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  • alternatexworlds
    28.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    - lyrics: exile by taylor swift & bon iver

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  • ensuists
    28.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    @elganac​ ✯ s.c.

    ❝ Mm, come on. ❞ A semi-drunk Ryouta may or may not be tugging Cedric along to his penthouse rooftop, pushing him down onto the ground once they get to the top. Settling down beside him, his hands play aimlessly with Cedric’s shirt, burying his face in the crook of his neck. ❝ There’s supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, so you’re going to stay up and watch it with me whether you want to or not. No objections allowed. ❞

    #elganac #here comes cedric's cat once again LOL #i hope this works okay tho!! #❛ i’m meaner than my demons  —  interactions (ryouta). ❜ #❛ he was made up of clouds and stardust  —  main verse (ryouta). ❜
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  • sunlit-stars0
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Hello,idk if you're still taking requests. If you are not just ignore this please.

    Could you do a day of Ravenclaw reader and Cedric having a study date? Or just having a chill day together? Like staying in bed and reading, the house-elves bringing them food and taking a long walk around the grounds?? God I'm a hopeless romantic.


    hello!! yes i am still taking requests and i love this sm!! ty for requesting 🤍🤍

    day of pure love

    summary: cedric and you spend the day together

    pairing: cedric diggory x fem!ravenclaw!reader

    in the fic it doesn’t really specific that reader is a ravenclaw so you can interpret it !

    a/n: we love hopeless romantic ravenclaws here (as i am one) also im sorry i kinda went off-prompt, i hope u enjoy it anyway T-T <33

    .  . • ☆ . ° .• °:. *₊° .☆.  . • ☆ . ° .• °:. *₊° .☆

    you two were out at the black lake, the sun being blocked by a big willow tree, underneath it you and cedric sat with your many books ranging from DADA to herbology. it had been 3 hours since you started and you had gotten through charms and potions, studying alone for the o.w.l.s was too stressful, so you and your boyfriend decided to do it together.

    you sat facing one another, studying silently unless you two were quizzing eachother or had a question on something. every 10 or so minutes cedric gave your forehead a peck and sometimes your lips, both of you giving eachother soft smiles after. cedric had a 2nd year hufflepuff request the elves make a picnic for two and to deliver it out to you two and soon enough 3 house-elves, each carrying a platter of 2 or 3 different plates came and placed them next to you two. cedric gave his thanks and you thanked them as well as they went back to the kitchens and you and cedric had a study-lunch break.

    “what do you want to go over next?” cedric said with his mouth slightly full, causing you to giggle, you swallowed the food in your mouth and answered,

    “how about transfiguration? i have most of it down i just need to look over a few more things,” cedric agreed and you both continued eating, as the elves had given more than enough for two people.

    “how about after that we call it quits for today and head down for a swim?” cedric said with a bit of mischievousness in his smile, you lightly slapped his arm but overall agreed and you both finished your food and pulled around your transfig. books.


    soon enough you and cedric got tired of the different spells to turn a whistle into a watch and to turn a cat into a chair and decided to head down to the lake.

    you tidied up your mess of books and placed them by your bag under the willow tree and raced cedric down the hill and started stripping, leaving your undergarments on. cedric jumped in splashing you and you slowly slid in, sitting on the edge for a bit until cedric grabbed you by your waist and pulled you in.

    “youre lookin’ a bit wet there, love” he gave you a cheeky grin and you laughed, a sound he loved to hear more than anything. you tucked his wet hair behind his ears and he just grinned up at you, adoration in his eyes.

    “this water is freezing cedric,” you said as you shivered against him, “i can’t believe you convinced me to go in here, it’s the middle of spring.” you’d said, pretending to scold him, he chuckled and swam you two back and lifted you onto the grass. once you got out he pulled himself up and gathered his clothes, then casting a drying spell on both of you, however your hair stayed wet.

    “im gonna get sick because of you ced.” you stated as you were getting your shirt on, bottoms already on. you slid on your shoes as cedric plopped his sweater on your head, blocking your vision. you grabbed it, giving him a look, and put it on, smelling it slightly as it went over your head. it smelled of caramel, honey, and a bit of salt. he grabbed his bag and yours, placing a feather-light charm on them and carrying both of them filled with your books on his left shoulder, and grabbing your hand with his right. you started walking back to hogwarts, the nearest entrance leading right to the hufflepuff common rooms, as it had only been 3pm you headed to cedric’s prefect dorm to cuddle until dinner.

    you had gotten to his dorm and he placed both of your bags down. he practically fell onto his bed and opened his arms for you to snuggle in. he gave you a loving smile as you slid in next to him, leaning your head on his shoulder as his cheek rested on the crown of your head. instantly the two of you felt sleepy, probably from the late night studies you had been doing the past week.

    “m’ gonna fall asleep ced,” you said, a yawn following your words. cedric chuckled a bit and breathed deeply, inhaling your scent that he found comfort in.

    “i am too, dove” your eyes fluttered shut and your body relaxed against his,

    “i love you ced”

    “i love you too y/n” he replied, with a kiss to your forehead as you both fell asleep in the light presence of eachother.

    .  . • ☆ . ° .• °:. *₊° .☆.  . • ☆ . ° .• °:. *₊° .☆

    that was very nice and very calming, i hope u like it <33
    #hogwarts#cedric diggory #cedric diggory x you #cedric diggory x female reader #cedric diggory imagine #cedric diggory x reader #cedric x you
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  • thisshipexist
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Such precious beautiful baby boy. 

    #Sofia the first Cedric #cedric the sensational #He is so cute that I will die for him #cedric the sorcerer
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  • squirrelcorn
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Saw this little guy taking a rest today!

    ID: [A photo of a bee on a leaf. The bee is surrounded by small plants and a phlox flower. End id]

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  • space-milk-coffee
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Phobos: I want to fall asleep with you every evening and wake up every morning.

    Cedric: do you sleep at night? wtf

    Please explain to me their daily routine, I don't understand if they sleep at all

    #the series is the main cringe of my life #lord cedric#phobos #please i want to sleep
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  • saneijeijei
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago
    #vadd#ditoeftv #death is the only ending for the villainess #death is the only ending for a villainess #villains are destined to die #cedric porter#picture#meme#vadd meme#ditoeftv meme
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  • goldenlilium-ocs
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago
    #julie x cedric
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  • bone-gasher
    27.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    I have an old WITCH AU where queen Weira was slowly losing her powers during the second pregnancy because her heir has inherited her magic. Meridian folk wasn't happy with it as drought and bad harvest has driven them to famine and royalty was deeply relying on Weira’s strength to solve like everything. When Elyon has been born, her magic powers have been many times stronger than anyone seen before but Weira refused to use a newborn as a source of power. She was too soft for punitive methods too though Phobos warned her that the situation is going out of control.

    Despite everything, folks used to love Weira and no one could imagine that one night rebels would break into palace. A 7 years old Cedric, who was just hired as a page due to his strong polimorphic and magic abilities woke his master up and described a current situation.

    They’ve wade through the rebel forces and reached the throne room only to find Zayden lying with a cut throat and Weira being crucified and burned alive. The rest Escanor family was slaughtered too. Furious, Phobos killed all rebels in throne room. He decided to drain his sister and show these stupid peasants their place... But the cradle was empty. He stared at the blanket with hatred and pain while rebels were trying to break through. Hardly wounded, Cedric was making his best to keep the doors shut.

    Then, a mysterious old man have appeared in the room, all dirty and wearing rugs. He opened a portal and said to take Cedric along as he might be useful later. He said to run and NEVER come back, that there’s nothing valuable left here.

    Phobos walked through the portal into a snow blizzard. A green twinkle guided them to some weird-looking house.

    Ms. Rudolph lived there. She opened the door and realized that a teen Phobos is standing right in front of her though he was supposed to be, like, a lot older. She didn’t remember him having blue eyes and tatoos either. As a kind woman that she is, as the one who was babysitting him back then, she let him in.

    Cedric recovered very fast. Phobos, though had a hard case of pneumonia and barely survived. PTSD and following depression almost driven him to the edge. Somehow, supported by Ms. Rudolph and Cedric, he came through the crisis and instead of stabbing himself with a knife, he cut his hair off and decided to adapt to his current reality.

    The Earth had many positive sides: the electricity, running water, TV, “mechanical servants” (a fan, a toaster, a kettle and other). Why spend time on goofy peasant’s needs when you may devote yourself to books and gardening? He took a name of Cain Rudolph, made up documents and shortly before the cartoon events applied for a job in a local floral shop. He added some tatoos to absorb life force from humans but usually hides it and his red hair with magic. Despite his gloomy, reclusive and a bit pretentious temper, Cain became a valuable employee because all the flowers he sell tend to last much longer.

    Cedric found friends at school (although Cain told him to stay away of humans) and really enthusiastic about myths and native Earth magic. Together with a master they’ve adapted few seals for their needs.

    Ms. Rudolph felt less lonely with the boys around too. Although Cain is a headstrong and impulsive brat (and still acts like a royal person sometimes), Galgheita see a lot of good in him, still unspoiled by power and impunity. Although Cedric is a liar and a bit sycophant, she see him as a kind-hearted child who pretend to be a better version of himself out of fear of unacceptance.

    But guess what? Simple life wasn’t an option anyway.

    #w.i.t.c.h fanart #w.i.t.c.h. #phobos #w.i.t.c.h cedric #cedric
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  • multi-ch3rry
    27.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    He was cute | (• ◡•)|

    #sofia the first #baileywick and cedric at the back though👀 #I need another stf spin-off
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  • train-whistles-at-night
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Alright, I’ll bite, who’s Cedric 👀

    Cedric is the sorcerer from the kids show Sofia the First!!

    He's my newest blorbo pathetic little meow meow and I love him so dearly


    #he's such a stinky i would do anything for him #the whole series is on Netflix or i can give a link to another place to watch it if you don't have Netflix #he's very weird :// at first before they really grew into his character i promise he's cool by the end #Sofia the first #sofia the fandom #cedric the sensational #cedric the sorcerer
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  • cedricfaitsontourdupilat
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Les 3 Cols

    A la Tour de Salvagny, le 26 mai 2022

        Après 2 ans d’annulation c’est avec grand plaisir qu’on retrouve cette belle cyclo des monts du Lyonnais où l’ambiance familiale et l’organisation aux petits oignons du TAC cyclo sont appréciés de tous. Côté course peu de changement avec toujours 2 parcours chrono dont le grand de 145km avec 2800m D+ sous une météo à peine fraiche le matin et qui sera quasi parfaite ensuite même s’il faudra composer parfois avec un petit vent.

              Une fois le dossard récupéré je rencontre Clément Cambier et Damien Poncet avec qui nous allons reconnaitre le final de la course en guise de petit échauffement. Je vois aussi Geoffrey Lucat avec qui nous échangeons sur les forces en présence : gros niveau aujourd’hui avec une multitude de bons voir très bons cyclosportifs et élites ; je retrouve avec plaisir David Polveroni et Rodolphe Lourd et il faudra aussi composer avec d’anciens pro (David Moncoutié, Hubert Dupont, José Gomez Marchante tous dans ma catégorie !) ou pro actuel avec Clément Venturini sans oublier nos amis belge et hollandais Vince Mattens et Kenny Nijssen… la liste est longue et un top 10 semble compliqué à aller chercher.

           8h45 le départ est donné, neutralisé sur 3km jusqu’au casino de Charbonnières-les-Bains et nous partons sur les pentes de la côte de Ste-Consorce (4km @ 4%) : direct David P. attaque mais déjà Clément V. et David M. sont aux avant-postes et ça monte très fort (record perso sur cette grimpée). Souvent à 6w/kg voir plus David est vite repris et ça se calme au sommet pour une dizaine de kms vallonnés jusqu’à Messimy pied de la côte de Châteauvieux (5,7km @ 5%, passage à 15%) : Renaud Blanc imprime un gros rythme avant l’accélération de David M. : dans le rouge ça coince un peu et j’accuse quelques mètres de retard au moment de retomber sur la route habituelle venant de St-Laurent-de-Vaux ; gros effort pour recoller avant le sommet et filer à Yzeron où les 2kms @ 3,8% passent mieux ! Virage à gauche et descente sur Thurins ; j’en profite pour manger un morceau et me retrouve en queue de groupe : pas de chance car devant ça embraye et quelques-uns sont moins habiles en descente (dont David M.). Je mets un peu de temps à dépasser et me retrouve distancé voyant Rodolphe quelques encablures devant, qui cède à son tour. Petit contre la montre après Thurins où on revient sur le groupe de tête en même temps, juste avant la montée de Croix Perrière (4.9kms @ 6,7%).

           Le groupe des favoris est bien là où nous sommes une petite quinzaine avec le retour de David M. et quelques outsiders ont ratés le bon coup. Je reste sagement dans les roues sur cette côte et ça se passe bien avant 1’ à bloc à 2km du sommet où je me fais mal pour rester au contact ! A St-Martin-en-Haut on peut souffler avec certains qui se ravitaillent ; nous sommes 13 et semblons bien partis mais il n’y a pas vraiment d’organisation et le rythme tombe : David P et un autre reviennent. Les Côtes de Duerne et Aveize Sud (2 x 3kms @ 4-4.5%) sont souvent montées petit tempo et dans la longue descente de Grézieux-le-Marché jusqu’à St-Foy-l’Argentière un groupe conséquent fini par rentrer ; tout est à refaire. Ça accélère un peu en fin de descente avec des relais de Damien, les 2 Clément ou moi avant que David M. revienne en tête pour aborder la montée d’Aveize Nord (5.5 kms @ 6,2%).

            Bien calé dans la roue de l’ancien pro, le rythme est fou : je m’écarte au bout de quelques instants voyant l’explosion arrivée à 500W ! 3 parviennent à tenir son sillage avant que Simon Buttner ne se relève aussi : le trio est à porté de fusil sous l’impulsion de Kenny puis Damien attaque et j’arrive à suivre : on reprend David M. puis les 2 derniers ; je ne laisse alors pas retomber le rythme et prend le relais en tenant au minimum les 5w/kg pour continuer de creuser l’écart ; David remet une dernière accélération et on atteint le sommet où nous ne sommes plus que 10 ! Regonflé à bloc d’autant que nous ne sommes bientôt que 9 avec l’arrêt de David Moncoutié qui doit rentrer au plus court pour aller commenter le Giro, je relance l’allure sur le faux plat menant à Duerne encourageant tout le monde à relayer : Simon, Cément V., Damien, Geoffrey, Clément C., Vince, Kenny, Emile Brenans et moi ; nous voilà partis définitivement pour le top 10 si nous ne nous relâchons pas cette fois !

          La descente nous ramenant sur Ste-Foy-l’Argentière est rapide ; entre les autres concurrents et voitures en face je me méfie et dois faire quelques efforts dont le dernier en bas à la relance au plat après l’épingle ; un petit sprint et ça passe pour s’attaquer au Col des Brosses (11,4km @ 3,7% avec passage à 12%). Une attaque secoue le groupe avant de se calmer sur la partie vallonnée jusqu’à Montromant où j’assure l’essentiel du tempo. La pente reprend et voilà qu’on bifurque dans une minuscule route à droite : je n’avais pas vu ça (heureusement d’ailleurs !) et ça sent fort les gros %. Simon à disparu, Clément V. se relève et 4 hommes se détachent : Vince, Kenny, Geoffrey et Emile. Pour ma part je n’explose pas et m’accroche avec Clément C. et Damien mais nous sommes un poil juste pour rejoindre les 4 autres. L’écart au sommet bien que faible semble difficile à combler sans défaillance des hommes de têtes alors on s’efforce à rouler au mieux au cas où mais surtout pour éviter tout retour de l’arrière. J’éprouve tout de même quelques difficultés et doit sauter à contre-cœur quelques relais avant d’entamer la route des Crêtes (3kms @ 3,9%) où l’on voit Julien Sauvigné nous encourager lui qui a eu malheureusement un souci technique dès le départ.

         La montée se passe bien et je relaie même mes 2 camarades avant de souffrir de nouveau dans les faux plats montants ou descendants jusqu’au col de la Luère ; la descente emmenée par Damien excellent en la matière est bien négociée et nous voilà vite à la Brévenne où quelques crampes se font menaçantes : on attaque la côte de St-Pierre-la-Palud (2.3kms @ 5,2% passage à 14% !) : je serre le dents et en danseuse la douleurs s’estompe : on passe ensemble le « mur », un peu à l’arrache pour moi et filons de nouveau à toute allure guidé par Damien : la côte de la Ferrière (2km @ 3.6%) est avalée gros plateau et je retrouve un semblant d’énergie motivé par le bon résultat et l’approche de l’arrivée : c’est full gaz jusqu’au Casino de Charbonnières où il ne reste plus que la remontée jusqu’à la ligne : pas de bagarre entre nous trois où je laisse logiquement finir Damien (5eme) et Clément (6eme) devant moi puisqu’ils m’auront quand même bien aidé !

    Avec un peu moins de 2’ d’avance c’est Geoffrey qui remporte la victoire au sprint devant Emile, Kenny et Vince. Pour ma part cette 7eme place et victoire dans la catégorie des plus de 40ans qui semblait bien compliquée au départ me satisfait pleinement : une course bien gérée avec de gros efforts et finalement pas si loin que ça des premiers ! Signalons un repas vite servis, une remise des prix qui s’effectue rapidement et qui permet de rentrer de bonne heure ; voilà d’autres atouts de cette cyclosportive : bravo au TAC cyclo !


    Sur le site de l’évènement : https://www.taccyclo.fr/club-tac-cyclo-69/resultats/

    Lien direct pdf ici

    #les 3 cols #tac cylo #monts du lyonnais #resultat#cedric richard #roue des grands bois #specialized elite shop #cyclosportive
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  • sunlit-stars0
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    omg omg I've a cedric req for u <33

    ok so everyone lives au and yn is wolfstars daughter shes in gryffindor and is friends with fred and George, lee Jordan and Angelina Johnson and shes kinda like popular and stuff and perfectly like her parents and her and Cedric has met before Hogwarts and stuff but were that close friends and then they become close friends and start dating in their 5th year and like just everyone's like "omg FINNALY" kinda thing like maybe a 5 times Cedric tried to ask yn out and the 1 time he finaly did with everyone's reaction including wolfstars??



    also i wrote maybe the first half a few minutes after i woke up to when i got to school so about an hour and a half of getting ready and writing at the same time

    no, maybe, yes

    summary: the two popular kids finally fall in love

    pairing: cedric diggory x gryffindor!wolfstardaughter!reader

    a/n: i’d like to say i love everybody lives aus

    .  . • ☆ . ° .• °:. *₊° .☆.  . • ☆ . ° .• °:. *₊° .☆

    it was 4th year.

    you’d just gotten out of another boring History of Magic class and were heading down to the great hall with Angelina when,

    “y/n!” cedric diggory, popular boy in your year, came running up behind. you turned and angelina turned with you and you waited until he came up in front of you and caught his breath,


    “um, would you want to go to hogsmeade this weekend?” he practically panted out, you held back a laugh just because of the panting,

    “sorry no, i can’t, diggory, i have plans already, maybe another time” you said casually and turned back around and angelina stared between where you were and back to cedric then came running up again.

    “you just rejected Cedric Diggory? the most popular and handsome boy in our year??”

    “what’s this about cedric diggory?” two voices said as you and angelina felt arms around either of your sides. two redheads surrounded you both as lee jordan came running up behind and tucked his head between you and angelina’s.

    “y/n rejected a hogsmeade date with him!” lee jordan laughed loudly and turned to you,

    “really?!” you shot him a small glare,

    “i’ve got to monitor the twins’ pranks and make sure they’re not too cruel.” you shrugged and walked faster, destroying the groups image, george still linked around your shoulders.

    fred quickly dropped his arm from angelina’s and cleared his throat. you looked back and fred has tinted cheeks and sped up back to you and george.


    that was fourth year, and diggory had asked you out multiple times since then, whether it was to have a study date by the black lake or to watch him play quidditch.

    you had sent letters to your fathers about it and they did nothing but send letters of how it was just like harry’s parents, it was breakfast and harry and his group were sitting near the end of the gryffindor table so you walk towards them and plop next to hermione.



    “do you know what your parents were like when they were at hogwarts?”

    “oh yeah my mom talks about it all the time, basically my dad was asking her out for years and she finally said yes i think like 5th or 6th year, why?”

    “oh godric!” you covered your slightly flustered face as ron had stopped shoveling food into his mouth and with his eyes asked hermione what was happening, she just shrugged and turned to place a hand on your shoulder,

    “what is it, y/n?” she asked with a concerned voice, you only stood up and beckoned her to come with to the gryffindor dorm, she followed saying a quick goodbye to the boys and once you got there she plopped on your bed next to you as you groaned into your pillows.

    “okay, now what is it?”

    “basically diggory’s been asking me out since last year, multiple times, and i told my dads’ about it and they just said it was like harry’s parents and now i think i might like diggory and-“ you finished your sentence with a groan as hermione let out a chuckle

    “whatchu laughin’ about?” you looked up at her as she burst out laughing,

    “im sorry, i’m sorry, i don’t see the issue? you like diggory, he likes you, and your parents like the idea of you dating him it seems, what’s wrong again?”

    you were silently blinking up at her, realizing there wasn’t actually anything wrong besides having to deal with your feelings.

    after you recollected yourself you and hermione headed back down to the great hall, she went back to harry and ron and you went to fred and george.

    “where’ve you been?”

    “angelina here yet?” you said practically as you were sitting down,

    “where’ve you been?” the twins repeated,

    you shook your head gently at them with a small smile and they played it off as you just being giddy.

    you lot had finished breakfast and were headed down to hogsmeade as angelina caught up with you all until a hand placed on your shoulder making you stop, you turn around to yell at whoever did it until you see..

    “hi y/n,” cedric. cedric goddamn diggory and his stupid perfect face and what does he want?

    “would you want to go to hogsmeade, just as friends, we should really become friends if i even have a chance at dating you,” your cheeks flushed and your stomach was littered with butterflies, the boys had kept going but angelina stayed behind and waited, watching this oh so amazing moment,

    “oh uhm yea, i-i have plans today but maybe after that, or we could just hang out in the courtyard or something,” you tucked some of your hair behind you ear and looked to the wall, very unlike yourself,

    “perfect, i’ll meet you at the three broomsticks at 4” he said with his perfect smile and turned around and headed off, as soon as he was in the other corridor angelina came running up and practically jumped on you,

    “whaaaat was that smile about hm?” she asked, already knowing,

    “we’re not going on a date! we’re just hanging out as friends because he thought we should become friends first if, and i quote, ‘if he even has a chance at dating me’” she squealed and you shushed her, you both headed down to hogsmeade and met up with lee and the twins, all having curious faces.

    “y/n’s hanging out with cedric later,” angelina answered their questions prematurely and all of them had wide eyes.

    “it isn’t a date you numbskulls! we’re just hanging out.”

    “mhm okay” lee said with faux belief, you rolled your eyes at him.


    it was now 4 and time for you and cedric to meet up, you split up from angelina and walked towards the three broomsticks as the twins, lee and angelina continued walking, angelina mouthing a good luck while you rolled your eyes.

    once you got there you spotted him sitting at one of the tables with two butter beers, he was looking at the door and his face lit up once you made eye contact, you walked in and sat across from him,

    “is that for me?” you asked him about the second butterbeer.

    “oh yeah here,” he pushed it to your side of the table, “for a minute i thought you’d forgotten or were gonna bail” he said with a small chuckle, you faked offense making him laugh more,

    “im not that much of an arse! do you really think i’d do that??” you asked half-jokingly, the other half concerned,

    “no, no, not particularly, just nervous i s’pose,” he gave a shy smile to the table which was oh so pretty,

    you two continued talking until you had finished your butterbeers, which ended up being around 6. you two headed out and towards the castle until cedric grabbed your wrist, your cheeks flushing at the touch, and ran you to the black lake, when you guys got there he plopped under a small tree and you sat down next to him, leaning back on your hands as he did the same.

    “what’s your favorite class?” he asked, breaking the comfortable silence, “sorry it was just really quiet,” he chuckled out as you giggled a bit,

    “hmm, probably care of magical creatures, or transfiguration, my dad learned to be an animagus from Professor McGonagall you know,” you bragged about your dad a bit, knowing Cedric’s works in the ministry. “what about you? for favorite class,”

    “probably charms,” he says with a small smile, looking out onto the lake, you catch yourself staring longer than you should at him and he senses it, soft smile turning into a smirk and glancing towards you,

    “like what you see?” he says cockily, your cheeks flush as you turn away with a huff. he laughs out an apology,

    “how long have you liked me cedric?”

    “2nd year.” he answers fast. you look towards him in shock as he looks at you with pure adoration, something you could get use to from him, it boggles you how he’s liked you for that long, how he hasn’t liked other girls, how he hasn’t tried to move on after all the times you rejected him. subconsciously the two of you move closer until you turn your head back towards the lake, resting your chin on your knees.

    cedric cleared his throat and looked at you for a moment more till looking at the lake again, the sun beginning to turn the sky orange and pink.

    “we should head in soon,” he said after a minute, getting up and brushing off his legs, you did the same and you two started walking, he led you towards gryffindor tower, saying how he was a prefect and wouldn’t get in trouble for coming in after curfew. you had gotten in the castle and feeling a surge of impulse you delicately took his hand in yours, out of the corner of your eye seeing his head jerk and his cheeks turn red. he wrapped his fingers around yours and you two kept walking, in silence, a small smile on your face and a peeking grin on cedric’s. you saw a few other students, each taking a double take at the two of your hands. when you got to the gryffindor entrance he loosened his hand but you only tightened yours, turning to face him, he looked at you with amusement and curiosity.

    “would you wanna go out cedric?” you said with a cheeky grin at his flushed face and with the way your fingers were placed you could feel the pulse in his wrist, speeding up as you had asked.

    “u-uhm, really? like really dating not like friend dating or- i’m ranting-“

    “yes really dating” you replied with a small giggle, he looked ecstatic, his grip on your hand pulled away and moved to your hips in a fast motion,

    “yes oh my god, i could kiss you!” he said, almost jumping up and down, you took the initiative to take your now free hands and pull his face down and kiss him.

    his lips were lightly chapped but still soft, a bit cold from the chilly corridors, but nice.

    when you two pulled away his face was even redder than before and he had a grin as soon as you parted. you laughed lightly at his expression and said goodnight while sneaking quietly into the portrait hole as he headed down to the hufflepuff dormitories.

    you practically ran up the stairs to see angelina and a few other gryffindor girls up, you practically jumped onto your bed and explained your night, leading up to the kiss. all of them squealed, including hermione who had been hanging out with them.

    “‘not going on a date’ my ass!! that was a full-fledged three coarse date y/n!” angelina laughed out. soon enough you all had gone to bed, you still giddy from the night.


    it had been a few months since you and cedric began going out, now having the official title of being ‘cedric diggory’s girlfriend’ and you two were, of course, the most popular couple in hogwarts. everyone knew, of course, you told the twins and lee the next morning, the twins acted protective of you as if they hadn’t encouraged you and cedric and lee kept going on about how ‘he called it’, the only person left, was your dad, sirius, since your other father worked at hogwarts, cedric took the liberty of going to his classroom during a lunch period and telling him that you two were dating himself. when you’d spent your every-other weekly saturday lunch with your dad he told you that cedric had told him and you flushed causing him to laugh and tease you. he promised he wouldn’t tell sirius though.

    soon enough the day came where you, cedric, and remus went up to sirius on platform 9 3/4, sirius first hugged remus as you faked offense and then he hugged you. sirius backed up to where he was as remus had joined him and whispered in his ear

    ‘who’s this moony?’

    “dad…” you started slowly hooking your arm around cedric’s his smile grew as you did which sirius took note of, “this is cedric, my boyfriend..”

    the look on your dad’s face was genuinely priceless. he looked as if his daughter had been murdered right in front of him and that you had done it, he gawked at you with wide eyes until remus cleared his throat causing sirius to look at him,

    “and you allowed this?!”

    “pads, please, honey, he’s a good guy,”

    “oh thank you mr. lupi-“

    “shush diggory” remus put a finger up as to signal your boyfriend to shush as you giggled a bit at your dads’ quarrel.

    soon enough your dad excepted cedric as your boyfriend and gave him a firm handshake.

    .  . • ☆ . ° .• °:. *₊° .☆.  . • ☆ . ° .• °:. *₊° .☆

    omg!!!!! i can’t believe i wrote this all today, i hope you like it!!!
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    TOUGH DUDES - Cedric Dario

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  • perrapar
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    Literally begging on my hands and knees for any screencaps of Cedric from Sofia the First I need them like I need air

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    cedric really did say *does a gay little run that makes you angry*

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  • goldenlilium-ocs
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    Juliette: do you have to be so extra?

    Cedric: do you have to be so short?

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  • abybweisse
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Do you think their will be a fight in the furture chapter between father and daughter( undertaker and frances) I mean not physical but verbal...I'm pretty sure this two with interact eachother in the future chapters but it will be anything but sweet😬 I mean undertaker is not exactly the daddy of the year...

    Undertaker vs Francis/Frances

    Someone once asked a similar question. More along the lines of whether she could win in a fight against her father, if I recall. But that was (mostly) about a physical fight.

    I expect them to confront each other again, at some point, and it could involve more of a verbal altercation than the previous case of her just being cold and him being a hint-dropping joker.

    It could be a private conversation we eavesdrop into, or it could be a huge ordeal witnessed by other characters. Either way, I kind of hope she calls him out for all these bizarre dolls he's made, particularly the one of his own grandson. She might also bring up abandonment issues or perhaps how much of an embarrassment he is for her... and who knows what else she might have to say about him.

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    I imagine undertaker to be very bad with technology,like when he was still an active grim reaper he couldnt understand how to use them...cuz he is so old,unlike othello😂I really want to see how they interacted back then...

    Undertaker doesn't get tech?

    Hmm 🤔. Canonically, 136649 and Othello were registered at about the same time and went through training together, according to Othello in ch149.

    And, if you look at their registration photos, they don't look much different in age. We still don't know for sure what the process is for creating reapers out of humans who committed suicide, but I theorize their souls are collected, judged for this "crime", and placed in new (baby) reaper bodies as a form of karmic reincarnation.

    That would mean they go through some growth period before they are even "registered" or "recruited" as active reapers. That would definitely have to be the case, if they are basically reborn in reaper bodies. If that's true, then they are probably recruited/registered at about the same age, like late teens or something, much like when your average human first enters the workforce. That's when they would be deemed old enough to start serving out their long sentences as active reapers. And I use that wording because they remind me of prisoners with their registration numbers and their long years being punished for the "crime" they committed.

    So... goodness. I don't think of Undertaker as being older (at least not as a reaper) than Othello. Othello and Undertaker would both be older reapers than Grelle and William, and certainly older reapers than Ronald and Sascha.

    As far as tech goes, I'm not sure. Othello is more inclined to use high tech gadgets and equipment than Undertaker, but that might only be because Othello isn't cut out for collecting souls. After training, Othello went straight to the forensics lab, and 136649 went to soul collection.

    Now... Undertaker might have been a total Luddite in the beginning. His choice of death scythe kind of suggests he's always been a bit of a traditionalist. If he's Cedric K. Ros-- (and I believe he is), then his parallel in Ivanhoe -- Cedric of Rotherwood -- also happens to be a bit of a Luddite. Neither our Undertaker nor Cedric of Rotherwood wants to do trade in the crown's coin. And Cedric of Rotherwood doesn't show positive interest in advances to agriculture or other industries.

    The flip side of this is possible, though: Undertaker might be so old (even as a reaper) that the choice of his death scythe might have been the new technology at the time. We also have to consider the fact he's now utilizing extremely advanced tech for these blood transfusions for his most advanced bizarre dolls. Maybe he was once against technological advancements, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. It's true he might have someone helping him with the medical technology and equipment (like Druitt??), but this shows he's not opposed to it. Othello says this one (136649) didn't know much about this stuff, but that was what-- 50? 70 years ago? Things have changed, and Undertaker might have changed, too.

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