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  • hhawkeye
    28.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    mcr playing setlist a tonight when it should have been setlist c. evil and fucked up and targeting me personally

    #what does this mean for glasgow. #like genuinely i dont know. i dont know #like... maybe theyll do c here?? or they could do b because that would come next after a #or! theyll do a again! because fuck it why not!!!!!! #oh my god.
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  • gazeboed
    28.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago
    eddie is that textpost thats like:  “ I just saw a kid yell ’fuck off' at the top of his lungs and then his phone started ringing so he picked it up like 2 fucking milliseconds after it started ringing and said ”hi mama" in the softest god damn voice I've ever heard “
    #it's by kawaiirobonoid but i couldnt find it >:C #❪   isms   ❫   🩹˖*
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  • the-pigeon-cat
    28.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    Good Evening, “ace race x wilbur” was a 12 month sociological study conducted by Harvard University. We are now complete with our study. Thank you for your time.

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  • nagasakidivision
    28.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Haruto: Sendai Division Impressions

    Ryūzō Mizutori

    The languages professor, right? You know, Ludwig Wittgenstein had a philosophical theory of language that all language is innately subjective and that words don't have an inherent meaning. The actual context of words is instead found within the social situation they're in. It's possible to communicate intent without speaking, but more importantly, without knowing the specific intent of why someone is saying something, which is de facto impossible, you can never claim that you understand them.

    Essentially any "conversation" resembles a game of poker, complete with bluffing and manipulation, rather than a direct communication of ideas. The words are the chips you're playing with. For example, during that conversation he might assume I'm in favor of the idea that philosophy has already been solved and I agree with his philosophy of language when I actually lit my copy of Tractactus Logico-Philosophicus on fire once I didn't need it for my classes, and I might assume that because he hasn't thrown a chair at me yet that he finds this a perfectly acceptable discussion and isn't just putting up with it because of professional decorum, and even if he looks dead inside now, it's not different from how he usually looks so everything's fine. We're both wrong, of course, but we can never really know what the other is actually trying to say.

    Look, I know that's weirdly specific, but uh, I promise that's not from personal experience or anything. I didn't know what his background was at the time or I wouldn't have done it...

    What? No. I didn't say anything. I'm sure he's has been and always was perfectly upstanding citizen with no skeletons in his closet whatsoever. And that I'm not the type to play devil's advocate just for the sake of doing it.

    Takumi Wakaba

    Can't say I'm fond of the drill sergeant type teachers...especially if it's in something like physical education, ugh. Look, I'm not one of those people who think that your body is just a thing that carries your brain around, sure, you need to do some kind of training, I just don't like getting hit with a stick. I mean, the most I need training for in my field is being able to carry heavy books.

    Also, isn't it kind of a breach of conduct to be that much of a flirt? I mean, if you're supposed to be representing the school you work at...

    Kotono Ohara

    STEM majors. Ugh, annoying. I mean, I haven't been in any science classes in years, and maybe she's not as bad as most of them, but most of 'em have a superiority complex. If I had five yen for every time some STEM major said that humanities were useless I could probably buy a house.

    Honestly, I thought she seemed like one of those people who was too perfect, and I guess that's true because there's rumors about seeing her at bars and horse racing tracks and other places you don't want to see a professor. I mean, rumors are rumors, but still. Is it bad that makes me feel a little better?

    ...Yeah, I guess it is. Whatever.

    Kiya Kara

    I guess recruiting people just from your job makes things a lot easier. But, that probably means they'd trust each other more than a lot of other divisions if only because they're more familiar. I mean, we kind of got thrown together by circumstance. But that's not the only thing that can account for success. We'll see how it all pans out if we end up in a match.

    #i spent most of ryuzo's section cross-checking existential comics #b/c it's the only thing i've read that made wittgenstein make sense to me #:pensive:#sendai division#kiya kara#nagasaki division#hypmic oc #hypnosis mic oc #thirteen#haruto hirabayashi
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  • belleihateyou
    28.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Okay so I’m actually kinda excited, the co op close to me released some new foods and it’s stuff like low cal stir fry’s, egg noodles etc, I really wanna buy some and try it out as egg noodles sound so good and so little calories too for half the bag!!

    Might also buy some jelly and make a bowel of jelly as that’s like 32 cals or something like that, I’ve heard of people literally eating the jelly cubes (adding no water) and I wanna try it

    #c 🦋 food #c 🦋 thought #it's not as simple as just eating #not pr0 just for myself #tw ana thoughts #tw ed relapse #tw ed vent #🦋 tips#🦋 vent#🦋ed#🦋goals#3atingdisord3r#an0rexya#anarec1a#anorecya meme#🦋diet#depressing post#depressiv#kinda depressing #sorry for being depressing
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  • rawrrkiyomi
    28.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    i’ve always thought that the first part of falling in love is so magic. the heart race when they hold your hand a little longer, when you notice them looking at you, when you find those little excuses to talk to them or become closer, the way you remember little details, the way you catch yourself staring at them, and the way you’re scared to admit that they might like you too...

    #me#personal#love #falling in love #relatable #i mean its just very heart warming #even if its unrequitted love #en fin que la verdad que Jason me parece un chico muy mono qué le voy a hacer #tampoco voy a intentar nada #tampoco tengo interés por ahora más allá de amistad #en plan me mola pero no voy a hacer na #querría conocerle más a él y sus amigos #pero también tengo que hacer algo con la situación esta con C #... #estos últimos días por ejemplo casi ni nos hemos hablado
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  • leseggian
    28.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    i appreciate all of you who follow from non nsft mains o7

    #c’s musings#non horn #personal (do not rb) #all you having your likes and following off too o7
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  • nhlhelp101
    28.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    *eye twitches oh carter….

    Is that FR HIM???? On HINGE???? LMAOOO

    I’m disappointed but not surprised

    #c. hart
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  • instantdepresso
    28.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    looking good for a 105 years old

    #vampire the masquerade #Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines #vtm#vtmb#toreador#c: sofia
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  • chwheeler
    28.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    Got the Confused Stare today while getting lunch. Been a while since I got one of those

    #from an old man behind be in line #although he actually saw me from the side not the back #i know my hair is short and i don't wear makeup #but I'm 4ft 10in and a C cup #i can't be that confusing?? #feel free to ignore me
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  • belleihateyou
    28.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    Today I ate

    A mini bag of Maltesers  98 cal

    Mini twix finger 99 cal

    Box of raisins 69 cal

    Pulled pork 200 cal

    Burger bun 136 cal

    Sources 35

    Salad 40 cal

    Salad dressing 33 cal

    Cheese in salad 125 cal

    Milk (for tea) 33 cal

    Tea 6 cal

    Sweetener 0 cal

    = 775 calories

    Burned 302 calories (mostly walking around the park babysitting)

    Total 🟰 473

    #c 🦋 food #c 🦋 thought #it's not as simple as just eating #not pr0 just for myself #tw ana thoughts #tw ed relapse #tw ed vent #🦋 tips#🦋 vent#🦋ed#🦋goals#3atingdisord3r#an0rexya#anarec1a#anorecya meme#🦋diet#depressing post#depressiv#kinda depressing #sorry for being depressing
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  • songpond
    28.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    c? :*

    this is so hard 😭

    cardigan by taylor swift

    chinese satellite by phoebe bridgers

    cold in california by ashe

    champagne supernova by oasis

    changes by david bowie

    #totally forgot every song starting with c btw 😌 #boo 🎯#asks
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  • 3lsmp
    28.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago


    #3rd life#3lsmp#third life #third life smp #3rd life smp #last life#llsmp #last life smp #grian #third life grian #CAN WE DRAW GRIAN AS A VULTURE FOR S3. I THINK ITS KINDA A VIBE #also hi yes Im back fr fr heres some art <3 #not my best but Ive drawn a grian for every season so . here he is :D #c art
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  • cptjeanluc
    28.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    [[plotted starter for @ltbroccoli

    Jean Luc had been... distracted, as of late. If he were being honest with himself, the ship's last few missions hadn't gone as well as they could have, and Robert's decline in health, which Marie has soberly informed him of in her last subspace message, had left him feeling a little... fragile. It was all terribly embarrassing, which was why he was lying to himself instead. No, he was just fine, and the fact that he'd ignored both the alert that his allotted time had completed and the sound of someone else entering the holodeck was due to his intense focus on his immediate goals.

    When he did catch sight of the arch and the person who had just entered, he was so startled that his holographic opponent not only caught him in the chest with his foil, but also knocked him to the ground. "Computer," he barked, now a little winded, "pause program. "I apologize, Lieutenant; I didn't see you come in. Is everything alright?"

    #if you need me to change anything please let me know! #I'm alwasy happy to adjust a starter sp things get going as smoothly as possible #c. jeanluc #v. main #t. enterprise #ltbroccoli. reginald #new thread
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  • xkingpin
    28.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    “there are worse places you could be sent, you know. at least here there’s sun, wine, and devilishly handsome princes.”

    #deathrazed #c: adelyn storm #uwu
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  • livros44frases
    28.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    “Não existe um investimento seguro. Amar é ser vulnerável. Ame qualquer coisa e seu coração irá certamente ser espremido e possivelmente partido. Se quiser ter a certeza de mantê-lo intacto, não deve dá-lo a ninguém, nem mesmo a um animal. Envolva-o cuidadosamente em passatempos e pequenos confortos, evite todos os envolvimentos, feche-o com segurança no esquife ou no caixão do seu egoísmo. Mas nesse esquife - seguro, sombrio, imóvel, sufocante - ele irá mudar. Não será quebrado, mas vai tornar-se inquebrável, impenetrável, irredimível.”

    — Os Quatro Amores, C. S. Lewis

    #frases em português #citações em português #frases de livros #trechos de livros #citações de livros #frases de reflexão #trecho de livro #frases reflexivas #frases sobre o amor #c. s. lewis #os quatro amores
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  • ccaptain
    28.05.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    ❖ + did you loved Crepus?

    rubs my hands together like an evil mosquito -- Anonymous

       ' of course i did, and i still do. master crepus took me in and gave me home and love without questioning it. he was my real father, as far as i go back in time. however... '

       ' ... he wasn't always a good father. i remember istances where he was neglectful, because we had servants taking care of us. there's this particular episode where me and 'luc were playing on the trees near the employer's houses, and i fell down badly. i was crying, diluc also started crying as we made our way home because he was worried for me, and crepus bee-lined to coddle my brother first because he was sobbing himself into hyperventilation. it was only when diluc pointed at me that our father saw that i had broken my wrist. he just... didn't noticed these things unless you pointed those directly to him. he was very dense, in a sense. sweet and caring, sure, but... '

       ' he would leave us in adelinde's care and leave for days. when he got back, he had souvenirs for us, but... well, he would never quite nail down what we liked, so me and diluc often swapped toys, and he never noticed that we did. we didn't minded, we were just happy that he thought of us. '

       ' he was nice to me. i remember him holding me the first days after he found me and singing me lullabies. ... he was good at singing, and i couldn't sleep. diluc would join us because he felt that i slipped out of his bed and he'd hold us both, still lulling us both to sleep. it's... an happy memory. bittersweet, you could call it. now i have nobody to sing for me at night, but... at least i have ajax with me. '

       ' but... i don't like what he did to 'luc. how he seemed to be living vicariously through him, pushing him to become the cavalry captain because he wanted to be, but he couldn't. i'm not convinced that, if he was still alive, he wouldn't have tried the same with me too. i think that he did, at some point, but he saw that he couldn't move me from where i stood, so he kept focusing on diluc and his own dreams. i'm sure that he meant well ━ crepus wasn't a bad person, just... a flawed individual. you can love someone flawed. i think that, deep down, he didn't knew how to love correctly, but tried his best anyway. '

       ' can you love someone even after they died, but not forgive them, still? sigh... diluc holds this immaculate image of our father in his mind, sees him through rosè glasses that he never takes off. i, however... have been trained to see the truth, and only the truth. '

       ' ... no matter how uncomfortable it could be. '

    #anonymous #c: tosses this here. bye
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  • hispennysworth
    28.05.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    @ofdarknight​ asked: “He got what he deserved. I’m gonna go get a danish. That’s what I deserve.”

    “Danish- sir we have food in the kitchen. Is Danish truly necessary?” 
    #c: bruce wayne 01 #/ que !
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  • knockcare
    28.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    Little thing in my c!Ranboo design. I created it back in january 2021

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  • inmenanswiththejaffacakes
    28.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago


    #welcome back to monthly crumbs with special thanks to mc-c! without you we wouldn't get these interactions if u can even call em that #georgebur
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