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  • desi-lgbt-fest
    04.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Hi bestie I'm back in your asks with an offering for desi queer folks.

    You know how queer histories often go unrecorded or are purposefully erased? A trans art collective in my city is trying to fill that gap with imaginative queer histories and futures. They just set up their online archive featuring art and testimonials from local trans artists (including yours truly) and it's pretty neat if I say so myself.


    Take your time scrolling through to the end, it's worth it. I recommend playing the music provided as you go.

    Hope you're doing well, stay safe!

    This is so cool and pretty and beautiful and amazing aaaaa

    My favourite slide!!

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  • khabkhluen
    21.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    How are you after that epsiode?

    "...we realised that our relationship made some people feel troublesome" broke me.

    It's a fake break up and the parents have known for a while yay it's so amazing how they still have to sneak around, hide their passions, pretend to be something they're not...am I getting this right?

    Love how Wai outed them and now Wai helps them stay in the closet. Coincidence? I think not.

    Coming off anon for my last bad buddy ask!

    - sunset anon (that's the prettiest nickname thank you, Archer 💛)

    heyyy!! wow, i know you - both as sunset anon and as someone i love seeing in my notifications 🥺

    i'm feeling quite hollow tbh. i managed to go in with zero expectations because i already knew things were going there after episode 11, so unlike last week, i'm not that angry or sad. just kind of empty, you know? like something is missing. a good bad buddy episode is what's missing, probably.

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  • arachneofthoughts
    16.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Just came across your "arekta bangali found" tag and it's genius! Onek bangali blogs khuje pelam.

    Your blog is beautiful 🌈🌻

    Ayiii I'm glad that this tag is helping!!

    Thank you so much. This means a lot. 😁😁

    #miru answers#becomingabeing #what do i tag you as? #arekta bangali found
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  • desi-lgbt-fest
    14.06.2021 - 11 monts ago

    Hi, Kolkata Centre for Creativity is hosting an online exhibition celebrating queerness starting June 19th. I saw some previews and the art is SO COOL. I was selected too which is new and exciting for an amateur artist like me. I feel like you and the followers of this blog would enjoy this exhibition so here's the link:


    KCC's instagram where they post regular updates about various events: https://instagram.com/kccinkolkata?utm_medium=copy_link

    Sending love. Happy pride!

    this sounds so cool!!! Check this out peeps!!!

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  • gilly-bean
    28.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Your Top 5 Songs Right Now

    thank you @liyazaki for tagging, I love these tag games 💗

    When I R.I.P, Labrinth - I watched Euphoria and the predictable thing happened, I fell in love with the soundtrack. I've been listening to this every single day for the past month.

    Khruangbin, Leon Bridges, B-Side - Listen this weird psychedelic band from Texas drawing influences from soul and funk and 60's thai music has made Austin feel like home

    Duran Duran, Give it all up (feat. Tove Lo) - I love Tove Lo and I love Duran Duran and 80's disco vibes are sometimes all you need

    Kendrick Lamar, Swimming Pools - Superbowl made me nostalgic for Kendrick again and honestly, I would pick every single album Kendrick has ever made. It's impossible to choose one song but I'm listening to Swimming Pools while writing this so there's that. Come back King 💖

    AAAMYYY, 屍を越えてゆけ (Over my dead body) - This song haunts my dreams. It equally takes me to the middle of a dark forest and to the middle of a crowded dance floor. It regularly plunges me into an existential crisis.

    @suzukibeanes and @becomingabeing tell me what you are listening to! and all my other mutuals too I need more things on my spotify playlist
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  • gilly-bean
    16.02.2022 - 3 monts ago
    tagged by @liyazaki and @suzukibeanes thank you fellow gays ✨
    three ships: teh x oh-aew for that messy, heartbreaking first love, patpran for those annoying high school sweethearts that actually are each other's first loves and stay together until they're old and wrinkly , wangxian for that soulmate bond that you literally take with you to the grave and beyond
    first ever ship: wuuufff jesus. well probably drarry from Harry Potter. What can I say I grew up with those books and that was my first introduction to fandom. Luckily, I've come a long way since.
    last song: I watched the Super Bowl and remembered how hard Anderson .Paak slaps. And he's an absolute delight.
    last film: you know that syndrome where you don't have time to watch movies but you still watch 10 episodes of a show in one day? I have that all the time. My friend did make me watch that DiCaprio flick Don't Look Up. It was decent.
    currently reading: Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore. Me and @elnotwoods have this cute little old wives book club (it's so cute y'all) and that's what we're reading. I told her I love magical realism and she said here's ten books we can read together and that's why, people, she is my internet wife. Along the same theme, I'm also currently (still) reading Isabel Allende's the House of Spirits.
    currently watching: Not Me (I love my anarchist biker gang more than anyone else right now) and Euphoria (I love my toxic sapphics but fucking hell is it a rough show to get through). Oh and of course Rupaul's Drag Race. There's never not a time when I'm not watching that. Currently obsessed with Ms. Pangina Heals
    currently consuming: I guess Euphoria because I have been binge watching that but I'm so not happy about it. On the upside, I also lowkey started writing the longest bad buddy fic of my life and I'm so excited about it. Guys, I'm doing research for it. This is actually consuming most of my time.
    currently craving: A holiday in Phuket. With margaritas. That is all I need right now. Still waiting for that wedding ceremony @elnotwoods and @liyazaki

    tagging: @becomingabeing, @elnotwoods, @kyr-kun-chan, @praninlove @plaidcladjuno and anyone who sees this

    #tag game #the gay edition #as if everything I do isn't always the gay edition #Spotify
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  • enbywlwfan
    04.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Tagged by @therockshowgirl and @schese, that is WILD lmao 

    Rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better

    Three ships: Endi (Rebelde), Clexa (The 100) and Sagelyn (Utopia Falls)

    First ever ship: Ouf, that goes way back... I can’t remember lol, there’s too many 😅

    Last song: So High by Doja Cat

    Last film: Pride and Prejudice

    Currently reading: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

    Currently watching: Legends of Tomorrow and The Book of Boba Fett

    Currently consuming: Water lmao

    Currently craving: Fried chicken tbh

    Tagging: @purplecowboywombatgoth @becomingabeing @whyarewewlwlikethat @littlegay5 @beachwaves-13 @sapphic-stress @throughthiswindow @palizinhas @cryoverkiltmilk

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  • gilly-bean
    31.01.2022 - 3 monts ago
    Thank you @liyazaki for tagging I also haven't done these in a while and I though it might be fun.
    1. our all time favorite bl and why: It has to be I Told Sunset About You. Always and forever. I mean Bad Buddy did come very close and if the last episodes hadn't been the way they were it probably would have been my favorite. Ohm and Nanon's chemistry and the community I found while watching that show were both things I didn't expect that turned into something magical. I will always have a special place for Bad Buddy in my heart. But just for the sheer quality of the show I have to say ITSAY. It's a literal work of art that I wanna make everyone watch bl fan or not because it's just that stunning. They should be teaching ITSAY in film classes for decades to come.
    2. that one bl that scarred you for life: I Promised You the Moon. Has a show ever felt more like your loved one betraying you like IPYTM did? IPYTM came into my house, threw me out on the curb and closed the door while I sobbed in the rain asking why. Why did it have to be like this? It did look very pretty while doing it though.
    I've moved on now but never make me watch that show again.
    3. bl that made you feel very single: Bad Buddy. I'm not generally interested in romance in my life but Pat and Pran made me think that it would probably be nice to have something like that in my life. Just that unwavering support and adoration. Very specifically that beach episode. Imagine just having fun like that with someone you love even though everything else is going to hell? Yeah I wouldn't mind it.
    4. if you could change one thing from a bl, which one would it be? Can I use your answer here Mor? I think it says everything I want to.
    5. your top five:

    I told sunset about you

    Bad buddy

    Gaya sa pelikula

    Not me (even if it hasn't ended yet I'm confident it will remain on my top 5 list. I'm obsessed. Gimme anarchist gays, protest politics, queerness, supernatural twins, amazing musical score and cinematography any day of the week and I'll be into it whatever you do with it)

    A tale of thousand stars (those yearning looks, no one does it better than Mix and Earth)

    honorable mentions: Dark Blue Kiss. Pete and Kao had the best and most believable LTR I've seen in a bl. Despite some questionable ways the drama was handled in the latter part of the series, I also loved the way queerness was woven into the story. That conversation Pete and Kao had by the pool about the pressure to be good because you're already disappointing your parents with your sexuality? Heartbreaking and relatable.
    Oh and We Best Love! I mean I think Gao Shi De's obsession went a little too far in that one for me to fully love it but the acting was superb and there's no denying that.
    6. that trashy bl that you lowkey like: Why R U. Now there's a bl with such a messy plot it's incredible I managed to follow it at all but SaintZee had such fire chemistry it didn't much matter. It also had the beach episode to end all beach episodes.
    7. your favorite korean bl (it’s important we know): Where Your Eyes Linger. Ugh the dark themes, the toxic relationship, just the right amount of stuff for that eight 10-minute episode long arch the Koreans like to do, everything just worked for me.
    8. but also your top 3 for kbls: Can't say I'm a huge fan of the other ones I've watched. Color Rush? That was good. Wish it had a season 2 with both of the leads.
    9. season 2? which one? Gaya sa Pelikula desperately deserves a season 2 but I'm not holding my breath for that one and it absolutely breaks my heart.
    10. a bunch of dramas will air soon. which ones are you the most excited for? Moonlight Chicken and even the other ridiculous one Earth and Mix are involved in are making me the most excited, I just love those two. Kinnporsche looks like an interesting disaster I will definitely try out and I'm hoping against all odds Between us is finally happening.
    11. @becomingabeing I know you haven't watched that many bl's but if you wanna do this I would love to hear your thoughts! And all the other moots who haven't yet done it tag me if you end up doing it.
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