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  • skiesandflowerss
    25.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    "Meeting someone on a summer's evening is like giving a dead flame new life."

    ~ Caleb Azumah Nelson (Open Water)

    #caleb azumah nelson #open water#novel#fiction
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  • infinity-and-luck
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    So about three years ago, I’d started writing a fic. I never got very far with it, but I was always rather proud of it. I’m wondering now if I should post it, even if it’s not finished and likely will never be?

    #It's about Caleb Astrid and Eadwulf as kids #from back when I was into critical role a while ago
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  • all-thestories-aretrue
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Omfg am i an idiot?? Was caleb wrapping the blasting oven mitt around his hand this whole time?? Did i just miss that during the victory pit??

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  • dragontamerdame
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Closest shave

    (For @beauyasha-week Day 2)

    #i still giggle thinking of yasha shaving caleb with her greatsword #critical role art #criticalroleart#critical role #critical role fanart #beauyasha#beauyasha fanart#criticalrolefanart#criticalrole#beauregard lionett#yasha nydoorin#mycrart#myart#wlw
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  • lukella
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    So, if the whole “Caleb Wittebane fell in love with and had a child with a Clawthorne lady 400 years ago” theory turns out to be true, and Hunter is a grimwalker/clone of Caleb…

    Wouldn’t that mean, genetically speaking, Hunter is basically Eda and Lillith’s great-great-something grandfather?

    #Lilith: “How can I be related to that golden brat? #Hunter: “Hey! Respect your elders! #Eda: “Oh boy… #King: I have a grandpa now! 8D #the owl house #hunter toh #eda the owl mom #lilith toh#caleb wittebane#clawthorne family#clawthorne ancestor#eda clawthorne#lilith clawthorne#king toh
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  • memoirsofasim
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    To release his tension caused from the guilt of drinking from Nancy Landgraab’s neck, Caleb plays some angry basketball in their back yard.

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  • samanthasgone
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I love them way too much to the point where I’m exited to see them more than Sleeping With Sirens.

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  • angry-and-artsy-and-gay
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i still can’t believe this actually happened


    #byler#byler rights #byler is canon #byler is endgame #will byers is gay #mike wheeler is bi #finn wolfhard #david harbour literally just spilled the tea and i love him for it #winona ryder#caleb mclaughlin#will byers#mike wheeler#stranger things #stranger things 4 #st4
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  • mentalmeles
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    More doodles for the Wittebro Wins AU

    Also, just in case it's not clear: During the knife fight, Wittebro was still hurt pretty bad, especially on his right leg. Now, he has difficulty walking/standing for too long and has to use Flapjack in order to get around.

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  • flashhwing
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    the journey of catching up with campaign 2 and hearing about Essek and Shadowgast and going “oh he sounds evil, this is one of those hero/villain hateships isn’t it” to meeting Essek and going “oh he’s chill actually, this is a friends to lovers ship” to “oh wait no he IS evil, one sided enemies to lovers” to “he was evil but he’s getting better :) narrative foils :) soulmates :)”

    #essek thelyss#shadowgast #it was a roller coaster #I looked up essek before I knew who Trent Ikithon was #and the impression that I got. was unfortunately akin to Trent #all I knew was 1. neutral evil 2. caleb’s teacher 3. people shipped them #I thought it was one of those. This Ship Is Extremely Unwholesome And That’s The Point #they’re enemies and Essek is Manipulative and Using Him but people want them to fuck anyway #turns out essek WAS manipulative and using him but not only was it reciprocal it … somehow … still … ended up … wholesome? #or at least as wholesome as those two physically CAN be #this has been a post #critical role
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  • trans-hunter
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I think most people missed this portrait in Belos's mindscape.

    [ID: A cropped screenshot from Hollow Mind of a portrait. A young "Caleb" Wittebane stands in the middle of a rope circle. He smiles as if he is playing. He wears a witch's hat. A young Philip stands on a ledge above him, already wearing his mask. /End ID]

    It seems like as children, they were already playing witch hunters.

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  • purplerose244
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    So... don't think about Flapjack...

    Don't think about a palisman coming to life into a vast world of colors, seeing first a cowlick of blonde hair, a wide enthusiastic smile and eyes so very proud and so very full of love. The immediate connection, the will to learn about each other, how it was suddenly a duo where there was nothing before.

    Don't think about how it was the carver and the palisman, then it became Caleb and Flapjack, two souls facing a world with so much to discover and so much to see. Their adventures, their experiences, their dangers and their joys, never leaving one's side as it was a bond meant to last beyond the magic.

    Don't think about Flapjack singing Caleb, Caleb feeding Flapjack. Flapjack pulling Caleb's cowlick when the man was really tired but was begging for another chapter from that new book of magic. Last one Flapjack.

    Don't think about Flapjack noticing that only his Caleb has round ears. He doesn't care why, he likes that Caleb is unique.

    Don't think about people being wary of Caleb because of his appearance, but eventually growing fond of him, because that was simply how Caleb was. Looking in control of it all... while being as lonely as it could get

    Don't think about Caleb telling Flapjack stories about a different world, one never seen by the palisman, where the rain was cold and people had round ears. How he used to belong to a place, but never felt a purpose, and eventually realized it wasn't the life he wanted. How he missed only his brother, but that he left him with their village to watch over him and he was to grow up into a man just fine.

    Don't think about just another day, only to turn out into that meeting, when the girl with the brown mane came into the picture. And Flapjack couldn't stand her at first.

    Don't think about when he started to like her. How she was nice, fun. And how she made Caleb so incredibly happy.

    Don't think about the years passing, a couple united, Flapjack watching over them. Love in the house, a baby on the way, another one Flapjack could pull the hair of. The eternity of two lives to enjoy the beauty of it all.


    Don't think about another round eared person coming in. How Caleb was so happy to see.

    Don't think about Flapjack feeling something wrong into such person, perhaps because he felt nothing like Caleb, perhaps because he kept glaring in his direction. But, again, it made Caleb happy. So it was fine. It was.

    Don't think about when it wasn't.

    Don't think about the fight, when Caleb tried to use Flapjack but got scarred instead so was pushed away. It never felt like he was an object, a bare magical staff to him. It felt like he was being cherished, protected, as a friend.

    Don't think about how it was the last of Caleb. The last of his immaculate skin, the last of his gentle smiles. The last of his curious eyes, opened for the world around, because he had fallen for this world and everything in it.

    Don't think about the pain, the loneliness, the guilt. How it was too inbearable to stay with the grieving mane woman and her child.

    Don't think about how from then on, all Flapjack wanted was to forget.

    Don't think about how guilty it made him feel.


    Don't think about his new life, being protected by the Bat Queen with so many other palismans. A time when things hurt less, but the world doesn't have much colors, and Flapjack prefers not doing what's been told just to feel something less spent.

    Don't think about a day like others, where he remembers Caleb, but not all. His face, his figure, his gesture are gone. All that is left is how he used to make him feel.

    Don't think about how Flapjack still sings in the morning for him.

    Don't think about adoption day, something Flapjack sees as another way to be a bit of a rascal just for the taste of it. He doesn't dislike other witches. There's even one with round ears like Caleb, she seems fun. But the Bat Queen says that there needs to be a click to truly find yourself a witch partner. Flapjack knows that, he felt that a long time ago.

    Don't think about the palismans being taken, the fear, and how the round eared girl is calming them down. Flapjack likes her.

    Don't think about the crash, don't think about the forest, the uncertanty.

    Don't think about the confusion.

    Don't think... about the meeting. How at first Flapjack is so very wary of the boy. He stole the palismans, his friends at the end, and round eared girl seems to believe he is evil and Flapjack trusts her enough. He is very rude, very annoying, very not likeable.

    Don't think of the chase in the city.

    Don't think of the top of the building, the plan, the forced alliance.

    Don't think of that talk. One that sparks something so far it is foreign in Flapjack. Because the boy feels different in a world made of magic, he feels purposeless in a time of responsibilities, and yet there is a spark in his eyes when he talks about what a single spell can offer. It's absurd, because it's all pushed back behind a wall of rigor and harshness and yet Flapjack can see it all so clearly.

    Don't think about how Flapjack wondered if he was seeing right, because this boy betrayed, lied, he did bad things.

    Don't think about how Flapjack knows. My name is Hunter. This boy is much more than what he shows, what his exterior wood might show. Maybe this time it will be the palisman to carve out the best of it.


    Don't think about how this is not Caleb.

    Don't think about how Flapjack knows they are similar in some ways, but this is not him. As they go from witch and "subject of his observations", as he used to call him, to witch and palisman, to actually Hunter and Flapjack, he realizes there are several differences from Caleb and Hunter.

    Don't think about how Caleb was older, free, so ready to take onto the world and experience every moment. Hunter is young, bitter and trapped into a cage made of duties and hopes for the future. Caleb was calm and serene very often, an aura of serenity and joy all around him. Hunter seems lost at times, constantly battling what he feels, what he wants and what he needs, losing every single time. Caleb was a carver. Hunter is a guard.

    Don't think about the biggest difference, that makes sense to it all to Flapjack. Caleb has been nurturing him for so long, never needing his help. This boy, his new witch, he needed his help. This time, Flapjack was going to be the one taking care of someone.

    Don't think about how he already knows how, as he has been taken very good care of in the past. He knows what to do, and wants to be there on every step of the way.

    Don't think that Flapjack is ready to protect Hunter no matters what's to come.

    And he is not going to lose another friend

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  • teehee-vibes
    24.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    “Someone that Belos made disappear” THEN SIMPLY REAPPEAR. REMATCH. BEAT BELOS UP.

    There’s no real reason for this, I just wanted to draw Caleb but cool and practice some lighting in science class.

    #the owl house spoilers #toh spoilers #the owl house #toh#toh fanart #the owl house fanart #caleb wittebane#wittebro#caleb toh#toh caleb #i honestly think canon Caleb content would fulfill all physical and psychological needs #tv’s art
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  • californiagays527
    24.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


    #caps tw #ily caleb but why give me hope #st4 spoilers#lucas sinclair
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  • inkdippedfeatherswrites
    24.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Chapter 4 of You Don't Have To Cast The Amber Light is up. Strap in yall, it's time for a dose of honesty.

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  • vigilantsycamore
    24.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Another Owlphibia AU thing, this time specifically about outfits and hairstyles and stuff like that:

    Marcy grows her hair out and braids it, not quite in the style she had in the Core’s simulation, but similar, although she doesn’t dye it at first. As for her outfit, she still has her Ranger gear, but these days she only really wears it on missions, her default outfit now is “Newtopian casual”. I’m picturing something like what @kurophuna​ drew Marcy wearing here (check out their art, it’s really good)

    Also, AU!Marcy gets glasses. The frames have this intricate design that makes the glasses look like butterfly wings. Also also, Marcy gets a new cloak, this one made out of witch’s wool. Somehow it still keeps catching on fire

    Sasha doesn’t get a haircut. Sasha does, however, give herself a haircut. With one of her daggers. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing and it looks terrible, but eventually she grows her hair out long enough that she can get it cut properly this time. After that, her hairstyle looks like... okay, I’m not particularly good at describing hair, but I’m picturing something like this or like this. She also gets new armour - very similar to her Resistance armour but with no cape, a brighter colour scheme that has more pink in it, and a skirt more like the one she wore in Season 2

    As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, in this AU, Sasha’s eye gets injured instead of her back (mostly because I started thinking of this stuff a while before All In aired and afterwards I didn’t wanna revise it). And while she’s not completely okay with her scars yet, she usually has no issues with showing them off. That said, she does have an eyepatch she wears on formal occasions. The eyepatch has a depiction of the Calamity Gems embroidered on it because I like the idea of that

    Anne’s look changes the least compared to the show, but she does occasionally visit Amphibia in her Season 3A outfit rather than her school uniform. This does not prevent her from losing a shoe, getting her shirt stained, and getting leaves and twigs in her hair every single time. People have started taking bets on how long it will take for that to happen next time Anne goes to Amphibia

    I liked @themissakat​‘s headcanon about Anne getting Marie Antoinette syndrome, and it gave me the idea to do something similar for this AU and give Anne a Mallen streak (yeah, Owlphibia!Anne didn’t die, but she did push her powers so far that her arm disintegrated and I feel like something like that causing her to get white streaks in her hair isn’t too out-there). Initially, Anne dyes her white streak to match the rest of her hair, but then...

    At some point during the AU, the Trio all dye part of their hair to match the Calamity Gems. Anne dyes her white streak blue, pink, and green. Marcy dyes her braid green, blue, and pink - one colour for each strand. Sasha gets pink, green, and blue highlights in her hair. In each girl’s case, their own Gem’s colour is the most prominent, but the other two colours are visibly there too

    Now that I’ve talked at length about the Calamity Trio, let’s talk about the Owl part of the Owlphibia AU

    Unfortunately, as has been the case so far with this AU, it seems I have a lot less to say about this side of things, mostly because so far what’s happening in the show isn’t that different from what I assumed for the AU. It will probably diverge eventually, at which point I’ll be able to talk more about it, but for now I don’t have much to say

    Except that Caleb absolutely dyes his hair red. He also gets a red cape to replace his old white one, although the red cape doesn’t have a hood with it

    Also, Luz continues growing her hair out so that little ponytail she had in Clouds On The Horizon turns into a full-length ponytail

    Amity’s look changes even less than Anne’s. Maybe she gets a cape or cloak - Abomination coloured of course - but that’s pretty much the only change I can think of

    So... yeah. That’s pretty much all I’ve got for now

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  • astrallogic
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    hm... dead brother ghost?

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  • cococookiedraws
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    “My great grandmother told me of a human who once lived here, but one day he just vanished.”

    — Gwen Clawthorn, 2x04 The Owl House



    #The owl house #owl house#toh#Clawthorne#wittebro#caleb wittebane #Owl house spoilers #the owl house spoilers
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  • aplusjaybirdie
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I am actually very normal about autistic yasha and even more normal about her being friends with an autistic caleb

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