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  • stackjourney
    29.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    The Linux Foundation and Harvard’s Lab for Innovation Science Release Census of Most Widely Used Open Source Application Libraries https://stackjourney.com/the-linux-foundation-and-harvards-lab-for-innovation-science-release-census-of-most-widely-used-open-source-application-libraries/?feed_id=13877

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  • usvisainmexico
    29.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    What is the process for US Visa Application MRV fee payment services in Mexico ? How can we help you with your US Visa Application MRV fee payment services in Mexico ? What services do we provide for your change of status visa stamping and ; visa renewal stamping in mexico ? Which locations do we and hellp Continue reading and Mexico US Visa Stamping Services

    #us visa application mrv fee payment in mexico #us visa fee payment in mexico #mexico visa appointment interview slot booking #mexico us visa appointment stamping #us visa appointment mexico #h1b visa stamping in mexico #us visa stamping in mexico
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  • metacoinics
    29.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    US SEC Rejects One River Spot Bitcoin ETF Application

    US SEC Rejects One River Spot Bitcoin ETF Application

    The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has rejected the spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Application filed by One River Asset Management. The decision by the regulator to reject the application for a rule change to list One River Carbon Neutral Bitcoin Trust on the New York Stock Exchange Arca came a few days earlier than the anticipated June 2nd.   According to the…

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  • soltanmoradi
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Web design tips to boost startups

    In alternative words, folks can access your website on all sorts of devices. And whether or not they are employing a microcomputer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you wish users to own good expertise. Except for several business homeowners, this can be a frightening task.  

    Developing your website could be an enormous enough task on its own. Currently, you have got to code your website altogether these completely different sizes. The excellent news is that there’s a good approach around this.

    Your website can mechanically size to suit any screen by employing a responsive site builder. And you ought not to code a novel version for every device.

    This is a good plan as a result of if somebody gets to your web site and finds that it does not work well, they’re going to leave. And this suggests you are missing out on extra leads and sales that may improve your bottom line.

    We help businesses grow by delivering practical and customized Software and Marketing solutions. Together, we can create measurable value and drive sustainable growth through the extraordinary journey of transforming your business.

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  • soltanmoradi
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    E-Commerce Websites: The Essential Factors

    Calistu as web development company in Dubai provides checklist essential factors that is important to success of e-commerce websites. The use of information technology is one of the necessary links to increase business efficiency in the national economy. Today, the use of the Internet and businesses resulting from this technology by companies has become a means to gain a competitive advantage in business. The Internet has opened up a new arena for the dissemination, exchange, and presentation of information, which in many ways is a profound revolution.

    Revolution in the sense that it gradually transforms the economic, social, cultural, political, and technological foundations of societies. Undoubtedly, the wise use of e-commerce technology can help us improve business efficiency and a more active presence in global trade, and help strengthen the country’s position in regional and global markets.  

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  • science-of-politics19
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    UGC postponed the last date  for CUET 2022

    Candidates can now apply till May 31, earlier it was until May 22 only. Furthermore, those candidates who want to enter in bachelor and could not fill their application forms can now apply for it. https://scienceofpolitics.in/2022/05/29/ugc-postponed-last-date-cuet-2022-apply-prior-may-31/

    #ugc #common university entrance test (cuet) #cuet #cuet application form 2022 #exam#cuetexam#candidates
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  • wikimega
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    (দেখা যাচ্ছে) IUT Admission Result 2022 Published Today by www.iut.edu.bd

    (দেখা যাচ্ছে) IUT Admission Result 2022 Published Today by www.iut.edu.bd

    The results of the IUT admission tests have been published. So now you can download your test results from our website in image and PDF formats. Islamic University of Technology (IUT) admission test result was released on May 29, 2022. So now you are trying to upload your admission test results on different websites. For your convenience, we made this post today. So that you can easily download…

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  • paulweknow
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    maybe i Should have run for student council

    #the only activity i have going for me for applications is 3 years of academic decathlon + i was the coach #and choir i guess #and technically i was a coach this year for decathlon since they couldnt get another teacher
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  • hawkingyou
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Applying to US Universities as an A-Level Student

    I promised a long time ago that I’d write a blog about applying to US Universities as an A-level Student, and I’m really sorry for the wait. Anyways, I’ve generalized this for all three: UK A-Levels, CIE A-levels, and Singaporean A-Levels. Enjoy!

    University Groupings

    This idea of grouping universities are pretty common among a lot of US university application videos/blogs, so I’m sure a more detailed explanation can be found elsewhere, and I won’t be dwelling so much on this.

    Essentially divide your unis into three categories: Reach, Target, Safety.

    Example List:

    Reach: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Caltech.

    Target: University of Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Northeastern

    Safety: University of Connecticut, University of Arizona, UMass Lowell

    You can find better explanations online for how to group your desired universities depending on your individual academic strength, co-curricular strength, demographic strength, and etc. 

    Taking the SAT?

    When I applied to universities I was in the round where SATs were optional, I don’t know when you’re reading this so I’m not sure for you, but, regardless, I’d always recommend taking the SATs. 

    Why? Well, it’d be an easier peg for you to: group your universities, and (in my opinion) get in. 

    “Grades don’t matter”. That’s true, but by having an SAT score that is either in their average or 75th percentile range, you’d at least pass “first sorting”. 

    Think of university admissions as layers of sifting, the sift gets smaller as you go. Grades are your first sift. While A-levels are a worldly recognizable curriculum, you’d be going against students with curriculums that vary all over the world. By allowing yourself to meet their standards, rather than have them understand yours, you’re ridding yourself of unnecessary uncertainty. 

    Personal Statement and Supplemental Statements 

    TIME MANAGEMENT. Can’t say this enough. Time management is essential when doing this. Bring out a couple of sheets of paper and start mapping out the due dates of each of your universities (note: UCs require earlier submission) and make a document of all the supplemental essays required. 

    Your personal statement will be one long statement written for all your universities. The supplemental statements are specific to each universities and the number of supplemental essays asked of you will vary from uni to uni. 

    For your personal statement, the CommonApp will provide you options on prompts you can build on. Granted, there is a prompt of “prompt of your choice”, either way, a personal statement should SHOW qualities of yourself that you value most, intertwined with the experience you’ve chosen to disclose. 

    There are much better explanations online for how to write a personal statement and it’d be best you check that out yourself. Remember, when reading a statement example you’re not only reading for inspiration, but also to understand how successful students have presented their qualities and experiences to admissions officers. 

    For the supplemental essays, I’d recommend grouping similar prompts together, noting down the required word length. You can start answering the prompts that are similar then sizing the draft accordingly to each university. Trust me, this saves so much time. 

    The key to completing all the written requirements have always been the same: studying and understanding essays by successful students (it’s not necessarily about the content per se, rather the delivery)


    When it comes to grades, your general progression over the past four years are very important. 

    Whether you’ve been a straight A student all your life, or you’ve seen a general positive climb on your grades, it’s never to late to start working hard to make your grades sparkle in the eyes of admissions officers. 

    Now, midterms will be most important. Since, they’ll act as your predicted grades for A2, it’s very important that you DO WELL in them. 

    Details on choosing A-Level subjects for your unis is on another blog, there’s a US uni example there.


    University interviews in the US are very different from what you’d expect from the UK, or Asian Universities. There’s no written examination or topic questions, rather, it flows more as conversation. 

    It’s very important that you spark chemistry with your interviewer, whether they’ll be an alumni from the university, or (very rarely) an admissions officer themself. 

    Interviews don’t weigh much on admissions decisions. My senior, who attends one of the Reach Universities I’ve listed above, had an admissions officer who said he wouldn’t be suited for the school. 

    Nevertheless, you should always try to do well in these interviews. Most questions will follow as: Tell me about yourself. Why did you choose to go to this school? Tell me what one of your greatest accomplishments were.

    At the end of the interview, they’ll ask you if you’ve got any questions for them. When I did my interview I’d usually ask them about the school community, or their experience in travelling to the school, one case I even asked what it was like when they experienced their first snow, and etc. 

    Try to come up with questions you wouldn’t find on the web or on a forum, something unique and personal to you (perhaps a question about disability accommodation, or whether the observatory is open all year round).

    I think that’s about it really. I hope this was informative enough, I know that there are more details needed, but with so many resources online for US unis I really didn’t know what else to write. So, these were just based on my experiences when I applied. 

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  • oatbugs
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    a triangle and other things id like on my body

    #bc alt j but also like . cool shape mathematically + delta as in everything delta represents including a change / transformation #still need ideas for a tattoo that goes along my entire spine though #ill defintely get the phi symbol tattooed at some point and probably psi as well #tifold knots mean a lot but also i feel the triangle covers it . same w R^3 spaces .. #and also like . 2n-3k-3>0 maybe somewhere bc in knot theory any smooth k sphere to which that applies is unknotted . and it represents sm #bc it has so many applications to like . diff areas of maths and bio and genetics and physics and everything everything ever . #some of my favourite axioms . including axiom of infinity + also a { } for obvious reasons (existence of an empty set is still an existence #but also like . idk theres more 2 it im sure you get it maybe) #something to do w angels more to do w manifolds #the letter v (a valley like the one i died and loved in + the longitudinal fissure + vogt dig for kloppervok + lots of other stuff) #an octagon formation that reminds me of breathing #(alders breathing keeping weeping leaves all sinking fever dreaming brothers sleeping wolves all creeping weavers weaving - wickerbird) #some proof written in fitch notation #some forms of liquid swirls in red (red for wine or love or blood but mostly wine) particularly around the angels bc its a persian poem #and its where my name is from and it means a lot . a straight line with regular gaps inbetween it like the windows of a train #(particularly around or inside or a part of the angels maybe for many reasons . incomplete line / train imagery paired w holiness . hmm) #something to do w an opened up pomegranate (preferably close to the red lines) #a part of the night sky superimposed over itself (twice as many stars as usual) . in the dark times will there be singing ? there will be #singing of the dark times . #rippling effects somewhere around the wine swirls (diving into your grief and raising your head instead of drowning + the universe #isnt mine its me + to care is to accept that you may drown for it + my memories w vodka + a lot more) #dots going down veritcally (water falling off trees and the pipe of the building as the snow melted in the mountains) #the audio waveform of the repeating tune in the song dissolve me #maybe around where the wine lines ripple out a bit
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  • dddribbble
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Messenger Apps android app design application application design apps call chat chat app ios ios app design messanger mobile apps mobile ux social ui uiux

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  • greywalkerpi
    29.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    her husband is melting

    but it's okay because Charlize Theron has a flamethrower

    #alien: prometheus #proper application of fire solves all problems
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  • eggs-love-loki
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Me: needs a job and needs to job hunt

    Also me: but what if I got new cosplay materials instead

    #I’m not gonna gotta resist the temptation #i was rejected from the job that I was really really hopeful for so #gotta buckle up and focus in more on my search and my applications #i really wanna do irina from Assassination Classroom tho 😣😣
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  • edudrems
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #web developers#website design#python#python developer#python programming#htmldeveloper#html css#html code#js#javascript#javadeveloper#java#fullstackdeveloper #full stack engineer #full stack application development #full stack software developer #full stack web development #Youtube
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  • srimal85
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #web developers#website design#python#python developer#python programming#htmldeveloper#html css#html code#js#javascript#javadeveloper#java#fullstackdeveloper #full stack engineer #full stack application development #full stack software developer #full stack web development #Youtube
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  • yellowocaballero
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    10 and 17 for the writer ask! 🌻

    Hi :)!!

    10. Has a piece of writing ever “haunted” you? Has your own writing haunted you? What does that mean to you?

    This isn't the answer you were looking for, but a certain fic I wrote when I was 20 haunts me because it got popular and drew me into a fandom of a certain musical that I'm slightly embarrassed about now. Made excellent lifelong friends from the fandom. But...

    It's probably one of the more NSFW stories I've written, because here's a few fade to black sex scenes and the story is about "casual hook-up relationship moving into something more emotionally vulnerable". And the fandom had a lot of teenagers. And. And what I'm saying is I got NSFW fanart of the fic (not FULLY E but like, very well M, extremely sexually suggestive stuff from the fade to black scene), from teenagers, bad news for me. Bad. Good for the people who liked it. But bad. Bad.

    (And a certain fucking friend of mine thought it would be funny to cosplay my specific version of the character and do a jokey photoshoot of the scene. You know who you are. Fuck you.)

    17. Talk to me about the minutiae of your current WIP. Tell me about the lore, the history, the detail, the things that won’t make it in the text.

    I just did this one, but here's another I've alluded to. Layla's superhero activity is mostly abroad and slightly more vigilante than superhero, but she definitely lends Wakanda a hand sometimes and she's good friends with Nadia. I think she helps prevent smuggling of vibramium or other Wakandan technology into the West through judicious application of force. For me the absolute happiest "five years later" for the MK system & Layla is them living in Wakanda with Layla working for T'Challa as a consultant, and Marc&co are a stay at home dad for their cute daughter. The healthcare is excellent, he never holds a gun again, and he is not an Avatar and has no superpowers whatsoever. And they never meet another Avenger. Or participate in MCU nonsense. Ever. Leave them alone.

    #my writing #i dont want marc to be a superhero just let him be a guy and a dad :( #through judicious application of my job i have a mental image of the perfect public health system #and it can be wakanda if i want. #god what does wakandan psychology look like. god. god. #not all african countries are interchangable and there's huge cultural differences between egypt and subsaharan africa etc #but the friendship would be nice.
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  • lykaiia
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

         Ly, without a very deep, deep level of trust forged between her and someone else, would never accept a telepathic melding / link of any kind. Because of their dual natures and the fact that they’re housing such deep rage and primal instincts, it simply isn’t safe to link with a Kovan, especially not when that goes both ways. Someone who isn’t expecting she raw animosity of Ly’s innermost nature—remember, she’s had many years to learn to control it, she can keep it contained well, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there—will be bombarded by this sudden inexplicable ferocity. This animal-like nature. This boundless hunger and want to consume. 

         I feel like, someone’s who is linked for a long, long time in a way that allows for the communication both ways of thoughts and glimpses into the innermost part of someone at any given moment is not only a recipe for disaster, but with her / Kovans, unless the other person is incredibly strong, I imagine they’d start exhibiting some more feral, animal-like qualities simply based off the never-ending connection. 

         Also, it’s important to take into account how powerful Kovans’ emotions are, especially their rage when they’ve slipped up and gone feral. Someone who isn’t prepared would likely take a hell of a beating mentally from the sheer force of it all. Feeling like you’re on fire, like you’re being torn apart, but it’s all in your head and you can’t stop it. 

         She’s 99.9% of the time against anyone ever looking into her head and if it’s an antagonistic force that tried and she was aware of it, she’d try to use that feral, unhinged nature of hers to her advantage and just say fuck control and push back against them. 

    #HEADCANONS ― ★ History repeats her story‚ awakened by the sounds of long before #(hc. - v. w) #this i feel is more applicable to wayfarer verse because there are a lot of telepathic species out there but #it's one side of the coin i've been thinking about #i mean it isn't an issue insofar as it has ever come up but #in the sense of the greater world / verse it is a very interesting thing to think about #so have some quick thoughts.
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