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    27.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago


    introduction pt. i | pt. ii | pt. iii

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    ch. lxix - trick ass hoe

    soulmate!yunho × reader

    fated and marked, soulmates are supposed to be your destiny. you are connected to him by his heart and him to yours. but despite the cosmic or even divine intervention, you felt that he is not wholly yours. why is destiny so cruel to you?

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  • neo-shitty
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    here comes the sun — c.s

    description. in the ghost town of your childhood, two living souls is one too many. | my entry for the another world collab by @setsugekka​ 

    pairing. choi san x gn!reader

    genre. action, angst, kimetsu no yaiba!au

    warnings. usage of weapons (nichirin blades), lots of fighting and violence but nothing graphically disturbing.

    word count. 2.3k

    notes. hayley williams said ‘how did we get here? well, i used to know you so well’ and boom, this fic was born. if you’d like to be fully immersed in the angsty-raging atmosphere of this fic, please listen to the timeless masterpiece that is decode by paramore. thank you.

    Dawn draws close, the sky alight on the east where the hill top’s silhouettes kissed the veil hung over the lonely town. The pitch black ceiling shatters as day begins to bleed in, the world behind the mounds of land engulfed in roaring flames—bright enough to bring color to the night. like the inklings of sunlight awakened your senses, you began to hear it, feel it. The ache of muscles beneath your skin, the constrictions of your chest as your lungs rush to supply you with the air you need to make your next move. The huffs and grunts and groans, the crunch of ground beneath your feet, the buzzing as static builds and the whistle as your blade slices the air where the demon once stood. You’ve been at it for hours now, neither side dealing significant damage to the other to claim victory.

    But your hold on the blade remains, fingers wrapped around the grip tight enough that the patterns burn into your calloused palms, a permanent print. The demon slows for a fraction of a second, its attention drawn away from the battle and to the world beyond—the light peeking at the edge of the sky. The moment of weakness is short, but it is enough. You take half a step forward, the space between you finally shortened. The demon, wide-eyed in horror and distress, notices it a little too late and your blade cuts the surface of once impenetrable skin. And it’s your first step towards progress in the endless battle. The knowledge that it wasn’t invincible fueling you enough to finish what has been started. The long night was coming to an end. 

    It took the sunrise for the battle to finally take a turn, the drawn out climax finally plummeting into the resolution. The demon’s focus shifts, offense and defense coming after finding a place to hide. But you spent the night drawing him into the open, mapping the battle in your mind for it to end on the fields. There are no trees for miles, the break into the forest still far off but not impossible to reach. You realize this at the same moment as the demon does because he turns on his heel too quick and darts for the closest shade in all four cardinal directions—west, far from where the sun had begun to rise.

    “Do not run away from me, Choi San!”

    Your voice thunders through the air, your blade buzzing with electricity as you cut through the air to catch up to him. Again, your blade makes the cut, this time an arm he easily regrows in seconds. San turns, the scowl on his face almost permanent. You pass him when he stops and he lunges at you at the next second, clawed fingers hungry to dig into your skin. The nichirin blade turns with your hand, severing his outstretched arms. A sharp shriek pierces your ear and it’s the last you hear from him before the air was knocked out of your lungs. Next thing you knew, you were flying through the air, landing on the ground with a thud muffled by crushed blades of grass.

    The sky is lighter now, the blues clearer and lightest on the east where the sun’s rays had begun to put a halo around the hills. A second attack doesn’t come and you waste no time scrambling for your sword. San is easier to spot now, the darkness you braved the night before now touched with a tint of light sufficient enough for you to see where you stepped. But you didn’t need it, you knew these fields like the back of your hand and so would san if his mind hadn’t been tainted by a demon’s touch.

    Across the field, the demon raced for the woods. There is something familiar about the scenery in front of you that stirs your mind, unlocking a chest of memories you’ve long kept away only to have them resurface the second you stepped back into your hometown. In the memory, you’re young again and San is too, back when your town wasn’t plagued by the thought of demons coming in the depths of the night. The town sat undisturbed, guarded by a ring of hills that kept the monsters of the world at bay until it didn’t. You remember that dusk too well, when you came home to quiet houses and blood-stained floors. The promise had been born there, sworn upon tied pinky fingers between you and Choi San, that you would never let another child suffer the same fate you did. That oath had been broken long ago. 

    The San you knew never ran away from a fight and it was the clearest distinction from him and the demon cutting through the fields. But he had always feared death, much more than you had thought. Maybe it was the reason why he ended up the way he did, taking up the offer to have an immortal life at the expense of the humans he once swore to protect. He had always been selfish like that, and you were just as selfless. Maybe that was why you felt it was your duty to take him down when you caught wind of an upper moon demon plaguing your hometown.

    Demon’s do not claim to remember their memories as humans but somehow, by some horrid twist of fate, he wound up right back to the place where it all began. Where his mother bore him, where you ran the fields until the sun, where your lives changed forever in the blink of an eye. His life and after, coming in full circle without him even knowing. 

    San could only run so fast in his exhausted state, stumbling every few leaps into the direction of the forest. It takes you a single lunge to catch up to him, severing one of his calves to stop him completely. But exhaustion goes both ways, your own slashes sloppy with the build-up of fatigue in your limbs. Your breath fogged up the air, watching San on the ground struggle to regenerate the limb he lost. It occurred to you then that even this scene felt familiar. In the back of your mind, you can hear him laughing, congratulating you for finally knocking him down even when you should’ve been able to do so long ago. In reality, he isn’t laughing and it occurs to you that you’ve fought San more times as a demon than you did back when you were training together to become swordsmen.

    San sits up and it is only in the faint luminance of dawn that you see him for what he is now. His skin is paler, arms lined with bloodless veins that ended in thin extremities armed with claws on their tips. He was still clad in a dark blue hanbok with edges lined in black silk, the same outfit he always wore back when you were still training. He looks up to meet your gaze, pupils beaming in the night. Gone were the eyes you’ve drowned in, replaced by luminescent yellow eyes closer to halogen headlights than human eyes. They glowed yellow, cat-like, etched with characters across the pupil. Upper six. 

    “Why are you always following me around, huh? Why do I always end up fighting you?”

    San’s voice remained the same regardless, deeper now with age but just as rich as it once was. You could’ve ended him there instead of stopping, but you kept your distance, watching as the limb regrew inch by slow inch.

    “I’m not following you around,” you say but he cuts you off.

    “Do the pillars think I'm not worthy of a better opponent? Why do they keep sending you when you never win against me?” 

    His foot regrows in a second and he’s leaping for you in the next. His attack was preceded by the rush of cloth, the gorum wrapped around his body lashing out and reaching for you. You put all your thought into breathing, making sure your blade holds as it cuts through both silk and his arm reaching for you. 

    If it had been your first time fighting him, his words would have struck a chord. But you’ve fought him countless times now, and you’ve grown deaf to his taunts. They were no more than the words other demons shot at you. The only difference was it came from a familiar voice, a familiar face. “I fight you out of my own volition, San.”

    “Who the hell is San and why do you keep calling me that? It’s making my head ache.'' He's reaching for you again, gorum extending like two extra limbs. You retract the blade from him, prioritizing landing on the right foot more than attacking. He moves in the same pattern he did back when he was human, faint memory remembering the slopes of the field—which patches to avoid and which patches to lead you into. He denies it but it shows that memories have transcended his transition. Your blade slices through the gorum, leading you straight into him and his nails scratch against your cheek. Your skin tingles, then stings as the air breezes past it. The sword severs the last of the cloth, cutting a deep slash right across his chest. But he breathes and the wound heals, while yours remain open and bleeding.

    “You were San,” you answer, but the man in front of you wasn’t the same person who held your hand the night you found your family sprawled out and bleeding on the steps of your home. The man in front of you became the very monster you’ve been fighting against, the one responsible for turning whatever home you had left into nothing but a ghost town. He was a demon in the shape of San and he was San no longer.

    “Give up, pillar. You’re a bore to fight. Send someone better next time.”

    But you swore on the mass graves of the civilians that there would be no next time. He follows you as you backtrack the path he took to avoid the sun, his urge to deal the killing blow making him forget why he was running the other way in the first place. You blocked him, one jab after the other, merely dodging his rage in his tunnel vision to get you. There's something reminiscent of the way he’s trying to get you, almost playful, buried somewhere beneath the demon’s instinct to kill off every pillar they come across. Behind you, the sun’s vibrance has extended further and it is only when you leap that San realizes the gravity of his situation.

    “You tricked me.” His fury seeps through his gritted teeth, missing you when he tries to lash his gorum. He’s already heading back to the forest, making up for the time he lost. but you drew him out long enough, far enough, and you knew—by your own experience of running with San in your younger days that he won’t make it.

    He won’t make it because you see the sunlight light up the field, casting your shadow on the grass. Up ahead, San’s body was burning. There were cinders where the light had touched him, wisps of smoke in his wake. And it’s no peaceful way to go and you do nothing about it, like the ghosts of the thousands of souls he’d killed kept you tethered to the field where you stood—watching him burn up in flames, his cries a resounding echo in the open air.

    But you kick off the ground eventually, blade drawn. and he’s too weak to fight it, too preoccupied by the sun’s lethal touch. Your blade cuts in a flash, straight through him in a line across his neck.

    For a moment, the morning is quiet, like it was just another day out on the fields of your youth. Your father with the cattle, your mother preparing breakfast, San’s family across the field doing the same thing. So much has changed since then and you feel the thrumming of your bones as fatigue takes over. When you turn his body is but a heap on the ground, singed and smoking. His head is a few feet away, lying on the grass lolling in your direction.

    “What is this,” he mumbles, his eyes searching for something in front of him even when there was nothing but you and the fields and trees surrounding you. 

    And you know that the memories of his past have begun to seep in, the cut you made severing the last of his ties to the demon king. In the bitter final moments, he is more human than not and it shows in the way teardrops fall from the corner of his eyes. If he remembers, he doesn’t admit it nor could you bring yourself to say anything. The distance between the both of you remains, your feet cemented to the floor as you feel the heavy weight of ghosts watching—waiting. 

    “Rest San.” It’s all you manage. Even then you could feel their judgment, beating down on you with their deep-rooted grudges. What rest could a demon be entitled to when it left thousands of others restless. So your words come out as a whisper in the wind, a remnant of what you’ve shared when you were younger. 

    The sun casts its light and the last of him catches fire, cinders chipping away at whatever was left of him. No words were exchanged; no goodbyes, no apologies. You were too tired to ask for it, too clouded by the betrayal to see it through. You stood by, watching as the sun’s rays char skin and bones into nothingness. In the end, there was none of him left to be mourned over; his body but ashes carried away by the wind, his soul stained by the blood of the innocent who never lost their grasp on him—dragging him all the way to hell.

    © neo-shitty, 2022

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  • blossom-hwa
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    inspired by the dinky dirty nyc subways. don’t ask me how it came to this.

    wc: 1.8k ~ hongjoong x gender neutral!reader ~ subway!au, meet cute?? I guess ~ triggers: none ~ ateez masterlist

    ~ You see a flame. Hongjoong sees an angel. 

    [ fluorescent lights ] On the subway train dark and stale with exhaustion and night, it’s the orange that catches your eye under fluorescent lights, a tuft of flame peeking out beneath a dark beanie of coal and ash floating onto the train, a fire dying in the night.

    Well… no. Not dying. You tilt your head, eyes narrowing as they follow the embers glowing sharp on the quiet train – flickering, perhaps, dimming slightly, but not dying. Not yet. Not for a long time. In fact, even as the man drags himself toward one of the train car poles and leans his head against the fingers wrapped around the metal, he almost seems to glow, to burn, to blaze with a flame that the stale, white lights of the car could never compare to. Something in his demeanor, something in his stance, something in the way he closes his eyes with a sigh that seems to ripple through the air, quiet grace and power burning with soft orange flame…

    Not dying. Not even close.

    You don’t realize when the strokes begin to bloom on the paper, dark, bold lines mixing with softer shades to create an illusion of this man and his flaming hair. Art is an imitation, you know, never the same as the scene before one’s eyes, but when the subject of your art is something beyond the plane of existence on which you walk, what does reality even mean? The subway car stays, the man’s forehead resting against the metal pole in the center, but the background begins to fade as you blur the lines with a finger smudged with gray. Light fills the train windows, graffiti that appears in flashes on the tunnel walls finding a permanent place on your page in sharp lines of charcoal gray. Fluorescent lights become embers crackling in the air. Throughout it all, the man stays, eyes closed, lashes fluttering, the black mask on his face doing nothing to disguise the glow he seems to emit through your drawing of the train car, a beacon of light in the darkness of night.

    Too soon, you look up and realize that your stop is next. Your pencil flies across the paper, shading in the single painted nail on a finger wrapped around the pole, adding a last touch of flame to the hair curling across his forehead. The mask becomes more defined. His necklace gains a touch of shine. Small silver studs and hoops take their place along his ears, surrounding the white earbuds whose wires spill into nothing at the bottom of the page, attached to a phone in his hand that no one can see.

    The train slows. You put away your pencil, carefully tear the page from your sketchbook. As the station lights come into view, you rise from your seat and tap the man’s shoulder once, twice.

    His eyes open. And in that moment, you know you were right.

    The fire was never dying, not here, not now. Even in this hour of night, embers glow in his eyes, power pulsing in a soul that was made for the stars.

    You smile, holding out your sketch. “I drew this,” you say, letting him take the page. “I thought you might appreciate it.”

    And with that, you turn around and walk off the train, leaving behind a fire burning soft in the night underneath a sky of fluorescent lights.

    . . . . .

    When the subway doors close, there is only one thought in Hongjoong’s mind as he looks up from the penciled sketch in his hand out of the grimy train car windows to see your back disappear into the station halls.

    An angel walked off the train and left a piece of their presence behind.

    And it’s a cheesy thought, maybe even a stupid one – Hongjoong can already feel that little part of him cringing, hear Yeosang’s little bite of snark and Seonghwa’s gentle teasing in the back of his mind, but he looks down at the drawing and then back up once more and even as the train heads into a tunnel and the windows cloak themselves in darkness, all Hongjoong can see is the picture of you smiling that small smile, extending a hand like some sort of deity handing down a blessed artifact, an artifact that turned out to be a picture of him that made him look beautiful. Alive.

    Alive, even in a moment when he truly felt dead inside.

    He walks off the train with fingers itching to grab pencil and paper and when he finally reaches home, it’s all he can do to shrug off his backpack and mask before snatching up one of the sketchbooks lying around the room. Pencils, one after another in all different colors find their way into his hand and then he sits down right where he is and begins to draw.

    Sparkling eyes, a face that seemed to glow even under dull fluorescent lights that could suck the energy even out of the sun. A gentle smile, lips that curve with a sweetness that could draw awe out of the sourest person on earth. Subtle fire, cool golden tongues of ivory flame that look innocent, that look harmless, but when touched will burn with a fine-drawn heat that sears and scorches soft, gentle to the bone –

    Hongjoong wouldn’t mind it, even if your golden touch burned him.

    You come to life on the page, strokes of color spilling across the paper until Hongjoong is satisfied with your glow, with your smile, with the way the subtle power in your body seemed to light up the entire subway car – how did he not notice you before? You shone more brightly than the stars – but even then there’s something missing, he thinks as the clock strikes three. You drew him a background, bold graffiti tongued with flame, power in the night, but Hongjoong knows you are something different. No less powerful, but more of a glow, less of a storm, life to death, light to dark…

    He decides on a sunrise.

    Early morning light has begun to filter through Hongjoong’s windows by the time he finishes the golden background tinged with pink and orange and palest blue, palest gray, a hint of the night you chased away. Your eyes smile up at him from the page, an angel descended to bless him with something the paper does not know but that lives in Hongjoong’s heart, in his mind, the delicate sketch laid carefully on the table by his side.

    He blinks once, twice, and reality rushes back – the heaviness under his eyes, the jaw aching with yawns, the pencil he should put down before he accidentally drops it and it rolls back under his couch and he throws a miniature fit because he just found the motivation and effort to drag it out a couple of days ago, he doesn’t need to do that again – and something in him feels stupid, then, because you were just a person who happened to be in his subway car who happened to sketch him in a moment that wasn’t meant to be shared but that he’s glad was –

    And he looks back at the sketch on the table, soft graphite spanning the page, and he doesn’t feel quite so stupid anymore. Because an artist draws what they see, and when you handed him that sketch, Hongjoong saw an angel.

    You don’t appear on the train that night. Hongjoong can’t hide his disappointment, at least not at first, but maybe you’re on another car or maybe you just aren’t here at all. He doesn’t know your schedule. He doesn’t even know your name. All he can do is hope he’ll one day catch up to you to give you the drawing you inspired, and if he just takes this train every night, maybe it’ll happen soon.

    It does.

    Hongjoong’s heart skips a beat when he steps onto the train at night and sees you standing across the car, one hand wrapped around the metal pole, the other holding a phone that you stare at intently, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. You look tired in the slump of your shoulders, the grim set of your jaw, but even then, Hongjoong has to stop for a moment because your glow, your power, even under the fluorescent bulbs that suck the life out of even the brightest lights…

    He walks up and taps your shoulder. “Excuse me.”

    You turn, blink once, twice. Eyes narrow first in confusion, then widen in surprise and recognition – thank god for that, maybe you won’t think he’s too much of a creep – and then a hand reaches out automatically to take the drawing from his fingers stained with color. You look down.

    Hongjoong holds his breath.

    Your mouth opens.

    Not a sound comes out.

    The smile on Hongjoong’s face isn’t so much a smile as it is a reckless display of relief. “I drew this,” he says, a trembling echo of the words you spoke a week ago on this very train. “I thought you might appreciate it.”

    You shut your mouth and open it again, looking down at the whirlwind drawing in your hands. When you look up, your eyes shine just the way Hongjoong imagined they would, sparkling with a light far beyond the dull fluorescence shining above. “Thank you,” you breathe. “I do. I appreciate it very much.”

    Warmth begins to climb up Hongjoong’s face and he ducks his head, trying to hide the pink undoubtedly brushing his cheeks. “Well, I appreciated what you drew for me last time,” he says, peeking up. “More than you can imagine.”

    The laugh that bursts free from your lips sounds like bells, chimes, something otherworldly from above – an angel, truly, golden aura filling the train car with warm light. “With this, I’m sure I can imagine more than you think.” You hold up the page, gripping it carefully between your fingers. “Thank you, truly.”

    “Of course.” Hongjoong bows slightly. “I…”


    He swallows. Don’t chicken out now, he scolds himself, but it’s hard not to when faced with such grace in a stale, empty train car. “I was wondering…” Hongjoong swallows again. “May I know your name?”

    The sparkle in your eyes seems to grow brighter, if possible. “Only if I may know yours.”

    “Hongjoong,” he offers. “I’m Hongjoong.”

    “It’s very nice to meet you, Hongjoong.” You put out a hand, and when Hongjoong takes it, it feels like the light of a thousand tendrils of flame wrapping around his fingers, soft, warm, pulsing with power beyond the stars.

    You smile. The fluorescent lights seem to glow brighter.

    “My name is Y/N.”

    If you enjoyed, please don’t forget to reblog and leave a comment to tell me what you thought! Thank you for reading and have a lovely day <3
    (1 reblog = 1 prayer for me to get a meet cute as cute as this because god DO I WANT IT)
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  • behappymyfriend
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    ATEEZ: First Time Besties

    Hongjoong: I think you're my best friend.

    Mingi: You think?

    Hongjoong: Well, I can't know for sure, because I'm realizing now that I don't think I ever really had one.

    Mingi: Ok, well, if we're being honest. I don't think I've ever had one either.

    Hongjoong: ...

    Mingi: ...

    Hongjoong: This would be a really sweet moment if what we had admitted to each other wasn't so sad.

    #kpop#kpop music#kpop idol #incorrect kpop quotes #ateez#mingi ateez#mingi#mingi scenarios#song mingi#ateez mingi #song mingi ateez #incorrect ateez quotes #incorrect kpop scenarios #kpop scenarios#incorrect kpop#ateez kpop#hongjoong scenarios #kim hongjoong ateez #kim hongjoong#ateez hongjoong#hongjoong #kpop incorrect quotes #ateez kim hongjoong #ateez song mingi #funny kpop#kpop boys#kpop ateez #kpop boy group #atiny ateez #ateez x atiny
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  • tinted-peaches
    26.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    I love everything you write! I would love to send a request pls, I'm a '98 stan so I am of age. Can I please request a situation here the reader is a virgin/inexperienced & has her 'first time' with Hongjoong? Please make it fluffy, loving & smutty. I feel Hongjoong would be so nurting plus...we all know he has a corruption kink hah!

    first time with hongjoong

    genre : smut , fluff

    warnings : sexual content

    pairing : virgin!reader x boyfriend!hongjoong

    a/n : this didn’t turn out as well as I wanted and it’s a bit rushed ! @whatudowhennooneseesyou

    you put a lot of that into it and decided you were ready to have your first time with hongjoong, contemplating how to bring it up to him had you nerve-wracked so you decided fuck it and just went for it you got up from the couch and headed to you and joongs shared bedroom and straddled his thighs.

    he looks up at you loving while resting his hands on your thighs "hey lovely" he said in a soft tone you nervously play with the tips of your fingers and he takes notice of this.

    "Are you alright? you seem a bit off? he quirks an eyebrow up. "I'm ready" you flat out say nervously "ready for what," he asked confused.

    "I'm ready to have sex," you said shyly. his eyes widened a bit at your response. "baby are you sure? don't feel like you have to rush into this" he said worriedly "I've put a lot of thought into it and I'm sure I'm ready". "if your positive I'm more than happy to baby" he says with a smirk.

    he lays you down gently on the bed and starts softly kissing you starting to kiss and suck at your neck you feel your body heat rising at the simple action.

    "can I undress you baby?" he asks in a husky but hushed tone "yes," you say with a hint of eagerness.

    as he peels your shirt off your breasts come into and just the sight let alone made him hard. he soft grabs your breast and starts softly sucking on your left bud and giving attention to the other while thumbing it.

    "fuck baby you're so beautiful like this," he says in a breathless voice. you let a slight moan fall from your lips from the overwhelming feeling

    he starts kissing down your belly and leaving a soft trail of kisses while working his way down, he stops at the band of your panties looking up at you. "can I?' he asks. you hum in approval. spading your thighs apart he sees the damp spot of your arousal and kisses over your clothed core. he slowly pulls down your panties and sets them aside.

    " can I touch you love?" . "yes please" you respond. he smirks at the desperation in your voice. and starts playing with your folds spreading your wetness. he starts rubbing your clit with his thumb the unknown feeling had you throw your head back and let out soft moans. he soon replaces his thumb with his tongue rolling your clit playfully while sucking lightly in between teasing it.

    "you taste so fucking good baby," he says in between sucking. you grip at the bedsheets your moans gradually getting louder " please don't stop joongie" you cry out. " I'm gonna slip a finger in, I need to stretch you out" you nod as he prods at your entrance with the tip of his finger and slowly slides in. once you get used to the feeling he adds another scissoring you open.

    finding your sweet spot he softly thrust the tips of his fingers against it. "oh my god" you say while closing your thighs around his hand. "keep them open for me baby". you cry out as you feel your orgasm approaching he takes notice of it "come on, cum for me" he says while moving his fingers more rapidly. you cum with a loud moan thighs shaking around his hand.

    coming down from your high trying to catch your breath he leans up sucking your wetness off his fingers he smiles at you the meer action has you clench around nothing "did it feel good princess?", "yes, joongie you reply shyly while trying to avoid eye contact.

    “Baby are you sure you want to keep going ?”. he asked “yes I’ve never been more sure” you reply to him with a smile. he begins undressing slowly. his sculpted frame coming into view had you anxiously waiting for more he slides his sweatpants down along with his boxers and his hard length standing up prominently. his size and girth had you widen your eyes and he takes notice of the nervousness of your actions.

    “Don’t be scared baby we’ll make it fit” he winks his comment made you fill with embarrassment. he reaches over to the nightstand and pulls open the drawer to grab protection carefully peeling it open. tugging at the end of his cock he slides the condom on and leans closer to you.

    rubbing your thighs slowly he opens your legs and lies between them slowly kissing your neck while wrapping your legs around him. “I’m gonna start baby, let me know if anything feels too uncomfortable and I’ll stop right away” you nod in approval as he grabs his shaft rubbing it up and down your folds.

    lining up the tip of his cock to your entrance he slowly starts to push in. You make a small hum of discomfort while closing your eyes shut. “I know baby, I promise it will start to feel good soon” he starts rubbing your clit while slowly pushing more of his length Into you to ease the pain a bit and kisses your lips.

    finally bottoming out he stills for a bit and waits for your signal for him to start moving.

    “you can move now joongie” you reply anticipated. He starts softly thrusting into you rubbing your clit with his thumb. Thrusting upwards he finds your sweet spot and the action has you moaning loudly. “does it feel good princess?” He asks while thrusting and grinding his cock into you. “Fuck joongie please go faster” you whine out.

    he starts thrusting into you with more vigor. Grabbing one of your breasts and sucking at the bud. Your whining spurs him on more, “fuck baby I’m close” he says while rubbing your clit faster. “Come with me baby” you bite at his shoulder hiding your face in his neck as you feel your orgasm approaching.

    “Fuck joong I'm cumming” you moan out while he thrusts even more rapidly. eyes rolling back and back arching off the bed your orgasm washing over you moans uncontrollable.

    coming down from both of your highs he stills in you for a bit, breathless and panting he looks at you making sure you’re okay “how was it? Do you feel okay ?” He asks. “I’m great joongie just really tired “ you reply with a laugh. He kisses you softly and slowly pulls out.

    rolling the condom off he throws it in the bin and heads to the bathroom to grab a washcloth to clean you off. after cleaning you off he lays down next to you and pulls you Into him.

    you look up at him and smile “thank you joong” he looks down at you and smiles “don’t thank me, baby, I’m glad you trusted me enough to finally have your first time with me” smiles. you peck his lips in response.

    he pulls the comforter over the both of you while he cuddles you and lies your head on his chest.

    “I love you joong”

    “I love you more baby” he replies while slowly slipping into a deep sleep.

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  • hwanchaesong
    26.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Huiii!!! :))) I really have so many ideas for u but I’m sure you have so much but this has been sneaking up into my head lately but could you write something about Gamer Yunho !! 🧎🏽‍♀️ something about that side of him really turns me on. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    a/n: i am so mad right now bc i cannot find a gamer!yunho pic 😭 he should really post some of it, cuz we all know how that would break us all 🙈

    Okay imagine this...

    Jeong Yunho sitting on the carpeted floor, crossed leg, slightly hunched over while his eyes are completely focused on the large tv screen.

    He's wearing an oversized shirt, loosely hanging over his lean figure that had his collar bones showing (don't we all wish to bite that, no?). Jersey shorts that are showing a good amount of his thigh skin.

    We all love pain, do we?

    Watching him knot his brows, squint his eyes and bite his lips unconsciously is undeniably hot.

    So what do you do?

    Approach him. Seduce him. Get him all hot and bothered that he won't be able to deny you.

    "Yunho, baby." you tried catching his attention to no avail, so you gave it a shot once more, but when he really can't take his eyes off the monitor, you have to go beyond greater lengths.

    Thus, you stood up from the sofa, standing right in his peripheral vision.

    And what did you do?

    "Gosh, it's so hot." you mused, haphazardly removing your t-shirt and throwing it on the floor, that certainly caught Yunho's attention. His eyes widening at your display of skin, pupils roaming to your exposed backside.

    "Oh no." you feigned a gasp, "Now it's cold."

    You picked up one of Yunho's hoodie that was plainly lying there, making sure to pop your ass out for him to see.

    Your boldness to entice him worked, the game forgotten and the controller he's holding is slowly moving out of his grasp.

    Looks like he would be busy with something else.

    When you wore his large hoodie, you were suddenly trapped between the wall and a body. His presence looming over you, darkened orbs glinting as if to say, "You just made the worst mistake of your life."

    "What do you think you're doing?" he whispered, his face inching towards your own.

    "Can't you see?" you challenged, "I wanted some relief."

    That's it. The tipping point for Yunho's sanity and rationality.

    You wanted relief, he'll give it to you in many, unique ways.

    First, he'll kiss the heck out of you. Second, he'll lick every nook and cranny of your body. Third, fuck the hell out of you.

    For real tho, he'll tell you to approach him straightforwardly if you need anything, even if he's playing.

    So onwards, whenever he's in his gamer mode, you make sure to sit in between his thicc thighs. Snuggling into his warm chest and watching him play until you get bored and start your own filthy game.

    There would be many instances into this, and some of them would be:

    Scenario 1:

    It always amazed you how his character can do all those complicated steps, then you realize that all of those lies on your boyfriend's skillful fingers that are pushing all the buttons.

    It'll make you wonder, what kind of things would those fingers do?

    To test it out, you tapped his hand and he immediately paused his game.

    "What is it baby?"

    "Will you please push my buttons too?"

    Your doe eyes and begging tone would snap him so fast that he'll quickly remove your clothing. His digits run from your face, to the valley of your breasts, until it reaches your aching core.

    No seconds were wasted as he plunges his fingers in without any hesitation. His pace is monstrous, stilling and curling inside your walls to reach the spot that will sent you to heaven.

    Oh, and we should mention the way he fondles your boobs. Gentle to rough, tweaking your nipples and pinches it just enough to elicit a jolt out of your nerves.

    And of course, choking.

    His gorgeous, humongous hands cut the air through your lungs so right that it heightens your excitement and pleasure without actually hurting you.

    He truly knows the creativity he can do with his own hands.

    Scenario 2:

    He can get angry and frustrated with his games sometimes. Especially when his teammates are idiots or when he's in a losing streak.

    You have always wished to help him out, relieve his stress, and get all the negative curses and groans into something positive.

    Thus, crawl behind him, massage his shoulders, leave feathery kisses and nibbles all over his neck and he'll be putty in your hands.

    The solution you had in mind? Give him a blowjob of course.

    "Fucking shit, baby, that feels so good."

    The loud moan that he let out was music to your ears, this was what you were waiting for.

    You continued to suck him in, your tongue going all over his dick's skin and occasionally licking over the tip like a lollipop. Massaging his balls would also be nice.

    The one thing that'll make him cum though? Just make eye contact with him throughout the activity and hum, the vibrations will literally raise goosebumps all over his skin and gosh, it's always much better than the vibrations from his speakers.

    Be good to him, and he'll make sure to treat you into something much better.

    Scenario 3:

    Your favorite among all games, one where patience is tested.


    No, because he is in a competition with his friends. But really, a stupid bet won't hinder your horny asses.

    Still, he needs to win this so he won't pay shit.

    So to solve the problem, enter and park. (meaning you'll be on top of him with his shaft inside but you have to stay completely still, riding would come at the right time)

    His thick and enormous length is stretching you out so well, you have to behave yet you couldn't help the grinding for some friction from time to time.

    Okay, Yunho had enough of your bullshit.

    He temporarily focused at you, his hand gripping your head a bit so you'll be able to crane your neck and look at him.

    "If you can't stay motionless, even for a god damn thirty minutes, I won't do shit about it but,"

    You gulped, giddiness coursing through your whole being at his impending instruction.

    "Do the work yourself. Stay muted unless you wanted to give my friends an audio show."

    He smirked when he saw your expression, such a slut that you're getting all excited over his idea. And he fucking loves it.

    "What are you waiting for then? Bounce, baby."

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  • purplexmoon
    26.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Send me Choi San ff recommendations ❤️

    Y/N only

    Preferably multiple chapters but can be oneshot too

    Themes I’d like:

    Angst with HAPPY ending - MUST

    Mafia au

    San saves Y/N (can be mafia au or school au - saves from bully, or anything like this)

    Those are my fav themes so I’m mostly looking for ff like them but I’m open for everything as long as it’s well written and have angst in it😁 I hope i’m not asking for a lot haha

    Thank you Atinys❤️

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  • songmingisthighs
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    introduction pt. i | pt. ii | pt. iii

    << previous | masterlist | next >>

    ch. xviii - has (y/n) not suffered enough ?????

    soulmate!yunho × reader

    fated and marked, soulmates are supposed to be your destiny. you are connected to him by his heart and him to yours. but despite the cosmic or even divine intervention, you felt that he is not wholly yours. why is destiny so cruel to you?

    taglist :

    @paralumanniluna @ikonic-loser @joonsthethicc @kodzukein @mirror-juliet @linhyyboo12 @theaufanartist @petitchou-t @bbymatz @rabbitlashpink @meowmeowminnie @eternalssanshine @hakuna-matata-ya @peachy-maia @pretty-pop-princess-hs @maddiebabyxoxo @hyvn-jaeee @shyfear @dreamlesswonder86 @choisandwich @kpopnightingale @shainingu @captainjoongiekissme @marsophilia @rubberduckieyourtheone @noonaishere @baguette-atiny @rdiamond2727 @diestheticu @atinct @hibuki-chan @ateezourstars @shinotani @blaaiissee @hwanchaesong @multihoe-net @seoulscenarios @potaeto-writes-on-wp @bluepoison1975 @kirooz

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  • junthusiast
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ⩨ prompt ゛yunho reaction to the other ateez members checking you out ⩨ warning(s) ゛suggestive content ⩨ pairing ゛afab!reader x yunho ⩨ requested? ゛yes! tysm for your yunho request, it's been a while since i've written for ateez so i'm super excited! ♡

    ⩨ remember to like + comment + follow + reblog -- the love is always & deeply appreciated

    – ♡

    "babe, can you zip this up for me?" you turn your back to yunho who was admiring your figure.


    you hit his chest playfully, "cmon, stop staring and zip it up."

    you feel his soft fingers reach towards the zipper on your dress, pulling it up.

    "how do i look?" you ask him looking at yourself in the mirrors

    "beautiful," yunho places a kiss on your forehead, "i should take this outfit off you right now."

    you laugh, "ah, stop."

    "are you excited to attend the release party for the new album?" he puts his watch on, and you grab your purse nodding to his question.


    "yup," the two of you leave the apartment, heading to the venue in a fancy car.

    you arrive to the venue, paparazzi surrounding the car, yunho puts his long jacket over you hiding you from the cameras

    eventually reaching the doors of the venue you are greeted by staff, you all slighty bow to eachother saying hello

    "the party is the second door to the right." one of the staff points to the hall

    yunho interlocks his hand with yours, and the two of you make your way to the party door

    you walk into the room and the two of you are greeted by more staff, the boys see you both and stand up

    "yunho! y/n!" wooyoung says smiling

    you wave to them and yunho lets go of your hand, saying hi to his friends.

    "wow, you cleaned up well today y/n." wooyoung says giving you a little twirl in your dress

    yunho looks at you, slightly bothered but not to obvious.

    you laugh, "thank you..." you sit down in the chair, "how've you guys been?" you ask yeosang and wooyoung as they were the two next to you

    you continue with the small talk and let yunho do whatever

    "y/n looks nice today" san says eyeing you as he spoke with yunho, the other members agreeing

    "yeah she cleaned up well, you're one lucky guy aren't you." yunho looks at seonghwa with flame in his eyes

    yunho excuses himself from the conversationa and takes a seat besides you.

    "oh hi!" you turn around seeing your boyfriend

    you see seonghwa and san giggiling

    "are you okay babe?" you whisper in yunho's ear

    yunho nods, placing his hand on your exposed thigh, "next time wear something less sexy." he mumbles into your ear before leaving a soft kiss on your cheek

    © 2022 JUNTHUSIAST

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  • nateezfics
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago



    To commemorate my blog reaching its three thousand follower milestone, I give you Spoiled, a sugar daddy Ateez themed fic event! This event will have eight total parts (one fic for each member). Each fic will contain 18+ content!


    Coming soon!

    ♔ SEONGHWA ♔

    Coming soon!

    ♔ YUNHO ♔

    Coming soon!

    ♔ YEOSANG ♔

    Coming soon!

    ♔ SAN ♔

    Coming soon!

    ♔ MINGI ♔

    Coming soon!

    ♔ WOOYOUNG ♔

    Coming soon!

    ♔ JONGHO ♔

    Coming soon!


    Chills — Mickey Valen

    First Class — Jack Harlow

    Lotto — EXO

    The Motto — Tiësto & Ava Max

    Peaches — KAI

    Bambi — BAEKHYUN

    I Know — Big Sean & Jhené Aiko

    7 rings — Ariana Grande

    Sugar — Maroon 5 (remix ft Nicki Minaj)

    Hrs & Hrs — Muni Long

    Ball For me — Post Malone & Nicki Minaj

    Good For You — Selena Gomez & A$AP Rocky


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  • captainjoongiekissme
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Please be 18 and over as this book as mature scenes!!!

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  • riboism
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    part two

    pairing: dom!yunho x dom!jongho x sub!fem reader

    content warnings: smut! (minors dni) dacryphilia, slight impact play, degrading language, use of pet names, lmk if I missed something!

    a/n: this is part two of my yunho/jongho timestamp. thank you so much for all the notes and feedback!

    there you laid between them, your head resting on jongho’s lap while yunho pounded into you from the end of the bed. jongho gently caressed your face with his thumb, swiping away every tear that tried to escape. he scanned your face for any signs of discomfort, paying attention to every furrow of your brow and every choked sob that flew out from your lips. he knew how tough this was for you and he wanted to keep watch just in case you couldn’t take it anymore.

    as for you, you were still adjusting to yunho’s size. you were so stuffed that you could cry. his hands bruised your hips as he rocked into you, the sounds of your smacking flesh echoing in the room. your cheeks were beginning to heat up, melting at how softly jongho was looking down at you, his eyes never betraying you. you wondered what he was thinking, watching his girlfriend getting fucked senselessly by his best friend. feeling turned on by the whole situation, you brought your fingers around your throbbing nub, rubbing slow and steady circles to help reach your high faster. yunho grabbed your wrist, making you wince in pain at his harsh grasp.

    “trying to get off so early puppy? I hardly even put my tip in. If you wanna cum on my cock then you’re gonna cum from my cock.”

    your eyes watered at his grip on your hips, now tightening as he pulled you closer towards his wrath. he raised you by your hips, pulling your lower half off from the bed as he pushed the rest of him deep inside of you. you flailed your arms around, trying to grasp at anything to keep you steady.

    “jjongie! jjongie!” you cried out as your hands tried to find jongho. he came to your rescue, gently cradling your head back on to his lap before holding both of your hands. you squeezed his hands as you watched all of yunho’s hardness disappear inside of you, sobbing at the stretch. yunho landed his hand hard against your breast, making you flinch at the impact. your body writhed under him as he twisted and tugged at your nipples before slapping them again.

    “jjongie, jjongie” he said, mocking you. “is that all you know how to say? who’s the one that’s actually fucking you right now? or did I fuck you so dumb that you forgot my name?”

    “be easy on her” jongho warned, “you’re being too rough.”

    yunho continued on with his unforgiving pace, grinning at his friend’s concerns.

    “oh no, she likes it rough, don’t you puppy? show him what a real slut you can be.”

    yunho striked you hard across the face and then pulled you by your jaw to force you to look at him. you couldn’t help but moan as he gripped your face and shook it around.

    “see? the dirty little puppy likes it.”

    yunho pumped his fingers into your mouth and you moaned out again as you swirled your tongue around his fingers, tasting some of your essence from before. you looked up at jongho as you sucked on his fingers. jongho watched you with wide eyes. he was so used to seeing you be so sweet and innocent for him that seeing you be like this now made it hard to recognize you. but he couldn’t deny the fact that it turned him on. blood rushed to his cock as you let out a pornographic whine, obviously trying to drive him crazy.

    yunho took his fingers out of your mouth and put you back down. he was starting to get annoyed with your habit of looking up at jongho and not him. It pissed him off how you never cried out for him once. he grabbed a handful of your hair, pushing your head forward so that you could get a closer look at his big cock plunging in and out of you.

    “see how well you take me puppy? who’s fucking you this good right now, huh?” yunho rasped. your chin was pressed against your chest, making it harder to breathe. you cried out as you watched him thrust into you with a merciless rhythm.

    growing more irritated, yunho pushed your head down even further. jongho clicked his tongue. “come on, you’re gonna break her in half. this was supposed to be her reward, remember?”

    yunho cackled. “no, she’s not getting her reward until she says my name. come on baby, what’s my name? who’s big dick are you making a mess on?”

    you cried out again, breathless at the uncomfortable position you were in as well as overwhelmed with the sight of such a big cock going in and out of your small cunt. he massaged your walls so good that all you could muster out of your mouth were incoherent babbles.

    yunho gripped your hair even tighter, now pulling your head back so you could look up at him. his forehead was slick with sweat, the veins on his neck threatening to pop. his mouth formed a wicked smile as your eyes met his eyes.

    “there she is...now say my fucking name or I won’t let you cum.”

    “y-yunnie!” you cried. your heart was racing and your skin began to heat up. “feels so good yunnie, please don’t stop!”

    yunho smiled cheekily, satisfied with your cries. “good girl, now was that so hard?”

    he let go of your hair, making you fall back into jongho’s lap. jongho pet your hair, frowning at your tear stained cheeks.

    yunho’s pace slowed down and you arched your back feeling the anticipation pool in your lower stomach. “yunnie, g-gonna cum!” you wailed.

    “s-shit, me too” yunho groaned, feeling your walls start to clench around him. your eyes rolled back to jongho, now trapped inside of his gaze.

    “c-can I please cum j-jjongie?” you asked, fluttering your doe eyes at him. he smiled at you softly, delighted with your need of asking for his permission first.

    “go ahead angel” he cooed, “cum for me. cum for both of us.”

    jongho kissed you gently, swallowing up all of your moans. you and yunho both reached your peaks, your cream now pooled around his twitching cock. yunho let out a strained groan as he emptied himself inside of you. he pulled out after giving you a few more lazy strokes and then the pair watched as the hot white cum dripped out of your swollen cunt.

    your head spinned as they both praised you for doing so well for them. yunho gave you a quick peck on the forehead before disappearing in to the bathroom to get you a towel. jongho also got up, announcing that he was going to get you some water from the kitchen.

    “wait,” you called after him. jongho stopped in his tracks.

    “what is it angel?” he asked with a hint of concern in his voice. you pouted as you stretched your pussy lips open for him, showing him how big your hole had gotten.

    “want you in here too” you pleaded, swirling the rest of yunho around your cunt. “want your cum too...wanna be filled with you both.”

    jongho felt dizzy at your request. he was a little worried that you might be too exhausted after yunho to continue, but who was he to deny you? without another word, jongho began unbuckling his pants, kicking it off on the floor with haste before joining you in bed. he laid on top of you and you wrapped your arms around his neck, greeting him with a kiss. his cock was being pushed up and down your folds, making you moan into the kiss.

    “please, don’t tease” you begged, barely sounding audible. “I want you now.”

    jongho was falling apart from your begs. he lined himself up with your cunt and slowly buried himself inside you. his thrusts were slow and calculated, trying hard not to hurt you. he always treated you like a delicate flower. even the way that he kissed you was soft and gentle. he was conscious of every movement, knowing how easily he could get carried away with you and tear you apart. as much as he liked to see you with tear stained cheeks and puffy red lips as you cry that you can’t take it anymore, he just couldn’t do that to you himself. he liked taking his time with you and being sweet to you, so much so that he couldn’t bare seeing your lips quiver and eyes water all because of him. that’s where yunho comes in. he didn’t mind watching you become a mess on him instead. he thought you were just beautiful when you cry like that.

    your legs wrapped around him as he went deeper inside of you. you heard the shower turn on, thinking yunho must’ve heard your moans and aborted the towel plan so that you two could be alone. jongho’s lips left yours and made its way down to your nipple. your heart swelled over the soft plump lips latching onto your bud. he gave it a few sucks before swirling his tongue around the hardened peaks. he mumbled sweet nothings into your skin as he quickened his pace.

    “you’re so soft baby...so pretty like this.” jongho pressed a kiss onto your eyelids, sort of as a way of apologizing for all the tears you shed for his entertainment. he gave you three more pecks, one on your forehead and one for each of your cheeks before reuniting with your lips again. your fingers combed through his hair, heart full with how sweet he was being with you. you loved whenever he made love to you. jongho was always so affectionate and knew just how to make you feel good. he worshiped all of you, making sure not a single trace of you went untouched.

    “jjongie, I’m-”

    “I know” he cut you off, “me too.” he traced his thumb over your clit, making slow circles over your tender flesh. you whined as you held on to him tighter, both of you getting closer and closer to your peak.

    jongho’s thrusts got sloppier and he was starting to lose his composure. his hips jerked before finally reaching his climax. you watched him with starry eyes, smitten with how beautiful his orgasm face looked. your ears buzzed at his sweet moans, wishing he’d never stop cumming so that you could listen to them longer. your mind was so absorbed with your infatuation with jongho that you didn’t even realize you came too.

    you snapped out of it once you felt the sting of overstimulation come over you. jongho continued to fuck his cum, and some of yunho’s cum, back into you. you twitched under him, making him thrust one last time before pulling out of you.

    “so messy” he purred, gently rubbing the lewd mixture on to your swollen clit. you shivered at his touch, grabbing his hand and pulling it away from your cunt. his fingers tangled into yours and he pulled your hand up towards him, placing a soft kiss on the back of your hand. his kisses trailed up your wrist, to your arm, to your shoulder, and finally to the crook of your neck. you sighed, feeling your eyes get heavy. jongho gave you one last kiss on the lips, humming as he watched you drift off to sleep.






    taglist: @jin-neck-shaft  @dandyboyseungminnie @kitty4hwa

    please let me know if you want to be removed from the taglist. if you want to join my taglist, please make sure your age is visible on your blog before asking (18+ only)

    #so nervous to post this one idk #so many people liked the first part #so im worried this part might not be as good? #jongho smut #jongho x reader #yunho smut #yunho x reader #ateez smut #ateez x reader #ateez scenarios
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  • nnsfwskz
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Ok I loved your skz nightmare reaction, can you please do the same for Ateez? (Been reading your Masterlist again and OMG it’s so good!)

    thank you <3

    ゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 kim hongjoong

    he’d be so concerned. immediately turing around and engulfing you in his arms. his hands would run over your back, halting every now and then so you can feel the warmth through the fabric of your pyjama and his lips would brush over your ear as he tries to calm you down. he’s also the type to demand that you always wake him up when you have a nightmare because he doesn’t want to let you suffer alone.

    ゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 park seonghwa

    another sweet boyfie. maybe he would be a bit more confused and doesn’t react immediately, but as soon as he notices that it’s really a bad nightmare and not just some dreaming you’re on top of him in an instant. he’d lift you onto his body to be as close as possible, his lips would trace alongside your neck leaving little kisses that are barely noticeable. his voice vibrating against your skin as you listen to his heartbeat.

    ゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 jeong yunho

    yunho would take your hand into his, tracing the skin and putting it to his mouth to leaves kisses all over it. starting from the tip of your fingers and working his way up your arm till he gets to your cheeks, a fond smile on his face as he listens to the little giggles leaving your mouth. !type to kiss away your tears if needed!

    ゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 kang yeosang

    ‘talk to me my love. tell me everything’ would listen to you talk all night if that’s what helps you, letting out sounds of understanding every now and then. his hands lightly brushing over your sides as he occasionally presses little kisses to the top of your head. also the type to tell you the most random shit to distract you. and to hear your laugh because that makes his heart swell.

    ‘did you know that the heart of a shrimp is located in its head?

    ゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 choi san

    this man would jump out of bed the second you tapped his shoulder to tell him you had a nightmare. he wanted to make you a tea or warm milk with honey but of course he wouldn’t want to leave you alone. so he would tell you to get up and give you a piggyback ride to the kitchen. and you best believe you guys would sit there all night, just talking and having midnight snacks.

    ゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 song mingi

    confused baby but turns on the protective mode as soon as he feels your body shudder in his arms. will either lay you on top of him, lay himself on top of you or spoon you so tightly you think you’d might suffocate - just trying to get you as close to him as possible. will make you do different methods to calm you down, like he will 100% try to control your breathing and also make you name random things you can feel.

    ゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 jung wooyoung

    will literally push your head onto his chest, so it lays underneath his but you can also hear his calm heartbeat. his hand would caress the skin on the back of your neck as he whispers against your hair lightly. words barely audible but he makes sure you can feel the vibrations against your cheek. woo is also the type to really lighten the mood be either poking your cheek or just simply saying funny stuff.

    ゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 choi jongho

    another protective boi, i think even the most protective one. like when i’m telling you he’d be so clingy i mean c.l.i.n.g.y. he’s hands would not leave you and he would not leave your side even on the next day. if you’re up for it at night he would do an absolute pamper night (if not it’s gonna be the next evening). we’re talking, putting face masks on each other, bathing, painting your nails. whatever jongho can do to make you feel better believe he will do.

    #anon <3#ateez#ateez imagines#ateez reactions#ateez scenarios #ateez soft hours #ateez drabbles #kim hongjoong imagines #park seonghwa imagines #jeong yunho imagines #kang yeosang imagines #choi san imagines #song mingi imagines #jung wooyoung imagines #choi jongho imagines #kim hongjoong#park seonghwa#jeong yunho#choi san#kang yeosang#song mingi#choi jongho#jung wooyoung#reaction#drabbles#scenarios#soft thoughts#blurbs#smut
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  • international-kpopfan
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hey babes, can you do ateez reaction of backstage bj?

    Hi love,

    Started not horny, but ended up horny by just writing it!

    I hope you like it!

    big kiss,


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  • songmingisthighs
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    introduction pt. i | pt. ii | pt. iii

    << previous | masterlist | next >>

    ch. xvii - mail ordered douchebag

    soulmate!yunho × reader

    fated and marked, soulmates are supposed to be your destiny. you are connected to him by his heart and him to yours. but despite the cosmic or even divine intervention, you felt that he is not wholly yours. why is destiny so cruel to you?

    Yunho stood behind your door, not knowing what to do so you opted to just stand there and listen in quietly. Despite Beomgyu saying that he was coming, you were contemplating on dealing with Yunho yourself. But to be honest, you were at a clear disadvantage.

    Anxiety bubbles in your chest. You had counted the seconds in your head and you concluded that the last time Yunho rang your bell was 2 minutes ago. You crouched to the floor only to see the shadows of Yunho's legs through the gap between the door and the floor.

    You were so deep in your own headspace, that the sound of knocking surprised you so much that you yelped loudly and fell backwards. You had hoped that by being silent, Yunho would just give up and go away. But apparently, fate thinks that your life is a very amusing sitcom and it takes pleasure in laughing at you.

    On the other side of the door, Yunho was actually staring at your door with a conflicted expression. He had been contemplating and frankly his decision to visit was very much impulsive. The main reason for Yunho's visit was actually because of his guilt.

    Being honest to himself, Yunho was actually guilty for the things that he had said to you. Was he guilty for not visiting you? Initially no, because he thought that you might need time to just be with yourself and not have him around. Though after knowing that there might be something medically wrong with you, his guilt doubled. Yes, it's not good that he didn't feel guilty for not visiting you in the first place. But what can he do? He was preoccupied. During the time he was taking care of Somi, he barely got time for himself. He woke up earlier so he could get to his office earlier which allows him to clock out earlier too. After that, he would spend the rest of his time with Somi in her hospital room until visiting hour was up.

    Though there were times his mind would wander to you while he was with Somi. He'd think about your well being, about who you're spending time with. He had even checked in on your feelings through the soulmate mark on his arm. Sometimes he could feel your sadness, sometimes it was worry, and sometimes it was monotonous. He had to admit when he realized you hadn't been happy in a while it freaked him out a bit.

    Hearing you yelp from the other side of the door, Yunho both panicked but feel hopeful. Had you come to the door to meet him? Is this where you both reunite?

    "(y/n)?" Yunho called out.

    God, how you missed his voice.

    For a split second, you had forgotten what he told you back at the hospital and you almost opened the door to let him in. But the pain in your chest was back, reminding you that he had hurt you.

    "Please (y/n), I wanna see you, I'm worried," Yunho continued as his fist softly rapped against the wooden door.

    Your heart skipped a beat at Yunho's admission of care. It was the very bare minimum yet it made you feel butterflies in your stomach. You don't know if the butterflies were a bad thing or a good thing. All you know at that moment was that from your soulmate mark, you could feel that he was genuinely worried.

    Before you could give in and open the door, someone else had stepped into the hallway, hearing everything Yunho said.

    Beomgyu scoffed loudly which caught Yunho's attention immediately.

    Hearing one of your best friend's voice calmed you down slightly. At least you wouldn't have to deal with Yunho alone. But what you didn't take into account was how mad exactly was Beomgyu to Yunho. Sure, in front of you he would throw jabs and mean remarks which you can assume is just the protective side in him. But behind all that, when it's just him, San, Yeosang, and even Liz, he voiced out and expresses the hatred he has for Yunho. Which was both surprising and not surprising at the same time. Beomgyu had actually liked Yunho in the beginning. A little too much maybe. But after seeing you being so down with the way Yunho treated you, he began despising your soulmate down to the bones.

    The taller man turned around to face Beomgyu who had his hands in his red plaid pyjama pants. Despite him wearing an oversized hoodie, Yunho can see how broad his shoulders actually are. The childish, baby-like face definitely causes a lot of misconceptions about how big Beomgyu actually is.

    "Worried? NOW you're worried?" Beomgyu smirked at Yunho. He took small and slow steps forward before he ended up being face-to-face with Yunho. "Do you know how stupid you sound right now?" he asked with an eyebrow raised.

    Yunho furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He felt his left eye twitch slightly in annoyance from Beomgyu's question. "Stupid? I didn't know being worried about my girlfriend is stupid," he said.

    At Yunho's words, Beomgyu let out a loud sarcastic laugh which surprised both Yunho and you who at this point had been looking at the whole scene through the eye hole on your door.

    "Do you seriously think that (y/n)'s your girlfriend? With how you treat her?" he kept laughing before slowing down and stopping. The way Beomgyu was acting was unsettling to Yunho. He was truly scared of what Beomgyu can do. At this point, Beomgyu looks rather crazed. "Hey, buddy," Beomgyu's choice of word to call him made Yunho's fists balled in annoyance, "you might be her soulmate, but me, San hyung, Yeosang hyung, Liz, and even Wooyoung hyung could have been more of her boyfriend than you ever had," he spat out.

    The words thrown struck a nerve in Yunho. Partly because he does believe that it was true and it hurts to have them pointed out like that. But also because of how Beomgyu was saying it to him. "Watch it, Beomgyu," Yunho said lowly.

    One of Beomgyu's eyebrows was raised at Yunho's warning which doesn't really work on Beomgyu. "Or what?" he asked the older man. Beomgyu stepped forward which made Yunho step backwards. It was unnerving how the younger could intimidate Yunho so much without even having to take his hands out of his pockets. "You really think," one step, "that at this point," another step, "you have any say in anything?" another step, "and you had the nerve," another step, "to threaten me?" one last step before he stopped because at that point, Yunho's back had collided with the wall behind him.

    "I should be the one threatening you... Hyung," Beomgyu said, spitting the word Hyung just to further stress his disdain for the older guy. "How could you act so cavalier when you've hurt (y/n) over and over and over again? You never think of her feelings and for fuck's sake you could easily feel her feelings through that fucking mark you both shared," Beomgyu's voice had gotten louder and Yunho's body froze in absolute fear over how loud Beomgyu had gotten. "You're a selfish bastard, you know that?" Beomgyu added in a lower tone, almost like a whisper.

    Yunho furrowed his eyebrows, thinking that he had heard wrong. But his soul almost left his body when Beomgyu suddenly slammed the wall right next to his head very loudly that the sound echoed in the hallway. If looks could kill, the unbreaking glare Beomgyu gave Yunho would've immediately put Yunho 10 ft underground.

    Seeing the whole ordeal, you immediately open your door and went to grab Beomgyu's hand that was on the wall. The sight of you made Yunho's heart skip a beat. But it clenched slightly when you didn't even spare him a glance, only focusing on Beomgyu as if Yunho wasn't even there in the first place.

    "Gyu, no, okay? Come on, let's go inside now," you pleaded, pulling him towards the opened door of your apartment.

    Although he was moving, letting you pull him away, Beomgyu was still glaring at Yunho.

    Once you were almost inside your apartment, Yunho felt his stomach drop. He was so close to talking to you, yet he was so far.

    "(y/n)," he called your name and for the first time in a while, both of your eyes met. While his held hope and longing, slight pain, and regret, your eyes only have despair and sadness. The look you gave him was like a harsh slap to his face, a clear proof of how much you had been hurting. Yunho pride himself on being a good guy, someone who could never hurt people intentionally. So, as selfish as it sounds, the way you looked at him actually hurt him. He looked like he was going to say something to you os before he could let anything out, you immediately shook your head at him, indicating that you don't want to talk before you retreated with Beomgyu inside your apartment, leaving him all alone in the hallway with the sound of the closing door echoing along with Beomgyu's words in his head.

    Alone in the empty hallway, Yunho felt really alone. The coldness he felt wasn't from the external emptiness but it was from within him. He had been doing the wrong thing all this time and it dawned on him how much of a jerk he had been.

    Judging from the interaction that just happened, he finally realized that it is very much possible for you to leave him and there will be people supporting you, going as far as preventing him from ever seeing you again. As much as he wants to deny it, he had to acknowledge that he HAD not been fair to you especially when Somi was involved. Maybe it was the sight of you comforting another man who had been defending you that wasn't him, but he hates the idea of you interacting with someone like how you did with Beomgyu. That should have been him.

    Straightening up, Yunho looked at your door, hoping he could hear what was going on inside. But he knew it was futile. If it were up to him, he would've tried to talk to you again just to see how you are. Then again, he'd risked REALLY getting his ass kicked by Beomgyu and he don't know if his pride could endure it.

    So he walked away after sparing that last glance. Maybe he really does need to give you some time to just work at your own pace.

    Besides, although you could leave him, it's not like anyone's going to come and convince or even steal you away, right?

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