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    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    throwing this out into the universe ! comments are always appreciated 💗

    #if you can get through the first chapter it's pure fluff from there #fluff and ANGST #the slowest of burns #encanto #camilo madrigal x oc #mirabel madrigal x oc #isabela madrigal x oc #dolores madrigal x mariano guzman #luisa madrigal x oc #becca_art #updated thursdays!
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  • msmadrigal101pt2
    24.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    True Identity Pt.1

    Not my image!

    Summary: You are living the life of a teenage supermodel and celebrity, when all you wanted was to have a normal life. One day you placed on a disguise and transferred to a school in the town of Encanto. You make many encounters with people, only one curly haired boy catching your eye. Time passes and you discover he's your biggest fan, but has no idea he's talking to her. Will you ever give up your disguise, or never let him know your True Identity?

    Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x Fem! Reader

    Genre: Romance, Angst, Modern AU

    Warnings: Stalker, super fan, breaking in, fired workers, emotional and annoying boyfriend, screaming, underage marriage proposal, scary dog,

    Wordcount: 1.6k+

    A/N: I want to let you know now that this is not my original story, as I addressed in my last post. Some of you may know a channel on YouTube called 'MSA previously My Story Animated'. I got the idea for this series from this video here. Let me know if you would like to be added to the taglist. I don't speak fluent Spanish, so let me know if I used any of these words wrong! Enjoy :>

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

    If you are not a minor, please leave! :D

    You sighed and sank deeper into your luxurious bathtub. You had a magazine in hand as you were surrounded by freshly scented candles. You were finally taking the break you deserved, in a bubble bath scattered with rose petals. You had just finished three photo shoots, did an interview, and uploaded an update on your channel. It was times like this you cherished, considering you rarely ever had breaks. The setting around you was amazing, as you watched the town below you in the hotel in Greece, you were paying a visit to.

    You placed down your magazine and sighed as once more as you laid your head on the rim of the tub. You closed your eyes as you felt your eyelids becoming heavy, before hearing a loud bang coming from your room, as you shot your head up in surprise. You carefully exited your tub, dried off a bit before putting on your robe.  You placed on your fancy slippers, as you slowly made your way to your room. There in front of you, was one of your suitcases jiggling and moving about.

    You approached it, and slowly unzipped it only to be met face to face with a blonde-haired boy, who was sniffing your clothes. You gasped and shrieked as he jumped out the suitcase, and your bodyguards rushed into your room.

    “WHAT IN THE WORLD?! PLEASE TAKE HIM AWAY!” you yelled to your bodyguards, as they grabbed the blonde teen.

    “Y/N please, I’m your biggest fan! One kiss and a selfie, I’m begging you!” he said, as you shuddered at the thought. You watched as your bodyguards escorted him outside, as they closed the door behind them. You sighed and slumped down on your bed, wishing for time to yourself.

    The next day you flew back home to your parents in Columbia, only to find them angry at the news. Your parents immediately fired your bodyguards once the news began going viral on the internet. You wanted a break from all the fame, paparazzi, and creepy stalkers. You begged your manager to give you a break for a week, but it just didn’t work out.

    You were doing breathing exercises and yoga in your room, before hearing your door being slammed open. You turned around to see your ginger headed boyfriend Andy, but not just any boyfriend, your billionaire boyfriend. He was the son of one of the country’s most famous actors. And although he could be a bit annoying at times, you had to mention; he was really attractive.

    “Andy what are you doing here?” you sighed, getting up from your yoga pose as he approached you.

    “Umm hello, I texted you like six minutes ago. Why aren’t you answering me?” he asked, taking his phone out of his pocket, and showing you the missed text messages.

    “I was just doing some yoga, have you ever considered I was busy?” you asked, proceeding to point at your yoga mat. Andy shrugged and rolled his eyes, as he placed his phone back in his pocket. “And did you really come all the way over here, just to say that?” you asked, worrying expression on your face.

    “Well not particularly, I actually came here to do this.” He said, before dropping on one knee right in front of you. You gasped, but you still had a frown plastered on your face.

    “Will you make me the happiest man on Earth, and marry me?” Andy asked, as you stepped back.

    “Are you freaking kidding me?” you nearly shouted, as Andy looked up surprised from the tone in your voice. “We’ve literally have been going out for only two weeks!” you continued.

    “I thought you loved me.” Andy frowned, dropping his shoulders.

    “I do! But I haven’t even got to know you for a year yet, and you’re talking about marriage? And we’re both only sixteen!” you scolded him, as his eyes began to water. He began crying and throwing a mini tantrum on the floor.

    “Ugh how could you do me like this?! My heart!” He said dramatically, still proceeding to cry. You scoffed and rolled your eyes, unamused.

    “Are you crazy? What are you doing?!” you asked, as he made his way in front of you again. This time getting into a begging position.

    “Please marry me Y/N. I refuse to step a foot out of this house until you say yes!” he said, making puppy dog eyes. You loved him and all, but right now he was being extremely stubborn. It got so bad to the point, that you had to call your new bodyguards in to escort him out of your house.

    You heard his screams and shouts fade out, as you laid down on your bed covered with electronics, a few dollars, and many magazines all headlining you. You tried to take a quick nap, but you couldn’t. You tossed and turned as you thought about all of your crazy encounters with fans. You tried to stay grateful to those who wish they had your life, but really you would trade lives with literally almost anyone else for a day.

    A few days later you were just lazily scrolling on your phone, finally taking a few minutes to yourself. You soon came across a post about a famous model, who went undercover to change her identity. You beamed at your phone, as you thought about how amazing it would be to do the same thing. Then it hit you: ‘Wait, why not do the same thing?’ you thought, placing your phone down.

    You hopped out of bed, and walked out your room to find your brother, Joseph playing video games on the living room couch.

    “Hey where’s mom and dad?” you asked.

    “They’re taking care of some business, why?” Joseph asked, still paying 100% attention to his game.

    “I just need to go to the mall.” You replied.

    “That’s fine, just take one of the bodyguards with you.” He replied, as you hummed in response.

    “Ok, I’ll be back soon.” You said, “Don’t go in my room.” You said, before closing the door.

    “Wouldn’t dream of it!” he shouted back. When you got outside instead of approaching one of your bodyguards, you placed on a hoodie and put the hood over your head, then placed on sunglasses so nobody would recognize you.

    You walked about ten minutes before reaching the mall, then you entered inside. You went to different hair stores, make up stores, and clothing stores. Once you were finished you paid without a problem, then rushed back home before your parents came back.

    You rushed into your room, and gladly your brother was no longer playing games on the couch. You began to give yourself a makeover. You put in contacts to change your eye color, put on a brown-haired wig with curls and bangs, placed on a tad bit of makeup, and placed on a hoodie with a skirt, and some slip-on shoes. You admired yourself, before your mom opened the door to your bedroom.

    She screamed in horror as she thought someone broke into your room. She proceeded to pull out her phone, an almost call the cops before you reassured her. Once she calmed down, you, her, and your dad had a long talk.

    “You’re a crazy girl, you know that?” your dad scolded you, as you shook your head.

    “You can’t blame me for wanting a normal life dad! You put me into the world of fame at the age of six, and I haven’t got a break since then. Since I didn’t get a normal childhood, I want to be able to live as a normal teenager! Move to a place nobody knows about, like the town I’ve been researching called Encanto. I’ve always been homeschooled; I want to go to real school without being ambushed! I want friends, and a normal life, please?” you said to them.

    You took a moment of silence, but suddenly your mother took you into an embrace.

    “Take a break as long as you need to, honey.” You mother said, as you smiled then turned your attention to your dad.

    “Fine, but only if I choose the place, you stay and at least two maids and your bodyguards, have to come with you.”

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you dad!” you said, pulling him into a hug.

    The next week you took a plane to the “magical” world of Encanto. On the plane ride there you figured your disguised name would be, Alexa (It will make sense soon). Once you arrived, you were taken to a beautiful apartment in the Encanto, that costs thousands of dollars. You were so pumped when nighttime came around, as you would be starting school the next day.

    The morning arrived after what felt like forever, as you got ready and ate breakfast. On your way to school, you encountered a huge dog. It didn’t look the sweet kind, more like the ‘I’m going to bite your face off kind’. It began chasing you, as you panicked and ran for your life. Soon enough a skateboard came hurtling at the dog, scaring it away and leaving you time to catch your breath.

    You turned around to meet the eyes of your hero, as he was picking up his skateboard. He had the richest golden-brown curls, and yellow and orange striped t-shirt, with a black shirt underneath.

    “Hey thanks for saving my life.” You said, cheeks lightly burning with a red sensation.

    “I wasn’t trying to help you; I just did a flip and my skateboard slipped.” He said, checking for scratches on his board.

    “Still, you saved me, what’s your name?” you asked.

    “You’re not my type cariño, so move along.” He said, snickering under his breath.

    You froze for a second, from the rejection. You were a famous model, so you were never rejected, but that was before Alexa. They curly haired boy placed down his skateboard and proceeded to skate away.

    Again, let me know if you would like to be added to the taglist!

    #encanto x you #encanto#encanto disney#encanto camilo#camilo#camilo madrigal #camilo madrigal x reader #camilo x female reader #camilo my beloved #encanto x y/n #camilo supremacy#encanto fandom#disney’s encanto#disney encanto #disney encanto headcannons #disney#msa #my story animated
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  • blackypanther9
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Part 5 - Heiko behaves strange

    WARNINGS!: None.

    It had been hours since Heiko passed out. Vincent never left, while the rest went in and out. It was Dinner time already and Heiko didn’t wake up at all. He was hungry, but he couldn’t leave Heiko all alone.

    The door opened and inside came the shy owner of the room, with three plates full of food.

    “Your Brother cooked…William, right ?”

    Vincent nodded.

    “He didn’t trust us to not poison you.”

    He chuckled as Bruno said that.

    “That is William. I apologize for his mistrust, but from where we come from…people loved to fool us and do something to us. At some point it is understandable. William’s trauma is to let the family down.”

    Bruno sat the plates of food down on the side table then he sat down next to him, rolling it in front of them so they can eat.

    “Did he ever wake up once ?”, Bruno asked.

    Vincent shook his head.

    “Sadly no.”

    Bruno nodded softly.

    “Shall we wake him up so he can eat before it is cold ?”, he asked Vince.

    He nodded and softly shook Heiko, calling his name softly. He stirred and moaned to get 5 more minutes, but as soon as Vincent said food, Heiko was wide awake.

    On the plates were eggs, potatoes and a lot of mustard sauce. Heiko loved this dish.

    “Mustard eggs ! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS !!!”, Heiko yelled and immediately digged in like a starved animal.

    “Be careful, the sauce is still having a spicy kick.”, Vincent warned Bruno.

    Bruno never had this dish, but William also warned him already with his whole family. He carefully forked a potato with Mustard sauce and then ate it, chewing carefully and tasting it.

    “Mmmm… Tish ish gwood.(This is good)”, Bruno said with full mouth.

    Vincent chuckled and they continued to eat. Well besides Heiko, he shoveled it all down in a hurry and then looked at Bruno and Vincent like a little kid.

    “Can I have some more ?”, Heiko asked them.

    Vincent sighed and put his food aside, took Heiko’s empty plate and left the room to get him more.

    Heiko looked at Bruno as he continued to eat his plate empty. His eyes sparkled when he enjoyed something. Heiko smiled and then chuckled.

    Bruno turned to him and gave him a questioning look.

    “You have mustard sauce on your face.”

    Bruno blushed and wanted to wipe his face on his ruana, but Heiko leaned over and brushed it away with his thumb, then licked it. Bruno blushed even redder at that.

    Heiko chuckled.


    Yes, Heiko was totally swept off of his feet as he saw Bruno and now he flirts with him to try and get him for himself. Was it risky ? Yes. Bruno was a male and he could be straight and not gay. So Heiko was careful and at the same time very daring.

    Bruno chuckled softly too and then continued to eat.

    Then Vincent came back inside the room with a plate filled with potatoes, 2 eggs and a lot of mustard sauce. He handed it to the giddy and excited Heiko. He always behaved like a kid when his most beloved dish was in front of him.

    “Thank you, Uncle Vince !”, he said happily and shoveled it all down again.

    This time Bruno watched Heiko and he had to smile. He was so childish right now and it looked cute.

    ‘NO ! BAD BRUNO ! NOT CUTE ! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ?!’, he screamed at himself in his mind.

    Then Vincent hummed loudly and looked at Bruno.

    “By the way, we forgot to tell you something.”, he said.

    “What is it ?”, he asked Vincent.

    “Mess with one of us and you mess with all of us. Means we will all go against you, if you do something to one of us.”, Vincent said in a growl.

    Bruno shrunk into himself and looked at him with big eyes filled with fear and innocence.

    “VINCE !”, Heiko yelled and slapped the back of his head.

    Then he stood up and hurried to Bruno’s side, hugging him and pressing his head to his chest, glaring at Vincent. Bruno was blushing, but liked the scent he smelled on the male. Heiko ruffled his hair softly to calm him down. It felt…nice.

    “Don’t scare him ! Haven’t you seen how shy he already is ?!”, he hissed at his Uncle.

    “Just a fair warning.”, he defended.

    “But him ?! He couldn’t even hurt a fly ! Leave the poor boy alone and tell that to his Mama !”

    “He can see the future !”

    “So ?! You could have asked him NOT to ! Or you could have told him to stay silent no matter what he sees, besides it is someone he never saw before or urgent ! Just because he sees the future, doesn’t that mean that he will hurt us !”

    ‘Ah…Bad Luck Bruno again….’, he thought to himself bitterly.

    Heiko held him tightly and still played with Bruno’s hair. Vincent took a deep breath.

    “Fine. I am sorry that I scared you and was so hostile, Bruno.”, he said.

    “It’s fine. I am used to it by now.”, Bruno mumbled.

    Vincent’s eyes widened and Heiko gave his Uncle a look. Heiko knew that Bruno was talked bad about. Vincent felt very bad now, took the empty plates and then left the room.

    “Hey, how about you show me around the village tomorrow ?”, he asked Bruno.

    “A-are you sure ?”

    “Sure ! I don’t mind the company and you are fun to hang around with. Not so energetic as Mirabel, not as young as Antonio and not as stressed out as Pepa.”

    “You hate kids ?”

    “No, but they are always very energetic and want to show you everything at once and talk all day. And I curse some times without realizing it, so Antonio is not a good idea. Pepa is always restrained looking and seems stressed out, so I rather not ask her. She might have worries and I could worsen them.”


    “Yeah… And I don’t know why, but I don’t like Alma all that much… She seems like she caused a few sins herself and is not realizing that she still does. There is a darkness there that I don’t like.”

    Bruno stared at Heiko in confusion. But as he did, Heiko looked to be far away in thoughts.

    “Who brought you here ? You said that person doesn’t want to be mentioned, but we told you everything about us and you didn’t say anything besides why you ran, what hurt you, who did and your names.”

    Heiko stared at Bruno and frowned slightly.

    “The less you know about us, the better. That way you will be safe.”

    Before Bruno could ask even more, Heiko stood up and left the room. Bruno sat on his bed in thoughts.

    ‘What does he mean ?’

    Without thinking Bruno stood up and left his room as well, looking for Heiko. He soon spotted him, talking to…the wall ? At first he would have thought Heiko talked to Casita, but she didn’t respond at all. He then spotted Dolores and waved her over, whispering.

    “What is he saying to the wall ?”

    Dolores listened closely.

    “Seems like he talks with SOMEONE. But I don’t know who…”

    She continued to listen and tell her Tío what he said.

    “I understand, but I don’t want us to split… You saw William and Vince when they are losing it. Elizabeth is untrustworthy and don’t get me started on Michael and Chris… They need their own room… That is all I ask for their safety…”, Heiko said.

    “He asks the wall for a room where his family can all be together. It seems someone is responding to him…”, she told Bruno quietly.

    With Heiko…

    “You do know that it will be very suspicious if I just let another door appear for you and the rest ?”, a person asked Heiko.

    “I understand that, but do you really want to risk them ? We need space to plan ahead and to be prepared. That mad bastard will find out where we are. The walls of Encanto may be high, but helicopters, planes and drones can overcome them. Also we need a space where we can just all meet up and calm down. You saw William once when he was stressed out. Do we really want to risk this ? They just took us in. The less they know the better. Right ?”

    The person sighed and pinched their bridge of their nose, then looked back at Heiko.

    “Fine, but only, because I know how dangerous you all can be, if you lose your sanity. And I know that you sing a lot to stay calm, just like the rest. Plan all you want, but I will be present with you, in case you need me.”

    Heiko nodded.

    “One last question.”

    “What ?”

    “Umm… Can you add electricity to our room ? For our stuff ? Without it I would need to charge them myself and it is very draining. We need the stuff to keep up our pose and to craft.”, Heiko asked, fumbling with his fingers.

    The person sighed again.

    “I will see what I can do…”

    “Thank you. I really owe you one.”, Heiko said happily.

    “Just keep them safe and do everything in your might to protect them.”

    “I won’t let you down.”, he said nodding with determination.

    “Welp then, I better get to work…”

    “Take your time. I think for 2 days we will be okay, but after that, it will get tricky…”

    The person nodded and then left. Heiko smiled brightly and then fisted the air in glee.

    “Yes !”, he cheered to himself.

    Bruno decided to come out with Dolores and they were right behind Heiko.

    “Who were you talking to ?”, Bruno asked.

    Heiko yelped in surprise and then spun around, staring at Bruno and Dolores wide eyed.

    “O-oh no one ! I talk a lot to myself ! Heh.”, he said nervously.

    “I don’t buy it.”, Dolores said with a blunt voice.

    Heiko started to sweat. He forgot she can hear everything, besides ghosts…

    “Here is a deal, you tell us who you were talking to and we won’t tell the rest of the family that you are up to something.”, Dolores suggested.

    “You are horrible with keeping your mouth shut.”, Heiko said bluntly.

    “I kept Tío Bruno’s secret for 10 years. I can hold yours just as well.”, she countered.

    “If I have to tell anything to anyone, I rather babble it out to Bruno than you. He can at least shut up.”, Heiko said coldly.

    “I know it may be none of our business, but you concerned us there, Heiko.”, Bruno said softly.

    Heiko stared at Bruno and then at Dolores, he sighed and grabbed their hands.

    “Bruno’s room. NOW.”, Heiko said.

    They followed him as fast as they could and soon they ended up in Bruno’s room. They sat down in his bed and Heiko took a deep breath then looked at a corner in Bruno’s room.

    “How much am I allowed to reveal ?”, he asked the air.

    With Heiko…

    “I don’t know… Just don’t tell them my name. Make a bit of it up or something.”, the person said.

    Heiko nodded.

    “He still doesn’t want to be revealed. The one who helped us to get here. We met one another a long time ago, when I was alone and not with my family. He gave me company and told me a lot of things. After we reunited, he hung around mostly with us, until we were kidnapped. He knows us better than anyone does. I asked him to help us find a safe place and he led us here. He sticks around with us and makes sure that no one else out there gets hunted down next. He chats a few times with Casita and asks things of them. I asked him to ask Casita for me to give my family a room. One where all of them are together inside. William and Vincent hate it being controlled and not having their own space. Michael needs one from time to time, just like Chris and me and Elizabeth is very troublesome at times. We can’t leave her alone with anyone of you. So now he asks Casita if they can do us this favor.”

    “And planning ?”, Dolores pressed.

    “Safety precautions. One day we will either be found out, or have to leave. And if that Scientist is waiting for us just out there, then we need to be prepared with a few plans. Nothing for you to worry about. That would be ours.”

    “If they get in here, then it is all our problem.”, Bruno said with a serious tone.

    Heiko laughed.

    “Brunito, you have no idea what that sick psycho can do ! We barely survived him and barely escaped ! If it would have been your family, you would have died in 2 days ! Your gifts won’t do anything to stop or hurt him. He will kill you or knock you down, before you even did anything. Better leave that worry to us, the professionals.”

    “Says the one who was caught…”, Dolores mumbled.

    “We only got caught, because we weren’t prepared for it ! This time we are and this time we won’t be taken down and neither will he take one of you away for his sick and twisted experiments !”, Heiko yelled at her.

    She covered her ears and whimpered. Heiko stared at her in shock and then cleared his throat.

    “I am sorry… I still need to get used to your sensible hearing and with my anger issues and quick self defense I can easily slip…”, Heiko said quietly again.

    Then he snapped his hands and ran to his backpack.

    “Wait a second, Dolores !”, he said with excitement.

    He rummaged through his backpack and soon pulled out something.

    “Haha !”

    “What is that ?”, Bruno asked.

    “Earplugs ! She should be able to talk normally then and even shout herself. If a normal human has them in their ears they hear almost nothing, so with Dolores’ advanced hearing it should work like a normal human listening to a normal conversation. In case I yell again…”

    He handed them to her and she put them into her ears.

    “You still hear me ?”

    “Yes… Can you shout ?”, she asked Heiko.

    “Like this ?!”

    Dolores squeaked and hugged Heiko tightly.

    “They are amazing ! Can I keep them ?!”, she asked.

    “Sure. Just don’t lose them.”

    She nodded.


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    ❦⋯❦ Taglists ❦⋯❦

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    ❦⋯❦ Taglist for Camilo Madrigal ❦⋯❦

    If you'd like to be added to the Camilo Madrigal taglist, please like or reply to this post! Thanks! 🧡

    Taglist: {@camilosunshxne}, {@camiloswifie}, {@crazy-simp}, {@daisylovea}, {@joukiworld}, {@cahmilo}, {@julianneeeeeee}

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    ও⋯ও Masterlists ও⋯ও


    ও⋯ও Requestsও⋯ও

    Requests are closed right now!

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    I have a lil Encanto fanfic series, if you read and like any of them I'd absolutely melt if you drew fanart for one my fics! O: https://archiveofourown.org/works/36548650/chapters/91148896 (of course, if you're busy and you don't get around to reading it then I can just tell you that Bruno and Mirabel get at least one hug per story lol)

    Okay, I couldn’t hold back, so here’s a li'l Bruno and Camilo angst from "When the Cat's Away"... This scene really made me feel all the things.

    I hope this is okay! Or if I should've taken the hint and drawn a Bruno and Mirabel hug (which I will do someday!) 🥲

    Thank you for sending me a request! I love your stories 💚

    #encanto #encanto fan fiction #encanto fan art #bruno madrigal#camilo madrigal#cheetour#asks#my art #stuff i've posted #i love ruanas #but i don't love drawing them D: #i nearly died figuring out camilo's hair #prob made him too short too... #🌙 fic and art requests
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  • sokkas-first-fangirl
    24.05.2022 - 12 hours ago


    “It’s, um…Well, I was wondering- maybe I could add Félix and Agustín? T-they’re Madrigals, so…So it just s-seemed fair.” He hated stammering, he hated stuttering; he always felt like a child again when his voice wavered like this. He’d always been told off for stuttering, muttering, mumbling and stammering.

    Alma was quiet. Bruno braced himself for the worst.

    Instead, she said, “That…May be a good idea,” slowly, as if the thought had never occurred to her.

    Bruno glanced at her, his hair falling in his eyes. “So, you’re okay with it?” he asked.

    Alma gave a thoughtful nod, her book still open on her lap. “If you think you can manage it,” she said. “I don’t want our mural to be a mess. If it does not turn out well, I want it painted over, understood?”

    That seemed like a fair exchange to him.

    “I wouldn’t make a mess,” he promised.

    “Then you may try,” Alma said in that regal way of hers, as if she was a queen giving orders and not a woman agreeing with a suggestion.

    Still, it was all the permission Bruno needed.


    Bruno finishes updating the Madrigal mural and everyone has an opinion.

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  • kitasgloves
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    this song is playing and Camilo gently asks you to dance with him, you and him slow dance. both of you don't know each other's names but it didn't matter because the moment felt like heaven itself, who knows, strangers in the night could be lovers for the rest of their lives.

    i've been listening to this song for more than an hour straight and i'm sitting here writing a draft fic already ✍️✍️✍️

    #encanto#disney encanto#camilo madrigal #camilo my beloved #camilo madrigal my beloved #camilo madrigal imagine #camilo madrigal x reader #camilo madrigal x y/n #camilo x you #camilo x reader #camilo x y/n #jay's shitpost™️#Spotify
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  • msmadrigal101pt2
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    OK OK FIRST THINGS FIRST, I'M NOT DEAD! I've just been on a very long break!

    Ok, now I'm ready to address what I'm excited about! So yes, I am completely aware that 'Camp Buddy' still needs and ending (and I'm working on it) but while I was just chilling in my room, I got this idea for a new (maybe mini) series! It's most likely not going to be as long as they Camp Buddy series (it probably won't even make it to double digits) but I thought I should inform you guys on it.

    So I know most of you (not all) know about a YouTube channel called 'MSA previously My Story Animated', and I have a tiktok account where I edit people (things, fandoms, etc.) and I edited some of the boys from the channel. Then it hit me, at the time I was kind of at a loss for ideas or one-shots. Then I thought, why not remake one of their stories, but as a Camilo Madrigal x Reader thing?

    So the second I thought of it, I jotted it down on Word so quick. So I want to announce that although I'm going to be starting on this mini series, doesn't mean I forgot about 'Camp Buddy' or you guys requests. Also tysm for 100+ followers, it means the world to me :)

    Also, here is the link to the channel and video I'm going to be remaking!

    #encanto x you #encanto disney#disney’s encanto#camilo madrigal #camilo madrigal x reader #camilo #camilo x female reader #camilo my beloved #camilo supremacy
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  • justadreaminghufflepuff
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    El Valle Maldito - Chapter 1 - justadreaminghufflepuff - Encanto (2021) [Archive of Our Own]

    Hey, guys, I finally finished a fanfic! Go check it out!

    To all my followers who like neither Encanto nor fanfiction in general, please feel free to ignore this.

    #encanto #julieta x agustin #agustin madrigal#agustín madrigal#julieta madrigal#mirabel madrigal#luisa madrigal#isabela madrigal#antonio madrigal#camilo madrigal#dolores madrigal#pepa madrigal#felix madrigal #pepa madrigal x félix madrigal #this is a big family and you only really realize it when you try to tag #el valle maldito #alma madrigal
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  • jopatrx
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Bebe Mira and Bebe Milo 💙💚

    Read a headcanon that they would be mistaken as twins. And I bet Julieta and Pepa grew tons of grey hair whenever these two get together 🤣

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  • iwannabecamiloshovel
    24.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    *In a horror movie situation with the Madrigal grandkids*

    Y/n: Does anyone have a phone?

    Antonio: I don't have a phone.

    Dolores: I've got no service in my phone here.

    Isabela: Shoot, my battery just died.

    Luisa: Guys, I think i lost my phone.

    Camilo: Sorry guys, I just broke my phone with a hammer.

    Mirabel: Guys, my phone is a book.

    #encanto x y/n #camilo madrigal #camilo madrigal x reader #encanto x reader #camilo encanto x reader #camilo x reader #camilo x you #mirabel madrigal #mirabel x reader #dolores madrigal #mirabel x y/n #mirabel incorrect quotes #encanto mirabel #dolores my beloved #encanto dolores #dolores x reader #isabela incorrect quotes #isabela my beloved #isabela imagine #isabela x reader #isabela madrigal #luisa x reader #luisa madrigal#encanto luisa #luisa x y/n #luisa my beloved #antonio madrigal#antonio #camilo incorrect quotes #dolores incorrect quotes
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  • iyahpostsstuff
    24.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Toy Camilo is onto something evil, it seems

    #encanto#camilo madrigal #camilo best madrigal #camilo supremacy #camilo my beloved #camilo madrigal meme #camilo madrigal edit #disney’s encanto
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  • camilosunshxne
    24.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Mirabel: You really put aside everything and came all this way for me? How did you even get here so fast?

    Isabela: Several traffic violations.

    Carlos: Three counts of resisting arrest.

    Camilo: Roughly thirteen cans of energy drinks.

    Dolores: And, also, that’s not our car.

    #encanto#disney encanto#disney#mirabel madrigal#isabela madrigal#carlos madrigal#camilo madrigal#dolores madrigal #mirabel my beloved #isabela my beloved #carlos my beloved #camilo my beloved #dolores my beloved #incorrect encanto quotes #encanto incorrect quotes #camilosunshxne incorrect quotes #camilosunshxne
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  • magicalmadrigals
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    I have never had as much fun writing a one shot as I have with this one! I loved writing it so much, there is so much teasing between the parents, and I really hope you like it!

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  • suncakie
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    —Is that blood? | camilo x gn!reader

    request. [anon] hello, congrats on 100 followers!! totally deserved <3 (even more!!) for ur event, can i please have prompt 18 + camilo? thank you!!

    prompt. 18 “Is that blood?” “Yes but that doesn’t matter right now, what does matter is-” “You are literally bleeding.”

    prompt list. 100 followers event!

    warnings. mentions of blood and falling, worried camilo, not a couple(?), forgetting Antonio's ability.

    notes. again, I'm sorry it took awhile! But here it is anon! I hope you like it!

    "Is that blood?"

    Camilo didn't expect to open the door to his room to welcome you, who somehow looked like they came from a war, clothes unevenly ruffled, hair a mess, and what's not to miss is the gushing red stains on your forehead.

    You didn't mean to fall off the house roof and landing on the broken wood carriage, you just slipped and tripped that's all, although that isn't the reason why you are here.

    “Yes but that doesn’t matter right now, what does matter is-” Camilo deadpanned at your behaviour, abruptly snatching your hand catching you mid sentence to bring you to his Tia, getting you healed up.

    “You are literally bleeding, it does matter" you looked at him like a deer caught in headlights until you shook your head.

    "Look I'm fine okay? It's just a scratch, there's more important things to do than this" you reasoned and tugged his hand that was holding your wrist tightly.

    "Oh the next thing you know you get stabbed and think of doing house chores the next day" Camilo frustratedly told you as he held your wrist tighter but not enough to leave a mark on it.

    Once the two of you got to Julieta, who was tending minor injuries, she suddenly shifted her attention to you who was rather calm for the bloody forehead you have, not bothering to explain what happened with a worried yet annoyed Camilo beside you.

    Once tended, Julieta left the two of you with a damp cloth to clean off the stained blood dripping on your head, the boy beside you observing your actions silently, as if to ask 'what happened?'

    You sighed after you asked Camilo if there are any stains left, which he said there are none and leaned back. "Fell of the roof"

    The boy looked at you a shock expression on his face before you added "it was slippery okay! I was fixing our roof" he calmed down- well slightly calmed down.

    "Although I'm more worried of the donkeys"

    "What? Why?" He asked slowly standing up to tell an adult about the problem with the donkeys "they ran off when I fell I dunno where they went" and that's when you heard a commotion happening in the madrigal house.

    Surprisingly none of them knew about it despite not seeing the donkeys where they usually stay, Dolores knows, but she didn't bother as it's their happy time with Mariano.

    "Why didn't you tell me earlier?! We could of started finding them!" That was Luisa screaming her heart out to her cousin who tried to explain he didn't know and tended your wounds first before asking.

    "Luisa it's okay, I'm sure we would find them" that was Mirabel, calming her older sister down while Isabela had to stop herself from choking the boy.

    Yes it was just donkeys but Luisa cares for them alot.

    Unknowingly, You sat with Antonio who was sitting in your lap, happily eating an arepa while you played with his hair.

    "Should we tell them I could ask my friends to call them here?" Antonio asked as he raised his head up to look at you.

    You shook your head and laughed at the commotion "nah, let them realize that themselves"

    all writing belongs to @suncakie. do not repost or steal.

    #suncakie #camilo madrigal x reader #camilo madrigal #camilo madrigal fluff #camilo imagine #camilo x reader #encanto camilo #camilo madrigal x gender neutral reader #camilo x gn reader #madrigal camilo x reader #encanto x gn reader #x gn reader #camilo x gender neutral reader #encanto x reader #encanto imagines#crackship
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