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  • pistolslinger
    10.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    @builtmyth​ said:    ‘ if you do this, you’ll be dead to me. ’  

          that stops him right in his tracks.  there was a risk, an enormous one, that kaz might never fully trust him again — and they’d already been here before, hadn’t they?  he knew how easily kaz could keep his word on this, and how quickly it would take effect if he went on to act as any kind of double agent.  however fake the scenario, that little grain of doubt would always remain thereafter.  jesper meets his eyes, his fingers drumming on the grip of his pistols.  he usually liked risks.  

    “ alright . . . so we sell our rivalry to anyone curious enough to watch, ”  that made it more believable, didn’t it?  nobody would trust that one of the dregs higher ranking members would just turn tail and turn against brekker, of all fucking people.  nobody would trust it, but they couldn’t trust any new hires or lesser dregs to take up the task either.  at least . . . jesper couldn’t.  “ make a big deal of us having a falling out.  shouldn’t be hard.  we’ve got enough eyes on the crow club, and the silver six, that when word gets out about me no longer siding with you . . . someone is going to come crawling by to make the most of it. ”

    he pauses, finally takes his eyes off kaz’s.  “ it’s your call, though.  i wouldn’t offer if it wasn’t serious information on the line.  and since we no longer have a spider . . .  we’ll need different ways of acquiring our information, won’t we? ”

    #builtmyth #VERSE ... ‘ ghosts‚ gnomes‚ true love. ( mainverse. ) #i bring you........possible angst . #best friends to fake rivals era ? #ANSWERED ... ‘ ic meme.
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  • compluras
    29.03.2022 - 1 mont ago
    @builtmyth​ : ❝  eventually,  you just gotta learn to let go of the past.  it’s always gonna hurt,  but you can choose when to start focusing on something other than the pain.  ❞ ALSO FOR NINA

           her whole life had turned into a study on PAIN. how much her insides hurt physically. managing the pain the parem elicited from within her veins, within her very bones. it was the pain of sweating out a fever induced by withdrawal. it was pain from fingernails carving hollows into the heels of her palms. then, it was a pain that she didn’t realize could be worse. it was the pain that she couldn’t do anything to change it. it was the pain that she would give everything to undo one instant, yet nobody could indulge her. not even the bastard himself.

          pain was all she’d had for a long time, now. and it felt like letting go of that pain would put distance between her and him, the last time she’d felt this sad, the last time she’d been able to speak to him. ( the last time matthias had been alive ) . guilt threatened to overtake her at the idea of forgetting him. it clawed at the lump in her throat and sea-green eyes turned away from kaz as arms wrapped around herself.   ❛   don’t say that like it’s so easy.   ❜   a cursed waver slips into a voice so usually steady and confident that it sounds like someone else’s words altogether.

    #responded: NINA ZENIK. #& answered ! #builtmyth#hehe :')
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  • compluras
    13.03.2022 - 2 monts ago
    @builtmyth​ : “We came from a world where there was never enough to go around. That is why we fight.” @ zafiya!

             she knew that, of course she did. kindness was one of the things that was highest in both scarcity and demand. CRUELTY typically filled that gap, a spiny, gritty, and unapologetic replacement. it wasn’t in kaz’s character to point out the obvious — not unless it was necessary, and in his defense, she’d been feeling more lost than ever lately. she needed something to tether her back to this plane, even if it was the promise of a good fight.

            it was almost nice of him, but she knew better by now. he needed her and her abilities, so he was merely taking care of his weapons, like any soldier with his gun. chin finally comes into a nod. at least his was a purpose she felt was worth fighting for. 

             ❛   you’re right.   ❜   of course he is.

    #idk what this is but #builtmyth #responded: ZAFIYA ARDELLIO. #& answered !
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  • compluras
    11.03.2022 - 2 monts ago
    @builtmyth​​ : “ don’t screw this up.” @ nina

            a huff and a roll of her eyes so dramatic she thought, this once, they may actually get stuck that way. as if there wasn’t enough pressure already. she knew kaz knew exactly what he had just done, exactly the additional straw he had added to become a real strain on the camel’s back. the look she throws him threatens to redefine VENOMOUS altogether. 

           ❛   thank you, brekker,   ❜   words come unkindly as she steps ahead of him, drawing a breath to settle herself and pull on the pleasant mask required for the task at hand. there’s a slip of tension tethered to her, thanks to him. it was lucky she was so good at what she did, that they’d still be able to pull this off.

    #builtmyth #& answered ! #responded: NINA ZENIK. #im thinking pre soc era #verse wise
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  • pistolslinger
    06.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    my fave detail is everything :) but most of all i love the way you balance his humour with the more serious replies, how you don't make him just 100% comic relief like the fanon does sometimes!! idk i just love ur jesper very much thank you for gracing my dash <3

    what’s ur fav detail about my portrayal?

    thank YOU for enabling the nonsense AND the seriousness. i am truly obsessed w/ the relationship our muses have and a lot of it has to do with how well you balance humour and heartbreak w/ kaz, too :( 
    #builtmyth #ANSWERED ... ' ooc meme. #s&b writers hire us challenge >;| #TY JULI THIS IS VERY KIND :(
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  • terribletruths
    05.03.2022 - 2 monts ago
    @builtmyth  ,    liked this.

    a memory crosses her forefront,  quick as lightning in a stormy sky,  but her mind feels clear.     inej quirks a slight smile,  the curves of her own lips curling upward.     the yearning within her for home feel more like an echo rather than an insistent ringing;  she sees her path carved out in front of her now.     get a ship,  garner a crew,  greet the waves,  and save lives.     the dream still feels fragile,  like she’s toying with it in the palm of her hands before she decides to greet with with closed fists.

    she feels a chapter closing on ketterdam,  a place that inej has grown to call her new home.     it’s not where she is born,  but it is certainly where a part of her has been cut from the cobblestones in the streets.     “someone close to me would tell me that when fear arrives,  something is about to happen.”     her dark optics looks to where kaz stands in the other side of the room,  and instantly her heart mourns their friendship.     is she scared?     when she takes to the sea,  what will become of them?     perhaps she will take a whisper of him with her.     perhaps she will always pray for him.     “we never know if it’s good or bad.”

    #builtmyth #starter. #“     𝒗.     crooked kingdom     ﹕     when fear arrives‚  something is about to happen. #i dont have a tag for post ck yet but !!!!!!!!!!! #surprise; inej is feeling sentimental and is gonna miss her friends :pleading_face:
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  • pistolslinger
    05.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    💞 so i know whether i can forceship or not


    #builtmyth #ANSWERED ... ‘ ic meme. #so no forceship? (smashes phone)
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  • pistolslinger
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    @builtmyth​ said:   ❝  no,  i’m not okay.  nothing is okay.  it never is.  but that’s just how i function most days.  so i’ll be fine.  ❞

               JESPER BLINKS RAPIDLY AS KAZ UTTERS EACH WORD, HIS SURPRISE AND CONCERN growing by the second; it’s not like kaz to be quite so candid about his feelings and outlook — even if jesper had suspicions regarding the sincerity of his words — and the sharpshooter is momentarily stunned into silence.  momentarily.  he can’t let brekker have too much peace . . . and nor can he just ignore an admission like that.  

    kaz could not be called an optimist by any means . . . but if nothing else, he could be counted on to not give in to fatalistic thinking.  tacking on i’ll be fine at the end did not make it so, and for the briefest, most absurd moment — jesper is too afraid of making things worse somehow to proceed.  all he can offer kaz is a perturbed, sympathetic look until his brain catches up.

    “ what went wrong this time? ”  that had come out a little more sharp than he’d intended.  handling kaz with kid gloves has never worked out; it’s best to just be direct.  “ hold that thought.  i’m going to ring for strong kaelish coffees, for both of us — then you tell me whatever the fuck went wrong.  and please, spare me any cryptic secrecy.  i want to help you. ”

    #builtmyth #VERSE ... ‘ ghosts‚ gnomes‚ true love. ( mainverse. ) #:'| #ANSWERED ... ‘ ic meme.
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  • compluras
    18.02.2022 - 3 monts ago
    @builtmyth​ : ❝  no,  i can’t fix everything for you this time.  it’s your mess.  clean it up.  ❞ @ nina lmao

          fists clench and open and for the life of her she cannot hear his heart, cannot coerce him in any way that means anything. nostrils are flared with rage and there is a hole so large, so deep in the very pit of her chest, a piece of her torn to bits, a burning craving that itched under her skin and she had done it all to get them out. but what had she been left with ? the ghost ( literally ) of what she had once known. something so vast and so empty inside of her that begged to be filled, that threw ice and fire and nausea through her veins. 

         she had known it meant this — had thought she had known what it meant — but now, with her mind effervescent, thoughts in a tizzy, talons ready to dig in and claw at the nearest slab of meat.   ❛   this mess ? this is more than a mess, KAZ. this is burning, rotting garbage with its unbearable scent. don’t be daft. there is no fixing this.   ❜

    #idk what this is #but its something #havent written nina in a hot sec so i hope this is ok #& answered ! #responded: NINA ZENIK. #builtmyth
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  • proditeur
    12.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    13 & 31

    ∗ 13﹕ if  you  could  tell  your  muse  something ,  what  would  it  be ?

    IT’S OK TO RELY ON OTHERS. regulus is absolutely terrible about this. so many of his decisions are made (vs other, possible decisions) because he really does think he needs to do everything himself. he doesn’t have to be alone, but he believes that he does, and he really denies himself the kind of comfort and stability that close relationships would provide him.

    ∗ 31﹕ what  hobbies  do  you  have  outside  of  roleplaying ?

    idk if sleeping is considered a hobby but sometimes i do set aside time out of my day for recreational sleeping and i..... love that.
    #builtmyth #MUN—i'm considering words that begin with the letter “m...” #THANK YOU !!!!
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  • pistolslinger
    07.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    ☼ ☀


    ☼ Have you learned any new skills from being involved in RP (coding, editing, making GIFs, etc)?

    i vaguely learned all of the above.......but not well :’D i very recently learned how to make gifs! im v. proud of it! but being completely honest........photoshop makes me want to eat a whole uncooked cactus, straight from the pot, so that may be a sign i need more work at it

    ☀ Have you ever joined a new fandom that you only discovered through RP?

    this fandom 🧍‍♀️

    #au where we wrote jes and kaz on bebo instead of here . #builtmyth #ANSWERED ... ' ooc meme. #thank u <3
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  • pistolslinger
    05.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    @builtmyth​ said:   “ We don’t fight fair. ”    ( not accepting. )

           “ AH.  SO WE’RE NOT TAKING PRISONERS TONIGHT? ”  par the course for the dregs, then.  jesper casts a dubious look over at kaz, before quietly shutting his office door with a click.  the waiting dregs outside — some gathering weapons, some anxiously watching the windows and streets — seemed as excited as they were nervous.  the tension and energy before a possible but unconfirmed fight was an almost tangible thing, like jesper could reach out and grab a fistful of it from the air.  “ we’re out of luck, as far as healers and mediks go, tonight.  if the fight turns ugly before you can make a deal with the liddies . . . ”

    nonsense worries, of course.  kaz could broker a deal with anyone.   jesper would not let himself doubt.  “ i sent some of the younger ones ahead in search of a stray medik.  we still have names for ones from clinics that owe us money or favours.  and i should warn you, by the way: if i wind up at home with a bullet hold or cut anywhere, wylan may actually poison your tea, ”  a pause.  jesper perches on kaz’s desk, fingers drumming along his knees.  “ it’s cold out.  stupid cold, ”  your leg gets worse in the cold, doesn’t it?  “ let me go instead, deliver an invite to the liddies.  tell them to meet here.  a fight out on the ice could be lethal in a pointless way. ” 

    #builtmyth #VERSE ... ‘ ghosts‚ gnomes‚ true love. ( mainverse. ) #ANSWERED ... ‘ ic meme.
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  • pistolslinger
    23.01.2022 - 3 monts ago



    disclaimer this isnt an accusation about anyone at all, this isn’t a vague etc etc. its just like — smth i’ve seen time n time again in general fandom spaces, and smth that is kinda prevalent in certain parts of the rpc : / in my honest onion: more ppl need to research ‘Negative Stereotypes / Tropes To Avoid When Writing (x) Muse’ before they start writing specific characters of colour. like it’s all well and good to be aware of issues like whitewashing and finding accurate fcs and researching cultures, but that doesn’t stop writers from falling into ‘this is very insensitive and borderline racist' traps when they write / talk about their characters ooc, too, u know? 🥴
    #the Things i have seen tho.............the THINGSSSS I HAVE SEEN #ANSWERED ... ' ooc meme. #builtmyth
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  • kyberborne-a
    16.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    LIBBY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you have the most wonderful day 💞✨💖

    AAAA juli thank you so much i love you!!!!

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  • pistolslinger
    11.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    @builtmyth​ said:  ‘  money opens all doors. ’   ( not accepting. )

          THERE HE GOES AGAIN, SAYING THE MOST unhelpful thing in the most ominous tone instead of just . . . saying he has an idea.  jesper takes a long drink from his cup, wondering if kaz came to their meetings with these lines planned in advance.  probably.  brekker doesn’t sneeze without a back up plan, an alibi, and a scapegoat at the ready.

    “ yeah, yeah, all doors — except that little door into your head, so we can see what the hell is going on in there, ”  does he want to see the inner machinations of the bastard of the barrel?  maybe after a few more drinks — bolster up the nerves, and all that.  “ i don’t think anyone in the world has quite enough money for that.  but . . . anyway.  i’ll bite: money gets us access to a lot of places, usually places with a lot of pigeons and loot.  am i to assume we’re about to embark on another one of our daring adventures with other people’s money? ”

    finally pulling his face out of his cup, jesper leans forward with his chin resting in his palm, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.  for all his ominousness — there really was no beating a kaz brand scheme.  even the most over dramatic of ideas was precise.  jesper just hopes this one doesn’t involve more running than simply picking a lock or blasting a door open.

    “ dare i ask how we’re going to acquire the capital needed to open this magical, still - unexplained door?  if you say ‘it’s coming out of your wages’ i’m going to leave, right the fuck NOW, brekker. ”

    #builtmyth #ANSWERED ... ‘ ic meme. #VERSE … ‘ ghosts‚ gnomes‚ true love. ( mainverse. ) #SOMETIMES THEY'RE NOT CLOWNS!!!!!!!! #SEE!!!!!!!!
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  • pistolslinger
    09.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    tag dump part 1

    #THE DREGS ... ' seven devils all around you. #JESPER + INEJ ... ‘ don’t send me no angel. #JESPER + KAZ ... ‘ been a monster with a crown. #JESPER + KUWEI ... ‘ all you have is your fire. #JESPER + MATTHIAS ... ‘ from the midnight sun. #JESPER + WYLAN ... ‘ if you’re too shy‚ let me know. #JESPER + NINA ... ‘ you should see me in a crown. #THE FAHEYS ... ‘ who i am‚ who i could be. #JESPER + ADITI ... ‘ proud of your boy. #JESPER + COLM ... ‘ if you love me‚ don’t let go. #KYBERBORNE ... ‘ queen bee‚ i think i’d like it if you sting me. #HENDDRIKS ... ‘ your heart is your masterpiece. #SHEKINDNESS ... ‘ your smile in the back of my mind. #ICEPROMISED ... ‘ emotion is a wild thing. #BUILTMYTH ... ‘ it hurts having someone take care of you. #LEARNMYTH ... ‘ i have been changed for good. #LEARNMYTH & BUILTMYTH ... ‘ into the thick of it. #RIETVEILD ... ‘ and all i want is to trust you. #KCRCLREZNI ... ‘ at first i thought you were a constellation. #INEIJ ... ‘ and in the hope of open hands. #DRUSJA ... ' hold back the river‚ let me look in your eyes. #SHUFIRE ... ‘ to live without a lifeline. #PRODITEUR ... ‘ while collecting stars‚ i connected dots. #MOLTOLAVORO / CASPER ... ‘ oh‚ brother i will hear you call.
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  • pistolslinger
    06.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    ME HOY NIMOYYYY!  ( not accepting. )

    @builtmyth​ said:   ❛  don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else ?  ❜

          “ YOU KNOW . . . COME TO THINK OF IT?  i think i do have to be stupid somewhere else, ”  there’s a sigh — heavy and lung - deflating — from a corner of the room.  jesper knows it’s inej before he turns to look.  it doesn’t stop him from getting up, straightening his jacket and many necklaces, eyeing the door and then kaz with polite disinterest; if nina had been present, she would have recognised the warning signs.  she’d have grinned in advance.  “ i can see that you’re already filling the stupidity quota in here kaz, so i’ll leave you to your professional idiocy.  let me know if you need an extra clown in here, and i’ll send anika in for you. ”

    #builtmyth #THEY ARE SO FUCKIGN ANNOYING #I LOVE THEM #absolutely nobody else gets to call kaz or matthias a clown tho . 🔫 #ANSWERED ... ‘ ic meme. #VERSE ... ‘ ghosts‚ gnomes‚ true love. (  mainverse. )
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  • pistolslinger
    06.01.2022 - 4 monts ago


    DEAR DIARY . . .  ( selectively accepting. )

    today kaz told me he’d been to jail years ago.  i was like . . . when you were a KID?  huh?  who the fuck sends a child to jail.  like, this explains a lot about him, but what the fuck man.  i feel bad for the baby jail jokes.
    #builtmyth #ANSWERED ... ‘ ic meme. #U EVER JUST REMEMBER HE WAS IN JAIL.......................AS A KID
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  • itsybitsys
    28.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    4 WORDS.  ( not accepting. )

    @builtmyth​ said:   ❛  don’t listen to them.  ❜ @ jordie

         HE PULLS THE BRIM OF HIS HAT down even further, leaving only the ground visible; it’s been a long time since jordie has had to reckon with public interactions.  among the acolytes of ghezen, back at the commune, he didn’t feel quite so . . . exposed.  this crow club kaz favours is full to the brim with the rowdiest crowd jordie has ever clapped eyes on.  he can tune their jeers out, he can ignore their laughter — walking around in public looking the way he did was bound to attract odd attention, after all.  what he can’t ignore is the way each and every stranger falls silent as kaz passes them.  they almost look . . . nervous.

         “ . . . i don’t need to worry about that, it seems.  one look at you, and they hush, ”  there’s a curious lilt in his voice, a question he doesn’t know how to ask.  “ i’ll hazard a guess, though: you’re part of the management here?  ghezen bless you, if so. ”

    #builtmyth #JORDIE ... ' inbox response. #dregs seeing jordie all mummified: ey boss whered u find the man wrapped in toilet paper lol
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  • pistolslinger
    28.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    TEXTING STARTERS.  ( not accepting! )

    @builtmyth​ said:   🧦 + ⚠️ ( sleepy / wrong recipient. )

        [  MSG  >>  kazlet 🧍‍♂️👁 ];  no bc anime logic dictates whoever has a long ponytail tied at the side and / or is in possession of some children is fucking likely to die. so stop tying ur fuckin hair to the side its not 2005 and u are not an anime mother do u want to fuckin die     [  MSG  >>  kazlet 🧍‍♂️👁 ];  uh     [  MSG  >>  kazlet 🧍‍♂️👁 ];  sup kaz     [  MSG  >>  kazlet 🧍‍♂️👁 ];  u can go ahead n take that advice too     [  MSG  >>  kazlet 🧍‍♂️👁 ];  ud look weird with long hair tho     [  MSG  >>  kazlet 🧍‍♂️👁 ];  happy 4am tell matthias to go to bed 

    #i am so sorry . #builtmyth #ANSWERED ... ‘ ic meme. #VERSE ... ‘ our friends‚ our drinks‚ we get inspired. (  modern. ) #kaz w/ a rat tail. picture it
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