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  • onef1lm
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    ## 심장 가장 깊숙한 곳 가 ˚࿐ ,, welcome to nahee's blog! ## carrd

    hello! i'm nahee, '06, asian :D i've been on tumblr for a few years and i used to run a hq account!

    i write for sf9 and tbz only! my content varies from oneshots to blurbs, absolutely no mature content allowed!

    i have the right to choose what content i'm comfortable with writing, but i'll try my best to accommodate to your requests :) have fun requesting!

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  • i-might-be-in-love-with-hao
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Just Fine Until It's Not

    Kim Inseong Concept Photos + Character Outline

    Kim Inseong

    Mafia Leader ( Kim Family)

    Born on July 12, 1993

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    Blood Type: A

    -Inseong is an only child and receives a lot of pressure from his parents

    -100% in love with Yuri

    -100% is ignored by Yuri

    -gets hurt quite often because of the temper he has

    -which usually lands him in his personal nurse's office (Song Hyunwon)

    -hates Kang Yeosang with a passion

    -amazing artist

    -high intelligence

    Just Fine Until It's Not

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  • lost-inthedream
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    SF9 when their special other's love language is cooking

    genre: fluff

    pairing: SF9 x gn reader


    Bonus song rec: Moon Jong Up - Us


    Youngbin gets used to your love language so quickly! After you showed up two times with homemade snacks he is not surprised anymore. It is not a bad thing at all, he still smiles with the same enchantment and tender eyes. "What did you bring this time?" he playfully asks taking your tote bag from your shoulder in case it is heavy. He loves to hear you talking about recipes and appreciates that you share your favorite ones with him.

    ➹ Inseong:

    Oh my, I think Inseong would be so proud of his talented girlfriend/boyfriend, always bragging about your skills to his friends and family. Don't be surprised if one of his members tells you how good that pie tasted. Inseong was so excited about you making him a whole and delicious pie that he shared it with his members while he could not stop talking about you. " of course she/he can do a lot of things other than cooking". Also, he is gonna propose to you quite fast lol


    Jaeyoon will pamper you 1000 times more every time you offer an appetizing dish. You can literally make him food a million times and he would still be amazed by your gesture. Ok, let's go to the spoiling part. He feeds you like a baby even if you say the dish is all for him. "Nooo. Open your mouth, love" He also makes the cutest faces as he tastes each portion, telling you it is even better than the last time you cooked.

    ➹ Dawon:

    Dawon is the opposite of Inseong in the sense that he will never share the food you made him with his friends or anyone. The fact that you express your love by cooking is so precious to him. He texts you a few times during the week to say he still thinks about the cupcakes he ate on the holiday. He normally texts you quite a lot so he needs multiple subjects.

    ➹ Zuho:

    Juho is so obvious, once you all finish the meal that you prepared with so much love, he goes for cuddles. There are no excuses, none of you are washing the dishes or anything. CUDDLES. It is a simple relationship, you make sure that he eats well and he composes special songs for you. The number of times you entered his studio with something healthy to your boyfriend is uncountable. "You always know when I need a break"

    ➹ Rowoon:

    I feel like at some point Rowoon will convert your talent and passion for cooking into quality time. I mean, you all start to have cooking dates because he asks you to teach him. "No, I'm not asking you to stop cooking for me, I wanna spend more time with you, love." He loves watching you and kissing the top of your head when you are distracted.

    ➹ Yoo Taeyang:

    Unlike Youngbin, Taeyang will be surprised every time you gift him with food. He likes to let you know about his schedule so you are aware of his most busy days. These ones are when you prepare his favorite dishes so he will be able to relax at the end of the day. "Oh, babe, you're perfect". He takes your hand from time to time while he eats.

    ➹ Hwiyoung:

    I feel like Hwi is a pretty chill boyfriend, hence you all prefer peaceful dates, such as stargazing or having picnics. You always offer to cook something for the occasion and he helps you with ideas and chopping ingredients. At these moments you both look more like a married couple than anything.

    ➹ Chani:

    His mood is always lifted by your food. It does not matter if he is really upset or if he is already in a good mood. "Look at you being an angel again" He likes to tease you for spoiling him too much. It is clear that he is so thankful. Chani treats any of your skills with naturality instead of calling all the attention to them. Yet he admires you a lot and he tells you it by praises when you are alone.

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  • blu-joons
    01.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    When He Back Hugs You ~ SF9 Reaction


    Your head shook as Inseong came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist to stop you from moving as you carried on getting some work done.

    He was stubborn, having spent long enough watching you get things done. “Come and sit down for a little while,” he suggested when he heard you sigh at him.

    “I’ve got things to do,” you tried your best to tell him, wriggling out of his grip, “I can be yours once I’m done here.”

    “You’re stressing yourself out,” Inseong pointed out.

    “I’m alright, it’s just a little bit busy.”

    Inseong continued to hold you tightly, stopping you from walking anywhere, “why don’t you take a break and come and cuddle up to me for a while?”

    “Because I know that you won’t let me go,” you joked, knowing him far too well, “that break will end up with me being done for the day.”

    He nodded smugly, impressed by how easily you could read him, “I still don’t think that would be a bad idea, don’t you want to cuddle up to me?”

    “Soon, I promise, once this is done.”


    Your eyes looked back straight away as a familiar pair of arms wrapped around you, letting go of a sigh as soon as Youngbin relaxed against your frame.

    A yawn escaped him as he found himself getting comfortable behind you. “I’m tired,” he whispered, his voice groggy from the long day that he had had.

    “Do you want to go to bed?” You asked him, pressing your hands to his arms that held around your tummy securely.

    “Haven’t you got things to do?” He enquired back.

    “They can wait until tomorrow to do.”

    Youngbin couldn’t help the smile on his face, glad to finally be able to rest for a little while. “I just want to sleep and not open my eyes for a long time.”

    “I’ve not seen you this sleepy for a long time,” you commented, stunned by how exhausted Youngbin was relaxing against you.

    A hum came from him as he slowly walked behind you to the stairs, “they worked us so hard today at the studio, it was a bit of a nightmare.”

    “At least at home you can dream.”


    As another sigh came from you as you walked around the room from the feeling of cramps in your stomach, Jaeyoon couldn’t help but feel sorry for you.

    In no time at all he appeared behind you, hugging you from behind and massaging his hands over the bottom of your stomach. “Is that helping you?”

    “So much,” you breathed in relief, finally able to feel the tension in your stomach ease just a tiny little bit for once.

    “I’m sorry your cramps are bad,” Jaeyoon frowned.

    “It’s alright, just one of those things.”

    His grip around you tightened in order to hold onto more of you, “we can stay here for a while if you want? I’ll try and ease that pain for you Y/N.”

    “I’d really appreciate that,” you smiled in reply to Jaeyoon, “you always seem to have the right answers when it comes to this.”

    The smile on his face grew at your compliment, “I just like trying to find the best ways to help you, and back hugs and massages seem to work well.”

    “They’re the best, they work every time.”


    It didn’t take much for Sanghyuk to realise that you were cold as he watched you walk around the room, shuddering to yourself as you tried to warm up.

    As soon as you were close enough to him, he hugged you from behind and started running his hands against you, “if you’re cold, you should have said something.”

    “I thought I’d warm up,” you laughed back to him, “I thought you’d be a bit too busy to worry about me just being cold.”

    “Are you crazy? I worry always,” he responded.

    “Even sometimes when you don’t need to.”

    A knowing smile appeared on Sanghyuk’s face as he met your eyes, “I know you like to pretend not to be bothered, but I know you love being protected.”

    “By you? Who wouldn’t love being protected?” You teased, “everywhere we go, I know that I’m going to be well looked after.”

    His hands continued to run against you, “and when you’re at home and cold too, I’ll look after you then and try my best to warm you back up.”

    “You’re doing a good job of that too.”


    Your eyes went wide as you caught Juho walking into the bedroom with several gift bags in his hand, placing them down on the bed before heading to you.

    Your head shook in disbelief as he came up behind you and hugged you, squeezing you tightly. “Happy birthday,” he whispered, pressing a kiss against your cheek.

    “Thank you,” you chuckled, resting your head back to sit against Juho’s shoulder, “are all of those for me by any chance?”

    “Just a couple of gifts,” Juho joked in reply to you.

    “A couple? There’s loads over there Juho.”

    He proudly nodded back at you, “you’re worth it, and I wanted to treat you for your birthday,” he smiled, turning you both around so that you could take a look.

    “I reckon I can figure out what a couple of these bits are,” you teased, knowing a few of the items that you had mentioned wanting.”

    His eyes continued to glance across at you, “there’s a few surprises in there too, things you’ll hopefully like, I put a lot of thought into getting these.”

    “If you bought them, they’ll be perfect.”


    You moved through into the kitchen as you started to make yourself some dinner, however as you did, footsteps could be heard coming from behind you.

    You didn’t have time to look around before a pair of arms wrapped tightly around your sides. “I’m home,” a familiar voice whispered into your ear, followed by a chuckle.

    “Seokwoo?” You gasped, recognising the hold anywhere, looking back slightly to make sure that it was really him there.

    “I’ve missed you so much,” he quickly professed to you.

    “You’re not due home for another week.”

    His head nodded with a wide smile, “we managed to finish shooting a little bit early so I thought I’d come and surprise you, I’ve waited for you for ages upstairs.”

    “Our meeting overrun,” you laughed in reply, “does this mean that you’re staying? You don’t have to go back to the set again, right?”

    The corners of his smile continued to turn up, “I’m staying home for the foreseeable, and I don’t plan on letting you go whilst I’m at home for a while.”

    “I’m not complaining, I’ve missed your hugs.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Excitement got the better of Taeyang as his arms suddenly wrapped around your waist and flung you up in the air as he came up to hug you from behind.

    You had no idea what was going on, left only to figure things out by his smile. “I knew this would happen,” Taeyang told you once he found a moment to relax a little.

    “What’s happened?” You asked, craning your neck back as best as you could so that you could turn your eyes to look at him.

    “We got nominated for an award,” he proudly told you.

    “No way, what did you get picked for?”

    With one arm still around you, the other picked up his phone to be able to show you the email. “We got nominated for best performance,” he excitedly told you.

    “That’s amazing,” you smiled back at Taeyang, resting your hand over his on your waist, “there’s no group more deserving than you guys are.”

    A deep breath came from Taeyang as he struggled to compose himself, “we’ve waited so long to get a nomination like this, and now we’ve finally got it.”

    “I told you, it was only a matter of time.”


    A sigh of relief came from Youngkyun as he finally saw you walk through the front door, immediately rising to his feet as you slipped your coat off and hung it up.

    His arms wrapped around you from behind, resting his cheek against the top of your back. “You were staring to scare me Y/N, it’s getting pretty dark out early these days.”

    “I didn’t realise how late it was,” you admitted, taking a couple of steps back into the house, “I just needed some time to think.”

    “I don’t want us to be mad anymore,” he suddenly replied.

    “I don’t want that for us both either.”

    Youngkyun nuzzled himself closer into you, glad to finally have you home and know that you were safe. “I’m sorry for getting so mad at you earlier for no reason.”

    “It wasn’t just your fault,” you assured him, “I’m sure that I said plenty of things that I shouldn’t have when the two of us were arguing earlier.”

    Youngkyun’s head shook in reply to you, “I was the reason why the fight started, therefore it’s my fault that we’ve ended up here, I should have acted better.”

    “Let’s just forget about it all now.”


    A gasp came from you as a sudden pair of arms wrapped around your frame, with Chanhee lifting you up and bringing you tightly into his chest with a wide smile.

    Your eyes looked back, shooting a glare across at him to let him know how much he had surprised you. “Have I told you how sweet you look today?” He then suddenly asked you.

    “What have you done?” Was your only response, knowing exactly what he was like, “you never hug me like this for no reason.”

    “I’m just trying to be a better boyfriend,” Chanhee defended.

    “You’ve got a look in your eyes too.”

    A chuckle came from him as his head shook, squeezing you tighter, “I promise you that I am up to nothing, I just wanted to give you a hug, is that so bad?”

    “No,” you trailed off, still slightly suspicious as you tried to read Chanhee’s mind, “maybe I could get used to this new side of you if this is what this is.”

    Chanhee nodded in response, “there’s nothing more to this then a loving boyfriend wanting to connect more with their partner, what’s so wrong about that?”

    “Nothing, it’s nice to be hugged by you.”



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  • fanfic-wonderland
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    SF9 as The Office Chatacters

    Yes, I did a thing.

    Youngbin as Gabe

    Inseong as Pam

    Jaeyoon as Jim

    Dawon as Michael

    Rowoon as Kelly

    Zuho as Toby

    Taeyang as Erin

    Hwiyoung as Phyllis

    Chani as Ryan

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  • blu-joons
    15.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    HUSBAND SF9 A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Kang Chanhee


    In private especially was where Chanhee liked to be more affectionate, at times he got a little bit shy to be affectionate around you with others around, but when it was just the two of you, he made sure to be all over you.

    B ⇴ BOYS

    The boys couldn’t help but tease Chanhee ever since the first moment that they met you. Chanhee knew that it came from a place of being happy and supporting him, but even he couldn’t believe how much the boys teased him, with them often being egged on by you laughing at the remarks that they made too.


    There was often a moment of panic in Chanhee when he saw that you needed comforting. He didn’t like doing the wrong thing, at all times he wanted to be perfect for you when you were in your time of need, but once he’d reminded himself of what was important, Chanhee would be straight there by your side.


    Despite having very little experience at being domesticated, having had the boys look after him for so many years, Chanhee was keen to learn when after moving in with you, although he’d had the boys to care for him, he wanted to care for you. He followed you around every time that you did something when you first moved in and then over time eased back once he began to do things more for himself.


    The most important thing to Chanhee was the celebration that you had after you got engaged, providing a rare chance for your families to get together, and some relatives even meet each other for the first time. They were the most important people that Chanhee wanted you both to be able to celebrate with, having not seen most of them for a long time, there was no better excuse for you all to get together.


    Chanhee’s favourite thing about being with you was how comfortable he felt around you. He could really just be himself and let go when he was with you, not once did he ever worry about doing the wrong thing or being judged by you. He loved how relaxed you were whenever you were around him too, you didn’t hold back either, you just messed around and always gave Chanhee something to laugh about.


    Between going out and staying in, you definitely preferred to stay in and shy away from the public spotlight. You liked to be in your own space in the evenings, without cameras or fans watching you both. Only unless you really had to, would either of you find yourselves going out after your schedules were done.


    Your honeymoon was something that you had both been looking forward to when you were engaged, let alone married. The two of you had hardly had a break in all of your years together, so whilst of course it was special as your honeymoon, it was equally just as special because it was simply a holiday.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    Gestures and actions were definitely Chanhee’s way of showing you that he loved you. He loved to do little things for you, especially when you least expected them. He liked to know little things like when you needed a hug to be able to surprise you, but also loved to do grand things like buy you flowers to surprise you too.


    The look on his face would often be the biggest giveaway to anyone when Chanhee was jealous, he just couldn’t find a way to be able to hide it. The sound of you laughing would often drag Chanhee out of his stare, looking to where you were to be able to tell just by your smile that you had spotted how jealous he was, quickly changing up his expression and beginning to defend that he wasn’t jealous at all.

    K ⇴ KIDS

    Both of you knew that despite marrying at quite a young age, having children was still something that was a long way off for you both. You didn’t see much of a need to talk about it too much with so much time ahead of you, you both knew what you wanted, it was just a matter of waiting for that right time to come.


    The most important thing to the both of you was simply spending time with each other on your lazy days. Whether you were watching something, playing something, making something or simply sleeping, it was the fact that the two of you were doing it together which was the most important thing to you both. With so many days apart, your lazy days were always a bonus for you both to spend the day together.


    Quite often you ended up having to be the one to get Chanhee up in the mornings as he slept through his alarm time and time again. He was used to Youngbin or Inseong coming in to wake him up, and so he kind of expected the same from you, although you were a lot harsher than the boys ever were.

    N ⇴ NIGHTS

    You loved to catch up at night and talk about how your days had gone. The two of you could talk for hours sometimes if you’d had particularly busy days, sharing as many details as you could remember with each other.


    Chanhee was obsessed with your personality and how well you suited him. You seemed to perfectly fit the criteria that Chanhee always had for a future partner better than he could have ever imagined someone would.


    The times that Chanhee enjoyed with you the most were the times when you were normal. He loved being human with you and not an idol, being able to do the things that every other couple around the world got to do. He just loved being himself, he didn’t have to do anything other than be himself and relax.


    Because he was so busy, you often found yourself asking him what he was doing one day to the next in order to keep up with him. Chanhee was always more than happy to tell you, getting confused himself often too.


    One of the things that Chanhee liked to do was design your group merchandise so that everyone knew that you were married. He loved to be able to show you off, even if you weren’t with him backstage, at least when people still saw you, they knew that he was the lucky guy who got to marry you.


    Both of you didn’t mind silence at all, it was usually quite comfortable between you both. However, as soon as Chanhee began to sense even the slightest bit of awkwardness between you both whilst it was quiet, he’d be onto you and asking you if you were alright, not caring if you needed silence around you or not.


    Chanhee’s biggest trick for making your marriage work was keeping you happy and feeling positive. As long as you had a smile on your face then everything else felt like it would be alright for him with you.

    U ⇴ UPSET

    There would often be a pause when Chanhee saw that you were upset, trying to figure out what was best to cheer you back up.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    He loved nothing more than when you visited him on set, it was often the boost that Chanhee needed, particularly on those longer days, never failing to appreciate it whenever you stopped by to cheer for him.


    As far as Chanhee was concerned, there was nothing more from life that he could wish for, he had everything that he’d wanted.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    He loved to make you smile by kissing you, Chanhee knew how big of a weakness kisses were for you and so he’d try and do it to keep your toes and try and bring a blush to your cheeks too which made him smile as well.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his best friend, the two of you were always supporting each other in everything.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    It was inevitable most nights that Chanhee would be the first one to fall asleep between the two of you. He couldn’t help but close his eyes quite a lot of the time, sometimes accidentally when you were talking too.



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  • fantasydreamecho
    15.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    #89.Listening as they rant about something that bothered them.- Chani

    when Chani's upset he usually doesn't tell you right away

    but you can read his body language well and whenever you see him you can tell that something's bothering him

    when you're the one that's upset, you tend to hide in your shell

    sometimes when you both are too stressed and tired, things can pretty quickly escalate to arguments

    which makes you both 98763245 times more stressful and anxious and tired :(

    that's why you and Chani came up with an idea: share (you just take everything off your chest and the other of you offers solutions to the problem/ just gives advice and help each other see the problem through every possible angle) or comfort (being in each other's arms, holding hands, drawing a bath for the other and clean them up, massaging their muscles, even sex if you want, just any physical contact that will make the other relax a little until they are ready to share what's been on their mind and all)

    you often mix these though

    but the most important thing is that your communication improves

    and that you learn how to control those bottled up emotions, thoughts, etc.

    which makes your bond stronger and makes your trust grow (if that makes sense?)

    when you came home and shut the front door of your apartment so loud that the whole building might have heard it and you threw yourself on the couch and buried your face in the pillow, wanting the earth to swallow you whole

    Chani instantly put the script to his new drama on the nightstand and made his way to the cosy living room

    he leaned on the door, carefully observing you and he didn't like what he was seeing

    Chani got closer and you instinctively moved to make a room for him

    a silent invitation to cuddle together

    you didn't need words for some things anymore

    Chani laid down by you, wrapping his arms around you and gently put your head on his chest

    one of his hand was soothingly massaging your back

    his lips were occasionally peppering kisses on the top of your head

    you just stayed like this- in the warmth of his safe arms, listening to his steady heartbeat, for a few seconds or even minutes

    you didn't know and you didn't really care

    after a while you just slowly started ranting about everything that was suffocating you

    tears started to cascade down your cheeks and it made Chani's heart shatter in pieces

    he was just silently listening but his touches told you everything his words couldn't

    he would always give you a valuable advice, his lips would praise you so much, while you're looking into his eyes

    for the strong person you are

    for the wonderful person you are

    he'd repeat again and again how beautiful you r mind, heart and soul are

    he would draw you a bath (or shower with you)

    washing the remains of the day

    and all the negative thoughts and emotions

    he would do your skin care routine

    put on your body lotion

    dress you in his clothes because he knows that they smell like him and that makes you calm (and he loves seeing your smile and other things come to his mind sometimes but that's another thing)

    he would once again cuddle with you if you want

    if not, he would just hold your hand and sing a soft melody until you fall asleep

    "good night, y/n.", he would say and kiss your forehead before he joins you in dreamland

    but he would never let go of your hand

    because even in the world of Morpheus, he'd be there to protect you

    a faint smile paints your lips

    because you know that your guardian angel will always be by your side wherever you go and you'll never really be alone

    because even when the world is on fire

    there'll always be someone to help you

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  • hyungseos-cafe
    02.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    Pairing: Sf9 Zuho + Chani ft. GN!Reader
    Genre: Mafia au, fluff
    Warning: Swearing, mentions of weapons, use of the word k*ll
    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and in no way reflect the actions and personalities of the people described. 
    Word count: ~1k
    Summary: Zuho and Chani, arguably the best made men in SF9 are tasked to take down a new mobster hidden under the guise of an ice cream shop, but what happens when said mobster suddenly makes the two men flustered? Does the ice cream shop get taken down? 
    Order for: @unifox​ 

    “Dude, did you see the way they looked at you?”

    “Me?” Zuho stood astonished, after all he nearly took a bullet for you. 

    “Oh come on man, don’t look so innocent! They looked at you with ‘the eyes’ you know those eyes”

    “Dude shove off, you’re just jealous” 

    Flash forward to present time, Zuho and Chani had just finished another unsuccessful mission which led to their asses nearly being grilled alive, however with the rather poor judgment of their boss, he decided to keep them. Afterall, nobody worked better together than them. As if things could not have gone any worse, Chani received a phone class ‘Boss’ the caller id shone

    “Boss!” Chani’s face immediately dropped as soon as he received the news from the other line 

    “Yes Boss! We’ll be right there”

    The pair both stumbled into the room of said boss who unfortunately had been scowling at them. The office walls had been lined with the weapons of those whom the group had taken down. They were his prized possession, and the only way to 

    “Zuho, Chani, I have news for you and you’re not going to like it” 

    The two stood before their boss, casually nodding along as he continued to give details for their new mission. Apparently they had to crack down on some new group that opened up an ice cream shop as a ploy. 

    “I understand these conditions are quite strange, but I assure you, the front person is incredibly dangerous. They’re known for charming themselves out from being arrested” 

    “How hard could this be? Zuho and I got it!” 

    “Chani” He sighed, “Son, you’ve got a long way to go. I must warn you, please be careful” 

    “Y-yes sir, my apologies” 

    “Zuho, watch over him, okay? He’s a liability”  

    “Yes sir” 

    As soon as the boss left, Zuho swiveled around on his heels to land a punch on Chani in the gut, knocking the younger one to the ground immediately 

    “Dude that the fuck?”

    “You’re a liability. I’m just putting you in your place” 

    “I’m just putting you in your place” Chani mimicked before standing up on his feet again, walking back to his office to retrieve his body suit and hand gun. 

    The following hours went by quickly as the pair slowly prepared for a crackdown on the illusive ice cream shop. 

    “So, what’s the plan?” Chani asked, gently prodding at the elder member 

    “The plan is, to use you as a decoy because we all know you’re cute… and then I swoop in to save the day” Zuho deadpanned 

    “Great, let’s get to the car then” 

    “You’re driving” 


    Chani turned to the side table in front of the door to grab the car keys before running to start the car. Meanwhile Zuho surveyed the warehouse, checking for any materials they may have missed. After concluding that he had everything, he headed towards the car. 

    “Do you think boss is serious about this ice cream shop? I can’t help but feel a little doubtful” 

    “We can’t let our guard down, okay? Just trust him, he knows what he’s doing” 


    “Chani, stop asking questions. Just. Drive”

    Chani started up the car before pulling out of the driveway and out to the main road. The drive to this ice cream shop was rather brief, however it was in the center of town- which did not make much sense. Why would some huge mafia group decide to operate an ice cream shop in the middle of town? Unless… They want to blend in??

    “We’re here” 

    “Dude! Zuho, did you already fall asleep? It wasn’t even 20 minutes!” 

    “I’m up, I’m up” 

    Zuho opened the door to stand up and straighten out his clothes before checking his equipment. In a place as innocent as an ice cream shop, it was bound to bury secrets. These were always places that held the most unexpected turns. 

    “Alright, let’s go over the brief again before heading in, okay?” 

    “Name Y/n, codename the eviscerator. Over 1,000+ kill count and at least 10 years of experience with explosive material and working with the CIA before turning” 

    “Wait, turning? What happened?”

    “Dude, Chani, did you not listen to anything Boss said?”

    “No…” He sheepishly let out before fiddling with his hand gun

    “They were known as one of the most decorated CIA agents before quitting suddenly. It was rumored they wanted to dismantle the CIA, apparently one of the higher ups had something to do with their parents disappearance” 

    Zuho closed the portfolio, shoving the manila folder back under his jacket and shut the car door. This signaled for Chani to lock the door and begin surveying the premises without being seen, which was nearly impossible as it was a bright ice cream shop filled with children. From an outsider's perspective, this was just like any usual ice cream shop. However something felt off, the atmosphere became immediately tense as soon as Zuho and Chani entered. 

    “Hi! Welcome to E’s Creamery” 

    “Dude, did you see the way they looked at you?”

    “Me?” Zuho stood astonished, after all he nearly took a bullet for you. 

    “Oh come on man, don’t look so innocent! They looked at you with ‘the eyes’ you know those eyes”

    “Dude shove off, you’re just jealous” 

    “H-hi! We’-we’re just looking around!”

    “Sure thing! I’m Y/n, let me know if you have any questions” 

    Chani immediately pulled the older member to the side, a clear panic in his eyes. Before he could speak a word, his attention was brought back to Y/n. How could someone so attractive be so bad he thought 

    “Tell me how someone so attractive and cute could be the head of a new mafia group? I mean… Look at them! They’re so sweet to customers and have such a nice voice” 

    “Dude, you can’t possibly have a crush on them… do you?” Chani nodded “I can’t help it” 

    Unfortunately for the two of them, the mafia leader in question had slipped through the back door as soon as they recognized their faces. They had studied the profiles of all the well known groups in town that could possibly try to stop their plans. 

    “Wait… Where did Y/n go? Weren’t they just right there?”

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck! What is boss going to think of us now? We can’t just come back empty handed! Zuho, you know boss already hates me! What do we do?”

    “What we’re not going to do is freak out, we’re going to calmly explain to him what happened…. Right?”

    “Dude we’re the worst”

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    22.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    To Lovers - Chani

    Warnings: Childhood Friends AU, fluff, slight angst, jealous!Chani, explicit language, descriptive scenes, smut, nudism, light humour, nipple sucking, nipple pinching, hair tugging, pussy slapping (once), masturbating(?), fingering, hand job, unprotected sex (reader is on the pill), bruising, roughish sex.

    W/C: 7.4K

    Age Warning: I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if you’re under the  age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is fiction!

    You look at the boy in front of you as he stared at you, you were sitting on the swing when he approached you, you had just moved into the neighbourhood and gone to explore the nearby park.

    “Aren’t you a big kid?” Chani asks, you let out a huff and shake your head.

    “No, no, I’m not,” You say. “Shouldn’t you be playing with those boys over there?” You nod towards the other boys his age that were running around, chasing a soccer ball, he looks at them and shakes his head before moving to the empty swing next to you.

    “No, I like watching them instead of playing,” He says, you nod your head and begin kicking your feet to start swinging. “I’m Chanhee,” You smile at him.

    “I’m Y/n,” You say.

    And that was how you met King Chanhee, and how your friendship only blossomed from there on, even though you were a few years older than him, you stayed close friends, and became even closer during high school, you were there for each other through thick and thin, even when his friend’s made fun of him for being friends with someone older than him, he didn’t give a damn because you had been there with him through his childhood and now also high school, even when you graduated you still accompanied him to school, just to spend that extra time with him, every moment counted especially after he auditioned for FNC and got accepted, and even with him spending less time with you while he was training, he still made sure to call you or text you to tell you about his day or ask you about yours, on the rare days when he wasn’t training or in school, he was with you, he had told you everything, or as much as he was allowed to.

    But you were the first to know when he would be making his debut, and you knew it would become harder and harder to meet up with him, but you stayed by his side and he stayed by yours through it all, you cheered from the sidelines and in the shadows, making sure no one saw you, to avoid any conflict or unnecessary drama, but when you met his group members, that was when everything changed, and your true feelings were pulled front and centre for him.


    “So, they can be a bit… uhm, how can I put it?” Chani says, he stood next to you in the elevator, leaning against the mirrored wall, he was taking you to the dorm for the first time to meet his group members, you had only seen them on television when they first debuted, and Chani promised each time to introduce you to them, and now finally that day has arrived. “Uh…. A bit much? Yeah, uh, they… are huggers,” You burst into a fit of giggles and nod your head.

    “And you’re not, I understand, they like skinship,” You say, he nods his head, giving you a sheepish smile, he rubs the back of his neck. “Stop being nervous, I’m okay with skinship, you know the.”

    “I do… it's just, I don’t want them to make you feel overwhelmed,” He says, the elevator stops and the door opens, he pushes himself away from the mirrored wall and gently takes your hand and guides you out the elevator. “So, just tell me if I need to tell them to back off, okay?”

    “Hmm, I will, I’ll let you know or tell them myself,” You say, he gives you a nervous smile and guides you down the hall before stopping in front of a door, you could hear voices coming from inside it along with loud laughter. “They sound… lively,” He chuckles and enters the password into the keypad before opening the door and pulling you inside, you remove your shoes, and he does the same.

    “I hope they don’t chase you off,” He says, you turn to him and place your hands on his shoulders.

    “Okay… Chanhee, stop worrying, it will all be okay, okay?” You say, he nods his head, not looking relieved at all, your smile widens, and you shake your head, you hear a bunch of footsteps moving towards the door before eight heads peeked around the corner, curious eyes staring at you, you slowly lower your hands from Chani’s shoulders to look at them.

    “Oh gosh…. Don’t act weird guys,” Chani groans out, Inseong was the first to step forward, a wide smile on his lips.

    “You must be Chanhee’s friend!” Inseong beams, you nod your head, giving a smile to him.

    “You didn’t mention that your friend looks like that,” Dawon says.

    “Ugh,” Chani groans out, he brings his hand to his face and quickly grab onto his wrist, pulling it away, they watch as you manage to pull his hand away from his face without struggle.

    “Chanhee told you about us, right?” Inseong asks, you nod your head.

    “He did, you’re Inseong, right?” You ask, he nods his head, his smile seeming to widen. “I’m Y—”  You begin to say, only for Dawon to cut you off.

    “Y/n, his older lady friend,” Dawon says, you chuckle and nod your head.

    “Yes, that one,” You say, you release Chani’s hand.

    “Well come on in, make yourself comfortable, we heard so much about you,” Jaeyoon says.

    “Good things, I hope?” You jokingly say.

    “Not one bad word, only praises,” Youngbin says, you step forward, only for you to be surrounded by them all as they engulfed you into a group hug, Chani’s eyes widen, and he quickly moves forward.

    “Don’t smother her!” Chani says, concern in his tone.

    “We won’t!” Dawon yells out.

    “We’re just welcoming her,” Rowoon adds, Chani tries to make his way to the middle of the hug circle, but before he could, they break away from the hug, and they guided you further into the dorm, and into the living room, Chani quickly follows behind, his heart hammering in his chest, it took him a few hours before he was calmed down enough and reassured that you wouldn’t run away and when he excused himself to go to the bathroom, they all turned to you.

    “Does he let you touch him often?” Inseong asks, you could hear the curiosity in his tone.

    “Oh, no, no, he doesn’t like skinship that much,” You say, you watch as they exchange a look with each other.

    “He’s been letting you touch him a lot more than he lets us,” Rowoon says.

    “Maybe he likes you…” Taeyang says, you shake your head.

    “Oh, no, no, that’s not the case,” You say. “He only likes me as a close friend,” And that was when everything changed for you, you picked up how he would let you kiss his cheek and how he’d lean into it while he tried to run away from the others, or even pushed them off while you could hug him tighter, you never picked up on it during school but now that it had been pointed out to you, you could see it clearly nod, and you could feel certain types of feelings coming to the surface.

    You need never wanted to admit it, but you did like him more than a friend, you have, ever since high school, or when he got to high school, and you saw him in a different light, but you suppressed those feelings, afraid that you would ruin a good friendship, afraid you would lose him as your friend if you ever confessed, and now those feelings were poking their head back into the door and once again you weren’t planning on telling him


    “If you’re bored at any time, let me know,” Chani says, you nod your head as you follow him through the FNC building, he had invited you to sit in with one of their dance practices, and you had promised to stay out of the way and watch, he had also been itching to show you his dancing skills and hoped that you would clap and cheer for him, but he also knew that the dance teacher might not approve of it, he opens the door, and you enter, loud music already coming from the soundproof room and his members waiting for him and the teacher to show up.

    “They’re here!” Jaeyoon calls out, the first one forward was Inseong, his arms wrap around you as he pulls you into a tight hug.

    “We’re excited to have an audience here,” Inseong says, you giggle and hug him back, not picking up how Chani’s face fell with how you hugged Inseong, you pull away from the hug and move further into the room, Chani closes the door and watch as you greet everyone, giving them a hug, he knew he wasn’t too big on skin ship, but watching you be close with others, or touching them so comfortably made him feel a bit insecure, he turns back and watch as Zuho has an arm around you, and was talking to you comfortably, his hand was resting on your hip, and you were smiling at him while nodding your head and giving your input, Chani steps forward and sits on the floor, wondering if he had made a mistake by bringing you here, and by letting you meet his friends, because to him, it felt like you would never like him back now that you’ve met them, he was feeling insecure about his age, thinking that you proffered someone older or closer to your age, unlike him, maybe he shouldn’t have asked you to come along because watching Zuho holding you so close to him, was making his heart ache, he loved you and absolutely hated seeing you in the arms of another man and not his, but maybe that was his fault for always denying small touches, for denying the warmest affection.

    When practice finally started, everyone picked up how quiet Chani had got, even you, you weren’t sure if it was because he's focusing or because of something else, but the members knew that it wasn’t because he was focusing unless he was trying to show off to you, they knew something was bothering him as they watched his jaw clench.

    “You’re doing amazing!” You say when they were taking a quick water break.

    “Hmm,” He hums, you frown at the hum, expecting a little more from him.

    “This is amazing, to watch this, it’s really something to experience,” You say, he nods his head and opens his water bottle, your shoulders drop as you watch him taking a large sip from the bottle. “You learn so fast also, I never realised you could move like that, so smoothly,” Another nod, you bite the insides of your cheeks, feeling like you were annoying him now, you nod your head and take a step back and turn to go sit back at the spot near the door, making sure that you were out of the way when they would start again, you lean your back against the wall, extending your legs out in front of you and rest your hands on your thighs, Zuho spots you and makes his way to you, he sits down next to you and offers you a bottle of water. “Oh, no, no, I’m good, thank you, you guys need all the water you can get,” He laughs and puts the bottle next to him.

    “I’m sure we will survive with one less bottle,” He says, you faintly smile at him. “Are you enjoying yourself so far?” You nod your head.

    “A lot, I never knew how long practice took, I know you have to practice and work hard, but this… it’s amazing to see,” You say.

    “Some of us are a bit behind on step, but that’s okay, if we need to work on something a little longer, our teacher is gracious enough to spend some extra sessions with us,” He says, you nod your head. “If one of us is behind, they offer us a time the next day or later in the day to work with us, and usually we catch up.”

    “That’s honestly so cool… this experience, or experiencing this, I feel so lucky to see this,” You say, he smiles and pats your knee, neither of you picking up how Chani’s hand almost crushes the water bottle in his hand, he quickly puts it down and moves to the middle of the room, signalling that he was ready to continue with the practice.

    “Well, that looks like my cue to go,” Zuho says, you nod your head.

    “Good luck,” You say, he gives you a smile and stands from the spot, everyone makes their way to the middle of the room and practice picks up once again, you spent hours at the practice room, only leaving when you had to go to the bathroom or when you went to buy some food.

    When they finish, the room cleared out, and soon it was only you, Chani and Taeyang in it, Youngbin had left to go to the bathroom, saying he needs more practice before he wanted to go back to the dorms. “Chani, you did good today,” He nods his head, Taeyang was staring at you both, and he could see that you were becoming frustrated with Chani.

    “He did, it looked like something possessed him,” Taeyang says, you nod your head.

    “It did,” You agree, you move to push some of his hair from his face, only for him to move his head back, you let out a sigh and lower your head.

    “Are you still staying over at hers tonight?” Taeyang asks, trying to change the subject, you weren’t sure what you had done to make him like this all of a sudden.

    “Yes,” Chani answers, it was short, you felt somewhat relieved that he would still be coming to your place, but part of you hoped he could go back to the dorms, so you could comfort yourself about whatever you had done to him, but you supposed you could confront him when alone because if you were to do it now, it might blow up, he might blow up and that was the last thing you wanted.

    “I’m going to go wait in the hall,” You say, your voice sounding so small as you spoke.

    “Wait, let me say a proper goodbye to you,” Taeyang says.

    “You’re covered in sweat,” You point out.

    “Like you care,” He says, you smile and nod your head.

    “You’re right,” You say, he moves to you and wraps his arms around you, his chin rests on your shoulder.

    “Call any of us if you can’t take his silent treatment anymore,” He whispers into your ear, you nod your head feeling your eyes glossing over, you quickly pull away from the hug.

    “Good luck with the late practice, don’t go home too late,” You say, the door to the practice room opens. “Same goes for you, don’t go home too late,” Youngbin chuckles and moves towards you, giving you a hug, he quickly picks up on your glossed over eyes. “I’ll see you guys sometime again,” You pull away from the hug and quickly exit the room, you lean against the wall, waiting for Chani, you stare up at the roof, trying to get yourself not to cry, you had to hold it back, you didn’t want to fight with your friend, not with the person you were in love with, a few moments later the door opens and Cani exits the room with his bag over his shoulder. “Ready to go?” He nods his head, and you nod back, feeling defeated by his lack of response, you turn away from him and make your way down the hall with him behind you.


    You sit on the couch in your place, Chani was sitting on the other end of the couch, you were supposed to be watching a film, but he hadn’t answered you in what he wanted to watch, and so you both sat in an awkward silence with the Netflix logo displayed on your screen, you let out a sigh and drop the remote onto the coffee table.

    “I’ve had enough of this silent treatment,” You say, he looks at you, surprised at how suddenly you broke the silence between you both. “What did I do to anger you?”

    “… Nothing,” He mutters, you roll your eyes and turn your body towards him.

    “Did you know that I don’t believe you one bit,” You say. “Because that smells like bullshit,” He lets out a sigh and moves his eyes towards a spot on the couch, avoiding eye contact with you. “What happened?” He didn’t reply, you could see his tongue moving inside his mouth as it poked against his cheek. “Ugh… whatever, if you don’t want to talk about it, or watch a movie with me, it’s time,” You pick up your phone. “Should I call one of them to come and pick you up? Because it feels like you don’t want to spend time with me,” You watch as his frown deepens. “I wonder if Juho would do it,” You were about to unlock your phone when his words stopped you.

    “Are you going to call your boyfriend to come and kick me out now?” He asks, you slowly lift your gaze from your phone to look at him. “The person that’s been here for you since childhood?”

    “Well, it feels like my childhood friend doesn’t want to talk to me right now,” You say. “So I might as well call my supposed boyfriend to come and pick him up,” You place your phone down on the table. “The heavens alone know where you got that into your head.”

    “Are you and Juho dating?” He asks. “Or are you just crushing on him?” You lift your head in confusion, your brows knotting together.

    “Where did you get that idea from?” You ask. “Juho and I are friends and I don’t see him as more than that, I like someone else,” You freeze as the words leave your lips, and you watch as he visibly pauses as well.

    “Who?” He asks, you could hear how deep his voice sounded as he asks. “Who is it? Is he older than I am?” He was feeling insecure about his age, his members were all older than him, and you were older than him, and he was worried that you had fallen for someone older than him and yourself, he was in love with you, and he had been ever since high school when he realised his feelings for you.

    “Wh— what?” You stutter out. “No, gosh, forget I said that,” You move to stand from the couch, only for him to grab onto your wrist, stopping you.

    “I can’t forget that you said it…” He says, you were leaning over as you were pushing yourself up from the couch, he leans over, his face inches away from yours. “Please… who is it?” You swallow and look away from him, you try and pull your hand from his grip. “Please… I need to know who I’m competing with you, Y/n…” You slowly lift your gaze back to his face.

    “What do you mean, you want to know who you’re competing with?” You say, you watch as he swallows, his Adam’s apple bobs up and down.

    “I love you… Y/n…” He confesses, you didn’t mean to gasp, but you did, what else would someone do when their childhood friend and crush confesses their love to you, a person that you didn’t think returned those same feelings, you could feel several emotions running through you, but the most obvious one; shocked.

    “Chanhee…” You whisper, he closes his eyes, feeling a pain slowly forming in his chest, thinking you didn’t feel the same about him, he slowly begins to pull back, you lift your other arm and grip on to the back of his head, his eyes widen as you stop him from moving further away, your fingers were woven through his hair, the pads of you were fingers press down against his scalp, he looks into your eyes before he suddenly moves forward, his lips touch yours, your eyes shut along with his as his lips move against yours in a soft and passionate kiss, you couldn’t explain all the feelings running through you, but you could tell one thing, your heart was selling and beating faster than normal, the person you’ve had a crush on since you entered high school was kissing you, for years you tried to ignore your feelings, push them away, but here he was, kissing you and making all of your feelings resurface, hitting you like a train once again, he slowly pulls away from the kiss and leans his forehead against yours, both of you breathless from the kiss.

    “So… do I stand a chance?” He asks, you open your eyes and found yourself staring into his brown eyes, quickly getting lost in them also.

    “You stand a very good chance, King Chanhee…” You say. “Because it's you…” You barely had time to blink before his lips were back against yours, this time you could practically taste the passion and need and love in it, his hand releases your wrist and moves to cup the cape of your neck, to pull you in for a deeper kiss, your eyes shutting instantly as you lean into the kiss, removes forward, pushing you down on the couch while he moves to hover over you and move between your legs, you could feel the kiss deepening, his tongue would swipe over your lips every few times until you slipped yours out, and he sucks it into his mouth, running his tongue along it as he sucks on it, his hand slowly leaves your neck and moves to the hem of your shirt, his hands slip underneath it and slowly moves over your tummy, feeling every part of you, feeling how warm you are underneath his touch, his hips press against yours, your breathing was becoming louder as the seconds ticked by, he suddenly pulls away, thin strings of saliva breaking off, coating your lips and chin with it, he looks down at you, eyes blown wide and clouded with lust, his hands pause on your ribs, and he glances down to look at your exposed tummy.

    “Can I?” He asks, you nod your head and pull your hand from his hair, your heart drumming in your ears as you feel him move his hands to grip your shirt, he lifts it upwards before removing it and tocsin over the back of the couch, his eyes move to your chest, watching as it rises up and down from your deep breathing. “I’ve seen you in swimwear before, but I swear… every time I see you, my breath gets stolen,” You giggle and move to cover your face with your arms, only for him to grab your wrists and pin them above your head against the armrest. “Don’t…” His face inches from yours, you slowly nod your head and glance at his lips, you watch as they stretch into a smile before feeling them on you again, his hands slowly slide down your arms and towards the hem of your bra, his fingers curl around it, your back slightly arches as you feel the tips of his fingers brush against the underside of your breasts, he pulls it upwards, slowly freeing your breasts from the hold, he pulls away from the kiss and removes your bra before tossing over his shoulder, he lowers his head, and you can see how his eyes light up and shine as he looked at your chest.

    “If you weren’t so obvious with that look… I might have been worried that you don’t like them,” You tease him, he chuckles and dips his head lower, hoping to hide his reddening cheeks from you.

    “I’m trying to be… fuck, I forgot the word,” He says, you giggle and nod your head.

    “Oh, oh, don’t let me stop you then,” You say, he leans over you, placing his face against your sternum, he cups your breasts and pushes them together against his cheeks, making you feel how heated they were, his thumbs brush over your nipples, and you can feel wetness pooling between your folds, you suck your lip between your teeth as you feel his thumbs move in slow circles over your nipple, causing them to harden and swell, your skin was slowly heating up, and you suddenly felt underdressed. “Can I take your jacket off?” He lifts his head, resting his chin against your sternum.

    “Hmm… it's getting a bit warm now,” He says, you lick your lips and move your hands to his jacket, pushing it off his shoulders and slowly down his arms before dropping it onto the floor next to the couch, his hands were back at your breasts once the jacket hit the floor, his forefinger and thumb pushing your nipples together, he dips his head and slowly kisses up and down your sternum before moving to kiss one of your nipples, you move a hand to the back of his head, sliding your fingers through his hair before pressing the pads of your fingers into his scalp.

    “You’re still overdressed,” You say, he hums against our nipple before taking it into his mouth and sucking on it. “Oh, ohh,” You close your eyes as you feel a sensation running through you, you move your other hand to his back and grip onto his shirt, pulling it upwards until his back was exposed, you slide your hand over his spine, feeling the warmth from his skin and feeling his muscles working to keep him above you. “Hmm… Chanhee…” Your eyes open wide as you feel him pinch and tug at your nipple, your back arches upwards and your tummy press against his. “Ohhm, Chanhee!” You feel him tug on it again before feeling pull at your nipple before releasing it with a loud pop.

    “I still have some frustrations,” He says, he picks his lips and moves to sit on his knees, your hand falls away from his hair while your other hand moves to his waist. “Because I just realised that we could have been like this months ago,” You could feel a smile growing on your lips. “I’m sorry in advance, but I think I need to take out some of my frustrations.”

    “Tale it out once your shirt is off,” You say, you sit upright and grip onto the hem of his shirt and pushes it upwards, he lifts his arms, allowing you to take it off, you lick your lips as you watch his muscles move as he lowers his arms. “Gosh… you really hide all of this underneath a dress shirt or a t-shirt,” His hands press down against your thighs.

    “And you really hide all of this underneath a shirt and a bra?” He asks, you couldn’t help but smile, you lean your head against his chest and slowly shake your head, you feel his hand sliding up your spine, his fingers ghostly brushing along your spine before you feel his hand over the back of your neck before sliding into your hair and gripping onto you, you feel your clit twitch moments before he tugs at your hair, pulling you to lay back on the couch. “Oh, I already feel a little better after that,” He releases your hair and leans over you, kissing one of your tits before kissing down your tummy, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses behind as he does, he pauses once he reaches the elastic of your pants and looks up at you, he licks a strip along the elastic, a shiver runs up your spine when you feel his teeth grazing your skin as he hooks the elastic between his teeth and tugs on it before releasing it, letting it snap back against you.

    “Fuck…” You gasp, he lets out a hum, and you could see the wheels turning in his head, his hands move to your waistband, and he pulls them down.

    “Lift your legs,” He says, you let your legs, lifting your feet into the air, he leans slightly back and removes your pants, he drops it over the backrest of the couch and shifts slightly, moving lower, you lift your head to look at him. “Lower your legs onto my shoulders,” You do as he says and feel him grip onto your ankles, moving your feet to press against his shoulders, he looks up at you before leaning down, you feel cool air blowing against your panties, against the wet patch that was slowly forming, you feel his hair tickling the inside of your thighs as he moves closer to your pussy, you close your eyes and drop your head down onto the couch, his hot breath hitting against your pussy, you gasp you as you feel his nose brush against the outline of your folds before feeling his lips against your panties.

    “Ohh… Chanhee…” You hum out, he moves his head, and you could feel his nose touching your skin before feeling his lips, you swallow and clench as you feel his teeth against your skin as he took your panties between his teeth, you feel your muscles locking up before feeling the fabric snapping back against your pussy. “Fuck, fuck.”

    “Hmm, maybe my hand would work better?” He suggests, you turn your head to the side, breathing hard at the thought. “So, you like the idea,” You feel his hands move to the elastic of your panties and slowly slide them off, his fingers touching the crease of your hips as he does, making you shiver at the touch, he pauses once your panties were presses against his face before slowly lifting one of your ankles and removing your panties from that ankle before placing your foot back against his shoulder and doing the same to the other side. “You smell so good,” Your panties hit the floor, and you could now feel his breath hitting right against your pussy, you whimper and our clit twitches. “Hmm… will it twitch like that if I flick it?”

    “Chanheee,” You whine, your back slightly arching off the couch, you feel his shoulder move as he moves his hand to cup your pussy, his finger slides over your folds, and he watches as your body quivers, you suck in your tummy as you feel how close his finger was too slipping past your folds. “Ohh, uhmm,” You squeeze your eyes tighter, his fingers slip past your folds before spreading them, your toes curl as you feel cool air blowing against your warm wet pussy.

    “Hmm… soaked already,” He says, you whimper as you feel his fingers slowly sliding along the insides of your folds, you feel his other hand move to your ankle before feeling him place your leg over the backrest of the couch before moving onto his knees, your other leg following his body, his fingers disappear from your folds.

    “Fuck!” You gasp as you feel his hand cooled with your pussy, your clit twitching against his fingers.

    “Ohh, that felt like you enjoyed it, did you?” He asks, you whimper, your breathing ragged and loud, he slowly rubs his fingers over your clit before they disappear, you feel your walls clenching as he slides his hand along your thigh, leaving a smear of your juices behind on your skin. “Have you ever touched yourself while thinking about me?” His question was so blunt, it caused you to open your eyes and lift your head to look at him.

    “I… I, um, oh…” You stutter, your mind had forgotten how to form words at that moment.

    “Was that too blunt?” He asks, you nod your head. “Hmm… well, will it help if I tell you that I’ve thought about you?” You swallow and feel your insides shift. “How you would sound in the shower, or even just in my bed,” He reaches for your hand, taking it with the hand that was coated with your juices. “I bet you have touched yourself though… show me how I should touch you,” You whimper as you feel your juices on your wrists, and him moving your hand between your legs along with his, his hand covers yours and moves a finger to hover over yours. “Show me…” You swallow and slowly move your hand, you could feel heat travelling up to your cheeks, you had never done it in front of anyone, and you suddenly felt like you forgot where you usually touch yourself.

    “I… uhm…” You squick out, his eyes move from your pussy to your face, seeing your eyes wide and your lips slightly parted.

    “Don’t be shy,” He says, you rake your mind and slowly move your finger around your clit, his hand following your movements, he licks his lips, his eyes flickering between your face and pussy, excitement growing inside him, he could feel a tent forming in his sweatpants as blood flowed to his cock, you slowly slide your finger lower and collect your wetness before sliding it back to your clit, circling the bundle of the nerves. “You feel so wet… I wonder…” He suddenly slides your finger’s down to your entrance and slowly pushes your finger along with his into you, your jaw slacks and a whimper leaves the back of your throat, your eyes shut as you feel the stretch and the light filling feeling. “Hmm… so wet already.”

    “Ohh, hmm,” You moan, your back arches from the couch, making you push your chest out, he reaches up with his other hand and cups your tit, his fingers knead into it while he slowly slides his finger with yours from you before pushing them back in, the sound of your wetness reaches your ears, and you could feel your insides starting to pull together.

    “That sounds so good, how does it feel?” He asks, you whimper and slowly let your back lower to the couch.

    “Oh… oh, fuck…” You moan, his eyes move down, and he watches as his and your finger disappears and reappears from you, coated with your wetness, he slowly twists your fingers as he pushes them back. “Ohh, ohhhh, fuck… it feels so— ohh— good,” He presses his hand against yours, making you press your palm against your clit. “Fuck… fuck,” Your palm rubs against your clit as he moves your fingers in and out of you. “Chanhee…” He moves your finger faster, watching as your body reacts to it, watching as your leg that was over the backrest begins to shake.

    “Hmm, that’s it… whine my name, that’s it,” He praises, you try and suck in more of your tummy as you felt a tightening feeling pulling inside you, you were so close, his finger pressed down against yours, making you curl your finger.

    “Fuck… fuck,” You gasp out, your head thrashes on the couch, your hips suddenly fuck as you feel another finger poking at your entrance before slipping into you. “Holy f— OH!” You squeeze your eyes shut as you feel your muscles twitching and pulling, you curl your toes as a sudden heat spreads through you, you could feel sweat breaking out onto your skin. “Fuck!” You grip onto the couch with your other hand, stars explode behind your lids as a hot pleasure runs through your spine, the tightening feeling inside you snaps, and you release around his and your fingers, he watches as your juices spill from around your finger’s and onto the couch.

    “Ohh… oops, we will definitely need to clean the couch after this,” He says, you couldn’t hear what he said, your mind was in the clouds as you were going through your high, he guides your fingers in and out of you, easing you through your high while still pressing your palm against your clit.

    “Oh, ohh, oh, hm, mmh, fuck, fuck,” You whine, you slowly come down from your high feeling your fingers still moving inside you, his hand on your breast squeezes down around it before he pulls his fingers from you, his hand disappears from your breast and the warmth from his hand covering yours disappears, he lowers your foot from his shoulder and climbs off the couch, you breathe in deeply, trying to calm your heart rate and catch your breath from the orgasm you just had, you open your eyes and watch him, you could feel cool air blowing against your sweat coated skin, but you were focused on his hands as he was untying the string on his sweatpants, you lick your lips as you see the bulge in it, a whimper leaves you as you watch his cock slap against his lower stomach and leaving a smear of pre-cum behind on his skin, he bends over and takes off his pants and boxers, you lift your leg off the backrest and sit upright, you let out a whine as you feel your juices leaking from you, he looks up at you, only to find your face inches away from him hip.

    “Fuck…” He groans out, you grip onto his hips and turn him towards you, you move one of your hands to his cock, you wrap your hand around the base of his cock and slowly slide it along his length, he lets out a low groan as he feels your warm hand sliding along him, you swipe your thumb over the head of his cock, collecting his pre-cum onto your thumb, you slide your hand down his cock, pressing your thumb against the prominent vein on his cock, you lift your head and watch as his Adam’s apple bobs up and down as a low groan leaves the back of his throat.

    “Feels good?” You ask, another groan leaves his lips as he feels you twist your hand around the base of his cock and slide it back to the head of his cock.

    “So good,” He breathes out, your thumb slides over the slit again, you hear him gasp in again and decide to tease the slit with your thumb. “Ohh… no, no, fuck, it feels so good,” He tilts his head back, making you see his entire neck. “Fuck… I need to be inside you, now,” His hand suddenly grabs your wrist, and he pulls your hand off from his cock and lifts his head, he pushes you to lay down on the couch once again with him between your legs, you feel his cock poke against your folds, he releases your hand and moves his hand to wrap it around himself, pushing the head of his cock past your folds and coating it with your juices, circling your clit and tapping himself against the bundle of nerves, a whine leaves you as your legs jolt each time he does, he slides himself to your entrance and slowly pushes the head into you, he unwraps his hand from himself and moves both of his hands to your hips, he lifts his gaze to watch your expression as his cock slowly disappears into you, filling and stretching you, your jaw slacks, and you press your head down against the couch.

    “Ohh, hmm-mmh,” You moan, pleasure runs through you and your mind fills with euphoria, your eyes roll to the back of your head as you feel him bottoming out inside you, you gasp and lift your head to look at him. “Fuck…”

    “Fuck, I have to agree, fuck…” He groans out, his fingers grip onto your hips, you could feel bruises being created with how he held you, he lifts your hips higher, making him slide deeper into you. “Fuck… sucking me right in,” You clench at his words and drop your head down to the couch, he slowly slides out from you, making you hear your wetness move as he does, you feel your breath get stuck in your throat for a moment before gasping as you feel him snap his hips forward and against yours, filling you again. “Ohh… you are a sight,” Your walls clench around him, feeling as he slides out again, his movement become fast and almost rough as he thrusts into you, his eyes glued to your chest as he watches them bounce, you reach above you and grip not the armrest, which causes your breasts to move. “Hmm… fuck, showing them off even more,” The sounds of your breathing and moans with his were bouncing off the wall and the sound of your wetness moving was so sinful as it echoes around the room.

    “Ohhh… ohmm,” You moan. “Chaaaanheee,” Your back arches and your hips push more into him, your walls squeeze around him as you feel him hitting that sweet spot inside you. “FUCK, fuck ohhh, my fuck,” He lets out a low groan, tilting his head back as he feels your walls squeezing around him, your eyes move over his torso, seeing sweat droplets running down his beautiful skin and over his toned body, you could see his muscles bulging as he held your hips while rolling his hips into yours, you feel a tightening feeling building and building inside you, you were reaching the edge of ecstasy again. “Fuck… fuck, I’m… Ch— Ahh— Chanhee…” You squeeze your eyes shut as you feel your muscles pulling, your toes curl, and you press your thighs against his waist as you wrap your legs around him, your heels dig into his lower back.

    “Ohh… fuck, fuck, oh,” He groans out, your walls squeeze one last time before a rush of euphoria runs through you, stars explode behind your lids as you release around him, you could feel the inside of your thighs becoming wet as your juices were being splattered onto them. “Fuck, fuck, that’s it… fuck,” He leans over you, your hips now resting on his knees and his hands press down onto the armrest, his tummy rubs against yours as he eases you through your high and starts chasing his own high with deeper thrusts, which left you gasping each time, your back arches off the couch, and you press your tummy more against his, feeling his stomach muscles pulling as he rolls his hips into yours.

    “Fuck… Chanhee…” You gasp, your eyes stay closed, you release the armrest and move to wrap your around his neck, resting one hand on the nape of his neck while the other one slides into his hair and softly tug at his hair, you were slowly coming down from your high, your heels press more into his lower back as you feel his deep thrusts, somehow still keeping a fast pace between the uneven thrusts. “Fuck… ohh my… fuck,” He dips his head down, capturing your whimpers into his mouth as he feels you squeeze around his cock, milking him for an orgasm.

    “Fuck… you feel so good around me… fuck,” He groans against your lips as he pulls away from the kiss. “Hmm… squeezing me… fuck, I’m… close, oh,” He does his head to the crook of your neck, you open your eyes and watch as his arms bulge as his muscles work to move him, you feel his hot breath against your skin, groans coming from the back of his throat, his lips trembling against your skin as he was getting closer to his high, you squeeze harder around him. “Y/n… Y/n…” You swallow as you feel his cock twitch inside you before feeling hot ropes of cum filling you and coating your walls, you let out a moan as you feel him slowing down and rocking his hips into yours, easing himself through his high, your walls pulse around him, making his head spin. “Fuck… so good,” You barely heard him groan against your neck.

    “Hmm…” You hum, the afterglow of it all was settling in, his hips come to a halt against yours, his breathing loud against your neck, you could feel his droll sliding over your skin and down your neck, your hair was sticking to the back of your neck from the sweat, you tug at his hair, feeling the dampness in it. “Chanhee…” He lifts his head to look at you, his eyes becoming lighter as the lust disappears from them.

    “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that… all of this,” He mutters, you smile and lean up, pressing your lips against his.

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    THE STEALER - CHAPTER 3 It’s been months since that expulsion of several students had happened and it’s also since then the rumor had risen and almost everyone had given her the nickname "the Highestness” from Highest + Greatness - because of the influence she can have on the school boards.

    Most of the students fear her and as much as possible avoid her or be careful with her which made her more of the school’s loner yet the students were really curious as what is her relationship with their school’s famous band, New Flying or N.Flying who keeps on approaching her and even goes in and out with her to school which made the students wonder their relations, especially the leader who titled to be the "Cold Prince".

    "Hey! Have you heard of it?" the nasal voice guy asked in his usual playful tone,

    "Heard what?" The honey voice asked as he took a bit from his food,

    "Her, Jaeyeon" his eyes caught at her as she was in the line by the cashier as he also starts eating his food,

    "About what exactly?" one of the younger lines asked curiously,

    "What the students call her and the rumors circulating..." the student council president buts in,

    "Rumor?" "What rumor?" the group leader asked,

    Coming closer as he whispered "that she's dating N.Flying Leader" he whispered with one hand covering the side of his lips,

    "N.Flying?" "Our School’s band?" "The leader?" The honey voice asked in surprise,

    "Yup!" the nasal-voiced guy with a pulp lip replied in confidence.

    "Ay! No way!!..." The honey-voiced guy replied in disbelief,

    "Then explain that!" the nasal guys said as he hiddenly pinpoint with his eyes and heads the topic person two tables behind him,

    Some of the brothers looked at the topic person as if it was nothing, some had their ways while some didn’t bother to look,

    Meanwhile on the other table, “you do know people gossiping about us, right?” N.Flying Leader said in his low voice, she simply nodded, and replied with a simple, "Yeah, I do" in a very careless manner, continuously eating her meal.

    "Listen, I like the fact we got to spend more time together and all but aren't you worried?" He asked in his concern and low voice.

    “I don’t care to be honest…” she replied as she continued to eat,

    “Don’t care? You do know you got hurt and bullied because of this right?” he asked back very concerned, while the rest of his members nodded in strong agreement, she didn’t reply and just looked at him as she continue eating, “just continue eating, Oppa!” she told him. After she ate, she went to the rooftop as she has spare time to spend idling.

    But when she got there 9 handsome boys were already there hanging out and messing around, but she still proceeds, the boys noticed the moment she opened the door and continued their activities as if they don’t mind but one or two of the boys can’t stand and pretend not to care no more,

    “Hi!” the tall 6ft honey-voiced guy said standing inches away from her, she looked behind her and saw both of the familiar faces, “hi!” She replied as the wind starts to blow, trying to recall their names, “Jaeyoon and Dawon, right?” she called them out. The boys were surprised and looked at each other’s faces. “You guys from my class, right?” she added.

    “You remembered our names?” Dawon commented,

    “Well, of course... we met previously, beside Jaeyoon sat beside me, and you sat across us by the front door…” she replied, “besides you and your brother, I presumed, are already popular so not remembering you and your brothers would I think to be more of a terrible sin as a student here and a person….” she said as she popped a small smile but it wants very visible as a gauze on her lips blocks it, she looked at the other boys looking at them pretending to mind their business,

    Dawon just giggled while Jaeyoon offered extra strawberry milk to her, she looked at him, “it's extra, we come on an odd number" pointing out his brothers at the back with another plastic bottle of strawberry milk was on his hand, "do you want one?” he offered, Jaeyeon hesitantly as first but still took it and smiled at them for the first time which somehow made Jaeyoon’s heartthrob a beat and unintentionally stared at her, she noticed Jaeyoon’s staring and asked him in curiosity, “is there something wrong?” “Was there something on me?” she added, concerned, as she places her right hand on her face, trying to wipe whatever was on it,

    “Ah, no!” he said, snapping out, “I was just thinking about the book report, if you don’t have a partner or group yet maybe you can join us” he made a quick excuse, standing beside her,

    Jaeyeon just stared back at him in surprise, “I mean our teacher said it should come in three, and Dawon and I are missing a person…” he explained,

    “True!” Dawon exclaimed as he placed his arm on his brother’s shoulder, “we would love you on board!” he added, showing his bright smile,

    “Really? You guys wouldn’t mind me being in your group?” she asked with a sad tone on it,

    “why? What’s wrong with you?” Dawon asked,

    “um..” she hesitantly said, “a wounded loner,” she asked as she chuckled a bit,

    Both Jaeyoon and Dawon looked at each other for a moment, Dawon approach her to her other side, “Hey! You! are not a loner! And those stupid asses are the one on fault!” Dawon called them off, pointing into thin air,

    “Then I don't mind,” Jaeyeon replied happily.

    “Then, let’s have a quick meeting at the family restaurant near our place, it's nice and quiet, fewer people are usually there after school days so we can talk better if that’s alright with you?” Dawon offered, she agreed, and the school bell rang as a sign that lunch was over.

    After school, Dawon quickly went to her seat and asked her if she was ready to leave, she smiled at him while Jaeyoon was waiting for them in the doorway, and they left their homeroom together with students staring at her, wondering what is going and when did the members of SF9 and her got close, she can feel she’s getting both weird and intense stares from there fangirls but she ignore it all especially when 9 of the boys are walking with her.

    “Please, ignore the stares” Youngbin whispered as most of the boys were walking in front, goofing around, Jaeyeon looked at him and smiled, “you noticed?” she asked, smiling. He nodded still walking beside her, “please, don’t get traumatized with this” he told her,

    “What?” she asked,

    “The intense and weird stares…” he replied,

    “Ah, yeah, but I’m not doing anything wrong…” she replied smiling at him, “plus I don’t think this will be the last attention I will get” she added, Youngbin looked at her in wonder what she meant, she can feel the look youngbin is giving her and she smiled giving of the statement “you’ll find out eventually..” she told him, “by the way, where are going?” she asked, the other boys heard her and stopped in front of a fancy looking bar, “we are here!!!” Dawon exclaimed happily with both of his hands excitedly popped in the air showing the fancy bar named “Glorious Bar” Jaeyeon stopped and was surprised where they were, “a bar!?” she said questioned and exclaimed the place,

    “Yup!!!” Dawon happily replied,

    Some of the boys started going into the Glorious Bar, Jaeyeon looked around her and lowered her voice, “guys! What are you doing we’re still in high school to going in and we were supposed to do our group project!”

    “But we are!” Jaeyoon responded calmly as he waited by the door holding the front door for her, Jaeyeon kept quiet for a while as she stared at her newfound friend,

    She took her steps as she goes into the bar, “trust us! I know this place might be unusual but we can make our group project here peacefully no one in our age groups shows up, so no one will disturb us!” Jaeyoon said as he tried to convince her and as she walked in she was surprised at how elegant and fancy looking it is inside the bar, “we usually walked in the back but we can make an exemption today.” he added as he walked behind her, “wait, you guys said we can have a quick meeting on a family restaurant near your place?” she asked looking back at Jaeyoon, Jaeyoon smiled, “well we are here” he said with a clear amused face,

    “Family restaurant?” Jaeyeon asked with an eyebrow up, “since when has a bar becomes a family restaurant?” she asked sarcastically,

    “Well, that’s my fault I haven’t been clear...” Dawon buts in, “what I meant family-owned business!” he said with a satisfied smile on his face and pouting cutely, Dawon and Jaeyoon sat at a long table in the middle of the room while the others were not to be seen, she was looking around and she was indeed fascinated by the interior of the place,

    “Family Business owned!?” she exclaimed, “This is one fancy bar...” she complimented in amazement.

    “Yup… we've been in this business for generations..." he clarified.

    "Really now!!" She exclaimed in amazement. "Anyways, do you guys, have any ideas on how we could start this project??" She asked, "any ideas or suggestions?" She added as she sat on the chair in front of Jaeyoon,

    the boys starting to think for ideas as she amazingly scans the whole room when her eyes landed on a painting on the wall, "is that sorcerers?" she stood up, going to the painting in the center of the bar, both Jaeyoon and Dawon followed her with their eyes, "the Knight of the Rising Suns?" she said out loud which surprised the boys. out of now where, Youngbin grabbed her right shoulder, "how do you know?" he asked in pure curiosity and surprise, "you knew them?" he added, wondering what does this girl know about these 9 boys on the painting, she was surprised by Youngbin taking her off guard, looking back at him, she can't do say anything for a while but look at his surprise and curious expression, "well, yeah! I read the story somewhere before, though I can't remember the whole story..." she told them, "9 boys who were given to find a cure for their curses and the cause of their curses..." she added,

    Dawon nodded in agreement, "well, she's not wrong..." he said in amusement

    "Where did you read that story from?" Jaeyoon asked in curiosity.

    "can't remember where but I knew I read it before in a library I guess..." she replied, unsure.

    "Library?" Youngbin asked, "what library?" he questioned.

    "Sorry, but I can't remember, it's been a long time and to be honest I can't even remember that day, except some of the stories...." she explained, Youngbin wanted to ask for more details but the tallest among all brother held his shoulder, "Hyung!" he called out, Youngbin let go and excused himself with their younger siblings while Dawon distracts her, "ok, I have an idea for this report..." he told her which was effective, "really what?!" she asked, excitedly.

    "How about the Mago Oscuro?" he suggested.

    "Mago Oscuro? the fiction character? Mago Oscuro: Story of the Greatest Warrior of the Dark Realms..." Jaeyoon clarify, Dawon nodded in agreement, "well, it's one of the bestselling books of our generation and I feel that Mago Oscuro isn't just a fictional character..." he explained,

    "Oh really? then explain, how do you say so?" Jaeyeon asked,

    "well, based on the book Mago Oscuro, he used to be an ordinary human that was cursed by witches to seal the darkness and save the humanity from the dark creatures lurking in the human world, with the magical book that he created with his magic and blood it was said that its power can create new magic, seal evil creatures or even create them and based on the book, he even created 6 magical creatures that can hide on the dark realm as spies. but like they said, with great magic comes great responsibility. as his powers grow many evil contenders from both realms, human and magical realms want his magical book and to prevent them from getting it, he destroyed his magical book with the 6 magical creatures he created with his magic to protect his magic and possible even the world and because of what he had done it was never seen or even heard off." Dawon told the story,

    "You know what doesn't make sense of that story?" Jaeyeon asked,

    "What?" Dawon asked,

    "How did he destroy a magical book and him destroy his magical book does that mean he also destroyed his 6 magical creatures?" she questioned, the boys looked at her, wondering what she mean, "I mean, he has a reason why he destroyed it, but, at the beginning of the story the magical book wasn't really a magical book but just a normal book, where he writes his enemies strengths and weakness, the creatures he had an encounter like a journal but later as the story progress, it became a magical book and as far it goes, the magical book also became his source of power as his human form can't take it anymore, meaning destroying the book means he killed his own 6 magical creatures and himself, right? so, what if something from the dark realms returned to the human world who will save us? rather, protect us?" she questioned, "also, I don't think he destroyed it but instead he shattered it into pieces, which he gave to his 6 magical creatures to protect and when the right times came they would rise and gather to protect the human world..." she added. both boys were speechless for a moment and looked at her like she was right, she has a point "wow you seem gave a new meaning to the ending to the story...." Dawon complimented.

    "I felt that the story isn't finished..." she replied,

    "I feel the same..." he agreed,

    "Well, it seems that we have a book report now..." Jaeyoon told both as they nodded in excitement.

    "Why don't you both get the idea together as I get out laptop and printer for our report' Jaeyoon offered, both agreed and as they brainstormed,

    Inside their study room, "Hyung, what was that?' i thought we are laying low?" the tallest brother questioned his older brother's action a while ago,

    "I know, I'm sorry..." Youngbin apologies, " i start feeling weird when she called out our alias" he said, "a weird burning sensation within me..." he explained,

    Jaeyoon entered in the middle of a small argument from the brothers, “me too. I felt the same presence from her previously…” Jaeyoon buts in, the brothers look at them in a weird manner as if they were just making nonsense excuse,

    “there’s really something about her…” Jaeyoon told everyone as he proceeds in taking the materials, he needed along the book that they agreed to be the topic for there group project. Bring all the needed materials he saw both Dawon and Jaeyeon were having fun, it was a first for him seeing Jaeyeon smiling and laughing her heart out and the reason was Dawon, it somehow made him feel a small pinch within him.

    “You both seems got close fast…” Jaeyoon halfhearted complimenting them as he places the materials on the table,

    “Well, Jaeyeon isn’t half bad…” Dawon complimented her as he looks at her smiling,

    “You’re not so bad yourself, Dawon” she complemented back writing some stuff on the paper. Jaeyoon just looked at both of them when she saw the book, they were talking about above the laptop that Jaeyoon just placed on the table. “Oh! Hey!” she said as she reaches out for the book,

    “Well, I saw this while picking up the laptop and printer, might bring it along as we can read and add more on the report…” told her, Jaeyeon nodded and smiled. He quietly observes her as she starts to read, “you guys won’t mind if I borrow this for a while?” she asked, looking both Dawon then to Jaeyoon. Dawon nodded while Jaeyoon paused for a little while staring at her and notice something different about her eyes but kept quit and nodded, “yeah sure!” he replied looking at Dawon then back at her again. Dawon opened the laptop and begun typing away with the report while Jaeyeon quietly read the book, Jaeyoon stood up as he set up the printer and secretly taking peaks at her, silently observing her, remembering the weird burning sensation he felt with meeting her previously and what his older brother just shred a while ago.

    “she’s no normal girl…” he thought to himself, “was her eyes color gray?” he added, he twists his head to the left. Dawon saw him getting glimpse of her and kept silent as he also observes his older brother getting weird about Jaeyeon. They ended the project successfully and she was offered to have a meal with them before the bar open up with Taeyang’s cooking and Jaeyoon offered to walk her to the bus stop.

    “So, have you guys been running the bar?” she asked looking at him as they walk down the sidewalk.

    “Well, yeah…” he replied with both hands on his pocket, “we have our own task...” he added,

    “aren’t you guys a little to young to run a bar on your own?” she questioned,

    “Um, maybe but, it’s a family business we need to keep it going…” he told her looking at her, “it’s our bread and butter...” he told her, looking at her eyes she saw a weird color again which he couldn’t stop himself to ask, “are you wearing contact lens?”

    Jaeyeon stopped and looked at him, “contact lens?” she questioned,

    “Sorry but your eyes, they have different color…” he told her stopping as well, concerned,

    “You notice huh...” she replied bowing a bit as she smirk, “it look weird huh...” she commended, Jaeyoon was caught off-guard, maybe he should have commented on her eyes he thought as he’s starting to panic and thinking a topic to distract her, “they said it’s because of an accident when I was younger.” she added looking at him with a smile,

    “Accident?” he asked, surprised.

    “Yeah! I had an accident when I was 10, a car accident, me surviving is a miracle …” she response in a sad tone. Jaeyoon just looked at her in a concerned way as she continues with her story, “to be honest I can’t remember much what happened that night, but my guardians said it took a lot of life from my relatives…” she continues, taking glance at him as they continue walking, “my parents, relatives...” she explained.

    “Why?” he asked, curiously.

    “My guardians said probably because of stolen heirloom.” She answered with an unsure tone of voice, as they arrive at the bus stop. Silence was in the air he wasn’t sure if it was okey to ask but he asked anyway, “they got it?” Jaeyeon was taken off guard with his question, “what?” he said looking at Jaeyoon surprised.

    “Your family’s stolen wealth?” he elaborates.

    “Um, to be honest I really don’t know…” she replied raising both of her shoulders, showing she was unsure. “But my brot-” she paused, “...I mean guardians said, they really don’t care what heirloom it might be as long I survived and grew up healthy...” she corrected herself, looking at him showing a smile.

    Jaeyoon atomically also placed a smile on him showing his dimples, her seeing Jaeyoon’s cute dimples took her defenses slightly down as the bus came, they bid their goodnights and along they ways.

    But along the way Jaeyoon suddenly felt dizzy leading him to kneel with one knee down, grabbing his throbbing head as he closes his eyes, he saw human blood staining a concrete floor, human blood stench was air, cars tumbled around with windows smashed, hearing wheels stretching. Opening his eyes, cold sweats begun to drop down catching his breaths, gasping for air, he kneeled in his all fours, trying to calm himself which he successfully did, he took himself up and went home without telling his brothers what he just happened nor heard from Jaeyeon’s past, he himself wasn’t sure what really happened but one thing is for sure, “Jaeyeon isn’t an ordinary girl.” He whispered as he enters there entrance back door.

       >> End chapter <<

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  • blu-joons
    16.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    When You’re Scared To Date And Get In The Way Of His Career ~ SF9 Reaction


    As your phone rang yet again, you knew that you couldn’t ignore Inseong forever, reluctantly picking up. Straight away as you did, you could hear him sigh in relief on the other end of the line that you’d finally answered.

    It took a moment for Inseong to speak as he tried to keep his composure, “Y/N, what’s going on? I thought we agreed to meet for dinner tonight.”

    “I just can’t do it,” you told him.

    “Can’t do what? Come for dinner, I can always get takeout and bring it round to you instead,” Inseong suggested, understanding that you weren’t feeling up to it.

    Your moment of silence spoke volumes to Inseong though. “I don’t think I can do us Inseong, the pressure, the attention, it’s just too much.”

    “Where’s this come from Y/N? Can I bring food so that we can talk?”

    “I don’t want to ruin the career that you’ve set up for yourself,” you calmly explained to him, “I bet there’s a camera somewhere watching you right now Inseong.”

    “You’re not doing anything to my career aside from helping it,” he tried his best to tell you, “please Y/N, just talk to me over a meal.”

    It didn’t take long for you to cave, hoping that a conversation could solve things, “as long as you pick up one of my favourites.”

    “I will, and I promise I’ll be there in no time.”


    You panicked as you looked across the room and saw Youngbin, keeping your head down and trying to find your way out as quickly as possible. As you did, you bumped into a finger though, looking up to apologise.

    As you did, words failed you as you realised that you’d bumped into Youngbin. “I had a feeling that I might just find you here, and I was right.”

    “Why are you here?” You innocently asked.

    “Are you kidding?” Youngbin laughed, keeping his eyes on you, “I’ve tried every other way to get in contact with you and had no luck, what else was I supposed to do?”

    Your shoulders shrugged, trying to figure out how you could get away from Youngbin, “I’ve caused you enough trouble, just leave me alone.”

    “What are you talking about? When have you ever caused me trouble?”

    “Our relationship,” you murmured, keeping your eyes on your feet that you scuffed against the floor, “it was a mistake, a mistake that nearly ruined your career.”

    “Says who?” Youngbin queried, quickly picking up though on exactly what you were getting at, “how many fan comments have you read?”

    Once again, your shoulders shrugged, losing count some time ago, “they all guessed you were dating, and they weren’t happy either.”

    “Come on, let’s get a coffee, I think we need to talk.”


    You stopped into your tracks as you walked towards the door to the main arena that would be hosting the awards ceremony for the evening, looking across to Jaeyoon with the panic clear in your expression.

    He tried to pull you, but you weren’t budging. “What’s going on? Why’ve you stopped?” Jaeyoon asked, confused as to what was going on.

    “I can’t do this,” you explained to him.

    “Yes, you can,” Jaeyoon encouraged, offering you a wide smile, “I promise that no one will be looking at you or judging you, and they won’t be judging us either.”

    Your head shook with a shaky breath, “you’re an idol, you shouldn’t be dating someone and especially bringing them here too.”

    “I told you that there’s no reason to be scared in the car here.”

    “I know,” you whimpered, puffing out your cheeks, “but now that I’m here, I feel like I’m just going to get in the way for you and the other boys too.”

    “The boys adore you too,” Jaeyoon promised you, “just give tonight a try, and I promise that if you want to go, I’ll get you home safely.”

    Your head nodded, still a little reluctant, “if too many people look our way, then I don’t think I’ll be able to do this Jae.”

    “Give it a try, for me, I promise that it won’t be bad.”


    You struggled to keep yourself together as Sanghyuk wiped underneath your eyes for you, drying your tears as best as he could. He got it, as he wrapped his arm around you, knowing how big of a change things were.

    Your heart was pounding as he pulled you into him, “I’m glad we’ve had this conversation and cleared the air between us too.”

    “I’m sorry for closing off,” you spoke.

    “You don’t need to apologise,” Sanghyuk told you once again, “it can’t be easy for you coming into the world of an idol, but now I know, I can support you with it more.”

    You sighed in reply, turning away from his eyes, “I should have just said rather than getting distant and letting you think I dislike you.”

    “You didn’t know what to do, I’d have probably done the same.”

    “How are you being so nice to me?” You gently laughed, feeling undeserving of how sympathetic Sanghyuk was to you, “I’ve been an idiot to you.”

    “No,” he grinned, squeezing you even tighter, “I’m just being me, and if it’s nice, it’s more of a reason to stay with me, right?”

    Immediately, your head nodded back at him, “you know that I never really wanted to break up with you, don’t you Sanghyuk?”

    “I do, I know everything’s been a bit of a blur for you.”


    His eyebrows furrowed together as you sat down at a table in catering far away from Juho and the rest of the boys, not wanting to draw any attention to yourself as everyone sat down during the break for lunch.

    Juho wasn’t quite as willing though, soon making his way across to you. “How come you’re sitting here all by yourself and not with us?”

    “I’m doing it for you,” you whispered.

    “Why?” Juho questioned, noticing a look of fear in your eyes as you looked around the room, “you think everyone’s watching and talking about us, don’t you?”

    Your head nodded, anxiously scanning around, “if I sit by myself, it saves anyone from judging you or starting to talk about you too.”

    “What if I want people to talk about me? And about us too?”

    “This is your workplace,” you reminded him, but Juho shrugged, “maybe it’s better if I keep my distance to save you from getting into trouble.”

    “Sitting at lunch won’t get us in trouble,” he promised you, “but sitting apart at lunch is breaking my heart a little not having you there.”

    You smiled weakly as Juho reached out for your hand underneath the table, “do you think if I sit with you everyone else will be alright with it?”

    “Let them talk, I want us to do whatever we want to.”


    The distance between you both was worrying for Seokwoo, each time he tried to move closer towards you, you moved away. He wasn’t sure if it was the location, the timing, or just him that was the issue.

    As the film finished, Seokwoo pulled you back down, refusing to let you leave. “What was all of that about?” He asked, staring across at you.

    “Just ignore me,” you tried to dismiss.

    “Just tell me what’s wrong,” Seokwoo requested, trying his best to meet your eyes, “you know that you can talk to me if something’s wrong.”

    Your eyes flickered around to notice a group of girls still sat in the back row, “there’s people watching us Seokwoo right now.”

    “And? Why should we let that stop us from doing anything?”

    “I bet they’re fans of yours,” you cautiously whispered, “if they see the two of us together, they’ll tell everyone and then you’ll end up being talked about.”

    “But they’d just be telling the truth,” Seokwoo tried to get you to see, “do you think that we should be embarrassed about our relationship?”

    Your head shook, staring down to the floor, “I don’t want to cause any drama and risk doing something to hurt your career.”

    “I can handle things, please don’t worry about me.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    You didn’t know what to do as Taeyang approached your table at the coffee store, offering him a weak smile as he sat down opposite you, placing his coffee cup on the table whilst studying your expression closely.

    You were silent, giving Taeyang the floor to speak first. “Can you just tell me why you suddenly decided to break up with me so suddenly?”

    “I was thinking of you,” you replied.

    “How?” Taeyang challenged, confused by your reply, “if you were thinking of me then we’d have stayed together because you know how happy you make me.”

    You smiled nervously, taking a sip from your mug, “it’s not just about your feelings, but your career too Taeyang, you’re doing so well.”

    “And I know that I can do even better with you with me.”

    “Your fans won’t see it that way,” you defended, staring across at him, “and when I was at the company the other day, management weren’t exactly friendly.”

    “They were rude to you?” Taeyang asked you in frustration, shaking his head, “if someone was rude to you, why didn’t you say so?”

    Your shoulders shrugged in response, “because I thought it would be better for you if I left rather than causing any trouble with staff.”

    “No way, they need putting right, not you Y/N.”


    You tried to shut the door, but Youngkyun placed his foot inside before you could, trying his best to ignore the pain that came with you ramming the door into his foot, knowing that the pain would be worth it.

    Once you eventually caved, Youngkyun finally spoke up. “Why?” Was all he asked you, knowing that you knew what he meant straight away.

    “It’s for the best,” you simply stated.

    “Not for me,” he huffed, forcing his way into your home, “it’s like you just disappeared, but if I did something wrong Y/N then I won’t to know so I can fix it.”

    Your head shook back at him, “I’m fixing things by leaving you alone, I don’t want to break your career with our relationship.”

    “That’s what you think your doing? Have you lost your mind?”

    “People are already talking,” you tried to tell Youngkyun, but before you could continue, he wrapped his arms tightly around you and pulled you closely into his chest.

    “Don’t listen to them,” he whispered, squeezing them tightly, “I’m sorry that you felt like you were breaking me, but I promise that you’re not.”

    Your head shook, but Younghyun kept a hold of you, “what if things between us end up getting in the way of your work with the group?”

    “It won’t, we can balance things and they’ll be fine.”


    Your heart sunk as you walked out of your office to see Chanhee stood in the reception of the building, rising to his feet as soon as he saw you, making sure to give you no way out of walking past him.

    You had no choice but to walk across to Chanhee, noticing his expression. “You’ve not been replying to my texts, I didn’t know what to do.”

    “I need to go,” you tried to tell him.

    “Y/N,” Chanhee replied, refusing to let you go, “what’s going on? You can’t avoid me like this without any explanation, I don’t deserve to be treated like this.”

    Your head nodded, stopping in your tracks, “you don’t deserve a lot of what comes your way, which is why I’m doing this.”

    “Doing what? I don’t understand where you’re at with us.”

    “You don’t need the attention of a relationship,” you tried to tell him, but Chanhee’s head shook, grabbing your hand, “your fans won’t like me either Chanhee.”

    “I don’t care about any of that,” he sighed, pulling you towards him, “you were scared to date me? Scared of what the reaction would be?”

    Your head nodded once again, “can you blame me? Stepping foot into your world is crazy Chan, it’s a lot to take on just like that.”

    “But we do it together, just don’t give up, please.”



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  • pufflix
    15.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    O students


    wc: 3,3k

    pairing: kim seungmin x gn!reader

    featuring: han jisung, loona's chaewon, the boyz's eric, pentagon's shinwon, sf9's chani

    summary: for two years, you considered seungmin as a rival, until he did his best to befriend you

    genres: hogwarts!au, rivals to friends to lovers!au, ravenclaw!seungmin, ravenclaw!reader, fluff

    tw: one curse word

    notes: after two years, i'm finally back :') enjoy this piece and please show seungmin some love! moodboard made by me, pictures found on the internet

    order of writing: chan - jisung - minho - hyunjin - jeongin - seungmin - changbin - felix

    networks: @ficscafe @kflixnet @k-radio

    permanent tag list: @soobin-chois send ask/dm/comment to be added!

    hogwarts series tag list: @starlighthan @sulfurcosmos @zeawkwardpterodactyl

    It was common knowledge that Seungmin was an O student, and you weren’t so far behind. In the beginning of first year up until the end of second year, you were rivals. You were competitive and Seungmin was a pain. He wasn’t competitive as much, but he was better than you, and you couldn’t tolerate it. Fortunately, he asked if he could talk to you on the train to your third year and you’ve been a better person ever since; less competitive, more open and definitely more livable. Bonus, you became friends with him.

    Your parents had pressured you into being the best student and it made you do and say things you regret, but Seungmin understood, which you were thankful for. They also wanted you to be a Slytherin, like them, but perhaps the Sorting Hat knew deep down who you really were.

    Hogwarts has always been a second home to you. At all times, you felt cozy and relaxed despite the amount of noise and homework. Making peace with yourself made the whole experience ten times better.

    The librarian came out of nowhere with an unpleasant look —the usual— and hissed to the whole library before storming out: “Pray that I won’t find out who damaged our copy of Important modern magic discoveries.”

    You looked at Seungmin at the other side of the table and laughed quietly while he shook his head. You knew who it was, but you wouldn’t snitch on a fellow Ravenclaw. Especially not when he cost too much house points already.

    Seungmin didn’t like studying in the Great Hall because it was too loud compared to the library, where the librarian never accepted any sound (whispers were worse than speaking out loud for her). The common room was okay, sometimes, but it was mostly a place to chill and read.

    Moreover, he knew every inch of the library like the back of his hand, so he often helped restock and find books for other students if they looked lost. You found that admirable, knowing the librarian’s temperament. He didn’t seem to mind, though. In fact, she seemed to respect your friend, value even.

    “I can’t believe Jisung’s scared of acromantulas,” you blurted out of the blue, the last class of defense against the dark arts still fresh on your mind.

    “Me neither. He does have one fear, after all.”

    You nodded, refocusing on your task at hand, when a tired-looking Chaewon sat next to you with a light thud. She sighed, pinching her nose bridge in annoyance.

    “What’s wrong?” you asked, your voice laced with worry.

    “I just tutored Heejin for transfiguration but she’s not making any effort.”

    “She asked the professor herself, though?”

    “Exactly! Ugh, why did it have to be me?”

    “Ask the professor to change the tutor,” proposed Seungmin.

    “Already did, but she said I was the second best choice, the first being Hyunjin, and he’s already tutoring a Gryffindor.”

    “Wait. You don’t have to actually meet up, right?” You were not going to let your friend have a hard time for basically nothing.

    “I guess not…”

    “Then just don’t. I’m sure she doesn’t even need the help.”

    “You’re right, she looked jealous over the person that genuinely needed the help,” recalled Seungmin.

    “I guess she likes Hyunjin or something,” Chaewon shrugged.

    “Poor girl. He’s never going to see her that way,” you shook your head.

    “Shhh!” hissed the librarian behind you, making you all flinch. No one saw her coming back and it put an end to your conversation.

    A few days later, in history of magic class, the professor monotonously recited his 14th century’s witch hunt lesson while some classmates were playing exploding snap at the back. Seungmin was, as usual, immersed in the lecture while you were trying your best not to fall asleep. Chaewon was diligently writing down notes two rows back, next to Hyunjin who gave up on staying awake a long time ago. You’ve never spent time with the Slytherin girl, but she was close to Chaewon. You could hear mini explosions and laughter from behind you, and if you weren't so drowsy right now, you would've gone to see how the game was going.

    After the class, you went to the courtyard during recess with Seungmin.

    “I just don’t get why flying carpets are illegal, you know? They look so much steadier than brooms,” you sighed, sitting on the low wall surrounding the courtyard, your friend following you.

    “I’d tell you the reason, but you know it already.”

    “Yes, they have been defined as a ‘muggle artifact’ by the registry of proscribed charmable objects, so now they're banned. But so are brooms! I guess the ministry had to choose, and made a huge mistake.”

    “Why don’t you send them an owl to make a change?” Seungmin proposed, amused by your beliefs.

    “Are you out of your mind? My dad works at the ministry, I don't fancy receiving a howler during breakfast for my 'disrespect of the wizarding law’, thank you very much.”

    You visibly shivered at the thought.

    “Would be fun to–” Seungmin started, but your attention drifted off to a guy standing on the edge of the fountain.

    “Anyone want to do my history homework? I can pay,” proposed a fourth year Gryffindor, Eric if you weren’t mistaken.

    Seeing you were about to get up to walk in the direction of the guy, Seungmin stopped you by tugging on your robe. “You’re not seriously considering it?”

    “Why not? If he pays well, I can buy some books at Fleury and Bott this weekend,” you shrugged.

    “I’ll buy you every book you want but please. Don’t do it, you already have a lot on your plate.”

    “Aww. Is that worry? You’re so cute. Every book I want, huh? You can’t back down now!”

    Seungmin grimaced a bit as he watched you excitedly walking to your next class. He sighed tiredly before joining you, considering Eric’s offer to buy those books for a brief moment. That would've been hypocritical of him to do that, so he kept walking.

    He never regretted it because he could spend more quality time with you. His wallet though, it was another story.

    Out of the books you acquired, there was the ‘Quintessence: A Quest’ charm book destined for the sixth year students.

    Back to Ravenclaw’s common room that Sunday, you browsed through it while Seungmin was, no big surprise, working on assignments. Chaewon was with you two for a few hours, then decided to go outside, quoting her: ‘to enjoy the first warm day of the year.’

    As you were turning the pages, a spell caught your eye. It was the bubble-head charm.

    “I can’t believe that spell is too advanced for me,” you whispered to yourself.

    Seungmin took a quick look at your interest and shrugged, saying, “it never stopped me.”

    “Me neither. I’m just saying that it’s a cool spell that we should've learned already! How cool would it be to swim in the black lake for hours, meet the merpeople and the giant squid?”

    “Y/N, let me stop you right there,” he said seriously, bringing a hand up. “The black lake is forbidden, please don’t do anything stupid. Jisung is already a pain for losing house points daily,” he requested, his eyes pleading.

    “Contrary to what you may think, I didn’t get sorted into Ravenclaw simply because I like the color blue. I know how to stay out of trouble.” Seungmin gave you an unimpressed look. “Okay. Okay, I won’t enter the black lake. Promise.”

    “Thank you,” he let out a relieved sigh.

    “I’m still learning that spell, though.”


    (っ◔◡◔)っ ✿ฺ

    “The library is like a second Ravenclaw common room at this point,” Chaewon pointed out, sitting next to you at a table attached to one of many narrow rows. “I’ve seen a majority of blue robes since I entered.”

    “Can’t deny it,” you shrugged, amused, finishing a transfiguration assignment.

    Your friend chuckled lightly, stopped abruptly when she heard a ‘shh’ from the end of the row –the librarian, no doubt– and sighed quietly. “I have five minutes to cry over my potions essay.”


    Lunch time was about to end. Passing your own potions essay to your friend under her thanks, you packed up your things and waited for her to rectify a few facts on her parchment.

    “I’m forever grateful,” the Ravenclaw girl said on your way to the dungeons, where you joined Seungmin and the Hufflepuffs.

    “Come on Chae, we're friends. I would lend you my essays anytime.”

    “You’re the best Y/N!” Chaewon exclaimed, a pretty eye smile adorning her soft features, as she put her arms around one of yours.

    Seungmin stood there, smiling to himself at the exchange, his eyes lingering on your face, which didn’t go unnoticed by Jisung. As you all entered the classroom, he nudged his friend.

    “Is this a one-sided enemy to lovers au?”

    He friendly slapped his shoulder and told him to shut up. Everyone around Seungmin and you knew your past. It was quite the show.

    “It’s so frustrating! He’s always ahead of me, no matter how hard I try to be the best,” you told your cousin.

    It was about April of your second year. You had a cousin who was in his 7th year at that time. A Slytherin, too.

    “You’re being too hard on yourself, Y/N,” he smiled as he put a hand on your shoulder.

    Shinwon was always supportive and cheerful, despite your family motto (‘be the best in everything’). At seventeen, he already chose his path, his parents accepting it or not. Indeed, he wanted to become a healer at St Mungo’s and save lives. It was admirable, and you wished you were more like him.

    “I know your parents are putting a lot of pressure on you, but you’re only twelve. Enjoy your school years, forge your own path, make friends and, more importantly, be happy.”

    Those words actually helped you get through the end of your second year. Your cousin was now a healer at St Mungo’s as he dreamed of, and to honor his kind words, you were enjoying your school days as much as you could.

    After potions, you got to herbology.

    You’ve spent the two last classes learning the herbivicus charm, and Seungmin particularly loved it. All week, he practiced on the few plants in the common room, or the ones outside.

    Herbology was one of your friend’s favorite subjects, he loved to take care of the plants, even outside of class. The professor let him water every plant in the greenhouses on weekends— to his request.

    At lunch, you were eating with your friends, Jisung, his partner in crime and Chani. The latter looked around the table, stopped for a few seconds, then offered his hand over the table for Chaewon to shake. She confusedly did.

    “Looks like we're likely to end up together, this feels like a triple date.” Chaewon removed her hand from his under the protests and indignation of the five persons concerned. Chani put his hands up in fake surrender, “That was a joke, jeez.”

    “Not very funny,” muttered Jisung before taking a sip of pumpkin juice.

    “Don't scare me like that again,” Chaewon glared at Chani, gently rubbing the hand that touched his own under the table.

    He sent her an apologetic smile, and you were so immersed in their conversation that —you caught Chani’s red ears and how your friend’s features didn't match her actions— you weren't aware of Seungmin gazing at you, his brain going blank.

    No thoughts, just your pretty eyes, cute smile and soft skin.

    He snapped out of it when Jisung flicked his fingers in front of him. “You okay there, mate? Looks like you were daydreaming.”

    Seungmin kicked him under the table —making him dramatically yelp in pain— and resumed eating his lunch in silence, trying his best to hide his embarrassment.

    Actually, he has harbored feelings for you for quite some time, a few months before you talked out your rivalry. He never said anything, of course, by fear you would reject him or worse, end your friendship with him. He always did his best to hide his secret from everyone; that was until Jisung caught up.

    During defense against the dark arts this afternoon, as Ravenclaws and Slytherins were practicing the twitchy-ears hex —and, therefore, the shield charm—, Jisung and his partner in crime were half-heartedly training, preferring taking their time to chat, glancing at Seungmin and you from time to time from the other side of the room. You were diligently practicing with Chaewon while Chani was with Seungmin.

    The latter wasn’t fully concentrated though, often having the overwhelming feeling of eyes boring into him. He didn’t like that. It even made him mess up his shield charm, resulting in him feeling his ear twitch. He groaned, congratulated Chani and pointed his wand at his ear, whispering: “Finite.” Then, he hexed Jisung across the room when he wasn’t looking, his partner being confused because she wasn’t the one to hex him.

    Meanwhile, Chaewon and you were pretty good at this so everytime one of you casted a spell, there was no difference. Both your shield charms were perfect.

    “Almost would’ve like to know how the hex feels,” Chaewon laughed during recess.

    You were at the library, working on the herbology essay you got that morning, with Seungmin and Chaewon. Without a word, you put your wand out of your robe pocket, pointing it at your friend. She raised her hands to her ears, an unpleasant look on her face.

    “I said almost! It’s quite irksome, actually.” You released her from the hex and she relaxed, quickly rubbing her ears, “Thanks.”

    “My pleasure.”

    Seungmin was lost in thought, thinking about how smart and talented you were. He had a stupid smile on his face until he shook his head and realized Chaewon was staring at him suspiciously. He coughed and got back to his assignment, not being able to fully focus.

    He was losing control of his emotions.

    That night in the common room, as you three were still working —uh, boringgg— on your assignments before dinner, Chaewon decided she had enough and preferred reading a romance book on her bed. She packed her stuff and went to her dorm, leaving Seungmin and you in a comfortable silence. Until Jisung entered the room, sneakily walking behind your backs at a safe distance.

    He pointed his wand at your sleeves —they were a few inches apart— and whispered: “Epoximise.” He then fled out of the room like he was never here, excitedly thinking how his plan was working perfectly.

    You didn’t notice for like twenty seconds, but when you moved your hand to write on your parchment, Seungmin’s left arm followed. You looked at each other in disbelief, raising your arms to see what could’ve happened.

    Seungmin’s robe sleeve somehow merged with yours.

    The sudden proximity —your pinky fingers touched a few times— embarrassed you for some reason, while Seungmin was a blushing mess.

    “We should probably do something about that,” you finally say, gesturing to your hands.


    “You should do it.”

    “Yeah,” he murmured as he took his wand, “finite.”

    “I wonder who did this.”

    “I have an idea.” Seungmin looked upset, but you didn’t pry. “I’ll be back,” he said, getting up and leaving the common room in a hurry.

    You took this time alone —well, almost, there were other Ravenclaws around— to think about why your cheeks burned as much as they did when your hands were touching.

    You didn’t like him like that, right?

    He was just a good friend you disliked before, who’s been nothing but sweet and understanding. A truly smart guy who, despite his gigantic love for academics and books, could always make time to help others whenever they needed. You loved that in him— wait.

    No, no, no.

    While you tried to convince yourself it wasn’t ‘love’ you were feeling, Seungmin was out for Jisung’s head. He found him on the spiral staircase leading to their common room, walking up in his direction.

    “Jisung,” he shouted from a few stairs above him, startling not only the concerned, but a few paintings too.

    “Oh, Seung, hey, how’re you doing?” he asked as he stopped in his tracks.

    “What were you THINKING?”

    Slowly walking backwards, Jisung started sweating, his friend’s anger intimidating him a little. “It wasn’t—”

    “I know it was you, don’t deny it. I’ve felt you staring at me for hours today, I knew you were planning something.”

    “I was going to say that it wasn’t meant to hurt you in any way, more like bring you two closer with a little push. I’m sorry.”

    “I should hex you right now,” Seungmin huffed.

    “Didn’t you already do in dada?” he raised a brow, crossing his arms.

    “True. I guess we’re even, then.”

    Jisung let out a relieved breath, “how did it go?”

    “It was awkward,” he explained as they came back to the common room together, “and I won’t discuss this matter further with you. You’ve done your part,” he stopped to give the eagle knocker an answer to his riddle, “please don’t do anything else.”

    Jisung nodded as he saw you were alone at the table, your hands in your hair like you were having a crisis. He excused himself before going to his dorm, while Seungmin sat next to you. “You okay?”

    You shot your head up, using your hands to fix your hair. “Of course. Yeah. Totally.”

    It looked like you were freaking out, which worried Seungmin, but he kept his mouth shut, gazing at your face. You finally looked at him and it was weird, your heart was still beating fast but you felt at ease. You managed to smile, losing yourself in his soft brown eyes.

    “You’re really beautiful,” he whispered but you heard it.

    You blushed, your smile growing wider. “You’re beautiful, too.”

    His eyes widened, his ears got red as he hid his face behind his hands.

    Giggling, you gently took his hands in yours and brought them down, leaning towards him. You looked in each other’s eyes with adoration.

    He slowly closed the gap between you in a chaste kiss. It didn’t last long, but it was sweet and made you all fuzzy inside. The euphoria ended immediately after a couple Ravenclaws cheered for you, though, but it was a nice feeling.

    At dinner, Seungmin, Chaewon, Jisung, his partner in crime, Chani and you were all eating together, and you two lovebirds were holding hands under the table.

    Jisung raised his glass out of nowhere, “I’d like to make a toast.”

    “We’re fourteen,” Chani interrupted.

    “Shut up and raise your damn pumpkin juice,” he cursed in a whisper, before smiling at his friends raising their own glasses —reluctantly or not. “To the new couple I helped”—Seungmin scoffed—“make happen today,” he announced as he glanced at you two, “next is your turn, buddies,” he added to the attention of Chaewon and Chani, who blushed hard.

    “Cheers,” his partner in crime jovially said, before drinking.

    “And when’s your turn?” Seungmin asked Jisung, murmuring over the table so he’d be the only one hearing.

    “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that,” he murmured back.

    After dinner, Seungmin and you were walking around the courtyard, holding hands and making heart eyes at each other.

    “Remember when I decided to learn the bubble-head charm?”

    “I don’t think I like what you’re implying…” he softly answered, already feeling anxious about your next words.

    “It’s not that bad, I promise,” you giggled, “I learned how to make blue sparks too.”

    You put your wand out and pointed to the night sky. Making the right hand movement, jets of blue sparks came out of the tip of your wand, illuminating the sky. “Vermillious,” you enunciated, adding jets of red sparks into the mini fireworks, creating purple sparks in the process.

    Seungmin was amazed, it was such a mesmerizing view. His eyes fell on your face, and, at that exact moment, intently watching as your eyes shone and your smile held pure gratification, he knew why he loved you.

    You were full of life, always by his side, a good friend and so, so beautiful under the multicolored lights.

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    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    When They Take Care Of You On Your Period ~ SF9 Reaction


    Your smile grew as finally Inseong came home, heading in your direction straight away, placing the carrier bag in his hand gently on top of your frame.

    “For you,” he simply stated with a chuckle, giving you some space.

    “What have you been buying?” You asked, burying inside the bag, pulling out several bars of chocolate and packets of sweets, exactly what you needed.

    The smile on your face was worth it for Inseong, knowing just how much you craved sweet food on your period. “I wasn’t sure what else I could get for you, but I know that you never turn down chocolate on your period.”

    Your head nodded, already opening up the bar, “I never turn down chocolate anyway, but especially on my period.”

    Inseong moved across to perch on the end of the sofa beside you, “do you plan on sharing any of that with the person who bought it.”

    “I might give you a square,” you teased.

    Inseong’s eyes went wide as you snapped off exactly one bar of the chocolate, “you’re not even going to give me a row.”

    “This is only the first bar, pace yourself.”


    You were surprised to see Youngbin awake as you walked back into the bedroom, wrapping your arms around your stomach to try and get rid of the pain.

    “Are you alright?” He asked, full of concern as to what was happening.

    “I came on my period,” you sighed, sliding back underneath the duvet to feel Youngbin pull you towards him, “I knew it was going to happen this week.”

    His arms wrapped tightly around you, coupled several kisses being placed to your forehead. “Is there anything else that you need to get through the night? Have you had some tablets? Do you want a hot water bottle?”

    Your head shook at Youngbin’s many offers, “I think I could just do with a cuddle right now, that’s all I need to go back to sleep.”

    His head nodded, tightening his grip around you, “a hug is definitely something that I can give you to try and make life easier.”

    “I’m sorry for waking you up too,” you whispered.

    A soft sigh came from Youngbin above you, “you don’t need to apologise, I’m just glad you’re alright, or as well as you can be.”

    “I’ll be better soon, once the pain relief kicks in.”


    Your heart raced as you heard a gentle knock at the door, calling through to Jaeyoon to enter, watching his head peer around the door frame to you.

    “I thought you might need these,” he smiled, holding a few bits up for you.

    “You’re the best,” you complimented as he placed a fresh pair of underwear and pyjamas down on the floor, ready for you to change into when you needed them.

    You were a mess, but Jaeyoon didn’t mind at all, knowing that your period was never an easy experience for you. “I’ll strip the bed if you want whilst you sort your stuff out, we can throw it all in a wash.”

    You smiled softly as he offered you a reassuring grin of his own, “I swear sometimes I won the lottery getting to date you Jaeyoon.”

    His head shook with a chuckle, “I’m just being a good boyfriend, you always take good of me, I can only do the same for you.”

    “I really appreciate it,” you reiterated.

    Jaeyoon nodded, letting you know that he understood, “take care of yourself, I’ll put the wash on whenever you’re ready to.”

    “I’ll try not to be long, thank you Jae!”


    The moment you walked through the front door, you were greeted by Sanghyuk, barely giving you time to take your shoes off before he took your hand.

    “Follow me,” he excitedly grinned, leading you up the stairs hastily.

    “I’m tired,” you sighed, struggling to keep up with his pace, desperate to throw yourself into bed and feel sorry for yourself as your cramps continued to frustrate you.

    Your annoyance soon disappeared though as Sanghyuk led you into the bathroom to where a bath was running for you. “I thought I’d do a little something to try and ease that pain, I know how hard your periods are.”

    You smiled appreciatively, apologising for being so grumpy, “you’re an angel sometimes, thank you so much for this.”

    Sanghyuk slowly led you across to the bath, helping you to begin undressing, “I’ve even included some of those bath salts you like.”

    “This is exactly what I needed,” you smiled.

    Sanghyuk was full of pride knowing that he had helped you out, “I might even order takeout as a treat once you’re out too.”

    “Suddenly being on my period doesn’t seem so bad.”


    Your eyes widened as you felt an uncomfortable feeling strike against your stomach, stopping walking with Juho as you placed your hand over it.

    “Everything good?” He questioned, looking back to see your expression.

    “Not quite,” you frowned, looking around, relieved to see no one else around you, “I think I might have just come on my period; I’ve got a bad feeling about things.”

    Juho nodded, trying his best to stay calm, taking his arms out of the sleeves of his jacket, passing it across to you. “Tie this around yourself to hide anything just in case, do you want to head back home instead?”

    As much as you wanted to get coffee, your head nodded in reply. “I don’t want to risk any accidents happening whilst we walk.”

    Juho took a hold of your hand again as you turned back around, “you don’t need to explain, I completely understand Y/N.”

    “But now you don’t get coffee,” you sighed.

    Juho’s shoulders shrugged, “maybe I’ll drive down and get us one once you’re home and taken care of, how does that sound?”

    “Really good, I could do with a coffee right now.”


    He could only manage a smile as you pushed the bedroom door back open, knowing that Seokwoo had spotted what was wrong with you immediately.

    “I’m sorry,” he frowned, pulling the duvet back for you to slide under.

    “I hate men at this time of the month,” you groaned, throwing yourself down on the bed, landing your head on Seokwoo’s outstretched arm to pull you in.

    His hold was tight, exactly what you needed to try and ease the pain that you felt in the pit of your stomach. “Try and get some more sleep,” Seokwoo whispered down to you, “it’s five in the morning right now.”

    Your head nodded, curling into his side for comfort, “I’ve taken some tablets for my cramp, hopefully in half an hour the pain should disappear.”

    Seokwoo nodded, listening to you closely, “why don’t we stay up for half an hour and chat until your pain goes away in that case?”

    “You need to rest too,” you reminded him.

    Once again, Seokwoo nodded, “and I will rest to, once I know that you’re resting, if you’re comfortable, then I’m comfortable.”

    “You’re too sweet, I can’t even argue with you.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Your hands extended out as soon as Taeyang got home, desperate to take what he had bought from the shops and hurry to the bathroom to sort yourself out.

    “Did I get everything?” Taeyang nervously asked as you tipped it out.

    “I think so,” you smiled, grabbing a tampon from the box, and a pad out of the packet beside you too, “I really appreciate you doing this for me Tae.”

    He smiled back at you, taking a seat on the sofa whilst you sorted yourself out, finally speaking to you once he knew that you were comfortable again. “I got a few funny looks when I went to the checkout you know.”

    You grinned appreciatively at him, taking a seat beside him, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do, I couldn’t go myself.”

    His arm wrapped around you, relieved to see you feeling better, “I didn’t mind, it’s just funny how judgemental others can be.”

    “They’re jealous you’re a good boyfriend,” you suggested.

    A light chuckle came from Taeyang in reply to your suggestion, “that’s a better idea than the reason they probably stared.”

    “As long as I help you, I don’t care who stares.”


    The sound of you groaning yet again shattered Youngkyun;s heart, noticing your hands resting on your stomach where the source of the pain was.

    “Stay here,” he instructed, standing up from the sofa and your hug.

    “Why?” You frowned, immediately feeling cold as Youngkyun left your side, making his way towards the kitchen without wanting to share his plans with you.

    You could hear plenty of noise from the kitchen, unsure as to what was going on until Youngkyun returned with a hot water bottle in hand. “I did a search, it said that these are supposed to help with cramps.”

    You tried to take it from Youngkyun, but he pressed it down against your stomach instead, “you’re an angel, I swear you just read my mind.”

    His smile was wide, noticing the relief on your face as the heat hit you, “is there anything else that I can do to help you right now.”

    “Not leave my side again,” you laughed in reply.

    Youngkyun nodded confidently, taking his seat on the sofa again, “now that I’ve got you taken care of, I’m not going anywhere.”

    “My tummy and I really appreciate you Kyun.”


    A chuckle came from you as you turned on the sofa, watching Chanhee struggle to make his way down the stairs with blankets in his hold.

    “I’m coming,” he called out trying his best to keep his balance.

    “What are you doing?” You laughed, reluctantly sitting yourself up to make some space for Chanhee to dump all of the items that he was carrying on the sofa.

    A proud smile found its way onto his face once he managed to get everything down. “You’re on your period, and therefore you need to be comfortable, which is why I’ve bought all of these to make things cosy.”

    Your head shook in disbelief back at him, “you didn’t need to do all of this Chanhee, you must have found every cushion and blanket here.”

    His head nodded as his smile grew, “we’re having a movie marathon, you might get bored of one blanket and want to use another.”

    “You’ve really thought of everything,” you commented.

    Chanhee’s cheeks heated up as you grabbed one of the cushions, “I just want to be able to help you as much as I possibly can.”

    “This is more than enough, this is perfect.”



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  • kbandtrash
    22.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Rich Boy SF9 Bullet Point AU (Chani)



    There are no guarantees that I will do this for any other member I'm just obsessed with this dude for no other reason than I'm exactly one month older than him

    Word Count: 4k

    He’s like. Old money chaebol rich

    Have you ever heard like money shouts but wealth whispers

    Yeah I don’t think it even registers to him that he’s rich

    And so when he commissions you to draw something for his little brother’s birthday he’s like

    “is $10,000 enough or is that skimping”

    You’re like

    “Did. did you mean. ₩10,000”

    Because like your highest commission rates are like ₩100,000 but you’re used to being undervalued

    And he’s like

    “No I meant $10,000”

    And you’re about to faint because holy crap he’s offering you like. However many months of rent and he wonders if he’s skimping?

    Who is this dude????

    You go and check out his instagram page from the account he dm’d you with


    He’s the heir to a major conglomerate

    That’s all

    But you haven’t responded to him and he gets a little nervous

    “Did I say something weird?” he asks

    Rich people are something different you think to yourself

    But this is not something you’re going to turn down

    Clueless rich boy can be your best friend for a little bit

    “Nope you’re totally good! How soon do you want this done?”

    “Well my little brother’s birthday is next Tuesday so if I could have it before then that would be great”

    Ah there it was

    You had eight days to take on an entirely new project

    You still had your job and older commissions to work on

    But for $10,000?

    “Usually I wouldn’t take on something with such short notice but I happen to have a bit of free time right now”

    You would make it work for $10,000

    Anyway the commission was to draw his little brother in the style of his favorite cartoon with a few of the characters

    And the reference photo he sent was adorable

    Like the little kid was super cute

    But his older brother

    As in the boy who had commissioned you

    Totally different vibe from his instagram

    On his professional instagram with like 50k followers or whatever he was very business

    Suits, ties, hair styled

    But in this selfie with his little brother

    You know that one post that’s like “Boys who are usually dressed casually are 325% hotter in suits but boys who are usually in suits are 457% hotter dressed casually”


    Plus there was this genuine sparkle in his eyes that wasn’t anywhere on his social media

    Anyway he was a client it didn’t matter that he gave you a minor heart attack

    And also a chaebol that was lightyears out of your reach

    So as soon as he paid you

    (which was immediately and the full amount)

    You got to work

    Any time you sent him progress shots he responded almost immediately with probably an unhealthy amount of enthusiasm


    “He’s going to love this!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “You’re amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    It was……….

    It was cute okay

    It was adorable actually

    And he wouldn’t stop there either he would ask you questions about your process

    He didn’t understand the vocabulary of your answers sometimes

    And then he would ask you to explain

    You could almost imagine him sitting across from you with big curious eyes

    And then when his questions about your art ran out

    He would just ask you questions about anything

    He was patient and he didn’t mind if you took a while to answer

    Any time you apologized he would brush it off

    “You don’t owe me your time” is what he would usually say

    “Except for what you paid me for” is how you would respond

    He thought that was funny

    You couldn’t tell if he was just a bored rich kid desperate to make a “normal” friend

    Or if he was genuinely curious

    He always had his next question locked and loaded

    He led conversations mostly

    So you didn’t actually know that much about him

    It was an interesting experience to say the least

    But Then

    When you sent him the finalized product

    After his usual extensive praise

    And also asking you if it was okay to print it out poster-sized (yeah dude go ahead)

    He invited you to the party

    “Only if you’re not busy”

    “I think he would just like to meet the artist”

    You: “If he’s anything like you I bet he’ll have ten million questions too haha”

    He didn’t respond for a hot minute

    And then he hit you with

    “I’m sorry”

    “Am I annoying?”

    “I don’t mean to be”

    Oh no.

    Oh dear no goodness

    “No you’re not annoying!”

    “Are you sure? If you have other things you need to do that’s okay”

    “No actually” Fool you absolute fool why did you send this back “it’s kinda cute haha”

    Once again radio silence for a few minutes

    Was he okay

    “You really think so?”

    What a mess what now

    “Yeah I like talking to you”

    Anyway you did have the time so you worked up the courage to go to this rich person party for this rich child’s birthday oh goodness

    Apparently this was supposed to just be a normal child’s birthday party

    But those words came from Rich Boy himself so you weren’t sure what he meant by that

    And there were going to be like rich people in attendance so you couldn’t make a fool of yourself

    From what you knew about Rich Boy he would probably have talked you up as much as physically possible

    So there was pressure



    I mean………

    You would definitely be meeting Rich Boy……


    Worth it? Probably

    And so you decided to go like kinda business casual

    But with a colorful shirt and fun earrings since this was a kids party

    Now the party

    Oh they tried

    They were trying so hard to make this a Normal Child Birthday Party

    But rich people just aren’t built like that

    Like they were letting the kids run around and play

    But like the venue? The details in the decorations? Someone clearly paid a lot of money for this to happen

    After you had taken everything in, you realized you had no idea what you were doing

    You just figured that your Rich Boy would be your chaperone

    But he was nowhere to be seen

    You could see the moms all sitting at their table

    And if the dramas were accurate then they were barely tolerating each other for the sake of their children making connections

    And you had no intention of getting involved in that

    So you just stood by the door, looking from side to side

    No one was by the table of presents

    There was a big fancy cake that no one had touched yet either

    But there was something you noticed

    The kids didn’t seem to be playing with each other

    Not exactly

    It looked more like

    They were looking for something

    You wandered around the room a little bit, trying to figure out what they were looking for

    And then you felt a tug on your sleeve

    And there he was

    Hiding between a couch and the wall

    There was your Rich Boy

    “Mr. Kang??”

    “Hey not so loud! We’re playing hide and seek!”

    He pulled you down next to him so you were hidden by the couch too

    “And we’re the same age. Just call me Chani”


    Oh dear

    Just call him Chani



    And now you were hiding behind a couch with him

    Also what


    He was in a t-shirt and jeans

    More what



    Yeah once again boys normally dressed formally are 457% hotter in casual clothes

    Or maybe just like he was right there and so close to you and in person

    He peeked over the couch to look for the kids

    And then he looked back at you

    Your noses must have been five centimeters apart

    “I didn’t think this was going to be such a good hiding spot,” he said

    And he laughed a little bit

    Your brain was freaking out because like.

    Cute. What on earth

    But then your Brain with a capital B just responded in turn like a normal human

    Thank goodness

    “I don’t know, I didn’t see you until you pulled me down here with you, so it must not be too bad”

    He smiled at you

    When was the last time you had seen a smile like that

    Directed at you especially

    His eyes were sparkly with like this genuine appreciation

    “That’s a good point, (Y/N)”

    Lowercase b brain was done


    What was so captivating about him?

    Why were you like this about him?

    Didn’t you understand from the get-go

    The “Is $10,000 enough?” incident

    That this guy was way out of your financial league

    You lived in two different worlds

    There was no way you could understand each other on a fundamental level

    But he was real and in front of you

    And right now he didn’t seem all that different

    Luckily capital b Brain was alive and well

    Until you realized his hand was still holding onto your sleeve

    And capital b Brain realized that you had fallen for him entirely

    This was the boy you had spent hours talking about nothing and everything with this past week

    So now that he was in front of you

    Absentmindedly holding your sleeve

    You really hoped he wouldn’t let go

    Chani peeked over the couch again and then almost immediately ducked down

    “They saw me!”

    A rush of kids soon stormed the couch, hopping over and running around

    They were all crowding around and so excited

    None of them quite seemed to notice you

    They were all so excited to have finally found him

    And he was just as excited as they were

    “Am I the last one??”

    “Yeah, you have to be the seeker now!!”

    “Ah, man, how am I supposed to find all of you?? You’re all so good at hiding!”

    “But hyung who’s she?”

    Once one kid (Chani’s little brother, you recognized) drew attention to you then the rest all seemed to see you for the first time

    “Yeah who’s she?” “She’s pretty” “why was she hiding with you?” “Is she your girlfriend”?” “Where did she come from?”

    Chani looked at you with a bashful little smile

    “I think it’s time to open presents,” he said

    The kids were sufficiently excited and distracted again as they ran over to the present table

    You looked for something poster-shaped but you didn’t see anything

    So you glanced over at Chani to ask if he had printed it like he said he would

    And then you noticed that he was holding a poster tube behind his back

    He noticed you looking at him and smiled again, this time something a little giddy and thankful?

    How did this dude have so many different ways to smile

    And why did they all make your heart beat in different ways

    Shut up lowercase b brain

    “I’m saving the best for last,” he said. “A surprise for the end”

    You couldn’t back your smile

    “I’m flattered”

    “You don’t need to be”



    His brother opened up all of his presents from his friends

    Which. Wow money was ridiculous

    You had never heard of half of these things he was getting

    When he finished unwrapping everything on the table, he was visibly put off

    “Hyung! Where’s yours?”

    He wasn’t like bratty about it or anything

    He just was very concerned that his brother would have forgotten him

    Chani brought out the poster from behind his back with a grin

    “Be careful,” he warned his little brother as he handed him the tube

    The kid twisted the top off of the tube

    And per his brother’s warning he carefully pulled the poster out

    The way his eyes went wide and sparkly with wonder was exactly the way you had pictured Chani


    “This is amazing!!”

    “Hyung how did you make me into a cartoon?”

    Chani laughed

    “This noona drew it for you!”

    Mini rich boy was over the moon excited

    And you were exactly correct

    He came over to you with the poster and started asking you questions

    Question after question after question

    After question after question

    But you loved it

    Because Chani was right next to you with the same wonder and curiosity

    Even though he had heard it all before

    It was nice to fool yourself just for a second to think he would be interested in you

    Like romantically

    Obviously there was something about you (cough cough your art) that intrigued him

    But like romantically? No way right?

    But anyway after the party ended and people started going home, he pulled you aside to sit on the couch you had hidden behind earlier

    And he thanked you again

    And then he started asking you questions again

    It felt natural to talk with him like this

    Just the same as when you were texting all the past week

    And face to face was even better because you could see his face

    His expressions were even sweeter than you had imagined them to be

    “You said that a week was usually too short for a commission,” he said. “So what’s a normal amount of time?”

    “O-oh are you wanting to commission me again?”

    Another different kind of nervous smile

    “I just really enjoyed working with you. This time it’s a little more formal, for the company”

    ???? A professional commission??? This had never been where you saw this going

    “I’ve enjoyed working with you, too”

    You earned another new smile--this time his ears turned a little red

    And so you did the graphics commission for the company and they paid you ~handsomely~

    Instead of doing the progress reports over text he asked if it would be okay if you met in person

    And who were you to say no???

    He would recommend a different cafe to meet at every time and he would pay for a drink and a little dessert for you too

    A little over the top but oh man why couldn’t you say no?

    So when you finished the piece for the company he asked if you would do another one

    Once again you accepted of course

    For the money for the money

    Is what you would say to yourself

    But honestly you were so relieved when he commissioned you again

    Because at this point?

    Crush aside he was your friend and you knew you would miss him

    But you knew you weren’t necessarily being professional about this

    You felt guilty and like you were taking advantage of his money and his kindness

    So you decided when you were done with this commission

    You were going to tell him how you felt

    You weren’t sure yet if you were going to confess your feelings necessarily

    But like at least that you enjoyed being his friend and that you felt kind of indebted to him?

    Or like that the cafe progress reports (dates honestly that’s what they were) probably weren’t as professional as they should be

    But if he wanted to keep meeting up with you outside of a professional setting then you would be down


    So you met for the second to last progress report on your piece and you told him everything

    (Except your crush on him lol)

    In a much more awkward manner than you had had it all laid out in your head of course

    But while you were talking he listened to you with his big curious eyes like he always did

    And he was very understanding like

    “Okay so going forward we can be more professional certainly”

    And then there was this little mischievous smirk on his lips

    “But we can still go on cafe dates?”

    And you just answered without thinking

    “Yeah I’d love that!”

    And then you realized what he said and by the look on his face that was exactly what he meant and you had just activated his trap card and oh boy if you could only skip to the next episode in this funny little drama you were living and ooohhhhhh my wooooord

    Sneaky. Sneaky Rich Boy

    But he looked like a little kid on his birthday

    Which you had recent experience to reference

    Just sitting in his seat with an expression and body language that did not match the suit he was wearing

    He looked up and met your dead-inside-kill-me-now gaze with something that could only be described as sparkly

    “Going forward then…” he said “what can we be?”

    Sneaky. Sneaky Rich Boy. Making you decide

    Blood was rushing in your ears and you could barely hear your own thoughts but capital B Brain stepped in once again and offered a mostly coherent and appropriate response

    “I’m…..not really……..not really sure…if that gets to be my decision………”

    “But what if it could be?” he asked with an earnest and anxious expression now

    He knew

    He understood the position you were both in

    “If it were just you and me and there were no other factors, do you think…what do you think?”

    Or maybe he wasn’t so sure

    Looking at him, it looked like he was scared

    Scared that he had read you wrong and maybe the connection he felt with you was superficial and one-sides and fake

    And you had been wondering something of the same things

    But thank goodness he was a little braver than you

    He may have made it look like he had tricked you into making the first step but with his background? Everything was a gamble

    Your mind was processing everything at a mile a minute and you needed to answer

    Capital B Brain was the one doing the processing though and lowercase b brain was extremely busy screaming so what was left to answer him??

    “I think…I hope we could keep going on cafe dates…..and that you could keep asking me questions……..and that I could keep talking to you and spending time with you………and maybe hold your hand……too…..”

    Oh. Your heart

    Apparently your heart can answer too if it needs to step in

    But he still looked so nervous and anticipatory

    “Really? Even if…”

    He was having a hard time figuring out how to phrase what he wanted to say

    Because of course he wanted to know if you were here for him or the money

    But he didn’t want to accuse you of being shallow and/or a liar

    “Even if my family was against it?”

    But like how are you supposed to respond to that

    What on earth could be convincing enough

    How could you genuinely convey your feelings?

    “Well,” you tried, “I wouldn’t want to drive you away from your family because that would be hard for you. I don’t know if I would really be worth that”

    Was that a good answer?

    You stared at your tablet instead of meeting his eyes

    His continued silence pushed you to keep talking

    “But if you really think I would be, then I…I would do my best to make things work for us”

    You could feel your face heating up as you fiddled with the case on your tablet

    “I like you at least that far, I think,” you concluded with a little nod

    He reached out to rest his hand gently on top of yours as you kept messing with your tablet

    “I think I do, too,” he said

    You finally looked up at him

    And boy oh boy his ears were so red

    He wasn’t looking at you either though lol he was very embarrassedly looking at your hands touching

    Oh my word your hands touching

    Wow wild what a feeling

    Now that you paid attention to it

    It was tingly and his hand was like the perfect temperature and also very soft

    So you put your other hand on top of his so you could keep it there

    “I was scared it was just me” you said as you traced his knuckles a little

    “And I think I would have been too embarrassed to say anything unless you did”

    His hand moved to slide his fingers under your palm

    So he was properly holding your hand now

    “So what does that make us now?” he asked

    He bashfully snuck a glance up at you

    Gee you would think you were fifth graders or something

    Not literal adults with jobs and businesses

    Blushing shy messes the both of you

    I wish I had a tiny font but alas

    “…..you……you can………you can call me…….your girlfriend…………if you want”

    “…….does that mean……that I’m………your b—” he giggled “your boyfriend?”

    Oh embarrassing

    So shy the both of you

    Neither of you fully believed this was real either so

    And I mean if you’ve noticed by now this boy like only speaks in question at you

    Pretty much

    And you answer his questions

    But this time it was his turn to answer you

    As you peeked up at him over the glowing red anime mess that was your face

    “Do……..do you want to be my boyfriend?”

    He was just barely able to meet your eyes as he gave you a little nod

    “I would like that a lot”

    So yeah blushy awkward shy embarrassed

    But ultimately happy!

    And if you think for once he might have been out of questions for you


    Never ever

    This unlocks a whole new set of questions are you kidding

    And now somehow you were able to get a word in and ask him questions too??

    Before you had kind of felt like he was off-limits in terms of learning about him

    But now you felt more on equal ground because you knew that your curiosity and feelings weren’t one-sided

    Not that conversations had been one-sided before but like

    He’s twice as fun to talk to when you’re holding hands you know?

    And his family?

    They don’t really care

    You get the feeling they don’t really see you as permanent but they’re not actively trying to fend you off so

    Well actually they’re not trying to fend you off at all

    See Chani’s little brother loooooooves you

    And his mom decided to pay you to give him art lessons

    Fun fact that’s how you found out Chani’s an artist too

    Little bro just kinda. Let it slip one day

    And you could physically see Chani’s soul leave his body as little bro ran to go get his sketchbook

    His style was very different than yours though so you understood why he wanted to commission you all that time ago

    But still

    As you can tell our story is wrapping up here

    So I shall leave you with your first kiss

    The timing wasn’t what you expected it to be but hey it was just right for the two of you

    You initiated it actually but he followed up real fast afterword

    See your plan was date night at your apartment

    Make dinner together and watch a movie and like kiss him during that sometime

    But he was unaware of the cook together plan and he brought takeout from a Chinese restaurant

    (He was very much enjoying learning how “normal people” do dating and small restaurants were his favorite new discovery)

    And he just looked.



    Standing in your doorway

    In jeans and a sweatshirt (with his sleeves covering his hands a lil bit) that you picked out for him

    And holding his little bags of takeout that he was clearly so proud of himself for bringing

    You couldn’t help yourself

    His hands were full what was he going to do stop you?

    You just wrapped your arms around him and kissed him

    And he was surprised but like adorably happy surprised not like Kdrama shocked

    And then he asked you “Can we do that now?”

    And after you nodded (“Yes of course!”) he was even more excited

    And he kind of ran inside your apartment with just the tiniest steps and posture and he set the food down on your counter

    And then he turned around and he kissed you again!

    Just cupped your face in his hands!


    He kinda got shy and so did you

    But you got over it fast

    Anyway the end I hope you enjoyed my 4000 words of brain rot because I sure did!!

    #if people like this format please tell me because i can and will repeat #i've also been watching sky castle can you tell #sf9#sf9 chani #sf9 x reader #chani x reader #sf9 au#sf9 fluff#sf9 imagines#chani#chani scenario
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  • broken-garden
    20.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    ~Summer With SF9~

    Song I was listening to while writing this: Every Summertime by NIKI

    Youngbin-: Summer with Youngbin is like falling in love with your first love(that makes no sense but whatever) Anyhow he will make you feel like you are the only person in the world with the simplest road trips to nowhere and with the radio blasting your favorite songs.

    Inseong-: Summer with Inseong feels like you are back in your childhood, he makes you feel back in your youth. FORTS ARE A MUST, he will also start pillow fights with you and then cuddle with you afterwards while watching your favorite Disney movie together.

    Jaeyoon-: Like Inseong he will make you feel like you are in your youth again. He will wake you up at 9 am every Saturday to catch cartoons while you two drink coffee in your pj's. He will attempt to dance in the rain with you but it would end up with both of you falling on your lawn laughing.

    Sanghyuk/Dawon-: The summer would be full of laughter, it would be full of fails of doing your own graden and making your own bread but it'll be one amazing memory. He will be the main reason you smile this summer.

    Zuho/Juho-: Kisses so many kisses. When you go to the beach with him he can't help himself but to give you hand kisses and forehead kisses. He will take you on a picnic near the lake and during sunset he will lean in softly and give you the most memorable kiss(what the hell did I just write)

    Rowoon/Seokwoo-: One of the most romantic guy hands down. Just like Youngbin he will take you on a road trip and at each stop he will take a polaroid(ITS LIKE A POLAROIDDDD LOVE) he will write down the most cheesiest but sweetest sentences on the bottom and after you get to the destination he reads them all to you.

    Taeyang-: MATCHING SUMMER COUPLE OUTFITS!! Oh my god this man will have you both looking like models, when you go out into the city from your shared apartment you two look so powerful omg. Mostly inside dates with you two drinking tea together and laughing about funny life stories.

    Hwiyoung/Youngkyun-: He will take you on a bike ride near the beach you two are vacationing at, at night he will take you on a midnight walk on the beach and slow dance like no one is watching.

    Chani/Chanhee-: He will prefer staying home with you but doesn't it mean it will be boring. You both will try(HENCE TRY) to make your own brownies but it will end up burning in the oven(rip) but you will end up laughing and end up just watching TV together.

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  • lost-inthedream
    04.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    SF9 reaction to you waking them up with neck kisses

    genre: sensual fluff I'd say


    Warnings: everyone is just very touchy in this piece

    Bonus song rec: Whisper, by VIXX LR

    ➹ Youngbin:

    The smooth touch of your lips against his skin makes him shrink even before becoming conscious. You smile at yourself and playfully ask whether he is getting ticklish while your hand rubs his side. "You're so gorgeous in the morning, Binnie" you continue and then he finally says something back without thinking much. "Let me kiss you too, baby girl" His eyes are still pretty lazy to open up but his fingers reach out behind to catch you. He kisses you on the corner of your lips though.

    ➹ Inseong:

    He shifts his position right after you hit with such a sensual approach. As he lays on his opposite side, you can see his half-asleep expression. "Want me to kiss you on the lips instead, babe?" you question with a mischievous smile on your face. No need to hear answers nonetheless. Your mouth lingers on his own and it brings him out of his beauty sleep. Your mouths naturally adjust at the same pace.

    ➹ Jaeyoon:

    Somehow there's a hint of joy in his grunts as you lay noisy pecks all over his neck. His exposed skin feels hot, almost like fever, in a way that you wanna keep embracing him. Why does he never put on a t-shirt? Thank God he never puts on a t-shirt. "Morning" he greets you with a low, husky voice. His hand easily wraps around yours, which was already resting on his chest. You answer with your face still buried in the crook of his neck.

    ➹ Dawon:

    He immediately wakes up not even letting you have your time inhaling his scent. He didn't think twice before flipping you around and asking questions about your plans for the new day. "My only plan was showering you with kisses in this bed" you confess letting some frustration slide on your sleepy demeanor. He sympathizes and slows down so you can lazily trace his facial traits and brush your lips against his plump ones.

    ➹ Zuho:

    He is still slightly snoring in the morning when you snuggle onto him with your eyes closed. You instinctively start to rub your nose on his clad shoulder murmuring sweet nothings out of your sleep. Without noticing, you are half kissing half sucking on the skin of his neck. "It feels so good, princess" he admits after spending a minute just enjoying the taunting affection.

    ➹ Rowoon:

    It is easy for you to simply look up and have your lips touching the side of his neck. He likes to place you on his chest when you have the weekend reserved for yourselves. It is like he is protecting you from the monsters of the night or something. In any case, the color of his skin, a soft and sweet tan, invites you for kisses. He does not take long to wake up but lets you be. Just pulls your leg over his hips and caresses your thigh in silence.

    ➹Yoo Taeyang:

    He turns to hug you as soon as you start. Boy goes all whiny, which only increases your will to keep kissing his graceful neck. He ends up waking up to leisurely wander his palm on the whole extension of your back down your butt as well as the back of your thigh. Your legs intertwine and you ask how he is doing. "Great, my angel. Better than ever" You smile as the feeling of pure bliss spread all over your being. He dips onto your neck.

    ➹ Hwiyoung:

    Am I the only one picturing the silliest smile on Hwi's sleeping face? Sometimes you wake up to see him just smiling with his eyes closed next to you. You are able to feel his peace of mind. You decide to climb on top of him because he is irresistible, seducing you even in his sleep. It's not your fault that you wake him up with a bunch of warm kisses. "Don't stop, beautiful". these are his first words. You follow his wish and add a massage to his scalp as your mouth leads up to reach his own.

    ➹ Chani:

    You will get tired of giving him kisses since he keeps unbothered. Slightly disappointed, you rub his chest and whisper in his ear. "You lovely little sloth". You giggle at yourself since his lips are still half parted and eyes loosely shut. He naturally wakes up after long minutes of you just admiring his angelic looks. "Did you say something?" he asks out of nowhere. "I called you a sloth half an hour ago but it was with love" He nodded and pulled you down to him wrapping his arms around your middle and surprisingly late reciprocating the earlier neck kisses.

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  • jising-jisang-jisung
    17.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    [5:44 pm]

    "You almost ready?" Boyfriend!Chani called from outside your room. The two of you only having been dating for a short while.

    "Yeah, I'm just finishing up," you spoke incoherently as you put on your favorite lip gloss.

    "That looks nice," he states, only his head peeking through your doorway. "Watermelon?"

    "Strawberry," you hum, smacking them together a bit.

    "Ooh, can I have a taste?" He asks, throwing you off. Just a few short months ago, Chani seemed to be super shy around you when you met in class. Now, he's like a completely different person in terms of his boldness.

    Taking a step forward, you wrap your arms around his shoulders, interlacing your hands behind his neck. You close your eyes, not quite going as far as to pucker your lips. "Mmhmm."

    His hands find solace on your hips, somehow pulling your body even closer to his. Lifting open one eye, you catch a glimpse of him licking his lips, his eyes looking at your mouth as well. Chani leaned in the rest of the way, closing the already minimal distance between you two. His lips were soft, as he hardly applied any pressure to the kiss. Slowly moving his mouth in tandem with yours, you both hum contentedly.

    You pull away shortly thereafter, reminding him that you two had a date to get to. "You might need to fix your makeup again first," he advises, winking as he not so subtly checks out your lips again.

    Turning back to your mirror, you spot the pink red gloss all around your mouth, and even some smeared down to your chin. "This is your fault," you point your finger at him, sighing before grabbing a tissue to wipe off the residue.

    #master tag #happy chani day!! #sf9 chani#chani#kang chani #chani x reader #kang chani x reader #chani x y/n #chani x you #kang chani fluff #chani fluff#chani timestamps#chani imagine#chani sf9#chani scenario#sf9 chanhee#kang chanhee #chanhee x reader #chanhee x y/n #chanhee x you #chanhee fluff #kang chanhee x reader
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  • athenathesharkwrites
    17.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Naughty Little Thing - Chani

    Banner By: @atinyfantasytothemoon​, thank you for making this for me, I absolutely love it.

    Warnings: Smut, explicit language, detailed descriptions, masturbation, pet/nicknames, nudism, pussy slapping, nipple play, fingering, teasing, edging, Dom!Chani, dirty talk, dacryphilia(?), begging, unprotected sex(reader’s on the pillows), aftercare, cockwarming(?).

    W/C: 4.9K

    Age Warning: I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if you’re under the  age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is fiction!

    Chani pushes you down to the bed, his hand on the side of your neck, his lips attached to your lips, he was fully dressed and ready to leave for his schedule when you had mentioned you were needy, and you had a wet dream about him, which had led to him pushing you down to the bed, kissing you deeply, which had caused your skin to flare up and the already wetness between your folds to increase, he pulls away and slide his hand higher from your neck and slide his thumb over your lips.

    “I have to go,” He says, you whine and try to hold onto him tighter. “Are you feeling more needy?” You nod your head and lift your hips to press them against his, he pulls away from you, leaving your skin feeling cold. “Don’t touch yourself while I’m gone,” His tone was almost cold as he spoke.

    “You can’t!” You say, you sit upright and crawl onto your knees, trying to grab his hand as he moves away from the bed. “Chanhee, you can’t… you can’t leave me here like this,” He gives you a smile as he picks up his jacket.

    “I’m not sure when I’ll be back,” He says. “But be a good girl for me and don’t touch yourself on my birthday,” You whimper and watch him leave, leaving you frustrated and needy, you sit back on your knees, feeling your wetness soaking through your folds and soaking your panties.

    “Fuck…” You mutter, you bring your hand to your head, listening carefully for the front door to open and close, the second you heard it, you lean back and slide your hand down to the waistband of your pants, as you were about to slip your fingers past the waistband of your pyjama shorts, your phone started ringing, you let out a groan but reach for it, Chani’s name flashing across the screen. “Fuck…” You press the answer button and bring it to your ear. “Chanhee, did you forget something?” You tried not to sound suspicious.

    “I did, I forgot to tell you something,” He says, his deep voice sounds through the phone making you squeeze your legs together, you begin sliding your other hand to your waistband. “Although, I’m sure I did tell you this, but just to be sure, don’t touch yourself, if you do, I won’t be a very happy birthday boy, baby,” You hear voices in the background, letting you know he had climbed into the van. “And I’ll know if you did, you know I always find out if you did.”

    “Chanhee…” You mutter, pulling your hand away from your pants.

    “Have a good day, I’m going to miss you too much, I can’t wait to get back home,” He says, the line dies, and you turn your head into the pillow and let out a muffled scream, your skin felt flushed, and you weren’t sure if you’d make it through the day without touching yourself, you lay there for a few moments, clutching your phone in your hand before you decided to get up, you put your phone down and make your way to the bathroom to freshen up and try to make it through the day.

    “Fucking hell…” You mutter, once you were dressed for the day you begin making the bed, trying to ignore the ache between your legs, you leave the bedroom, your heart rate hadn’t slowed, and you were feeling sweat forming on your skin, you reach the kitchen and decided that maybe doing the dishes would make you forget, would take your mind off your neediness you were feeling, but you should have known better, it wouldn’t have, and your clit was throbbing for attention, you couldn’t take your mind off it anymore and moved to the couch, grabbing a book on your way, hoping that if you read about it that it would help, you sit on the couch, parting your legs and opening the book, making sure to turn to the page where you knew the scene would be, you begin chewing on your bottom lip as you read through it, quiet whimpers leaving your lips, you begin moving your hips, hoping to get some kind of friction, some kind of relief, you squeeze your legs together, your fingers grip the book harder as you felt a dull relief, you tilt your head back and close the book.

    “He won’t know… he won’t, not this time,” You mutter, you put the book down on the couch and make your way back to the bedroom, your heart rate picking up, your skin clammy with sweat, you stop next to the bed, your mind having a debate if you should or shouldn’t, you squeeze your legs together, and before you knew it, your pants and panties were around your ankles, and you were on the bed with your back propped up against the headrest of the bed and your fingers against your folds. “Fuck… I’m soaked, fuck,” You could hear your wetness squelching around as you slide your fingers along your pussy lips, your fingers becoming soaked with your arousal. “Hmm, ohh,” You try and focus on your surroundings, hoping you could hear when Chani would arrive, but when you slipped your fingers past your folds all your attention went to the pleasure running through you, your clit throbbed as you touched it. “Ohh, ohh, my fuck…” You slide your fingers lower and reach your entrance, the sound of your wetness echoes around the room, and you clench as you slip a finger inside you.

    “Ohh— oh,” You gasp, you close your eyes, your breathing picking up as you pump your finger in and out of you, your mind completely forgetting that you were supposed to listen when Chani would be back, but your pleasure just felt too good, you slip another finger into you, letting out a low moan and arching your back. “Fuuuck…” You were becoming lost in your own pleasure, a tightening feeling was building up inside you, you curl your toes and let out a whine, the bedroom door suddenly opens, your eyes shot open, and you freeze in place, your fingers buried deep inside you, your eyes meet Chani’s dark brown eyes, realization quickly fills you, but you were too shocked to move or pull out your fingers, his eyes slowly move over you, he nods his head and closes the door before strolling towards the bed, with each step that he took it felt like he was moving slower and slower, he climbs onto the bed, laying down on his stomach between your legs and using his shoulders to push your legs further apart, his hand moves to your wrist, and he slowly pulls your fingers from you.

    Your muscles twitch as you feel the movement inside you before it was completely gone, and you were left feeling empty with your high dispersing, you watch as he brings your hand to his mouth before his lips wrap around your fingers, your bottom lip trembles as you feel his tongue slide over your fingers, cleaning them from your arousal, his eyes not once leaving your face as he does, it felt like you were underneath a spell as you watched him, he slowly pulls your fingers from his mouth with a loud pop, his tongue slowly slides over his lips, cleaning them from the arousal that had been left behind on them.

    “Now…” He begins. “I thought I told you not to touch yourself,” His voice deep as he spoke, a dangerous edge to it, you clench around nothing and swallow, you blink and try to pull your hand from his grip. “Baby girl…”

    “Chanhee…” You whimper, he releases your hand and moves to sit on his knees, his eyes slowly move lower, noticing you still had your shirt and bra on, the only that were missing and were around your ankles were your pants and panties, you swallow again as you watch his eyes get darker.

    “Did you forget what I told you?” He asks, you stay quiet as you watch him, trying to figure out what he was planning, his eyes suddenly shots up to meet yours, you could see them hardening as he waited for you to answer.

    “No…” You whisper, he nods his head and places a hand on your knee, your skin lights up as he slides his hand to the inside of your thigh and towards your pussy.

    “Then why’d you do it?” He asks, you suck in a deep breath before feeling his fingers brush over your folds. “Hmm?”

    “I… I, you…” You stumble over your words.

    “Me?” He questions, you whimper as you feel his fingers spread your folds, cool air reaching the warmth of your pussy.

    “I… Chanhee… I, I couldn’t… I it…” You mutter, your mind struggling to form a sentence.

    “Did you become too needy?” He asks, you nod your head, and he hums before his fingers disappeared from your pussy. “And you couldn’t wait for me to return home?” You nod your head again before gasping and arching your back as you felt his fingers collide with your clit as he slaps your pussy.

    “Chanhee!” You moan, your back relaxes, and you feel his fingers rubbing your throbbing clit, your legs shake as he rubs the sensitive nub, he pulls his fingers away and his hand disappears from your pussy, you watch as he pulls his hand away, and you clench and gasp as you feel his hand colliding with your pussy again, you whimper and squeeze your eyes shut.

    “You were being so bad, baby girl… and on my birthday also,” He mumbles, you swallow and buck your hips against his hand as he rubs your clit. “You couldn’t even wait for me to come back,” He pulls his hand away and drags his fingers against the inside of your thigh, spreading your wetness over your skin, you open your eyes and watch him. “What to do with you, it seems like you never learn your lesson,” He pulls his hand away from your thigh and leans over you, pressing his hands into the bed next to your body. “Or do you just like being punished?” You shiver at his words. “You’ve never felt how it is to be rewarded, and it seems like you never will.”

    “Chanhee… please, you left me needy,” You try and defend your actions. “I tried, I did, please…” You look into his dark brown eyes. “Please…”

    “But you didn’t wait long enough,” He mutters. “If you did, you might have been rewarded,” You whimper before feeling his lips touching yours, you close your eyes, leaning into the kiss, you wrap your arms around his shoulders loosely, your hands rests between his shoulder blades, you feel him press his hips against yours and whine into the kiss as you feel your folds sliding together as he rubs his crotch against your mound, he breaks away from the kiss, your noses rub against each other’s, you could feel his breathing against your lips. “I’m going to enjoy myself so much,” He suddenly pulls away, your eyes shoot open as you try and pull him back, but he was much stronger as he pulls out of your grasp, his hands move to the hem of your shirt and push it upwards, it didn’t take him long before he had removed both your shirt and bra and had you completely naked on the bed for him, his hands grip the back of your legs and pulls you lower, pulling your head away from the headrest and having it lay on the pillows, his knees push your legs further apart, and you could feel the rough fabric of his jeans brush against the inside of your thighs, so close to your pussy, he presses his hands against your chest, pressing down against your breasts.

    “Chanhee…” You whine, you feel his fingers press into your skin, roughly massaging it, he slides his hands down your belly, pausing at your hips before sliding them back up, you swallow as you feel his thumbs side over your nipples before pressing them down on your nipples. “Hmm,” You close your eyes as you feel him take your nipples between his fingers, slowly rolling them between the pads of his fingers. “Chanhee…” Your back arches up and your clit twitches as he tugs on your nipples. “Ohmmff,” Pleasure shoots through you and your eyes shut, your lips part, and you breathe through your mouth. “Chanheeee,” You could feel more sweat forming on your skin, he pinches your nipples before tugging on them. “Chanheee, fuck, fuck!” He releases them and slides his hands down your belly, one hand pausing on your hip while his other hand cups your mound.

    “Those pretty sounds coming from you,” He begins to say. “Sounds so good,” You feel his fingers slide against your folds, parting more and more until his fingers were touching the inside of your thighs, his touch was as light as a feather, and you could feel shivers moving up your spine.

    “Chanhee…” You breathe out. “Please…” His finger slide back up to your mound before sliding back down, you could feel your insides jumping, and a knot slowly begins forming inside you again. “I’ll be good next time.”

    “How many times have you said that now?” He asks, you whine and buck your hips against his hand, only for him to still his movements. “And each time you were bad,” You slam your hands down on the duvet, your fingers curling into it, he pulls his hand away.

    “Ohh, myy, fuck, Chanhee,” You gasp, the sound of your wetness squelching around as he slaps your pussy again, this time his fingers were lower and touching your entrance, threatening to slip into you, a shaky breath leaves you, he circles his fingers around your entrance, causing your walls to clench around nothing.

    “Such a needy little thing,” He says, he continues to rub his fingers around your entrance, you could feel your wetness increasing and leaking from you and dripping onto the bed, you press your heels into the bed as you feel the tightening feeling inside you growing stronger. “Look at you, so needy,” You whine and turn your head from side to side, he glances down at his jeans, seeing a bulge forming in them as he was hardening.

    “I’m… fuck, Chanhee…” You moan, your fingers grip the duvet harder, fisting it, his fingers suddenly pause. “No, no, no, please, Chanhee, no…” You open your eyes to look at him and saw him smirking down at you, you should have known that you wouldn’t be getting your release that easily. “Chanhee…” Your voice sounding like you wanted to cry as you whine, the tightening feeling inside you disappears, and you release the duvet, your legs relax, and you look up at the ceiling not wanting to look at him.

    “Ohh, did I upset you?” He asks, you could hear the teasing in his tone. “So pouty and so bad,” His fingers slide away from your entrance and moves towards your clit, your legs twitch and shake as he slowly drags his fingers along the sensitive nub. “Not even considering that I could be upset that you touched yourself,” You suck in a deep breath, trying not to look at him. “Don’t worry,” He leans over and grips your jaw with his other hand, pulling your head to look at him. “I’ll fit that attitude in no time, sweetheart,” He releases your jaw and presses his finger against your clit, and hard, causing you to almost sit upright.

    “Ohhhh, my fuckk!” You moan, your eyes roll to the back of your head before your lids shut. “Fuck, fuck.”

    “Who’s making you feel this good, sweetheart?” He asks. “Could you ever make yourself feel this good?” You whine and shake your head.

    “You are, you’re making me feel good,” You moan. “No, no… no, fuck, I can’t,” You feel him roughly rub your clit, the tightening feeling returning, your fingers scratch at the duvet before you grip onto it, he watches your reaction closely, your muscles pull and twitch, your legs stiffen as you press your heels into the mattress.

    “I love this sight, it’s absolutely dizzying to watch,” He says, you barely heard his words. “The moment right before you’re about to release,” You buck your hips into his hand, your release creeping closer and closer. “When you’re at your most vulnerable, your face displaying pleasure, your muscles shaking.”

    “NO!” You scream, he pulls his finger away from your clit, watching as your body shakes, and you tug at the duvet in frustration.

    “That… is one of my favourite looks when we do this,” He says, you curl your toes, trying to keep your frustration under control, you knew if you were to show him just how frustrated you were, he would take longer, but you were sure that he was well aware of how frustrated you were.

    “What… What’s your favourite one?” You ask, your breathing was ragged, you open your eyes, staring up at the ceiling, trying to compose yourself, he presses his fingers back against your clit, causing your back to arch away from the bed, your teeth grit together. “Hmm!”

    “When you come undone when I’m inside you,” He says, you whimper and clench around nothing.

    “Then, oh my fuck… why are you ta— aahhh,— king so long, fuck,” You manage to ask between gasps and moans, he was rubbing figure eights around your clit, the tightening feeling inside you building up again, you close your eyes, squeezing them shut, hoping you could chase after your high and get the release you were desperate for.

    “Because you were being such a naughty little thing,’ He says, he pulls his finger away from your clit.

    “Chanhee!” You whine, his fingers touch your entrance, and he slides two digits inside you, you take in a deep shaky breath before blowing it out.

    “And I’m having so much fun, I know I’m not teaching you anything, but it’s so much fun watching you get frustrated,” He says, he curls his fingers inside you and feels your walls squeezing around him. “Ohh, now that’s a welcoming feeling,” You whine and feel tears forming in the corners of your eyes, tears of frustration. “Oh, is my naughty girl crying out of frustration?”

    “Chanhee…” You mutter, he uncurls his fingers and slide them from you before pushing them back into you. “Please…” He twists his fingers inside you, causing your legs to shake and your back to arch, you suck in your stomach as you feel the knot forming in your abdomen. “Chanhee, please… Please, I’m sorry, please…” You lick your lips as you feel the tears rolling over your cheeks. “Please, let me cum… please…”

    “You must really be desperate to cum,” He states, you whimper as you hear the sound of your wetness squelching, your walls pulse around him as you were nearing your high, you could feel the tightening feeling pulling and pulling and pulling and for a moment you thought he was going to let you come undone.

    “Chanheee!” You whine, he presses his fingers against your walls before stopping, he watches as your chests rises and falls as you breathed in hard, he watched beads of sweat rolling over your skin. “Pleaaaseee!” You gasp as you feel him slowly pulling his fingers out, your walls clench around them. “No, no… no,” You suck in a deep breath as you feel your high disappearing, your muscles felt tired from the number of times they’ve tensed as you were about to reach your high.

    “You’re begging so cutely, I just can’t resist rewarding that,” He says, you let out a huff as you release the duvet, you were about to sit up only for him to push you back down. “Don’t move,” You were about to roll your eyes when you paused, his eyes watched yours, waiting for you to do something that would make him drag it out longer. “Such a good girl,” He climbs off from the bed and begins removing his shirt, you turn your head, your eyes slowly moving over his body, taking in his toned skin and body, it wasn’t visible when he was wearing a shirt or jacket, but his back muscles were a weakness to you, you had stopped joining him at the gym just because he would catch you rolling over his back when he did exercises, his arms were sculpted just perfectly, and you could feel droll forming in your mouth, you watch his hands undo the zipper on his jeans before pushing it down along with his boxers, your breath gets caught in your throat as you watched his cock slap against his abdomen, the slit on the head of his cock oozing with pre-cum, you turn your head away as he steps out from his jeans and boxers, you feel him tug your pants and panties off completely from your ankles and heard the fabric land somewhere on the floor, he wraps his hand around him self, and you could hear him palming himself.

    “Hmm,” You whimper, you were sure he was smirking as he heard your whimper.

    “You can be louder than that, can’t you?” He asks, you feel the bed dipping as he moves to settle between your legs, he reaches for your jaw and gently takes it between his fingers. “Right?” You nod your head, watching him.

    “I… yes,” You breathe out, he smiles and releases your jaw, he moves closer to you and wrap his hand around himself, moving the head through your folds, coating it with your arousal, your body shakes, and you almost sit upright as you feel him drag it over your clit. “Ohh, oh, I…” He licks his lips as he slowly moves the head to your entrance, you bend your legs and curl your toes into the duvet, you grip the duvet between your fingers. “Ohhh, my… ohh,” He pushes the head of his cock into you, slowly filling and stretching you, making you feel each inch of him, he could feel your walls pulsing around him, the tightening feeling returns, and you swear that you could come undone at any second of him just sliding into you. “Ahhh, my… feels so good,” He releases his cock and his hands move to grip onto your thighs, his fingers pressing into your skin as he does, you press your head into the pillows, your jaw slacking as you feel an immense pleasure running through you. “Cha— nhee,” You gasp, his hands slide down from your thighs and to your hips, gripping them before living them, making him slide in deeper, you let out a moan and tug at the duvet.

    “You’re taking me so well, fuck, so wet and warm for me,” He moans, you swallow as your eyelids flutter, trying to adjust to him, trying to control your own orgasm. “You’re doing so well, you must be right at the edge of a release,” You whimper and squeeze around his cock, his hips stop once he was fully inside you, stretching you out and making you feel full. “I don’t think this is a sight I’ll ever get tired of,” He looks down to where he was connected to you. “Me, inside you.”

    “Ohh, mmh,” You whimper, he licks his lips and slowly begins sliding out from you, your muscles pull as you feel the movement from his cock against your walls.

    “Oh, look at that, coated with your arousal,” He says.

    “Chanhee!” You moan, he stops when he was halfway before he snaps his hips into yours, causing your tits to bounce with the force he had pushed into you, he repeats the movement but faster. “Ohh, oh, fuck, I… ohh.”

    “That sounds so beautiful,” He rasps out. “You moaning, whimpering, and whining for me,” You pull at the duvet as you feel your high building and building, your shoulders press into the mattress at the pleasurable sensation running through you.

    “I’m starting to think you don’t listen on purpose,” He says, the sound of skin slapping against skin sounds around the room. “Just so I can edge you, and you can have a mind-blowing orgasm,” The sound of your wetness squelching echoes around the room, it sounded so sinful yet so delicious. “But I was hoping you would listen to me on my birthday,” He suddenly thrusts harder into you, causing the headrest to hit the wall, you gasp and dig your heels into the mattress.

    “Ohh, ohh, I mmm, Chanhee… fuck, I’m sorry,” You moan, you barely felt his fingers digging into your skin, leaving bruises for the next day, he pulls you closer to his body and moves one hand away from your hip, his hand covers your mound, and you let out a shaky breath and suck in your belly.

    “That’s all right, baby girl, as long as you enjoy your punishments,” He says, you moan and your entire body jolts as he pinches your clit, your mind is shot into the clouds, and you squeeze your eyes shut, stars explode behind your lids as the tightening feeling inside you suddenly comes undone, and you release around his cock.

    “Chanhee, fuck, fuck, oh my, fuuuuck!” You moan, you pull at the duvet and lift your hips high causing the head of his cock to hit that sweet spot inside you, he rolls your clit between his fingers, easing you through your high.

    “Fuck, there it is, my most favourite look, fuck,” He groans, you moan his name as you feel his movement speeding up, your head thrashes around, your jaw slacks and drool slips from the corner of your lips.

    “Fuck…” You gasp, you could feel another tightening feeling building inside you as he was just starting to chase his own high. “Chanhee… fuck, I… ohhh,” You lower your hips, and he leans over you, his hand not moving away from your clit, he releases your hip and grabs onto one of your hands, pulling it away from the duvet and pinning it between the pillows on the bed.

    “Keep squeezing me like that, fuck, it feels so good,” He moans, his tone rough and deep, and he moans, his nose brushes against yours, his lower stomach rubs against yours and his arm as he continues to roll your clit between his fingers, your legs twitch at the sensation, you open your eyes to look into his lust covered brown eyes, you moan and arch your back into him. “Are you going to make more of a mess on my cock?” You could feel your release covering your thighs as he thrusts into you, you whimper and tilt your head up, closing your eyes to kiss him, his mind spins as he closes his eyes and leans into the kiss, your walls clamp down around him as another high rips through you, the stars behind your lids increasing, and your mind floats around in the clouds, his hips falter as he feels the head of his cock throb, he squeezes your hand and takes your bottom lip between his teeth, tugging and nibbling on it. “Hmm, so good,” He mutters after releasing your lip, he lowers his head to the crook of your neck, his cock twitches inside you before hot ropes of his cum decorates your walls, his thrust slow down as he fills you with his load, you keep your eyes shut as you come down from your high, you felt breathless and worn out.

    “Chanhee…” You whisper, you could feel your mixed releases leaking from you and spilling onto the bed, his hips come to a halt against yours, and he releases your clit, he slowly pulls his hand away from your pussy and grip onto your hips, smearing your arousal onto your skin, he takes a moment to catch his breath, to try and recover from the orgasm he had just experienced, your walls spasm around his cock, milking every last drop of his cum from him, cool air behind surrounding you and blowing against you sweat coated skin, you open your eyes. “Chanhee…” He lifts his head to look at you, he was still in a daze, and you could see it in his eyes. “Happy birthday,” You watch as a tired smile spreads across his lips. “I didn’t say it to you this morning, I forgot, I was too needy, I’m sorry,” He releases your hand and moves his hand to your hair, brushing his fingers through them and pushing some that was stuck to your forehead back.

    “This… made up for it, I’m not mad,” He says. “How can I be, you told me you had a wet dream about me, it’s been on my mind all day,” You smile and bring your hand to his hair, pushing your fingers through it. “I had to excuse myself a few times to take care of a problem.”

    “Maybe next time I should tell you to not touch yourself either,” You say, he chuckles and lowers his forehead to yours.

    “You know I won’t listen,” He mutters. “Especially not to that,” He tilts his head and softly kisses you, your eyes shut as you lean into the kiss, soaking in the afterglow of everything that just happened.

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    07.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Apparently I’m still thinking about the Duncan lives AU, and since in this version of events Duncan ends up with the Fremen along with Paul and Jessica, this brings up the possibility of Chani/Paul/Duncan. And I think the absolute funniest dynamic would be:

    Paul/Duncan is like, the main deal when they first arrive, and it’s actually sort of possible here, away from the class and social rules of the Atreides court. But over time Paul also starts developing a bit of a crush on Chani (look he has a Type and it’s badass warriors who aren’t afraid to give him shit, and she was in his dreams so it must mean something, right?). 

    And Duncan is like, that’s fine, there are plenty of logical reasons why that’s better actually; he never necessarily expected to be Paul’s only lover and Paul should be with someone closer to his own age, right? And always in the back of his mind is the idea that Paul is still a duke; some day he will be expected to get married for political-alliance reasons and/or have a concubine to produce children and Duncan can fill neither of those roles and he would graciously step aside if it was asked. Of course he would. In the meantime he will take what he can get when he can get it.

    Meanwhile Chani is looking at Paul and is like meh. a man I guess. But is extremely oh HELLO when Duncan is around. I mean it’s obvious that Duncan and Paul have a thing but it’s not like...an exclusive thing...right? She must have met Duncan when he was around the sietch the first time; she knows he fight good and maybe it took her a while to process because GOD the absolute mortification of finding one of the colonizers attractive but at some point she realizes she is DTF and makes this clear to Duncan.

    Duncan of course is like no, you are way too young for me, how the hell did this become a pattern for me, and besides it would feel a bit weird to do anything with Chani when he knows Paul is into her. Except maybe there is some situation where they’re in a skirmish together and for some reason Paul is not available and it turns out they are both of the opinion that nothing burns off the adrenaline better than a post-combat bang. And Duncan is like this is happening one time only except it’s...actually pretty good; Chani is confident and she knows what she wants and she also fight good and they kind of recognize something in each other as warriors. But the bit with Paul liking her is still weird so it doesn’t happen again.

    And then over time Chani warms up to Paul a bit, especially if she starts to believe (whether it turns out to be true or not) that he genuinely wants to make things better for her people and not just regain his own position of power. And Paul is clearly into her so she thinks okay fine, why not bang this pasty white boy just to see what’s up.

    And afterward she’s immediately like oh god. Duncan. Duncan I’m dying here. Please give your boy some pointers because he does not know fuckall about pleasing women. In fact maybe a hands-on demonstration would be most effective. Of course I’ve had a threesome before you know how things get at the spice orgy.

    So at some point the three of them end up together and it turns out...the pasty white boy is extremely attractive when getting fucked. Which is. New data to say the least. And it turns out teaming up to absolutely wreck Paul (whether by fucking each other, fucking Paul or all of the above) is extremely fun for everyone involved.

    Probably some actual Plot happens along the way too.

    #dune#dune 2021#headcanons #chani x paul x duncan #my brain produced WAY too many scenarios for this today at work #love how figuring out what would make paul attractive to chani was the trickiest part of this #have to figure out wtf jessica is doing during all this but i probably have to get further into the book for that
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    When You Feel Insecure About Your Stretch Marks ~ SF9 Reaction


    At the sight of your body turning as Inseong walked into the room, he knew that something was wrong. As you remained silent, he knew he had to explore for himself, peering around to see exactly what you were hiding.

    “Why are you shielding your stretch marks from me?” Inseong asked outrightly, confused as to why you had decided to turn so shy around him.

    Your shoulders shrugged as Inseong pulled you towards him, “they’ve always just been something that I’ve not felt confident about to be honest.”

    Inseong pressed a kiss gently against your waist, “I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to hide any part of yourself around me. There’s nothing that you should ever feel insecure about, I adore you as you are.”

    “I’ve never known not to feel insecure.”

    Inseong smiled back across at you, “then why don’t you let me show you that there’s a way not to feel insecure about them.”

    “Do you really think that you’ll be able too?”

    “I won’t stop until I can show you that there’s no reason to feel insecure, the person that you are right now is perfect.”

    “You’re far too kind to me sometimes.”


    His head shook as you explained to him why you had hidden your stretch marks, unable to believe your reasoning. Youngbin never wanted you to feel insecure around him, especially over something so small too.

    “Can I tell you why I don’t think you should hide them now that you’ve finished?” Youngbin asked as soon as you fell silent before him.

    Your head nodded back at him, “I can’t promise that I’ll listen, the more that I can hide these stretch marks away from the world, the better.”

    Youngbin spun you around so that your marks were on show in front of him. “I want you to be confident around me and proud of who you are, especially your body, you should never feel bad about this Y/N.”

    “I just don’t think it’s nice for you to look at.”

    Youngbin shot a glare across at you, “isn’t that for me to decide Y/N? Because I don’t see any different, stretch marks or not.”

    “I just presumed that you’d find it strange.”

    “I promise you that I don’t. Stretch marks are natural, and they’re a part of you, I’d never make you feel bad for that.”

    “I really do appreciate that Youngbin.”


    You wanted to pull away as Jaeyoon’s hand trailed along your stretch marks, but his grip was strong and determined to keep you in place so that Jaeyoon could prove to you that your marks were nothing to worry about.

    “I love these about you,” Jaeyoon whispered across to you, “they’re a part of who you are, they tell a bit of a story about you as well.”

    Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion as Jaeyoon spoke, “how could you ever say that you love something like stretch marks, are you crazy?”

    His head shook back at you with a chuckle, “these stretch marks are just a part of who you are, and that’s exactly why I love them about you, every little thing that makes up you is perfect in my eyes Y/N.”

    “You’re just saying that to be kind to me Jaeyoon.”

    His head continued to shake, “I’m being serious, there is not a single thing that I would change about you right now.”

    “Do you mean that? Because I would be able to.”

    “That’s because we always beat ourselves up, and it’s up to others to show that there’s no need to do such a thing.”

    “I can always rely on you to pick me up.”


    A tight hold on your hand immediately reassured you as you showed Sanghyuk your stretch marks after he had caught a glimpse. For so long he had wondered why you had hidden away, and now his question was answered.

    “I hate that you’ve felt bad about this for so long,” he whispered across to you, “you never needed to feel shy about this in front of me.”

    Your head nodded as you listened closely to what Sanghyuk had to say. “I’ve always berated myself for it, I didn’t want someone else to do the same.”

    Sanghyuk let go of a sigh as your eyes fell away to look down to the ground, “I would have never made you feel bad about who you are, your stretch marks are a part of you, they share something about you.”

    “Not necessarily something that I want to share.”

    A soft smile was sent across to you by Sanghyuk, “it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a part of life, everyone gets them somewhere.”

    “Have you ever had stretch marks, honestly?”

    “Of course, my body has grown over time too, you’re human, and those marks just prove that you are too.”

    “You’re right, it’s just being human.


    Your body jumped as you felt a hand wrap around your wrist, pulling you back so that you were stood in front of Juho. You followed his gaze, noticing that his eyes had landed on your waist, right where your marks were.

    “You’ve always hidden those from me,” he whispered, glancing across to meet your eyes, “you made it seem so much worse than what it is.”

    Your eyes widened as you glanced down at your stretch marks, “they are huge Juho, you don’t need to say that just to try and make me feel better.”

    His head shook as he pulled you even closer towards him, “I would never just say something like that to make you feel better, I really do mean it. Your stretch marks are no big deal, especially now that I’ve seen them too.”

    “I always worried that maybe you would think less.”

    Juho offered you a smile as he snaked his arm around your waist, “there is no way I’d ever make you feel bad about who you are.”

    “I wish that I could change them about me though.”

    “You can’t think like that, this is just who you are, all of the parts of you that have come together make you perfect.”

    “Now you’re just being too kind.”


    He looked blankly across at you as you scurried to hide your stretch marks, failing to see why you were so nervous to show Seokwoo such a side of you. He wasn’t bothered at all, not that you should have expected anything less.

    “Am I supposed to say something?” He chuckled as he met your eyes, “were you expecting me to be mad about this or something?”

    Your shoulders shrugged in reply, “it’s something that’s always played on my mind, and it felt like the right time to show you something that troubles me.”

    Seokwoo took a couple of steps forwards before taking a hold of your hand, “you don’t need to be troubled by those, it’s nothing, and certainly doesn’t change anything in my mind, its such a small part of you as well.”

    “Do they really not faze you about me in the slightest?”

    Seokwoo nodded back at you, “I would never let something so small change my opinion of you, that would be ridiculous.”

    “I wasn’t expecting you to be as kind as you are.”

    “There’s no way that I could ever make you feel bad about who you are, especially when it’s something you can’t change either.”

    “Thank you, I really needed to hear that.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    You immediately spun to your left as Taeyang walked into the room so that your stretch marks were well hidden. You thought that you had done well, but the fast jump had captured Taeyang’s attention as he looked to you.

    “What are you up to?” He questioned, immediately sensing that there was something going on with how anxious you looked across at him.

    You shook your head as he took a couple of steps closer towards you, “I’m not doing anything, I was just trying to decide which shirt I should wear for dinner.”

    Taeyang continued to approach you, holding onto your hand and spinning you around, catching your stretch marks out of the corner of his eye. “You’ve always been a terrible liar Y/N, I know exactly what was wrong.”

    “I’d just rather that you didn’t see them at all.”

    Taeyang shrugged as he stared down at them, “why would you ever feel the need to hide these from me, it’s no big deal, it’s just human.”

    “I don’t like how they look, especially on me.”

    “If it makes you feel any better, I still think that you look great, your stretch marks are a part of you, they make you, you.”

    “I guess you have got a point there.”


    Your eyes widened as you realised exactly where Youngkyun’s hand was trailing, and as your body tensed up, he knew straight away too that he had managed to find a part of your body that you weren’t feeling good about.

    “Don’t shy away,” he whispered as you caved into yourself, “stretch marks are nothing for you to feel ashamed about, you know that right?”

    Your head shook as Youngkyun moved his hand away, “I’ve never liked mine, they’re so obvious, it’s the first thing that anyone sees when they see me.”

    He offered you a weak smile as he rolled across to lay beside you. “They were far from the first thing that I realised about you, because you are so much more than just a few stretch marks against your waist Y/N.”

    “They’re the worst thing about me though.”

    He reached across and took a hold of your hand, “so, why don’t I tell you about all the good things about you instead to focus on?”

    “Are there any things that you can find about me?”

    “I don’t think we even have enough time for me to tell you the endless number of things that I just adore about you.”

    “Let’s narrow it down to just one.”


    You watched on in complete silence as Chanhee lifted your shirt back up to reveal your stretch marks, keeping your shirt in place as he lifted his own up too so that you could see the few marks that he had around his waist.

    “We all have them,” he tried to encourage with a soft smile on his face, “even I do, I just keep mine well hidden so that no one else can see them.”

    You took a step closer so that you could look at the stretch marks that Chanhee had too, “how do you have them? You work out so hard, that doesn’t make sense.”

    His head nodded in reply to you, “that’s exactly the point that I’m trying to make, no one should be embarrassed about having stretch marks, even the people that you don’t expect to have them probably do somewhere.”

    “I had no idea that you would have them too.”

    He slowly lowered the material of your shirt back down, “they can just be another thing that the two of us have in common.”

    “Do yours never play on your mind though?”

    “I’ve learnt to love them I suppose, they’re a part of me that I can’t send away, so I’ve just got used to it by now.”

    “Maybe I should do the same.”



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