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  • elfyourmother
    06.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    I haven't read all of your fics yet, and while I adore the entire elfpile - I think one of the fics as a whole which has stuck with me the most is Shine Your Light on Me. I go back to it once in a while, and for sure, there's always tears, but it's also just so ... comforting, even cathartic in a way ? I really love it. Thank you for writing. ♥

    thank you 🥺 that fic meant an awful lot to me and ngl it’s been a comfort to me dealing with my own grief

    and like. forgive me for soapboxing a moment but so much of this fandom is such a dude fest 95% of the time that I wanted to be very intentional with emotionally centering these women and this little girl and the power of their bonds

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  • elfyourmother
    06.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Scenes I think of often: (1) Gisele's first night with Haurchefant, especially the domestic interlude in the kitchen and the shower scene which was super well done (2) Estinien jumping on rooftops after Gisele because he messed up big on their way to the Hallienarte function (3) Gisele at the opera, taking in the performance, the crowd reactions, and the political calculus of it being a Dalmascan troupe (also I am just soft for any mention of The Dream Oath so that fic was just perfect)


    I’m just. really Moved that A Warmer Hearth is so memorable and liked to people because it’s still one of my faves out of anything I’ve ever written for any fandom and it means so much to me.

    The elfpile as a whole just means so much to me like they’re my “warmer hearth” and I pour my whole heart into everything I write with them so to have that resonate with others is…overwhelming in a positive way. esp. given the sheer harassment I used to get for polyshipping (and big catpiles at that) in certain other nameless fandoms

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  • elfyourmother
    05.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    There's a lot of your writing that I haven't gotten to yet, but Haurchefant rescuing Aymeric during the vault was the first thing that came to mind for me!


    I love that fic to death tbh because it’s that sort of filling in the offscreen blanks stuff I love to write and Haurchefant being the literal knight in shining armor for Aymeric with all of the self-indulgent cheese (he kicks in the goddamn door!!!!!) just. Yes.

    fun fact: I very nearly ended that fic with Haurche kissing him while he was princess carrying him but I thought it would be Too Much

    that was also written before I was on the fence about them being FWB at the time* too vnfjfjfjf like when/if I ever get around to putting down the entire Vault rewrite this scene may play out differently in details but the basic idea will be the same. I’m just really soft on the idea of Aymeric and Estinien realizing they’re actually in love with Haurchefant and vice-versa because of all that to begin with and it also adds another layer to the dynamic that Gisele shakes up by becoming involved with them

    *(been seriously considering Haurche being a regular play partner for Aymeric and Estinien pre-HW esp. since I hc that Haurche secretly sheltered Estinien for a night at Camp Dragonhead when he ran off with the Eye)

    #the wild thing is I don’t think I’m really all that prolific compared to the popular writers #bc I haven’t written any giant multichapter fics #but then I realized I’ve written an awful lot of one shots #askbox memes#writing memes#testimonials#smallest turtle#ask bisho
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  • elfyourmother
    05.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    In response to the memorable scene askbox meme: GOTTA be the first lovescene between Gisele and Haurche in A Warmer Hearth! Gets me every time 😭

    LISTEN I just have a lot of feelings about these two specific slutty elves and how in Gisele’s darkest, lowest hours Haurche was there with his giant dick to comfort her like!!!!!!!

    #that h/c dick just hits different #gif#askbox memes#writing memes#testimonials #vlad the lad #ask bisho
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  • elfyourmother
    05.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Memorable scene meme

    Honestly, I think the scene where Gisele goes back to the Rising Stones and finds Emet-Selch calmly sitting while Estinien has his lance to his chest stands out for me. He's just cool as a cucumber, asking Tataru for tea, no big deal.

    aaa thank you, that was fun XD this exchange is my fave (one line bolded for emphasis)

    Hades sighed rather petulantly, with a long suffering roll of his eyes. “Honestly, do all Ishgardians think first with steel?”
    “Mayhap,” Haurchefant said a bit darkly, his hand hovering deliberately over the hilt of the sword sheathed at his belt.
    “Well, so long as you don’t toss your shield at my face again. I’ve grown quite bored with that,” Hades remarked archly.
    “Have a care for your words then, Ascian, that I should find no reason to do so,” Haurchefant replied.
    “Gentlemen, please,” Gisele said firmly, her voice ringing with the timbre of command. “If you’ve quite finished swinging your members about, I would have you cease this at once. Estinien, stand down.”

    i mean it’s funny just because she’s telling them to tone down the nonsense in a very prissy Gisele Surana sort of way but it’s also extra funny considering both of them end up in bed with Emet eventually jfjcnfhchch

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  • elfyourmother
    05.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    FOR YON ASKBOX FIRST SCENE MEME: Gisele on the parapet in “A Warmer Hearth”, the celestial healing of Tsuyu in “Collective Unconsciousness”, Gisele chasing Emet-Selch before he demonstrates his method of ~fishing~, Belle the kitten trying to climb Estinien’s greaves much to Ysayle’s amusement, Emet-Selch doffing his hood at the piano and going :3 at Gisele in “I Want to Wake Up in a City That Doesn’t Sleep”. ❤️ There’s more but I have limited space! XD

    Gisele on the parapet really seems to have made an impression and I’m so glad.

    the shooting the fish fic to be so short is still like one of the top things I’ve ever written imo. the way she runs after him like he’s a cat that’s gotten something he’s not supposed to even before he shoots the damn thing. iconic

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  • elfyourmother
    05.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    ok so I haven't read that many of your fics because I've literally only just made it to Stormblood as of last night, but that part where Gisele watches Haurchefant rushing back to Camp Dragonhead on chocobo-back made me GIDDY.

    I honestly love that scene, I’m so glad it stuck out because it was so vivid in my head and I really tried to get that across!

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  • elfyourmother
    25.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    ok so preemptive apology if this particular thing is a squick but: haurchecred with mutual daddy kink? they trade the role between them? they cry in each others arms? im going insane

    yeah that’s kind of a squick for me, I’m sorry

    i do enjoy d/s with them more broadly speaking though! I write them both as switches and also as vers just because I love Thancred’s short top energy but putting him in his place is also fun fjfjfjfjch

    And Haurche is a very cheerful, very squishy sort of dom in my work, when he’s in that role

    i need to actually write smut with them together though. and more Thancred in general. I just get skittish bc I…don’t really fit in with most of the Thancred enjoyers I’ve seen around, with the way I view him as a character

    #i kinda want to write fic where the elves just pass him around like a blunt fhfhfhfj #anonymous#ask bisho
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  • elfyourmother
    21.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Me, The Disney World Freak in the office, having to explain Reedy Creek and Florida state politics to my co-workers all day long

    #sorry I didn’t write anything but I thank you for all the prompts and hopefully will get drabbles out #bisho’s adventures in civil service
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  • elfyourmother
    13.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Ysayle for the ask meme, please!

    My NOTP for them

    The only one for the longest time was Estinien/Ysayle and tbqh even though I did a complete 180 on it after examining the root of why it squicked me out so badly, it’s probably the top ship that I am extremely wary about seeking out content for and am very, very picky about--I don’t actually seek out content for it.

    And now I cut because it’s soapbox time.

    It’s complicated, but I used to resent the hell out of it as an Ysayle stan because I was so starved for anything with her, but it seemed like damn near all of the sparse content in her tag involved Estinien. And in really gross and heteronormative ways that always reduced her character. The only thing I can possibly compare it to is the extreme flanderization of Aerith that happened over time post og FF7, both in fanon and in the actual Complication, where all of the fire and determination--everything that I loved about her, everything that made Aerith Aerith--got chipped away until she became this two dimensional ~soft~ messianic angel figure who died for Cloud and only exists as tragic inspo for the friends she left behind.

    Istfg there’s an entire cottage industry of art and fic like this out there with Ysayle. And it drives me batshit insane! lmao like I get the worst rabies. Ysayle’s lot in life was not to suffer and suffer and then become a terrorist and hit rock bottom and suffer some more and then Redemption Equals Refrigerator. And so much Estinien/Ysayle shit I saw ran on that. Just endless angst to the point of wangst, and then she dies for Estinien’s character development, the tragic speedbump on the way to him finding True Love with his Real LI(tm), whether it’s Aymeric or WoL or both.

    It’s really not dissimilar to the Haurchewol content that drives me batshit insane, only it feels even worse because of the blatant misogyny involved, and because again if I wanted to see any kind of Ysayle stuff this was the Ever Given in her tag, and the fact that she was twisted into this gross heteronormative caricature in the process. If I never see another fanart of Ysayle as some passive doe eyed waif clinging to him it will be entirely too soon.

    In general, Estinien/Ysayle is a prime example of what I always talk about when I say that as a bisexual I ship m/f, I don’t ship het. I can’t stand het!Estinien/Ysayle--them fighting all the time on the road trip being taken to mean that they ~secretly want to fuck~, reducing their very real and very valid conflicts with each other in ways that feel very demeaning to both of them but especially her, and solidly going against just why I liked their dynamic in the game so much in the first place: finally a man and a woman in a story don’t get along but he doesn’t act like a misogynistic shithead towards her and she’s not portrayed as some hysterical shrew that needs to calm down, it’s not rooted in anything but legitimate conflict. And the aforementioned fridging.

    Initially, I actually wrote Ysayle as a lesbian in my ‘verse for a long time, and emphasized their friendship in my work instead. I convinced myself that Estinien/Ysayle squicked me because of that. But eventually she and Haurchefant had too much chemistry in a thing I was writing, and I started to feel like Estinien constantly hollering about her being like a sister to him was protesting too much. There are characters I definitely see as lesbians (Joye, Lyse, Sadu, Cirina, Drusilla among others) but I had to be honest with myself that Ysayle wasn’t one of them, and that my reasons for writing her that way weren’t especially authentic but rooted in my aversion to the heteronormative stuff I was seeing (and also some weasels re: my shipping tendencies and a little internalized biphobia). Once I unpacked it, I realized there was nothing inherently disconcerting about the ship to me, it was just that the way others were conceiving it that put me off. I was under no obligation to do it that way in my own work, and once I gave myself permission, it really felt right and I realized I actually love it.

    Ysayle actually lives to have agency and purpose and a character arc outside of Estinien, and development that ultimately has very little to do with him, which is why it works for me in Gisele’s story. I very much enjoy and explore their dynamic stripped of all that nasty heteronormative baggage.

    So tl;dr: I actually ship it to death, but it has to be done in a very specific way for me not to upchuck or be incensed and I frankly don’t trust most of fandom to handle it properly, I have to be totally honest. At minimum she’s got to survive Heavenward. I mean I can’t handle reading fic that follows canon wrt her anyway but I absolutely Cannot deal with Estinien/Ysayle angst where she dies. I don’t care how well written it is, it tweaks literally everything in me that made me believe it was squicky to me for so long.

    My BROTP for them

    Emet, funny enough. Obviously they both have the Enemies of the Scions turned beloved members of the order thing in common. But despite her own checkered history with Ascians (I hc it was Igeyorhm who taught her how to evoke Shiva, while Lahabrea was working Thordan--it was their plan to play both sides against each other), Ysayle was actually the most strident voice in favor of Hades joining the Scions that didn’t belong to Gisele. He infuriates her at times with how glib he is, and what a smug little shit he can be, but she respects the fact that he’s really rather sincere all things considered, and he respects her tenacity a great deal. The really funny thing is a big reason why Hades is so fond of her is because she often reminds him of Elidibus at his best, though he’ll never ever say it in a million years. (It’s the quiet confidence.)

    My OTP for them

    The elfpile but specifically Gisele/Ysayle, forever and always. They're perfect foils for each other, and the enemies to friends to lovers trajectory was so unbelievably natural as a result. They understand each other in ways no one else does, on a deep, soul sort of level--they’ve literally seen each other’s darkest, most painful memories and felt nothing but profound empathy for each other and a deep need to comfort each other. Quite simply, Gisele is everything Ysayle has ever wanted and needed after a lifetime of suffering in solitude burdened with what she believed Glorious Purpose(tm): a true companion, someone who loves and accepts her and shares her struggles. Being with Gisele was the first time in a very long time that Ysayle could simply be Ysayle. And on Gisele’s part, Ysayle is someone she can share the gravity of her own path with, who gets it on a level even the other people who love and support her most can’t, by virtue of the fact that she’s walked it herself.

    My second choice pairing for them

    Outside the elfpile, I am very fond of Ysayle/Y’shtola, like very fond, with or without Gisele, and I legitimately struggle to put into words just why it feels like a warm fuzzy blanket on my heart, except that they just have this quiet understanding with one another that doesn’t especially want grandiose gestures. There’s just so much love and respect and genuine affection between the two of them.

    Ysayle/Lucia is another one I’m very fond of with or without Gisele, for a lot of the same reasons I ship Ysayle and Aymeric so badly--the enemies to lovers thing is so, so good with them.

    My fluffy pairing for them

    Ysayle/Haurchefant is made of so much sunshine. The whole basis of their relationship is compersion. He loves her unconditionally and reminds her to be kinder to herself. She reminds him that there’s nothing noble about suffering and that he’s allowed to need people as much as they need him. It’s so lovely and pure.

    My angsty pairing for them

    I already talked about Ysayle/Stephanivien At Length in his answer so I’ll talk about Aymeric/Ysayle for a sec because it’s fraught for a lot of the same reasons, but much more so given Aymeric’s higher profile and extenuating circumstances in Gisele’s story.

    Obviously there was the inherent issue of them having been avowed enemies for so long. No one knows more than Aymeric the actual toll caused by Ysayle’s crusade against the Holy See, because he had been fighting her schemes on all fronts since the minute she came into prominence and organized what had to that point been fairly disparate groups of malcontents and wild eyed fanatics into the deadliest threat to the Holy See in centuries. Aymeric knew exactly how cunning and dangerous she was even before the Primal summoning business. She’d successfully infiltrated the Temple Knights, even, which is how she got close enough to destroy Daniffen’s Collar. Ysayle had been a thorn in Aymeric’s side from day 1, the cause of many sleepless nights in his office. And more than anyone besides Haurchefant, Aymeric knows just how much Ishgardian blood is on her hands. Which is why it meant a great deal to him that she turned up that night to quell her followers during the riot. It was proof beyond doubt that she could be reasoned with, that she could be as powerful an ally as an enemy--it planted a desperate seed of hope in him, even, and he was greatly disappointed that she’d slipped away before he could parley with her.

    And! Aymeric absolutely did not question Estinien when he was startled out of bed in the middle of the night by linkpearl a few weeks later, groggily listening to the quiet explanation that Lady Iceheart had been gravely wounded in the process of coming to their aid against the Garleans and Cid was going to bring her back to Ishgard for immediate care by the chirurgeons. Because that’s just their relationship. And Aymeric knows damn well that Estinien’s like a feral cat and is cynical and suspicious of people’s motivations and slow to trust as a result, because he’s known and loved him for years and years by then.

    So Aymeric sheltered her at the Congregation’s infimary; only Lucia and Handeloup knew who Ysayle actually was. Captain Whitecape only knew that she was under Aymeric’s personal protection and was to receive the very best of care. He got to know her then, visiting her often. Aymeric was wary, of course, but Estinien vouching for her the way that he did--with obvious affection, because Aymeric caught onto that very early on--did a lot to put him at ease. He trusted her, despite everything. And he fell in love with her without even realizing it. It was post Dragonsong, when the Inquisition came for her in the middle of the night, when he finally did.

    And Ysayle...well, she didn’t want to like Aymeric, much less fall in love with him. He was her mortal enemy, even more than Estinien; if Estinien was a weapon that butchered Dravanians, Aymeric was the hand that wielded him. The Archbishop’s own hatchetman, as far as she was concerned, the embodiment of the Holy See’s sins against Dravania, a self-righteous zealot who at best blindly believed the Church's lies without question and gleefully perpetuated them at worst, glorying in the Dravanian blood he spilled in the name of the Fury. She wanted so badly to continue hating him. But the man she finally met was wholly unlike any the evil caricature she had built up in her head in order to justify her crusade. He was merciful, and compassionate, and reasonable. And he believed her, no questions asked; he’d even taken her side, and gone to confront the Archbishop, something she would never have expected in her wildest dreams. Like Haurchefant, Aymeric shattered her preconceived notions of Ishgardian knights and noblemen with extreme prejudice. Ysayle realized what a good man he was, how very wrong she’d been about him, and kind of despaired a little about it even as she began slowly falling for him.

    It was Gisele that brought them together, naturally. But it’s always been incredibly fraught for Ysayle, the way she feels about Aymeric, and it’s entirely because of their history of animosity and the atrocities she committed against Ishgard. There’s always been an element of that with Estinien too of course, but it’s that much more for Aymeric, being the political creature that he is, as the de facto ruler of Ishgard--no one was spreading ugly rumors that she seduced the Azure Dragoon and turned him against his own people. But this is why for instance she didn’t marry Gisele and the others, and why she tries to make herself so inconspicuous when she’s in Ishgard. The last thing Ysayle wants is to make Aymeric’s life difficult or complicate matters for him, especially not after he risked his position and his reputation to protect her. If it were up to her she would remain in the shadows. But he would never ask it of her because he has too much honor and respects her too much. They’re discreet mostly for her sake, their closeness attributed to her position as the Scion whose sphere of influence is Dravania and her shared role as an ambassador between it and Ishgard. But it’s rather an open secret that she’s his mistress though, especially by the time Endwalker rolls around. Which is why I think after everything is said and done post 6.0, she probably will marry the lads. Maybe it took her helping to save the whole damn universe to finally accept that she’s worthy of stepping out of the shadows, and that she doesn’t have to be defined by her past where Aymeric and the others are concerned.

    But there will always be that lingering cloud over the Ysayle and Aymeric; Aymeric calls it “the shadow between us”. And part of loving each other the way that they do is their frankness in accepting that.

    My favorite poly ship for them

    The elfpile without a doubt, and specifically for Ysayle it’s about finally having the companionship and the unconditional love that she had desperately craved for so long, as much as her individual feelings for each of them. I talk about this a lot in the context of her membership in the Scions, but it’s even more true in the context of the OT6: the Harriers were followers, they were not friends or companions or partners. Many of them were, in fact, wild-eyed fanatics. And her own belief in her destiny did a lot to set her apart even from the ones who weren’t. Ysayle was repulsed in a lot of ways by the whole thing, and it’s the real reason why she rebuffed the followers who constantly threw themselves at her. Once or twice she succumbed to her profound loneliness and took lovers from the ones who were relatively normal, but she always hated herself for it afterwards and none of it meant anything to her. It was really an awful way to live tbh, but at the time she accepted it as the personal price she had to pay in order to see justice done. The work was ultimately the most important thing to her, and if she had to sacrifice her own happiness for it then so be it.

    Gisele et al completely shattered all of that in the best possible way, and helped her heal from all of that in ways even Ysayle would struggle to put into words. More than anything, Ysayle finally has people who accept her for who she truly is, not fearing and worshiping her for some grandiose role. People who approach her as equals, who are attracted to her for her and not because they think she’s a living saint. They just make her feel normal, and I can’t overstate how very much she needed that.

    My weirdest pairing for them

    (again I’m not fond of this wording)

    Probably Ysayle/Vrtra in light of canon but I was shipping it the second we met him in MSQ. The irony of it all is just too damn good tbh, this woman who once very sincerely believed she was the reincarnation of Hraevelgr’s consort years later genuinely falling in love with his brother, who has quietly built the society she dreamed Ishgard could be. I mean canon even touches on it, when Estinien and Alphinaud talk a bit wistfully about how Radz-at-Han is the embodiment of Ysayle’s dream of man and dragon living in harmony, the way it was in that distant golden age of peace.

    It’s not just sad “oh well” talk in my canon. Ysayle fell in love with Vrtra and Radz-at-Han, as much as Gisele did. Both mean more to her than she could ever really express. And in the process of doing so, Ysayle finally understood her faith in Saint Shiva in a way she never did when she had deluded herself into thinking she was the saint reborn and running around scheming and killing in her name.

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  • elfyourmother
    09.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Forts line meme - I wish to know about #5 🌹💚

    That’s the WIP where Gisele helps Francel sort through his sexuality, after the Firmament concert and their duet. Francel has spent most of his life believing he’s a hard Kinsey 6 and then he begins experiencing sexual attraction to Gisele and tries to ignore it, thinking it’s nothing, but eventually it gets to the point where he can’t ignore it any more and he’s pretty anxious and has a hard time coping. He’s scared about what he’s feeling because it’s new, and scared that people will judge him or think poorly of him for it and he’ll end up losing the friendship he has with her because of her relationship with his brother etc. and he’s worried Haurche will be angry with him. It all sort of comes to a head the evening after the concert

    the thing is Gisele is so sweet and kind and patient and he’s already confided things in her (she made him a negligee!) and her reaction is the complete opposite, they all talk things over and everything works out alright because it’s my fic and that’s just what happens. they end up metamours with benefits with the blessing of Haurche and Steph

    this one I’ve been iffy about for discoursey reasons but as someone who thought I was a lesbian for quite a while when I was younger until I got hit with Feelings and realized no, actually I really am bi, there’s next to no exploration of that kind of situation in fic despite it being a valid, real experience a lot of bisexuals go through. and I mean the back button is free

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  • elfyourmother
    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    For the meme I inquire about #3!!!!

    Aaaa! L’Affaire Diabolique is the fic delving into Aymeric’s sordid biological maternal ancestry

    It begins with him in Radz-at-Han opening the brand new Ishgardian embassy there (that opening line!), and then later that evening Vrtra hosts a reception welcoming the new diplomatic delegation and…things go wrong, of course, and the key to solving it is in Aymeric’s mysterious family tree. Gisele et al uncover some really batshit things in it

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    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Ooo #6

    So That Scene in EW where WoL is paid a visit by the Scion of your choice obviously went much differently for Gisele, by necessity. I wanted to fic it out a little, but all I have so far is a bunch of disjointed bits of dialogue between her and Estinien

    Haurchefant and Ysayle were going to take Gisele out for dinner at the Last Stand, but she wasn’t feeling well. and so she told them to go have a romantic night and enjoy themselves and not to worry about her. Mostly she was quietly in a state about Venat and was trying to put on a brave face about falling apart on the inside. That was why she was alone in her room when Estinien came knocking.

    when he jumped out the window, I think he actually took her with him—he’s always telling her to hold on tight and jumping places with her, high places that nobody but a Dragoon could reach, and having quiet talks with her.

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    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    #1 or #4 for the WIP ask game 💘💗💖

    Already answered for 4 so let’s talk about 1. A snippet!

    “Hades,” Gisele breathed. Tears pooled within her eyes at the very sight of him, as the dire weight of truth near crushed her slender shoulders, so great was the burden of knowledge—of what had transpired those fateful days in long ago Elpis.

    He reached out, cradling her cheeks within his impossibly soft hands, and it was her undoing.

    She collapsed against him, weeping into the black silk with which his tall, elegant frame was draped. And he wrapped his arms about her, holding her in a crushing embrace, betimes stroking her wealth of ivory curls.

    “And so we come full circle at last, my dear,” he said softly, as she shook against him, her wailing muffled by his broad shoulder. “Ten millennia, and the ouroboros of time finally devours its own tail.”

    So, this is The Conversation that happens between Gisele and Hades upon her return from Elpis. At first, when I was initially playing through MSQ, as much as I died of abject happiness over Elpis and the smorgasbord Emet/Hyth/Azem shippers were treated to, as well as Emet and Hyth coming back in UT for their heroic moment (the single best part of that zone not named Zenos) I was sort of quietly crestfallen over how badly I thought all of it jossed my canon seeing as Emet came back and is alive and well as of post 5.3. Then I realized the stable time loop situation not only didn’t actually fuck it up or make Elpis totally irreconcilable with Gisele’s story, it actually reinforced it because it gifted me an even more concrete and logical reason for Hades to join the Scions on a silver platter.

    So I need to fic out the implications of that for sure, but as usual the game offers us zero time or opportunity to process the weight of what happened in the past, and Gisele needs that very badly—coping with the guilt that comes with her having doomed the Ancient world to its fate, particularly with the knowledge that Hythlodaeus was one of the Ancients who sacrificed himself to summon Zodiark. No matter how much she knows in her head that it was necessary, her heart was shattered having to do that, and no one understands that particular kind of pain.

    Like…Gisele was there in the past long enough to fall in love with Hyth and Hades. (I want to write about what happened when she went to Elpis but well. Weasels.) there’s so much that needs to be unpacked and processed and she and Hades very badly need a quiet moment to do that

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    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Because I ship Haurche and Gisele very much I would like to know things about 4 :D

    That’s from the other take on warlords that i had, which is a much shorter and far less involved oneshot Listfic* where Haurche wants to re-enact a scene with Gisele from one of his favorite smutty novels, about a barbarian king who takes his lady right on the war table in front of his warriors and then shares her with them. I literally wrote it up to the smut part and then chickened out fhfhfhfj

    *Haurchefant’s List was conceived by a Discord friend, GaelicEyes. the idea is Haurche being as extremely horny as he is has an (infinitely) long list of fun kinky things he’d like to do—and people to do them with. The hierophilia fic I wrote with him and Aymeric was actually a List fic and is part of the AO3 collection

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    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    FIRST LINE MEME: I am SO SO SO intrigued by 2 :D

    Lamentations for the Sun is my take on the various warlord AUs that sprung out of the sweaty elf thread on the fic discord, and mine is heavily influenced by Xena and Spartacus (but especially Xena) with a dash of Ravenloft & Dark Sun for good measure.

    Things are very different in this Eorzea, starting with the fact that the Scions of the Seventh Dawn don’t exist as an organization, clandestine or otherwise. The House of Ul never returned to power in Ul’dah and so Raubahn is ruling it, and the Brass Blades are Ilberd’s warband. Gridania’s a matriarchy and the moon cattes and Duskwights in the Twelveswood are Amazons

    Gisele’s not an isekai heroine in this AU but rather Ul’dah born and raised. She’s Raubahn’s court mage/chief advisor, and in a formal/sacred D/s relationship with him (she’s his sub).

    the fic itself is really a crack retelling of Heavensward, Ilberd still betrays Raubahn except he exiles Gisele to Coerthas…a land of frozen death that everyone is terrified of, as Ishgardian warlords are reputed to be savage even by this world’s standards. Gisele gets rescued by High Warlord Haurchefant of the Sanguine Mare and taken to his fortress at Dragon’s Head.

    basically it’s an opportunity to go absolutely buckwild in all respects, from worldbuilding to smut (and there’s going to be a ton of smut…literally that opening i just posted is in sexytimes res, Gisele’s having a threesome with Raubahn and Ilberd gjgjfjfh)

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    WIP/First Lines Game

    @faejilly tagged me in this so!

    [Rules: Post the (title) and “first line” of all the files in your WIP folder. Let people send you an ask with the # that most intrigues them and then post a little snippet of it or tell them something about it!]

    Here we go:

    1. Post-Elpis Gisele/Hades

    He was silent as the grave, ’ere she departed; why, she could not fathom, for this all too loquacious soul to remain so reticent was a mystery to her.

    2. Lamentations for the Sun (Warlord AU)

    Many were the epithets by which she was known: The Dawn Seeress, Priestess of the Twin Suns, Sorceress of Arrzaneth.
    Twas the last that mattered most to Gisele of Ul'dah, moaned low and dark within the deepening shadows of a darkened palace chamber, as the candlelight danced across sweat-damp skin of deepest ochre: desert rose, the prized jewel claimed by he who men feared most across the endless sands of Thanalan.

    3. L’Affaire Diabolique

    Nestled within a cul-de-sac at the end of a winding street naught but a malm from the Meghaduhta, the villa sat with its gaily painted doors open to the sweltering heat, and twas to joyful sounds of applause that Lord Aymeric hoisted the colors of the Holy Republic aloft to its crown.

    4. Knightly Exhibitionism (Haurchefant’s List)

    Haurchefant’s fingers skimmed lightly across Gisele’s flushed, dark skin, raising gooseflesh anew amidst the pearls of sweat as he traced idle circles down her arm.

    5. Gisele/Francel

    It had been a virtuoso performance there in the Risensong Quarter, one not soon forgotten by all who bore witness, and it was to jubilant cheers and well-wishes that Gisele was aided into the carriage bearing the familiar House Fortemps livery—Haurchefant was ever the gentleman.

    6. Endwalker room visit

    “Come what may, to the ends of the star—and beyond, wherever you may go, I’ll follow,” Estinien vowed.

    7. Post-Vault Aymeric/Haurchefant

    With a deft and meticulous hand, Ser Aymeric de Borel slowly arranged each flower within the crystalline vase, carefully chosen with the richness of meaning, and lore so ancient it might well be traced to the very birth of the Ishgardian culture.

    8. Thunderous

    Gisele was no skywatcher, but such ominous clouds as roiled above the dense canopy of trees which surrounded Tailfeather bode ill for the journey ahead, for no sky darkened so swiftly by the passage of bells alone, though the hour grew late indeed.

    9. Command

    “Lord Commander—”
    Lucia halted—sharply, within mid-sentence—for upon her arrival to the office, she immediately noted the telltale crook of his arm, his fingers held delicately to his pointed ear, whilst his dark brows furrowed in singleminded focus.

    10. Pain in Pleasure

    I am a dancer, skilled in the arts of pleasure.
    With but a single reply given to the Red Jongleur, Gisele purchased entrance to the City of Final Pleasures, alongside the artist Alphinaud.
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    As the crowded harbor fair bustled with excitement—and the herculean transport of refined adamantine to Labyrinthos—the familiar Raen child approached upon silent boots, weaving through the garbed as always in the finest Thavnairian weave, his ivory silk gleaming in the light of the selfsame noonday sun which shone upon the waters. He gazed up at Gisele for a long moment, with uncanny eyes of crimson—eyes which belied the power they possessed.

    But it was not the youthful, melodic voice of the homunculus she heard, when he spoke; rather, it whispered as an echo throughout the chamber of her mind:

    Prithee, Gisele…I would take counsel with thee alone, apart from the host of thy comrades, for there is another gift I might impart to thee. Pray, join me at the Meghaduta anon.

    Varshahn extended a hand to her; Gisele nodded solemnly as she clasped it tightly, and together they flew with all haste upon the swirling flows of aether, thousands of malms away to the jewel of the ocean, fractured though she was of a moment.

    Twas to the grand palace of the satrap itself they arrived; a blessing, mayhap, for Gisele could not bear the sight of that burning sky again, and all the horror it portended. It was late into the evening there in Radz-at-Han, owing to the passage of the sun, and the great plaza was devoid of all save the Radiant Host which stood ever vigilant against the blasphemies which presently besieged the city. They bowed deeply to Gisele and Varshahn as the unlikely comrades walked together beyond the gates, through long and labyrinthine corridors adorned from floor to domed ceiling in gaily colored mosaic, until at last they came upon the chamber at the heart of the palace, where Vrtra—the true Vrtra—lay beyond the parted curtain. 

    And Varshahn’s visage grew blank and distant at her side, empty as a mammet, for a mammet he surely was.

    Gisele turned from him, to gaze up once more at the wyrm who controlled him--her heart thundering within her pointed ears all the while. No matter that she had befriended no less than two other great wyrms of the First Brood, and even their sire; no matter that he was as yet more vulnerable—more mortal—than any wyrm she had ever known…somewhat within her was top filled with awe at the sheer sense of presence Vrtra possessed. For all his relative youth by comparison to his kin, still he was a creature ancient and vast, and Gisele could not help but be minded of her own smallness before him. A thousand thousand of her lifetimes and more, had he known.

    Still, his one-eyed gaze held naught but tenderness when it fell so gently upon her.

    “What do you wish of me, my lord?” she asked, swallowing hard, clasping her hands before her to still the mild tremor within them.

    His booming voice, ever melodic with the dark beauty of draconic speech, drifted over her in a basso-profundo wash of velvet.

    “I would see the one in whom my sire has placed so much faith, and would place mine own faith upon her in turn,” Vrtra replied.

    With a graceful turn, Varshahn slipped around to stand before her. Still, the vacancy of his expression unnerved her somewhat, but then he widened his crimson eyes, and they began to glow. At first, it was a mere whisper of a soft rosy hue, but deepened as the luminescence within bloomed and grew to a blazing incandescence of fiery crimson; Gisele flinched despite herself, flinging her hands to shade her eyes from the blinding light which seared them, clamping her painted lids shut against the spots which danced in the air before her.

    When she opened them a moment later, the dragon’s eye hovered in the air mere ilms before her, enveloped in soft, scarlet flame. Her generous lips parted in shock, the ever-present carmine feeling much like sand upon them then, as her mouth grew as parched as the Sagolii sands of Thanalan. The moment passed when she remembered to breathe, inhaling deeply of the rich sandalwood and sultry jasmine which drifted in the air in soft white plumes from myriad jeweled censers. The scent grounded her, heady as it was, and she glanced between the hovering Eye and its owner by turns.

    “My lord. This is a gift beyond price, but I fear I cannot accept it. The Final Days rage on across this isle, even should Radz-at-Han be nestled within the calm eye at the center of the storm, and I dare not weaken its beloved guardian—not when his people need him most,” Gisele said gravely.

    “Your words are wise as ever, Sorceress of Light. That my land and my children as yet dwell within your heart moves me still, beyond measure. Still, I have not the words to express my gratitude for such concern you have shown, and for all you have done for us,” Vrtra began. “But tis the fate of all creation held within your hands, more than one mere isle—no matter how beloved. What shall it avail Radz-at-Han to hoard such power, if sparing but half might save the whole of this star my sire holds so dear? Where you and your comrades go, to the edge of the very stars, shall require all the might you can bring to bear. I would lend mine Eye to the cause. Take it, with the prayers of my children, and my hopes for your triumph.”

    She stared at it, floating before her, reeling somewhat from the enormity of his words. She did not dare believe twas merely for her sake that he did such a thing. But the Eye which pulsed before her hands, radiating unfathomable power…he had granted it to her, and her alone. Not her beloved Estinien, who for years wielded the Eye of the First Brood’s champion--Vrtra’s own brother—and with skill unmatched by any Dragoon of Ishgard who ever lived, a knight who as yet bore the mark of Nidhogg upon his aether and his very flesh. Not Estinien, who had ridden Vrtra into battle as did the Dragoons of eld in that glorious, distant age when man and dragon lived in harmony.

    Instead, Vrtra had chosen Gisele, choosing to wager the future of his besieged people upon her. Twas not half his power alone that he placed so willingly into her hands, either—but his faith, as he said. For it was not lost upon her that one of those hands bore the signet of House Fortemps, whose unicorn crest was drowned red in the blood of Ratatoskr, Vrtra’s own sister. Twas the cruel avarice of Ishgard’s founding fathers, and the horrors their sins unleashed upon man and dragon alike, which set Vrtra to cowering behind his velvet curtain in the main, fearing all he had built, all he cherished and yearned to protect, would be swept away in what would become one thousand years of woe. And still, given all of it—still he would trust Gisele. Still, he chose to believe in her, who loved Ishgard enough to build a life amongst its towering spires.

    How could she not honor such faith, as he had placed in her?

    So at last, Gisele lifted said hands, delicate and trembling as they were, to cradle the Eye between them, and gently took the shimmering orb into her grasp.

    It was then that the homunculus at last collapsed in an unceremonious, undignified heap upon the intricately patterned tile, crumpling with deadened limbs as though it were a child’s discarded rag doll. Gisele gasped, clutching the amethyst pendant around her neck, the stone digging into her dampened, trembling palm. She could not help that her blood be turned to ice within her veins at the sight of it, for so simple a thing it was to forget it was not a boy stood beside her. Rather, naught but a mammet—the most sophisticated mammet she had ever beheld, this goldsmith of Ul’dah who beheld the machina creations of Allag and the Omicron, goblinfolk and even the marvel Automaton Queen gifted her by her beloved Stephanivien. The uncanny brilliance of Al-Kamiya put them all to shame, of a surety.

    But the small, delicate heap of limbs and silk and scale and horn upon the silkweave carpet before her was still and altogether lifeless, then. No Eye would restore it, even if it be willed; if her own Western alchemy did not yet permit her understand the intricacies of Art which breathed life into the Crucible’s simulacrum, still she was an aetherologist and sorceress of renown, and knew there was no turning back from the path Vrtra had chosen. Not when he made his fateful proclamation some days prior, but of a surety he could not do it now.

    She turned her back to fallen Varshahn, staring up at the great wyrm once more, fighting back the tears which pooled within her eyes. “Ah, Vrtra! You humble me, and I do not know what to say. Truly, there is no returning to the shadows for you now,” she cried.

    “Nay, my lady, there is not. But I have cowered long enough behind this curtain. No longer!” Vrtra declared, with a flare of his wings that set the drapes to snapping, the braziers to dimming in the sudden gust they stirred.

    “Vrtra,” Gisele whispered, biting her lip; tears streamed down her deep bronze cheeks in truth, then, her heart full to bursting, so moved she was by his conviction. She gingerly slipped his Eye into the largest pouch upon her belt, and rather impulsively crossed the distance between them in long, unfaltering strides, till she stood mere ilms before him—beneath him, truly. 

    “If I had blessings to give as my sire, I would bestow them as riches upon you,” Vrtra said, rumbling softly, the heat of his breath soft against the velvet of her scarlet coat. 

    Her eyes darted, instinctively and mayhap inevitably to his wounded flank, from which so many scales had been torn from his flesh, that she had once laid hands upon with her healer’s arts, and unasked. How could she not? He had quite literally bled for his people, Vrtra had—endured the pain of maiming that the armies of Eorzea and the Eastern alliance alike might turn back the tide against the Telephoroi and their horrors without the intervention of Hydaelyn’s storied champion, to see her comrades protected. He gave of himself, that Gisele and Ysayle were no longer forced to stand alone against gods.

    And at long last, Gisele perhaps began to understand in some small measure the saint her wife still held in such deep reverence; as she at last understood what Hraesvelgr meant when he said that he saw much of his Shiva within Gisele, what seemed a lifetime ago, when she returned another Eye with which she had been so deeply entrusted.

    “You have given us of your own flesh, Vrtra—and your trust. Tis priceless, and blessing enough,” Gisele said. Gently, without the slightest onze of fear or trembling, and with her swelling heart risen up to her throat, she spread her arms wide to cradle his great muzzle within her hands; to her great astonishment, Vrtra lowered his head, fair leaning into her embrace, nuzzling her. His scales felt like velvet then, warm and pulsing with the staccato of his vast heartbeat, sounding like a quickened drum between her ears. 

    “Still, I gift you a measure of mine own power, as Hraesvelgr once did. May it serve you well in the vast beyond, when the time comes,” Vrtra said softly.

    “But what shall you do without it?” Gisele asked, as she rested her cheek against his muzzle.

    A vast rumbling shook the whole of her body, and she realized then he was chuckling. “I am as yet of the First Brood; do not think me so powerless that I cannot protect my children bearing only one Eye. But to put your mind at ease, I shall make you a vow, upon the name of Midgardsormr, mine own sire: return to me hale and whole when you are victorious, and no longer shall I walk amongst my people as a meek and docile child. Varshahn served his purpose, when I must needs ensure their ease. But I shall instruct mine alchemists to craft a new simulacrum, one suitable for rule. For that, I shall have need of mine other Eye.”

    Gisele smiled against him. “Very well, my lord; I shall keep my part of the covenant, then. And I thank you once more for such gift—a satrap’s own greatest treasure, no less. I swear to you I shall remain worthy of it, and hold it well in my keeping,” she said.

    “Go, then, Sorceress of Light,” Vrtra said; his voice, powerful as it was, held fault lines within it as he said the words. Her keen Elezen hearing marked it well, that trembling. And she understood the source of it, even as the part of her mind ever fixed upon reason reeled from the implications.

    Gisele silenced that part of her mind, even as she pressed her lips against Vrtra’s scales, leaving the faint imprint of rosy carmine upon them.

    #gisele surana#vrtra #wol x vrtra #6.0 spoilers #endwalker spoilers#bisho writes #well that stray thought about his eye escalated quickly fhjdkfasas
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    ngl but this?

    “Far be it from me to question the ways of another culture, but doesn't all this sound like a rather elaborate excuse for fucking?” Estinien asked incredulously. “What’s with these Buduga, that they require all this ceremony? Can’t they just enjoy a normal spot of sodomy like the rest of us?”
    “Because it’s fun!” Haurchefant protested. “What good is sodomy if it isn’t fun, Estinien?”

    gotta be in the top funniest things I’ve ever written, still

    #bisho liveblogs her creative process #I’m still proud of that #legit think about this exchange once a week #Haurche and Estinien are so gd fun to write together god
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    Working on a little drabble thing and like..in a post 6.0 Elpis world, my Scion!Hades situation feels like it was the whole entire opposite of jossed the more I think about it, it actually makes an astounding amount of sense

    as a reminder: Emet came back immediately following the events of 5.3, and  joined the Scions. Quoting another fic for simplicity’s sake:

    To all the world outside the Rising Stones, he was Hades d’Amaurot, a Garlean aristocrat fallen upon hard times when his house—a distant branch of House Galvus—chose to back the wrong side in the civil war currently raging across the Empire, bitterly opposing Zenos. He’d fled to Eorzea as the sole survivor of his family’s massacre, so the dramatic tale went, defecting to join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and offer up what valuable intelligence a high ranking imperial architect and military strategist might provide to the Alliance.

    Only a very select, trusted few outside the Scions know that he is actually the Ascian Paragon Emet-Selch, the old Emperor Solus (pretty much just Aymeric). So this is how things stand going into EW. Hades goes to Sharlayan with all the rest, under this same cover story, only he’s masquerading as a scholar and historian retained by the Students of Baldesion as a consultant for his expertise in ancient Allagan lore. He remains with the Scion contingent in Sharlayan (Y’shtola, the twins, etc) so is present in Labyrinthos for the initial part of the story while the others go to Thavnair. Things pretty much proceed apace though obviously there is a ton of fic fodder when it comes to the Garlemald arc and I am still working out exactly how messy that got with him being there. 

    When it comes to Elpis though: the stable time loop situation is pretty much the lynchpin as to why this works. As we know, people regain their memories once they return to the Aetherial Sea. Which means that when Hades returned after 5.3, he knew everything. Including what caused the Final Days. Which is why him being so adamant about joining the Scions makes even more sense in hindsight, after what we now know from EW. Because Hades knows that, at some point, the Final Days are going to come about in the present, sundered Source and that Gisele is going to go back in time looking for answers in the unsundered world. He also knows that Gisele’s actions in the past--revealing what would befall the Ancient world--were the catalyst for Venat’s own actions. And at this point, post-tempered Hades with that gap filled in his memory understands very well that Hydaelyn’s actions were necessary. He doesn’t like it, as an obvious and severe understatement, but he’s Team Crystal now, if for no other reason than what he says in the game on Ultima Thule: Venat is the last of their kind. And they both loved Azem, dearly.

    The thing is, Hades doesn’t know when exactly this time travel will take place, or how. But he absolutely believed that Gisele did it, despite not believing it when  he met her thousands of years ago in Elpis and she told that wild story. Scion!Hades has seen the precedent after all, with the Crystal Tower on the First, and he’s also heard the stories about Alexander.

     (he sat out the 89 trial, btw. “this is not my battle, you are the ones she needs test”)

    When the Final Days begin in Thavnair, he realizes that they’ve about reached the point when Gisele is probably going to go back in time. So when the Scions are lamenting that they just don’t know enough about the original Final Days, they ask Hades again what he knows, and he reiterates the basic facts and that the Ancients didn’t know anything more, because of his knowledge of the way events were meant to unfold. Knowing that Gisele was fated to go back in time to the precise moment--thinking about it in MCU terms, Hades needed to preserve the Sacred Timeline so to speak. Events had to unfold precisely the way they did in order for the star to be saved, and if he had spoken up in Thavnair telling them everything he did know--that the Final Days were caused by Hermes sending Meteion into space--there would have been no need for Gisele to go speak to Elidibus, and she wouldn’t have gone back in time as a result. So he was very careful with his words. It also very much fits his M.O. of never outright lying, only revealing the truth selectively. The Ancients really didn’t know anything more, because Hermes erased Emet and Hythlodaeus’ memories of the entire Elpis incident, and then got raised to Fandaniel’s seat with no one the wiser except Venat, who went rogue.

    I admittedly go back and forth on whether or not Hades is the one that suggests Gisele goes to speak with Elidibus, to see if he can provide any insight on it that Hades hasn’t given that he was the Heart of Zodiark. On one hand it would tie that bow off really nicely in terms of the time loop--because it would also cement Hades’ return post 5.3 as being part of it, and thus necessary. But OTOH maybe it’s a little too neat. I can’t help feeling that it plays very much into the theme of Gisele’s capacity to love being the thing that ends up saving the universe though, because it was her love for Hades that brought him back.

    As far as UT goes...I don’t think much necessarily has to change. Hades would likely vamoose with the twins. Hythlodaeus obviously gets summoned alone, but the biggest thing is I don’t believe for a second that in a universe where Hades is alive and fighting alongside Gisele that Hyth would just return to the Aetherial Sea after that. I think he absolutely comes back after that, the same way Hades did post 5.3. It just goes back to what he said in Elpis, about his profound love for his partners and his purpose in life; no way can he go to his rest idly waiting to reincarnate knowing Hades and Aphrodite’s sundered reincarnation are still fighting to save the star he gave his life for. I see Hyth taking up his bow and lending his aid to the Scions and I 100% see him praying on the Ragnarok with the rest of them while Gisele and Zenos face the Endsinger.

    What happens after that, when the Scions return to Eitherys and “disband”...still deciding on that. Maybe they chill for a little while in Radz-at-Han with Gisele and the Ishgardians. Maybe they even go to Garlemald to help the Ilsabard Contingent’s relief efforts there. 

    (Also...not for nothing but UT just proves that Gisele summoning Hades post 5.3 was 100% possible by the way the Azem crystal works.)

    #6.0 spoilers #gisele surana #amaurot’s next top model #hythlodaeus tag #otp: rose and pomegranates #ot3: paradise lost #way too much meta #bisho liveblogs her creative process #I worry sometimes with posts like this though #because I basically give away what I want to write #as fic #and then no one’s really interested in it #so then it feeds the weasels about me being a better worldbuilder than fic writer
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