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    28.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    (tw) Over the years your brothers died which left you living alone in the mansion. Yuma’s garden is now dead, Azusa’s knives are collecting dust and Kou left behind a bunch of things from his idol years. The mansion is completely silent and dead compared to how it was before.

    “Ah… These knives. They’re completely tarnished, and some have even oxidized. The blades that once shone were so beautiful, and now it has completely rusted,” he mused as he brought a finger over the dulled edge, checking for its sharpness without a care for his own well-being. “If Azusa was still here, then perhaps my finger would’ve bled by now. Surely he would gawk at the sight of his own eldest brother doing the very thing be scolded him to refrain from doing. He loved these knives, even if inflicting pain on himself made me livid… I would rather spend my days upbraiding him and worrying over his health than wallow in his absence.”

    After departing Azusa’s room, he walked down the hall before arriving at a room that didn’t particularly belong to one brother but would’ve once provided a magnificent view of the garden with its large windows. When Ruki looked out, he saw nothing but a barren wasteland of wilted flowers, all its petals littered across the dirt and mulch.

    “The crops that once flourished were so abundantly green and vibrant, Yuma. Now it has all decayed into a sable abyss. I cannot even remember which flowers used to grow there… all of the fallen petals are black and shriveled. If you were still here, you wouldn’t hesitate to boast about the various species of plants growing here,” he mumbled to himself as a he placed a splayed hand against the glass, lost in nostalgia. “Every summer you would lose your temper over the wild rabbits and birds that visited your garden to sate their own appetite. Now those same animals wouldn’t even dare to come close. If anything, it must be a breeding site for termites as I speak. What a pity…”

    Finally, Ruki turned away from the window, withdrawing his hand only to gaze upon an old costume Kou once wore for a debut concert in Tokyo all those decades ago. Grasping the garment with a lazy grip, the eldest sat down on the sofa, back leaned against the upholstery deep in contemplation.

    “I was never one for loud, congested places… but I knew how much this performance meant to you, Kou. You wouldn’t stop talking about this concert for days,” he said brushing a thumb over the sequins of the jacket, all of which had lost their luster. “Sometimes I can still hear the sound of your voice in my head. Truth be told, your music never appealed to my tastes… but I would do anything to see and hear you perform once more if it meant you were alive again.”

    Standing up from the couch, the Vampire took one of his brother’s albums and placed the CD in a nearby music player, setting the volume to a moderate level. Immediately, Kou’s joyous voice resounded from the speakers, emitting a cheerful atmosphere to an otherwise gloomy and decrepit Mukami manor covered in cobwebs and layers upon layers of dust. As he reminisced on old, yet cherished memories of his brothers, Ruki sat back down. No tears fell, but his face collapsed into his large, quaking hands, back bent over and shoulders raised and rounded into a lamented position of utter misery.

    “Kou… Yuma… Azusa… Life has no meaning without the three of you. Eve has already chosen her Adam, and Karlheinz-sama has already passed on his legacy… Why hasn’t death claimed me as well? Each and every day here in this empty mansion is spent caring for myself and myself alone. There is no one else to share my meals with, no boisterous bickering filling the halls, no more family, and certainly no place to call ‘home.’ After all, there is no home without the three of you. Death shall smite me one day… and when that time comes, we will all be together again.”

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    With wich frequency these dumbassses hit their faces on walls, trip and fall, stub their toe etc?

    Shu - 42/69, if the time signature tabulated on his music sheet serves him right

    Reiji - precisely once. just last Tuesday, if you must know. he cannot look himself in the eye. oh, the shame

    Ayato - sonic frequency. gotta go fast. gotta go faster, faster, faster-

    Laito - quite often as you might imagine based on just how many women scorned he has slamming the door in his face

    Kanato - the great pudding dropping incident of 1912 must never be forgotten, lest we dimwittedly forgo the consequences of him sugar-crashing 

    Subaru - his anger therapist has quit the profession, thanks to him and his metalhead ways. safe to say, too often

    Kino - the kind distributed relative to the sheer amount of stupidity experienced, oscillating depending on the amount of cough syrup he's consumed

    Ruki - never, so he claims. press x for doubt

    Yuma - in ballet class, gets a medal for sucking participating. what do ya think, buster?

    Kou - exactly 194 times, each representing a passport stub for a country your broke ass can't afford to visit

    Azusa - au contraire, mon frère! a dumbass is one who does so without intent. he's ahead of the curve, if you know what I mean ( ͝סּ ͜ʖ͡סּ)

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    Basically how I feel after I gain new followers or answer nonfans' questions about dl, lol

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    hi! could you do headcanons of how the sakamakis are at school? like how they are in the classroom, what cliques they might be in, after school activities etc. ? thank you!

    The diaboys at school (s + m + t) hcs

    Hi Love,

    Sorry, this has taken so long, I'm really trying to put this together for you. I'm really glad you asked this because I've been wanting to talk about their school life for so long. Really hope you like it though. :)




    Requests are open


    Warning: Some spoilers

    *certain words have been censored for Tumblr guidelines.


    General hcs (before we begin)

    📚Okay, so it’s an academy and a night school, so just keep that in mind.

    📚The name of the academy is called Ryoutei High School Academy

    📚The town's name (not 100% sure) is Kaminashi.

    📚High school in Japan is only three years.

    📚School times are: 8:00pm/20:00 - 2:00am/2:00. Lunchtime is 12:00 am/24:00 (canon in a drama cd of theirs)

    📚Like most schools, class is about 6-7hrs.

    📚The school allows students of all grades to participate in things together.

    📚It is a school with lower attendance than a regular school seeing it's an academy.

    📚They have school festivals/field trips

    📚Everyone who attends is from a rich family (I assume).

    📚And you know everyone wears a uniform, but I do picture everyone does alter it to their style. We will get into that later tho.

    📚The main school colors are Red, White, and black. Sometimes there are embellishments of gold tho. (not confirmed it just looks this way.)

    📚I picture they have a basketball team and cheerleading team.

    📚I know they have a music room, and I picture there to be a gym where gymnastics is practiced. 

    📚I also see that ballet, art, and singing classes are offered.

    📚The school has a lot of school festivals and assemblies for all grades.

    📚They have school dances and parades too.

    📚I could see that some students play baton when they have parades and stuff like that.

    📚The school has two stories and a rooftop.

    📚Apart from having a cooking class, they also have a library and a music room.

    📚Oh, their dad is actually the nurse at the school. (canon)

    📚There are clubs and everyone is in their own clique (well most are). But tbh most dl characters are not to keen on cliques.

    📚I will say that school in the demon world is completely different tho. (let me know if you want a post about it, it sounds cool!)



    📚Third-year, but he is repeating the year as we know.

    📚Technically, he would be in college/uni.

    📚According to the manga and what I’ve heard people have called him the music-king.

    📚I get the vibe that people think he’s like some legend or something.

    📚So he gives off the vibe as a cool closed-off rich boy who listens to music.

    📚And a lot of girls like him—like, every b!tch has got a crush on this guy or did at one point.

    📚I can’t even begin to say how many love letters he must get--and how many women throw themselves at him.

    📚He is very popular.

    📚Has no rivals but guys want to be better than him.

    📚He doesn’t really alter his uniform just has a few buttons undone.

    📚He always has his earbuds in and sleeps anywhere. 

    📚Teachers get mad at him for sleeping in the halls and in classes when he decides to go.

    📚He only shows up to music class routinely since it’s the only period he deems interesting.

    📚He doesn’t pay attention to anyone though like in class he never utters a word and when he does it’s only because someone is asking him something or if the teacher wants a response.

    📚And even then it's not much its usually just three words.

    📚Girls gush whenever they get the chance to talk to him.

    📚Sometimes he has talked to girls, if they are his partner or if they flaunt their skirt and depending on how short or tight it is around the h!p area he judges their undergarments and makes them feel shameful. But that’s about it.

    📚He does the bare minimum to pass so he won’t go to the north pole again. 

    📚Goes to the school ballet recitals to see the girls dance.

    📚Rejects every chick who asks him out—and he has no shame in telling them he’s not interested.

    📚Although he might bang one chick for a fling if he feels like it.

    📚Gets a bunch of chocolate and love letters during valentines day/white day.

    📚He lays down anywhere and likes to get a view up girls’ skirts.

    📚He swears girls don't wear shorts under their skirts because they're trying to amuse/sed*ce him.

    📚Sleeps in detention, but most of the time he doesn’t show up.

    📚Speaking of sleeping, you can find him on benches, on the field, rooftop, in a vacant room, anywhere, even in the janitor’s closet.

    📚He isn’t in any groups, labels, or afterschool activities. 

    📚Since electives/clubs are required, he chooses music-related ones. 

    📚I know his grades are relatively low but if he tried he’d have better grades than Reiji.

    📚Sorry Rei.

    📚His desk has collected dust due to never attending.

    📚He once had a locker but bc he never attends school they thought it belonged to no one and when the janitor opened it up to clean after the school year was over, it flooded the room with love letters and expired valentines day candies/chocolates. 

    📚It was a disaster and took hours to clean up.

    📚The triplets were so jealous he got so much in one year.

    📚Reiji was so mad because he had to write a check to pay off for the damages it caused for the school.

    📚It damaged the property with the locker being busted and sticky because of the melted candy. And because of the avalanche of unrequited love letters (over 3000 love letters) and all the candies--it all collapsed on the poor janitor. Costing them even more money to pay off for the guy’s health insurance.

    📚 Their father wasn’t pleased at all.


    📚A third-year as we know.

    📚Seems like a teacher's pet, all the teachers praise him tbh.

    📚In class he’s usually quiet unless he notices that the teacher messed up or if he’s giving an answer.

    📚He doesn’t show off his intelligence too much tho because it's a poor action for someone with manners.

    📚Although he will demonstrate if given the opportunity.

    📚His favorite subject is science, more specifically chemistry and he usually likes to do his experiments alone but will work with groups or a partner if he must.

    📚He keeps a model image for his family tho because he doesn’t want anyone to catch on to anything.

    📚Plus he’s a model student, but he is like annoyed by practically everyone.

    📚He has probably been a TA for some classes and he gets to help out his younger brothers.

    📚someone please ask about TA Rei hcs. Plz!!!  @mikalara-dracula we should make them!

    📚Sits in the middle row, probably near the end of a row.

    📚Has good grades pretty much everywhere except P.E.. He sucks.

    📚If someone is better than him like Ruki, he feels automatically challenged.

    📚His rival is Ruki in fact.

    📚And so I could see that his locker is like on the opposite side of his so Reiji usually gives him bad looks and vice versa lol.

    📚Oh Ruki even shows off the girl he has to Reiji just to annoy him. Like right where the lockers are he’s like making out with her and Rei is annoyed af.

    📚His locker is very neat too, it smells like tea.

    📚Has a lot of science books in there and possibly an extra pair of gloves, and a handkerchief.

    📚Probably has all the shelves and everything all organized.

    📚His desk would be just as neat.

    📚He has received some love letters and he just finds it amusing.

    📚Tries to find out if Ruki receives more love letters than him xDD.

    📚Reiji takes them home and reads them and ended up grading them.

    📚He keeps them in a box to keep a record and see if the letters he will receive again are from the same people or not.

    📚He once got two letters that he graded as an A-minus so he wondered if it was from the same person. 

    📚He plays detective during this time and once he figures it out he just keeps it to himself.

    📚But will tea$e the girl indirectly whenever he is alone with her.

    📚One time he got a diss letter but it was written by the triplets but they posed it as a girl writing the letter. 

    📚He was so confused by it, especially by the slang in it. He thought it was Ruki, but deep down he knew he wasn’t the type to do that.

    📚Since electives are required he is probably in cooking class seeing he can put his skills to work. But he feels challenged because Ruki’s in there.

    📚They probably debated once about who made a better carbonara dish and the bickering never ended between them.

    📚He doesn’t have any cliques he’d been in but he might befriend some nerds and I’m talkin’ hardcore nerds at school to keep an image.

    📚Usually he stays after school and a bunch of girls ask for his help and they try to fl!rt with him. (It was mentioned somewhere in the game.)

    📚I picture that a lot of girls like him too because he’s smart and he acts polite to them as well.

    📚Reiji does date (there’s been implied evidence in the game translations that he has in the past) and when he does it's really to benefit him and his family image.

    📚 It’s all fun and games nothing serious. After all, this boi knows that his dad has someone picked out for him already.

    📚If he’s in a club, it would be a chess club, as one would assume. The nerdiness gets real in there.

    📚 Or possibly a debating club. Or better yet, a nerd-debating club! And as a plus, Ruki’s in there. AND—they’re on opposite debating sides!!!

    📚If the school has a student council he’d be a part of it for sure.

    📚Usually you will find Reiji in class or if he’s not, he is usually in the laboratory or the library reading a book.

    📚If his brothers get in fights he tries to pretend he doesn’t know them.

    📚One time his brothers got him in detention and when Ruki found out about Reiji being in detention, he never let him live it down. He tea$es him about it until this day and will randomly bring that subject up if Reiji's trying to impress a girl xDD.



    📚Has been expelled/suspended (this actually happened according to a drama cd I just can’t remember)

    📚Fl!rt and total playboy.

    📚Very popular with the ladies and competes with Ayato.

    📚His grades are pretty decent (according to drama cds)

    📚He doesn’t study that much tho. Like, he’s just that guy that doesn’t study and f*ckin’ passes.

    📚In class he doesn’t talk too much but he is usually sitting in the back or near the back with a bunch of chicks.

    📚Fl!rts with the teachers from time to time.

    📚Fl!rts in class and if there is a new girl he plans to get to her first before anyone else. It’s a game tbh.

    📚The teachers are slightly annoyed by him and disappointed.

    📚As an elective class he’d either take French to fl!rt/sweet talk the girls, cooking class, or something like dance so he can brush up on the girls.

    📚He also wouldn’t really be in a clique but he’d be around all the girls at school.

    📚His rival is really Kou and so there is real competition.

    📚Is always banging some chick like no questions asked whether it be in the locker room, classroom, bathroom, or some other vacant room.

    📚He usually wears his fedora to school and only takes it off if the teachers demand him, but since it’s in Japan I’m not sure if wearing a hat in class is against the rules.

    📚His locker is close to Ayato’s and he honestly hasn’t customized it too much.

    📚But inside I wouldn’t be surprised if he has s*x toys and a bunch of condoms in there. 

    📚His locker probably has some French cologne (Chanel #5), a few books, and some love letters.

    📚His desk is clean but not too clean.

    📚In the cafeteria he usually is with a chick or with his bro and they’re scheming something together against Reiji or to get a chick.

    📚If he brings macarons with him, he likes to share them with the girls he hangs out with. Might even share it mouth-to-mouth with them.

    📚P.E. is one of his favorite classes because he gets to see the girls in their short shorts.

    📚He has banged every cheerleader at his school.

    📚Wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to sleep with of the teachers/subs/staff members.

    📚You can find him checking out women and usually in more secluded areas where he can be alone with one chick because he likes getting caught.

    📚On days when he wants to be alone he will spend time figuring out crossword puzzles at an empty table.

    📚He likes hanging out on rooftops too when he wants to be alone and think.

    📚Laito also spends his time there if he is upset.

    📚One time a girl confessed to him on the rooftop and he made all her dreams come true.

    📚He never rejects the girls tbh and finds it a turn-on if they ask him out, unless they remind him of his mother and even then he just plays d!rty.

    📚Oh, he also likes the rooftop because he can drink from someone without anyone knowing.

    📚 Will get pissed off tho if someone interrupts him and he’s really down that day.




    📚He takes teddy to school so he fought for him to have a student ID, and yes he made it possible.

    📚I know most of the S brothers are popular at the school but I feel like Kanato and Subaru are the least thought of because they are different.

    📚In Kanato’s case it is mostly because of his psychot!c tendencies that people do not interact with him. Although tbh at school it is a rumor.

    📚Only some people know that he is crazy, cause if it was really evident, I don’t think he’d be allowed to go to school.

    📚Plus the family image is important so he tries his best to like not freak out.

    📚A lot of girls also like him bc he is sweet and romantic.

    📚Here me out, I know this doesn’t sound like him but remember he has to put on a face and according to the manga if you take out the times where he is not acting up he does tend to be “nice,” and acts “romantically” with Yui. (it’s even in the game translations sometimes.)

    📚Plus a lot of people who are psych0 usually have two sides and the side people see more of is usually the one that isn’t really them. It’s typically the one they develop to shield their true emotions. Of course, this varies on the person and the experiences but this is something to keep in mind when getting to know Kanato’s personality. (But again we also can’t apply human psychology to a vampire but sometimes feelings can apply to anything/anyone.)

    📚Also, a lot of people who have a split personality may favor one person over the other so let's say there is someone he takes very special interest in and possibly loves, there is a chance that he may appear quite normal around them. If this is the case, I think you are able to see their true side which is where we witness Kanato’s romantic gestures seeing that he likes the girl he is with.

    📚Regardless of this he does have a s*x drive and is pretty fl!rty so he can definitely get with the girls at school if he tried. But he doesn’t try because he just doesn’t like any of them—it’s pretty rare if he has a crush on anyone.

    📚He loves it when it’s valentines day and girls confess to him. Of course, this doesn’t mean he is going to say yes to them.

    📚As it is seen in anime he sits in the back of the class.

    📚Doesn’t talk in class and hates it if teachers ask him questions.

    📚“Can’t you see I wasn’t participating?!” He’d hiss at the teacher. “Why do you have to ask?!”

    📚Sometimes he volunteers or whatever but don’t ever ask him, he has to opt-in.

    📚Eats candy in class because his desk has a candy stash.

    📚His desk is not that messy tho.

    📚He has some books that have collected dust tho bc he never touches them.

    📚Favorite class is either music or cooking class.

    📚For after-school activities he’d either be in a sewing club or glee club.

    📚He is also not in a clique tbh, he’s kinda on his own but a lot of girls like him.

    📚It’s rare if he throws a tantrum bc he has to keep an image but sometimes he loses it.

    📚Usually you can find Kanato in the cafeteria eating cake or some sweets, on the rooftop singing, on the steps of the stairs or on a bench playing with Teddy.

    📚If he has an interest in a girl he will ditch his class most times and wait outside of her class just to talk to her.

    📚I also picture that if she has class on the second floor he waits on the steps of the stairs to talk to her.

    📚He is also such an attention seeker so when he is around a bunch of girls he will act sweet or even play victim so that they pamper him.

    📚The girls literally make him food too.

    📚He gets love letters too and he usually writes back, because believe it or not he typically knows who likes him and who doesn’t.

    📚The only time he really gets in trouble is when someone takes Teddy away or ruins his cake. Then he lashes out.

    📚He does bully some girls tho, especially the one he really likes.

    📚Might have some interest in a new girl if she is cute.

    📚Even tho a lot of girls like him he doesn’t sleep with all of them or anything like that. He just thinks they have to earn that.

    📚Usually he picks a different girl out of the crowd to mess with. So if there was someone he liked it wouldn’t be in the circle he’s usually around.

    📚It would be some other girl he finds pretty and his main goal is to k!ss her tbh, and I see that with one girl that he liked he got to do this. The girls are jealous but he tells them they have to let it go.

    📚Oh yeah and he is a fl!rt if you haven’t noticed, he usually manipulates the girl if he wants a k!ss or something.

    📚Apart from this he doesn’t have good grades cause he just doesn’t care to do his work.

    📚Oh in his locker it’s purple inside and he keeps an extra outfit for Teddy in there, l!pstick from a girl, and something that belongs to his crush.

    📚It has a purple lock, and it smells like a candy store. 



    📚A jock and a boi for life.

    📚Mr. Popular

    📚He’s on his school’s basketball team.

    📚His rivals are Shu, Shin, Kino, and Laito (sometimes).

    📚But he’s okay with Laito bc he hooks him up with chicks, so it’s pretty fair.

    📚P.E. is his favorite class.

    📚Cause he gets to see the girls in their sport clothes.

    📚However, he does like cooking class because he gets to eat food and begs people and the teacher to make takoyaki.

    📚And plus girls make him food.

    📚After school he is playing basketball.

    📚If he’s not on the basketball court he’s either talking to a girl/cheerleader, getting in trouble or in the cafeteria getting snacks.

    📚He fl!rts a lot and is probably hanging with a group of jocks like him.

    📚They all keep a record of which girls they screw and whose done the most, all in one book the boys keep among them.

    📚He keeps the notebook in his locker and Laito is also a participant.

    📚Ayato makes sure he has the highest score and is the “best.”

    📚So yes, he fl!rts with girls all the time.

    📚Oh and if there is a new girl, he’s going to try and impress her so hard.

    📚A lot of girls like him too cause they’re like “he’s so hot!”

    📚Has terrible grades like C average but he does have some Ds and Fs.

    📚Tries to bribe teachers to have better grades with money or by doing favors for them bc he doesn’t want his dad to get mad about him not passing. He believes he’s gotta hustle because his personal life is more important to him.

    📚Never tries tho.

    📚But does cheat all the time.

    📚Usually Kino gives him the answers but there’s a price to pay. 

    📚It could be anything but the biggest thing he ever did in order to pass the benchmark tests, so Kino dared him to go streaking.

    📚And as expected Kino made a vine out of it.

    📚Is in summer school/remedial classes tho.

    📚Is actually pretty stupid and clueless.

    📚Has been in detention with his brothers one too many times.

    📚Even with Reiji because he got him in trouble once. During that day of detention, Reiji kept advocating that he shouldn't be there and that it was a mistake to punish him.

    📚And when Ruki found out about Reiji being in detention, he never let him live it down. He tea$es him about it until this day and will randomly bring that subject up if Reiji's trying to impress a girl xDD.

    📚He tries to act like he doesn’t know who Rei is because he is embarrassed by him. And he does this to Subaru especially because he thinks he’s weird.

    📚But Subaru will just sock him.

    📚He’s also a per.v so he does peak in the girl’s locker room.

    📚Has a few ex’s at the school too but they’re just girls he made out with for two hours. Literally.

    📚Makes sure he’s always in the yearbook every year. Also tries to be on the front few pages of it and will literally advocate for this.

    📚In class he sits in the back and hardly knows what’s going on.

    📚Tips his chair all the time and one time it backfired on him.

    📚And Kino was laughing his a$$ off.

    📚He is extremely annoying and teachers are disappointed in him. And so is Rei.

    📚Kinda like a class clown.

    📚Passes notes and texts during class, and will make excuses to leave.

    📚Will bully the freshmen and girls that he thinks are fun to mess with.

    📚Eats candy in class or chips. 

    📚He asks stupid questions to derail the class so that the teacher forgets what they were supposed to do in the first place.

    📚He gets dress coded but the teachers eventually gave up.

    📚He’s gotten citations before too, mostly for just swearing in class.

    📚His locker is messy just like his desk, papers and books are everywhere.

    📚He gets love letters but wayyyy less than Shu.

    📚His lock is red and the combo is the year he was born in. (I picture all the boys have their lock combo set to the year they were born in.)

    📚The locker has his basketball, his sports clothes, the notebook we talked about, and even snacks.

    📚It smells like sweat tho, and its just a mess. He probably even has cheez wiz or something else that's gross and expired from five years ago. He says it’s still good.

    📚In his desk he has gadgets that he uses that will distract everyone in class.

    📚One time when he was in Reiji’s SI session for science and he pressed on his remote to have the disco ball come out play music. Something he set up with Kino and Shin after school was over.

    📚He’d even take out the screws out of the teacher’s chairs, that way they will just fall when they sit.

    📚Most of these pranks are done with his brothers, sometimes Shu joins.

    📚He will ask Kino or Shin to help him out if its a really big prank tho.

    📚And Reiji just scolds.

    📚Sticks gum under the teacher’s desk or under the wheels of the chair.

    📚Pulls pranks on the teachers and Reiji gets so mad.

    📚Has even messed with the principal's microphone and Reiji really lost it with him.

    📚He also messed with the clocks once just to get out early, it went on for a week before the teachers caught on.

    📚Egged one of the teacher’s cars and even TPed their house.

    📚Makes sure everyone is following him on his social media.

    📚His backpack has anything but books, it’s stuffed with papers and tools to jack up the place.

    📚He has drama class with Kino and so they made this (watch from 1:25 - 1:54)

    📚There was another time when Laito and him were waiting for Rei to SI a class and this is what they were up to. (watch from 8:16 - 8:25)



    📚Is actually a loner.

    📚But does get in fights especially if there is a guy harassing his crush.

    📚Or if someone insults him and tries to pick a fight with him.

    📚Doesn’t have the best grades but tries.

    📚He’s so emo, so a lot of people don’t talk to him.

    📚So he doesn’t have a group or anything like that.

    📚He doesn’t have a favorite class unless the girl he likes is in that class.

    📚Then he can’t help but blush.

    📚Something he might like is art or music tho because it can be calming.

    📚For after school activities he might be in something with music or art to take his mind off things.

    📚Or maybe wood carving because it takes his mind off things and I could see him being really talented that it impresses people.

    📚I could see he knows how to sketch and so he sits on the bench and listens to emo music after school.

    📚After school he is usually in study hall trying to fix his grades or he’s (discreetly) following his crush around.

    📚He has been in detention with his brothers (except Reiji) and oh god if Laito is there it will end in another fight, and possible suspension.

    📚He also probably sits in the back, or at the end of the middle row.

    📚Doesn’t talk a lot in class, tries to listen tho.

    📚Gets flustered if he’s asked to explain and he doesn’t know what to say because he’s been thinking/staring at his crush.

    📚Most times tho he just answers the best he can.

    📚Has slept in class before.

    📚The teachers worry about him, and he probably likes his music teacher bc she’s nice too him.

    📚His locker has scratches and sometimes notes, not very nice ones either. Probably has stickers that are emo phrases plastered on the outside of his locker as well.

    📚Has band posters in his locker.

    📚It just has books, an extra jacket (probably leather), his headphones, music albums (80s/90s goth era—things like K!SS, Motley Crew, ACDC, Manson, etc.). He has a man's journal with very personal findings too.

    📚He writes in it everyday.

    📚After school you can usually find him under a tree where he writes in his journal, usually about his thoughts, regrets, what happens, or about his crush. And there’s a lot of crumbled up pages because sometimes, he gets upset, rips them and then regrets he did it and puts them back in.

    📚But it’s not cringy, it’s actually sad.

    📚He’s quiet poetic actually, and if someone ever got a hold of it I think they’d feel pretty bad when reading his life.

    📚Has some photographs in it, probably about the girl he onced like but had to make a decision on letting her go seeing his family would get involved.

    📚You can also find him on the rooftop, in detention, study hall, or outside.

    📚His desk is a bit of a mess but not too much, he keeps something that belongs to his crush in there too.



    📚Doesn’t have a rival, but sometimes Shu gets on his nerves bc chicks loves him for no reason.

    📚Has a few small tattoos, but not in areas where teachers can see since there's a rule about students not being allowed to be tatted.

    📚Fl!rts with chicks all the time.

    📚Makes a competition out of it with Ayato as I’ve said before.

    📚Would so smack a random girl's a$$ while walking past her in the halls and then give her a sm!rk and wink in return cuz he's hot like that.

    📚Will make out with a random chick in the halls and lives for getting caught by a teacher. He'll just sm!rk and play it off smugly.

    📚Has a lot of flings, unlike Ayato who just brags about it but never actually does anything.

    📚If he really likes a girl he won't stop bothering her, in fact he’ll go in her class and act like he’s in the right class.

    📚Is on his phone 24/7 and the teachers get so mad.

    📚Tries to keep his headphones in the entire time he’s in class.

    📚He also pretends to be listening to music with his headphones, but realistically, he's just listening in on girls' conversations.

    📚Records in class, especially if Ayato’s about to do something stupid.

    📚Tries to make vines in class too.

    📚Is actually smart but doesn’t try.

    📚Tries to be paired up with girls so he can bribe them into doing all the work.

    📚Sits with his feet on the desk in the back of the class.

    📚Teachers don’t like him.

    📚His favorite class is P.E. because he gets to see the girls practice cheer, and see them run on the track.

    📚Everyone at school knows him and follows his social media.

    📚He’s on the basketball team with Ayato.

    📚Gets into detention with him all the time.

    📚Gets a lot of love letters.

    📚His locker is next to Ayato’s and he probably has the outside customized with band stickers.

    📚It has an extra jacket, some random items, definitely another mobile device, rap and punk rock albums.

    📚Other game-related objects, and multiple pairs of headphones.

    📚Listens to a lot of rap music, and is really into female rappers.

    📚And such lyrics give him ideas as to how he wants to eat a girl out.

    📚Knows how to rap as well, and on school karaoke nights, he challenges Ayato to a rap battle and he always wins.

    📚For after-school activities he is in a band and has an electric guitar. 

    📚Orders guava juice at the cafeteria and doesn't give a damn if people think it's weird.

    📚You can usually find him in the cafeteria, basketball court, anywhere with Ayato, on his phone, or with a girl in the locker room.

    📚Tries to get peaks in the girl's locker room with Ayato.

    📚Has snuck alcohol in his thermos. 

    📚Condoms in his wallet or back pocket. Because he’ll find the time to bang a chick in between periods.

    📚He is a jock so he’ll be around Ayato’s group and the band he’s with.

    📚Like Ayato, he pranks teachers and staff as well; and even joins Ayato's antics sometimes and will try to make a vine out of it.

    📚Ayato and Kino may start a food fight out of pure boredom in the cafeteria.




    📚Is also very popular, more than Rei.

    📚The girls think he’s hot.

    📚He acts very sweet but he is also cold but the girls live for it.

    📚Pro at math and history.

    📚He’s been around for a long time so he knows so much history, a good amount he witnessed it too.

    📚His favorite classes are math, history, and cooking class.

    📚Is probably a T.A. and S.I. for math.

    📚His rival is Rei.

    📚So as you can imagine cooking class is just food wars/hell’s kitchen. It getz real.

    📚Ruki likes to compete against Reiji all the time, he finds it fun.

    📚Mostly cause he knows he’s better but will be worried if something seems a bit off and Reiji is scoring some points.

    📚He will impress all the girls that spend time with Reiji just to make him mad.

    📚Since he’s smoother with the ladies he rubs it in Reiji’s face that he can get any girl he wants.

    📚As I said in Reiji’s part their lockers are across from each other on opposite sides so he will k!ss/make out with a girl against the lockers in front of Reiji.

    📚You can find Ruki in the library most time but when he isn’t there you can find him reading outside, in the study hall helping others, solving a puzzle, being nice to girl, or making out with a girl in the library. 

    📚I see that the school may have given him a job to help out the librarian and so a lot of girls come to ask him for help.

    📚For like no reason even, they ask where a book is or like they don’t need anything they just want to talk to him.

    📚He thinks it’s amusing but kind of annoying.

    📚Would be so attracted to a girl if she wasn’t interested in talking to him and came to the library often but never asked for help.

    📚He like wants to know that girl.

    📚Enjoys the job bc it's quiet and he gets to sort books there, plus it makes Reiji feel challenged because teachers like him and he’s helping the school.

    📚Ruki would also be part of the student council if the academy offered it.

    📚He isn’t bad at P.E. he’s just not big on it.

    📚For after-school activities he would either be in nerd debate club, chess club, or better yet, a book club.

    📚And you can only imagine how many girls tried to enter these clubs.

    📚In class Ruki sits in the middle of the middle rows. 

    📚He is relatively quiet but will stare at a girl (in a hot way) and get her to look back which makes the teachers annoyed if they notice.

    📚Knows the answer to like everything so the teachers hardly call on him but he will correct the teachers, especially with the history dates.

    📚And if Rei answers a history question with the wrong date, Ruki’s all for it on correcting him- but this rarely happens.

    📚Keeps a low profile but a lot of teachers like him seeing that he turns in the work and is a model student.

    📚He’s always been asked to help out since he acts nice, which he isn’t mean but he can be cold.

    📚This is the reason why some people feel intimidated to approach him.

    📚His locker is average but neat.

    📚He keeps a lot of books in there and he also keeps a diary, he has a few, I see it. But they are under a lock and everything.

    📚This way, Kou never reaches them.

    📚His locker has a musk scent like his cologne.

    📚It is clean and keeps spare stationery items, a locket which might mean something to him, and the undergarments of the girl he’s currently seeing.

    📚Gets a lot of f*cking love letters, more than Kou.

    📚But if anything they are not love letters, they just thirst letters. lol

    📚The school has dances and he participates only when he has a gf bc she wants to go and he’s actually pretty good.

    📚He does rehearse with his date and bc he’s a vampire he’s been around for a while so he knows a lot of different dances.

    📚So be prepared for surprises; although I will say he doesn’t like to show his moves, he’d have to really like the girl to do that.

    📚He’s also incredibly sweet if he cares about someone so if he cares about a girl she is lucky.

    📚The girls at school love this side of him and gush about it.

    📚Personally, I don’t think Ruki has a group he hangs out with at school. 

    📚Ruki is probably with Yuma and Azusa but usually he’s by himself in the library. Kou is busy with his fangirls.

    📚Tho he does act respectfully when around others so people like him and sometimes talk to him.

    📚Yuma and Kou usually cause problems and so he apologizes for them.

    📚Oh although Ruki isn’t rivals with Ayato (I know they say he is but i don’t see it, i mean ya’ll what even is Ayato compared to dis man?!) I do think he likes to make Ayato feel challenged.

    📚But Ruki’s not worried because he knows he’s better than him.

    📚He has the best grades out of his brothers without even trying tbh.



    📚Doesn’t have a rival but he dislikes Shu a lot.

    📚He usually helps Azusa so he doesn’t get bullied plus he knows people will try to pick on him.

    📚So he protects him a lot of the time. 

    📚He’s gotten into fights and Ruki tells him not to do it again over and over but he never changes.

    📚”Ruki, man, I lost my cool with those @ssholes.”

    📚”Yuma, you have to control yourself, they’re only humans remember?”

    📚Has decent grades, he doesn’t like not passing so he does put in the effort.

    📚It’s mostly because he’s not lazy and hates slacking no matter what it is.

    📚So he’s always productive, and as you can imagine he does well in P.E. mostly cause he has a lot of strength.

    📚Coaches want him on the team bc he’s tall. 

    📚I know he’s not arrogant but I think he does like to flex about his strength just a little deep down but not very much.

    📚Because Yuma is strong I see that helps out with caring things if the teachers ask or if the school is setting up for festivals the Mukamis usually help out and he’s always carrying heavy boxes for them.

    📚If he notices one of his teachers has too many things in their hands he offers them help.

    📚Bc he’s tall he’s always asked to sit in the back so other students can see, which he does.

    📚There was one time a girl asked if they could switch sits bc she was much shorter than him and so he felt bad for not noticing earlier.

    📚Didn’t mind giving up his seat. Although if he liked the girl he’d just tell her to sit on his lap or that if she wanted to switch seats that automatically makes her his.

    📚He doesn’t talk much in class it’s only if he’s supposed to or if he has a question about the work.

    📚But usually he’s just listening and doing the work.

    📚He always has his hair tied up and I swear girls would d!e to see it down.

    📚Not in a clique, he’s either with Azusa or Ruki, helping someone, or is on his own in class. Sometimes he’s just chilling.

    📚Although if the school had a garden, he’d be all for it.

    📚Used to be on one of the school's sports teams but he doesn’t do it anymore.

    📚After school, he is either in study hall, or in a club since it’s required. And if he had to be in a club, it be something like cooking or something to do with horticulture. Even something regarding handy work- he likes it.

    📚His favorite class is probably cooking class because it’s about food and P.E. because he can be outside.

    📚Although the Mukami’s are pretty popular especially because of Kou people are intimidated by Yuma because he’s very loud and he’s got a deep voice.

    📚So most do not approach him because of this but there are still girls who do like him, though I think he is bothered way less than Ruki and Kou.

    📚And he honestly prefers it that way bc he can’t stand a crowd of teenage girls gushing over him. 

    📚Sure, this would boost his ego up but he finds fangirls annoying. He just can’t stand the screaming or outbursts of excitement.

    📚You can find Yuma usually in study hall, helping out Azusa, in detention bc he got in a fight to protect Azusa or bc Kou annoyed him.

    📚You might even find him outside just thinking or on the rooftop just sitting around.

    📚His locker is a little messy, not too messy but a little sloppy.

    📚It probably has a dent or two in it bc of previous fights or whatever.

    📚He keeps books for school, a jacket/sweatshirt, stuff for Azusa considering that he might forget, spare keys to the mansion, a hair tie, has a gardening journal and he does add to it. Has small plants which he takes care of. 

    📚The locker smells like herbs so it’s actually not bad.

    📚He might even keep extra items that he has to return, like if the girl he likes loses something and he finds it he keeps it in his locker until he sees her again.

    📚his desk if he were to have one, i know most hs don’t but it would be the same deal as his locker not sloppy but smells nice.

    📚He ignores Kou and tries to avoid him since he does find him annoying.

    📚One time he got a love letter and he didn’t know what to think of it. He felt bad seeing he didn’t feel the same and he was a little surprised.

    📚He gets them sometimes but it is rare, usually he pretends like he didn’t receive them bc he doesn’t know what to do with them.

    📚Keeps Kou in line if he tries to blow their cover because he was thirsty.

    📚Has probably gotten slips for cursing.

    📚If he liked a girl he’d be the biggest jerk to her by tea$ing her all the time. And he doesn’t crush on many people- it’s not common.



    📚His rival is Laito.

    📚And oh boy, they go from one girl to the next.

    📚They're always trying to see who received the most love letters.

    📚He is surrounded by his fangirls a lot of the time.

    📚His locker is filled with loved letters and fan mail.

    📚Paparazzi take pictures of him.

    📚He likes it but he does kinda hate it and wishes the girls would leave him alone at times.

    📚In class he is the pretty boy and usually he distracts the girls which gets him in trouble.

    📚He sits on the end of the middle rows or in the middle he doesn’t care honestly.

    📚He somewhat studies but not a lot.

    📚Will have one of his fangirls do his work and Yuma gets mad at him and calls him lazy.

    📚If he has an interest in a girl he doesn’t pursue it bc of the fans.

    📚In one of the mangas I believe he let Yui get bullied so only tells you how much he will be involved or be of help.

    📚After school activities he might join a dance, drama, or glee club.

    📚His favorite class is music and P.E. because he can socialize.

    📚Encourages Azusa to get out there.

    📚He gets into arguments with Yuma a lot which is why he does get in trouble.

    📚He’s also a two-faced b!tch so some people don’t like him.

    📚The group that he is in consists of girls, it’s really just the fan club at his school tbh.

    📚He also hangs out with his brothers sometimes.

    📚His locker is pink on the inside, there’s candy, a cat poster, extra clothes, a headset, outfit accessories, and music albums he likes.

    📚Listens to LDR on repeat and other indie artists.

    📚His locker probably smells like starbursts or some cologne he advertised.

    📚It’s not very messy he has some shelves for his books and the locker has stickers on the front of it.

    📚There is a good stack of fanmail in there too.

    📚His desk doesn’t have much either it's just the school books and some candy.

    📚He doesn’t get in trouble often either.



    📚He doesn’t have a rival he’s too nice.

    📚He may have been suspended for showing his knife collection though for show-n-tell.

    📚A loner, he doesn’t seem bothered by it but his biggest fear is not being acknowledged.

    📚He probably likes this one girl in his class but he knows better than to approach her.

    📚So he just admires her from afar and that's about it.

    📚He doesn’t get love letters, not really.

    📚Sits in the front or middle rows of seats.

    📚He doesn’t really care, his grades are poor so he is in a lot of remedial classes to better understand.

    📚Yuma is usually with him to help him pass.

    📚It doesn’t surprise me if he’s slept in class before either.

    📚A lot of people find him strange considering he has a lot of bandages and talks slow.

    📚Realistically, I’m not surprised if people avoid him bc they can’t understand him.

    📚They might think he’s mental bc he talks slow.

    📚People don’t know much about him tho.

    📚His locker is pretty vacant and has red stains on the front. (it’s his b!ood from his wounds but no one thinks its that.)

    📚He keeps gauze in there, bandages, books for school, a hoodie, and probably a small knife.

    📚If he had a desk it’s the same thing, he’s simple.

    📚Doesn’t have a favorite class.

    📚You can find him with his brothers, alone sitting on a bench, in the bathroom fixing his bandages, in the nurse's office, or talking to himself.

    📚He’s actually nice and fails to realize it so he gets let down a lot.

    📚Every time he approaches people it doesn’t really work.

    📚Not surprised if he got bullied at first but Yuma stepped in and changed things.

    📚No one will ever mess with him after that.

    📚I feel like he felt bad for one girl who didn’t have lunch once so he asked Yuma for an apple and gave it to her bc he felt sorry for her.

    📚It didn’t last very long bc the girl thought he was strange after hearing things.

    📚It hurt his feelings afterward.




    📚Okay according to the games it was said that Shin and Carla were posing as exchange students from England when they attended Ryoutei High School. So it leads me to think that they’ll fake their accents to make it believable—and I mean they’ve been around for thousands of years so it’s not hard to believe that they could fake it.

    📚Although his bro is the type to fl!rt with girls so he can get what he wants, Carla makes sure he doesn’t get out of hand and keeps him in check.

    📚I could see him constantly scolding his younger brother all the time.

    📚Doesn’t have a rival cause he’s better than that.

    📚In class, he probably sits in the middle row but honestly he doesn’t care where he sits, but I don’t think he’d sit in front bc he is tall.

    📚He probably did once and the teacher asked him to move bc he was too tall and he doesn’t like to talk about it.

    📚Doesn’t ask questions, he’s so quiet it’s scary—and it honestly makes him look more intimating than he already does. He doesn’t really have an approachable persona.

    📚If girls ask for his number he is heavily confused, mostly because he’s not very familiar with the technology.

    📚He does have to act polite though to keep a good image—plus, he’s well mannered in general.

    📚A lot of girls are interested in him tho.

    📚So he does get some love letters and boy is he confused.

    📚Shin had to explain it to him and he was still weirded out.

    📚He acts like they’re silly and pretends to throw them away but he actually keeps them hidden away so no one can tea$e him for it.

    📚He’d be dy!ng to figure out who it is though.

    📚He’s not really a part of any cliques- he kinda just does his own thing in the sense that he goes to school and then goes home while making sure Shin isn’t causing any trouble.

    📚His fav class is probably art class as you may have guessed it. If the school has a painting gallery, he’s all for it.

    📚However, he gets quite critical with the pieces on display since they’re probably done by students. He’ll say they have potential, but they’re nothing like the classic/ancient artists.

    📚His locker is rather neat. He pretty much just keeps what he needs for school in there.

    📚He doesn’t understand why some people decorate them, he just finds no use for it and finds it kinda juvenile.

    📚He’s not really into any modern fandoms of any sort, so it only adds on to why he doesn’t understand why some students decorate them.

    📚Shin pranks him—like, all the time.

    📚Like, there was one time when he opened his locker and it squirted water at him.

    📚There was another time when he had obnoxious and loud music play from it since he opened it.

    📚After those incidents, he’s honestly scared to open it and worries something will happen.

    📚If he had a desk it’s the same as his locker, nothing special.

    📚His uniform is a mess in all honesty. I mean, seeing what Rejet did with his character, you really can’t tell what’s going on right upfront with his outfit.

    📚It just looks like a chaotic mix of patterns and colors even though the prominent shade is black- it looks like an unfinished outfit, or that they just grabbed whatever from the lost and found and put it on him xDD.

    📚Tbh, he looks more like he’s dressed up as a character for a school play, than an actual student.

    📚Also, I don’t understand how he’s never tripped over that long-a$$ scarf he wears. Like, how??

    📚Girls have asked him out and have even fl!rted with him and he couldn’t even take a hint.

    📚Especially if it’s something like “Shoot your shot” kind of thing.

    📚And Shin is just laughing cause he’ll have to explain it to him later.

    📚Since he’s an exchange student from England and is probably faking a British accent (no one suspects it’s fake tho), some girls have said his accent is cute and he just doesn’t know how to take it because he’s so embarrassed by their commentary.

    📚Because he’s old and old-fashioned he thought that a lot of the girls were prostitutes at first based on their attire, but that was until Shin told him otherwise.

    📚He doesn’t like P.E. because they told him he couldn’t wear his scarf. It ruins his day every time.

    📚Plus, he has to wear the school’s P.E. uniform that consists of a t-shirt and shorts and he just feels so exposed since he’s used to wearing layers of vests and jackets (scarf included haha).

    📚“How shameless. I feel like a [email protected] brute.” He’d think.

    📚And he has to take his gloves off and it’s just torture to him because again, he’s not used to exposing himself that way.

    📚He ties his hair up in a ponytail for P.E. and the girls rave about it while he’s just embarrassed.

    📚He hates the physical exam checkups because he doesn’t want to be shirtless, meanwhile Shin is all for it since he gets the excuse to show off.

    📚And every time he has to take his shirt off, girls are all over it which leaves him to blush and this honestly embarrasses him even more.

    📚You can find Carla at the cafeteria getting coffee, reading, in the art gallery, at the school's theatre, or outside probably in a secluded area of the school just sitting down and relaxing and waiting for next period.

    📚He doesn’t really participate in sports, but because his extracurriculars require one, he took on dodgeball only because Shin suggested it.

    📚At first, he had no idea what it was or how it worked. It took a few rounds to fully understand, and this was because Shin didn’t explain the rules to him, and he just kept getting Carla out every round.

    📚Once Carla figured out how the game worked, there was no stopping him, especially when Shin was on the opposing team.

    📚To get him back for not explaining the game to him, he aimed the ball so hard at him that it pushed him back into the gym’s wall, which left everyone astonished.

    📚After that, he became everyone’s top pick for their dodgeball team and is regarded as a top player in school for that sport.

    📚In general, he doesn’t really go for everyone else and makes sure that his magic sends the ball Shin’s way to get him out. And he of course knows he can’t go that hard with human players, so he goes easier on them, but with Shin or any other supernatural creature that may play, he has no mercy on them.



    📚(in case you didn’t read Carla’s know this) Okay according to the games it was said that he and Carla were posing as exchange students from England when they attended high school. So it leads me to think that they’ll fake their accents to make it believable and I mean they’ve been around for thousands of years so it’s not hard to believe that they could fake it.

    📚They’re like experts at lying and covering their @sses.

    📚So I could really picture Shin calling every girl “Love” or “Sweet Heart” wouldn’t that just be hot? In a British accent? I think it would be.

    📚Plus, I mean he’s a ladies' man, so he likes charming girls to do what he wants.

    📚It makes it easier for people to not catch on if he’s convinced enough people.

    📚He’s also more of a fl!rt and a per.v (openly) than Carla is. (But Carla is also a per.v.)

    📚Doesn’t have a rival because he doesn’t think there’s a point. He thinks he’s better than everyone anyways.

    📚In class, he sits in the middle row close to the back.

    📚He’d totally sit in front of the girl he likes just cause he’s taller and it would make it harder for her to see.

    📚And he wouldn’t give up the seat if she asked him to move, he’d just tea$e her endlessly about it.

    📚He’d literally always gives that girl a hard time.

    📚Bribes girls into doing his homework for him and tries to sweet-talk teachers to get out of doing exams.

    📚Carla has to constantly scold him about this, saying that it's not good for their family image, but he never listens.

    📚His grades are so-so- it’s not too bad but he hardly turns stuff in on time.

    📚In general tho, at school a lot of people know him, and girls like him. There is a fair amount of them fawning over him.

    📚And he digs it bc he has so much confidence.

    📚Typically he and his brother have familiars drive them to school but sometimes Shin likes to go in his wolf form.

    📚And Carla tells him not to go in his wolf form since it means he’ll be [email protected] afterwards but Shin just tells him he’ll bring his backpack to change.

    📚So yes, he’s gone to school [email protected] and casually changed in the boy’s locker room.

    📚Some girls have seen him sneek into the boy’s locker room [email protected], but he doesn’t care. At times, he’s even shown off and acted pretty cocky about it since he was giving them a whole scene.

    📚His favorite class is either P.E. bc he can watch the girls or something like literature, history or a poetry class.

    📚As for after-school activities he is probably in the basketball club since it is canon that he knows how to play.

    📚Though he does like to watch the dance recitals and watch the girls.

    📚And as you can imagine if there is a girl that piques his interest and she’s part of something like that he definitely wants to go.

    📚You can find Shin in a lot of places, talking to cheerleaders/other girls, getting into fights, sweet-talking some girl up against his locker, playing basketball, in the yard staring at nature, or even him peaking in the girls locker room with Kino and Ayato.

    📚Although If he had to be in a clique it’d probably be with jocks. Tho he’s not a part of that silly record Ayato keeps about girls regarding who’s nailed who.

    📚Has gotten love letters before and thought it was very amusing.

    📚When it comes to his locker I’m sure he decorated it, and it’s for two reasons, one bc he needs to blend in and appear like any other teenager, and two because it looked like fun to him.

    📚Even tho he’d never admit it.

    📚Shin’s locker is pretty clean for the most part, might have some scratches, it smells like his cologne that’s like a musk.

    📚He keeps spare clothes in there bc when he changes out of his wolf form he’s gonna need it.

    📚Shin also has some books, a weapon of some sort, and probably some object that retains magic in case it’s needed.

    📚His desk is the same deal if the school provides them with that. Whatever the case his main goal is to have it look ordinary so no one suspects anything.

    📚His locker is right next to the girl he finds interesting.

    📚She doesn’t give anyone the time or day so he’s interested in her as hell.

    📚The first time he tried making conversation with her, she gave him a bit of the cold shoulder, but bc he can listen to a human’s heartbeat he could tell that she was nervous and a little scared when he approached her.

    📚The best part is that she doesn’t know that he can do that.

    📚He follows her around and enjoys listening to her heartbeat change to being calm when she is with others, but when she’s with him it goes back to beating fast.

    📚It’s not because she has a crush on him, she’s just a little uncomfortable and surprised that he approaches her.

    📚“Heh, so she’s nervous around Prince of the Founders.”

    📚Let’s be honest his uniform is off but considering that they are said to be in specail classes maybe this is allowed???

    📚idk, all I know is that if he really wants to blend in he needs to lose the eye patch which he might be able to with some magic to heal his eye temporarily for the day.

    📚Probably what he’d try to do but would find it to much of a hassle and just stop caring for it.

    📚Carla has to constantly remind him to not use magic whether it's for sports, convincing people, fighting someone or anything.

    📚Sometimes he does and Carla gets upset bc he took a risk in exposing them.

    📚Has gotten into fights which leads Carla to step in.

    📚He does feed on some girls but don’t worry he covers it up by erasing their memory.

    📚Shin doesn’t date anyone at the school though he just has some flings or whatever but never a relationship bc he doesn't want to lower himself to that degree to be with a human.

    📚Bc he does like pranking he will participate with Ayato and Kino when it comes to pranking teachers.


    ˗ˏˋ 𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝑚𝑦 𝑤𝑟𝑖𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑖𝑠 𝑜𝑟𝑖𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑎𝑙 𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝐼 𝑑𝑜 𝑛𝑜𝑡 𝑜𝑤𝑛 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑐ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑠 ˎˊ˗ ©𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟔~Present

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  • adelinabrooke
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    The moon was in the middle of the dark sky , Yua hadn't been able to sleep , she was hearing whispers in her mind it was like a spell, incoherent sentences as if someone inviting her to the dark .

    Yua watched a bat flying , she furrowed her brows , she hadn't seen a bat since she was kid , she always witnessed bats flying around the mansion before the accident .

    Within a second the bat dissapeared as if he wasn't there , yet Yua felt someone looking at her, she left the balcony and entered her room closing the door behind , the weird feeling her heart was hurting inside  , like her soul leaving the body she fell on her knees .

    Her breaths  hitched , she felt the presence of someone in the room , she saw him standing in the corner his yellow orbs shined in the darkness , like a vicious animal watched her , Yua felt weak , :" It's your destiny ...Lilith " .

    She heard his hoarse voice before fainting .  

                                                                     ✶⊶⊷⊶⊷❍ - ❍⊶⊷⊶⊷✶

    A month has passed , since that accident , today Yua was leaving the orphanage since she got offered to live with a family .

    But they just give the adress to the driver , Yua's ride was long , the rain was pouring silently , she opened the window sniffing the fresh smell of the rain , the cold breeze  she loved the rainy weather , a picture appeared when she was young dancing in the rain whith her sister .

    " Miss Yua we're here" said the driver as he exited the car , she followed , taking her bag , she payed the driver then left her standing infront of the gate or the mansion.

    She held the bag , a déja vu the place felt familliar like she has lived here before or seen it , she ignored as she strodded forward , closing the umbrella she knocked the door .

    she waited but no one opened the door , ( Maybe the didn't know that today is my coming ) , the door opened slightly , there was  a tall  blonde guy , :" Sorry but is this The Sakamaki residence , I'm the girl from the orphanage " .

    The guy nodded as he opened the door allowing her to enter she held her bag pulling it as she entere following him to the living room .  

    She saw the brother sitting as if they were waiting for her , she bowed   showing a smile on her lips :" Yua Tsumukoi , pleasure to meet you " .

    " The pleasure is ours , sweet " The ginger haired male with fdora said looking into her eyes , "thats Shu , the eldest , I'm reiji , that's Ayato , then Laito , Kanato , and the youngest Subaro "spoke reiji pointing at the brothers , they were inspecting her as if she was an alien .

    " Her smell is sweet ne Teddy, " Kanato looked at Yua , but he meant the smell of her blood , Yua puts the bag  not tliking the awkward moment , but within moment she felt hypontized , whispers in her ears  , she teleported infront the brothers who froze in their places withing a second .

    " Where is she ?" asked Ayato feeling furious .

    " as you can see we don't know since she dissapeared ," replied subaro,looking at his brother; " we must find her she can't wander in the house on her own " ordered Reiji teleporting himself . 

    The others tried to find her , yet she was in a big room , a painting was covered of a woman with dark hair and grey eyes she was wearing a crown as if she was a queen .

    “ Aphrodite “ she whispered before collapsing in front of the painting , she fainted . Shu has found her laying on the floor then glanced at the painting .

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  • adelinabrooke
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    Togou Sakamaki was one of the famous businessman in Japan , he was known for the charities and donations, to draw the perfect picture , he was walking with his assistant  looking at the orphanage and the little kids playing around , in the yard .

    He fixed the glasses , before strodding forward along with the assistant following him , he entered the new orphanage he built with other investors , seeing the maids .

    It was a peaceful sight everyone doing his chores except for the children were playing around , suddenly faint piano playing caught his attention , he glanced at Miyouri :" go and bring me the reports ."

    The woman nodded without any word she left him in the middle of the hall , the soft tunes were pleasant to his ears he smiled a bit before teleporting into the music room .

    He saw her playing graciously , claire de lune by Claude Debussy he smiled , his oldest son Shu mastered this classic piece when he was ten years old , her playing stopped as turned around , her grey orbs met his yellow ones .  

    If he was mortal human he would admit that his heart was beating , yet he felt his dead heart felt alive , a replica of his first wife was infront of him .

    " Sorry ,sir but I think you're in the wrong room ?" said the girl as she stood from the seat , her smell , seems sweet as a demon blood and the remained demon heart is Coredelia !

    She had Cordelia's heart how can this happen ?

    " I think , it's the right room " he said looking into her eyes , the mysterious girl got his loved wife's looks yet the loathed wife Cordelia , it(s like the meeting of  sun and moon .

    There was annoying silent which she broke :" are you one them ?  are you going to adopt a kid ," she asked ; which he found it genuine question for the first time he could see someone asking him without scheming something.

    " No , but to see the situation do you like it here ?" he spoke , taking the glasses off , his yellow orbs twinkled as he wiped the glasses than wore it .

    " I'm Yua Tsumukoi " the raven haired girl said extending her hand  confident , he took her hand , " nice to meet you young lady , Togou Sakamaki "  he said .

    Yua smiled which made him furrow his brows she was a replica of his young beloved wife .

                                                                     ✶⊶⊷⊶⊷❍ - ❍⊶⊷⊶⊷✶

    He was in the office working on different contracts yet the picture of that girl didn't leave his mind , the phone rung  he looked at the caller identity , he was Reiji :" Hello father " .

    " Reiji arrange a dinner table since it's the monthly dinner " ordered his son , as if he telling 'I am coming and I don't appreciate any mess' .

    On the other side Reiji didn't say a word , he didn't have a choice just to agree yet he knew that there is something about this meeting ,

    " I have to tell you that we need another sample " speaks Reiji which made his father smirk .

    " when I come we will discuss few things " he says then hung up .

    ✶⊶⊷⊶⊷❍ - ❍⊶⊷⊶⊷✶

    The Sakamaki Mansion  

    Reiji was ordering the maids to make everything perfect , he couldn't arrange everything by himself since his father will come , this dinner must be perfect , Shu looked at his young brother who was giving his orders, as the maids left to the kitchen :" is he coming ?"

    Reiji turned facing his brother :" since you know , why do you ask ? " , Shu chuckled as he answered :" I didn't know but it's the first time , I see you frantic , that's why I assumed he's comming , mr perfect bastard " .

    The oldest teleported somewhere leaving Reiji surprised ' mr perfect bastard ' this ickname he used it when he tried to mock him everytime since they were young ' deadbeat'.

    ✶⊶⊷⊶⊷❍ - ❍⊶⊷⊶⊷✶

    The six brothers looked at their father's figure , he didn't change he just took the glasses off and wore his red velvet cloak , the man looked in his best moment , a wicked smile on his lips .

    Yes , wicked they hadn't seen him smile genuinly since their birth so he couldn't trick them :" my boys you look great ...glad to see you ."

    Shu rolled his eyes , as they moved into the dining room , the dinner was served as the maids left the mansion, :" I have to tell you something "

    " we know father , another sacrifice bride " says Ayato , looking into his father's yellow eyes , he smiled :" no it's not but another project " .

    all of his sons were listening , giving him their attention :" I found anothe one , but this time don't fail the new project ," said Karlheinz showing his real persona , he throws two picture of Yua one of them helping the kids and one of them were she was sitting in the backyard .

    Shu took the second picture , he froze seeing her feature :" she looks like her ," his father nodded, shu didn't forget that woman , yet there is a girl looks like her twin .

    " She is the candidate of Lilith project, Yua Tsumukoi "

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  • adelinabrooke
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    𝐇𝐚𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐋𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐡

         𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠. 𝐖𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐚𝐲. 𝐘𝐞𝐬, 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐞, 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐮𝐥: 𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐬𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐬.

                                           。☆✼★━━━━━━ - ━━━━━━★✼☆。

    "𝑰 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒍𝒅𝒏'𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒊𝒕 𝒂𝒏𝒚 𝒍𝒐𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒓.

    𝑰 𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒆𝒅 𝒎𝒚𝒔𝒆𝒍𝒇 𝒕𝒐 𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒓𝒊𝒑𝒆-𝒓𝒆𝒅,

    𝒑𝒍𝒖𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒅 𝒑𝒂𝒔𝒔𝒂𝒈𝒆, 𝒕𝒐 𝒐𝒑𝒆𝒏 𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒖𝒑,

    𝒔𝒐 𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒔𝒖𝒈𝒂𝒓-𝒔𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒕 𝒋𝒖𝒊𝒄𝒆𝒔 𝒇𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒅 𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒉𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒚,

    𝒅𝒓𝒊𝒑𝒑𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒅𝒐𝒘𝒏.

    𝑰 𝒔𝒘𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒅 𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒏𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒂𝒓 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝑰 𝒔𝒖𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒅....."

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  • dialalagirl
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    srry for weird ask but what soup would diaboys be?

    (weirdness is this blog’s whole vibe — don’t worry, you fit right in ^*^)

    Shu - water straight from the tap. way too much effort to even instant-pack it

    Reiji - broccoli soup without the cheese. you hate it

    Ayato - hangover soup as a well-meaning-but-poor compensation for his inability to successfully pick up ladies at the bar

    Laito - Spaghettios, packed to the brim with an immeasurable amount of holes waiting to be filled. perfectly moist too! =D

    Kanato - polish duck blood soup. super sweet and just really screams that get-away-from-me vibe, ya know?

    Subaru -tiger penis soup. hard to swallow just like his charming personality

    Kino - whatever holy-shit-why concoction comes from the 3-month expired leftovers sitting in the back of your fridge

    Ruki - Campbell’s chicken noodle soup for the basic-ass bytch he is

    Yuma - micro carrot soup. for obvious reasons :)

    Kou - whatever 4-day soup cleanse is fetch right now, Gretchen 

    Azusa - clocking in at nearly 2 million on the just-how-much-exactly-will-this-hurt-coming-out scale, Culley’s “the world’s hottest ramen noodles”. like the product was, absolutely garan--fuckin’-teed to discontinue you from existence

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  • tojiswifeee
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    More Azusa cause homeboy is getting big😫

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  • ayamexe
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    Azusa content!<333
    #amani musa#azusa mukami #diabolik lovers oc #dl oc#dialovers#my art#diaboys #ayam.exe art!🎀
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  • nightlovers-stuff
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Can you please do Azusa's ideal type like you did for Carla? I LOVE your blog btw ^^♡♡

    Thank you so much, sweetie. That means a lot to me (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

    Also, thanks for your request, anon!!

    Hope you like it!

    Azusa's ideal type

    Someone who's patient and caring

    From the Mukamis, he's the brother who most needs attention and care. His masochist side is quite troublesome to deal with, so he needs someone patient enough to take care of him and deal with his masochist side.

    Someone who's sweet

    This boy suffered a lot in childhood, Azusa needs a s/o that makes him feel loved and shows how special he is.

    Someone affectionate

    Now, I'm not sure if this is canon or not, but one of my headcanons is that Azusa is touch starved. He's very clingy and loves cuddling with his lover

    Please, give this boy some hugs and kisses, he deserves it

    Someone with a bubbly personality

    Azusa is not the most optimistic person and he gets easily anxious.

    Someone with a bubbly personality would bring peace and comfort to him, being able to get rid of his negative and self-destructive thoughts.

    Someone sadomasochist

    Just like all the other boys, Azusa is a sadistic vampire.

    And sometimes he can be even worst than the other diaboys, since he's sadistic, masochist AND yandere!!!!! ( a softer one, but still a yandere)

    He truly believes pain means love and pleasure. So, his lover must be willing to hurt him sometimes and receive pain equally.


    Here's another boy that doesn't care about appearance

    Azusa is the only one that never said anything bad about Yui's beauty. (best boy T.T) But here are some traits he would find cute

    Puppy/ droopy eyes

    Soft and messy hair

    Short hair

    Short girls

    Button nose

    Pale skin




    Ask box is open

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  • manicpixxiegirl
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Hi. Can you please 🙏🙏🙏do headcanon of sakamaki brothers when they find that they have a teenage sister who was raised up like human . She and they realy didn't know about each other until She is forc by Karlhainz to live with them together. She is introverted , nice , sensitive , tolerant , funny and caring person.

    I would really like to see their reaction on her. Especially if they have the same mother and father. (For triplets , it's Cordelia,... Subaru- Christa...)

    I would be very happy for this headcanon.🙏 PS: i som sorry for my english

    — dialovers with a teenage sibling

    pairings : no romance, gn!sibling!reader and the dialover boys
    trigger warnings : child neglect, human experiments
    word count : 1209

    — shu

    ➵ i would assume that in the case of beatrix and karlhienz having a child, they would be mostly neglected, much like reiji. this is probably due to the fact that beatrix wouldn't see any use in the youngest, as the youngest never receives power.

    ➵ the first time shu saw his sibling, he did not think much of them. their hostile interior, was carefully laced with a polite exterior and they never cracked. the young adolescent was obviously in the midst of their rebellious phase, and fiercely detested formal gatherings, like the one they were in now.

    ➵ however, as time went on, shu started to warm up to the idea of an extra sibling, they weren't annoying and loud like the others.

    ➵  the new family member was different as they were raised as human, they were kind, though at times sarcastic. the kindness was not as direct, initially, usually only shown through small actions; like offering him a glass of water, or leaving leftovers in the fridge for him.

    ➵ though the pair do not talk much to each other, shu does like the time they spend in silence, and occasionally let's you listen to his music with him.

    — reiji

    ➵ as i stated in shu's headcanon, the siblings childhood would have mostly been severely neglected. due to this you have become very reserved, and very good at fending for yourself.

    ➵ therefore, the initial meeting of this man would be you standing in the kitchen just in front of the stove, and making yourself dinner. the aroma was intoxicatingly good, and the precision in which you added the ingredients was enchanting. his interest was peeked.

    ➵ from there on out reiji has been pestering you and inviting you into his study. though, the sibling was annoyed at first, they maintained their air of politeness which only intrigued reiji further.

    ➵ eventually, you answered with a simple nod, and a slightly bored expression. as soon as you entered the room, the experiments began. he would make you drink teas, run PET scans on your brain to test how you reacted to things, studied your behaviour. to be honest, all he saw you as was a human lab rat who happened to be related to him.

    ➵ honestly, the only other emotions this man really ever experiences towards the new family member is rivalry whenever you show independence. he has to be the best, so he tries to make you dependent on him.

    — ayato

    ➵ being raised by cordelia and karlhienz as a mortal must have been stressful, to say the least. i mean you would be constantly given a ton of responsibilities, while being expected to do everything perfectly. it would be too much.

    ➵ god, i don't think this man has never been so in love with something in his whole life. the first time he saw you, something just clicked and he felt he had to be the big brother you needed.

    ➵ he felt that he had to protect you, i mean he was also treated as a robot who had to be programmed for perfection because anything less was seen as a failure - so when he first got to know you, something just came over him.

    ➵ sometimes this leads to him being over-protective. meaning, you are always attached to the hip, you aren't allowed to go out alone and that he even requested your room to be next to his.

    ➵ he wouldn't let cordelia near you even if she did want to see you, and he actively tells you not to worry about the school industry and all its terrible flaws. honestly, he just wants you to be free, or at least as free as he'll allow you to be.

    — kanato

    ➵ again, being raised by cordelia and kalhienz as human must have been something that raised a lot of anxiety within you, which has led you to become pretty emotionless. not in the sense that you don't feel at all, but more that you find it hard to present emotion without it seeming forced or fake.

    ➵ the new sibling first meets kanato while they were wondering the house, and came across the doll room. though it was disturbing and ever so slightly frightening, you kept your composure. after all, you were taught from a young age that emotion was an inherit weakness.

    ➵ when kanato saw your lack of emotion from the shadows, he felt you were perfect. well, a perfect play thing that is.

    ➵ from there on out, he would never leave you alone. at night he would cut and style your hair; put makeup on you; make you pose and take some pictures of you as if you were a corpse.

    ➵ though this definitely annoyed you, and you were deeply uncomfortable with the treatment you were getting, you couldn't stop him - nor did you want to. because truth be told, being dressed up and treasured was like a safety net you never had before.

    — laito

    ➵ as stated with the other two triplets, the anxiety you suffer now was a direct impact of being raised by two sociopathic parents. being a teenager now, mostly meant that though you were tolerant, you were still easily irritable.

    ➵ therefore, the first time you met was due to an argument you had had with your father. you felt trapped in his hands, so you decided to come to one of his estates where you found your brother.

    ➵ when he first saw you his first instinct was to ignore you, so that's exactly what he did. he had no interest in a new sibling, who popped out of nowhere, and honestly he wasn't hoping for much from this new person.

    ➵ though you were both aware of each others existences, there weren't many shared moments they would have. your opinion on laito, as a consequence, would also be pretty unknown considering you've never really talked or acknowledged each other.

    ➵ the extent of your interactions, were simple hello's and occasional sorrys when they would bump into each other. other than that, laito shared no interest in you, just as his parents never had interest in him.

    — subaru

    ➵ being raised by christa was an experience much better than with the other mothers. karlhienz was barely present, which was a good thing considering you hated the person your mother became when he was around.

    ➵ you were raised to be delicate and polite, and when subaru first met you the first thing he felt was an overwhelming emotion of jealousy.

    ➵ this wasn't to do with the envy of the normalcy you grew up with, and he didn't; it was the proximity of which you were to his mother. the relationship in which he had wished to have with his mother (a healthy one), you had.

    ➵ though you never felt anything but sympathy for your sibling, subaru seemed to dislike you for no good reason. so, you started to distance yourself and become apart of the competitiveness of your brother.

    ➵ sibling rivalry commenced between the two, and so your interactions started to become limited to silly competitions you would have. yet, during these times of rivalry, there were also times in which he would help you, such as when you would get hurt and he was the first to come to your aid.

    #diabolik lovers headcanons #diabolik lovers #diabolik lovers hcs #shu sakamaki#reiji sakamaki#ayato sakamaki#kanato sakamaki#laito sakamaki#subaru sakamaki#kino sakamaki#ruki mukami#yuma mukami#kou mukami#azusa mukami #diabolik lovers shu #diabolik lovers reiji #diabolik lovers ayato #diabolik lovers kanato #diabolik lovers laito #diabolik lovers subaru
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  • lamour-eternel-de-la-subaru
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    ||🍂🦇post sweet masochistic sensation🦇🍂||

    •Mukami Brothers.

    something that I have always liked about the mukami house although I have preferred the sakamaki mansion.

    it is their brotherhood so united although their blood is not the same, their love is true <3✨🌾

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  • yuriko-tsukino-rp
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Kitsune Dreams Event: Masterlist

    “Lately, I've been having many strange dreams... I'm a bit worried. Does this mean I'm going to turn into a fox soon?”

    Dream Interactions

    01: Maria’s Dream

    02: Metsu’s Dream

    03: Korisu’s Dream

    04: Estella’s Dream

    05: Kazemi’s Dream

    06: Ruki’s Dream | TW

    07: Azusa’s Dream | TW

    08: Yuma’s Dream 

    09: Kou’s Dream

    10: Ruki’s Lewd Dream | NSFW

    11: Kuron’s Dream

    Things I’ve learned so far...

    I can’t talk with humans in their dreams. I’m not even sure if they see me... This needs further inspection.

    Elves can see me, touch me, and communicate with me telepathically in their dreams. I’m curious what else is possible...

    Also, mermaids can communicate with me. I’m not sure about touching, so I need to learn more.

    I can touch vampires in their dreams but I’m not sure if they can communicate with me. This also needs further inspection.

    Random inspection: it is really weird to see myself in other people’s dreams... and sometimes it’s really embarrassing too...

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  • lured-into-wonderland
    23.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    //Azusa or Kou?👀

    “Azusa or Kou? None, to be honest. They both feel completely unproper for me. But I was told I have to choose. So, it would definitely be Azusa. He seems easier to…control. And, most importantly, Kou…Kou is…Kou is an actor…So, that's a no.” – Nunnally whispered the last part.

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  • yuriko-tsukino-rp
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    whats your relationship with each mukami?

    Ruki: my dear boyfriend, the love of my life and my master

    Yuma: like a brother, a bit scary and loud but deep down he is nice

    Kou: like a brother, a bit annoying one, always teasing me, but sometimes he is funny too

    Azusa: like a brother, he is cute but I'm a bit worried about him... I don't know how to help him though

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  • yuriko-tsukino-rp
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    (TW) I once had a dream... where Ruki and the others... finally got tired of me... They put me... in the dungeon and... beat me up... until I could barely... move...

    It was... so painful... I think... it was the most pain... I've ever felt... It was amazing... although... I would be sad... if that happened...


    ~Kitsune Dreams Event~

    Would you like Yuriko to visit your muse’s dream? 
    Send your muse’s dream into my ask box, and I’ll write Yuriko’s point of view version and/or reaction to the said dream for you.
    The dream can also be NSFW but only if both muse and admin are adults.
    Yuriko shivered when she realized that she was in the dungeon. What had she done? Why was she here!?
    But the place looked somewhat different than usual, bigger. She gazed around, realizing that the ceiling seemed to be higher above than ever before. When she looked down, she saw her own paws.
    And then Yuriko heard the scream.
    Azusa-kun! Oh no!
    Yuriko ran towards the voice, already smelling the vampiric blood. It didn’t take long for her to reach the Mukami brothers; Ruki, Yuma, and Kou had circled Azusa, beating him with unrelenting force. Hit after hit made Azusa whimper, and Yuriko felt like the world around her was shattering.

    Gasping, Yuriko sat up on the bed. Tears ran down her face as she trembled. She wrapped arms around her body and swung it back and forth, knowing she should somehow support Azusa but she was unable to rise from the bed.


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