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  • gal3xystar-official
    20.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    Art update 1!:

    Made a thing
    Tried making a human!fetish hat because forget school y'know i really feel like it's missing something tho OH THE BOW DUH PFF
    Ignore the dream journal doodles-- uh m they're joke ones ofc lol i had no filter and "sex!" is just a little graffiti thing i came up with after using a certain brush on ibis paint pf
    Doodles i made with gwynn/collab
    They know who they are
    Oh no it's late night gay art (one of the lines was actually inspired by gwynn jshzhajshjw SHH ISTG IF YOU ARE ON THE POST RN LET ME EXPRESS MY RANDOM FEELINGS OKAY SHEESH 👁👁 🤐)

    What I'm currently working on/finishing up for my board game! :D

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  • erosso
    20.05.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    make you feel — m.m

    contents: 18+, smut, fingering, husband!matt, sensual touching, a bit of praise? I honestly I have no clue
    word count: 1k

    [ in which matt craves your body after a strenuous day at work. ]

    It must’ve been close to twelve in the morning, the latest Matt has ever come home from work. You were still up though, watching a bit of television while you waited until his feet shifted through the doorway.

    These past few weeks have seemed to be against you. He had an important case that took up most of his time, definitely more than you thought it should.

    You missed him. His touch, his breath whimpering against your lips. It felt lonely. But you had to understand, this was his job. It’s not like he wanted to be swept away with the documents that begged for his attention. All would come to an end eventually, you just didn’t know when.

    You heard the soft heel of his shoes sanding the floorboards. He was quiet, making his way through the apartment. You thought it was a bit weird, as he would normally announce himself, but you kept your attention to the tv, assuming he was just a bit more tired than usual.

    Abdomen faced down on the soft sheets you would normally grip, your feet in the air, crossed. Your elbows kissing the warm fabric below, hands cupping the sides of your face. Boredom was starting to seep through your eyes as you continued to watch the pixels in front of you.

    Just at the side of where your thighs were laying, you felt a dip in the bed. You didn’t think too much of it, assuring yourself Matt was getting ready for bed.

    “You going to bed?” eyes still fixated on the screen in front of you, you question for reassurance. Instead of a quick answer, you felt the palm of his hand caressing the side of your back, thumb giving into the familiar hollow of your spine.

    You were confused at this action. Not because it was strange of him to do, but because he was so caught up in work he didn’t have enough time to rightfully touch you the way he wanted.

    “Matt-” With furrowed brows and almost glancing at your husband, you were stopped.

    A whisper sending you intimate shivers down your body, his hand travels further down your back, “Shh. Stay there.”

    You wanted to look at him, but he continued to tell you to fix your eyes on the screen. He started to relax himself on the bed, sitting just at the edge. His fingers were lustful with an aching lure.

    You weren’t even looking at the tv anymore, instead, you were looking down, concentrating on his movement. You slowly remove your hands from your face, crossing them on the bed. All you could do was wonder if he was teasing you or being serious.

    “I’m sorry for neglecting you,” he hums in a low voice. His fingers start to move in between your thighs, his other hand pushing your feet down.

    You start to ache. Your mind goes fuzzy at the familiar sensation, you breathe out a shaky, “M-matty.”

    Pointer and middle finger pushing aside your shorts at the peak of your core. You spread your legs a bit, giving him more room to wander his fingers where needed.

    His knuckles were stopping the fabric of your shorts from getting in the way. His digits moving ever so slowly against the damp material that laid prettily against your folds.

    “Fuck,” he almost growls. This sound made you ravenous, whimpering for more of his electric touch. It gave you encouragement to arch your ass, giving him utter control and access to the source of your sweet taste.

    He licks his fingers, and you hear him spit. It’s not long before his warm flesh is connected back to you. You feel his saliva starting to slowly glide down your already slick folds. You could feel the cool air starting to hit your skin, this moment just now starting to settle in.

    “I had to feel you,” he states, finally pumping his middle and ring finger into you. You laid your head against your crossed arms, feeling every inch of slick flesh, the coldness of his ring starting to dim. You’re so wet. Hearing the lewd noise of his fingers pumping and arching into your pussy, you try to catch a trembling breath.

    “Matty…. h-hmm,” you were being finger fucked so delicately and desperately your eyes started to roll back in ecstasy.

    “I missed this pretty fucking pussy,” he seems out of breath just by the way you’re reacting to his build up.

    You felt a hand redden the sensitive skin of your ass. He groped one cheek, curling his fingers into the apex of your near orgasm.

    “I-I’m,” you let slip, you start to move your ass along with his soft digits, trying to achieve as much friction as possible for you to release, “coming..g.”

    He hits your incoming release more swiftly, still grabbing onto your stinging plumped flesh, “All for me,” his voice is deep, there’s a rasp to it, and it rings pleasantly in your ears.

    You give a weak shake as you peak your orgasm, you lay there gripping the sides of the sheets. The background of the tv coming in to earshot again. You start to hear the thumping of your heart, it’s like a drum.

    “That’s my girl.”

    Feeling him pull his fingers out, you finally get to turn to him. His glasses on the nightstand, his wandering eyes are soft. He sucks off your taste. Digit by digit, as if he just ingested a three course meal.

    You see the tent in his pants. It’s prominent and you see a bit of his cock twitching beneath the contoured fabric of his slacks.

    You sit up, cooling from your release, you look at him, with loving eyes. Scooting toward him, you lay your hand on his thigh, gripping the muscles that the dress pants exuded.

    He grips at your hand, staring into his lap. He licks his lips in thought.

    “Baby, I know you need to,” you offer.

    He shakes his head, eyes trying to find yours, “No. I want to fuck you properly,” the warmth of his hand flood the side of your cheek, gliding a thumb at your lips, “I want to feel you properly. This was just a taste.” He smiles, giving into your wanting lips.

    #uhm I tried. #i think it was better in my head #i already wrote it. now I can’t return it. #i just think the bar should be low for a noobie🤠 #i think it’s only fair 🫠 #matthew murdock#matt murdock#daredevil #daredevil x reader #matt murdock x reader #matt murdock smut #daredevil smut#marvel#daredevil imagine #matt murdock imagine #smut #matt murdock x fem!reader #daredevil x fem!reader #husband!matt #husband!matt murdock #husband!daredevil #matt murdock x you #daredevil x you #matt murdock fanfic #daredevil fanfic
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  • hakanestuffs
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Haven't heard about Nexoloid? Now you heard about it, Meet Aaron Fox-Sama

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  • homosexual-gay-but-i-draw
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Here me oc request :D

    Cy fanart, the second coming!

    #uhm. notags ig wsedfgthj
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  • raspberryzingaaa
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Screw personality quizzes, what was your favorite School House Rock song???

    #nia post #ngl i don't have one lmaooo #ok ok ok. uhm. the adjective one or tbe shot heard round the world
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  • tr4gic-sc3neri0
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    i don’t like being left with my thoughts lol

    #i feel like deleting my tumblr :’) #i feel like social media hasn’t really made my life significantly better at all #so uhm if I don’t ever like respond on here again #don’t go worrying (not like that would happen anyways) #i may come back at some point but it’s unlikely so #just letting you guys know in case that happens and yea
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  • rainbow-frog-earrings
    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Bestie!!!!! That sounds like an amazing math class compared to mine where I sit next to my crushes girlfriend!!!!

    Also gay gay gay gay I love this girl I need updates

    Oooo yeah definitely.

    I will try to supply <3

    #yeah our teacher is also really lax and lets us bring food #so uhm #me Math Girl and this other girl all bring baked goods and fuckin feast #it's great
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  • iamacolor
    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    how is it already the 15th episode of tomorrow, how is saturday the last episode of tomorrow EVER...you're telling me I only have two eps left and then no more ryeon and joongil??? just like that??? like next week I'll get nothing not even the usual crumbs???

    #uhm no. #I refuse #it just hit me that this is the last week for good #when I just feel like we're finally starting with them slfkfkgk #mbc tomorrow#vinformation #I'll also miss crazy cute and comedy King rowoon but it's different we got more of him
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  • shittydazai
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    uhm... you think mikey fucking way doesn't/didn't watch gay porn? really? just because he hasn't come out as a bisexual, doesn't mean he isn't one. do pete wentz and gabe saporta mean nothing to you in a context of mikey? don't be like that. everything is possible. mcr are the gayest band ever. don't deny their gayness. just like we all knew dan and phil are gay. we know mcr are gay. gay as an umbrella term.

    i can’t believe this is from today the wording has such strong 2010s vibes

    #like the ‘uhm…’ beginning #asks #erin is speaking
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  • vnapologeticapathy
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    top ten pictures that broke my brain. im ascending

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  • headust
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    One banal thing that bothers me is the font of “The men of letters” book. My guy, is that Calibri or what? That book is supposed to be old right?

    #who’s the prop master #the winchester #it’s ok it’s ok. it’s fine. there’re upsides. #like uhm………. #the cool fire and tunnels
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  • wind-becomes-lightning
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    My OC knits. Because that’s what I like to do and it’s relaxing. Her favorite thing to knit is gloves infused with chakra, either to keep the hands warm or to save up energy for one last attack.

    (Why did I just get the image of Sora doing embroidery/sewing/cross stitch? The repetitive movements can be calming, but if you’re upset, the thread can break because you’re pulling too hard.)

    oh wait thats so smart! i like the idea that you can infuse chakra to keep warm. never thought of that!


    You know that does sound like something she would do to relax, especially after a stressful day with clients. LIke little cussions or table cloths with trees and leaves on them. Or- or she embroiders leaves and flowers into the inside of Yams jounin jacket so if he is on a mission he doesnt forget that someone at home always waits for him

    #ask things#oc: sora #that that that thing i just made up uhm it came out of my head and #its so cute?? i love yamasora they are so pure i give them the cutest shit #aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah #well he deserves it whatever #thanks for the idea anon
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  • nyxire
    19.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    guys i think imma try out hannibal

    #i've heard it's very. fucked. for lack of a better term #like he is just a fucked up guy #but uhm yeah. i wanna see why ppl watched it so ill probably try out the first epsidoe at point #doubt i'll actually end up watching it though. for curiosity sake.
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  • cathskiezz
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    A random drawing

    he love birds really love birdss

    #i dont know what to tag? #he's injured  so he have a uhm arm bandage? #practicing color belnd and color #oh no its a birddd #all i can do is front draw perspective because im suck at perspective #injured of finding that birrd #practicing bird tho
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  • willowedwisteria
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago




    #I thought you were kurage since you have a koom pfp #uhm#whoops#wisteriamutual
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  • strawbabiez
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    just woke up from THEE worst nightmare holy shit

    #i literally woke up and was mid panic attack crying shaking sweating #holy fuck. uhm. wow #i feel so sick #it was abt Boy…. god fucking dammit
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  • astrxealis
    19.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    15 minutes till i can go off ffxiv (uwu time rn !!! for context it's an ultimate fight) JWHDKJS ALMOST CLEARED W 1ST PHASE now like 3 more to go !!!!!

    #✩.rambles #im being a bit. ah - sloppeh (sorry /j) - rn ngl so im so sorry to my team but hey this is going pretty well !!!!! #and then ill actually get to doing more actual stuff after this sesh >.> i need to gear my aiming really soon after my heal #i have maiming too tho IWHAHFBSISJ I DITCHED DRG AND RPR BOTH HELP RIP /lh i still love them but. ranged is fun #i hate the stereotype but like bro i like healer bcs i do so good :( not bcs i want to help others WHEEZE /LH dps go brrrrrrrrr #im a smn and ast main btw if that says anything abt me #i also used to main uhm. drg rpr rdm dnc mch !! yeah /srs #IEHWIDHAODJAO for ults im going to use rdm again i think! at least for prog #✩.ffxiv
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  • tiredgothgirlie
    19.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    i still have one class, this day is so tiring. haven't ate a thing yet...

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  • illiade
    19.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    not two of my final exams overlapping...😐

    #exams start in like 10 days and we still don't know the dates..<3 #live love laugh #i still havent start studying ngl #i can def do it but uhm #i do want to know the exact days...thanks
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  • https-pterodactyl
    19.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    im out of dr pepper :C

    #i thought i had at least three more cans #ueueuue #i hate being out of dr pepper #makes me feel sad #but also now im more forced to take a shower if theres no more dr pepper #dont ask how those correlate i swear they do #anygay so uhm ive been thinking of modern au baizhluc again #i miss them #i should draw them
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