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  • amethystroselily
    26.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Love that this panel implies that Sigma finds both Fyodor and Fukuchi more enjoyable to be around than Gogol. Like, that would not be my preference, but ok.

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  • cringe-festive
    26.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    If you think about it every bsd fan fic can be considered “cannon compliant” because of the whole book thing with the different universes.

    So like technically as long as Oda is dead (since beast is supposed to be the only reality he’s alive in) every fic is completely possible to be cannon

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  • neiikoneo
    26.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago


    Stay tuned, doodle pages of the Port Mafia and the Guild to come :))

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  • doubleskk
    26.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago
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  • head-empty-just-sigma
    26.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    (spoilers for ch100 but not rlly tho)

    Dazai: i have an angel talking in my ear from above!

    Sigma: yeah, and the devil in your head is way louder

    Sigma: but go off i guess

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  • kiyokoluv
    26.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago


    I'm gonna cry so bad right now.

    I had few chapters ready for my i wish I was there series and THEY GOT FUCKING DELETED!!! I TOOK A LOT OF HARDWORKING IN MAKING IT ANGSTY!

    I'm seriously gonna cry. I feel like to quit the series at this point. Help.

    #I'm doomed #My inspiration is dead #I'm gonna cry #Help #I might discontinue the I wish I was there series #Bsd #Bungo stray dogs #Alpha dazai#Omega chuuya #I wish I was there update
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  • the-chikyuu-times
    26.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago
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  • tayaminaka
    26.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    Request: Childhood friend headcanons with Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

    Requested by @wcmghost

    Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

    Living on the streets you quickly noticed how easier it was to live in a group rather than completely alone. In the end, a problem shared is a problem halved. So after you wandered for some time you finally found a group of children that accepted you

    You quickly got accustomed and befriended the Akutagawa siblings. You were three very good friends, always sharing things with each other, playing little games while you searched together for food and sleeping together in the winter.

    It wasn’t the typical child friendship you see in movies but it was still nice even if Ryūnosuke was more the quite kid while Gin did the major talking stuff. But he always tagged along.

    Sadly your luck didn’t last long and you were alone again. And it made you only happier when you finally met him again, dressed fully in black and threatening you with Rashōmon for trying to steal his wallet. You both didn’t recognize each other for a moment before realization hit you both and he let go of you. He changed really much

    He was much colder, much more violent than before but in the end you managed to re-establish your friendship with him and his sister to a certain point. Though warming up to each other again would be a long process.

    Having Ryūnosuke as a childhood friend is hard. You can see how much he suffers because of all the expectations that are a burden on his shoulders and the lack of recognition from his mentor

    So be ready to deal with his anger outburst and the aftermath. He’s not the person who talks about his feelings and emotions but be ready to meet him at the harbor in the middle of the night and just stand by his side, telling him something while you both look at the sea

    At first it might come off like he’s not listening at all but you know that if he wouldn’t listen he wouldn’t stand beside you. It helps him to calm down a bit and distract himself from his thoughts

    You would casually come over to his place with tea and sometimes some figs. Unlike nearly everyone you are welcomed in his home and you often hang out with Gin. Ryūnosuke has always his poker face on but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t happy. It’s nice to have good person around who doesn’t try to change him or intervene into his business.

    Might sometimes accompany you when you go somewhere. You can’t demand from him that he will go somewhere with many people but if it’s a calm place he might tag along

    Traditional cafés are one of your favorite places. Having a tea together with a nice view in a privat room is the best thing in the evening after a hard day

    Because of his work you might not see him very often but it’s always appreciated when you drop by with some medicine or tea when he comes back from a mission. He won’t tell you directly about his work but in the end it’s easy to understand what he does

    Even if the friendship sounds one sided he would never let you down as a friend. He’s loyal and if you would need some support he will help you. After all he didn’t forget about your long lost friendship and on the inside he’s somehow happy that you came back into his and his sisters life

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  • hankisascat
    26.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago


    like/reblog pls

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  • chuuyahua
    26.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    I feel like shit and as therapy I’ll write a fem skk fluff fic so sweet that-

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  • kyouka-supremacy
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Akutagawa's house interiors are so similar in every. single. fic. I actually started to question if they were ever shown at some point

    #I know it's more about a circle of fic writers influencing each other but it's getting kinda hilarious #Is it really that necessary for Akutagawa to have all black/grey palette minimalist interiors? #C'mon man your life is already sad enough lmao #bsd #bungou stray dogs #ryūnosuke akutagawa#mine #q.
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  • 80sgaytrashgoblin
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Redraws because I’m still obsessed.

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  • prxblemcyld
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    *Slides this letter in to your inbox.* Hehehe!!! Hope you don't mind if I slide this ask question letter in to your inbox!!! Anyway, I have a question, Lydia-senpai!!! Did Tomie and Mary met in BEAST AU just like in the Canon universe? If your answer is yes then, how did they meet?

    Tw: mention of s*1c1d*

    Thank you for the ask Helena, of couse I don't mind, in truth it's always a pleasure to answer!

    Your question is indeed a good one: Mary and Tomie in this universe never meet. Mary hear about her only when Dazai committ you-know-what thanks to the news that talks about the presence of a young woman alongside the c*rpse of Port Mafia boss.

    This is all I can say for now! I'll try my best to post Beast!Tomie as soon as I can — I have exams so I can't promise to be the flash :') — since in this universe she changes a lot!

    #ask#bsd #bungou stray dogs #oc#bsd oc
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  • anti-dazai-blog
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    3.1- Any game involving Dazai is rigged (and other complaints)

    Me, looking at 6 major unfinished school assignments: haha I could do that later :)

    Me, looking at chapter 3 of the BSD manga: I Must Bring Justice To The World Via Anti-Dazai Posts.

    [DISCLAIMER: I use a fan translation of the manga for this, so any quotes may not be exactly the same as the official translation]

    Chapter 3 is the first chapter in which the majority of Dazai’s crimes are not against Atsushi. However, he still makes sure to do a lot of asshole-ery, so there’s much to write about.

    Let’s start off with a small and petty complaint before getting to the bigger issues— Dazai’s first slight offense comes in the form of mocking Kunikida’s act during the entrance exam. Of course lightheartedly roasting your friends is normal. I wouldn’t complain about that alone. Even taking into account Kunikida’s reaction (clear annoyance, not finding it funny), I wouldn’t be complaining about such a small thing. However, it’s the fact that he’s doing this in front of Atsushi— someone who’s practically a stranger to them both— that bothers me.

     Possibly I’m judging by personal standards, but then again, what other standards should I judge by, if not my own? If it were me, I’d be fine with my close friends lightheartedly making fun of me, but if they try to do that when there’s a new person that I don’t know involved in the conversation, I’d be significantly less ok with it. I’m sure many, many people feel the same way. Additionally, Kunikida follows up Dazai’s teasing with “I was told to do that!!”— and he’s right- he was just following his script. A script that, need I remind you, Dazai probably played a significant part in writing.

    But Dazai’s just like that. He gets people to act according to his whims, and then mocks them for actually going through with whatever form of humiliation he allotted to them. [That may be a bit dramatic, but. If the shoe fits.., y’know. It’s a commonly occurring thing for him to do, and if the first example is a bit petty, that won’t stop me from pointing it out.]

    After that brief exchange, Kunikida asks Dazai to confirm his commitment to looking after Atsushi (something he promised to do in the previous chapter). Dazai ignores him in favor of getting distracted by a waitress, who he’d like to invite to join him in his quest to end his life.

    Now, how many times shall I call out all his sexual harassment? Every time he asks a woman to commit double suicide with him? Since Dazai doesn’t actually go through with this, and doesn’t ask the waitress anything, I’ll let him off with only being guilty of Planned Sexual Harrassment. Maybe in some future chapter a woman will finally call the cops on him. That would be great. I would love that. That would be the funniest chapter in BSD. Just imagine it— Dazai asks some lady to commit double suicide, and the woman promptly takes out her phone and calls the police. 

    Dazai’s not done harassing Kunikida. Obviously not- he’s never done with that. So when Atsushi asks what everyone’s previous jobs were, Dazai insists that they turn it into a game. They’ll go around the table and he’ll get to guess everyone’s prior profession. The people sitting at this table are Tanizaki, Naomi, Kunikida, and Dazai (and Atsushi of course, but he doesn’t count since he’s the one guessing). Keep that in mind— there are only four non-Atsushis here. This will come up later.

    So Atsushi starts with the obvious: Tanizaki and Naomi must both be students. They’re around his age (18), so it’s most likely they have not had a past job prior to joining the agency. 

    Of course this leaves Kunikida and Dazai still un-guessed. Dazai prompts Atsushi to guess Kunikida’s job next- which, by the way, is skipping over him [Dazai] in the order of the table. He does this for two reasons: one, to make sure that he gets guessed last, as a sort of dramatic non-reveal, because he likes the attention and likes coming off as mysterious. And two, to make Kunikida uncomfortable. The anime doesn’t show how adamantly against this game Kunikida is, but he truly and genuinely does not want to be playing this. When Dazai prompts Atsushi to guess Kunikida’s old job, Kunikida responds immediately with “STOP, even my former job—”

    Atsushi guesses incorrectly and Dazai’s quick to reveal that he was a math teacher. Atsushi is momentarily surprised by this, but Kunikida shuts down any possible questions with “It’s in the past, I don’t want to remember it.”

    Does it get any more straightforward than that? He says outright that it’s something he wants to put behind him. From his facial expression and body language he’s clearly very uncomfortable with the conversation. Any decent human being would never purposely bring up a topic that makes their friend this uncomfortable, especially not just for the fun of seeing their friend’s reaction. 

    And to make matters worse: let me remind you that there are only four people at this table—- two of which are obvious students (Naomi’s even wearing her uniform!), and therefore there’s nothing to guess with them. One of which is Dazai himself, who has no plans of revealing his prior job. And the last? The last is Kunikida himself. So let me make this clear:

    1- There was only one (1) guessable person in the Prior Jobs Guessing Game

    2- That person is Kunikida

    3- Kunikida is uncomfortable talking about his past

    4- Dazai is aware of this

    5- Dazai suggested The Game solely for the sake of exploiting this, for his own entertainment.

    And as for guessing his own past job— that was an impossible task from the start. Not because he was a mafia executive and people wouldn’t expect that from him— on the contrary, Kunikida says outright that he “already guessed that he was a type of criminal, but he said [Kunikida] was wrong”. The reason no one would guess it is because Dazai’s a liar. That’s it. He already lied about not being a criminal, which eliminates any possibility of him being a mafia executive. It’s impossible to guess because the correct answer has already been ruled incorrect by Dazai himself.

    Dazai says the cash prize for the winner is 700,000 yen. Kunikida clearly won when he guessed that Dazai’s a criminal. Dazai owes Kunikida (at least) 700,000 yen. He better pay up. 

    The scene ends with Dazai saying “I’ll leave the bill to you”- I’m not sure if he’s talking to Atsushi or Kunikida, but given the context I’ll guess Atsushi. Regardless of who he’s really leaving the bill to, he should probably start paying for his own meals, like the mature adult he’s supposed to be (@ anyone who’s 22+ and reading this— it’s ok, you don’t have to be a mature adult. Only Dazai does. I’m holding Dazai to standards that I’m not holding you to, mainly because when I eventually turn 22 I doubt I’d want to be a mature adult. But Dazai is well aware of how to be a mature adult- after all he was a mafia executive. So he has no excuses for not doing something as basic as paying for his own food with all that mafia money he undeniably has stored away somewhere.)

    In conclusion, Dazai is a terror and a menance to society. 

    Join me next week after finals when I’ll tell you all about how Dazai causes way more problems than he solves, and if Bungo Stray Dogs was set in a realistic world, he would have been fired a hundred times by now.

    #This series is on hiatus until after June 15 #Fun Fact: Did You Know That Dazai’s Only Goal In Life Is To Bother People #It’s true guys trust me #It’s legit#Bsd #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #dazai#atsushi bsd#kunikida bsd#tanizaki bsd#Naomi bsd#Anti dazai #anti dazai series
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  • 2offayyo-kzt
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    where is the ask box is this the ask box 👀👀 obligatory ango for the character bingo c:

    + random hcs :)

    He's the kind of man who can't cut his toenails without scissors

    The fandom makes fun of Atsushi who usually uses soap for his hair + his body (because of his living conditions in the orphanage) but Ango does this on a daily basis and totally assumes.

    Every time he does a laundry (and it's once a year) he hesitates to drink the bleach

    He once mistook an opposum for a dog and asked Murakoso for adoption papers

    His suit is so old that even Jesus was there to wear it

    His forehead is so big that Aoki regularly puts his hand on it just to say "the future is auspicious"

    Ango wears ugly ass patterned underwear because it is the only evidence of eccentricity he is allowed at work

    #bsd #bungou stray dogs #I love him your honnor #ango sakaguchi#bsd hcs#bsd headcanons#bsd ango
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  • popopretty
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Overthinking Atsushi (as always)

    From BSD anime DVD vol 14 omake (2/2). Scanned and translated by me.


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  • weeniehutart
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Fem skk as this Norman Rockwell art

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  • graysongraysoff
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    blorbo bingo: chuuyaaaaaa

    hilariously few boxes to check on this one bc i hate him (affectionate)

    the only person who's allowed to woobify him is me

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  • frigz-selfshipping
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    small snippet to somethin i'm writing teehee


    The man, named Charles, took a sip of his coffee before setting it down onto the wooden table. They both knew that the true purpose of meeting with each other was, even if they danced across the topic. After all, it'd be hard speaking to your old squad member about your now dead, and disbanded, team.

    "I visited their graves earlier. Doesn't look like they've been cleaned since we got here," Charles tried to cut through the tension-filled air.

    Of course, there was nothing underneath those graves. Their comrades had been buried within America. The gravestones that were there just served the purpose as a remind of their past mistakes. Ones that costed several lives, lives that they had lost track of by now.

    Andrew let out a bitter chuckle, "Why would they be cleaned? There's nothing under them, and it's not like there's any gravekeepers in that forest. As far as anyone else knows, that's just a locked off area for them to never enter."

    #bsd s/i#frigz speaketh #my head hurts and i want to nap before the school walk out so i'll work more on it when i get home ykykyk
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  • tis-i-spookie-pie
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    How does Akutagawa sleep with his ability?

    Has woken up late due to Rashomon turning off his alarm for him (wanted to sleep in…)

    Has woken up to holes all over his room because Rashomon activated when he was having a nightmare

    Has woken up Gin in the middle of the night due to Rashomon doing god knows what

    Bungou Sleepy Dogs - part 9

    #spookie pie #bungou sleepy dogs #bungou stray dogs #bsd#anime#manga#anime meme#anime memes#anime boy#anime boys#anime fandom #armed detective agency #port mafia #bungou stray dogs anime #bungou stray dogs manga #bungou stray dogs mayoi #bsd anime#bsd manga#bsd mayoi#bsd meme#bsd memes#bungou#bungou mayoi#anime otaku#akutagawa ryunosuke#ryunosuke akutagawa#akutagawa#ryunosuke#bsd akutagawa #bungou stray dogs akutagawa
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