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  • arcadeology
    29.05.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    Null is the Void

    Nullification is my idea of how Null's ability works- or at least, Adoni/Pokerface's. Where all emotion and ability to feel emotions are ripped from the subject. They still exist as themselves, but without any emotion to fuel them, they act in a zombie state.

    I have a fun idea for it, where these emotions are packed away into a cocoon- that eventually hatches into an Akuma. Meaning that when the akuma is dispersed, the emotions are restored. For better or for worse.

    the white hair and eyes + beige clothing is just Richard Sphinx' vibe, but it works well for the concept.

    #Kind of an alternative to Chat Blanc in a way #I suuposeeeee #digit's art tag #digit's miraculous tag #felix agreste#felix sphinx#marinette cheng
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  • casadefreewill
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry

    Been thinking about Chat Blanc and The Devastation again

    #before bed doodle #ml#miraculous ladybug#adrien agreste#chat blanc #marinette dupain cheng #ladybug #Chat Blanc and The Devastation #my art
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  • rainbow-arrow
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    in chat blanc, rose says it’s st athanasius day, which means chat blanc takes place on may 2nd

    #let's go#mlb#ml#miraculous ladybug#chat blanc #this was likely discussed when it came out and i may have known it at some point but #i would like to blame it on my subconscious knowing #bc in reprise #i had hawkmoth's defeat be on may 2nd
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  • sugarshackpeasant
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    do u think she gets deja vu when she looks at him?

    (also look at all the other strike back-chat blanc parallels)

    #i will say tho there were a concerning amount of chat blanc parallels in the finale #miraculous ladybug#mlb#ml#ladybug#ladynoir#chat noir#chat blanc#strike back
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  • danae-darthnoire
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Marichat May - Day 26 - Chat Blanc @marichatmay

    Chat Noir and Marinette are playing 20 questions to pass the time and she reveals more than she should.

    i was too tired yesterday to share the link on here, but there you go <3

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  • pinkikiwi
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    And on today episode of @marichatmay I've bring you: Angst.

    I know, I know, Marinette end up being like a statue or somenthing, her corpse wasn't there lying, just let imagine sad scenarios with this episode :')

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  • pearl-star
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I had a story written but then realized that it wasn’t necessary Marichat so I had to write a new one. Maybe I’ll post that one later on or something. Anyways prompt list is by @marichatmay

    Day 26: Chat Blanc

    Marinette had never been afraid of akumas before. Most were just silly, whether it be by their powers or their outfits, most tend to be simple. There were very few that she was ever concerned with, and only one that she was truly afraid of. But no one else besides Bunnyx even knew about that akuma, so Chat Blanc would never happen again right? 

    That’s what Marinette told herself. She knew that her leaving the gift for Adrien somehow caused Chat to know her identity and for him to get akumatized. So she did the only thing that she thought was acceptable, distance herself from both of them. She avoided trying to confess to Adrien, only interacting with him casually in school and with Alya and Nino. It was easy enough to do since he rarely could hang out due to his activities. 

    With Chat, she did the same as before. She told him that she loved someone else and stayed firm about not sharing their identities. He never suspected anything, and Marinette was happy to avoid that. She thought that she was safe. Too bad that there are other ways that Chat Blanc could visit her. 

    One peaceful night, Marinette was sleeping away and unaware of the akuma that had just been created. It wasn’t loud and destructive, and with the city asleep no one instantly noticed it. A light sand flew from the sky and onto the citizens of Paris, and with it came something different than last time. 

    When Sandboy first appeared, he could only take your worst nightmare in that moment and bring it to life. But now? Now he could dig deeper and twist what makes you truly afraid and make it even worse. But Marinette did not know that. All she knew is that she woke up to something calling her name. 

    The voice sounded off, like it was far away, but it was loud enough to draw Marinette out of her sleep. The first thing she noticed was two, blue glowing orbs. As she slowly got out of her dazed state she was able to see that they weren’t just two floating orbs, but eyes. As soon as she spotted the white cat ears, Marinette stiffened. 

    “Marinette~” The akuma sung. “I’ve finally found you again.” The playful look on his face slowly shifted into one of disgust and rage. “And I plan on never letting you go.” 

    In the back of her mind, Marinette knew that she had to run. She had to escape to transform. But right now her body was frozen, and limply allowed Chat Blanc to pull her up to her balcony. He kept a grip on her wrist as he turned out to look over the view.

    “I’ll make sure that we’re the only people left. You’ll have to stay with me then. Our love destroyed the world once, and it can happen again.” 

    Vaguely she was aware that she was crying and that her body was shaking, but she couldn’t speak, couldn’t move. Marinette was stuck there, watching in horror as Chat Blanc let go of her hand just to create a growing cataclysm. She was so focused on that, that she didn’t see the figure that swooped down and grabbed her silently, rushing away before he could notice that she was gone. 

    Marinette didn’t react, not even to turn to see who had grabbed her. All she could do is question what she did wrong. What did she do to hurt Chat enough to get akumatized? She only wore off on her shock enough to speak when she was gently placed on the ground and faced to her savoir. 

    “Marinette. Are you okay?”

    “Ch-Chat Noir?” 

    He nodded, and that was enough for her. Marinette practically slammed her body into his and, holding on for dear life.

    “I’m sorry I’m sorry! I never wanted to hurt you! Please, I-”

    “Woah, woah, Marinette I’m fine. I know that your nightmare is… that but you didn’t do anything wrong.”

    She shook her head and her grip tightened. 

    “No! I caused that! It’s my fault I-”

    “Shush, I’m here now. It’s alright.” 

    Chat held her just as tightly as she was, allowing her to cry her eyes out. After what seemed like hours, he slowly pulled away. Marinette began wiping away her remaining tears, looking away from him.

    “I can check up on you after I defeat Sandboy, but I can’t leave Ladybug hanging. Will you be okay? I can take you back home after the fight.”

    That made her attention snap back to him.


    “Yeah. He got akumatized again. Last time Ladybug lost her powers, so she’s probably waiting for me in case she gets hit.”

    Right. She was Ladybug. She had been too busy freaking out over her own nightmare to even realize what was happening. 

    “I-I’ll be fine.”

    Chat nodded, and although he looked reluctant, left. Marinette was able to transform after a few moments, and luckily did not get hit during the fight. She had enough mental capability at the moment to remember to go to the rooftop where Chat had placed her so that he wouldn’t worry. He swooped down a few minutes later and carried her back home. 

    Marinette thought that he might leave her on her balcony, or watch her go back inside. Instead he came inside with her and held her until she fell asleep, whispering assurances to her. He didn’t have to do that, but she was thankful for it.

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  • aalissy
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Chat Blanc

    I had a reallllyyy fun time writing this chapter hehe. I loveee writing about the repercussions of Chat Blanc. It’s probs my second fave episode hahha. Lemme know what you think :)


    Marinette blinked her eyes open blearily, wheezing quietly in the dead of night. The last thing that she remembered was falling asleep in Chat’s arms, snuggling against him on the chaise as they watched a movie together. Now, though, she was somewhere else and it took her a second more to realize that she was on her bed. Odd, he must have moved her. 

    Shaking her head at the odd feeling racing through her, Marinette nudged the arm that was wrapped stiffly around her waist. “Chat, can you let go? You’re holding me a little too tightly,” she murmured sleepily, nuzzling her head back into her pillow in an attempt to fall asleep once more.

    If anything, the grip simply got tighter, squeezing her almost painfully as Marinette let out another wheeze. Her eyes popped open, darting around as she tried to adjust to the darkness. “I missed you, purrincess,” Chat’s voice whispered in her ear, his breath sending a cold shiver of dread down her spine.

    No. It wasn’t possible. Choking back a sob, she glanced down at the arm around her waist. The pure whiteness of it stood out even as her eyes struggled to adjust. She tried to scream but her air was gone. Her mouth gaped open wide in a silent, terrified screech as fear began to overwhelm her. Marinette struggled to get out of his hold, kicking and punching with all her might. Finally, she managed to land a kick on him, and his firm grip on her disappeared. 

    Instantly, Marinette gasped and panted for air, scrambling away from him. She tumbled straight down her ladder, uncaring of where she landed. Her whole body trembled as she looked up at him. There, in the darkness with a cold, menacing smile stretched wide across his lips stood Chat Blanc. His icy blue eyes glinted down at her as he snickered. “Where are you going, Marinette? We can’t play a little more?”

    She shook her head, stumbling ever farther away from him. There was never going to be enough distance between them. Her back hit a wall and she pressed up against it, praying to sink even further in. “No, no, no. This isn’t possible. You’re not here. I fixed this! I fixed you!” 

    Chat Blanc crouched down before pouncing down onto her floor. Slowly, he crept towards her, his wide smile ever-present on his face. “Do I look like I was fixed, Marinette?”

    She let out a whimper of pain, panic, and fear leaving her frozen in place. There was only one thought left in her head and, quietly, she whispered, “Tikki, spots on!” 

    Marinette waited, hoping that her transformation would finish before he got to her. But the magic simply never came. She was still stuck as Marinette. The scared, little civilian who was watching with wide eyes as Chat Blanc came even closer.

    “Looking for these?” He chuckled, rubbing her earrings between his fingers. One of her palms came up to slap her ear, her heart falling in her chest when the cold press of metal didn’t hit her hand. No. How was that possible?

    “I took them from you while you were sleeping,” Chat Blanc said giddily like he was reading her thoughts. “Aren’t they just purrfect? Now I can fix everything! Our love can finally be restored, m’lady.”

    In a choked gasp, Marinette tearfully called out to her kwami. “Tikki... Tikki, please.”

    No response came. She was simply left looking up into Chat’s cold, glinting gaze. There was only one option left. If the world was going to be rewritten, she was at least going to try to fix it. Setting her jaw determinedly, Marinette quickly shoved aside the fear that was overwhelming her and pushed herself towards him. Jumping up, she reached for the earrings, her finger just barely managing to brush against them before...

    With a quiet shriek, Marinette tumbled awake, crashing down onto the floor just below her chaise. She blinked around her in confusion, wincing as a heavy object crashed onto the floor next to her. What was going on?! Where was Chat Blanc? Where was Tikki?!

    “Marinette, what is it?! What’s wrong?” A panicked voice called out to her.

    She whirled around with a pained gasp, her body finally relaxing as she met the wide eyes of Chat Noir. She pressed a hand to her heaving chest, her heartbeat slowing down from its rapid pace as she began to calm down. It was a dream. They were safe. Just to make certain, Marinette slowly reached up, breathing out a sigh of relief as her finger bumped against the cold metal of her earring. 

    “Marinette?” Chat called out to her again.

    Shaking her head, she gave him a weak smile. “I’m so so sorry, kitty. I-I just had a bad dream. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

    Exhaling roughly, Marinette moved her eyes over to the object that had fallen with her. Wincing, she finally recognized it as the laptop that they were using to watch movies together. She must have kicked it when she fell down. Picking it up, she sighed once more in relief when she saw that it was still working.

    “Are you alright?” She looked back over at Chat, her shoulders relaxing as she saw the familiar, happy, emerald eyes still peering back at her in concern. 

    Nodding with a small smile on her lips, Marinette murmured, “I am now.”

    Standing up, she tackled Chat Noir into a hug, feeling the last remnants of fear fade away completely. “I’m so glad you’re okay,” she whispered, burying her face in his neck.

    His arms came up to wrap around her, holding her tenderly as he stroked her hair. Softly, he murmured, “Was your nightmare about me?”

    Feeling her eyes begin to brim with tears, Marinette simply nodded, nuzzling even further into him as she sniffled quietly. The ghost of his lips brushed against her hair, placing a light kiss on it. “Well, don’t worry, purrincess. I’ll always be alright with you by my side.”

    She whimpered happily, clutching him to her even tighter. She didn’t want to let him go, afraid that Chat Noir would once again fade into Chat Blanc. To herself, she muttered determinedly, “I will always protect you, kitty. No matter what. I promise.”

    “I know you will, Marinette,” he murmured back, rubbing her back gently. “I know you will.”

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  • maridotnet
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Day 26: Chat Blanc As the dance drew near, she watched the rooftops and windows, bracing for a flash of white. But when he came for her, with his razor eyes and razor smile and red hands, it was from within.

    I had WAY too much fun explaining my process for one of yesterday’s drawings, with the result that I’m going to create a sideblog to explain my drawing process. It was super insightful for me, and even if I only do a couple drawings, I think it’ll be a good exercise for me. If you’re interested, that post will be here, once it’s created!

    #when you just wanna go to a cute school dance with your cute classmates #but some psychocat from your past wants to be your date #>:0 #someone was talking about how good 50s fashion is on marinette #and whoever it was they were RIGHT #so it's a decade dance and she's a cute little 50s gal #marichat #marichat may 2022 #chat blanc #marinette dupain cheng #mari.net art #ml fanart
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  • abittersweetraisin
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Meet Chat Noir's long lost older sister, Sailor Tin Nyanko

    #sailor tin nyanko #chat noir#chat blanc#sailor moon #sailor moon 90s #mlb
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  • marauderundercover
    26.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Chat Blanc Vs. Angry Uncle



    When Clark first discovered his powers and how to use them, he didn’t really think to use them to check on Tom and Gina. Mostly because he knew that Gina was scary enough to fight literal supervillains, and Tom was even taller than him. So even though his older brother was one of the nicest people he knew, he also didn’t worry about him getting into trouble. He knew that he could take care of himself. And then, thirteen years ago, Marinette was born. And suddenly, he needed to use his powers to check on the other part of his family. It was quick, and it meant that he didn’t have to call them and disrupt them if they were busy. All he had to do was listen for them. And he did. Often. Especially when his niece was really little, and the fear that her health problems that caused her to be born early could reappear was still present in his mind. But when she got older, and Conner and Jon came into the family, he didn’t do that quick check as often. Didn’t feel the need to. And then the moon shifted. And the sudden flooding was all he could hear.

    “Dad? What happened?” Jon asks, his little face scrunched up as he, undoubtedly, hears the screams. The crashes of waves as the oceans rise up and flood the coasts. The things that no seven year old should be forced to hear. Clark lets out a shaking breath, thankful that they’d decided to go to Smallville for spring break. His parents, Lois, Jon, Conner- they were all okay. He was trying desperately not to listen for Bruce, who he knew would never leave Gotham. He wasn’t sure he could handle it. If he tried to listen for Gotham and couldn’t hear Bruce.

    “Something happened to the moon. The oceans-” He starts to say, but a terrified yell- a familiar yell- rings in his ears. “Stay here.” He says, starting to move away. Jon grabs onto his arm, clinging to him.

    “Dad-” He tries to say, but Clark shakes his head.

    “Stay with your mom. I’ll be back, kiddo.” He promises before flying off. He wasn’t sure what he’d find in Paris, but he’d never heard his brother yell like that before. Trying to listen for his niece, Clark freezes.

    “Please, please don’t do this. Just breathe, we can figure this out. Please, I love-”

    Clark is frozen as he listens to his niece beg for her life. As he listens to her pained shriek fade into nothing. Letting out a choked sob, Clark moves, faster than he’d ever moved before. Desperate to get to Paris. To try and see something different than what he was fearing. Flying into the city, he tries not to panic. The city was underwater. The Eiffel Tower on its side. He tries to listen for his brother, but hears nothing. He tries to listen for his niece, but instead of hearing her, all he can hear is a boy. Calling her name. Deciding that’s his best place to start, he heads towards the voice, freezing at the sight. The boy was in an all white cat-suit, complete with cat ears and a tail. He was kneeling in front of a body, crying. Clark couldn’t tell much about the body, other than the person had been short and possibly female.

    “Marinette! Marinette, please, I’m so sorry. I didn’t- I didn’t mean to- please come back.” The boy pleads, tears running down his face. Clark pales, his heart clenching.

    “What did you do?” He asks. The boy jumps up and turns to him, a snarl on his face.

    “This wasn’t my fault!” He screams. Clark looks at the unidentifiable body- his little girl- before turning back to the boy.

    “Then whose was it, hers?” He says, his knuckles pale as he clenches his fists closed. The boy hisses.

    “Of course not! This- this can’t be the end. It can’t. She’ll come back. She has to come back. And then, I won’t mess it up. And she’ll love me and we’ll be happy. And it’ll just be us. No one will be able to stand between us again.” The boy says, and Clark narrows his eyes. How dare this boy talk about her like that? How dare he-

    “She’s not coming back. And even if she was, I wouldn’t let you anywhere near her.” He hisses out. The boy’s eyes narrow.

    “If you won’t let me have her, then I don’t need you in my way.” He hisses. A light shoots from his hands before Clark can move. There’s the feeling of burning, and then nothing.


    “What do you mean?” Marinette asks, blinking in confusion.

    “You’re the only one who can save us now, Little Bug. Please, just- I need you to figure this out.” Bunnix says, sounding apologetic. Before she can ask any more questions, Marinette is dropped in Paris. But not her Paris. This Paris just felt- wrong. This Paris is bleak. It’s silent. It’s underwater. The moon is close, too close. Probably explains how Paris is suddenly an ocean itself. Her hands tremble as she glances around, noting the destruction. The Eiffel Tower was in pieces. Unlike with Syren, when she could see people on the rooftops, could hear the survivors- there’s nothing. Until a lone voice rings out, the song eerie in the otherwise silent city.

    “Little kitty on a roof all alone without his lady.” The familiar voice sings. Marinette takes a hesitant step towards the voice.

    “Chat Noir?” She says softly, confusion coursing through her. Because that wasn’t Chat Noir. Chat Noir didn’t wear a white suit. Chat Noir didn’t look like that. But he whirls around, a large grin forming on his face.

    “M’lady! I knew you’d come back for me. I knew we could be together again.” He says, grinning. Marinette shakes her head, taking a step back.

    “Chat Noir, I don’t- what happened?” She asks. He was akumatized. He had to be. But what happened? What caused this?

    “Our love, M’lady. Our love did this to the world.” He says. Marinette shakes her head.

    “No, that’s- that’s impossible. You were akumatized, Chat Noir. Just tell me where the akumatized object is. I can fix this.” She says. He scowls.

    “It’s Chat Blanc now, actually. And you can’t fix anything, Marinette.” He snaps before lunging towards her. Marinette yelps and leaps off the building, shooting her yoyo out to swing from the next building. She didn’t understand. How could this have happened? What- how did Chat Noir know her identity? Finally finding a spot to hide, Marinette sucks in a deep breath, trying desperately to stop herself from panicking. She’d caused this. She’d helped in ending the world, because it wasn’t just Paris. She could feel how off the balance was. She knew that this was affecting the entire planet. Not just Paris. And it was all her fault. Her fault.


    Tag list:  @maribat-calendar-events  @stainedglassm @kittenmywaythrulife @laydeekrayzee @doll246 @queenz-z @deathssilentapproach-blog @literaryhiraeth @unoriginalmess @kking13  @toodaloo-kangaroo  @crazylittlemunchkin @buttercupsbitch @jayjayspixiepop @iloontjeboontje  @idontwannaexistsopleasekillme

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  • wield-the-mighty-pen
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Now, I would never accuse “Chat Blanc” of being an underrated episode, but I do think that there are two important pieces of information that we learned from this episode that are constantly overlooked. These of course are that Adrien has underlying feelings for Marinette that he ignores and can’t make sense of, and that when Marinette was making fun of Chat Noir back in “Evillustrator”, he noticed.

    #one of the things a wished we had in ephemeral #was another mention of adriens secret feelings #but i still think that the reveal was really cute #but chat blancs reveal was top notch #and almost impossible to beat #i cant wait for the 'real' reveal #im sure it will be a reveal to best all reveals #but chat blanc will always hold a special place in my heart #wow these tags got really rant-y #oh well#chat blanc#miraculous s3#evillustrator#lovesquare #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#ladybug#chat noir#adrinette#marichat#ladynoir#ladrien#miraculous#ml#mlb#miraculous ladybug
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  • iwasbored777
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Just as I promised, a sugar analysis on Ladybug side of Marinette's character:

    Now I know that after Strikeback there are some of you saying that she is a bad guardian and all but I want to break it in pieces starting from Marinette's role as Ladybug. Is she really as bad as you say she is?

    Is Marinette a bad Ladybug?

    Is that even a question?! This is the girl who thought she was not good enough until the girl she just met was in danger and this girl just swooped in and saved her. And after that the girl who bullied her for years was also in a life or death situation and Marinette saved her a$$ because she put her emotions behind. Other person's life was her priority regardless of who that was - the girl who was nice to her or the girl who wasn't. This is the girl who didn't take credit for the gift she gave to her crush because he would be crushed if he found out his father didn't give him a birthday gift that year. This is the girl who ALWAYS has to be everywhere and help everyone and do everything for everyone because she wants to. She is selfless and brave and generous.

    This is also the girl who always no matter what happens can figure out what her lucky charm is for. Or she used it properly. I know I already talked about episodes when she calculates time and space (Backwarder, Timetagger), or episodes where she breaks the plot with her big brain (The Night Owl, Optigami), or when she unified every miraculous in Kwamibuster and pretend to be two people at the same time, but we don't give her enough credit for Strikeback. Because everyone is talking about "Ladybug failed oh no" but can we talk about how she recruit Adrien because he was presumably the only one who didn't have a tattoo (akuma) on his neck and she knew choosing someone like that would be safe AND she was careful not to cause a time paradox?! Even me, who was a hardcore Doctor Who, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow fan, always forget how time paradox works.

    Here's the deal: She didn't go back in time to prevent the akumatization, she went back in time to figure out what the akumatized object is. Because if she caught the akuma in the past that same akuma would not exist in present day and she wouldn't have had the reason to go back in time so she wouldn't. And that's how time paradox works.

    But like she knew it! She did it! She travelled through time once with Bunnyx and she immediately knew what to do the second time all by herself. I mean

    !!! She's so clever and she thinks everything till the last detail like c'mon!

    This also the girl who doesn't go like "I'm right you're wrong" when she knows she's not right, when she does something wrong, she will admit it, she will apologise. Those are not common traits. She KNEW Chloé is not a saint, she still decided to help her, she KNEW both her and Kagami are wrong, she stepped back, she KNEW both Lila and her were wrong, she offered Lila peace. That's not what everyone else would do. I'm talking only about Miraculous Ladybug, I'm talking about people. She's only a kid and she's alright better than at least 90% of adults in that show and about 2/3 people I know. If she was a bad person she wouldn't be able to be good Ladybug but she is the best Ladybug. We already had two other characters who tired to use her miraculous and they couldn't be as good as her. Marinette is the best and the only Ladybug. The og Ladybug of her generation.

    She got the whole Paris to cheer for her when she messed up! She is THAT powerful.

    Is Marinette a bad guardian?

    From what can be seen in this picture clearly - and from this scene if you know the context - kwamis adore her. On her first day of being the guardian, Marinette was learning about kwamis and powers and she was worried if kwamis don't have enough space in the box so she let them fly around in her room. It's risky if someone sees them, but it's good for kwamis. She also put paper on her window so no would see kwamis when they walk pass her house. As someone a pet owner, they can be REALLY annoying when you're trying to sleep and if I had kwamis too I would lock them up while I sleep but she let them be free. Probably because she doesn't sleep a lot anyway. She brings kwamis different snacks and she even put the phone in the miracle box for emergencies! That is good. And I know I said this MILION times but THE HANDMADE SAFE WITH A LOCK!!! Gurl, I'm older than you but you're the one who taught me a lot of great things! Everyone can be a guardian but not everyone can be a good guardian. Marinette really cares about kwamis. She makes them tiny accessories...

    This is cute af! 😍😍😍

    She also took kwamis to see Fu again, because they asked her to. She helped Tikki with her chocolate cravings, something Tikki was ashamed of, and she shouldn't because that's relatable. I too go chocolate crazy sometimes. Not as crazy as her but a lot of us loves chocolate. And Marinette didn't blame her for it or lectured her, she offered her help and support. No one can say that Marinette treats kwamis badly and that's something that's really important for the role of the guardian. And all this is more than what Fu was doing for these little ones.

    When Marinette revealed her identity to another miraculous holder she did it a) because she was desperate, b) because she knew she can trust Alya and c) because revealing her identity to Chat Noir or anyone who knows Chat's identity already would mean that once this person is akumatized, Hawk Moth will find out both of their identities in the same time. Marinette knew Hawk Moth knows Alya's identity already so she and Alya had a deal for Alya to go undercover so that not only Hawk Moth but also no one except for Ladybug would find out. That was responsible. You can't say it's not.

    And she gave every superhero a miraculous after she knew them for a long time and knew she can trust them, she also asked them if they want to. She gave them a choice. Fu didn't do any of this.

    She has a lot of potential but this is too early and she's too young. And it's not her fault that it's too early. She's in the wrong place at the wrong time and she needed more training and more studying and more practice and more experience as a hero first before she took the role of the guardian. Of course, for that, look at the man who gave her that responsibility and taught her that her life needs to depend on it, not her. She's trying.

    Is Ladybug treating Chat Noir badly?

    I put this here because Ladynoir dynamic is one of major things for Ladybug's autobiography and I got T-I-R-E-D of this salt take! And the reason for that is lame. "sHe DoEsN't NoTiCe He Is SaD" even this sentence is incorrect! She noticed, she asked him, and every time she asked he said everything is alright. She doesn't want to push and she doesn't read minds. She is doing her part of the job and only when she can and only when he lets her she's going to help him. And btw whenever she rejected his feelings it's because she doesn't feel the same way. Even in Glaciator 2 when she threw him - yes it was harsh, I love him too, I don't like to see him hurt - but do you're remember the episode Félix? When she punched Félix BEFORE she figured out it's not Adrien, when he tried to kiss her forcefully. She's gonna react like this to ANYONE when they want to kiss her without her consent, that's the line you should not cross not just Marinette, but with every person ever. That Glaciator 2 scene was annoying me to death bc people tell me my favourite character is abuser. Because she demands personal space, right? And don't get me started on "she's gaslighting Chat Noir" cuz do you even understand what "gaslighting" means?

    You do realize that Ladybug not telling Chat Noir about Rena Rouge is not the same as Ladybug emotionally abusing him and manipulating him?

    Ladybug was protecting Rena and herself here too. If she told Chat and he got akumatized, her biggest nightmare, remember? Remember when she got traumatised for life?

    If Chat knew and got akumatized, he would've told Hawk Moth about Rena and Rena knows who Ladybug is so Ladybug would be toast and so will the whole world. I hope this clears it up.

    And Kuro Neko? Chat Noir didn't show up and she doesn't know why, an episode earlier she argued with Su-Han that Chat Noir is reliable, and then Chat Noir disappeared after one argument. Same with NY special. What do you mean "Ladybug should've been nicer cuz he has abandonment issues". A) how is she supposed to know that and b) she has emotions and she should react. If someone didn't listen to her, if they made a deal and he didn't follow it, if it was important and it was, she should be angry. It doesn't matter who that is. Why do you always want her to adjust to everyone's childhood trauma, why is it never "this character should be nicer to Marinette as well, she's not the only one who needs to change, she deserves people to treat her better too". And since when do the same people who say "they should be equal" want Ladynoir dynamic to be only beneficial to one of them? Because that's not Ladynoir is about! We should totally just stab salters!

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  • iwasbored777
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    They're 14

    #Go easy on them #I have a feeling only Sabine understands how bad this is for them #And she doesn't even know the full story #But she cares about them #They are just kids #This is so wrong #miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#ladybug#chat noir #marinette deserves better #adrien deserves better #ml strikeback #ml chat blanc #Just watch Sabine kill Gabe #That's the last episode of ML #We get to watch Sabine commit murder #I hope we get a 3D version of it
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  • rouchaton
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    What's wrong, m'lady? Did I remind you of someone? 🥀




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  • xhanisai
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    In Adrien dreams of Chat Blanc part 2: how would he react to hearing "It was our love that did this to the world"?

    Honestly, I think it all depends. He could either try and fight against it and prove that it's not true or he could possibly choose to pine from afar and never make the first move again.

    It's not like him to avoid people (unless they're really horrible lol) so I don't see him distancing himself from Marinette/Ladybug.

    Or maybe, it could get him akumatised into Chat Blanc. I think this would be a really good route because if it shows that this akumatisation is inevitable, the two of them will face it head-on rather than tread on eggshells forever.

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  • stardustclaws
    22.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    "The Two Sides of Marichat"

    I really want to make some charms/buttons this summer, I've been brainstorming possible designs and I had to include marichat of course :3 It would be double-sided with glitter epoxy

    Let me know if you're interested :)

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