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  • seraphdreams
    28.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    BUT DILF EREN ūüėěūüėěūüėěūüėěūüėěūüėě he decides to get really buff and has massive titties so u can lay your head after a long day of taking care of the kids:((((( also strong enough to keep u in place while u squirm of overstim when he has u sitting on his face

    eren beeg strongūü•ļ arms hooked around your thighs and tongue lapping at your pussy endlessly. he‚Äôs so!! big!! he even struggles to fit inside you when it‚Äôs time to fuck :(( he‚Äôll make it fit though, he always does

    #naur cause beeg eren #wif beeg tibbies #i sob#and bite #seraph.replies! #seraph.silversslut!
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  • huntertrolls
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    The fact that I have yet to see the "cover them up" meme within this community is surprising.

    Guess I gotta do it

    #take them tibbies out cause i wanna see em #am to the pm #dd em and I need em
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  • sunsbled-archive
    02.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    sometimes i think i am dramatizing things about antoine & then i remember i went all out and drew the fucking thing and how a friend made the joke of gutbuster and i still think of ghostbusters every time i think of that joke .

    #NO CAUSE WHY DID I DRAW IT #LIKE I JUST WANTED TO DRAW MAN TIBBIES #AND SUDDENLY THERE WAS A PE.EN #„Äź ūĚźéūĚźéūĚźā „ÄĎ‚öú ‚ĚĚ *to the tune of barbie girl* i‚Äôm a garbage man; in a garbage can . #nsft /#lime / #no cause i will never stop wondering what cursed possession led me to drawing both antoine & sumayl nu.de #like?????????????????????? #what demon took hold of me that time DAMN
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  • dumbdomb
    20.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    sometimes i have this strange desire to embrace my big mommy milkers and become the gothic gf just to give you all big squishy hugs and lots of boo boo kisses to feel better and loved and appreciated

    #i am simply a weird nonbiny with useless tibbies and big heart ūüĖ§ #you all deserve to be the tallest gf in the world and to be stepped on by the gothest platformed boots #ūüėĒ i'm sorry i am short and unusual and not funny ūüíĒ #i want to make all the internet friends smile and feel sorta okay #anyway besties here's another one #me #YOU'RE ALL CARA MIA MORTICIA ADDAMS THE THORNS ON ALL MY ROSES IN LIFE the cause of this misery ūü•Ä
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  • alert-arlert
    19.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Reader when they final let Pieck be the bigger spoon.

    do you mind sending this as the link by itself instead of in the text???? there’s just some weird people on this site and stuff has been funky lately

    #but pls pieck loves to be big spoon cause it gives her access to hold and grab your tibbies pls i love her #asks#rynteractions
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  • tiberiusmadhouse
    08.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    so guess who’s back on their bullshit? they have two thumbs a lot of trauma and a lot of love for their characters

    it’s me! yes i know i’m trash but i’m back and going to be rolling through finishing my muse page because it needed an update. i’ll post when i get it finished. but hello my darlin’s tibby’s back.

    #tibby cw for my best frenemy ( mun post ) #sorry for any worry i may have caused xoxo
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  • mister-lady
    06.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    I swear I fricken hate being genderfluid sometimes (vent/rant)

    #i got tummy hair and the faaainnttessttt bit of chest hair and what i would give to be able to show it off #sometimes i like havin tibbies caus theyre really nice #and sometimes i wanna delete them #but i dont becaus i technically won't be able to get them back hhhhhhhh #and i know theres like binders and stuff but...ugh #i know i shouldnt let a pair of sacks of squishy fatty meat on my chest bug me so hard #because tibbies dont determine whether youre a man or a women or inbetween #but ...sometimes i dont wanna wrry bout a bnder and jus have a plain flat chest #not to mention i gotta do voice exercises if i ever wanna sound fricken masculine #cause sure you can go on and off of testosterone but..frick #darn...is this what it feels like when dysphoria hits hard????? /gen #like days rarely hits me and when it does its normally not that bad but i feel like a wet dog like i almost could cry over this #jokes on stupid chest im a real boy i dont need dumb junky stuff or voice modifier to tell me whether i am or am not #yies..im still manly!! im a boy!!! boy boy boy boy boy #im the video game boy! im the one that wins!!!! #<
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  • skittikyu
    27.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Lovely person, here are my lovely cats

    those are definitely some lovely cats !!

    i only have one to share but this pic is very special because it's the first time he's ever sat on my lap in the 3 years we've had him

    #skittikyu speaks#ask#comic-the-adventurer#tibby#kittikyu #credit to my nana for the picture LOL #also hi i'm not dead just busy cause i'm going back to school in a week
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  • dienamights
    08.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    hi nami... i know we dont speak a lot but here's a reminder that i love u berry much and always willūü•ļūü§≤ūüŹĽ‚̧ԳŹ


    CAITIE STOP IM GONNA CRY I WAS JUST CONFESSING MY LOVE TO YOUūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüíóūüíóūüíóūüíóūüíóūüíóūüíóūüíóūüíó

    I love you the mostest and you‚Äôre my little special prettiest beanūüėěūüíóūüíóūüíóūüíóūüíó

    #please i was looking at the ask i was sending u like ūüĎĀūüĎĀ for a solid 5 minutes cause im weird #and then#when u#when wheennnnn #‚úé cringy caitie ūüęź #bbbbbb-because u said berry much and i thought of raspberries but there isnt an emoji for that but blueberries are cute like wittle tibbies #okay #im way too caffeinated #ily #‚úé library feedback ūüďę
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  • aylaspeaches
    17.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    Keep seeing people do this again but I dont wanna bother them by reblogging from them. But I cut my hair so here's an update lol.

    but reminder my arcana self insert still has long hair, cause I said so.

    #I already stated short hair them is post plague them #but yeah #my ass be binding cause wtf are tibbies #:( #disturbing is what they are- #man I wish they were detachable #my back would feel great again-
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  • potatotrash0
    21.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    okokok hear me out.... im doing this monster au rp with like two of my friends... angel hajime and vampire nagito!! like i already have this whole fricking backstory for hajime with angst ofc ofc

    oh worm?????? ūüĎÄ angels and vampires are literally my favorite thing ever you have my utmost attention

    #hhhh off topic but do you think angel blood would be more nourishing for vampires #cause gods bleed ichor right. i wonder if that might extend to angels #okay upon googling it? general consensus is that angels are incorporeal and therefore cannot bleed #which is boring #ichor kills humans if they drink it but nagito’s a vampire #plus i imagine an angel’s brand of ichor might not be quite as potent since they’re not gods #anyway i got completely distracted kdjdkdjkdhf #also off topic again but your username? muah #tibbie..... #em answers#hajimesphattibbies#danganronpa#sdr2#hinata hajime#hajime hinata#nagito komaeda#komaeda nagito#komahina#hinakoma#hikoma
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  • curls-cat
    25.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    something has gone wrong in my brain to cause me to say "tibby" whenever i talk about boobs and "bepis" instead of a normal word like, idk, "dick."

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  • yanderefantasies
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    reader thinking hes slick as fuck to leave super early, but gets caught by naib and he tiredly asks him what is he doing..reader doesnt answer cause its clear whats he doing so naib just picks up and brings him to the bedroom for cuddling,,but yk at least naib was in his boxers so reader got naib tibbie

    Naib seems like a really light sleeper so it definitely wouldn’t take much to wake him up, especially when Reader is quickly trying to change clothes and grab some of his stuff

    So I think it becomes a somewhat normal occurrence for Naib to hold Reader in a fucking iron grip in the morning cause he knows Reader keeps getting up early

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  • poisonouswritings
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Ozzy! [walks in through your door normally for once]

    can I request sage and an mc who isn't very affectionate at first and maybe even a little distant, but the moment he gets close to them they are super clingy. So very touch starved so physically affectionate, even in public. Sage is having an argument with someone? Mc tells them to fuck off cause he's busy then proceeds to bury their face into his chest (hehe sage tibbies) giving him a nice squeeze. Mc just coming over to him randomly and plopping onto his lap to nuzzle him. Sage's reaction being showered in physical affection all the time no matter the circumstance ueheh bet he'd feel all tingly inside

    anyways I'm having severe sage brainrot at all times so I'll be floating around in your ask box dishin out sage reqs occasionally

    Whenever you guys interact with my inbox-house, I make floorplans in my head. I imagine on the outside it looks like a forest cottage (because it is in the forest). There's animals that just come and go. There's a fox on my kitchen table. A rabbit on my sofa. A bear in my swimming pool. And birds. I have a whole aviary in the backyard and birds come and go. A kookaburra sits on a perch near my door and whenever there's a new letter she takes it and brings it to my letter pile. A secretary keeps throwing the mail at me because 'God Damnit Oz I Can't Do My Filing If Everything Is Fucking Clogged!' except it's in bird sounds not words.

    GN!Reader, cuddles!, sometimes you just need a head pat, Reg have I told you about my OCs because this is the exact dynamic one of them has, Sage Lesath is a wonderful person to have brain rot over

    Personally my OC starts off as being very nonverbal and I could see that dynamic working very well here. At first Sage thinks you just don't like him but then he sees the way you are in public and he realizes,, oh,,, you're just Like That‚ĄĘ

    It's a little difficult for him to adjust to at first. He's a very loud, boisterous person, and he likes having fun! So when you're kinda drifting along in the shadows, keeping everyone around you at an arm's length and seeming just a little bit disconnected from everyone around you, it's a bit odd for him. But I think it's sort of a nice change too.

    He's a bit hesitant to initiate anything at first because if you don't really ever start anything then you wouldn't like it if he did, right?


    And then there's one moment where it all changes. It could be that night in the inn room (end of Chapter 3 where you pet his ears and fall asleep together) or when he admits his feelings for you (end of Chapter 5 on the balustrade) or any other time you want, but the point is something does change. Sage is vulnerable and he leans up against you and you wrap your arms around him and nuzzle into his hair and! Oh!! He's flushed but he likes it. Maybe he should do this 'hurt puppy' thing with you more often (and he says it like he's joking but really his heart feels so full and he's hiding his face in your shoulder because he can't begin to explain how soft you make him feel).

    And then everything is different.

    You guys go out to lunch with Tulsi and you're holding Sage's hand the entire time and Tulsi kinda just... Raises an eye but doesn't question it. Gets used to it over time. Teases Sage about it a lot.

    Felix gave you some books to study. He pops his head into your room to see if you're getting through them alright and you're just sprawled out on top of Sage, flipping through the pages while he naps under you.

    Anisa is trying to teach you how to properly use a shield in combat but you keep running over to Sage (who is sitting on the sidelines) for a 'petting break'.

    Elowen is lurking through the shadows, contemplating pouncing on Sage and ending him then and there, but you keep getting in the way by being all over him. It's a little annoying for her, honestly.

    You guys are walking through town and you suddenly drag him over to a bench, sit in his lap, and nuzzle up to him because 'you need a break'

    Literally I think you have to somehow hug him at least once every hour or else you go feral

    You like trying to sneak up on him. It never really works but he always lets you tackle-hug him from behind anyways

    People stop trying to flirt with him because you're inevitably a couple steps away and about to crawl on top of him so

    At first Sage really has no idea how to respond!!!

    Well okay at very first Sage thinks you're just horny so when you start sitting in his lap he teased you a bit, traces patterns on your inner thighs, that kinda thing

    But then you don't actually try to flirt or anything. You're just cuddling him because he makes you happy. That's all there really is to it.

    And suddenly Sage is in completely foreign territory. He tries to play it off but you always manage to get him blushing, even when you're not trying to.

    I just think he would give such good hugs,,, like he hugs you against his chest (hehe tiddies) and nuzzles up to you and kisses whatever part of you is closest and wraps his tail around you and starts purring and it's like being cocooned in a really warm blanket and it would just be so soft ūü•ļ

    You two get into an argument and you walk over to him and at first he thinks that you're about to slap him (it's not because you're that kind of person, it's because he's been in too many fights that end that way and it's a reflex now) but then you hug him and bury your face in his chest and call him an idiot and it doesn't even matter who started the fight or what it was about, he's melting into you and apologizing and his throat is too thick to swallow and hey maybe he's on the brink of tears but you don't need to know that.

    I think he's just not used to this type of wholesome affection! At first he thinks he isn't worthy of it. Once you start doing it all the time and he becomes accustomed, he is a very needy attention whore cat and constantly gives you little headbutts and pokes so you'll pay attention to him. It makes him flustered and tingly but in the best way.

    If you do it when he's drunk he may actually cry but it's a happy/touched cry so don't worry!! You wipe his tears away and he's just Gone‚ĄĘ

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  • aplushemporium
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    When Ana arrives home, she will see that a letter has been delivered to it. A present box tied with a red ribbon, also came with the envelope. When opened, the letter will read:

    'Dear Ana,

    Thank you very much again for your letter! The drawing was very cute, and put a big smile on my face. I'll treasure it always. I hope this letter also makes you just as happy, along with the present attached to it. You're the best! Take care, okay? And let's hang out together again, sometime!

    Love, Shuichi'

    At the bottom right corner of the letter, was a sketch of Ana, smiling happily with sakura blossom petals flowing by.... And the present contained in the gift box, was a fluffy teddy bear, holding a wrapped, homemade dorayaki in its paws. (hehe Shuichi's thank you letter to the one Ana had made for him~ ‚ô•)

    "Mail for me? Thank you!"

    The small ninja looks over the letter a few times, because her reading skills could still use some work due to her age. But she ended up grinning from realizing its meaning,

    "I'll do my best to hang out with Saihara-cha more 'cause that's his wishy, wait, hang on..."

    There was a mass of fluff beneath the envelope, and the smell of a snack.

    Ana lifts the bear from the box, "Hello! I'm Ana! Do you got a name?"

    She checks the letter again...seems like the bear didn't have one.

    "Ah! It seems like you don't! Hmm...Is it okay if I call you Tibby? Like...detectibb! 'Cause that's what Saihara-cha's job is!"

    Maybe the bear did like the name. Ana held them close to herself.

    "I hope we'll be good friends! And we can share the dorayaki you came with!"

    Of course, she was set to hang out with the detective again, and give him her thanks. He was a good friend after all, prezzy or not!

    #ahogedetective #the little ninja! (ana) #danganronpa cw#dr cw#//BLESS SHOOEY #//this bear is set to be a favorite X3 #//tho i have no fudgin idea what color it is
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  • palilious
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I have a note page on my phone to help me with designing characters; most notably the Redacted boys

    Often these notes are at ungodly hours of the night and it shows


    ‚ÄúI want his skin to be tan? But idk what ethnicity‚ÄĚ

    *2 months later*



    ‚ÄúHe‚Äôs short but he‚Äôs got good chest muscles‚ÄĚ

    ‚ÄúGotta give Sweetheart the man tibbies they deserve‚ÄĚ


    ‚Äú2000s boy band hair cause he‚Äôs a try hard‚ÄĚ


    ‚ÄúDude‚Äôs literally a giant on earth idk how he hasn‚Äôt been studied yet‚ÄĚ


    ‚ÄúLol what if he doesn‚Äôt have arm hair cause of the fire magic‚ÄĚ




    *literally the first thing I wrote for him*

    ‚ÄúBaby baby boy‚ÄĚ


    ‚ÄúIdk he looks heathy?? Youre the artist you figure it out‚ÄĚ


    ‚ÄúA white man?? NO‚ÄĚ


    ‚ÄúHe skinny but like a skinny buff you know? Probably flexes in the mirror the nerd‚ÄĚ

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  • lumpiya
    27.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    how i imagine shifter bois appearances!


    around 6’4 | lighter skin (but still kinda tan from working outside a lot) | short almost spiky hair | dark brown hair | has a scar on his mouth and eyebrow from training and just messing around as a kid | only one ear lobe piercing on his left side. he did it himself- he took one of gabe’s first pierced earrings and stabbed himself in the ear lobe. he only has one cause it hurt too much to do the right side- he did this when he was like... 10- | every time he’s at home he wears sweatpants and a tank top (it makes angel go crazy) | brown eyes | mans got everything. titties, abs, sharp ass jawline, extra sharp adam’s apple, giant thighs (mans never skips leg day), ANNND ASS. | he’s a big guy. big as in muscle and more girth |


    around 6’1 | lighter skin | always messy fluffy hair (babe’s fingers are always in it but ofc ash doesn’t mind) | auburn hair | has a slit in his left eyebrow | ear piercings on both ears, wants one on his eyebrow | has a beauty mark on the side of his forehead, that’s one if babes fav places to give him a little hello kiss | home clothes is sweatpants, no shirt (ash always catches babe staring but he finds it cute when they deny that they weren’t and their face gets all red) | green eyes | ash is double cheeked up. mans got ass. and i like to head canon that babe doesn’t so they’re extremely jealous | extra sharp jawline, extra sharp adam’s apple but not as sharp as david’s, abs as well. | ash is on the skinnier side. he still has muscles but still on the skinnier side. | i also have reference on the appearance of ash. he’s like a mix between corbyn besson and rudy pankow |


    he’s not even that short, he’s just the shortest of the pack, and the pack is hella tall. he’s around 5’10 | darker skin, like the half way point of white and black since he’s half | wavy curly hair, on the longer side, when he puts it up in a bun sweetheart goes bananas | dark brown but he has some blond highlights he did with some of sweethearts help | eyebrow, lip, 2 lobe and one helix on his right ear piercings | beauty mark underneath his right eye | at home clothes is sweatpants and a t shirt but the t-shirt is hella tight and sweetheart? on their knees | hazel eyes | milo got the biggest tibbies outta the trio. les be honest. | he is the most jacked outta the trio. prob one of the most ripped outta the entire pack. mans works out religiously and it SHOWS. |


    i want to draw them so bad but i suck at making my own characters. i always need a reference to draw. but as i get better at drawing maybe i can show y’all exactly how i imagine em :)

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  • dolls-circus
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    …can I throw Vincent into the damn+Buff polycule?

    Cause one, Vincent would love Huxleys tibbies and two, VinVin supremacy go brrrr

    Yeah, you should

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  • libidomechanica
    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    And brauest retrait in fears

    And¬†brauest¬†retrait¬†in¬†fears,¬†bitter¬† draught¬†drooping¬†frost,¬†my¬†shipping¬†the¬† offerd¬†bliss¬†from¬†heres¬†the¬† Oake,¬†when(being¬†is¬†broke¬† all¬†phantasies,¬†not¬†understands;¬†a¬† rule¬†how¬†did¬†Judas¬†come,¬†and¬†with¬† her¬†sweetest¬†sheets,¬†I¬†love¬† more¬†may¬†moue¬†you¬†feel¬†to-day¬†as¬† any¬†nail¬†in¬†thy¬†calm¬†and¬† doves,¬†at¬†length¬†the¬†ingle¬† ballad¬†gallant¬†and¬†sang¬†here¬†is¬† a¬†crime¬†with¬†Sense,¬†and¬† sky,¬†to¬†be¬†a¬†prophet,¬† yet¬†some¬†of¬†‚ÄúBiron.¬†Thy¬†grace,¬†revered¬† all¬†who¬†have¬†been¬†told¬†about¬†here¬† in¬†flood.¬†Mine¬†eyes¬†pity,¬†who¬†held¬†or¬† silver¬†saw¬†you,¬†of¬†being¬†a¬† shall¬†fall¬†when¬†a¬† kind¬†to¬†the¬†witless¬†causes¬† you¬†have¬†swerve.¬†And¬†yet¬†but¬† trowth,¬†I¬†cannot¬†be¬†well¬†as¬† bad,¬†for¬†pity¬†let¬†a¬† tear:¬†but¬†live¬†for¬†yet,¬†because¬† I¬†am¬† thence¬†of¬†a¬†photo¬†booth.¬†In¬† a¬†groue¬†most¬†single¬†sits¬†her¬† moe,¬†do¬†such¬†a¬†grave!¬†Gracchus¬†of¬† an¬†instant¬†shore,¬†each¬†for¬† your¬†good¬†suffer¬†the¬†shamed¬† to¬†like¬†any¬†other¬†ends¬†you¬† here¬†this¬†tongue,¬†because¬† shes¬†chalky¬†belt‚ÄĒ¬†a¬†kind¬†of¬† Sorrow!¬†I¬†make¬†my¬†smart,¬†shes¬†sad¬†in¬† such¬†amber¬†for¬†from¬†her¬† the¬†absence¬†of¬†the¬† will¬†them‚ÄĒBut¬†your¬†forever‚ÄĒ and¬†disgrace¬†expelling¬†this¬† bosom,‚ÄĒfor¬†he,¬†if¬†he¬†shown;¬† unless¬†it¬†is¬†a¬†bubble¬† blowes¬†through¬†window¬†passes,¬†handling¬† poysond¬†poysond¬†by¬†Potemkin;¬† other¬†head¬†veray¬†to¬† the¬†heard¬†in¬†bitter¬†still¬†growing:¬†

    astrophel,¬†sayd¬†she,¬†chaste¬†Cathering¬† days¬†and¬†the¬†blushd¬†the¬† Muse¬†at¬†full¬†of¬†my¬†art¬†as¬†fair¬† my¬†flowring¬†Wether¬†blessing!¬†You¬†have¬†not¬† when¬†both¬†love,¬†if¬†he¬†could¬† not¬†do¬†their¬†cheek,¬†catch¬†at¬†any¬†rate,¬†that¬† shall¬†her¬†sweetly¬†endure:¬† and,¬†and¬†life,¬†and¬†he¬†tied¬†the¬† then:¬†ten¬†thing¬†akin:¬†some¬† said,¬†and¬†Beckets¬†blossomy‚Ä̬†flame)¬†of¬† the¬†real¬†daytimes¬†since¬†here.¬†‚ÄĒO¬† Tibbie,¬†I¬†hae¬†seen‚ÄĒ¬†but¬†aye¬†she¬†died,‚ÄĒ¬†and¬† the¬†Piazza¬†of¬†health¬† of¬†one¬†than¬†coughs¬†perfect¬† song¬†to¬†go¬†on¬†from¬† mortality,¬†whose¬†influence¬†is¬† that¬†in¬†an¬†April¬†shroud;¬†theres¬† neer¬†ye¬†light¬†pelisse,¬†most¬†rich¬† anger¬†sported,¬†loue¬†thee¬†in¬†his¬† disguise.¬†Guide,¬†and¬†read¬†with¬† my¬†foot¬†with¬†me¬†and¬† caulds¬†tide¬†is¬†but¬†for¬†this,¬† learn¬†how¬†euill¬†comes¬†fayre,¬†and¬†thighs;¬†false¬†in¬† loue,¬†contemplate¬†the¬†heart¬†so¬† heavens¬†and¬†sweet¬†Highland¬†lawless¬†was¬† his¬†innocuous¬†occupation.¬† S¬†so¬†persever,¬†then¬†I¬† venture!¬†My¬†foe¬†outstretched¬†in¬†it;¬† of¬†what¬†a¬†lay¬†me¬†down¬†thy¬† breath,¬†which¬†that¬†do¬†dictionaries¬† methode¬†bring¬†a¬†contumelious¬†lip,¬† and¬†stream¬†of¬†pain.¬†Ill¬†trace¬†and¬† I¬†trust,¬†for¬†my¬†Muse¬†and¬†I¬† Don¬†Juan,¬†instead¬†of¬†gliding¬†or¬† the¬†stone¬†fence;¬†those¬†senses¬†all,¬† they¬†did;¬†but¬†touch¬†thy¬†branching¬†Pleasure¬† left¬†for¬†in¬†my¬†body¬†and¬† vaine¬†one¬†to¬†clothes¬†and¬† nought¬†her¬†way,¬†and¬†in¬†the¬† gloomy¬†morning,¬†calm¬†white¬† told¬†him¬†to¬†pay¬†for,¬† like¬†your¬†features¬†all,¬†trust¬†me,¬†why¬† we¬†never¬†gone,¬†not¬†let¬†a¬†tear.

    #poetry #automatically generated text #Patrick Mooney#Markov chains #Markov chain length: 6 #142 texts
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  • loveforpreserumsteve
    15.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Part of Me: "ALN" Story (Pre-Serum Omega!Steve and Alpha!Bucky Modern Domestic AU)

    TRIGGER WARNING: depictions of domestic abuse injuries, discussions of pro-choice decisions, and past abortion


    Seeing all the vehicles parked in front of their house, Ollie's scent started to sour. Fidgeting in his seat, he desperately tried to flatten his hair so it'd hide the bruises on his left eye. Not that it did anything with his hair being too short, but he was still trying.

    Sitting beside his son in the backseat, Steve gave his shoulders a comforting squeeze and assured, "We'll send them home."

    "You don't have to do that," Oliver quickly declined. Almost as though it had become second nature to put himself last.

    Steve gave his shoulder another squeeze, "They'll understand."

    "I don't want them to be mad," Ollie's swollen lower lip quivered while his eyes turned glassy.

    "They won't be," Bucky reassured, cutting the engine and climbing out of the van first. Opening the door, he helped Oliver out of the vehicle and kept a protective arm around his shoulders. He seemed so tiny and frail, and Steve swore that if he ever saw that blond knothead bastard again, he wouldn't be able to refrain from giving him mark-for-mark of Oliver's injuries.

    Opening the door, the laughter of the girls with their friends could be heard layered with the laughter of their family. Tibby's being the loudest as she wheezed at something that had happened before they returned home. However, all of the adults stopped laughing when they spotted Oliver.

    The eighteen year old shrunk into Bucky's side, tilting his head down so they wouldn't be able to focus on the bruises, broken nose, nor fat lip. As the alpha helped their son downstairs to his bedroom, Steve crossed the kitchen to their relatives.

    "What the fuck happened?" Becca asked with the rest of the family quietly backing up her question and concern.

    "We don't have all the details, but we're assuming it was John," Steve lowered his voice so the little girls who obliviously chased each other into the living room and back upstairs wouldn't hear.

    "The next time I see that creep, I'm giving him a piece of my mind," Mandy gritted out between clenched teeth.

    "Get in line," Tibby added, scent souring.

    Their love was palpable, and Steve was reminded of just how lucky he was. How lucky they were. To have people who would do anything to protect them, even be aggressive towards abusive assholes. Steve just hoped that Ollie could feel it too; that he was loved.

    Just as Steve was about to suggest that the party end for the night, Bucky joined them in the kitchen. Giving Steve's slim waist a soothing squeeze, Bucky softly said, "He wants you."

    After not hearing from his son for so long, it caused that longing in Steve's heart to expand before snapping back like a rubber band. Not hesitating, Steve gave his husband a kiss on the cheek before heading for the basement. His heart thudded harshly in his chest, desperately needing to comfort his first baby.

    Passing by the couch, he found Kit on the hand-me-down sofa playing a video game and gave the young alpha a kiss on their head. Kit smiled up at him and Steve affectionately ruffled their hair.

    Reaching Ollie's room, Steve peeked into the cracked door. Although the door wasn't completely closed, he knocked, just to let the omega know that he was there. Ollie laid on the bottom bunk of his bed and mutely gestured for Steve to enter.

    "How ya feelin'?" Steve kindly asked, closing the door behind him. Taking a seat on the bed and petting Bruce who was happily curled around Oliver's lanky frame.

    Silent tears slid down his face, wetting the pillow. Annoyed with himself, Oliver harshly wiped them away, "Pretty shitty."

    "Do you wanna talk about it?" Steve asked, wanting to know everything that happened so he could make sure it never happened again, and so he could comfort his son the best he could.

    Knowing that it probably wasn't the easiest thing for Ollie to talk about, Steve gave him an out, "You don't have to. I just want to keep you safe."

    "He, uh," Oliver paused, cleared his throat, and tried again, "I wanted to text you, but..."

    He wouldn't let me, Steve assumed. Marking his leg, Steve's heart broke for his little guy. "It's okay. You're here now. And you're done with him." Remembering how long it took him to leave toxic and abusive significant others, he asked, "Right? You're not going back to him, right? Not after he did this to you?"

    "It's over," Ollie confirmed, easing that little bit of worry that was nagging at him in the back of his mind.

    Steve sighed in relief, and Oliver softly chuckled. Adding, "Yeah, I probably should've known he was bad since not even the triplets liked him. Probably would've hurt less..."

    "He'll never hurt you again," Steve promised.

    "I know," Ollie assured, wiping more of his tears away. "Even if I didn't want it to be over, it would be."

    Steve's brows furrowed, "What do you mean?"

    "He, uh," Oliver sniffled, "He kinda dumped me."

    "What?" Steve scoffed in his surprise.

    Ollie nodded, "Yeah, he, uh... He made it pretty clear that he didn't like that I..."

    After a moment of just waiting for Oliver to continue, Steve prompted, "Didn't like that you... what?"

    Worrying his lower lip, Ollie kept his gaze on the gray cat, "That I ended.... That I stopped being... That I didn't want to be pregnant anymore and... took care of it."

    More tears filled Oliver's bloodshot steel-blue eyes. He refused to look at Steve, so the older omega moved closer. Knowing that he needed to comfort the eighteen year old more than he already was. Marking over his side, Steve said, "It's okay."

    "How can you say that when you carried me to term?" Oliver cried, rolling more onto his stomach so he could sob into his pillow.

    Steve moved Bruce and he sat closer to Ollie. Rubbing and marking soothing circles into his back, Steve assured, "Just because it wasn't right for me doesn't mean that it wasn't right for you."

    As Oliver continued to cry, Steve added, "I was in a different phase in my life. I mean, I was financially stable, emotionally steady ‚Äď for the most part ‚Äď and¬†could¬†realistically raise a child.

    "I did think about it for a while. Weighing all of my options. And I chose the one that was right for me." Leaning close, he affectionally pushed the matted brown locks from his face and lightly kissed a spot on his cheek that wasn't severely bruised.

    "Do you think you made the right choice?" Steve quietly asked, laying down beside him.

    Oliver sniffled and nodded, "I'm not ready to be a papa yet." Good-humoredly scoffing, "I can barely make pancakes or do my own laundry. How could I take care of someone else when I'm still learning how take care of myself?"

    "Sounds like a good enough reason to me," Steve soothed. "And don't forget that you're not alone. You've got a whole large family upstairs who are willing to beat this guy ten times over because he hurt you. We're here for you. No matter what."

    "I'm so sorry I didn't listen," Oliver sobbed.

    Steve pulled the boy closer and wrapped him tightly in his embrace. Ollie hadn't been able to comfortably fit in his arms in years, but that didn't matter. Steve held his son as tightly as he could, as though he could personally fuse all of his broken pieces together just from loving him so much. And in that moment, it felt like he very well could.

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