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  • notalisonyet
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    I think I am smarter than Eurustheus,
Who sent Herakles on his labors.
After eleven times
When the hero went off on impossible missions
That mostly ought to have killed him
And he came back victorious?
I would have played it safe.
I would have set him a task that could not injure me.
I would not have sent him
To go to the Underworld
And bring back Kerberos
To show me.

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  • flock-keeper
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Cerberus is also interested in being pet!

    #cerberus (fearghas' houndoom) #dash comm
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  • himboloverr
    15.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


    #lore olympus#lo cerberus #hades and persephone reunion soon???
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  • strawberrypincushion
    15.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    This week Lore Olympus: Ri-dic-u-lous. Utterly ridiculous!

    Oh right, the letter

    "What on Olympus would possess you to ask this of me?" Idk Zeus, loneliness? Desperation for contact with the outside world / loved ones she can't see? What kind of question is that

    Ohh the fun shot of the cracking / Persephone cracking as her hopes are crushed

    "You really let Everyone down today with this" - now hold on Zeus, thats a lot of pressure and sole responsibility to put on Persephone alone especially since Your the one making the calls here. Really arent you the one letting everybody else down by not even considering to do the evaluation? Sounds like your projecting your own insecurities onto Persephone, Zeus.

    But also that little caveat of "especially since Your so close" makes that comment even more harsh considering, how close is Persephone actually to living up to Zeus's standards? Its like hes adding that little barb in to give Persephone hope by saying she's "close" to being done but is she really? Probably not.

    "But you make the rules" - see!

    I like how Zeus immediately does a 180 like "yes I'm going to put the entire blame on Persephone and say its her fault for everyone not being able to go home" and then when she brings up a fair point - I.e: he makes the rules, he immediately goes "oh yeah, I do." And then uses said authority to go "yeah so what I say goes right? You failed" - classic lo Zeus

    Pffft Zeus looks pleased as punch and Persephone ain't happy

    "I call bullshit" - ayy Persephone going from stammering to standing up for herself

    Why is zeus suddenly giant

    What do you mean "used to living in the underworld" wasnt Persephone only there for a few weeks at most? Like before she traveled between school and work and for the trial I thought she was only there a few days or a week at most?

    "Creepy caterpillar lashes" 😂

    Persephone Swearing !!!!


    Although Zeus does bring up a fair point - Hades may have moved on (I know Zeus is likely only saying this to be a jerk but the point does stand).

    Also while I kind of understand persephones outburst is that really the best thing to say Persephone? Zeus does hold your fate in his hands and you know hes probably saying this to provoke you... If you curse at him hes likely going to use that against you even further... So while I get your angry, its probably not the best thing to say.

    (Also you should probably consider the idea that Hades has moved on, even if you haven't. However painful, its still a potential reality) - at least for now.

    No, no. Zeus has a point. She is not being mature nor has she learned to regulate her emotions. And its been a trying day but still, not the best reaction to have considering how zeus could react in turn.

    I'm actually surprised Zeus didnt flip out at that

    Persephone calling Zeus out.

    Honestly they both make fair points here - persephone isn't responding very well but shes also right that Zeus hasnt always treated her fair and still isn't

    Ohohohogoogohh "don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining" the Sass is coming out.

    Although Persephone seems to still be wavering between trying to be polite (stuttering and being nervous) to completely blowing up in anger (shouting and swearing and not caring for the potential consequences that insulting Zeus may incur on her or anyone else) - again, zeus could Easily use this an an excuse to make the situation worse. But it also does suck that Persephone seems to have to walk on eggshells around Zeus, lest his temper come out over his fragile ego.

    Finally!! A mention of Demeter! (She does deserve to come home)

    Is... Persephone yelling her letter at Zeus?? What makes you think thats going to change his mind Persephone?

    "Tits up" - I'll say

    Hey are we Finally seeing the underworld??

    ... What do you mean you can't give it to him??

    See even Zeus is admitting he made the situation worse... Growth??

    Pffft who is this random satyr?? (I think their a satyr?) "Maybe if you let your brother have his nuptials with that pink broad") - oh I see Everyone is just gonna be passive aggressive

    What happened to hades's face...

    A ... Press conference??

    When did Persephone have time to do that??

    What is this welcome home banner... Did.. Hades think the trial was going to be fair and Persephone would be immediately moving in with him??

    Pffft what is this portrait hades has (I bet he never did that for Minthe)

    I mean... I guess that makes her a goddess of the underworld?? Does that mean that any god or goddess who filed to become a citizen would become a denizen / deity of the underworld then through filing paperwork?

    I dont think it is a total gross misconduct Hades... I mean, does Zeus word mean nothing? He Is king of the gods after all. He does get to call some shots, even their bad ones.

    So.. Wait... When is this conference happening - we had Zeus try to buy cigarettes and then immediately he was with Poseidon watching the broadcast - is this taking place in the past or like right now? Cause if its taking place right now why did Hades wait so long?

    Why would you do this Hades??? Your fucking up your own economy / trade system / citizens to spite Zeus over not seeing Persephone?? Unless this is a one way thing where Olympus can't receive your goods but you can receive theirs??

    Hestia?? What is this about a community center and Why is Apollo doing the honors?

    Satyr guy is right. Lotta people suffering over a family squabble

    Why is Eris allowed to talk to Persephone?

    Eris is right, its Not persephones job to be a people pleaser / keep everyone happy all the time.

    Alright who let Cerberus out?? (I guess dogs are exempt from said punishment??)

    Also... What happened to zeus wanting to talk with Artemis?? I guess that convo didnt happen??

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  • monstrumpuella
    15.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Oh no...

    #lore olympus#lo persephone#lo cerberus #oh my gosh #it cannot be good news to see cerberus in the mortal realm #there's no way he will leave the underworld and hades behind #something happened
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  • drqgons
    15.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Finished the full sketch :)

    Three the alien cerberus creature…gave him a more “noodly” body type and some curlier, longer fur. I usually draw them in a more simplistic “squashed” art style so I decided to expand further on their design if I didn’t draw them that way.

    bit of an upgrade from this ^ the “void” parts of their body can change shape and he has one wing since the other heads basically ate it away with their “infection”

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  • tumb1rprincess
    15.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Okay, with this latest LO chapter out, I’ve seen some people talk about how Zeus’s punishment for Persephone wasn’t so bad and how she shouldn’t have asked about the letter in the first place. Yeah, maybe she shouldn’t have and maybe the punishment wouldn’t be so bad, if Zeus was fair about it.

    Zeus is failing Persephone on purpose so nobody can use her fertility goddess powers against him and overthrow him. He’s basically planning on keeping her in the mortal realm forever at this point, and that’s not fair. Even if Persephone hadn’t asked about the letter, he would have found some other reason to fail her. Like, can’t we all agree that failing her because Minthe had a pimple was stupid?  She was clearly healed.  

    And I don’t know, people getting onto Persephone asking about the letter kind of rubs me the wrong way.  I feel like that’s blaming someone for doing some mundane thing that sets an abuser off.  It reminds me of the third Harry Potter where Harry knows that the Dursleys are jerks, but he still hopes that maybe this one time, they’ll be reasonable and sign the permission slip for him to go to Hogsmeade.  Like, you can’t blame him for hoping that, and I feel like you can’t entirely Persephone for hoping for approval for a pretty reasonable request so long into her banishment (it’s not like she asked Zeus to send the latter the day after she got banished).

    Plus, Zeus’s actions are selfish because not only is he hurting Persephone with all this, he’s hurting everyone else too, even common people in Olympus that had nothing to do with this whole conflict.  And that’s so reminiscent of every politician/person in power/etc. I’ve ever known that it makes it hard to see any of his actions as reasonable.   

    And him dangling freedom in front of Persephone and being like “Oh, you’re so close” is cruel, in my opinion.  He’s just stringing her along when he has no plans to lift her banishment when he has no reason to do so.  It reminds me of a douchebag boss that’s like “Oh, you’re so close to getting a promotion” when you’ve already bent over backwards at your job and gone beyond what’s expected of you.

    So, yeah.  That’s my two cents.  Other than that, I love the budding friendship between Eris and Persephone and my boy Cerberus is back!  

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  • lovestruck-backgrounds
    15.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Cerberus' Brownstone

    #lovestruck#lovestruck voltage #astoria: fate's kiss #astoria: lost kisses #labyrinths of astoria #cerberus#afk cerberus
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  • harunayuuka2060
    15.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    MC: Who's my good boy? Who's my good boy?

    Cerberus: *being hugged by them* *his tail wagging*

    Lucifer: Cerberus, don't be fooled. MC has eaten one of your treats.

    MC: No... I was just curious how it tasted.

    Cerberus: Ruff! *licking their face*

    Lucifer: *clicks his tongue* But if it's Beel, he gets violent.

    #obey me #obey me mc #obey me cerberus #obey me lucifer
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  • thedevillionaire
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    would love 💁 and ⚔️ for cerberus if they haven't been done yet! :)

    Absolutely, and they have not! Thank you so much for the ask! 💁 How would other characters typically describe their sneeze? heh, it depends a fair bit on who's being asked. I mean, Kia's going to have quite a different answer to most. But taking it as a generality, I'd say "attention-getting" is probably the most usual response, with a fairly solid runner-up place going to "dramatic". Cerberus himself would argue the point of that second one, too - he genuinely doesn't see anything he does as dramatic so much as necessary - but he's wrong, haha. No, he doesn't deliberately make a show out of it, he's just naturally...theatrical about some things. 😅 ⚔️ How do they go about trying to fend off a sneeze? Is it effective? He doesn't usually try to, not under normal circumstances, anyway - he's much more of the "if it's needed, let it happen" type - but if it's not normal circumstances, he will occasionally attempt to stifle if he feels he has no choice but to try it. He will absolutely have to employ outside pressure for this - he's got zero hope of managing it at all otherwise - so whichever physical "dear gods, stop it" route is the most doable at the time, he'll try it. Usually back of the hand pressed with significant force against his nose, although if this isn't possible for whatever reason, crushed against upper arm is probably the next most common route. Is it effective? Hell no, not at all. It will fail. He might manage two stifles at best, but it will result in him just having to sneeze unrestrained anyway. And probably more intensely than if he hadn't tried to interfere with things in the first place, too. Such a shame.

    #thanks so much! #cerberus#answered asks #kia would like to put in 'hot' 'incredible' and 'perfect' for her answer to the first question #she just wants to put her two cents in lol
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  • thedevillionaire
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    OOhh! YES UM hi hi can i please get🍲 ❤️ and ❔for Cerberus? THANK YOU

    Of course, and thank YOU! 🍲 What’s their ‘get better’ strategy? Do they have one? Uh...well, not a good one. 😂 His first strategy, if it can be termed as such, is intense application of willpower for this just not to be happening, damn it. He does this every time, although to be entirely fair to him, he actually does manage to shake off milder colds regularly enough that he's not just totally delusional about this stuff. And he's not used to getting sick but he is used to being able to impose his will to achieve a desired outcome, so...he'll pretty much never just accept his fate in this regard. Once he's undeniably sick, though, and has begrudgingly accepted that no amount of willpower is going to do a damn thing about that, he'll look after himself reasonably well, in that he'll do his best to stay warm, and he will take meds (not without significant complaining about both having to do so and the inefficacy of the godawful stuff) and drink tea and eat soup and the whole deal, BUT. He's usually terrible at actually resting properly - unless told to do so, he probably won't - and he is also terrible at sticking to recommended doses of medication. And he's certainly not averse to the occasional glass of cognac or merlot getting included in the mix, too. This can have...entertaining results. ;P And again, and as ever, if Kia's around, he'll do much better. <3 ❤️ What’s your favorite thing (or some of your favorite things) they’ve ever said about illness/sneezing in reference to themself? Asked and answered already here, but since there's (several) more than one answer to this one, the other one that always comes to my mind is: “Bless you, hon.” Kia moves to him, places a gentle hand on his arm. “Should I even ask how your day’s been?”

    “Argued with Aera, sneezed a lot. I’m fairly sure that covers it.” With a sharp, strong sniffle, he pushes newly disarrayed midnight from his face, manages a sardonic half-smile for his bonded. “You, darkling?”

    (From Much Better) ❔If asked, “Are you okay?” while sick, how would they phrase their response? Does it depend on who’s asking? His most common answer, by a fair margin, is "I'm fine", delivered in whichever tone fits the circumstance. He's as likely to say this calmly and gently as he is to practically snarl it, and yes, it does depend very much on who's asking, and what else is going on. His other most likely answer, though, is "I'm alright," or - and this one is a tell, if you know him well - "I'll be alright." Both of these indicate he's probably not, actually, and particularly the second one. He'll also use "I've been better" - this, like "I'll be alright", definitely indicates that he is not, in fact, okay. If Cerberus is asked if he's okay and he just openly admits that he isn't, something is very wrong with him indeed. Kia is, as always, the exception here, but even then, he's often avoidant with this question as he never wants to worry her.

    #thank you so much! #cerberus#answered asks
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  • flock-keeper
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    What kind of tricks can he do? Could you show us one?

    "Well ones like sit, roll over, play dead, spin. I can also have him shake my hand, and also bark on command as well. There's some things he does without me tellin' him, like when I have a panic attack he comforts me and such. One of my favourite tricks is this. Cerberus, fist bump!"

    Fearghas puts up his fist at Cerberus, and Cerberus fist bumps him with his paw.

    #anonymous #cerberus (fearghas' houndoom)
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  • thedevillionaire
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    🗣️ for Cerberus? Thanks

    Certainly! 🗣️Do they tend to say anything after sneezing? “Pardon me”? Apologize? Comment on it? Oh, yes, absolutely, and almost without fail. He's a gentleman, after all, for all his, uh...darker inclinations. He will excuse himself - either the abovementioned "Pardon me" or "Excuse me" verbatim - unless he actually can't, which usually means he's not done sneezing, so...he'll get to it. Eventually, lol. He will also fairly regularly apologise, though this is due to the interrupting of things that sneezing causes rather than any sense of embarrassment about it. And yes, he will also comment on it generally from time to time, particularly if he doesn't know why it's happening - or still happening, as the case may be.

    #he's impeccably well mannered #and will excuse himself even when he's otherwise furious about the whole damn thing #probably lol #Okay there are moments he might give it a miss #but not very many #Thank you so much for the ask! #cerberus#answered asks
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  • thedevillionaire
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Aah! May I get 👤and3️⃣for Cerberus, please and thank you thank you!

    You absolutely may! Thank you so much! 👤 What’s one (or more) ways their sneeze reflects their personality? He means business. Sneezing has a point, it has a purpose to achieve, and thus it will be done with conviction and commitment to the cause, heh. Cerberus is end-goals focused a great deal of the time generally speaking, and this is also the case when it comes to sneezing. This is 100% the reason why he gets particularly annoyed when the sneezing fails to stop after a short time, or doesn't actually achieve anything, as is often the case with allergic reactions.

    3️⃣ Describe their sneeze in 3 words. Heavy. Powerful. Absolute.

    #hnng #well now i'm having...images #cerberus#answered asks
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  • rosecoloredboyxox
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Cerberus, 194

    #lore olympus#lo cerberus #lore olympus cerberus #why is the Goodest boy hurt????? :(
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  • flock-keeper
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Fearghas has taught his Houndoom Cerberus a ton of tricks. He’s such a good boy

    #cerberus (fearghas' houndoom)
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  • thedevillionaire
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I love this already!! Will you do me a favor and answer ❤️ and 🎭 for cerberus?

    Thank you so much, and of course! ❤️ What’s your favorite thing (or some of your favorite things) they’ve ever said about illness/sneezing in reference to themself? Cerberus is a blunt and casual assessor of his own sneezing, and will sometimes comment in a matter-of-fact, offhand way about it which has flustered me more than is reasonable more than once, lol. His simplicity and directness about this does me in, for some reason. My personal favourite is...hmm, probably this one, since it seems to always be the one that comes to mind first: Tucking the books she’s collected so far under one arm, Lilith exits the library with a sigh. “What are you doing here?”

    “HuhTSCHuu! *SNFF!*” Another wave of disorientation ripples through him; he nevertheless manages to gather enough wherewithal to reply. “Sneezing, currently.”

    (From The Answer ) 🎭 How does being sick affect them emotionally? Do they become withdrawn? Needy? Easily annoyed? Especially softened? VERY easily annoyed, particularly during the early/oncoming stage of a cold, but more about his immediate situation than external whatevers. At the height of a head cold, though, he has a tendency to alternate between seething anger at the situation and abject self-pity of the "no, but I am actually dying, though" sort. Unless Kia's involved, in which case he will absolutely soften. He genuinely loves the comfort she offers him, but this was something he had to learn - he'd never experienced being cared for in this manner before (and to be fair, he'd never considered it something that he might actually want) and it took him a while to completely let her. He's much better at it these days, and although I wouldn't go as far as saying that he milks the attention he gets from Kia at such times, he certainly doesn't fight it, either. Her ministrations are notably more pleasant than the ones from Healing, after all. 😘

    #thank you so much! #cerberus#answered asks
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  • earlgreyandanime
    15.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Persephone, give Cerberus your letter and he can take it back to Hades when he goes home.

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