it. The kiss that follows is slow, wet, and when his hand drifts south to your ass where he starts a slow grind across his lap, your hushed sounds of pleasure that Eren swallows down only encourage him more.

    You didn’t bother to look when he was setting the joint down on the ashtray next to the couch. When his kisses starting to trace along your jaw, your neck, teeth gently scraping your collarbone before a soothing lick of his tongue.

    And it may have been the weed, it probably played at least a small part...what had caused the blood to rush through your veins, your head to fall back as your eyes fluttered closed. Or maybe it was both of his hands on your hips, keeping the pace of that slow lazy grind across his now hard cock beneath you. Or maybe it was the effortless way he slipped the straps of your tank top down, his lips wrapping around your perked nipples with a soft groan that had a shiver running up your spine.

    “So fucking sexy,” he would whisper with your nipple still in his mouth, looking up at you with dilated pupils, not bothering to move the hair that had fallen in his face. His cheeks were flushed a rosy pink when he let his tongue circle your nipple, his hips bucking in a frenzied moment before voicing low, “I wanna fuck you so bad.”

    “Please,” it came out as a whimper, your hands slipping into his long hair as he leaned up to offer a soft peck against your lips.

    And moments later, with his pants pushed down just low enough to free his hard cock, your panties long discarded, the slow sink onto him had you biting into your bottom lip, your gaze locked on his while he leaned his head back on the couch.

    “Ah, ah, fuck,” he would slow you down, one strong arm laid along the top of the couch, the other on your hips setting the pace as you claimed inch after inch of him, “There you go, sit pretty for me, okay?”

    He had to know you couldn’t answer. Not when he was stretching you so perfectly, filling you so deeply. The quiet chuckle sounding from him told you he knew exactly what he was doing to you.

    And when you were fully seated, his cock completely sheathed inside you, you would whine.

    Whine because he would lift you up back up just barely, and you would feel the drag of his cock against your cunt for only a second before he paused. An inch, maybe two reclaimed by him.

    If even a second longer had passed, you would have taken that inch back, pushed yourself down onto his lap until you had his entire cock sheathed inside your soaked cunt once more. But Eren didn’t give you a second. The weed had him extraordinarily lazy... but never patient.

    “Perfect,” thrust, “little,” thrust, “cunt,” thrust.

    He punctuated each word with a deep, slow, fuck up into you and it suddenly made sense why he reclaimed that inch. Why he made room for his cock to begin a pleasantly torturous pace in and out of your cunt while his lips locked onto your tits once more.

    And with your hands gripped onto his muscular shoulders, as that familiar coil in your stomach wound tighter and tighter, the promise of release just skirting the edges of your desire raddled thoughts - Joint or no joint, you realized, would you always find a certain kind of high around Eren.

    #eren#snk eren #eren x reader #attack on titan eren #eren jeager imagine #eren jaeger smut #eren jaeger x reader #eren jaeger #eren x you #eren x y/n #eren jeager smut #eren yaeger smut #eren yaeger x reader #eren yaeger aot #eren yaeger imagine #eren yeager#eren smut #shingeki no kyoujin imagine #shingeki no kyoujin smut #shingeki no kyoujin eren #snk imagines#snk fanfiction #snk x you
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  • sexyforgojo69
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I have this scenario in my head where y/n walks and to hanges office and just started talking right away without looking around. And say captain Levi is going to kill me. And Levi is on the couch by the door and he says something like and why am I going to kill you this time brat and you slowly turn to face him and look back at hange terrified before taking off out the door Levi trailing behind you run into eren and them they ask what’s going on your like cap-captain l-Levi is going to kill me out of breath. And you go to his somewhere like in the cupboard and told them to cover for you. You hear Levi walk in and ask where you were hiding. Your fellow cadets would say anything Eren saying Y/n hiding why would she do that nervously giggling Levi glared at him saying well if y’all won’t tell me I’ll have to force it out of someone. And the he tell Sasha she can’t eat for the rest of the day if you don’t tell him where you are which we know how that would turn out. As your sitting the dark you here footsteps come to a stop right in front of the pantry you were in and Levi say come out now which you don’t budge till the door swings open. Can anyone write this.

    #attack on titan eren #attack on titan levi #aot anime #attack on titan #levi ackerman#eren yeager #levi ackerman imagine #anime imagines
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  • imagines-by-cleo
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Helloo girliee ✨

    Thank you so much for doing the works of the lordt and feeding us horny simps 🧎‍♀️🙇‍♀️

    If it's ok with you can we have a steamy and cute smut where commander erwin is fucking y/n's brains out then she suddenly got cramps hahahahha

    Hehehhehhe 👉👈

    Ask and ye shall receive my child. Tbh this one took me a while cause like this is not what I expected to get when I started taking requests lol but I'm happy to write it for my lovely audience.

    This request 👆 came in while I was struggling with the original so I figured I might as well just kill two birds with one stone and make this fic a bit longer and a lil spicier than I originally intended.

    Also this is absolutely in character for Erwin since we know he doesn't flinch at the sight of blood lol.

    CW: SMUT, body worship, nipple play, begging, dirty talk, blood, period sex, shower sex, daddy kink, slight breeding, spanking, aftercare

    Turning to face the sound of the opening door you found Erwin had finally come home from work, by the way he sighed as he loosened his tie you could tell he hadn't had the best day. You watched him from your place in bed while he took off his outer layer of clothes leaving him in only boxers while he staggered over to you. His much larger body encased yours when he crawled on top of you, sighing at the warmth he found as he rested his weight onto you. You wiggled under the pressure to pry the blanket out from between you so you could cover him with it.

    "I missed you." You mumbled before kissing him.

    Erwin's mouth lingered on yours for a long while before he parted to reply. "I missed you too, have you been in bed all day?"

    "Yeah, I wasn't feeling well this morning." You answered.

    "Are you getting sick?" He asked, putting his hand on your forehead and feeling your temperature.

    "I don't think so, I'm just a little tired." You told him.

    "Hmmm, in that case I should do whatever I can to make you feel better." He proposed, peppering kisses along your jawline.

    "I like the sound of that." You replied, as he trailed lower.

    Inevitably working his way down past your collarbone he landed on your breasts, humming while taking them into his hands and deciding to dip his nose into your cleavage. An action that would have made you laugh if your chest wasn't feeling so tender.

    "Ow! Easy, those are sore right now." You informed him.

    Leaning back Erwin delicately lifted your shirt over up without completely removing it, exposing only what he needed. The warmth of his breath combated the cold air of the room as he gently touched the tip of his tongue to your swollen nipple. Shuddering at the contact you did your best to focus on the pleasure and not how one potential rough movement could cause you so immense pain. Enclosing his lips around your hardening bud while drawing circles with his finger over the other, covering one in saliva then switching to the next and giving it the same treatment. Eliciting shaking breaths from you, arching your back upward into the feeling of him sucking at your skin, teeth grazing your nipples sending shocks through your body and causing you to audibly gasp. He removed his mouth, leaving his hands to massage your breasts as he savored your reactions.

    "That feels good doesn't it?" Erwin asked, wearing a satisfied smile.

    You nodded, biting your lip as he pinched your nipples. "Touch me more." You whined.

    On command his hands wandered down your sides, stopping at the waistband of your underwear to simply stroke the skin as they slid underneath. You raised your hips and wiggled them, signaling him to take your panties off. Which he did, savoring inch of your legs that he could possibly touch while lifting your them up to slide the fabric off, raising a trail goosebumps left under his delicate caress. You kept your legs in the air resting your ankles on his broad shoulders, feeling the taut muscles flex underneath.

    Feeling more accessible now rather than exposed you moved your hand between your thighs spreading your pussy lips with two fingers, fully expecting Erwin to taunt how needy you were only to watch his mouth fall open at the sight. With eyes fixated on your body he hurriedly pulled himself out of his boxers, dripping cock springing free aching for it's destination. He leaned close, an acton that pressed your knees into your chest while the tip of his length teased your entrance. Hungrily kissing you while panting into your mouth like a wild animal, tongue dancing with yours as he tried to devour you whole.

    Collective moans vibrating through your throats as he pushed in, without taking the time to prepare you properly the sting of being stretched blended bittersweetly with the relief of finally being filled. After stuffing you with every inch Erwin started to grind into you, the friction against your clit making you whine.

    "All those noises you make." He breathed out, pressing his forehead to yours. "They're making it hard for me to be gentle with you."

    "Don't be." You begged staring into his blue eyes filled with the same desperation. "Just use me, please."

    You rolled your hips trying to match his movements as he started to thrust at a rapidly increasing rate, clenching around nothing while he pulled out almost completely before fully shoving back in. Repeating this movement enough times to make you grasp at the sheets, spiraling into a moaning mess under the power of his thrusts. Your tits started to jiggle in time, still feeling sensitive from his treatment and. catching Erwin's gaze when they bounced. The tension in your stomach coiled tighter, only for you to realize too late when it released that it was for a far less pleasurable reason.

    "Hey, wait stop." You groaned, clutching at your abdomen.

    After an involuntary jerk of his hips he stilled, panting as he struggled to find the will to pull out. Sitting up to look between your bodies you were surprised to see that much blood, the urge to cover your face was overwhelming while both of you staring in silence processing what happened.

    "I'm so sorry!" You gasped. "I had no idea, I thought-"

    "Get up." He cut you off. "Before you bleed on my sheets."

    Immediately you did as he told, while he tossed the covers off the bed. The expression on his face was hard to read as he stood and pushed you out of the room into the adjacent bath, between the cold silence and still hard cock drenched in red you weren't sure what to think. Opening the sliding glass door he turned on the shower filling the room with steam

    "Get in." He ordered.

    You didn't realize until you stepped in how much your knees were shaking, frozen under the running water you waited for his reaction fearing he would yell at you or worse just stay dismissive and quiet. When he finally joined he looked like he was about to say something until he pushed you up against the tile wall, without explanation he started to attack your neck with an array of licks and bites that it seemed he had been holding back for too long.

    "You thought you could get out of this that easy?" He panted into your skin.

    "You're not mad at me?" You asked.

    "No." He looked at you confused for just a moment but ultimately too drunk on your body to care. "But I will be if you don't spread those legs for me."

    You responded by wrapping a leg around his hips and pulling him in, once again feeling his immense length throbbing against your stomach while your lips collided. His tongue slid into your mouth at the same time his cock slid effortlessly inside your core, hooking his hands under your thighs he lifted you up to push in at a better angle. The way he was plunging deep into your raw insides like nothing was stopping him rendered you completely helpess as he began using you just like you had previously begged for, sending you barreling toward an orgasm. Coherent words wouldn't come out of your mouth, leaving you with no other way to warn him of your rapidly approaching climax other the rising pitch of your moans and the tightening grip on his body.

    "That's it, cum all over me." He mumbled in your ear. "Make daddy feel good."

    Those words would have been enough to make you cum on the spot if you weren't there already. With your whole weight rested in Erwin's stong arms while your legs shook and your grasp weakened you had to trust he could support you, only to be literally let down in the midst of riding out your orgasm. The moment your feet touched the ground he shoved you against the shower door, the only way you could remain standing was to lean into it while he positioned himself behind you. Earning new moans from you while letting out his own to match he pushed in from the back, forcing you harder against the door. In spite of the steam filling the room the glass felt cold to the touch, you sighed pressing your breasts against it and feeling the chill on your nipples. You discovered the louder you were the harder Erwin would fuck you which soon devolved into a pornographic sequence of you shouting his name while he plowed through you, you mind drifted to the down right pornographic image that might have been seen from the other side of the glass with how slutty you must have looked getting railed while calling out for more.

    "I should have bred you when I had the chance." He taunted, voice low. "But maybe you like it this way, all raw and dirty."

    His grip on your hips was bruising, driving deep enough you could feel the tip of his cock on your cervix while his balls slapped your clit making an unmistakable sound. You had never heard him moan like he was now, switching between feral growls and breathless gasps.

    "You're such a good little slut for me, letting me use you whenever I want. You even beg for it." God you loved it when he talked to you like that. "Go on. Beg some more."

    Trying to find anything that resembled words in your muddled brain was damn near impossible, he was giving it to you just how you wanted and you were taking it like it was yours.

    "Fuck, I can't." You confessed, tears forming in your eyes. "It already feels so good. You take such good care of me daddy."

    He let out a laugh between deep breaths, luckily you were too lost in the feeling of him hammering into you to be embarrassed. The tightness in your stomach returned as he forced you onto the brink of a new climax.

    "You're about to cum again, aren't you?" His thrusts became more targeted while he tried to find his commander voice. "Say my name when you cum."

    "Erwin." You whined.

    The unexpected smack from behind made you rethink as the air left your lungs.

    "Commander?" You gasped.

    Another smack demanded correction making you curve your back, the angle making his cock hit a spot that made you scream what he wanted to hear.

    "Oh! Daddy!"

    The final snap of his hips accompanied by a feral growl spelled the end, movements declined to a gentle grinding as he emptied inside. While you desperately wished you could feel his warmth dumping in your core through the tight cramps, the way he kissed your neck and shoulders while running his hands over your dripping body did well enough to fill the gap of intimacy. He held you tight against him, leaning over you with his arms wrapped around. You felt so close you could call yourself two parts of the same body, never wanting to separate or end the blissful moment.

    The lack of hot water was becoming an obstacle, forcing you to pull apart and snap out of the after glow. In a race to finish your shower before the water got ice cold Erwin finished first and stepped out.

    "Can you stand on your own? He asked, receiving a nod from you. "Okay finish up, I'll get you a towel."

    Everything below your hips was numb, but it was much better than the cramping earlier. The pink toned water pooled at you feet as you scrubbed down, reminding you how glad you were to have moved to the shower as quickly as you did. Erwin returned as you shut the knobs off, leaving a towel, an old pair of underwear and one of his favorite shirts by the sink for you before leaving.

    After getting dressed you stepped into the bedroom, finding him standing in nothing but a pair of grey sweatpants while toweling his hair dry. You plopped back down into bed ready to drift off into sleep once again, only keeping your eyes open so you could stare at Erwin until he came to join you. His cold skin warmed when meeting yours, the two of you melting together as he pulled the covers.

    "Feeling better now?" He inquired, kissing your forehead while you dozed off.

    "Much better." You answered, returning the kiss on the underside of his jawline making him smile.

    Resting your head on his chest the slow rise and fall with every breath lulled you to sleep. Entangling your arms around eachother, you searched for the oneness you had found earlier. Only resting once your bodies were as close as possible, and staying tightly intwined until the morning came and long after.

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  • nightfall-kachiniko
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Imagine mikasa proposing and ur too much in shock to realize what’s happening and your like “no” and her face just breaks like the end of the world but then you feel bad and tell her it’s a joke and that of course it’s a yes

    #we love giving mikasa heart attacks! #aot#attackontitan#mikasa headcanons #mikasa x reader #aot4#mikasa#ackerman #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin mikasa #mikasa aot #mikasa ackerman headcanons #mikasaackerman #mikasa ackerman x reader #mikasa ackerman x you #mikasa ackerman x y/n #mikasa snk #mikasa ackerman imagines #mikasa x y/n #mikasa x you
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  • bbyatsumu
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    DEVOTION ─ college football player!jean.

    001. c/w: smut (mdni), jealousy, overprotectiveness, slight possessiveness, mentions of armin x reader, armin is kinda mean, unprotected sex, best friends to lovers, reader is oblivious, mentions of purity rings, love confessions, mentions of a breakup, mentions of a slightly manipulative armin, mention of threats

    002. w/c: 1.5k | thank you for requesting this anon! I didn’t know what direction you wanted me to take this in, so I hope this is okay! I’m not comfy writing threesomes, which is why I didn’t take it in that direction, but  I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :)

    this can be read as a continuation to college football player!armin | college football player!eren

    college football player!jean who’s been your best friend for years - and who’s also been in love with you for said years. he can’t help it, and honestly, who can blame him? you’d been attached at the hip ever since your awkward middle school years, and pretty much everyone could see just how deeply jean was in love with you. jean has known you since forever, and he can’t imagine his life without you.

    college football player!jean whose entire life has revolved around you. he cherishes all of your memories together, but he can’t pinpoint his favorite - perhaps it was when you were in middle school, pretending to have a fake wedding one rainy weekend. perhaps it was when you gave him your first kiss, on the night of the senior prom. it was an unspoken thing that you two would be attending together, and jean couldn’t help the overwhelming rush of feelings he felt at seeing you in a gorgeous gown. 

    college football player!jean who realized he was in love with you the night you both got accepted into paradis university, celebrating after jean received a football scholarship. that night, you were both high off emotions, giddy at the realization that you’d be spending four more years together, and jean couldn’t help but wear a bit of his heart on his sleeve. “when we’re older, if we haven’t met anyone, let’s get married,” he said, but his nerves overtook him when he saw the shocked expression on your face. so, he smoothly let out a loud laugh, trying to hide his brief hurt behind a joking smile. “when we’re like, thirty, duh. besides, who else would put up with you?” and, thankfully, this earned him one of your sweet laughs, giggling in return as you nudged his shoulder playfully.

    college football player!jean who was hesitant to bring you around his football team; they were a group of flirty, hormonal young adults, and he knew that one look at sweet, innocent you would have their heads spinning and dicks twitching. but you were a force of nature - jean knew this. so he could hardly hold you back when you were so insistent on meeting him after practices, or running onto the field after he won a game, throwing yourself in his arms in a tight embrace. and despite his original hesitancies, he had to admit that it felt good to have you in his arms, swinging you around after the last playoff game of the season. your loud, excited squeals were like music to his ears, and all he could do was hold you tightly to him, pretending that you were his for just a moment.

    college football player!jean who’s been protective over you for years, so of course he noticed when his teammate - armin arlert - locked his sights on you. he could feel his gaze from across the field, interest swimming in his eyes as jean continued spinning you around. he wanted to ignore it - to just focus on you, how euphoric he felt in the moment, and how good it felt to have you in his embrace. but he couldn’t ignore the obvious. armin arlert was curious, and that was never a good thing. 

    college football player!jean who didn’t notice when armin pulled you away from the party - he was too busy drinking with his other teammates, and didn’t even know armin was in attendance. he was cautious of armin, of course - especially when he found out about his piqued interest in you. but he didn’t think that anything would actually happen because of said piqued interest. so imagine his surprise when he saw you both emerge from a previously locked room, clasping hands with a lovesick smile on your face.

    college football player!jean who noticed you no longer wore your purity ring. instead, he noticed you expectantly looking at your phone during lunch, a smile tugging your lips when a certain notification dinged on the screen. he noticed how his gaze wasn’t the first you sought after practices, and even though you still hugged him, jean noticed how armin’s gaze would linger.

    college football player!jean who was overcome with jealousy and overprotectiveness, especially after seeing a certain ring dangling from a certain blonde’s necklace. all jean wanted to do was protect you - he hated seeing how you got caught in armin’s honeyed words. but, there really wasn’t anything he could do, was there? 

    college football player!jean who found you one day, pressed up against the locker room’s walls, shirt pushed up and tits spilling out, moaning around armin arlert’s cock as he mumbled the lewdest things into your ear. jean hadn’t meant to catch you - of course not. and he couldn’t help the way he thought you sounded so beautiful moaning like that, and how badly he wished it was his cock you were gushing around. In an attempt to tamp down these overwhelming feelings, the rage he felt towards armin, he left, returning to the field to try to work on his stretches. however, the overprotectiveness and jealousy flared inside him again after seeing armin smirk at him when he led you out of the locker room. but, really - what more could he do?

    college football player!jean who, finally, one day had enough. you were trying to study together, but he could tell you were distracted. you could hardly focus on anything, not even his cheesy jokes that always had you grinning at him. it wasn’t until you shot him a sad smile, merely uttering “we’re over,” that jean finally knew what you were referring to. again, he knew it was bad to feel joy at your words. he knew it was bad to feel triumphant. just like he knew it was bad to have finally threatened armin, cornering him after practice one day and ripping that damned necklace off. jean knew it was bad, but he couldn’t help but bring you into his arms that night.

    college football player!jean who knew it was a bad idea to kiss you, but he really couldn’t help it when you looked up at him, pleading for him to help you feel better. he felt the restraint inside of him crumble as soon as you gave him that sweet look, and jean knew that he had to have you. 

    college football player!jean who held you tenderly, gently, making love to you in the sweetest way he knew how. he cradled your body against his, comforting you and cooing words of praises against you. “you’re doing so good baby.” “god, you feel so good around me - i’ve been wanting this forever.” “this was how it was always supposed to be.”

    college football player!jean who kissed you affectionately, pouring all of his emotions into the kiss that he was too afraid to say out loud. he simply held you, caging your smaller body with his much larger one as he pressed home inside you, adoring the way you moaned his name. you felt heavenly around his cock, and he couldn’t help the way his hips stuttered, his head coming to hide in the crook of his neck as he let a spew of expletives fall past his lips. the way your arms held tightly onto his broad back as he started grinding his hips was addicting, and jean felt like the room was spinning when you pulled him closer to you. jean could feel how you were clamping down on him, your tight pussy clenching around his thick cock as he loosely circled his hips. he let his fingers trail down to play with your pretty clit, drinking in your moans as he continued slowly and gently making love to you.

    college football player!jean who couldn’t hold back when you started cumming around his cock, moaning your name as his eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. it was overwhelming, feeling how you tightened around him and crushed his fat tip deep inside you. while his thrusts were slow, they were powerful, grinding inside you until the fat head of his cock was continuously nudging against the cushy spot that had you seeing stars. all he could do was hold you, pressing your naked body against his sweaty and toned chest, murmuring sweet confessions into your ear. “I love you, I love you. I’ve always loved you,” he whispered, pressing his lips to your ear as he came deep inside you. 

    college football player!jean who swore he died and went to heaven when you tightened your arms around him, pulling him in for another deep kiss while he was still nestled deep inside you. he swore he saw stars when you similarly whispered against his lips, albeit a bit more shyly, “I love you too, jean. I always have,” and all he could do was hold you in his arms, a soft smile overcoming his lips as he kissed you over and over again.

    college football player!jean who was now able to hold you in his arms whenever he liked, kiss you whenever he liked, and finally call you his.

    #jean smut #jean kirschtein x reader #jean kirschtein scenarios #jean kirschtein smut #jean kirschtein scenario #jean scenario#jean scenarios#jean imagine#jean imagines #jean x reader #jean headcannons#jean headcannon#aot smut #attack on titan smut #aot imagine#aot imagines#aot scenario#aot scenarios #jean Kirstein x reader #Jean kirstein smut
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  • unicornshaven
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Reiner overpowers you.

    Star(s): Reiner Braun, You

    Tags: + 1 boy + 1 girl + size kink


    #aot smut #aot x female reader #aot visuals#eren smut#armin smut#mikasa smut#levi smut#reiner smut#reiner braun#snk reiner#reiner thirst #reiner x y/n #reiner x you #reiner imagine #reiner braun smut #aot scenarios #attack on titan smut #attack on titan
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  • hellavile
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    under the influence.

    📃 ❛ jean kirstein.

    ୭ warnings . . . fem!reader, officer!jean, lowercase intended, black coded, hot sweaty car sex, public indecency, oral ꒰ m received ꒱, jean’s rough bc he is, mild degradation, jean’s your ex, reader rides jean, impact play, jean’s a titty sucker srry i don’t make the rules.

    ୭ mocha’s note .ᐟ . . . men in uniform. yes. also y’all know exactly what song that title is. ;)

       hues of blue and scarlet flicker over the body of your obsidian lexus rc 300, the vechicle behind you blaring the sirens like they’re eardrum killers purposely meant to burst them. you hated those fucking things. police even more. huffing after wiping the tears off your face, you pull to the side of the empty road. it’s extremely late at night. more-so early, around three in the morning. checking your rear view mirror, you spot the black camaro with an officer stepping out of it. just my fucking luck. as if you weren’t already having a shitty night. kissing your teeth, you sniffle as you roll down your window before reaching into your glove compartment for your license and registration. you’re not exactly sure why you’re being pulled over to be frank.

        the officer strolls towards your car, a tall, lanky man whose wearing a black long sleeve which hugs his muscles and sharp cut abs with dark jeans and heavy boots. the belt around his hips is thick and leather . . . expensive looking. when he’s by the window to your vehicle, you turn to see his appearance. dewy pink lips plush as cotton. fawn long hair that brushes on the nape of his neck. a messy stubble on his jawline that shifts as he chews his gum. he didn’t have a badge, nor a holster on his hips with a gun or a taser. however, he did have on a loose vest with multiple pockets. maybe he was off duty and you ruined his drive home? his scent is strong, recognizable even. bleu de chanel. makes the hair on your skin rise. his eyes are what really draw you in. low and dark, like a dravite tourmaline.

        “i knew it was you.”

        a pang in your chest makes it nearly hard to breathe. you had to blink several times to decipher his image. you knew this man for sure. those lips of his curl into a lopsided grin as he witnesses your saddened eyes expanding. your fingertips slowly glide off your steering wheel as your hands drop into your lap. the man before you, your ex boyfriend, turns his neck sideways before spitting out his gum into the road. he has one hand on his hip and the other in his back pocket, now aware of the gun tucked in the back of his jeans. he’s definitely off duty. the car he’s driving is an undercover cop car.

        “can’t speak to me?” jean prompts louder as if you couldn’t hear him the first time. “i’ve told you fifty times about that taillight, baby. how come it isn’t fixed yet?”

         jesus this really isn’t a good night. of all the people you’ve encountered today, your ex had to be one of them. a cop scared you enough. but him? he terrified you. in all the right ways. sounds crazy, but there’s a reason.

         “i see you followed through with your training.”

         “did. i see you’re still hardheaded.”


         jean rolls his eyes. “that’s beside the point. why are you driving like you’re under the influence? you’ve been drinking?”

         “no, i haven’t. sorry, i’m just . . . in my head,” he watches you sigh, noticing the puffiness in your eyes along with a hint of redness. you’ve been crying. it’s clear as day. jean cocks his head to the side, getting closer to your window, resting an arm on the hood of your car.

         “what’s going on?” a genuine tone in his voice makes you cower. you didn’t need it. not from him that’s for sure.

         “don’t worry about it. just give me a ticket so i can go home.”

         he doesn’t appreciate the stern, cold tone in your voice. handing him your papers like he’s a stranger, a regular cop. not a man you’ve dated for five years. he’s seen every aspect of you. every breakdown, laugh, trauma. every freckle on your body. knows the way you like it. maybe you didn’t patch things up the right way, but that doesn’t make it okay for you to act like he doesn’t mean anything to you. fucking brat.

         “is it so bad to worry about you?” his jaw clenches in fury, inching his face closer to yours, head sticking entirely into your space. you pull your face back, eyeing him like he’s crazy, baffled by his action.

         “get out of my car.”

         “i’m not in it. now shut the fuck up and tell me what happened. clearly you’re not okay. you’re swerving like you’re drunk plus you’ve been crying. i see it.”

         the assertiveness he gives you almost makes you melt in your seat, not hearing his voice in so long, sometimes craving it. it’s like a warm cup of hot chocolate. smooth and comforting. your lower lip gets taken between your teeth before you’re inhaling and exhaling.

         “this guy i’ve been fucking with just told me he had a girlfriend, so. we got into this huge fight and he broke my glasses which is why i can’t see all that good right now. i’m just trying to get home to forget about it.”

         the look on his face is empty. “he hit you?”

          immediately, you deny. “n-no. i mean, he grabbed me to try and apologize and my glasses fell and he stepped on them by accident.”

         remembering it made you hug yourself, feeling his fingertips squeezing your arms harshly once again. jean looks there and sees a few bruises. your skin was really sensitive, so you bruised over anything.

         “step out of the car.”

         you blink. “what?”

         “you heard me the first time.”

         clearly, it doesn't seem as if he'll give up until you do. rolling your eyes, you do what you’re told, jean stepping back as you aggressively swing open your car door, stepping out with your arms hugging yourself considering you’re only wearing a cream flower lily sundress with white sandals. jean couldn’t help his lingering stare. you’ve always been outrageously beautiful to him.

        “it’s really none of your concern.”

         “god, i forgot how much you talked,” the tiny ‘tch’ coming from him before he’s pulling you in for a tight, comforting hug has you falling back into the same entrapment of passion. jean broke up with you because he didn’t want a relationship anymore. he wanted to work on himself, his life, pay more attention to his family and the baby girl he had with an ex of his. the reason why he terrified you is simple; you loved him too damn much that it hurt you to your core. to let him go. to be alone again. you hated him for leaving you.

        “missed your pretty self,” now he's stroking your cheek with the pad of his thumb endearingly, rolling his lips inwardly when your eyes meet his.

        “do you?” it comes out softer than you intended. small. he makes you feel so goddamn small, safe, and secure.

        “yeah,” he breathes.

        it's frustrating sometimes when your body reacts before your mind does. dainty hands reaching to skim across his waist you then grab onto, bringing him closer until your back is pressed up to your car. jean’s face remains stagnant. not sure of what to do. actually, he preferred to see what you were intending. truth is, you didn't know. if you wanted to rant about how he left you. kiss him and tell him to take you home. or get on your knees and worship him just because.

        “are you with her?” your bottom lip juts out as you impel your chest to his. jean takes a minute to understand the question. you must've meant her.

        “no. never. we're just co-parenting.”

        “promise you haven't fucked her. not once after we split?” jean groans as the hazel in his eyes turn murkier, your face no longer in his. instead, you're bug-eyed with the bulge in his jeans. unlatching his buckle and pushing all your weight onto the car behind you as you balance yourself on your calfs.

        “just one time. didn't mean anything,” jean is blunt about it causing you to raise your brow the same time you're dragging down his zipper. he doesn't so much as glance around to check for any unexpected company. it's nearly four in the morning and you're off the road near a forest of trees. no one was coming.

        “was it good?” he swears to god he almost busts right there, clenching his jaw as you stick out your salivated tongue, hand wrapped around the base of his thick, hardened cock, a tear droplet of precum on the head. it's pulsating in your palm, and you mewl, wetting your lips with allure.

        “i c-can't remember,” jean hisses as the warmth of your mouth intakes him, batting your curled lashes and glaring into his eyes as the vein on the underside of his cock is caressed by your tongue. he's somewhat in your mouth, resting heavy on your slippery tongue before you pull back and lap at the tip. jean’s physique is arched over you, forehead nearly grazing the hood of your vehicle.

        “try,” now your hands reside on the back of his thighs, gathering enough saliva to spit over his dick, dragging it along with your pursed lips on either side, waiting for him to speak.

        jean bites his lips so hard he curses, sucking on the blood seeping out, bucking his hips to thrust into your mouth. since you move back again, it makes him suck his teeth. big hands holding either side of your head before he's giving you a dark stare you hadn't seen in a minute. it makes you squirm. submitting easily.

        “stick that lil’ tongue out,” he rasps, slicking his own over his bitten red lip. “you have to be polite, princess.”

        it kills you to hear him speak to you like this. every spoken word foreign. you seriously don't know what came over you. too many emotions hitting you at once. seeing him, smelling him, holding him . . . you wanted him. no, needed him.  obeying as you do, you stretch your mouth wider to fit him in deeper. jean mumbles a low ‘there we go, girl’, swallowing his spit and shifting his gut to fuck your mouth as he pleased. he's pressing your head against the door, your eyes wide and lashes specked with tears, jean grunting the faster he fucks your throat. you're breathing through your nose as best as you can, clutching onto him for support, unable to squeeze your thighs like you needed to ease the excessive throbbing.  

        he's by far one of the prettiest men you've met in your lifetime. moans even more lovely. drool slicks down the side of your chin, the color in your pupils shifting as your eyes lose focus. jean warns you under a brief choke, telling you ‘hold your breath’ before he's shoving his dick entirely down your throat. you claw at his thigh, gagging as he stays there for a few more seconds before pulling back. you gasp dramatically, swallowing the remainder of your saliva with his dick springing in your face, catching your breath.

        “good fuckin’ girl,” he's petting the side of your face before helping you stand, your knees burning from being crouched down for so long. they were gonna burn more when you found out how he was going to have you next.

        in your backseat, door shut and lights off. jean’s on his back, pants still clinging to his waist as your body pounces above him, clit occasionally brushing against the dark happy trail on his pelvis as you bounced on his dick with every inch of your body burning and screaming at you. chest rumbling from your euphoric screeches. ass clapping heavily on his bulky thighs as you grip onto the headrest of the passenger seat, the other on the back seat. jumping like his cute bunny while your tits are in his starved mouth. rushing his hot tongue over your nipples, teeth sinking in gently. sucking and pulling with his lips as he studies you with exhilaration.

        “who's a good cock whore for daddy?” jean hums, a free hand swatting your ass for the fifth time now, encased by heat. feels like it's swollen. the yelp you exude makes him weak. you're so fucking sexy it makes no goddamn sense. “huh?”

        “me, baby!” you sniffle cutely, slowing down and sitting down fully, gyrating, losing your balance.

        “unh uh,” jean slaps your ass, your scream defeaning. “who said to stop? keep fucking going.”

        the car is hot, no doubt. doesn't help that the windows aren't down and your seats are leather. jean’s lower back is sticky with sweat. his gear still on, shirt lifted only to his midsection. gun inside of your center console for safety. a broken whine falters from you as you rise up again, shifting your legs so one foot is flat on the floor and the other by his torso. he grabs that leg, keeping your knee bent once you find your pace again.

        “s’in my tummy,” both of you look there in sync, jean snickering when you whine. it’s too dark to notice but both of you could feel it.

        “clear as day, sweetheart. it's what makes me so proud of you. taking all my dick likes it's yours to own.”

        “it is mine,” you pout sadly.

        “mmm,” he tongues his inner cheek before grinning. “you want it back?”

    it dawns on you for a second, realizing what he really meant. gulping, you nod. real you will have a conversation with yourself later. you’re dick drunk right now. totally different person.

    “show me, then we'll decide.”

    his girl. it’s what you are, how you feel. that’s the title that’ll always be yours to hold. doesn’t matter what happens between you two. who may interfere. you’re jean’s girl until death. that’s your man. and you made sure to fuck him good just so he could remember that. picking yourself up and dropping your ass down harder, faster. jean’s hissing, brows bent as he fists your dress he tightened on your stomach rougher. he can’t control himself when he helps you out by lifting his hips to collide with the flush of your skin, groaning deeply, jaw slacking.

        “take your fucking dick, baby. take your fuckin’ dick,” jean growls by your ear after you fall forward, crying extremely loud it scares him for a second, thinking you’re in pain. it just so happens you’re overwhelmed with pleasure, the octave in your tone raising higher. it’s a noise he’s never, ever heard emit from you before. it stuns him, so bewildered by it that he halts completely.

       “jean, m’ . . . ” it’s too fast the way you switch your position. bringing both your knees on either side of his slim figure, clutching his long hair, pleading and whimpering in his neck. you entire body’s trembling. “pleaseplease.”

    jean listens to your sign without hesitation. angling his body to drill his cock into you while holding you down with his arm thrown around your waist, foot implanted on the seat while his other hand spread your cheeks apart, fingers sprawled over your hot skin. balls slapping as your sluice pussy covers his dick. when you cum you’re absolutely gone. laying your forehead against the door, shaking, screaming, crying. all of it is just what he needs cum on the globes of your ass, pulling out swiftly and moaning into your chest.

        “you don't know what you do to me.”

            visual. visual.

    . . . taglist; @dejwrites @indiecursor @massivelynervousprincess @gabzlovesu @emomanswhore @sanwioz @taesd-urag @anajah @rinhoes @festive @erentoes @erenyeagerswhore @caribbeanwifey19 @yooniluvbot444 @cinnitsuki @hannas16 @bubs-world @sintiva @yoshimurah @sailewhoremoon

    © 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐥𝐞, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐝. 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐛𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐲 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞.

    #ఌ — mocha’s art. #jean kirstein x reader #jean smut #jean x y/n #jean x you #jean x reader #snk smut#aot smut#aot jean#snk jean #shingeki no kyojin smut #jean kirstein x black reader #jean kirstein x you #jean kirstein smut #jean imagine #jean x black!reader #anime smut #shingeki no kyoujin imagine
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  • nightfall-kachiniko
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hc that Annie and mikasa laugh at the word “ Snookums”

    Like mikasa will kind of smile and turn her head to the side laughing a bit,

    And Annie wil just let out a smile and is like “that word is so dumb” “don’t ever call me that again” 

    #aot#attackontitan#mikasa headcanons #mikasa x reader #aot4#mikasa#ackerman #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin mikasa #mikasa aot #mikasa ackerman headcanons #mikasaackerman #mikasa ackerman x reader #mikasa ackerman x you #mikasa ackerman x y/n #mikasa snk #mikasa ackerman imagines #mikasa x y/n #mikasa x you #annie leonhart x reader #annie attack on titan #annie x mikasa #attack on titan annie #annie snk #shingeki no kyojin annie #annie please #annie leonhart x you #annie leonhart x y/n #annie leonhart snk
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  • yeager-bom
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Thank you for liking my post <3

    np it was soo cute!! <3

    link to post x

    #eren aot#eren#eren yeager#aot #attack on titan #eren x gender neutral reader #eren x reader #eren yeager x reader #eren jeager imagine #eren absolutely adores you #eren jeagar #eren x you #eren yeager fluff
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  • cookiefics
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    i'm leaving another interacting game! the 50 kisses game! took prompts from an uncredited post on pinterest :(

    1. send a character and a number!

    1. Small kisses littered across the other's face.

    2. A small, fleeting kiss - which is immediately followed by a passionate, hungry kiss.

    3. A breathy demand: "Kiss me" - and what the other person does to respond.

    4. An accidental brush of lips followed by a pause and going back for another, on purpose.

    5. Wild, breathless kisses brought on by a heartfelt gift.

    6. Throwing their arms around the other person's neck, hugging them close before kissing them passionately on the lips

    7. French kisses where they trace every tooth with their tongues as though trying to memorize them

    8. Laying a gentle kiss to the back of the other's hand

    9. A kiss that lasts so long, they are sharing each other's breaths.

    10. A hello/good-bye kiss that is given without thinking - where neither person thinks twice about it.

    11. Morning kisses that are exchanged before either person opens their eyes, kissing blindly until their lips meet in a blissful encounter.

    12. Sneaking away to hidden corner to share a secretive kiss

    13. Butterfly kisses against the other's cheeks

    14. A kiss so desperate that the two wind around each other, refusing to let go until they are finished.

    15. A fierce kiss that ends with a bite on the lip, soothing it with a lick.

    16. One person pouting, only to have it removed by a kiss from the other person.

    17. Tucking their hands beneath the other person's shirt, just to watch them break the kiss and gasp in surprise at the sensation of cold/warm hands on their skin.

    18. Teasing kisses where one person blows air into the other's mouth and runs away.

    19. One person stopping a kiss to ask "Do you want to do this?", only to have the other person answer with a deeper, more passionate kiss.

    20. Kissing in a stairwell, giving them an artificial height difference.

    21. A chaste kiss given to each other because they are in mixed company.

    22. A kiss that is leading to more, but is interrupted by a third party.

    23. A kiss that tastes of the food/dessert they are eating

    24. Deep kisses where they have their hands tangled in each other's hair to pull them closer.

    25. Wet kisses after finding refuge from the rain.

    26. Brushing a kiss along the shell of the other person's ear

    27. Kisses exchanged while one person sits on the other's lap

    28. One person tracing the other's lips with a fingertip until they can't resist any longer, tilting their chin towards them for a kiss.

    29. Staring at each other lips for a moment before moving closer, as if drawn together by some unseen force.

    30. Weak, sweaty kisses because it's unbearably hot

    31. Pulling away from a kiss, whispering words of love against the other's lips

    32. A kiss so passionate, so perfect - that after they part, neither person can open their eyes for a few moments afterwards.

    33. An unexpected kiss that shocks the one receiving it

    34. Kisses that start on their fingers and run up their arm, eventually ending on their lips.

    35. An awkward kiss given after a first date

    36. Starting with eskimo kisses before moving on to soft kisses.

    37. Cleaning the other person's lips with a lick and a kiss.

    38. Whispering "I love you" before a chaste, delicate kiss.

    39. Kissing tears from the other's face

    40. A gentle kiss that quickly descends into passion, with little regard for what's going on around them

    41. Kisses shared under a umbrella

    42. Distracting kisses from someone that are meant to stop the other person from finishing their work, and give them kisses instead.

    43. A kiss pressed to the top of the head

    44. Tentative kisses given in the dark

    45. Kisses exchanged as they move around, hitting the edges of tables or nearly tripping over things on the floor before making it to the sofa or bed.

    46. A lingering kiss before a long trip apart

    47. A kiss paired with a tight hug, knocking the breath out to the person being hugged

    48. One person has to bend down in order to kiss their partner, who is standing on their tip-toes to reach their partner's.

    49. Short and sweet kiss after meeting up for a date.

    50. A kiss, followed by more that trail down the jaw and neck

    #aot x reader #snk x reader #aot fluff#snk fluff #jjk x y/n #jjk x you #jjk imagines#jjk fluff #jjk x reader #tokrev #tokyo rev x you #spy x family #spy x family x you #spy x family fanfiction #sxf x reader #mlqc x reader #mlqc fanfiction #genshin x reader #genshin fanfiction #tot x reader #tot fanfic #dislyte x reader
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  • thatrandomweebgirl
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ok so this is a random idea I had about Levi ending up with a girl from the underground

    - After the war ends, Levi would have gone down to the underground city just to have a look and relive some of his past memories with his mother and Isabel and Farlan.

    - When he walks by a brothel he sees the owner yelling at a prostitute because she is too weak to work while her daughter is crying in a corner, scared and helpless. He is immediately reminded of his mother and his younger self. Overwhelmed by these emotions, he jumps in and rescues her. Upon finding out that the mother and daughter have nowhere to go, he takes them back with him.

    - The woman and her daughter live with Levi while she regains her health. Later he marries her so that she gains a citizenship and she and her daughter can live in the city. At that time, it would only be a marriage of convenience.

    - Their relationship starts off as a friendship. His wife would make him tea, make sure a hot meal was waiting for him when he came home, press his clothes and clean his house (and surprisingly her cleaning matched his standards), etc to express her gratitude for everything he had done for her. Levi starts to appreciate having them around. The daughter behind to adress Levi as 'dad' and that just melts his heart. After loosing all his near and dear ones he had felt alone in this world but now he had a family waiting for him back at home.

    - They slowly begin to fall in love with each other and maybe have another kid or two :P They open a small tea shop in a street corner (which had always been Levi's dream) and run it together and spend the rest of their lives in happiness and peace.

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  • bbyatsumu
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    ADORATION — college football player!eren.

    001. c/w: smut (mdni), virginity loss (fem), eren has a big dick (but we knew that), college!au, mentions of playboy eren (but he falls head over heels for you), pet names (baby), afab!reader, fingering, cursing

    002. w/c: 1.2k

    college football player!armin | college football player!jean

    college football player!eren who’s known to be a bit of a playboy - but how could he not be? the most popular guy at paradis university and the star quarterback of the football team. eren had girls at his beck and call, his confidence and charisma radiating off of him in waves. he naturally drew people to him; one lopsided grin shot in their direction, and people would be flocking to him, completely enamored with his carefree and easygoing personality. eren jaeger was the university sweetheart, jumping from girl to girl but still managing to be so kind and sweet. it has girls’ hearts fluttering and their panties soaked. so imagine his surprise when the flirtatious eren jaeger, known playboy of the school, fell for you.

    college football player!eren who’d recognized you as soon as he laid eyes on you in class one morning; they were mundane interactions, that he’d recognized you from: passing by in the hallway, seeing you laugh with your friends at the outdoor quad, sitting two rows in front of him in your chemistry class. however, somewhere along the line, eren had found himself hopelessly pining after you, desperate for those small interactions where you dropped your pencil and he just so happened to graciously pick it up for you. somewhere along the line, eren jaeger fell for you, and he fell for you hard.

    college football player!eren who made sure his affections were known. one day, he sat next to you in class, offering a goofy, lopsided grin before setting his bags down next to him. “I’m eren, by the way. nice to meet you,” he said, gazing at you with sweet eyes and a cute blush on his cheeks. he said it as if you didn’t already know who he was - of course you knew who the eren jaeger was. what you didn’t know was why he was suddenly sitting with you. with a shy smile back, you returned with a sheepish “I know,” ducking your head so cutely that eren was sure his heart would beat out of his chest. from there, it was history.

    college football player!eren who treated you so sweetly and gently. completely head over heels for you, he made sure you got a front row seat at all his football games, and when he caught you adorned in his jersey, with his number and his last name plastered on the back, he swore he never felt a high greater than that. he didn’t even care about the teasing remarks his teammates shot his way, large slaps on the back and congratulations for “scoring such a catch!” only further deepening his crush on you. and, after his game, when you ran into the field to embrace him with a tight hug, eren couldn’t help the way he spun you around, his body rushing with adrenaline. the squeals you let out boosted his ego, and with the way your lips brushed the curve of your ear, your sweet voice lilting with a: “congrats, ‘ren,” he also couldn’t help it when his dick throbbed in his tight pants.

    college football player!eren who was overwhelmed with emotions later that night, with you lying all pretty in his bed, ready to give him your virginity. he wanted to be gentle, hovering over your bare body with such a delicate sweetness that it caused your head to swim. the way his fingers curled against your walls, pressing against your sopping folds to rub languid circles against your aching nub, had your head spinning, and eren wasn’t faring any better. he was entranced with how well your tight pussy took two of his fingers, eyes wide with adoration when you let out little moans of his name, your fingers clasping around his broad, muscular back to pull him closer to you. his lips dragged over yours when you pulled him down, his body covering yours as he pressed tender, languid kisses against your addicting lips. his shoulder length hair was down, the strands still damp from his recent shower as they formed a curtain around your head. you noticed that eren moaned a bit louder when you wound your hands through the strands, tugging lightly when he nibbled on your bottom lip.

    college football player!eren who asked you a million times if you were sure about this, if you were ready for him. the airy laugh that escaped your lips was like music to his ears, and eren couldn’t stop the dopey, lovesick smile that took over his face when you cradled his cheeks. “I’m sure, eren,” you reassured him, and that’s all eren needed. he embraced you tightly, strong arms winding around your waist to pull your hips flush against his. he kissed you deeply, tongue licking into your mouth, overwhelmed with the smell and taste of you, as he so slowly pressed his cock deep inside of you. the sounds you let out were heavenly, and eren had to stop multiple times to prevent himself from cumming right then and there. he’d never felt better than in that moment, with your sweet pussy sucking him in, clamping down on him and massaging his aching shaft with your swollen walls. his hips stuttered as he cursed, pressing his forehead against yours as all the air was sucked out of his lungs. he felt dizzy and lightheaded as he pulled out again, drinking in your addicting sounds with with passionate kisses as he started lazily rolling his hips, grinding his cock deep inside you.

    college football player!eren who couldn’t stop the praises from falling past his swollen lips, murmuring words of affirmation against your mouth as he held onto your hip. he angled it up, allowing him to press his leaking head against the cushy spot that made you see starts, clenching down even harder around him until eren was sure you were suffocating his cock. he swore again, muttering under his breath as he panted heavily against your lips. “fuck, feels so good, baby.” “you feel like heaven - g-god - so good to me.” “yes baby, stay just like that. I’ve got you, I’ll take care of you.”

    college football player!eren who adored when you moaned his name, feeling your fingers dig into his back when he curled his body on top of yours, circling your clit in time with his deep thrusts. you swore you could feel him in your stomach, feeling overwhelmed with the intense emotions swirling in your heart for the sweet football player above you. eren felt the same, and even though it had only been a few months of dating, eren couldn’t help but confess to you, whispering confessions against your lips as you both came. “I love you - god I love you, baby.”

    college football player!eren who, after that, got you a tiny necklace with his initial on it. he presented it to you proudly, a goofy grin on his face as he helped you out it on. “so everyone knows you’re mine,” he said, and it wasn’t in a possessive way; no, it was in a pure way, a sweet way - evidence of his love for you. when he fixed the clasp, eren made sure to spin you around, his heart pounding in his chest and a cute blush littering his cheeks.

    college football player!eren who never expected to fall for you, but was so glad that he did.

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  • happybird16
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    ModernAu! Levi doesn’t have any allergies per say, but his skin is sooooo soft and sensitive. He has to use sensitive skin soaps and detergents. Can only wear soft cotton, linen and cashmere. Even his bedsheets are layers upon layers of smooth silk, almost cool to the touch.

    It’s part of the reason he’s such a clean freak. He couldn’t take care of his skin properly growing up so he cleaned obsessively to try to stop the burning itch of his skin.

    #Levi hcs #Just a little thought I had before work #imagine fucking him on those silky sheets #sooo sensitive to your teasing touch #aot hcs #attack on titan hcs #levi ackerman #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot#snk#levi #modern au hcs #modern au
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  • koulakoukoula2003
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    tw: breeding kink, overstimulation, rough smut, spanking, spitting kink, dd/lg, NSFW, MDNI, I skip the prep lol

    Taglist: @antoxsmith @hopeless-daydream3r @macyomoiji @peachysunrize-deactivated202204 @killerbananas @syrma-sensei @dassmyname @slavanimesimp

    He hooked your kegs on his shoulders. His elbow pressed against the mattress beside your head and his hand found your face, your hair. His fingers clenched in the messy brown locks, pulling on them and knocking a gasp out of you, keeping you in place while he thrust into you.

    His cock reached deeper and deeper, this position was allowing him to reach spots inside of you no one had ever reached before. His cock was so hard and girthy and throbbing. He groaned. He didn't care to hide his soinds. Your body thrust forward. Your neck arched back at the pull of your hair tangled in his fingers. Your lips parted in a silent cry and you whimpered when the fat tip of his cock pressed hard against your cervix.

    Your pussy convulsed around him in waves and your body shook beneath his grasp. He had you trapped between him and the bed. Your knees were touching your shoulders. He had you entirely folded up and you looked so beautiful and fucked out like this.

    Your pretty, wet, swollen lips were parted and your teeth gritted in a hiss as he pulled out and thrust back in, pressing harder against your cervix now that was wide open because you were ovulating.

    If he fucked you a little harder, he would break his way in your womb and he was going to breed you without any doubts. He knew your cycle by heart. His pretty little girl who was like jelly in his arms, allowing him to do everything he wanted to her.

    He pulled out and thrust back in with force. You cried out in pain and intense pleasure. He was deeper now. You could feel him on her hand pressing down on her belly.

    "S' deep... s' deep, daddy, s' too much... too much, it hurts..." You were babbling nonsense now, saliva running down the corners of your lips. Pretty little tears starting to form in your eyes. You were so beautiful when you sobbed over his cock.

    He petted your hair and swiped his tongue over your lower lip. "I know, baby, I know, but you're going to be a good girl and take it, right? You're daddy's good girl, aren't you?"

    You nodded frantically and he pecked your lips. Such a good girl always willing to please her daddy. The man that owned you. He was going to marry you and you were going to be his pretty little wife that he'd fuck like this whenever he'd want to.

    "You're going to give me a son..."

    He grunted, pulling out and thrusting back in, forcing his cock past your cervix and up her womb. You cried out and tears ran down her cheeks but he licked the salty trails away. Your legs shook on his shoulders and you tried to close them but he forced them back open. He picked up his thrusts, one harder than the other.

    "...and a daughter, and another child and another... you're going to be my sweet little wife,"

    He pulled himself back on his knees, pushing your knees to the bed around your head. The pressure of your entire body folding in half was making you feel dizzy and lightheaded and his thrusts were gettjng harder and faster.

    The bed was creaking beneath and every invasive thrust in you womb was painful but it felt so good.

    It felt so good, fucking you so deep, his pelvic bone rubbing your clit and making your body arch. He settled a pillow beneath your waist, making sure your lower half was in the air. Making sure the cum that he was about to dump into you wasn't going slip out.

    You would look so beautiful all plump and full with his child. You would be so needy and whiny and horny all the time. But that was alright, because daddy would forever be willing to fuck his baby dumb just as he was doing right now. Your delicious tongue lolled out of your mouth and your eyes shut tight. Your body tensed with every thrust, every painful hit of his cock on your cervix till it was swollen and allowing him entrance deeper and deeper.

    He was fucking you harder now, heavy balls knocking against your ass and pressing his weight against the back of your knees that were surrounding your head now.

    His sweet little masochist. You were clenching around him so hard now. The harder he thrust into you, the closer to orgasm you were getting. Your pretty face twisted in pain and pleasure and cute little sounds escaped your mouth with every rough thrust.

    " 'm cum, d- daddy... imma cum, imma cum please... aaahh s' deep, s' deep..."

    "C'mon, baby, cum for daddy,"

    And you did. You came on command, his good little girl. Such a good girl, he had trained you so well. You were so beautiful when you came. Squeezing him so hard, obscene sounds of your pussy clenching and coating him in clear white liquid.

    "That's it... that's it, that's a good girl," He petted your hair as if you were some pet in heat. And maybe you were.

    But he kept fucking you, even when you had come down from your high and your high-pitched sounds were getting higher. Overstimulation started to take over and you thrashed beneath him, pressing your hands on his shoulders to pull him away.

    "No! D- Daddy! S' too much! Too much, daddy, please- Ah!"

    Another rough thrust and he shut you up. He forced three long fingers down your throat.

    "Shut up, little girl," He grunted and stopped thrusting for a second, giving you the break you needed.

    He forced your mouth open with his fingers and a fat globe of saliva dropped from his lips to your tongue. You whimpered and swallowed it right away. What a good girl.

    "You're my precious little girl in the day, but in the nights you're my sweet little slut... my precious little fucktoy..." he nibbled on your lip "...so, be a good fucktoy and keep those pretty legs spread and let daddy breed you,"

    Fuck, it felt so good to be used by this man.

    "Y- Yes, daddy!"

    "Good girl..." he started thrusting again, losing his pace, indicating he was close. He gritted his teeth "... fuck, take it, take it..." his hand reached for your clit, rubbing it hard and fast as he fucked a load of cum into you and you cried out at the stimulation, cumming again till you were spent and twitching. He buried his face in your neck, biting and licking as he filled your womb with his first load of cum and he stopped thrusting, staying deep.

    And when his cock got hard again he resumed fucking you. He fucked you like this for hours, not letting up even when you were begging him too. You loved it though. You loved being overwhelmed by this man. You loved the pain he inflicted on you, the pleasure, the bruises he dug on your skin, the smacks he littered on your cheeks, your ass that was in the air the entire time.

    You couldn't even tell how many times he made you cum. You lost count after six. And you couldn't even tell how many times he had cum inside of you.

    But there was a bulge on your belly that was growing bigger with every orgasm. Your womb felt bloated, so full of his cum, bulging out in your belly, and his cock was so very deep and he was trying to go deeper.

    He wasn't even fucking you anymore, just humping inside of you, trying to push his cock deeper. His face, in your neck that was now full of his marks. The circulation to your still folded legs seemed to have been cut off. You could barely feel anything waist down. Just his cock, bruising your insides, and a pressure in your belly that felt so very full.

    Sweaty skin slapping against your own and his balls still heavy and full. He wasn't done with you in the slightest. You couldn't take any more, but for daddy, you would. Anything for daddy. Anything he wanted.

    He came inside of you again with a final thrust, rubbing your clit to pull another orgasm out of your abused, swollen hole.

    You cried out and tensed and more pretty tears ran down your cheeks but his cock was still hard inside of you and you sobbed when he began thrusting again.

    "I'm not done breeding that cunt, babygirl,"

    You could have sworn, that night, he fucked you till you passed out. But he was more than glad to hear the news a few months later that you were with child.

    #snk #attack on titan #aot #shingeki no kyojin #erwin smith#aot erwin #erwin x reader #erwin x you #erwin smith x reader #erwin x oc #commander erwin#erwin#erwin fluff#erwin headcanons #attack on titan erwin #erwin smith x you #erwin smith imagine #erwin smith smut #erwin smith x oc #erwin smith x y/n #erwin x reader smut #erwin x y/n #snk smut#aot smut#erwin angst
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  • alominum
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    Attack on Titan «devils» as Twitter users!

    Warnings: slight nsfw

    Characters: Connie Springer, Sasha Blaus, Jean Kirstein, Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Jeager, Armin Arlert

    Maybe I’ll make more of these ;)
    #aot #attack on titan #aot smau #shingeki no kyojin #smau#aot imagines #attack on titan imagines #attack on titan smau #snk smau #shingeki no kyoujin imagine #eren yeager#snk#Armin Arlert#mikasa Ackerman#Connie springer#sahsa braus #shingeki no kyoujin smau #eren yeager smau #Armin Arlert smau #mikasa Ackerman smau #Connie springer smau #Sasha Braus smau #Jean Kirstein #Jean Kirstein smau #Aot Twitter#snk Twitter #Aot Twitter smau #attack on titan Twitter #social media#Aot crack
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    Nerd camboy eren 😭

    #eren#eren yeager #attack on titan #aot#eren aot #eren x gender neutral reader #eren x reader #eren yeager x reader #eren jeager imagine #eren absolutely adores you #eren headcanons #nerd!eren x reader #nerd!eren yeager x reader #nerd cam boy eren
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