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  • shandian-go
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    [SPECIAL ORDER] Haikyuu!! Artbook by 龍膏肓

    Deadline: Jun 3, 2022 at 9:00 PM EST

    How to order

    To order, please go to the Order Site, select the ‘Taiwan Orders’ category and browse for the item you’d like to order. If you have never joined one of my group orders before, please read the Guide + FAQ and register before signing up!

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  • roobgumball95
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    sakuatsu on a first date and atsumu gets sakusa flowers and sakusa (before hes given the flowers) is like ”yeah i FUCKING hate flowers, thank god you didnt get me any flowers, thered be no more dates if you got me flowers” and atsumu, unlike most fanfiction, is not understanding. instead he immediately takes the flowers out from behind his back and shoves them into sakusa’s arms and just “TAKE THAT FUCKFACE!” yeah theyre really used to be rivals

    #sakusa admits that’s when he realized he was in deep later #sakuatsu#sakusa kiyoomi#miya atsumu#haikyuu#hq
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  • atsumwah
    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    lovesick!atsumu who's literally pouting when he finds out he has to be away from you for a game and you can't come see him due to your work.

    who keeps his phone on full volume just in case you called (he'd answer in a heartbeat) or text (he'd text you back immediately regardless of where he was.)

    who has a habit of looking in the stands for you and feels disappointed when he doesn't see your beaming smile cheering him on.

    who smiles timidly even though they won, but can't feel extremely happy seeing as his number one fan wasn't there.

    who keeps looking at the clock when his coach was giving them a rundown of today, everything going in one ear and out the other, counting down the seconds he has before he can go back to his room and talk to you.

    who blames the timezones when he realizes how far apart you two were. who literally waits for when you wake up, right on the dot , before he calls.

    who sits cross legged on his bed, phone in front of him, as he anxiously waits for your icon to pop up for his usual call.

    who's on the first flight back despite being in a place he's never been at, that he definitely needs to explore more, but where's the fun in that when he can't share that with you.

    nothing but lovesick whiney adorable tsumu on my mind tonight.

    #this also came from weightlifting fairy #that one scene w jun hyung #AHH I LOVE MY BOYS #atsumu fluff #atsumu x reader #miya atsumu x reader #msby atsumu#atsumu miya#miya atsumu#hq atsumu #weightlifting fairy kim bok joo #hq fluff#haikyuu fluff
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  • katsoon
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    good late morning

    #❥ — diary #my to do list on here is short for today #but i’ll put it in the tags for someone to hold me accountable #kai. finish that atsumu drabble TODAY #you have like almost nothing else to do #so it shouldn’t be hard
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  • i-thirsty-boi
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Yandere Sakusa X Atsumu (moderately canon compliant)

    ~A/N: Heyo! I was trying to find some stories like this, but sadly there weren't many and most of them weren’t that good structure and grammar wise. I plan to try my best to make something y’all will like, so give me more prompts for more oneshots to make of this! I want this to be a oneshot book of this concept, but I want you guys to give me more things to work with for more content for me to produce. (Posting it on AO3, Tumblr, Quotev, and Wattpad) Comments are appreciated!

    CW: unhealthy behavior/relationship, controlling behavior, dubcon handjob, stolkhold syndrome

    Plot: They meet in high-school at the Japan youth camp, and it was pretty standard at first. But then Sakusa started feeling new and intense things as the years went on. Once they’re finally reunited on the MSBY Black Jackals team, it starts to get a bit… off. Sakusa tries to make a strategy so that Atsumu will HAVE to stay with him, forever. Because he won’t accept anything else. He knows he has to make this work, for his sake and Atsumu’s.

    Word count: 14.9k words

    (Sakusa’s thoughts in italics)

    It was the time of year for the Japan youth volleyball camp. There were a wide variety of boys showing up, though none lacking in any skills. This was where the meeting of these two boys would take place, even if it was innocent at first. 

    Everyone had finally arrived and now it was time for everyone to meet after setting up in their rooms to start playing. Everyone was heading down to the gyms they were supposed to go to and it just so happened that there was a very interesting combination of people in a particular gym. These people included Kageyama Tobio, a first year that’s clueless in most things non-volleyball, Hoshiumi Korai, an ace that was skilled but not vertically gifted, Motoya Komori, a bushy-browed libero, Sakusa Kiyoomi, a prickly ace that was incredibly talented, and Miya Atsumu, a gifted setter with a very unique personality. 

    They were an odd bunch to see together, but it didn’t go too badly. They were getting along fine, even with Sakusa being how he is. They had to adjust to working with one another on the court, but that happened pretty quickly and the practice games went on. Nothing really eventful happened until they had a break for dinner. The players previously listed had made the decision to sit together to eat, despite the protests from Sakusa. They sat with Kageyama, Hoshiumi, and Motoya on one side of the table and Sakusa and Miya on the other side. The conversation was one where they were trying to get to know each other better. They had gone through topics such as interests, hobbies, and stories about how they started playing volleyball, but then the topic of friends and family came up. 

    “My team’s very chaotic, especially Hinata. He always finds a way to impress me and annoy me simultaneously,” Kageyama said while reflecting on the people he has befriended on his team. He had already shared about his sister Miwa a little bit before that. “I don’t talk much with people, but Motoya is my cousin,” Sakusa said so he wouldn’t be interrogated for sharing later in the conversation when Kageyama and Hoshiumi already did. (A/N: I don’t know much, if anything, about Hoshiumi so bear with me here) “Yup! What Sakusa said is right! We’re cousins,” Motoya said, putting his 2 cents in between bites. “Yeah, I gotta twin brother named Osamu. Looks just like me so we dyed our hair to stand apart from each other. Drives me crazy, but I kinda have to love ‘im,” Atsumu said. The people at the table weren’t really surprised to hear that because there’s a reputation for the ‘Miya Twins’. 

    I wonder if his twin is as loud as he is. This thought was happening while the rest of the table was talking, although it was noticeable that Atsumu was unintentionally the loudest one there. That was because of the ear problems he had in his childhood from being the slightly smaller twin at birth, thus giving him more health problems when he was younger. Though once he realized how loud he was being he toned down the volume of his voice. He just got quieter. Did he not notice how loud he was before? This was what got his attention from the conversation happening around him. Not the words being said, but how someone who had annoyed him a bit from how loud they were talking suddenly lowered their voice as if they finally noticed just how loud they were being. This is what got his attention and made him start to subtly observe the boy next to him.

    There isn’t much to note about him on the surface. But he gets more interesting the more he shares. He had noticed this after he tuned back into the conversation happening. He didn’t know what was drawing him to the boy next to him exactly, but it was a new thing to him and he didn’t know if he liked it or not. He didn’t know if it was attraction or just intrigue of a new person he had never met before. He didn’t know what he could be feeling, but he wanted to find out without any outside interference, so no asking Komori about it. He quickly went through a mental checklist of things to try to narrow it down to something he could make sense of. He didn’t know if he was physically attracted to either gender, so he didn’t think it was that. He didn’t know anything about romantic feelings, but he wasn’t sure they felt like this. He could just be intrigued about a new person, but he didn’t want to ask any questions and didn’t care all that much about Kageyama or Hoshiumi. If it wasn’t any of those things, then what was it. It just made him have a headache, so he left the table early to go shower and made an excuse about the cleanliness of the bathroom to not be questioned further.

    All of this is so confusing. How can identifying a feeling or emotion be this tiring?! I have time to figure this out, this training camp is still a few more days. Throughout the camp he just observed Miya subtly to try and figure himself out. However, Miya was trying his hardest to get to know me so I stuck to the act of pretending to be annoyed by him. He knew it wasn’t getting him anywhere to be so cold to him, but he had to keep up his usual behavior so people wouldn’t be suspicious of him. Before he knew it the training camp was over and he was no closer to figuring out this mystery feeling. 


    The rest of his highschool career passed by with minimal new interactions with Miya and it was bothering him that he was still putting so much effort into figuring out what was up with his feelings. The next time he actually got to talk to him was at nationals and it was pretty brief. Though he was pretty confused on why he started to get flustered by Miya teasing him about the mask he was wearing, he felt like he was one step closer to figuring it out, even though embarrassment was part of the process. 

    He was onto something. And he would hold onto this encounter to get closer to his revelation of why he had been feeling like this for over a year. But now he was graduating and he had to choose to immediately go into pro volleyball or go to university to get a degree first. In the end he let his family convince him to go to university first. And while he was there he kept track of what Atsumu was doing in his career. The friends he made throughout university had caught onto his “stalking” and started teasing him about his crush on the setter. And that bit of wording had floored him mentally. Do I actually have a crush on Atsumu? I didn’t think so because I had ruled that out years ago but now I’m not so sure. He had spent a solid month of his last year in university thinking about it and he had concluded that he did have a crush on Atsumu just about this whole time. Once he realized that simple little thing, he started spiraling downhill. Fast. 


    Once he was done with his university finals and was finally graduating he made the effort to make sure he got to try out for the team Atsumu was on. He was GOING to be on the MSBY Black Jackals and finally be with Atsumu. He’d make sure of it. And once that happened, he wouldn’t let him go. EVER. 

    He had tried his best at his tryout to make sure he impressed them so he would get a place on the same team as Atsumu. He was almost in physical pain waiting for a confirmation on if he made it in. Once the response came he almost cried in joy that he would be around his Atsumu for the first time in years. But he knew that he had to come up with a strategy to make sure his Atsumu wasn’t suspicious of him and that he wouldn’t reject him. He had to make sure to space out his advances enough that Atsumu would fall for him too and he could secure his man for, hopefully, the rest of his life. He had to be ready to make sure no one would call him out before he made sure Atsumu felt the same way as he did, at least somewhat. 

    Once he had his celebration and strategizing session, he had to prepare himself mantally to act like he was annoyed by his love, but he knew that was the way it had to go first. Even though it would hurt him to do it. He knew it was necessary for his plan to work out in the end. 

    He was ready. He had to be.


    Finally, my first day of practice. I can finally reunite with my Atsumu. I hope it’s not too hard for me to not immediately act out of character no matter how excited I get to see him. He took a deep breath before opening the door to the practice gym for the Jackals. Once he opened the door he was immediately assaulted with noise from two people that he only vaguely recognized. They were already swarming him to introduce themselves so he didn’t need to wait long before getting reminded of their names. Hinata Shoyo and Bokuto Koutaro. He remembers hearing about both of them, but he had been too focused on his Atsumu to really pay attention to anyone else at the time when he interacted with either of them. Then his love came up and said the sweetest thing he had ever heard. “Hey guys. Omi-kun’s not too big on people bein’ so close to him. Maybe back up a step or two there,” Atsumu said, not realizing that he had just made things worse for himself with those two tiny sentences. Kiyoomi had to try his hardest to not hug him on the spot, because that would be way too odd for him to do at that time. “That’s true, I don’t like being close with people I’m not familiar with. Thank you Miya-san,” Kiyoomi said to slightly correct his love to make sure he knew that he could be close to people he knew. This would help him cling to his love in the future without major questioning. But he also immediately noticed the other two got this determination in their eyes, like they wanted to make sure they could be close with him in the future as well. He didn’t really want to be close with those two because of how unconsciously loud they were, and they didn’t fix it like Atsumu did. He didn’t have to try to be annoyed at those two.

    He didn’t get to talk to his love anymore before he was forced to introduce himself to everyone before warmups. But then he got to play with his Atsumu during practice. It was almost euphoric for him to spike the sets given to him specifically from his love. He knew that Atsumu’s sets were slightly different for every spiker and he felt all warm thinking about how his love had set a ball especially for him, with his style in mind and everything. He had to swoon secretly to not make people question him. He and his love weren’t ready for that yet, but he would be starting to push him in the right direction ASAP. A little acting like he was oblivious and some manipulating, and Atsumu will be in his arms within a year. It will kill him to spend that time without his love, but he has to go through this now so that he can have exactly what he wants later. He needed to make sure to not fuck this up. 

    The rest of the practice went along the same kind of way. With Atsumu just being his normal self, and Kiyoomi twisting it into being special in his head. He just wanted his love to be thinking of him, hopefully in a positive way that could be manipulated into something more in the future. He had been, trying to, subtly observe Atsumu the whole practice, and while the man in question didn’t notice some of the others there did. Hinata and Bokuto went out to eat with Atsumu and Sakusa after the practice, and showers of course. They had been waiting to bring it up with Atsumu, but they needed to wait for Sakusa to not be at the table for it. When he finally left to go to the bathroom, they finally brought it up. “Hey, Tsum-Tsum, Sakusa-san was lookin’ at you a whole lot durin’ practice,” Said Bokuto. “Yeah, he was looking at you kinda intensely whenever you weren’t looking at him,” said Hinata. They had said it pretty fast while keeping watch to make sure Sakusa wasn’t on his way back to the table yet. Atsumu seemed to look visibly confused at these words. “No I didn’t notice anythin’ weird about Omi-kun today. I knew him in highschool and he was always a kinda intense person. But I can see why you would think that considerin he has a habit of observin people. I guess I’m just used to bein looked at by him, even if it hasn’t really happened since we interacted in highschool,” Atsumu said oblivious to how it would be taken by his table-mates. 

    They both had looks of incredulous shock on their faces. They both couldn’t believe that Sakusa had been watching Atsumu like that since they had met. Sakusa thought that he wasn’t also being observed, but these two had noticed it right away, surprisingly with their usual personalities. They had immediately noticed how he looked at Atsumu. He wasn’t annoyed at all, like with just about everyone else, he looked at him like he was his world. It was such an affectionate look in his eyes that he tried to hide from everyone, but it was more obvious than he thought. Along with the overly loving look in his eyes, he also looked like he was scheming, making a plan for something. And they were worried for their friend with the other context clues of the situation that they observed. And to make it worse, Atsumu was completely oblivious to all of this, not seeming to notice any of the odd behavior from Sakusa. And with that thought down, they saw Sakusa walking back to the table. His gaze immediately went to Atsumu with an overly fond look in his eyes. But he quickly changed his expression when he looked at the other two at the table. Like he was trying to not be suspicious to them.

    The rest of the meal was kind of awkward, which was confusing for Atsumu because he didn’t know of anything that would make it awkward. He just knew that the energy of the table had changed when Omi got back from the bathroom. He thought that maybe the conversation while he was gone was what had happened to the two in front of him and Omi, but he couldn’t quite figure out why. He knew that Omi liked to observe people, plus it was in the nature of the sport, so he didn’t see a problem with Omi looking at him throughout practice. Plus, he had gotten used to it during the ‘getting to know you’ phase in their teen years. He didn’t think that it was very weird, as a lot of people that are somewhat anti-social do it. He couldn’t figure out a problem with the behavior, so he just elected to ignore it because it wasn’t a problem to him. He just didn’t know that he wasn’t correct with this thinking yet. 

    After the subtle fiasco that was that lunch, they had all decided to part ways, but there was something that Sakusa wanted to try before he could be alone for the rest of the day. He started to walk up next to Atsumu to ask him something. “Hey Miya-san, would you like to come over to my place to hang out and catch up. Since we haven’t talked in years,” Sakusa said, very hopefully. While he was waiting for an answer, he was practically sweating with nerves. “Sure, Omi! That sounds nice, bein able to catch up after so long,” Atsumu said while giving a soft smile. Kiyoomi’s heart just about burst looking at it and he was celebrating inside for the opportunity to spend more time with his love. He gave a slight smile to that and told Atsumu that he would lead the way there. 

    It hadn’t taken all that long to walk to his apartment building, and they had to take the elevator up to his floor as well. Sakusa was having an almost out of body experience while going to his apartment, because in such a short amount of time, he and his love will be alone together. He almost can’t believe it. He made sure Atsumu couldn’t see him pinch himself to ground himself back into reality. Oh god. I have to act like normal around him right now. I can’t overwhelm him now, or else my whole plan might not work out how I want it to. This was just something that could be part of the process. Afterall, the more time spent with his love, the faster it will go in some aspects of it. He could establish casual touching now. Yeah, he can make sure that Atsumu knows he’s comfortable around him and start with the casual closeness and touching. This is such a wonderful opportunity that I didn’t even plan out! But I still have to do this carefully. 

    They both finally made it to his door, and he set about unlocking it. He fumbled with his keys a little bit because he was nervous. He acted like nothing happened to make sure his love didn’t think he was being weird, but also because he was embarrassed that he had almost dropped his keys because Atsumu was there. Atsumu himself didn’t think that anything happened to be embarrassed about. He just thought that Kiyoomi didn't have that good of a grip on the keys at first. He was just ready to hang out with someone he hadn’t seen in a few years, but had a liking to. He liked Kiyoomi because he had never spoken to him like he was stupid, as a lot of people have done before. A lot of people, when he unconsciously spoke a little too loud, spoke to him like he didn’t know how to handle himself, even if he adjusted his volume before anyone made a comment about it. But Kiyoomi had never done that. Kiyoomi had been annoyed by him in the past, sure, but he had realized the effort he put into accommodating others and appreciated it. 

    At that point Sakusa had gotten the door open and had formally invited Atsumu into his apartment. The apartment was nice. It looked modern, but homey, and Atsumu loved it. It was his favorite style of interior decorating. Sakusa saw how Atsumu reacted to seeing his apartment and was overjoyed at seeing how much he liked it in his expression. He was proud that he had satisfied his love with his living space without consciously trying. To him this proved that they were meant to be. He had to fight the knee jerk reaction of swooning over his love, but managed to do it to maintain the illusion of normalcy for his Atsumu at that time. 

    “So whaddya wanna do Omi?” Atsumu asks as they settle on the moderately large couch. Although not on different sides. That’s because Sakusa had subtly put him towards the middle and then sat close to him on the couch. So close that their thighs were almost touching. Atsumu was shocked that Sakusa was sitting that close to him and got flushed from the contact. He looked over at Kiyoomi to see if he noticed the situation, but he looked as normal as ever. He seemed to be the only one that was affected by the sitting arrangement, so he had decided to ignore it, because it seemed so normal and casual for Sakusa. Then he remembered that Sakusa had said that he could be close with people he knew and was comfortable with. And he was glad that he was comfortable enough with him to be this close physically.

    Meanwhile Sakusa was doing no better mentally. It was a risk doing this this early into our relationship, but it seems to have paid off. It seems since I acted like it didn’t affect me just as much as him he accepted it as normal for us. It’s so hard to not blush from being this close to my love, but it needs to be done. He looks so cute blushing like that. And it looks like he remembered the closeness comment because he looks happy about it. It makes me so happy to know that he’s happy to be close to me. “We can watch something on the tv while catching up, and maybe have some dinner later,” Sakusa suggested, really hoping his love will stay with him for the rest of the day before leaving him again. But the good thing is that he won’t leave him for so long again. If I get my way, he won’t ever leave me again.

    “That sounds good ta me, Omi-kun. What would you wanna watch?” Atsumu asked. He wanted Sakusa to be comfortable around him, and he had no problems being courteous to someone he’s known for years, even if they haven’t been especially close. This question made Kiyoomi internally swoon even more at the fact that his love wanted to make sure he was happy around him. He already knew that they were meant to be, but it was amazing to have this sort of confirmation. He knew for sure that he could get Atsumu to love him, and maybe with the pace it is now, sooner than he had originally thought. He’ll definitely be mine within a year, and maybe sooner. 

    While he was thinking about how soon he could have his love be his, he was scrolling through Netflix looking for a good movie to watch with him. He had decided to look through the horror movie selection because, as cliche as it was, he knew that Atsumu wasn’t a big fan and would get scared enough to seek him for comfort. Plus, there were some that he really DID want to watch, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. From the corner of his eye, he could see how hesitant Atsumu was at his selection, but he chose to ignore it for now. “I’ve been wanting to watch this for a bit now, but now I have someone to watch it with. It’ll be more fun than watching it by myself,” he said to provide some reasoning and comfort to his love. He didn’t want him to think that he chose this purely to make him uncomfortable, because he knew that Atsumu wasn’t a fan of the genre. 

    “That’s fine Omi-kun. I said I’d let you pick, and I’m not gonna take that back now. Can I have a blanket though? It helps me with this stuff,” Atsumu said, being completely honest. What he didn’t know is that Kiyoomi was internally freaking out over how cute he was. He wants a blanket to feel more secure while watching a horror movie? That’s absolutely adorable. Sakusa didn’t say any of this out loud, just got up from his place on the couch to go get one of his personal blankets to give to Atsumu. He wanted the feeling of comfort during the movie to be associated with himself and his scent. And if it worked, he would be ecstatic. 

    While he was gone from the room, Atsumu was, just a little bit, freaking out. He had Sakusa sit that close to him on the couch as if it was the most normal thing to do. And he hadn’t judged him for wanting a blanket to cuddle into during a movie that would unsettle him. That man was boyfriend material. But Atsumu didn’t feel that way about him at that moment. Sure, he was gay and Sakusa was attractive, very attractive, but he hadn’t talked to him much in the years that they didn’t see each other. They didn’t talk at all in those years, but Atsumu was just shocked that Sakusa felt comfortable around him to even get that close, or to suggest hanging out alone together. He was pulling himself together when he realized that he may see himself having a crush on Kiyoomi if their relationship continues like this. But that’s exactly what Kiyoomi wants. 

    When he came back with the blanket, he immediately looked at Atsumu on the couch. He looked like he was deep in thought, and he was blushing very obviously. He just walked behind the couch and dropped the blanket over Atsumu’s head. The blanket he chose was big, soft, and very obviously smelled like the cologne Kiyoomi wore on a daily basis. That was a standard feature in how he smells at this point. He was very amused by the fact that Atsumu immediately started struggling under it, like he was fighting the blanket off while trying to get out from under it. He just decided to help out after about 3 seconds of watching it. By just lifting the blanket from Atsumu’s head. When it was suddenly not there, Atsumu looked at him and snatched the blanket to wrap around himself in silence, but he started blushing again. Cute. 

    He just sat down directly beside him again, with their legs one shift away from touching, and smirked at his love. That earned him an exaggerated gasp from Atsumu, who now knew that he got trapped within a blanket on purpose. He lightly smacked Kiyoomi’s arm before making a blanket cocoon around himself while Sakusa had loaded up the movie. He then asked Atsumu if he wanted anything to drink and stated that he was going to get himself some water. He got the answer that water would be fine, and left to go get them some drinks in his kitchen. However, a devious idea formed while he was filling his own glass with water. He had some melatonin pills that were tasteless, because he sometimes had trouble sleeping and the tasteless ones were preferable. So he took one of them and crushed it to mix in with Atsumu’s water. It wouldn’t knock him out, just make him tired and more suggestable to some light cuddling during the movie. This was the best way to make sure it would happen, other than the genre that his love hated.

    It worked out just how he wanted it. Atsumu had drunk all of the water within the first 25 minutes of the movie, probably to distract himself. And about 20 mins later, he was visibly tired and had started to nod off and lean towards Kiyoomi. Kiyoomi himself was ecstatic that he was going to lean on him in his sleep, that he trusted Kiyoomi enough to potentially fall asleep on him. He didn’t do anything until Atsumu’s head made contact with his shoulder. He just put his arm around his love’s shoulder to have some casual cuddling while the movie was playing, and he loved it. Atsumu wasn’t a small person by any means, but he was smaller than Kiyoomi and fit perfectly in his arms. He only halfway paid attention to the movie from there on out because he wanted to soak in the moment with his love. 

    He spent the rest of the movie cuddling with Atsumu on the couch, but not to the extent that he would wake up and be upset at the level of touching. What he had done was hug him the entire time after he unconsciously made physical contact with him. But Sakusa wasn’t complaining, oh no, he was so overjoyed that he got to have this time with his love. And he didn’t do anything to harm him to make him sleep. Just gave him a common sleep aid, not any kind of hard drug. Just an over the counter supplement to help people with insomnia. Overall, the day had gone great for Kiyoomi with how much of it he got to spend with his love. Since it didn’t seem like Atsumu was going to wake up soon, Kiyoomi gave him a small kiss on the top of his head. He was correct in assuming that Atsumu wouldn’t wake up from that because he didn’t seem to start to stir at all. However, he unconsciously moved towards Kiyoomi afterwards. That was something that Kiyoomi let himself blush at though. He knew his love was adorable, but he didn’t realize it was to this extent. He was just so happy at how the day had gone, that he completely forgot about the strange encounter with Hinata and Bokuto at lunch that day.

    It was only a few minutes later that Atsumu started to wake up and, needless to say, he was confused when he did. It took him a minute to remember where he was when he fell asleep. When he woke up he was confused because he wasn’t in his apartment and he took a moment to remember that he was at Sakusa’s. When he remembered that detail he noticed the position he was in, Sakusa was wrapping one of his arms around him while Atsumu’s head was on his shoulder. He was still half asleep, so it took him some time to start questioning why he was sleeping on Sakusa. He didn’t remember falling asleep, but he did remember feeling tired towards the beginning of the movie. 

    “Omi-kun, what happened? How are you okay with this?” he asked because he had yet to move an inch from when he woke up. He had begun to sit up and detach himself from Sakusa, but Kiyoomi just hugged him a bit tighter to stop him from moving. This befuddled him because this isn’t how he remembered Sakusa acting with anyone in the past. 

    “You fell asleep during the movie. You started leaning on me and it didn’t bother me because I know you and am close with you. I normally don’t like touching people or people touching me, but I don’t have that with you. I don’t mind being this close with you,” Kiyoomi said the blankest he could. He wanted to be blunt, but nonchalant about it. This would lead to this becoming normal between him and his love. He really hoped this would lead to them being this close more often because he could start manipulating earlier if they did. He just wanted, and needed, to plant the ideas in his head that he loves Kiyoomi. That way their relationship will be mostly normal in the end. Because if he didn’t end up loving Kiyoomi on his own… he’d have to force it. And that will be a mess because of all the people his love is very close with. Especially considering he has an identical twin that he speaks with every other day on a normal week.

    The trouble with making sure he doesn’t just isolate his love long enough for him to fall for Kiyoomi is, ultimately, going to be the many people he’s very close with and interacts with daily. This isn’t a huge problem, so it can be worked around. He’s already started to insert himself into Atsumu’s life, so that’s what he needs to keep doing to make this work in his favor. Being on the same team now will give him ample opportunities to monopolize Atsumu’s time. He wants to be the most important person in his life, like Atsumu is for Kiyoomi. The only thing that could get in the way of that is Osamu, considering just how close the twins are. From the very first time he met his love he knew that they were very close. You didn’t hear about one without the other, always the Miya twins, not Atsumu or Osamu by themselves. That wasn’t a problem back then, but it could definitely become a problem now. 

    I can figure out a way to work around it. I just need to get Osamu’s approval so he won’t become a problem that can’t be fixed in the future. This was the thought process that went down while his love was still processing the information of what his situation was during the movie and the declaration of how close they were. At first there was a blank, but confused look on Atsumu’s face, but after about 30 full seconds of that, his love’s face became a bright cherry red. He looked like he was embarrassed about it, but also flustered. He wondered if he was starting to have a crush on him already and that was why he reacted like that. God, Kiyoomi hoped so. He really wanted that to be true so he could have his love be HIS a lot sooner than initially planned.

    Atsumu had started stuttering out words that could form some sentences, but never quite got there. “Sorry I fell asleep on ya Omi-kun, I didn’t think I was that tired,” Atsumu finally got out after trying for most of a minute. He couldn’t figure out what to say at first because he didn’t expect to fall asleep at all, much less leaning on Sakusa. He didn’t know if he had accidentally overstepped a boundary that he wasn’t aware of yet, so he apologized for it. However, Sakusa just looked confused at his apology. 

    “I told you I don’t mind being this close with you earlier. In fact, I actually enjoyed the physical contact with you. I consider us close enough already because of our history together, and I don’t mind when family or close friends are this close to me,” Kiyoomi explained in the plainest tone he could. He had to not give himself away by sounding desperate or too fond already, but he still had to establish a relationship between them to speed up the casual contact. He really wanted to keep touching his love like this in the future. It would make him sad to not do this stuff from that point on. 


    Things kept up like that for the next few months. Kiyoomi kept actively initiating hangouts between them, and he always ended up cuddling his love by the end of their time together. During this time Atsumu also seemed to be developing some sort of feelings for Sakusa, but he didn’t want to mention anything for fear of making Sakusa uncomfortable. Of course, Kiyoomi noticed this development and was ecstatic about it. This meant that he could initiate the beginning of a relationship between them before slowly opening the doors to the more unsavory parts of his desires with his love. Although most things he wants with Atsumu are normal things, just more intense than normal, and the others were just some toxic behaviors that he wouldn’t have to let his love know about unless absolutely necessary. He just wanted his love to be all his, and he couldn’t let anybody interfere with that. Ever. 

    And during this time Bokuto and Hinata were observing these developments from the sidelines. They still didn’t have a good feeling about how intense Sakusa was when it came to Atsumu. They didn’t have any reason to not trust the guy, considering they could see he didn’t want anything bad to happen to their friend, but he also didn’t behave like a normal person in regards to him. They could tell Sakusa was in love with Atsumu, and that Atsumu was gaining a crush on Sakusa, but they’ve also already noticed some flaws in the mask Sakusa usually wears to hide how jarring his feelings for Atsumu were. He didn’t think they’d notice all the glares sent to people who looked at Atsumu at all outside of games, when it’s to be expected. He hovers so close to him so often that’s almost impossible to see them separate at this point. They’ve seen him go through Atsumu’s belongings when he’s not in the room, along with his phone. It was bad enough that he just casually invaded someone’s privacy, but the looks he gave Atsumu really rubbed them the wrong way. He looked at him with such an unnatural and intense love in his eyes, it was honestly kinda creepy, but also like he wanted to devour him. Like he wanted to smother himself with Atsumu and then never let him go. 

    They were just really worried for their friend and the fact that he hasn’t even started to pick up on any of these things. He was completely oblivious to how wrong the love Sakusa felt for him was. He didn’t notice a damn thing wrong with any part of how Sakusa was with him.


    Since the situation had been moving faster than expected, Kiyoomi was ready to try asking Atsumu out. He was ready and believed his love was ready to move their relationship to the next level. He had planned another movie night with Atsumu, like their first time hanging out when Kiyoomi joined the team, to tell him. But, he also has a plan for if it doesn’t go his way.

    He had to get everything ready for his love to come over tonight because he intended for tonight to be special for both of them. He got some blankets for the couch, some extra pillows too, just to make it extra comfortable for the movie they’ll be watching. He had already made dinner for them and it wasn’t too long before his love would arrive. It’s Atsumu’s turn to pick the movie for the event, so he’ll work with what he’s given for finding the right time to confess and start their relationship. He would’ve chosen another horror movie to induce some cuddling, but he can do that with the movies his love enjoys as well. It would just be Kiyoomi initiating it instead of Atsumu. He’s nervous, but he’s initiated cuddling before. He just wants tonight to be perfect. 

    With everything ready, all that was left was to wait for his love to arrive. He knew it wouldn’t be long before Atsumu showed up, but he was still getting impatient. He just wanted his love to be his already. Fully. With that thought, there was a knock on his door. He just about sprinted to his door, but took a moment to collect himself before he opened it to see his love with a small smile on his face. It made his heart rate pick to see his love smiling at him like that.

    “Hey, Omi-kun!” Atsumu said with full enthusiasm, excited to spend time with Kiyoomi. He didn’t know that there was any other motive for being invited over than just hanging out, so he was acting as normal as ever. And this gave Kiyoomi hope that everything would work out well in the end, and that his love would accept him from the start. He didn’t want to start their relationship off with bad feelings from Atsumu about it. But that would only happen if his love doesn’t like him back NOW. He knows Atsumu will love him back eventually, it's just a matter of when in their relationship that happens. 

    “Hey, Atsumu,” Kiyoomi said with a world of fondness in his voice and a small smile to go with it. He couldn’t help it that his favorite person was going to be his by the end of the night, and that the things leading to that were going to be happening soon. He led Atsumu into his apartment, let him take his shoes off, then steered him towards the couch. “Pick a movie while I go get us both water,” he said to make sure that the movie would be ready by the time he came back into the room. He wanted to start the event he had planned as soon as possible, and having the movie up and ready would help that. So, he went into his kitchen and poured two glasses of water, then steeled his nerves and started back into his living room.

    When he made it back to the couch, Atsumu had a movie loaded up on the tv, and was making his way back with his favorite blanket for these hangouts. This was already going swimmingly for Kiyoomi’s plan. 

    Once his love took a place on the couch, Kiyoomi sat as close to him as was socially acceptable. A distance that will be gone later. 

    As the movie started, Atsumu was actually paying attention to the movie, and Kiyoomi was paying attention to Atsumu. He knew that his love wasn’t paying him any mind because he was into the movie he picked, so he took his time to savor the sight of his love completely relaxed and happy in his home. Hopefully their home soon. He was confident that he wouldn’t  be rejected and his feelings would be returned. Although it wouldn’t matter either way.

    As the movie progressed, Atsumu slowly realized that Kiyoomi wasn’t paying attention to the movie. Although he wasn’t sure why he was staring at him. He was pretty sure that Kiyoomi had been staring at him the whole time. If he was being honest it made his stomach feel weird, and he wasn’t really sure if it was a good or bad feeling. He just needed to figure out what to say to Kiyoomi to figure this situation out. 

    “Hey Omi-kun. Am I more entertaining than the movie?” Atsumu said jokingly, but also wanting to know the answer. Now what happened after he said this, he never would’ve guessed. Kiyoomi was processing the words while slowly leaning closer to Atsumu without realizing. He looked his love up and down, then seemed to think about what his answer would be.

    “In a way. I just like looking at you more, considering you’re beautiful,” Kiyoomi stated with complete sincerity. He really thought that his love was worth more to look at than some dumb movie. He hoped that the reaction to these words would work in his favor so that he wouldn’t have to do something drastic to have his love. The reaction was delayed, but he had hope. Even delayed, the reaction was beautiful to him. Atsumu slowly has the prettiest blush come onto his cheeks, then just locked eyes with Kiyoomi was an expression of shock and awe on his face. He looked like he was flattered but doubting the words. To show he was serious he gently put a hand on his love’s cheek with the most lovestruck look on his face. He let all of his emotions show on his face and in his eyes, to clearly convey that his words were the truth. 

    Without a rejection, he leaned even closer and connected his lips with Atsumu’s. He wasn’t put off by having no reaction from his love at first. He knew this was shocking for him. He just slowly put more passion into the kiss to coax Atsumu to kiss him back. It took a bit, but eventually Atsumu began to kiss him back. With that sign, he moved his hand to the back of Atsumu’s neck to deepen the kiss further. As they kept kissing, Kiyoomi slowly moved them so he was above Atsumu, and his love was laying on his back on the couch. The kiss started to get more heated and Kiyoomi put one of his legs between Atsumu’s in an effort to get closer to his love. This led the kiss to progress even further as Atsumu put his arms around Kiyoomi’s neck to pull him closer. 

    They broke apart for air and just looked at each other while panting with half-lidded eyes. While they were catching their breath, Atsumu started to run his hands through Kiyoomi’s hair. They didn’t start kissing again, but just ended up resting their foreheads together while absorbing the moment. And it was this moment that Kiyoomi knew for sure that he wasn’t going to ever let his love go. Ever. 

    “What’s this mean for us now Omi?” Atsumu wondered out loud, because he knew there was going back from this. Things were definitely going to change from this moment onwards. While he was getting lost in his thoughts, Kiyoomi was just admiring his love while preparing to declare their new relationship. 

    “This means that we're together now. You’re my boyfriend Tsumu,” he declared with confidence. He was entirely serious about this, he couldn’t not have his love by his side any longer now that he’d come this far. He was feeling good about the fact that his love’s blush just darkened, but there was also just more shock on his face with this new revelation. 

    “W-what? What do you mean?” he asked with a voice full of confusion and disbelief at the statement that was just said. He was in shock. He didn’t really expect this as the outcome of coming over to Kiyoomi’s today. As he was having these thoughts, a darker expression fell over Kiyoomi’s face. Atsumu quickly picked up on this and tried to put a little bit of space between them. This just caused Kiyoomi to hug him closer to his body. 

    “It means that you’re mine now. I love you and I won’t let you go now that I have you. You belong with me,” Sakusa said with complete sincerity laced with anger. Just what isn’t he getting? I made a move and he didn’t reject it in any way. He’s obviously just confused right now. He’ll accept it eventually if he doesn’t get it now. 

    These words just made Atsumu panic more. He was confused, a little scared, and was currently being held down on the couch by Kiyoomi who was hugging him as close to his body as possible. It wasn’t as if he’d necessarily be opposed to dating Kiyoomi, but this was very sudden for him. He just needed to calm down and try to talk this out with Kiyoomi before things escalated any further. “Hey Omi, just listen for a minute. I’m not rejecting you. I would like to date ya, but this happened so suddenly, it kinda panicked me. If we just slow this down a little bit, it’ll be fine,” he said slowly but surely, to get the words across and the point taken. This seemed to calm Kiyoomi down a little bit.

    Kiyoomi just blinked at that. He was happy that his love was accepting, but the request to slow down didn’t make sense to him. Why would I slow down now that I have him where I want him? However, slowing down doesn’t mean we can’t start a relationship now. He would use this loophole to his benefit. “We can slow down if you want, Tsumu, but I still want to start a relationship with you,” he made sure his want was known, very clearly. There was no chance of a misunderstanding. 

    These words further calmed Atsumu down. He was comforted that Kiyoomi would slow his pace to accommodate him, but knew that the paces they both wanted were different. He guessed that he could come to a compromise to go slightly faster than he had pictured to be with Kiyoomi. He would just have to adjust. Though he wasn’t sure why he had such a bad feeling about all of this. 


    Their relationship continued like that for the rest of the season. With Kiyoomi wanting more than Atsumu was comfortable with, but compromising anyway. Although, he didn’t quite notice all the things Kiyoomi did when he wasn’t paying attention. Such as give death glares to anyone that looked at him for, what he deemed as, too long. Actively take his attention away from people to monopolize his time. Subtly isolating him from most people, excluding the team, his brother, and select friends from highschool, I wouldn’t want people getting suspicious if Tsumu just randomly cut contact with them, so they’ll have to stick around for a while longer. Plus, slowly desensitizing him to casual touches and intimacy, especially in the form of PDA, he’s always touching Atsumu in some way while they’re in public. 

    These behaviors have been noticed by the team and other close friends/family of the two. Hinata and Bokuto only became more concerned for Atsumu as time passed, considering they knew that the feelings Sakusa had for him weren’t quite right. They only wanted the best for him, but didn’t want to interfere when there’s nothing obviously wrong with their relationship. The rest of the team were just shocked at how Sakusa was behaving in the relationship, because he was very much the opposite with everyone else. Komori was just shocked that Kiyoomi was willing to be that close with someone, and he didn’t see this coming at all. He was almost offended that his cousin didn’t even tell him that he was interested in Atsumu before starting a relationship with him. Suna was surprised that Atsumu was the sane one in that relationship, given that Sakusa had glared at him while he was talking with Atsumu more than once. But Kita had had conversations with Atsumu on the phone cut off early, by Sakusa, everytime that they had them.

    And Osamu was annoyed with it. In a couple ways. First off, he was annoyed that his brother’s time with him was being cut short by Sakusa, considering they both had busy lives and had limited time together as it was. Secondly, the time they do spend together isn’t just them anymore, Sakusa is always with Atsumu. Then he has the nerve to glare at him for joking around with his brother like they always do, as if he’s doing something wrong. And finally, he feels like Sakusa is trying to keep his brother away from him. And he has a bad feeling about the relationship as a whole, like he can sense there’s something wrong with it, but can’t exactly place what it is. He just hopes that nothing bad will happen. 

    Though, he can’t help but observe the pair sitting in his restaurant. His twin was peacefully eating the food he got, while Sakusa was holding onto him. He just didn’t understand. How could Sakusa be so different with everyone else, but treat his twin like that, like he was perfect. He didn’t expect Sakusa to be so fond of PDA, and while he didn’t mind some PDA here and there, it was a constant for those two. But Atsumu was never the one initiating it, at least from what he’s seen. He’s amazed at how Atsumu is so casual about being held so tightly while eating, and the only complaint was that the way Sakusa first held him was preventing him from eating comfortably. But Sakusa didn’t let go, just adjusted the way he held Atsumu. It was just weird to see that his twin wasn’t the clingy one in that relationship. 

    Atsumu, on the other hand, was just mildly annoyed at the current situation. He was just trying to eat his onigiri, but Omi has his arms tightly wrapped around his waist while still sitting beside him. Don’t get him wrong, he loves his boyfriend, but he just wants a little bit of space sometimes. He’s fine with being touchy and all, but he’s getting exhausted with the constant presence of Kiyoomi in his life EVERY day. Like, he just wants a few days to himself at this point. Maybe with the people he doesn’t get to be around often because of all the time he spends with his boyfriend. He doesn’t like being alone, but he’s been seeing nothing but Kiyoomi since they started dating. He’ll have to talk to him about it later, because there’s no way in hell Omi will spend the night without him. Lovely.


    They were on their way to Kiyoomi apartment, because they’d stayed at Atsumu’s last night and they both had clothes at each other's apartments already. Atsumu was deep in thought on how to bring up his want of spending time with other people for a bit without upsetting Omi, because that happened everytime a topic like this came up. Hopefully the reaction to it won’t be bad.

    They had both changed into their pajamas, which were just sweatpants and comfortable shirts, and were laying in bed together. He was currently clutched in Kiyoomi’s embrace again, and while he liked it, it was getting annoying. “Hey Omi. I wanna talk to you bout somethin,” he says quietly. This causes his boyfriend to look at him curiously, waiting to hear what he has to say. “I love spending time with and being around you, but I still wanna hang out with other people too. It’s not that I don’t wanna be around you anymore, but I would like a day to myself here and there. And maybe a day in the week to be able to hang out with our other friends, or Samu too,” he finished. He was anxiously awaiting the response from Kiyoomi and praying that it wasn’t a bad one. 

    Kiyoomi's face was blank, but he was fuming internally. What brought this on? Was someone putting these thoughts in his head while I’m not there? This needs to be dealt with. Quickly. He had to think for a little bit on how to respond to this question. If he said something wrong, that could impact how his love thinks of him. And he didn’t want Atsumu to be mad at or annoyed with him. “I think I understand what you’re saying. I guess I can give up some days for that, but not our off days. Those are for us,” he said this very tentatively. Because he didn’t really want to give up any time with his Tsumu, but he would just make sure that still got the most time with him by claiming the days off that they have. He’s not willing to sacrifice much time with him for other people, but since his love requested it, he’ll give up the days where they’re already around other people.

    While the words didn’t exactly please him, he was relieved that he could have time for other people. Atsumu just smiled softly at Kiyoomi for the compromise he made for him. He was still annoyed at this, but he knew that his boyfriend was trying. “Thank you honey. I know that this will be tough, but I really appreciate this,” he said with complete affection and sincerity. After that, he just laid his head on Kiyoomi’s chest and started drifting off to sleep. 

    Kiyoomi was just taking the moment in. Even if he didn’t want to give up his time with his Tsumu, he just realized that giving up that time was only going to bring them closer. Even if I hate this, this will only benefit me. This will make my Tsumu trust me more since I showed that I can compromise with him. If he’s already this happy about this, I will only get more affection because of this. He fondly looked down at his Tsumu who was now sleeping on his chest. He started to run his fingers through his love’s hair until he went to sleep, content with his decision. 

    He was correct in assuming that giving up some time with his Tsumu was going to get him more affection. It’s been about two weeks since he made that decision, and his love had been giving him more attention and affection during their time together since he let him have time with other people. He’d just have to work around that in getting him even more attached to Kiyoomi so they stay together naturally. Although, in the end it doesn’t matter to him if it happens naturally or not. 


    This continued for a few weeks, and Kiyoomi was getting frustrated in their relationship. He wanted to move a step further in the relationship. He loved everything about his Atsu, but he wanted to move further from just physical affection. He just really wanted to get closer to his love like that. He would bring up the idea of getting more physical the next free day they have. 

    They were cuddling on the couch in Kiyoomi’s apartment when he decided to bring up the topic of sex. “Hey, Atsu. I wanna ask you something.” Atsumu just turned more towards him and hummed while still watching the show they had on. “I was wondering if you’d be interested in having sex soon,” Kiyoomi stated, with the starightest face. This had floored Atsumu. His mind had gone blank, and he started blushing furiously. 

    While trying to come up with some kind of response, he had just been stuttering. He didn’t know where this question had come from. He didn’t think that Kiyoomi would bring something like this up because he didn’t think there was anything missing in their relationship, but apparently Kiyoomi wanted more. “Um, what? Where did this come from? This seems a little soon to me Omi,” he somehow managed to get out in his embarrassment. 

    Kiyoomi’s eyes had narrowed at Atsumu’s reaction. He thought it was somewhat late in their relationship to bring this up, considering they’d been dating for a few months now. Or at least to further the physicality beyond kissing and some mild touching. He sighs before speaking again. “Atsu, I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now. I think, with how long we’ve been together now, that we should move forward a bit. I want to be closer to you in those ways, Atsu. I want more ways to show you how much I love you,” this was said with the utmost sincerity and fondness. He just kept looking at his love with the most love in his eyes.

    Atsumu, on the other hand, was just shocked. Not only did his boyfriend want more in the relationship than he did at the moment, but that he’d thought it through before bringing it up to him. He also knows that he will probably compromise on this as well. He took a deep breath to prepare himself to respond to that. “Okay Omi. Since yer so sure of this, we can discuss this more later. I can’t say I want to go all the way yet, but we can work up to it, since I’m not exactly comfortable with it right now.” This was the best he could do at the moment. A compromise while setting boundaries. 

    This made Kiyoomi very happy. He just fell more for his Atsu because of how caring he was. He was always willing to compromise with things, even though it also pisses Kiyoomi off that he can’t just have what he wants right away. However, better things have come from playing the long game with his love. I’ll just have to try to make this good enough for him that it’ll go faster. Luckily I got the chance to get experience in college before I devoted myself to my Tsumu. I know I can make this amazing for him.


    They had been doing the same thing for the past week now. Whenever they were together at either one’s apartment, Kiyoomi would initiate a kiss and gradually deepen it as they went. This always ended up with him feeling up Atsumu as well. This seemed pretty tame but progressive for a week of progress. Though, Kiyoomi thought they could go a bit farther tonight. He would make sure of it.

    Atsumu had just shown up to his apartment. They were going to have dinner then watch one of the food shows they liked on the couch after. They were making onigiri together, and Kiyoomi had gotten some fatty tuna for his Tsumu’s and umeboshi for himself. They were just casually chatting while the rice was cooking. He thought he would surprise Atsumu with his plans. After all, he would be focusing on making his Tsumu feel good. Hopefully, if all goes well tonight, he’ll want to move a bit faster with this stuff. I just need to make sure this is AMAZING for him. 

    With that thought, the rice cooker went off and they started assembling their dinner. Once they were done, they brought their food and water to the couch to eat while watching their 

    show. Kiyoomi tried to stay calm, so he just took some deep breaths to slightly calm himself while eating. They spent an entire episode just eating their dinner with some light chatting. Afterwards, they had started cuddling on the couch, meaning that Astumu was leaning on Kiyoomi. 

    While they were laying like that on the couch, Kiyoomi had put his arms around Atsumu and was resting his hands on his stomach. He let his hand rest there for a bit before slowly caressing his love’s stomach, moving them towards his hips while doing it. When he arrived at Atsumu’s hips and settled his hands there for the rest of the episode they were on. 

    When the next episode came on Kiyoomi started to caress Atsumu’s hips and kiss his cheek and neck. Atsumu was a bit surprised at this. He thought his boyfriend was just being affectionate, but now it seems like his intentions were something else. While he was lost in thought, Kiyoomi’s hands drifted closer to his inner thighs. Once he dipped his hands between his thighs to touch Atsumu’s inner thighs, it shocked Atsumu into paying attention to his hands. He rubbed circles into his boyfriend's thighs before rubbing them over his original target. Atsumu gasped as kiyoomi’s hands rubbed over his dick. As he tried to sit up, Kiyoomi’s left arm came up around his stomach to keep him in place as his right hand stayed rubbing his dick over his clothes. 

    Atsumu had to sit there for a minute to process the situation before talking. “Omi! What are you doing?!” At this point he was slightly panicked. He didn’t expect this and he couldn’t get up. 

    Kiyoomi kissed Atsumu’s temple before talking. “Calm down Atsu. I just want to make you feel good. Will you let me make you feel good?” He stopped kissing his love to look at his reaction to the words. Although he never stopped the movement of his right hand during all of this. 

    Atsumu was just processing everything, but the constant rubbing was messing with his thought process. It did feel good, so he figured he would let it happen. For now. “Okay Omi. Just stop if I tell you to.” He tried to relax back into Kiyoomi, but still ended up pulling his legs together after bending them a little bit. 

    Kiyoomi was glad that he could continue, but was a bit peeved that his love closed his legs on him. So, he just kept moving his right hand while moving Atsumu’s body up a little. After that he used his legs to part Atsumu’s, propping  his knees up so Atsumu won’t be able to close his legs during this. Once this was done, he pulled his love’s pants, and underwear, down to his thighs for easier access. After that he hooked his chin over his love’s shoulder to look down his body. He spent a minute admiring his love. He was very proportional, and his dick fit with the rest of him. It was about average in length and a little above average in girth. It was nothing to scoff at, but Kiyoomi was bigger and longer. His cock was pretty though. And it seems like he keeps his pubes neatly trimmed.

    He wrapped his hand around it before speaking again. “You’re so pretty Atsu. I love you so much.” He kissed Atsumu’s cheek after that, and started stroking him. He watched for a while as he leisurely stroked his boyfriend’s cock. He wasn’t in a hurry, he wanted his Atsu to beg him for release. He continued like that for a while, until Atsumu was twitching in his hand and his body started to tense up. Instead of following through with it, he settled his hand at the base of his boyfriend’s cock and kept it there. “Atsu, just let me know when you want to cum, okay?” He finished that with a kiss on his Tsumu’s cheek.

    Atsumu himself was in shambles, mentally. He thought his boyfriend would be done by now, but he’d been dragging this experience out since he started. He’d not only gone oddly slow the whole time, but he’d stopped when he was on the edge and wanted him to essentially ask to finish. He was slightly panting at this point and felt oddly exposed even though he’s still wearing his shirt and most of his legs are covered. He was flushed not just from the pleasure given to him, but also the near constant affection from before the whole experience. He was kinda embarrassed by the, almost, pampering this night has ended up with for him. He was confused by the whole situation.

    Kiyoomi had been continuing his kisses on Atsumu while he was winding back down from the edge. He hadn’t moved his hand from its place on the base of his boyfriend’s cock the whole time. He could feel Atsumu’s heavy breathing, but waited until his body relaxed some before moving his hand again. He kept the same pace as before, and continued showering his love in affection at the same time. It didn’t take too long for Atsumu to get near the edge again. 

    Atsumu wanted this to end this time, so he decided to speak up in favor of that. “Omi. I’m ready to cum this time. I want to.” These words were spoken breathlessly. In response to that, his boyfriend sped up the movements of his hand. This was kind of overwhelming at the moment and his vision went white as he tipped over the edge. 

    Kiyoomi was in awe of his boyfriend. The way he reacted to everything was beyond his expectations. Plus, the faces he made during the whole thing had him hard in his pants. Though, that still wasn’t the focus of this at the moment. As soon as he stopped cumming, Kiyoomi took his hand away and started rubbing Atsumu’s sides to help him come down from his high. He kissed his love’s cheek one last time before moving him so he could go get a washcloth to clean his boyfriend. 

    It only took a minute to come back into the living room with the damp washcloth. When he returned to the living room, his love was in the same place he was when he left the room. It seemed like he hadn’t moved at all in the time he was gone. However, he still looked like he was catching his breath and calming down after finishing. He came back to the couch and settled himself back behind Atsumu, then laid him across his lap. After that, he started to gently wipe down Atsumu’s stomach with the cloth. He whined when his dick was cleaned but settled down after it was done and his pants and underwear were pulled back up. He got up again to put the washcloth in a hamper to wash later, then came back to the couch.

    He got the blanket that his Atsu loves to use when he’s here, and wrapped it around him so he’d be cocooned in it. After that, he wrapped his arms back around him and leaned back against the arm of the couch to relax. The cooking show was still on, but it was still just background noise to him. Atsumu seemed to be close to sleep in his lap, and he spent some time just admiring him. He kissed his cheek again before speaking. “Tsumu, you did amazing. Were so good for me. I love you so much.” He said these words with reverence. 

    Atsumu himself was feeling conflicted. He didn’t want it to happen in the first place, but it felt amazing. Physically, it was fantastic. Mentally, it was a chore. However, he supposes if every time it feels this good, and his boyfriend is this sweet to him, he might not mind it all that much. Of course he’s had sex before, but he usually likes to wait a bit in a relationship, to see if he likes the person for everything they are outside of sex first. He likes to think that if the rest of the relationship isn’t lacking, there can be some leeway in the bedroom. But this has proved that his boyfriend is someone that can be good for him in all realms. He just doesn’t like how pushy and clingy Kiyoomi is at times. 

    He’s just gonna choose to go to sleep, relax, and maybe think about this more at a later time.


    In the month after that night their sex lives has escalated to actual sex, and both are pretty happy with it. Atsumu still thinks it happened pretty fast for his taste, but Kiyoomi couldn’t be happier with his life. They’re together the majority of their time, but Atsumu still hangs out with other people occasionally. 

    This has really started to piss off Osamu. Mostly because of how he went from frequently seeing his brother, to barely seeing him once a week, sometimes twice. He was relieved that he started coming in without Sakusa, but the limited time was still infuriating. And he knew that this was bothering other people too. For instance, Hinata and Bokuto have complained about it occasionally to him when they visit his shop. With those two, their partners, Kageyama and Akaashi, have also had comments about his twin and Sakusa. Sunarin, Aran, and Kita have also expressed their gripes about the relationship. Because their already very limited time to talk to Tsumu has been cut short constantly.  He thinks his concerns are valid if this many people can also see something wrong. But it makes him so mad to see that his brother is completely oblivious to the problems, was even happy with the relationship he knows must feel suffocating. He knows he needs to get a word in with Sakusa the next time they come in to try to get some insight into this madness. 

    He doesn’t have to wait long for that because the next day the two come in around close. As soon as they come in he flips the sign in the door to closed and locks it, then focuses his attention on the two in his shop. He doesn’t say anything while getting their usual orders ready. They’ve already sat at the counter, and Sakusa has attached himself to his twin’s side. He furrowed his eyebrows, but kept making the onigiri they like, then some for himself. As he was done, he handed them their food before starting to eat his own. He had to think of something to do to get Sakusa alone out here. 

    As they all finished eating however, Astumu got up and started to head behind the counter. He said he was gonna use the bathroom. Osamu saw an opportunity. And took it. “Hey Tsumu! While you’re back there, could you load the dishwashers and put some stuff away?” He hoped that him doing that stuff would give him enough time to have the conversation he wanted with Sakusa. His twin just nodded before continuing to head into the kitchen area of the shop. He could see some confusion of Sakusa’s face because of the request, and maybe a bit of anger. Which worried him. 

    “Just so you know, I was going to do those things after you guys left, but asked him to do them so I could talk to you about something.” He said to clarify and hopefully calm him down.

    Sakusa was still confused, but nodded and adjusted how he was sitting to face Osamu. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to talk about, but he’d have to listen because his Tsumu wouldn’t be back for a little while. “Alright. What do you want?”

    Osamu had gotten the message that he should say what he wants because Sakusa doesn’t have much patience for him. Unlike with his twin. “Okay…” he trailed off before continuing. “Well. I have some questions for you, regarding you and Tsumu’s relationship. First, what are your intentions with my twin? Why do you hog his free time so much? Why do you cling to him so much? I just want to understand this. This seemed very sudden for me, and I would like to know why I don’t get to see him for more than a few hours a week now.” This was said very quickly and passionately. He wanted answers and just blurted out whatever he was thinking. 

    Kiyoomi was kind of shocked. There weren’t many actual questions asked, but they were going to get a lot of information if he chooses to answer them to their fullest. His shock must have shown on his face because Osamu was looking at him very closely with his eyebrows furrowed. Like he was trying to see through him. He took a moment to calm down a little before speaking. “Okay. Well, I cling to him all the time because I love him and love being close to him. That applies to the taking up his free time as well. My intentions? I’d say they’re different for short and long term. Short term I’d like to have us move in together. And long term I’d say that I’d like to stay together for as long as possible. Maybe get married at some point. Maybe a few years down the line.” And everything he said was honest. Not likely to sound concerning, but still honest. 

    Osamu didn’t know how to respond to that. Because everything made sense, but it still didn’t feel right to him. Nothing that Sakusa said was something wrong to say, but the guarded look in his eyes when he said it put a bad taste in his mouth. “Okay… Well, you’re gonna have to talk to Tsumu about all of that before it happens. I’m glad that you love him so much and want ‘good’ things for him,” he said with faux happiness. He was sincere, but still very suspicious of him. He wants to talk about this more the next time Bokuto and Hinata visit the shop. 

    And with that thought, his twin walks back into the main area of the shop and takes his seat next to Sakusa again. And again, Sakusa immediately latches onto his brother’s side. There’s never anything wrong outwardly with their relationship, but it continues to put him on edge. He thinks about it as he walks into the back after they leave. 


    It’s later that same week after the conversation he had with Sakusa in his shop, and finally Bokuto and Hinata came in at the perfect time for the conversation he wants to have with them. 

    It was almost closing time, so right after they walk in he flips the sign and locks the door before going back to the counter. The two noticed and were a bit confused about the immediate closing after they walked in, but waited to see if Osamu said anything about it. Almost right after he got back behind the counter, he started speaking. “Hey guys. I locked up so I could ask you some questions without being interrupted. I hope that’s okay. If you want to know, I want to talk to you about Sakusa and Atsumu,” he finished quickly. He was slightly nervous for this conversation, but really wanted to have it. 

    The two made eye contact with each other before turning back to Osamu and nodding to show it’s okay with them. They waited while Osamu was making their food, and it seemed clear that he wanted to start asking his questions right after it was done. As soon as they received their food, they looked up at Osamu and gave him their full attention. 

    Osamu took a deep breath before speaking. “Okay, so, I need to ask you guys some questions about Sakusa.”  After he said this, they both suddenly looked much more serious, which made him more nervous. “I’m sure you’ve noticed how he acts around my brother. I want to know what you guys have noticed that I might not have. How does he act with him around you guys and the team? Because I have some concerns,” he finished strong even though he wanted to rush everything out, but only Atsumu understood him when he got like that. 

    They both looked at each other before sighing and nodding. They were finally getting to voice their thoughts on the situation, but not to the person they wanted to. Osamu would have to do, because Atsumu didn’t see that anything was wrong. They were trying to decide who would say something first, so Hinata nodded again and turned back to Osamu. 

    Hinata sighed again before speaking, “Well… I wouldn’t say it’s normal. Even before they started dating, Sakusa has been giving Tsumu these very intense looks. It looked like he wanted to devour him, but also like he was planning something. He also glared at anyone that got close to him. After they started dating it got worse, but also better?” he shrugged before continuing. “Worse because he got even more clingy and almost never leaves Tsumu’s side, even at practice and at games. Better because that means that there were less chances for him to get angry at other people for being close to your brother. We just have a bad feeling about him and the way he acts around Atsumu,” Hinata finished before turning to Bokuto.

    Bokuto himself just nodded to say that he agreed while he was thinking of what to say. He also sighed before he started speaking, “Yeah. We tried to talk to Tsum-Tsum about it before but he was completely oblivious to it all! Said that Sakusa has been watching him and giving him those looks since high school, when they met at that one training camp. Just dismissed it as something Sakusa just does, but he doesn’t do it with anyone else, ever. He’s not even that close with his cousin! Plus, as Shokkun has said already, he sometimes gets this calculating look in his eye that gives me a nasty feeling in my stomach. I want to trust him because it seems like he genuinely loves Tsum-Tsum, but I just can’t!” He throws his arms up as he finishes and puffs out some air in exasperation. He feels better after getting this off his chest, with someone that has a better chance of getting to Atsumu than him and Hinata. 

    Hinata’s eyes widened like he just had a revelation, before hurriedly speaking again. “Bokkun, do you remember the other thing we saw Sakkun doing before they started dating?” He looked so excited while saying this. 

    Bokuto’s eyes also got wide when he remembered the events that Hinata was talking about. “Oh yeah! I can’t believe we almost forgot to mention it.” He was also now excited about being able to share this.

    Osamu was just confused and concerned. Because their attitudes had completely changed on the subject. They looked like they had caught something and were proud of it. This doesn’t exactly bode well for his twin though. “What? What else did he do?” He really needed to know about whatever this was.

    Hinata ended up being the one to start speaking first. “Well! What we saw was Sakusa going through Tsumu’s stuff while he was in the showers after practice. Like, his bag and his phone. He always acted like it didn’t ever happen once Tsumu was around again. We both saw it multiple times. And we knew it wasn’t Sakusa’s stuff because of the charmes on the bag and the phone case!” He sagged after he got it out. Very relieved to get it off his chest. 

    Bokuto just kept nodding the whole time. Confirming it silently.

    Osamu was in shock. He knew his feeling about Sakusa was right! He just didn’t expect this. 

    He just stood there with his jaw dropped before clearing his throat. “Thank ya guys for tellin me this. I’ll make sure to bring this up with Tsumu the next time he’s alone here.” After this was said, the two at the counter got up and started walking to the door. Osamu waved at them before going into the back to wrap things up before going back to his apartment. He was sorting through all of the new information he got from Hinata and Bokuto to decide the best way to tell it to his twin. 


    It’s been a month since the talk Hinata and Bokuto had with Osamu. In that time Sakusa had gotten Atsumu to move into his apartment with him. They’d been honest with everyone about why they were busy, Atsumu was moving. This information just concerned all of the people who had noticed the signs with Sakusa. They felt like they needed to do something about it before it was too late. 

    Sakusa was on cloud nine. He was ecstatic that he could get Atsumu to move in with him so soon from when he had the idea. He brought it with Osamu when asked about his intentions, and they started the moving process two days later. 

    With Atsumu fully moved in, Kiyoomi knew it was only a matter of, at most, two more years before he could tie his love to him forever. The way their relationship was moving, they could be married by then. However, he’s had a feeling that something will happen to prevent that recently, he just doesn’t know what. 

    Tomorrow is one of the days where he was letting Atsumu see his brother by himself and he had a bad feeling about this today, but didn’t have a reason to make Atsumu stay home with him without making himself look bad, so he let him go. 


    When Atsumu showed up at Onigiri Miya, he could almost feel a shift in the air. In anticipation of something. He didn’t know what.

    Osamu. Was. Ready. 

    He really wanted to let his brother know all of the things he had learned about Sakusa. He didn’t want to see his twin unhappy, but he felt like he needed to break them up. Like it was for the best if they weren’t together. 

    He knew he was in the right, but had a bad feeling. 

    Osamu knew that he had the rest of the day with his brother, without Sakusa, so he had already arranged for someone else to close the shop after he made food for his brother. It only took about half an hour before Atsumu was done with his food, and Osamu made sure everything at his restaurant would be fine for the rest of the day. 

    The twins made their way to Osamu’s apartment to hang out there for the rest of the day. And Osamu was mentally preparing to convince his brother to leave Sakusa. It was for the best. 

    It only took them fifteen (15) minutes to reach Osamu’s apartment. When they got there, Osamu got both of them a drink and they settled on the couch. They decided on something to watch and put it on. Then Osamu prepared himself for the conversation ahead of him.

    “Hey Tsumu?”

    “Yeah Samu?”

    “I have something I want to talk to you about.” And when Atsumu looks over at his twin, he’s shocked at how nervous and serious he looks. He just sits up straighter and nods to let his brother know to go on, and that he’s listening. 

    “Well… it’s about Sakusa.” He chose to ignore the look his brother gave him and continued speaking. “I’m concerned because of his behavior with you, now and in the past. Right now, he glares at me whenever we’re just talking to each other like normal, and when anyone touches or gets close to you. I get that he loves you, but he gets too jealous so easily, it’s kinda scary. He also actively impedes on your time with other people. Plus, in the past, before you guys were together, he went through your things. Like, your bags and your phone. I know you’re probably upset, but  just want the best for you!” He had resolutely not let his twin interrupt him during his ‘speech’. Watching the expressions go across his brother’s face was kind of satisfying, he felt like he was even more right watching the ‘correct’ emotions show up on Tsumu’s face.

    Atsumu himself was shocked, and a bit devastated. At this point in time, sharing personal things, like possessions, was normal with Kiyoomi. But hearing that Kiyoomi was going through his stuff, his phone even, before they were even together, he was upset. He really needed to talk to Kiyoomi about this. 


    When he got home, he was preparing himself for the confrontation. He didn’t know if he could handle it, but he needed answers.

    Kiyoomi was confused on what was bothering his love when he got back to their apartment. His first thought was that his brother upset him. And that just made him angry. But he needed to stay calm and let Atsumu come to him to get a proper explanation. 

    Atsumu seems to take his time with putting his things in their proper places. He took some time to get into some comfy clothes before going back into the kitchen, where Kiyoomi still was. He got himself a glass of water, then sat down across from his boyfriend. He just looked at Kiyoomi and sighed. “We need to talk, Kiyoomi.” He said this resolutely, with no room for argument.

    Kiyoomi was sweating by now. Not only was Atsumu upset, but he was apparently upset at HIM. He gulped before speaking, “About what, my love?”

    Atsumu sighed again before continuing, “I learned some… interesting information today. Apparently, you’ve been glaring at everyone around me this whole time? Also, before we even started dating and established boundaries, you had been going through my things? These things make me upset, and I just want to know why.” He finished and looked back up at Kiyoomi and paled at what he saw. Kiyoomi looked angry, downright furious. It really scared him.

    Kiyoomi was pissed. He never wanted Atsumu to know these things. He also knew that his love was very oblivious and had never noticed these things, so someone had to tell him about these things. He took a deep breath before starting to talk, “Listen, Atsumu. I may have done those things, but I can’t help it. I love you so much. I’ve loved you for years. When we finally got reunited, I couldn’t help myself.” While he was talking he got up and started walking around the table to stand beside Atsumu. “I had to do those things. I knew we were meant to be together, and wanted to know what you were up to without me. I needed to know that there was no competition for your heart.” By this point he was leaning into Atsumu’s face, which was very pale at this point. “Everything was going perfectly. You were, are, going to be mine forever. You’re not allowed to leave me, and everyone else can’t see how good we are together apparently. I know you love me, and I love you. We live together, which will make this easier for everyone.”

    “Make… what easier honey?” Atsumu was shaking as he spoke, so scared of the person he thought was so trustworthy. 

    Kiyoomi cupped his boyfriend's face before talking again, “Easier to keep you with me until you accept that I’m right. Because I can’t allow those people you consider so close to keep poisoning you against me.” He finished those words with a kiss to Atsumu’s lips. 

    Atsumu was so stressed and scared that he could feel his body shutting down. He could see darkness edging in on his vision, and he gradually went limp in his boyfriend’s arms, while staring up at the man that he had mistakenly committed himself to. 


    His life had changed drastically when he woke up after that event. He hadn’t been out of their apartment in at least a month, he didn’t even know what excuse Kiyoomi was using with the people that were inevitably asking about him. 

    He was scared, but for a different reason now. He was scared because he was forgetting why he had been so upset with Kiyoomi. He’s forgetting all of the bad things that got him in this situation, and that’s scary. 

    Then again, maybe it’s not so bad to move onto better times with Kiyoomi. Maybe if he gives into this feeling freely, he’ll be able to go back outside?


    ~A/N: I’m not sure how I feel about this one… Anyway! I hope you all liked this! I have more in the works!

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    you go to suna’s instagram account and it’s just selfies with weird filters and the twins fighting in the background

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    also who do you guys wanna see me write for because i have honestly no idea rn so give me ideas

    #don't say sakusa or atsumu i give them too much attention already #i mean you can and i will lol #ೃ࿐ autumn's talks
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    noticing a pattern with my favorite male characters.........

    #i'm esfj so it MAKES SENSE #also atsumu is actually my fav in haikyuu but i also love tsukki so i threw him in there #ROYCE ANGELO SANZO AND LEON ALL BEING THE SAME PERSONALITY TYPE IS WHAT REALLY GOT ME #I AM ATTRACTED TO MEAN MEN APPARENTLY #mikleo thorfinn and akutagawa are my other favs who are not intj so i didnt include them but i love them more than ANYTHING #OH I FORGOT TO PUT RICHARD IN HERE BUT HE IS ALSO INTJ #anyway mbti is fake and the creators were not great people but i have so much fun assigning fictional characters mbti types shfjshf
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    y’all, i’m gonna be the next atsumu miya just y’all wait

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu #hq!! #hq#volleyball #ok for context #i really really want to be a good server #but i deadass suck at serving #but i'm gonna work on that tho #ummm so yeah #now i think about it #this is kind of dumb #but whatever#atsumu miya#miya atsumu#atsumu #it's the same with setting lol #i suck at that too
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    𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐓 𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐂𝐇𝐔𝐏 𝐅𝐎𝐑: @shusbby

    EX daishō ຊ LOVER komori ຊ ADMIRER atsumu


    #🏆: ina milestone! #mai <33 #ex lover & admirer #omg this was fun to come up with bc these these are so similar yet so different!!! #i feel as if once upon a time you were with daishō because you were both influential and powerful people #true love may have been present but the entire time it seemed as a reputation thing #you both seemed very confident and attractive but in the end he didn’t have the same endgame as you #being with komori as a friend really showed you actual care and comfort that lacked prior #it was like surrounding yourself with people like your inner self #komori was that breathe of fresh air #he doesn’t care abt rep or anything!! mans just wants to make you happy and give you your needs #treats you like absolute royalty without letting it get to his head that you’re completely out of his league #but you tend to be someone dramatic in nature and have it up big constantly #which catches the attention of the one and only miya atsumu — who melts immediately because holy shit you’re so cool #obsessed with your confidence and optimism yet being able to be a lil menace on the side #wants to approach you so bad as something more than a friend of a friend of a friend #because he’s just your boyfriends cousins teammate at this point #and what would sakusa do once he finds out he tried to make a move on his cousins partner? #many thoughts — but he isn’t one to think …. is he?? #what will you do?
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    osamu’s type is people w curly hair btw bc he likes doing hair care for u

    #also think to atsumu’s dismay he invites sakusa over to hang out and teach curl treatment tricks #hehehe #love to see it #samu shrine <3
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    # when he misses you most !

    ✫ ft. akaashi , suna , atsumu , osamu x gn!reader

    ✫ a/n: clingy boys and when they miss you :( mention of food in samu's! also unedited bc when do i ever

    ✫ AKAASHI misses you most on late work nights, when the lamp in his office starts to strain his eyes and when his back starts to ache from the countless hours hunched over his desk. he glances at his watch often, searching for the motivation he needs to get through his final edits. and when he finally leaves marks on the last sheet of paper on his desk, he’s rushing out of the building to come straight to you. you know he’ll be extra clingy tonight — not only from his ‘be home soon, love’ text, but also from the deep sighs that left his lips when you called hours ago to ask when he’ll be home. and to no surprise, the second keiji opens the apartment door, he’s coming straight to you, leaning his head on your shoulder and taking in the scent of your shampoo. “god, what a long night,” another sigh leaves his lips. “need to hold you for a bit.”

    ✫ SUNA misses you most when you’re doing anything but giving him all your attention. and it all starts the second you get out of bed. when you're brushing your teeth, you leave the bathroom door open so he can slip in and sit on the edge of the tub, his warm fingers dancing at your waist. and when you go to the kitchen to make breakfast, he's clinging onto you from behind, tucking his face into the crook of your neck and leaving innocent kisses, one after the other. and when you turn around to look at him and give him what he's been waiting for (his good morning kiss, of course), rintaro melts into you, his tall stature shrinking to fit right against you. "you know what i want," he places a soft kiss to your jaw, "so why are you running away, hm?"

    ✫ ATSUMU gets clingy when he's sleepy. he's been trailing behind you ever since he came home from practice hours ago, leaning on the counter while you organized the kitchen, pulling you into his chest when you two settle onto the couch. "baby, i missed ya today," his voice trails off sleepily. "you say that every day," you say, leaning up to kiss his nose. his pink lips pull into a smile. he moves his hand from your hip to your cheek so he can hold your face, kissing your lips once before mumbling a quiet it's true. and you know that exhaustion's about to take over his body when his eyelids droop and his hand falls back to your hip. he rubs circles into your skin with remnants of that pretty smile on his face. you kiss his cheek once, then twice, and his grip on you tightens. "tsum, let's sleep on the bed. it's uncomfortable here." too tired to move, he simply adjusts so your body is between his legs, your head on his chest, and his large palm on the crown of your head to keep you secure.

    ✫ OSAMU misses you most when business is slow, when one or two customers filter into the shop. he thinks about when he first opened onigiri miya, and the big toothy smile on your face as you cheered him on in the kitchen. sometimes, he's grateful for a slow day. it means that he can get some time to himself in the kitchen. and most days, he'll call you as he prepares ingredients, asking you about your day and what you want for dinner that night. today, he sets up his phone by his cutting board so he could facetime you. the excitement in your voice brings a soft smile to his face. "whatcha up to, babe?" he asks, chopping up some ginger. he listens to your rambles, humming to indicate that he's listening. he loves feeling your presence even if it's through his phone. before he leaves work that night, he packs some extra onigiri for you, knowing you'd want to eat them while you sit on the counter as he cooks dinner.

    #hi hello i found these in my drafts from a while ago !!! #i can't remember if this was a request or not sobs but this was fun to write i missed writing hcs so much #did a couple of my favs ! #sayu.writes #akaashi x reader #akaashi fluff #suna x reader #suna fluff #atsumu x reader #atsumu fluff #osamu x reader #osamu fluff #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu hcs#hq hcs#hq headcanons#haikyu hcs
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    “The Present.” (Part 4.)

    We finally end the flashback series and move on to the present. 

    This is a semi-small chapter. 

    We follow y/n to her new life in America. 

    She left Atsumu, the love of her life to try to forget him...

     "Very well, thank you Ms. l/n" says a student who was exiting your room. You look at the time and it was already 3:00 p.m. it was finally time to go pick you up your baby from your sister's home. You pack your stuff in your bag and enter your car.

    It's been three years. Three years since you left Japan to come to America.

      You get a call from your best friend back at home. "Maya!! How are you. Sorry I haven't been able to get back to your calls." Maya was happy to hear your voice. "It's okay, I understand your busy. Where's Benji?" She asks. "I am on my way to pick him up from my sister's." Maya was speaking some gossip and then she gets serious. "When are you coming back? I think you should introduce Benji to his dad y/n. You had more than enough time to think."

    You knew Maya was right. It was never too late to introduce your 3 year old son to his father. "I might end up going during the summer. But I don't know about Benji meeting Atsumu yet." You felt butterflies in your stomach every time you mentioned his name. "Keep me updated, love you y/n." You guys hang up as you enter your sister's parking lot.

    "Mama! Mama!" Your little boy runs towards you as you bent down with happy arms to hug him. "Hi Benjiro! I missed you baby." You give him a peck on his little forehead. You pick him up, grab his belongings and take him to your suv. You put him in his car seat and buckle him up. You handed him his toy and close the door. "Y/n. I think it's time for Benjiro to meet his dad, don't you think?" Says your older sister in a concerned tone. "You can always transfer over there and work from there. Allow Benji to keep close to his father." You nod your head as you were looking towards the ground.

    "Look , I understand. But that was you thinking about yourself back then. Now you have a baby to think of as well. Don't be selfish and take him back. Atsumu also has every right to know. And he can't reject you. That boy is his twin." You laughed a bit with a small tear escaping from your eye. "You have mom and dad over there, so you will always have support. You also have Maya. So don't worry okay?" You hug your older sister and try to agree with her.

    You enter your car and begin to drive back to your small home. You look at your rear view to see your little blessing sleeping. The way he slept , he looked just like Sumu. Every time Benji laughs, cries, pouts, yells, speaks, any little move he did, resembled his father. As much as you tried to forget Atsumu, Benjiro did not help. He was his clone.

    You did think of a day where you take Benji back home and have him meet his dad. But you remembered that Atsumu had a huge career, where baby momma drama was not a worry for him.

    You enter your home and have a sleepy baby in your arms. You decided to call Maya after putting Benji in his bed. "I think I'm going back." Maya could not stop yelling through the phone. "I can't wait to meet Benji! And finally see your milf ass!" You two laugh through the phone.

    You lay down after a quick shower and remember the day you gave birth to Benjiro. You remember the day he was born. It was such a beautiful day. He was such a sweet baby. He was always so happy. And it pained you to know that you were keeping him away from his dad. You named him Benjiro because his name represents, "one who enjoys peace." That boy's life was nothing but peace. You decided that it was now or never.


    I wonder what will happen next.

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  • lssugaluv
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    “It All Started When...”

       Part 3 of the flashback series..  

       Last chapter of the flashbacks. 

       To read part 4, click here: My-First. The present-p-4

    Warnings: Long chapter, smut, one night stand, body praise, going down. 

                                    Flashback to the graduation party.

        It was around 3 in the morning when you suddenly woke up. You saw you still had your clothes in tact but you were confused on where you were at. You decide to step out to only see a sleeping Atsumu on the couch with his arms crossed. He seemed cold. You couldn't help but admire on how peaceful he looked.

      You looked around his dorm for a spare blanket to cover him with. You found one and you accidentally tripped on one of his shoes that he left on the ground. He heard and instantly woke up. He woke up to you on the ground, with your behind facing him. "Why didn't you tell me that you were ready?" He says in a sleepy voice. You couldn't help but become a blushing mess and threw the blanket on him. "That's not very nice y/n."

      "Can you take me home? Or do you still feel woozy?" You ask. "Why won't you sit down and relax for a bit?" He pats the empty side of the couch so you can sit with him.

    "Why did you bring me here?" You ask in a serious tone. "You asked me to leave the party and so I did." He says also in a serious but calm tone. "We didn't do-?" You give him a piercing look. He giggled and says, "no. I just took you to my room because you fell asleep as soon as we got into the Uber." He smiles. "Why would you ditch your own party?" You say. He says, "why wouldn't I? I get to be with someone as beautiful as you. I couldn't let this chance fly." You scoff and finally have a seat next to him. There was distance in between the two of you.

    "How many girls hear that same line?" He pouts a bit and says, "I'm being honest with you." You keep looking at him not sure if you should take him serious or not.

    "How come you never talked to me after our incident?" You ask. "I tried too but I just couldn't get the courage to do so." He says. He continues, "I mean at the time, I had a friend who said he had a huge crush on you. He knew that lots of girls were after me and told me to stay away from you. Because he was my friend, I didn't want to let a simple crush get into our friendship." You look shocked and ask him a question. "So you had a crush on me?" He gave you a sweet laugh and says, "well no, but I did think you were pretty and nice."

    You don't know if it was the small alcohol Left in your body or if it was now that you had the courage to speak up. "I always had a crush you on Miya-San." He looked a bit shocked at you. "Why didn't you ever tell me?" He says after some time of silence. "Well because you were not approachable. We went to middle school, high school, and even to college together. I watched you grow, I watched you practice a couple of times, I watched you date various of girls, and especially, I watched you change. You used to be different but I find you to be a jerk."

    "Woah ! Let's not be mean now." He says with his arms up and a sweet smile. "I'm glad to have this conversation with you though. I can finally let the past go." You say as you begin getting up.

    He instantly grabs your wrist to make you stop. "You can't just confess and leave just like that." He says in a serious tone. His eyes were glittering with the moonlight. It was dim in the living room where you two were at.

    "Stay. You don't have to stay in the same place with me, but just stay. It's dark and late. I'll take you home tomorrow morning." You shook your head and let go of the soft grip around you wrist.

    The eye contact was so intense, you didn't know what to do. It was driving you insane. It felt like he was devouring you with his eyes. You wish you can simply run into his arms and call it a night. But you knew, just like Oikawa, Atsumu was not a one ladies man.

    "Fine I'll stay." You finally break the silence. "Let me grab you a change of clothes." He goes into his room and you follow behind. You hear a vibration by the counter as soon as you entered his room. You saw that it was his phone. "Samu" was the one calling him.

    "Yeah she's here.... No I won't, don't worry.... Tell Maya that I'll take her home tomorrow morning." He hangs up and turns to you. "My brother saying Maya called worried for your sake. They know you're with me. You're in good hands." He smiles at you and you couldn't help but give him a peck on the cheek. He blushes intensely, not know what to do.

    You knew what was to come, and it wasn't a good idea.

    He slowly began to walk towards you as you began to walk backwards. You two reach to the door of the bedroom and he was able to shut it. Both of your bodies were right in front of one another. He wraps his arms slowly around your waist and pecks you on the cheek. He then gives you a small peck on the shoulder and you feel like you're about to melt.

    He goes back up to kiss your ear. He whispered in your ear, "once you give me the okay, I won't know how to detain myself."

    You turn your face to his and with one hand, you put it by his neck. Your lips collided with his into a passionate kiss. You wrap your arms around his neck, showing him your acceptance.

    He grabs both your legs with his strong arms and easily lifts your small body up. You wrap both your legs around his back. He walked back to his bed without ever breaking the kiss. He gently sits down with you still around him. You can slowly feel his buldge forming. You begin to feel a wet sensation down from your underwear. He breaks the kiss and asks one more time. You assure him you're okay with it.

    Atsumu flips you around. Now you're laying on the side of the bed while he's stand in front of you. Using his knees, he parts your legs with them. He forms a section where he can be on top. He goes down to your neck and begins to kiss the bear skin. "You smell so good." You smile while taking in the kisses.

    Truth is, you were nervous. This was your first time ever. You did make out with one or two guys in the past, but it never went like this. He was the one you wanted. Now whatever the circumstances, you couldn't believe you were here now. In his bed. About to have sex with the guy you liked the most.

    His moth began to explore your body. He bag to kiss your cheeks, as well your collar bone area, to your breasts. "May I?" You nod in agreement and he takes off your shirt. "No bra I see." You blush and tell him, "it was part of the fit." He begins to caress your lovely breast while one hand in on the left one and his mouth of the right. He begins to tug your nipple gently with his teeth.  A small moan escapes from your lips. "That's what I like to hear darling." And he goes up to peck you on the lips. He begins to kiss your belly as he goes down to where the trim of your skirt is.

    He looks up to you and before he spoke, you cut him off. "I'm letting you do what you want to me." You avoid eye contact while blushing. He brings his hand to your chin, forcing eye contact. "Now, look at me doll, and say that again." You repeat your sentence, and he began to lift your skirt up.

    He sees your cute black laced underwear on your skin. "These will stay on for now."

    You feel him pull your panties on the side of your fold and he begins to caress your vulva. "You're completely wet. And it's just for me." He begins to kiss your plush thighs and you feel him kiss your vulva. "Before I continue, I need us to have a safe word." You smile and say "fox". He agrees and continues. "Now, don't hold back. It's just me and you, no one else. I want to hear you okay doll." He begins to put one finger in your hole and slowly pumping it in and out. You begin to gasp quietly. "This is only the beginning darling." You can't help but melt at his touch. This was something you were craving. You feel a warm/wet sensation around you vulva. You feel his tongue following the same moments as his finger. He had his tongue slowly circulating your clit while his finger was still pumping in and out in a faster rate. "Cum for me y/n" he says as he kisses your inner thigh. Doing as he says, you finish, and he begins to drink you sweet juices. "You taste delicious." He climbs up to you and begins to kiss you in a desperate way.

    You begin to feel his erection coming from his pants rubbing on your leg. You stop kissing him and look straight into his eyes. "Please Miya-San. I want more." He goes back into kissing you and this time meeting his tongue with your's. He quickly stops to take a breather and then goes to the crook of your neck. He gives you a quick peck and rest his forehead on your's while having small pants. "Your wish is my command."

    Atsumu stands back up as you sit up. You begin to unbuckle just black dress pants and belt. With a little help, those are off. You then proceeded to take off his gray button up and stand up to help him take it off. Your eyes couldn't stop looking at his gorgeous body. Your hands start at his chest as your lips kiss his neck.

    You feel his arms gently around your waist while your hands are now around his six pack.

    When it came to Atsumu having sex, he will usually be a little bit more on the rougher side. Girls were usually already waiting naked for him in bed. He was a lot more on the possessive side. He wouldn't let girls touch him until he let them.

    But with you, he was different. For some reason he saw you as a delicate flower. A flower that he wanted to keep in a vase and watch over it. He wanted to have you all. He didn't know what it was, you guys ever hardly talked throughout your school years. It wasn't your curves, it wasn't your hair, or your smile, it was something beyond that will make him crazy for you.

    He kissed you again with one arm on your lower back and the other in the back of your head. He was caressing your soft long h/c hair. He gently laid you back down in bed and took off your skirt. All you had on were your panties. He continued to explore your body with his mouth. He reached down to your panties and removed them with his mouth. That drove you insane. "Miya-sa." He stoped you with a kiss. "Now Angel, please call me Sumu." As he gave you a sweet grin. "Sumu, please ." You begged and begged. You wanted to feel him in you. You wanted to know what it felt like to have sex with someone you loved. Although he didn't love you back, you didn't care. At this very moment, you will belong to him and him only.

    Atsumu normally likes to fuck. But he knew someone as gorgeous as yourself, he wanted to make love too. He never thought of this with any of the girls he's ever slept with. But he still wonders why he is feeling this with you. "Now sweetie, I want to take my time, is that okay?" And he goes back to peck your chin. You nod your head.

    He pulls his boxers down just to show his long erection. You began to turn a bit more nervous but decided to keep the "I'm a virgin." To yourself. You were afraid he wouldn't want to continue. He was sliding his length slow through your clit and walls. The more he did that, the wetter you were. "I'm most likely going to drown in you." He says as he kisses your shoulders.

    "Stand up for me honey, and move to the middle of the bed." He said in a sweet voice, but with eyes full of lust. You do as he says and he spreads your legs open. "Remember the safe word okay cutie? If it hurts just say it." You smile gently and he slowly began to slide in.

    You were so wet it didn't hurt as you thought it did. He put your legs around his back, while his arms were by your shoulders. "F-fuuccck." He whispered. "You feel so good." He started to stroke his length slowly in and out of your vagina. You couldn't help but moan. You grab his face and began to tongue kiss him like crazy. "You're okay?" He says in between kisses. "Yes" you say.

    He kept going until you felt a knot once again on your abdomen and came once again. "That's 4 times already cutie."

    He puts his head on you forehead as you both close your eyes, taking the moment in. "F-faster please Sumu." He was taken back by your words but does as you say. He slowly pulled out as you gasped a bit. He exits the bed as he pulls your legs to the corner of the bed. He puts your legs by your head, and places your arms under them where he had access to hold them tight. He was happy you asked, because you were driving him nuts.

    He inserts his length in you, this time you feeling him all the way to your stomach. He slowly strokes in as he begins to pick up the pace. "Sumu" you moan with a face of pleasure. "I love how you call my name." He kept speeding the process until he decides to stop and have you sit on top of him in the missionary position. "I want you close to me." With arms and legs wrapped around him, he helped guide your hips with both hands. "Let's come together princess." You start to give him small soft bites on his neck, without leaving any marks. He then reaches to your face while you keep grinding him. "You're doing great doll."

    You give him a sweet kiss on the lips and both of your foreheads are touching each other. You can see his skin from his lean shoulder glisten due to the sweat. You both moaned as you came to your finish. He then finished right after you.

    He has you lay down naked next to him. He still wanted to have that skin on skin contact. "We will shower first thing in the morning." He pecks your swollen lips one more time and says good night. You rested your head on his chest. "Before you fell asleep, you wondered how many times he did this. How many times did he sweet talked girls, praised them during sex, kissed them, and showered with them. He was obviously experienced. He however, felt different. He felt that the sex you two had was meaningful. To him, it was one of the best he's ever had. It was special to him.

      The next morning, Atsumu wakes up to an empty bed. The time was already 11:32 a.m. he searchers all around his dorm for you and there wasn't a trace of you left behind. He had a small hangover but was able to remember the night he had with you.

    You didn't leave your number or address behind. He began to slowly become frustrated. You were the last person he wanted to have a night stand with.

    He decides to change his covers and sees a small red stain on his white bed sheet. Once he saw that, he had to see you. He couldn't believe he took your virginity away.

    You get home and shower right away. Maya left you dozens of calls. She didn't make it home either. After your shower, Maya finally is there. "Where the hell did you go?! We promised to leave together. Never in a million of years will I picture you leaving with Atsumu Miya!!!" She kept going until you had a pale look in your face. "What's wrong?" Maya says concerned. "I lost my v-card to him. What the actual fuck." Both Maya and yourself were at lost for words. "BITCH! What?!" Maya yells. "Please don't yell, have a hangover." You say as you tap your head. "How was it?! Did you guys raw dog it-" she stopped instantly when she saw a blank face coming from you.

    "Maya. We didn't use any protection. We were so into the moment that-" Maya could not contain herself. "We need to call him now y/n." You take her phone and throw it across the carpet. "NO we do not. It was a one time thing and that's it. I want nothing to do with him." Maya looked at you deadpanned. "You have to be fucking kidding me right now." You confused, asked her what she meant. "Y/n , you've been in love with this man since fudging middle school, all throughout college. You finally have SEX with him. He is your first! Someone who you love! And you want nothing to do with him?!" You look away and say, "yeah, but the problem is, it's a one sided love. He's basically a superstar athlete, surrounded by tons of girls! He will never ever settle for me. Probably to him, I was just another part of his fans." Maya gave you a hug and couldn't fight with you anymore. "It's okay baby girl, as long as you're okay. Now you can say you fucked a famous person when we see him in the big screen." You both laugh to lighten up the mood.

      2 months have passed after that night and you were on your way to fly out of the country. You were on your way to pursue your career in America. You decided to start a new life over there, but promised Maya you'll come visit. You wanted a future away from Atsumu. Where he wouldn't come out on every magazine, every tv commercial, come out on the jumbo screen. But you couldn't really escape him.

    You were one month pregnant with his child. When you found out, you began to cry. Hard. You didn't understand why you guys didn't talk about using protection. Luckily, your parents were understanding and were excited for the baby's arrival. You obviously didn't tell them everything, you had to create some white lies. You told them that you and the father decided to part ways.

    Now, you're on your way to start a new life with your new baby, who his father has no clue about. You knew it was wrong, but you were afraid of rejection.

    You'll rather have the baby not know his/her dad rather than their dad rejecting him/her. As Maya and yourself exchanged your last hugs, you made her promise to call you everyday. You also made her promise not to ever ever ever mention anything about your baby.

    As soon as you were about to walk into the check in, he was there. That beauty of a man staring right at you. You felt your heart drop and feel like it was just you two at the airport. He began to walk towards you while your feet were glued to the ground. "Y/n!!" You hear him say in a desperate tone. Once he reaches you, he asks you one thousand questions. "Why did you leave!? Why didn't you leave me your number. Most importantly , why did you tell me you were one?!" You were at a loss for words. "Look, I know I messed up but I was drunk and so were you. Whatever happened , happened. Now you're on your way for a match while I'm on my way for my new life. It was nice while it lasted. Now I got to go. Have a great life." You end your sentence and then around. He grabs your wrist, "please. Don't go." With that, you were about to miss your flight and tell him how you guys were expecting a child.

    Not until you hear a feminine voice coming towards the two of you. "Babyyy." The girl comes running to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "Goodbye Miya-San." You turn around and began to speed walk. Your heart broke yet once again and you felt tears streaming down. "Who's that?" The girl asked Atsumu. "Just a friend that I was saying bye too." The girl looked confused, "do you think she got jealous?" He giggled and said, "jealous of what? It's not like you and I are anything to begin with. But anyways, I got to go. Thanks for seeing me off."

    With that, that was the end of you and Atsumu. Or at least you both thought.


    Thank you for reading!!

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  • belamoursuna
    25.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    [ ʜᴀɪᴋʏᴜᴜ ʜᴄ ]: ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴏᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴꜱʜɪᴘ

    𝗨𝗻𝗲𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗩𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 ✔️

    ʜᴀɪᴋʏᴜᴜ ʙᴏʏꜱ: ꜱᴜɴᴀ ʀɪɴᴛᴀʀᴏ, ᴀᴛꜱᴜᴍᴜ ᴍɪʏᴀ, ᴏꜱᴀᴍᴜ ᴍɪʏᴀ

    ᴀɢᴇᴅ ᴜᴘ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀꜱ

    ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ: ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴꜱ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ꜱᴍᴜᴛ

    ꜱʏɴᴏᴘꜱɪꜱ: ʏᴏᴜ ꜰɪɴᴀʟʟʏ ɢᴏᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴꜱʜɪᴘ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴄᴀɴ ᴇɴʜᴀɴᴄᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴᴄᴇꜱ ᴏꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ᴊᴏʙ. ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴇᴡꜱ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʙᴏʏꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅ, ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ꜰɪʟʟ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ (ᴏʀ ʜᴏʟᴇꜱ, ɪꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴇᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅʀɪꜰᴛ)

    Suna Rintaro

     He is definitely fucking you on the spot

     but no, seriously, he is so overjoyed at your accomplishments in life. He understands just how much this internship means for your life and career. He is the proudest boyfriend ever

     Praises, Praises, and nothing but praises slipping his mouth while he peppered kisses all over your face and body

     Will brag about it to Atsumu and Osamu, saying he has the best girlfriend in the world

    He is most definitely asking you to let him be a house-husband in the future

    he's such a man slut for you (not that you're complaining)

     okay, it's been a week now and he is still bragging about your internship

    it's been a month, suna. Give the reader a break from the praises! he doesn't give a shit though.

     "Such a good girl. So obedient."

     "Look at my baby being so intelligent" he would coo whenever he watched you work from home every once In a while

    "Suna...Please, I can't take it anymore" You pleaded quietly, your legs trembling under his gentle touch. He only chuckled in response, his slim fingers sliding along your leg as he watched the vibrator work it's magic to bring you to another high. "Oh my love, how can I stop when you've done so good?" He mumbled, his lustful eyes glancing up at yours with a sly smirk. Your heart fluttered at his words, hands wanting to touch his face and kiss him with so much love, but of course he still wanted control over you. The little clings of the handcuff rang in your ear every time you moved to touch him, a small pout playing on your lips like a dangerous game. "Rin~" You would moan out, your legs trembling more with every second passing. This was enough to drive him insane, his body moving in between your legs. His lips came crashing down onto yours, moving together in rhythm that made everything else in the world a blur. "Such a good girl, accomplishing everything she wants in life" He spoke ever so softly, his hand now wrapping around your neck as his lips found their way down your jaw. "W-Wait!" You pleaded loudly at the sudden change of pace from the vibrator against your clit, eyes shutting tightly. He was too damn skillful with ropes that it amazed you just how quickly a vibrator could be tied to your body, especially against your pulsing clit. Blissful moans filled the room, his lips kissing every park of your jaw and face until he reached your neck. Your mind was clouded by the thought of getting fucked, tired of his game.

    "Just fuck me already."

    "As you wish, my princess."

    Atsumu Miya 


    OKAY BUT NO, he would be so fucking excited for your new life opportunity

    a little possessiveness would come out though, wondering who you would most of your time with

    “Keep going love, it’s only the start.”

    He would bring you roses for weeks, love notes in each bouquet stating just how proud he is of your accomplishments 

    His social media would be filled of pictures of you while working, captions filled with so much praise but hints of threat if anyone dared to hate on you

    He would babble about you in his interviews, a stupid grin on his face (but still say he can do better and that he won’t lose against you)

    You laughed loudly at how quickly your boyfriend lifted you from the ground, tears of joy streaming down your face. Your arms found their way around his neck, holding his head closely to your chest. He listened intently at your beating heart, swearing that his own heart was beating faster than your from the good news. “Holy shit pumpkin, look at you go” His hands holding your legs around his waist, brown eyes finding your own beautiful eyes with a huge smile on his dork face. Blonde locks everywhere, but you didn’t care. You felt so much joy from this, all you cared about was how your boyfriend reacted to positively to these news.

     “I won’t lose” 


    You giggled at his childish manner, knowing deep down that he means that. His lips found yours, capturing them in a gentle kiss that spoke thousands of words. 

    Osamu Miya 

    Damn, did you really do that? 

    “I always knew you could do it.” No, this fucker had his doubts but he is glad you pulled it off. 

    “Who told you to stop there?” 

    He would definitely tell his brother right away about how proud he is of you 

    “Guys look, isn’t she so beautiful working?”

    He would visit you during your breaks to give you snacks that you love, but his aroma would be protective after noticing the amount of guys that you worked with.

    His new favorite hobby is fucking you at your internship location during your breaks, not caring if the guys could hear your pleads 

    Of course it’s not always that way! He also left a lot of love notes on the kitchen counter beside your lunch box 

    He loves the way you would talk about your day, what you dream of doing in life and how the internship impacted you

    “I’m so proud of you my love, you need to keep working hard. Keep having these dreams, these goals, never stop. Always do better, better than anyone else. 

    If you come back home early, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me. I am yours to control for the night, my love. Just tell me what your next steps in life are.

    I love you, my darling.” 

    You couldn’t hide it. The blush on your cheeks was too bright to miss, but you were so grateful that your boyfriend had already left the apartment to practice. It made your heart feel so full, the way these notes were beautifully hand written at the early hours of the day. He truly does care about your accomplishments, even if he is too selfish to admit it out loud. You pulled your phone out, scrolling through your contact list before finding his name. With a soft touch to your screen, you brought the phone to your ear. The ringing echoed in your mind, foot lightly tapping the hardwood floor until you heard him pick up. 

    “God, I love you.”

    “I love you, my darling. Do your best today.” He mumbled softly into the phone, a lazy smile on his face. His teammates glanced over at him from the court. shouting that he needs to come back sooner than later. He chuckled lightly at them, knowing he really doesn’t give a damn about volleyball when the love of his life calls. Though, Atsumu did push his buttons when he grumbled out, “Lazy asshole” to his brother when he didn’t hang up the phone right away to continue practicing. 

    “No fighting, okay?”

    “Only for you, my darling.” 

    #osamu x y/n #suna x y/n #suna rintarō#osamu headcanons#osamu miya #atsumu x reader #atsumu x you #haikyu x reader #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu fic #haikyuu x you #suna x you #osamu fluff
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    Team Japan Group Chat:

    🎉 YN's Birthday Surprise 🎉

    Warnings: Swearing


    #my lovely bbys #gen z anon #haikyuu!! #haikyu! #haikyū!! #team japan x reader #hq team japan #team japan haikyuu #hq team group chats #haikyu smau#team japan #team japan group chat #happy birthday gen z anon #hinata shoyo#miya atsumu#sakusa kiyoomi#bokuto kotaro#kageyama tobio#ushijima wakatoshi#hoshiumi kōrai#yaku morisuke#aran ojiro#komori motoya#iwaizumi hajime#hyakuzawa yuudai#gao hakuba#haikyuu#haikyu#haikyu texts #team japan x manager
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  • iwaizumis-bitch
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    ‘dress slutty, i can fight’

    notes: thank u for the idea anon! i love this cliche hehe

    content warnings: insecurities, mentions of previous harassment/catcalling, pet names (baby, my sweet, etc), protective boyfriends, suggestive in ushijima’s, kinda angsty

    featuring: iwaizumi, atsumu, bokuto, and ushijima

    thank you for reading!! likes, reblogs, follows, and general feedback are all appreciated💗

    #tw harrassment#tw catcalling #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu smau#haikyuu texts #hq x reader #iwaizumi x reader #atsumu x reader #bokuto x reader #ushijima x reader #iwaizumi angst#iwaizumi smau#iwaizumi fluff#atsumu angst#atsumu smau#atsumu fluff#bokuto angst#bokuto smau#bokuto fluff#ushijima fluff#ushijima smau#ushijima angst#haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu scenarios #iwaizumi hajime x reader #miya atsumu x reader #ushijima wakatoshi x reader #bokuto koutaro x reader
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  • bokubear
    25.05.2022 - 18 hours ago


    featuring ; ( timeskip ! ) atsumu miya + akaashi keiji + sakusa kiyoomi + ushijima wakatoshi + oikawa toru
    warnings ; blistering, drinking, tooth-rutting fluff
    notes ; wore heels to an event, this thought came to mind driving home … i cried

    ATSUMU was more than ready to leave this place. the many lights and cameras flashing in all directions made him effortlessly dizzy, and with that dizziness he couldn’t focus on just how gorgeous you were. but honestly, in that dress that hugged you so perfectly you could make anyone drop to the floor at your command felt so unfair. he was genuinely in awe, fully taking in your power. however, signing countless autographs with an already cramped hand and interviews asking the same nosy questions left an exhausted miya in their dust. so the moment he got note of your agreement to leave, he took the chance with haste. “can you make the trip ?” he giggled, eyeing your hobbling form with amusement. you were not having it, making this situation all the more entertaining to him. “shut up tsum…. my feet hurt so bad..” you whined, nearly stumbling into him and right onto the parking lot pavement until he caught you. the setters brows knit worriedly, pulling the tote bag from your shoulders. “well you should’ve just told me baby.” he huffed, bending over to ease your way on his back as a comfy piggy back ride. “what’re you doing ?” you motioned, apparently confused. “hop on sweetheart, i’m being nice.” this caused your face to break into laughter. “such a gentleman.”

    AKAASHI had recently been researching different hiking trails to explore. no, he wasn’t a outdoor person but it was boring in the house and he wasn’t going to waste his day with you doing nothing—so instead, he resorted to hiking. yet it appeared he overestimated the length of this trail in particular, pacing himself to make it to the turn-around point. “k..keiji..” you choked out in hurried gasps, causing the editor to glance behind at you and notice your frazzled state. “do you need a break love ?” he eased, holding out a prepared water bottle for you. “i need a car.” you weakly replied, head leering back. “we can turn around here.” he added, brows rising curiously at your once full bottle being handed back in only a few seconds. “please.” and so. well, maybe keiji was overestimating the intensity after all, because your loud heaving allowed the poor decision to sink in further. “do you need a ride ?” he brought up carefully, your head shooting upwards so quickly it became difficult to contain his laughter. “what ? ride ? where ?” — “here.” the raven-head beckoned to himself expectantly. “aw thanks baby.” you sheepishly smiled at his consideration, not wasting the opportunity. nonetheless, halfway down the path back you’d fallen asleep, cheek smudged a giant his shoulder. adorable. “hold on a little longer, we’re almost there dear.”

    SAKUSA, only for you, allowed more “intimate contact.” that “intimate contact” despite your assumption consisted massages or perhaps hugs even. a common misconception. you see, you’d attended his practice the day before, underestimating the constant movement of the players bustling from position to position. now laying in bed the morning after, getting up proved a harder obstacle than before. whilst kiyoomi easily rose, preparing breakfast in the kitchen with his soft humming vibrating into your shared bedroom. “kiyoommiii—“ you dragged out, flayed on the bed unhappily. it was impossible, you absolutely could not get out of bed. “what is it ?” he stood by the doorway, observing your dilemma. looking just as breathtaking as always with his messy black curls dancing to his steps. “.. can you massage my feet ?” hesitantly sinking into the sheets you didn’t dare to peek out. unbeknownst to you, the feeling of cold hands rubbing your aching feet stirred your frame. “where does it hurt ?” he narrowed his eyes, brows knitting with concentration. you anticipated a hard ‘no’ and for him to disappear, his willingly loving gestures causing your chest to squeeze with affection. your lack of reply was answered with a soft tap on your leg from the outside. “tell me where it hurts, i’ll be gentle, just tell me when to stop.” this soft side to sakusa was too sweet to handle.

    USHIJIMA insisted upon joining you for drinks with a few drinks. he knew this was marking a long time since seeing your work-friends and your drinking intentions would fly out of the window quickly. with this in mind, he quietly sat beside you like an obedient puppy awaiting his cue. the mentioned ‘cue’ being when you began talking nonsense, leaning towards ushijima in a dazed manner. he was easily adjusted to these antics, good thing his presence was present. “and i thought, ‘toshi, you’re saying this to me ?’” the table ‘awwwed’ at your story referring his morning kisses and soft words he awoke you with, ushijima’s face hearing up progressively. “alright, thank you for tonight everyone, i’ll be taking her back now.” he bowed politely, at that moment your reddened heel catching his gaze. the blister forming had gone unnoticed before, but the discovery fueled him to be extra tedious. lightly lifting you bridal style in his arms, he proceeded to carry you to the car—continuously hushing your babbles with small cheek kisses. the ‘morning kisses and soft words’ portion of the earlier story repeated itself the next morning. uninvited but definitely not disliked. the best part being his husky morning voice, heart fluttering.

    OIKAWA felt thrilled to dance with you, the multicolored leds casting an authentic glow that lit up the argentine dance floor in a versions array of color. the entire feeling was ethereal. tipsy, but morally more drunk in love than alcohol. your body in his arms with fluid movement left him speechless. ethereal was a good word for it. too wasted to stay any later, his phone screen flashing furiously with a bright 2:48AM told him plenty. fumbling to the taxi, his attention became snagged when you weight fell to the ground, his focus trained fully on you. “are you okay ? babe ? !” he shrieked, wooden orbs filled with panic. “yeah toru .. i think i rolled my ankle.” you lips puckered unrealistically, drenched in the stench of alcohol. “okay okay okay let’s see..” he spoke to himself worriedly, hauling you in a child-like position to lift you up, all the way to the awaiting taxi. “i got you i got you ..” he frantically reminded, the aftermath resulting in a wiped out oikawa spooned in your chest. and from the moment he pried an eye open he was tending to your every need, convinced you were dying. it was quite relaxing actually.


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  • shingekinosimpson
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Horny Haikyuu!! Headcannons

    aka the imaginatively titled 'How they like to fuck you.'

    Featuring: Tanaka, Asahi, Daichi, Sugawara, Oikawa, Atsumu bonus Bokuto!

    18+ mdni

    (。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。)

    Tanaka: If there's anyone who can make you feel like the most beautiful thing in the world it's Tanaka. He loves it when you ride him, gazing up at you like he can barely believe you're real. His hands roam everywhere, unable to decide which part of you he wants to touch the most - squeezing your hips, stroking from your stomach up to your chest, caressing your thighs, digging his fingertips into your ass - he wants it all. And christ does he sound good, his quiet 'oh god's and overwhelmed moans as he watches you switch between bouncing and rolling your hips. It's commendable how long he lasts given the effect you have on him.

    Asahi: Similar to Tanaka, Asahi is another king of making you feel worshipped, staring at you in awe as you bounce on his cock. 'Fuck you're so beautiful' he chokes, as you grasp his shoulders and impale yourself over and over on his length. He loves doing this in a seated position, holding you close and drawing your breast into his warm mouth as you take what you need. However, even a sweetheart like Asahi has his limits and when you reach yours, thighs trembling and pleas spilling from your lips as you beg for him, something in Asahi snaps. The tables turn very quickly when Asahi hoists you up and slams you down on the mattress, practically bending you in half as he pounds into you. You both moan loudly against each other’s lips, before coming hard and long with a cry of the other’s name.

    Daichi: Back your ass up into this boy at your own risk! You used to think of 'spooning' as something quite sweet and snuggly. Not anymore! You quickly learn that nothing gets Daichi riled up more than when you sleepily roll onto your side and shuffle your hips back to meet his. He paws at you, caressing and squeezing you awake, pressing his growing erection against your curves. He likes to keep you in this position throughout, holding one of your knees bent as he literally fucks you sideways. The moans he muffles into the back of your neck get louder when he uses his free hand to play with your clit. You clench hard around him, your keening and desperate cries of his name barely drowning out the slap of his hips against your ass as he finally spills inside if you.

    Sugawara: Nothing gets Suga off more than you begging for him, so expect to be teased within an inch of your life! He knows exactly what he's doing when he briefly kisses your shoulder, lets his hand linger a little too long on your waist or brushes his thigh against yours. But he never initiates anything, taking great pleasure when you finally give in and start kissing him, moaning at the feeling of his tongue sliding against yours. Sometimes the teasing stops there, sometimes it doesn't. After undressing you both, Suga stops. "What do you need sweetheart?" You beg him to touch you. "Take a seat then," he grins patting his knee. You straddle his thigh and he gently takes your hand, pressing it against his hard cock. "Let's see how well you touch me first." You can't help rolling your hips against his tense quads as his pants and keens get louder. His thigh is slick and sticky with you by the time he finally gives in to your demands. He makes you come, embarrassingly quickly, on just his fingers before laying you down and fucking you properly.

    Oikawa: This smug bastard needs put in his place and what better way to do it than to have him tied to the bed with your panties stuffed in his mouth. His muffled grunts and moans sound so good when you're riding him, watching how the muscles in his arms flex the closer he gets. If you're feeling generous you'll let him come with you. Most of the time though, his bratty behaviour warrants a different approach. On those occasions you take exactly what you need, growling at him not to come. Once you're satisfied, it's time for some serious edging. He thrashes wildly as you stroke his slick cock, sobbing and keening when you finally, finally give him permission to come.

    Atsumu: Absolute king of eating pussy. Nothing gets this boy off more than devouring you over and over. Sometimes he's nice enough to listen to your demands for his cock, sliding into your sloppy cunt after pulling one blissful orgasm from you with his tongue. Other times he gets completely carried away, relentlessly lapping at you as he holds you in place. The feeling of your thighs tensing and clenching as you try to squirm has him moaning into your pussy and - more often than not - rutting into the bedsheets as he chases his own release.

    Bokuto: yells Hey! HEY! HEYY!! the first time he sees your pussy

    #haikyuu!! #hq thirst #hq x reader #hq tanaka#hq asahi#hq daichi#hq sugawara#hq oikawa#hq atsumu#hq bokuto#tanaka smut #tanaka x reader #asahi smut #asahi x reader #daichi smut #daichi x reader #sugawara smut #sugawara x reader #oikawa smut #oikawa x reader #atsumu smut #atsumu x reader #hq headcanons
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