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  • heyheyheyhaikyu
    22.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago


    seventeen - buckarooni

    master | prev | next

    ➪ Finally moving back to where you grew up, you excitedly start at your new school where your two childhood best friends attend. Joining their boys vbc as a manager wasn’t originally in your plans, but some things happen for a reason, right?

    A/N: this part was fun to make :3 I’m spoiling you guys with the daily updates lol, but it won’t last long🤪

    #haikyuu smau#smau #haikyuu x reader smau #haikyuu x gn!reader #social media au #akaashi smau#haikyuu #akaashi smau series #akaashi x reader smau #akaashi x gn!reader #akaashi x reader #akaashi #bokuto x reader smau #bokuto x gn!reader #bokuto x reader #bokuto smau series #bokuto smau#bokuto#wwcsmau
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  • kazenomegaminowanpisu
    22.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Haikyuu boys seeing their talking to someone else who is attractive

    Warning:over protective boyfriend, jealous boyfriend for real, captain edition!, If you love this men's, just tell me and I am gonna do more.

    Feat: Daichi, kuroo, ushijima, bokuto, Kita, oikawa.


    —when he saw you talking into a attractive person. And then patting your head, I'm gonna tell you this.

    —he will grab the man's hand.

    —"Hi my name Daichi samura, and I am his/her husband, so can you please stop flirting with my property"

    —the man move away and Leave the two of you.


    —"woah woah, what's going on here" kuroo Hold your waist.

    —he will look at the man talking to you with a intense gaze.

    —he will kissed your lips shamelessly, just to show to that person thaw you were his property.

    —"you can leave" the man leave.


    —if he sees you talking to someone more attractive, he will not do something bad at that person as long as that person is not touching you.

    —if the man Offer you a handshake, ushijima will hold his hand, "Hi my name is ushijima captain of shiratorizawa" he will bow.

    —when he looked up, he gave the man a intense gaze, that made that person leave.


    —"Hi girl, what ur you doing?"

    —will hold your hand, and hold your waist.

    —"is this man bothering you?" He asked, you but you told him no.

    —"well then the bus is leaving so let's go" he suddenly pulled your hand and leave the man alone.


    —he will not approach to you or even looked at the man with an intense gaze.

    —but when you get into the bus, Kita Grab your hand and start kissing your face.

    —"don't leave me y/n" start saying weird things to you, but still you find it cute.


    —will throw the ball high in the air, and hit it hard, and it flew straight into the Man's face.

    —"oh my god I'm sorry" you tried to help the man, but oikawa stopped you, "I didn't mean to hit your good looking face"

    —he pulled your hand and run away, before could even the man gets his posture back.

    #Haikyuu#haikyuu Canons #haikyuu x reader #Daichi x reader #kuroo x reader #ushijima x reader #bokuto x reader #Shinsuke kita x reader #Oikawa x reader
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  • leowopard
    22.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    i didnt forget how much i like suga haikyuu but i am getting reminded

    #beeep #he appears and i am like :) it is suga :) #my special haikyuu blorbo is yaku but honorable mentions go to: #kenma suga asahi noya yachi #and bokuto.... #i like most of them tho #i am also being reminded that tanaka is also very good also #:) #im much more immune to secondhand embarrassment now i think its the being older and wiser #now when they yell and be enthusiastic im like woo boys go ! yay !
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  • hanmasbunny
    22.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    You had your eyes closed as you play with Bokuto's hair. You couldn't help but smile to yourself as you bask in the joy of having him in your arms.

    "Mmm. Good morning." He groaned as he lifted his head and leaned in to kiss your cheek.

    "Morning, sleepyhead." You chuckled. You wrapped your arms around him and kissed his forehead.

    "What time is it?" He looked at his phone to check the time. "Hmm. Almost practice time." He lifted himself but you didn't let go.

    You whined. "No, come back..." You pleaded through your laughs.

    He chuckled. "But I gotta go for practice."

    "What if I'm sick?" You peeked and smirked at him.

    "Are you?" A bit of concern was in his voice. He raised his brows a bit.

    "I'm sick of missing you!" You told him and pulled him back down to the bed.

    You both laughed. He kissed your temple. "You really need me here?"

    You nodded and looked at him with pouted lips and big eyes.

    He smiled and wrapped his arms even tighter around you. "We could take a day off. Wouldn't want to leave you when you're sick of missing me."

    You chuckled. "I love you."

    "I love you too." He kissed your cheeks.


    #bokuto koutarou x reader #bokuto kotarou#bokuto koutaro #bokuto x reader #haikyuu drabbles#haikyu#haikyuu #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fluff #bokuto x you
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  • sunkeiji
    22.05.2022 - 8 hours ago


    BOKUTO KOTARO & @kokkino


    — more by between friends

    — honeypie by jawny

    #YOU’RE SO PRETTY #YOU AND BOKUTO WOULD MATCH EACH OTHER SO SO WELL #you sound like such a fun person i think he’d love going out to eat and coming back home to chill w you and just laugh together !!! #I CAN TOTALLY SEE YOU TWO GOING OUT AT NIGHT ON LIL ADVENTURES WHETHER IT BE TO THE CONVENIENCE STORE OR TO GO STARGAZING !!! #⭐️ 2.4k matchups!
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  • antihajime
    22.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    I think my ideal birthday date would be go bowling and my favorite kind of dessert is ice cream also happy birthday, sav <3

    bokuto koutarou!!

    song: cloud 9 by beach bunny

    runners-up: sugawara koushi or hinata shoyo

    #thank u!!! #bowling is so bokuto btw i love that #i love bowling #literally so cute #[❂] — asks! #sandwichbokuroo
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  • allthingsbokuaka
    22.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    BokuAka RP Wanted!

    Looking for BokuAka (Or OsaAka!) roleplay (18+ only!)

    I have a couple starters for aus, feel free to dm and ask about them!

    I’m open to most NSFW/Triggering content (though I’d prefer we discuss that sort of thing beforehand!!)

    I strictly do literate roleplay, though responses don’t have to be super long! Just as long as it’s not a one liner, I’m okay with any length! If I write something that’s uncomfortable or you feel I should change/add more, please feel free to tell me!

    I’m most comfortable play Akaashi, but I can do background characters as well!

    I look forward to hearing from you! :)

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  • ariavaana
    22.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    |♡| Phone Sex |♡|

    Feat. Tanaka Ryunosuke x F!Reader, Bokuto Kotaro x F!Reader, Tendou Satori x F! Reader

    Description: Due to your loving boyfriend being in a different continent for personal reasons, you had been feeling quite lonely in your once shared apartment. You hadn’t expected him to come back for at least another three weeks, which almost seemed unbearable. You two had been keeping contact with innocent skype calls and text messages, until recently when things between the two of you get steamy through the screen. 

    Rating: Smut

    Disclaimer: Sexting, Mutual Masturbation,  Established Relationship, Long Distance?, Desperation, Mentions of Punishment, Brief Insecurities  Word Count: 2,681

    Links: Masterlist,  Ask Me Anything


    |♡| Tanaka Ryunosuke |♡|

    “Miss you”

    The short text has you smiling to yourself, kicking your feet at the edge of your bed as your boyfriend continues to complain about how tiresome this trip was and how much he wished he was in bed with you. It wasn’t long before your perverse boyfriend turned his sweet messages into provocative texts, hinting strongly to send him nude photos of yourself. 

    “It’s fine if you dont wanna bby, just need a little motivation is all” He sends immediately after, noticing your lack of response. “Are the ones I sent before now cutting it?” You anxiously type the reply to which Tanaka is quick to respond. 

    “Ofc, but you know I cant help but want more. I wanna see you.” 

    You were always nervous about taking pictures. Always second-guessing your pose or hating on your expression. You had never felt like you were photogenic, and nudes seemed to only strengthen this insecurity despite Tanaka fucking it away numerous times before. 

    But you knew your boyfriend, who was completely devoted and obsessed with your character. Just the slightest flash of skin and Tanaka would run laps and have slobber hang from his mouth. He was never shy about how attractive he thought you were. 

    You decided to push through your thoughts and do it. After all, you were missing your boyfriend way more than your expected, and the ache between your legs became bothersome. 

    “Okay Ryu”

    You could practically hear his excitement through the phone as it buzzed with what you assumed was encouragement and gratitude but you were too busy trying to figure out a show to put on for him.

    You were in nothing but his old volleyball jersey and some panties, but in the end, you decided it would have to do seeing as you were too anxious to sit and wait in your thoughts.

    In the first photo you sat up straight on your knees, nipples poking through the thin fabric of the shirt looking pretty, just as he liked it, and your shirt slightly rid up revealing the flesh of your ass and your underwear. Before insecurities got the best of you, you quickly snapped a photo and sent it to your boyfriend.

    Almost instantly you got a list of texts from Tanaka including both compliments and pictures of his boxers, red in color,  with a large imprint and slight wet spot around the tip.

    “Your so pretty baby you always get me like this”

    “It hurtsss”

    Shamelessly you staired. You missed him so much, him pounding you away with so much enthusiasm you swore you could pass out on the spot. Nothing was as good as Tanaka’s cock, but you settled with your hand making its way between your legs, teasing your folds through your underwear.

    “Can you take off my jersey for me baby?”

    The request had you giggling. Tanaka had a thing for your chest, he would often ask you to push them together and give them a little shake so he could fuck them and cum on your face, breasts often soar and covered in cum from the titty jobs. So you did just that, knowing he would love it.

    This time you had more confidence, sending a short video of you stripping off the jersey and leaving you in a lacey bra. You then snapped photos in various positions, each showing your round breasts, sometimes squeezing or pinching them leaving your nipples cute and red. 

    - ‘Meathead’ has sent a video -

    Tanaka then sent his own video, leaving you gasping audibly as the first frame showed your boyfriend sliding a pocket pussy over his thick cock, wet with what you could assume was his own spit. 

    “Ah, babe look what you did to me. Shit, you look so pretty there in my jersey. Your not even showing me your cute cunt yet and your already driving me nuts baby.” He then proceeded to send picture after picture of his body only making you crave him more. 

    Tanaka was muscular and cut, slight freckles adorning his shoulders and down the trail of his abs where his cock sat still wet from his previous actions which you assumed he stopped just for you. In some of the videos he was flexing and laughing with that same stupid grin and angry eyebrows that proved although you were a great distance apart and talking through a screen he was still your Tanaka. 

    All caution was thrown to the wind as you decided to strip yourself of your panties after taking some photos of the wet spot he caused before sending him lengthy videos of your plunging your fingers in your cunt, attempting to imitate his own during your rounds of sex. 

    “Ryu, Ryu, please. Feels so, so good.” You whined, attempting to hold your phone steady as you raised your hips to grind against your hand. Everything was too hot, the video of Tanaka fucking himself with a toy just kept playing in your mind and you couldn’t help but want more. You moved your fingers to flick your sensitive clit which seemed to do the trick and drive you over the edge.

    “Wat you, want you so bad. Shit, shit — Ry-Ryunosuke,” you screamed as your hole clamped around your fingers and your eyes rolled back into your head, breath shallow from the intense orgasm that ripped through your body. It took a few minutes to recover before you shakily cleaned yourself up and sent the video to your beloved boyfriend. 

    - ‘PRETTY BABY <3′ has sent a video -

    “Hope this helps, Ryu, I miss you I wish you were here to help me <33″

    |♡| Bokuto Kotaro |♡|

    It was probably around one in the morning when your phone rang, buzzing so loud that it shook your whole nightstand causing you to curse yourself for not putting it on do not disturb. 

    The call had interrupted your rather steamy dream about your boyfriend, imagining the tan he had gotten from his harsh training with the rest of the National Volleyball Team in some ‘top secret’ place Bokuto refused to tell you about until he had gotten back. 

    Now you were left cranky, horny, and tired. Quickly, you smacked your hand down on the phone and answered, bringing the receiver to your mouth to groan out a displeased “what!”

    “Don’t be mad..” Your eyes widened at Bokuto’s panting voice, small groans and whimpers making their way to your ear. “Ko? What is it puppy? Why are you calling me so late?”

    “I’m sorry baby,” he whined, voice seemingly getting louder. “I’m so fucking hard, it hurt too much I couldn’t sleep.” You sat up quickly realizing what was happening. Just the very thought of Bokuto touching himself had you squeezing your thighs together. 

    “Please! Say something I need your voice, can’t cum without you.” 

    You smiled, slowly pushing down your loose shorts. “What are you doing now baby, tell me. I wanna know.” Bokuto whimpered at your tone, not enjoying your teasing but decided to play along. “I-I’m fucking fisting my cock babe, it feels so fucking good. I really want you I wish you were here. ‘m miss you.” 

    “Wanna know what I’m doing Ko?” You ask slowly, his answer and small sounds of pleasure only fueling you as you circle your finger around my clit. Bokuto desperately asks you to tell him, feeding into your sultry voice and teasing remarks. 

    “’m wearing only your jersey, I miss you too, so so much Ko. Smells just like you.” Your boyfriend moans loudly as you continue to describe what you're wearing, telling him every detail about your now discarded panties and your hair tied up messily just how he likes. If you weren’t before you were wide awake now. 

    “I’m touching myself, Kotaro. Just for you, you make me feel so good, wish I could cum all over your cock.” You hear Bokuto drop the phone as the found of loud, wet smacking now mixes with his voice, which was begging you to let him touch, to let him taste even if it wasn’t possible.

    “I wish it was your fingers baby. How many do you want me to put in? I want to feel good Ko, make me feel good.” 

    “Oh fuck! Fuck baby put in two, I promise you, once these awful weeks are up you're not leaving that bed. I need you, baby, I need that pussy.” Bokuto’s voice is commanding and hoarse, telling you he’s probably rubbing himself raw to get to the edge. Your poor boyfriend, he must have been jerking off all night before he called you. 

    You sighed when you followed his orders, hole already sensitive and clenching from your harsh rubs on your clit earlier. Not to mention the combination of the wet dream and his voice made you want to roll your eyes back and cream. You were probably closer than he was. But you were determined. 

    “C’mon Ko, baby. I want you to cum so bad, miss you so much.” Bokuto’s breathing became sporadic and the harsh slapping sounds of his fist bumping his abs as he tried to get off to your voice increased tenfold. You decided to pull out the trump card, knowing it would drive Bokuto instantly off edge. 

    “You’re so good for me Ko, such a good boy. I want you to cum for me Ko, wan’ it so bad. Please cum for me.” 

    It was like you said the magic words because as soon as the praises left your mouth your boyfriend began withering and crying into the speaker of your phone, your pussy throbbing in response to him as your high came to a crash, leaving you shaking and panting. The combination of sleep and the orgasm left knocked you out cold because the next time you woke up was to the birds chirping and your alarm clock flashing a bright “8:45″ onto your face. 

    You instantly went to check your phone to see several attachments from Bokuto with a cum covered chest and spent dick as well as shameless messages about how deep he was going to fuck you when he was finished training. At the end of it all was a simple but sweet message from him. 

    “Night babe, love ya ;)” 

    |♡| Tendou Satori  |♡|

    “Love,” Tendou cooed, head in his hand as he watched you blush with a soft smile on his face. Tonight was another face-time session, often lasting hours as the two of you talked about your day and caught each other up. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

      Tendou noticed your heavy gaze on his lips, squirming slightly in your chair as you tried your best to focus on the conversation. You were daydreaming again, about his lips wrapped around your clit and flicking his heavenly tongue around your cunt till you screamed his name. It was quite obvious what you wanted, but your boyfriend decided he wanted to have some fun first.

      Your boyfriend set down his phone, leaning it against something on the desk of the hotel he was staying at before leaning back allowing his shirt to ride up slightly to give you a teasing view of his abs and happy trail.

      “I wish you were here sweetheart, these judges don’t know what good desserts taste like if they were even considering other people’s entries.” He droned on about the baking competition which had stolen him away from you for a couple of weeks, lifting his shirt up to wipe non-existent sweat off his face and reveal his pale torso.

    The enticing view lasted for only a moment but your boyfriend couldn't help but snicker at your dazed look. "Hold on babe, I gotta change my pants they are getting a little...tight."  He then proceeded to walk off camera and throw down his pants and underwear, soft grunts leaving the speaker of your phone causing your pussy to clench at the show.

    “Satori,” you whined, squeezing your thighs together slightly. You and Tendou often were in bed together, but this trip and lack of sex had really taken a toll on you. You were too shy to ask your boyfriend for phone sex in the past, but today you wanted to change that, you wanted to see him toy with his pretty cock, and you two cum together.

    “I’m..,” You attempt to voice your needs but chicken out of it last second, turning your head to your lap to get a peek of the lingerie set you had worn under the old shirt you were wearing. It was one of Tendou’s favorites, dark maroon with thin sheer lace and pretty elaborate patterns.

    “You have to tell me so I can give you what you want, I have no idea what you're getting at I need words, pretty,” Tendou called, looking up to see him sitting back down in his chair, the position his phone was in leaving his dick just out of view although you could see his hand move up and down.  It was then you realized your boyfriend was just toying with you, causing you to furrow your eyebrows and send a glare toward the red-haired man.

    “What? Oh c’mon, I didn’t mean no harm.” He teased, a curved smirk covering his pretty lips as lifted his hips slightly to reveal his weeping pink head dribbling with pre-cum.

    You scoffed, hands reaching for the hem of your shirt as you peeled it off yourself to reveal your sexy attire to the camera, pushing your chair back so he could get a good view. “Sure, pretty boy, of course, you didn't mean it. But that doesn't mean I won't give you a taste of your own medicine”

    Quickly gaining confidence and wanting to get back at him for teasing, you spread your legs apart and began teasing yourself through your underwear, swaying yourself in the chair to not give him an easy view of yourself. “Wait, hold on baby,” he chuckled, quickly pushing down the camera in the hope you would forget your anger and instead get lost at the sight of him revealing his pretty cock in all its glory.

    You remained strong however and clicked your tongue, pushing your panties to the side to give your fingers access to your sticky hole. Tendou quickly realized how much he was losing this battle and began to regret his slight teasing. “Baby don’t be that way, I’m sorry,” he sighed, pulling his cock as he watched your tits move while you swayed in the chair.

    “I don’t know pretty boy, you’ve been teasing me this whole time with flirty messages and nudes knowing I can’t have you.” A fake pout made its way to your face as you sped up your maneuvers, freehand pulling down the cups of your proactive bra to tweak your nipple. “I don’t think that’s very fair, do you?”

      “Don’t tease me Y/N or I promise you when I get back-”

    “What Satori? You’ll punish me three weeks from now?” You laughed at him, knowing very well when he gets back you were in for one hell of a ride. You decided to be merciful and stop swaying your body and give him a clear view of your soaking cunt.

      Tendou’s eyes were glued to your hole, fluttering around your fingers as you sloppily tried to reach your high, he knew he could do so much better than your tiny, clumsy hand. “Don’t cum,” he snarled, knowing by the way you heaved that you were getting close, but Tendou wasn’t nearly there from your previous efforts blocking what he craved to see. 

    “Aww, pretty boy, your struggling?” You laughed, moving to rub your clit furiously and letting a few stray moans leave your lips. “Feels so good baby, if only you were here.”

    “Y/N I swear-”

    You hung up before you could hear the rest of his sentence, orgasm hitting you seconds after you hit the end call button releasing sounds between a laugh and a groan.  

    You were in for it when he got home. |♡|—–|♡| 

    Authors Note: Hello everyone! I’m not too sure how I like this one, I think only certain parts I was happy with (─‿─) . Let me know if you like this format with multiple characters! Buh bye!!  Links: Masterlist, Ask Me Anything

    #devil's tango by ari #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #haikyuu smut#smut#drabble#bokuto #bokuto x you #bokuto smut #bokuto koutaro x reader #bokuto x reader #tanaka haikyuu#tanaka smut #tanaka x reader #tanaka x y/n #tendou scenario#tendou haikyuu #tendou x y/n #tendou x you #phone smut
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  • crimsonbubble12
    22.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    cw. nsfw, breeding kink, creampie, size kink, tummy bulge, fingering, cumplay *not proofread, just pure horny

    ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡

    men who are just so big and strong that their body weight keeping you pinned under them. their big hands moving all over you 'cuz they can't get enough of you. telling you how beautiful you look taking all of their big cock.

    watching as the tip of their cock makes a small bump in your tummy from how deep they are inside you. pulling out to watch their cum leak of your hole and finger it back in. bullying their fat tip back in to keep you full as they give you more of their cum.

    ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡ — ♡

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  • slicesofapple
    21.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    In an astonishing feat of engineering, Bokuto manages to get the ring inside the volleyball before he fills it with air and then brings it to their picnic in the park.

    So when they play, the ring is flopping around, the noise annoying the hell out of everyone who comes into contact with it.

    No one is more irritated than Oikawa, who subsequently serves the ball so hard that it actually bursts when it it connects with the ground, spraying its guts all over the grass.

    Its guts and the slim gold band that Suga barely manages to catch before it disappears into the foliage forever.

    Bokuto, who unfortunately did not think past the marvel of the ring inside the volleyball, flushes bright red and stammers out several nonsensical syllables.

    Suga, taking pity on him, presents the ring to Oikawa with a bow and a flourish, saying, “I believe this belongs to you.”

    #bokuto x oikawa
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  • heyheyheyhaikyu
    21.05.2022 - 18 hours ago


    sixteen- homies

    master | prev | next

    ➪ Finally moving back to where you grew up, you excitedly start at your new school where your two childhood best friends attend. Joining their boys vbc as a manager wasn’t originally in your plans, but some things happen for a reason, right?

    A/N: gotta speed clean real quick iykyk🥸

    #haikyuu smau#smau #haikyuu x reader smau #haikyuu x gn!reader #social media au #akaashi smau#haikyuu #akaashi smau series #akaashi x reader smau #akaashi x reader #akaashi x gn!reader #akaashi#bakugou smau #bokuto x reader smau #bokuto x gn!reader #bokuto smau series #bokuto #bokuto x reader #wwcsmau
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  • ashthemadwriter
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    Haikyuu MasterList!

    Hi! welcome to my MasterList!

    this post will constantly get updated,so make sure to visit it from time to time if you dont wanna miss my work!
    do not reblog this post please because of the same reason
    please keep in mind that most of my work contains NSFW content, so pay attention to the warnings before reading the text

    Return to main MasterList | My writing list | Rules

    ◆Rintarou Suna

    ⇝Smut drabble

    ⇝How is it like to be his s/o


    ◆Asahi Azumane

    ⇝Dating Headcanons


    ◆Tobio Kageyama

    ⇝Second Chance


    ◆Various Characters

    ⇝Smut drabble | Suna & Osamu & Atsumu

    ⇝How their Female version would be like | Karasuno members

    ⇝How their Female version would be like | Kenma & Kuroo & Iwaizumi & Oikawa & Bokuto & Akaashi

    ⇝Reacting to their s/o squirting | All Characters

    ⇝When their s/o is feeling cold | All Characters

    ⇝Telling them "I hate you" while being intimate | All Characters

    To be added...
    #haikyuu angst#haikyuu fics #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fanfiction#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu inarizaki#haikyuu masterlist #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x you #haikyuu oneshot #oikawa x reader #suna x reader #kageyama x reader #hinata x reader #iwaizumi x reader #atsumu x reader #osamu x reader #bokuto x reader #akaashi x reader #kenma x reader #kuroo x reader #daichi x reader #asahi x reader #sugawara x reader #tsukishima x reader #yamaguchi x reader
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  • chaosinanutshell
    21.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Itto's in game model needs the bokuto treatment kshdjshd

    anyway itto and bokuto would be besties sjdbsjsh

    yes they are >:)

    Dude if itto and bokuto are friends then Kuki and Akaashi are literally the babysitters for the two HAHHAHA, poor them :'>

    But fr tho, Itto's in game model needs that muscular chest and guns of Bokuto-san 😍

    #chaos reply#genshin #itto and bokuto would be such a fun pair #and a very reckless one too #mari <3
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  • weetrash
    21.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    BokutoxFem Reader

    Cw: +18. Very smutty fic. Friends to lovers, Slow smut, Lot’s of foreplay, fingering, oral sex, stuffing kink, mating press, prone bone

    Tonights the night.

    ~~~~~~Earlier that week~~~~~~~

    Bokuto held YC in his lap, his hands slowly groping and caressing her breasts, her tank top now was loosely bunched around her mid drift and her lips grazed and pecked his.

    She gazed upon his amber eyes, anticipation and neediness were all that she saw. The hungry gaze of the buff man was something she had never seen this close up. Sure he had a familiar aura, she had felt it many times before during every match of his she attended. Was it eagerness? A competitive streak? Arousal- well, of course it was arousal…but there was something more to it. She didn’t want to get ahead of herself.

    For now she just wanted to enjoy the moment. She fluttered her eyes close, her voice softly seeping into their passion as Bokuto eagerly kissed and touched.

    He hungrily kissed her lips, his excitement was blatant and he couldn’t get enough of her lips. He greedily began to explore, enjoying the sweet taste of her beneath his tongue. Her moans were better than any cheering he had ever heard, it just motivated the olympian to dive into the next step.

    Not forgetting to be gentle, he began to slowly trail the kisses to her neck and shoulders, sliding the straps of her bra down her shoulders ever so gently. He wanted to see. He wanted to touch, grope, suck, bite. He wanted it more than anything and he had secretly craved this for so long. He sunk his teeth into her sweet spot, making sure to be gentle yet firm. He sucked softly on her skin, caressing up and down the sides of his torso, edging his hands up to soon touch a much awaited sensual area of hers. He wanted a reaction first to grasp how ready she was, and oh boy was he getting a good reaction.

    His arousal began to grow more prominent, his lust rendered him drunk off her body. Awareness was slipping away from both of them.

    She began to tremble, her skin heating up under his fingers. His lips tickled and nipped her skin. Upon shivering when he took his bite, she jumped, letting out a surprised yelp and bucked her hips into his. “K-Kotaro!~”

    Thats when they both stopped, YCs face now hot with embarrassment and her hands now clasped over her lips. She uttered his first name. They had always been on casual terms but this was an unexpectedly effective way to raise the heat of their moment. She glanced down only to see Bokuto starring up at her with a bright pink tint to his face.

    She could feel something hard in his lap and he knew that she knew what is was. They both starred at each other, now fully aware of where things had gone.

    Within seconds, YC had hopped off his lap and was quickly pulling her shirt over her chest while shyly making up excuses. “Sorry! My bad- I mean um. I didn’t mean to uh. I have finals on Monday, I should go home and study some more. I’ll text you when I get home!”

    She scrambled to grab her belongings while quickly scrambling out of his bedroom and out the house.

    Bokuto sat there on his bed, his hands still in the air where her torso once was, very confused as to what the hell just happened. He had his usual lost stare, now groping the empty space in front of his before pouting, “no boobies…?”

    Blissfully unaware of the fact that they had both graduated college a few years ago.


    It took days for YC to finally calm down enough to actually text him back with one worded answers. She was practically dying from embarrassment the entire time. They had always had a sort of flirtatious friendship. Hand holding, the lack of personal space, cuddles, naps together, her bumming piggyback rides off him, him getting cuddles from her during his mood swings, and even occasional pecks on the cheek. This was all done under the obvious lie of a platonic friendship.

    This flimsy shield fooled no one. Not even the infamously dense Bokuto. However there was always something holding them back. College graduation, Bokuto’s Olympian career, family crisis’, long distance, it was always something unspoken but fully excused. Things had suddenly changed now that they were both honest about their attraction for each other.

    Their flirtatious friendship now had obvious emotional strings attached and now it was to late to turn back. YC wasn’t even sure if he felt the same way. Afterall, Bokuto was by nature extremely kind and just a bit flirty. She found herself at an emotional cross roads. She had deep feelings for Bokuto but he was rarely in the country these days due to his career.

    What she didn’t know was Bokuto also found himself juggling the same feelings, which lead him to using any opportunity he could to come back to their home town to bug her. Even with plenty of money to buy a place, he enjoyed staying at his family home, with being just a few houses down from her.

    They had a few blurred lines sure, but Bokuto couldn’t resist his reliance on her attention. When things would occasionally get a bit on the heated side, they would play their usual games of chicken. Their flirting never crossed any big boundaries beyond a few pecks and love bites. Maybe even an adventurous caress here or there, but nothing outwardly adulterated. Neither of them were aware of when the shift truly happened, but when it did, for her it meant something secretly special, but to him, it was a step in the direction he liked. He never pushed the envelope to far, but on the inside he was swooning. He may have been the sharpest knife in the drawer…in fact, he could be considered a spoon among cutlery, but he knew that all he wanted was to be the center of her attention.

    Her phone pinged.

    “Hey hey! Let’s hang out!”


    “Let’s go to the gym!”


    “A run?”


    “A fast walk?”


    “A stroller?”


    “Wait no.”




    “Walk? A walk. Yeah that.”

    YC heard the repeated notification sound and didn’t have to even guess who it was. Her heart thumped rapidly in her chest and she sighed after reading the barrage of messages, glancing back up at the mirror and at the faint little mark he had left on her skin. She knew she couldn’t keep avoiding him forever. He was pretty dumb but he wasn’t blissfully unaware of his surroundings all the time. After all, volleyball season was over until summer and aside from training, he usually hung out with YC and the guys still in Japan. Eventually, Aakashi would be busy with an editing deadline and Kuroo would have to leave town for work. Bokuto was very high energy and required quite a bit of attention already. She couldn’t run forever.


    “Im really sorry…please talk to me.”

    Her heart sunk and she felt a tinge of guilt. That was it. She couldn’t hold back any longer. She gathered up her courage along with her purse and phone and headed to the front door. She needed to talk to him in person.

    She took a deep breath before openong the door. She quickly noticed something and turned her head to the right.

    There was Bokuto; sitting with his knees to his chest, balled up and moping. Despite his hair being shorter, it was still obviously drooping due to his bad mood. He also had a grocery bag beside him, a few of her favorite snacks inside.

    He glanced up at her and blushed before looking away, that same solemn pout still on his face.

    YCs heart eased and the tension in her gut disappeared. He was so obvious that she couldn’t help but smile. After a few moments, she sighed and went to sit beside him. “You okay there bud?” She asked in a gentle voice.

    Bokuto pouted, to ashamed to e and now a bit embarrassed by the way her voice lightly joked.

    YC grabbed the bag and held it up, “A peace offering?”

    Bokuto wouldn’t look at her. His pouty face was as cute as ever. “No… why would you think that…. It’s not like taking it would make me feel better or anything…. Look I know I messed up, I should have asked if it was okay sooner. I get it if you don’t feel like talking to me…I don’t even know why I’m here…”

    She already felt bad about practically ghosting him but she couldn’t help but feel flattered by his obvious attempt at reconciliation. She knew he would probably pout if she flat out said that it was okay. She wanted to apologize herself, but not here. It was time to coax him in.

    A small giggle left her lips and she opened the bag. She smiled when she saw a few drinks, her favorite savory snacks, and even some of his rare feel good cheat meal snacks. She grabbed a drink and held it up, “Darn….I really wanted some of this too. I guess im going to have to pass on ordering Yakiniku. I don’t have any yummy drinks like these to pair it with…”

    Bokuto peeked over at her, his attention now grasped. “Barbecue?”

    She sighed, a soft smile on her face and an obviously faked tone mixed with her sigh, “Yep, I just got a huge bonus on my pay check. I was going to order lots of pork, chicken, beef, veggies, rice…..”

    His mouth was practically watering as he turned his full attention to her, “You were…gunna…eat all that…by yourself?”

    YC sighed, “Hm? Me? Oh no. I was actually about thinking of finding a date. Maybe someone tall, funny, muscular, and really loves barbecue.”

    Bokuto cut his eyes at her before huffing and looking away, “Oh… I see how it is….I guess he’d be better looking than me too?”

    YC stared at him, once again dumb struck by how completely witless he was. She was then completely flattered by the obvious display of jealousy.

    She giggled and took a chance., “You are the date silly~”

    Bokuto paused for a moment before smiling and pointing at himself, “Me?”

    She nodded, kissing his cheek gently and pulling away, “I didn’t mean to ignore you. Now come on.”

    YC took his hand and lead him into the house, the tension between them now eased by the unspoken promise to talk it out. They knew things weren’t going to be easy but they were ready to try.

    Bokuto blushed from the kiss to his cheek, gently taking her hand when it was offered and following her into the house. He wasn’t sure if she really had truly forgiven him but things were looking a lot better now

    After ordering their food and pretending things were back to normal, the two of them began to play some classic video games. Neither of them were the best at the game but they were evenly matched with their skills. Eventually after tying with the frosted haired man for what felt like the 80th time, YC decided she needed a break.

    With a tired sigh, she put away her controller and stretched out her arms, soon just giving up and laying her head back against the cushion of the couch they were sitting in front of.

    Bokuto stopped for a moment, huffing and complaining, “Aw come on YC. You’re seriously throwing in the towel already?”

    YC didn’t pay his complaint much mind. “Aw come on, in still full from all that food. Besides im bored of playing video games!”

    A chuckle left Bokuto’s lips and he purred out to her, “Oh I don’t do boring. You’re just challenging me at this rate”

    YN waved her hand dismissively, “Fine then! Pick a new game for us. But it has to be something new and exciting. Otherwise I’m going to bed.” She teased

    Bokuto heard the discontent in her voice and stared at her for a moment, starring at a faint spot on her neck. He had left his claim on her and felt a sense of pride when he looked at the fading mark. He may have been an idiot with most things, but he had mixed emotions that required some deep thought.

    He knew she was likely just teasing. She never kept her word with the petty threats along those lines. He was still unsure about her true intentions now. The way she suddenly got up and practically ran away from him. The way she kissed his cheek earlier counteracted her actions before. She even referred to him as her date. Did she feel the same as him? Did she want more? Was she just shy? Why hadn’t they ever talked about this sooner?

    Amongst all of these feelings, Bokuto was also faced with a challenge. He was never one to turn down competition and something about his competitive streak made the gears in his head turn.

    She was as beautiful as ever to him and he could feel tension at the back of his throat. He didn’t know if indulging in his feelings for her was the best idea but his heart was aching for her at this point. Each trip back home after a season just made him miss her so much more when he went away. He knew he had to act before summer rolled around this year or else he would lose his mind.

    After what he experienced with her earlier that week, he didn’t think he could keep these feelings back anymore. Each memory of her soft lips brushing up against his made his chest pound. He wanted so much more from her. He decided that tonight he could try be a bit more selfish.

    He took the opportunity of her guard being down to gulp back the lump in his throat. After taking a deep silent breath, he leaned his body in close to hers and pressed his lips against her neck, softly planting two kisses near her earlobe and jaw to get her attention

    YC quickly opened her eyes, a gasp leaving her lips and her eyes soon meeting his. “Boku..to…”

    He gazed back at her a now competitive gleam coming from his stare “Wanna play chicken again? Loser has to say what they’re feeling?…”

    YC blushed, her cheeks hot with embarrassment when she realized where this was going. “I meant a video game!” She protested

    Bokuto raised an eyebrow, “So is that a no?”

    She couldn’t run from embarrassment now, she was in her own home. Not to mention, she didn’t want to run. She was acting on impulse before. It was time to see this through. She nodded

    Bokuto slid his hand up to hold her cheek, his lips returning to the faint spot on her neck to remark the spot. The first thing he wanted to do was to give her something to remind her of his desire for her.

    After a few moment of teasing she let out a gentle gasp, shivering under his bite. Her hands reached up to grasp his pecks, gently squeezing as she felt her body tense up from excitement.

    He pulled away, chuckling softly and speaking softly, “You’re really sensitive huh?” He leaned in and briefly planted his lips against her face, gently moving in closer to show her how serious he was. His eyes remained half shut and his frequency of the kisses grew. He made sure to gently yet lovingly kiss her, giving all his focus to making sure she was comfortable.

    YC soon covered her face from the embarrassment once again, sinking down into her emotions and whining out quietly, “Bokutoooo…..”

    With a satisfied grin, he pulled away to whisper, “Throwing in the towel already? I guess I won. Go on, pay up…”

    YC was shocked but she couldn’t flee. She didn’t want to. She felt the passion of his lips against her face. His half closed gaze was one of wanting. He even had a serious look on his face that she had only seen a few times before.

    “I…” she kept her face covered.

    “I…feel…nervous….so nervous I could curl up and die.” She admitted shyly.

    Bokuto chuckled “Why? Are you nervous?~”

    YC frowned, “That’s all you’re getting…it’s my turn now….” She said before reaching her hands back to lay on his bulky chest before pulling herself up to gently kiss his lips.

    He was shocked but not detoured. That only motivated him to work harder at trying to win their little game. He eagerly kissed back, taking special care to listen and feel for what she desired in their kiss.

    She pushed back into the embrace while letting her eyes slowly soften. She could feel his tongue intruding into her mouth in no time, the eagerness somehow not being overbearing. He made her whole body feel like it was going to melt.

    Her hands slowly moved up and down touching the front of his tshirt, her palms resting on his large soft pecks, in love with his form. Her tongue didn’t demand much when it wrestled with his and he very easily took control, slowly taking over. The two of them fed off of each others energy, the kiss soon getting loud and wet.

    A soft huff left his lips as he briefly pulled away cooing out a sweet taunt, “Gotta try harder than that if you want me to give~”

    She pouted before they returned to the kiss, moving her hands up to rest at the nape of his neck. It didn’t take long until Bokuto had her pulled into his lap. His large rough grip slowly touched away at her hips and sides. He groped her curves, toying with her body while avoiding the blatantly erotic zones. He slid his hands down along the sides and tops of her thighs, his kisses now going from dominant to needy and lust driven. His tongue demanded unlimited access to her.

    Before they knew it, they were both breathing heavily, barely pulled away from each other. YC huffed softly while she studied Bokuto’s expression. She just couldn’t get him to cave. He had such a determined look on his face. She only saw this from him when he was in his competitive mindset. This was a game to him and he had the upper hand. He was determined to show her he wasn’t all bark and no bite, his indulgence caused him to slip into a lust driven trance.

    YC reached up slowly to touch the side of his face. She was so immersed in the moment that she felt all of her fear disappear. Instead she was driven by the competitive tension. She knew what to do to get her way. Speaking ever so softly to get his attention, she uttered out the key word to his heart, “Kotaro…”

    Bokutos expression immediately changed. A bright red tint suddenly filled his cheeks and he looked away. The man had lost his nerve the second she used his first name. He didn’t know what to do next, he was frozen in place. He burried his face in her neck, hugging her close and muttering out, “That’s cheating….”

    YC realized quickly that the mood had shifted. Her partner was embarrassed, so she immediately followed suit. Unlucky for her, her face was already hot from the heat of their kiss.

    Bokuto had a moment of realization similar to YCs earlier that week. The girl who he had worked so hard to impress for so long was now on his lap, letting him indulge in his fantasy. She even called him by his first name. He had more thoughts going through his mind now than ever before.

    “I want her so bad. I want her more than anything. That was so hot, oh my god. I need her now or else I’ll lose my mind.”

    He didn’t even have to think about it, he already knew that he was rock hard and she was millimeters away from pressing up against it once again. He was struggling to fight for control. The urge to push and grind up against her was to much. He was trying so hard to avoid taking over. What was he even supposed to say to her? ‘I wanna rip your clothes off and play with you until the sun comes up and then do it some more???’

    Even he wasn’t that bold. All these thoughts coursed through his mind while he gripped her hips, keeping them at bay and away from his bulge.

    She could tell he was losing his nerve. She figured it was just because of her little power move. She had no idea what was going to happen now. As awkward as she may have felt, she knew she had to step up to avoid yet another night of physical and emotional edging. Now was her moment.

    Sucking up her fear, YC slid her hand from the nape of his neck down to his cheek. Her other hand slid up to his shoulder and her mouth met his once again, a gentle kiss being her way of coaxing him out of her neck, “We had a deal, remember?…”

    Bokuto couldn’t even react initially he was so caught off guard. He soon realized he had fallen into a new type of spiral. He was love drunk and now sinking into this new addiction. He slipped his hands up and down along her back before resting them back on her hips. His shy gaze met hers and he pouted his lips softly, “Are you sure you want to know? I can’t really put it into…words”

    YC nodded softly, gently biting her bottom lip before gently pressing her forehead against his. “A deals a deal…”

    Bokuto loved the look on her face, his body now slowly taking over and acting on its own. He took the gamble and kissed her cheek while closing his eyes and gently pulling her hips forward to sit on his bulging tent, the restriction only growing more intense when it made contact with her clothed warmth.

    YC practically burnt up from shyness. Bokuto pulled away to watch her expression. YC covered her face once more, a soft squeak of embarrassment coming from behind her palms. They both lost the game at this point.

    He gently coaxed her to talk to him with a moment of reassurance, “Do you want to stop?” While moving his hands up to gently hold the outside of her upper arms.

    She shyly shook her head, letting him know that she had no intention of leaving. She wanted to see this through.

    Bokuto smiled and pecked her on the exposed sides of her face. “Okay, your turn. Tell me…”

    She shook her head once again, feeling her embarrassment still bubbling up inside of her. “I…want to keep going…not just for tonight either…” she admitted while retreating back into her curled up hands.

    Bokuto was starting to understand what she meant and he felt his heart skip with joy. A big grin formed, “I’m going all out then, okay?~” he cooed playfully.

    She couldn’t help it. She nodded and slowly plopped herself down on the ground, letting the surge of awkwardness take over until she was on the ground.

    Bokuto chuckled and playfully followed behind her, climbing over her and straddling her hips. He lifted her hands off her face and placed them on his shoulders, advancing in to planting a loving kiss on her lips. No words were needed in that moment. The sexual tension grew with each passing second and before they knew it, they were soon wrestling their tongues once more with a deep and heavy passion.

    YCs hands were rubbing up and down Bokuto’s torso, occasionally pulling him down to press her chest against his during particular deep moments. Amongst their shuffling and petting, she managed to slolwy buck her hips up to press herself up against his prominent crotch.

    As soon as her hips made contact with his lap, he let out a small chuckle, pleased by her body language. His amber stare clouded with desire while his hand slid up and found a handful of her breast.

    He was pleasantly suprised to discover a lack of barrier, the only thing separating the skin to skin being her thin tshirt. The eagerness almost took over as he carefully groped and rubbed. It wasn’t long before he rubbed around and felt her nipples perked under the thin tshirt fabric. He pulled away with a smug grin, pink still lightly tinting his pale cheeks. One thing was on his mind and he had began losing control of his patience and gentleness. “Looks like my guess was right~ You weren’t wearing a bra. You’re really good at hiding it though. I turned the air on and everything, and you just kept your arms over them the whole night~”

    YC gasped in shock, wincing softly when he massaged her bosom. His fingers trailing over her perky buds caused a surge of chills to run up her spine. Goosebumps danced on her already chilled skin, feeling more exposed than ever before, mostly because she had been trying to hide them this entire evening.

    When she received his teasing remark, she looked at him, shocked and amazed at how sneaky he had been. She had to remember thats just because he wasn’t the smartest person she had ever met, didn’t mean he didn’t think. When he was motivated, he had a stunning ability to think ahead. “If what I did earlier was cheating, you rigged the whole game…” she huffed and pouted.

    Bokuto gave her a mischievous look and spoke gently, “I always try my best to get what I want. I’ve waited so long that I had to think in my best interests.~ If I couldn’t get my way, I might as well leave with a good memory for later.” He taunted while brushing his thumb over her clothed bud.

    YC trembled, gently resting her face in the crook of his neck and stifling her pleasured voice. “You didn’t have to say it out loud….that…you think of me when…you..” she trailed off while biting and caressing along the firm muscle tone of his neck.

    Bokuto gasped yearning for more and now whispering gently while his cock pulsed against her clothed excitement. “I do~ All the time~ What about you? Hm?~” he cooed while his hands explored.

    YC nodded slowly, now giving in to his every coo and flirt. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in closer to her awaiting body.

    YC slid her kisses down to Bokuto’s neck and with a nice little bite to his sweet spot, Bokuto jerked his hips into hers as he shivered, now pressing their clothed arousal together. Both of them let out weak moans, Bokuto using it to set a firm rhythm for him to give her a taste of how he wants to ravish her body.

    It didn’t take long for his needy side to come out and he was soon motioning her to rock her hips, his spare hand now leading her rub her heat up against him. He breathed with each kiss and peck she made and soon he spoke his mind, his desires forming a low whisper for YCs ears, “You know what that means right?…I require a lot of attention. I’m gunna bug the heck out of you all the time you know?”

    When she processed the comment he had just made, she felt a weight lift off her shoulders. “As long as you promise to never stop needing me~”

    Bokuto started to ever so slowly lose the last of his grip on his patience. He pressed his forehead to hers, closing his eyes and letting out a muffled pant.

    He paused the kisses for a moment, slowly sliding his hands under her shirt, excited to feel the bare skin of her curves. His digits danced up her belly, admiring the contours and edges of her soft hot skin. He trailed his thumb over the peak of her bust playing with the erect nipples Once his palm pressed on the hot bare skin of her breast.

    YC kissed the side of his head, her heart racing from the realization that they were taking things to the next level. Her tender breasts were already sensitive from the cold and his hot hands created a lewd sensation to course through her. Goosebumps appeared and her buds became fully erect. “B-Bokuto~”

    The sound of her letting out small moans, her eyes shutting from the embarrassment of making such lewd noises, the sight of her smooth skin peaking out from under the shirt motivated his next move. He may have been explorative but it was obvious he knew what he was doing.

    “Hey…say my first name again.” He cooed while moving his palms down and hooking his thumbs at the hem of her shirt, slowly pulling up.

    His bulge was definitely in her way and now she has to decide to make that big step. A very big step according to the girth of his tightly restricted member. starred into his amber eyes with a gentle expression, completely submitting to his touch before whispering his name softly, “Kotaro…”

    That was far more attractive than he expected. Even though he accepted that things were escalating fast and he knew hid next move, such bold moves caused him to swallow a lump in his throat as he inched closer to a sight he had only dreamt of. This was completely different than anything he had come face to face with before He lifted her shirt up over her breasts, his piercing gaze making its way to her beautiful bare torso.

    YC gently lifted her hands over her breasts, covering Bokuto’s view. He wasn’t to happy about that. He pouted before moving her wrists to pin them next to her head. His grip was firm enough to make sure she couldn’t budge. With a hungry beam, he leaned in kissing and softly licking along her breasts. He placed his mouth on her right bosom, sucking briefly on her nipple before gently tugging it with his teeth.

    YC yelped out softly, shivering and protesting the pleasure, “H-Hey! That’s…Nnh~ Please…They’re sensetive…” she admitted, not wanting him to stop but also being to bashful to keep her excitement down.

    He was completely in love with the appearance of her bare chest. Every curve, contour, and mound was so unique to her body. He could feel his tip dampening his boxers. They had been dry humping and grinding for so long by this point that his appendage ached. He needed to act on relieving some tension soon.

    His voice added to the cacophony of their intimacy. “I didn’t think you’d sound this cute” he mentioned with a moody pout while he pulled away, releasing her hands and unbuttoning his jeans to let his mound breathe.

    She watched him pull away, her eyes now following his hands as they worked to free himself from his confinement. Her heart raced fast, reality setting in in a whole new way. “Bokuto~ I….” She trailed off as she stared at his large bulky frame hovering over her.

    The sight of her lips being lightly swollen from their constant sucking and nibbling added insult to injury. He watched her eyes widened upon seeing his tent taking up a considerable amount of room from his boxers. His mound throbbed and pulsed with flattery. Her surprise gave him a shiver of confidence and fueled his ambition.

    Leaning forward, he bit down tenderly on her left nipple adding to the love bites he scattered on her neck and chest. His digits danced down her torso from her breasts to her tummy, and in no time they had her pants down her thighs, “Hey hey…don’t forget….I want you to call me by my first name.” He whispered softly.

    Bokuto had every right to feel impressed. YC was now curious just to see how intense he really was. His size was impressive to say the least. So far he was no slacker when it came to foreplay so when he but down on one of her most gentle areas

    YC complied, panting his name into the kiss, “Kotaro please~ I….I love…” she trailed off, to bashful to finish the sentence

    He moved his hand to hold her cheek, “I do too…”

    He spoke in a hushed tone, a serious look in his eyes, “I want you to be mine….and only mine.~”

    He pecked her lips. “You’re all I think about… all the time…I want to be selfish and take you all to myself.”

    YN blushed, giving in to his moody demands and nodding softly. “Please stay by my side~”

    She gently lifted her hips to help him get her pants off of her legs. Her own hand went behind her to tug at the hem of his jeans.

    When Bokuto picked up on her body language he perked up, jumping into action. Once she began to tug on his clothes, he wasted no time sitting up and quickly sliding his pants off his legs. He took a moment To appreciate the scene, her black panties covering not nearly as much as he thought they would. He then ripped off his shirt, throwing it off to the side with the rest of their clothes

    His hand reached down to pull her body close to him, cupping her backside, his hips reconnecting to hers while his large palms enjoying the handful. He grinned and began kissing and biting at the curve of her neck once more, realizing that his favorite thing to do was to kiss her delicate skin.

    YC gasped when she felt him take a handful of her backside, only to softly giggle at the feel of his lips on her neck. She felt so much more relaxed now that they had confessed, yet the sexual tension only seemed to escalate. Her giggle shifted to a breathy moan in a matter of seconds.

    He slid his hand up from her tender behind and along her side, his kisses slowly reaching to travel up to her earlobe. He began to nip at her soft lone while his other hand made its way down her lower abdomen to the lining of her panties.

    YC shivered when he began toying with her ear lobe. The way he bit and bucked his hips felt primal. His clothed member ground up against her covered folds. Goosebumps formed and covered her skin, giving away just how truly excited she was. By the time his hand began to wander, her hand slowly reaching up to hold the side of his head while he kissed her.

    He noticed her soft skin prickling under his fingertips and he paused his teasing to nuzzle his face into her hand. With a soft kiss he soon spoke up, “Still Nervous?” He asked while stopping his hands from venturing any further.

    YC turned her head a bit to meet his gaze, nodding her head and pecking his lips to answer back softly, “Of course I am…I’ve wanted this for so long….now it’s for real…”

    Knowing she felt the same was reassuring. The only negativity he felt was the regret of not acting on his urges sooner. “I guess I shouldn’t keep you waiting then…I won’t let you down then…I’ll do my best,” he said with hungry voice

    “Kotaro….” She whispered his name again while touching the side of his face.

    He smiled softly, using a soft kiss to her temple to relax her while he slipped his hand onto the front of her panties. He made sure to rub along the crevic of her heat, paying extra attention to add pressure to her most sensitive spot. The gentle petting and edging was something he was excited to indulge on. Making sure he could pleasure her the whole night was a dream of his that he was ready to make a reality right now. He watched her carefully while touching and caressing her soaked slit, brushing the tips over her awaiting clit to gage her sensetivity

    YC let out a quiet yip, “Aa-aah!~” she whimpered when his fingers grazed along her awaiting bud.

    He loved the sound of her voice but he loved what he felt under his fingers even more. Dampness had already taken over her heat, “I barely touched you and you already sound this cute~” he taunted.

    She tried to remain still as he began to circle his fingers around the bud. Her mind was already racing and she couldn’t argue back. Her spare hand held his tough shoulders, marveling at how hot and flushed his skin was. She had only seen his skin turn this gentle hue of pink when he was drunk. She would soon come to realize that he was drunk. He was drunk off of her body and now she was partaking in the same debauchery.

    The way he only gently grazed her most tender button was truly a sign that he was going to rally her lust. She rocked her hips into his hand, her ass pressing against his bulging mound and practically pushing herself into his lap despite laying under him. She wanted him to know that she wanted so much more.

    With his dick twitching eagerly, he rocked his hips against hers, teasing her wetness and letting it dampen his boxers before applying pressure from the tips of his fingers to her soft bud. His digits easily slipped over her clit, already damp, fully aroused, and eager for attention. They worked at a gentle speed, establishing his rhythm quickly based on her reactions and pleas for more.

    Excited gasps left YCs lips as she felt his fingers begin to touch on her eager bud. Arousal displayed on her cool skin and with each rub and flick of her bud she could feel herself melting under his fingertips. She could already tell by how attentive he was being that he only wanted to please her and he was doing so well already. It made her even more excited to see how fun this would be.

    Bokuto watched her closely, his digits feeding into each reaction she gave him. Her hips rocked forward into his fingers so she could get as much pleasure as possible. Knowing how delicate her body was with pleasure, it wasn’t long before she felt herself nearing the edge. She let out small yelps, pants, and whimpers.

    Shivers, whimpers, and the prickle of hot breath, flooded Bokuto’s senses. There was so much chemistry between the two that they could both feel the fireworks of compatibility firing off wuth each touch. A big grin filled the frosted haired mans expression and he kissed her cheek before removing his hand from her panties and licking and sucking on his middle and ring finger.

    YC watched, soon reaching her hands up to hide her face from the embarrassment. He frowned, using his other hand to move her hands from her face, “I won’t let you keep doing that. Look at me…please.”

    YC felt like her face was on fire and all she could do was nod while looking into his love lacquered gaze.

    He moved his hand back between her legs, his fingers gently caressing and teasing over her entrance. It wasn’t long before she heard his playful coos. “Don’t be embarrassed~ You look so tasty I couldn’t resist.” His lubricated fingers slipping into her upon the last word leaving his lips.

    YC may have felt shy from his teasing, but that quickly disappeared when she was taken over by his thick fingers penetrating her hole. He filled her cave with such a slow and careful stroke, carefully feeling for her sweet spots. His extremities reacted to each gasp and moan moving on instinct while all of his focus went to a half lidded stare at her gorgeous face.

    Her hole was slick and tight. The snug feel was enough to drive him mad with anticipation. He wanted to just fuck her senseless already but the need to see her a dripping and begging mess came first. He wanted to see her a complete mess with pleasure so that he could savor every moment that they shared tonight.

    She resisted the urge to press her hips back against him, failing miserably as he curled his fingertips to her gspot.She didn’t want to seem so weak and pathetic right off the bat, but it just caused her to whine out his name with the most pitiful voice. “Hng-Ko-Kotar-Kotaro!~”

    He couldn’t take it. He pulled his fingers out with a satisfying schlick and yanked her panties to the side so he could see her soft lower lips. He pressed her legs up, holding them in place before dragging his tongue over her soaked slit, soon diving his tongue into the divot that housed her clit. He began rubbing along it with his tongue, loving the taste of her sopping heat with each flick of her bud.

    YC whined and begged, her gasps being the only thing to separate her needy moans. His tongue quickly worked at her most fragile bundle of nerves, causing her core to flutter with a desperate throb. She trembled, throwing her head back and desperately holding on to the carpet. That wasn’t enough, her mind was foggy and her hips bucked.

    Within seconds he was soon taking long greedy licks, his lips occasionally sucking on her bud in between impatient kisses. It wasn’t long until his touch slid along the epicenter of her slick juices. His tongue managed to snake its way into her hole, eagerly licking and exploring. He loved the way she tasted, how hot her skin had become, how she was starting to completely submit to his touch.

    YC let out a few desperate coos, aching for more. She was getting close. Her body took over and her hands ended up in his hair, gripping it and disheveling it as she held on tight.

    That only motivated Bokuto to target her sweet spot, his tongue sliding up to her desperate clit. He was going to push her over the edge in the best way he knew how. It didn’t take genius to know that the way she reacted when he played with it meant she loved it. His tongue went to work, enjoying each one of her intense pleas while she tugged on his now messy white hair.

    Drool dripped from her chin as she felt her orgasm approaching. “Kotaro!~” She called out his name as a warning and Bokuto swiftly jumped into action.

    He pulled her hips up closer to his face, holding her folds open by tightly gripping her thighs and cheeks, one hand lightly slapping the side of her ass upon making contact.

    YC shivered, trying not to thrash her legs as she felt herself cumming. Her hands quickly came up to her mouth, releasing his now disheveled hair. She covered her mouth as she came hard, bucking her hips up to his face and curling her toes.

    Bokuto eagerly licked up her juices, using the freedom of her orgasm to open up room for another one. He slipped his middle and ring fingers directly into her convulsing heat.

    YC quickly bucked and rocked her hips, trembling and shaking when he presses into her gspot. Her back arched and her hands desperately moved to grip the carpet under them.

    Bokuto watched her squirm and wiggle under him. Her breasts and curves bounced beautifully, causing Bokuto to stare hungrily at her, his cock now being painfully repressed from how desperate he was. It motivated him to plunged and pushed against her gspot. He sat up straight, pulling her hips close to his and pushing his palm up against her clit.

    YC quaked, her body unable to contain its excitement. He kept her orgasm going, not letting it end and instead igniting another one. She couldn’t stay tense forever. Eventually she collapsed under his touch, trembling and shuddering as his palm stimulated her clit. She couldn’t hold herself back now and she let out a loud and lewd moan, her cunt now dripping with arousal and soaking Bokuto’s hand.

    That was probably the hottest thing that the man had ever seen. He couldn’t resist his urges any longer. Especially when he watched her once chilly skin now starting the bead sweat over all of her sweet spots. Even the front of her panties were soaking wet. All of this was only illuminated by the blue glow of the tv

    He slid his fingers out of her slippery cave, loving the slick sound her pussy made. His hand slipped the front of his now soaked boxers down, his thick member popping out while he leaned in, kissing her lips while he whispered to her, “YC…” he spoke while rubbing the thick length along her inner thighs, letting her feel how ready he was.

    His hand guided itself down to his veiny pulsing girth. All it wanted to do was to stuff itself inside of YC, it didn’t matter how, it just craved relief. He rubbed the tip of his cock along her soaked panties, placing a shy peck to her cheek as he lifted one of her legs up from behind her knee

    YC was still coming down from the work he put in with his mouth and fingers, she wasnt prepared for when she suddenly felt a new sensation pressing against her damp panties. She knew that she couldn’t take the wait any longer. With a gentle bite and nip at Bokuto’s lower lip, she rocked her hips up against his tip, motioning her panties to be pushed aside.

    Bokuto’s soft kisses served as a distraction to the both of them. Both of them felt as their arousal began to slip and slide against eachother, only causing them to both moan and gasp into the kiss. He rocked his hips slowly, making sure to push and press his member past her thinly clothed heat and to graze his tip over her begging hole.

    They both let out soft moans of relief when the heat of her lower lips pressed against his shaft. Bokuto focused on sliding the head directly over her clit, pleasuring both of them while he mentally prepared to burry himself into his lover.

    YC shivered and bucked her hips as her thighs tried to instinctively close from how sensitive she still was. She gasped softly when she felt his tip attempt to slide over the well lubricated entrance. She realized quickly that he was built thickly in more ways than one. A gentle whisper left her lips to get his attention, only pausing to gently return his soft pecks, “Bokuto…I love….you…” each pause being embraced with a kiss.

    He blushed a gentle pink when he finally heard her say it out loud. He pouted and looked into her eyes softly, “I wanted to say it first…” he moped while pulled her leg up to rest on his hip. He resumed the kiss, his teeth bit and tugged on her bottom lip, showing off his passion.

    YC pulled him in tight, one arm wrapping under his arm to hold his bare back and the other holding onto his cheek as she fought the kiss. She slowly slithered her tongue into his mouth, grinding her hips closer to his.

    Bokuto let out a soft moan when she slid her tongue into his mouth. He immediately melted to the will of her tongue. Now was as good a time as ever, he was moving according to the desires of his body. His hips moved on their own, taking over as he finally dipped the tip of his dick into her dripping hole. Feeling a chill run up his back from pure bliss as soon as the heat engulfed the head of his cock, he found himself greedily stuffing the majority of it, right into her drenched pussy.

    “Fuck…” he growled softly into the kiss.

    “A-ahh~ Oh god~….” YC whimpered out, trying to muffle her voice in the kiss.

    The two both let out their surprised lewd moans, causing both of them to pause to adjust to the intense sensations. It only took a moment before Bokuto began to rock and stroke his hips against YCs, stuffing her hole more with each thrust. He slid his hands down to hold her hips in place while he shoved his cock into her firmly, “Fuck… it’s to good YC~”

    YC leaned her head back, letting out a louder moan when he crowded himself into her further. She was surprised to discover he still had so much more to give, marveled by the sheer girth of his dick. Not only was it the tight fit, just finally being physically united with Bokuto was euphoric. He filled her in such a new and intense way. His cock was so thick and defined, able to even feel the distinct vein running along it when she focused on how he felt inside of her. She clung to him tightly, wrapping her leg up to rest on his lower back. “B-Boku…bokut-ahh~” she was a moaning mess.

    She wasn’t alone. Bokuto was in shock from how delightfully hot and slick her tunnel was. It may have just been the strength of their chemistry but he had never felt this delightful. The way her pussy encased him so perfectly, the sounds it made with each thrust, how slick and ready it was for him to use as his. Everything about it was addicting. Now that he had her, his body still craved more. All he could do was pull away from the kiss, ripping off the rest of her shirt and resuming his powerful and steady rhythm with his hands tightly gripping her sides, his goal now being to watch her breasts and curves bounce with each whip of his hips.

    YC cried out, whining when he briefly stopped, only to become a moaning mess when he resumed. Each firm stroke made it feel like he was hitting the back of her desperate cave. The passion sent her into a trance as her eyes focused on the gorgeously sculpted form over her. He was truly successful at proving that he wanted to satisfy her body in every possible way.

    He reached his hand up, grasping her breast while roughly rocking his hips forward to push himself in deeper, their hips clapping together loudly. His eyes wandered and his strokes slowed while he took a moment to take it all in. His hand only fondled for a bit, sliding back down to hold her hips while he watched himself stretch her hole every time he pushed himself inside of her. A devious grin resurfaced and his hand slid down to her stomach, pressing down when he began to speed his thrusts up, keeping the same strength behind each thrust.

    Wet sounds were quickly filling the room and YCs moans we’re starting to mix in with them. She felt like he was breaking her open with each ram, the overindulgence making her mind go completely blank. “M-More~ please~” she couldn’t help but desperately beg for more, moaning out in a lewd voice between every firm thrust.

    Bokuto couldn’t resist rocking and rolling his hips to meet hers. He breathed heavily, his own grunts and pleas mixing with hers. She felt better than he had ever imagined. He didn’t know if it was the thrill of finally getting his chance with her or if it was just her body being made for him, but all he knew was he was already addicted. Such passion only made their much awaited pleasure so much more fulfilling. Bokuto could only sink deeper into bliss, his usually wide eyes now lidded and starring down at her, just starting to ravage her with all his might

    Her body bounced into his desperately after each slam to her gspot. He could hear the slaps, claps, and splashed while he filled and stuffed her in just the right way, making her body convulse and react to each slam. It didn’t take long for her to reach her peak once more.

    YCs body felt like an euphoric electricity coursed through it. Her skin raised with goosebumps and her eyes lidded, lust being the only expression present on her face. She had never felt herself get pushed to her limit quite like this, in that moment, her only regret was not giving her body up to him sooner. Her orgasm was completely reinvented, causing her to let out a loud and passionate cry of bliss.

    Bokuto winced when he felt her pussy squeeze tightly around him. She was going to cum soon and her hole was overstimulating his cock with each pulse. This caused him to buck into her hard, shoving his entire girth inside of her in one firm thrust, holding it against her gspot while he held her face close to his, staring into her eyes half lidded as he whined quietly against her lips. He was fiercely holding his composure, trying not to release then and there. His dick was drowning in pleasure, making his body desperately hold on to her hips to hold her in place.

    YC came hard, her walls tightly sucking him in. “Ko-Kotaro~ Ahh…” she whimpered against his lips as her walls pulsed and squeezed, finally starting to relax.

    Kotaro shivered, closing his eyes as her hole clamped and massaged his length. This is was bad, he could feel himself already getting close to the edge.

    Precum leaked out of his tip and as soon as her body relaxed, he slid himself out of her, kissing her cheeks and forehead before pulling out and quickly guiding her hips to lay her on her stomach.

    YC was weak from her repeated orgasms, practically seeing double by the time she realized she was being turned onto her stomach. “I…I’m still…calming..” she could barely speak as she tried to calm down.

    Bokuto stared at her bare ass in awe, unable to look away or hear what she was saying. He wanted to dive his face right in but a different need of his ached. He climbed over her, rubbing his hands up against her plump cheeks before spreading them to marvel at the view. He starred at her drenched cunt, soon pushing his shaft between her cheeks for just a moment, his tip making its way back inside her in no time.

    YC let out a sensitive moan, her voice trembling when he re-entered. She gripped the carpet desperately, feeling as he squeezed into the now tighter fit and right into her sweet spot. “K-Kotaro~”

    Bokuto quickly realized that he made a vital mistake. The tighter angle did nothing to service him holding back his arousal. His hips were now closer to hers than ever, her ass perked against his hips just right, her moans lewder than ever and his cock was snug inside of her. He leaned over, kissing and biting his shoulder as he tried to slowly stroke to preserve his climax. It wasn’t working.

    YC shuddered, moaning as the pressure from his figure mixed with the sensations of his teeth sinking into her shoulder. She reached her hands up to cover her mouth, her emotions over flowing with each smack to her aching pussy. He had managed to keep her entirely on edge the whole time, now was no different. She felt like there was no end to his ability to satisfy her and her moans reflected that.

    He couldn’t hold back, his tip leaked but he couldn’t find the strength to pull back. Instead his lips traveled up her neck and to her cheeks, motioning her to kiss him. To make sure of this, he snaked his hands up the back of her neck and to the base of her skull, grabbing her by the base of her hair and aiming her face to his. He wanted to kiss her desperately but he also did this to hush her moans. He loved them so much that they were pushing him over the edge. He couldn’t control his hips anymore, they just smacked and plunged into her backside, causing her ass to move in waves with each hard smack.

    She began to reach her end once more, the sheer force of his hips edging her closer and closer. She drooled into the kiss, moaning and trying to warn him of her approaching orgasm once more, her body now unable to keep up with the pleasure overload. When his hands tangled into her hair and began to tug, it was like a switch was flipped and her body caved in on her. Her walls began to close in on him again, just pulling him in as they pulsed.

    He was so focused on maintaining his own mental fortitude that he didn’t consider her body giving in so quickly. He had pulled away from the kiss, now pushing her face down against the carpet while gripping her hair. When she came hard once again, he couldn’t hold back this time. He slammed himself in one good time before feeling a cord of tension snap.

    “Ah-“ he moaned out harshly while a shock wave of pleasure coursed through his entire being.

    He began to cum, the first wave being completely unavoidable before he forced his cock out of her soft hole. His seed spilled out of the tip of his cock and onto her cheeks. He rested his cock on the split of her backside, holding her hips with his hands and watching as it jerked and flinched while releasing onto her back.

    Sweat beaded on her skin, mixing with his seed. It was a beautiful view and he soon found himself slowly starting to gain his composure. He soon blushed a deep red and nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck while apologizing, “Sorry…I came inside a bit…” he admitted.

    YC was still coming down, somehow far more out of breath than him. Three orgasms is more than enough to where someone out, especially after they had essentially just been used as a hole. When the mental fog cleared, she was made aware of Bokuto’s guilty little pout. She could only giggle quietly before moving to turn onto her back, still in a state of euphoria. She could only pull him into a deep kiss, her tongue sliding back into his mouth to convey a very promiscuous message.

    Bokuto’s eyes widened as he kissed her, surprised at how bold she had suddenly become. His member didn’t even have time to fully soften from satisfaction, he already craved more. It grazed against her folds once more, able to tell that it was dampened further by his release. His tongue fought for dominance with hers, his hands reaching down to grip her by her ass.

    She roughly tugged and bit at his lip, bucking her hips up against his to beg for more. She was high off his touch, his rhythm, him in general. She had never experienced such chemistry, she wasn’t satisfied yet.

    Bokuto was in the same boat, already sensitive to her will as it was. Nothing could have prepared him for how euphoric her body was. His hands went to work, no longer focused on love making but just eager to fuck her relentlessly. His control left him long ago and he pulled her legs up to hook at his hips. His grip on her ass turned into a rough slap, barely able to hold back the same force he used in his powerful cross court shots. That was going to leave a print on her complexion, no doubt about it.

    The grip returned to her cheeks and he found himself shoving his cock back inside of her dripping hole, his face breaking away from the pleasure.

    They both let out a passionate sound once more, YC now clawing into his back and pulling down.

    Bokuto purred from pleasure, only able to gasp out, “God YC…I love you~” he pleaded before smacking his hips against hers with all his might

    YC began to let out yelps of lust, her voice unable to be contained as he hit the back of her dripping cunt over and over and over. Her eyes began to drift up and her body collapsed under his touch.

    Bokuto latched onto one of her breasts, sucking and biting at her nipples with each thrust. He loved marking up her body now that he was able to claim her in more ways than one. When he watched her face begin to blank out, he knew he had to finish her off on the best note possible.

    Bokuto pushed her thighs up grasping the backs of her ankles and forcing his bodyweight forward. She was pressed up into a folded position while his cock plunged inside the deepest divot of her entrance. He was going to fill her in more ways than one. It was already crazy intense with the way her pussy dripped from the mix of their juices, but now there was nothing to stop him. He was going to breed her until they couldn’t move anymore.

    YC hadn’t ever been taken to this level. The sting of his hand print on her ass cheek never went away. It only mixed and blended into the pleasure, making her just buck her hips into his more. Hearts were in her eyes as she continued to claw into his back and now tugging on her short hair. Her tongue tangled with his. Her body gave in to his, and in seconds, she was folded up, now taking every bit of his massive girth. She couldn’t even form words anymore, just desperate whines as her cunt quivered.

    Bokuto was nearing his peak. The constant thrusting went on and in and on, being driven by excitement and lust. They had been at it for hours by this point and this final position was the grandiose final stretch. Her pussy was pulsing, signifying her getting close. His dick hadn’t stopped leaking since he slid it back into her. Now he was truly getting close.

    YC began to cry out from pleasure, one final orgasm bringing her to become a complete mess. She released onto him, dampening the front of his groin while he continued to slap his hips into her.

    Bokuto felt himself edging closer and before he knew it he started to cum hard, still thrusting with all his might and causing semen to pour out of her along with her own fluids. After several strong pumps, he couldn’t keep up. His legs went weak and the gave out on him, causing him to have to catch himself with his hands as he watched her lost gaze.

    YC shivered, feeling his hot seed fill her up completely. As she slowly calmed down, she eventually looked directly into his gaze, her ears ringing and her body tingling from her head to her toes.

    Bokuto pumped a few more times, letting the rest of his release leak into the overcrowded hole. He gently kissed her forehead before pulling away and watching his now softening cock slide out of her, completely drenched in their fluids and still dripping cum. He stared at her abused hole, loving how it dripped with his seed, watching it pour and drip out into a puddle on the floor.

    YC eventually spoke up, slowly composing herself and looking up at him while she slowly sat up, “Bokuto…that was…amazing..” she admitted shyly.

    The man chuckled, soon pulling her into his lap to kiss her forehead. “If you thought that was amazing, be prepared to have your mind blown a lot~” he kissed her cheeks, “Well…more than just your mind actually~”

    YC blushed a bright red before smacking his now dewy chest playfully, “Way to ruin a moment..” she said shyly with a pout.

    Bokuto smiled and nuzzled into her neck, “I can make it up to you…. I’ll scrub your back~” he cooed softly.

    YC smiled, chuckling and teasing back, “Who said I would let you into the shower with me?~”

    “Can I at least peak?” He asked playfully

    And with that, the two had officially become a couple. Their chemistry and lust for each other was unmatched and they had many many many more wonderful nights like this ahead of them.

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