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  • cutterpillow92
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I feel like not a lot of other sylki fans are open to crit and was wondering what u think? It got dropped in my ask too and I didn’t want anyone to hate on me by messaging them https://lowkeycritical.tumblr.com/post/665952395270995968/a-letter-to-the-cast-and-crew-of-loki

    Hello anon, thank you for messaging me… I know you're here to ask me for my opinion and I hope you won't take this in a wrong way. But when I saw how small the "scroll bar" (how long that post is) on the right side of my browser, I was definitely like, "NOPE. not for me. I won't read this" 😅 and I really didn't.

    My take on this, (in general aspect of life) is you cannot please everybody. They will always have different opinion to what we believe, and that's okay. Let them be. Time is very precious, let's focus on things that we can control, rather than we can't.

    Have a nice day anon, take care~

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  • cutterpillow92
    14.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Hi, I belong to a shanchixkaty discord server and I since you ship the actors (I do too) I'd like to hear you thoughts on these pictures

    They were from different dates,Simu's was taken September 6th, 2021. Nora's was taken June 12, 2021. Both according to IG.

    They aren't birthdays because Simu is born on April 19, Nora on June 2

    Hi, re: #12 on Simu's:

    As for Nora, I'm not really sure on it. Maybe someone can answer it? ☺️

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  • cutterpillow92
    11.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Hey, re: Simu's necklace & the new 88 rising ring he has on it, it's most likely a gift from Nora. She's into numerology. One of her favorite shops is Tommy Jewels in NYC, & she often gets gold jewelry made from there (her new rings say 686 and GRANDMA, bless!). Either she had his necklace & ring custom made, or someone at 88 Rising (the band) did. But follow the IG stories & breadcrumbs. Dude professed his (platonic/maybe not) love for her PUBLICLY. I've never seen him do that for ANY woman...

    Oh wow. Thank you for this info anon. (tagging @strawberryshortckes too 😉) 

    Agree!! I keep on thinking about that comment. I just like them so much. Sorry, not sorry.) Nora’s was like, “Happy New Year Simu!” but this man, went in big and said ILY publicly.  Sigh. When are we going to see these two together onscreen again.  

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  • cutterpillow92
    11.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    I’m doing pretty ok too! I was also scrolling through my archives and really couldn’t help but start noticing other stuff, too.

    Here are some photos I have from the press tour that kind of shows their body language towards each other. You’ll notice they tend to stick pretty close to each other and in some cases (ahem Nora ahem) lean on the other.

    Also, you can practically see Simu giving heart-eyes to Nora in some of the photos.

    For your viewing pleasure ;)

    1,3,6 & 7 are my favorites, particularly the 6th one, I can’t.  😍 Like, calm down Sir. Too much heart eyes on that one. 

    I’ve mentioned this on one of my previous Simufina ask. There was this Shang Chi interview video that I saw, where Simu was narrating the moment he got a call from Kevin Feige (not sure if you’ve seen it, but this is the transcript.)

    Simu: I got the call from Kevin, he called me on a Tuesday evening I was in my underwear *looks at Nora*…. I don’t know why I looked at you-

    Meng'er: *burst out laughing*

    Simu: -as I was saying that, I was, you know-

    I told myself I’d gif that but I still haven’t had the time to. 😅 It was funny and shows how comfortable they are with each other. And also, a little bit teasing on Simu’s part. 

    #strawberryshortckes#simufina#simu liu#awkwafina#nora lum#shangty #shang chi x katy #shaunty#askcp92 #i love how you guys come to me for scatlottr related asks keep it coming <3
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  • cutterpillow92
    10.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Hi! Hope you’ve had a great start to your year so far! I’ve been lurking around the Shang-Chi x Katy tag for quite some time now, and really enjoy all these asks you’re getting about Simu and Nora (I’m a sucker for good ol’ celeb gossip lol).

    I saw Simu’s selfie post recently and noticed something really peculiar. He’s got a ring on his 88 rising necklace now, and I found it so strange cuz I could’ve sworn I saw Nora wearing that ring (or something like it) before. So I dug through my archives (I’m a fan of Nora’s so I tend to save her Insta posts and stories for future edits), and sure enough, I see that ring (or something similar to it, but it’s pretty dang close).

    I took some screenshots here cuz, ya know, sharing is caring ;)

    Hi @strawberryshortckes  so far, so good! How are you?  I love receiving simufina/scatlottr asks, so thank you for sending in one. 😊 AND THANK YOU FOR CAPTURING NORA’s IG STORY because indeed, the 2 rings looks the similar. 

    Oh my, oh my.  😍 I really think we need to watch out for their upcoming post.  

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  • cutterpillow92
    06.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    This is complete nonsense (obvs, it's Tumblr), but if Nora and Simu did hypothetically get/are together, what would their celebrity couple name be -- Sora? Noru? Awkwamu? Simufina? I'm a big fan of Simufina, myself. :D

    Good question anon. Haha. I think I'll go with yours too, Simufina (using this now on my tag). Because when you first hear it, you'll definitely think of these two.

    Sora and Noru sounds like ( & definitely) a Japanese name (Sora = Sky; Noru = Calm). Awkwamu sounds fun too. ---

    Honestly, I still don't the "official" ship name for Shang Chi & Katy, so I just tag them all (shangty, shaunty, shang chi x katy). Lol

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  • cutterpillow92
    04.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    I don't mean to bring back the discourse over Simu's hand buuuuut,

    That Simu, being all, -Maybe Shang chi and Katy can't date.......me and Nora tho 😉

    2022 is still a long year... Who knows, we might get a *dating* confirmation from these two. 😍

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  • cutterpillow92
    03.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    You know I hope they do more on Katy Chen's family if they ever get another movie, like I was binging on Agents of Shield the other day(another franchise I hope is not totally disowned by Marvel Disney) and I realize Agent May(ming na wen)'s mom is Tsai Chin, the same lady who played Katy's Waipo

    Ming Na Wen has played Awkwafina's aunt before in Nora from Queens,perhaps someday they can play that again and Katy could be a shield agent...........or it could be a fanon theory meant only for fanfic fuel --who knows?

    Me too, I want to see more of Chen family. After all, they are Shang Chi's adaptive family in the US. Not sure if it's important, but we haven't seen Katy's dad onscreen and I'm curious. (I want Ken Jeong to play Nora's dad again, I like their father-daughter tandem on CRA). Speaking of crossover. Since the setting is both at San Francisco, they should have use the same Mrs. Chen character from Venom as Katy's mum. It would be one way to introduce Venom in the MCU. 🤔(But nah, the movie version was obviously better) -- or maybe, both Mrs. Chen(s) are somehow related. Haha Hmm. I haven't seen Agent of Shield, I'm only following the MCU 😅 But Nora from Queens is on my list, I'm currently downloading it. Is AOS, canon to MCU? Because in Hawkeye's season finale, (spoiler alert) Agent 19/Mocking Bird is Laura Barton. Which quite cause a stir in the #hawkeye tag, since there is also an Agent 19 in AOS.

    #rhaedarofworlds#askcp92#scatlottr #shang chi and the ten rings
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  • cutterpillow92
    03.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Just felt like I need to send you this, thoughts? Reactions?

    I've been busy these past few days watching Kim's Convenience and I literally just finished it few minutes ago. But, OMG!!!!! Thank you for sending this @rhaedarofworlds! ❤️ I miss having Simu x Nora interaction and this made me happy!!! Whether it's a platonic ILY or more than that, I'll still accept it. Also, let's all agree that user, Ethan Lee, is asking the correct question, right? 😎

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  • cutterpillow92
    25.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I don't mind the new interview by Jessica on shaunty, it's up to the director anyway that's why we have fanon, but also after a series of interviews with Andrew Garfield swearing he wasn't in No way home and then turns out he was has got me distrustful on what good actors say to protect Disney/marvel secrets (he and Simu give me the same chaotic vibe)

    Hello rhaedarofworlds! Happy Christmas! How are you?

    Hmm. Regarding with Andrew Garfield / other MCU actors/ employees. I'm not saying this because I'm siding with them, but with many companies as big as Marvel Studios, Disney and etc. I think, perhaps, they did signed a non disclosure agreement (NDA), not to discuss their on going/future projects with the media/internet.

    Employers have their employees signed a NDA: that they need to be professional and  responsible in handling company confidential data. 

    So, if ever they did signed a NDA, Andrew’s most likely honoring it. Also, if he revealed first hand that he’s part of NWH — it would take the fun and excitement out of it. 🙂

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  • cutterpillow92
    23.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    W/this new interview between Jessica Hardwick & Simu & how he said, "If you're asking right now if I think Shang-Chi & Katy should be romantically involved, I'd say no," it got me thinking. They deleted scenes (i.e., "Just Friends" & "Postcard") that heavily implied a romance. I have 2 questions. 1) Do u think they filmed a kiss when they filmed the hug bc Destin was undecided/it looked awkward? 2nd, WHY is Simu teasing the Shangkaty fans if he doesn't want them to hook up? I am SO confused. :/

    Hello anon. Thank you for messaging me :) Hmm, I don't think I have seen that interview yet, I tried to search it on youtube / google, not appearing on my end. So I'll answer this based on your message.

    SCATLOTTR main story line/focus is to introduce Shang Chi in the MCU and his daddy issue (lol).

    #1, That's why I don't think they film a kiss scene (and I find it quite out of narrative yet.) Don't be sad if they didn't kiss,  the way they hold each other after reuniting in the Ta Lo big fight says everything - and it's more romantic for me.

    (The way he clutches on her, like he doesn't want Katy out of his sight. It's too intimate for me.)

    #2, I think Simu likes the Shangty pairing, but the first film is not yet the perfect time for them to end up together. (And in my own opinion) I think it was a good choice.

    Don't get me wrong, in any TV/Film that we saw, it's fun seeing the couple go on to "the chase" stage, right? And that's where Shangty is. I enjoy seeing them dance/flirt around with each other. Remember when they are shamelessly flirting when Katy needs to assist the old lady to bring the dragon arrows on the firing range? Take note of the way Ying Nan look at Shang Chi :)

    Aunty Nan knows. 

    The difference with other TV couple is, as much as they are perfect together, presently they aren’t together / did not end up (I'm talking about my other mcu otp = Sylki, Palmerstrange // still hoping for the best for these pairings though). But with Shangty, you know they are each's other ride or die. Nothing can separate them, they are a package deal, even Wong (and the whole Ta Lo village) knows it.

    Plus, the chemistry between Simu and Nora is oozing, no doubt about that!

    And based on MCU film trilogies, pairings don't end up on their first film, usually it's on the 2nd film like: Pepperony, Fosterson, PeterMJ.

    So, let's all be positive and hope for the best on Shangty's future, which I know we should not be worried about. Happy holidays anon, and I apologize if this is a long post and it took me a whole day to answer your ask, I wanted to gif some moments to include on this post. =)

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