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    Since we know that Captain Marvel and Billy are two different people that's connected, here's what I think they're sexualities are!

    Captain Marvel: Asexual and Aromantic

    Billy Batson: Pansexual and Transgender (or Gender Fluid)

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    Word Count:

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!OC

    Warning: Swearing, Altercations, Fluff and feelings uprooted. mentioning of drugs!

    Summary: Bucky is blinded by love from his girlfriend who is secretly just using him for good looks and money. Elara loves Bucky as a friend until she hung out with him more and the feelings for him grew.

    A/N: It’s been a month or two. Writer’s Block is a pain the ass and this time I’m prepared. ( E-Lar-rah)

    mf: motherfucker ( too lazy to keep writing it)

    *Characters are 18 and older!*

    Elara & Bucky

    “Trying to make it to school kills me Corell.” Elara sits on the edge of the couch putting on her black and white dunks. It’s 7:30 in the morning, school started it at 8:30 sharp.

    “Girl it’s just 2 more months of school before you graduate. Don’t let senioritis consume you whole.” Corell poured hazelnut creamer into her coffee. Elara fixed on her red curls in the mirror. Her outfit was a black romper.

    “Sis that mf done swallowed me already. Where my keys ?”

    As Elara walked past Corell pointed at the hook near the door. El kissed her big sister on the cheek and grabbed the essentials that she needed then left for school.


    “bestie what it do!” Elara walked up to her bestie as she does every morning near the 600 lockers. It was a lot of students that attended her school which why they found somewhere link.

    Kaylee Jinsu had been Elara best friend since 9th grade. “I’m convinced Thor is into me.”

    The pair walked side by side to breakfast. “Why you say that?” Elara looked up from her phone every so often so she wouldn’t run into anything.

    “He messaged me on instagram on some friend type shit. Wait-“ Her phone buzzed and it created a little smile on her face. “Ignore that bullshit I just said. I met Thor last year because he was friendly to me first. We’re in the friend zone and I really like him.”

    Elara furrowed her eyebrow in confusion,”Why are y’all still in the friend zone? Have he shown you energy that he’s feeling you back?”

    Kaylee scratch the side of her next, “He’s fingered me, we’ve made out-“

    “I’m going to stop you right there bestie. That’s a red flag. He’s toxicccc.” They walked in the cafeteria deep in conversation joining the line of students that also wanted breakfast.

    They sat down at the table after being served two waffles, sausage, eggs and apple juice. “Oouh bestie today they got us right on breakfast.” Kaylee dipped her waffle in syrup as Elara ate on her eggs a bit.

    “Girl what! I’ma be so sleepy in first block.”

    “Elara!” A deep voice that belonged to Bucky made his way closer to the table. El’s smile grew seeing her other best friend who she have yet to talk to today.

    “James you was real M.I.A this morning. Surprised you still my bestie.”

    “I’m sorry Elara, I was busy this morning doing some shit with my pops.” He kissed her cheek, “I just came to talk to you, grab a juice then head to class.”

    Elara’s cheeks turned red, “Okay Bucky enjoy your day.” Bucky ruffled Kaylee’s hair, smirking. “I will. Oh and Kay? Thor said Good morning.”

    Kaylee cheeks grew red while swatting his hands away, “Bye Bucky, you play so much!” She thought he was being petty but in honesty Thor asked him to say that.

    After Bucky left, The girls sat there for a minute talking. Their conversation died down a bit after hearing her best friend name in someone’s mouth.

    “Bucky’s girlfriend been posting on her close friends that he is the example dude on how use them for only money and arm candy.”

    Elara’s leg shook in anger hearing that shit. Bucky loves Rydee because they’ve been together since 10th grade year. Kaylee grabbed Elara’s hand pulling her from the table before anything broke loose.

    “Kaylee you heard that shit ? Rydee been using Bucky for his money. I’m going to beat her ass.” She rubbed her lips together trying to calm down but it’s not working.

    “Yeah I heard that shit. She wrong as fuck for that because Bucky actually likes her. When you planning on beating her ass?”

    “At Lunch.”


    Eventually the best friends separated for classes until it was time for seniors lunch block. “Hey Steve!” Elara kissed his cheek then dapped up the rest of the gang around the table. “Where’s Bucky?”

    “Sitting with Hoedee.” Clint pointed his fork in the direction of Bucky sitting at a lunch table with Rydee hugged up to him and all of her friends over there. It was only Loki, Clint, Steve and Tony at the table.

    “Should’ve known.” Elara sat in the empty space between Loki and Tony. She glanced down at their plates trying to see which one was appetizing.“Which station you got the chicken nuggets from??” She pointed at Tony’s plate.

    He dipped a chicken nugget it in ketchup then plopped it in his mouth, “Near the pizza but I forgot the name of it. Want one?” He held out one towards her.

    “Yeah I wanna see what they taste like.” When she went to grab it, Tony plopped it in his mouth with a devious smirk growing.

    Elara jaw dropped for a second then she glared. “You greedy mf!” She reached forward trying to grab one as same time Tony tried to block it.

    “Stark give me one !”

    “No! I want all of mine!”


    “Elara!” He mocked back.

    They looked like little kids with chicken nugget crumbs over their hands from fighting over it. Amused, Steve held out an chicken nugget from his plate “Here El.”

    The glare went from Tony to Steve, “You had one this whole time?!” She huff not even wanting it anymore. Steve laughed, “Because you didn’t ask me, you asked Tony out of all people at the table.”

    Elara smacked her lips, “You do be making points Steve.” Her phone buzzed grabbing her attention.


    we’re walking in now


    who tf is we?

    As soon as the message sent, Elara looked up to see her bestie & Thor walking in. Wait for it…

    holding hands.

    This is the end. Elara happiness dropped seeing her best friend off the market. I mean yeah she’s happy for her best friend but she couldn’t help feel alone. Kaylee wasn’t going to drop her but it probably meant she wasn’t going to always be available. El cleared her frown and put on the best smile for her best friend.

    “Kay?? What in the hell is going on today? Like it is so eventful on this Thursday.” El pointed at their joined hands. Kaylee blushed,

    Kaylee blushed, “I’ll tell you later Elara, you know I am.” Thor flexed his muscles to the guys and the cheered for him.

    “Congrats on the relationship dude!” Steve dapped up Thor. Kaylee sat down by Elara getting comfortable while Thor sat beside Loki after doing their handshake.

    “What’s up Loki!”

    “Hey Thor!”

    “Where’s Bucky?” The long blonde asked for his other brother. The whole table in unison, pointed behind them.


    Kaylee snorted and the whole table burst into laughter. El glanced over at her best friend, honestly missing him. He’s been busy all week with his dad til they’ve barely facetimed each other. She saw Rydee rub up and down his arm, she couldn’t help but feel jealous.

    Jealous? Pfft Elara is the type of person who is far from jealously. Or is she ?

    In slow motion, she watched Rydee place a kiss on the corner of Bucky’s lips. That’s it! She couldn’t sit there and watch some gold digger kiss on her man. That shit sent her over the edge and hating to admit it herself she knew why.

    All she saw was red.

    El slammed her book bag down on the table getting up. “Lara??” Kaylee got up from her seat following behind her. “Oh we ready??”

    “You damn right we is.” Lara made way over to Rydee table. Kaylee crossed her arms, not losing eye contact on Rydee. Bucky glanced up to his best friend from his phone, “Best? Hey, I was just finna text-“

    Elara and Kaylee stared down on Rydee but Ry wasn’t going down without a fight so she stood up too.

    “Bitch you think you’re going to use my best friend for his money and not think I’ll do anything??!! Are you fucking dumb?!?!”

    “Elara shut the fuck up cause you’re not going to do anything about it!”

    “Oh baby we gone do everything about it, don’t fucking play!” Kaylee spoke up, taking her ear rings out. Another one of Rydee’s friend stood up too. The cafeteria was still rowdy from the other kids so not a lot of people was aware of what was going on.

    The boys watched from afar, completely confused on what the hell going on. Bucky stood up, just as confused as his friends. “Elara what is going on? What’s the reason on why you walking up to Rydee like this??”

    Elara pointed at Rydee, anger written all over her face.“Tell him Rydee! Tell him that you been using-“

    Rydee lurched forward aiming to Elara’s face but El’s fist connected to Ry’s face first. Punches were thrown left and right but Ry slipped on a bookbag so she fell backwards which had Elara on top.

    Rydee’s friend inched closer to the fight but Kay kept watched the whole time. She went over to the friend “Oh bitch you trying to jump in?!” Kaylee grabbed her hair, pulling her to the ground. “Bitch don’t you ever think you can jump in my best friend fight!”

    The two fights caught everyone attention and the cafeteria erupted into a lot of commotion. Bucky had enough of the fighting from Elara, he grabbed her waist trying to get her off. “Elara let her go!”

    He didn’t understand what was the whole fight about. Bucky was upset that El fought Rydee for nothing. He had a lot of questions to ask both of them. “El stop!”

    Bucky’s strength successfully pulled El off but it wasn’t enough to contain her. “Bitch I’m not finished with you!!” Rydee yelled as a teacher held her back. Both girls had a scratch or two on their faces.

    “I’m forever ready you stupid bitch. You knew you were fucking wrong to do MY best friend like that!!” She thrashed around in Bucky’s arm cause every piece of her wanted Rydee head tore off.

    It be them damn light skins that wanna fuck over the good guys. Bucky held on to her waist, with all the moving Elara was still in his arms. He pulled her into the hallway, not upset because he wanted to know what’s going on.

    “Elara calm the hell down and tell me what happened? What is you talking about with Rydee?! I’ve asked that question about a thousand times and no fucking answer! Plus you’re fighting her over this means this some deep shit so what is it?”Bucky ‘s angry but determined expression stared into Elara’s chocolate eyes.

    She closed her eyes taking in a deep breath, not knowing how he will take this. Now realizing that she cause this mess without even knowing how Bucky would react. Shit! All because she was jealous.

    The guys walked out the cafeteria excluding Kaylee and Thor. Steve wanted to speak up but the argument looked heated.

    “This morning I overheard some girls say that Rydee has been using for money and good looks. I went a little deeper and found out she’s still with Martin.”

    Bucky heart sank, he didn’t know if it was true or not. He didn’t want to believe it. “Th-That doesn’t makes sense El. Rydee didn’t-” Ry was Bucky’s first relationships since he had lost his arm in a car wreck. Yeah Elara was in the picture but only as friends.

    What El told him stuck in his head, “You can’t believe stuff you hear Elara. Why are you trying to sabotage my relationship? You fought her for no reason!”

    Elara looked at Bucky in disbelief “I had a reason! No don’t you fucking dare take up for that gold digging bitch!” The anger kicked back in. “Bucky ain’t no fucking information like that is just going to float around school as a rumor.”

    “Everything’s a fucking rumor. A real best friend would’ve just told me personally instead of fighting my girlfriend. You don’t have to fight all the time Elara!” Bucky got closer and their eyes never broke contact. He was angry for not knowing if this information was true and he’s taking out on the wrong person. His heart was telling no but his head just wanted him to keep going.

    “Buck!” Steve jumped end cause they’re friendship was on the edge. “Both of you just chill out on this right now.”

    “You hear your fucking self right?! You know what everybody can’t handle a real bitch like me so I’ll do you a favor and leave. She did you dirty, I took your side and beat her ass cause I’m your best friend plus overprotective of you and you’re mad with me?” She shook her hands trying not to put her hands on him. Elara’s heart was just torn from what he was saying. “I’ll chill out when he take his head out of Rydee’s ass.”

    “Fuck you Elara cause you don’t know how I really feel!” Bucky balled his fist, and that’s when everyone intervened. Tony held back Elara who fist were balled as well.

    “Fuck you Bucky!” She tried to move but Tony got in the way. “Stark you can move cause he’s pushing it!”

    “No you two need to cool it. You guys obviously need some time apart!” Feeling in defeat when Tony didn’t move, El flipped Bucky off. She nodded her head as her eyes filled with tears.

    The principal opened the door pointing at El, “You come with me.” Elara followed her without protest to the office.


    Elara laid into bed, her feelings for Bucky were everywhere. She liked him but the way he acted today, obviously showed that he wasn’t into her.

    Her love life was hard and not being with her parents made it harder. In her side nightstand, El reached down grabbing an old coach purse which held what she needed. 5 minutes later she was done rolling up.


    Done rolling up…

    When your love life and losing both parents is hard, something has to take the pain away.

    *Incoming call from bestie4L*

    The facetime call answered with Kaylee sitting on her back porch.

    “You done rolling up?”

    “Yes, just looking for my lighter.” Elara always losing her damn purple lighter. After finding it under her pillow, she made a walk to her back porch.

    “You always looking for that damn lighter!”

    “Hush cause you be losing yours too!” El laughed, then sat down in a chair.


    The world echoed around Elara as the grass became interesting. “Elara what happened between you and Bucky?” She heard Kaylee’s voice from beside her, honestly forgetting that she was on the phone for a second.

    “He took her side with his confused ass and how I know that was true about Rydee cause when I was making her ass confessed, she cames towards me first that’s why I took the first lick.” She hit the blunt against the ash tray to knock some off.

    “I was there on the second part slow ass , keep going on the first part when I was in the office.” Kaylee laughed at the slow moment Elara just had. “El you high as fuck. He took her side how?”

    “Man he said he didn’t know if it was true or not so he don’t know whose side to take and plus it was wrong to fight her. All that pure bullshit.”

    “How the fuck he can’t believe you? You were here first so he should know you by now. You took his side and he still chose hers. Men.” Kaylee shook her head then inhaled the smoke through her nose. “I had to hit the blunt for the stupid shit, you just said.”

    Elara laughed putting out the blunt. Kaylee always know how to put a smile on her face and Elara’s forever grateful for that. “Girl ima be there in 2 minutes so we can smoke these together bye!”

    “Bye bitch!”

    After smoking, Elara regretted nothing from today but he was still on her mind. The way his eyes stared into hers…


    Yupppp my ass wrote this while high and sober. my first post since a month or two ago. I’m out for the summer so I should be more active.

    stay slutty my friends 💗

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    We'll Meet Again...I Know When || Chapter 2

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x GN Reader

    Words: 1,897

    Series Masterlist 🤎 Marvel Masterlist 🤎 Fandom Masterlist


    "It's the energy source, I'm telling you. It needs to be stronger."

    "I never called you a liar. I just don't understand how our conversation got here. I said this drink is shitty and you started reading from a whole other book. Flying cars got nothin' to do with rum,'' regardless of your complaints, you take another swing from your glass, arms crossed over the sticky counter while Howard continues to rant about god knows what.

    "I told you earlier the rum at this place is watered down," he waves a dismissive hand at you, pointing a finger to the papers he's laid out on the table. For a second, he surveys the bustling bar before leaning closer with a whisper," you know what would be an excellent power source when we get our hands on it?"

    You still don't look at him nor his blueprints, eyes still focused forward," 'when'? You're rather optimistic, don't you think?"

    "It's called looking to the future. Maybe you should try it sometime instead of being such a downer," you roll your eyes at his childish insult.

    "I am."

    "You are?"

    "Sure am," you nod your head forward while taking another sip. Howard follows the direction of your stone gaze, making a face before signaling to the bartender.

    "Didn't know you had eyes for Rogers," he comments nonchalantly.

    "Not Rogers, knucklehead. His buddy."

    Across the bar sit two tall soldiers, completely unaware that they've earned your undivided attention. One anyone could recognize as Captain America, although he's more intimately known as Steve Rogers; a once small toothpick of a boy who's recently become an American staple after some experiments you helped oversee. He's chuckling at something his friend says while sitting to his side with a pressed smile. You may not know who this friend of Cap's is, but you're able to deduce him as another soldier; a mighty fine looking one at that.


    "You know him and you didn't introduce me? Some brother you are."

    "What am I supposed to do? Introduce you to every guy I met?"

    "Well, when they're hot like that. Don't you always want me to introduce you to the good lookin' gals I know?" You shoot back, making him scowl halfheartedly while taking a drink from the beer the bartender sets in front of him. Setting your own glass down, you fix your hair and readjust your uniform's tie," how do I look?"

    Howard doesn't even look at you, merely dipping the beer bottle away from his lips with a smirk," like a Stark on a mission."

    "Damn right," with that, you push yourself off the bar stool to begin weaving through the sea of strangers straight towards your target.

    While you aren't necessarily a constant flirt like your notorious brother, you can definitely shine whenever someone manages to catch your fancy. There's been plenty of times where cute guys have caught your interest, but the true test is to see if they can keep it because unlike your brother who's perfectly content with one night stands and short flings, you're looking for something long term. You have no intentions of getting wrapped up being some guy's arm candy or bragging right. Looks are only a third of the score. You want a guy with a good personality who will remain true and the only way to test that is by some harmless flirting that surveys the field.

    Steve's a goodhearted guy. A bit too innocent for his own good, but that just makes it even harder to believe he'd hang out with any jackasses which means you've already got a better chance with his friend than some random swigger at the bar.

    "'evening boys," You announce your presence with a smile before stealing the seat next to Steve," I'm guessing your drink must not be that great either considering you haven't drank much."

    "So it is just that bad, huh? Honestly alcohol hasn't tasted that strong for me since the serum, so I figured my taste was off," he mentions, spinning his glass which causes the dark liquor to twirl.

    "'should report that side effect. Might be a real deal breaker for the next super soldier," you joke, playfully nudging the blond before your eyes raise to his friend. You reach a hand across the counter to him," don't believe we've met before. Hollie."

    He smiles, taking your hand without hesitation and kissing your knuckles like a gentleman much to your delight," James Buchanan Barnes. Pleasure to meet you, doll."

    "Long name."

    "Call me Bucky," he smirks," and what's a pretty dame like you doing in the military?"

    Steve answers for you while raising his glass to his lips to take a rather long drink; he must know how this goes," Hollie's a part of the SSR and worked on Project Rebirth. She's Howard Stark's sister."

    "So, you're a smart gal I take it?"

    "One of the smartest you'll ever know," you agree with pride," couldn't let my brother have all the fun with this stuff. Gotta admit I've never been a big fan of experimenting with weapons, but a super soldier is different. Unlike a gun that can be held by just about anyone, a super soldier is a human with ration and emotion. So long as the right candidate is carefully chosen, there's promise for great achievements and I'd say Roger's here is the perfect fit for the role. Of course, he's only been on one mission so far, but he hasn't blown up yet which is more than I can say for some other Stark Industry experiments."

    Steve rolls his eyes," you're very reassuring."

    "That's why it's important to report symptoms. Just because your a brick wall and not a toothpick anymore doesn't mean issues can't arise," you warn more seriously before returning to your previous topic," anyways...The scientific achievements offer a nice rush, but I also heard the military's a great place for scouting out all the good lookin' gents, so joining is a win-win."

    "You find a guy of your fancy yet?" Bucky asks with a raised eyebrow and you smirk.

    "Think so. 'still testing to see how it plays out, though. Most don't tend to stick around for long; ‘been told I'm too picky."

    "Well, with your looks and brain, I'd say you have the right to be."

    "Think so?"

    He hums, fighting back his own smirk as he finishes his scotch. He turns his head for a moment, listening to the laughter and music coming from the other side of the room where other soldiers are clearly enjoying themselves," you ever dance?"

    "I've only been dancing once a year ago. 'didn't go too well," you're sugar coating that. The guy was blackout drunk, stepped on your toes about a dozen times, then got upset when you didn't want to end the night at his house. You haven't even been on a date since due to everything that's been going on.

    "Maybe you just need a different partner. One that knows how to treat you right."

    "Is that a request?"

    "Depends on the answer."

    A smile is brought to your lips by both the smug way he looks to you and the clear discomfort Steve's in being caught in between the two of you," I think I'll take you up on that offer then, Barnes."

    You're not sure what you expected, but definitely not this. Your first experience dancing with a guy must've just set your bar too low because it feels illegal to be having this much fun dancing Bucky.

    While you might not be much of a dancer yourself, he patiently walks you through each move with a pep in his step and his hand appropriately placed on your back. As you get a hang of the movements, you both manage to flow more freely, stepping and twirling to the beat of the music echoing in the background, although, you admittedly don't hear much of it through your own laughter and flirtatious remarks.

    Your cheeks hurt from all the smiling you've done, not that you find the time to mind. You're not even exactly sure how long you've been dancing for. As couples cycle off the dancefloor, the two of you remain, eventually moving on from your casual flirting to sharing a conversation filled with details of your lives.

    Bucky tells you about growing up in Brooklyn as the eldest of four children and even brags about having had some of the highest grades in his class, apparently being 'something of a genius' himself, although he blushes when you quiz him on some simple physics. He avoids any answers by quickly moving onto some stories about Steve which you think is adorable. 

    In return, you tell him about your close bond with your brother and how you've both gone from children of a fruit salesmen and seamstress to multi-millionaire inventors. To your surprise, where most guys tend to be put off by your science and business talk, Bucky's eyes light up as he floods you with questions about recent experiments, particularly the flying car he seen at the Stark Expo. You roll your eyes in remembrance to your earlier conversation with Howard, but smile nonetheless as you explain how it should work. 

    Of course, as much as you'd like to spend the rest of your life dancing with Bucky, time's arrow marches forward not to mention you have some experiments to catch up on in the morning. Even so, you don't loosen grip on Bucky's arm just yet as he escorts you off the dancefloor; you'd rather soak moment up as long as you can.

    "You were right, Sergeant. I did just need a different partner."

    "Told ya', doll. I know my way around these things."

    "A lady's man, are you?"

    "Only got one lady on my mind and she puts all the others to shame," he's smug, but as he's shown tonight, he knows how to not pass that line from flirting to being cocky much to your appreciation.

    "Think it'll stay that way?" You ask hopefully as he stops in front of you, moving his arm from your grip to hold your hands in his.

    "Don't know. Think you won't get tired of a simple guy like me? I gotta be honest: I exaggerated just a little when I said I'm a genius."

    "Don't know," you repeat, batting your eyelashes," but I'd say you've got a pretty damn good chance seeing how you've got me swooning after just one dance. Keep it up Barnes and I'll have no choice but to be yours."

    Bucky smiles at this, lifting your hand to his lips to press another kiss to the back of it just as he had at the start of the night," I'm making it personal mission then...Will we meet again soon?"

    He's hopeful and so are you," of course."

    You keep the same giddy look on your face until he's out the door, your heart fluttering with achievement. Spinning on your heel, you hurry around the bar in search for a familiar face you know you've seen not too long ago. Once spotting him, you make a straight shot over, interrupting the card game he's playing with the other soldiers to gain his attention," hey Rogers?"

    The blond puts down another card before picking up his gaze to you with a raised eyebrow, already knowing he should be worried about what you're going to say based on that mischievous glint in your eyes," yeah, Stark?"

    You press your pointer finger to his chest, your smirk dripping with determination," I'm gonna marry your best friend so be prepared."

    NEXT CHAPTER {Coming soon}


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    Marvel quotes #5

    Steve: Bucky, keep an eye on Sam today. They're going to say something to the wrong person and get punched.

    Bucky: Sure, I’d love to see Sam get punched.

    Steve: Try again.

    Bucky, sighing: I will stop Sam from getting punched.

    incorrect quotes generator

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    Time for another team shake up in the Avengers...

    #Marvel#Avengers #Steve Rogers ~ Captain America
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    Does anyone know where to find the video of Sebastian Stan almost grabbing Chris Evan's hand (on the carpet or at some junket) before he realizes that they are in public and he drops his own hand away....and it's the sweetest, softest moment in the universe?? #askingformyself

    For those who showed up- here is Seb talking about Chris Evans grabbing his left boobie!! #boobgrab

    #sebastian stan videos #sebastian stan#bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes #stucky#chris evans#captain america #steve and bucky #steve rogers#press#marvel
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    an old post about tfatws is getting attention and now i’m missing it and sam and bucky.

    #marvel #mcu phase 4 #the falcon and the winter soldier #tfatws #captain america and the winter soldier #caatws#sam wilson#bucky barnes #I WANT THEM BACK #AND I WANT A SECOND SEASON
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    The Justice Society of America, circa late 2000s, by Alex Ross.

    I really enjoyed the way this book embraced legacy members alongside the original heroes.  The legacy aspect of their universe is unique to DC, which I feel gives them an advantage over Marvel.  

    Legacy seems to be an angle DC is trying to play up in the forthcoming Dark Crisis.  That appears to me, however, like another attempt to jump-start the “abandoned” 5G project the company was going to launch a couple of years ago.  We’ll see.

    In the meantime, I don’t need yet another Bat series, or Suicide Squad revamp, or Harley Quinn mini.  Bring back the Justice Society - FULL TIME!

    #Justice Society of America #JSA#Black Canary#Captain Marvel#Hawkgirl#Hourman lll #Dr. Fate #Hourman #Superman (of Earth-22) #Starman (Jack Knight) #Atom Smasher #Starman (Thom Kallor) #Citizen Steel #Mr. Terrific ll #Dr#Mid-Nite lll #Mr. America lll #Sand#Green Lantern#Hawkman#Flash#Wildcat#Hourman ll #Liberty Belle ll #Power Girl #Amazing Man ll #Damage#Magog #Judo Master ll #Cyclone
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    Should I post my "Captain America is not a golem, he's King David" rant here as well? It's already up on TikTok

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    Lunella & Adam: *talking high-level science*

    Monica: *listening & sipping coffee while nodding along in understanding*

    Kamala: *gave up on trying to follow once the conversation hit nuclear physics & instead doing homework*

    Carol: *entirely lost & sipping coffee*

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    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Steve making Tony feel seen and appreciated and Tony Not Being Able to Handle It 🥰💖😁

    #yeah this is the shit #more stevetony art bc my last one got notes #stevetony#stony#steve rogers#tony stark#iron man#captain america#superhusbands#the avengers#marvel#mcu
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  • marvelousmrm
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Avengers #108 (Englehart/Heck & et al, Feb 1973). The Vision and Captain America concoct a convoluted plan to defeat the Space Phantom and the Grim Reaper. There’s been an almost delirious amount of retconning lately, and it’s an interesting device for the moment — discovering new plots and relationships between the panel margins…

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  • celestefox13
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Some rando: *Mocks Kamala*

    Carol, being held back by Monica: Come say that to my fucking face!

    Adam: *sighs in tired dad™️*

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  • ladywinfeyson
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Sam had enough 🤣🤭

    #stucky#stevebucky#bucky barnes#steve rogers#marvel#captain america #steve x bucky #sam wilson #we had sex here and here and here…
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  • sarahreadstoomanycomics
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Making Photosets of My Top 20 Favorite DC Characters, 4/20- Billy Batson

    #billy batson#captain marvel#shazam#fvch #i need to stop accidentally deleting stuff
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  • baroness-brod
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Looking for role play

    I'm looking for someone willing to RP with me!

    I would love to do a/b/o rp and I need alpha!Steve for my omega!male oc.

    I don't have preference in responses length, I am kink friendly and I want it to be nsfw, very much.

    I can write here or on tumblr

    Just interact with this post and I will get to you (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

    #a/b/o rp#steve rogers#captain america #alpha steve rogers #alpha captain america #marvel rp
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  • incorrectquotesmcu
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Peter: Everyone, Wade is coming for Thanksgiving.

    Kate: Really?

    Sam: Don’t you remember what he did last time?

    Peter: I don’t even remember.

    Sam: He exploded the turkey.

    Peter: …and he said he’ll never do it again.

    #source: tumblr#peter parker #peter parker incorrect quotes #spider man#wade wilson#kate bishop #kate bishop incorrect quotes #hawkeye#sam wilson #sam wilson incorrect quotes #falcon#captain america #marvel incorrect quotes #marvel#avengers #avengers incorrect quotes
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