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  • gwlemonyshenanigans
    15.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Lemony Shenanigans 2022 Banner

    Everyone have a look at the amazing banner for this year’s event, made by the super talented @keiko1183 !

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  • perfect-justice
    23.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Now for something a bit different! Some pictures of one of the doujin I got recently that focuses on the Gundam Wing girls! It’s shorter than the other one,from this circle that I have, but definitely worth a shot buying if you get the chance. 

    Title is  バラ・トピックス and the circle/artist is  グルメ一人旅 / 小荒野まあち. 

    First up, here is the cover featuring Relena. 

    Next up have a very gorgeous Cathy. I love this artist so much, they draw everyone so pretty. 

    And some Dorothy with Trowa, Duo, and Quatre. 

    Silvia and Relena

    And of course, we can’t forget Une! Unfortunately, There is no Sally in the doujin which is a pity. 

    This is my favorite page in the whole doujin. Child!Cathy is just the cutest. 

    And there’s this cute little Heero and Relena comic. 

    The last panel of Relena and the teddy bear is so cute. Her expressions in this whole comic were just the best. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed the art! Til next time!

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  • a-river-of-stars
    23.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Gundam Wing analysis: set dressing in Episodes 35-38

    Warning: image heavy post and gay 3x4 conspiracy theories ahead, so I’ve put in a Keep reading cut

    Set dressing is a wonderful thing.  It adds a layer of depth to any story, but it is particularly useful when you’re trying to tell a primarily subtextual story in order to Get Shit Past the Censors.  The set dressing in Episodes 35-38 of Gundam Wing tells one such subtextual story.

    When Trowa first returns to the circus with amnesia in Episode 35, we see three kinds of symbols on the boxes in the background: stars and specifically shooting stars (representing the Gundams and their pilots), question marks (representing Trowa’s amnesia and general feelings of confusion), and stripes (which could have multiple interpretations: the stripes resemble the bars of the lion’s cage, representing restraint or a feeling of being trapped, but when arranged diagonally instead of vertically they also bring to mind the diagonal stripe of the forbidden 🚫 symbol).

    Below is a closer look at that stack of boxes.  Note the color scheme of the striped box and how it matches Trowa’s costume trousers.  The person doing the restraining and forbidding here is Trowa himself; his own subconscious has made his memories off limits to him.

    In the scene at the end of Episode 35 (pictured below), one more symbol appears: hearts, which symbolize exactly what you’d expect.  Alone in the dark, Trowa is looking in a chest covered with symbols of all the important things he’s forgotten.  And looking a bit too deeply, it seems, as he’s soon overwhelmed by a mysterious “cold” feeling that prevents him from looking any further.  His subconscious is not ready to unpack all that.

    Even his previously smiling mask is sad now, painted with a teardrop that has never been there before.  😥

    There’s more to this post!  Click on Keep reading. :)

    Never gonna give you up--  Nah, nevermind.  Sorry.  Please stay, there actually is more. 🤡

    When Duo shows up at the circus in Episode 36 the boxes again have stars.  One of the stars in this scene has a distinctive six-point design instead of the usual five-point one; it may have religious significance considering the characters involved.  There is also an even more recognizable forbidden diagonal stripe (green box pictured below).  Once again, the green of that striped box is associated with Trowa as the color of his eyes and of his costume trousers.  Although Catherine soon comes to tell Duo to leave Trowa alone, it is Trowa himself who truly rejects Duo.  There are heavy shadows in this scene, as well.  Trowa is still literally and metaphorically in the dark.

    When Quatre arrives at the circus in Episode 38, the boxes have some interesting patterns.  There are a lot of stripes both vertical and diagonal, but there is also a notable return of hearts (pink box pictured below).  The pink color scheme of this box indicates a romantic love, light and innocent but romantic in nature nonetheless.

    Another striped box (above) is situated directly between Quatre and Trowa.  Their meeting is forbidden.  But by whom?  This time the color scheme of the forbidden stripes doesn’t match Trowa.  In fact, there is a large green box that does represent Trowa--even including an orange and yellow pattern that matches the other colors of his costume.  For once, Trowa is not restraining himself, but rather seems somewhat open to Quatre, even excited to discover that Quatre knows him.  Whereas Trowa looked terrified when Duo spoke to him in Episode 36, Trowa shows no fear of Quatre at all.  So, who is represented by that striped box?  The answer comes just a few frames later....

    Catherine’s shirt’s main color and shading are a perfect match to the striped box’s color scheme.  This lines up with the dialogue where Catherine explicitly forbids Quatre from contacting Trowa.  Just like the striped box, Catherine physically puts herself between Quatre and Trowa.  Note that more hearts have appeared beside Catherine, but with an unromantic color scheme that resembles the color of Trowa’s shirt: Catherine, too, loves Trowa, in a different way than does Quatre.  When she says that Trowa is like her brother, she truly means it.

    In the frame above, a second striped box appears in different colors, this one bearing a resemblance to Quatre’s eye color.  This suggests that it is now Quatre who is restraining or forbidding himself from interacting with Trowa.  Even if Catherine hadn’t forbidden contact between them--undoubtedly Quatre would have found a way around her if he’d really wanted--Quatre has now seen the harm his own mistake has caused Trowa and won’t let himself be near Trowa for fear of hurting him even more.  It doesn’t seem promising.  And yet, as Trowa secretly watches Quatre leave...

    The red box that has appeared beside Trowa’s trauma-addled head is covered with hearts.  The red indicates a romantic love, and of a much deeper and more recognizably romantic kind than the pink seen previously.  Though Trowa is unlikely to know what he’s feeling just yet, it does seem to line up with Trowa’s implied feelings toward Quatre when he recovers his memories in Episode 43 and with his behavior in the episodes that follow.

    Box conspiracy theories aside, Trowa is hiding in the shadows of the tent toward the end of this scene.  Going back to the beginning of this scene (pictured above), before Quatre and Trowa even meet, the sun shines around Quatre and guides him through a messy collection of jumbled items and forbidden striped boxes to where Trowa is.  The sun is both light and warm.  Perhaps it is this warmth that counters the mysterious “cold” Trowa talks about, his fear of whatever it is he has forgotten.   At the very end of this scene, when Trowa is brought to his knees as he begins to remember Quatre, he staggers partially out of the dark tent and into the sunlight. 

    Funny how much of a story can be told without words.

    #symbolism#gundam wing #mobile suit gundam wing #trowa barton #quatre raberba winner #quatre winner#catherine bloom#3x4x3#3x4#troquat #this is the kind of dumb stuff that gets you the good grades in literary analysis lol #there's more but this is getting kind of long and I think I've made my main point well enough #literary analysis#film analysis #I wrote all this out because I started working on Post Nihil again and I based the symbolism in the fic on what's seen in-series #gw meta
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  • acrochetedgundam
    05.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Gundam Wing Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Trowa Barton & Catherine Bloom Characters: Trowa Barton, Catherine Bloom, background Quatre Raberba Winner, background Auda Additional Tags: Minor Trowa Barton/Quatre Raberba Winner, background Catherine/Auda, Feelings, trowa day, no beta we die like Treize Summary:

    Catherine shows Trowa who he really is.

    For Trowa Day 2022.

    #my writing#trowa day#trowa barton#catherine bloom #background trowa x quatre #background catherine x auda #just feels #sorry it's a day late i am a mess of a human
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  • the-reanimated-bhg
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago
    #gundam wing#catherine bloom#gundam#welcome #you should never have come here #these jokes are trash #you must be desperate #enjoy them anyway
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  • quntico
    28.02.2022 - 2 monts ago
    #location. #soundtrack. #RE: clarice starling. #RE: hannibal lecter. #RE: will graham. #RE: freddie lounds. #RE: jack crawford. #RE: alana bloom. #RE: beverly katz. #RE: garrett jacob hobbs. #RE: abigail hobbs. #RE: abel gideon. #RE: francis dolarhyde. #RE: molly graham. #RE: bedelia du maurier. #RE: mischa lecter. #RE: catherine martin. #RE: ardelia mapp. #RE: paul krendler. #RE: frederick chilton. #RE: mason verger. #RE: margot verger. #RE: jame gumb. #RE: bella crawford. #RE: ruth martin.
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  • urban-unease
    28.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Now for the ladies of Gundam Wing in Sims form! From top down: Sally, Cathy, Relena, Hilde

    I also made the boys which you can find here

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  • gwlemonyshenanigans
    28.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Last chance to sign up!

    Today is your last chance to sign up for Lemony Shenanigans 2022!

    Fill in the form below and come join the fun!


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  • lokineko
    24.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Here’s my second piece for the 2021 Rhythm Generation zine (mature part!). Dorothy is a gumiho and Cathy is her girlfriend/wife who lures creeps from the nearby clubs to shady back alleyways for liver-eating shenanigans.

    I’m still tickled that I get into adult zines for psychological horror and blood.

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  • incorrectgundamwingquotes
    07.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    [Meilan Lives AU]

    Dorothy: Quatre hasn’t asked me to duel yet so I’m just laying out sugar to catch my snake.

    Cathy: Flies. Sugar catches flies.

    Meilan: What catches snakes?

    Hilde: You gotta get one of those metal sticks with a grabber at the end!

    Relena: Heero uses those to get cereal down from the top shelf.

    Meilan: Why are there snakes in Yuy’s cereal?

    #can you imagine being the Mom Friend #in a group consisting of Relena Hilde Dorothy and Meilan #i'd fling myself out into orbit #there ain't no helping them #you can only close your eyes #and hope the damage isn't too big that Quatre can't cover it #relena darlian#relena peacecraft#hilde schbeiker#catherine bloom#dorothy catalonia#meilan long#gundam wing#incorrect quotes
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  • the-reanimated-bhg
    19.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    This happened. Maybe... probably?

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  • 2pcbart
    13.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    This is arguably the coolest thing I made last year, but also probably the biggest failures of execution! This is an easter egg for my submission to 2021′s @gundamzine (Much thanks to the mods for bearing with my nonsense throughout the whole thing!) It was very fun conceptualizing it, and it was a great learning experience towards more immersive narratives in the future. These images are only about 40% of the whole project, which is still (inter)active if anyone wants to give it a whirl.

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  • hvemind
    02.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I feel like collectively as a fandom we don’t talk enough about just how weird the whole Abigail situation is? Like don’t get me wrong, I’m a major murder fam truther and I still sob violently every time I think about what could have been but like… imagine you are practically an adult woman, who has just undergone one of thee most traumatic experiences, at the hands of your father, an insane man, which has more than likely left you with some trust issues toward men in general, but then along comes two more also insane men who were not only THERE when the aforementioned life-altering experience occurred, but were both DIRECTLY involved in the death of your parents. And these men, who you’ve known less than a month and quite frankly are pretty freaky and definitely psycho-sexually obsessed with each other, are trying to adopt some sort of warped surrogate-parent role, and fantasise about some suburban dream-life where they take you fishing and teach you harpsichord without even asking you, you who is a practically grown woman. and then suddenly insane man #2 has fostered some kind of dependency with you after he helps you hide a body, therefore involving him in ANOTHER life-altering experience, but oh don’t worry! he’s totally fine and normal and definitely is not like your dad, but then suddenly he is and you are faking your death, and you’re holed away from society except for insane man #2, who you love in a weird strange way, and who will look after you, and you trust him, and you trust him so much that when he beckons you toward him in the middle of a messy pseudo-divorce between him and insane man #1, you walk right into his arms and you know what’s going to happen, really, but you let it happen anyway because maybe you really were just destined to die on your father’s kitchen floor.

    #this started out light but MAN #It’s tragic #she deserved so much better!!!! #she’s literally the embodiment of that poem by Catherine Lacey that’s like #if you’re raised with an angry man in your house there will always be an angry man in your house #I miss her :( #also this got LONG sorry #abigail hobbs#will graham#hannibal lecter#hannibal#hannibal fanart #hannibal deserves more #hannigram#hannigram fanart #will graham x hannibal lecter #murder family#mizumono#hannibal meta#alana bloom#frederick chilton#nbc hannibal#hannibal nbc#horror#hve mind #I AM GRIEVING
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  • 2pcbart
    02.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    completed @fandomtrumpshate project for @a-special-unicorn based on a script she wrote! thank you for trusting me with this ASU!

    #fandom trumps hate #fth2021#gundam wing #quatre raberba winner #catherine bloom#dorothy catalonia
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