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    For Forever

    Genre: EXO AU, Bodyguard Baekhyun AU

    Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

    Warning: Angst, Smut, Fluff 

    Word Count: 3.8k

    Summary: A high-profile merger at work brings on the need for a bodyguard to protect you. Initially, you chafe under the watchful eye of your bodyguard, Baekhyun, but as you spend more and more time together, your feelings grow into something more. 

    A/N: Hello, everyone! I’m back at it with another Bodyguard Baekhyun one-shot. This was originally a potential start for a request I received, but didn’t quite fit with where that was going. I’m so pumped to have brought this story to life, enjoy! Please comment, like, and re-blog for others to find and follow me for more EXO fanfic content! 

    P.S. I tried to add a page break, but it's not working, so maybe my story is too long? If you know how to fix this, let me know!

    *Please note: I do not own the images above and credit should be given to the original owner(s)*


    “A bodyguard for me? Is this really necessary, sir?”

    “Yes, Y/N. This is very necessary and I’m sure you know why.” Mr. Kim didn’t slow his stride as he glided down the hallway. 

    And you did. Kim Holdings was in the middle of an important business acquisition, which put your boss, Mr. Kim, in the public spotlight more than ever before. For the most part, the acquisition had been going smoothly, but lately there’d been problems with competitors causing trouble, likely scared of losing business in the face of two already-powerful companies coming together.

    So far, it had been only idle threats, but Mr. Kim wasn’t one to fool around where safety was concerned. Mr. Kim had hired a team of 24/7 bodyguards to ensure the safety of himself and his closest staff members, which as his secretary, also included you.

    This was precisely how you found yourself constantly shadowed by a dark-haired, muscular man in a suit, whom you were yet to see without his signature sunglasses, even indoors. You knew the man was just doing his job, but you weren’t used to the constant supervision and (admittedly) necessary invasions of privacy. Had to go to the bathroom? The man needed to check each and every stall before you could go in. Wanted to run to the convenience store for a few snacks? Not without an escort. 

    All in all though, you had to admit that you did feel safer. You weren’t 100% sure how viable the threats from Mr. Kim’s competitors were, but you slept better knowing that Baekhyun was there keeping you safe. Over the course of the next few months, you grew used to having him around. In the past, you’d been so used to doing everything on your own, it now felt odd whenever he wasn’t right beside you.

    After months together, you knew you were falling into dangerous territory with him and you felt that–just maybe–things were different for him too. Two weeks ago, you’d been moaning about being too tired to cook and Baekhyun, with a twinkle in his eye, had suggested going out for a change. He’d whisked you away to an intimate rooftop restaurant, decked out in fairy lights and serving the best Italian food you’d ever had. He’d watched you with fire in his eyes as you’d devoured your meal, licking the fork clean after each course. As he had walked you home, your hands had bumped and you’d hoped he might join your hand with his own. At your door, you’d lingered, any excuse to be near him longer. His hand had risen, as though to brush your cheek, but as his fingers hovered mere inches from your skin, you saw the change in his eyes. Where there’d been fire was now ice and he’d all but lept to put distance between you, leaving you where you stood with a gruff, “Good night” thrown over his shoulder.

    Though you hadn’t exactly expected anything from the stoic man, your pride had stung when he’d all but pretended like nothing had happened. Not wanting to come off as desperate or needy, you’d outwardly pretended everything was fine, even as your mind spun in circles wondering about Baekhyun’s feelings. Had you misconstrued his sense of duty towards you as something more than it was?  As the days passed, you were desperate to think about something else, anyone else, so desperate in fact, that you’d actually said yes when a colleague had offered to set you up on a blind date with an old school friend of hers. 

    Coming home from a long day of work, you readied yourself for the evening’s festivities, choosing a dress that made you look and feel drop-dead gorgeous. As you watched yourself in the mirror, you felt a pang in your chest, wishing it were Baekhyun you were dressing up for. Stop it, Y/N. You’re going to go out tonight and have a great time with Jin. And not think about Baekhyun, you added silently. You were in the midst of curling your hair when you heard a soft knock at your bedroom door.

    “Come in,” you invited, knowing exactly who it was, not deviating from your task.

    “Y/N, I wanted to check with you on the—,” Baekyun’s words trailed off.

    You turned your head to see Baekhyun, decked out in his usual all black ensemble, mouth open mid-sentence, as though someone had pressed the pause button on the television. 

    “You’re all dressed up, Y/N. Where are you going? I didn’t see anything else listed on your schedule for today.” Baekhyun whipped his phone out of his pocket, no doubt verifying what he’d just said. 

    “I’m going on a blind date, Baekhyun,” you replied, turning back to your mirror. You’d been avoiding having this conversation with him and it would be easier if you didn’t have to see the judgment in his eyes. 

    “You’re going on what?” 

    “A blind date.” 

    Hearing nothing but silence from behind, you finished your hair and double-checked your makeup one last time before getting up to exit your bedroom, leaving Baekhyun where he stood. You grabbed your purse and bent down to put on your heels at the front door. 

    “Why didn’t I know about this blind date, Y/N? You’re supposed to clear these things with me ahead of time.” Baekhyun peppered you with questions, a hard note entering his voice. 

    “Because I just made the plans?”, you retorted, shrugging your shoulders. “You should just relax, maybe take the night off…..”

    “Relax? Relax? I can’t relax, Y/N? If I relax for even a second, you could get hurt. Who even is this guy you’re going out with?”

    “An old friend of Brenda’s from work,” you supplied nonchalantly, swiping through your phone to hold up his picture for Baekhyun’s perusal. The man was very good-looking, well-dressed and had a warm smile, the type you’d usually go for–though lately, tall, muscular, and serious was more your type.  Still, with the wall Baekhyun had erected between the two of you, you knew you couldn’t–wouldn’t wait around pining for a man that might never want you back. “He’s an accountant, has his own house, and comes from a good family,” you continued, eyebrows raised, daring him to find fault with your squeaky-clean suitor. 

    A dark look passed over Baekhyun’s face. “I’m going with you, obviously,” Baekhyun stated behind gritted teeth.

    “Suit yourself,” you replied, not bothering to wait for a response as you headed out the door. 


    Hours later, you threw open the door to your apartment, not bothering to close it knowing Baekhyun was only steps behind you. Kicking your shoes off and throwing your purse on the floor, you rounded to face the man who had single-handedly ruined your night. You’d gotten to the restaurant and everything had been fine, but all through the dinner, from the start to finish, you’d felt Baekhyun’s eyes on the two of you.  Baekhyun had made a point to seat himself only two tables over, facing your date, his gaze never wavering. His physical closeness coupled with the tight black shirt he wore, made it really hard to concentrate on what Jin was saying. That damn shirt with one too many buttons undone. That made you imagine things you shouldn’t be imagining when you were on a date with a perfectly nice accountant. 

    Unfortunately, Jin’s discomfort had been also palpable, his eyes frequently wandering Baekhyun’s way, no doubt confused as to why a burly man in a suit was giving him the death stare. At the end of the date, he’d dropped you back at your house with a “this has been fun”; however, you had a feeling you wouldn’t be seeing him again. You rounded on Baekhyun, ready to chew him out. 

    “What the hell was that, Baekhyun?” You were fuming. What right did he have to insert himself in your personal life like that?

    “What was what?” Baekhyun replied with fake innocence, pretending that he didn’t know exactly what you were talking about. 

    “That! All of that!”, you spat, gesturing wildly in exasperation. “You sat there like a panther ready to pounce if Jin so much as tried to touch my hand.”

    “I’m just trying to keep you sa–” 

    “Would you stop with the ‘keeping you safe’ crap?”, you yelled, cutting him off. “I’m so tired of that being your excuse for everything!”

    “It’s not an excuse, Y/N, it’s my job, it’s always been my job.” Baekhyun’s stony, serious side was back, his level of detachment infuriating you. 

    “Oh yeah? Well in case you haven’t noticed, that job description doesn’t include scaring off potential boyfriends,” you countered. 

    “A boy…a perfect way to describe him, ” Baekhyun backhandedly agreed, “and not good enough for you,” he finished, a new tone coloring his words. 

    “Then who is enough for me, Baekhyun?”, you questioned, voice gone throaty. “If you’ve got something to say, just say it.” For once, just drop the act, you silently pleaded. You sauntered up to him, stopping just close enough to fasten that button. You could feel your heart beating faster as you shared his space, the scent of his earthy cologne wreaking havoc on your brain and you barely stopped yourself from burying your face in his shirt. 

    Baekhyun froze, becoming still as a statue the minute your hands were on him. The only detectable movement was the slow blinking of his eyes, which remained trained on you like a hawk stalking its prey. You waited with bated breath, willing him to touch you, imagining what his hands on your bare skin would feel like. You waited. And waited. But Baekhyun remained rooted where he stood, though you could see the storm raging behind his beautiful, brown irises.

    Doubt flooded your body in a swift wave, heat suffusing your cheeks. Stupid, you thought, you should have known better than to think this time would be different. Withdrawing your hand, you turned away, ready to retreat to your room in humiliation. Two strong arms encircled your waist, stopping you in your tracks. 

    “Don’t go, Y/N,” Baekhyun implored, his husky rasping in your ear. 

    “Why? So you can just pull away again?”, you questioned, a tremor in your voice. “That night after the restaurant, I thought–,” you stopped, “I guess it doesn’t matter what I thought because I was wrong.” 

    You felt Baekhyun fervently shake his head. “No–no, you weren’t wrong, Y/N. I wanted you–I still want you,” he declared. 

    You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “Then why–”

    “I was scared,” Baekhyun responded, cutting you off, “I’ve never felt this way before, about anyone, and then I met you–and you were everything–but you were also my job, and I knew I couldn’t cross that line.” 

    “Then what should I do, Baekhyun?”, you said hopelessly, voice cracking with emotion, “I like you so much–more than anyone I’ve ever met–but I can do this anymore, I can’t keep giving and get nothing in return.” Tears leaked from the corners of your eyes as you talked, making long, wet tracks down your cheeks. If it was possible, Baekhyun’s arms squeezed around you even tighter. 

    “Don’t cry, my love,” Baekhyun begged softly, placing gossamer kisses into the crook of your neck. He turned you to face him, taking your face in his hands and using his thumbs to gently brush away your tears. He gathered you into his arms, pressing your head against his chest as he stroked your hair in a soothing cadence.

    Closing your eyes, you felt supremely comforted by his nearness, the warmth of his body acting like a blanket. You weren’t sure how long you stood there in Baekhyun’s arms, you only knew that you didn’t want it to end. Feeling your eyelids getting heavier and heavier, you drifted off to the steady rhythm of Baekhyun’s heartbeat beneath your cheek. Suddenly, you were floating, your body moving towards your room. Tucked into bed, soft lips against your forehead sent you headfirst into dreamland. 


    The next morning you awoke, cocooned in your soft blankets, half-wondering whether the events from yesterday had been real or just a very lifelike dream. Floating on a cloud from the night before, you were eager to see Baekhyun, giddy at the knowledge that he felt the same way as you. Looking around however, you saw no sign of him. Thinking he might be waiting for you in the living room, you forced yourself up from your bed to go investigate. Padding from room to room, each time you expected to find him, lounging in a chair in the living room, or cooking breakfast in your kitchen, but each time you were disappointed when your search came up empty. Anxiety rising in your chest, you retrieved your phone, punching in his number and waiting for the call to connect. When your call went voicemail you hung up confused, you’d always been able to get in contact with him no matter what. You typed out a quick text and sent it off, nervously tapping your nails against the counter as you waited for a reply. 

    Nothing. No text. No call. Just nothing. At first, you thought it was a mistake, as the hours passed, you told yourself it just had to be. But as time went on, your heart sank lower and lower in your chest. When your phone had rung, you’d dashed for it like a lifeline, willing it to be Baekhyun on the other end.  But it hadn’t been, it had been your boss. He’d told you about Baekhyun’s “sudden transfer” and advised you “not to worry”, assuring he’d send over a replacement ASAP. A part of you wished you didn’t know, that you could have lived in denial, rather than face the truth. Face the truth that mere hours after Baekhyun had whispered words of love so tenderly in your ear, he’d all but abandoned you. 

    Going through the motions of your day helped to deal with the loneliness that seemed to follow you like a shadow. Your new bodyguard, Ji-hoon, was polite and good-natured, following you to and from work like a loyal labrador. Soon, the weeks flew by and you were constantly on the go as the merger came and went in the blink of an eye. After a suitable amount of time, Mr. Kim pulled back the tight security he’d put in place, satisfied that any apparent danger from his business acquisition had passed. With Ji-hoon gone, your life was almost back to the way it had been before him. You were proud of the way you’d bounced back, going out with friends, accepting blind dates, the hurt only showing when you were lying awake in bed at night. 

    Tonight, you had a date with a colleague from work, an enthusiastic young man from the Sales department, who had smoothly asked you out for dinner one day as you waited in line at the company coffee shop. Very aware that you were still nursing a broken heart, you pushed yourself to go, knowing you couldn’t hang onto your heartbreak forever. He had picked you up from your apartment, and took you out for dinner followed  by a stroll through the park. You found yourself laughing for the first time in a while, enjoying his easy going company. When he dropped you off, you went so far as to let him kiss you on the cheek. Maybe, just maybe, you thought, standing there after he pulled away. 

    Fishing your keys out of your bag, you unlocked your door, ready for a nice, warm bath and a good sleep. Tossing your keys on the side table, you felt around with your hand for the light switch. The sound of a lamp being turned on made you jump, and suddenly the living room was bathed in a soft amber glow. Whirling to face the room, you were shocked to find Baekhyun seated in your favorite chair, eyes practically glowing like two pools of magma. Unable to process the sight in front of you, you stood there dumbstruck, unsure of what to say or do at his sudden reappearance in your life.

    “What are you doing here, Baekhyun?”, you questioned, keeping your voice as steady as you were able. “Actually, a better question would be how are you here? I know I locked that door on my way out.” You crossed your arms as you delivered the backhanded accusation. 

    “You underestimate my skills, Y/N. Locks can’t keep me out,” Baekhyun said gamely. At your look of disdain, he amended: “You gave me a key, remember?” He held up the spare key you’d given him months ago, still on its Hello Kitty keychain. 

    “So I’ll repeat myself, what are you doing here, Baekhyun?”, you demanded, not to be sidetracked from your goal. 

    “I saw you with that man, Y/N, just now, you let him kiss you,” Baekhyun parlayed, ignoring your question once again. He stood up and strode towards you, stopping a few feet away, his eyes moving up and down your figure, as if memorizing you for later. 

    “And?”, you retorted, “What does that have to do with you?” You have no say in who I see or what I do, not anymore. You gave up that right when you left without a word!” 

    Vitriol laced your words as you finally voiced the anger you’d kept wrapped up inside. The gall of this man to think he had any claim over you. The audacity of this man to come before you, only now, after months of heartbreak. As you laid out your grievances one by one, you were left with a profound emptiness where anger had once resided. Anger was better, anger was safer, anger allowed you to keep up the wall against the all-encompassing pain in your heart. Finally, left with nothing, you wept, wept like you hadn’t allowed yourself to do since he’d been gone. 

    A pained expression washed over Baekhyun’s face and he moved to gather you in his arms, but you put up a hand to stop him, not ready to feel the touch of his skin against yours in your most vulnerable moment. Through your tears, you stared into his eyes, waiting for an explanation. 

    “I…I’m sorry, Y/N,” Baekhyun began, “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I know it sounds like an excuse, but it’s the truth. Believe it or not, I left for you—no really,” he insisted, as you scoffed. “The day I left you was the hardest day of my life. I watched you sleep and I knew, I knew I wanted you, but I couldn’t have you–not while you were a client, anyway. So I left.  I told my boss I was done.”

    “But still–why didn’t you say anything? Leave a note? Something to let me know what was happening?”, you choked out, words stuck in your throat as you reeled from this new information. 

    “I wanted to, Y/N, so badly, but I couldn’t. Per my contract, I couldn’t contact you at all until the assignment had been finished…And now that it has, nothing could keep me away.” 

    Sincerity rang through every word and you knew in your soul that the man was telling the truth. “I get it–I really do, Baekhyun, but you hurt me so bad. I woke up that morning thinking we were together, it took months of hard work to pick up the pieces and put myself back together,” you whispered, new tears silently tracking down your cheeks. 

    “Shh–baby–shhh,” Baekhyun soothed, pulling you into his arms to hold you tight. 

    As your tears soaked through his shirt, you basked in his nearness, and you finally, finally felt like you were home. Minutes passed as you both relished the feel of being in each other’s arms again. Lifting your face from his chest, you sought his eyes, the warm chocolate free from the former coldness of the past. You cupped his cheeks with your hands, feeling their velvety softness before pulling his lips down to meet your own, your lips coming together softly in a long-awaited “hello”. 

    A cloud of desperation crashed over you, and soon, you couldn’t get him close enough, lips coming together in a rapid dance that would seemingly never end. Baekhyun slowly backed you down the hall towards your room, careful that your bodies never separated, not even for a second. As he carefully lowered you onto your bed, you pulled him on top of you, sealing your lips together once again. Loving the feel of his weight pressing down onto you, you reached up to drive your fingers through his silky hair. Kissing his way from your mouth down to your neck, Baekhyun had you breathing hard, electricity flaring wherever his lips touched. Some time later, he removed your clothes, worshiping your body with his hands and lips. When he finally took you, tears entered your eyes as he moved over you with exquisite care. Kissing them away, he vowed with body and word to never leave you again. You crested together, finally feeling whole for the first time in a long time. Pulling you close to rest within his arms, you fell asleep to the cadence of his heartbeat and the sound of him telling you, “I love you.”


    Over the next few months, the wounds in your heart slowly started to heal, thanks in no small part to Baekhyun’s diligence. Baekhyun didn’t push you for forgiveness, but showed you his sincerity through word and deed. After leaving his job, Baekhyun established his own private security firm with an old military buddy of his. No longer constrained by contractual obligations towards you, the serious Baekhyun had faded away to reveal the warm, charming man that you’d only ever seen brief glimpses of before. He spoiled you rotten, surprising you with home-cooked meals after long days at work and filling your office with so many roses you didn’t know what to do with them all. When he had to go away for work, he was meticulous in leaving you a note–always ensuring you knew he’d be back. 

    On the eve of your one-year-anniversary, he picked you up, producing a blindfold so the location could be a “surprise”. Leading you up a set of stairs, you heard the sound of the cicadas mixed with the far-off cacophony of the city traffic. Finally seated, your blindfold was removed to reveal the shining rooftop restaurant he’d taken you to so many months ago, the night you’d started to cede your heart to him. In front of you, however, was Baekhyun, bent down on one knee, his heart in his eyes as he asked you to be his wife. Sliding the sizable, yet deceptively simple ring on your finger, he pulled you close, music playing softly in the background as you swayed together.

    Meeting his gaze with your own, you whispered the words in your heart: “You’re my forever, Baekhyun.”

    Running his thumb over your bottom lip in the sweetest caress, he pulled you close, his lips at your ear. “Together forever, my love.”


    Thank you so much for reading For Forever, I appreciate all your support! If you liked what you read, please feel free to comment, like, and re-blog so that others are able to find this story and enjoy it too. 



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    Perfect (1)

    Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

    Warning: Language, Smut Soon, Violence Soon, Etc

    Word Count: 1.9k

    A/N: Let me know if you'd like to be tagged. Also if you would like to donate to me or commission a story to get my ass out of my rut, I would so appreciate it 😘


    You hated your life, it was anything but perfect and you desperately wanted out, but how and when?

    "I swear to god Chanyeol!" You yell. "You are so fucking insufferable." You finish. You couldn't stand him and frankly you couldn't fucking wait to leave the hell hole you were supposed to call home.

    "Dad?" You call out as you walk into the living room. There were always multiple men in and out of the house, you knew it was due to the type of work your father was in. You were born into the second largest mafia in the world. Your grandfather spent years building the empire, leaving it to your father when he became too sick to continue running the organization. Your father tried to teach you some things, hoping that you would want to take over for him when the time came, but to be honest you had no interest in being in the family business. You hated what he did, selling drugs, human trafficking, murder, kidnapping to just name a few. You wanted out, but being the first born, it seemed as though you were expected to just do it. You had expressed multiple times to your father that you wouldn't take over but he needed someone, and that's when he found out he had an 23 year old son, only a few years younger than you from one of the many times he cheated on your mother before she passed.

    He, of course was leery of this man just showing up at his front door, but after a DNA test, it confirmed that your father finally had a son, and you had a half brother.

    Chanyeol was an..interesting character. He was always so happy, eager to learn everything that your father wanted to teach him, but to you he was cold, rude and dismissive. You tried your best not to interact with him if you could avoid it but unfortunately your father wanted the two of you to get along.

    "You're going to do a delivery for me, with Chanyeol." Your father tells you, walking into the living room. He had his stern look on his face, the one you knew you weren't supposed to challenge him.

    "No. I don't want a part of this life, and I don't want to do anything with him. He's rude, and just a dick to me. I'm not going." You cross your arms, staring at your father.

    "Oh sis, come on." Chanyeol laughs, putting his arm around you, squeezing your shoulder hard with his hand. "It'll be a fun bonding experience." He finishes, making your father smile.

    "He's putting in some effort, Y/N." Your father says. "You should try the same." He glares at you for a moment before walking away, Chanyeol's arm still around you as he leans in closely, his lips almost touching your ear.

    "Don't be such a cunt, Y/N." He says, letting you go and walking towards the garage. "Let's go." He yells, not even turning back to see if you were going. You sighed heavily before shuffling towards the garage. Why was this your life?

    "Chanyeol wait." You hear your father say. "Bring him with you." He says. You turn around, seeing none other than the man from the coffee shop.

    "You." You say, pointing your finger at him.

    "You." He smiles, walking towards you.

    "What are you doing..here?" You ask.

    "Byun Baekhyun is my second in command. He was away for a while on business and just got back." Your father explains.

    "What happened to Sehun?" You ask. "Speaking of.. I haven't seen him around in a while." You say, trying to remember the last time you actually saw him.

    "Sehun is no longer with us. We don't tolerate rats." Chanyeol pipes up. "Let's go." You knew he was pissed off, probably at you for nothing. You follow Chanyeol into the garage, Baekhyun following behind you.

    "Back seat." Chanyeol says, glaring at you. "Baek, you're in the front with me." He smiles.

    Baekhyun shrugs his shoulders as he climbs into the passenger seat.

    You didn't say anything during the entire ride while Baekhyun and Chanyeol talked the entire way. Chanyeol paid no attention to you whatsoever, but you could see Baekhyun side glancing to look at you everytime he turned his head to talk to Chanyeol.


    The first time you met Byun Baekhyun was about a week ago, he bumped into you, spilling his vanilla bean latte all over you and laughed. You didn't find it nearly as funny as he did at first, but his laugh was so infectious that you couldn't help but laugh the anger and annoyance away. He apologized profusely and offered to dry clean your shirt, but you waved him off. You didn't need him to do that, it was an honest mistake.

    "No worries." You smile. "Accidents happen." You say before walking away from him. You didn't know it at the time but he watched you walk away and walk out of the shop, with a smile on his face.

    The second time you met him was only a few nights before, well you were pretty sure you met him, was after a long night of drinking at a benefit your father had made you attend with him and Chanyeol. You didn't want to go, but your father insisted you show face, especially with your brother to show that the family was strong, even if behind closed doors it wasn't near being strong. At 2am, you had found your father and Chanyeol laughing and drinking with another mafia head, Chanyeol no doubt trying to schmooze the man for something to benefit your family. You were glad your father had someone to leave his legacy and his hard work to now, and were so fucking grateful that it wasn't to you.

    "I'm leaving. I'm drunk and tired." You murmur to them, your eyes barely open as you struggle to hold onto the wall.

    "Should someone help her?" You hear someone suggest, but you notice that neither Chanyeol or your father offer to help you, even in your very incoherent state.

    "I got it." A voice pipes up. You feel an arm slide around your waist, pulling you in tightly to him. You lay your head down on the stranger's shoulder as he slowly guides you from the large house, going slowly down the stairs, making sure that you don't fall. You occasionally opened your eyes, peering at the generous man who was helping you, and you immediately recognized him as the man from the coffee shop.

    “You.” you mumble, nuzzling up to him a little more.

    “You.” he chuckles. “Are you stalking me?” he asks. You stand straight up, opening your eyes as wide as you can.

    “You're the one stalking me; you're everywhere.” you yell, throwing your hands in the air. “Why are you here?” you ask the moment the thought popped into your head. You had no filter or thought process when you were drunk. If you thought it, you said it.

    “I'll tell you later, when you are able to hold a proper conversation.” he chuckles. You wanted to object, but you were tired and the world was spinning too fast for your liking.

    When you woke up the next morning, you had a faint recollection of the night before, but you remembered him but you didn't know his name and had no idea when you were going to see him again, until he had been standing near the garage door.


    “So.” you pipe up from the back seat. “What is the delivery that we’re making?” you ask, refusing to look near Chanyeol.

    “Just shut the fuck up, Y/N.” Chanyeol spits. "Christ, no one is talking to you."

    "Jesus, I just wanted to know what was happening since, you know, I am here too you fucking lunatic." You yell back.

    "You know what?" Chanyeol yells, pulling the car over to the side of the road. "You should be fucking grateful for this life you despise." He yells. "You have literally everything and anything anyone could ever fucking want but you're just an ungrateful cunt." "Fucking take it then!" You scream. "Take it all. I don't want this fucking life. You want it so bad, you want dad so bad, fucking have at it! I wish I never fucking found out about you, or what the hell dad is involved in, and I wish I was quite literally anywhere else then here with you or this life."

    Chanyeol doesn't say anything, but you can tell he's stirring on something as he pulls back onto the road continuing to drive to the destination. You stared out the window for the next few minutes until he pulled into a back alley, pulling up to the back entrance of a building. He puts the car in park before turning off the ignition. Baekhyun begins getting out of the car, as well as Chanyeol and as you reach for the handle, Chanyeol stops you.

    "Don't get out of the car." He says. "You don't want to be here? Then leave. We'd all be better off without you, dad would be happier if you disappeared. You could die and none of us would care." He finishes, flashing you a smile as he and Baekhyun walk to the door, leaving you in the car alone and on the verge of tears.

    You sat there for a few minutes replaying what Chanyeol had said to you, over and over again. You really didn't want a part of this life, so maybe he was right, maybe you should just go. You were sure no one would miss you much. Your dad would be so busy with training Chanyeol and all his other men, he would never notice your absence. Before your brain could fully decide what to do, your body was already moving. The car door opened and you slid out, walking away. You had no idea where you were going to do or what you were going to do, but you could figure that out later. Right now you were just focused on walking towards the highway, hoping to be able to hitch a ride out of town. Shouldn't be that hard right?


    A few hours later you're still walking backwards on the highway, your thumb held high as you wait for someone to pick you up. Apparently it was hard to hitch a ride, though a few had stopped for you, you didn't feel comfortable enough with the person to actually go through with it so you'd decided to hopefully hold out for someone else.

    Just when you were about to sit on the side of the road, burnt out from walking a black car pulled up beside you. At this point you didn't even care who was in the car, just happy that you now had a ride.

    "Thank you." You sigh as you slide into the passenger seat. You look over at the stranger, except it's not a stranger, it's Baekhyun.

    "What the hell? What are you doing here?" You ask.

    "Your father tracked you, and I had to come get you." He says. "Look, if you want out, you gotta do better than this." He laughs. "Hitching a ride on the highway, still in possession of your trackable phone? Rookie mistakes. But listen, I can help you get out, like get out for real and it's gonna take time but I need something in return." He says.

    "What's that?" You ask.

    "You have to take me with you."

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    Paper Rings • Chanyeol e Baekhyun [EXO]

    › 📁 pedido pessoal ✩

    › ⚠️ em caso de inspiração, dê os créditos (੭ˆ꒳ˆ)੭

    #capa para fanfic #capa de fanfic #capa pra fanfic #capa para spirit #capa de spirit #capa pra spirit #capa de social spirit #capa para social spirit #capa pra social spirit #capa#cover #cover for fanfiction #capa clean#capa romantica#fanfiction#spirit#spirit fanfiction#social spirit#chanyeol#baekhyun#chanbaek#capa chanbaek#chanbaek fanfic#yeol#loey#chany#baek#byun#byun baekhyun#park chanyeol
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    EXO Mafia Yandere Poly Au Reaction

    Pairing:- OT9 x fem reader

    Genre: Angst, Fluff (at end)

    AU!: Mafia, Yandere

    Warning: mentions of swearing, curse words, killing

    Requested: Yes

    A/N: I am so sorry for the huge delay 😭😭 I hope you will like it and also.. I did some research for the type of Yandere. Please forgive me for any error.. I hope you enjoy it! A small reminder this is just my portrayal of them for fiction purpose..

    Also since Chen is married I haven't mentioned his name.

    Tagging: @finding-galaxys @changshapatrol @bbhmystar @atiny-exol

    It's been two months. Two freaken months, since this has began. The cold shoulders and responses at first you can get their small smiles, eye smiles which held so much of warmth but now it's nothing! It feels as if it's just you living on this mansion all alone with a bunch servants who are your only family. Who have been the only ones taking care of you no matter who much work they have.

    It was too much for you to handle, you had planned to talk to them but how and when yet you knew it was necessary not only for you but for the little angel who was about to come in a few months. By some miracle you were getting your answers the very next day.

    The next day you woke up with slight headache due to the amount of tears shed, slightly brushing your teeth and then gargling with lukewarm water you came out of the room only to be hit with a totally rich aroma of food and fragrance of roses along with soft music playing in the background. You really thought that you had died because for the past almost two months the house was eerily quiet and such sudden noise was rather quite scary frankly to be said, it was a gentle tap and your name being called did you turn to see Kyungsoo and Suho standing with soft smiles plastered on their faces.

    As you saw them, the first reaction was to go and hug them tightly but as you were so upset for the this all time, you coldly greeted them before going to the kitchen. Both Kyungsoo and Suho exchanged a glance before following you thinking that it maybe because of the hormones.

    Kyungsoo: Hey, babe. Both me and hyung prepared this food for you and don’t worry, i had spoken to the doctor as well as the pediatrician, so its completely safe for you to eat.

    Y/N (coldly): Thank you but i can’t anything for now except for a slice or two of bread as i feel nauseous and might vomit but maybe later on i might try to eat. You have food, i will leave.

    Xiumin who just came back with Chanyeol after buying some milkshakes, fresh fruit juices, fruits and medicines for you were all stunned when they heard this conversation exchange and the way you left with a small plate carrying two slices without greeting them. Chanyeol aggressively rubbed his temples before plopping on the ouch loudly with the others.

    Chanyeol: What just happened? Is it because of her raging horm-

    Xiumin: Its more than that. There is something which is bothering her and especially due to lack of our presence both in staying here and having a decent conversation, might be adding fuel to her frustration.

    The others nodded to his response and that’s when Ms Dia the head house in charge entered the living room. She saw the gentlemen sitting, greeted them, asked them about their work and was about to leave before Suho stopped her.

    Suho: Dia aunty, what has happened to Y/N? Is everything okay? is the baby troubling her or something?

    Ms Dia: Son, the baby developing may at times troubles every mother, its only when  it creates serious issues for the mother, we have to look in. Anyways, Its more than the changes of hormones and baby troubling. The problem is you all.

    Them: US???????

    Ms Dia slightly nodded before speaking: Yes, you all. Do you guys realize how long its been since you had a proper food at the dining with Y/N or having a  conversation with her asking about how is she feeling, maybe spending like 2 mins out of your busy schedule. Nothing, did you do. As much as rude i am being sounding but that’s not how things work especially if you have a woman whose carrying your own child in question. As much as it sounds a sweet and happy stuff which it really is but it becomes really exhaustive for the mother in question. Its not just about her mood change, or food cravings its more than the bullshit seen in the movies and tv shows. My only suggestion would be that give her 10 mins and then talk to her but please let her do the whole monotone as only then you would understand.

    The all four nodded and thanked her before planning something for you.

    Chanyeol: I am getting angry and i might go and punch someone. 

    Kyungsoo: Yah! as much as i wanna hate to admit but god damn it, its our own fault. 

    Suho: I know a way.

    After an hour, these four knocked at your room’s door and you didn’t had the option to say no because you too wanted your answers,Therefore, you called them in while trying to busing yourself in the novel in your hand. 

    Xiumin: Hey princess!! I missed you so much! I missed your hugs especially being your Minnie.

    You had a small smile appearing but you quickly let it down and hmmed at his response.

    Suho: Are you still angry with us? Say something.

    What does he mean by still? and this furthered angered you. Not so gently you placed the book on the bed before coldly glaring at them.

    Y/N: What do you guys want now? If its for food. I told you I will have it when I feel be-

    Suho: Even you know this not the conversation we all our looking forward to.

    Y/N: Then, I don’t know what do you wanna know then? I am alive and so is the baby and thats all what its matters in this household right?

    Chanyeol: Oh come on Y-

    Kyungsoo (cut off Chanyeol’s sentence): Its a priority baby along with your health and happ-

    Y/N: If you all mattered my happiness then, this wouldn’t have happened. I get that working as a mafia is a serious profession with responsibilities and duties on another level but what did I ask you guys in whole these months even in my pregnancy? Nothing!! I didn’t expected anything because I knew what was happening. Even my health got deteriorated, sleep got affected I didn’t say anything because I knew you had too much on plate. You all were physically and emotionally more drained. The only thing I asked was if we could spend like 5 mins together out of the 24 hours. Was it too much? If then 10 seconds or probably 5 seconds were enough for me. What did i get in return nothing except for cold shoulders, cold responses, not a single look given at me felt loved or warmth. Thats why i separated myself but I couldn’t do well but thankfully I had Dia aunty or else i would have di-

    Kyungsoo: Don’t you dare to complete that shit babe. You know well how bad and crazy we can go even if someone tries to even think about you at the first place.

    Y/N: But this didn’t help me at all. I would just ask one thing from you, take your time before answering me. Do you want.. no wait, Do you want both me and the baby?

    This sentence was powerful enough for them to feel that the land below their feet has had gone before long, bringing tears to their eyes and making them cry.

    All of them: We are so sorry Y/N. Please... We didn’t meant to do what has happened. I-If you w-want you c-could leave us because we don’t deserve you. Just remember that if you leave us none of us would be alive. We are sorry and w-we l-love you.

    Okay, now you are too are crying and is being emotional. 

    Y/N: I-I am sor-

    Xiumin: You don’t need to apologize baby. Maybe, at least through this we all kept our feelings on the table and this strengthened our bond right?

    Xiumin gently rubbed your back before kissing your forehead.

    Chanyeol: Hey, lets eat food now.

    You then heard an ear deafening scream, turning all the heads towards the source. 

    Baekhyun: I am sorry but I just a lizard on that stupid wall! I will ask someone to sh-

    Lay: Idiot, you can’t say this in front of someone who is pregnant.

    Baekhyun: But our child will carry o- Okay, I am sorry.

    Lay looked at you with a soft smile before kissing your nose and the womb: Hey, my two beautiful angels. I am extremely sorry for the emotional trouble you too had to carry but here i am with a small surprise just for you. Can you guess for us angel?

    You nodded but couldn’t come up with anything. Your cute confused look made all of them giggle.

    Baekhyun: The surprise is that we all our going for a month’s vacation to your favourite beach. We are leaving tomorrow morning which is exactly like 12-14 hours from now but don’t worry. The closet and wardrobe would be there. Only your essentials would be kept.

    You squealed in happiness and was about to jump before Lay stopped you.

    Lay : Princess, you have to be careful especially this floor isn’t meant for jumping. Also, Kai and Sehun would directly join at the resort after completing the tasks.

    You couldn’t be more happier, maybe it does require some efforts and confrontation but the results are worth off. Here, you were happy by looking at the new affection side after your pregnancy reveal but at the same time you have unlocked their new side of clingy behavior type. Good luck with that!!

    You may ask why the other two boys are joining directly at the resort because they have to kill all the people who posed a threat to you and especially that bodyguard of yours who kept you company while they were busy. Damn, it was such a frustrating for not to shoot him right then and there but the things you do in love. Especially for the person whom you love crazily!

    #exosnet#suhosnet#exo#suho#xiumin#lay#baekhyun#chanyeol#kai#sehun#kyungsoo#chen#exo moodboard #exo mafia!au #exo mafia fanfic #exo mafia moodboard #exo yandere#anonymous #send me anons #send me asks #exo scenarios#exo ot9#exo reaction#exo requests#exo members #send me things #send me feedback
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    Tell me what is love (Chapter 15)

    The sun rose a little early the next day. It probably shone a little brighter too. Whatever was the reason, Baekhyun had woken up from the first of many no nightmare sleeps that day. Opening his eyes before his dreaded alarm went off, his brain immediately took him to the recap the night earlier.

    She had said yes. Yes! But it came with a catch. She needed time to move on completely, and he respected that, probably respected her even more for being so thoughtful for both herself and him. It was crazy to him how one day and the courage to act, take a step (albeit a tiny one) could do wonders.

    Just as he had done years ago when he first asked her out.

    Feeling excessively chirpy, he woke up to make her breakfast- maybe his special omelette rice? She would love that, wouldn't she? To his surprise, she was already in the kitchen, fully dressed, sipping on a coffee on her laptop, typing furiously.

    “Good Morning.”, he sang, catching himself from stooping low to kiss her. Nope, they were not in that phase yet.

    Thankfully, she hadn't seen that little manoeuvre of his. 

    “Hey! Sorry I couldn't make any breakfast. I need to run to the office in a while.”

    “That's not a problem! Although, I can make you a little something before you leave. I know how cranky you are about breakfast.”, he cooed in front of her.

    She looked at him with utmost adoration, “It’s fine, really. I’ll be stopping by Minseok’s cafe and…” she trailed off, mumbling, making Baekhyun lean in to listen closely.

    “And? What was that? I missed that.”

    She looked at him expressionlessly and, taking a huge breath, continued, “I have to meet Jaebeom. He called last night. Apologized for walking out and wanted to mend things.”



    He didn't respond to that. Washing a few cups and with his back towards her, he asked, “And are you getting back together?” in the most nonchalant voice possible. 

    “I don't know.”

    The words penetrated him like a dagger through the heart. Trying to keep a calm voice, he continued, “Are you trying to get back at me? Is this a Let us torture Baekhyun session? Did I think our conversation last night pointed in a different direction? Or was I dreaming?”

    “We agreed that we’ll think about it. But that still means I will have to talk to Jaebeom. I dated the man for eight months; you didn't think those feelings would disappear overnight because you say you want me again, right?”

    “Why can't you meet him here?”

    “What? At your house?” she asked, surprised.

    “Yeah. What is the problem? Are you afraid that I will find out how much you love each other? Geez.”, he fumed.

    “I was being considerate. Would you think he will be okay with me staying with you here?....”

    “And what about me?”, he sounded hurt by her pure ignorance, “what about I would feel in any scenario? Looks like I have been put out of the picture of everyones life.”

    “You know that isn't true.”

    He did not answer. Baekhyun was tired of being second place. He quietly left the kitchen, leaving Hye hee feeling guilty for saying what she had said. As she walked over to the bus stop, realization hit her that perhaps the way things were said werent exactly right. Baekjhyun was very sensitive at the moment and anything she said would only aggravate the situation. What was most absurd to her was that she was finding it excessively difficult to come to a conclusion about her feelings. Last night, she did want to give baekhyun and her another shot. But she wasn't able to let Jaebeom go. Her brain was muddled with the two men. She sighed thinking about the mess she was sucked deep into- two guys? She had outdone herself. 


    Getting off at the intersection close to the cafe, she walked a bit to find Minseok unloading milk and bread of a truck into his cafe. It felt good to see a friendly face once again. He caught her eye and put down the carton of bread to send across the brightest smile and activvely wave at her with both his arms high in the air. Hye hee ran the distance, hugging her friend. Oh, how she had missed the earlier days of pointless banter over plots and coffee.

    “Why, hello, miss!”, he exclaimed, engulfing her into a tight hug.

    “Ugh, i missed you. I missed this place!”, she snuggled into him.

    “Well, the place is always grounded here and so am i. You've just forgotten about us missy.”, he accused, picking up his carton again. Hyehhe got the door for him and followed him in. The place was still the same and that gave her comfort. Minseok wasn't for updos and he only added more plants and a few lights here and there, apart from that, the smell, the photo corner, the planty corner and the front desk all seemed cozily familiar.

    Hye hee waited in her corner spot, sipping on a ‘in-house special’ coffee, while Minseok loaded and paid the delivery man. 

    “Okay, fill me in.”,he was determined to hear her out.

    “Jaebeom and I broke up.”


    “I left Jane’s to go over to Baekhyun’s, because i didn't want to stay there.”

    “...uh.. Okay?”He seemed confused already.

    “Baekhyun wants to start dating again.”

    “That's great, no?”, he sounded confused by her tone of absolute blankness.

    “Yeah, thats what I thought too. But now Jaebeom wants to get back together…”

    “Ooh, arent we miss popular now.”, he smirked grabbing the coffee in front of her.

    “Minseok, do not laugh.”

    “What’s the issue? Do you not like Baekhyun anymore?”, he asked.

    “No. I do. But as it seems, I can't seem to get over Jaebeom too.”

    “Thats only normal.”, he said, sipping coffee.

    Hye hee did not get his lack of ability to grasp the situation in front of her. Oh, how she missed Jane during times like these.

    “And Jane isn't talking to me.”

    “You dumped her brother.”

    “Jaebeom is coming over in an hour. We agreed to meet here. Baekhyun is already mad that i am.”

    “What did you expect? For him to jump with joy? Read about his divorce, the guy has a rough life ahead of him.”

    “He’s in a bad place, yes.”, she mumbled.

    “hye hee, do you love him?”, he asked, looking into her eyes.

    “I do. I can't think of anyone but him. But isn't this weird? Its only been a day after my break up and I go jump into his arms? Isn't that an insult to Jaebeom?”

    “You have answered your question yourself. What you feel for Jaebeom is more of the attachment. He was someone very important in your life after a long time Hye hee. It is only natural for you to want to be in his life too. But you have to make the decision here, you do care about? Who can't you live without?”

    Hye hee quieted down at his words, pondering over what he said.

    “Like for example, you clearly cannot live with me and this cafe.”, he giggled.

    “Oh, shut up, you.”

    “Alright, I’m going to leave you here with this coffee and time to think, while I clean up this place. I have a date coming over later this evening.”, he smiled.

    "Whoa, there! What was that?", She quickly asked for clarification.

    "Date what? Hello? Who's going to fill me in on what's happening?", She laughed.

    "Look at you all giddy already. Her name is Lim ji yeong, and she's a professor at SNU. We met at a party and… she's interesting. We've met a couple of times and today she's coming over to the cafe to look at… how it functions…"

    "You. She's coming to see you.. and it's a weekend. A university professor who takes time out of her precious free days to see you. Minseok, this is serious!"She laughed.

    "Oh.. i don't know..”, he said, unable to keep a straight face.

    “Well I do. This is great!”

    “I would love for you to meet her sometime. She is going to come over just before noon if you're still here.”

    Hye hee was happy for Minseok. It had been a while since she had seen him this excited over somebody. Most of his blind dates were always too clingy or too boring for him. 

    “I would love to meet her.”, she said grinning at Minseok’s embarrassed face.

    He nodded in agreement before gaily taking huge steps across the cafe floor. Checking her watch Hye hee began to introspect, as it seems, taking decisions does not honor a time constraint. Time scrolled by as she tried to sort the muddled webs in her brain, and each time she picked a thread, it was indeed that which belonged to him. 

    Baekhyun. He was indomitably a part of her she would not and could not give up. It felt like a piece of her heart was being traded for, suppressed, and rotting almost. The thought was horrifying. At times one did not really need to answer all the questions; it was the only one that mattered. The one unforgettable.


    Jaebeom was on time. A quality she had grown to adore. Unlike his sister who always had to called upon two hours in advance and made plans. Not her fault, she always quite seemed to have something up her sleeve which could not be passed on. 

    He had dressed casually, like he always did. He didn't really have dressier clothes, except maybe a few pairs of suits(again all black). Smiling brightly, Jaebeom found her easily. He walked quickly, almost swooping in for a kiss, which she ducked ever so lightly. Jaebeom read her quite well after that.

    Something had changed. Her body language seemed distanced.

    She wasn't his, anymore.

    “Hi.”, she meekily said as she met his eyes. Guilt filled. She was too easy to read indeed.

    Taking a long breath, he looked around before uttering, “so? Where are you staying?”

    “At.. Baekhyun’s. Just briefly. I’m hunting for an apartment mean while.”, she gulped.

    He only smirked at that, throwing his head back, chuckling at the thought. 

    Hye hee only watched him and from the corner of her eye she found Minseok glancing her way every now and then between serves. 

    “SO.. one fight and you go running back to your beloved?”, he carelessly muttered, all the while looking out the window.

    “I just didn't know where to go. Jane is your sister, and I…”

    “Do I seem like a plaything to you?”, he cut her off before she could continue.

    “So what? You begged him to take you back? Your celebrity boyfriend?”

    “Ofcourse not. We did date but he is also my friend.”

    “Right. So you got what you needed and now you're making your way back to that bastard.”


    “You used me. Didn't you? Got his attention, and now when he is available again, you have conned me into believing that it was MY idea to break up with you.”,his voice rose slightly, making the people in the cafe give a glance at them. Minseok seemed tense at this event, fiddling with his phone, wondering whom to call incase she was in danger.

    “I did not. I did like you. You were indeed my first boyfriend after him and I…” she broke into tears, trying very hard to not sob in a room full of strangers. 

    “Oh shut up! I very well am aware of how you women con men to get through ends.” he hissed. 

    This was a side she was very unaware of. Jane had told her about her brother’s temper long when they hadn't  been best friends. He had gotten better at controlling it after his last break up with his long term girlfriend.

    Or maybe not at all. 

    “You, are not getting away from this. Think you can just throw me a dumpster and run off with that rich boy, huh? I will ensure that is the last thing you ever do.”

    He got up violently and held her wrist tight to drag her out of her chair. The room filled with Hye hee’s screams and the people in the cafe moved away in fear. 


    Minseok, who had been filling orders, shocked at the shrill voice, snapped in their direction, shattering a glass as he quickly ran towards them.

    “Sir! You cannot just behave this way here…”, he intruded between them.

    Jaebeom was not in the mood to be schooled then.

    “SIR! I will have to ask you leave the cafe immediately and are banned from the premises.”, Minseok was using all his power to separate them, his hands around Jaebeom’s collar. 

    Jaebeom  was so overcome with rage, that he did not even glance at him, his eyes shooting arrows at Hye hee. 

    Minseok finally overpowered him enough to throw him out of the room. Hye hee stood horrified. Minseok returned, and sat her down, holding her hand up to examine the bruise on her wrist. She couldn't hear him. All sounds seemed to be muffled to her ears. He left her side briefly to bring her a glass of water and had her take in a few sips. 

    Everything happened so fast. Only a few moments ago she was pondering how she would let him go and now this. An ache brought her attention back to reality and she looked down at her arm. A tear dropped on the red bruise marks and she could not stop herself from breaking down. 

    Minseok took her to his room inside, his first aid box out. He iced the wound before applying an ointment. Both did not utter a word, while Hye hee softly sobbed all along. Minseok looked at her, his eyes filled with pain, his palm carressing her cheek softly, as he spoke, “Rest here. He’ll be here soon.”, leaving to attend his customers who were at the door, curious and wondering if she was alright.

    Hye hee glanced at her wrist once again and the tears wouldn't stop. She wondered if the tears responded to the physical pain or that of the heart. The back door swung open and she felt a familiar scent and arms envelop her. 

    He was here.


    “Hye hee, are you alright?”, his voice shook with worry.

    Finding her bright bruised wrist, his jaw clenched in anger. He caressed her arm, sitting beside her on the very chair he had sat on when he had met her again after so many years.

    “He did this to you?”, he grunted.

    “He didn't like that I was staying with you.”

    “Where does this asshole live, I’ll show him…”, he shook with anger, eyes filled with vengeance.

    Hye hee couldn't bring herself to say anything. She only buried herself in his shoulder and cried uncontrollably. It hurt baekhyun to watch her weep the way she did, but all he could do for now was stay close. The two sat in eachother’s embrace for quite some time.


    As Jaebeom walked in, he shot hye hee a smile, wondering if he was the one she had been waiting for. She was not looking at him. He busied himself in taking orders, occasionally glancing in their direction. Somehow, it didn't seem as though the two were amicable. Voices rose once a while and minseok began worrying about the trajectory of their discussion. When he first seemed to be mad, he almost picked up the phone to dial for the local police, but thought he could be overreacting. 

    Thats when it struck him, he scrolled through his contacts to find it: B-Hyehee. The contact glowed on his screen.

    Byun Baekhyun.

    He had come here so often looking for hye hee, even after they had met, that one day Minseok made up his mind to just speak to him.
    Handing him his ice coffee (with barely any coffee, it was embarrassing to serve him as a barista). 
    “Are you here looking for her again?”, he whispered.
    Baekhyun’s head snapped in his direction as he began glancing around nervously to check if anyone had recognised him.
    Minseok rolled his eyes at him. “Really? Did you think you were that well camouflaged? I met you once and didn't catch your face that well, and it is easy for me to spot you amongst many, also no thanks to your absolutely great dressing sense of black overalls.”
    “They are sweats. Not overalls.”, Baekhyun defended.
    “Whatever the hell they are. She won't be here today. Stopped by yesterday already.”
    “How about you tell me when she visits?”
    “Why on earth would I do that?”
    “Because I miss her.”. A simple sentence. Minseok would not have paid heed to that. But something about the way he said it made him trust.
    He had typed in his number in Minseok’s that evening. Baekhyun wondered how easily he had given out his number to a stranger. For a moment, he had returned to being Baekhyun, a young man from Baekhyun, a K-pop sensation. 

    Minseok quickly dialled him for the first time in his life. A surprised voice met him on the other end. 

    “Baekhyun- sshi?”

    “Yes? Who is this?”

    Minseok hastily introduced himself before informing him of the dangerous rise of events unfolding in front of him. He had barely finished his sentence before the line went dead. Minseok was positive he was hurrying over. A wave of comfort was only washing over him when he heard hye hee scream in terror and pain.

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    Tell me what is love- chapter 15 is being penned and will be uploaded in an hour. :D

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    exposing myself on instagram

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  • zyxbook
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    oi menina boa noite, paz do senhor rs

    como uma boa auau de byun baekhyun eu queria um hc de como seria namorar o veio gamer, nsfw e sfw rssss, Deus te abençoe sempre bejo ❤️👍

    paz do senhor irmã rss

    o nsfw tá depois do corte hihi

    Vamo lá, Baek namoradinho <3


    Bom, o Baek é barulhento pra peste, né, mano? Você vai estar de boa existindo e ele vai chegar no aaaAAAAAAAA na sua cabeça simplesmente porque ele pode e gosta e é assim que ele vai demonstrar que te ama! Mas junto com isso vão vir piadinhas de tiozão pra te tirar os sorrisos mais gostosos do mundo, sim senhora.

    Ele é com toda a certeza do mundo o seu parceiro de fofoca, mas... ele é fofoqueiro também 🤡, tá com ele tá com o mundo todo. Ele com certeza ia soltar a fofoca em uma live de jogos.

    Baek é muito grudinho <3 pelo amor de deus, dá atenção, carinho, amor, afeto e muito toque físico pra esse rapaz. Não deixa ele mais de dois minutos sem atenção, se não ele tem um colapso. E ele ama beijinhos na bochecha mais do que em qualquer outro lugar.

    Topa qualquer rolê com você: Quer sair pra um barzinho? Vai junto. Cineminha pra ver Marvel? Bora. DC? Tá lá já. Piquenique no parque? Já comprou os pãeszinhos. Ficar em casa e aprender a fazer sua comidinha favorita? Já botou o avental!


    Baek é experimentalista, mas ele tem um baita marking kink e adora ver o seu corpo (ou o dele...) cheio de marcas de qualquer seja o fetiche ou posição que vocês experimentaram na noite anterior.

    Gosta de testar brinquedos também, mas quando dá errado começa a rir e a situação vira uma comédia 🤡, pelo menos não existe tempo ruim com ele.

    Ele é switch, então tudo depende do mood em que vocês estão no dia.

    E ELE É VOCAL PRA CARAMBA. Vamos lá né, é o Baek, o cara é barulhento no dia a dia, então não esperemos silêncio.

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  • changshapatrol
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    ➳ Cast: Chanyeol | Kyungsoo | Jongdae (Chen) | Baekhyun | Jongin (Kai) | Various OC characters

    ➳ Genre & Themes: Supernatural | Surrealism

    ➳ Warnings & Possible Triggers: Some themes such as death, violence & poor mental health may be upsetting; Strong language; Recurring religious themes

    ➳ Summary: After losing a prestigious research placement, a disillusioned Chanyeol departs for Japan to fill the vacancy at a rural high school. All seems well until a monster threatens to disturb his newfound peace…

    ➳ Word Count: TBA

    ➳ A/N: These characters are inspired by their namesakes, and can be regarded as mere caricatures. They do not represent anything the people in question believe, think, or would actually do. I do not own the images but the poster belongs to and was created by me. The design was heavily inspired by Ichikawa Kon’s Noh Mask Murders

    This story has been in the works since last year but I was a little apprehensive (read: a lot) to post it because there's quite a bit of sensitive material/topics. If you see that I've misrepresented anything please let me know. The time is somewhat ambiguous, you can think of it as taking place during the late 80s-mid 90s in South Korea & Japan.

    I am open to constructive criticism, just shoot me a message. Bonus points if it's anonymous [be prepared to help me rewrite anything you find fault with, though *evil laughter*].

    That being said, if you’re interested in this story, please check out the #DAIRYU tag & PLAYLIST on my blog for more details!

    Also, please don't expect stellar quality, fair citizens of Tumblr. I've never written this genre...you've been properly warned!


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  • exo-k-m-reactions-blog
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    EXO Reaction - You Confess To Them In An Awkward Situation

    Post Date: 11th May 2022

    Hey! Thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


    Xiumin - *He’d grin, doing a little dance as he steps towards you, engulfing you into his arms as he cuddles you, shaking slightly from excitment* I’m glad to hear, I like you too~

    Lay - *He’d probably not even realise what you had said until seconds later, gathering why you’re looking at him confused, but would definitely confess his feelings, apologising for not responding quicker*

    Kai - *He’d get a little giggly, giving you a little kiss as he tries not to blush* I like you too

    Suho - *He’d be grinning ear to ear, not even confessing with saying how he felt too, but would pull you in for a little kiss*

    Kyungsoo - *He’d be so taken back, not expecting to hear anything like that from but would softly confess the same after he finds the words to*

    Tao - *He’d try and not get soft about it but try to play it cool, but the blush on his cheeks would expose his little soft side, thanking that you felt the same way*

    Chen - *He’d be so happy and get so excited, letting you know how happy he would be by shouting in excitement* YES, SHE FEELS THE SAME WAY!

    Chanyeol - *He’d grin ear to ear, welcoming this confession as he’d kiss your cheek, calmy confessing to you*

    Baekhyun - *He’d get so happy and would instantly confess himself about how he liked you too without leaving any details out*

    Sehun - *He’d get a little cocky as if he knew anyway* I knew you’d be unable to resist falling for me

    Luhan - *He’d be taken back a little, not knowing how to respond straight away but would be unable to control himself from smiling, not realising you felt the same too*


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  • dreamylittlesugarcube
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    EXO reacts to their partners cutely snuggling their pets

    A/N: Thank you to the lovely Anon who suggested this "EXO Reacts". It was so much fun to look up all of the cute EXO pets pictures. As far as I could tell, Lay and Chen don't appear to have any known pets at this time, but let me know if they do! Enjoy! Please like, comment, or re-blog to share our EXO cuties with the world!

    *Please note: I do not own any of the pictures above, so credit should go to the original owners.*


    *Comes home from filming a travel show with his members to find you napping with Tan.* “How cute”. *Exhausted himself, he slides into bed, careful not to wake you.*Giving Tan some well-deserved head scratches, he happily drifts off to sleep.*


    *Gets done with a V-Live to find Mongryong happily settled in your lap as you listen to a podcast.* Playfully scoots Mongryong over just a bit so that he can rest his head on your thigh.* “There’s enough room for both of us, right?” *Cheeky grin.*


    *Finally sends Sehun home after a video games livestream. Walks in to see Toben and Zzar fighting over who gets your lap* * “I see the kids are at it again today, love?”* *Attempts to join in on the fight, but loses to Toben*


    *Slips quietly into the apartment, arriving home late after filming for his latest drama. Finds you asleep on the couch, 100 Days My Prince on in the background, Meokmul occupies the space on your tummy and Huchu at your feet.* * “You did well keeping mom safe while I’ve been gone.”* *Scratches the dogs’ heads affectionately*. 


    *Wakes up after a long night of dance practice to find Monggu, Jjanggu and Jjangah all piled on top of you.* *Sits down and puts his head on your shoulder*. *I couldn’t let them have all the fun, right?”* *Laughs adorably*


    *Arrives home late after filming a promotion for Grey Suit.* *Finds you asleep on the couch, having fallen asleep while waiting for him. Byuk lays on your stomach, keeping watch over you.* *Takes out his phone to capture this moment of cuteness. *Sets as his lock screen*


    *Walks in to see you snuggling with Vivi while you read a book.* *Whispers to you: “You don’t love him more than me, right?”* *Whispers to Vivi: “You don’t love her more than me, right?”* *Gives affectionate head scratches to both you and Vivi* 

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  • exo-k-m-reactions-blog
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    EXO Reaction - When You Can’t Get Pregnant

    Trigger Warning - Sensitive Topic

    Post Date: 8th May 2022

    Hey! Thanks for the request and I hope you like it @nekosan188! <3


    Xiumin - *He’d hate it, but wouldn’t want you to ever feel like you failed as a human, he’d constantly remind you that it’s okay and there’s options, but would let a tear fall if you talk about it in detail with him*

    Lay - *He’d probably try and stay strong for you, but would let his worries and thoughts get the best of him, just wanting to hold you whilst you talk about it if you felt comfortable*

    Kai - *He’d probably try and fight back tears as you try to have a conversation about it, making sure he stays strong for you as he couldn’t have a clue how you felt. He just wanted to make everything okay*

    Suho - *He’d try and think rationally, but always being a star to remind you that it can’t be helped, but offering other ideas and/or solutions. He’d be your no.1 support and he’d be there when you felt your worst about it*

    Kyungsoo - *He’d be devastated but would constantly reassure you that it’s none of your fault. He’d want to talk about alternate options, Similarly to Suho, he’d try and offer suggestions to do something about it*

    Tao - *He wouldn’t know how to comprehend the idea, and wouldn’t know how to feel until he dwells on it, trying to fight back tears everytime he sees a family with a little baby*

    Chen - *As a dad himself now, can’t imagine how he would be if his wife wasn’t able to have children. He’d probably be the most emotional about it and would always wish he could do something to change it*

    Chanyeol - *He’d probably want to make it up to you somehow, someway, to make sure you don’t blame yourself for it as it can’t be helped. Making sure that you both could try and not dwell on it too much though it would be a challenge*

    Baekhyun - *He’d hate it, absolutely would. He would feel so sorry towards you for being the one not being able to concieve and would always remind you not to beat yourself up about it*

    Sehun - *He probably wouldn’t know how to react initially, as he probably wouldn’t have thought about this possibility before hand so it would probably take him a little while to wrap his head around it*

    Luhan - *He’d probably be devistated, especially if you get to the point of the relationship where the idea of having kids would be perfect. He’d always be looking for something to fill that missing hole in his heart*


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  • your-rose-highness
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Tell me What is Love (CH- 14)

    Chapter 14

    After the boys left that evening and a brief phone call with Sarang and Taeyeon, Baekhyun noticed that Hye hee had been awfully quiet for hours huddled in her room. He was in half mind, pacing back and forth in the living room. What had she meant when she said she walked out of her relationship because of him? It certainly didn't seem so earlier that night with them glued to each other. The thought annoyed him but he quickly brushed it off. What was he to do? Now? Now that he was so close to her, overnight, it made no sense. It didn't give him enough time to think his actions through, or even what would be best for the two of them. He certainly couldn't jump back into a relationship, when just dealing with a divorce. But again, he was technically single for a while now, at least in his head. It wouldn't be right to bring this up or drop hints about this with Hye hee. He wasn't in love but she had been.

    Was she really in love with him?

    Was he really just coming in the way of her life, thirdwheeling in her life, just when she was beginning to be happy. Baekhyun shook his head and the intrusive thoughts that seemed to not stop passing by made him question anything and everything he had ever done. Sure, he had made mistakes but did that mean he didn't deserve to be happy anymore; even more so, with the one girl he had loved and then shattered all the same. 

    I will not give up. I love her, and I think she loves me too. Does she not? Or is the thought of him being part of her life again something excruciating for her?

    He knocked at her door lightly before hearing noises of her sniffling softly. 

    “Hye hee? You okay?” he carefully asked, peeping through the one inch of the opening.

    She looked terrible. Wiping her already red nose on her sleeve, she sat upon being approached.

    “I’m fine. I just spoke to Jane. she was distraught that I broke up with her brother, worse that I moved in with you.”

    “That's hardly a reason. You didn't have a place to stay. Isn't she being a little too rude…” he tried reasoning.

    “I don't blame her. It was her brother, and he wasn't particularly in a good space emotionally. Jane was finally happy to have her brother close enough to feel like a family again”, she stopped to whimper, “and I ruined it again for them. I wish I hadn't ever dated him or agreed to date him. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have lost my best friend over something so trivial.”

    Baekhyun stayed quiet, just holding her hand, trying to calm herself down. 

    Thanks, is all she could mutter. Baekhyun’s mind was already guilt-tripping him throughout. 

    He had been the one to make her weep this way years ago, and he wasn't there to console her.

    “Dinner?” he asked, his voice breaking.

    “You do not have to worry about me. I’ll start apartment hunting tomorrow and be out of your hair soon.”

    “You want to leave? Why? This place is big enough for you to live comfortably….”

    “I doubt Taeyeon and your daughter would be thrilled to find me in your house days after she left.”

    Baekhyun fumed. When he didn't answer her, she continued, “I don't want to be a nuisance to you….”

    “It's me who has been one for you, though, haven't I? I muddled in your relationship and your friendship. It has been me who had made you unhappy years ago, and again, it's me who breaks you once again….”

    “Why would you break my relationship? This is my problem and hardly yours.” hye hee spoke, her voice crystal clear.

    “You told me you broke up because of me…what was I supposed to…”, Baekhyun was cut off.

    Hye hee seemed like she had had enough. Facing him, she began enunciating her situation. Baekhyun was in for a wild ride that evening.

    “I’m so sick of you behaving this way, Baek. Do you want to know? Well, yes. I was afraid of being in a relationship for the longest time to the point I just enjoyed my own company too much. Truth being, I kept looking for you in everyone. You would think this would stop someday after many years, but it doesn't! It just kept getting harder. Jaebeom made me feel safe, but as I experienced yesterday, it still doesn't seem to affect me! I’m still hung up on you! I was fucking feeling your arms wrapped around me the entire time! But I don't blame you for this! My head doesn't seem to stop craving you every time. I was mad at you for breaking my heart but never for not being able to move on! That's all me.” she breathed heavily after her rant. It felt good to let all that out of the chest. 


    “Just shut up and cook something for me. I’m hungry and have a headache.”

    Mumbling a soft, “yes, ma'am”, Baekhyun left as confused as ever. Half giddy that she loved him and half annoyed with himself, the man began making her favourite kimbap rolls she loved when she had these migraines. 

    Hye hee took a hot shower to calm her nerves and her migraine. All the crying and the yelling did no good for her. She was tired and hungry. Baekhyun had already set the table before the tv when she headed downstairs. 

    They ate quietly, the tv show filling the silence between them. Years after it all, it seemed like they had returned to their younger selves, who so often bickered. Both of them had been headstrong, and though Hye hee had softened with age, her old self was peeking through the blinds again. It was as though it needed an outlet, a safe space to bloom again. She had been too careful with Jaebeom, and that should have been a hint of how it would end. With Jane and Minseok, she was often spicy because they knew her well. 

    “There’s more in the kitchen.”, baekhyun being the first to speak as he noticed she had quickly cleared her crab kimbap.

    “Thanks, I’ll get some more. Would you like seconds?”

    “Just two.” he wasn't looking at her, eyes glued to the tv screen.

    They cleared the entire platter, and Baekhyun had learnt to cook quite well. Necessity was the mother of all inventions, indeed. As the tv show played on, the two found themselves chuckling to the punchlines, surprising each other.

    “The shows are still funny, ain't it?”, Baekhyun whispered, smiling.

    “Yeah, Yoo JaeSeok is the best indeed.”, she replied, a smile on her face.

    Baekhyun glanced at her. The soft light of the tv fell on her face making her face glow in the dim room. Her hair was half dry now, and she looked soft. Something was different. She was carefree. The smile reflected her calm heart, making her look so adorable.

    “I wish to start over.”, he blurted without thinking.

    “Huh?” she sharply turned at his voice. 

    “I want to start over. Afresh. A clean slate. However, you want it to be. Just don't leave. I’ll let you make the decisions. Slow, fast or in between, I don't care. Let's quit thinking of how it would be or what troubles would arise, and I’ll get over them with you. I’ll protect you from the world and its evil words. I just need you to have faith in me. Just this once.”

    A light appeared at the end of a dark, dingy tunnel. She had waited for this ever since he had cheated on her. For him to come back, no baggage along. 

    Her cellphone glowed in her room as the two sat discussing their feelings. 

    Jaebeom: Hye hee. 

    Jaebeom: I’m sorry. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. Let us just talk it out. I miss you. I miss you bad.

    Jaebeom: I have to go over to Jane’s soon for her medicines. Let me know if you want to talk. I hope you do and can forgive me this once.

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    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Sorry guys for the bad editing in still sick so just reblogging my twttwe account

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  • chocolatekdramakpopfreak
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Yes so true want to celebrate it for a whole month .

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  • dragonowl
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Our Memories Carved into the Season

    The Sky that Doesn’t End Series

    Genre: EXO AU, High School

    Rating: PG

    Pairing: Chanyeol x Myeong-suk (OC)

    Summary:  In which a new girl comes to school. A new girl determined to be alone. That’s no problem for a happy virus though. Chanyeol has suddenly found a desire to make a deep connection with someone outside of his brothers, regardless of the trials presented.

    First, Prev, AO3

    Chapter 15: Epilogue

    Content warnings: blood, assault, kidnapping

    “Are you sure you don’t want any help?”

    “I’m good,” Luhan said, adjusting the phone against his ear as he unlocked the front gate. “I’m just going to grab a few things to keep me tied over for the next couple of nights.” 

    “Geee…” Sehun whined on the other end.

    “I can bring stuff over slowly,” Luhan said with a chuckle. “I have this place for a few more weeks, so there’s no rush. You just finish that assignment and you can help me next time.”

    There was a huff of air over the speaker followed by a garbled “Fine.”

    Luhan laughed at the maknae’s pouting and inserted his key into the front door. “I’ll see you in a bit.” 

    “See you.”

    Luhan hung up and slipped the cell into his pocket before turning the key and pushing into the house. He slipped off his shoes, taking in a deep breath. 

    Now that he had found his brothers, the loneliness and empty space would get to him quickly. So he squared his shoulders, determined to make fast work of his task and return back to them as soon as possible. 

    Pain shot through his foot as it came into contact with the bedroom floor and he pulled it up quickly to get a look at it. Blood was soaking his sock around where a piece of glass had embedded itself in his sole, and his brows scrunched in confusion. His eyes sought out the source and found glass covering his floor. The picture frame holding the old photo of him and Feilong had been shattered, the glass spreading in every direction. 


    Footsteps echoed in the direction he had come from and he spun on his heels as anxiety flared up in him. 

    “Welcome home,” Irene said with a smirk as she came into view. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

    “Irene? What…?” Luhan stopped when her eyes flashed red and memories from the fight came back along with a very familiar presence that had been blocked. He stepped away, hissing in pain as another piece of glass found his foot. “You’re...you’re with the Red Force,” he forced out, trying with everything to reach for the others. “You’ve been playing with us.” Nothing. His powers weren’t even a whisper anymore. He stopped as realization hit him, then took a step forward as anger hit him. “What did you do with Feilong?”

    She laughed and smiled, raising her brows. “Did you miss him?” She took a step forward. “He’s been close this whole time. Why don’t you say hello?”

    Before he could respond, strong arms were pulling his own back and lifting him off the floor. He tried to turn his head to see his restrainer, hoping her implications were false, but he could just make out Feilong’s familiar features in his peripheral. 

    “Feilong,” he pleaded. “What are you—?”

    Irene’s hand was wrapped around his throat in an instant, cutting him off. “Uh, uh, uh. None of that now,” she said. “Do you have any idea how much my plans have been messed up the past few days? But no more.” She pulled a bottle from her pocket with her free hand and broke off the top, a colorful gas immediately pouring out of it which she brought to his nose. He tried to jerk away, but the hand that was wrapped around his throat grabbed into the hair at the base of his neck, causing tears to prick at his eyes as his lungs filled with the sickening-sweet smell and red began to fill his vision. He could feel his brain slowing and his limbs loosening as the fight left him. For one last time, he tried to send out a warning to anyone he could, but all he could feel was emptiness. 


    Chanyeol woke up with a start as Sehun nearly busted down the bedroom door.

    “Hyung, have you heard from Luhan?” he asked frantically, and Chanyeol groaned, blinking up at the maknae. 

    He checked his phone, his brain barely registering the very very early time. “No,” he said, his voice scratching. “Shouldn’t he be home by now?”

    “That’s the problem,” Sehun said with a huff. “He went to get things from his house and never came back. No one had been able to get ahold of him and some of the others went to check his house.” More commotion came from the other room and Sehun disappeared from the door to check on it. 

    Chanyeol rubbed at his face, then crawled out of the bed that he had only been sleeping in for a couple of hours. But it would be better to go find out what was going on now rather than being pulled out of bed later. He stumbled slightly to the door then into the living room where there was complete pandemonium. 

    Suho stood in the middle instructing everyone who was running about and bringing things into the common area. Chen was seated at the table, busily typing away at his computer and saying random things to Suho. 

    “What’s going on?” Chanyeol finally asked, noticing as several duffel bags and important items were appearing. 

    Kai was the first to notice his presence and made his way over, his brows pinched in concern. 

    “Luhan went missing,” he said. 


    “He went to gather some items from his house while you were on your date and never came back,” Kai explained further. “Some of us went to check on him and his door was open. His room was a wreck and there was glass and blood on the floor.”

    “What does that mean? What happened?”

    Suho came over and placed his hand on Chanyeol’s shoulder. “It was the Red Force. They found us. We’ll have to scatter tonight.”

    To Be Continued

    Our Memories Carved into the Season Masterlist

    #exo high school au #exo fanfic#exo fic#exo#chanyeol #chanyeol x oc #chanyeol x myeong suk #our memories carved into the season #the sky that doesn’t end series #luhan#lu han#suho#junmyeon#minseok#xiumin#lay#yixing#baekhyun#chen#jongdae #d.o. #kyungsoo#kai#jongin#sehun#tao #z.tao #dragonowl#dragonowl fics
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  • dragonowl
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Our Memories Carved into the Season

    The Sky that Doesn’t End Series

    Genre: EXO AU, High School

    Rating: PG

    Pairing: Chanyeol x Myeong-suk (OC)

    Summary:  In which a new girl comes to school. A new girl determined to be alone. That’s no problem for a happy virus though. Chanyeol has suddenly found a desire to make a deep connection with someone outside of his brothers, regardless of the trials presented.

    First, Prev, AO3

    Chapter 14: Loose Strings


    Luhan jumped at the sudden exclamation, but the others seated around the table only laughed. He turned in his seat and found Chanyeol rubbing at his shin, a sneaker lying under the coffee table. Wincing with a final rub, the giant retrieved the shoe and began to hop as he tried to put it on. 

    “It would probably be faster if you just sat down,” Chen suggested, but he went ignored. 

    “What’s going on?” Luhan asked, turning back to the others.

    “He has a lunch date with Myeong-suk,” Lay responded.

    “And he overslept,” Sehun added with a snicker. “He was supposed to pick her up in five minutes.”

    “Which means he would be very late,” D.O. continued as he typed away on his phone. With a nod, he set it down on the table with a secretive grin.

    Chen scoffed, ready to comment, then stopped short. “Wait, would be?”

    Instead of responding, D.O. took another sip of his coffee, then stood from his chair. Before anyone could question him further there was a knock at the door, and they all hummed in understanding, focusing their attention on Chanyeol to wait for his reaction. He was completely unaware of their behaviors, too focused on tying his shoes from where he now sat on the couch. 

    As Chanyeol stood and started going over a mental checklist D.O. appeared again with Myeong-suk in tow. She waved at the group, staying in the doorway as D.O. bypassed Chanyeol and retook his place at the table. 

    “Keys...wallet…” Chanyeol mumbled to himself as he patted his pockets. “What am I missing?”

    “Phone,” Sehun called.

    “Ah,” Chanyeol responded, patting his pockets once more. “Where did I put it?” He started to search the couch cushions in response to the absence of it in his pockets. 

    “D.O. has it,” Myeong-suk said. 

    “Thanks,” he said, giving her a quick smile then hurrying over to D.O. who was holding it out for him. As soon as it was in his fingers he was rushing towards the door. Myeong-suk chuckled then headed towards the group at the table. “Didi, where are you going?” Lay called out once Chanyeol disappeared into the hall entrance. 

    “Myeong-suk’s!” Chanyeol called back. “I’m gonna be sooo late.” His hand was on the doorknob when he paused. His face heated with realization and he dropped his head against the door with a light thud, and the group gave various amused reactions. As he started to shuffle back into the room, Myeong-suk turned to the oldest. 

    “Hi Luhan, how are you doing?” she asked.

    “I’m good,” he responded. Then smiled as Chanyeol came to stand behind Myeong-suk and dropped his head on her shoulder. “How have you been? I’m sorry I still haven’t been able to get to know you yet. Things were a little crazy this week.”

    “That’s okay. I’m doing well,” she said, reaching up and patting Chanyeol’s head. “Transfering schools is stressful at any time of the year. With everything else going on and graduation coming up, I hope things can calm down a little bit.”

    “Thank you, they should be now,” Luhan said. “I’ll be around more too. Need to make up for lost time with everyone.”

    Myeong-suk smiled then turned her head to try and look at Chanyeol. “Are you ready to go?” He lifted his head slightly to nod and everyone could see the red tips of his ears. Noting some of their teasing faces, she spoke before any of them could start. “It was good to see you. Tell the others ‘hi’ for me.”

    “Noonaaa,” Sehun whined, pausing her and Chanyeol’s exit. “We should all hang out today instead.” He pouted, jutting out his lip for emphasis, and received a scoff from Chanyeol who wrapped an arm around Myeong-suk’s shoulder. “Come on, Hyung,” Sehun begged.

    Myeong-suk held back a laugh and shook her head at the youngest’s antics. “I’ll try and have everyone over soon,” she said. “My aunt wants to cook for you.”

    “Really?” Sehun asked, and they all turned excited eyes on her.

    She hummed in affirmation. “Then, we’ll get going. I’ll see you at school on Monday.” She and Chanyeol headed for the door before anyone else could interrupt them and were followed by various goodbyes.

    Once they were outside, Chanyeol dropped his arm and slipped his hands into his pockets, his eyes focused on the concrete. 

    “I’m sorry,” he said, just above a whisper.

    Myeong-suk smiled softly and slipped her arm through his. “About what?”

    “I was supposed to pick you up. I overslept, but I promise I didn’t forget,” he rushed. 

    She laughed and skipped slightly. “I know. You don’t need to worry,” she said. “You were rushing like crazy, and D.O. explained that you had all been up late helping Luhan with something.”

    “I’ll have to thank him later for texting you.”

    “Maybe we can get him something while we’re out,” she suggested, resting her head against his arm. “It amazes me how close you are without even being related.”

    “Sometimes you can choose your family I guess,” he said. His smile dropped slightly as thoughts of Feilong darted across his mind.

    She noticed the change in his mood and squeezed his arm lightly. “And sometimes they can be closer than your actual family. But just like with any relationship, there can be rough patches.”

     He looked down at her and smiled softly. “Sorry,” he said. “First I was late and now I’m bringing down the mood.” 

    Myeong-suk shook her head. “It’s been a long week and you have a lot on your mind.” She slipped her arm out of his and rounded him, stopping them both as she faced him. “I know you try. I can tell. But it’s not possible to be happy all of the time. You’ve been trying to lift everyone’s mood while simultaneously blaming yourself for Feilong leaving. None of that is your responsibility.” She took his arm and pulled until his hand slipped out of his pocket and was clasped in both of hers. “For today, I’m going to do what I can to lift your spirits, but,” she met his eyes, “if you need to talk things out, or just rest at any point, we can do that.”

    He smiled with glossy eyes, then wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling her into a hug, and received a light squeak at the unexpected show of affection. “Thank you,” he mumbled into her hair, then pulled back and held her at arm's length, a blush dusting his cheeks. “Okay, time for food. I’m famished.”

    They continued their original path, his hands back in his pockets and her arm linked around his. She elbowed him lightly with a light laugh. “I guess you slept through D.O.’s usual breakfast you always brag about,” she said.


    “So, where are we off to?”

    Chanyeol thought for a second. “I was thinking something lighter since it’s getting hot out, then we could just get snacks throughout the day,” he said then looked at her. “What do you think?”

    “Sounds good to me,” she said. “Kimbap?”

    “You read my mind.” Chanyeol laughed. “The usual place?”

    “Sounds perfect.”


    Chanyeol placed a pack of guitar strings back then picked up a package of guitar picks. 

    “Didn’t you just open a new package last week?” Myeong-suk asked, coming to stand beside him. 

    “I keep losing them.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I don’t understand how they just disappear.”

    “I bet if you emptied your backpack you would find at least 10,” she teased, bumping into him. “What about getting one of these?” Myeong-suk reached forward and picked up a leather pick-shaped pouch. “You can just fill this and keep it on your keychain. Maybe it will be easier to remember to put them back.”

    He hummed in thought then picked it up. “Maybe….” 

    Myeong-suk took it out of his hands and headed towards the front of the store. 

    “Myeong-aaah,” he called, chasing after her. He tried to grab it from her, but she clasped it in her hands against her stomach and shook her head.

    “Let me get it for you,” she said.

    “Then you have to let me get your sheet music,” he argued, crossing his arms when she turned to look at him.

    She shook her head again and smiled. “You already got lunch and bubble tea, let me get this.” When he opened his mouth to argue back she continued. “It’ll be a graduation present.”

    He huffed and pouted as she started towards the counter again. 

    “I’ll take this please,” she said, handing the pouch and sheet music to the ahjusshi and he took it with a smile, eyes going between her and Chanyeol who was sipping at his tea while looking at some of the guitars decorating the wall. She giggled at seeing that his mouth was still set in a pout. Looking back toward the counter she browsed a rounder with jewelry. Eyes darting over to Chanyeol, who was still distracted, she grabbed one of the items and handed it over to the man who caught her intention and winked at her, stealthily rang it up, and slipped it into the bag with the other items. 

    “Thank you,” she mouthed, handing him the money.

    He nodded with a knowing smile. “Thank you for coming in,” the ahjusshi said, handing her over the bag and her change as Chanyeol came to stand at Myeong-suk’s side. “You two have a good day.”

    “Thank you, sir,” they said in unison with a bow before heading out. 

    “Where to now?” Myeong-suk asked as she passed through the door that Chanyeol was holding open. 

    “What about the arcade?” Chanyeol asked, reaching for her shopping bag. 

    She nodded as she swatted away his hands, then slipped the bag into her mini backpack. “Snacks after?” 

    “Absolutely,” he agreed. He smiled, seeing the ice cream keychain hanging off of the zipper in her backpack. Once it was back on her shoulders, he offered her his arm, and she hooked hers around it again. 

    They talked casually on their way and Chanyeol bounced lightly when the arcade came into view, pulling her along as they got closer and his excitement took over. 


    Myeong-suk shivered as they exited back onto the sidewalk and into the now misty air. Her hands rubbed at her exposed arms and she laughed awkwardly. “I didn’t realize it was supposed to get cold today,” she said. “The one time I forget a jacket.”

    “Good thing I’m a furnace,” Chanyeol chuckled, handing over their winning haul. He untied his hoodie from around his waist then took the items back and handed it to her. 

    “No, that’s okay,” she said, trying to refuse the clothing item.

    “Take it Myeong-ah, I’m okay, look.” he took her hand and stooped so that he could place it against his forehead. “See, I’m a furnace.”

    “Wow,” she said, eyes wide. “If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were running a fever. Okay, point taken.” She removed her hand and they both paused at the loss of contact. Shaking herself out of that thought, she took off her backpack and slipped on his hoodie. The sleeves dropped past her hands, the garment swallowing her entirely.

    Chanyeol nearly dropped everything as laughter shook his body, which only doubled when she crossed her arms and pouted at him.

    “It’s not that funny,” she huffed. “Everything you own is unnecessarily oversized; of course it was going to be huge on me.” She dropped her arms, then flapped them in the sleeves, giggling lightly.

    “They’re more comfortable the larger they are,” he argued back. “Come here, let me help.” He placed their items on a nearby bench, then helped her roll up the sleeves the best he could.

    “This is fine,” she said when the cuffs were covering her hands. “Hmm, you’re right. This is comfortable.” She slung her backpack back onto her shoulders and grabbed the white tiger plushie before heading off as he tried to quickly gather the rest of their items. “You might not get it back.”

    He laughed as he followed after her. “I think I’d be okay with that,” he said, bumping into her arm. “It’s cute on you.”

    Her face heated at the comment and she coughed awkwardly. “Oh, mandu,” she said, speeding up her pace.


    “There’s a mandu stall,” she said, pointing just down the walk. “That should warm us up.” She took off towards the stall, leaving him behind. 

    “Yah!” He called, running to catch up. “Wait for me.” It didn’t take long for him to overtake her, turning to run backwards as she giggled after him. 

    “That’s cheating,” she said. 

    “What is?” 

    “Your stupid long legs.” He laughed and slowed down enough to take her hand, keeping a hold of it as they ordered and received the dumplings, then reluctantly letting go in order to carry them without spilling anything. They rounded the stall to where a small bar was connected and started eating. Once they were settled, Chanyeol had to hold himself back from taking her hand again, which now rested on the table between them. Needing his hands free to eat was the only thing that kept him from giving in.

    She hummed in contentment, then grabbed a bag from her backpack. “Congratulations,” she said, handing over a small box. 

    “You already got me the pouch. What is it?” he asked, turning the box around curiously. 

    “Open it and find out.”

    He watched her as he carefully slid the lid off, then looked down at the contents. Inside sat a necklace set. One had a guitar pick charm with a heart cut out that said “to the moon”, and the other had a small heart charm that said “and back” and would fit within the cutout of the pick charm. 

    He tried to hold back. Tried to convince himself that crying over something so small would be an overreaction.

    “From our first date,” she said. “I came across a Japanese quote about the moon and remembered what you said that night.” Her explanation was quiet. 

    She must have been so nervous to give him something with such an obvious confession on it. Before he could stop them, his eyes had gone completely misty and he wrapped his arms around her. “Thank you,” he whispered. “I love it. I really, really love it.”

    He pulled away and quickly wiped his eyes, then opened his sling bag and pulled out a mesh drawstring pouch. “It looks like we had similar ideas,” he said, handing it to her. “Congratulations on the end of your final year in high school.”

    She took it slowly, then slipped open the top and pulled the contents out of the small opening. Two bracelets rested in her hand and she observed them carefully. Chanyeol had been surprised and elated to find jewelry with lava beads at a small jewelry crafter’s stand earlier in the day after having spent the entire week trying to come up with something to give her. They were opposite designs of each other: one had a center black lava bead with three small white beads on each side of it, and the other had the colors switched. They were simple, a couple of beads on cord with a drawstring tie. But the lava stone felt like a symbol that he was giving a part of himself to her, even if she didn’t know about that. 

    “They’re really pretty,” she said, then looked up at him. 

    “May I?” he asked, and she nodded, handing them over and holding out her hand. He took the one with the black bead and slipped it over her hand, tightening the loose strings so that it wouldn’t slip off. “My favorite color is black,” he said simply, then held up his hand and the second bracelet. 

    “And the white?” she asked, slipping it over his wrist and tightening it. 

    “It reminded me of the moon.”

    She paused at the simple explanation, and he took her hand in his. “I have one more thing,” he said, reaching back into his bag. He pulled out a CD case and placed it on the table. The CD inside was plain, with “Our Song” written on it in black sharpie. “It’s not the best recording. I did it on my phone one day and Chen helped me put it on the disc. But, maybe we could find a studio and record it for real some time. Until then, I thought it would be nice if we had hard copies.”

    She took the case and rubbed her thumb over it a couple of times before holding it to her chest, then she slipped it into her bag. She turned and wrapped her arms around him, placing her cheek against him and taking a deep contented breath. “Thank you, Chanyeol. This night was amazing.”

    He wrapped his arms around her and brought his hand up to rub her hair. “It’s the beginning of many,” he said softly, gently swaying them back and forth as everything else going on in their lives faded back into the very far recesses of their thoughts. 

    They had each other now. They could push through anything. 


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