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  • aroace-cat-lady
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    It's four am and I'm still studying. I'm not even sure if I've learn anything in the last 24hrs

    #right now i have more soda on my veins that actually blood
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  • partyinthecloudkingdom
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    yo i get like haha internet funnyman, funny streamer guy and funny stream jokes. but the way jerma fans talk about him is legitimately deranged and parasocial in a way thats so unsettling its disturbing. there has to be at least a significant amount if his fans that mean it when they talk about him degradingly, like he's some sort of toy instead of a person playing a game on a livestreams. the number of times he's complained about chat being incredibly mean to him for the sake of their own enjoyment or just like, someone has acted out of pocket and gotten one-guyed and "won" attention from him has only grown as he's gotten more popular. its concerning

    #every single jerma clip on youtube is full of 'jerma is a psychopath' and 'im glad hes not real' jokes #you realize hes a person right? like thats a real person? #he's not some cartoon character thats a real flesh and blood person #what the fuck is wrong with you all
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  • neotwoseven
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    i’m really really anxious and i can’t sleep but my mom and brother aren’t texting me back and it sucks

    #i have another doctors appointment tomorrow #it’s been 6 months now and they still don’t know what’s wrong with me #and i am so so tired of getting blood drawn #and they never seem to get it the first try?? i HATE IT #one time a few months ago they literally had to stab me 5 different spots to get blood #last time i almost fainted and it keeps getting worse each time and i can’t stop thinking about it #like a few months ago i wasn’t even afraid of getting blood drawn but now it just feels never ending and i’m becoming more afraid each time #literally why can’t they just tell me what’s wrong already!?? you’d think they’d have taken enough by now #i even thought my symptoms were going away like three weeks ago too #but they came right back after a few days of being okay #it’s really driving me insane and i just wanna cry #psst#blood tw
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  • spinbitchzu
    26.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    crying with laughter...... every time I think maybe karma isn’t real i remember British beaches are literally just rocks..... and they go out there and spread their little towels anyway... and just sit on it... there are literally tears coming out of my eyes rn

    #please god none of y'all act up and make a school shooter joke #im a red blooded American and it is my divine right not to sit my ass on rocks in 67 degree weather #hm im chatty tonight huh #tavia talks
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  • neuteredsirius
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    you know the way people say autism is a superpower. my superpower is that i am a human webmd. give me your symptoms and i’ll tell you what organ system it’s coming from/what type of rash it is/if it’s worth going to the doctor over with 100% accuracy

    #yesterday my friend was giving out about something and i casually asked if she had higher blood pressure and I WAS RIGHT #text#autism
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  • inomana
    25.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Stop referring to Anti-Choice people as 'prolife'

    Obviously, they don't care about children dying, not for the right price.

    Tony Gonzalez (R-TX 23rd District) is to blame, everyone who votes against gun control laws to protect people because lobbyists paid them to are to blame. Their hands are stained from all the blood money they picked up.

    Add bastard Henry Cuellar who in 2019 refused to give back NRA blood money after multiple shootings. He is willing to let your children be killed for less than $7K.

    Conservative bastards will reach miles to stop a person from getting an abortion to 'protect the children' there are actual living children in abusive households, in orphanages, in our poor education system, children that need baby formula, so many fucking ways they could care, so many ways they that could have helped instead but they choose to have a share of the blood money.

    Texas is fucked but it's only temporary, in 2020 Texas was blue at the beginning of the ballot counting, conservatives are getting nervous that we'll flip. The number of progressive and centralists leaning left is growing, the amount of republicans turning central or even left is growing (many people are resilient in politics but there are many others who are opening their eyes with personal experience) I want my generation to overcome that hate and greed, but fuck i don't know if I'll live to see it, from old age or from getting gun down...

    Fuck!! FUCK!! AHH FUCK why?? How?? Could someone boost so much about saving lives and saving CHILDREN and then just "thoughts and prayers" when something happens, something THAT THEY LET HAPPEN. That blood is on their hands.

    Conservatives are pro-greed and anti-choice. They have no morels, no ethics, no sense and they don't fucking care.

    #im not going to be one of those people who pretends something affects them but i live in the south texas area #same politicians in my location and i fucking hate them #we were so close to having more progressive leaders #whatever i know this post is all over the place but fucking all the shit that is going on right now is impossible to organize my process #like they just fucked us over with abortion rights #the runoff was literally yesterday #i swear politics here rn is just fucking depressing #we should take a page from the french (this is a 'joke' dont tey me rn) #nra has blood on there hands #gregg abbott has blood on his hands #Henry Cuellar has blood on his hands #john cornyn has blood on his hands #ted cruz has blood on his hands #republicans have blood on there hands #vote them the fuck out #texas#rant
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  • rabid-catboy
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    More Daniel cuz he's fun to draw

    #can't do certain things right because limited supplies but I'm too tired to go find my other art stufff #my art#eyestrain#blood#daniel wtnv#wtdb#wtnv #welcome to night vale #welcome to desert bluffs
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  • rain-coat-killer
    25.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    "Good morning."

    #talk about a rude awakening am i right- #all for one #afo#yoichi shigaraki #first user one for all #bnha#my art #this is a sequel to that previous drawing i did #dad for one #dfo#via freckles #even tho theyre kinda hard to see #theyre still there #tw blood
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  • fabulouslygaybean
    25.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    don't fucking rb, but if i see one more fucking post on my dash about how awful every single texan is im going to rip out y'all's throats i swear to god. now is not the time to say shit like that, actually

    #hi! news flash! extremists dont make up every single fucking person in texas! #stop using a mass shooting to justify demonizing innocent fucking people!! #like. the laws there are shit. the government there is fucking awful. but stop roping every single fucking citizen in with your shit views #an entire city is in fucking mourning. there are parents who will never see their kids again. this isn't the time to say HAHA GOTCHA - #- YOU'RE ALL AWFUL in the wake of a fucking tragedy. y'all are so fucking desensitized that you have no sympathy for these people. #its disgusting. its true that shit there is awful at the moment but PLEASE for the love of god stop taking it out on ppl who had nothing - #- to do with this. #im sorry for putting this on y'all's dashes but not really. as someone from texas it makes my blood boil to see this stuff. #especially as someone with school aged nieces and nephews. like... y'all DO know this could've happened anywhere right? #it happened in texas this time but other states aren't fucking immune to mass school shootings. the laws in the USA are fucked as a whole. #it could've been in your state. it could've been in my state. it could've been anywhere. #just. please dont be a shithead. im so tired. please have sympathy towards the effected families and communities. #gun tw#shooting tw#vent tw #i think that covers it. i dont know how long ill keep this here so hopefully that's enough for now.
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  • emcads
    25.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    i’ve been watching bits of playthroughs for ref on castle d.imitrescu and the parallels between a.lcina’s love for her daughters and raging grief when she loses them vs. ethan’s own quest for his daughter haunts me.  ( and also because ethan seems so completely oblivious to this, or at any rate at that point in the game is ignoring his capacity for monstrosity over his love for his family ) they are not entirely human but even in the girls there is the memory of humanity, a bond formed through the sacrifice of blood, both of which are closer than ethan knows to himself and rose.

    #✘; I HAVE SEVENTY TWO EXAMS AND I HAVE NOT STUDIED FOR ONE ( ooc ) #frankly i was thinking about this bc i was annoyed at his callousness at the 'i'm sick of bugs' like DO YOU NOT SEE. #do you not see how much you are like them. #and this is not to excuse the dimitrescu's cruelty simply because they are a family but only to say that there's a mirror to the harm #inflicted on the maidens to ethan blowing his way through the moroaice (who are innocent in their condition and a result of their suffering #perhaps not 'mostly' human but still partly) #re8 is SO compelling to me because it rlly .. makes u reconsider at what point does it become unjust slaughter. is ethan's killing justified #because the lycans/moroaice are no longer human?  is alcina's killing justified because she needs blood for her own survival? #are the girls human because they look and feel and love like humans or are they only flies taking on a form ? #the only way you could even HOPE to make it through what ethan goes through is to be as callous and unfeeling as possible to them and to see #them only as beasts but boy does it make compelling villains when the entire project is itself a mirror to the hunt for rose in a hunt 4 eva #and after the reveal of the mold at the end and you realize that ethan and rose are both monstrous and more like the lords than unlike them #what distinguishes his actions in pursuit of doing 'the right thing' to save his family ? hhh #* clenches fist * bideo games ... .
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  • aweega
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i love puppet horror but you have to be stylish about it .. puppetry is an art form so you lose a lot when you just put a bloody wooden guy's face onscreen as a jumpscare and say "WHEW isn't that scary <:)" as much as i love puppets i think a lot of their appeal comes from playing up the uncanniness and semi-human nature, imo the delivery in horror should be more about movement and personality than just having a scary design. they're made to connect with + resemble people so i think as villainous entities they do best when they're less like monsters chasing you and more as being characters of their own

    #💥 #for a similar reason a lot of intentionally 'creepy' dolls fall flat because blood and sharp teeth alone don't have much appeal to me #when theres so much range of stuff you can do with dolls that uses uncanny valley more effectively #thats kinda what im thinking but im not sure if i can think of many examples right now
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  • myangelsred
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I'm posting characters that remind me of Cutthroat because why not — This is based on personality and or looks.

    1) Prince Diamond

    This one is mainly looks. He's got the same hair length & eye color as Cutthroat....I don't remember much about him either but I do think he was obsessed with Queen Serenity.....and well, I just remember him being an awful person.

    2) Accelerator

    Looks, but he's also a murderer...but like...one who doesn't wanna be a murderer? I forget why, he's basically being used is what I've understood. I haven't touched this anime in a long ass time so I have no clue why he seems to have grown angel wings either...but—

    3) Juuzou Suzuya

    Self-explanatory. Although credit where credit is due, Juuzou learns humanity and empathy from his time spent with Shinohara.

    4) Azusa & Kanato

    Looks and certain aspects of their personalities. Kanato is childish and possessive... murderous even. Azusa wears bandages and of course, he collects knives too. Azusa also has a very skewed sense of love maybe different from Cutthroat's but, he sees being hurt and hurting others as a way to show that you love them and they love you. Which is what makes him a masochist...as well as a sadist.

    These boys are also very clingy.

    #akudama drive#sailor moon#tokyo ghoul#diabolik lovers #a certain magical index #tw blood #tw mention of murder #SORRY IF YOU SEE ME EDITING THIS A LOT OMG I'm just trying to find the right pictures or gifs #no one probably is seeing this since I posted this mainly for fun but I thought I'd apologize anyways #Edit...I was tempted to say ghirahim from skyward sword but thats just cause he's got white hair and a bob cut
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  • charleshawk-piercintyre
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #gun control now #This was totally preventable. #The GOP has the blood of even more innocent babies now. #Yet they claim to be the party of pro-life and family values. #Damn right I’m fucking pissed tonight! #vote blue in 2022 #vote blue
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  • worm4brainzz
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    every time i do hrt shots i always think i am doing it wrong because it seems too simple

    #i do not think it ever has gone into my blood stream but theres always blood after #and i am very forgetful and i dont trust myself to remember all of the steps and do them correctly even when i watch a video #pain #also the walmart pharmacist was rude and didnt give me the right needles theyre fucking large and painful
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  • cassandraleeds
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #the sodom and Gomorrah of the United States is that its leaders sacrifice our children to the blood thirsty mouth of money #i don't want to live here but i can't leave either #i don't know how many of you have kids too but we're having a really hard time right now #it's gut freezing it's a nightmare #to be putting our kids in school feels like Russian roulette #if it's not covid and lack of safety protocol it's shootings and no gun control #i want to live in a country that wants my children to live more than it wants to sell weapons. more than it wants to force them to be cis. #more than it wants to pretend there isn't a deadly virus mutating and spreading #what the fuck will it take
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  • blasteratyourside
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    on my third

    T H I R D

    watch of Book of Boba Fett


    that I recognized, I k n e w

    the WORDS being sung in the soundtrack when BOBA COMES BACK AND FINDS THE TUSKEN CAMP OBLITERATED




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  • zebruh
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I'm antsy needing a cig and keep thinking "just gotta get thru this shift then I'll get one" before realizing I Got None to smoke and that I'm not gonna get any and it's like B^( damn I guess the suffering is eternal

    #vwitty banter #that last part is a joke obvs #but damn the sweet relief of a cig after a long work shift..... #im gonna miss it #ugh. #the cravings havent been As bad as what they were last time tho #yesterday? wasnt antsy just craving #today? antsy AND craving #but not As antsy as what ive been last time i quit #im just hoping i dont get bad nic rage #i havent got any Yet #been able to keep my patience and all that good stuff #but woo day 2 of nic free life #im hoping quitting will get my blood pressure right again
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  • i-simp-and-i-know-things
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    What might happen to Theon in The Winds of Winter

    #theon#theon greyjoy#greyjoy#asoiaf#twow#asoiaf art#weirwood #TW?: a lil bit of blood #my art #i'm sad about theon but also everything out of his chapters is gold so even him dying would be perfect #tbh i hope that Bran somehow stops the execution right before Theon's moment to die #he will still die in some other equally depressing way tho. i will make art of that aswell if TWOW will ever come out #my first time posting my 'finished' art on here. i always felt confident in posting doodles only because they are private to me #and aren't on any other social which would connect my Tumblr identity to my 'public' one #this took a lot of courage to post so be nice plz
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  • l1-b1
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    C!Tubbo’s execution

    #tw gore#tw blood #dream smp fanart #dsmp fanart#tubbo fanart #I hope I added the right Tw for this
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  • justtryingtosurviveinthepresent
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #i almost cried reading the portion where Jem tries to tell Will that Will can follow him everywhere till when he dies and Will can not... #... follow and i cried #almost cried #like tears brimming my eyes #it's past two in the morning and i am crying over two fictional boys of my age who're blood brothers #and both of them are so stupid and intelligent and so brave and so everything and i love them #they really have the best friendship ever #and i have read quite a lot of books #and i'm 17 and i'm talking about two other 17 year olds #that's not something you can see often #so i guess it's right when i say my heart has been stolen #infernal spoilers
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