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    Those Nights At Mari’s Ch 20- The mysterious voice.

    Inside the office where Kyumi, Michael, Scott, Jean, Velma and Scooby, the new security guards and a former security guard were on the lookout, Michael and Scott were on the left and stood next to the buttons and Scooby and Jean was on the right. Kyumi sat on the chair and eyed on the tablet, Velma was standing next to her, they only see the stage where Freddy, Marinette, Bonnie, Izuku, Chica and Shaggy, were standing and their eyes were covering with shadow and can’t see their eyes but were smiling and ignored the camera, Bonnie and Izuku had their guitars, Chica and Shaggy have their cupcakeatronics, Shaggycake and Scoobycake were on Shaggy’s shoulders. Michael asked her, “Kyumi, did anyone step out of the stage?”

    “No, they’re still there.” Kyumi shook her head and looked up at the former security, “Why?” 

    “About 3 AM, they can walk out of the stage and will make you search for them.” The former security crossed his arms, she took a look at the tablet, Freddy, Marinette, Bonnie, Izuku, Chica and Shaggy were staring at the camera that way like can see through her with their blanked irises, she exclaimed in surprise a little, “They’re watching the camera, they like can see through me.”

    Soon the six of them quickly turned their heads and looked away from the camera, Michael gave her a warning, “You must hear so carefully and luckily, Scooby can hear because he's a dog.”

    “R rill relp rou ro ret rou rnow rf rhey’re rere rt rhe roors.- I will help you to let you know if they’re here at the doors.” Scooby turned his head toward them, Kyumi seemed pleased and gave him a smile, “Thank you, I can’t hear so strong because I’m a fully human now. I really need your help.”

    Scooby gave her a thumb up, Jean smiled a little and let out a gentle chuckle, “I never thought you can thumb up.”

    “Rererere!- Hehehehe!” Scooby laughed with a smile, suddenly he heard the footsteps and turned his head, “R rust reard rootsteps.- I just heard footsteps.”

    Kyumi and Velma took a look at the tablet, Bonnie and Izuku were gone! Left to Freddy, Marinette, Chica and Shaggy standing on the stage and she started searching for the former and new guitarists all of the rooms until she suddenly saw the white pupils were staring through the camera and inside the backstage, it’s Bonnie and Izuku, they were staring through the camera with creepy smiles. Velma shivered and felt chills through her spines, “They’re smiling creepily….” 

    “I understand how you feel.” Michael agreed and he sighed, “Surely Bonnie never changes….”

    “Really?” She was surprised to hear him, still eyeing on the tablet and watching the screen, the screen clicked into black and she was puzzled, “What happened?”

    “Don’t worry, the screen will appear and go back to normal but Bonnie and Izuku will go walk and you will find them.” The former security guard stood next to the buttons and the door, “Trust me, Logan Jr.”

    “Logan…. Jr.?” Kyumi turned her head toward him and sweatdropped, “You mean I’m the second Logan?”

    “Yea.” He nodded, Kyumi huffed in uneasiness and found Bonnie was standing through the chairs and Izuku was with him also staring at the camera where they’re in the party room. Michael also commented, “The Humanatronics are more creepy and stealth, I’ve never forgotten their abilities, they’re not acting like robots, they’re fully human but they can change their eyes to creepy. They have the strength of animatronics to easily grab us and stuff us into the suits.”

    “Expect.” She agreed, Scooby warned them and pointed a paw-finger at the door, “Ronnie rnd Rzuku rre rere!- Bonnie and Izuku are here!”        

    Scott quickly pressed the button to turn the light on, Bonnie and Izuku were eyeing Kyumi, the former security guard punched the button and caused the door to close, the loud sound from the door was already closed tightly. Kyumi sighed in relief, “That’s good and they’re just staring at me like that.”

    “Strange, I know Freddy and his group always target me because I share remembles to my father.” The former security guard stated himself, he commented to the new security guard, “I think they now put the target on you.”

    Kyumi nodded slowly and furrowed her eyebrow, “I think so.”

    She heard the voice echoed, calling her and she asked them, “Did you hear that?”

    “Hear what/Rear rhat?” Michael, Scott, Jean, Velma and Scooby said in unison and stared at her, she was confused, “You can’t hear the voice?”

    The former security guard, new security guards and a Great Dane shook their heads, she kept hearing the voice and had no choice but to hand Velma the tablet, “I’m sorry you guys but I need to find where the voice came from.”

    “Kyumi?!” Michael exclaimed, she turned her head toward them, “Keep check and I will be back.”

    She left, left to Michael, Scott, Jean, Velma and Scooby as she carefully sneaked without any noise, she barely can see Bonnie, Izuku, Chica and Shaggy were walking during dark. 

    ‘Right now, I need more evidence about the missing kids and…. Afton family.’ Kyumi thought as she entered the entrance and halted, started touching the wall to search for the secret button, finally she found it and the door from the wall opened, she smiled with a whisper, “Piece of cake.”

    She went through the dark hallway, didn’t know Ben and Masumi were staring at her with white pupils. Masumi was climbing on the ceiling like Spiderman, these two just entered the dark hallway where the new security guard went.        

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    Those Nights At Mari’s Ch 19- The new security guards.

    Soon after the sun went down, Kyumi took a deep breath in and out, stretching her knuckles, “Alright, let’s go.”

    She fixed her new security hat and hid her hair inside. She disliked that straw hat because of her canine ears and she had new black fingerless gloves. She wore a purple rolled sleeved shirt with a black tank inside, black pants and shoes. Soon the sun went down and the sky turned into night blue, her clawy fingernails soon turned back to normal as a fully human and she huffed, “Guess I have to find the evidence what the Inspectors ask me to. And Father told me that Freddy-san and his crew, Ben-kun and the teens were already inside these restaurants.”

    “Rait!-Wait!” A voice of a dog exclaimed and it’s Scooby, Scooby will assist her as a security dog, he wore a black collar with a security badge that belongs to the restaurants. And the third, fourth, fifth and sixth partners, Michael, Scott, Jean and Velma, wore the same uniforms as Kyumi’s. Kyumi seemed impressed, “You look so good.”

    “Rhank rou- Thank you.” Scooby blushed and giggled sheepishly, Kyumi was ready and smiled, “Let’s go to these restaurants.”

    “Reah!-Yeah!” Scooby was ready too and they entered the third restaurant, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. She opened the door and let Scooby, Michael and Scott, Jean and Velma enter, then she entered. They headed for the office, seemed a little old and there was a fan, small TVs, and a phone and also a small cupcake on the radio on the right. The wall has a poster, the papers with drawing pictures, Kyumi seemed interesting, “So Father told me about this office where he worked.”

    “Means you are the next Logan Howlett, like dad, like daughter.” Michael stated, “You’re like him.”

    “That’s true.“ Scott agreed, Kyumi brought the bottle with hot coffee for the night. She added, “The coffee for me because I’m fully human.”

    “Rour rair rs rlack recause rou’re rully ruman?- Your hair is black because you’re fully human?” Scooby asked her with a furrowed eyebrow, Kyumi explained and sat on the chair, “The hybrid between human and demons like me when the New Moon appears, the demonic powers will disappear and become fully humans. In my old home (Feudal Era), we, hybrid demons and humans, had to hide ourselves safely so we couldn't show the enemies our weaknesses.”

    Scooby, Michael, Scott, Jean and Velma were shocked to hear her, the Great Dane lowered his ears and gave her comfort by lifting his chin on her lap, Kyumi blinked her eye and smiled a little, “Thank you Scooby-kun, you are a good comforter.”

    Scooby smiled and felt satisfied when his buddy patted him on the head, suddenly they heard something as Michael noticed the tablet before picking it and took a look at the screen, he called for her and a dog, “Kyumi! Scooby! Scott! Jean! Velma!”

    “Hmm?” Kyumi used the chair and used her legs and feet to walk while sitting on the chair, “What is it?”

    “Look.” Michael pointed at the screen, Kyumi, Scooby, Scott and Jean took a look at the screen. It’s Freddy, Bonnie and Chica just walking and they were talking to each other, plus Marinette, Izuku and Shaggy were with these three, Logan, Ben and Masumi were chatting together. 

    Inside the diner where Marinette, Freddy and their crews were chatting, Marinette wondered, “Wondering who’s the security guard, Henry didn’t tell the name.”

    “Like, Kyumi told us that she and Scoob will sleep inside Michael’s house, that’s good and they’re safe.” Shaggy said, Izuku nodded, “And everyone is safe too.”

    Masumi’s friends, the teens, a boy, the inspectors, detectives and a lawyer. Ben’s old teammates, Kevin, Gwen and Rook. The Mystery Inc, Fred, Daphne and Velma. They’re in the houses of Henry’s and Michael’s. Masumi put her hands on the back of her head, “Henry told us to go to this restaurant, but what about the other two restaurants?”

    “If I remember correctly, this restaurant has a secret door from the wall from the entrance room we just entered, which leads through the hallway to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and to Fredbear and Friends restaurants.” Logan crossed his arms, Izuku raised his eyebrows in surprise, “That’s why the walls from restaurant to these restaurants we saw and were puzzled, the walls are actually hallways.”

    “Yeah.” Logan tilted his head a little, Goldine, Freddy and their friends wore their outfits for the restaurant, also the new actors wore their outfits. Marinette blushed when Ben looked so handsome with a pirate outfit, her face soon blushing and the steam appeared from her as Masumi giggled, “I bet you as a leader and he’s the pirate, look good for a couple.”

    Marinette turned her head and gave the uneven canine toothed girl a cute annoyed face, gave her a gentle punch on her arm, “Stop teasing me!”

    The echo of the bell jingle from the clock, Masumi suddenly cringed, “I recognized that bell jingle….”

    “Wha-” Ben moved his emerald eyes toward her before the shadow started covering his eyes and frowned a little, same with others. Freddy, Marinette, Bonnie, Izuku, Chica and Shaggy started walking to the stage and standing on their spots, Ben and Masumi headed for the Pirate Cove and now inside. Lastly Logan and Goldine teleported and disappeared to hide themselves so the security guards wouldn’t find them. 

    Inside the office where the six security guards stood and staring at the tablet, they heard the bell jingle ringing as Michael said, “It’s ready, it’s 12:00 AM.”

    “Ok, we need to watch and be on your guard.” Kyumi gave them a warning before work as the security guards, these five.

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    Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie

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    Bonnie Logan

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    Happy Valentine's Day!! ❤

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