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  • whymylifewrites
    27.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    1 and 22 for the writer asks? :D

    hello :D

    ask game

    1. What font do you write in? Do you actually care or is that just the default setting?

    I do care very much T-T I write in Georgia like, 99% of the time. I've tried a couple different fonts trying to find ones that are easy for me to read and so far Georgia is the best one for me :)

    2. How organized are you with your writing? Describe to me your organization method, if it exists. What tools do you use? Notebooks? Binders? Apps? The Cloud?

    Oh man, I try to be organized. I write in google docs and I have a separate doc for each fic or chapter of a fic. If I have an idea or a snippet of dialogue it goes into my snippet doc. Once it gets longer than a page it gets it's own doc. Everything is labeled by fandom and working title. If I'm working on a fic and I have to cut lines the cut stuff goes in my extras doc.

    With my notebook I'm a little messier. I keep one notebook for everything and also write on little scraps of paper throughout the day XD When I type stuff up that's when I organize it.

    Really the organization is just to make it easier to work on stuff. I have a hard time working in docs longer than twenty pages, so each one-shot or chapter having it's own doc makes them so much easier to find and mess around with.

    Thanks for the questions!!!!

    #cordelia answers asks #ask game #this was fun :D
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  • cherrydumpling
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Hello ☺

    Salted caramel for the ice cream ask

    Hi nonnie!!!! Thank you for sending this <3

    salted caramel— what color and shade would you describe your eyes?

    -> Chocolate brown?? They are a very dark shade of brown but (according to others) they mostly appear chestnut brown.

    #🍒.box #🍒.anons #ask game
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  • ladyofthenoodle
    27.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago


    send me an ask to assign me a color

    #green is my favorite color btw so i’m very pleased to be assigned it so much #ask#ask game
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  • artbyblastweave
    27.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago


    There are a few things I really, really enjoy about her character:

    Underpinning her very real intelligence is an excellent impulsive stupidity and self-destructiveness that basically maps to what I figure a smarmy upper-class teenager with preternatural knowledge would be like; mouthing off to Jack Slash, punching holes through reality, pushing Miss Militia's buttons during the echidna fight. Wildbow has written that one of the north-stars for thinker design is the premise that on some level they have to be clueless enough for a trigger event to happen, and it's fascinating to try and map that onto Tattletale's behavior, and look for spots where superpowers were hastily plastered over gaps in common sense, for better or worse.

    She ends up so goddamn lonely during Ward, in a way that maps pretty strongly onto her initial trigger event- someone she loved who she couldn't save, who she couldn't come up with a way to reach in a way that mattered. Her coworkers scattered to the winds, barely friends without the uniting force of Taylor. (And it is fascinating, in turn, to imagine a long-haul version of the Undersider's dynamic where everyone's mutual connection to Taylor is basically the main thing keeping the group together, but that's a different post.) Without much fanfare, Worm is also Lisa's tragedy.

    She's not nearly as amoral as she presents herself- sure, she's a bad person, in most of the ways that matter, but she does consistently keep trying to move the shape of things generally in a good direction? Or a stable one? If she has time? Like, out-and-out evil-amoral-me-me-me Lisa would look a hell of a lot different than the one in canon, and she keeps trying to hold the world together even after most of her actual connections to that world have dulled, faded or been cut. She and Vicky have a lot more in common than I have time to really dig into, forward that one to Ridtom.

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  • tuberculosis-bot-9000
    27.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    I feel like asking Grievous is cheating. So how about Ventress, Ahsoka, & Maul. & Windu 💜

    Oh ho ho ho! Asking about my wife right out the gate! Well here you are:

    Ventress (my beloved)

    Ahsoka (not actually sorry)


    Mace Windu

    #star wars#asajj ventress#ahsoka#maul#mace windu#ask game #ahsoka tano (derogatory) #anakin as a jedi knight should never have had a padawan #literally what are any of y’all thinking #even during a war when new jedi need to be trained #nobody looks at the bundle of nerves a missed appointment away from turning evil #and goes #ah yes this person should definitely be a spiritual teacher #i have mixed feelings about maul and his return #and mace windu is a bad ass mother fucker that also was pretty much the only one to tell anakin to fuck off #which #good on him
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  • achairwithapandaonit
    27.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Panda’s Vibing In The Woods Prompt List

    Just because it’s difficult it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

    In moments like these I am at peace.

    The world is so vibrant it looks unreal.

    Take a deep breath. It helps.

    I am protected by the song. It lets me know that there are others here.

    “Don’t follow the tune into the woods,” they say. And I won’t.

    You’re doing so much just by being alive.

    You can be broken easily, but just the same - all it takes is a moment to build yourself up again.

    It’s okay to just be. Give yourself that.

    Do you worry that one day your wings will forget how to fly?

    You are unashamed in the attention you require, and for this I admire you.

    You laugh like a hollowed out thing.

    How does your laughter sound now, I wonder? With flowers growing from your lungs and leaves spilling from your throat. 

    My pulse races in the moments in between. What is it I’m so afraid of?

    👉👈 i went out into the woods today and vibed and wrote some stuff, so i thought i’d make a little prompt list out of this. anyone’s welcome to use them for whatever they like (ie. as inspiration for fic/writing, as a writing ask meme, for whatever else it is that people do on this website), though they feel a little abstract, so they’d probably work more as a vibe than anything else.

    #uhhh what to tag this as #ask meme#ask game#prompts#writing prompts #(i'm not taking prompts from this list atm btw since i haven't really been able to write for ages)
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  • wing-hero
    27.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    I'm pretty good!!!! I finished high school finally and im mostly chilling by playing vidya gamez rn. A game of my childhood has a new title today Kao the Kangaroo :DDDD i'm prolly gonna find a stream to watch it fully in a bit <3

    omg congrats!!!!!!! that’s so good to hear, so happy for you!!!!! about both graduating and your game dhsjdhsjdhsjdh i hope you enjoy your stream!!!!!!!

    #asks #wish i played more games myself tbh but lately i’m short on time 😭😭😭
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  • dzamie
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    🔥 breathplay

    Send me a 🔥 for an unpopular opinion!

    It is pretty concerning how... for lack of a better term, popularized choking/breathplay is as a "near-vanilla" kink given how easy it is to accidentally fuck up real bad with it (especially if the choking is done during sex). I guess I can only hope that normies consider "gently putting your hand on your partner's neck for a few seconds" to be all the breathplay they can handle, or that people actually look into the risks and mitigation stuff before actually trying it harder.

    #text#asks#rawrs #ask game response #soniex2
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  • anarchist-therapist
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Orchid for the ask game

    ok i'm just gonna tell you my two favs, Runaway by Aurora and Clementine by Halsey

    also Agar Tum Saath Ho by Alka Yagnik bcz that is >>>>>>>>>

    #also a few bengali songs #queen iz#ask game
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  • dykecotomia
    27.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    🔀 >:-)

    #hiiii ^ ^ #ask games
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  • skyward-floored
    27.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    20 favorite disney princess movie?

    I’ve always loved sleeping beauty. I love how they set up the romance, the cake scene always had me in conniptions, the kings have such funny personalities, maleficent and her castle used to terrify me, and Prince Phillip and that sword fight at the end??? Epic.

    I think it subconsciously influenced my love of loz XD

    #once upon a dream has always been in my mind the pinnacle of romantic songs #but that might just be me #plus his horse HIS HORSE #‘no carrots’ hehehe #answers from the floor #ask game#anon #I love his horse
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  • goldie90
    27.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    2, 7, 8, & 19 ~ rebeccaselfships

    Hi Rebecca.😃

    (Question number 19 don´t works for us, due to the TCM timeline, so I´m just going to answer the rest.)🙂

    2. What was their reaction to seeing you naked?

    Well, firstly he was scanning my whole body with his eyes, smiling the whole time. Then he laughed, just like he always does when he´s happy (which is always so adorable).😊

    7. What are their orgasms like (sound, what do their o face look like)?

    Despite being someone who´s almost never able to shut up during day to day life, Nubbins is surprisingly quiet during the act. It´s always just a little bit of panting and moaning and sometimes he´s whispering some sweet things into my ear, so when he cums it isn´t much different. He usually just moans a bit louder while he pushes deep into me and most of the time he´s pressing his face against my neck while doing so, which means that most of the time I´m not able to see his face during that moment, but when I see it? It´s adorable.🥰 He tends to close his eyes, while his lips are parted, his hair falls into his face, looking all messy, it´s really cute.🥰

    8. Would their rather give or receive oral?

    I would say that´s a 50/50 thing with him, cause although he loves to receive, he also really loves to give (and god, he´s amazing when it comes to this).🥰

    Thanks for asking and I wish you a nice weekend.🙂

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  • clingymickey
    27.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    aj!!! let's hear about the cowboy au?

    Hello benja!! ok so i had 2 ideas for this one, possibly why i'm taking so long to write this 😭

    One of them was based about this post i made for the trope mash-up it's not really 'cowboyish' but it's got the sprirt

    And then my other idea was to make a brokeback mountain AU (as you guessed this popped up in my head right after watching brokeback) though the ending will be happier than the movie but the thing is i don't really know how to come around writing that so i'm keeping it on a hold for now

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  • rexxdjarin
    27.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    Hmmmm… the word “yes” for WIP game 💜💜

    Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

    The word “yes” does appear in my still unnamed Empire-era Boba Fett in his 30s WIP quite a few times. Here’s my favorite section😈:

    “Boba…I can’t fucking…stand you. You’re such an ass-“
    “An asshole. Yes, you’ve mentioned that. But you like me because I’m an asshole, don’t you?”
    #boba fett fic #boba fett smut #boba fett x fem!reader #boba fett x reader #30s boba fett #he’s rough around the edges and such a dick and I love writing him #Fanfiction WIP ask game #fanfic ask game #ask game
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  • cherrydumpling
    27.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    peppermint 😜 Have a good day!

    peppermint— what song lyric describes your love life right now?

    Boy, have I told ya?

    I swear you put the sun up in my sky

    When it's cold, you pull me closer

    So hot, it's like the middle of July (of July)

    -> The whole song actually. I know it's TMI or something close to it 🤓

    #🍒.box #🍒.anons #have a good day too precious #ty!! #ask game
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  • chickinscratch
    27.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    HCS8 Scar + 🏵️

    Snippet from a non-existant fic

    Excerpt from “Before The Fall” - 8 times Scar charms the Void. #3.

    It’s colder this time, Scar acknowledges numbly. He’s gotten used to it, by this point, the panic catching in his chest as gravity guides his plummeting form long since having fallen out somewhere along the way. Maybe it landed with the animals littered above the chasm. Did they ever worry about falling in? No one ever talked about their feelings. Maybe they were scared.

    He should probably be more scared.

    He considers his inventory, briefly - whatever he could recall he had on him. His elytra, some armor; that’d suck to replace. Grian would probably give it to him anyways. His hat had drifted away somewhere above him. (An image flickered in his mind of the hat landing gracefully onto the head of their CEO’s statue. It’d probably suit him.) Everything else was negligible. 

    Was it taking longer than usual? He could swear it was taking longer. Or maybe he was just feeling particularly sluggish this descent. He didn’t remember the Boatem Hole being this deep. He had only just passed the first deepslate. It was getting colder. It wasn’t usually this cold.

    Finally, the bedrock sweeps by him, shifting into a slate sky above and growing smaller and smaller as the Void prickles at his back. The heat seeps from his body in an instant as darkness envelops him. Fear rears in his mind, far overdue, finally prompting him to gape at the lack of air. Sudden weight presses against him from all sides, and the first tick of damage wracks his body. A thousand words catapult through his head all at once, battling to be pushed out with his breath.

    Wait, they say, Please! Stop! Hold on! Not again! Ouch! It’s cold! It’s dark!

    Instead what falls out of his mouth is “Your pants!”

    Very articulate, Scar. 

    But for a moment the cold ebbs (or maybe that’s the sudden onset of hypothermia. He doesn’t know how this works). The pressure eases. Despite himself, he continues.

    “Give me your pants,” he demands Nothing, surprising himself with his own even tone. There is reprieve. A bubble of Void around him, ever brief, like even the fabric of the Universe itself is baffled by his nonsense.

    The second damage tick takes longer than it should, but eventually the weight and darkness crashes over him again. He presses on.

    “I mean it!” A third damage tick, but it’s weaker. Much weaker than it should be. “Do you even have pants?” How is he even still speaking? There’s no air, but somehow he feels as though the blanket of darkness is waiting, morbidly curious for him to continue. To watch him dance. He’s always been one to put on a show.

    “I give you all my items- so many items, do you know how hard those are to get? And my XP! Probably hundreds of levels worth!” His voice tilts towards giddy. He straightens his jabot. “Do you know how we respawn up there? Butt naked! Scared in our underwear - if even! And you’re down here, keeping all our things.” He veers tones - what does it matter; he’s not sure his audience can answer. “What do you do with it, anyways?”

    The pressure eases again, now rumbling gently against him, curious. There’s no answer, but the fourth tick of damage doesn’t even take half a heart. He’s regenerating health, now. The Void doesn’t seem to care. He rotates in the dead space (he doesn’t even question how, simply wills it. It’s the logical thing to do, after all; face his customer like a businessman should.) and leans on his cane.

    “Tell ya what, since you’re already taking the literal clothes off my back- the elytra, armor, tools, XP, you can keep. Might as well make it a whole set, right? Wouldn’t want you to be all mismatched; gotta keep fashionable these days! But I get your pants and keep the copper, hm?”

    The void shifts. Another tick. Hesitant.

    “Okay, okay - you drive a hard bargain, but you didn’t let me finish! I’ve got about three stacks here,” He thumbs through them, exhibiting his wares to the lack of audience. “I keep two, maybe two and a half? I’ll make you somethin’ nice with it, pay you back later - it’s an investment! I get pants now, you get more of other people’s pants in the future, plus my pants as a down payment.”

    The Void considers him again, and for a moment the nothingness beneath his feet is solid enough to support his weight. For a moment the darkness around him sparkles brightly. For a moment, he is suddenly warm.

    Goodtimewithscar fell out of the world.

    “Scar?” Grian pokes his head through the bedroom door. Scar blinks at him, offering a weary smile as he slides out of his bed.

    “Do you need a Perhaps You Perished Par-” Grian’s voice catches, falls. His brows furrow as he cocks his head. 

    “...Did you get new pants?”

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  • boop-le-snoot
    27.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    Number 55 on the ask game?

    55. What is something I disliked about today?

    I took a nap... A three-and-a-half-hour nap 😕

    ask game>>>

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  • jitteryjive
    27.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    ayo can I get uuuuhhhhh, ✂️ with Ruth and Julius?/gen-C

    ✂️ - draw two ocs with their hairstyles swapped

    two VERY different reactions. ruth is pulling it off great though good for her

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  • tomtenadia
    27.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago


    Let the tears flow in full force until he was spent. He was so tired of death, of saying goodbye to friends

    #wip ask game
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  • boop-le-snoot
    27.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    78 (ask game)


    78. How can you win my heart?

    By engaging in a lot of parallel play. Or bringing me tons of chocolate cake.

    ask game>>>

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