18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

When is the best time to post new chapters?

Please let me know, Iā€™m always in doubt. Is it best to post the new chapter...

As soon as that chapter is ready?

At set days in the week? (if possible)

At a certain time of the day?

Whenever the next chapter is send to the beta?

Whenever the next chapter is back from the beta?

#I'm usually posting whenever I at least send the next chapter to the beta #but someitmes I have more chapter at the beta and she sometimes sends more back almost at once too #but I don't want to post them at the same time :P #so I put some time between them #It's usually a day or 5 between chapters unless I've got multiple chapters ready then it might be 4 or 3 #but I never know when my beta has time to read so it might be better to wait a little longer if I don't have the next chapter back from her? #right now I have 1 chapter ready to post and send the next to the beta yesterday #maybe I should wait until either I get it back or I send her another chapter #(see Aerle sweating in the background šŸ˜› šŸ˜˜) #Anyway let me know what you prefer! #do you want them evenly paced out or get them ASAP with the risc of having to wait much longer for the next one? #also what time/day is most convenient for you? #not saying everything is possible but I might see if I can keep that in mind
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