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    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Demon Time 👅😈(2)

    WARNINGS: looooooooads of sexual explicit-ness; smut; language; edging; oral; straight fuckin’, etc. 21+ ONLY

    Pairings: killmonger x black reader, killmonger x plus size reader

    Word Count:?|masterlist|main

    “Fuck!” Yn moaned as her back hit against the front door of Erik’s home. Erik aggressively picked Yn up and wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing and biting at her neck. After teasing him with a mind numbing blow job, Erik needed her all to himself and away from prying eyes.

    “Fuck girl I want you so bad.” Erik groaned, digging his fingers into the underside of her thighs. Yn locked her legs, pulling at Erik’s shirt. He quickly took it off, showing his scarred chest. Normally he wouldn’t want anyone touching his keloids, but Yn’s touch had a certain softness to them that had him staring at her with curiosity. Cautiously, Yn wrapped her right hand around the back of his neck, her coffin nails tickling at his faded nape while she leaned down and wrapped her plump lips around a keloid, swirling her tongue tentatively. Erik sighed, holding her against the door while he worked on loosening his belt.

    Noticing, Yn slapped his hand away, pulling her lips away from his chest, “Doing my job for me already? Patience, Erik.”

    “You really expect patience out of me, girl?” His gruff voice had her shivering. Without saying a word, Yn stared him down as she undid his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. The thick phallus that she had in her mouth earlier was still slick with her saliva and more of his cum, as she reached down and grabbed him. Erik jerked, his body stiffening as she jerked his off, “Mmm, shit baby.”

    “You think that feels good, wait ‘til I’m riding the fuck outta you.” Erik couldn’t fathom how such filthy words could come from such an innocent looking mouth, but he knew she wasn’t as innocent as she looked, “I’m milking this dick all night long.” Yn gasped as Erik took one of his hands and roughly choked her up. A smile erupted over her face, and she poked her tongue out. Erik pushed his lips onto hers; his lips sucking on her pink tongue.

    “You running that mouth, but can you back it up? Shit.” Erik groaned, feeling Yn squeeze his dick.

    “Take me to your room and let’s find out..” Yn panted, slipping her heels off. Erik kicked off his jeans, leaving him in only his boxer briefs. As he ascended the stairs of his spacious loft, Yn untied the top of her dress, letting the silky material casually drape away from her breasts. Erik watched perky dark brown nipples peak. Her chest rubbed against his as Yn held onto him tighter. “We need to take this shit off.”

    “You rip this and I’ll cut you.” Yn threatened playfully. Erik chuckled, knowing Yn don’t play bout her clothes. He placed her down on her feet. He watched as she shimmied out of the dress, letting pool at her feet. If goddesses were real, Erik would think Yn wasn’t real. Her wide hips proportionate to the heavy ass she carried on those thicker than a snicker thighs she had. Her breasts weren’t too large, just enough to cover his whole hands with and still have some spill over. Yn started taking off her necklaces and arm cuffs off. A smirk fell on her lips, “Like something you see?”

    “Very.” Erik agreed.

    She sought him out like a lioness to her prey. Erik tapped her ass harshly as she snakes her arms around his neck, rubbing her chest against his studded chest. She attacked his lips greedily; his hands grabbed hold of her ass. She broke their kiss, trailing her swollen lips down his neck and to his chest. Her tongue darted out, trailing them along his scars. Erik held back a grunt, lust filling his dark eyes as he watched her. Yn kissed at his abs and his bellybutton as she descended to her knees and pulled his briefs down. His dick sprung up like a slinky.

    “Can I taste it again, baby?” She puckered her lips, swiping them against the head, “Hm? Can have that big dick in my mouth again, please?” She pouted cutely, begging him. Erik restrained a groan, giving her a slight nod. Yn licked her lips, then took his tip into her mouth. Like a chocolate lollipop, she swirled her tongue around the tip a few times before inching him further down her throat. She grabbed his hands, putting them on the back of her head, giving him permission. Erik sighed as he threw his head back, listening to the sounds of Yn slurping him down.

    She pulled back, spitting on his tip before going back and sliding him down her throat, gobbling him down. Erik moaned out, pushing her head further until she was gagging and his tip reached the back of her throat, “Fuck girl, take this shit. And you better get my balls too.” Erik warned. Yn slid his glistening member from her mouth, tapping it along her wide tongue before lowering to his heavy balls. Erik gripped her braids in his hands. He felt like he was close to busting his fat load.

    “Get up, I need that pussy.” Erik commanded. Yn slowly rose to her feet, her eyes trained on his next movement. He backed her up onto the bed, watching her fall with a bounce. His smirk appeared as he slapped her thigh, watching it jiggle. Yn bit her bottom lip, spreading her legs wide in the air like she was his own personal porn star. Her hands traveled down her small pudgy stomach until they landed on her freshly waxed mound. Erik simply watched, enjoying the view. Yn spread her fat lips apart, the slickness pooling down her center and onto the white sheets. She rubbed her swollen clit with her left hand while motioning him to come to her with her right. Erik crawled like a jaguar on the hunt. Yn smiled fully, revealing her gold capped fangs of her underline grills. Erik liked that they matched. “You dressed up for me…Knowing I’d be there, didn’t you?” He growled, kissing down her thighs.

    Yn sighed, throwing her head back, “Maybe. What if I did?” She responded, gasping as he kissed her puffy lips. His long fat tongue took one swipe against her swollen pearl and she melted into the sheets. Pushing her thighs even further apart with his large frame, he slowly added two fingers, “Fuuuuuck you got a tight ass pussy.” Erik groaned, feeling her walls clench and suck down his middle and ring finger. Erik’s ears perked up at her melodic moans. He watched as she touched her breasts and her abdomen. Moving his fingers at a slower pace, he didn’t know what his sensitive ears could handle more: the way her moans bounced off the walls or the way her pussy gushed around his fingers.

    Feeling her relax, he added a third finger, stretching her more. His thick fingers sloshed back and forth, creating more wetness pooling onto his bed. “This pussy so juicy. Got you creaming on my fingers already, shit girl.” Yn rose onto her elbows, watching Erik finger and lap at her pussy. He sucked on her clit; her lips parted and the softest moans radiated around him.

    Her taste made his eyes dilated. As if all of the worlds problems ceased to exist once her got a taste of her sweetness. He felt her fingers glide across his braided dreads. He looked up and found her eyes on him. His tongue swiped her entrance, making her eyes flutter. Erik reached his other hand along her hip and up her torso. Yn grabbed it, placing it on her breast, where he squeezed it. Needing friction, Yn jutted her hips. Erik dug his tongue deeper, tasting her creamy juices. Yn panted, feeling an orgasm nearing.

    “Mmm,” Yn chuckled softly, “how that punani taste, daddy?”

    Erik raised a brow as he stared at her. Just as she neared the edge, he pulled away, “Daddy huh?”

    Yn nodded slowly, “After the way you eat me out, you earned it.” Yn giggled. Erik stalked over her, his dick slapping against her thigh. Yn mewled a soft moan. She twisted her hips upwards, gaining Erik’s attention. “You think you can take me?”

    “Fuck nigga, I can take all of you.” Yn’s sultry words made Erik’s dick throb harder. With enough strength, Yn flipped them both over, landing her on top. Erik smirked, surprised by her strength. Watching with his hands behind his head, Erik enjoyed the view of Yn straddling him. She kissed up his torso, teasing him with the rotation of her hips as she glided against his length. Growling, Erik grabbed her neck again, making her gasp in surprise, “You wanted to ride, now ride me.”

    “Hm,” Yn bit her lip, smirking as she removed his hand. Suddenly, she gripped his throat forcefully, making him grunt, “you want this good punani, you gotta be patient, daddy. Don’t rush me.” She warned. Erik’s danced with lust and pure admiration. She had to be his now, there’s no other match.

    Slowly gliding down his length, they both tended. He was bigger than she assumed, and she was tighter than either his fingers or tongue thought. To keep from whimpering, Yn bit her bottom lip. Her hand pressed harder into his throat while the other pressed on his abdomen.. a strong whack to her ass made her clench around his length. “Fuck that shit felt good.” He groaned. Taking him fully, Yn slowly moved her hips. Back and forth like a tootsie roll, every clench of her walls sent creamy goodness dripping down his length and onto his balls.

    She rode him like he was a bull. Circular motions, bouncing and splitting on the dick with the flexibility of a feline. Erik grunted, trying to keep up with her. Finally he yielded and just let her take control—an act that he never did. He watched as she grabbed the headboard and used him to chase an orgasm that was clearly near. “Shit girl, chase that nut then—use daddy to get off.”

    “Shit daddy, wait!” Yn slowed down her hips, “Not yet, not yet.” She stopped herself from cumming, edging herself to her peak. Raising his legs, Erik rose into a siting position, making his back hit against the headboard. Yn circled her hips slowly, kissing along his pebbled chest. He fisted her braids, pulling her head back to kiss her. Yn rested her hands at his sides, squirming along his length. She squeezed him again, feeling him throbbing inside of her. “What’s wrong, huh? Why’d you stop?”

    “Cause I didn’t wanna cum yet. I want you..” Yn moaned against his lips, felling his hand grip her left ass cheek, “I want you to break my back..make me scream, Erik.”

    Turned on, Erik grunted more. “I’ma fuck your shit up, you know that right?” He asked her. Looking into his eyes, Yn nodded, biting her lip with a satisfied smirk. Pulling her lip from between her teeth, Erik pushed his fingers into her mouth. She sucked them down before separating them with her tongue. The grip on her ass loosened as slap jiggled her flesh, “All fours. Right now.”

    “Yes daddy.” Yn whimpered.

    Ass up, chest completely pressed into the mattress—Erik admired the position Yn was in. He had to be careful or he’d end up with a kid or two, “I’m on the pill you know.” Yn smirked, glancing back at him. This woman was dangerous.

    “You hella wild, ma.” Erik laughed, giving her soft, pillowy ass a smack. The sting made her ass jiggle. Instead of plundering her cream coated walls, Erik needed another taste. Landing on his knees, he roughly smack her ass again before grabbing it biting onto her right ass cheek. Surprised, Yn jumped. The slight pain made her moan. Kissing the bite, Erik dragged his tongue over the area before biting another area. Patiently, Yn waited for more.

    “Fuck!” Yn yelled out, feeling Erik’s mouth cover her pussy. His tongue lapped at her opening. Hands held her ass cheeks apart while his thumb pressed on her puckered anal opening. Still keeping her composure, Yn refused to run away from it. She wasn’t raised a punk. “Damn daddy that feels good.”

    Erik removed himself from her entrance only to slide his length inside of her warm center. Yn felt suddenly full from this angle. Erik wasn’t fully in all the way when her walls started contracting around him. Yn fixed her stance, widening her legs more to take him fully. Erik thrusted fully, making Yn gasp. Not waiting for her to adjust, Erik thrusted at a steady pace; Yn’s moans pitched and echoed off the walls. “Fuck, Erik! Shhhiiiit!”

    “Nah,” Erik slapped her ass harshly, “that ain’t my name no more.”

    “Shit daddy, fuck me up.” Yn squealed, feeling him drilling her shit. His hips continued to slam into hers, the tightening of her walls signaled a release bearing. Erik reached forward and pulled some of her braids, pounding his hips quickly, “Fuck you gripping the fuck outta me, Yn. Grip my shit!”

    “Oh fuck daddy you feel so fucking good—fuck me!” Yn met his thrusts with her on. Letting go of her hair, he watched her bounce her ass back on him. Hearing the trembling in her voice, he knew she was close. Hand gripping her hips, thumbs pressing into the swell of her waist, Erik took back his control. He slammed his pelvis repeatedly, balls slapping against her clit as he drilled her out. Yn’s sudden scream triggered her release. Clear liquid mixed with cum squirted out onto the bed, dampening their Lowe halves and the sheets.

    Erik dipped his body, brush his chest against Yn’s sweat slicked back. He removed her braids from around her neck; licking the putter shell of her ear as he continued to penetrate her sensitive walls, “Oh so you a squirter, huh? You made a mess on daddy and his nice sheets, you know what that means?”

    Yn whimpered, shaking her head no as her eyes closed tightly. Her body trembling as his thrusts grew slower. Roughly pulling her into a slight kneeling position, Erik tore her ass up from the back. His thrusts grew fast and hard as his arms wrapped around her torso to keep her steady. Ass clapping against a chiseled pelvis; dirty talk rambling through her ears; strong muscular hand tightening around her neck—Yn felt the slow death that was an orgasm reaching her once again.

    With one hand holding onto his thigh and the other thrown back around his neck, Yn allowed her body to succumb to the pleasure. “You got me ready to bust all in this pussy, girl. Who this pussy belong to?”

    “You, daddy.” Yn strained, gripping his thigh some more.

    “This nice warm pussy all mine? I don’t believe you.” Erik panted.

    “It’s yours! It’s yours!” Yn panted in a high octave. Erik moved his arm from around her torso to use his fingers against her clit. Rubbing firmly, Yn jumped at the roughness of his fingers and clawed at his thigh. “Shit! Shit, Erik please!”

    He slapped her clit, making her scream, “what’s my damn name, you know better.”

    “Daddy please! I need to cum!” She begged. Pulling out of her tunnel, Erik made her get into missionary. His dick glistened from her sticky juices. Pushing down on the back of her thighs, Yn felt the familial muscle stretch as the tops of her thighs met her breasts. Erik entered her warm honey cave once again. Feeling his girth stretch out her walls, Yn sighed with pleasure. The sweat glistened both of their bodies.

    “I’m close.” Yn moaned.

    “Fuck, me too.” Erik grunted, rocking his hips faster. Yn’s hands held onto his wrists as he quickened his pace. She felt the swell of his throbbing dick. He felt the contracting pull of her walls. Not a moment later he was painting her walls with his cum and she squirted another orgasm. Erik covered her body with his; her thighs pressing more into her chest, his hips still pumping every last drop into her womb.

    He watched her eyes cross and roll to the back of her head and her body shudder from the earth shattering release. His hips moved slowly, dick harder than a rock as he felt her tender body wither beneath him. He slowly pushed her thighs apart, letting them fall and wrap around his waist. Her eyes fluttered as Erik pressed scattered kisses along her collarbone and neck.

    Yn sighed a pleasurable sigh as she opened her eyes to a beautiful sight. Erik’s smirk had her grinning from ear to ear. “So if this what you wanted? Me withering beneath you, you grinning like a kid in a candy store.”

    “More or less.” Erik smirked, pressing a kiss into the tops of her breasts. A gentle sliver of warmth ran through his body as Yn ran her fingers over his head. He continued trying to mark her, leaving hickies along her skin. She felt his dick slide in and out slowly. A small moan left her lips.

    “Something tells me I’m not going home tonight, nor am I finished with you.” Yn smirked.

    “Nope.” Erik grinned, making Yn laugh. She reached out and held his face, her nails scratching at his beard. Erik kissed her palm. He slowly pushed up on his hands, taking his full weight off her body. Yn’s legs locked around his waist; whimpering as he continued moving his hips, “Stay the night, Yn. Let me stay in this pussy all night long and make you breakfast in the morning.”

    “Erik..” Yn moaned, cradling his face. His lips bruised hers as his dick bruised her walls. She held onto his body as he reached for the headboard, wrecking her body beneath his. He picked up the pace, her moans grew louder. “Erik!”

    “Tell me you’re staying baby.” Erik gruffly panted.

    Yn nodded frantically, “I’ll stay! I’ll stay!” Yn moaned, whimpering near his ears as her arms held him close. She whispered nasty things to him, “Cum in your pussy daddy. This your pussy, baby, wreck this shit. Make me cream all over this big dick, shit!” She hissed, feeling her walls contract again. Erik moved his head, kissing her again. She sucked his lips and held his face in her hands again. Erik grabbed her to thighs, painting her walls once again. Yn came not to far after, he gold tipped fangs bruising his shoulder as she bit down from a climax.

    He welcomed the pain. He found his match.

    “Here, taste this.”

    Erik placed his body behind Yn’s as they stood in front of the stove. She held the wooden spoon, careful not spill the wine based sauce onto the floor. Erik tasted the sauce, giving a nod of approval, “Mm, that’s good baby.” He kissed her cheek and wrapped his big arms around her thick waste. Yn scratched his scruffy beard, giggling as his lips tickled her neck.

    Three months. That’s all took for Erik to make Yn his. After that fateful night from the club—the rough sex, the love making, the morning after sex—Erik took Yn on a real date. He needed her to know that he was serious about her and that he wasn’t playing games. Be truly enjoyed being around her, and it was the happiest he’s been in years.

    “Go get us some plates, it’s almost ready.” Yn swatted his arms, laughing. Giving her a playful smack on the ass, Erik gabbed them a couple of plates from his cabinet. Yn wanted to cook them dinner instead of going out for a change. After plating their food—steaks and mashed potatoes with a wine reduction sauce and sautéed greens—Yn took the plates out to the dining room table. Erik finished pouring the wine just as she sat his plate down, “Thank you baby.”

    “You’re welcome baby.” She smiled. Yn had felt a connection to Erik. Whether it was his charismatic personality or how confident of a man he was, she couldn’t put her finger on it directly. She just knew that Erik had to be her match in every way. He even grew comfortable to telling her about his past, which she didn’t judge him on. She comforted him and held him close. She wanted to grow to know him more, which is another reason he asked her to be his girlfriend.

    As they ate dinner and talked, Erik caught a Yn staring at him. Staring into her eyes, he felt at ease. He finally felt peace.


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    @Soooraven on IG

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    There’s space for everyone, even for my flawed self

    Asli Hersi

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    Young drummer - Katmandu Valley, 2018

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    for thirty seconds i knew the ultimate peace because my cat rested her soft lil belly on my foot

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    Paris 16e By Rurik Dmitrienko

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    Paris 16e By Rurik Dmitrienko

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    Tom Holland clipart for fun...

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    Near the power plant (2021)

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    Kindness. It's pretty simple. I just make it look remarkably complicated...

    What a talent.

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    Paris 16e By Rurik Dmitrienko

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