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    Just Fine Until It's Not

    Kim Inseong Concept Photos + Character Outline

    Kim Inseong

    Mafia Leader ( Kim Family)

    Born on July 12, 1993

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    Blood Type: A

    -Inseong is an only child and receives a lot of pressure from his parents

    -100% in love with Yuri

    -100% is ignored by Yuri

    -gets hurt quite often because of the temper he has

    -which usually lands him in his personal nurse's office (Song Hyunwon)

    -hates Kang Yeosang with a passion

    -amazing artist

    -high intelligence

    Just Fine Until It's Not

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    how i think my spam would look like if zendaya was my girlfriend pt.2


    Mommy and sun

    @ zendaya

    I love that you take photos of me and our son

    my main @



    get a fucking room


    ON GOD



    @ zendaya

    Stop.babe please.






    @ zendaya tell sam to give maddy a happy ending and maybe we wont clown him for them fske ass shoes不不不不



    @ zendaya





    I miss my girl i hate when she leaves for projects so heres a photo of her because i miss seeing her take photos with her lil camera

    @ Zendaya

    I love you

    @ mymain

    I love you too




    oh to be married to an actress


    fuck you got me crying and shit

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    Petty too

    warnings:(there are none its fluff bro)

    Zendaya and you were just sitting down listening to classic rnb until she started recording herself while making a thirst trap for snap and you couldnt help but to burst out laughing.

    What? She said after glancing at you on camera and ending it then posting it.

    You then looked at her trying to catch your breathe after laughing so hard tears came out and said You did not need to fucking do that bro your fucking hilarious you did not need to suck your lip in like that before saying ouuuuu

    Zendaya then looked at you with an unbothered face and said You find everything funny.

    No i dont. You say looking at her as she got up from the coach to do idk what.

    Oh yeah I forgot one thing you dont find funny is the fact that im 7 inches taller than you and you gaslit everyone to believe that your 55 instead of 53

    You then went on to jokingly say

    Girl fuck you! before getting up and trying to walk away just for her to grab you back your hand and yank you back towards her and says

    You know you love me Y/N/N In that soft voice that always gets to you everytime

    Nah Coleman you cringe. You say lying right through your teeth.

    Zendaya then goes on to say mhm. before pulling you into a kiss and breaking away for a second to say

    How about now?

    You then went on to jokingly say

    Shut up. before hugging her tall slander body that in your mental language means you forgive her apology for calling you short asf.

    Your so pretty when your mad She says before looking down and kissing your forehead as her mental way of saying an apology as well.

    I HOPE YALL LOVE THIS AS MUCH AS I DO again im not that good at writing i just find it fun nothing too serious I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED

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    Ok so about the hard hours, whats your thought about hard dom! Chani 尹

    Because the only thing thats in my mind rn is him manhandling me 旦


    Hello sweetheart how you been?

    I'm okie ig, my presentation was bad so 唐

    BIG YES!!!!! Manhandling is his thing, and with his muscles it's deffo easy BUT as a hard dom, pretty sure he's into making you cry, like the sadism levels are off the charts phew 庰-(織鳴)嚝 Let's hope you're fine with him using his strength in multiple ways cause he will 中

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    To Lovers - Chani

    Warnings: Childhood Friends AU, fluff, slight angst, jealous!Chani, explicit language, descriptive scenes, smut, nudism, light humour, nipple sucking, nipple pinching, hair tugging, pussy slapping (once), masturbating(?), fingering, hand job, unprotected sex (reader is on the pill), bruising, roughish sex.

    W/C: 7.4K

    Age Warning: I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if youre under the age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is fiction!

    You look at the boy in front of you as he stared at you, you were sitting on the swing when he approached you, you had just moved into the neighbourhood and gone to explore the nearby park.

    Arent you a big kid? Chani asks, you let out a huff and shake your head.

    No, no, Im not, You say. Shouldnt you be playing with those boys over there? You nod towards the other boys his age that were running around, chasing a soccer ball, he looks at them and shakes his head before moving to the empty swing next to you.

    No, I like watching them instead of playing, He says, you nod your head and begin kicking your feet to start swinging. Im Chanhee, You smile at him.

    Im Y/n, You say.

    And that was how you met King Chanhee, and how your friendship only blossomed from there on, even though you were a few years older than him, you stayed close friends, and became even closer during high school, you were there for each other through thick and thin, even when his friends made fun of him for being friends with someone older than him, he didnt give a damn because you had been there with him through his childhood and now also high school, even when you graduated you still accompanied him to school, just to spend that extra time with him, every moment counted especially after he auditioned for FNC and got accepted, and even with him spending less time with you while he was training, he still made sure to call you or text you to tell you about his day or ask you about yours, on the rare days when he wasnt training or in school, he was with you, he had told you everything, or as much as he was allowed to.

    But you were the first to know when he would be making his debut, and you knew it would become harder and harder to meet up with him, but you stayed by his side and he stayed by yours through it all, you cheered from the sidelines and in the shadows, making sure no one saw you, to avoid any conflict or unnecessary drama, but when you met his group members, that was when everything changed, and your true feelings were pulled front and centre for him.


    So, they can be a bit uhm, how can I put it? Chani says, he stood next to you in the elevator, leaning against the mirrored wall, he was taking you to the dorm for the first time to meet his group members, you had only seen them on television when they first debuted, and Chani promised each time to introduce you to them, and now finally that day has arrived. Uh. A bit much? Yeah, uh, they are huggers, You burst into a fit of giggles and nod your head.

    And youre not, I understand, they like skinship, You say, he nods his head, giving you a sheepish smile, he rubs the back of his neck. Stop being nervous, Im okay with skinship, you know the.

    I do it's just, I dont want them to make you feel overwhelmed, He says, the elevator stops and the door opens, he pushes himself away from the mirrored wall and gently takes your hand and guides you out the elevator. So, just tell me if I need to tell them to back off, okay?

    Hmm, I will, Ill let you know or tell them myself, You say, he gives you a nervous smile and guides you down the hall before stopping in front of a door, you could hear voices coming from inside it along with loud laughter. They sound lively, He chuckles and enters the password into the keypad before opening the door and pulling you inside, you remove your shoes, and he does the same.

    I hope they dont chase you off, He says, you turn to him and place your hands on his shoulders.

    Okay Chanhee, stop worrying, it will all be okay, okay? You say, he nods his head, not looking relieved at all, your smile widens, and you shake your head, you hear a bunch of footsteps moving towards the door before eight heads peeked around the corner, curious eyes staring at you, you slowly lower your hands from Chanis shoulders to look at them.

    Oh gosh. Dont act weird guys, Chani groans out, Inseong was the first to step forward, a wide smile on his lips.

    You must be Chanhees friend! Inseong beams, you nod your head, giving a smile to him.

    You didnt mention that your friend looks like that, Dawon says.

    Ugh, Chani groans out, he brings his hand to his face and quickly grab onto his wrist, pulling it away, they watch as you manage to pull his hand away from his face without struggle.

    Chanhee told you about us, right? Inseong asks, you nod your head.

    He did, youre Inseong, right? You ask, he nods his head, his smile seeming to widen. Im Y You begin to say, only for Dawon to cut you off.

    Y/n, his older lady friend, Dawon says, you chuckle and nod your head.

    Yes, that one, You say, you release Chanis hand.

    Well come on in, make yourself comfortable, we heard so much about you, Jaeyoon says.

    Good things, I hope? You jokingly say.

    Not one bad word, only praises, Youngbin says, you step forward, only for you to be surrounded by them all as they engulfed you into a group hug, Chanis eyes widen, and he quickly moves forward.

    Dont smother her! Chani says, concern in his tone.

    We wont! Dawon yells out.

    Were just welcoming her, Rowoon adds, Chani tries to make his way to the middle of the hug circle, but before he could, they break away from the hug, and they guided you further into the dorm, and into the living room, Chani quickly follows behind, his heart hammering in his chest, it took him a few hours before he was calmed down enough and reassured that you wouldnt run away and when he excused himself to go to the bathroom, they all turned to you.

    Does he let you touch him often? Inseong asks, you could hear the curiosity in his tone.

    Oh, no, no, he doesnt like skinship that much, You say, you watch as they exchange a look with each other.

    Hes been letting you touch him a lot more than he lets us, Rowoon says.

    Maybe he likes you色 Taeyang says, you shake your head.

    Oh, no, no, thats not the case, You say. He only likes me as a close friend, And that was when everything changed for you, you picked up how he would let you kiss his cheek and how hed lean into it while he tried to run away from the others, or even pushed them off while you could hug him tighter, you never picked up on it during school but now that it had been pointed out to you, you could see it clearly nod, and you could feel certain types of feelings coming to the surface.

    You need never wanted to admit it, but you did like him more than a friend, you have, ever since high school, or when he got to high school, and you saw him in a different light, but you suppressed those feelings, afraid that you would ruin a good friendship, afraid you would lose him as your friend if you ever confessed, and now those feelings were poking their head back into the door and once again you werent planning on telling him


    If youre bored at any time, let me know, Chani says, you nod your head as you follow him through the FNC building, he had invited you to sit in with one of their dance practices, and you had promised to stay out of the way and watch, he had also been itching to show you his dancing skills and hoped that you would clap and cheer for him, but he also knew that the dance teacher might not approve of it, he opens the door, and you enter, loud music already coming from the soundproof room and his members waiting for him and the teacher to show up.

    Theyre here! Jaeyoon calls out, the first one forward was Inseong, his arms wrap around you as he pulls you into a tight hug.

    Were excited to have an audience here, Inseong says, you giggle and hug him back, not picking up how Chanis face fell with how you hugged Inseong, you pull away from the hug and move further into the room, Chani closes the door and watch as you greet everyone, giving them a hug, he knew he wasnt too big on skin ship, but watching you be close with others, or touching them so comfortably made him feel a bit insecure, he turns back and watch as Zuho has an arm around you, and was talking to you comfortably, his hand was resting on your hip, and you were smiling at him while nodding your head and giving your input, Chani steps forward and sits on the floor, wondering if he had made a mistake by bringing you here, and by letting you meet his friends, because to him, it felt like you would never like him back now that youve met them, he was feeling insecure about his age, thinking that you proffered someone older or closer to your age, unlike him, maybe he shouldnt have asked you to come along because watching Zuho holding you so close to him, was making his heart ache, he loved you and absolutely hated seeing you in the arms of another man and not his, but maybe that was his fault for always denying small touches, for denying the warmest affection.

    When practice finally started, everyone picked up how quiet Chani had got, even you, you werent sure if it was because he's focusing or because of something else, but the members knew that it wasnt because he was focusing unless he was trying to show off to you, they knew something was bothering him as they watched his jaw clench.

    Youre doing amazing! You say when they were taking a quick water break.

    Hmm, He hums, you frown at the hum, expecting a little more from him.

    This is amazing, to watch this, its really something to experience, You say, he nods his head and opens his water bottle, your shoulders drop as you watch him taking a large sip from the bottle. You learn so fast also, I never realised you could move like that, so smoothly, Another nod, you bite the insides of your cheeks, feeling like you were annoying him now, you nod your head and take a step back and turn to go sit back at the spot near the door, making sure that you were out of the way when they would start again, you lean your back against the wall, extending your legs out in front of you and rest your hands on your thighs, Zuho spots you and makes his way to you, he sits down next to you and offers you a bottle of water. Oh, no, no, Im good, thank you, you guys need all the water you can get, He laughs and puts the bottle next to him.

    Im sure we will survive with one less bottle, He says, you faintly smile at him. Are you enjoying yourself so far? You nod your head.

    A lot, I never knew how long practice took, I know you have to practice and work hard, but this its amazing to see, You say.

    Some of us are a bit behind on step, but thats okay, if we need to work on something a little longer, our teacher is gracious enough to spend some extra sessions with us, He says, you nod your head. If one of us is behind, they offer us a time the next day or later in the day to work with us, and usually we catch up.

    Thats honestly so cool this experience, or experiencing this, I feel so lucky to see this, You say, he smiles and pats your knee, neither of you picking up how Chanis hand almost crushes the water bottle in his hand, he quickly puts it down and moves to the middle of the room, signalling that he was ready to continue with the practice.

    Well, that looks like my cue to go, Zuho says, you nod your head.

    Good luck, You say, he gives you a smile and stands from the spot, everyone makes their way to the middle of the room and practice picks up once again, you spent hours at the practice room, only leaving when you had to go to the bathroom or when you went to buy some food.

    When they finish, the room cleared out, and soon it was only you, Chani and Taeyang in it, Youngbin had left to go to the bathroom, saying he needs more practice before he wanted to go back to the dorms. Chani, you did good today, He nods his head, Taeyang was staring at you both, and he could see that you were becoming frustrated with Chani.

    He did, it looked like something possessed him, Taeyang says, you nod your head.

    It did, You agree, you move to push some of his hair from his face, only for him to move his head back, you let out a sigh and lower your head.

    Are you still staying over at hers tonight? Taeyang asks, trying to change the subject, you werent sure what you had done to make him like this all of a sudden.

    Yes, Chani answers, it was short, you felt somewhat relieved that he would still be coming to your place, but part of you hoped he could go back to the dorms, so you could comfort yourself about whatever you had done to him, but you supposed you could confront him when alone because if you were to do it now, it might blow up, he might blow up and that was the last thing you wanted.

    Im going to go wait in the hall, You say, your voice sounding so small as you spoke.

    Wait, let me say a proper goodbye to you, Taeyang says.

    Youre covered in sweat, You point out.

    Like you care, He says, you smile and nod your head.

    Youre right, You say, he moves to you and wraps his arms around you, his chin rests on your shoulder.

    Call any of us if you cant take his silent treatment anymore, He whispers into your ear, you nod your head feeling your eyes glossing over, you quickly pull away from the hug.

    Good luck with the late practice, dont go home too late, You say, the door to the practice room opens. Same goes for you, dont go home too late, Youngbin chuckles and moves towards you, giving you a hug, he quickly picks up on your glossed over eyes. Ill see you guys sometime again, You pull away from the hug and quickly exit the room, you lean against the wall, waiting for Chani, you stare up at the roof, trying to get yourself not to cry, you had to hold it back, you didnt want to fight with your friend, not with the person you were in love with, a few moments later the door opens and Cani exits the room with his bag over his shoulder. Ready to go? He nods his head, and you nod back, feeling defeated by his lack of response, you turn away from him and make your way down the hall with him behind you.


    You sit on the couch in your place, Chani was sitting on the other end of the couch, you were supposed to be watching a film, but he hadnt answered you in what he wanted to watch, and so you both sat in an awkward silence with the Netflix logo displayed on your screen, you let out a sigh and drop the remote onto the coffee table.

    Ive had enough of this silent treatment, You say, he looks at you, surprised at how suddenly you broke the silence between you both. What did I do to anger you?

    Nothing, He mutters, you roll your eyes and turn your body towards him.

    Did you know that I dont believe you one bit, You say. Because that smells like bullshit, He lets out a sigh and moves his eyes towards a spot on the couch, avoiding eye contact with you. What happened? He didnt reply, you could see his tongue moving inside his mouth as it poked against his cheek. Ugh whatever, if you dont want to talk about it, or watch a movie with me, its time, You pick up your phone. Should I call one of them to come and pick you up? Because it feels like you dont want to spend time with me, You watch as his frown deepens. I wonder if Juho would do it, You were about to unlock your phone when his words stopped you.

    Are you going to call your boyfriend to come and kick me out now? He asks, you slowly lift your gaze from your phone to look at him. The person thats been here for you since childhood?

    Well, it feels like my childhood friend doesnt want to talk to me right now, You say. So I might as well call my supposed boyfriend to come and pick him up, You place your phone down on the table. The heavens alone know where you got that into your head.

    Are you and Juho dating? He asks. Or are you just crushing on him? You lift your head in confusion, your brows knotting together.

    Where did you get that idea from? You ask. Juho and I are friends and I dont see him as more than that, I like someone else, You freeze as the words leave your lips, and you watch as he visibly pauses as well.

    Who? He asks, you could hear how deep his voice sounded as he asks. Who is it? Is he older than I am? He was feeling insecure about his age, his members were all older than him, and you were older than him, and he was worried that you had fallen for someone older than him and yourself, he was in love with you, and he had been ever since high school when he realised his feelings for you.

    Wh what? You stutter out. No, gosh, forget I said that, You move to stand from the couch, only for him to grab onto your wrist, stopping you.

    I cant forget that you said it色 He says, you were leaning over as you were pushing yourself up from the couch, he leans over, his face inches away from yours. Please who is it? You swallow and look away from him, you try and pull your hand from his grip. Please I need to know who Im competing with you, Y/n色 You slowly lift your gaze back to his face.

    What do you mean, you want to know who youre competing with? You say, you watch as he swallows, his Adams apple bobs up and down.

    I love you Y/n色 He confesses, you didnt mean to gasp, but you did, what else would someone do when their childhood friend and crush confesses their love to you, a person that you didnt think returned those same feelings, you could feel several emotions running through you, but the most obvious one; shocked.

    Chanhee色 You whisper, he closes his eyes, feeling a pain slowly forming in his chest, thinking you didnt feel the same about him, he slowly begins to pull back, you lift your other arm and grip on to the back of his head, his eyes widen as you stop him from moving further away, your fingers were woven through his hair, the pads of you were fingers press down against his scalp, he looks into your eyes before he suddenly moves forward, his lips touch yours, your eyes shut along with his as his lips move against yours in a soft and passionate kiss, you couldnt explain all the feelings running through you, but you could tell one thing, your heart was selling and beating faster than normal, the person youve had a crush on since you entered high school was kissing you, for years you tried to ignore your feelings, push them away, but here he was, kissing you and making all of your feelings resurface, hitting you like a train once again, he slowly pulls away from the kiss and leans his forehead against yours, both of you breathless from the kiss.

    So do I stand a chance? He asks, you open your eyes and found yourself staring into his brown eyes, quickly getting lost in them also.

    You stand a very good chance, King Chanhee色 You say. Because it's you色 You barely had time to blink before his lips were back against yours, this time you could practically taste the passion and need and love in it, his hand releases your wrist and moves to cup the cape of your neck, to pull you in for a deeper kiss, your eyes shutting instantly as you lean into the kiss, removes forward, pushing you down on the couch while he moves to hover over you and move between your legs, you could feel the kiss deepening, his tongue would swipe over your lips every few times until you slipped yours out, and he sucks it into his mouth, running his tongue along it as he sucks on it, his hand slowly leaves your neck and moves to the hem of your shirt, his hands slip underneath it and slowly moves over your tummy, feeling every part of you, feeling how warm you are underneath his touch, his hips press against yours, your breathing was becoming louder as the seconds ticked by, he suddenly pulls away, thin strings of saliva breaking off, coating your lips and chin with it, he looks down at you, eyes blown wide and clouded with lust, his hands pause on your ribs, and he glances down to look at your exposed tummy.

    Can I? He asks, you nod your head and pull your hand from his hair, your heart drumming in your ears as you feel him move his hands to grip your shirt, he lifts it upwards before removing it and tocsin over the back of the couch, his eyes move to your chest, watching as it rises up and down from your deep breathing. Ive seen you in swimwear before, but I swear every time I see you, my breath gets stolen, You giggle and move to cover your face with your arms, only for him to grab your wrists and pin them above your head against the armrest. Dont色 His face inches from yours, you slowly nod your head and glance at his lips, you watch as they stretch into a smile before feeling them on you again, his hands slowly slide down your arms and towards the hem of your bra, his fingers curl around it, your back slightly arches as you feel the tips of his fingers brush against the underside of your breasts, he pulls it upwards, slowly freeing your breasts from the hold, he pulls away from the kiss and removes your bra before tossing over his shoulder, he lowers his head, and you can see how his eyes light up and shine as he looked at your chest.

    If you werent so obvious with that look I might have been worried that you dont like them, You tease him, he chuckles and dips his head lower, hoping to hide his reddening cheeks from you.

    Im trying to be fuck, I forgot the word, He says, you giggle and nod your head.

    Oh, oh, dont let me stop you then, You say, he leans over you, placing his face against your sternum, he cups your breasts and pushes them together against his cheeks, making you feel how heated they were, his thumbs brush over your nipples, and you can feel wetness pooling between your folds, you suck your lip between your teeth as you feel his thumbs move in slow circles over your nipple, causing them to harden and swell, your skin was slowly heating up, and you suddenly felt underdressed. Can I take your jacket off? He lifts his head, resting his chin against your sternum.

    Hmm it's getting a bit warm now, He says, you lick your lips and move your hands to his jacket, pushing it off his shoulders and slowly down his arms before dropping it onto the floor next to the couch, his hands were back at your breasts once the jacket hit the floor, his forefinger and thumb pushing your nipples together, he dips his head and slowly kisses up and down your sternum before moving to kiss one of your nipples, you move a hand to the back of his head, sliding your fingers through his hair before pressing the pads of your fingers into his scalp.

    Youre still overdressed, You say, he hums against our nipple before taking it into his mouth and sucking on it. Oh, ohh, You close your eyes as you feel a sensation running through you, you move your other hand to his back and grip onto his shirt, pulling it upwards until his back was exposed, you slide your hand over his spine, feeling the warmth from his skin and feeling his muscles working to keep him above you. Hmm Chanhee色 Your eyes open wide as you feel him pinch and tug at your nipple, your back arches upwards and your tummy press against his. Ohhm, Chanhee! You feel him tug on it again before feeling pull at your nipple before releasing it with a loud pop.

    I still have some frustrations, He says, he picks his lips and moves to sit on his knees, your hand falls away from his hair while your other hand moves to his waist. Because I just realised that we could have been like this months ago, You could feel a smile growing on your lips. Im sorry in advance, but I think I need to take out some of my frustrations.

    Tale it out once your shirt is off, You say, you sit upright and grip onto the hem of his shirt and pushes it upwards, he lifts his arms, allowing you to take it off, you lick your lips as you watch his muscles move as he lowers his arms. Gosh you really hide all of this underneath a dress shirt or a t-shirt, His hands press down against your thighs.

    And you really hide all of this underneath a shirt and a bra? He asks, you couldnt help but smile, you lean your head against his chest and slowly shake your head, you feel his hand sliding up your spine, his fingers ghostly brushing along your spine before you feel his hand over the back of your neck before sliding into your hair and gripping onto you, you feel your clit twitch moments before he tugs at your hair, pulling you to lay back on the couch. Oh, I already feel a little better after that, He releases your hair and leans over you, kissing one of your tits before kissing down your tummy, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses behind as he does, he pauses once he reaches the elastic of your pants and looks up at you, he licks a strip along the elastic, a shiver runs up your spine when you feel his teeth grazing your skin as he hooks the elastic between his teeth and tugs on it before releasing it, letting it snap back against you.

    Fuck色 You gasp, he lets out a hum, and you could see the wheels turning in his head, his hands move to your waistband, and he pulls them down.

    Lift your legs, He says, you let your legs, lifting your feet into the air, he leans slightly back and removes your pants, he drops it over the backrest of the couch and shifts slightly, moving lower, you lift your head to look at him. Lower your legs onto my shoulders, You do as he says and feel him grip onto your ankles, moving your feet to press against his shoulders, he looks up at you before leaning down, you feel cool air blowing against your panties, against the wet patch that was slowly forming, you feel his hair tickling the inside of your thighs as he moves closer to your pussy, you close your eyes and drop your head down onto the couch, his hot breath hitting against your pussy, you gasp you as you feel his nose brush against the outline of your folds before feeling his lips against your panties.

    Ohh Chanhee色 You hum out, he moves his head, and you could feel his nose touching your skin before feeling his lips, you swallow and clench as you feel his teeth against your skin as he took your panties between his teeth, you feel your muscles locking up before feeling the fabric snapping back against your pussy. Fuck, fuck.

    Hmm, maybe my hand would work better? He suggests, you turn your head to the side, breathing hard at the thought. So, you like the idea, You feel his hands move to the elastic of your panties and slowly slide them off, his fingers touching the crease of your hips as he does, making you shiver at the touch, he pauses once your panties were presses against his face before slowly lifting one of your ankles and removing your panties from that ankle before placing your foot back against his shoulder and doing the same to the other side. You smell so good, Your panties hit the floor, and you could now feel his breath hitting right against your pussy, you whimper and our clit twitches. Hmm will it twitch like that if I flick it?

    Chanheee, You whine, your back slightly arching off the couch, you feel his shoulder move as he moves his hand to cup your pussy, his finger slides over your folds, and he watches as your body quivers, you suck in your tummy as you feel how close his finger was too slipping past your folds. Ohh, uhmm, You squeeze your eyes tighter, his fingers slip past your folds before spreading them, your toes curl as you feel cool air blowing against your warm wet pussy.

    Hmm soaked already, He says, you whimper as you feel his fingers slowly sliding along the insides of your folds, you feel his other hand move to your ankle before feeling him place your leg over the backrest of the couch before moving onto his knees, your other leg following his body, his fingers disappear from your folds.

    Fuck! You gasp as you feel his hand cooled with your pussy, your clit twitching against his fingers.

    Ohh, that felt like you enjoyed it, did you? He asks, you whimper, your breathing ragged and loud, he slowly rubs his fingers over your clit before they disappear, you feel your walls clenching as he slides his hand along your thigh, leaving a smear of your juices behind on your skin. Have you ever touched yourself while thinking about me? His question was so blunt, it caused you to open your eyes and lift your head to look at him.

    I I, um, oh色 You stutter, your mind had forgotten how to form words at that moment.

    Was that too blunt? He asks, you nod your head. Hmm well, will it help if I tell you that Ive thought about you? You swallow and feel your insides shift. How you would sound in the shower, or even just in my bed, He reaches for your hand, taking it with the hand that was coated with your juices. I bet you have touched yourself though show me how I should touch you, You whimper as you feel your juices on your wrists, and him moving your hand between your legs along with his, his hand covers yours and moves a finger to hover over yours. Show me色 You swallow and slowly move your hand, you could feel heat travelling up to your cheeks, you had never done it in front of anyone, and you suddenly felt like you forgot where you usually touch yourself.

    I uhm色 You squick out, his eyes move from your pussy to your face, seeing your eyes wide and your lips slightly parted.

    Dont be shy, He says, you rake your mind and slowly move your finger around your clit, his hand following your movements, he licks his lips, his eyes flickering between your face and pussy, excitement growing inside him, he could feel a tent forming in his sweatpants as blood flowed to his cock, you slowly slide your finger lower and collect your wetness before sliding it back to your clit, circling the bundle of the nerves. You feel so wet I wonder色 He suddenly slides your fingers down to your entrance and slowly pushes your finger along with his into you, your jaw slacks and a whimper leaves the back of your throat, your eyes shut as you feel the stretch and the light filling feeling. Hmm so wet already.

    Ohh, hmm, You moan, your back arches from the couch, making you push your chest out, he reaches up with his other hand and cups your tit, his fingers knead into it while he slowly slides his finger with yours from you before pushing them back in, the sound of your wetness reaches your ears, and you could feel your insides starting to pull together.

    That sounds so good, how does it feel? He asks, you whimper and slowly let your back lower to the couch.

    Oh oh, fuck色 You moan, his eyes move down, and he watches as his and your finger disappears and reappears from you, coated with your wetness, he slowly twists your fingers as he pushes them back. Ohh, ohhhh, fuck it feels so ohh good, He presses his hand against yours, making you press your palm against your clit. Fuck fuck, Your palm rubs against your clit as he moves your fingers in and out of you. Chanhee色 He moves your finger faster, watching as your body reacts to it, watching as your leg that was over the backrest begins to shake.

    Hmm, thats it whine my name, thats it, He praises, you try and suck in more of your tummy as you felt a tightening feeling pulling inside you, you were so close, his finger pressed down against yours, making you curl your finger.

    Fuck fuck, You gasp out, your head thrashes on the couch, your hips suddenly fuck as you feel another finger poking at your entrance before slipping into you. Holy f OH! You squeeze your eyes shut as you feel your muscles twitching and pulling, you curl your toes as a sudden heat spreads through you, you could feel sweat breaking out onto your skin. Fuck! You grip onto the couch with your other hand, stars explode behind your lids as a hot pleasure runs through your spine, the tightening feeling inside you snaps, and you release around his and your fingers, he watches as your juices spill from around your fingers and onto the couch.

    Ohh oops, we will definitely need to clean the couch after this, He says, you couldnt hear what he said, your mind was in the clouds as you were going through your high, he guides your fingers in and out of you, easing you through your high while still pressing your palm against your clit.

    Oh, ohh, oh, hm, mmh, fuck, fuck, You whine, you slowly come down from your high feeling your fingers still moving inside you, his hand on your breast squeezes down around it before he pulls his fingers from you, his hand disappears from your breast and the warmth from his hand covering yours disappears, he lowers your foot from his shoulder and climbs off the couch, you breathe in deeply, trying to calm your heart rate and catch your breath from the orgasm you just had, you open your eyes and watch him, you could feel cool air blowing against your sweat coated skin, but you were focused on his hands as he was untying the string on his sweatpants, you lick your lips as you see the bulge in it, a whimper leaves you as you watch his cock slap against his lower stomach and leaving a smear of pre-cum behind on his skin, he bends over and takes off his pants and boxers, you lift your leg off the backrest and sit upright, you let out a whine as you feel your juices leaking from you, he looks up at you, only to find your face inches away from him hip.

    Fuck色 He groans out, you grip onto his hips and turn him towards you, you move one of your hands to his cock, you wrap your hand around the base of his cock and slowly slide it along his length, he lets out a low groan as he feels your warm hand sliding along him, you swipe your thumb over the head of his cock, collecting his pre-cum onto your thumb, you slide your hand down his cock, pressing your thumb against the prominent vein on his cock, you lift your head and watch as his Adams apple bobs up and down as a low groan leaves the back of his throat.

    Feels good? You ask, another groan leaves his lips as he feels you twist your hand around the base of his cock and slide it back to the head of his cock.

    So good, He breathes out, your thumb slides over the slit again, you hear him gasp in again and decide to tease the slit with your thumb. Ohh no, no, fuck, it feels so good, He tilts his head back, making you see his entire neck. Fuck I need to be inside you, now, His hand suddenly grabs your wrist, and he pulls your hand off from his cock and lifts his head, he pushes you to lay down on the couch once again with him between your legs, you feel his cock poke against your folds, he releases your hand and moves his hand to wrap it around himself, pushing the head of his cock past your folds and coating it with your juices, circling your clit and tapping himself against the bundle of nerves, a whine leaves you as your legs jolt each time he does, he slides himself to your entrance and slowly pushes the head into you, he unwraps his hand from himself and moves both of his hands to your hips, he lifts his gaze to watch your expression as his cock slowly disappears into you, filling and stretching you, your jaw slacks, and you press your head down against the couch.

    Ohh, hmm-mmh, You moan, pleasure runs through you and your mind fills with euphoria, your eyes roll to the back of your head as you feel him bottoming out inside you, you gasp and lift your head to look at him. Fuck色

    Fuck, I have to agree, fuck色 He groans out, his fingers grip onto your hips, you could feel bruises being created with how he held you, he lifts your hips higher, making him slide deeper into you. Fuck sucking me right in, You clench at his words and drop your head down to the couch, he slowly slides out from you, making you hear your wetness move as he does, you feel your breath get stuck in your throat for a moment before gasping as you feel him snap his hips forward and against yours, filling you again. Ohh you are a sight, Your walls clench around him, feeling as he slides out again, his movement become fast and almost rough as he thrusts into you, his eyes glued to your chest as he watches them bounce, you reach above you and grip not the armrest, which causes your breasts to move. Hmm fuck, showing them off even more, The sounds of your breathing and moans with his were bouncing off the wall and the sound of your wetness moving was so sinful as it echoes around the room.

    Ohhh ohmm, You moan. Chaaaanheee, Your back arches and your hips push more into him, your walls squeeze around him as you feel him hitting that sweet spot inside you. FUCK, fuck ohhh, my fuck, He lets out a low groan, tilting his head back as he feels your walls squeezing around him, your eyes move over his torso, seeing sweat droplets running down his beautiful skin and over his toned body, you could see his muscles bulging as he held your hips while rolling his hips into yours, you feel a tightening feeling building and building inside you, you were reaching the edge of ecstasy again. Fuck fuck, Im Ch Ahh Chanhee色 You squeeze your eyes shut as you feel your muscles pulling, your toes curl, and you press your thighs against his waist as you wrap your legs around him, your heels dig into his lower back.

    Ohh fuck, fuck, oh, He groans out, your walls squeeze one last time before a rush of euphoria runs through you, stars explode behind your lids as you release around him, you could feel the inside of your thighs becoming wet as your juices were being splattered onto them. Fuck, fuck, thats it fuck, He leans over you, your hips now resting on his knees and his hands press down onto the armrest, his tummy rubs against yours as he eases you through your high and starts chasing his own high with deeper thrusts, which left you gasping each time, your back arches off the couch, and you press your tummy more against his, feeling his stomach muscles pulling as he rolls his hips into yours.

    Fuck Chanhee色 You gasp, your eyes stay closed, you release the armrest and move to wrap your around his neck, resting one hand on the nape of his neck while the other one slides into his hair and softly tug at his hair, you were slowly coming down from your high, your heels press more into his lower back as you feel his deep thrusts, somehow still keeping a fast pace between the uneven thrusts. Fuck ohh my fuck, He dips his head down, capturing your whimpers into his mouth as he feels you squeeze around his cock, milking him for an orgasm.

    Fuck you feel so good around me fuck, He groans against your lips as he pulls away from the kiss. Hmm squeezing me fuck, Im close, oh, He does his head to the crook of your neck, you open your eyes and watch as his arms bulge as his muscles work to move him, you feel his hot breath against your skin, groans coming from the back of his throat, his lips trembling against your skin as he was getting closer to his high, you squeeze harder around him. Y/n Y/n色 You swallow as you feel his cock twitch inside you before feeling hot ropes of cum filling you and coating your walls, you let out a moan as you feel him slowing down and rocking his hips into yours, easing himself through his high, your walls pulse around him, making his head spin. Fuck so good, You barely heard him groan against your neck.

    Hmm色 You hum, the afterglow of it all was settling in, his hips come to a halt against yours, his breathing loud against your neck, you could feel his droll sliding over your skin and down your neck, your hair was sticking to the back of your neck from the sweat, you tug at his hair, feeling the dampness in it. Chanhee色 He lifts his head to look at you, his eyes becoming lighter as the lust disappears from them.

    You dont know how long Ive waited to do that all of this, He mutters, you smile and lean up, pressing your lips against his.

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    Craving for a writing to do with Paul

    Maybe some type thing were he thinks he has all this power over her because hes about to become all powerful and shi but she doesnt really give a FUCK and doesnt fear a thing he does

    Enemies to lovers儭

    You know I could never see Paul being cocky with his power, at least not as he is now, you feel? It's more of things were always handed to him because he was the son of the Duke and now he's some famed Messiah, it throws him for a shock when someone says no or is dismissive of him

    Where the Water Flows

    Paul Atreides x reader

    Summary: You believed in nothing but the sand under your feet and the blood in your veins. Paul thinks you're insane.

    Warnings: MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY :) slow burn-ish, Enemies to lovers, Reader says mean things to Paul in Fremen tongue (Arabic), Sexual tension, almost sex clothed grinding, and tongue kissing, everyone has issues.

    Notes: I took the longest time to write this and it is longer than I expected it to be, this is 4k words!!!

    It was old, sacred, and dangerous, your grandmother used to tell you tales of waves so big it swallowed villages, currents so rough it swept away the strongest swimmer. Your childhood was woven, stitched together with tales that Arrakis used to have water. That once, water was so common that it was seen as a nuisance rather than a blessing that rain would stop a day's work sending workers home wet and grumbling while now all anyone ever prayed for was rain.

    Old, sacred, and powerful, it flows freely from the tap, filling the tub with warm spouts of water. You scrub your skin raw, till the sand outside is nothing but a faint memory and when the water cools, you drain it with a heavy heart. It spins down the drain and for a moment, you wonder where it goes but the wonder doesn't last long because a faint chill settles in your bones, deep and aching. You fill the tub again.

    The Atreides estate has been abandoned for months now, the soldiers have left, the workers who survived raided most of its goods you watched it for days, weeks before coming here. They took most of its gold and silver rooms now stripped bare of sheets and bed mats, some even took stools and chairs; the wood could be repurposed, firewood or weapons. Though the raiding of the estate had left it most bare, most avoided the halls that reeked of death. Call it smart or call it fear, but past a certain point the halls were no longer picked clean the further you walked the more the clock ticked backward, rewinding to the time when this place was alive, filled with bustling workers and possibly nobles.

    Months had passed since the attack and it made the scent of death easier to handle. The corpses now skeletons dressed in pale greens and dark greys with blotches of red staining various parts of their body no longer had faces and it made the sight of them bearable, still, you mumble small prayers as you pass them and will them not to rise or for their spirits to haunt you. You were only there for the water.

    Sighing, you take a deep breath before dunking your head under the warm water. It bubbles around you, scurrying up your nose but you don't inhale, dangerous, you remind yourself. Given the chance water would take your life, it does not care for any life other than its own so when the pressure in your chest grows and begs for air, you come up from the water, blinking the droplets of your lashes and wipe at your nose. There's a faint hum, a dull thump and you turn your head and

    A crysknife is pressing against your jugular.

    The boy regards you with cold, red-rimmed eyes. He is dressed like your people, the people you've left behind long ago but he's not one of them. His skin is far too light, far too pink and blotchy. He had the complexion of a freshly born baby, he held the blade-like one too.

    Who are you?

    You don't answer him. You only stare and it makes his teeth grind. The blade presses into your neck and the skin splits. You can no longer tell if it is water or blood spilling down your chest, it's all the same warmth. You don't know if you cared if it was either. You were going to die. Your neck slit and left to bleed out in the water and a part of you brightens at the thought of it. Your death would be sacred, surrounded by the very thing people worshipped. But another part of you burned with a wave of fierce anger, you hadn't come this far just to die by the hands of a palm-colored boy.

    If you are going to kill me. Your voice is faint, your eyes meet his hazel ones unwavering, challenging, and faintly smug. Make sure you do it right, I will not let you get a second chance.

    The boy bares his teeth, white on white, his arm swings back with the force of a trained soldier and you picture your death vividly, your head swiped clean from your shoulders, the water turning red. Your death if he managed to kill you would be as beautiful as the setting suns, it'd be powerful in only a way that matters to you. Just as it was about to connect to your neck again, a person flew into their voice high and full of panic, No!

    Chani holds his arm back with all her might. She is one of us, Muad'Dib! She's one of ours.

    The warm water does nothing to stop the chill in your bones this time. The past, just like sand, sneaks back up on you in unexpected ways clings to you in ways you thought you had washed and clawed off. Your lips thin, your head bowing as you let your eyes close with an annoyed sigh, Sister.

    There was no blood shared between you and Chani. Sisters only in bond, you remember the times when she was younger, glued to your side always questioning, forever curious behind her permanent pout. She had been a princess in your eyes, her features were delicate, her skin dark but lighter than yours and unscarred by the sun even then, she had admirers, offers for her hand when she was barely thirteen and you fourteen and like any good sister, you fought them off, tooth and nail.

    You remember the nights after fights the pain of blades stabbed into your sides, your nose broke twice over, your knuckles split. You remember ChaniSihaya, a name you only called her in private would sit by your side and patch you up, mumbling about wasted water and her worry for you.

    But in your absence, your desert flower grew and blossomed her roots long and deep, she's finally made a connection in your absence. A connection you didn't quite understand with this boy Muad'Dib, the Messiah people used to whisper about, Paul Atreides the heir to this fallen house, a God in his own right has entrapped your sister with his soft features and even softer words with the power that lingers at his fingertips, but still out of reach.

    Paul Atreides decides he hates you from the second he lays his eyes on you. He knows of you Whispers from the Fremen and conversations with Chani swirl within his mind fueling false images and rocky doubt. You were one of their greatest warriors, you were as dangerous as a sandworm, as beautiful as flowering cactus sharp, unpredictable, and vibrant and you had left your people in the night. He doesn't understand it, he doesn't understand you and he hates you because it's the only thing he can do.

    Many moons, Chani starts wistfully once you stand from the water, a small smile pulling at her lips. Many moons, you've been gone, sister. I feared I'd never find you.

    You only give her a small hum, the palm of your hand now cold as you press it against the broken skin on your neck. You don't flinch, you only blink at the pain. You shouldn't have looked for me. I would have returned to you eventually.

    Chani shakes her head softly, she casts a glance at Paul, her eyes twinkling in a way that sends his heart skipping beats. Many moons have come and gone, Sister. Things have changed, we have a chance. He is the one.

    When your gaze cuts to Paul, his mind blanks. You don't look older than him or Chani, but your eyes give you away. They remind him of Duncan, a soldier even away from the battlefield, your eyes always calculating picking him apart piece by piece. He tells himself that his mind blanks because you are new and different, not because you stand before him nude without care. Dressing at a snail's pace as Chani is talking to you in a whisper and you answer in hums Paul keeps his eyes on your face, the back of your head, your hair anything to keep from looking at the scars that dance across your figure.

    When he blinks out of his thoughts, you're fully dressed dressed like him, like Chani, like a Fremen. A shawl is wrapped tight around your head, a frown pulling at your lips as you regard him. You know the answer to your question but you ask her anyways, This is him? The one you've prayed for?

    Chani nears from behind you and your shoulders tense, then relax as she runs a hand over them. Yes, Sister.

    You give him a once-over, your lips curling into a humorless grin. Then I fear we are doomed, Chani. For your Messiah is still wet behind his ears.

    Paul tried his hardest not to bare his teeth at you.


    Your return is acknowledged with a grand party as grand as any party as the Fremen could muster. They gather you in their arms, hugs are traded, spit spat at your feet before laughter rings out. They ask you of your travels if you managed to get off-world, you did. That sparks several cries of disbelief and Chani tugging at your sleeve to get to tell her of it but you give them all a whimsical smile and keep your lips sealed.

    Paul notices that about you in the four days it took to reunite with the tribe. When you didn't want to answer a question from Chani, you would only smile soft, secret, and filled with an adoration only an older sister could hold. You'd smile and change the subject, weaving questions into tales that took her mind off of it you had done the same thing to him multiple times, just less endearing, your voice tart and distant. You didn't trust him, didn't believe in him or his cause you made that much clear from the moment Chani had disappeared out of the room for something.

    I think you're leading my people to their deaths. You hissed, your eyes were blazing. I think this war is another trick to play into the empire's hand.

    Paul's lips had thinned, if Chani's gaze made his heart skip beats, your gaze made his heart thunder and his head swim. You made it very clear that they aren't your people. Your lips curled into a snarl, looking outwardly mad for the first time he's met you. He disregarded it with a title of his head and a jerk of his chin. Youve run time and time again, Juban, you don't get to lecture me.

    In truth, the language of the Fremen was something he was still learning between practice battles and war plans, he barely had time to pick up any material but he had heard the word, Juban, thrown around in jest during hand to hand combat, he's heard it hissed and spat when men left the cause, he's heard it whispered about himself. It means coward, or some alliteration of it if said in the right tone. A great insult and a direct blow because you had nearly lunged at him in fury but Chani returning had stopped you.

    Paul wasn't sure he could take you in a fight, not with the things he's heard.

    Sister! Both your and Paul's heads snap towards the voices, men the size of ox their skin riddled with gifts of war and defeat, are rushing towards you their lips split into wide grins and they look more like excited boys than anything. You are swept into a flurry of arms, squeezed until you're laughing and patting at their backs for mercy.

    She raised most of us.

    Paul jumps at Chani's voice. She stands beside him, arms crossed behind her back watching the interaction with a small grin. Shes only a year or two older than most of the children at the time and she raised us while raising herself. Chani pauses thoughtfully, For some, she's all they have. Sister is more than blood, it's a title, a respected one.

    Paul eyes her curiously, Why are you telling me this?

    Do not make an enemy out of her, Muad'Dib.

    The boy bristles, your light laughter is still floating through the air as the men pester you sister, we've missed you! Sister, when will you cook for us again? Sister where have you been? It does little to calm him, in the past week he's known you, you haven't laughed you didn't smile and now you give it out endlessly here. To people you didn't even know he watched in shock when you had bowed your head towards his mother, speaking to her quietly before her lips quivered in amusement. You had offered a stranger warmth and kindness when you had deprived him of both. It makes him angry, bitter, it makes him he shakes the thought away with a scoff. Shes already made one out of me.

    Chani gives him a knowing look. You held a blade to her neck. You drew the first blood, Then she drags her eyes away from him, Shell warm up to you soon if you let her.

    Paul doesn't let up. She called me wet-eared.

    The look on Chani's face reads; she isn't wrong. But she doesn't say it, she only purses her lips in thought and it makes that flicker of anger, of jealousy, grow brighter in him. Only a few days back and she's trusting your word only a few days into his life, you had seen him for what he was. A boy stuck in a war far too young, a boy set on a path that isn't of his own making. A boy and not a man.

    The point is, Chani begins, her voice gentle as if to soothe him and he realizes that his jaw had clenched shut and his nails are creating crescent-shaped indents in his palms. If you make an enemy of her, you'll make an enemy out of them Chani nods her head to the group of men around you, and them. This time, she nods toward a group of older warriors watching the reunion with warm eyes but serious faces. Where she goes, now that she's here, they'll follow. You may be the Messiah but she's a leader even if she doesn't realize it.

    And you? Paul can't help but ask, Would you follow her? Would you leave-? His voice catches, but the question is clear; Would you leave me?

    I... I believe in the cause, I believe in my people. I wouldn't pick a side when both want the same thing.

    But deep down, Paul knows Chani would choose her sister. She'd choose you and he couldn't blame her, not really. Your eyes connect again only this time, they're light and happy, your lips twitch, maybe a frown maybe a smile, but you nod to Paul, a brief sign of peace between the two of you. He finds he couldn't bring himself to blame you either.


    Being back home after months away is a weird feeling. You are still greeted with smiles, even after a month of being back people take time out of their day to acknowledge you. You're sought after for every training session, your thoughts are valued and for once, wanted. It's an odd change, something you're still getting used to but it fills you with warmth a warmth that is stolen away when you catch wind of rumors.

    She killed somebody without honor, their water wasted. Was a popular theory, but when you asked just who you killed, people would stutter and stammer. Another was a kinder one, far nicer than the first she fell in love with someone from a village, she ran off to be with them. As if someone would whisk you away, you are far too old only nineteen and too scarred to ever be considered pretty, and far past the marrying age. You had spent your childhood fighting away suitors for your sister, your beauty wasted away on fists and swords someone falling in love with you was a fool's tale, a joke they must have come up with it to make themselves laugh, to make you feel like shit.

    Your favorite rumor is she left because she doesn't believe, she left because she needed to because it was true. In the simplest of words; if you would have stayed with your tribe, you would have gone rogue, insane, even. After years of blocking out the sun and fighting off its efforts to corrupt you, you would have finally let your guard down and let the sun sink into your mind. They would have called it sun madness, they would have called it anything than what it truly was because they didn't understand your need to be free.

    But you're now caged again, your cage is bigger with other birds that tweet and sing to you, but a cage is still a cage no matter how pretty no matter what's in it.

    You swallow back a sniff as you reposition your feet. The night air nips at your bare legs while you bring up your hands in front of your face the dummy stuff full of sand and rocks doesn't even creak at you. The dummy, Qadim, is older than you than most of the people in the tribe but it still stands strong, swallowing hit after hit without protest, it shows no signs of wearing or tearing and it sparks a fit of childish jealousy in you. If only I were you, Qadim, maybe I could handle it all.

    Then, a voice questions you dryly, Do you talk to inanimate objects often?

    You crack your neck in response, bouncing on the balls of your feet as you throw a strike at Qadim, Fataa mubalal, You stop yourself just as your hand was about to crack against the dummy's stone skull, your eyes cutting over your shoulder to narrow at him. What do you want?

    To speak to you. Paul says, then he pauses, looking around the dark chilly room. Only the moon lights the space casting a ghostly hue over the dummies and weapons. He then looks back to you, freezing to take in your clothing a pair of thin brown shorts that end right above your thighs and a tight white camisole. He clears his throat awkwardly when you shift, And to train if that's alright with you.

    I can't control you. Is all you say before you draw your hand back just a bit. Paul is still watching you, his eyes leave a hazy trail of warmth on your skin he's questioning you, he won't ask you what you're doing but you feel the confusion in his gaze. You connect your hand against Qadim's head, a sharp quick jab that has its head lobbing to the side then

    A pop. A deep crack dances across the dummy's stone face.

    Much to your amusement, it doesn't break any further and by morning you're sure the dummy will be good as new. The legend of Qadim would continue.

    Chani trusts you.

    Not a question you note as you back off the dummy, you turn towards the rack of quarterstaffs. Shes my sister. You take a staff in hand, testing its weight with a twirl, And I raised her when her parents couldn't, trust forms easy that way.

    Paul comes up from behind you and you tense but he only plucks a staff off the shelf. You think he's going to pull away, to test like you did but he doesn't, his warm breath fans over your neck, his voice a whisper in your ear, and your body shudders without your permission. You left. That trust should have been broken.

    You turn your head just slightly and hold his curious gaze with weary eyes. Maybe. You turn back to the rack, pushing away from both it and Paul with a sigh. Or maybe, trust such as that can't be broken.

    Paul turns when you do, angling his body towards you as your bare feet pad towards the thick mat in the middle of the room. You risk a glance over your shoulder and find, like you, he's wearing some semblance of bed wear. A baggy white shirt with arms rolled to the elbows is paired with a slightly tighter pair of white pants and tan slippers. The material is pricey, it looks princely even and you have to remind yourself you're standing in front of your people's Messiah. Of course, he'd have the best of the clothing.

    The staff twirls in your hand for only a second before it jerks out, you do a half spin aiming at Paul's neck and he jerks away just in time. His eyes are wide and his voice comes out in a choked gasp, What

    You don't let him speak. The staff swings again and you let your body move with the motion of it this time it aims for his side, just below his ribs but he blocks it, parrying with his own move that makes you grip your staff harder.

    The dance you and Paul engage in isn't pretty. It's jerky, fast and all blows are aimed at some type of vital part of each other's body. You fight like wolves, teeth glinting in the moonlight as you snap at each other Paul brings his staff down over your head, you roll out of the way you try to jab your weapon into his chest but his hands are faster and stronger than you realize, they grab the end of your staff and shove. The force sends you flying away from him but you slam the staff into the ground to slow yourself.

    Paul is already on you by the time you look up, his staff sweeps under your feet and you go down, your eyes widen as you catch yourself before your head meets the mat and you try to turn but your staff is kicked away from you and his staff shoved under your chin. Yield.

    You don't, with how close he is, you jerk your leg out and kick his kneecap with all your might before dropping your feet down between his and turning like a crocodile in a death roll, Paul has no choice but to slam into the mat like you do but you are faster to recover and you throw yourself at him. Straddling him as you grab his staff it's awkward in this angle but you hold it to his neck and with a sardonic smile, you can't help but tease. Yield.

    And for the first time, he smiles at you. In the dark of the night, light by only moonlight, Paul's eyes twinkle something bright and pretty and it makes your heart thump louder than it ever has and your body betrays your mind because you smile too.

    Then, he flips you. With a sharp jerk of his hips, your body is sent flying upwards a thrill of pleasure flies through you as a squeak leaves your lips in surprise. Your eyes are wide as you gaze up at him, full of panic, What are you

    Then the strangest thing happens. The Messiah, Muad'Dib, Paul Atreides swoops down and presses his lips to yours. It is only for a moment before he snaps out of whatever makes him do it his face is a bright peachy pink and he's stuttering out something but it's lost in the thunder that pounds within you. He had taken your first kiss and it felt good. Your hands twist in the fabric of his shirt stopping whatever he was trying to say he utters your name in a soft way that makes your stomach clench. You yank him down before your mind can talk you out of it and smash your lips against his

    Paul groans into the kiss, tasting of sleep and faintly of mint, he kisses you like it'll be his last. He doesn't tease you when you fumble, when you're so obviously a virgin in this territory he only smiles against your lips, nipping at them, licking them pulling you into a game where he has the upper hand. After a particularly hard nip has you gasping against his lips you gasp against his lips and he slides his tongue gently testing the water as his hips roll against yours and you moan. It's a light airy sound that doesn't sound too much like yourself but Paul swallows it with a near-feral grin and rolls his hips against yours again and again and again his tongue sliding against yours almost lazily as he pulls more sounds from you.

    Paul Atreides, you decide, was not a Messiah set to save your people, no. Paul was a devil in human skin, sent to drown you in the pleasures he could offer you. He angles his hips against yours and grinds against your clothed clit and the whine that leaves you is high and needy, you jerk away from his lips your own glossed with his spit and your own and he grins down at you all prettily. No wonder Chani likes him.

    That's when your mind comes back to you. Chani, Chani, Chani. Chani likes him, it's in the way she acts around him shy and girly, Chani likes him and here you are, under him allowing him to make you feel good. What a horrible person you are, a horrible sister. Paul tries to kiss you again, his head ducks down but you turn away and push him off of you. You feel weak, sick, you feel disgusting.

    Paul blinks at you. Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you?

    You shake your head rapidly, stumbling to your feet. This this can't happen again.

    He's on his feet now, trying to reach for you but you smack his hand away with a sneer blinking back tears and ignoring your shaky legs, you pin him with what you hope is a devastating glare. Stay away from me, Muad'Dib.

    You flee the room.

    #roots responds #paul atreides x reader #paul atreides imagine #paul atreides smut #dune imagine#dune fic#dune 2021 #paul x chani #roots writes #roots writes dune
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  • lost-inthedream
    04.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    SF9 reaction to you waking them up with neck kisses

    genre: sensual fluff I'd say


    Warnings: everyone is just very touchy in this piece

    Bonus song rec: Whisper, by VIXX LR


    The smooth touch of your lips against his skin makes him shrink even before becoming conscious. You smile at yourself and playfully ask whether he is getting ticklish while your hand rubs his side. "You're so gorgeous in the morning, Binnie" you continue and then he finally says something back without thinking much. "Let me kiss you too, baby girl" His eyes are still pretty lazy to open up but his fingers reach out behind to catch you. He kisses you on the corner of your lips though.


    He shifts his position right after you hit with such a sensual approach. As he lays on his opposite side, you can see his half-asleep expression. "Want me to kiss you on the lips instead, babe?" you question with a mischievous smile on your face. No need to hear answers nonetheless. Your mouth lingers on his own and it brings him out of his beauty sleep. Your mouths naturally adjust at the same pace.


    Somehow there's a hint of joy in his grunts as you lay noisy pecks all over his neck. His exposed skin feels hot, almost like fever, in a way that you wanna keep embracing him. Why does he never put on a t-shirt? Thank God he never puts on a t-shirt. "Morning" he greets you with a low, husky voice. His hand easily wraps around yours, which was already resting on his chest. You answer with your face still buried in the crook of his neck.


    He immediately wakes up not even letting you have your time inhaling his scent. He didn't think twice before flipping you around and asking questions about your plans for the new day. "My only plan was showering you with kisses in this bed" you confess letting some frustration slide on your sleepy demeanor. He sympathizes and slows down so you can lazily trace his facial traits and brush your lips against his plump ones.


    He is still slightly snoring in the morning when you snuggle onto him with your eyes closed. You instinctively start to rub your nose on his clad shoulder murmuring sweet nothings out of your sleep. Without noticing, you are half kissing half sucking on the skin of his neck. "It feels so good, princess" he admits after spending a minute just enjoying the taunting affection.


    It is easy for you to simply look up and have your lips touching the side of his neck. He likes to place you on his chest when you have the weekend reserved for yourselves. It is like he is protecting you from the monsters of the night or something. In any case, the color of his skin, a soft and sweet tan, invites you for kisses. He does not take long to wake up but lets you be. Just pulls your leg over his hips and caresses your thigh in silence.

    鈸oo Taeyang:

    He turns to hug you as soon as you start. Boy goes all whiny, which only increases your will to keep kissing his graceful neck. He ends up waking up to leisurely wander his palm on the whole extension of your back down your butt as well as the back of your thigh. Your legs intertwine and you ask how he is doing. "Great, my angel. Better than ever" You smile as the feeling of pure bliss spread all over your being. He dips onto your neck.


    Am I the only one picturing the silliest smile on Hwi's sleeping face? Sometimes you wake up to see him just smiling with his eyes closed next to you. You are able to feel his peace of mind. You decide to climb on top of him because he is irresistible, seducing you even in his sleep. It's not your fault that you wake him up with a bunch of warm kisses. "Don't stop, beautiful". these are his first words. You follow his wish and add a massage to his scalp as your mouth leads up to reach his own.


    You will get tired of giving him kisses since he keeps unbothered. Slightly disappointed, you rub his chest and whisper in his ear. "You lovely little sloth". You giggle at yourself since his lips are still half parted and eyes loosely shut. He naturally wakes up after long minutes of you just admiring his angelic looks. "Did you say something?" he asks out of nowhere. "I called you a sloth half an hour ago but it was with love" He nodded and pulled you down to him wrapping his arms around your middle and surprisingly late reciprocating the earlier neck kisses.

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    17.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Naughty Little Thing - Chani

    Banner By: @atinyfantasytothemoon, thank you for making this for me, I absolutely love it.

    Warnings: Smut, explicit language, detailed descriptions, masturbation, pet/nicknames, nudism, pussy slapping, nipple play, fingering, teasing, edging, Dom!Chani, dirty talk, dacryphilia(?), begging, unprotected sex(readers on the pillows), aftercare, cockwarming(?).

    W/C: 4.9K

    Age Warning: I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if youre under the age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is fiction!

    Chani pushes you down to the bed, his hand on the side of your neck, his lips attached to your lips, he was fully dressed and ready to leave for his schedule when you had mentioned you were needy, and you had a wet dream about him, which had led to him pushing you down to the bed, kissing you deeply, which had caused your skin to flare up and the already wetness between your folds to increase, he pulls away and slide his hand higher from your neck and slide his thumb over your lips.

    I have to go, He says, you whine and try to hold onto him tighter. Are you feeling more needy? You nod your head and lift your hips to press them against his, he pulls away from you, leaving your skin feeling cold. Dont touch yourself while Im gone, His tone was almost cold as he spoke.

    You cant! You say, you sit upright and crawl onto your knees, trying to grab his hand as he moves away from the bed. Chanhee, you cant you cant leave me here like this, He gives you a smile as he picks up his jacket.

    Im not sure when Ill be back, He says. But be a good girl for me and dont touch yourself on my birthday, You whimper and watch him leave, leaving you frustrated and needy, you sit back on your knees, feeling your wetness soaking through your folds and soaking your panties.

    Fuck色 You mutter, you bring your hand to your head, listening carefully for the front door to open and close, the second you heard it, you lean back and slide your hand down to the waistband of your pants, as you were about to slip your fingers past the waistband of your pyjama shorts, your phone started ringing, you let out a groan but reach for it, Chanis name flashing across the screen. Fuck色 You press the answer button and bring it to your ear. Chanhee, did you forget something? You tried not to sound suspicious.

    I did, I forgot to tell you something, He says, his deep voice sounds through the phone making you squeeze your legs together, you begin sliding your other hand to your waistband. Although, Im sure I did tell you this, but just to be sure, dont touch yourself, if you do, I wont be a very happy birthday boy, baby, You hear voices in the background, letting you know he had climbed into the van. And Ill know if you did, you know I always find out if you did.

    Chanhee色 You mutter, pulling your hand away from your pants.

    Have a good day, Im going to miss you too much, I cant wait to get back home, He says, the line dies, and you turn your head into the pillow and let out a muffled scream, your skin felt flushed, and you werent sure if youd make it through the day without touching yourself, you lay there for a few moments, clutching your phone in your hand before you decided to get up, you put your phone down and make your way to the bathroom to freshen up and try to make it through the day.

    Fucking hell色 You mutter, once you were dressed for the day you begin making the bed, trying to ignore the ache between your legs, you leave the bedroom, your heart rate hadnt slowed, and you were feeling sweat forming on your skin, you reach the kitchen and decided that maybe doing the dishes would make you forget, would take your mind off your neediness you were feeling, but you should have known better, it wouldnt have, and your clit was throbbing for attention, you couldnt take your mind off it anymore and moved to the couch, grabbing a book on your way, hoping that if you read about it that it would help, you sit on the couch, parting your legs and opening the book, making sure to turn to the page where you knew the scene would be, you begin chewing on your bottom lip as you read through it, quiet whimpers leaving your lips, you begin moving your hips, hoping to get some kind of friction, some kind of relief, you squeeze your legs together, your fingers grip the book harder as you felt a dull relief, you tilt your head back and close the book.

    He wont know he wont, not this time, You mutter, you put the book down on the couch and make your way back to the bedroom, your heart rate picking up, your skin clammy with sweat, you stop next to the bed, your mind having a debate if you should or shouldnt, you squeeze your legs together, and before you knew it, your pants and panties were around your ankles, and you were on the bed with your back propped up against the headrest of the bed and your fingers against your folds. Fuck Im soaked, fuck, You could hear your wetness squelching around as you slide your fingers along your pussy lips, your fingers becoming soaked with your arousal. Hmm, ohh, You try and focus on your surroundings, hoping you could hear when Chani would arrive, but when you slipped your fingers past your folds all your attention went to the pleasure running through you, your clit throbbed as you touched it. Ohh, ohh, my fuck色 You slide your fingers lower and reach your entrance, the sound of your wetness echoes around the room, and you clench as you slip a finger inside you.

    Ohh oh, You gasp, you close your eyes, your breathing picking up as you pump your finger in and out of you, your mind completely forgetting that you were supposed to listen when Chani would be back, but your pleasure just felt too good, you slip another finger into you, letting out a low moan and arching your back. Fuuuck色 You were becoming lost in your own pleasure, a tightening feeling was building up inside you, you curl your toes and let out a whine, the bedroom door suddenly opens, your eyes shot open, and you freeze in place, your fingers buried deep inside you, your eyes meet Chanis dark brown eyes, realization quickly fills you, but you were too shocked to move or pull out your fingers, his eyes slowly move over you, he nods his head and closes the door before strolling towards the bed, with each step that he took it felt like he was moving slower and slower, he climbs onto the bed, laying down on his stomach between your legs and using his shoulders to push your legs further apart, his hand moves to your wrist, and he slowly pulls your fingers from you.

    Your muscles twitch as you feel the movement inside you before it was completely gone, and you were left feeling empty with your high dispersing, you watch as he brings your hand to his mouth before his lips wrap around your fingers, your bottom lip trembles as you feel his tongue slide over your fingers, cleaning them from your arousal, his eyes not once leaving your face as he does, it felt like you were underneath a spell as you watched him, he slowly pulls your fingers from his mouth with a loud pop, his tongue slowly slides over his lips, cleaning them from the arousal that had been left behind on them.

    Now色 He begins. I thought I told you not to touch yourself, His voice deep as he spoke, a dangerous edge to it, you clench around nothing and swallow, you blink and try to pull your hand from his grip. Baby girl色

    Chanhee色 You whimper, he releases your hand and moves to sit on his knees, his eyes slowly move lower, noticing you still had your shirt and bra on, the only that were missing and were around your ankles were your pants and panties, you swallow again as you watch his eyes get darker.

    Did you forget what I told you? He asks, you stay quiet as you watch him, trying to figure out what he was planning, his eyes suddenly shots up to meet yours, you could see them hardening as he waited for you to answer.

    No色 You whisper, he nods his head and places a hand on your knee, your skin lights up as he slides his hand to the inside of your thigh and towards your pussy.

    Then whyd you do it? He asks, you suck in a deep breath before feeling his fingers brush over your folds. Hmm?

    I I, you色 You stumble over your words.

    Me? He questions, you whimper as you feel his fingers spread your folds, cool air reaching the warmth of your pussy.

    I Chanhee I, I couldnt I it色 You mutter, your mind struggling to form a sentence.

    Did you become too needy? He asks, you nod your head, and he hums before his fingers disappeared from your pussy. And you couldnt wait for me to return home? You nod your head again before gasping and arching your back as you felt his fingers collide with your clit as he slaps your pussy.

    Chanhee! You moan, your back relaxes, and you feel his fingers rubbing your throbbing clit, your legs shake as he rubs the sensitive nub, he pulls his fingers away and his hand disappears from your pussy, you watch as he pulls his hand away, and you clench and gasp as you feel his hand colliding with your pussy again, you whimper and squeeze your eyes shut.

    You were being so bad, baby girl and on my birthday also, He mumbles, you swallow and buck your hips against his hand as he rubs your clit. You couldnt even wait for me to come back, He pulls his hand away and drags his fingers against the inside of your thigh, spreading your wetness over your skin, you open your eyes and watch him. What to do with you, it seems like you never learn your lesson, He pulls his hand away from your thigh and leans over you, pressing his hands into the bed next to your body. Or do you just like being punished? You shiver at his words. Youve never felt how it is to be rewarded, and it seems like you never will.

    Chanhee please, you left me needy, You try and defend your actions. I tried, I did, please色 You look into his dark brown eyes. Please色

    But you didnt wait long enough, He mutters. If you did, you might have been rewarded, You whimper before feeling his lips touching yours, you close your eyes, leaning into the kiss, you wrap your arms around his shoulders loosely, your hands rests between his shoulder blades, you feel him press his hips against yours and whine into the kiss as you feel your folds sliding together as he rubs his crotch against your mound, he breaks away from the kiss, your noses rub against each others, you could feel his breathing against your lips. Im going to enjoy myself so much, He suddenly pulls away, your eyes shoot open as you try and pull him back, but he was much stronger as he pulls out of your grasp, his hands move to the hem of your shirt and push it upwards, it didnt take him long before he had removed both your shirt and bra and had you completely naked on the bed for him, his hands grip the back of your legs and pulls you lower, pulling your head away from the headrest and having it lay on the pillows, his knees push your legs further apart, and you could feel the rough fabric of his jeans brush against the inside of your thighs, so close to your pussy, he presses his hands against your chest, pressing down against your breasts.

    Chanhee色 You whine, you feel his fingers press into your skin, roughly massaging it, he slides his hands down your belly, pausing at your hips before sliding them back up, you swallow as you feel his thumbs side over your nipples before pressing them down on your nipples. Hmm, You close your eyes as you feel him take your nipples between his fingers, slowly rolling them between the pads of his fingers. Chanhee色 Your back arches up and your clit twitches as he tugs on your nipples. Ohmmff, Pleasure shoots through you and your eyes shut, your lips part, and you breathe through your mouth. Chanheeee, You could feel more sweat forming on your skin, he pinches your nipples before tugging on them. Chanheee, fuck, fuck! He releases them and slides his hands down your belly, one hand pausing on your hip while his other hand cups your mound.

    Those pretty sounds coming from you, He begins to say. Sounds so good, You feel his fingers slide against your folds, parting more and more until his fingers were touching the inside of your thighs, his touch was as light as a feather, and you could feel shivers moving up your spine.

    Chanhee色 You breathe out. Please色 His finger slide back up to your mound before sliding back down, you could feel your insides jumping, and a knot slowly begins forming inside you again. Ill be good next time.

    How many times have you said that now? He asks, you whine and buck your hips against his hand, only for him to still his movements. And each time you were bad, You slam your hands down on the duvet, your fingers curling into it, he pulls his hand away.

    Ohh, myy, fuck, Chanhee, You gasp, the sound of your wetness squelching around as he slaps your pussy again, this time his fingers were lower and touching your entrance, threatening to slip into you, a shaky breath leaves you, he circles his fingers around your entrance, causing your walls to clench around nothing.

    Such a needy little thing, He says, he continues to rub his fingers around your entrance, you could feel your wetness increasing and leaking from you and dripping onto the bed, you press your heels into the bed as you feel the tightening feeling inside you growing stronger. Look at you, so needy, You whine and turn your head from side to side, he glances down at his jeans, seeing a bulge forming in them as he was hardening.

    Im fuck, Chanhee色 You moan, your fingers grip the duvet harder, fisting it, his fingers suddenly pause. No, no, no, please, Chanhee, no色 You open your eyes to look at him and saw him smirking down at you, you should have known that you wouldnt be getting your release that easily. Chanhee色 Your voice sounding like you wanted to cry as you whine, the tightening feeling inside you disappears, and you release the duvet, your legs relax, and you look up at the ceiling not wanting to look at him.

    Ohh, did I upset you? He asks, you could hear the teasing in his tone. So pouty and so bad, His fingers slide away from your entrance and moves towards your clit, your legs twitch and shake as he slowly drags his fingers along the sensitive nub. Not even considering that I could be upset that you touched yourself, You suck in a deep breath, trying not to look at him. Dont worry, He leans over and grips your jaw with his other hand, pulling your head to look at him. Ill fit that attitude in no time, sweetheart, He releases your jaw and presses his finger against your clit, and hard, causing you to almost sit upright.

    Ohhhh, my fuckk! You moan, your eyes roll to the back of your head before your lids shut. Fuck, fuck.

    Whos making you feel this good, sweetheart? He asks. Could you ever make yourself feel this good? You whine and shake your head.

    You are, youre making me feel good, You moan. No, no no, fuck, I cant, You feel him roughly rub your clit, the tightening feeling returning, your fingers scratch at the duvet before you grip onto it, he watches your reaction closely, your muscles pull and twitch, your legs stiffen as you press your heels into the mattress.

    I love this sight, its absolutely dizzying to watch, He says, you barely heard his words. The moment right before youre about to release, You buck your hips into his hand, your release creeping closer and closer. When youre at your most vulnerable, your face displaying pleasure, your muscles shaking.

    NO! You scream, he pulls his finger away from your clit, watching as your body shakes, and you tug at the duvet in frustration.

    That is one of my favourite looks when we do this, He says, you curl your toes, trying to keep your frustration under control, you knew if you were to show him just how frustrated you were, he would take longer, but you were sure that he was well aware of how frustrated you were.

    What Whats your favourite one? You ask, your breathing was ragged, you open your eyes, staring up at the ceiling, trying to compose yourself, he presses his fingers back against your clit, causing your back to arch away from the bed, your teeth grit together. Hmm!

    When you come undone when Im inside you, He says, you whimper and clench around nothing.

    Then, oh my fuck why are you ta aahhh, king so long, fuck, You manage to ask between gasps and moans, he was rubbing figure eights around your clit, the tightening feeling inside you building up again, you close your eyes, squeezing them shut, hoping you could chase after your high and get the release you were desperate for.

    Because you were being such a naughty little thing, He says, he pulls his finger away from your clit.

    Chanhee! You whine, his fingers touch your entrance, and he slides two digits inside you, you take in a deep shaky breath before blowing it out.

    And Im having so much fun, I know Im not teaching you anything, but its so much fun watching you get frustrated, He says, he curls his fingers inside you and feels your walls squeezing around him. Ohh, now thats a welcoming feeling, You whine and feel tears forming in the corners of your eyes, tears of frustration. Oh, is my naughty girl crying out of frustration?

    Chanhee色 You mutter, he uncurls his fingers and slide them from you before pushing them back into you. Please色 He twists his fingers inside you, causing your legs to shake and your back to arch, you suck in your stomach as you feel the knot forming in your abdomen. Chanhee, please Please, Im sorry, please色 You lick your lips as you feel the tears rolling over your cheeks. Please, let me cum please色

    You must really be desperate to cum, He states, you whimper as you hear the sound of your wetness squelching, your walls pulse around him as you were nearing your high, you could feel the tightening feeling pulling and pulling and pulling and for a moment you thought he was going to let you come undone.

    Chanheee! You whine, he presses his fingers against your walls before stopping, he watches as your chests rises and falls as you breathed in hard, he watched beads of sweat rolling over your skin. Pleaaaseee! You gasp as you feel him slowly pulling his fingers out, your walls clench around them. No, no no, You suck in a deep breath as you feel your high disappearing, your muscles felt tired from the number of times theyve tensed as you were about to reach your high.

    Youre begging so cutely, I just cant resist rewarding that, He says, you let out a huff as you release the duvet, you were about to sit up only for him to push you back down. Dont move, You were about to roll your eyes when you paused, his eyes watched yours, waiting for you to do something that would make him drag it out longer. Such a good girl, He climbs off from the bed and begins removing his shirt, you turn your head, your eyes slowly moving over his body, taking in his toned skin and body, it wasnt visible when he was wearing a shirt or jacket, but his back muscles were a weakness to you, you had stopped joining him at the gym just because he would catch you rolling over his back when he did exercises, his arms were sculpted just perfectly, and you could feel droll forming in your mouth, you watch his hands undo the zipper on his jeans before pushing it down along with his boxers, your breath gets caught in your throat as you watched his cock slap against his abdomen, the slit on the head of his cock oozing with pre-cum, you turn your head away as he steps out from his jeans and boxers, you feel him tug your pants and panties off completely from your ankles and heard the fabric land somewhere on the floor, he wraps his hand around him self, and you could hear him palming himself.

    Hmm, You whimper, you were sure he was smirking as he heard your whimper.

    You can be louder than that, cant you? He asks, you feel the bed dipping as he moves to settle between your legs, he reaches for your jaw and gently takes it between his fingers. Right? You nod your head, watching him.

    I yes, You breathe out, he smiles and releases your jaw, he moves closer to you and wrap his hand around himself, moving the head through your folds, coating it with your arousal, your body shakes, and you almost sit upright as you feel him drag it over your clit. Ohh, oh, I色 He licks his lips as he slowly moves the head to your entrance, you bend your legs and curl your toes into the duvet, you grip the duvet between your fingers. Ohhh, my ohh, He pushes the head of his cock into you, slowly filling and stretching you, making you feel each inch of him, he could feel your walls pulsing around him, the tightening feeling returns, and you swear that you could come undone at any second of him just sliding into you. Ahhh, my feels so good, He releases his cock and his hands move to grip onto your thighs, his fingers pressing into your skin as he does, you press your head into the pillows, your jaw slacking as you feel an immense pleasure running through you. Cha nhee, You gasp, his hands slide down from your thighs and to your hips, gripping them before living them, making him slide in deeper, you let out a moan and tug at the duvet.

    Youre taking me so well, fuck, so wet and warm for me, He moans, you swallow as your eyelids flutter, trying to adjust to him, trying to control your own orgasm. Youre doing so well, you must be right at the edge of a release, You whimper and squeeze around his cock, his hips stop once he was fully inside you, stretching you out and making you feel full. I dont think this is a sight Ill ever get tired of, He looks down to where he was connected to you. Me, inside you.

    Ohh, mmh, You whimper, he licks his lips and slowly begins sliding out from you, your muscles pull as you feel the movement from his cock against your walls.

    Oh, look at that, coated with your arousal, He says.

    Chanhee! You moan, he stops when he was halfway before he snaps his hips into yours, causing your tits to bounce with the force he had pushed into you, he repeats the movement but faster. Ohh, oh, fuck, I ohh.

    That sounds so beautiful, He rasps out. You moaning, whimpering, and whining for me, You pull at the duvet as you feel your high building and building, your shoulders press into the mattress at the pleasurable sensation running through you.

    Im starting to think you dont listen on purpose, He says, the sound of skin slapping against skin sounds around the room. Just so I can edge you, and you can have a mind-blowing orgasm, The sound of your wetness squelching echoes around the room, it sounded so sinful yet so delicious. But I was hoping you would listen to me on my birthday, He suddenly thrusts harder into you, causing the headrest to hit the wall, you gasp and dig your heels into the mattress.

    Ohh, ohh, I mmm, Chanhee fuck, Im sorry, You moan, you barely felt his fingers digging into your skin, leaving bruises for the next day, he pulls you closer to his body and moves one hand away from your hip, his hand covers your mound, and you let out a shaky breath and suck in your belly.

    Thats all right, baby girl, as long as you enjoy your punishments, He says, you moan and your entire body jolts as he pinches your clit, your mind is shot into the clouds, and you squeeze your eyes shut, stars explode behind your lids as the tightening feeling inside you suddenly comes undone, and you release around his cock.

    Chanhee, fuck, fuck, oh my, fuuuuck! You moan, you pull at the duvet and lift your hips high causing the head of his cock to hit that sweet spot inside you, he rolls your clit between his fingers, easing you through your high.

    Fuck, there it is, my most favourite look, fuck, He groans, you moan his name as you feel his movement speeding up, your head thrashes around, your jaw slacks and drool slips from the corner of your lips.

    Fuck色 You gasp, you could feel another tightening feeling building inside you as he was just starting to chase his own high. Chanhee fuck, I ohhh, You lower your hips, and he leans over you, his hand not moving away from your clit, he releases your hip and grabs onto one of your hands, pulling it away from the duvet and pinning it between the pillows on the bed.

    Keep squeezing me like that, fuck, it feels so good, He moans, his tone rough and deep, and he moans, his nose brushes against yours, his lower stomach rubs against yours and his arm as he continues to roll your clit between his fingers, your legs twitch at the sensation, you open your eyes to look into his lust covered brown eyes, you moan and arch your back into him. Are you going to make more of a mess on my cock? You could feel your release covering your thighs as he thrusts into you, you whimper and tilt your head up, closing your eyes to kiss him, his mind spins as he closes his eyes and leans into the kiss, your walls clamp down around him as another high rips through you, the stars behind your lids increasing, and your mind floats around in the clouds, his hips falter as he feels the head of his cock throb, he squeezes your hand and takes your bottom lip between his teeth, tugging and nibbling on it. Hmm, so good, He mutters after releasing your lip, he lowers his head to the crook of your neck, his cock twitches inside you before hot ropes of his cum decorates your walls, his thrust slow down as he fills you with his load, you keep your eyes shut as you come down from your high, you felt breathless and worn out.

    Chanhee色 You whisper, you could feel your mixed releases leaking from you and spilling onto the bed, his hips come to a halt against yours, and he releases your clit, he slowly pulls his hand away from your pussy and grip onto your hips, smearing your arousal onto your skin, he takes a moment to catch his breath, to try and recover from the orgasm he had just experienced, your walls spasm around his cock, milking every last drop of his cum from him, cool air behind surrounding you and blowing against you sweat coated skin, you open your eyes. Chanhee色 He lifts his head to look at you, he was still in a daze, and you could see it in his eyes. Happy birthday, You watch as a tired smile spreads across his lips. I didnt say it to you this morning, I forgot, I was too needy, Im sorry, He releases your hand and moves his hand to your hair, brushing his fingers through them and pushing some that was stuck to your forehead back.

    This made up for it, Im not mad, He says. How can I be, you told me you had a wet dream about me, its been on my mind all day, You smile and bring your hand to his hair, pushing your fingers through it. I had to excuse myself a few times to take care of a problem.

    Maybe next time I should tell you to not touch yourself either, You say, he chuckles and lowers his forehead to yours.

    You know I wont listen, He mutters. Especially not to that, He tilts his head and softly kisses you, your eyes shut as you lean into the kiss, soaking in the afterglow of everything that just happened.

    #chani imagine#chani imagines#chani scenarios#chani scenario#chani smut #kang chanhee imagine #kang chanhee scenario #kang chanhee scenarios #kang chanhee smut #kang chanhee oneshot #kang chanhee oneshots #kang chanhee one shot #kang chanhee one shots #chani oneshot#chani oneshots #chani one shot #chani one shots #sf9 imagines#sf9 imagine#sf9 scenario#sf9 scenarios #sf9 one shot #sf9 oneshot#sf9 oneshots #sf9 one shots #sf9 smut#sf9 smuts
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  • tobesensation-9
    13.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    hello lets push through exams together! whenever youre free, I have a request!

    how about sf9 waking you up in the middle of the night just because theyre needy?

    Oooooo yess! I havent written smut related works in a while so Im glad this was sent 弘.

    *Edit* Here is the work finally. I hope you enjoy.

    SF9: Needy at Night

    The boys wake you up in the middle of the night due to waking up from a wet dream of you.

    Genre: Fluff, Mentions of Smut (Alludes to sexual themes but no explicit acts of sex.)

    Young Bin

    Youngbin lays in bed, eyes wide, looking up at the ceiling. Heat rushes from his abdomen rapidly up to his face. When he felt the burning on his cheeks, he threw his hands up to cover it. Whenever he'd have wet dreams of you while lying right beside you, he always felt embarrassed and ashamed.

    He felt guilty, indecent, disgusting even. The feeling wasn't bad when you weren't around. He ravaged being in it in your absence. But that changed when you would lay asleep beside him. He looks over to you when he hears you stirring in your sleep.

    He slowly reached his hand out to your shoulder, but you turned around before he could touch you.

    "Can't sleep?" You smile at him with your sheepish eyes. You outstretched your hand to caress his arm. He looked bewildered.

    "Baby.." is all he says before you felt his lips on yours, his passion igniting a passion within you.

    Kim In Seong

    "Wow," he whispered to himself in disbelief. He looks down at his member protruding through his pants like a sore thumb. "Why...?"

    "Honey, what are you talking about? Are you just talking to yourself?"

    "What's wrong?"

    "I-I'm just really cold. I thought you were deep in sleep. You just surprised me."

    "Oh, um okay then," you turn around and try to lay back down but you forgot that he kidnapped all the covers. "Can I get some cover?"

    "Ahh, I'll just lay with you." He lays down cuddled and pressed against your back.

    "Ah...I see what the problem was," you giggle to yourself. You raise your arm to pat his head, to comfort him.

    "Just pretend you don't feel it."

    "I can't. I feel like I have to do something about it now."

    I mean夷f you want to匈 wouldnt hate that色

    You lightly smack his head as you giggle and turn around.

    Lee Jae Yoon


    You turn over to the man lying next to you. You turn to look for his face, looking right back at you intently. At the eye contact, he'd look at you, look down at himself, and back at you. As if insinuating that you knew what he wanted.

    His mouth is slightly agape as he anticipates your reaction.

    You look at him in shock and smack his arm before turning back over and grabbing the covers to lay back down.

    Babbbyyyy cmon help me ouuuttt.


    All of his confidence flies out the window as he cuddles you and tries to get you to change your mind.

    "Go to sleep nasty."

    Lee Dawon (Sang Hyuk)

    You are half asleep when you feel a tugging at your t-shirt sleeve.

    One tug. A beat. Another tug. Another moment. Then two quick tugs. You giggle to yourself.


    Oh. I was gonna stop after that if you hadn't woken up fully.

    What. What do you want? Im tired, you laugh out in annoyance.

    Ahh, I.. he starts to do that cute smile he does and look towards his crotch area with a forced smile.

    Hyuk., you try not to laugh, because you dont want him to feel bad.

    He'd continue to laugh nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

    "I guess we can stay up a little late tonight and have some fun."

    Baek Zuho (Ju Ho)

    The two of you like to sleep snuggled up against each other. One night you were dozing while you watched a movie together. You had shifted your position and for some reason, this one small move, and you staying right there made him weak. He had already dozed off. So when you moved, that is what woke him up. He peaked over you, seeing that your eyes were closed. By the slowing of your breathing, he knew that you were asleep.

    "Ah..." is all he could muster. He wanted to shift away from you, but he also didn't want to wake you.

    "Jagi...why would you do this to me?" he'd sigh in defeat at his body always under your spell even when you weren't awake.

    Kim Rowoon (Seok Woo)

    Half asleep youd feel his body pressing against you suddenly. Immediately followed by his body in yours, youd also feel a sudden warmth engulf you under the sheets and your stomach would do somersaults.



    You thought he was awake but by his response, it didnt seem like it.

    Are you sleeping? You try to turn around and face him, but he squeezes you tighter to prevent you from moving.

    Dont move, hed say as you felt him hold you tighter. Then sudden warmth you felt earlier would be none other than him getting excited for you in his sleep.

    The more you felt it, the more his breathing started to become more vocal, breathy moans filling your ears.

    Yoo Tae Yang

    He was wondering by some miracle, did you know what he was thinking about? Did you know how he was feeling? He fought himself on the thought of turning you around and waking you up to do the lewd things he imagined in his dreams.

    But you looked so peaceful. So at ease. He'd feel like he was being inconsiderate if he woke you up. Instead, he just thought if he cuddled up against you more, it would be more of a win-win. He could still feel you at least but wouldn't wake you up. But not long after he'd notice you waking up but rubbing up against him in return.

    He'd turn you around to see you stirring but your eyes would open slowly following.

    Now hed be happy that you did wake up and caught him looking the way he was. He meets your face with his, reaching a hand to caress your face before your lips touch.

    Kim Hwiyoung (Young Kyun)


    You hear his deep voice tickle your ear and neck. He caresses your arm, and softly kisses your neck and cheek as he coaxes you awake.


    "Wake up.


    He gently turns you over to face him. You furrow your face in confusion.


    You didnt mean for the question to come out the way it did, laced with annoyance. But you werent expecting to wake out of your great sleep.

    His face turns cold, eyes wide. Sorry I was just匈 suddenly got in the mood.

    He lowers his head and starts to run his hair through his hair out of embarrassment.

    Ohhh. Ah." Both of you sit there in embarrassment. But you give him a kiss on the cheek to comfort him. "So is that a yes?"

    You smile a little before he holds you in his arms and lays you back down on the bed.

    Kang Chani (Chan Hee)

    Despite what you may have thought about him, he wouldnt be too embarrassed beyond compare. He was good at acting confident but deep down hed be dying, cringing inside.

    So when he woke up in the middle of the night from a wet dream, he wouldnt know what to do.

    Hed shift the way he sat on the bed to try to make it go away. Hed also try to think of work or something far-fetched to make it go away.

    Youd wake up to footsteps as you turn around and see Chanhee pacing in the bedroom.


    Hed freeze in his tracks, eyes protruding out his head.

    Im fine just thinking about something. You dont have to worry about it, he forced a chuckle.

    Are you sure? You look in the position of his crotch and he dies on the spot.


    Dont worry about it. Come here.

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  • lost-inthedream
    10.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    SF9 going down on you when you are busy

    Finally the counterpart for this post

    Pairing: SF9 x female reader

    Warnings: oral (obviously), curse words, fingering, teasing. All the activities written below are consensual even when it's not clear in the narrative.

    This is NSFW so read under the cut


    He does it as a reward rather than to win your full attention. Seriously, you do not really need to stop what you are doing once he spreads your legs to give him access to your folds. "No worries, baby girl. I'm just giving you what you deserve for being my favorite person.

    The first time he does it, you do not believe he is going all the way for real. that's because he starts slowly, barely teasing your intimate area with his fingertips. But hell yeah, he pulls your panties to the side and exposes you to him, his tongue immediately licks you for your surprise. "yummy".


    Totally does it for your attention. "You're working on it for hours, baby. Don't you think it's time for a break?" In case you do not give the said break he is gonna force you to. He steals your time, girl. This is his way to both convince you and have fun, this is also a little revenge.

    Your negative answer to his suggestion draws some bitterness in him so he stays there slightly pouty. His palm caresses your thighs as he ponders whether he does what is crossing his mind or not. He ends up pinning you by the thighs while his tongue goes wild to make you moan loud.


    Okay, he has this belief that you will drop everything to let him fuck you whenever he showcases his muscles and stares at you with the filthiest expression. Therefore you can see how disappointed he is when you insist to make him wait while you engage in some task. His gaze sets a laser at your body but you fight the urge to give up on your things.

    He starts kissing and brushing his lips against your skin through the clothes. Attentive to your reactions and searching for the minimal hint of weakness. Your body cheats on you and he chuckles "baby, you're adorable". A peck is sensually laid over your clad sex before he goes freak.


    Being interrupted in the middle of your activities to have a quickie is not unusual to you and Dawon. He is a tease as well as you are irrefutable to him, too desirable to his taste. However, today when you offered to put your cellphone to the side and climb on top of him, his response was different. He shakes his head and stops you from getting rid of the device.

    You incline your head and analyze him. As he slides your bottoms down, your cellphone ring to announce a new text. "text back, doll" he orders with cocky smile. You place one leg on top of his shoulder and do as he said.


    You are lying on your stomach on the bed writing on your planner and concentrating in order not to forget anything. You feel the mattress sink softly so you greet Juho "hey, love. I'm almost finishing"

    "I won't rush you" he replies with a dulcet tone. His palm starts to rub your butt and you doubt his words slightly shaking your head. Your legs stop from dangling in the air at the moment he dares to uncover your skin. Besides, his heavy breath can be heard. A combo to take you away from your focus even before he slides two fingers inside your pussy.


    There is that drama you are so obsessed with that you cannot stop watching. On the other hand, Seokwoo cannot wait to do something else. Something that has to do with your honey and his mouth. He starts with soft bites on your thighs that do not take much to turn into suctions. Nothing to mark you nonetheless. You taste right in every inch of your skin.

    "What the- ?" you are unable to finish the question, shocked at his big lust eyes out of nowhere. He is already trying to move you to remove your bottoms as if you would not notice it. "Don't mind me. I'm just bored"

    鈸oo Taeyang:

    Good luck trying to mind your business when Taeyang is thirsty for you. A friend called you to tell you some juicy gossip and you are eager to know all the details. You answer the call and start to talk with them all giggly while your boyfriend stares at you, a certain extent of jealousy clear in his eyes. Yet, there's an evil hint in the way his eyes shine.

    He unbuttons your shorts and kisses your low stomach before removing the piece of clothing from his way. This episode implants a new kink on him and consequently on you, who often find yourself muffling your moans during calls from then on.


    Mostly goes for it when you are with a book for hours. He loves the idea of dragging you away from fiction with a wave of pleasure. "How's the story going?" he asks leaning his head on your shoulder and peeking at the page you just turned.

    He seems to be satisfied with your quick comment on the last events, but the way his hands palm your hips and slip for your crotch says otherwise. He draws a few gasps from you just stimulating you through your pants. Once you open your legs wider he accepts it as an invitation to lie between them.


    Okay, It just happened to me to think this is a kink he has already got. Going down on you when you are studying is just tremendously appealing to him. This little shit may even taste you in the middle of your zoom classes. "You should turn off the camera for a while, baby princess," he whispers casually showing up beside you but being careful not to be captured by the camera.

    "What do you mean?" you ask only to see him bending his knees to place himself under your desk. If you do not stop him or something, he will start right away. He does not even tease, his mouth starts to work immediately.

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  • divinefireangel
    09.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Hi, congratulations for 500 followers 伐伐

    Smut + T + Chani please ( 糧)伐

    Thank you baby

    This is also the last request for my 500 followers event 朮. Thank you all, sincerely, for requesting 朮.

    Warnings: Smut. Oral sex.

    T - Tongue (Does he prefer giving or receiving oral sex)

    Genuinely, a 50/50 case. He loves having you choke on his cock, feeling the back of your throat and filling your mouth completely. But he also loves to make you scream his name and pull his hair while eating you out.

    High chances of 69ing with him

    #im emotional dont touch me #it's over #chani#sf9#sf9 smut#sf9 headcanons #sf9 chani smut #chani smut#sf9 chani#kang chani #kang chani smut #chani headcanon#kang chanhee #sush's 500 followers event
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  • fantasywritings
    07.12.2021 - 5 monts ago


    my phone is in repair so i only have my laptop now

    pls send thingzzzz

    ask me stuff, about me or sf9, can be abt anything! keep me company plzzz

    lets talk ^.^ can also be quickkkk mtls or headcanons,,, come come!!

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  • divinefireangel
    22.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Also I am very much up for horny discussions about SF9 due to their sexy (again) comeback.

    I need to let out what my mind is whirring around even though it's just Monday ik

    My ask box ------> 拎返突

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  • zuhoscrumb
    19.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Genre: Smut, Slight Fluff at the end, femdom au

    Pairing: needy boyfriend!rowoon x reader

    Word Count: 583

    Warning/s: Bondage, Overstimulation, Swearing, Toys

    Synopsis: Your boyfriend Rowoon need you, but youre busy good thing you can multitask

    A/N: I didnt proof read so if typos piss you off, i suggest you scroll. I hope all my dommys fantasy enjoy this one! Happy reading!! Also feel free to send in a drabble (prompt list on my carrd in bio).

    I asked you to let me work for 2 hours, and you couldnt manage that could you?

    No maam, your boyfriend responded as you adjusted his restraints.

    I need to stop spoiling you hm? I can't spoil little boys who cant follow a simple instruction.

    Yes maam, Rowoon responded, voice quivering a bit. He didnt want to agree but he really needed you and if a punishment was the way to get it, so be it.

    I really cant go any amount of time without you rutting against my fucking leg, you said as you went through your drawer of Rowoons toys.

    You pulled out a cock ring and a pretty pink vibrator.

    Rowoons internal satisfaction turned into literal fear (mixed with excitement of course).

    Maam I-

    Are you able to be quiet yourself or do you want me to get your ball-gag too, you snap. Of course your anger was a facade but you really did love seeing Rowoon completely in your disposal and care.

    You couldnt function without seeing him like this, and luckily he couldnt either; not doing this for you.

    The sub pursed his lips and shook his head, no.

    You worked the cock ring over his fully erected member, the slight squeeze making him whine.

    So cute, you thought to yourself.

    You propped up the vibrator with some pillows and laid it against his shaft.

    Hmm, you hummed to yourself, you decided to get another one to attach to his tip just in case the one on his cock isnt enough.

    Hmm something isnt right about this, you thought to yourself.

    Ah, right, you said, slipping your panties down from your skirt and stuffing them into your partners mouth.

    You look so beautiful like this Rowoon, you smile before turning on the vibrators at the some time.

    Rowoons eyes immediately widened and rolled to the back of his head.

    You left the room briefly to collect your laptop and other work supplies so you could make up for lost time and also keep an eye on Rowoon.

    By the time you came back into the room it seemed like Rowoon already came, he was pulling against his restraints but nothing close to his safety signal.

    Ugh, youre so cute honey. I really wish I could play with you, if only you listened, you give him a pity pout and set up on the table next to him.

    No matter how much he whined, and whimpered it was simply music to your ears.

    After about half an hour you decided its been long enough. You figured hes tired and is in need of some snuggles.

    You quickly turned off the toys and removed your panties from his mouth. Your boyfriend continued to shake and whimper at the sensational feeling () he felt still lingering though his body.

    You did so well for me baby boy, you praise while untying him,I got so much work done Im so proud of you for getting through that baby, you say before kissing his wrists.

    T-Thank you m-maam,he stutters, reaching for you.

    I havent even untied your feet yet baby, you laugh, giving in and giving him a long hug.

    I know I just really want to touch you, he said, very into sub-space.

    We can cuddle for the rest of the day Woonie, let me just clean up, ok?

    Ok Y/N, he smiled at you with hazy eyes before letting you go and slowly drifting off to sleep himself.

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  • moonxroses
    06.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    i feel like chani would be the type to praise and tease you at the same time :( laughing at how desperate you are but also telling you how pretty you look on top of him

    exactly what i think too ! he'd be like "aww baby you look so pretty, you were really desperate huh"

    Chani is amazing i don't blame you

    #ask: anon #sf9 chani smut #sf9 smut
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  • moonxroses
    06.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    i feel like i'm the most obvious anon but i have an sf9 thought i cannot get rid of so i'm hiding here :o

    it sounds so simple but i have not been able to stop thinking about riding soft dom chani :((

    i have a feeling i do know who you are anon but i'll pretend i don't ahaha

    ooooh riding soft dom chani. please he'd be so sweet with you, helping you along :(

    he would tease you though

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  • divinefireangel
    03.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Heyyyy!! 手手 First of all congratulations on your milestone 朮 You deserve nothing less朮手手 I'm so happy that I came across with your blog because you are an amazing person 朮手手

    I just woke up and ngl but I'm feeling some kind of way Can I request smut H - I - K with Chani/Hwiyoung?? (you can choose whatever you're up to write ) ILY

    *clenches fist over heart dramatically* I LOVE YOU

    Warnings: Smut. Boobs. Missionary. Undertones of choking. Thigh riding. Exhibitionism. Strength kink.


    H - Heaven or Hell (random sexcanon)

    Has a thing for your boobs. Especially missionary and rough sex. He's kind of a sadist at times and during sex he kinda tends to go sex-crazy, in a good way, and does his best to bring pleasure to you both.

    His go to move when he's in that mindset is holding your wrists in one hand below your breasts just cause . Also a fan of feeling your hard nipples on his chest. Mans is brutal phew 打

    I - Ignite (How he turns you on)

    Teasing touches. Yup. And it starts out unintentionally according to him . For example, while driving his hand rests on your thigh, fingers dancing very close to your core but he doesn't notice it soon.

    Or after putting on your necklace for you, his hands linger around your throat a lil longer than they should. Even moving his hands up and down your waist till they're close enough to touch/cup your boobs and low enough to pull down your pants.

    K - Kink (One kink he has for sure)

    Thigh riding 中中中

    His thighs are heaven and he loves it when you get yourself off on them. Bonus points if you stroke his hard length at the same rhythm


    H - Heaven or Hell (random sexcanon)

    He loves when you get flustered when he uses his strength to manhandle you in the bedroom. Your little squeals when he tosses you onto the bed, or when he pulls you up to touch his chest when he's blowing your back out and especially when you're so drained from overstimulation you can't even keep your ass up for him are mostly moments when he can showcase his strength. Also this motivates him to become stronger.

    I - Ignite (How he turns you on)

    I have answered that one here!

    K - Kink (One kink he has for sure)

    Exhibitionism, but not completely. He loves and breathes on the idea of getting caught but never actually wants too get caught lol

    But definitely turns him on more knowing that you're trying your best to be quiet, and that anyone can walk in and find him fucking your senses out of you, fucking you dumb and you looking totally wrecked for him adds to the situation.

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  • lost-inthedream
    01.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    mini playlist he would have sex to

    Chani version

    Onewe and Hwasa - Q

    Hotshot - Paradise

    Lauren Jauregui - 50ft.

    KARD - Trust me (J.Seth &jiwoo ver.)

    Mino - Body

    Additional note: the way the tracks are sorted matters

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