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  • ichoric
    21.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago
    @trckstaer ( deimos ) said: ❛ I love you completely, and you loved me the same. The rest is confetti. ❜

    love freezes at the words. they aren’t unwelcome, not in the least — her son’s sincerity washing over her while she tries to savor the moment. she often wishes she held more in common with her twins, albeit unbearably proud of their strength and ambition. fearsome in war, and her cherished sons once they return to her. aphrodite sucks in a breath before pulling deimos into an adoring hug.

    ‘ you are wholeheartedly loved, baby. you have a gentle heart, one i will always protect fiercely. you will only know love. the rest is all confetti. ‘

    #trckstaer#m: aphrodite #this quote Breaks me #I love it
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  • planethunter
    21.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    i think i pulled a muscle in my abdomen while sleeping and i don't think dancing while i was out earlier helped oh well whatever this is gonna be tomorrow everly's problem im so tired

    #bwark #i need to break every bone in my body i feel so locked up
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  • ashcrows
    21.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago
    @solaoccasum​ :    unprompted.   bethany & vincent
    beth is smiling, though her eyes are full of innocence with the faintest spark of mischief. she's been good, for sure ! even straddling his lap, knees pressing into the bed on either side of his hips as she leans down to press a tender kiss to his lips, fingers dancing over his arms then upward to the handcuffs. she can't help it, he seems even more dangerous this way and she loves it. it also meant ( hopefully ) he couldn't hurt himself much if she had her way with him just a little. she's not wearing anything underneath the dress that's bunched up around her thighs, but it doesn't matter. ❝ ━ does it drive you crazy not being able to touch me? i can only imagine. ❞ she likes touching him, mapping each inch of his flesh twice over just to make sure she memorizes it to the last detail.

    the growl he lets out reverberates in his chest, vibrates his torso and rumbles out low and frustrated. seemingly struggling against the cuffs he quietly assesses their strength, which point of the chain would be easiest to break through while he turns his head, refuses to acknowledge what bethany is saying; stubbornly denying an answer while he breathes out an annoyed huff. 

    his entire shakes when he lets out yet another growl and a little snarl, ignoring the way heat curls in his guts with every touch from her. cruel, that’s the word he’d use to describe the situation.

    and while usually he’d try to restrain himself something about her words and the way she says them has him ready to tear through the handcuffs and turn the situation around on her. screw potential injury; he wants to use his hands, damn it. and yet he remains still for a moment longer, waits until she shifts a little to adjust her position on top of him before he acts.

    it should be worrying, the way with which he’s able to break free from restraints so easily - the way he clearly has a little too much experience with it even if the past was not always as nice about restraints as the situation currently is. he snarls a little, clearly frustrated before his hands immediately seek to grab a hold of her to keep bethany in place for a bit.

    now free to move he ignores the sting in his wrists, ignores the little bit of blood that runs down his skin and drips off of him, raises his upper body until he’s sitting and practically forces her to slide down onto his lap while doing so. he doesn’t speak yet, leans forward to capture her lips in a much less tender kiss than the one she gave him, all anger and frustration and need before he parts a few moments later. breathing heavily while staring at her with mild irritation.

                                                                  ❛ can you now? ❜

    he finally responds, snarls the words against her lips before his grip on her sides tightens as if to give a warning. his arms hurt like hell and yet he can’t be bothered enough to do anything about it when he uses his hold on bethany to move her a little, just enough to shift his hips a little.

    he lets out another low rumble from deep within his chest before he leans forward again, opens his mouth just enough to give a warning bite to her lower lip before he lets out a dark chuckle.

                                       ❛ careful what you say next, otherwise                                       i will stop playing fair     .. . and nice. ❜

    #suggestive /#lime / #bethany rly just loves to make vincent feral h u h GJFLGJKDFG #no because he's /this/ close to being like '' aww you like not seeing me be able to move?? #do you want a taste of your own medicine?? '' fjdfklgfdjlgkgd #he's going ferAL!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!! #( ANSWER :     vincent. ) #solaoccasum #i'm holding him back on a leash but he was ready to break out of it w this ask fjdfgjlsak
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  • novaqueen00
    21.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Oh no! Moon was caught eating a rock!

    How do you react? I'd just eat rocks with him tbh-

    #I cant draw hands so I'm very sorry #rock #moon eats a rock ark #his teeth are going to break #haha funny rock go brr #rock eater#moondrop#fnaf sb #this was also drawn very poorly I'm so sorry
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  • katamarity
    21.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago


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  • sunwing
    21.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    ive played TOO many games recently...

    #personal #brb lemme count #29 games this year. too many #i gotta sign up for the next semester and forget what video games are again #i remember that happened while i was playing re #it was fine #seriously too many games esp if some suck and are too annoying to finish makes me annoyed w it #break time break time
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  • confusedgeek
    21.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    i finished the dmmd anime (careful spoilers)


    i just (literally right this min) finished the whole dmmd anime series.

    given it's bad reputation from fans i don't fucking care, say what you have about the animation, how they drew the characters and what not could've went bad in it I FUCKING LOVED EVERY SINGLE TAKE AND SECOND OF IT WHICH DOESN'T HAPPEN TO ME WITH ANIME (ive never really gotten to fully enjoy an anime series after watching two really favorites of mine which are princess jellyfish and watamote) so given the circumstances, I NEVER FELT BETTER WITH MYSELF AFTER FEELING ACTUAL JOY WATCHING AN ANIME SERIES

    basically, idc what you have to say about the anime adaption, i enjoyed every single thing about it. i love the story, the characters and the whole plot twist which had brought me to tears by the end of the last episode

    i think they finished the anime in the best way possible; Ren in Sei's body laying in the hospital bed - the start of a story you continue by playing the game, REconnect. i know i've enjoyed dmmd till now, but after really dweeling into it, deeper may i say, i think i will finally enjoy playing the rest of REconnect and keep on, maybe even in summer break get to finish the game DRAMAtical murder ><

    this ain't a goodbye (fuck no i love this place, it is a home to me)

    this is rather a slap in the face from Noiz of a "welcome to reality bitch" i will update about REconnect and DRAMAtical murder (the games) probably as time progresses

    and probably soon enough about the OVA since i haven't watched it yet (no spoilers pls) cause im too tired to watch it now since it is 3 am for me now LOLOLOL

    #my brain really buzzed rn #god im so tired but LETS GOO the anime was *clears kiss* #im so glad i finally finished it #it'd been on my watchlist for almost years bsdka don't judge #fuck and my dmmd friends said the game is even more brain fucking #which means im only at the PEAK of full brain damage #fuck #you'll see a 4K vision of me in summer break just goin *native aoba figure* #yaoi#dmmd 2022#dramatical murder#dmmd#dmmd spoilers#dmmd anime#dmmd sei#dmmd ren#aoba dmmd
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  • owliiish
    21.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    Never have I ever cut my own hair.

    "aH-" well that kind of takes the mood out of the fun a bit. Eda takes a sip, but doesn't seem to want to talk about it,

    "Only that one time,"

    #ic #Never Have I Ever (DASHBOARD GAME) #((SHE ACTUALLY CUT IT AFTER BREAKING UP WITH RAINE #SHE WAS GOING THROUGH SOME THINGS OK)) #((ok onto those drafts but I had to answer this #this has been an unofficial headcanon for ages))
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  • scenemcbc
    21.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    thinking about edgeworth and mia (PUNCHING THE AIR SO SO SO HARD)

    #both of them faced each other in their first trial both of them lost their parents to the same event both of them like plants #both of them are older siblings disappearing and leaving their younger siblings behind #both of them face an immense pressure to never break or falter because as soon as they show weakness it will be attacked #like it just. they have so much they share they have so much about them that is the same and they never ever realize it
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  • bellafragolina
    21.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Ok soa good fact abiut the plates (going off the anon who talked how they dont really do anything, which is correct) its mostly just a rite of challenge to prove to arceus your strength and will

    However i have this fun little headcannon that bc arceus uses them to change what his type is, thats all it can do. Literally theyre just fancy plates that only arceus unlocked. Thats why he said seek all pokemon not save thenworld lmao. Bc he knew volo couldnt succeed in his plan. What an absolute troll gotta love the old fart for this lmao

    Omg poor Volo. Never stood a chance, which sucks when it comes to the angst line I'm writing with the dead s/o. Poor thing won't ever be able to reach his goal, which should have one hell of an affect on his mental health. Woof, poor thing

    Also, I'm loving this petty little bitch Arceus we're all creating and accepting as canon. He's like a snarky cat-dog thing that talks like a victorian child lol

    Thank you for clarifying! And for the headcanon! I'll have to adjust my stuff to make it right


    #lmao arceus #come on dude #give the man a break #he's a little psychopath but he's OUR psychopath
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  • igcttabe
    21.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    ❛ I don’t wanna talk about the way that it was. ❜

    “… BUT WHY?” no one was saying john had to go back to how it was, even if gideon wanted that more than ANYTHING. they could still talk about the old times when things were better, it felt like his father wanted to ERASE the memories altogether. it was wrong and try as he might, he couldn’t understand how john could ever want to do that — if he even did. it was IMPOSSIBLE to tell, he couldn’t break through to his father and it hurt him. he felt like he was FAILING him and that was something gideon never wanted to do. “dad your allowed to remember the good times we’ve had! TALK TO ME!” they couldn’t talk about the farm because they’d never agree on it, now he was saying they couldn’t talk about life BEFORE the farm either. ugh, every time he saw his father this out full of dread filled his chest — it reminded him of how screwed he was. “maybe we could go have a day at the beach? you, me, mandie and amanda? i won’t say anything to her, i promise… but maybe some time just US is what we need?” if he managed to get the lot of them out of there, he’d never let them go back — his father could HATE him for but at least they’d be safe. @bcssbitchs

    #gideon ; convo #gideon ; john #i write gids and he just breaks my fucking heart 🥺 #tw: abuse #tw: mental health #tw: trauma
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  • igcttabe
    21.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    “you chose wrong.”

    ELLIE WANTED OUT. if she wanted out, that’s what she would get… unless her father did something even more drastic which she wouldn’t put past him at this point. “how many times?” because he was WEARING her down and she was starting to think he was doing it on purpose. “im not one of your experiments.” ugh, the farmies gave her the CREEPS even more than they used to. well, the long serving ones, the ones that were to happy for their own good. “I’M YOUR DAUGHTER! you can tell me what you think i did as many times as you want but my answer won’t change. I CHOSE YOU!” why the hell else did he think she’d come back? when it was obvious he knew what she had be doing. “you’re the one choosing wrong. please dad? WE CAN GO! you me, edward, even evelyn if she has too! we can go live in a normal house, do normal shit? live on pizzas and stupid tv we’d just judge and joke about.” it probably sounded like a childish dream but maybe it was her DREAM. god, the amount of times she’d wished it was just them, the three of them. “im not out there conspiring with what you call the enemy,” which in her eyes was RIDICULOUS. “but what punishment are you thinking of next dad? you going to keep me in chains? you’re like one freaking step away!” DRAMATIC, maybe but she was frustrated and hurt and damn tired — she didn’t want to be fighting against her dad, she already knew she could NEVER win. the only thing that was keeping her going now was her phone calls with tony, it’s why she kept her mobile up her sleeve at ALL times. if any of them wanted to take it? they’d have to rip it out of her hands because she wasn’t giving it up. @bcssbitchs

    #ellie ; convo #ellie ; edgar #tw: mental health #tw: cult mention #tw: abuse mention #oh this breaks me too TWINNY but this fall out was gonna happen at some point 🥺 #i just want them to be okay 😭
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  • kissucrose
    21.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago


    #IM BOUTTA BREAK INTO A PRAISE DANCE #i love being black #.talks !!
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  • rieia
    21.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    i will fight to the death to defend linkin park btw i dont care what anyone says they are to me what my chemical romance is to my mutuals

    #personal #can't listen to them anymore because i WILL break down crying if i do #but the place they have in my heart is permanent they did SO much for #my teenage self because the music was both relatable AND cathartic #i remember the first time i ever heard [redacted] and i got scared because #it was the first time i'd ever heard anyone describe what i was going through #in those years like how did they KNOW and maybe it WASN'T about the same thing #maybe i was just making that up but like i knew i KNEW and like. #they were angry and emotional and expressive when i couldnt be #which also goes for other bands like three days grace in their one x era #and not even touching on chester... like. #so like... idk who's clowning on lp and 3dg and stuff but i dont wanna hear it esp if you get your music from tiktok <3
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  • onebizarrekai
    20.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    oh OK. so my newfangled laptop accepts the beatles rockband guitar as a valid controller but not my ps3 controller I see how it is

    #random stuff #taking a break from torture land with video game fugo pannacotta #me immediately trying to play mario kart with a guitar controller:
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  • lyrker
    20.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    yeah okay yeah i didn’t understand shit lol but i think that was part of it. I mean it was The Strangers ritual after all what could possibly be made sense of them. Not just this, but also an avatar of The Slaughter came to stop them and their reign of terror; cannot have the enemies winning

    The Strangers ritual honestly just sounds like a really bad acid trip

    Honestly in my humble little opinion part of The Slaughters win against The Stranger was how they handled it; with such a simple attack of a Canon maybe that’s it, normal things to disarm the strange things. opposites n shit yknow. That’s pretty nerve wracking though, they have to be close to finishing for you to actually stop them, and a second too late and they’ve won.

    Yeah m glad Martin is staying behind. Originally i was gonna say “I think he’s gonna follow them,” but they have something planned apparently. Martin and Melanie are gonna distract Elias or. something. I don’t know what they’re gonna do but they have a plan and I think they’re trying to take down The Stranger and Elias at the same time.

    #there’s not much i can say about this one either #the ritual sounds terrifying though #discordant screaming melodie’s of mechanical birds and copper humanoids wearing skin as all hell breaks loose outside like an acid trip #that’s trying to kill you #man #cant wait for whatever Wack things are gonna happen #tma #the magnus archives #live blogging
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  • catgirlcommie
    20.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    it feels like everyday i start writing a new thing 😢

    #this time it's my attempt to write a touhou modern au with marisa in her normal everyday life starts hearing a strange sound #from her neighbour's apartment #and when she breaks in because she's pissed off about it she finds some fucked up shit and gets cursed by a youkai
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  • bluefuckboy
    20.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    ✨ He ✨

    #did I break out my ring light for him? #yeah#fight me#dabi#dabi merch
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