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    [220527] Cancam Japan Exclusive - ATEEZ San

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    [220527] Wonderwall ArtLab Twitter Update [ ATEEZ X Wonderwall Edition ] “ATEEZ Yunho and San's 8M1T Outfit Photo reveal🐶🐱 Exclusively at Wonderwall”

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    》 san from ateez; 220519 instagram post ♡ 》 250 x 250 icon set ♡ 》 free to use ♡
    #san#choi san#ateez#san icons#ateez icons#kpop icons#icons#edits#graphics#bg#source: instagram #chu.jpgs #!!! one look at these and i Had to icon them omg #maybe i'm in love and what about it ?!?!?!? #i just love stickers sooooo much and he looks soooo cute w/ them!!!
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    #san#ateez#m: san#type: video#content: twt #era: the fellowship #era: beyond zero
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    📸 [polaroid autografiada por cada miembro]

    27.05.22 ATEEZ [Entrevista exclusiva] CanCam.jp

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    💜:。.。LロVЁ 。.。:💜

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    here comes the sun — c.s

    description. in the ghost town of your childhood, two living souls is one too many. | my entry for the another world collab by @setsugekka​ 

    pairing. choi san x gn!reader

    genre. action, angst, kimetsu no yaiba!au

    warnings. usage of weapons (nichirin blades), lots of fighting and violence but nothing graphically disturbing.

    word count. 2.3k

    notes. hayley williams said ‘how did we get here? well, i used to know you so well’ and boom, this fic was born. if you’d like to be fully immersed in the angsty-raging atmosphere of this fic, please listen to the timeless masterpiece that is decode by paramore. thank you.

    Dawn draws close, the sky alight on the east where the hill top’s silhouettes kissed the veil hung over the lonely town. The pitch black ceiling shatters as day begins to bleed in, the world behind the mounds of land engulfed in roaring flames—bright enough to bring color to the night. like the inklings of sunlight awakened your senses, you began to hear it, feel it. The ache of muscles beneath your skin, the constrictions of your chest as your lungs rush to supply you with the air you need to make your next move. The huffs and grunts and groans, the crunch of ground beneath your feet, the buzzing as static builds and the whistle as your blade slices the air where the demon once stood. You’ve been at it for hours now, neither side dealing significant damage to the other to claim victory.

    But your hold on the blade remains, fingers wrapped around the grip tight enough that the patterns burn into your calloused palms, a permanent print. The demon slows for a fraction of a second, its attention drawn away from the battle and to the world beyond—the light peeking at the edge of the sky. The moment of weakness is short, but it is enough. You take half a step forward, the space between you finally shortened. The demon, wide-eyed in horror and distress, notices it a little too late and your blade cuts the surface of once impenetrable skin. And it’s your first step towards progress in the endless battle. The knowledge that it wasn’t invincible fueling you enough to finish what has been started. The long night was coming to an end. 

    It took the sunrise for the battle to finally take a turn, the drawn out climax finally plummeting into the resolution. The demon’s focus shifts, offense and defense coming after finding a place to hide. But you spent the night drawing him into the open, mapping the battle in your mind for it to end on the fields. There are no trees for miles, the break into the forest still far off but not impossible to reach. You realize this at the same moment as the demon does because he turns on his heel too quick and darts for the closest shade in all four cardinal directions—west, far from where the sun had begun to rise.

    “Do not run away from me, Choi San!”

    Your voice thunders through the air, your blade buzzing with electricity as you cut through the air to catch up to him. Again, your blade makes the cut, this time an arm he easily regrows in seconds. San turns, the scowl on his face almost permanent. You pass him when he stops and he lunges at you at the next second, clawed fingers hungry to dig into your skin. The nichirin blade turns with your hand, severing his outstretched arms. A sharp shriek pierces your ear and it’s the last you hear from him before the air was knocked out of your lungs. Next thing you knew, you were flying through the air, landing on the ground with a thud muffled by crushed blades of grass.

    The sky is lighter now, the blues clearer and lightest on the east where the sun’s rays had begun to put a halo around the hills. A second attack doesn’t come and you waste no time scrambling for your sword. San is easier to spot now, the darkness you braved the night before now touched with a tint of light sufficient enough for you to see where you stepped. But you didn’t need it, you knew these fields like the back of your hand and so would san if his mind hadn’t been tainted by a demon’s touch.

    Across the field, the demon raced for the woods. There is something familiar about the scenery in front of you that stirs your mind, unlocking a chest of memories you’ve long kept away only to have them resurface the second you stepped back into your hometown. In the memory, you’re young again and San is too, back when your town wasn’t plagued by the thought of demons coming in the depths of the night. The town sat undisturbed, guarded by a ring of hills that kept the monsters of the world at bay until it didn’t. You remember that dusk too well, when you came home to quiet houses and blood-stained floors. The promise had been born there, sworn upon tied pinky fingers between you and Choi San, that you would never let another child suffer the same fate you did. That oath had been broken long ago. 

    The San you knew never ran away from a fight and it was the clearest distinction from him and the demon cutting through the fields. But he had always feared death, much more than you had thought. Maybe it was the reason why he ended up the way he did, taking up the offer to have an immortal life at the expense of the humans he once swore to protect. He had always been selfish like that, and you were just as selfless. Maybe that was why you felt it was your duty to take him down when you caught wind of an upper moon demon plaguing your hometown.

    Demon’s do not claim to remember their memories as humans but somehow, by some horrid twist of fate, he wound up right back to the place where it all began. Where his mother bore him, where you ran the fields until the sun, where your lives changed forever in the blink of an eye. His life and after, coming in full circle without him even knowing. 

    San could only run so fast in his exhausted state, stumbling every few leaps into the direction of the forest. It takes you a single lunge to catch up to him, severing one of his calves to stop him completely. But exhaustion goes both ways, your own slashes sloppy with the build-up of fatigue in your limbs. Your breath fogged up the air, watching San on the ground struggle to regenerate the limb he lost. It occurred to you then that even this scene felt familiar. In the back of your mind, you can hear him laughing, congratulating you for finally knocking him down even when you should’ve been able to do so long ago. In reality, he isn’t laughing and it occurs to you that you’ve fought San more times as a demon than you did back when you were training together to become swordsmen.

    San sits up and it is only in the faint luminance of dawn that you see him for what he is now. His skin is paler, arms lined with bloodless veins that ended in thin extremities armed with claws on their tips. He was still clad in a dark blue hanbok with edges lined in black silk, the same outfit he always wore back when you were still training. He looks up to meet your gaze, pupils beaming in the night. Gone were the eyes you’ve drowned in, replaced by luminescent yellow eyes closer to halogen headlights than human eyes. They glowed yellow, cat-like, etched with characters across the pupil. Upper six. 

    “Why are you always following me around, huh? Why do I always end up fighting you?”

    San’s voice remained the same regardless, deeper now with age but just as rich as it once was. You could’ve ended him there instead of stopping, but you kept your distance, watching as the limb regrew inch by slow inch.

    “I’m not following you around,” you say but he cuts you off.

    “Do the pillars think I'm not worthy of a better opponent? Why do they keep sending you when you never win against me?” 

    His foot regrows in a second and he’s leaping for you in the next. His attack was preceded by the rush of cloth, the gorum wrapped around his body lashing out and reaching for you. You put all your thought into breathing, making sure your blade holds as it cuts through both silk and his arm reaching for you. 

    If it had been your first time fighting him, his words would have struck a chord. But you’ve fought him countless times now, and you’ve grown deaf to his taunts. They were no more than the words other demons shot at you. The only difference was it came from a familiar voice, a familiar face. “I fight you out of my own volition, San.”

    “Who the hell is San and why do you keep calling me that? It’s making my head ache.'' He's reaching for you again, gorum extending like two extra limbs. You retract the blade from him, prioritizing landing on the right foot more than attacking. He moves in the same pattern he did back when he was human, faint memory remembering the slopes of the field—which patches to avoid and which patches to lead you into. He denies it but it shows that memories have transcended his transition. Your blade slices through the gorum, leading you straight into him and his nails scratch against your cheek. Your skin tingles, then stings as the air breezes past it. The sword severs the last of the cloth, cutting a deep slash right across his chest. But he breathes and the wound heals, while yours remain open and bleeding.

    “You were San,” you answer, but the man in front of you wasn’t the same person who held your hand the night you found your family sprawled out and bleeding on the steps of your home. The man in front of you became the very monster you’ve been fighting against, the one responsible for turning whatever home you had left into nothing but a ghost town. He was a demon in the shape of San and he was San no longer.

    “Give up, pillar. You’re a bore to fight. Send someone better next time.”

    But you swore on the mass graves of the civilians that there would be no next time. He follows you as you backtrack the path he took to avoid the sun, his urge to deal the killing blow making him forget why he was running the other way in the first place. You blocked him, one jab after the other, merely dodging his rage in his tunnel vision to get you. There's something reminiscent of the way he’s trying to get you, almost playful, buried somewhere beneath the demon’s instinct to kill off every pillar they come across. Behind you, the sun’s vibrance has extended further and it is only when you leap that San realizes the gravity of his situation.

    “You tricked me.” His fury seeps through his gritted teeth, missing you when he tries to lash his gorum. He’s already heading back to the forest, making up for the time he lost. but you drew him out long enough, far enough, and you knew—by your own experience of running with San in your younger days that he won’t make it.

    He won’t make it because you see the sunlight light up the field, casting your shadow on the grass. Up ahead, San’s body was burning. There were cinders where the light had touched him, wisps of smoke in his wake. And it’s no peaceful way to go and you do nothing about it, like the ghosts of the thousands of souls he’d killed kept you tethered to the field where you stood—watching him burn up in flames, his cries a resounding echo in the open air.

    But you kick off the ground eventually, blade drawn. and he’s too weak to fight it, too preoccupied by the sun’s lethal touch. Your blade cuts in a flash, straight through him in a line across his neck.

    For a moment, the morning is quiet, like it was just another day out on the fields of your youth. Your father with the cattle, your mother preparing breakfast, San’s family across the field doing the same thing. So much has changed since then and you feel the thrumming of your bones as fatigue takes over. When you turn his body is but a heap on the ground, singed and smoking. His head is a few feet away, lying on the grass lolling in your direction.

    “What is this,” he mumbles, his eyes searching for something in front of him even when there was nothing but you and the fields and trees surrounding you. 

    And you know that the memories of his past have begun to seep in, the cut you made severing the last of his ties to the demon king. In the bitter final moments, he is more human than not and it shows in the way teardrops fall from the corner of his eyes. If he remembers, he doesn’t admit it nor could you bring yourself to say anything. The distance between the both of you remains, your feet cemented to the floor as you feel the heavy weight of ghosts watching—waiting. 

    “Rest San.” It’s all you manage. Even then you could feel their judgment, beating down on you with their deep-rooted grudges. What rest could a demon be entitled to when it left thousands of others restless. So your words come out as a whisper in the wind, a remnant of what you’ve shared when you were younger. 

    The sun casts its light and the last of him catches fire, cinders chipping away at whatever was left of him. No words were exchanged; no goodbyes, no apologies. You were too tired to ask for it, too clouded by the betrayal to see it through. You stood by, watching as the sun’s rays char skin and bones into nothingness. In the end, there was none of him left to be mourned over; his body but ashes carried away by the wind, his soul stained by the blood of the innocent who never lost their grasp on him—dragging him all the way to hell.

    © neo-shitty, 2022

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    Revelación de la foto de la unidad ATEEZ X Wonderwall Edition

    "Ese guapo de ahí~ ٩(๑'o'๑)۶"

    ATEEZ X Wonderwall Edition Unit Photo Reveal💫

    ㄴ That handsome one over there~٩(๑'o'๑)۶

    Exclusively at Wonderwall

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    choi san has been reserved for 72h. ⚿

    please make sure to send in your application within this period to unlock your access to the key app!  
    the key is looking forward to welcoming you soon.
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    Lost Soul (lii) ☯︎︎ (ATEEZ)

    Lost Soul (lii) ☯︎︎ (ATEEZ)

    PAIRING: Yunho x Ji Ah
    WORD COUNT: 1.4k
    GENRE: fantasy+pirate au; romance; mystery; adventure; action; angst; gore; mythology

    <- 𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠 // 𝑚𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑙𝑖𝑠𝑡 \\ 𝑛𝑒𝑥𝑡 ->

    You muttered his name as you stumbled away a little. Your vision became hazy as it began to turn red. Your heart rate increased as your hands tightened into fist. “I’m glad to see you’re okay,” He added as he began to step over to you. Your eyes widen as you step backwards, away from him so you won’t do anything irrational.

    The captain furrowed his brows at your behaviour as he suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Ji Ah…?” He said again as his eye looked at you with pain and sadness. You shook your head as you quickly ran down the quarter deck to be with everyone else.

    Mingi watched you leave before he turned to look back at Yunho and Yeosang. “Did something else happen when we were out? She seems different,” He sighed as he walked next to Hongjoong. “Don’t think too much about it...just...she’s upset we can’t go to Hydrthis anymore,” Yunho lied as he glanced over at Yeosang who was nodding his head. 

    “Hyung, can I ask you something?” Yeosang spoke up to Hongjoong. He furrowed his brow before crossing his arms. “What now?” He replied as he looked at him with a blank gaze. “Have you ever met a deity before?” He asked as both Yeosang and Yunho became wary of his answer, he could tell the truth or he may lie.

    “A deity?” He asked to make sure he heard correctly. They both nodded their heads as they were anticipating his answer. “In my lifetime...yes, but it wasn’t a happy ending,” He shrugged as he looked away at the sea. “I wonder what happened to that Goddess…” He thought out loud as he let out a sad sigh as he looked back at the two younger ones.

    “Why do you ask me? Did something really happen when we were out?” He continued to ask as he became worried about the situation. Yeosang shook his head before he quickly grabbed Yunho’s wrist. “I just need to talk to him,” He faked a smile before turning around and dashing to his cabin.

    Hongjoong tilted his head as he turned to look at Mingi. “Did I do something…?” He asked with a saddened face. The quartermaster quickly wrapped an arm around the captain’s shoulder. “Must be with what happened, Ji Ah must be upset after losing the old ship and us all nearly dying. Plus, wouldn’t it be the best to celebrate that we’re alive,” He tried to lighten the mood as he dragged the older male with him. 

    Hongjoong only nodded his head so the blue haired male would stop pestering as he was too deep in thought at the moment. They walked down the quarter deck’s stairs as they walked along the main deck, talking and laughing with the rest of the crew.

    The two were carefully walking across the deck as they held onto each other closely until something caught the tall males attention. “Captain!” Mingi yelled as he pulled Hongjoong’s sleeve as he was in panic. “Ye-Yeah? What’s going on?” He replied as he turned to look at the taller male that looked scared. He turned his focus upward as he pointed where he was looking. “Look!” He yelled as the shorter male, quickly averting his attention where Mingi’s finger was currently pointed at. 

    “What the fuck is that…?” He mumbled as he squinted his eye to get a better look, until terror filled his gaze.“OH FUCK! NO, NO, NO!” He screamed as he grabbed Mingi by the hand and sluggishly pulled him across the almost empty main deck. “We have to much fucking rum, we can’t lose it to that bastard!” Mingi sobbed as he hugged the bottles against him. “MATE!” He continued to scream.

    The lookout swung along the loose ropes towards them as he let out some sort of battle screech. “AHHHHHH, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!” He screamed as he tackled Mingi to the ground as the bottles of rum rolled across the deck. “Holy fucking shit!” Hongjoong yelled as he stumbled to grab them before Wooyoung could.

    “HONGJOONG!” Wooyoung yelled as he got off the tall male and stumbled around to the captain. “Stay back you...you alcoholic!” He said as he dashed away toward his cabin. “CAPTAIN!” Wooyoung screeched once more as he chased after him.

    You watched from a distance on the forecastle deck at them as you crossed your arms. “Does this usually happen?” You asked the boy you were standing next to. He chuckled as he sat down on the stairs. “Too often,” He replied as he turned around to look up at you with his doe eyes. “Why don’t you have some?” He asked.

    You furrowed your brows as you sat down next to him. “I’m not the type to drink, Jongho,” You smiled as you placed your arms around your legs. Jongho shook his head as he took a sip from his cup, letting out a small sigh as the taste covered his taste buds, running down his throat in haste.

    “Can I ask you a question?” You asked out of the blue as you looked at the moon shining over the ship and sea, as some stars flickered like an S.O.S signal. “What is it?” He pondered as he took another sip from his cup. “If you met a God or Goddess, how would you feel or do?” You asked. He looked over at you with a surprised look before letting out a breathy laugh. 

    “If I met a God or Goddess?” He reasked the question, which you nodded to. “I think I’ll ask for clarity and freedom for all of us as pirates, guidance to righteousness but still sail the seas at the same time,” He smiled like an idiot as he took another sip from his cup. “What about you, what if you met an entity from above?” He returned the same question, staring with the world in his eyes at you.

    “Oh…” You gasped since you weren't expecting him to ask you. You look down at your feet as you ponder over the thought, thinking the question over and over again. “I’d just be happy that I’m not alone,” You said without holding back anything, just staring at the moon shining in the sky as the clouds danced around. 

    He raised a brow at the weird response but he brushed it off as he wrapped his arm around you. “You're not alone, you got us!” He smiled as he gave you a tight side hug. A corner of your lip curved up at his remark as you nodded your head. “Thanks, Jongho, ” You said as you looked back over at the men tackling one another just to get the alcoholic beverage.

    Thinking of more questions as you wanted to ask the youngest how he felt about the rumours over the heaven entities, you turned to ask but he was laying down with his cup still in hand. You snickered at him since he's a light drinker. “Goodnight, ” You whispered as you stood up and went down to your cabin.

    Closing the door and barricading it behind you, you walked over to your sword and picked it up as you looked at it. “De heilige chaperonne,” You said as you summoned him. His figure disorderly came into view as it was pulsing and moving side to side. “Master?” He voiced as he began to form an eligible figure. “I managed to get my memories back…” You began as you tried to figure out the right words to say.

    “But a few of my abilities...I can't seem to activate them, ” You sighed as you set him back down on the ground as you looked at him. He furrowed his brows. “You can’t? It’s a possibility that your body forgot how to use them,” He spoke as he crossed his arms as he stared at you.

    You quietly sat there for a while in thought. My body forgot how to use them? You pondered as you knitted your brows together. “Are you talking about when I asked to forget about me being what I am?” You questioned him as you crouched down in front of him. “I can rely on that,” He responded as he smiled. You on the other hand let out a deep sigh. “I’m guessing I’m going to have to practise on it again like when I was little,” You spoke out loud, more specifically to yourself as you got back up to leave. “Great…” You sarcastically said while rolling your eyes as you heard your sword laughing behind you as you left out of your room.

    <- 𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠 // 𝑚𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑙𝑖𝑠𝑡 \\ 𝑛𝑒𝑥𝑡 ->

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