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  • plasticmantalk
    26.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    My Plastic Man origin movie fancasts

    Plastic Man/Eel O’Brian: Ben Schwartz

    Woozy Winks: Bobby Moynihan

    Lady Granite/Sheila Sorrell: Anya Taylor-Joy (Mainly because she looks like a Jack Cole drawn woman. At least, that’s how I see it.)

    Angel McDunnagh: Kate Upton (Not all that attached, but that’s because Angel McDunnagh has no character aside from “angry mom who hates baby daddy”. Only really chose her because “pretty blonde”, could be any actress. Any race, like at all.)

    Chief Branner: Alan Tudyk

    Madam Brawn: Melissa McCarthy

    Pado Swackatoon: Elliot Page (I don’t know many young transmasc actors so I’m just choosing a transmasc actor who I think is cool.)

    #plastic man#dc comics#eel o'brian#superhero#jack cole#woozy winks#patrick o'brian#fancasts#lady granite#ben schwartz#bobby moynihan #these would probably be the actors I’d choose if I got to make a Plastic Man movie #please let me make one #it won’t be bad I swear
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  • hyliareborn
    26.05.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    at walmart i saw a stand that had the uncharted movie and the uncharted games together so on one side there was the poster with tom holland and on the other there was the guy from the games which was so funny to me. the main character can be either twelve or a hardened 35+ year old man

    #i don’t think he’s a bad actor at all but it’s soooooooooooo incredibly obvious that he was cast just bc his name is recognizable #particularly to young people #i guess they thought that young people wouldn’t go see it if the main character was a bit older but jokes on them bc we love dilfs
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  • wannabcool-blr
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    loved the bts of moon knight, made me so happy to see the cast & directors so excited and proud of their work. I loved every minute of the show and it’s so awesome to see what it took to make the show happen :) & the fact they asked art students to help make the episode 4 set?! my favorite episode?! :)))

    #ramblings#moon knight #I also loved how Oscar got the transition between Marc and Steven down and was able to do it seemlessly #like damn he’s an awesome actor #the development of harrow was interesting too #Ethan Hawke made an awesome bad guy
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  • sonknuxadow
    26.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    just saw a post that says movie shadows voice actor has already kind of been decided and its a big name actor and they just need to know if this person wants the role or not. i am on the edge of my seat right now

    #THISIS EITHER GONNA BE SO GOOD OR SO BAD. IM SCARED LMAO #sonic movie spoilers #sonic 2 spoilers #hoping and praying that by big name actor they mean. a well known voice actor who will actually fit the role and care about shadow #and not. a random big name actor who has no voice acting expreience and is just there beacuse theyre a big name actor
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  • camphorror
    25.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    he is in germany finally satisfying his thirst for knowledge regarding werner ziegler. seeing him being chatty & friendly towards a woman is so insane btw. unnatural

    #lalo fr u are a bad actor u are so bad at pretending i love u so much #bcs lb
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  • eisforeidolon
    25.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Anon 1:  I’m so upset Jared said the carpet was blue.

    Me: Uh, what?  Jared mentioned blue carpet in a general discussion about how to evaluate carpet, to explain at length why the carpet in question is green...?

    Anon 2:  Come on, why can’t you just admit the wallpaper is purple?!?

    Anon 3: Jared saying the carpet is green and he wants to be absolutely clear on his feelings about that carpet because of what other people are saying could not possibly be in any part about us insisting he needs new carpet because that one is an ugly old shag rug that should be thrown out anyway.  He knows we know he’s a saint that loves unworthy carpet that doesn't love him back!

    Anon 4: Jensen has obviously moved on to hardwood floors and is just so clearly above carpet anymore anyway.

    Me: ...

    Me to myself: This is exactly why you said you were going to stop engaging asks about this before, dumbass. 

    #anti actor stans #anti jared stans #bad analogy time
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  • themaevethcometh
    25.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    the absolute heartbreak of scrolling through the all of skam website and seeing so many versions that are continuing or came to natural conclusions and then you reach skam austin and skamnl at the bottom and they say cancelled

    #maeve posts #they were the two i was following closest outside of the original lol #we could've had it all!!!!!!!! #could've had an isak of color! a lesbian isak of color! #or maybe a trans isak since the actor publicly transitioned right when it was in renewal limbo #so maybe they would've transitioned the character with him #but we'll never know because it got CANCELLED #and then i just really liked skamnl. isa is my favorite eva and i feel like they got the aesthetics right #anyway i scrolled through my sideblog yesterday so i'm in a skam mood #i might rewatch the original or the first few seasons of a remake #i'm really wary of the new seasons or remakes since i've heard some bad things about some of them #but i miss the first four seasons
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  • nessinaworldofherown
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Warning⚠️ this smile can melt your 💚

    Lee Dong Wook in “ Turkids on the block ” ep48
    #kdrama #lee dong wook #bad and crazy #ryu sooyeol#fanart#kdramaedit#leedongwookedit #strangers from hell #seo moonjo#kdrama actor#kdramaaddict#goblin kdrama#kdramalover #nine tailed fox #lee yeon#grim reaper #hell is other people #이동욱 #tale of the nine tailed #tale of gumiho
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  • deus-ex-mona
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ken, r u n

    #the bad ‘joke’ is that they share voice actors with izayoi sonosuke and ando ruruka from dr3 #if you know what happens… you *know* (ʘ‿ʘ) #it is suiyoubi my dudes #the funniest va joke to me is still juri+kodai and uesugi+yotsuba (from gotobun) thoughh #that and hiyoko’s gal pal squad and the ladies of persona emblem (read: tokyo mirage sessions) #dream catcher from tokyo mirage sessions gave me idol hiyoko/juri brainrot tbh. idols hiyoko and juri with manager chizuru maybe? #but the funniest part about tms is that manager uchida’s va voices one of the npc managers in the game’s agency lolll #that manager was also the older sis of the idol girl that hiyoko’s seiyuu voiced (which was pretty stonks) #the character that chizuru’s seiyuu (hayami saori) voiced was p. much the equivalent of game-hiyoko’s persona though lol #it would’ve been really funny if she had been allowed to sing in dream catcher as well! pre-hiyoko anime gal pal squad song go— #ellie is still best girl though. the way sakura ayane voiced her was so cute! especially her declarations of her intents to go to hollywood! #i miss tms… if only that ex-acquaintance of mine returned the cartridge to me… (ʘ‿ʘ) #wait this was supposed to be a dr-related post about seiyuu jokes… how did it end up like this (ʘ‿ʘ) #in any case… pls stream ‘dream catcher’ from tokyo mirage sessions!! #shibakentucky fried chicken
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  • b-brightvc
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ohm pawat icons

    like or reblog if u save. don't repost pls! <3

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  • 3isoptrophobia
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Kai’s actor Kate Kennedy has stayed silent and I’ve seen nothing from her so. Absolute queen.

    #same goes for Miranda Riz and Vannak #basically everyone else but mr schreiber #‘erm people have been harassing him since day one’ yeahs that’s bad but turn off your phone get off twitter or whatever #you’re a millionaire actor who got one of the biggest roles of the decade take the paycheck and shut up #it would be different if he was addressing the actual harassers but instead he’s going for everyone that doesn’t kiss his ass #used to respect him but it’s been going down the drain
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  • illonius-if
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    What do the ROs voices sound like? Thanks!!

    ⚶ Najha: she's got a jordanian accent, which is the accent typical of the Esendi elves. She'd be classed as an alto I think? Her voice is definitely on the deeper side, but still well within what is feminine, and quite raspy.

    ⚶ Esca: since Esca is from the City of Glass, which is not on the same plane as everything and gets a lot of interplanar visitors, they've got an accent that's basically an amalgamation of everything, ie. morrocan. Besides that their voice is light, a little airy and they've got a little bit of a lilt as well.

    ⚶ Quill: they have an accent that I would call close to morrocan, like Esca, because of how much they've traveled. Their actual accent is closest to the MC's though, and I don't want to dictate how the player's character sounds so this one is more up to interpretation than the others. If they don't put in active effort to sound different (which they sometimes do) their voice is naturally kind of raspy and guttural.

    ⚶ K: k has what is essentially a finnish accent, but they've been on Maraksla long enough for it not to be like, wildly noticeable. They are fluent in the common language, which helps with that. Like basically everything about them, their voice is boisterous and definitely a little rough (plenty of shouting and well. not treating your vocal cords too nicely generally will do that) but not quite husky.

    ⚶ Aodhán: his family is from Llwyr, and since he was raised in a part of Eyria that's particularly ardahl dominated he's kept that accent, which is a southern welsh one. He is generally soft-spoken and his voice can tend a little towards flat, as he is fairly reserved.

    #ask#anonymous#ro: esca#ro: quill#ro: k#ro: aodhan#ro: najha #ive been asked this a couple times now #so even though im like. really bad at noticing vocal stuff and especially with picking voice claims here it is! #i hope its not too terrible bc no way can i go more in depth than this lol #i dont think there are really actors that fit these so i can't quite do a proper voice claim :/
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  • crystlshrds
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    #🛠 [ ❝ the finest fourteen year old inventor in the world ❞ ] (visage: violet) #🛠 [ ❝ the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious ❞ ] (headcanon: violet) #🛠 [ ❝ there’s always something ❞ ] (interests: violet) #🛠 [ ❝ you’d better tie your hair up ❞ ] (isms: violet) #🛠 [ ❝ i will still invent things; no matter what anyone says ❞ ] (character study: violet) #🛠 [ ❝ gears pulleys and levers ❞ ] (aesthetic: violet) #🛠 [ ❝ face the scary thing first; get scared later ❞ ] (fears: violet) #🛠 [ ❝ if everyone fought fire with fire; the whole world would go up in smoke ❞ ] (musings: violet) #🛠 [ ❝ oh by the way; you’re a terrible actor ❞ ] (shitpost: violet) #🛠 [ ❝ we can find out anything ❞ ] (relation: violet / klaus) #🛠 [ ❝ not a baby anymore; how did you become so brave? ❞ ] (relation: violet / sunny) #🛠 [ ❝ no matter where we go or what we do; he’s always watching ❞ ] (relation: violet / count olaf) #🛠 [ ❝ fierce and formidable… once ❞ ] (relation: violet / aunt josephine) #🛠 [ ❝ life is a conundrum of esoterica ❞ ] (relation: violet / uncle monty) #🛠 [ ❝ what friends are for ❞ ] (relation: violet / duncan & isadora quagmire) #🛠 [ ❝ the world is quiet here ❞ ] (relation: violet / quigley quagmire) #🛠 [ ❝ harbinger of bad news ❞ ] (relation: violet / mr. poe) #🛠 [ ❝ it is a curious thing; the death of a loved one ❞ ] (relation: violet / mother & father) #🛠 [ ❝ v: before the fire ❞ ] (pre main) #🛠 [ ❝ v: a series of unfortunate events ❞ ] (main) #🛠 [ ❝ v: a world divided ❞ ] (the dark crystal) #🛠 [ ❝ v: very fortunate indeed ❞ ] (post main) #🛠 [ ❝ the story you are about to read is extremely unpleasant ❞ ] (thread: violet) #tag dump
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  • lirulua
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Opinion Bingo meme for Wilford, Yancy, Dark, and Actor :3c

    (didn't wanna send too many at once but if you want some more let me know in the tags or whatever! I love other people's ego/Sides opinions)

    Literally begging for more we LOVE and I mean LOVE doing these





    Feel free to ask more, hell you can send them all if you wantjhbsbhjsdjbhsd/gen This is really fun

    Also warning for actor hate in the tags, mans fucked us up in our pseudo memories

    #We have so many introject I love all my partners so much #Wilford#Yancy#Dark #are the ones in this ask #Wilford Yancy and Dark my beloveds <333333 #Please ask us for more! #We do not like actor #at all #we can't even talk to actor introjects because of how much the one in our pseudo memories fucked us up #like #genuinely nothing against actor introjects #We're just extremely traumatized the one that we knew and just do not feel comfortable around them #I am truly sorry for that though #no hate on ya'll if you haven't done anything or trying to be better #ours just sucked so bad it sucked the comfort out of all the others #Also hotel please don't feel bad if you read this #not your fault for asking as we aren't really open about our dislike for him as it mainly stems from ours #though the only other ego i ask you not to ask about it derek derekson cause eric is my son #and i'll have more to say about him then actor because him I can safely hate openly I hope
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  • angelsdean
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    need 2 put men in jail until the workday’s done

    #europe timezones bad for victoria !!!!! #1. bcuz so many of my beloved mutuals are in europe and wake up so early and go to bed so early #and 2. bcuz actor man be doing things in europe ! #everyone PAUSE pls #vic.txt
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  • cary-elwes
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    requested by @ericmatthewz ❤️

    #david thewlis#the omen#2006 #bad remake but sometimes you gotta watch bad stuff for an actor
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  • fandom-fae
    23.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    lowkey i wish i had more irl friends who like horror. like literally- there’s only one and i haven’t talked to her in person in literal months lol everyone else can’t stand horror or anything like that :/

    #like idk- obv i won’t choose friends based on that lmao but itd be nice to have someone around me who likes that too :/ #like i dont even care what type of horror they like/in what form. i’ll take anything at this point lmaooo #bc like i was in hamburg bc of school last week right? and we went to this horror dungeon and i LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!! but all of my friends #(the ones that were there) just rained on my parade afterwards :( like it was the only thing i really wanted to do there and they were so #negative and honestly pretty mean about it afterwards- like idk. i always try to be as supportive of what they like as i can but they just #basically never do the same :/ there’s one of them who wasn’t that negative but she’s also always been like the firend of mine who’s the #nicest abt my interests and stuff bc she also has very intense interests like me so yeah- #but even my so-called irl best friend was being so mean then- granted my perception was scewed bc i was already a bit mad at her for some #thing she did earlier that day- so i cant entirely say how mean she actually was i just know that her reactions made me feel bad about enjo #ying that horror dungeon at all- #anyway #L. N. (kinda A). & L(2). that negativity was not necessary <3 why couldn’t you let me be happy? that was the only time that week that i was #so genuinely 100% happy. like completely entirely happy. like sure i enjoyed other things there too but that was the best moment for me. and #you just could not let me have that. and that hurts just like your reactions #anyway. the dungeon itself was incredible!!! all the actors and the scenery were SO good and it was incredibly well made!!!!! i loved it <33 #the giftshop was also amazing!!!! if i had had the money u probably would’ve bought everything in that store lol #so ye if you ever go to hamburg and you can handle horror go to the horror dungeon in the speicherstadt!!!! :3 #moi#irl#friends#hamburg#studienfahrt #vent vent vent #rant rant rant #feels
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  • nightingalea113
    23.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Sloan Sabbith my beloved <3

    #…… I have entered my next hyperfixation phase #she is so excited about her fancy little computer <3 #fuck whoever wrote the election night episode she should’ve been allowed to get hers #also mack my beloved #new favorite type of character is multiple peabody winning journalist who shows up unannounced to her ex-boyfriend’s panel two years after #she cheated on him gives him cue cards from the middle of the audience spooks him so bad he thinks he’s hallucinating and then doesn’t #tell him she was actually there until a year and a half later #bonus points if she breaks a guy’s phone because she accidentally told everyone in her workplace that she cheated on said ex boyfriend #then tells him that it wasn’t technically cheating because she wasn’t in love with him yet <3 #also shoutout to middle aged well respected tv anchors who try to give funny commentary about a fight with their ex girlfriend to an empty #room delightfully paralleling the breakup we the audience know happened exactly the same way two years earlier #double shoutout to men named after golden age actors who come back from vacation to find the fbi raiding their workplace #and super special shoutout to old men marines who provoke their anchors into going on six month tirades against the tea party set to elvis #and finally evil shoutout to dc producers who suck and are so annoying <3
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  • johngirl
    23.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    it’s kind of funny that dustin hoffman is so notoriously difficult to work with because i truly think he’s been out-acted in ever film i’ve ever seen him in. by now i’ve seen a good deal of his most significant films and his costars eat him every time like it’s kind of embarrassing. anne bancroft is better than him in the graduate, jon voight is better than him in midnight cowboy, meryl streep is better than him in kramer vs kramer (his best performance) and tom cruise is better than him in rain man. i guess maybe the one exception would be tootsie only because i don’t remember it very well.

    #i don’t think he’s a bad actor but i think he often does too much #i can always see the work #i’ll have to get around to watching all the presidents men soon and see how he is in that
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  • wtnytv
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    i would like to remind everyone that joe made his acting debut as the lead for billy lynn before he even met taylor! how exactly is taylor responsible for his success?? cause that's what that comment implies right? it's honestly gross and gives me major k*nye west famous vibes. joe is a great actor on his own and isn't getting jobs just because he's "taylor swift's boyfriend".

    #idc if you're indifferent to him or even if you personally don't like him for some reason #but don't go writing his success of as a result of his partner being famous #if you don't like his style of acting that's fine you don't have to watch the movies or shows #but he is not a bad actor and he's not getting roles because his girlfriend is pulling strings for him #manon's monologue#joe alwyn#taylor swift
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