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    #AAAAAAAAAAA#ASTEL LEDA#YOU MOTHERFUCKER #Please talk to me about astel's lore #Also please read Orange's essay #but most importantly please talk to me about astel lore #i'll relay your thoughts to the rest of us who are trying to figure this out #gods#holostars#astel lore
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    Holostars as Boyfriends

    Holostars x gender neutral reader Requested by: M E! Proofread: No Music: Minecraft Relaxing Music Box

    Warnings: None. Pure fluff Author's Note: I'm starving for Holostars content. SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT. SOMEONE HAS TO WRITE FOR MY UNDERRATED BOYS. I'm currently not writing for the UPROAR boys because there are so few clips of them so I can't get a good read of them :/ As soon as I get one they will be written about too! (Also, just for clarification sake, I write for the persona, not the person behind the avatar. This is all just based off of dorky clips/translations.) -Mod Kenma

    He's so lovable I swear

    Miyabi is more on the quieter soft-spoken side so I imagine him being a lot softer with his love

    Even though he has his loud moments, he's rather chill with you

    The two of you play simple games like animal crossing together and mess with each other's islands

    Sometimes he'll go on long rants about really nothing and stop himself with "what am I even talking about" and it makes you both laugh

    He loves to tease you

    Miyabi is super playful when it's just the two of you

    He hardly ever gets jealous. I feel like there is a lot of trust between the two of you so he won't really see any guy as a threat

    The only time he does get jealous is either playfully or someone doesn't back off

    Even then, he's pretty civil

    Please go on picnic dates with him in the forest. He'd be so excited

    Miyabi actually gets a little nervous when introducing you to the other Holostars members

    They're all really good friends who he wants their honest opinions about you

    Don't worry though, they all love you

    Sometimes Temma, Izuru, and Roberu will say that you're stealing Miyabi away from them but it's all in good fun

    You two are the couple that matches all the time

    I don't mean it in a tacky way. I mean in he's wearing plaid pants you're wearing a plaid shirt, skirt, shorts, or pants

    You two wear the same color a lot

    Where do I begin with this boy lol

    First and foremost, he's just like a cat

    He'll invade your personal space and always request affection

    Izuru would so use his high pitched kawaii femme voice to try to get things out of you

    Does it work? That's all up to how resilient you are to it

    The king of making random noises

    He's very blunt so be prepared for just pure honesty

    (Sometimes it feels like a slap in the face but I swear he doesn't mean it in a rude way)

    Be prepared for a lot of yelling

    He's very competitive so everything you two do together sort of turns into a little game

    It's always light-hearted though

    He's such a dork I swear,,

    Izuru is definitely the type to bully you

    He does it out of love so don't worry

    I would call him a classic case of a tsundere but he's just dorkier

    Izuru is the type of partner who will bully you but get upset when other people do the same

    Literally the softest

    He will offer his arm to you no matter what


    Rikka is literally a himbo at times

    That's what happens when you date a holodroid with 2 GB


    Rikka has a hard time telling you that he loves you so he expresses it through actions

    Whether it be writing you a song, making you a playlist, acts of service stuff

    I feel like the two of you would be a super soft couple

    Like the ones who are so domestic you would think they're married

    The two of you do a lot of things together, like shopping and chores

    Sometimes Rikka forgets things so he leans on you for support

    You help him keep track of things like important dates and where he left stuff

    There are sticky notes everywhere to help with this problem

    Rikka likes to think you're his muse <3

    When he's working on a song, he talks to you about it and has you listen to the small things he's doing for your opinion

    He really likes to know your opinion on his music

    If you like it, then there is nothing stopping him from completing the project

    On days when everything isn't so bright, Rikka will sing to you

    It'll either be his own original song (something he wrote for you or about you), your favorite song, or he'll make one up on the spot

    He'll sing about how your hair frames your face, how you always look pretty to him, and how he'll love you forever



    I don't know and I'm too afraid to ask

    Aruran is such a boomer so be prepared for that

    It's cute though so don't worry

    He's incredibly smart and uses it to his advantage

    He either uses it to flirt with you or to be annoying

    It all depends on how he's feeling

    Even though Aruran can be a boomer at times, his love for you is adorable

    Definitely an acts of service and a gift-giver person

    He doesn't go all out spending on you, he buys you sweet sentimental stuff

    He for sure will bring something to you with "this reminded me of you :)"

    Whenever he's working hard with Holostars, you'll be on the sidelines cheering him on

    You'll be there after every practice not only hyping him up but also his friends

    I'm sorry but as Aruran's partner, you're gonna be the unintentional mom friend of the group

    I say this because since Aruran works so hard, you have snacks and water for him after practice and the boys get jealous~

    Especially Tenma, Roberu, and Shien

    Or at least they're the most vocal about it lol

    You two do a ton of cooking dates together

    Most of it is Italian food but nobody is judging

    They are the most romantic cooking dates

    Fresh flowers in the center of the table, candles, nice outfits

    Aruran wants to make sure that you know you are loved and appreciated by him

    Another boy that I don't know where to begin with

    He's your pro gamer!

    Astel loves to play competitive video games with you

    He teaches you all he knows

    He's also a goofy guy so expect him to randomly break out dancing while you two are doing something

    Sometimes he'll drag you in

    There the two of you are, doing dumb disco moves together in an aisle at a store or something

    Astel is the type of boyfriend who is always down to do dumb stuff with you

    You wanna go to 7/11 at 2 am for snacks? Just wake him up

    Wanna get ice cream when it's raining? Sure just let him grab the umbrella

    Astel will complain a little but it's all in good fun

    He'll give you one of those star pieces of himself that he gave to the Holostar boys

    You wear it on you constantly and try to incorporate it into every outfit

    (I suggest wearing it as a broach during fancy events it'll look cute)

    Astel is also very chaotic at times so just be prepared for random yelling and playful bullying

    He's probably the type of boyfriend that will just randomly bite you

    Like those videos of animals sneaking to their owners and just biting them

    That's literally what he does

    Temma my beloved

    Golden retriever bf

    He will literally be your knight in shining armor

    If you need literally anything he will be there

    Is the type of boyfriend to take pictures of all the cute animals he sees and sends you them

    Temma just randomly brings things to you

    A rock? It reminded him of your eyes

    Sunglasses? He thought you'd look nice in them

    He has your snacks memorized so whenever you feel down he'll surprise you with them

    Please let him show off

    He'll do all sorts of cool sword tricks to impress you

    Very clumsy bf

    Make sure you always have bandaids on you just in case

    He may be frightened easily but if you wanna do something scary, he'll be with you

    (Probably behind you..with his eyes closed...and holding your hand really tightly but-)

    He always tries to make you laugh

    Loves to just sit down and do things with you

    Prefers to do quiet things over loud when it's just the two of you

    Please cuddle him. He loves to hold you in his arms and just never let go

    His laugh is sooo contagious that there is always a chance once he gets going you'll start giggling too

    When his friends invite the two of you out he gets nervous because he loves his friends but also loves you

    He's worried that they won't like you

    Please reassure him that everything will be ok

    Also, tell everyone embarrassing stories about him

    His face will get so red and he'll try to shut you up

    Roberu is the type to tell everyone stories about dumb shit the two of you do

    He wants to go out on adventures with you and show everyone photos of you

    Literally so proud of you and everything you do

    There are so many dumb photos of the two of you

    Go find fun themed cafes and restaurants to take cute photos in

    His hugs are literally to die for!!

    Scary mob boss? Nah, cuddly boyfriend

    Literally will not let you go

    He always has to be touching you in some way shape or form

    He tries to look so scary but everyone can tell it's just an act when he's with you

    Please give him pets he loves them so much

    When he's not busy, he loves sleeping in with you

    Just the two of you laying in bed together makes him so happy

    Wear his clothes please he'd be so happy

    He likes wearing matching colors with you (like purple and black obviously)

    The type of boyfriend who will buy an outfit specifically to match whatever you have in your closet

    You two have matching accessories too

    Like broaches and suit cuffs, stuff like that

    Even simple things like summer anklets are matching

    Shien will take you out on expensive dates simply because he wants to

    He spoils you for two reasons

    One, it's because he thinks you deserve it

    And two, because he likes to show you off

    He's a simp I don't know what you expect

    Another secretly soft cuddly boyfriend

    He's kind of a tsundere but in the sense that he likes to poke fun at you

    When he is soft with you, expect straightforward compliments that are so out of the blue you can't help but get flustered

    Oga strikes me as the type of boyfriend who gets very territorial

    Not because he doesn't trust you, it's because he doesn't expect people to respect your boundaries

    Be careful, he bites and nips a lot

    It's how he shows his love ok

    I'm sorry but Oga is naturally tall so just get ready to be his armrest

    Very simple boyfriend

    He gives you flowers on special events and small pieces of green jewelry

    Whatever you wanna do, he's down for

    As long as you're happy, he's happy

    Sometimes he will tease you if you're wearing something he finds especially attractive

    Most of the time it is simply him joking about undressing you but he always respects your boundaries

    Don't be afraid to tease him back though, he likes when you have a little kick to your words

    Flirt with him back with the same energy please for the love of god

    He likes when you throw the same energy back at him

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