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  • goawaygoongit
    25.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago


    #venting#herposting #and so on and so forth. #i was like no i wont hover around her at lunch anymore we are done this chapter in our lives and guess what i did. #im so mad at myself for doing this to another friend! im really hoping this will be the last time #and even if its not maybe ill have learned my lesson this time and catch myelf faster next time. #we cant even hear eachother were always going what what? what? what? and its very frusturating #i keep pushing the deadline of when im going to tell her and go cause like. auditions in 2 days i must be normal until then #and thankfully only a week or two left of school!! #i will tell her after auditions but i dont think i will tell her in person now thats too dramatic #text will be better cause she wont see any emotion or whatever just words #what i am going to say is you are a really wonderful friend and i want you to know that this is not your fault but i am having a problem. it #is not your problem its really on me because i was bored and dumb. i dont like you romantically but i like you well one of the other ways #that you can like someone and thats making it really hard for me to be around you rn. so id like to take a break and ik your'e probably just #fucking delighted to hear this you did it again you got another one. goodbye <3
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  • wataiga
    25.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    day 3 of wanting to yank my wifi and chuck it out of my window since it’s still doing my nut in :’)

    #tbd. #day 3 OF ITS BULLSHIT #i’m off work for 4 days and this is what i get SIGHS #i cant even have nice things in this house #i should probs tag this as ns.fw cuz of nut #basically it’s PISSING ME OFF
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  • crow-with-a-shortcake
    25.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    handy dandy visual guide of what the game looks like for me when the camera moves

    #not even an exaggeration #not included: the frames where my eyes just cut their feed to my brain #well more accurately its not that i cant see the thing moving its more that #in addition to being blurry as fuck #oh man how do i describe this. its like uh #like i see the movement but my brain doesnt recognise it?? i guess???? #like it just doesnt process it/react to it at all #this has never been an issue in games for me i didnt even know it wasnt normal until i played this #and i realised most people werent having the same issue i was #and the reason i think is that ive never played skill based 2d pixelart games before #like in hollow knight in hindsight there were def sections where this fucked me over BUT #it was much less of an issue because the game is like. hand drawn and not pixel art #and also being able to pogo hazards means i can compensate for the speed/blur when i fall #which is like. genuinely amazing in regards to how much it helps #but celeste doesnt have that so im just left to fend for myself #just. why does the camera need to move so much. why would you design your game this way #i realise this is a me issue not the game issue but leave me alone ok im so upset #i cant rationalize my feelings abt it rn bc it delivered such a strong blow to my self esteem
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  • crow-with-a-shortcake
    25.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    alright im giving up on 7c fuck this

    #ive finally caved i cant do this #like legitimately genuinely i physically cannot #not because of my hands or my reaction time though those are definitely an issue #but because of my eyes #the camera moves so quickly and its just. *constantly* moving and i literally cant make out anything #everything is so blurry #this has been an issue the entire time but i could always get past it #because the screens were either short enough or allowed me to pause for enough of a nanosecond for me to make out where i am #with this one i genuinely cant make out the graphics #its so long as well........... #like its been 3 hours and i really really really dont like it so why should i continue putting myself through it #i turned on assist mode and finished it with invincibility in the end #i almost had a thousand deaths as well which like. shows how long i kept trying #i want to say its not the games fault but i dont know anymore. the lack of any checkpoints kind of feels like bad design #because the difficulty curve up until this point was so good #but all of a sudden its like. skyrocketed #it especially stands out because the final room/screen in 6c did have a checkpoint #i kept trying and trying and trying for so long because i thought if i could push through the frustration i would get it but #i am now realising that like. no im just not going to. this sucks man this sucks so much i hate being disabled #im legitimately so sad like it sucks to realise u set a goal for urself that u physically cant achieve even tho the average person could do #it w enough time and practice. and i just cant bc god nerfed my visual processing ability #:/ #ill still *try* 8c and farewell #if the camera isnt this insane ill be able to get through them #its specifically the constant fast movement thats throwing me off which i know not all the hard stages have so
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  • candyunicornsateme
    25.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    I cant help but still not think anyone is paying any attention to me let alone likes what I do at all... like I always assume no one’s interested, cuz I spent years just being in the background and on my own yanno lol;;; I used to have like One (1) friend online.

    #like i cant not think: if someone wants to know they'd ask #i spent years having only a couple ppl interact w/ me #but even tho now I have a lot more followers i still think #no one sees me lol #it's so so weird im so used to being alone #in 2014 I had like ONE online/fandom friend #sdkfhsdfoh#rimble ramble #at one point i had a friend that cared more about getting popular #than interacting w/ me and being a friend and that rlly ruined my trust
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  • 6shooterz
    25.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    i wish i had friends i could play minecraft with SOOOO BADDDD

    #genuinely im so lonely after losing the only friend group i played minecraft with #cant even spend a week in one world without dying of boredom #i just want someone to play minecraft with me *sob* #playing with strangers is so awkward too i just wanna play mc with FRIENDS so i wont be LONELY AND SAD T_T
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  • gucci-tinfoil-hat
    25.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    a guy from a huge group chat keeps messaging me privately and asking if i am flirting with him because i agreed on his stance with x and i watch the same shows he does wtf get out of your own ass

    guy: i like (obscure old show i watched in my childhood)

    me: omg that was a good show i remember it

    wow.... yeah i totally want your dick?

    #cant even agree with a man he will think of you as a potential partner
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  • moonlet-night
    25.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    I was going to make a post about how sexy Princess Nepthys is but instead I’m gonna make a post about how funny her name is. Nepthys means (probably) “Lady of the (Holy) House” (aka a Temple), so it basically means “Priestess”

    The goddess Nepthys is associated with the dark so. Perfect name for a weird moon cultist lady.

    anyways now look at how pretyy she is..

    #moon knight#princess nepthys #evil hot women......... #oh yeah the reason im obsessed w this issue is because i literally cant finish it. #id put money on her being a zombie #but i wouldnt know! because i want to cry everytime i try reading this issue #her character design is peak #she gets a pass for having the triple moon symbol even though thats not egyptian because its cool
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  • charlotte-sweetly
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I love watching random med dramas and having a Jeff pop up outta nowhere

    #i wasnt even paying attention but the second he said 'hey nurse!' #i was like ! #anyway its chicago med i cant remember what episode tho #also if ur gonna hunt it down be wary of like standard med show gore #jeff blim
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  • matoitech
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    this is kind of why i think fandom ppl live in a completely different reality separate from our own bcuz sometimes ppl start talking abt how they wish there were was unhealthy m/m between guys who hatelove each other in media n im like ok well i have news for u about how most ppl write gay/bi men bcuz of .. get this.. homophobia n the belief were predatory monsters who cant feel love

    #like can i point u in the direction of the majority of m/m in the world. seriously where do u guys see All These loving healthy gay #relationships but u cant say kids cartoons or high school romance media. also it cant be supremely boring. ill wait #anyway this showed rly hard w galolio bcuz there is zero basis for what ppl did to them #ppl watched the movie n ignored the canon relationship to Make It Unhealthy And Fucked Up And Imbalanced so #they could either get off or it could fit their own ideas of what a relationship between gay men looks like #so many aus were ppl literally just inserting a power imbalance or age gap or whatever to make it fucked up #like where do u think that comes from. do u seriously think its not homophobia (n ableism is rly tied in2 how ppl were w galolio too #but ppl wouldve done this regardless) #anyway even ppl who talk abt hating fandom ppl n how theyre so much better will see a healthy m/m rship n say oh i need to fuck them up #also like truly the ableism CANNOT b eunderstated but i dont want 2 talk abt that rn #i have enough -_- #homophobia tw
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  • lesbian-of-nine
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    your rarepair!


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  • possum-tooth
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    so at what point can i leave

    #delete later#dontrb #officially Past the time it wouldve taken for this appt. what the fuck is going on. #im not even anxious anymore im just pissed like. i scheduled for the time i was going to be available and scheduled my time #AROUND this. now i have absolutely no time to do anything else and im gonna be fucked up for work. this fucking blows. #and i dont wanna get charged for this appt either like!!!!!!! if i waited 20+ min for a TWENTY MINUTE appt it shouldnt be my fault #if i cant make it AFTER my scheduled time!!!!! im gonna be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #part of me is like.. is this a test....... but that simply cannot be true right
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  • kai-atlantis
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I've seen these on tumblr a lot so I'm willing to try my hand at it. ✨️🥺

    Guys, I've been crying out of frustration and feeling used all week. I genuinely need to go to work for the next 2 weeks but honestly I'm looking at my paycheck and my pay and my bank account and guys... I genuinely do not have enough money to get to work for the next week. $590 a paycheck is not enough for a career job w/ degree and at $4.50 a gallon + 2 hr commute everyday - I cannot afford to work anymore. I am going to request money to help me out. I am desperate. I genuinely GENUINELY DO NOT have money to get to work. I genuinely need help because this country doesn't give 5 shits about us. This is my cashapp. Please give anything if you can. Thank you.

    #cashapp#personal#ask post#begging #idk what the fuck to tag this dude #i dont know how to get notes or popular idfk and this is embarrassing and no one will even see this #this is all just fucking stupid #and im being forced to keep this job by my family #they will berate and bettlie me until the end of time if i quit #and im so fucking stressed #i cant even get groceries anymore lol #i literally cant afford a new pair of pants #i only have 1 pair #im not kidding #i feed my cats before i feed myself #the most i spend on myself is buying myself coffee #thats it#im desperate #truly i am #im sorry #this is so embarrassing #money#money please#sos#help#money help#money post#donate#donations #also i save up for art comissions and i even got this last one funded by a great friend so pls dont come for me saying how can u afford art
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  • one-piece-of-harry
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Question? How much do you think Sasuke knows about his own culture and his people's history given how young he was during the Uchiha genocide. Also, I feel like a clan as old and big as the Uchiha had their own archive of some kind do you think Sasuke had access to it, or do you think that Konoha confiscated it. I have read fics where either was done. Other clans might not agree with the confiscation thing if a clan member is still alive but I can imagine Danzo not going through it in some way

    I...I don't want to be a doomer but the Uchiha clan is over. An individual cannot bear a culture on their back it is inherently a collective manifestation of life so I'm. The Uchiha clan genocide was complete. The culture is dead as well as the people. Like there's not even one other person for Sasuke to share this with its just over.

    As for records I'd think maybe the Uchiha hideout could have had something but it was p much completely destroyed (I also fucking hate that scene where itachi is on the throne it wasn't badass or cool it was sickening) but the Naka shrine should have had some artifacts and the like growing up, and not just in the underground. But, again, Sasuke could have all the access to every scrap of information about his clan but it really wouldn't undermine all of that culture is now dead. It really does belong to a people, not a person

    #sorry i just woke up and chose grief today #but a culture cant be preserved by an individual #all that is just...fucking gone #not to sound basic but wow genocide is really fucking tragic and horrific and has greater impact than we can even imagine #i don't think the village would have had records lmao #they dont seem to keen on perserving the uchiha clan #and if they did want to confiscate things they sucked at it
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  • virgilvandijk
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    sadio im a very fragile person what does this mean

    #if he …… if he goes …. if he goes to bay ….. i cant even say it
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  • kai-o-saurus
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    also, if youre going to be unhelpful and passive aggressive on my posts, im not acknowledging you

    #personal #like i cant believe i made a post about cozy grove #saying i like the game #and the first thing that happens is some asshat comes on it #and is just as a whole unhelpful #also you cant buy the peas you have to craft them #so even the point was wrong #imagine coming onto a post about a game that is suppose to be welcoming and calming #and being passive aggressive AND getting your info wrong #embarrassing
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  • thegrabowskis
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    wow can’t even muster up an actual tear for your dead best friend huh

    #mallory.txt #cant even be bothered to return a hug from his wife or say a damn word to her
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  • morvaris
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    ooooo 14 (overgrown) and/or 39 (accursed) for candy >:)

    accursed + candy warnings: it's dark; blood, death, mentions of injuries. i decided to go all in here..

    It wasn’t supposed to end this way.

    They hit the ground, suddenly and violently; shards of glass grazing at their neck and face. The concrete underneath them tears the skin even more, leaving behind puddles of blood.

    Their vision is red, Candy tries to blink it away, but it’s to no avail. Their injured hands lift them off the ground slightly or at least prevent them from laying face down on the gravel. They’re not healing fast enough, the hunger clouds their vision, whispering to them to feed, to take; they try to shake it away, but it becomes louder and louder. 

    “Hang on! We’ll help you!” At first they’re sure they’re hallucinating when a very weak voice sounds from above them. “You- You’re losing a lot of blood, but we can help.” 

    Candy screams as a pair of strong hands lift them up– the pain is sharp, excruciating, and it almost makes their knees buckle, but they manage to keep their balance. Now standing, they examine those who… helped them? A couple, a man and a woman, stand together; she’s clinging onto him, her shoulder severed, and he’s bleeding heavily from the deep wound on his side, but they still focus on Candy, afraid they’ll fall again. 

    They try to convince themself that they don’t care about the heavy metallic smell in the air even if their throat tightens when they take a deep breath. The taste on their tongue is strong, intoxicating, and they snarl, the fangs protruding. Candy needs to calm down; they have to get away, they can’t– everything else is quickly drowned by the surge of primal hunger, and for a moment all they can see are two sacks of blood. Weak.


    The smell is overwhelming, the Beast within Candy is screaming to take what is so carelessly given to them. They must feed, and they must do it now. Their chest burns - from anger or sorrow? - as the woman takes a step closer. 

    “Can you hear us?” 

    Stay away.

    “We need to get to safety. Stay with us.” The man takes ahold of his lover's hand, and Candy’s eyes zero on the blood he smears on it. They will themself to resist, to cling onto what remains of their humanity.  

    But the Beast is persistent, and it drags the memories from their brain that is half-submitted into madness– the couple’s faces change into Julian’s, Aila’s, Lettow’s, Theo’s. Anyone and everyone. Candy lets out a cry, a sob, when the man steps closer to them, holding out his other hand.

    No, please, stay away!

    They take it.


    But they are accursed. And at the end, they surrender for they do not know how to fight the nature of the curse they bear. To fight it would be a battle they’ll never win. They push the woman away, tugging the other towards them, plunging their teeth into his neck. The red is all Candy can see and feel and smell, so they feed. The man quickly falls, and Candy moves onto the next. She doesn’t even resist, empty eyes focused on her loved one. 

    So they feast. 

    When they’re sated, Candy doesn’t feel euphoric. There’s only dread and alien loneliness– no hunger to whisper its siren song, no one to offer their hand, no one to look at them as if they were still human. They watch as the remaining blood pools beneath the now dead couple. As their body heals itself, they feel like a broken vessel for their inner darkness. 

    They’ve painted the world crimson, and they wash it away again with the tears of loss for they have lost themself. 

    The sun is rising soon, the Beast stays silent. They don’t move.

    #THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ASK BONES ILY !!! #SCREAMING AND CRYING AND THROWING UP ETC ETC ETC #candy you cant joke yourself out of this one please dont drink people dry thank you #i made myself sad with this because like #they clinged to their humanity until a certain point and they were so scared to fall victim to their beast and #to loose it in such a violent way is.. traumatic to say the least and it explains quite a bit about their character #and why they didn't even try to reconnect with their brother #part of the reason was because it'll be hard to explain the whole vampire thing but they are more scared of hurting him #because they saw what they can do and like #idk it just makes me so sad #<- i say as if i wasn't the one who did this to them #nico.fic #my oc: candy
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  • messfc
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #i cant even come up with anything to say no thoughts just josema #jose maria gimenez #josema#football#atletico madrid
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  • thatonesmoldove
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks that the whole submas thing is getting blown outta proportion so bad-

    like i get being excited and happy, i am too. i love the twins and how goofy they are.

    but seeing ppl making all sorts of crazy shit is starting to get draining at this point

    i feel like i've lost all my care and love for these two cause others keep milking the events that happened in PLA so dry that i just- cant care anymore abt them as characters

    im really waiting for this whole hype thing to stop soon cause its just too much at this point.

    #submas #im. #really tired #idk if others will agree with me on this #but its fine if they dont #i just dont like seeing smth i love be morphed in so many ways that i cant even recognize it anymore #and dont get me started on the ppl who actively draw weird shit of them #god #atm im just waiting for things to end so i can slowly go back to enjoying just the twins being twins #these arent necessarily bad things. make up all the AUs you want #but theres a limit #and i think ppl went way beyond it at this point #i cant even see what makes them so special to me anymore #mun rambles
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