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    26.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    PLEASE this kind of look is always so much sexier to me than like the thigh revealing wind in your vajay look.   

    #CAROL DANVERS  —  heroes do scary things. #like that unbuttoned outfit look
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  • viaov
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Gary Frank, Supergirl; Sara Pichelli, Ms. Marvel (after Gary Frank): Jorge Molina, Jean Grey (after Sara Pichelli)

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    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Captain Marvel cover sketch: Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel and Mister Mind (2022)

    Art by: Frank Cho

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  • radioactivepeasant
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Fic Prompt: Free Day Thursday

    So some years ago, when My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes had just come out, my sister and I would joke around imagining the chaos Dave probably got Toshinori into during college. Then we were like "Y'know what, there's literally a Kal-el agency in canon, and the first volume has a Wolverine and Spiderman cameo. We can add some more Marvel characters. As a treat."
    So the school became The Rogers Institute for Technology and Defense, built by Howard Stark in honor of Steve, Peggy, and the Howling Commandos. Graduates include All Might, Maria Rambeau/Photon, Captain Marvel, Dave Shield, and Rhodey during a transfer semester. Everything after that was pretty much Shenanigans. Like these:

    Carol and Dave came careening around the corner of the walkway between the Vision Center (where all the non heroics classes were held) and the Buchanan building (where the heroics classes were held). They hopped over the low line of bushes dividing the sidewalks and made for the tall figure ambling peacefully along, blissfully unaware of impending disaster.

    The pair caught Toshinori on his way from "Politics of Heroism" to "Physics and Force I" and grabbed his arms, nearly unbalancing him, in Carol’s case. For the space of a heartbeat, Toshinori tensed, fighting to keep a grip on his textbook. He couldn’t afford to ruin another one!


    "Toshi run!"

    He stared at his two friends and wondered what on Earth could make Carol Danvers run. This boded ill. "What did you do?!" he demanded.

    "He poked the bear!" Carol hissed with wide eyes, digging her fingers into his arm.

    Toshinori paled. "Not Professor Haddock! Dave!"

    "I'd do it again!" Dave declared rebelliously. He drew himself up to his full height -- which put him at just about eye level with Toshinori’s pecs. "His methods are outdated and he should feel bad!"

    "HE'S COMING!" Carol grabbed Dave's arm and started running as an actual bear in a lab coat and spectacles came marching out of the Vision Center in high dudgeon. Toshinori winced and eventually decided discretion was the better part of valor.

    “H-Haddock-sensei!” he offered a short bow, even though he had long since been made aware that you didn’t greet your teachers like that here. Sometimes he played up the “confused exchange student” act so that people would underestimate him. It was getting harder to pull off, though, thanks to how much time he spent with Carol and Dave and the other students in the Heroics course. “The essay questions on innovation entropy in a society of quirks are due in class today, are they not?”

    The infamous professor of the “Politics of Invention” course bared one fang in a silent snarl before controlling his temper. “What? No! It’s due tonight, through the course website! We’ve been over this before, Yagi.”

    Toshinori thought of his handwritten essay, and his problems with finding sturdy keyboards, and blanched. “Ah...I...ah...I see. Please excuse me.”

    A glance over his shoulder revealed a glimpse of Carol peering down from the roof of the Buchanan Building. Presumably, Dave was with her. As much as he really wanted some answers, three years at U.A. had taught him one very important thing: never give away a fellow student’s hiding place when a teacher is on the warpath. He straightened his jacket, resigned himself to another lecture that should have been fascinating but was boring as heck, and shuffled inside. 

    Dave so owed them for this.

    #free day thursday #bnha#bnha au#yagi toshinori#toshinori yagi#professor shield#dave shield#carol danvers#captain marvel#bnha ocs #we called it the Mighty Marvel au #Rhodey is proudly quirkless in this au and eventually visits UA to give the teachers A Reality Check #Carol's powers we condensed into a quirk called Kree Fire #Carol and Toshi pretended to be long lost cousins or siblings on a dare once but it backfired because the teachers believed them #its been thirty years and they still haven't lived that down #fic prompts#writing prompts #mighty marvel au #Izuku gets a class reunion's worth of Weird Honorary Aunties And Uncles out of this
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  • kissingmyeyez
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    It’s a real shame we didn’t get to see more of TonyCarol in the MCU. I think it’s one of Tony’s best relationships (he has SO many good ones) but their dynamic offers so much to play with that would make great live story arcs. We should have heard Tony call Carol “SpaceFace.” Also I just think of Tony holding and playing with Goose Chewie 😍, TonyGoose would be a chaotic duo in it self!

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  • romanoffsbish
    26.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Last Kiss

    Carol Danvers x Fem!Reader
    Carol Danvers x Valkyrie
    WandaNat x Fem!Reader (“Platonic”)

    18+ | Minors DNI | SMUT

    Oral, Fingering, Nipple/Breast stimulation, Captain / Good Girl. (R receiving)

    •~~~~~~~~~~~~•~~~~~~~~~~~~• (Past)

    Sad Beautiful Tragic (MW x Taylor Swift Series)


    The loud thunder roaring through your neighborhood left you wide awake, and the cracks of lightning outside your window had you rather captivated. Storms had never really bothered you, but ever since that disastrous night a few months back they'd only been filling you with dread.



    You were stood on the compound rooftop stargazing with your lover of nearly four years, leaning into her warmth as the predicted storm clouds ominously rolled in. She'd told you she had something important to discuss with you tonight, and your nerves had all but consumed you ever since.

    "Carol, baby, what's on your mind?" You finally cut through the tense silence, but her response is purely nonverbal.

    She tightens her grip on your hip, spins you around, then pushes your body up against the brick wall as she slams her lips to yours.

    "Carol, sweetheart, what is it?"

    "Please..." She pleads, and you decide to let it go for now at the sound of obvious desperation in her tone.

    Her hands dropped to grip at your thighs, hoisting you up in one swift motion and you happily assisted her by wrapping your legs around her waist. She carries you over to the hanging patio bed and carefully lays you down. She'd straddled your hips, and leaned back to just gawk at you. Nimble fingers traced over your face, and your heart began to ache at the sight of the overwhelming swirl of emotions behind her gaze.

    Then within a moments time something switches, and the lust filled look she suddenly gave you sent chills down your spine, you nod, silently confirmed for her to continue. Your shirt was immediately tossed aside, followed quickly by your bra. Her eyes then traveled the expanse of your chest, before her lips traveled down to capture your nipple between her teeth.

    While she payed the upmost attention to your breasts, pulling the sweetest of whimpers from you, her hands expertly traveled down to remove your shorts and underwear.

    "Fuck..." She groaned around your nipple as her fingers traced through your slit, collecting your abundant arousal, and she wastes absolutely no time before she's thrusting two fingers into your eager cunt.

    Your back arches at the sudden fullness, pushing your breast into her mouth even more, and your breathing becomes strained. Her thrusts are rather slow, as she takes her time with you, and as sweet as it is you are desperate for more.

    "Captain.... More please..."

    Carol groans at the use of her title, picking up the pace as she trails her lips across your soft skin, until she's finally close enough to smash her lips into yours. With every delicious thrust of her fingers you moved in tandem against her. Once her thumb begins to rub tight circles against your clit, the pleasure becomes overwhelming, so you find yourself spluttering into her mouth, making it pretty much impossible to keep up with the kiss.

    Carol tenderly kisses at the corner of your mouth before she begins to nibble down your jawline until her lips are hovering above your pulse point. Your movements had become entirely too sloppy so she knew that you were nearing a state of bliss. You gasp in shock as she bites into your neck, while pulling out of you, and as she slams back in she rotates her wrist. Your breathing becomes erratic as she swirls her fingers around and curls them just right at the same time that her thumb is pressing against your clit, and it's enough to make you absolutely lose control. Sinful moans flow out of you, while your body is uncontrollably trembling beneath hers.

    She pulls back from your neck to watch you coming undone, continuing to pump into you as she does her best to prolong your orgasm, and once your moans sound more like whimpers she pulls out of you.

    Her lips meet yours in a tender kiss, as her slick free hand pushes the hair back off of your sweaty face. Then, ever so slowly, she kisses all the way down your body until her face is level with your glistening cunt.

    "Too much..." You whimper as she places a soft kiss to your aching bundle of nerves.

    "Shhh... You made a mess baby... Be a good girl and let your Captain clean you up, yeah?" She husks, pure lust having overtaken her naturally soft voice, sending a shiver down your spine at her obvious need.

    Your hand tangles into her short blonde hair, giving her the go ahead to move forward. Her tongue licks a deliberate stripe up your slit, and her eyes squeeze shut as your taste all but consumes her senses.

    "Always taste so good baby..." She hums against your core, sending you into a state of dizzying arousal.

    Her tongue enters you, relentlessly swirling around and expertly prodding at your walls. As you were still coming down from your previous orgasm, it doesn't take long until your second one approaches. Your walls flutter around her tongue, and your thighs instinctually try to close around her head.

    Strong arms wrap around your thighs, pushing them back down, while her mouth continues to work wonders on you. Her tongue slowly slides out of you, as she moves up to pay attention to your neglected clit, sucking it between her lips with fervor. Your vision blurs, and your back painfully arches off the bed as you’re violently thrown over the edge once more.

    Your arousal came flowing out of you, and Carol effortlessly catches the entirety of it. Gently licking at your folds until she feels entirely satisfied with her clean up. Her lips then travel back up your body very slowly, lingering slightly between your breasts before she finally falls into you and leaves her face in the crook of your neck.

    Once her breathing had finally regulated, she had began to uncontrollably sob against your neck, and your arms instantly wrapped around her in an attempt to comfort her.

    "Carol, what's the matter? You're scaring me..."

    "I'm so sorry..." She sobs out against your skin, before pulling back to stare at you.

    "Why are you sorry? You're not making any sense..."

    She pulled back, moving off of you to sit beside your body instead, then stared directly into your eyes as you leaned up on your elbows.

    "I made promises I just can't keep..." She says, barely above a whisper as another stream of tears falls down her cheeks.

    Your heart snaps in two at the obvious implication of her words, and all too suddenly the chill of the night seeps into your bones. Dirty, that's how you feel, as you scramble to your feet and hurriedly redress yourself.

    Carol jumps up and attempts to approach you, but you back away, and her heart stutters in her chest at your sudden resistance to her touch. Betrayal is what hits you next, the woman you loved just used your body in some twisted version of goodbye.

    "No... You can't be saying what I think you're saying..." You finally speak, and the hurt in your voice is rather obvious.

    "Y/N/N..." She whispers, as she doesn't stop approaching you, finally reaching you as your back is pressed against the wall once more.


    "It's for the best that we end this now, you deserve the world, and I can't give it to you anymore..."

    "WHY THE HELL NOT?!" You loudly shriek, causing Carol to lightly flinch, but her stance remains the same.

    "Fury is sending me into space, and it's not the normal couple months, it's more so an indefinite reassignment."

    "Did you even consider saying no?" You dejectedly ask, and her hands still on your cheeks.

    "So, that's a no?" You chuckle out bitterly.

    "I can't just say no Y/N... I have an obligation to the hundreds of other planets full of life out there."

    You knew from the start that Carol valued her job; over time you'd began to notice that she'd maybe valued it a bit too much. Growing accustomed to the sporadically canceled dates for a last minute mission. However, you never thought it would be a reason she'd leave you for good.

    "You could though, you could've chosen me first for once... I tried so hard to be enough for you, and I-I, Carol, I can't do this without you... You're the love of my life, how am I expected to just move on?"

    "Oh, my sweetest girl that's where you're wrong. You're so strong, and I promise you'll be just fine. You'll find someone who's able to give you all that you need, because Y/N you're more than worth it. My leaving has nothing to do with you, I promise you did nothing wrong. You've been the greatest part of my entire story and my love for you will remain forever. I'm so sorry that this is it for us, I'd have given you all my lifetimes if given the choice. I'm morally tied to this title, I have this unforgiving responsibility to the world, and as much as it pains me to, I have to make such sacrifices. Losing you was truly the last thing I wanted, but please understand it's not a choice, because if it was I damn sure would've picked you."

    "Just not enough for you to stay..." You dejectedly mutter under your breath as your body racks with choked sobs. Carol just pulls your head against her chest, and rocks you slowly as silent tears continue to fall down her cheeks.

    "I'm so sorry..." She repeats, having pulled your face into her hands to wipe away at your cheeks.

    She smiles warmly at you with her glazed over eyes, you turn your face to lay a wet kiss to her palm, and she gently guides your face to hers for a parting kiss. It's full of complete desperation, as as she tries to leave a permanent impression of her lips on yours. Once the kiss becomes too dizzying, she pulls back, and has to fight the urge to reciprocate your chasing lips.

    "Goodbye my sweet girl, please take care of yourself..." She mumbles, then gently brushes her lips across your forehead before she abruptly stepped back and took off into the overcast sky.

    As soon as she'd been out of your sights, you fell to your knees in hysterics, and at the same moment the sky cracked with lightning and a loud rumbling of thunder came rolling through.


    Rain had actually always been a comfort for you since your youth, you remember the days where your mother would plead for you to stay inside. Vaguely remembering her threats:

    "You're gonna catch a cold darling..."

    You'd just stare back at her from your place outside, smiling widely as you'd challenge her warning gaze and jump through puddles anyways. Dancing around giddily with your head thrown back, and tongue out as the surprisingly warm rain cascaded down your cheeks, landed atop your awaiting tongue, and basically soaked your entire wardrobe.

    The gloomy skies that usually darkened the collective mood, had always done the complete opposite for you, rather wrapping you in relief. Outside of work, nothing was really expected of you when it's raining, all you expected of yourself was comfort. You'd cuddle under blankets while the mug in your hand warmed your unnaturally cold fingers, and a clingy cat would usually lie upon your chest and that was always enough to bring a smile to your face.


    I still remember the look on your face

    Lit through the darkness at 1:58

    The words that you whispered

    For just us to know

    You told me you loved me

    So why did you go away?


    I do recall now the smell of the rain

    Fresh on the pavement

    I ran off the plane

    That July 9th

    The beat of your heart

    It jumps through your shirt

    I can still feel your arms


    Waking up to the sound of birds chirping just wasn't the same for you anymore as you reluctantly peeled your body from the lonesome bed. Exhaustion consumed you as of late, no matter how much you did sleep, and you were rather over it. Decidedly tired of sulking, you entered your bathroom with a purposeful bounce in your step

    You took a steamy shower, allowing yourself to feel the water cascading down your body, as you took care of yourself in every which way you knew how. Upon stepping out you'd finally felt a tiny bit of yourself coming back, so you

    threw on a sweatsuit, and your trusty pair of vans before setting off on a walk. A misty breeze lightly slapped you in the face, and that after rain smell instantly flooded your nostrils. You felt yourself smiling for the first time in a month since the breakup.

    There was no destination in sight, as you aimlessly walked around the city before you found yourself outside of your favorite cafe. Walking into the warm atmosphere brought you a sense of nostalgia, having unintentionally not been here since the breakup.

    "Y/N!!!" Martha shrieks, pulling you from your moment as she envelops you in a hug.

    "Hey..." You sheepishly greet, holding back the unsuspecting tears as the simple embrace nearly breaks you down.

    "I was so worried, I'd thought my favorite customer had moved without telling me." She pouted, as she pulled your face in between her frail hands, and sent an all too knowing look at your broken smile.

    "Come, I have a new pie I'm planning on testing out, and you're going to be the first to try it." She beamed, pulling you to the counter, then disappearing behind the wall into the shop's kitchen.

    For a brief moment, everything felt just right, and a familiar warmth enveloped your chest for the duration of your visit. While you were walking home in the evening the wind had picked up, and one gust nearly toppled you over.

    As you approached your door, a gentle breeze flew at you as you went to enter, and the all too familiar scent of Chanel *5 hit your nose. It was then that you'd finally realized the sweater you were wearing was indeed Carol's, and you were grateful that you made it home before noticing.

    You stumbled into the kitchen, gripping at the sink to stabilize yourself as you felt another wave of hysteria coming on. Honestly, you'd thought you were all cried out at this point, but apparently you were just a never ending well of tears and sorrow.

    Opening the fridge you reached aimlessly, playing a game of Truly roulette as you collected three cans in total. It might be Fall, but it's never too early, or you guess too late for Spring cleaning...

    "Tropical Punch, well at least it's a combination of fruits." You mumble to yourself as you open the can, and set off for your disaster of a room.

    After downing the first can you head straight for the closet, yanking every last piece of clothing out as you deciphered what was yours. Turns out, she'd only left behind the one sweater, and the special beanie that your mother had knitted for her.

    You slam back another can before spiraling into an unwanted memory lane.


    "Y/N, your mom sent a package, but it seems to be addressed to me." Carol mumbles as she sets down your mail that she'd just collected for you.

    "Go ahead and open it then darling." You shout from the kitchen, where you were fixing up some gourmet hot cocoa since it was absolutely freezing outside.

    "I haven't even met her and she's already sending me stuff."

    "Well yeah, she's been telling all her friends at Bingo that her daughters dating an Avenger. She's obviously trying to butter you up so that she can eventually say her daughter in law is Captain Marvel." You jest, as you walk into the dining room with her mug in hand.

    "No need to butter me up, I'm pretty certain I'm here to stay." She tenderly states, as she rips the box open and gasps at the contents.

    "On second thought, I think I need more packages of inspiration to stay with you." She jokes, as she pulls out a container full of vintage snacks that she'd not seen in ages.

    Then her hand stills, and she looks up at you with wide eyes.

    "What is it?"

    "Baby, it seems that I'm going to have to break up with you." She cringes, as she pulls out a superhero themed beanie, that she now knows she'll be expected to wear if she continues to be tied to you.

    "Oh hush, you actually scared me."

    "I'm serious, I can't be caught in that! It'll ruin my street cred." She playfully pouts, and you hold it up to get a full view.

    "Please, it's absolutely adorable!" You beam, as you straddle her lap, and watch her eyes widen.

    "No, don't you da—."

    You giggle triumphantly as you managed to pull the beanie onto her head, and consequently over her eyes.

    "That's it..." She grumbles, then she begins to jab her fingers into your sides, and you squirm wildly in her lap, trying to escape but being unable to beat her grip.

    As the two of you calm down, you lean back to readjust her beanie, then practically melt at the way she's looking back up at you.

    "Smile." You beam, giving her no chance to move away as you turn in her lap, and capture a selfie to send to your mom and then to the Avengers group chat that you'd been added to.

    "Wanna go play in the snow?" She asks, then before you can figure out why she'd sounded so mischievous you found a beanie was pulled over your head.

    "Apparently we get to match." She laughs out, taking a photo herself before literally carrying you over to the coat rack.

    "Remind me to disown my mother." You grumbled, Carol laughed boisterously as she slipped your jacket over you, then pulled you outside.

    Her arms firmly wrapped around you, then lit up hands enveloped your shaking ones, and you smiled while leaning into her warmth, and peacefully watched as the snow continued to fall from the darkened sky.


    You miss her, and the warmth that she always brought you, and you just sit here wondering if she misses you too.


    But now I'll go sit on the floor, wearing your clothes.

    All that I know is, I don't know how to be something you miss.

    I never thought we'd have a last kiss.

    Never imagined we'd end like this.

    Your name, forever the name on my lips.



    "What's a gorgeous woman such as yourself doing alone at the bar?"

    You snorted at your girlfriends antics, turning around to wrap your arms around her neck and she moved her hands to grip your hips.

    "I was waiting for my girlfriend to make an appearance." You quip, before leaning forward to place a delicate kiss to her lips.

    "Woah, I'm not sure your girlfriend will appreciate you locking lips with others." She loudly proclaims, you attempted to shove her away but her grip remains firm.

    "You're the worst..."

    "I'm sorry baby, I thought it was funny, I didn't mean to embarrass you." She replies with a furrowed brow, but almost instantly loses her composure and breaks out into a fit of laughter.

    You rolled your eyes, then spun out of her grip, and once she slowed her laughter down, she chased after you, abruptly gripping your hand to spin you onto the dance floor.

    "Dance with me, yeah?" She asks, with that dreamy smile of hers, and those loving eyes that nearly brings you to your knees.

    "No, I'm mad at you." You hastily resist the notion, playing up the irritation.

    "I'm sorry... I promise to make it up to you later..." She whispers against your ear, slightly nibbling as she pulls back, and smiles when she realizes she's winning you over.

    "I hate dancing, I'm horrible at it..." You weakly rebut.

    "I know baby, just let me lead, you know I got you..." She tenderly relays, pulling your body even closer, as she sways your bodies along to the slow tune.

    After the song transitions, your face lifts from her chest, she stares down at you with curious eyes, then she giggles lightly at your pout before leaning in to peck at your awaiting lips. You whine at the faintest touch, but she pays you no mind as she grips your hand, spinning you out, then pulls you back in until your body collides with her other arm. She swiftly dips your body, then jolts you up and pulls you straight into a bruising kiss that takes your breath away.

    You pull away with a beaming smile, slightly panting as you work to regulate your breathing, and find yourself lost in her eyes. She reaches forward, crossing her arms one the other as she does, as she lifts your hands from your side. In one swift motion, she's lifting your arms, spinning you around, until her arms are securely wrapping around you to pull your back flush to her front.

    "You're so beautiful baby, I just can't believe that you're all mine..."

    Your heart flutters in your chest at her words, and your skin heats up at the feel of her lips on your shoulders.

    "I'm yours, and you're mine..." You whisper, as you move your head to the right to open your neck for her.

    "All yours..." She concurs, as she sucks a mark into your skin before moving to drag you off to the nearest empty space.


    Truth is, she was never really yours...


    I do remember the swing of your step

    The life of the party, you're showing off again, and I roll my eyes and then...

    You pull me in, I'm not much for dancing, but for you I did.



    "Sweetheart, we're going to be late." Carol nervously groans from outside the bathroom door.

    "Yeah, and who's fault is that?!" You playfully remark as you work to redo your hair that she'd just finished destroying.

    "You just looked too good, I couldn't wait." She grumbles, and an airy laugh falls from your lips as you open the door and come face to face with your gorgeous blonde.

    "Well don't you clean up nice." You quip, as you tug her into you by her suit jacket.

    "Yes I do, and now you're wrinkling my suit. I'm desperate to make a good impression on your parents tonight..."

    You pulled her in for a brief kiss, then ran your hands down her suit jacket to smooth her back out before intertwining your hand with hers and locking gazes.

    "My love, my parents will love you simply because I do. Out of all the girls I've brought home, I think an Avenger is quite the step up."

    "I'm technically older than them..."

    You sigh indignantly as her reoccurring insecurity comes bubbling back up. It hurts you to see her struggling with such a pointless topic. It's never really posed a problem for you, and from an outsiders perspective they can't really judge. She's physically stuck in her thirties, not that you'd really care otherwise.

    "Irrelevant, that honestly just means you can understand my dads lame jokes, and then he'd be trying to steal you from me."


    "Oh no, maybe I didn't think this through." You jest, smiling widely at the sound of her genuine giggle.

    "We should go then, I don't want to be any later than we are already going to be..."

    "Sweetheart, honestly, my parents would be more concerned if I showed up on time." You laugh out as you shut the door to your apartment and make your way to the car.

    Carol simply rolled her eyes at your honest comment, then set the GPS up before carefully speeding you guys there.

    Your parents had been sat out on the front porch, watching your nieces running around when the two of you pulled up.

    "It's going to be okay Carol..."

    She nodded, wiping her sweaty hands off on her slacks before exiting the car and promptly opening the door and offering her arm for you to get out. She wasn't showboating, this was a common occurrence for her to aide you in getting out of the car.

    "Thank you darling..."

    She playfully glared, honestly hating whenever you thanked her for something as simple as common decency, and you gently pecked her cheek to double down on your appreciation. Before either of you could ao much as make it off of the curb your siblings descendants came running at you.

    "Auntie Y/N!!!!" Your niece Annabelle shrieked as she jumped onto your legs, and you held her firmly in place.

    "I missed you..." Your eldest niece Charlotte murmured as she carefully hugged you.

    "Oh my doodness... Auntie, is dat Captin Marbel?" Your youngest niece Jasmine stutters out, as she wildly stares at your girlfriend.

    Carol smiles fondly at the interaction, then she drops to one knee, no longer caring about her suit, just so she could be level with her.

    "Hi there Jasmine, I'm the real Captain Marvel, but all my friends get to call me Carol." She greets, playfully smirking your way, as she extends her hand out to her.

    "You know my name?!" She asks in awe, and Carol simply nods.

    "Can I call you Carol?"

    "Well yeah, of course, we're friends aren't we?"

    "Mama!!!!! Capt—Carol Danbers is my best friend!!!" She shrieks, as she runs off to find your sister in law to share the good news.

    After your other nieces introduce themselves, they take off to help set the table, and you smile at your girlfriend.

    "Best friend... Wow... She hardly ever uses that title. Usually I have to give her an extra bowl of ice cream to even be considered." You laugh out, and move in stride with your lover as you approach your awaiting parents.

    Carol guides you gently up the stairs before remaining one step below the porch so that she could look up to your parents.

    "It's a pleasure to finally meet you!" Your mother dotingly greets her, pulling her directly into a hug, and Carol sheepishly reciprocates the embrace.

    "The pleasure is all mine Mrs. Y/L/N."

    "Oh please, just call me Janice." Your mom corrects her before moving over to hug you.

    Your father however holds an intense bout of eye contact with your girlfriend, lasting roughly thirty entire seconds before he extends his hand out to her.

    "You might be a superhero, with fancy powers, but I'm a dad who will stop at nothing to protect my daughters heart."

    "Dad!!!" You groan at the mans fruitless threats, seeing as how he isn't even willing to harm a spider.

    "I promise to do the same." She steels, as she firmly shakes his hand.


    If only that were the case...


    "That movie was amazing!!!" You shriek, as your girlfriend giggles from behind you.

    "Only you could find so much joy in a movie where nearly all the main characters end up brutally murdered. Baby, should I be worried about you? Am I in danger?"

    "Well, that depends.. Did you—." As you go to ask her a question, she is pushing your back into the wall of the movie theater hallways, and you find yourself cut off by her soft lips.

    "Baby... You know I hate when you do that, now I forgot what I was going to say..."

    "I know, my poor, forgetful little baby... It was for my own safety though." She lightly mocks you, and kisses your nose to remedy your sadness before dragging you out of the building.

    "Oh yeah!!! Did you pick up —." You begin to ask, remembering the previous discussion. Carol cuts you off once more with a quick peck to your lips in the middle of the parking lot; pulling back to place kisses in rapid succession to the remainder of your face until you're reduced to a giggling mess.

    "I'm taking that as a no, you definitely forgot to pick up the cat food... It's not me you should be worried about my darling..." You laugh out as you see her face drop, quickly rounding the car and smiling to yourself when you realize she's driving to the grocery store.



    Because I love your handshake, meeting my father

    I love how you walk with your hands in your pockets

    How you'd kiss me when I was in the middle of saying something

    There's not a day I don't miss those rude interruptions


    Somehow in your increasingly inebriated state your memory lane had morphed into a slurry of nightmares as you passed out in a slump on the floor. The last time you'd gone to the compound you found yourself regretting it as you listened to Thor proudly describing his previous adventures back on Asgard.


    "Carol came to save the day! It was so cool, these aliens had been attacking Asgard because Loki had pissed them off. Valkyrie and I were at a loss for words at the sheer amount of them. When out of nowhere a beaming light came flying passed us and a bunch of them were reduced to ash.

    The God had missed the glares of his teammates in his excitement, but he eventually caught on when he noticed just how quiet his friends had become.

    "Oh, Lady Y/N, I'm so sorry..."

    The pitying somehow made it worse, but you'd kindly smiled at him and reassured him that it was all okay while coming up with a lame excuse to leave.

    "I'm actually going to head home, I work rather early tomorrow." You mumble while collecting your items.

    The team sent you off with sympathetic smiles, watching as you practically run out of the compound, and Thor mumbled:

    "The suns still up isn't it? Also, I thought she had the weekends off?"

    Wanda had held Natasha tightly to save her tiny fists the pain, honestly she felt bad for the aloof man, and his obvious inability to read the room.


    It's safe to say you'd not been back since that day, not wanting to inconvenience her friends from being able to talk freely about their endeavors. The Avengers grew to love you, some obviously more than others, as Wanda and Natasha took a liking to you. The coupled up redheads did there best to keep coming around to lift your spirits.

    Their hearts had collectively broken when they first caught sight of your trembling form that dreadful night when the blonde just flew away. Friday had made them privy to your state as they were preparing to climb into bed, without a second thought they'd ran up there, and guided you into their bed for the night. Their comforting words, and gentle embrace had been enough to soothe your aching heart for that night.

    The sound of your doorbell ringing nonstop woke you up, and the ache in your muscles was proof enough that you'd slept in the pile of clothing on the floor. Ignoring the bell proved fruitless as the knob began to jingle, followed by your door swinging open.

    "Sweetheart, you had us worried." Wanda coo'd as she enveloped you in a hug.

    "Clearly for good reason too, look at this mess, Y/N we thought you were doing better..." Natasha sadly states.

    Ever since that night, they've been relentless with their support, showing up to your place on the regular, and almost always unannounced. Usually with chick flics, and an ungodly amount of unhealthy snacks. Their love for you was strong, and the need to protect you even stronger, so they'd decided to force you out from your own filth. Movie nights at the compound were every Thursday, you knew that, so you finally agreed to come to another one.


    So I'll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep, and I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe.

    And I keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are, hope it's nice where you are.


    After you showered off the filth of the floor, you got ready for a day with the lovely women. They'd apparently cleaned up your mess while you were showering, and Wanda even prepared you a hearty meal.

    "Detka, alcohol seltzers are not a food group." She tuts, you grimace as she's clearly hinting at your understocked kitchen.

    "They're fruit flavored..." You grumbled, and Natasha snorted, but quickly shushed herself at the witches glare.

    "I planned to go shopping today..." You sheepishly add on, moaning loudly as you shoved some actual food into your mouth.

    "No need sweets, we had groceries delivered." Natasha chimes, as she appears from your now overly stocked pantry.

    "How else would I have been able to make you breakfast silly." Wanda teases, as she pushes a mug of coffee your way, and you smile gratefully in her direction.

    "How are you?" Natasha asks, as she passes you a street dog and settles in besides you on the bench.

    You stare out at the pond, genuinely pondering her question, and gently smiling as you decidedly reply.

    "I'm doing good."

    "Are you really?" Wanda skeptically questions, as she hands out the varying flavors of lemonade and occupies the other side of the bench.

    "It still hurts somedays, but I'm doing better everyday, I went on a walk yesterday, even stopped by at the cafe ."

    "That's good dorogoy, I'm really happy to hear that." Natasha mumbles over a bite of her dog, causing you to giggle at the ketchup on her nose and the crumbs spewing all over. 

    "That's really good Y/N/N, you do know you can talk to us right? All we want is for you to be happy." Wanda relays, as she firmly squeezes your hand, and Natasha mirrors her gesture.

    "I know, and I want you both to know I appreciate all you've both done for me. Carol was your teammate, and friend first, but you guys still kept me around. You took care of me, even when you knew you didn't have to. I'm sure I'd still be a wreck without your unwavering support. So, thank you both from the bottom of my heart." You relay with a deep love behind your tone, and your lips move to place appreciative kisses to the both of their cheeks.

    The women immediately blush at the intimate gesture, settling their trash in the can beside the bench, before settling into your side as you all watched the peaceful ripples in the water.

    "There's no need to thank us sweet girl..." Natasha lazily hums from her space on your shoulder.

    "You're rather important to us Y/N/N, Carol might be our teammate, but you're far more than that to us. We're just giving back to you what you'd always given to us over the years."

    "I love you guys so much." You lightly sob, and the women move to hug you tightly, whispering back similar sentiments.

    After regaining your composure, the lot of you had continued to roam around the city. Laughter—genuinely, filled the air as you attempted to throw an axe at the wooden plank on the wall. Whines of disappointment fell from your lips as it pathetically tumbled to the ground, and they only increased as Natasha's laughter heightened at the sight of your pout.

    "Oh, sweetheart, you'll get it eventually..." She condescendingly coos, and you stomp your way to Wanda's awaiting embrace.

    "I can always show you how to do it..." Natasha quips, jumping from her seat, and yanking you from her lovers arms.

    "Hey, we were cuddling..." Wanda whines, and Natasha simply laughs at her.

    Wanda then lifts the axe with her power, smiling wickedly as she raises it just high enough that Natasha can't reach it. You giggle at the clear stand off, and the way they're staring makes you feel like you're in the middle of an old western stand off.

    "Okay, okay!!! I promise I'll cuddle you at movie night Wands." You finally cut through the tension, and Wanda accepts the offer, and lowers the axe into the assassin's hands.

    As the three of you approached the compound you'd felt the happiest you felt in months. Something about the carefree nature of today's events helps you to realize that the breakup was the right call. No amount of love you carried for Carol was going to fix the glaringly obvious problems in the relationship.

    "Thank you guys for today, I had so much fun." You beam, as you head for the compound doors.

    "Stop thanking us like this was an obligatory hangout Y/N/N, we love every moment we get to spend with you." Wanda groans as she makes her way in behind you, and Natasha vehemently agrees with her.

    You playfully shake your head before grabbing their hands and pulling them into the living room where the team was patiently waiting.

    "Y/N!" Bucky shouts as he sees you first, running over to embrace you before you find that you're being passed around until you land in the assassins arms.

    "Welcome back kotenok." She chuckles, bringing you over to the couches with her, and settling you onto Wanda's lap, with your feet in hers.

    Everyone was so happy to have you visiting, all talking over each other as they tried to get the scoop on your life as of late. Concern underlying all of their questions, and you can see the relief washing over them as you genuinely smile, a stark difference to when they all last saw you.


    And I hope the sun shines

    And it's a beautiful day


    "Hey guys, what's tonight's movie? I brought a guest with me, I hope you all don't mind."

    Her voice hit your ears, as you faced the redheads with your back turned to the entrance and your heart pretty much stopped at the sound. Natasha's jaw clenched at the sight of her, and Wanda's heart sunk into her stomach as she took in your frozen state. Quickly you painted a smile upon your face, slightly nodding to the women before you that it was okay before you turned to face her.

    Carol's eyes lit up with nostalgia as she took in your smiling face, and yours painted a falsehood of happiness as you stared back at her. Observing the hand wrapped loosely around her waist, and your eyes trailed up to see the genuine beauty to her right.

    "Y/N, it's so good to see you, it's been so long. This is Valkyrie, my —." She enthusiastically greeted you, then began to introduce her, assumed, girlfriend.

    Yeah, three months since you abruptly broke my heart, but sure, it's been awhile...

    "Nice to meet you." You gleefully state, forcing out your hand in greeting, and she hesitantly accepts the shake.

    "Well, it was lovely to see you guys, but I think it's about time I head home for the night."

    "Y/N, it's getting late, stay in our room." Natasha tries to keep you here, cursing the blonde for arriving unannounced, but it's to no avail.

    "Natty, I will be just fine." You reassure her with a gentle smile before turning back to the new couple, missing the way Carol's features briefly hardened at the interaction.


    And something reminds you

    You wish you had stayed

    You can plan for a change in weather and time, but I never planned on you changing your mind


    "It really was lovely to meet you, sorry I can't stay, but my cat gets rather anxious when I'm gone for too long and I've already been out all day with these two." You lightly laugh off your obviously rushed leaving, and turn to Carol.

    Valkyrie sympathetically nods your way, and you just know she's reading the obvious tension in the room.

    "Give Goose a pat for me please, I hope to see you again soon." Carol hopefully relays, and if you looked closely enough you'd have seen the subtle longing in her eyes, but you wouldn't dare to directly meet her gaze.

    "I really am glad you're doing well, please do take care of yourself... Goodbye Carol." You genuinely reply, but the finality of your statement sends a shocking blow to her heart, but she knew better than to rebut.


    Just like our last kiss

    Forever the name on my lips


    Instead, she gently pulled you in for a knowing hug, holding you slightly longer than one would deem appropriate, because if this was truly the last time she'd be able to hold you she wanted it to be memorable.

    "You too Y/N..." She hums as she releases you, and you turn to wave goodbye once more before taking your leave.

    Surprisingly, you walked out with your head held high, having garnered all the closure you could possibly need. Happiness had found her in space, and in seeing that it subsequently allowed you to open the door for yours to come through. Wanda and Natasha sighed happily at the sight of you holding firm in your goodbye. Clearly you were going to be just fine, and they'd see to it as they rushed to follow you out the front door.


    6,905 Words

    ❤️ Kaitlyn 😭

    As I wrote, I decided to add a WandaNat fic in continuation of this one. so in total there will be 7 TSwizzle’s instead of the initial 6. 🤪🤪

    #carol danvers #carol danvers imagine #carol danvers pov #carol danvers oneshot #carol x fem!reader #carol x y/n #carol x you #carol x reader #carol danvers x female reader #carol danvers x fem!reader #carol danvers x you #carol danvers x y/n #carol danvers x reader #captain marvel #captain marvel imagine #captain marvel pov #captain marvel x y/n #captain marvel x you #captain marvel x female reader #captain marvel x reader #carol danvers x valkyrie #captain marvel x valkyrie #natasha romanoff#wanda maximoff #wanda maximoff x natasha romanoff #wanda x natasha x reader #wandanat x y/n #wandanat x you #wandanat x reader #wandanat x female reader
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    26.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I mean, the very fact that it's an unpopular opinion that Jane Foster isn't even that likable and a lot of people aren't very excited to see her become female Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder is indicative of a larger trend in MCU fandom that I find necessary to discuss.

    Jane Foster and her intern Darcy Lewis are very much examples of, well, white female characters that fit into tropes. We've seen a lot of white female characters like Jane before - there's nothing very new or interesting about her. Same with Darcy - she's the quirky intern who's not really interested in the science, isn't even in the same field, and is mostly there for, apparently, comedic relief, especially when she takes on an intern of her own who is genuinely interested in astrophysics and is found by Jane making out with him. She's not really an objectionable character per se, she just does not have that much of a role in the larger story, so her absence in Thor: Ragnarok is barely even noticeable, much like the absence of her boss (Jane is mentioned, but we could've done without that because she literally has zero role to play in the movie). The point is, both these characters are very trope-y and their absence isn't exactly missed, and with Darcy having shown up in WandaVision and with Jane set to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder, it's almost impossible to ignore the fact that they're pulling attention from the two Black women who as it is should've been protagonists of the show and the movie but weren't given that chance.

    Monica Rambeau should've been the protagonist of WandaVision. But, like Captain Marvel which should've been Monica's origin story but gave Carol the spotlight in a way that erased Frank Rambeau, replacing him with Carol, and made Maria and Monica supporting characters to Carol, WandaVision centered the Nazi instead of the woman who should've been given the arc of taking said Nazi down - making sure she wouldn't be the protagonist in the show either, after the movie had already disallowed her from being the protagonist. On top of that, Darcy appears with a PhD in astrophysics (which is farcical given her lack of interest in the subject in the Thor movies) and then, well, this happened.

    Monica and Agent Jimmy Woo - two characters of color - are the two most important characters of color in WandaVision, and if there was any justice in the world Jimmy would've been a lead character alongside Monica as the protagonist. That said, Monica and Jimmy fans had to deal with something else on top of that - Darcy stans filling their tags with Darcy ship imagines and Darcy-centric content. It's also not like this is the first time that's happened - apparently, Darcy stans have been doing this thing for a while where they give their fave, who is a very tangentially important side character at best in the Thor franchise, more importance in the fandom by making ship imagines of her with literally everyone. With other white characters, it's, well, annoying but also kind of whatever - but when Darcy stans start filling up the tags for characters of color with Darcy ship imagines and the like when there's next to no basis for those ships in canon, that obviously means fans of Monica and Jimmy won't like the character or her stans.

    Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis are very much white feminist stereotypes, and centering them speaks to this tendency of white fandom to consume media even when it's feeding them tropes by making those trope-y characters their comfort characters and making little boxes that they can keep characters and storylines in, and squirreling away anything that doesn't fit into those tropes into some other neat little box. They often don't critically engage with media, preferring to have comfort characters and make vapid fanfiction and other content. And it might not seem objectionable, but when it comes to racism, sexism, queerphobia, and other real-world issues, this tendency of white fandom becomes very problematic. Fans of color often don't have the luxury of engaging with media like this, and are often forced to critically engage with media even when they just wish to enjoy it without worrying about problematic aspects. So when Jane stans and Jane/Thor shippers come out of the woodwork for Thor: Love and Thunder, fans of color aren't unjustified in feeling like this de-centers Valkyrie in a movie that should really have been her movie as it is. And when Darcy stans fill every other character's tag with ship imagines and other Darcy-centric content, for fans of color who want to see content centering their favorite characters of color, it goes one step beyond annoying and becomes problematic, because characters of color are already mistreated by the MCU and its fans, and when Darcy ship imagines and Darcy-centric content start filling the tags for Monica and Jimmy, two characters of color who should really have been given their own projects but weren't, it pretty much sucks. Jane was essentially replaced by Valkyrie, who is in all respects a better and more interesting character, and Darcy was inserted into a piece of media where they could've brought in a new, fun character instead to be the third member of any trio with Monica and Jimmy (paralleling fandom where Darcy becomes the self-insert for many Darcy stans and their ship imagines etc). White fandom is making it necessary for fans of color to critically engage with media when most fans of color just wanted to enjoy it without having to critically engage with it.

    #anti jane foster #anti darcy lewis #female thor #why not have a female thor of color #anti thor ragnarok #anti wandavision #anti thor love and thunder #monica rambeau #monica rambeau deserves better #anti captain marvel #anti carol danvers #frank rambeau#maria rambeau #anti mcu wanda #jimmy woo#white feminism#white fandom#king valkyrie
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    The promp ❛ is this okay? ❜ with Carol please! Thank you :)

    i miss carol <3

    warnings: strap on use (r receiving), soft carol

    Ask anyone and they'll say Carol Danvers is the toughest person they've ever seen, hard exterior and interior, that is to anyone but you.

    To you, she's the softest most understanding person you'd ever met, who could also turn anyone into a bottle cap with the smallest possible effort. Her hands gripped your waist as you moaned into her mouth, her calloused fingers sliding up to your chest.

    "Ready?" She asked, her breath hot against your mouth. You opened your eyes, looking into hers as you nodded. Carol's hips slowly bucked forward, her strap slowly filling you up.

    You moaned, your legs tightening around her body as she continued to move deeper into you, the stretch sending chills through your body. Your nails dug into the Captain's skin, making her halt her movements.

    "Is this okay, baby?" Her lips found your neck, leaving soft kisses up to your jaw as you whined for her.

    "Yes," You moaned as her lips connected with yours. "Now, move please."

    "Patience, princess," She said, softly biting down on your collarbone before leaning back and snapping her hips forward, her strap finally fully inside you. You moaned, throwing your head back, hips grinding down against hers making a smug grin creep up her face. "I know what I'm doing."

    #i just think she could ruin you but be the softest doing it #i love carol #i'm gonna try to write a few short ones #i think this kinda sucks but i'm trying #carol danvers #carol danvers x reader #carol danvers smut #carol danvers x reader smut #carol blurb#blurb
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    bishop studios id cards || let’s play

    here's some visuals for the id cards used by people who work for bishop studios or are affiliated with the company! also yes, the birth dates are mostly made up/altered. i'm well aware the only accurate birth date is natasha's.

    #au: let's play #c: carol danvers #c: natasha romanoff #c: wanda maximoff #c: monica rambeau #c: yelena belova #c: xu xialing #c: kate bishop
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    𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐥 / 𝐌𝐂𝐔 𝐅𝐢𝐜 𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐬

    (These are not my works; full credit goes to the original writers. If you'd like your work removed, just shoot me a message and I'll remove it for you!)

    ✪ ~ BIPOC reader or writer (if this is wrong or you’d like it added, let me know!)

    Fanfics Rec List

    Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange ⎢ #2

    Steve Rogers / Captain America

    Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier

    Tony Stark / Iron Man

    Thor Odinson

    Frank Castle / The Punisher ⎢ #2

    Multi-Character / Misc. Posts

    When You Almost Die HCs— @bluebellhairpin Road Trips HCs— @bluebellhairpin The Tim-Tam Slam — @bluebellhairpin Kinktober Masterlist — @ragnarachel What Pet Names the Avengers Use — @marvelousluci Solus ⎢ Part 2 ⎢ Part 3 — @marvelousluci

    Loki Laufeyson

    Reliable Liars — @scandalous-chaos

    Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel

    Dating Carol Danvers HCs — @c-nstantine ✪

    Peter Parker / Spider-Man (Holland)

    Introducing You to the Avengers — @c-nstantine ✪ Sticky Man — @scandalous-chaos Mr. Smiles — @scandalous-chaos Bedrest — @scandalous-chaos

    Peter Parker / Spider-Man (Garfield)

    Coffee Run — @scandalous-chaos You’re Not Peter Parker — @scandalous-chaos You Love Me, I Love You — @rintsuru Even If My Heart Stops Beating — @rintsuru

    Bruce Banner / The Hulk

    Freak on the DL — @honeychicana ✪

    Eddie Brock / Venom

    When You Love Something, You Protect It — @inlovewithquestionablecharacters Den of Sin — @queenofthefaceless Promise — @queenofthefaceless Beyond the Drink, Drop Your Love On Me — @ilovemanypeople Patching Up Eddies After A Random Street Fight — @moonlit-imagines

    Matt Murdock / Daredevil

    Zip and Rewind — @clints-lucky-arrow Sex w/ Matt HC — @lethological-clara


    Stucky Masterlist — @navybrat817
    #lala’s fic recs #black!reader fic recs #woc!reader fic recs #stephen strange x reader #doctor strange x reader #steve rogers x reader #captain america x reader #bucky barnes x reader #the winter soldier x reader #tony stark x reader #iron man x reader #thor odinson x reader #thor x reader #frank castle x reader #the punisher x reader #loki laufesyon x reader #loki x reader #carol danvers x reader #captain marvel x reader #peter parker x reader #tasm x reader #bruce banner x reader #eddie brock x reader #venom x reader #matt murdock x reader #daredevil x reader #stucky x reader #marvel#avengers #marvel cinematic universe
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  • the-widow-sisters
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    Elevators Are Never a Good Thing

    Summary: When Yelena is heading out to go get Fanny so they can go with Natasha to the dog park, she ends up on the elevator with Darcy Lewis and Kate Bishop. However, little does she know that what should be a brief elevator ride together is about to turn into a much longer ordeal than she had bargained for.

    Word Count: 5981

    A/N: This one was super fun to write, and I’ve actually had this one in my drafts for a while 😂 I just had to finish up my last fic before I posted this one because this one chronologically came after it. 

    I hope y’all enjoy! 🥰💖

      Yelena wasted no time in hurrying over to the elevator, feeling a happiness filling her heart as she thought of the day ahead of her.

      Natasha had been doing paperwork all day, and Yelena had finally managed to harass her into taking a break. Natasha had told Yelena that if she went home and got Fanny, Natasha would go with them to the dog park and they could spend some time together. Yelena, for one, was extremely excited and pleased with the prospect because she really was looking forward to some one-on-one time with her big sister.

      Yelena headed into the elevator, pressing the button for the ground floor as she fiddled with her vest, more than eager to draw Natasha away from her work. She honestly had wanted to just snuggle with her, but going and playing at the dog park would also be fun because she was already planning how she would tackle Natasha and throw her onto the ground so that she and Fanny could get her.

      However, to her surprise, the elevator’s descent was interrupted as it stopped, and she looked up from her vest at the doors as she very surprisedly took in the sight of Darcy Lewis.

      She was terribly shocked as she stared at her for a moment, and Darcy looked largely unsurprised as she offered her a bit of a smile and entered the elevator. Yelena had truly thought that Darcy had left for good and that they would not see her after that small period of time that she spent there at the compound when Thor brought her there after she had been kicked out of her apartment.

      So, knowing that she had to cover up this surprise, Yelena made the decision to approach the situation as she always did whenever she was uncomfortable or anything less than perfectly prepared.

      “Oh, joy, what are you doing here? Back for another round of fun?” Yelena questioned, making sure that her tone communicated nothing but the most unhappiness with the girl’s presence, and Darcy raised an eyebrow as she stood not too far from Yelena. Truthfully, Yelena was not really unhappy to see her, but she was more shocked and not about to let Darcy see a more vulnerable side of her.

      “You didn’t hear? When I stayed here for those few days, Mr. Stark decided that I could help him out with research and tech and stuff, so he offered me a place here. So, it took me a little while to get all of my stuff together, and here I am now,” Darcy explained breezily, and Yelena groaned, shaking her head.

      At least now she had some answers. However, she was not about to let up on Darcy now. Not after all the sarcasm that Darcy had thrown on her the last time that she saw her. Darcy could perfectly hold her own against Yelena’s humor.

      “Delightful news,” Yelena replied drily, and Darcy just ignored her largely as she smiled a little but did not bother replying.

      Yelena could not help but feel a little irritation at the fact that Darcy was so hard to crack. However, she did have to admit, it was nice to see someone that was not afraid of her and that had no problem giving it back to her. It was like her sort-of friendship with Carol, which was also built on some form of respect on Yelena’s part because Carol was not intimidated by her either.

      There was a weird silence between them for a few moments, and Yelena was quiet as she tried to think of something to say to fill it. It was making her uneasy for some reason.

      Of course, elevators themselves regardless of the company had a tendency to make her uneasy. Elevators in the Red Room were never a good thing because it always led to a visit to Dreykov’s office. And that was never a good thing for the girls ordered to come up there because there were only two outcomes.

      The elevator came to a pause, and the doors then opened to reveal another annoyance in her life.

      Kate Bishop.

      Yelena almost groaned aloud. However, she was in some strange way thankful to see the girl. At least there was someone that she knew and could make some manner of conversation with. And at least she did sort of like the kid.

      As soon as Kate saw her, she grinned goofily, and Yelena could not help a small twinge of fondness for the dumb kid. She was good, and Yelena knew that she meant well. She just liked to aggravate her and give her a hard time because it was how she showed affection with people that were not her sister.

      Plus, Kate could be really fun to mess with anyway.

      “Hi, Yelena! What are you up to?” Kate asked cheerily as she came in and stood next to Yelena on the opposite side of Darcy, and Yelena just huffed as she debated whether she was going to make some sarcastic remark or not.

      Yelena ultimately decided she would not. After all, Darcy was there, and Yelena did not particularly want another quip about if Darcy were a psychology major and how she would analyze Yelena’s behavior. After all, that was what she pulled when they met.

      “Heading back to my house to get Fanny. Natasha and I are going to the dog park after she finishes up her paperwork,” Yelena informed Kate, and Kate suddenly looked extremely interested as she grinned, and Yelena almost immediately regretted letting that information slip.

      “Ooh, awesome! Can I come with you guys? Lucky could use a good run,” Kate stated, and Yelena groaned before shrugging finally. She did not particularly want Kate to accompany her and Natasha, but she really did not have a good answer for why the girl should not. Well, unless she was just going to say that she wanted one-on-one time with her sister, and she really did not want to give Darcy a leg-up in figuring her out.

      “Fine,” Yelena permitted, and Kate nodded excitedly. Yelena stared straight ahead at the elevator doors, wishing that it would hurry up and get to the bottom. For some reason, it seemed as if it were moving slower than usual, and it unsettled her a little.

      Kate and Darcy stayed quiet on either side of her, and Yelena started to open her mouth to say something when the elevator suddenly shuddered and came to an abrupt stop.

      Yelena just froze for a solid moment, trying to decipher precisely what had happened.

      “What just happened?” Kate questioned as she immediately moved closer to Yelena, and Yelena felt a small bit of protectiveness and slight sympathy coming over her despite the fact that she was not about to welcome Kate clinging to her or something ridiculous like that.

      After all, she viewed Kate in a manner that was sort of similar to how she saw Peter. She was by no means a little sister to her, but she saw her as a young kid that needed some manner of protection. She knew Kate saw her as some sort of big sister or mentor figure, and while she was not entirely pleased with that, she was willing to let it slide at least a little. As long as the kid gave Yelena her space when it came to Natasha and gave them time for just the two of them, she would be happy.

      Of course, Yelena had mostly come to the conclusion that she would be okay with some time for Kate and Natasha to be together because she got so much attention and praise from Natasha when she allowed it. And she would do absolutely anything to make Natasha happy.

      Besides, Natasha usually spent a lot of one-on-one time with her, and as much as Yelena hated to find gratification in it, after Natasha had to choose between her and Kate in that life-or-death situation not too long ago, Yelena knew that she came first.

      She would never be completely over the jealousy, and she would never allow Kate to unexpectedly and uninvitedly intrude on their cuddle time or just any of their time together without serious repercussions, but Yelena knew that she was most important now. Even if it had made Natasha feel horribly guilty after the entire thing had gone down.

      “Well, it appears that the elevator’s gone out,” Darcy declared matter-of-factly, and Yelena just scoffed as she tried to keep down her own fear that was sparked from her past. Kate glanced over at Darcy for a short moment.

      “Congratulations, Velma, you solved that mystery,” Yelena retorted, and Darcy just raised her eyebrows as she clicked her tongue and shook her head. Kate’s eyes went wide as she took in Yelena’s response, and Yelena almost felt like laughing at the goofy look on her face.

      “Wow. Are you always this hostile all the time?” Darcy asked, sounding almost disappointed, and Yelena immediately knew where this was leading.

      “No. No, I’m heading you off right now. Don’t even start trying to psycho-evaluate or whatever they call that on me like last time,” Yelena warned, pointing at her, and Kate looked between the both of them with complete confusion.

      “Oh, you guys know each other?” Kate asked curiously, and Yelena huffed.

      “Unfortunately. Me and Velma met a while back when she stayed here for a few days because she got kicked out of her apartment. How’d you miss that, Sherlock?” Yelena questioned, and Kate just raised her hands somewhat defensively.

      “Look, it was a busy week for me. Clint and I were training heavily.”

      “Oh, yeah. Well, if you mean going on some stupid therapy-oriented road-trip BS in the mountains as training heavily, then sure,” Yelena responded, and Kate shook her head swiftly.

      “Look, it wasn’t just us, and it was very much a hard-training session! Steve came and several other people!”

      “Sure. Sounds like a glorified vacation to me,” Yelena responded, and Darcy raised an eyebrow as she looked between them.

      “And I definitely assume you two know each other. You look like me and my sister when we used to fight,” Darcy pointed out, and Yelena immediately bristled. There was only one person she would ever accept as her sister. It was the only person she needed.

      “We are not sisters,” Yelena emphasized, and Kate shuffled somewhat uncomfortably as she shrugged noncommittally.

      “Well, I mean… objectively… like… we could be. Like you’re the teasing middle child, and Natasha’s kind of like the protective, wise oldest… Like on Brother Bear,” Kate pointed out with an awkward grin, and Yelena just rolled her eyes heavily.

      “We are not like Brother Bear. You would be the youngest one on there, and I know for a fact that you are not nearly cool enough to turn into a bear,” Yelena shot back as she stepped back and started to examine the inside of the elevator. She knew it did not have a hatch at the top, and she was honestly not terribly impressed with Stark for his choice in elevator design.

      “I’m Kate, by the way. You’re Velma?” Kate questioned jovially, seemingly completely unbothered by Yelena’s comment. Yelena could not help but snort, very happy with the fact that Kate had called Darcy by Yelena’s nickname even if it was unintentional on Kate’s part.

      “No, it’s Darcy. Yelena just started calling me that because she thinks I’m a genius like Velma from the Scooby gang,” Darcy declared in a manner that was far too pleased with herself.

      “No, I think you’re a nerd like Velma from the Scooby gang. Get it right,” Yelena informed her, still trying to see if there were any well-hidden hatches she might have missed.

      “Oh, wow, you’ve already gotten a nickname? That means she likes you,” Kate commented completely unhelpfully, and Yelena narrowed her eyes at the kid. Kate had a far too wide smirk on her face, and Yelena pointed at her.

      “Remember, Kate Bishop, you’re locked in here with me. Not the other way around,” Yelena informed her, and she headed over to inspect the elevator doors.

      Unfortunately, there was absolutely no way she was going to be able to get those elevator doors open. However, she was more than willing to try if only not to be trapped inside this elevator with these two morons. She might have told Kate she was locked in there with Yelena, but Yelena secretly was beginning to almost feel like she was locked in with these bozos.

      “But it’s very nice to meet you, Darcy,” Kate told her with a smile, and Darcy nodded back to her. Yelena reached out, starting to try to open the elevator doors as she pried at them. The two behind her were so invested in their conversation that they did not even notice.

      “It’s very nice to meet you, too,” Darcy expressed with a smile.

      “So how did you end up here? You were kicked out of your apartment?” Kate asked, tilting her head, and Darcy shrugged simply.

      “Yeah. Thor told me I could stay here for a few days, and during that time, Mr. Stark offered me a job since he found out about my specialty in tech,” Darcy told her, and Kate’s eyes widened in recognition as she looked far too interested for Yelena’s good.

      “You know Thor?” Kate asked, and Darcy nodded emphatically.

      “Oh, yeah. Me and him go way back. I mean… We’re practically like this,” Darcy told her, crossing her fingers over each other, and Kate nodded, deeply invested as Yelena groaned, very much unhappy with this situation and the direction it was going.

      “Ugh,” Yelena complained aloud, deeply unhappy with the direction that this conversation was headed.

      “Oh, gosh, I totally get what you mean. I mean, me and Clint Barton are just like that, too,” Kate nodded emphatically, and Yelena raised an eyebrow as she looked back at the both of them.

      “I think you’re both delusional,” Yelena declared bluntly, and Kate seemed somewhat offended. However, Darcy just eyed her calmly with that expression that told Yelena that she thought she knew something, and Yelena narrowed her eyes, not pleased with the look on her face.

      “Well, me and Thor are like practically best friends. I mean… Like since whatever it was happened between him and my friend Jane, I think there’s been a spark between us,” Darcy proclaimed, and Yelena’s eyes widened in horror as she stared at the elevator doors. She did not want to hear or be part of any piece of this conversation. At all.

      “My gosh, you’re so lucky,” Kate whined, no doubt thinking of Clint, and Yelena was almost ready to start beating her head against the elevator doors. At least she would have a chance of knocking herself out and keeping herself from having to hear all their disgusting, revolting boy-talk.

      “I know… Have you seen his muscles? He’s built like a brick crap house,” Darcy told her, and Kate nodded eagerly.

      Yelena swiftly checked all of her pockets and stuff as she tried to look for a phone or some manner of SOS to get her out of this horrible situation. She swiftly realized that she had very stupidly left her phone upstairs with Natasha, and she barely resisted the urge to smack her head against the door and knock herself out. It would be favorable to having to stay awake with these weirdos.

      “I see your Thor and I raise you Clint Barton. I mean, that tattoo sleeve is so freaking hot, and I mean… Just look at this picture,” Kate suddenly spoke, and Yelena whipped her head around swiftly at the mention of looking at a picture. She swiftly spotted the phone in Kate’s hand, and she stopped as she just glared at the two for a moment.

      “Oh, wow,” Darcy stated, her eyes somewhat wide. “I mean… He’s pretty good-looking… But like… Why’s he in a man diaper?”

      “It was a magic trick gone wrong when we were having a talent show one time, and he was a volunteer. Girl, you wouldn’t believe how fast I snapped that picture,” Kate laughed somewhat nervously, and Yelena just narrowed her eyes even more as she turned so that she was facing the both of them entirely.

      “Excuse me? Chicken party?” Yelena asked, and both of the two looked at her strangely.

      “Hen party?” Kate suggested after just a moment, and Yelena immediately felt just a little embarrassment at her mishap. Besides, nobody besides Natasha was allowed to correct her on the manner in which she said things.

      “Don’t correct me, Kate Bishop,” Yelena pointed at her sternly.

      “Am I correct in understanding that you had a phone this entire time and you didn’t think to bring it out until you wanted to look at pictures of your Barton? Even when I’m over here trying to pry the doors open and figure out some way out?” Yelena asked firmly, and Kate just smiled somewhat sheepishly as she shrugged. Darcy smiled easily as she reached in her pocket and held up a smartphone.

      “Oh, yeah, I have one, too, if you want to use it,” Darcy told her, and Yelena barely resisted the urge to growl under her breath. She reached out quickly, snatching Kate’s phone instead of Darcy’s. She was more comfortable with Kate, and she also knew that Natasha would recognize Kate’s number far more easily than Darcy’s.

      Yelena then proceeded to head to Kate’s calling option, and she immediately found herself slightly irked that Natasha was on speed dial. She quickly tapped it, though, and started calling her sister.

      “Hey, shchenok, what’s up?” Natasha answered the phone quickly, her voice loving as she spoke to her. Yelena felt her heart warming even if the words had not been intended for her.

      “Hey, it’s me,” Yelena greeted, and Natasha furrowed her brow a little.

      “Yelena?” Natasha questioned, and Yelena could hear the definitive confusion.

      “Yeah, I left my phone up there with you,” Yelena replied, answering Natasha’s unspoken question, and Natasha hummed in understanding.

      “Okay. You need me to meet you and bring it to you?” Natasha asked, and Yelena shook her head.

      “No… But I do need you,” Yelena expressed, and Yelena could almost feel Natasha’s change in demeanor from relatively easy to exceedingly concerned.

      “What do you need me to do? Where are you?” Natasha inquired, and Yelena thought she could hear Natasha starting to get up from her desk as something rustled a little.

      Yelena felt her heart swelling with Natasha’s immediate worry and how she was instantly willing to do anything to protect her or help her with anything that could be wrong. Her sister truly was the best.

      “I’m currently trapped in the elevator with Darcy Lewis and Kate Bishop,” Yelena answered, and she could feel Kate and Darcy’s eyes on her.

      “I thought you said we were trapped in here with you?” Darcy astutely and far too quickly pointed out, and Yelena just waved her away.

      “Shut up, I’m talking to my sister,” Yelena shot back, and Darcy just raised an eyebrow, largely unphased by Yelena’s snippiness. Yelena ignored her as she centered her attentions on the person on the other end of the phone.

      She immediately heard sounds of muffled laughter, and Yelena narrowed her eyes.

      “Eto ne smeshno!”1 Yelena helplessly replied, ensuring her words were in Russian so that Darcy and Kate could not understand what she was saying. After all, she did not want them to know that Natasha was on their side and found Yelena’s current plight to be hilarious.

      “I don’t know, it’s pretty funny to me,” Natasha chuckled, and Yelena just narrowed her eyes.

      “Just go down there and fix it already,” Yelena told her unhappily, and Natasha uttered her agreement, still laughing. Yelena grumbled under her breath.

      “I perestan'te smeyat'sya,”2 Yelena commanded, and she could practically feel Natasha’s grin. As much as it made her happy to see Natasha happy, she was having a hard time with enjoying Natasha’s blatant laughter at her expense.

      “Hey… Seriously, I’m already headed down there, okay? Are you going to be alright in there with them or do you need to stay on the phone with me?” Natasha asked softly, and Yelena knew that the redhead knew about her slight fear of elevators and the closed spaces that they brought when they broke down. Yelena usually was always with Natasha when going on elevators and the elevator had never broken down before, so it was somewhat scary for her right now. She found herself immensely thankful that her sister knew her so well.

      “Ya v poryadke. Tebe ne nuzhno bespokoit'sya obo mne. Prosto… Ne teryayte vremeni,”3 Yelena told her, her voice gentle as she addressed her older sister, and Natasha hummed in acknowledgement.

      Once they finally ended the call, Yelena just groaned, sinking down against the wall into the floor as she rubbed at her head and grasped Kate’s phone in her hand. She was doing her best to avoid thinking of the fact that she was stuck in an elevator, and she was trying her hardest to keep down the fear and instead focus on her surroundings even if it was Kate and Darcy that she had to pay attention to. She soon felt someone sink down not too far from her, and she felt a tentative poke to her knee. Yelena reopened her eyes, looking over at who had dared mess with her.

      Unsurprisingly, it was Kate, and she was looking at Yelena with a slight smile of uncertainty as she pointed to the phone.

      “Umm… Can I have my phone back?” Kate asked, and Yelena rolled her eyes heavily before handing the phone over to her.

      “Thank you,” Kate expressed, and Yelena immediately noted that the girl started to pull up TikTok. Yelena closed her eyes, determined to remain perfectly still and hopefully trick the two morons into thinking she was asleep so they would not force her to interact.

      She could feel Darcy sliding down to sit next to Kate, and she felt dread coming upon her as the blasted TikToks started, and the both of them presumably were watching whatever came up on Kate’s feed.

      Before long, however, it quickly became clear that Yelena was not going to be able to pretend to sleep. Not when Darcy and Kate started singing something together that was playing on the app.

      “My money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds. I like to see you wiggle wiggle, for sure. Make me wanna dribble dribble, you know. Riding in my fiat, you really have to see it,” Kate and Darcy both sang together, and Kate laughed a little as Yelena grit her teeth, trying not to outwardly react to them in hopes that they would realize she was supposedly almost asleep.

      “You watch TikTok?” Darcy asked, and Yelena could feel Kate shifting in place with her excitement.

      “Yeah, I love it! It’s literally my favorite app,” Kate excitedly replied. Yelena just repositioned slightly in an attempt to bring their attention to her so they would see what was happening or what Yelena was trying to trick them into thinking was happening.

      There was a long silence of them scrolling through TikToks, and Yelena was beginning to think that maybe they had gotten the message. However, that idea was quickly disproven.

      “Oh, my gosh, I hate these kinds of TikToks,” Kate lamented suddenly, and they were silent for a moment as a terribly sad and depressing song played. Yelena could not deny that she did feel some curiosity about what the video was about.

      However, she quickly ran out of patience with this ridiculousness when they started up with some annoying song that they were far too into for their own good, the uncoordinated combination of their voices immediately got under Yelena’s skin.

      “In a minute, Imma need a, sentimental, man or woman, to pump me up—”

      “Look, dodo duet, if you two don’t stop singing every single song that comes on there, I’m about to pump you two up,” Yelena declared, opening her eyes to glare at them finally. Darcy looked far too pleased, and Kate just looked some mix between sheepish and utterly amused.

      “Do you even know what that means?” Darcy asked, and Yelena scoffed.

      “Do you?” Yelena challenged. The truth was that Yelena honestly did not really know what it meant either, but she was going to challenge Darcy anyway and redirect the attention from her own lack of knowledge.

      “Not really,” Darcy replied, and Yelena reveled in the slight hint of confusion in her tone. She had finally managed to get one over on the quick-witted woman.

      “There. See, that’s why you don’t sing Lizard songs. They don’t make sense,” Yelena grumbled, and Darcy huffed. Yelena leaned up and narrowed her eyes at her, trying to figure out what was so funny before Kate finally ventured to question her.

      “You mean Lizzo?” Kate asked uncertainly.

       “I told you to stop correcting me, Kate Bishop,” Yelena shot back at her before leaning back. She closed her eyes and tried to resume her fake sleeping so that they might leave her alone. Of course, she was beginning to think that there was not even a slight chance of that happening.

      She just remained still, and before long, their voices resounded once again not too far from her.

      “Hey, since we’re going to be here for a while, wanna play truth or dare?” Kate asked, and Yelena groaned.

      “Do you just have to have something to occupy your mind twenty-four seven?” Yelena asked, her eyes opening as she looked over at them. They were completely ignoring her in favor of starting their dumb game and Yelena narrowed her eyes wordlessly.

      “Okay…. Truth or dare,” Kate questioned Darcy, and Darcy pursed her lips for a moment, thinking.

      “Truth,” Darcy picked finally.

      “Do you have posters of Thor?” Kate immediately asked, and Yelena could hear the hope in her voice. Kate hummed somewhat skeptically.

      “No,” Darcy replied easily, and Yelena could detect immediately that she was actually being truthful. However, she did not say anything, and she allowed Kate to question her.

      “Absolute truth?” Kate questioned, and Darcy nodded.

      “Yeah. I mean, only because I can’t find posters that really manage to capture the real thing, y’know? Plus, I’m kind of too old for that kind of thing,” Darcy told her simply, and Kate immediately nodded wholeheartedly.

      “Totally get that. Honestly, same,” Kate agreed, and Yelena raised an eyebrow, knowing that Kate was full of it, but going to let the opportunity pass by for now.

      “Truth or dare?” Darcy asked, and Kate thought for a moment before quickly answering truth.

      “Do you have posters of Clint?” Darcy questioned, and Kate looked a little taken off-guard.


      “Oh, Velma, that’s not a question of does she, it’s a matter of how many,” Yelena interjected, this time resolving not to miss the opportunity to straighten this score out. Especially since Kate had been getting cocky with her while they were in this deathtrap and Darcy had been rubbing off on her a little.

      “Look, I only have them because I haven’t had a chance to take them down! Plus, it was like a formative moment in my childhood and they’re there for old times’ sake, okay?” Kate defended herself adamantly, and Yelena just grinned widely, much too pleased with herself.

      “Sure,” Yelena unconvincingly agreed. However, she resolved not to ruin Kate’s reputation too badly. After all, she did not know nor entirely trust Darcy enough to do that to Kate. She did not want Darcy to do anything to hurt Kate.

      Even though she herself honestly sort of was beginning to feel like hurting the two of them even though she knew she could not realistically do it.

      “Truth or dare, Yelena?” Kate asked, and Yelena raised an eyebrow.

      “I’m not playing,” Yelena replied simply.

      Even if she wanted to play the game, she knew better than to play with those two. They were no doubt plotting to team up together for Yelena’s demise, and if they were not planning, they would no doubt come to the conclusion to do so in the midst of their questioning.

      “If you contribute to someone else’s answer, you’re required by law to participate,” Darcy immediately combatted her answer, and Yelena shifted her gaze to Kate. Kate just shrugged, grinning widely, and Yelena huffed, knowing she was not really going to get out of this unless she started threatening bodily harm.

     And that was beginning to become a very tempting possibility.

      Yelena contemplated her choices, not loving the options. However, she definitely did not particularly want to answer something truth-oriented because Kate knew her far too well and could definitely ask the sorts of questions that would make her uncomfortable.

      “Dare,” Yelena finally told Kate simply.

      “I dare you to say at least one nice thing about every female person you know,” Kate told her, and Yelena’s eyes widened as she gaped at the kid.

      Kate grinned, very much pleased with herself. Yelena had no idea how she managed to somehow combine truth with a dare, and she suddenly found herself beginning to wonder what was taking Natasha so long and why she could not hurry it up a little with fixing the elevator.


      “Go ahead,” Kate grinned, and Yelena groaned deeply, dragging the sound out for a while before finally starting with the easiest one.

      “Natasha is my world and the person that I love most,” Yelena simply stated, not loving having to state her feelings but the words being perfectly heartfelt as she thought of her sister. Natasha truly was her world, and she truly did complete her in every way. Natasha was everything to her.

      Yelena was quiet for a moment afterward, dreading the people upcoming on her list.

      “Keep going,” Darcy urged, and Yelena groaned, deeply displeased with this situation.

      “Ugh… Katie-Bear, you’re a nice, good kid,” Yelena expressed, already almost feeling like she would positively die from having to say all these things. Yelena never expressed her emotions in front of anyone except her sister and Peter on very rare occasions. She might be more inclined to do this if it were only her and Kate, but Darcy was making this even harder for her.

      “Aww, thank you,” Kate expressed, positively pleased as could be with the compliment. Yelena let out a deep breath, deeply displeased with the entire thing.


      “Who’s next?” Darcy asked, and Yelena furrowed her brow, stopping for a moment. She thought she heard something, but she could not be entirely sure because Darcy had been talking when it had sounded off.

      She unhappily moved on to the next person she could think of that was higher up on her list of female people that she knew.

      “Fine… Carol’s powers are pretty cool, and she’s got a good sense of humor,” Yelena admitted, feeling the epitome of displeased at the moment.

      Yelena opened her mouth to start to compliment someone else, and she suddenly froze as she definitely heard a noise.

      The floor started to heat up not too far from them, and suddenly a hand burst through the bottom of the elevator. Yelena’s eyes widened, and she gaped at the hole as suddenly the floor of the elevator surrounding the hand melted widely enough to allow a person to break through.

      To her shock, the woman that she had just been complimenting popped her head up through the hole, resting her arms on the floor as she looked at the three with a raised eyebrow and a slight smirk.

      “Y’know, I think you’ve got a pretty nice sense of humor, too, short-stack,” Carol greeted with a giant grin. Yelena was somewhere between being ridiculously relieved at Carol’s appearance, and immensely humiliated at the fact that Carol had obviously overheard what she said about her while also exposing her nickname for Yelena.

      “Finally somebody shows up to save us. Took you guys long enough, Boomer,” Yelena grumbled, completely skipping over Carol’s compliment and Carol’s nickname for her. After all, she definitely did not want to admit that she actually was somewhat pleased with Carol’s words and that they did actually mean something to her.

      “Wow… What is it with you people and nicknames?” Darcy muttered under her breath, and Kate just excitedly glanced between the other three.

      “Alright, c’mon, let’s get you guys out of here. Who’s first?” Carol asked, and Yelena immediately moved over to her.


      “Aww, if you wanted a hug that much, you could’ve just asked,” Carol pointed out as she opened her arm and levitated in place, her body lighting up as her long hair flowed along behind her. Yelena just let out a short bark of laughter.

      “Ha. Look, the sooner I can get out of here, the sooner I don’t have to look at you three’s ugly mugs,” Yelena declared, calling upon her knowledge of movies to pull out the vernacular from her repertoire. Kate made some noise that sounded almost offended, and Carol just shook her head.

      “I know you love me,” Carol winningly declared, and Yelena just rolled her eyes before lowering herself into the hole next to her and grabbing her around the shoulders. A tingling went through the entirety of her body that felt something like electrocution. However, it was not nearly as painful, and it simply felt weird.

      “Whatever, Sunny, just do your thing,” Yelena told her, and Carol easily descended as she moved down the elevator shaft. She quickly approached a hole in the wall where she had broken through a pair of doors.

      As soon as they moved through the hole, Natasha ran over to her, grabbing her arm as Carol gently deposited her onto the floor. Natasha quickly ran her hands over Yelena’s shoulders and arms, and she then repositioned her hands to rest on Yelena’s waist.

      Yelena let out a deep breath, and Natasha met her eyes questioningly. Yelena knew she was wordlessly asking her if she was okay mentally by searching her physically. Yelena nodded to her easily to answer her, and Natasha nodded a little, leaning in and pressing a kiss to Yelena’s nose.

      “Elevator wasn’t a problem?” Natasha questioned, clarifying her questioning a little further with actual words.

       “No, I’m okay,” Yelena assured her, and Natasha nodded gently, accepting her answer.

       At that moment, Carol suddenly came down with Kate. The brunette was clinging onto her far too tightly, her legs wrapped around her waist. When Carol finally landed, she raised an eyebrow, looking at the younger girl grabbing onto her.

      “You can let go now, kid. You’re not going to fall to your death in an elevator shaft today,” Carol deadpanned, and Kate quickly hopped off of her, chuckling somewhat awkwardly.


      “Nah, don’t be. You’re good. I just had to take the opportunity to use that good sense of humor Yelena says I have,” Carol pointed out with a huge smirk before heading back up to get Darcy.

      “It was a dare! I only said that because I was dared!!!” Yelena yelled after her, and Kate hummed in reply, sounding unconvinced.

      “But the dare was for you to compliment people and tell the truth, soo,” Kate trailed off, and Yelena immediately turned to look at her.

      “Don’t push me, Kate Bishop,” Yelena warned, and Natasha raised an eyebrow as she suddenly looked rather interested.

      “What’s she talking about?” Natasha questioned curiously.

      “Nothing,” Yelena replied immediately, and Natasha just huffed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders as she pulled her close. Yelena leaned her head against her shoulder and closed her eyes.

      One thing was for sure. Elevators were never good things.

    (1) “It’s not funny!”

    (2) “And stop laughing!”

    (3) “I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me. Just... don't waste time.”

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    25.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Captain Marvel? Wait, she’s one of the newer ones, right?

    Yeah…yeah yeah yeah, she’s the glow-y, flying badass, right?

    I like her honestly. She’s so cool. Never officially met her, but from what I saw on the field, she’s like a fricking boss. Plus, I got all the info on her from Rhodey who I think has a crush on her. Whoops! Shouldn’t have said that out loud.

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  • womanmagnificent
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    there are like only 5 carol stans and all of us are in immense fight or flight mode 24/7

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  • womanmagnificent
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    wanda terrorizing rambeau family... if she doesn't stop

    but fr like, monica could've gotten her powers and been an important character without that girlie's involvement... but they made monica relate to wanda and her powers coming directly from her... I thought we weren't going to downgrade like that after we changed carol's backstory but I guess wanda was more important..

    and then they kill maria,.. twice! once to evaluate wanda.., and the second time to evaluate wanda. like how do you kill captain marvel with a falling statue???

    and I don't think it's because they're putting more emphasis on carol, (thought they do favour her as evident by the comics), but it does seems as though they're ready to throw her out anytime, they just want to establish wanda as this powerfull girlboss, cause they'd have her kill carol with no hesitation either.

    monica and maria were never their own characters always a part of someone's story hell maria was barely a character, and mcu took these characters and kept them as they were! to evaluate some whitewashed character.,

    (I won't be touching Captain Marvel movie, cause I genuinely love carol and maria's dynamic and relationship) but establishing maria as more than just a side character by making her captain marvel and then killing her is a crime.

    AND DON'T, and I repeat don't most of you act like you care about these characters, cause I see how a lot of you only mention them for diversity points.

    sorry for the rant but I just love this family so much and I can no longer bear to see them disrespected.

    (carol antis don't interact)

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    Captain Marvel (2018-) #37 cover by R.B. Silva

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  • superheroes-or-whatever
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    Captain Marvel (2018-) #34 art by Sergio Davila

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    she is extremely precious

    the star of most of my dreams

    i do not care that she is fictional

    for she still makes me cream

    - me, at 2243 ♡
    #i am so so so sorry #lesbian#wlw#kassandra#sevika#abby anderson#lady eivor#lady dimitrescu#carol danvers#wanda maximoff#natasha romanoff#jinx#vi #and every other cute fictional baddie #thanks for your time
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