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  • charleslucid
    24.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    Max finally finishes mourning Billy. She comes to terms with his death and everything. Starts talking to people again and moving on. And then Billy just fucking shows up and it all falls apart.

    She runs at him and pulls him into a hug before punching him in the balls and kicking him while he’s on the ground. She’s got tears spilling out of her eyes as she throws so many curses and I slurs at him and he just fucking takes it.

    When she’s finally done, he stands up and pulls her into a hug as she runs snot all over his clothes.

    #angst angst angst #I always think about this #it lives in my mind rent free #billy hargrove#max mayfield#stranger things #billy and max
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  • geormenia
    24.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    at this point it doesn’t even matter. if i see one second of billy’s back in s4 i’m going to be happy and edit the shit out of his back. expect forty posts with the same scene from me

    #but still. somewhere deep inside i hope for flashbacks #just let dear billy be an episode abt max and billy in cali #ria rambles#billy hargrove
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  • pandawaiim
    24.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Who's we? I did

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  • charleslucid
    24.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I need Max and Billy speaking Spanish but since Max isn’t that fluent, occasionally she’ll make a mistake and then Billy will poke fun at it and then correct her.

    Max: donde diablos esta la éxito

    Billy: éxito?

    Max: si, está ‘exit’ en inglés, ¿verdad?

    Billy: no pendejo, tu dijiste “where is the success”

    Max: Que

    Billy: cognados falsos idiota


    Max: where the hell is the success

    Billy: success?

    Max: yeah, it’s exit in English right?

    Billy: no dumbass you just said “where is the success”

    Max: what?

    Billy: false cognates idiot)

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  • ezra-starkiller
    24.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    the fact that in season 2 we see billy working out while also drinking beer and smoking a cigarette should tell us that this boy absolutely cares about the way he looks but could not give less of a shit about his actual health

    #I’m laughing but also crying #how on brand of him #nasty boy <3 #billy hargrove #but like it’s kinda really sad though. this character doesn’t work out to stay healthy or feel good #he just wants to stay buff so that others will continue to perceive him as this macho tough guy #meanwhile he’s literally killing his body w cigs and… idk my guy you’re 17 and drinking alone midday? that’s very concerning #like (underage) drinking at a party okay who cares I’m not a cop. but alone? on a weekend?? while the sun’s still out??? and you’re 17???? #god now I wanna write a whoooole thing about billy and substance use oh my god lol
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  • ibemandapanda
    24.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I had this wild dream last night that after the upside down battle things are in such a disarray and the group needs to leave but Steve gets left behind passed out from injury or exhaustion. Then it cuts to a slow motion scene where Steve is being moved in a kids wagon or something still in the upside down and pans to see a tall dark figure pulling the wagon froms Steve's perspective in the wagon like:

    and as the figure turns around long blonde hair swings around we barely see the shadow on Billy's face pulling the wagon.

    Then I woke up 🙃

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  • officialsteveharrington
    24.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    The thing that irks me the most about how people treat Billy Hargrove as a character is that they have no room for empathy with him.

    I know what it's like to have a father like that and I know what it's like to be so angry inside and to act in the only way I knew how because of that anger. Unlike Billy I had a chance to realize it didn't have to be that way and I changed for the better.

    Billy was still a teenager, there was still a chance for him and in season three I really believe he was already on a better path. From what we know he had his job, his coworkers liked him and he was teaching swimming lessons to kids. He was trying to make his bad situation into a good one.

    He was being used by the mind flayer to do all those horrible things he did, things he very clearly did not want to do (Thanks Dacre for the incredible acting). He spent most of the season crying, being stuck inside his own body having to do unthinkable things. Like in the parking lot mall scene, you think he wanted to crash his car and hurt these people? Absolutely not. He revved the engine to warn them, look at his face in that scene. He looks strained because he's fighting it.

    He's a complex character and it makes stories interesting. Hating him and being so aggressive about people who might like him in the slightest is WEIRD. He's not a real person, he was a plot device. One of my favorite things is to break down characters and their motivations, it's easier to understand them when you dive deeper into their motivations.

    Anyway, I don't know how to end this because I could go on and on but I think this post is long enough.

    #wow this got long #and i still have an essay worth to say about Billy #billy hargrove #like how he's St's most interesting character lmao #after season 1 i didnt even want a season 2 then this rat boy showed up and i eas like hm i guess I'll keep watching #and of course i didnt like Billy at first you arent supposed to like him right away #but i liked him in the way that he was entertaining to watch #season 3 is when he felt more developed than what we got in s2 #and oh boy was his life relatable #its crazy people dont have sympathy for an abused kid #i feel so sorry for the 17 year old version of me who i see so much of in him #they were hurting inside so badly and Billy was too #He was a person not good not bad but a flawed human being who did die to save these people he hardly knew
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  • billys-bambi
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    my favourite harringrove dynamic is Steve trying so hard to be a good person and Billy just, dragging him back down

    #harringrove#Steve Harrington#Billy Hargrove #we love to see it #I love them just feeding off eachother and being the absolute worse
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  • ghostofjellyfishforgotten
    24.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Friends don’t plan and construct elaborate surprises that take weeks to prepare and involve a contractor, no that’s beyond friend behavior and edging dangerously close to courting behavior. Except Steve gone and hurtled right over that line and presents Billy with a gift so fantastic he can no longer deny his feelings. (Full Tags on Ao3)

    Salt Skin

    Shitty landlocked nothing but farmland and forest as far as the eye can see, Hawkins is the last place Billy ever wanted to be. Not that he was given the chance to choose, packed up with the family and forced to this middle America landlocked hell. The first few weeks are utter misery, no beach, no sand, no vast abundant ocean for Billy to spend his days getting lost in. He constantly feels like he is on the verge of drying out, even as the air turns cool, it is so much drier here than along the coast.

    The one shitty public pool available is already closed for the season, not that Billy wants to swim there, the water is so full of chemicals it will barely be tolerable even without his tail and gills out. There is nowhere in Hawkins he actually wants to swim with his tail out, the only alternative to a chlorine pool is the murky sediment filled lakes. No he cannot safely shift anywhere here, cannot be himself when it would just have his gills burning from chemicals or filled with pebbles and dirt, maybe even tadpoles. The very idea makes him shudder.

    There is one upside in this town and that is Steve Harrington, the prettiest boy Billy thinks he has ever seen.

    They get off to a rough start with Steve wrapped up in his own problems, ignoring and being indifferent to Billy, something he has never tolerated well. It pisses him off and makes him all the more focused on him, picking and pulling at any given opportunity, anything to get Steve’s attention. Not that it gives him a lot for long, Steve going right back to ignoring him, it just makes him even more desperate to gain more of it.

    Everything changes when Billy goes looking for Max one night in early November. He finds Steve first in an abandoned junkyard with a pile of rotting meat and a baseball bat. He registers the kids a moment later, behind Steve in a boarded up bus that has seen better days, the lot of them shouting and flailing. He is so caught off guard by the strange scene he does not notice the monster coming for him.

    Luckily for him Steve notices, swooping in and standing between Billy and the monsters because when he finally turns to see what is growling he sees they are surrounded by a pack of almost dog like creatures. Only dogs do not open their whole head like that and he has never seen one with so many teeth before. They are definitely other .

    Read the Rest on Ao3

    #harringrove#jellyghostfic#fanfiction#St fic #billy hargrove x steve harrington #Merman Billy Hargrove #Kelpie Steve Harrington #mermay
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  • elowmojo
    24.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Yeah I was bored so... I tried to put in CP77 most of Billy's outfit. Thanks to @wingdeer @rosslincyberpunk77 for the help ♥  2077 & Rebel one are 100% related to the game himself. Can’t having the good color shirt for the dinner one oops... 

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  • yanderechacha
    24.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Just watched S3 E2-4

    I’ll admit, S3 isn’t as bad an intolerable as I remember it being (I think knowing the Duffers promised to do more with world building in S4 allows me to enjoy S3 for what it is- the calm before the storm.)

    Not much to point out other than getting to Billy noticing El spying on him the way Will could in the Upside Down Castle Byers in S1 (but we already know that), and Billy’s Niagara Falls hat (from a family vacation back in Cali maybe?)

    Steve and Dustin’s dynamic is unmatched and I enjoy it very much. The kid’s relationship drama feels less annoying and more amusing. Love Jonathan and Nancy’s relationship issues (Nancy feeling like Jonathan doesn’t understand the sexism she’s had to face, Jonathan feeling Nancy doesn’t understand the class discrimination he’s had to face). Hopper’s toxicity is at a max in this season. And Karen and Nancy’s conversation is always 🥺😭💖

    I like that this season feels like a summer blockbuster. I like the vibe. I think it fits and is appropriate.

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  • wixterirox
    24.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Au Billy pretends to be british

    #that’s it #billy comes to hawkins with a fake british accent #i think max would try to copy after him #everyone is told that they are from california but they pull up using british slang #some how it gets to neil and susan and they are just disappointed #this is the funniest au to me #i dont believe in focusing on st4 rn #because this is more enjoyable #billy hargrove#max mayfield
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  • plistommy
    24.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Vecna!Billy flirting to Steve in the middle of the battle because even if he’s possessed he still feels the love he has for the other under all of it.

    So, everyone just watches with wide eyes as Vecna tries to fight them back, but leaving Steve unharmed as he keeps calling the other pretty and gorgeous as one of his tentacles stroke Steve’s cheek tenderly.

    It makes Steve blush and he slowly turns to everyone before saying;

    ”It’s uh… it’s Billy…”

    #I can see this totally #Like he KNOWS who Steve is the second he sees him #Love wins the Evil #And Billy turned back #But not before fucking Steve with them tentacles #LOOLEKEK#I mean#yeh#harringrove#steve harrington#billy hargrove #billy x steve #harringrove fandom#harringrove headcanon#hc#stranger things#st#lemon#ish#text#txt#my writing#writing#idea#au#vecna billy
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  • 2dmenenthusiast
    24.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    People out here actually concerned with other people's fictional problematic faves when they should really be concerned with getting some bitches

    #if i have to keep saying 'theyre not real' im gonna lose my fucking mind #just because you like a character that has questionable motives/personality DOES NOT MEAN YOU CONDONE THEIR ACTIONS #madssss#billy hargrove
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  • stranger-steeb
    24.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    a reminder that i’m still working on my scarlet witch!steve fic

    Steve's powers don’t show themselves in any physical way until the night Nancy dumps him. But he’s felt them for some time before then.

    He felt them first when Nancy fell in love with Jonathan. Love feels soft and warm, like a kitten curling on your chest, purring contentedly away. It feels so fragile when it first begins, hesitant like maybe it shouldn’t exist, shouldn’t be there. But then it swells, it consumes you like a fire, and it burns in Steve’s veins if he focuses on it, until it settles into the soft, warm peaceful thing love should be.

    But he felt Nancy fall out of love with him too. And that feels like death. He feels the love die and it was cold. It felt like drowning in icy waters - there’s the stage where he desperately fought to swim back to the surface and save it, the even more frantic stage where he tried to hold his breath, just to keep the love alive, and then there was the dreadful acceptance that there was nothing more he could do. One day Steve walked up to Nancy in the school hallway and felt an overwhelming cold grasp his heart. It was heavy and empty and so terrible that he immediately turned from her and rushed to the bathroom, where he spent several minutes throwing up and crying.

    He felt numb for a while after that. Until that night at the party when Nancy finally told him she didn’t love him. That they were bullshit. The moment she said it he felt the rumblings of emotion, like a volcano preparing for the inevitable.

    After telling Jonathan to get Nancy home safe, Steve drives two towns away to an empty field he’s been coming to for years now. It’s his grieving place, where he goes when he needs to feel his own sadness and hurt. Steve walks into the middle of the field, and he screams.

    He feels like he blacked out after that, but he doesn’t.

    It’s like some other part of him takes over, a part that doesn’t question the green energy emitting from his hands. 

    Steve screams and he cries, sad and angry and hurt. He rips several trees apart and conjures up a cloud of thunder that several police departments and weather stations get a call about later because the clouds are black and the lightning that jabs through it is a haunting shade of green. It’s not like Steve hasn’t had moments like this before, moments where he finally lets go of something he’s been holding onto and maybe overreacting in the process, but this is a whole other level that some part of him is terrified. There’s another part of Steve that feels relived, though. Free, even, like that part of him has been waiting for this moment, to unleash this part of himself.

    When it’s over, Steve’s exhausted. He falls to his knees in the epicenter of his own chaos, looks down at the ground, and notices in the bottom of his vision that there’s blood. His nose is bleeding. Shaking fingers come up to feel the crimson staining his face, and he stares at what transfers onto his hands for a long time before deciding he’s not emotionally ready to handle the reality of what this means.

    He’s in no condition to drive. He’s drained, drunk, and his vision is blurry. But that doesn’t stop him from standing, steadying himself, and looking around himself for another moment.

    He really did make a mess. But he doesn’t know how to get rid of it.

    So he doesn’t. He stumbles back to the car and simply drives home.

    #blood tw #unsafe driving tw #steebie writes#harringrove #it's in the fic later but i'm tagging it now to hide this from the antis #steve harrington#billy hargrove #stranger things au #stranger things fanfiction #i think wanda maximoff is so sexy and unhinged and i'm feeling inhinged myself so i have to project through my boy
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  • strangerthings4theories
    24.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Sort of adding onto your “Billy is a Christ figure” analysis, I think he shares a lot of physical attributes with the western depiction of Jesus. Obviously depicting Jesus with long blond curls and blue eyes is highly inaccurate to his culture and lineage, but it’s worth noting that Billy looks like that version. It feels like a very intentional design choice. Having him dressed in white when he “dies” seems significant too. You know, “sacrificial lamb,” and white clothing being associated with purity and innocence.

    Also I just think this image is funny because it reminds me of the meme with a statue of Christ being taken off the cross and people recreating it

    Super looking forward to hearing your thoughts about volume one soon!

    I meeeeeeannnn, you're not wrong~~ 😘✌️ I def believe the Duffers gave Billy long hair so he'd look like a Christ figure and/or classic god-hero. And he's wearing white when he dies... yyyyyeah the English lit essay writes itself lol

    I tried to find the memes you mentioned but I could only find actual art of the Descent from the Cross. It really does look like that photo tho 😆

    #billy hargrove #billy is a christ figure #stranger things theory #stranger things analysis #stranger things #answering your mail
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  • exbilly
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    like if you love billy

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  • strangerthings4theories
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Have you seen Target’s Stranger Things merch? I saw a lot of it when I was in Target today, but there was one particular thing that caught my eye.

    This backpack. I’m pretty sure Hot Topic might have this design on a t-shirt, but I wonder what it means. We have a sunset and presumably an ocean, a demogorgon, and a surfer. It’s on so many things in there that I feel like this design is significant somehow. Obviously I’m hoping the surfer is Billy, but I’m not sure. Do you have any thoughts?

    Well, this backpack definitely fits a wider design trend in S4 merch emphasizing California, surfers, and the Demogorgon ✌️ Thematically, Billy sits at the intersection of all three, so the design trend as a whole is VERY interesting! I especially love that we see the Demogorgon and the surfer side by side here. It's Billy and his dark reflection :p

    However, I wouldn't say the surfer on the backpack is explicitly meant to be Billy. The design seems too generic, you know? It doesn't hit the same as, say, the Surfer Boy Pizza van (with that fkn tagline "Delivered Hot to Your Door" - a Billy joke that made me laugh out loud when I caught it). I imagine the designers just decided they should include a surfer and a Demogorgon. They didn't know they were tapping into an actual theme.

    So yeah, I would call this a happy accident. Cool how that happens tho, right? 🌅

    #billy hargrove#the demogorgon #stranger things theory #stranger things analysis #stranger things 4 #billy hargrove is alive #answering your mail
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  • serenecalamity
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    ♡︎ sweetest homecoming

    ~ stranger things

    ~ explicit, 🔞

    ~ harringrove

    ~ oneshot, 3.9k

    ~ biker au | daddy kink | established relationship | bdsm dynamics

    ❥ ao3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/39186240

    ❥ ff.net: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/14085046/1/

    ❥ if you enjoyed this and would like to support me, you can do that here ✨🌸 - https://t.co/RRcKMpIXqa

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