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    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    And the cover for chapter 10 of Life in Retail is finished! Too bad I can’t say the same for the chapter itself. 😅 Anyway, I will have it available on AO3 tomorrow regardless, but it may be posted just a tad later than my usual time. Enjoy!

    Cheetos Puffs added for Deo! Would you like to see your favorite snack or beverage on the next cover? Well, feel free to send in your request and I’ll add it to the next one. Cheers!

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  • heyhellohihowareyou
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Killing Game Time! (Prologue Part 3)

    Danganronpa x Assclass AU

    Part 1 Part 2

    Sugino, Kayano, and I started to look for any other students. We went from classroom to classroom but couldn’t find anyone. Then we came to a set of stairs which were behind a gate.

    “Huh, what’s the deal with this?”

    “Seems like some sort of gate.”

    “It’s blocking the stairs. Is there something up there?”

    Sugino tried pulling up the gate but it was no use.

    “Ugh well, if something is up there, doesn’t look like we can get to it with this in the way.”

    “Maybe, they’re building something up there?”

    “Could be.” 

    If they were building something up there, wouldn’t there be some sort of sign with the gate? Also, it’s not like this school is new or anything, what else could need building? Are they adding new stuff or something?

    We decided to brush it off and continue with our search.

    After a while, we heard something down one of the halls.

    “Huh, what is that?” 

    “Not sure, but it’s coming from over there.” 

    We went a bit closer to where the sound was coming from and it led us to a pair of doors.

    “It sounds like people talking.” 

    “Maybe they’re other ultimate students?” 

    “Well, there’s only one way to find out.”

    Sugino pushed open the doors. On the other side we ended up finding other people with similar uniforms we were wearing. They were so busy talking that didn’t even notice that we just came in until the door shut behind us. Everyone then turned to look at us.

    “More students?”

    “Looks like it.” 

    “13,14, and 15. So we currently have 15 students in here.”

    So, these are the ultimates I’m guessing.

    “Did you guys pass out and ended up waking up in a classroom, too?” Asked a girl with brown hair and a ponytail.

    “Yeah, that’s right.”

    “We all did as well.” Said a boy with two antennas on his head.

    Then a buff guy yelled out, “Just what in the hell is going on exactly!?”

    A bunch of murmuring then filled the room. I couldn’t quite tell what anyone was saying but I could certainly tell that the majority of them were were in a state of panic. 

    Until, the tall girl with straight bangs broke the chain of murmurs. 

    “Guys, guys, I know this situation is a little…concerning but, I’m sure there’s some sort of logical explanation for this. Now, does anyone remember how they got here exactly?”

    The short girl with short hair spoke up, “Basically, I was planning to go to Kunugigaoka but just after I stepped through the door I felt dizzy and then before I knew it, I was in a classroom.”

    “That’s the same as me.” 

    “Yeah, me too!”

    Everybody in the room seemed to agree with the girl’s statement. 

    “Okay, since we all know that we all had the same thing happen to us before coming into the building, does anyone have ideas on how that happened in the first place?”

    The room fell silent for a bit.

    “So, nobody’s got anything?”

    “Ooh,” the guy with a shaved head started to speak,“maybe somebody drugged all of our breakfasts while we weren’t looking. Explains the memory loss and the passing out, dontcha’ think?”

    “U-um, not to be rude or anything but, I don’t think that’s entirely possible.” At that moment, a girl with glasses and braids started to speak, “For one thing, I highly doubt someone could manage to drug all of our breakfasts undetected. Even if they did, some of us might have eaten solid foods like toast which can’t be drugged easily. Another thing, I don’t think all of us ate breakfast at the exact same time. That means, the drugs would have kicked in at different times for each of us. So logically, some of us would’ve passed out before even stepping a foot near the entrance unless if they got there earlier. Hehe, I’m sorry.”

    “Aw man, I thought I had something.”

    “Way to go, Einstein.” the blonde girl said, sarcastically.

    “Hey, I don’t see you coming up with anything!”

    “Why does the explanation of how we got here even matter? I don’t know about you guys but, I want to find a way out of here.”

    “Did you try that?” Kayano asked, pointing to the door on the other side of the room. 

    “Sure did, we didn’t have any luck though.”

    “What does that mean?” 

    “I don’t know if it’s locked or what but that door is absolutely impossible to open. Even that Meat Head over there couldn’t open it.”


    “Anyways, we might as well try to find another way to escape. I know that the windows are a no-go, I saw that they were all bolted shut.”

    “Maybe there’s some tools we can use to dig a hole or break through the walls or something.” 

    “Maybe so but, where are we going to find that stuff anyways?”

    “I think I saw a storage room somewhere. Maybe there’s something in there we could use.” 

    “Good idea. Hey, Meat Head? Can you find the storage room and look for any useful tools in it?”

    “Why do I have to? Also, STOP CALLING ME MEAT HEAD!” 

    “Hehe no, just go do it.”

    “Ugh, FINE!” 

    The “Meat Head” was about to leave in search of any useful tools until we heard some sort of buzzing.

    I looked up and it seemed like it was coming from an intercom above us. The noise continued for a while until,

    “Testing one, two.” 

    “What in the..” 

    We heard a voice coming from the intercom.

    “Good morning! All ultimate students report to the main hall. We have a surprise for all of you. Don’t be late.”

    The voice in the intercom sounded so cheery but eerie at the same time. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. 

    “What was that?” 

    “The more important question is who was that?” 

    “Should we go?” 

    “What if it’s some sort of trap?” 

    “I don’t want to know what would happen if we don’t go.”

    “Maybe we should go. We might get an explanation for this whole thing.” 

    “I guess that settles it.” 

    This certainly wasn’t how I imagined meeting other ultimates. Hopefully, we all get out this soon. Maybe, we’ll be able to actually have a normal school year. After this point at least.

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  • blueberry-4
    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Since you are really passionate about Sugikano, what about each of thwm separately for the character bingo?


    Pink is Okano, blue is Sugino ^^

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  • hellofadramaqueen2001-blog
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Rewatching assassination classroom and now I want is a fic where class E graduates and take over Japan using their respective skills ie Karma being a beurocratwith Terasaka working for him, Nakamura being a diplomat, Nagisa being an assassin, etc. I just really think it would be great to see them in the future at the top of their respective fields and working for a greater goal together from in the shadows.

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  • transterasakagang
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    terasaka: 3e’s symbol of growth and change

    Terasaka, as I’ve rambled about time and time again, is a character who undergoes some of the most character growth and development across the series. He’s such an incredibly important character to the narrative, the themes of the narrative, and to the other characters around him—more so than your average supporting character, the story could not play out the way it does without him. This essay intends to comprehensively outline his journey by chronological moment, its significance, and its outcomes.

    So, how did a character who began with a clear contempt for change become a representation of it?

    First things first—how does Terasaka begin the series? Beginning the series, Terasaka is portrayed as the direct antithesis to Nagisa. Where Nagisa would sacrifice himself, Terasaka would sacrifice others. Where Nagisa would actively take notes in an eagerness to learn and improve, Terasaka would show ongoing contempt towards such a notion (or, more so, the institution that reinforces it). Terasaka gives little thought to the wellbeing of others, and masterminds a plan in which he neglects to take into account the harm it could cause Nagisa. This is his first significant character moment, and the purpose of such a thing (and one of the purposes of the grenade incident in general) is so we as an audience can look at Terasaka, intake his actions, and predict the direction of his character arc—especially in an environment centered around learning.

    An additional note in the first episode is the position of Yoshida and Muramatsu to him—how they appear more as mere satellites than anything else. His relationship with them and its growth is another core aspect of his character, and becomes a core motive of his during Vision Time. Terasaka proceeds through the first half of season one without many major events to speak of—rather, the continuous subtle moments such as his, Yoshida’s, Muramatsu’s, and Hazama’s obstinance in creating a divide between them and their classmates. The introduction of Karma is an important note, as Karma and Terasaka become key characters to each other in their status as foils and in how their relationship develops, similar can be said for Terasaka and Nagisa.

    Then comes Vision Time. Otherwise known as Terasaka’s breaking point, realization and reflection, and first clear step in the way of growth all in one.

    Vision Time begins and the first we see of Terasaka is him showing clear contempt towards the swimming pool Koro-sensei made for the class—this is an important note. Terasaka’s core reason for acting the way he does stems back to his overwhelming distrust towards and contempt for Koro-sensei, and he considers his classmates idiots for trusting him and “falling for his tricks”.

    This heavy dislike is motivated by Terasaka’s even heavier dislike for change. Terasaka needs things to remain exactly how they always were, and when something occurs to prompt change, he shuts down, he responds with bitterness and with anger. The first instance we’re given of this is later in the episode when we see him and Koyama as first year students, where his very initial worldview of being able to take it easy and take advantage of others through intimidation due to his large stature and loud voice is shattered, and he ends up treated as below everyone else as a result (essentially, Terasaka was in E-Class before he was even admitted). We see it next in the arrival of Koro-sensei, where this sudden inexplicable change once again shatters Terasaka’s view of being able to take it easy in E-Class, being able to afford not to care about academics. They’re all worthless in E-Class, not just him! Koro-sensei inspires in E-Class a motive, another thing Terasaka resents because of its linking to change. The role of Karma in E-Class represents that of change, also, especially in terms of academic success—which is a large reason Terasaka disliked him and was even afraid of him initially. And, finally, is the change in Yoshida and Muramatsu—which is what finally drives him to breaking point.

    Yoshida and Muramatsu are immensely important to Terasaka and this is evident with how he reacts to them and their change in perspective towards Koro-sensei, it’s the final push that leads him to join forces with Shiro. Because he believes he’s lost Yoshida and Muramatsu to Koro-sensei, he has nothing else to lose, and he needs Koro-sensei gone so everything can return to how it originally was—even if such a situation is ideal to no one but him. It’s also important to note that it’s not Terasaka’s dislike and distrust towards Koro-sensei alone that makes him unreasonable or in the wrong (in fact, it’s the normal response to the situation he’s been put in), but how he acts and treats people in response to it and his paranoia surrounding change and losing Yoshida and Muramatsu.

    What’s important to remember in regards to Vision Time is Terasaka’s place in Shiro plan. The plan Shiro told Terasaka and the plan that ends up being carried out are two entirely different things, Shiro took advantage of Terasaka’s hatred and paranoia and used it to manipulate him into a plan that would hurt his classmates. Terasaka never recognised this, that the plan he was told was possibly too simple, due to his fixation on getting rid of Koro-sensei. What occurred was similar to that of the grenade incident—this continuous behaviour of overlooking risk in favor of other motivation. Karma reacts angrily not because he believes Terasaka intended to put the others in harm's way because he knows he didn’t, what angers him is how easy Terasaka made it for himself to be manipulated and turned into a pawn all because he allowed his emotions to spiral and blind him, and now innocents will be hurt. Where Karma is a methodical strategist who calculates every outcome, Terasaka is the opposite.

    Thus, the plan is set in motion. Terasaka realizes in sheer horror the true intentions and lengths of Shiro—Itona was just supposed to push Koro-sensei into the pool on his signal, but now the pool has been blown up and his classmates and his friends are hurtling down a waterfall, and he has no idea what to do. But it is this realization, that this potential tragedy is what his current mindset has led to, that leads Terasaka on the path of what he despised—change.

    Following Karma’s plan, Terasaka undergoes his first instance of a running theme with his character—willingly putting himself in harm’s way for the sake of others, in this instance to protect others. He takes a heavy hit from Itona because he has faith in Karma’s plan, has realized and acknowledged he messed up, even if the true plan and Shiro’s intentions were a mystery to him. And this is where his growth and his change in heart begins.

    Terasaka’s priority after Vision Time is reconciling with Yoshida, Muramatsu and Hazama (which he easily succeeds in doing, but the depth of the Terasaka Gang’s relationship is a topic for another time but one I will go into in this format) and fixing the rift they created between them and their classmates. The first step they take in going about this is in taking advantage of the Summer Exams and each dedicating themselves to scoring 100% on the Home Ec exam—something acknowledged by Koro-sensei to be a near impossible feat and something that leads to them becoming key participants as tentacle shooters during the island assassination attempt. They are now motivated, like the others. Even if they continue to remain primarily with each other, they have demonstrated to the class that they are now people they can rely on, that their intentions of staying 100 miles away from the rest of them are no more.

    Following on from the Summer Exams is the Island Arc and, with it, the virus ordeal.

    Approximately half the class is infected with a fatal virus—among those infected are Muramatsu and Hazama, an important factor to keep in mind, along with Terasaka’s angry words of: “Who do they think they are, messing around with people’s friends?” and him canonically viewing his best friends (Yoshida, Muramatsu, and Hazama) as his “treasure”. Those uninfected embark on a rescue mission to hunt down the one responsible for poisoning their classmates and to secure an antidote—towards reaching the culprit, Nagisa notices something unusual concerning Terasaka.

    Terasaka is infected too, yet he went with them regardless.

    Terasaka is so determined to correct his past mistakes, that he would risk his own health and (what they believed) possible life. He cares so much about his friends that he would ignore his own infection to find an antidote for him. This is another clear instance of him willingly putting himself in harm’s way for the sake of others because he can’t stand to “let this take [him] out and drag [them] down anymore”. Terasaka fully acknowledges the danger his past actions have put his peers in and takes full responsibility for that—in stark contrast to his behavior in episode one, where he not only refuses to acknowledge his fault in overlooking the hurt that could have come to Nagisa in his plan but also initially attempts to shift blame for the plan onto Nagisa.

    Terasaka and Nagisa’s relationship growth becomes evident as the Island Arc progresses into its closing chapters, as Takaoka is revealed to be the one who orchestrated the mass poisoning, and Nagisa snaps. Nagisa dissolves into extreme (rightful) anger towards Takaoka and threatens to kill him, meaning it with every intent, he doesn’t care in that moment about anything other than his murderous rage towards Takaoka. Until Terasaka takes initiative, and grounds him, reminds him of who he is.

    Terasaka berates Nagisa, telling him to “stop worrying about what’s going on with other people and focus on [himself]”. He doesn’t care about Takaoka, he doesn’t care if Takaoka dies especially since he’s presently destroyed the antidote that would cure his friends, but he does care now about Nagisa. In the eyes of Terasaka, standing back as Nagisa puts himself in danger of both Takaoka and the law would be letting him down, something he has vowed to never do again. He tells Nagisa “[he] doesn’t have to resist the anger, [he] controls it”. This moment on the helipad with Terasaka and Nagisa is significant for both of them, and clearly demonstrates the sheer change Terasaka has had in how he views Nagisa and how he values him. Additionally, Terasaka believed in Nagisa’s skill and abilities where Karma, for example, and perhaps others present did not, and he knew Nagisa would be able to take Takaoka out, giving him his own stun gun to do so.

    Moreover, as Nagisa Time and the Island arc come to a close, Takebayashi Time opens—an arc giving us insight into Takebayashi and, through his dynamic with him, Terasaka. Takebayashi is occasionally depicted near the Terasaka Gang spatially and sometimes personally, like with the Kyoto Trip and the ending stills of Nagisa Time, but Takebayashi Time is where we receive direct confirmation on the nature of his relationship to Terasaka specifically. Terasaka, out of curiosity and in an attempt to draw in the relative loner, joins Takebayashi in his maid cafe endeavors—a notion easily brushed off as silly but one that means a great deal to Takebayashi. Despite Takebayashi leaving E-Class, Terasaka is among those who check up on him and who welcome him back eagerly and this introduces something that becomes reoccurring with Terasaka: his firm belief in second chances that he’s gained over the course of his arc. Keep this in mind.

    And thus our odyssey continues into season two. Enter: Itona.

    Terasaka and Itona as characters have had their narratives essentially interwoven since Vision Time, and specifically the parallels between Vision Time and Horibe Itona time is something I cover here and will not be largely focusing on in this essay. Instead, I will be focusing on the demonstrations of Terasaka’s character development in this episode and the role Itona plays in this—as it is no mystery how important those two are to each other, in essentially every sense.

    Terasaka being more observant than perhaps expected is something present from the first episode where he picks up on Nagisa’s “talent” for unassuming assassinations long before anyone else even considers it, albeit he of course doesn’t go about utilising it in the safest way. This aspect of him is reinforced in Horibe Itona Time as he is repeatedly called back to, shown pondering Itona’s behaviour, and we later learn he’s drawn similarities between Itona’s position here to his own initial position. Conversely to episode one’s usage of these observational skills, his use of them here is explicitly and solely to help Itona because he knows he understands him better than anyone else in the class can.

    Tying into this, Terasaka saying, “you’ve put us through all sorts of stuff, but we’ll consider it water under the bridge, so be quiet and come with us” is a clear and important display of his development in believing strongly in second chances—something first apparent in Takebayashi Time. Terasaka grows to immensely value the concept of a “second chance” because of how the class provided him with one, even when he never explicitly asked for it as he was far more concerned with showing them his regret for past actions. Since he was given a second chance, he believes he should give everyone else one. And this, of course, extends to Itona and is one among many other factors that make it so it had to be Terasaka who confronted him.

    When he confronts Itona, it’s when Itona has snapped once more and reciting how he’s strong, he’s strong and he’ll kill Koro-sensei, he’s not like them. Yoshida, Muramatsu and Hazama run away in response to Itona’s reclaimed fury, but Terasaka does not. Terasaka stays exactly in Itona’s way, demonstrating his sheer determination to help him. He cares about Itona and wants to help him because he sees himself in Itona, and he’s not giving up easily. Much like in Vision Time, Terasaka endures a hit from Itona’s tentacles, he holds on, and he manages to start talking. He gives Itona a speech about patience, about picking your moment—the idea of Terasaka and patience is important because of his road to being forgiven, it’s something patience is a requirement for. He grounds Itona, talks him down from the mania the tentacles induce and, in doing so, saves his life. His response to Itona feeling at loss? Assuring him that he, Yoshida, Muramatsu and Hazama will be firmly with him from now on. In his own words, “that’s what we’re here for!”. Terasaka and Itona are characters profoundly important to each other—both foils at points and parallels at others. They point out each other’s shortcomings in mindset, their narratives weave together, and they learn from each other.

    Horibe Itona time is what brings closure to Terasaka’s process of growth and change—however there are still moments when the outcomes of said process are showcased, and there are important character and relationship notes to take from them.

    Before I do so, I’d like to discuss the meaning of Terasaka’s character arc in the context of the wider series. Growth is an extraordinarily important and prominent theme of Assassination Classroom—whether it comes from making mistakes and learning from them as is the case of Terasaka or otherwise. Its a notion repeated and highlighted again and again, that anyone can choose to improve, choose to be better. And Terasaka, out of everyone and everything, embodies this theme perhaps not the absolute most but definitely the most explicitly and visibly. Terasaka’s character arc sends the message that it is never too late to change, that you can always grow and learn.

    What is important, also, with Terasaka is that he never verbally asks for forgiveness. Instead, he shows them how sorry he is through his actions. He never outright asks for an apology because he acknowledges he might not deserve one, instead he leaves it to those effected to decide on their own to forgive him or not.

    Now, onto the most major demonstrations of the outcomes of Terasaka’s arc following its conclusion in regards to his characterization and his relationships with others.

    Fast forward, it’s October, and Irina has been kidnapped. Irina has been kidnapped by the current deadliest assassin in the world “The Reaper” and Terasaka’s first reaction to this is to corner The Reaper with Yoshida and Muramatsu—preparing to take him down. It seemingly doesn’t occur to them that The Reaper could easily kill them without hesitation, and this is due to the mindset each of them develop that simply reads: the protection of others > own safety/wellbeing. This is demonstrated again during this arc with Yoshida and Muramatsu in one of their most important moments of character development, and I discussed their arc here.

    Regardless, The Reaper escapes, and who is it but Terasaka who takes intiative in suggesting they use their new combat uniforms to rescue her? Irina may be someone he is shown to not be massively fond of for obvious reasons, but she is still their teacher and a member of E-Class, and that is enough reason for him. As the arc comes to a close after Irina’s true intentions had been revealed in how she willingly sided with The Reaper, E-Class must decide whether to forgive her or not. While I think the entirety of E-Class simply forgiving Irina without issue when she knowingly participated in a plan that would have killed them is bad writing to say the least, it makes perfect sense for Terasaka specifically to forgive her—taking into consideration once more his developed firm belief in second chances and how important it is for him that he always provides others with one because of how his classmates and his friends provided him with one, regardless of how different the situations are.

    With regards to the Final Exams Arc, the most obvious aspect to note is of course Terasaka scoring within the Top 50 out of the entire grade and how this displays his academic growth over the course of the series—how Koro-sensei has helped him in taking an institution he once resented and conquering it, proving all those who thought him a mere failure in his early teenage years utterly wrong. However, the Final Exams Arc additonally sports a character arc belonging to Karma, and during this as we witness Karma’s thoughts we are informed of the now nature of Terasaka and Karma’s relationship, and can constrast it against what it once was and observe obvious growth and change.

    Terasaka and Karma as foils is no controversial claim and is something I gave brief mention to previously, but how and why exactly are they foils? And how exactly does their relationship develop?

    To begin with, one views the other as a genius who doesn’t need to work hard because everything comes easily to him—Karma is to Terasaka the type of person he fears, the type of person likely to succeed in life and rule over people like him with an iron fist. Another views the other as an aggressive idiot who doesn’t bother to make any effort to improve—Terasaka used to be the type of person Karma hates pre-E-Class, intimidating and thus taking advantage of those weaker than him for his own personal gain. Additonally, as stated previously, Karma is an analytical and methodical strategist who takes every possible outcome into consideration where Terasaka is the opposite—he never intended to put people in the way of getting hurt per se, what he did was never even consider that an outcome because he was fixated on the prize, and that’s what angered Karma so. In comparison, Karma represented what Terasaka hated most also—change. As of the first semester midterms Karma becomes a symbol of change in the status quo; he does exceedingly well academically despite being in E-Class, and his upfrontness regarding achieving sends his classmates the message that maybe their position isn’t hopeless, maybe they don’t have to be doomed to fail. Karma’s positive in E-Class is second to Koro-sensei’s in acting as a catalyst for change, and as I’ve established, if there’s one thing Terasaka initially couldn’t stand and was terrified of—it’s change.

    However, change in their character dynamic is kickstarted in Vison Time, as previously discusssed, where elements of reliance and trust lay their foundations. The Final Exams Arc with its focus on Karma exhibits this change clearly—Karma singles out Terasaka when naming examples of his classmates he considers talented, and thus admires to varying extents. To give reference, the other characters he talks about are Nagisa, Okuda, and Sugino. He lists Terasaka alongside those he’s established to trust and feel most comfortable around—clear indication of change in the nature of their feelings towards each other can be inferred here.

    Linking to this is the Civil War Arc, where before dissecting Terasaka’s personal motivations for choosing the side of “kill” I will go into his speech leading up to Nagsia and Karma’s fight and how this reflects his growth and change in mindset. In said speech, Terasaka uses the collective pronoun “we” frequently—“we” thought Nagisa was nothing but a weakling, “we” thought Karma was nothing but a genius to which everything came easy. Yet it is obvious he is referring primarily to himself and his intial perceptions of them. He continues and states how these perceptions were wrong, how the two of them are both skilled and beyond worthy of respect, and how “whoever wins is fine by [him]” because he believes that this class no matter what is thrown at them, will be able to pull through. With all of their combined skills and abilities, they can together take on any challenge thrown their way. In the first stages of his character, Terasaka actively distanced himself from his classmates, he projected his own perceptions of them onto them. Now? Terasaka has grown. Terasaka now believes in them and respects them all with everything he has. And he needs them all to know that.

    Following on from themes of growing and changing relationship dynamics comes the topic of Terasaka’s relationship with Koro-sensei, first of all—the Civil War Arc and why Terasaka chose the side of “kill”. At the beginning of the series, Terasaka held no motivation for the assassination and actively disliked Koro-sensei for motivating his peers. As his arc progresses he becomes more willing to participate with the others and work with them in regards to the assassination—to him, finally killing Koro-sensei is the best way he can show his now mentor how much he’s grown and embraced change, just how far he’s come because Terasaka? Terasaka has embarked on a voyage to arrive where he is by the end of the series. And he wants to show Koro-sensei this. Because he’s grown to love and respect Koro-sensei just as everyone else, if not more so because of how he started. And this demonstration of his change in how he regards Koro-sensei becomes prominent during the conclusive arc of the series.

    The conclusive arc provides us with two clear moments demonstrating the aforementioned point. Firstly, there is when E-Class are detained and taken by the military for going against government orders, and one of the government officials begins mocking E-Class and their desire to save their teacher, which leads him to insult Koro-sensei. How does Terasaka respond? By kicking a government official square in the face. This without hesitation reaction in defense of Koro-sensei is something his previous self could never even imagine undertaking.

    Secondly, when E-Class take back their mountain, reach Koro-sensei and confront him—Terasaka, Hazama, Yoshida and Muramatsu have an outburst that solidifies just how much their view on Koro-sensei as a mentor, as a symbol, and as a person has changed. Terasaka yells, desperate, that they’re all completely fine with taking the 1% risk that Earth might still blow up if Koro-sensei isn’t killed because he’s Koro-sensei, it’s once again a display of the lengths Terasaka is prepared to go to in order to help or protect those he cares about in addition to again using the collective pronoun “we” in a moment where he is more than anything venting his own feelings. He outright states that “[E-Class are] the closest to [him]”, he now has no desire whatsoever to forcibly distance himself from Koro-sensei or by extension the rest of the class like he once did. Where everyone else remains silent—it is Terasaka, Hazama, Yoshida and Muramatsu of all characters to speak in angry defense of their teacher. Even they, characters who began the series your textbook problem children, have grown to love Koro-sensei, and this conveys just how much of an impact Koro-sensei created.

    Finally, the last notes on Terasaka’s journey of growth and change become apparent in the Departure Scene. When Nagisa asks for permission to be the one to do the deed, Terasaka is the first to agree, with a smile, stating he doesn’t believe anyone would have any issue with that. Terasaka and Nagisa, as was one of my very first points in this essay, began foils, began with a relationship dynamic no short of unstable. Nagisa Time in the Island Arc was the first clear instance of change in their relationship, in how Terasaka has grown to value Nagisa and intends to right his wrongs, Terasaka’s speech during the Civil War Arc was the second, in how he has grown to unwaveringly respect Nagisa and everything he has done and is capable of. And this moment, where Terasaka is the one to first address Nagisa and agree he should be the one to kill Koro-sensei? It has all come full circle. As with many other characters (with Nagisa being the protagonist and narrator, after all), Terasaka’s character began with Nagisa, and the explicit demonstrations of his character arc end with Nagisa.

    Overall, Terasaka metamorphosizes from a seemingly mere delinquent who gave others’ wellbeing no second thought and who actively forced colossal distance between himself and those who weren’t his close friends, to someone who puts himself before others time and time again even risking his own wellbeing or life for them and is unequivocally fundamental to E-Class’ wider dynamic—his actions and mindset changes following his mistakes and his evolution in his dynamics with others are evident of this. Additionally, he starts someone with a hatred for change, and ends someone who has become a symbol of it.

    There are smaller, subtler moments on top of all of this, and I’ll compile those in a separate post.

    #PLEASE lmk if i articulated this in an easy to understand way #BUT YEAH FINALLY GOT ROUND TO WRITING THIS #terasaka ryoma#assassination classroom
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  • fumiko-matsubara
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Rules against Class E students don't work for the most part - A fairly detailed analysis

    So to start this off, let's list out all the cons the kids got for dropping to Class 3-E.

    Fairly poor learning environment: old wooden building with no air conditioning and heater for summer and winter season accommodations, located at a mountain top, likely with poor transmissions.

    This is fairly bad itself if you look at it in a third party perspective. However, it was never specified in the school rules against 3E students modifying the building themselves in accordance to their comfort.

    And as I have stated in the first chapter of my fanfic TARGET ON, although through the perspective of our queen Miki herself:

    In the Gakuhou episode, we've literally seen Class E repairing the partially wrecked school building by themselves, and Gakuhou just let them be. I bet he wouldn't even blink an eye if the kids had installed an air conditioner or heater in their classroom, using their own money. (Karasuma's initial proposal to do the same was rejected because the cost would then be covered by the government).

    And with the way the current generation of 3E students are, learning in an old wooden building is the least of their concerns... well, except for the lack of air conditioning and heater, that is, as well as the 1 km distance towards the main building when attending monthly school assemblies during lunch break.

    Discrimination - considering this whole thing being like the "worst" that could happen to a 3E student is a tad bit confusing.

    Our lovely @/blazardragon had translated this part of the character book, where it specified that majority of the shit-talking 3E students have been receiving are from Class 3-D students, which we have seen plenty of times in the manga.

    And it's a fairly realistic scenario, actually. Non geniuses 3A kids are way too busy with keeping up with their studies (aka attending cram school and such) to even waste their time on mocking an irrelevant class.

    3B students are booked and busy, maintaining their grades while making sure they're at their best conditions when doing their club activities. Like the sport aces are mostly in that class and as we've seen in the interaction Sugino had with his former baseball teammates, they didn't even bother with talking shit to them lol.

    And I highkey feel like that 3C students would tend to forget that they even have the power to discriminate against 3E students however they like. Most likely because they're just... a normal class. Not too high and not too low, just vibing comfortably in the middle. Being in a class like that would reasonably make one forget that there was even a harsh system in that school. For proof, we have the retaliation chapter, where Kaho belatedly realizes that she can actually put the whole blame towards Maehara without being questioned because he's just a mere scummish 3E student.

    And as for Class 3-D students:

    Pretty much self-explanatory now, is it?

    Aside from the monthly assemblies in which of course everyone would shit on the kids as the dean was literally prompting them to do so, on a usual day, it's just the same 40 students with recycled comments 😭 Actually, maybe not all 40 3-D students. Some reasonable kids could just not bother to specifically approach a 3E kid to talk shit about them.

    So unless one is a sensitive soul that gets affected by every damn negative thing said about them, regardless if it's the same old tauntings, I don't think the current generation of 3E students would care so much about the discrimination they faced in school if we're being honest here.

    The so-called hierarchy between Class E and the other 3rd years - in which, based on my understanding from Gakuho's brief explanation of the concept, is when 3E students could never talk over any main building student.

    Which, let's be real here, is a completely useless rule since 3E students are literally located a whole kilometer away from the main building 3rd years and are never allowed to stay within the main campus, except for the mandatory school assemblies... that occurs monthly.

    "But they could still encounter each other whenever they enter/exit the school and outside of the school campus."

    You think that the 3E kids wouldn't make the effort to avoid them when they go through the gates, now? Or that they don't make sure they wouldn't encounter any main building student off campus??

    Of course they would lol. Who would wanna let themselves be ridiculed on public?? 😂

    What happened in the retaliation chapter was just stupidity on Maehara's part lol. He literally called Seo an idiot, the very virtuoso from Class A with anger issues, so what else does he expect?? He dated a bunch of girls after Kaho too, so why the hell did he willingly choose to come back to her life, knowing he's a Class E student with little to no rights against a student from a much higher class?? His choice hence his fault.

    3E Students are forbidden to participate in school club activities - another loophole found in this 3E policy lol.

    As revealed in the baseball arc, despite being kicked out of the school baseball team, Sugino was still able to join a local baseball team in their town without actually violating the school rule. Then the same would go for the other 3E kids who got kicked out of their old clubs, especially for the athletes who can just easily join a local team.

    Like it was Gakuhou, of all people, who revealed that information and even commended Sugino for working hard despite his disadvantages.

    When I tell you that this man DOES NOT CARE about people finding loopholes in his system 😭

    Students who are still in 3-E by the end of the 2nd semester will not be permitted to graduate - basically when a 3E student have been failing to rank within the Top 50 until December. Their last chance to rank was the 2nd semester final exams, in which had they succeeded in ranking high, they are allowed to transfer back to their old class and then spend the remaining school year only preparing for their high school entrance exams.

    To be honest, this is the only 3E con that is actually a con of being a 3E student.

    But then again, our current generation of 3E students pulled a 180° and managed to all rank within the top 50, decided to stay in Class E, and still graduate along with the other 3rd years.

    And as for the previous generations of 3E students, maybe not all, but some of them could have just easily brushed off not graduating from Kunugigaoka, transfer to a more normal junior high, and graduate there instead.

    Failing to graduate, regardless of what school one is from, could be very hard for a lot of students. But at the same time, there are also students who don't make a big deal out of not graduating, especially from a very academically challenging prestigious school like Kunugigaoka.

    So what do we get from this section? The disadvantages of being a Class 3-E student aren't really a disadvantage with the amount of loopholes you can find in the implemented rules.

    #this analysis isn't as detailed as my usual ones #but since I did pick out the things I wanna talk about and broke them down each #i guess it does the job #this is about the class e system itself by the way #not what other aspect that comes along with being a class e student (eg. disappointment and family pressure and all that) #that's a different topic altogether #but the kids did pull through in the end #korosensei had been a great pillar of support for these children after all #assassination classroom#ansatsu kyoushitsu#assclass#class e#my analysis#meta#my thoughts
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  • fumiko-matsubara
    27.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Everything about Assassination Classroom may be full of absurdity by default, but nothing will ever top this:

    My girl literally got YEETED I can't 😭

    #i felt so bad for laughing the first time I read this 💀 #assassination classroom#ansatsu kyoushitsu#assclass#hazama kirara#hara sumire
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  • therosietoesy
    27.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Tadaomi Karasuma

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  • aethxr-ash
    27.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    just a quick post that requests are open! i'd love to have a little lineup of things to write. it might be a bit slow since its almost the end of the school year but don't be shy!! writing helps keep me in a rhythm :)

    #aethxr talks#anons welcome#matchups#requests open#matchups open#aethxr's matchups#genshin impact #bungou stray dogs #ouran high school host club #stars align #saiki kusuo no ψ nan #saiki kusou no psi nan #the disastrous life of saiki k. #saiki no psi nan #a silent voice #assassination classroom #koe no katachi #sk8 #sk8 the infinity
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  • heyhellohihowareyou
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I can't stop reading your URL in the Korosensei voice, help.

    Oh really? Well, I guess you can say it’s a good thing. You get to imagine Koro greeting you everytime you read my username 😆

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  • spectralares
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Assassination Classroom x My Hero crossover fics are so fun to read. Especially those that insert like Shinsou and Midoriya into them. Because Midoriya before UA would definitely fucking suck at fighting until he met 3E since yknow, he’d probably end up there due to being quirkless. Shinsou however has spent most of his life being looked down on or called freaky due to his quirk. (I’m not sure if this is fanon or canon, but it’s my canon.)

    I honestly think these two could rival Karma and Nagisa in deadliness within the class. And yeah these two definitely need a bunch of friends that would back them up at a moments notice and adults on their side because at the beginning of the series? They don’t really have anyone.

    I think it’d also impact Midoriya’s decision of taking One for All because there’s no doubt that Korosensei wouldn’t let any of 3E think their quirks are the only thing good about them. Yes he, Karasuma, and Irina would teach them how to make better use of their quirks for assassination and how to appreciate their quirks but not rely on them 24/7. So Izuku would feel like he doesn’t need the quirk and wouldn’t take it, telling All Might he’s going to be the first quirkless hero whether anyone believes he can do it or not. Because thats what E class was about.

    Shinsou is immediately written off by a lot of students as a kid who wants to be a hero but would experience downfall due to his quirk so he isn’t really any competition in their eyes.

    Until the sports festival where he doesn’t even use a quirk to fight and wins. It’s basically a tie between him and Midoriya when they fight, and its ruthless.

    Also there would obvious be shenanigans with their friends from 3E and 1A, no doubt.

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  • nagisushi
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    hollow mind in toh x assclass au 🤨 would belos be shiro??

    YESS belos would be shiro!! bc hes kinda the main antagonist of assclass yk. also duuude hollow mind…. omg

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  • fumiko-matsubara
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Here's a scenario:

    At a later point of the school year, everyone in Class E knows what Chiba's eyes look like.

    Except for Sugaya.

    When he attempts to guess what they look like for the umpteenth time, the whole class spectates. But the cheeky ones chose to mess with him by purposely giving him all the wrong hints.

    Chiba was not amused at all when he later saw a drawing of his face with Korosensei's beads for eyes.

    #assassination classroom#ansatsu kyoushitsu#assclass#sugaya sousuke#chiba ryuunosuke#class 3e#my ideas #fumiko's 2am thoughts #lmao feel free to use this as a writing prompt I think it'd be great 😂
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  • moonightmaree
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Rating all the Animes I have watched

    1.My Hero Academia (Mha): 7/10

    2. The Promised Neverland (Tpn): 6/10

    3. Demon Slayer (Kny): 10/10

    4. Naruto Og: 5/10

    5. Naruto Shippuden: 8/10

    6. Boruto Naruto next Generations: 7/10

    7. Assassination Classroom: 9/10

    8. Anohana: 9/10

    9. Deathnote: 10/10

    10. Silent Voice: 7/10

    11. The disastrous life of Saiki K: 8/10

    12. Toradora: 10/10

    13. Jujutsu Kaisen: 8/10

    #mha #my hero academia #the promised neverland #tpn#demon slayer#kny#rating animes #kimetsu no yaiba #naruto#naruto Shippuden #boruto naruto next generations #Assassination Classroom#anohana#deathnote#silent voice #disastrous life of saiki k #toradora#jujustu kaisen#jjk#moonightmaree
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  • irisviel101
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    General Audiences

    Archive Warning:

    No Archive Warnings Apply




    Assassination Classroom


    Horibe Itona & Terasaka Ryouma

    Takebayashi Koutarou & Terasaka Ryouma

    Muramatsu Takuya & Terasaka Ryouma

    Terasaka Ryouma & Yoshida Taisei

    Hazama Kirara & Terasaka Ryouma


    Terasaka Ryouma

    Horibe Itona

    Takebayashi Koutarou

    Muramatsu Takuya

    Yoshida Taisei

    Hazama Kirara

    Additional Tags:

    Terasaka Gang (Assassination Classroom)



    Found Family

    5 Things

    Terasaka Ryouma is a Good Friend

    why is this not a tag?

    Language: English

    Chapters: 2/5

    Summary: Five times Terasaka's home was a safe place for the squad.

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  • nagisasstunningpersonality
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hi 👋 a little nervous about asking this because you might be busy but could you talk about why you think Kayano is a candidate for ADHD as mentioned in your Karma ADHD post? I love Kayano and it's interesting to think she might be nd so I'd love to read a long, detailed essay about it.

    I don't mind waiting if you're busy rn and I hope it wasn't too much to ask. Tysm in advance ❤

    I wish I could give a better answer than just 'it's her vibe'? It's a bit like the 'gaydar', I guess? I have a neurodivergence sensor.

    She appears to have some hyper fixations, especially on pudding. Then there's her planning - I kind of doubt a neurotypical person would see an egg supply issue and decide a way to deal with that is to use them in a giant pudding that's also filled with explosives. It's very ADHD levels of logic.

    Other than that, she also seems kind of hyper? But at the same time, focused on certain things (ie that she really cares about), and distracted on others. ADHDers, or more neurodiverse people in general honestly, tend to have an extremely strong sense of justice (sometimes black and white), which could explain her actions with her sister.

    She's also literally a whole metaphor for masking. I know that's spoken about more with autism (which she could also be maybe), but it's a thing with ADHD too. Just something I noticed.

    (For my non-ND followers, masking is when a person artificially mimics neurotypical behaviour in order to 'fit in'. A good example is some autistic people who don't naturally express emotion on their face will intentionally do so, 'faking it', around neurotypical people)

    I wish I could write more for you, but without in depth studying it I'll stick to it being more of a feeling I have.

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